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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (11/18/20)

Dynamite has lots of gold tonight!



AEW Dynamite Coverage 2

AEW has a veritable gold rush tonight!

Both AEW World Tag Team and NWA Women’s World Championships are on the line, while Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega sign on the dotted line!


  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Young Bucks VS Top Flight; The Young Bucks win and retain the titles.
  • Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford & Miro VS Orange Cassidy w/ Best Friends; Cassidy wins.
  • PAC VS The Blade w/ The Butcher & Bunny; Pac wins.
  • NWA Women’s World Championship: Serena Deeb VS Thunder Rosa; Deeb wins and retains the title.
  • Team Taz VS Cody Rhodes & Darby Allin; Team Taz wins.


AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Young Bucks VS Top Flight!

Matt and Nick Jackson only just got these titles at Full Gear, but they’re willing to prove that the best champions are fighting champions! Will “Air Wolf” Darius and “Angel Dorado” Dante Martin take advantage of this golden opportunity? Or will they just be the newest guests of a Superkick Party?

AEW plays a quick video package to explain the origins of Top Flight. Growing up, they watched teams just like the Young Bucks and were inspired to get into wrestling. Now, they do their own thing and carve their own path. It’s great to have a brother for a tag partner, they have an advantage knowing what the other is thinking. Darius got a little tired being in the same spot, so he messaged Matt Jackson with a long shot. Matt replied and blew Darius’ mind! Being so young at just 21 and 19 is a huge advantage for them, and they feel more than ready to take flight. They’d be lying if they pretended they weren’t nervous, but anything is possible.

With that, the Bucks make their entrance, the introductions are made and the belts are raised. The opportunity of a lifetime for one pair of brothers begins to open the night!

The teams sort out, Darius starts against Nick. The two circle, then Darius runs and speeds things up. Darius holds ropes to fake out the superkick! Darius keeps going, and fakes Nick out again! Darius sunset flips, Nick rolls through to knuckle lock and CHOP! “LUCHA LIBRE~” arm-drag! But Darius handsprings through! Fans are fired up but Nick is flustered! Darius blocks the superkick to enziguri back! Nick tags Matt and Dante jumps in, Top Flight double CHOP Matt! Top Flight shove Matt, sweep the legs, Dante cartwheels while Darius rolls Matt, KICK SANDWICH! Cover, TWO!

Dante claps and fans follow along as they chant, “Top Flight!” Matt headlocks, Dante powers out but things speed up again. Dante hurdles, hurdles and dropkicks Matt down! Fans fire up with Dante and he drags Matt up to whip him away. Dante runs in to hit an A-List Lariat! Tag to Darius, snap suplex and kip up to tag Dante, for the slingshot senton! Top Flight KICK Nick down, and Matt bails out the side! Fans fire up for Top Flight as they both fake the Bucks out! The Bucks nod as they have to respect the swagger. The fans rally as the Bucks go back to their corner, and Matt gets back in.

Matt circles with Dante and tie up. Matt headlocks, Dante powers out but things speed up again. Matt fakes Dante out but Dante flips all the way through is own dropkick! Dante blocks the superkick, spins Matt around and back suplexes but Nick tags in before the atomic drop! Matt reverses the whip, then baits Dante into Nicks SUPERKICK! Matt sees Darius coming, headscissor dropkick takes him down! Matt then WRECKS Darius with a dropkick and skins the cat while Nick SHINING WIZARDS Dante in the corner! Nick has Dante, the Bucks combine, SHOTGUN BULLDOG! Fans fire up with the Bucks now as Nick brings Dante back up.

Nick sends Dante to the corner for a buckle bump, then tags Matt back in. Matt snapmares Dante, drops a fist then goes after legs. Matt steps in, for the SHARPSHOOTER! Dante endures as Matt sits deep! Dante reaches, Matt drags him from ropes, but Darius returns to BUZZSAW! Nick kicks and whips Darius for it but Darius elbows back! Darius goes up but Nick SUPERKICKS the legs out! Darius is stuck, Matt brings Dante around, BUCKLE BOMB into Darius’ back! Matt catapults Dante into Nick’s GAMANGIRI! Then DOUBLJE STOMPS across the knees! Somersault and DRAPING BACKSTABBER to Darius! The Bucks shake their heads as they focus on Dante.

Tag to Matt, he gut wrenches Dante and Nick aims, but no Meltzer as Dante shoves Matt into Nick! Dante dodges Matt and tornillo headscissors Matt into buckles! Dante hot tags Darius! Darius shoulders in then slingshots up and over! Darius CLOBBERS Matt with a clothesline, then CHOPS him down! Darius CHOPS Matt again, then whips him to ropes. Matt reverses, Darius gets around to shove, for a SPANISH FLY! Cover, Nick breaks it in time! Nick whips but Darius reverses to send Nick out. Darius and Dante coordinate, Dante slingshots to hold the ropes open as Darius DIVES! Direct hit into both Bucks, but now Dante comes back to FLY! Direct hit again and Top Flight has the Bucks on the proverbial ropes!

Fans rally as Dante puts Matt back in. Dante tags back in, Top Flight double whip Matt corner to corner but Nick returns. Top Flight gets Nick, whips him at Matt but Nick reverses and Matt BOOTS Dante! Darius back suplexes Nick but Nick lands on his feet. Matt boots Dante into Darius, but Darius ALLEY OOPS Dante way over Nick! Dante waistlocks Nick, who still has Darius, but Nick shoves Darius at Matt. Matt elbows Darius, Nick elbows Dante, but Darius elbows Nick while Matt hops up! Darius uses Matt like a wall to jump and PELE Nick! Dante runs at Matt, FLIPPING DRAGON RANA!! Cover, TWO!! Matt survives and fans are loving “The! Elite! The the Elite!” for giving us this match.

Dante goes up top while Matt is down. BIG leap but Matt gets clear to SPEAR Dante down! Matt DECKS Darius and tags in Nick. Nick goes out to PENALTY KICK Darius down! Matt bumps Dante off buckles, goes up top and Nick puts Dante up there to meet him. Fans fire up as Matt adjusts the camera to get all of the SLICED BREAD BOMB! Cover, but Darius pushes it apart! Fans fire up as this battle of brothers continues but the Bucks are frustrated! Nick throws Darius back out and hard, and then coordinates with Matt. Matt fireman’s carries and rolling sentons, but Dante turns that into a ghost pin! And Darius anchors Nick at the corner!! TWO!!! Another close call! Nick DECKS Darius, Matt SUPERKICKS Dante, and Nick tags back in. B T E TRIGGER!! Cover, the Bucks win!

Winners: The Young Bucks, by pinfall (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

The Bucks almost busted in this match, but this is why they’re the champions! But wait, Jack Evans and Angelico jump the rail to attack Top Flight! The Hybrid2 get away before the Bucks can get at them! Evans and Angelico ranted on Dark about wanting politics and favoritism to stop in AEW, but their bitterness won’t ruin this moment for the young Darius and Dante. Will the Martin brothers get back to these titles some day?


“The Inner Circle slays Vegas, baby!”

In a montage, Chris Jericho, MJF, and the boys have a night on the town! Sammy Guevara wins big in Blackjack again. Wait, how did his cards change?! Ortiz, did you see what happened? MJF says a 6 and 7 isn’t a blackjack. Sammy glares at MJF as the montage continues. MJF gets Santana to blow on the dice for him, and they get 7 in Craps! But no hugging. Handshakes are fine, though. Then they go to a rocker burlesque show. Wardlow and Jake Hager can’t stop glaring at each other. MJF and Jericho get drinks, but while MJF wants Slippery Nipples, Jericho wants Peppermint Schnapps. MJF ups the “ante” to tequila, but Jericho ups it to vodka. MJF goes with rum, Jericho says Canadian cooking sherry.

MJF tells the “barkeep” that he has a thirst that can only be quenched by one thing: Moonshine! Jericho counters with… “100 proof grain alcohol EVERCLEAR!” He can’t be serious. The bartender says that hasn’t been served since the- THEY KNOW! Bottom’s up. MJF and Jericho chug it down, and it burns!! Moving on, with literal help from the boys, MJF and Jericho realize that was a bad idea. But Santana and Ortiz are ready to move this to the next level. KONNAN is here! He’s always got the best stuff, and he knows exactly what they need. BOOM! A cloud of smoke follows them, and Konnan swears he sees a dragon. There’s no such thing, man! Then what’s that over there? DRAGON!! Piff welcomes them to Vegas. Wow he’s real! Don’t touch him.

Another montage as the boys do their best to look sexy for the ladies. Who is that with his shirt off?! Sammy says he hates MJF. No he doesn’t. Yes, he does! HAHAHA! Hager and Wardlow are still staring each other down! But instead of fighting, Wardlow grabs some guy to DECK him! Hager does the same to some other guy! And so on, and so on! Moving on, an Elvis impersonator has somehow joined the group. To be continued…?


AEW shares Director X’s Boundless: The History of a Revolution.

Everyone knew coming in that they were a long shot. “We were opposed instantly by a giant juggernaut with a 40 year head start in pro-wrestling.” But they’re making a company that is wrestling by wrestlers for wrestling fans. Anything can happen, living literally their best lives and that was just year one. “If you don’t believe in yourself, why would anyone believe in you?”


AEW hears from Jon Moxley.

“This is a crazy ass ride I’ve been on for 16 years. But recently, now, finally, the whole world makes sense to me. How did I get here? How have I been AEW World Champion for so long?” The answer is Moxley’s dad. A 6’3″, 250 pound, “brick sh*t house,” box your ear if you got out of line. And scary. One day Moxley’s dad is in town, picks him up from the police station but doesn’t hit him. Instead, he just says something Moxley never forgot: “We’re the good guys. No matter what happens, no matter what’s going on around you, just remember: We’re the good guys.”

Moxley’s challengers have tried to lie, cheat and steal the title away from him. He’s been jumped, beat up, faced monsters and technicians, even his own friends. But Moxley always know what to do and always has. “We’re the good guys.” And now the whole world is bearing down on him, his body feels like hell to where he can’t get out of bed in the morning. He has a pregnant wife at home, he’s holding onto two titles for two different companies, he’s got challengers coming from ever which way, so what does he do? Moxley knows what to do. “We’re the good guys.”

So tonight, Moxley will go, sign the contract without hesitation, and look Kenny Omega in the eye as he shakes Omega’s hand, and then let him know in no uncertain terms, Moxley is the best in the world. “I am the AEW World Champion. I’m my dad’s son. And I am Jon G*DDAMN Moxley. And that is never gonna change.”


Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford VS Orange Cassidy!

The Superbad Groom is defending his bride’s honor and his Best Man is on commentary for it! Will Kip beat the pulp out of Freshly Squeezed? Or will he just have some Orange Punch instead?

The bell rings, fans rally and duel, and Kip swings, but Cassidy ducks it! Cassidy “slaps” Kip! Kip grins as Cassidy puts the armband on, but Kip headlocks and takeovers before the hands go in the pockets! Cassidy fights up, Kip hits another takeover, but Cassidy keeps his shoulders up. Cassidy fights up again, powers out and reels Kip into a headlock of his own! Kip wrenches out to a headlock, Cassidy powers out again to hit a headlock takeover! Kip kicks around and keeps his shoulder up. Kip gets to his feet, powers out, tries the reel again but Cassidy avoids it, to put his hands- No! Kip kicks low and mocks the pockets. Kip throws elbows, headlocks then shifts around to a wristlock.

Cassidy wants to put his free arm in a pocket, but Kip shifts to that side. Cassidy pries at the cording hold but Kip cranks on it harder. Cassidy gets a leg up but Kip spins through to get the hold back. Cassidy goes to power out, Kip arm-drags Cassidy down and cranks on the hold again. Cassidy fights up, fans rally and Cassidy goes up to headscissor! Kip stays up to SLAM Cassidy down! Cover, TWO! Kip drags Cassidy up to wrench and hammerlock to then snapmare again. Cassidy gets up, Kip whips but Cassidy resists the drop toehold! And the hands are in the pockets! Cassidy gets out of the toehold, dodges the clotheslines and then leaps over Kip’s back! Kip avoids the dropkick, but Cassidy ducks the kick to kip up and dropkick after all!

Fans fire up as Cassidy dumps Kip out with no hands! Then Cassidy runs and DIVES! Direct hit but Cassidy puts Kip in the ring. Ford stands in the way, holding hands up to keep Cassidy back. Cassidy gives her high ten and gets in the ring. Kip triangle enziguris! And ax kicks! Then fireman’s carries and GUT BUSTER DROPS! Cover, TWO! Cassidy survives but Kip goes around the world to dropkick Cassidy down! Cover as AEW goes picture in picture, TWO!

Kip keeps on Cassidy with a whip to the corner, then runs in for another dropkick! Cassidy flops down. Kip covers, TWO! Kip grows frustrated but he stomps Cassidy’s hands. Kip drags Cassidy up to throw him out, then he distracts the ref so Ford can talk some trash to Cassidy. Ford says she won’t do anything to Cassidy, though, and Cassidy slowly gets up. Kip kicks Cassidy back down, then drags him up through the ropes to choke him! The ref counts, Kip lets go at 4, and Cassidy flops back in. Kip covers, but Cassidy gets the ropebreak! Kip stomps Cassidy, kicks him to a corner, then gives a mocking thumbs up.

Kip fires off on Cassidy in a corner with forearms over and over and over, and over and over! He lets off as the ref counts, then Kip tells the Cassidy fans to shut it! Kip goes back after Cassidy but Cassidy rolls him up! TWO!! Kip CLOBBERS Cassidy and covers, TWO! Kip and Ford are frustrated, but Cassidy gets Kip with a ghost pin! TWO, Kip CLOBBERS Cassidy again! Kip seethes while Cassidy flounders to a corner. Kip runs around the world again, but Cassidy avoids the dropkick! Kip staggers up, Cassidy boots him back! And again! Cassidy goes up, Kip throws hands, then climbs up top. Kip drags Cassidy up, Cassidy resists the suplex and throws body shots. Cassidy fires off and shoves Kip away, but Kip enziguris him down!

Kip climbs up, drags Cassidy up but Cassidy shoves him down. Cassidy hits a CROSSBODY! But Cassidy keeps moving, tilt-o-whirl DDT! Cover, TWO!! Kip survives and Miro is relieved. Cassidy goes to the apron and climbs up top. Kip stirs, stands, and catches the leap to whip. Cassidy reverses, Kip holds ropes and puts Cassidy on the apron. Cassidy ducks the kick this time, bumps Kip off buckles, then bumps him off more! Kip wobbles but stops Cassidy’s third! Cassidy ducks Kip’s counter punch, and bumps him off buckles after all! Cassidy climbs, leaps, FLYING DDT!! Cover, TWO!?! Kip survives but Cassidy gets back up. Cassidy throws the armband off, but Kip is under the ropes.

Cassidy puts the armband back on, drags Kip up, but Kip hotshots back! Kip slingshots but stumbles, and Cassidy takes advantage to suplex! Kip counters to his own suplex, but Cassidy fights that off. They fight for suplex control, and Kip gets Cassidy up and over! Kip runs to PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO!! Kip fisherman suplexes for the DRIVER! Cover, TWO!?! Cassidy has shocked the Superbad Couple and Miro but the fans are loving this! Kip looms over Cassidy, brings him up and onto the ropes, but Cassidy counters to a cradle, TWO! Pop-up KNEE and DISCUS from Kip staggers Cassidy! DEATH- NO! Cassidy gets out, to get the MOUSE TRAP! Cover, Cassidy wins!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall

Miro is furious and he gets off commentary to CLOBBER Cassidy! Best Friends return to run Miro and the Superbad Couple off! Cassidy still won and that is the point, but will Trent and Chuck get their own revenge soon enough?


Tony Schiavone presides over the AEW World Championship contract signing!

“Needless to say, this is the biggest match we have ever signed for Dynamite. Winter is Coming, and it’s only two weeks away!” Kenny Omega challenges Jon Moxley, and is out first! Justin Roberts gives us a new list of Omega accolades: “Like Jon Moxley, he is undefeated in 2020 singles competition. Like Jon Moxley, he has been ranked #1 on the PWI 500. Unlike Jon Moxley, he is a Wrestling Observer Hall of Famer. And also unlike Jon Moxley, he has trained a failure at the Rush Fitness in North Carolina~!” It is Kenny, OOOOOOOMEEEEEGAAA~! And yes, the Sweepettes are back in their 80’s jazzercise outfits. Omega finally walks out on stage, revels in his pyro, and goes to the ring.

And then without much fanfare, which is his style, is Jon Moxley! At least, we thought. Wait, backstage, Moxley is DOWN!? Who attacked the champion?! His nose has blood coming from it and medics are calling for a backboard. Whoever did this, they hit him hard! Well, what does Omega have to say about this? “Look, I’m not one for this psychology type stuff, Tony.” Last time was an elbow, this time it’s a bloody nose. Omega won’t let Moxley avoid anything this time. Winter is Coming, Omega will be there, so hopefully Moxley will, too. Make sure to get this. Omega signs his part of the contract, but the pen is a little dry. There it is. That’s it for Omega! Will Moxley be able to compete with only two weeks left?


The Inner Circle’s Vegas trip, part 2.

Jericho just wants to say that they’re stronger than ever with their new member… ELVIS! They chant for the impersonator and he says, “Thank you. Thank you very much!” MJF says he needs to say something. Wardlow keeps him from falling over. MJF says he always saw himself as a lone wolf, but that now he wants to be part of a wolfpack. He has found that wolfpack! “I love you guys like blood brothers!” Yes, blood! Sammy will cut himself right now! WHOA, WHOA, WHOA! Sammy, stop! Don’t get all freaky on us! But MJF says it’ll be okay, man. They’re the Inner Circle! Sin City! And it’s a full moon! Wanna know what MJF wants to do right now? What’s that? “AO AO AOOOO!” They’re howling to the moon!

And then the next morning… Jericho wakes up next to Elvis, and they have gin?! Ew! And of course, he has a hangover. They don’t remember what happened. MJF wakes up in a tub, but he finds Sammy in a fountain. “At least I’m not soft.” Whatever, Sammy, shut up. Apparently Sammy wrote all over MJF’s face. After all, it says “Sammy Waz Here” on MJF’s forehead. Sammy drags himself up out of the fountain with help of the statue, and notices a ring on his finger. Did he get married last night? Ortiz hasn’t stopped pumping iron, either. OH no, Sammy has THREE wives?! There’s big and strong Mrs. Guevara, very old Mrs. Guevara, and the mysterious frisky Mrs. Guevara, whose face is obscured in the picture. Ortiz says that’s awesome! “I’ve always wanted a Mormon friend!”

Jericho and Elvis find Santana feeding chickens. Who brought the farm animals? Jericho calls out to the group, and they here crying…? Jericho and Santana open a door, and it’s… SWOGGLE?! This manbaby ain’t Santana’s… To be continued!


Jericho joins commentary!

And his head is still hurting. Like JR hanging out with the Four Horsemen in 1986 in South Carolina! But while there was a lot of fun, the seven members of the Inner Circle are getting back to what they do best: beating people up! Next week, Jericho says they’re going to be back as he and Hager beat up SCU! The first in a long line of casualties with the new and improved Inner Circle!


PAC VS The Blade w/ The Butcher & The Bunny!

Eddie Kingston joins commentary to watch this one, as The Fam’s Braxton Sutter “welcomes” The Bastard back to AEW after the eight months of “isolation.” Will Pac be back in a big way?

The bell rings and Pac shotgun dropkicks Blade to a corner! Blade flounders, Pac kicks him down and stomps away! The ref counts, Blade gets away instead! Pac stomps Blade back down, goes after him at the ropes and digs his boots in! The ref counts, Pac stops at 4, then throws Blade out hard! Blade flounders, but Pac drags him up and whips him hard into railing! Pac seethes as he drags Blade up and whips him into more railing! Bunny Allie is very worried but Pac drags Blade back up and into the ring. Pac goes up and watches Blade rise, to then missile dropkick him down! And kip up smoothly, too! Fans fire up as Pac gets in Butcher’s face! Blade WRECKS Pac with a dropkick then brings him up to whip him into railing!

Bunny Allie laughs at Pac now that the tables have turned. Blade CHOPS Pac then whips him hard into more railing! Blade drags Pac up to CHOP again, and then puts him in the ring. Blade brings Pac up, suplexes and TOSSES Pac at ropes! Pac tumbles to the mat, Blade soaks up the heat, and paces as he drags Pac up. Blade whips, Pac goes to the apron and comes back with a SLINGSHOT DDT! Not the cleanest but Pac still has Blade floundering. Pac drags Blade up to whip hard into buckles! Pac watches Blade flounder back up, back kicks hard, front kicks just as hard, and back kicks hard again. Pac runs, Blade grabs the ref and Bunny swipes at Pac’s feet! Pac goes out and stares her down, but Butcher CLOBBERS him!

Butcher puts Pac in for Blade, Blade drags Pac up to gut wrench and DOCTOR BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Pac survives and Blade is frustrated. Fans rally and duel as AEW goes picture in picture.

Blade rains down furious fists over and over, but lets off as the ref counts. Blade paces, brings Pac back up and whips him to ropes to clobber him! Blade looms over Pac before he brings him up for a hard bump off buckles. Blade digs his knee in to choke Pac but lets off as the ref counts. Bunny talks a lot of trash at Pac before Blade drags Pac up. Pac ROCKS Blade with a forearm then another, and then Pac CHOPS! Pac runs, Blade kitchen sink knees! Cover, TWO! Blade seethes but he dares Pac to get up. Blade stomps Pac, drags him up and whips him to ropes for another CLOBBERING lariat! Blade paces around again, drags Pac back up and ROCKS him with a forearm.

Pac is on the ropes and Blade chokes him again! The ref counts, Blade lets off, and the ref warns Butcher and Bunny. But Blade distracts the ref and Bunny still chokes Pac! Blade stomps Pac then soaks up more heat. Pac sits up as AEW returns to single picture. Blade gives toying kicks to Pac then pushes him around, Pac gets up, eggs Blade on, and Blade throws a haymaker! Pac forearms, Blade haymakers, repeat! Blade stands Pac up but Pac forearms back! The brawling gets faster and faster, fans rally up and Pac gets the edge! Pac ROCKS Blade, runs in the corner but Blade dodges to BOOT! Blade runs but Pac follows to BOOT back! Pac goes corner to corner, blocks the boot to SUPERKICK!

Pac runs, Blade hits the SPINNING POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!! Kingston is annoyed but the fans rally up both ways. Blade stalks Pac to a corner, climbs up top, and drags Pac up by his hair! Pac enziguris back! Blade is stuck halfway up, Pac climbs up to join him, and Pac SUPERPLEXES Blade high and hard! Pac crawls to the cover, TWO!! Blade survives and Pac scowls. Blade rolls to a corner, fans rally up and Pac runs in to uppercut! Blade flops down, Pac goes up top! Bunny gets on the apron but Pac sees Butcher, so he SUPERKICKS him! Blade rolls Pac and has tights! TWO!! Pac BOOTS Blade down, goes back up top, for the SHOOTING STAR! Into BRUTALIZER!! Blade taps, Pac wins!

Winner: PAC, by submission

Ring rust wasn’t a factor, and neither were the numbers! Pac gets a mic as he stares Kingston down. “Eddie Kingston! You say you like to fight-” Butcher blindsides Pac! Butcher rains down fists and Kingston joins his “family.” Butcher and Blade mug Pac while Kingston mocks “It’s been eight long months~!” But see this, Bastard? This is the world’s smallest violin. Pac thinks he’s tough? Kingston is going to put him through a gauntlet! But REY FENIX jumps in! And he’s fighting his friends to defend Pac! After all, Death Triangle was a team before these guys were!

But what about Penta? He’s leaving his brother and Pac out to dry! Kingston stomps Fenix while Blade keeps Pac down. NOW Penta is here, and he has a chair! But is he here to help The Fam? He’s aiming for his brother Fenix, but fans are divided! Penta thinks about it, but he swings on Kingston! DEATH TRIANGLE IS REUNITED! Will they tear the Fam apart even more?


AEW cameras find another incident backstage!

Jade Cargill has Brandi Rhodes down, with an arm trapped in a chair! And the Vicious Vixens, Vickie Guerrero and Nyla Rose, are holding security and referees back! Jade STOMPS the chair and crushes Brandis arm! But now the locker room rushes over to back Brandi up! Big Swole, Red Velvet and Serena Deeb check on Brandi, will AEW executives have something to say about all this?


NWA Women’s World Championship: Serena Deeb VS Thunder Rosa!

After winning this title as part of a UWN event, Serena Deeb has been a fighting champion through AEW. But the former champion wants the belt back, and here we are! Will Serena prove she didn’t just get lucky the first time? Or will Thunder end the reign after just over three weeks?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and the crossover of promotions continues!

Fans rally and duel as Rosa and Deeb approach. They get face to face, but then back off to circle. They tie up, go around fast and furious, and Rosa puts Deeb in a corner. Deeb turns things around and the two break to reset. Deeb and Rosa tie up again, Rosa waistlocks but Deeb pries at the hold. Deeb switches, Rosa drop toeholds and cranks on the leg. Rosa drags Deeb’s head into the hold but then shifts to a camel clutch of sorts. Deeb fights but Rosa shifts to a crossface, then a facelock. Deeb slips out of that to facelock but Rosa slips out to go after the Fujiwara. Deeb fights up, Rosa wrenches to an elbow breaker, but Deeb rolls and arm-drags. Deeb has the cording hold to a cradle, ONE, but Deeb double chicken wings to get the cradle, TWO!

The two scramble up, Rosa headlocks to the takeover but Deeb keeps a shoulder up. Rosa cranks on the head, Deeb headscissors but Rosa headstands and pops out to get the headlock back. Deeb rolls it to a cover, ONE! Deeb fights up, pries free and wrenches, to get a headlock of her own! Deeb hits a headlock takeover, fans rally and Rosa fights up. Rosa powers out but Deeb comes back to uppercut! Rosa CHOPS! Deeb uppercuts, whips, but Rosa reverses. Things speed up as Rosa hurdles then arm-drags! Deeb staggers into a scoop and slam! Rosa runs and runs to drop a senton! Cover, TWO! Rosa keeps her cool and brings Deeb back up for a CHOP!

Fans cheer but Deeb runs in, only to get a drop toehold onto ropes! Rosa runs to straddle attack! Deeb staggers as Rosa says she’s the champion already. Rosa steps in but Deeb gets the leg for a DRAGON SCREW! And another! Deeb drags Rosa all the way in to bump her off buckles! Rosa checks her jaw but Deeb looms over her. Deeb drags Rosa up and AEW goes picture in picture.

Deeb hoists Rosa up onto the top rope then climbs up behind her. Rosa fights back but Deeb CLUBS Rosa on the back. Deeb climbs up, hooks Rosa into the ropes for a HANGING GORY ESPECIAL! The ref counts, Deeb lets go and Rosa tumbles to the mat. Deeb grins but Rosa throws body shots! Deeb CLUBS Rosa back, throws uppercuts, then snapmares her down to scrape her face with her sole! Deeb sits Rosa up, runs and barrels into her! Cover, TWO! Deeb is right on Rosa with a chinlock and she squeezes tight! Rosa endures, fights her way up, and jawbreakers free! Deeb is in the corner, Rosa runs in, but AEW goes to break! Did Rosa hit Deeb or not?!

AEW returns as Rosa elbows Deeb away from the corner. Deeb runs back in but Rosa drop toeholds her into buckles! Rosa hobbles and runs corner to corner, to A-List Lariat! And then clubs away on Deeb point blank! Rosa slips out to the apron, Deeb sits down, and Rosa swings in to KNEE Deeb down! Fans rally up as Deeb flounders and Rosa runs, HESITATION DROPKICK at the ropes! Rosa throws Deeb with a butterfly suplex! Cover, TWO! Rosa keeps her focus, but Deeb gets her leg again! Rosa throws forearms to get free, then shoulders in, but into a facelock! Deeb turns Rosa for a neckbreaker hotshot! Rosa wobbles on the apron but fans rally up with “SI! SI! SI!” as she fireman’s carries Deeb! Deeb fights off, and SPEARS Rosa to the apron! Deeb hurries in to cover, TWO!!

Deeb drags Rosa up, fireman’s carries, and pops Rosa up, but Rosa lands on her feet! Rosa mule kicks, ROUNDHOUSES, and ROUNDHOUSES again! GERMAN SUPLEX! A rough throw but Rosa gets to a corner as Deeb flounders up. Rosa leaps for a missile dropkick! Deeb tumbles out of the ring but then Rebel hops the rail!? She argues with the ref so that Britt can attack Rosa! SWINGING FISHERMAN to the ramp!! Britt drags Rosa around to put her back in the ring! The Doctor gets away with it and Deeb has no idea, either! Deeb brings Rosa up to POWERBOMB! High stack, TWO!! Rosa survives and Deeb can’t believe it! But fans are loving it as this continues!

Deeb drags Rosa up, Rosa trips her to jackknife, TWO! Deeb staggers up into a fireman’s carry! But she sunset flips, Rosa sits on it, TWO and Deeb has it! TWO, but into the BUTTERFLY STRETCH! Rosa endures, pops out but Deeb rolls her. Rosa double STOMPS that apart! Fans rally up again, Deeb gets an arm but Rosa uses that to roll her up! TWO, Deeb uppercuts! Rosa forearms back, Deeb uppercuts again, but Rosa fires off a strike fest! And then VERTIGO! Cover, TWO!?! Rosa cannot believe it! And then Deeb victory rolls her! TWO, Rosa sits on Deeb, TWO! Deeb runs, but into a backslide! Deeb turns it around, Rosa flips up and over but into the underhooks, SWISS SPECIAL! Cover, Deeb wins!!

Winner: Serena Deeb, by pinfall (still NWA Women’s World Champion)

Was Britt’s involvement a factor? Possibly, but Rosa won’t hold that against Deeb. Will Rosa make sure Britt pays for that screw job? She finds her in the crowd and attacks!! And throws her into railing! The ref can’t get Rosa to stop raining down fists on Britt’s head! Extra refs come out to pull Rosa off but Rosa just gets loose! Rosa and Britt brawl but the refs pull them apart again. Britt tells Rosa to go back to NWA but Rosa gets loose to go after her again! Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” but when will we see it in the ring?


The Dark Order has an announcement.

John Silver has Anna Jay look back on her career. Before she joined the Dark Order, she was a rookie, the “Star of the Show.” Not anymore! Now she’s the QUEENSLAYER! She’s won her last four matches and is in the top five! That’s why Mr. Brodie Lee DEMANDED Anna gets her title match next week! Anna tells Hikaru Shida that the last time they wrestled, Shida took advantage of a rookie. But next week, Jay will reintroduce herself as Number 99. Silver says Jay is bringing gold to the Dark Order! He’s much more pumped up about that than Jay is, but will Jay get fired up once she is facing the AEW Women’s World Champion?


AEW has other news about next week!

After the confrontation we saw tonight, The Butcher & The Blade will take on PAC and Rey Fenix 2v2! Is the Fam truly through? And Will Hobbs returns to action, will he impose his will on another opponent?


Team Taz VS Cody Rhodes & Darby Allin!

Taz joins commentary as his guys, “Absolute” Ricky Starks and “The Machine” Brian Cage are about to take on two guys they cannot stand! But will the American Nightmare and the NEW Face of TNT show Taz, Starks and the FTW Champion what it really means to be #Relentless?

AEW returns with a quick message from Darby. Outside a church, with stained glass and gargoyles, Darby is perched on the roof with his TNT Championship. And he skates through the halls with candles guiding the way. Darby goes to the stained glass, his one leg on fire. What does it mean? What will it mean for his opponents here tonight?

The teams sort out and Darby starts with Starks. They circle, fans rally already, and Darby ties up with Starks. Darby facelocks, Starks wrenches out to waistlock and mat slam! Darby gets up, facelocks but Starks slips out to hammerlock. Darby snapmares free and chinlocks but Starks slips out to the hammerlock again. Darby bridges back up, gets around, headlocks and clinches. Starks powers up but Darby whips. Starks reverses, Darby goes up the ropes and flies free! Darby dodges Starks, comes back to get around, spin Starks around and hammerlock back! Starks gets ropes, the ref counts and Darby lets off as fans rally. Starks SLAPS Darby so Darby SLAPS back! It’s a SLAP fight but Darby ROCKS Starks with that last one! Darby rains down rights, the ref backs him off, and Starks flounders about.

Starks tags Cage, Cody asks to tag in. Darby tags him in, and Cody stares Cage down. Cage headlocks, Cody powers out but Cage rams him. Cody stays up and double guns, but he still counter punches Cage. Cage spins and sobats, front kicks and whips, to hip toss Cody into a backbreaker! Fans boo but Cage drags Cody up to throw forearms. Cage whips, Cody slips off the scoop to shove. Cody drops, hurdles and dropkicks! Cage flounders, Cody is after him with forearms in the corner. Cody whips, Cage reverses and runs in but Cody dodges! Cage bounces off buckles, Cody goes up to MOONSAULT! Cover, ONE! Taz bails commentary to go back up his guys in the corner. Cody clubs Cage then tags Darby.

AEW goes picture in picture as Cody runs, springboards and BEAUTIFUL DISASTER! Cage staggers, Darby springboards to TRUST FALL! Cover, TWO! Darby keeps on Cage with a facelock and manages to drag him over. Tag to Cody and they mug Cage. Cody wrenches and whips Cage to ropes but Starks distracts the ref. Cage reverses and Taz takes a swipe at Cody! Cody glare at Taz but Cage clotheslines Cody out of the ring! Darby protests but the ref missed all of that. Coach Arn Anderson gets angry and throws a chair! So the ref EJECTS Arn!! Team Taz takes advantage again and Cage “puts on out” with a POWERBOMB to Cody on the floor!  Cage drags Cody back up, puts him in and covers, TWO!

Cage drags Cody up and wrenches him to a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Cage wraps on with a chinlock but Cody fights his way up. Cody throws body shots and kicks Cage’s leg. Cage KNEES back! Cody ends up on ropes, Cage distracts the ref, and Starks gets a cheap shot in! Cage drags Cody to a corner and bumps him off buckles. Cage stalks Cody as he staggers away, and AEW returns to single picture. Cage wrenches and back suplexes, but Cody lands on his feet to kick low and hit the Rhodes Uppercut! But Starks runs in, only for Cody to throw him out! Cage runs at the corner but Cody boots him away! Cody leaps but into Cage’s arms! Cage does curls, FALL AWAY SLAMS, but Cody lands on his feet! Cage is too busy posing, Cody leaps to tag Darby, only for Starks to trip Darby up!

Cage uppercuts, enziguris and GERMAN SUPLEXES Cody from the corner! Cover, TWO! Fans rally for Cody but Cage drags him to the corner. Tag to Starks and Starks stomps Cody down! Starks drags Cody up, bumps him off buckles and fires off fast hands! The ref counts, Starks lets off but drags Cody back up. Starks snapmares and has a special cravat neck wrench on. Fans rally, Cody fights up, Starks facelocks but Cody back drops out! Cody and Starks are in opposite corners, Starks runs but Cody back drops him again! Hot tag to Darby! Darby dodges Starks and sends him into buckles, then he dropkicks Cage down! Darby corner body blocks Starks, and again, then wrings Starks out for a takedown! Jackknife, TWO!

Darby waistlocks, rams Starks into buckles, but Cage tags in as Starks bucks Darby away. Starks rushes Darby, Darby waistlocks but Starks switches. Darby switches again, Cage comes up to waistlock Darby, DOUBLE GERMAN SUPLEX, because Darby was holding onto Starks! Cody returns, dodges Cage and slides out to confront Taz! Cage and Starks slide out but Cody slides in, BEAUTIFUL DISASTER for Cage! Cody sees Starks return, goes up and over and rolls to come back, into Starks’ SPEAR! Darby shotgun dropkicks Starks! Cage POP-UP BOMBS Darby! Cage dead lifts Darby back up, but Darby turns that into a YOSHI TONIC! Cover, Starks barely breaks it in time!

Fans are fired up as all four men are down! Team Taz regroups and is up first, Starks has Darby up but Darby slips out. Darby flips around, no Throwback, but Cody gets Starks for CROSS RHODES! Cage spins, Cody ducks, the DISCUS clobbers Darby! Cage SUPERKICKS Cody, and wrenches to a TORTURE RACK BOMB! Cage drags Darby up, hoists him to the top rope backwards, then writes him off before he climbs up. Darby throws elbows but Cage CLUBS Darby down. Darby headbutts backwards! Cage staggers, the ref checks on him and Starks anchors Darby’s foot on the top rope! Cage leaps and KNEES Darby! Then he climbs up again, gets Darby up in a fireman’s carry, for a SUPER DRILL CLAW!! Cover, Team Taz wins!!

Winner: Team Taz, by pinfall

The FTW Champion just pinned the TNT Champion! Will the Path of Cage gain even more gold for the team? And Starks won’t let off on Darby, either! Cody gets in to go after Starks but he’s 2v1 against Team Taz now! Starks and Cage stomp away on Cody and Darby, but here comes WILL HOBBS! Hobbs is still allies with Darby, and he spots something he likes in the FTW Championship! Cody hobbles up, and Hobbs CLOBBERS him?! After everything that’s been going on, Hobbs is now officially on Team Taz?!? When did that happen!? Taz says they’re just getting started! Who will be left standing when they’re finished?

My Thoughts:

A great episode pretty much top to bottom, but I don’t know if the moment we just ended on needed to happen tonight, if at all. The tag match of Cody, Darby and Team Taz was really good, and Team Taz stands tall because they won and because they got to beat down Darby and Cody after. And I get that they don’t want to pull a WWE and drop a storyline just because they don’t know what to do with it. They obviously teased one option and then completely went the other way, but I wouldn’t have done the swerve. Hobbs joining Team Taz is great for Team Taz, but I felt like Hobbs VS Cage in another match for the FTW Championship would’ve been cool. Hobbs is now the third active wrestler in Team Taz, but then what? Someone goes after TNT Championship, the other two are for the tag titles now? I suppose Cage and Hobbs make a great combo because they’re both big and strong, but something just doesn’t click for me yet.

Young Bucks VS Top Flight was an incredible match, and it was great to have the little vignette beforehand. Obviously Bucks won, but Top Flight are now stars in the eyes of fans who didn’t know much about them. I do find it interesting that The Hybrid2 are already starting something with Bucks through this, I would’ve thought they’d have a blow-off tag match with SCU first, but maybe that’s what Dark is for. Cassidy VS Kip was really good, and Miro did well on commentary. Miro VS Cassidy is surely up next, and sounds like a lot of fun already. Great video from “Director X,” I clearly copy-pasted the video from AEW’s YouTube. They already posted it hours before the show, it saved me time to do that, and it’s just easier for everyone.

The Inner Circle Las Vegas segments tonight were amazing, but of course they would be. Obviously a lot of it was inspired by The Hangover movie franchise, and I would love for it to somehow continue so that we learn who Sammy’s mysterious third wife is, how manbaby Hornswoggle got there, and what happened to Jake Hager and Wardlow for part 2. We also got a pretty good segment backstage with Jade Cargill unofficially becoming a Vicious Vixen, and I bet we at least get a tag match for Jade’s in-ring debut now since A) Vickie doesn’t wrestle and B) Brandi just got kayfabe injured with that chair vice to her arm. Red Velvet and probably Big Swole, since those two were there, take on Nyla and Jade and at least make Jade look strong before Velvet eats a pin.

Pac VS Blade was pretty good, but the best thing there was that we have the return of DEATH TRIANGLE! Also I think AEW had to change things, I was pretty sure they already advertised Pac and Fenix against Butcher and Blade before the episode. AEW still has trouble keeping track of pacing on occasion, but as long as the actual execution is right, I’ll forgive marketing mistakes. This of course must end with a full Six Man, Kingston & The Fam VS Death Triangle. The NWA Women’s Championship was great, even with Britt getting involved. Britt and Rosa in a non-title crossover of AEW and NWA works, as each woman has become a frontrunner for each promotion’s Women’s Divisions. And Anna Jay getting her shot at Shida now that she’s changed herself works fine. Shida will surely win, though, even with Dark Order shenanigans.

I really liked how AEW did something unique with the contract signing, with Moxley being “attacked” backstage before ever getting out there. I would think Lance Archer did that but he’s not afraid to be caught beating someone up. Omega brushed it off like an excuse but maybe he has something to do with it after all. AEW is branding December 2nd hard, constantly repeating “Winter is Coming,” but the world title match of Moxley VS Omega on national television is pretty big so why not do whatever you can to communicate that? I bet there will be a lot of winter and/or Game of Thrones themed decorations, the same way Bash at the Beach was summer and, well, beach themed. Also congratulations to Moxley and Renee for having a baby on the way!

My Score: 9.1/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (4/14/21)

Iron Mike is laying down the law!



AEW Dynamite Coverage 2

The fight to be AEW’s alpha faction is on the horizon!

Before Blood & Guts, Chris Jericho will battle Dax Harwood in a sampler of Inner Circle VS Pinnacle! But who wins when MIKE TYSON is watching closely?


  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Young Bucks VS Death Triangle; The Young Bucks win and retain the titles.
  • Red Velvet VS Jade Cargill; Cargill wins.
  • Anthony Ogogo w/ The Factory VS Cole Karter; Ogogo wins.
  • Dax Harwood w/ Cash Wheeler VS Chris Jericho w/ Sammy Guevara, Special Enforce Mike Tyson; Jericho wins.
  • Kris Statlander w/ Best Friends VS Amber Nova; Statlander wins.
  • Christian Cage VS ???; No Contest.
  • AEW TNT Championship Falls County Anywhere: Darby Allin VS Matt Hardy; Allin wins and retains the title.


The Young Bucks speak.

“Why did we do what we did last week?” That is to say, they turned on Jon Moxley to save Kenny Omega. “Simple: We chose friendship.” Moxley, thanks for pushing them over the edge. This isn’t just a club of friends throwing up a hand gesture, but a family that loves. And as for Don Callis, he was right about one thing: the Bucks changed. In-ring, they’re still the best damn tag team. But backstage, they felt like frauds. They took the paydays and were no longer hungry. They let others change the narrative and take credit for their work. Matt tells Nick that he’s no longer content. They need to bring back the old Bucks. Or rather, show the world a newer, better version of themselves. What will these new Young Bucks look like in tonight’s AEW Tag Team Championship match?


Mike Tyson speaks.

“Hi, I’m Mike Tyson. And I’m so delighted to be tonight’s enforcer for Jericho’s-” But MJF interrupts “Mikey, Michael, the Mikenator” to ask what’s going on. Tyson asks what he’s doing here, and MJF says sure, he might’ve been barely born when Tyson was on top, but MJF’s dad said Tyson was a big deal so kudos to him. But the Pinnacle are a little peeved with Tyson over last week. Well Tyson’s mad, too! Of course! He has every right to be! And if anyone understands better than MJF, they don’t exist. MJF gets the idea of keeping friends close and enemies closer. Jericho is Tyson’s enemy, and if there was any time to strike, it’s right now! No, Tyson’s enemy is right in front of him.

MJF wants Tyson to slow down a second. All MJF is saying, he doesn’t need to cheat in this scenario. All MJF wants is Tyson to be on the right side of history. The last thing MJF wants for Tyson is to have regrets after tonight. Looking at Tyson’s face, there’s already one. But this right here is a blank check! Just think about it. Tyson takes that check, rips it up, and chews it to spit it in MJF’s face! MJF says he’ll remember that! Will Tyson make sure The Pinnacle gets what’s coming to them?


AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Young Bucks VS Death Triangle!

Matt & Nick promised to show us all a new side to them while still being THE best tag team in the world today! But will The Bastard & The Firebird ruin all of that right here to open Dynamite?

One thing that’s new is that they have Don Callis with them! The ring gear is of course new, as are the streamers flying through the air as opposed to Young Buck Bucks. The introductions are made as Callis joins commentary, the belts are raised and we begin to see if the new Bucks can prevent new champions from being crowned!

PAC and Matt start and circle as fans rally. They tie up, Pac powers Matt to a corner, but lets off as the ref counts. Pac pats Matt on the shoulder and Matt smirks as they reset. Matt and Pac tie up, Pac waistlocks, Matt switches but so does Pac. Matt drop toeholds, floats to facelock but Pac slips out to facelock back. Matt slips out to facelock but Pac wrenches out. Matt flips, kips up and wrenches to a wristlock. Pac uses ropes to flip through, wrench and headlock to the takeover! Matt headscissors, Pac kips free and he hits another headlock takeover, only for Matt to headscissor again. Again, Pac kips free but now Matt reverses the roles with his own headlock takeover.

Pac headscissors, Mat kips free and waves in Pac’s face. They go forehead to forehead, and Matt backs off, but to the wrong corner. Old habits die hard since he’s used to being on that side of the ring. Fenix laughs at Matt but Matt gets past Pac to tag out to Nick. Pac tags in Fenix and fans fire up as we see these two go again! Fenix and Nick approach, Fenix gets around to waistlock and ripcord but Nick waistlocks. Nick avoids elbows but not the trip up. Things speed up, Fenix handsprings over but Nick BOOTS him down! Nick goes to the apron, baits Fenix in, Nick backflips while Fenix tiger feints! Nick slides in as Fenix moonsaults out!

Matt gets moving, too, Fenix gets in but Nick sends Fenix to the ropes. Fenix tiger feints again but Nick avoids the heel kick! Fenix whips Nick, Nick slips around to arm-drag! Nick avoids the dropkick, Fenix avoids one now, and both men see the other ready to dropkick again, so they both stop right there. But then Nick CLOBBERS Fenix with a clothesline! The top teams in the rankings are in the crowd watching, from Jurassic Express and Best Friends to SoCal Uncensored and the Hardy Family Office’s Butcher & Blade. Nick drags Fenix over, tags Matt in, and the Bucks bring Fenix up to double whip. Nick back drops but Fenix uses that to RANA Matt!

Things speed up, Fenix springboards to FLYING HEADBUTT Nick! Pac gets in as the Bucks bail out, and he FLIES to take Matt out with a Fosbury Flop! Fenix DIVES to take Nick out into barriers! Fans fire up for Death Triangle as Fenix puts Matt back in. Fenix CHOPS Matt, pushes him down and ROCKS him with a forearm to the back of the head! Fenix scoops and SLAMS, then tags in Pac. Fenix stands on Matt, then Pac stands on Matt. Pac pushes Matt around, blocks Matt’s kick, and tags Fenix in. Fenix jumps over Matt, Pac spins him for Fenix to hold the foot, and Pac BOOTS Fenix in the back! Fenix spins Matt, Pac holds him, and Fenix SUPERKICKS Matt in the back!

Death Triangle double mule kick the legs, then they double BUZZSAW and double BASEMENT DROPKICK! Matt flops down and the fans fire up for Death Triangle! Cover, TWO! Fenix has Matt on ropes, clubs him then brings him up to knuckle lock. Fenix goes up, Matt trips him up! Fenix falls to the mat and Matt DECKS Pac! Tag to Nick, he runs and PENALTY KICKS Pac from the apron! Nick shoulders into Fenix and SLINGSHOT FACEBUSTERS! Nick grins and hopes the camera caught that. Fans rally as Nick scrapes Fenix’s face with his soles! Nick shoes off the Nike Diors but fans chant, “Those are Fake! Those are Fake!”

Nick drags Fenix over, bumps him off buckles, then tags Matt. The Bucks drag Fenix up to double whip, double hip toss, then cartwheel and double basement dropkick! Matt covers rather arrogantly, TWO! Fans rally for Fenix as Matt stalks after Fenix. Matt CLAWS Fenix’s back, then tags in Nick. The Bucks double whip, double hip toss but Fenix uses ropes to rebound and DOUBLE ARM-DRAG! Fenix avoids one superkick, bobs ‘n’ weaves with Nick and tags Pac in! Pac springboards to missile dropkick Nick down! Pac gets around Matt to back kick, front kick and back kick, then SWEEP the legs! Pac SNAP BRAINBUSTERS! Cover, TWO!! Matt lives and fans can’t believe it!

Pac drags Matt up, bumps him off buckles, then brings him around to bump off other buckles! Matt flops and flounders, Pac stalks up behind him. Pac taunts Nick as he brings Matt up and Matt throws body shots, but Pac eggs him on. Pac KICKS Matt, and KICKS, and KICKS! Pac runs but Nick trips him! Pac ROCKS Nick but Matt WRECKS Pac! The Bucks stomp away on Pac, Fenix runs over but he gets mugged! Nick CLAWS Fenix’s back, Matt drags Pac up and Nick has Fenix. The Bucks put two out, and DOUBLE APRON BOMB!! Fans chant “Young Bucks Suck!” and the ref reprimands but the damage is done!

Matt puts Pac on the apron, tags in Nick, and Nick stomps Pac down. Fans still rally for Death Triangle but Nick drags Pac up to wrench and whip him hard in the corner. Nick runs in to SHINING WIZARD in the corner! Tag to Matt, he drags Pac up and pushes him into buckles. Matt goes corner to corner while Nick holds Pack in, Matt handsprings and CLAWS Pac’s back! Pac staggers but he brawls with Matt as AEW goes picture in picture!

Matt CLUBS Pac down, kicks him around, then drops knees on his head! Matt wraps on a chinlock and grinds Pac down. Pac endures, fights, but Matt leans all his weight on the hold. The ref checks but Pac gets his second wind and fights his way up. Pac breaks free to ROCK Matt with forearm after forearm! Pac sees Fenix return but Matt throws him by his hair! Tag to Nick, and Nick brings Pac around to bump off the buckle! Nick digs his boot in, lets off as the ref counts, and Matt mockingly pats Pac on the head. Nick snapmares Pac, tags to Matt, face scrape and slingshots senton! Matt drags Pac up but Pac fires forearms again!

Pac back kicks, Matt trips him and tags in Nick! Catapult into the GAMANGIRI! Nick springboards to STOMP Pac into Matt’s knees! AEW returns to single picture as the Bucks taunt Fenix and the ref has to keep him back. The Bucks fake a tag so that Matt can stand on Pac’s head! The ref reprimands the standing on head but doesn’t realize the tag was faked. Nick tags back in for real, the Bucks whip Pac but Pac avoids the double superkicks! Pac throws Nick out, then throws Matt out to follow! Pac crawls for his corner but Nick is there to trip Fenix off the apron! Pac doesn’t tag out, and Matt gets in to rally fans up, but they boo.

Matt mockingly reaches for a tag, tags off Pac, and fires himself up! Matt rallies on Pac with big lariats, and mockingly does his old mannerisms. Matt brings Pac in to scoop and SLAM! Matt drops to his knees as if he’s emotional, and fans boo. But Pac gets up to CLOBBER Matt! Fans fire up now as both men are down and a standing count begins. Matt and Pac crawl for their corners, hot tags to Nick and Fenix! Fenix springboards to CROSSBODY! Fenix runs corner to corner but Nick dodges. Nick runs in but Fenix makes him straddle the rope! Matt runs in, Fenix intercepts with a kick and knuckle lock!

Fenix CHOPS Matt, goes up and up and SUPERKICKS Nick before he rebounds to SUPER STEINER Nick! SUPERKICK for Matt, Fenix handsprings to DOUBLE CUTTER!! Cover, TWO!! Nick survives and no one can believe it! Pac returns, Fenix tags him in, and Death Triangle gets Nick set up, wheelbarrow to DUMDUM STOMPS! Then SUPERKICK to BLUE THUNDER BOMB!! Cover, TWO!?!? The Bucks are still in this but fans are fired up! Pac drags Nick up but Nick jawbreakers! Tag to Matt and he runs in, but into a REBOUND GERMAN! Pac gets Matt back up with a dead lift, but Matt flails to get ropes! Fenix walks the tightrope to PENALTY KICK Matt!

Fenix FLIES to take Nick out, Pac GERMANS! Bridging cover, TWO!! Pac is beside himself but the fans are thunderous! Pac has Matt in a drop zone, he goes to a corner and climbs. Nick returns but Pac leaps over and comes back to BOOT! Matt SUPERKICKS Pac! Fenix SUPERKICKS Matt! Nick runs at Fenix, Fenix blocks the monkey flip, but Nick rebounds off ropes for a DESTROYER!! All four men are down but fans are thunderous again! “This is Awesome!” as Matt drags himself back into the ring. Fenix gets himself out of the ring while Matt and Pac stand. Pac and Matt throw forearms and haymakers back and forth, faster and faster!

Pac ROCKS Matt, runs in but Matt dumps him to the apron. Matt runs but Pac dumps Matt out! They brawl on the apron now! Pac HEADBUTTS Matt, but both Nick and Fenix trip their opponents off the apron! Fenix and Nick stare each other down, STEREO POISON-RANAS!! Nick takes Pac down, Fenix takes Matt down, but now they stare each other down. Fenix runs in, Nick tosses him over the railing, but Fenix lands on his feet! Fenix tries a springboard, but Nick SUPERKICKS him off the railing! Fenix still comes back, somersault CUTTER!! All four men are down on the outside now as fans are thunderous for “A E DUB! A E DUB!”

Fans hope these four “Fight Forever!” but there is a time limit. And now there’s a ring count. Fenix gets Matt up and into the ring at 5 of 10, then Pac follows. Pac and Matt stand, Pac RAMS Matt into the corner! Pac hoists Matt up top, tags Fenix, and Pac goes up to get Matt in a SUPERPLEX! Fenix goes right up for a FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!?! Fenix doesn’t stop, he puts Matt back in the drop zone and Pac tags back in. BLACK ARROW! Pac covers, but Nick returns to barrel through Fenix and BREAK it! Fenix storms right at Nick and throws him, but Nick spins around to CLOBBER Fenix! Nick drags Matt to their corner, tags in, and Nick runs at Pac, but gets a BOOT!

Pac and Nick stagger, Nick runs in but Pac dodges, but Nick holds ropes to deny the German Suplex! LOW BLOW where the ref couldn’t see!! Fenix tags in, springboards, into a SUPERKICK!! Nick DEMASKS Fenix!! Insult, meet injury! DOUBLE SUPERKICKS!!! Cover, the Bucks win!!

Winners: The Young Bucks, by pinfall (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

New Bucks? Old Bucks? Better bucks? Worse Bucks? All that and more! Don Callis is proud of these two, since they sold their souls to him! Will Matt & Nick continue to be the champions by any means necessary?


Backstage interview with Hangman Page and The Dark Order.

The number one ranked male singles wrestler and his new friends are here, and Alex Marvez wants to ask him about everything going on with Kenny Omega, the Good Brothers and the Young Bucks. Hangman chugs his drink then says he’s glad Marvez is here. Quick update on John Silver’s shoulder- Ow! Wait, isn’t it the other shoulder that was hurt? Yeah but Hangman’s slap to the arm hurt this one… Well give it another four to six weeks after some vitamins, prayers and egg rolls. Speaking of, Hangman’s gonna go get some egg rolls. Are the Dark Order in? YEAH! Alright! That didn’t answer…

Rehab time, Johnny! Silver lifts the bad arm all the way to 90 degrees! AWESOME! Will the Meat Man be back so that he and Alex Reynolds can chase those AEW Tag Team Championships?


Backstage interview with Mike Tyson & The Inner Circle.

The last time Tyson was in AEW, he and Jericho were enemies. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, but why? Jericho says it’s because over a month ago, when the Inner Circle received the most vicious beating of their careers from The Pineapp- No, the Pinnacle, they decided to change their ways, have a new attitude, and right some of the wrongs they’ve committed. Jericho called some of the people he felt he owed an apology to. The first was to Tyson, the greatest boxing champion ever. But after being at each other’s throats for over 10 years from a 2010 knockout on a Monday night, Jericho realized he has a lot of respect for Tyson, because Tyson has remained relevant and stand on top for 30 years, just like Jericho.

Jericho told Tyson how he felt, and Tyson said if Jericho ever needed anything, he’d be there. And that’s when Jericho asked Tyson to have their backs against “My Jerkoff Friend and his band of sour men.” Tyson had their backs, and will be the special enforcer for Jericho VS Dax, a man who just a few weeks ago, the Inner Circle put 10 stitches in his head. But though Tyson is the special enforcer, Jericho wants him to call this down the middle. Tyson says he’s firm but fair. So may the best man win. Tyson is happy to be a friend, but he won’t take a side. If Jericho messes up, Tyson will knock him out again. Tyson doesn’t want that, and Jericho doesn’t either because he still remembers that punch. But there it is! Tyson is fair, firm and enforcing the match tonight!


Red Velvet VS Jade Cargill!

Though Velvet and Cody Rhodes lost to the giants at the Crossroads, she and Jade are going to stir it up 1v1 to finally settle things! Will Velvet be serving up L’s? Or will Jade prove she is not just a storm, but #ThatBitch in AEW?

The second Jade jumps into the ring, Velvet attacks! The bell rings, they brawl and Velvet uses her boxing background to fire off! The ref backs Velvet off and Jade BOOTS Velvet right down! Jade clutches her arm but still stalks some trash. Velvet comes back to dropkick Jade into a corner! Jade kicks low and hard, then brings Velvet up to scoop. Velvet slips out to HOOK KICK! Jade staggers around, Velvet waits, and then baits Jade in to dump Jade out! Fans fire up as Velvet builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit and Jade hits railing! Fans are thunderous with Velvet as she stalks Jade. Velvet CLUBS Jade, whips her but Jade reverses to send Velvet into railing!

Jade scoops Velvet to taunt her friends, and then FALL AWAY SLAMS Velvet into the crowd of wrestlers! KiLynn King, Tesha Price and others are the collateral from that one! Jade goes into the ring, the others help Velvet up but she drags herself to ringside. Velvet is in at 5 of 10, and Jade smirks as she counts her abs. Jade ROCKS Velvet, hauls her up the ropes, and suplexes Velvet to hold her up for a SLAM! Jade kips up and she soaks up the heat as AEW goes picture in picture.

Jade stomps Velvet in a corner, stomps harder, and digs her boot in deep! Jade lets off as the ref counts, but Velvet fires off hands! Jade chokes Velvet into a buckle! The ref counts, Jade lets off and stomps Velvet again. Jade whips Velvet corner to corner so hard, Velvet goes through the gap and ends up on the apron! Jade drags Velvet back in, to ROPE GUILLOTINE! Jade drags Velvet over, turns her over and soaks up the heat as she drags Velvet back up. Jade talks trash but Velvet pie faces her! Jade pie faces back, then waistlocks to GERMAN SUPLEX! Velvet lands on her feet! Velvet swings on Jade but into a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Velvet survives, Jade grows annoyed, and AEW goes to break.

AEW returns, Velvet SCREW HIGH KICKS Jade hard! Jade is in a corner, she dodges but then Velvet dodges and Jade POSTS herself! Fans rally with “Stir It Up!” as Jade and Velvet rise. Velvet LARIATS but Jade stays up! Velvet LARIATS again, Jade wobbles! Velvet dodges Jade to LEAPING LARIAT and bring Jade down! Fans are thunderous as Velvet runs and wheelbarrows, to BULLDOG! Velvet says, “I’M That Bitch!” Velvet stirs it up, has a taste, and STANDING MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO!! Velvet drags Jade to a drop zone, goes up top and MOONSAULTS but FLOPS as Jade moves! Jade drags Velvet into the chicken wings, JADED SLAM!! Cover, Jade wins!

Winner: Jade Cargill, by pinfall

Velvet miscalculates, and Jade gets another win off her! Will Jade drag Velvet out of the top five to head for the title in her own right?


Backstage interview with Britt Baker and Rebel.

The Doctor has been pulling double duty on Dark and Elevation, and she has “breaking news” regarding the AEW Rankings! Britt “respects” the system, and is now #3 at her 7-1 record for 2021. Anyone below her, irrelevant. But Red Velvet just lost by Jade Cargill, so she’s 5-1. Britt has two more wins than Velvet, so logic says she is now #2. And she promises she’ll work her way up the ranking so that she will be on Elevation this Monday. Then the people will get what we deserve: The Role Model as AEW Women’s’ World Champion, and not Hikaru Shida. Signed yours truly, Britt Baker, DMD.


Anthony Ogogo w/ The Factory VS Cole Karter!

The 2021 Olympic Middleweight Boxing Bronze Medalist for Team Great Britain is now here, QT Marshall, Nick Comoroto and Aaron Solow in his corner! Will #TheGovenah lay down the law for The Thoroughbred?

Ogogo gets in Karter’s face, then the bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, are in a deadlock for a moment, and Ogogo puts Karter in a corner. Ogogo lets off, shoves Karter, but Karter comes back to get a waistlock. Ogogo pries free to switch, but Karter pries free to arm-drag! Ogogo BODY SHOTS hard! That’s a TECHNICAL KNOCKOUT!

Winner: Anthony Ogogo, by referee decision

The crown jewel of QT’s Factory hits hard and fast, and makes his money even faster! Will Ogogo go for gold, while also going for the jugular?


Miro speaks.

“Here I am. They told me to show up again today.” But Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford have been avoiding him. He wants to smooth things over, but Kip knows Miro hates wasting time. So Miro is moving on, with or without him, to become champion! IF you work for this company and have gold, you better pull a Kip and disappear before The Best Man finds you, too!


Dax Harwood w/ Cash Wheeler VS Chris Jericho w/ Sammy Guevara, Special Enforce Mike Tyson!

The Pinnacle attacked the Inner Circle, the Inner Circle hit back, and we’re heading for BLOOD & GUTS! But before that, FTR wants to make sure Y2J understands who is who, and why he should #FearTheRevelation! But will Jericho make sure Dax is never, ever, EEEEEEVER the same… agayn?

Tully makes his entrance with FTR but he has to remember that other than Cash and the Spanish God, no other members of either faction is allowed ringside for this! The ref tells Tully to scram! Tully reluctantly steps out of the ring and up the ramp as the bell rings. Jericho and Dax stare down, circle and fire off fists! Jericho backs Dax down, rocks him and whips him, then CLOBBERS him! Dax flounders up and Jericho DECKS him! Dax bails out, regroups with Cash, and Jericho gets a CHAIR! Jericho brings that chair around but Tyson intercepts. This is not a disqualification match! Dax CLOBBERS Jericho! And bumps Jericho off the apron!

Dax CHOPS Jericho, then grabs Floyd the Baseball Bat, but Tyson takes the bat from him, too! Jericho ROCKS Dax, and whips him into railing! Jericho takes railing apart, drags Dax over and bumps him into a piece! Dax tears his way through the crowd, Jericho is after him and it’s a hockey scrum! Jericho chases Dax back to ringside, Sammy keeps Cash back, and the hands keep flying! Dax kicks Jericho, bumps him off buckles, then throws haymakers and stomps and CHOPS! Dax whips Jericho to ropes and CLOBBERS him with an elbow! Dax chokes Jericho on the ropes! The ref counts, Dax lets off, and Jericho CHOPS back! And CHOPS again! And again!

Jericho has Dax in a corner for point-blank clotheslines! Jericho whips, Dax bounces off buckles and Jericho CLOBBERS him again! Dax bails out, has the medics check his stitches, and Jericho storms over. Dax grabs Justin Roberts’ mic to BOP Jericho! Dax whips Jericho into the stage wall! Jericho grabs the timekeeper’s pen to JAB the stitches!! Jericho scoop SLAMS Dax to the floor, then confiscates a camera! Jericho gets good footage of Dax, and they both flip each other off! Jericho BOOTS Dax, gives the camera back and ROCKS Dax! Jericho puts Dax in the ring, stomps him around, then digs his knee into Dax’s head!

The ref counts, Jericho lets off, and whips. Dax turns Jericho around to POST him! Jericho falls to the floor, Dax gets him up and whips him into railing! Tyson is there to make sure Dax does this fair, and AEW goes picture in picture.

Dax stalks Jericho, but has to refresh the count first. Dax waits on Jericho, and he WRECKS him with a baseball slide dropkick! Dax smirks, goes out to fetch Jericho but Tyson gets in his face. Jericho kicks Dax low and put him back in! Dax CLUBS Jericho and knees him down on the return! The ref counts, Dax lets off, and Dax paces around. Dax sits Jericho up, claws his face, but stops as the ref reprimands. Dax CLUBS Jericho at ropes, chokes him, and claws his face! The ref counts, Dax lets off, and then snapmares Jericho to KICK him! Dax gets Jericho up, hoists him to the top rope, and climbs up to go after him. Jericho throws body shots then headbutts Dax down!

Jericho adjusts, Dax stands, Jericho CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO!! Dax is right up to CLOBBER Jericho! Dax paces around Jericho, drags him up by his hair, and AEW returns to single picture as he whips. Jericho blocks, Dax CHOPS, so Jericho CHOPS! It’s a CHOP fight! Jericho gets the edge, whips but Dax reverses, only for Jericho to run him over! Jericho runs to run Dax over with a shoulder! Fans fire up as Jericho runs but Dax puts him on the apron. Jericho goes up top fast, for FLYING AX HANDLES! Fans are fired up as Jericho runs to BULLDOG Dax down! And LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Cash is creeping so Tyson and the ref tell him to back off!

Jericho gets up, KICKS Dax in the side, then KICKS him again! Jericho runs but Dax ROCKS him! Jericho and Dax throw forearms back and forth, Dax gets the edge now, and he ROCKS Jericho! Dax runs but Jericho LARIATS! Cover, TWO!! Dax survives but fans fire up again. Fans rally up, Dax gets to a corner, Jericho storms in to clothesline! Jericho hoists Dax up top, CHOPS him, then climbs up. Jericho throws hands, Dax slips down to get Jericho for a rebound POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Jericho survives and Dax is furious! Dax gets in Jericho’s face, SLAPS him while he’s down, then goes to a corner. Dax climbs, and FALLING HEADBUTTS but flops!

Jericho gets the legs! WALLS OF JERICHO!! Dax endures, Cash is there and he CLUBS Jericho while the ref was distracted! Roll up, TWO! Tyson storms over to Cash but Sammy runs and CLOBBERS him! Dax whips, Jericho KICKS Dax away! Jericho runs but Dax ducks the elbow! BRAINBUSTER!! Cover, TWO!?!? Jericho still lives and Dax can’t believe it! Dax grits his teeth in frustration as he drags Jericho back up. Jericho pushes free to CODE BREAKER! But now The Pinnacle storms out to violate the ringside ban! The Inner Circle attacks them first!! MJF is still arguing with the ref but Ortiz gets him! It’s chaos on the ramp and the stage!

But Cash RAMS Sammy into the railing! Cash has Floyd, but Tyson has Cash! Cash swings but gets DECKED!! Cash just got knocked the F out! But Dax gets Jericho, only for Sammy to distract him! Jericho back drops free, JUDAS EFFECT!! Cover, Jericho wins!!

Winner: Chris Jericho, by pinfall

The first shot has been fired, and the Demo God stands tall with his faction! Tyson joins Jericho in the ring to dare Pinnacle to do something! Jericho gets a mic to say, “As you pieces of trash leave, I want to make this official!” Iron Mike is an honorary member of the Inner Circle! Tyson is honored, will he stick by Jericho’s side through even Blood & Guts?


Backstage interview with The Young Bucks, and the rest of the Biz Cliz!

Matt & Nick, Kenny, Callis and the Good Brothers were just about to leave but Alex Marvez wants to talk with them. Clearly, these guys have changed the wrestling world again. Does AEW want a scoop? Well here’s the scoop! Get out of the way, Marvez! Callis has the mic to say, “If the wrestling world has learned one thing about all of us, it’s this: Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you haven’t seen anything.” When the Bucks came back into the fold as the greatest tag team of the last 2000 YEARS, they came back to the family. This isn’t the end of the story, this is just the beginning!

Omega says they’re listening to “the interwebs, the radios, the podcasts, the people on the telly,” they all want to know why he and the Bucks have changed. They haven’t changed! They just got sick and tired of being what we want them to be. They’re sick of you non-sport numb-nuts wanting them to be just like you! They’re not like you! They’re them! That’s where you find success! And that’s why wherever they go, the gold follows. Matt says that this is fine, this is great, but this isn’t all fun and games. Didn’t you see the match they had? Matches of the year just pour out of Matt’s ear! The Bucks are BACK, and the AEW Tag Division has been put on notice!

So whether it’s SCU, Jurassic Express, Best Friends, Butcher & Blade or whatever they go by, you’ve all got BTE Triggers with your damn names on them! Callis says this is what it is! You wanted the old Omega? You got him! You wanted the old Bucks? BAH GAWD, you got them, too! So if you learn one thing, learn this: prepare to be surprised again! The Bucks fake out the cameraman with superkicks, but then CALLIS Superkicks!! NERD! Will all of AEW soon belong to the Biz Cliz?


Thunder Rosa speaks.

“As you have seen, I’m not only taking over the AEW Women’s Division, I’m taking over the world.” She doesn’t just want the AEW Women’s World Championship, she wants the NWA Women’s World Championship! Rosa is back on top, and whoever wins between Hikaru Shida and Tay Conti, she’ll go after you and that title. And Serena Deeb, she’s been missed. She has something that belongs to Rosa, too. Rosa is waiting for everyone because she is going to take over everything!


Kris Statlander w/ Best Friends VS Amber Nova!

The Galaxy’s Greatest Alien is officially back in action, even after helping Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor & #JustTrent in Arcade Anarchy. Will she continue to be out of this world as she takes on Ms. Super Nova?

The bell rings and Kris wants to boop. She boops the ref! Kris and Nova tie up, go around, and Kris puts Nova in a corner. Nova goes up the ropes but Kris lets her go and Nova falls! Nova gets up in a huff, runs but Kris dodges to arm-drag her around! Kris then boops Nova! Fans fire up for the booping as Kriss blocks the heel kick! Kris spins Nova to ROCK her! Kris whips, scoops and POWERSLAMS! Fans fire up as Kris brings Nova back up. Nova hits back, kicks low, and pie faces her. “You’re not an alien!” Kris choke grips then military presses Nova to DROP her! Kris drags Nova into the handstand LEG DROP, and FLIPPING SENTON!

Kris gives a thumbs up and Cassidy returns it. Nova gets up, Kris runs corner to corner at her, and uppercuts! Kris goes side to side to KNEE Nova down! Nova flounders back up, Kris ROUNDHOUSES her back down! Kris gets Nova up, gut wrenches, tucks her in, and hits the BIG BANG THEORY!! Cover, Kris wins!

Winner: Kris Statlander, by pinfall

The Galaxy’s Greatest Alien is 100% and is definitely back! Group hug! But will Kris skyrocket into the top five to be back where she left off?


Backstage interview with Team Taz.

They made an offer to Christian Cage last week to join them, but have they heard back? It’s been just a week, but no they haven’t. Ricky Starks brings up that they waited months on Powerhouse Will Hobbs, no offense to him. But why waiting a week on Christian!? They shouldn’t even wait an hour! It doesn’t matter who he is! Taz tells Starks to calm down, it is annoying. But it is best for Team Taz, if they are to lock Christian in, to have Starks hang backstage since he’s getting a little heated. Brian Cage agrees, because Starks has been a little indifferent.

Taz doesn’t want to do this on camera, but maybe Brian should hang back, too. Let Taz, Hook and Hobbs handle this. Tonight, they will convince Christian to join up! But will that really be the case?


AEW returns and Tony Schiavone is in the ring!

There’s a lot to talk about, and he welcomes the one and only Captain Charisma! Christian Cage is back, and he asked for this time to say this is the first time these two have had a chance to do this! What a thrill! Tony Khan gave him an open challenge contract and he’s here to use it. He wants to #OutworkEveryone, so- But then Taz interrupts! It’s been a full week, and Taz doesn’t like that he didn’t get so much as a return text message after the amazing opportunity he offered! Christian didn’t even ACKNOWLEDGE Taz’s request. Is he in or out!? Christian says he was going to do this later on in private like a professional but he’s out here so let’s do this now.

Christian says Taz just admitted himself earlier, Team Taz is a bit of a dumpster fire right now. The thing is, Christian didn’t come here to help Taz fix his problems, but to win championships! Christian will give his answer, and it’s good that Taz is standing on those steps so they can be face-to-face. Christian’s answer… is NO! Oh, well here’s the deal, SHITBAG! As far as Taz’s height, standing on his wallet would make him 10 feet taller! Oh that bingo hall money? YEAH that bingo hall money! And AEW money, too! But Christian just made the biggest mistake ever! Taz never liked Christian or his stupid friend who carried his ass, and then he has the audacity to wear Taz’s colors out here!

Hobbs has Taz calm down, and then he goes to the ring. Is Hobbs answering the open challenge?! Hobbs swings on Christian but Christian dodges to fire off haymakers! Hobbs KNEES low, talks trash, then gets Christian up to scoop, but Christian slips out to hook the arms! Speaking off hook, Hook distracts Christian on the apron! Christian swipes at him, Hook gets away, and Christian turns around into Hobb’s BODY TACKLE! Hobbs looms over Christian, Hook regroups with his dad, and fans chant, “Team Taz Sucks!” as Hobbs throws Christian into railing! Hobbs hauls Christian up to RAM him into railing again! Christian flounders, Hobbs smirks as he looms over him, then talks more trash.

Hobbs hauls Christian back up to POP-UP FLAPJACK Christian to the floor! Christian crawls away but Taz and Hook are at the ramp. Hobbs snarls as he stalks Christian to the steel steps. Hobbs hauls Cage up to SMACK him off the steel! And then stand on his head against the steps! Hobbs lets off, and leaves Christian down on the ground in a heap! No open challenge match tonight, but will Christian demand he get payback on the Powerhouse?


AEW has big plans for next week!

With Thunder Rosa and Britt Baker both clamoring for their chance, the #1 Contender gets hers! Tay Conti takes on her friendly rival and recent tag partner, Hikaru Shida, for the AEW Women’s World Championship! Tay speaks, saying that consistent hard work leads to success, and that now is her time. Shida says she wants to wrestle in sold out arenas as champion. Now it’s time to fight! Who comes out of this with the gold around their waists?

And after what we just saw, Hobbs and Christian WILL have a match next week! Will Christian be able to outwork a pure, unadulterated powerhouse? And while Hangman is THE #1 contender in the Men’s Singles Division, Ricky Starks is nipping at his heels! Will Absolute push the Cowboy out of the way on the path to the Best Bout Machine? Then, as Best Friends being their revenge tour on Death Triangle, #JustTrent takes on Penta El Zero Miedo 1v1! Will this be the first in the series for Best Friends to get back at their old foes?


AEW TNT Championship Falls County Anywhere: Darby Allin VS Matt Hardy!

The Face of the Network may be Relentless, but if Big Money Matt is to be trusted, there won’t be interference from the Hardy Family Office. Will Darby really only have to worry about Hardy and not Butcher, Blade, Bunny and/or Private Party? Or is the truth rarely the truth with Hardy these days?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Big Money cashes in big time in the main event!

Hardy gets a chair right at the bell, and Darby is wary. Darby dodges the chair shot, fires off haymakers, then runs, but springboards into a SMACK! Darby writhes, Hardy gets the chair up to JAM him in the stomach! Hardy looms over Darby, lines up his shot and SMACKS him again! Darby writhes out of the ring, flounders around, and we see Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky watching from Darby’s usual perch. All Ego & The Face of the Revolution still feel snubbed so they want to see Darby get destroyed for it. Hardy runs but Darby avoids another chair shot to fire off forearms! Hardy JAMS Darby again, SMACKS him another time, and then puts the chair aside put dig hands into Darby’s face!

Hardy DECKS Darby, drags him up and brings him around to smear into the apron! Hardy dribbles Darby’s face off the apron, puts him in and then gets the chair again. Fans rally for Darby as Hardy paces. Hardy takes a seat to watch Darby crawl as fans chant, “Hardy Sucks!” Darby sits up but Hardy ROCKS him! And DECKS him! Hardy gets the chair again, paces around like a shark with blood in the water, and that’s literal because Darby’s back is cut up. Hardy JAMS Darby with the chair into the waist! Hardy gets Darby up but Darby ROCKS Hardy with big palm strikes! Darby fires off forearms, but Hardy kicks low! NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!

Hardy seethes as he gets the chair again. Hardy sits the chair up again, brings Darby over and BOUNCES Darby’s head off the seat! Fans boo, Hardy drags Darby back up but Darby is a rag doll! Hardy gets the chair, stalks Darby as the ref checks on him, and Hardy SMACKS Darby again! Fans boo but Hardy soaks up the heat while Darby writhes on the mat. Hardy drags Darby back over to the chair, puts Darby through the chair, and then brings Darby up! FULL METAL- NO! Darby fights free and uses the chair to RAM Hardy! And SMACK him with it! Darby fires off more SMACKS and fans want “One More Time!” Darby obliges and SMACKS again!

But here come Butcher, Blade & Bunny! That promise was just lip service! Butcher CHUCKS a trash can at Darby’s head!! Direct hit and Darby goes down! Private Party also join in, and Hardy has the HFO mug Darby! Quen & Kassidy stomp Darby, Butcher & Blade bring steel steps over! The steps are set up near a corner of the ringside area, but the Dark Order make the save! They go after the HFO, and IT’S STIIIIING! The Icon has his bat, he TOSSES Kassidy, JAMS Quen, and then brings Kassidy up to TOSS him at Quen! Sting gets in, gets the trash can and SMACKS Kassidy! Then Sting runs to DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE Private Party out of the ring!

Hardy and Darby ended up by the timekeeper’s area and fans chant “This is Awesome!” as AEW goes picture in picture!

Darby throws hands on Hardy against the stage wall! Sting keeps on Private Party while all of Dark Order brawls with Butcher & Blade! Darby drags Hardy up, brings him around and bumps him off the apron. Darby gets the trash can, brings it out and SMACKS Hardy! And SMACKS him again! Hardy flounders, Darby brings him over, and goes to suplex. Hardy counters to GOURD BUSTER Darby onto the trash can! Uno & Stu RAM Butcher into stage wall, Sting SMACKS Kassidy off steel steps. Hardy covers, TWO! Darby is still in this, but Hardy chokes him on the timekeeper’s table! Hardy rains down rights while his HFO get mugged over and over.

Hardy backs off, Sting SMACKS Quen off steps. Darby gets up, Hardy ROCKS him again, and Hardy gets the trash can. Darby fights back with haymakers! Darby uses the crushed can to RAM Hardy down! Darby fires up while his allies keep HFO at bay. Darby brings Hardy around, CHOPS him against the stage wall, and Sting throws Private Party into each other. Hardy ROCKS Darby and whips him into the stage wall! Hardy staggers around, brings Darby back up, but Darby RAMS him into the stage! AEW returns to single picture as Darby whips but Hardy reverses. Darby leaps over steel steps but COLLIDES with railing! Fans lose their minds as Hardy pursues.

Sting and Private Party are in the ring again while Hardy covers Darby, TWO! Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky have appeared ringside! They creep up on Sting, but LANCE ARCHER is there! The Murderhawk Monster makes sure they stay back, and Sting gets Private Party in double dragon sleepers, but then he sees Archer getting in the ring?! Is Archer just staking a claim to the prey?! But then Archer drags Kassidy up to the top rope, inverted crucifix for the BLACKOUT BOMB!! Hardy bowls Darby through the crowd of wrestlers while Archer goes out to get Quen and Kassidy! Hardy chases Darby up the ramp, has a chair, but sees what happened to his HFO!

Darby gets the chair from him to JAM him! And tackle him for a rain of fists! Sting tosses Darby the bat! Almost a passing of the torch as Darby aims at Hardy. Hardy begs for mercy but he won’t get any, so Hardy LOW BLOWS first!! Darby drops the bat as Hardy gets two balls! Hardy puts Darby through another chair! FULL METAL TWIST OF FATE!!! Hardy crawls to cover Darby on the stage, TWO!?!?! Darby still lives and that shocks Hardy! Fans are thunderous, Hardy drags Darby up and throws him down the tunnel! They go to gorilla now as Hardy elbows away on Darby. Hardy BOWLS Darby into the monitors!

Hardy gets a ladder! Hardy sets it up near a table and he drags Darby over. Hardy puts Darby on the table, rains down rights and lefts, then climbs the ladder. Hardy powers up, and SUPER LEG DROPS through the table!! Cover in the wreckage, TWO!??!?! How did Darby survive!?! Hardy is furious and fans are thunderous as ever! Hardy drags Darby from the wreckage, back out the other tunnel to the stage. Hardy throws Darby and fans chant, “Hardy Sucks!” Darby crawls, Hardy points to where Sting’s bat ended up, and then drags Darby up. Hardy CLUBS away on Darby’s back, hauls him up, and Canadian racks, but Darby slips free to LOW BLOW! With interest!

Darby flounders but gets Sting’s bat back! Darby brings the bat to where Hardy is on the stage, and Hardy is by commentary. Darby rushes in to SLUG Hardy in the stomach, then the back, then JAM him in the head! Then he CRACKS Hardy in the ribs while he’s down! Darby SMACKS all the monitors off the commentary table! Fans fire up with his rage as Darby chokes Hardy! Darby drags Hardy onto the announce desk and then JAMS Hardy in the head! Darby won’t end it here, he goes up to the girders!! SUPER COFFIN DROP!!! Cover, Darby wins!!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall (still AEW TNT Champion)

Hardy said he’d show us how extreme he can still be, but Darby showed us what “extreme” really means! The Face of the Network is STILL Relentless, but who’s next to roll the dice with him?

My Thoughts:

What a great episode! A lot of great progress in the stories, great action in the matches, it’s just great. The tag titles opening has become the natural move for AEW, and it was a great match with the Bucks showing us their new Heel personas that really do poke fun at everything they’ve been before this point. Their promo before the match to actually open the episode was also good to put that in perspective, and we got a good group promo with them and this new form of the Elite/Bullet Club. Callis giving the superkick was a nice little twist, I wonder if another group of five steps up to take these guys on in maybe not Blood & Guts but a Stadium Stampede sequel.

If it were anyone, it should be Hangman and the main four of Dark Order, i.e. Uno, Stu, Reynolds & Silver. Hangman is the #1 contender, is going to have an absolutely awesome match with Ricky Starks next week, and will certainly circle back to facing Omega again. It was good story that he ignored the questions about the new Elite during the interview, because he’ll have to face them eventually, but he can’t deal with that right now so he won’t. Silver is almost back from his bad arm, he and Reynolds can have some great matches with the Good Brothers. The Bucks are going to have great matches with any team they face, I hope they work from #5 to #1 in a countdown.

If SCU maintains their #1 rank, they can really build the “titles or bust” story for Daniels & Kazarian until they have just the most amazing match AEW has seen yet, and the crowd either explodes because SCU wins the titles, or still explodes because SCU loses their last match together. It’s how things have to go, it just has to. Velvet VS Cargill was great, and naturally Cargill won to maintain her strength. She needs to be getting more matches in, though. She needs to catch up to that top five to really make her feel like she is this strong. Speaking of, I like that Britt is giving us the ranking updates “in real time” to add onto her story of making AEW accountable for saying wins and losses matter.

Rosa had a really good promo to restate her mission to get both women’s titles, and Shida VS Tay happening next week is awesome! It’s been a point of contention that AEW hasn’t put as much into their Women’s Division but now they are and that’s great. I don’t think Tay takes the title off Shida, because there’s also Double or Nothing 2021 to consider. Shida could have a big defense as the one year anniversary to getting the title off Nyla Rose, so maybe that is where Britt or Rosa gets their shot and their own big PPV title win. And after that, things freshen up as Britt or Rosa takes on the other contenders, from Big Swole to Red Velvet to Kris Statlander, who also got back on track with her return win.

Team Taz ups the ante with Christian Cage as the open challenge never really happens. I would still harp on Christian not really being a workhorse but he did take a lot of bumps from Hobbs here so that was a good amount of work. Christian VS Hobbs will be very good, and I did like that we got more dysfunction in the team with Starks and Brian Cage. That FTW Championship match is still happening, I am sure of it. Miro’s ultimatum to Kip and all the title holders was great. I’m pretty sure Kip lets Miro do things his own way, and Miro goes right for the TNT title.

And of course, that TNT Championship Falls Count Anywhere was AMAZING. Naturally, the HFO did NOT stay out of this, they had great brawling with the Dark Order, and it’s great for Darby to get the win. Darby can probably keep winning until Double or Nothing, maybe against Miro, maybe against either Ethan Page or Scorpio Sky since they’re still hanging around, or maybe even Archer since he got in on things. The TNT Championship definitely is where the real workhorses wrestle, and whoever wins this title could probably go against Christian Cage at some point because of his #OutworkEveryone catchphrase.

My Score: 9.4/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (4/13/21)

ANOTHER Dark Sweet Sixteen!



AEW Dark 2

AEW Dark is Big Money with Matt Hardy!

AEW Dark goes big with Big Money Matt, The Dark Order and Team Taz! Will Hardy have momentum going in his TNT Championship match with Darby?


  • Tag Career on the Line: SoCal Uncensored VS Jay Lyon & Midas Black; SCU wins and stays a team.
  • Matt Sydal VS Luther; Sydal wins.
  • Alan Angels & Preston Vance w/ The Dark Order VS Hayden Backlund & Kit Sackett; Angels & Vance win.
  • Colt Cabana w/ The Dark Order VS Jake Manning; Cabana wins.
  • Red Velvet & Big Swole w/ KiLynn King VS Amber Nova & Queen Aminata; Velvet & Swole win.
  • Aaron Solow w/ The Factory VS Fuego del Sol; Solow wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Gunn Club VS Stone Rockwell, Mike Magnum & Andrew Palace; The Gunn Club wins.
  • Madi Wrenkowski VS KiLynn King; King wins.
  • Matt Hardy w/ The Hardy Family Office VS Ken Broadway; Hardy wins.
  • Evil Uno & Stu Grayson w/ The Dark Order VS Vary Morales & Spencer Slade; The Dark Order wins.
  • Britt Baker w/ Rebel VS Shawna Reed; Britt wins.
  • Brian Cage & Ricky Starks w/ Team Taz VS Carlie Bravo & Dean Alexander; Cage & Starks win.
  • Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Leila Grey; Nyla wins.
  • The Varsity Blondes VS Prince Kai and Will Allday; The Varsity Blondes win.
  • Lance Archer w/ Jake the Snake VS Cole Karter; Archer wins.
  • Ryan Nemeth w/ JD Drake VS Alex Reynolds w/ The Dark Order; Reynolds wins.


Tag Career on the Line: SoCal Uncensored VS Jay Lyon & Midas Black!

Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian start off Dark by putting their partnership on the line! They’ve been going strong ever since starting this self-challenge, but will the Fallen Angel and Heavy Metal Rebel suddenly fall apart?

The teams sort out, Kaz starts with Midas and they circle. Fans rally up, Kaz and Midas tie up, and Kaz waistlocks to slam Midas down! Kaz facelocks, grinds Midas down, but Midas fights up and around. Kaz hammerlocks Midas to then headlock, but Midas powers out. Kaz runs Midas over, things speed up and Kaz blocks a hip toss to arm-drag then CLOBBER Midas! Kaz stays between Midas and Lyon and he CHOPS Midas down! Kaz CHOPS Midas in the open corner, puts him back in and then bumps him off Daniels’ boot! Tag to Daniels, he stays between Midas and Lyon to gut wrench suplex! Daniels wags his finger at Lyon then goes back to Midas.

Fans rally, Daniels throws hands on Midas then scoops, but Midas slips around to shove Daniels into Lyon’s kick! Lyon tags in, he scoops and spins around, then SLAMS Daniels down! Midas sets up the hoop, Lyon dives through it to SENTON Daniels! Cover, TWO! Lyon drags Daniels up to throw forearms, then whips Daniels to ropes. Daniels ducks and dodges to kick Lyon, and STO! Fans fire up with SCU as Daniels tags Kaz in. SCU mugs Lyon, Kaz brings him around and whips into Daniels’ BOOT! SCU gets Lyon with a HIGH LOW! Midas runs into boots! They whip Midas and pop him up for the NECKBREAKER BOMB COMBO!

Lyon staggers into a gut wrench, and gets the BEST MELZTER EVER! Cover, SCU wins!

Winners: SoCal Uncensored, by pinfall (still a tag team)

And The Addiction continues! They’ll be watching Young Bucks VS Death Triangle very closely, who will they get to face on the other side of Dynamite?


Matt Sydal VS Luther!

The Yoga Monster and SNAKEMAN are staying in the back so that this will be a 1v1 fight of men with third eyes! Whose sight will be 20/20/20 vision and find their path to victory?

The bell rings and the two compare third eyes, but Luther kicks low and fires off haymakers! Luther snapmares but Sydal handsprings through! Sydal deflects a boot, KICKS away on a leg, then STANDING MARIPOSA! Cover, TWO! Sydal CLUBS Luther, KICKS his leg, then whips him to ropes. Luther reverses, Sydal sunset flips, TWO! BUTTERFLY STRETCH! Lyther endures, Sydal pokes his third eye, but Luther fights up! Cover, TWO! Luther BOOTS Sydal, ROCKS him and stomps him! Luther bumps Sydal off the buckles, CLUBS him in the back, and then whips Sydal corner to corner to run in and clothesline!

Sydal sputters, Luther kicks him and digs his fingers into Sydal’s two normal eyes! Luther chokes Sydal on the ropes, the ref counts, Luther lets off. Luther says HE has the third eye! And then he argues with the ref, drags Sydal up, and kicks back. Fans rally and duel as Sydal catches Luther for a roll-up, TWO! Luther kicks Sydal, reels him in but Sydal gets around to waistlock. Luther elbows free, runs but into a WHEEL KICK! Fans fire up as Sydal gets up. Luthre stands to get more KICKS! Sydal SOBATS Luther down and fans fire up again! Sydal drags Luther up, fisherman for the BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Luther survives and Sydal is shocked!

Luther gets up, Sydal runs in and BRONCO BUSTERS! Sydal has Luther floundering into a drop zone! Sydal springboards but Luther trips him up! Sydal tumbles out to the floor, Luther goes out to KICK Sydal, then whip him hard into railing! Fans rally and duel again, Luther drags Sydal up and scoops him, to SLAM him into railing! Sydal flops down, Luther refreshes the ring count, and Luther stomps Sydal down. Fans rally, Luther drags Sydal up to mock Mike Sydal in the crowd, and throw Matt Sydal into more railings! Mike cheers Matt on but Luther tells him to shut up. Luther puts Matt in, drops knees on his back, and then throws down fists!

Luther drags Sydal up, scoops him, and hits a BACKBREAKER! Luther bends Sydal in a backbreaker rack, Sydal endures, so Luther shoves him down. Luther gets Sydal up to KICK his legs! Sydal KICKS back, and it’s a KICK fight! Sydal KICKS more and more, then fakes Luther out to QUESTION MARK! Luther shrugs that off to GERMAN SUPLEX! Sydal flounders up into a BOOT! Luther drags Sydal back up, reels him in, and calls for his shot, but Sydal slips out! Sydal ducks the kick to ROUNDHOUSE! Sydal hooks Luther up, LIGHTNING SPIRAL!! Cover, Sydal wins!

Winner: Matt Sydal, by pinfall

Luther’s third eye lost its focus and Sydal struck him down! Will Matt be flying higher as AEW moves into the Spring?


Alan Angels & Preston Vance w/ The Dark Order VS Hayden Backlund & Kit Sackett!

Numbers 5 & 10 combine forces again, looking to prove that all of the Dark Order’s tag teams are top five material! Vance won big on his own on Elevation, will he and Angels fly even higher together?

The teams sort out and Vance starts with Sackett. Negative One gives some last minute coaching, then Vance and Sackett circle. They tie up, Vance hammerlocks then headlocks to the takeover. Vance grinds Sackett, Sackett fights up and powers Vance to ropes. The ref counts, Sackett lets off but then comes back to headlock again. Vance powers out and runs Sackett over! Things speed up, Vance gets under the hurdle to hit another headlock takeover! Fans cheer, Sackett fights up but Vance wrenches. Angels tags in, Vance whips Sackett and then back drops him! Angels is up top for a basement missile dropkick!

Angels drags Sackett up, throws forearm after forearm after forearm! Angels unleashes then KICKS Sackett down! Angels glares at Backlund, but Sackett rakes Angels’ eyes! Tag to Backlund, he and Sackett mug Angels to then double whip him corner to corner. Angels goes up and over Sacket, under Backlund, then RANAS Backlund into giving Sackett a spear! Angels then ATHLETIC PLEXES Backlund away! Angels has Backlund on the apron, suplexes him but Backlund slips free! Sackett tags in as Backlund ducks and dodges, and Sackett CLOBBERS Angels! Sackett back suplexes but Angels lands on his feet, tag to Vance!

Vance rallies on Sackett, has him in a corner and BOOTS him! Vance scoops, Sackett slips out and then shoves, only to run into a SPINEBUSTER! Vance powers up but Backlund drags him out! Vance dodges Backlund, Angels ROUNDHOUSES Backlund down! Sackett builds speed but into a KNEE! Angels then adds his “THIS IS GONNA SUCK!” CROSSBODY! FULL NELSON!! Vance thrashes Sackett into going to sleep, the Dark Order wins!

Winners: Alan Angels & Preston Vance, by submission

The Dark Order is three duos deep as the nickel ‘n’ dime package gets another win! Will 5 & 10 be joining the top five in time for Dynamite’s AEW World Tag Team Championship match?


Colt Cabana w/ The Dark Order VS Jake Manning!

BOOM BOOM! The Dark Order continues as Cabana welcomes “Mr. Elite” to All Elite! Will Manning prove he belongs here? Or will he decide to #JoinDarkOrder?

The bell rings and “The Man Scout” reluctantly puts his scout manual away. Manning and Cabana tie up, and Cabana scoop SLAMS Manning! Cabana waits on Manning to get up, but Manning goes back to his book. Manning says his back hurts, and that his manual advises against such situations. The ref gets Manning to put the book back down and continue the match. Manning and Cabana tie up, Manning waistlocks but Cabana reaches down to trip him up. Cabana runs, cartwheels over and scoops Manning to SLAM him again! Manning scrambles back to his manual again, reads but Cabana snatches it away!

Cabana takes the book on a game of cat ‘n’ mouse with Manning, then tosses it to roll Manning up, TWO! Now there’s a tug-o-war for the book! The ref takes it away and Manning CLOBBERS Cabana! Manning clubs Cabana, throws forearms, but now it’s a brawl! Cabana ROCKS Manning, whips but Manning reverses to sunset Cabana into buckles! Cover, TWO!! Manning is shocked but he goes up top. Fans rally, Manning leaps, but into a HAYMAKER! Manning staggers around into DOUBLE CHOPS! Cabana JABS and JABS, flips, flops and flies, BIONIC ELBOW! FLYING APPLE in the corner, and then Cabana goes up top. Cabana leaps, hops again as Manning moves, SPLASH! Cover, TWO!

Cabana stands Manning up to CHOP! And CHOP! Manning ducks the chop to hit a LETHAL COMBINATION! Cover, TWO!! Manning can’t believe it! Manning goes up top but Cabana anchors his foot, to trip him up! Cabana gets the legs, turns Manning around, BILLY GOAT’S CURSE!! Manning taps, Cabana wins!

Winner: Colt Cabana, by submission

Negative One gets Manning’s book to look through it, and then throws it to the trash! Will Dark Order continue to roll on through the rankings in all divisions?


Red Velvet & Big Swole w/ KiLynn King VS Amber Nova & Queen Aminata!

This winning combination is back together again, right before Velvet is about to have her 1v1 rematch with Jade Cargill! Will Velvet and Swole be sweet, not sour, before Velvet takes on the power of #ThatBitch?

The teams sort out, Swole starts against Nova and the two circle as fans rally. Swole and Nova tie up, Swole shoves Nova away, and Aminata tags in already. Aminata says she’s got this, and Swole mocks her. Things speed up, Swole drop toeholds to then basement dropkick! Aminata hits back with body shots and a big forearm, but Swole forearms back! Swole whips Aminata to the corner and ROCKS her with an uppercut! Tag to Velvet, they double whip and trip Aminata up to then hurdle, elbow and Cover, ONE! Aminata tags out to Nova, she and Velvet tie up and Nova headlocks. Velvet powers out, Nova runs her over, and things speed up again, but Velvet calf kicks Nova down!

Velvet drags Nova up, Nova uppercuts! Nova NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Nova knocks Velvet down, talks trash, then drags Velvet up to bump her off buckles. Tag to Aminata and she fires forearms then a snapmare. Aminata hushes the crowd to then KICK Velvet on the back! Cover, TWO! Aminata brings Velvet up to whip her into Nova’s headscissors and DEADLY NIGHTSHADE! Swole protests, the ref reprimands, Aminata HIP ATTACKS Velvet in the corner! Cover, TWO! Velvet survives but Aminata smirks, runs and kicks but Velvet gets under it! Hot tag to Swole, and Swole CLOBBERS Aminata!

Swole rallies with forearms, ROUNDHOUSES Nova, but Aminata ducks the kicks to get the HEADBUTT! Aminata keeps moving, Swole SPEARS her down! Cover, Nova breaks it! Velvet fires off on Nova, Swole fires off on Aminata, then they trade to EuroUpper! DOUBLE BASEMENT COMPLETE SHOTS! Swole drags Aminata by her legs but Aminata kicks her away! Hot tags to Nova and Velvet! Velvet bobs ‘n’ weaves, kicks and CHEF’S KISS!! Cover, Velvet & Swole win!

Winners: Red Velvet & Big Swole, by pinfall

The combination known as #Swolvet is getting stronger! But here comes Jade Cargill! She wants to stir up trouble again, but Swole and King try to keep Velvet back. She blows past them to DIVE and take out Jade at the ramp! They brawl on the ramp, referees rush to stop this, and both King and Swole stay between Velvet and Jade! This is where it stops for now, but this is definitely going to explode on Dynamite!


Aaron Solow w/ The Factory VS Fuego del Sol!

QT Marshall and Nick Comoroto won big for their brand new faction, and now it’s time for the Extra Talented to get his! Will he put out the Fire of the Sun and prove everyone should come work for The Factory?

Fuego stares down QT and Comoroto, but Solow BLINDSIDES him! The bell rings and Solow stomps Fuego down! Fans jeer as Solow RAMS Fuego into buckles! Solow kicks Fuego, backs off then drags Fuego up to scoop him for a SLAM! Solow runs to drop a BIG knee! Fans boo but Solow blows kisses. Solow stomps Fuego to a corner, drags Fuego up and CHOPS him! Solow brings Fuego up to EXPLODER! Fuego tumbles all the way to the other corner, and Solow grins as he hurries over to choke Fuego on ropes! The ref counts, Solow lets off and drags Fuego back up. Fans rally for Fuego and he throws body shots, but Solow DECKS him!

Solow scoops Fuego to SLAM him into buckles! Solow talks trash, fans still rally but Solow drags Fuego up to stomp and kick him. Solow toys with Fuego but Fuego fires off! Solow blocks a kick, flips Fuego but he lands on his feet to ENZIGURI! Fuego runs corner to corner to UPPERCUT! Fuego keeps going to RAM into Solow! Fuego cradles to the FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Solow scrambles up but Fuego is up top! Fuego leaps but Solow gets under, Things speed up, Fuego tilt-o-whirls but no DDT! SCREW HIGH KICK! Solow fires up now, QT tells him to finish this! Solow obeys, underhooks Fuego’s arm for a TRAPPED ARM PEDIGREE! Cover, Solow wins!

Winner: Aaron Solow, by pinfall

The Extra Talented put something extra on that one! Will The Factory dominate all of AEW?


Ryan Nemeth speaks.

“Every week, every show, every match, every opponent, The Hollywood Hunk proves he is a dominant force in AEW.” Looking at the numbers alone, Nemeth wins nearly half the time. Whether it’s Nemeth and Reynolds with Negative One, Tay Conti, whoever, Nemeth isn’t afraid of the cronies. Reynolds is technically sound, good looking, and a winner. But he is no hunk. Will Nemeth be looking his best against Number 3 of the Dark Order?


Six Man Tag: The Gunn Club VS Stone Rockwell, Mike Magnum & Andrew Palace!

Billy and his boys are still rolling as an undefeated trio! But they’re up against some pretty big guns on the other side! Will the Gunn Club finally be outdrawn in the Dark?

The teams sort out, and after rock-paper-scissors, Colten starts against Rockwell the Indiana Jones cosplayer. Fans rally for Colten as Rockwell offers a handshake. Colten asks what’s going on and Papa Gunn says not to fall for it. Fans want Colten to shake his hand, but Rockwell rushes in! Colten gets the arm, wrenches, but Rockwell pulls hair to get the wrench! Colten wrenches it back, Rockwell RAMS him into a corner! Rockwell lets off to body shot hard! Rockwell whips, Colten runs him over! Colten runs, things speed up, Colten whips Rockwell again and then comes back for a NECKBREAKER! Tag to Austin, Palace tags in but Austin whips.

Palace reverses, Austin dodges and trips Palace up to THROWBACK! Austin fires off hype bullets, tags in Billy, and they whip Palace to body shot and BOOT! Magnum tags in, fans fire up with Billy as he and the “Starving Artist” circle. Magnum kicks and haymakers, runs to duck and dodge, but Billy CLOBBERS him! “SUCK IT!” The ref reprimands but Billy drags Magnum  up. Billy suplexes and SLAMS Magnum down! Cover, Palace and Rockwell break it! Austin runs in to CROSSBODY them both down! Billy tags Colten, he gets Magnum up, COLT 45! Cover, the Gunn Club wins!

Winners: The Gunn Club, by pinfall

The Gunns shoot down the Magnum, and are now 12-0 as a trio! Will this lead them to big things in AEW in the near future?


Madi Wrenkowski VS KiLynn King!

Ms. Reality takes on The King as both of them look to climb the ranks of the AEW Women’s Division! Will Madi make King face the reality that she’s not ready for the big time?

The bell rings, the two circle, King dodges Madi to fire off forearms. King whips, arm-drags Madi around, then kicks low and hard. King runs to basement boot Madi out! Fans fire up as King drags Madi up, but Madi trips King! Madi drags King out but King hits back! King ROCKS Madi with forearms but Madi RAMS King into the apron, RAMS her into the barrier, then RAMS her back the other way! Madi ROCKS King, CHOPS her, but King grits her teeth. Madi puts King in the ring, fires off kicks, then runs, to SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Madi keeps on King with knees and a BIG FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! King survives and Madi argues with the ref but the count is fair.

Fans rally, Madi gets King up and clubs her on the back. Madi runs but King dodges the boot to CLOBBER her! Things speed up, King blocks a punch to ROUNDHOUSE then GERMAN SUPLEX! Madi flounders, King runs corner to corner and SHOTGUNS Madi into buckles! King goes corner to corner again but misses! Madi runs in but the monkey flip is caught! Madi fights free of the grip but King hits KINGDOM FALL!! Cover, King wins!

Winner: KiLynn King, by pinfall

Madi ended up facing reality that she isn’t ready to dethrone The King! But will King prove she can be the champion of this division?


Alex Reynolds speaks.

“Tonight, State Farm presents: The Hollywood Hunk, Ryan Nemeth VS The Handsome Devil, Alex Reynolds.” Negative One says Nemeth was his babysitter. He sat on Negative One? Negative One is fired up, and wants to attack! Relax, Nemeth isn’t in the camera. Save it for the ring. Reynolds says that he isn’t taking this lightly. He and John Silver talked with the State Farm Superfan, Aaron, and came up with some moves to debut tonight. Reynolds has tricks up his sleeves. He won’t just win this for him or the Dark Order, but for Aaron and State Farm! Because like a good neighbor~, State Farm is there~! Will Nemeth need insurance for what could happen to his good looks?


Matt Hardy w/ The Hardy Family Office VS Ken Broadway!

The truth is the truth, and the truth is that Big Money Matt is going for gold! But will Hardy be rolling into his TNT Championship showdown with Darby Allin?

Broadway also knows how to make it rain, and the HFO scoop up some of that to add to their revenue. The bell rings and Darby Allin is watching from his usual spot in the bleachers. Broadway and Hardy tie up, Hardy wrenches to an elbow breaker then a wristlock. Broadway spins and wrenches and wristlocks back! Hardy wrenches, headlocks, but Broadway powers out, only for Hardy to pull hair! Hardy headlocks again, Broadway throws body shots and powers out this time, only for Hardy to run him over! Hardy drags Broadway up to bump him off buckles, and again and again and again and again! Hardy stops as the ref counts, and he watches Broadway flounder.

Hardy gets Broadway up to SLAP him in the corner! Hardy runs in but Broadway dodges to CHOP! Hardy turns things around to CHOP again! Hardy throws forearms, but Broadway fires back! Broadway climbs up, but Hardy carries him to HOTSHOT him off ropes! Hardy gets Broadway up to bend him against the ropes, and Private Party mocks Broadway. Hardy CLUBS Broadway, throws forearms in a corner, but lets off to run in, only for Broadway to elbow back! Broadway BOOTS Hardy down, climbs up the corner, and MOONSAULTS, but FLOPS! Hardy gets him for a SIDE EFFECT!

Hardy shouts, “The truth is the truth!” He points to Darby and says, “This is you tomorrow night!” Hardy drags Broadway up for a TWIST OF FATE! Darby dares Hardy to bring it, but Hardy drags Broadway into THE LEECH HOLD!! Broadway taps, Hardy wins!

Winner: Matt Hardy, by submission

The HFO celebrates with Hardy but Darby still dares Hardy to bring it as he holds up his TNT Championship. Hardy gets a mic and tells Darby, “Listen to me very closely. Tomorrow nigh to Dynamite, in Falls Count Anywhere, I am going to show you just how extreme Big Money Matt can still be! And I promise you, Darby, I am going to leech the TNT title from around your waist!” Will Hardy put his money where his mouth is when he and Darby can fight all over Daily’s Place?


Evil Uno & Stu Grayson w/ The Dark Order VS Vary Morales & Spencer Slade!

We saw big wins for the Dark Order with Cabana, Angels and Vance, but now the OG get in the ring! Will Players One and Two not be left behind by their recruits?

The teams sort out, Stu starts with Slade and CLOBBERS him! And again! Stu scoops, Slade escapes and shoves him, tag to Vary! Vary leaps, into Stu’s arms! Stu RAMS Vary into the corner, tags to Uno and he elbows Vary! Uno whips Stu into Vary for a forearm, then Stu whips Vary into Uno’s BOOT! Vary tags Slade, Uno blocks his boot! Uno promises to put the foot down, and then throws Slade to STOMP the hands! Uno DECKS Slade, tags Stu, and they combine for the springboard elbow drop SIDEWALK SLAM! Vary runs into a kick! The Dark Order pinball Vary around, TOSS POWERBOMB! Tag to Uno, they get Slade up, FATALITY!! Cover, the Dark Order wins!

Winners: The Dark Order, by pinfall

The originals win fast, but then have to keep Negative One from tearing into Slade! Will Uno & Stu lead the way for the Dark Order into tag team supremacy?


Britt Baker w/ Rebel VS Shawna Reed!

The Doctor is doing double duty as she’s on Dark after being on Elevation! Though she calls the AEW system BS, will Britt still get another win to head towards the AEW Women’s World Championship?

The bell rings and Reed rushes Britt with forearms! Britt shoves her away, they speed up, and Britt hits a NECKBREAKER! Britt gets Reed up, BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Reed flounders to a corner, Britt pulls Reed’s pigtails into the corner! Britt lets off to then ROCK Reed! Reed turns things around to fire off furious fists! Reed whips, Britt reverses and redirects but Reed sidesteps, only for Britt to hit SLINGBLADE! Fans boo but Britt spells it out for us, only for Reed to roll her up! TWO, but Reed basement dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Reed drags Britt up, fisherman but Britt wrenches free to kick low! Britt reels Reed in to FISHERMAN NECKBREAKER!

Britt checks her teeth, then drags Reed around by her hair. SUPERKICK! Britt says hold on, and she SUPERKICKS again! Britt gets the glove, puts it on, and drags Reed into the Rings of Saturn, and the LOCKJAW!! Reed taps, Britt wins!

Winner: Britt Baker, by submission

The Doctor smothers the schoolgirl to teach her a lesson: Don’t punch above your proverbial weight class. Will Britt become the role model and the workhorse of the AEW Women’s Division?


Brian Cage & Ricky Starks w/ Team Taz VS Carlie Bravo & Dean Alexander!

The #AbsoluteMachines have been rather dysfunctional lately, but the old saying is that winning fixes everything. Will Cage & Starks take care of the #GoonPlatoon and The Sensation and put the past behind them?

The teams sort out and Starks starts with Bravo. Bravo and Starks circle, they tie up, and Starks headlocks. Starks grinds Bravo but Bravo powers out. Bravo hurdles but Starks whips him hard to the outside! Starks distracts the ref so Hook can CLOBBER Bravo! Bravo flounders up only for Will Hobbs to CLOBBER him! Hook gets Bravo in and Starks drags Bravo up. Tag to Cage, Starks scoops Bravo to hand him over to Cage. Cage does bicep curls then TOSSES Bravo! Alexander runs in but Starks intercepts with a kick! Starks helps Cage get Alexander up, for a POWEBOMB! Starks then gets Bravo set up for Cage and Cage climbs up to DEAD LIFT SUPERPLEX!

Cage fires up, “Who betta?!” Cage sees Starks get in because he wants to get Alexander up. Fireman’s carry and another hand-off, for Cage to F5!! Taz is confused as to why Starks is doing all this, as Starks gets Bravo up and tells Cage to end this! Cage suplexes to DRILL CLAW!! Cover, Team Taz wins!

Winners: Brian Cage & Ricky Starks, by pinfall

Starks gets a lot of assists here, and shares in the win as he hands Cage his FTW Championship. Is this a sign that Team Taz is united? Or is Starks being that passive aggressive?


Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Leila Grey!

The Native Beast is hungry for another chance at the AEW Women’s World Championship, and she’s got a Top Tier appetizer in front of her! Will this be a bite-sized snack before going after the champ?

As Vickie makes her entrance, she shrilly shouts, “EXCUSE ME!!” Though, when is it ever not shrill? Anyway, Vickie storms down to the ring to tell Justin Roberts SUCKS, and decides to do this right! Now get the HELL out of the ring! Vickie introduces “the most feared and destructive woman in all of wrestling history,” Vickie’s client, NYLA ROSE! Then Vickie demands fans give Nyla a standing ovation just for the entrance. Nyla gets in the ring, the bell sounds, and Nyla CLOBBERS Grey! Nyla bumps Grey off buckles, fires off body shots, then whips Grey corner to corner. Grey goes up but gets caught for a POWERSLAM!

Nyla stalks Grey to the apron, Vickie laughs at Grey’s pain, but Grey hotshots Nyla away! Grey runs and lariats, but Nyla stays up! Grey tries again and again, then dropkicks a leg out! Nyla still stands but Grey knee lifts! Nyla CLOBBERS her again! Nyla drags Grey up, reels her in and LARIATS her down! “I own this ring!” Nyla bumps Grey off buckles, stomps her then tosses her! Nyla fires up, runs corner to corner and back body blocks! Then she runs to SPEAR Grey down! Nyla drags Grey up, reels her in and hits a BEAST BOMB! Cover, Nyla wins!

Winner: Nyla Rose, by pinfall

Grey is going to be black ‘n’ blue in the morning after this one. Vickie says she told us so! Nyla grins as she gets a taste, but will her appetite only be appeased when she gets after Hikaru Shida?


The Varsity Blondes VS Prince Kai and Will Allday!

Griff Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr. have been on a roll, but there’s still a long road ahead of them. Will the Ivy League MVP and Bulletproof BPJ get another A+ after taking on the Prince Charming of Wrestling and Mr. All Day Every Day?

The teams sort out, BPJ starts against Allday, and the two circle. They tie up, go around, and Allday arm-drags BPJ away. BPJ runs back to tie up again, gets the arm and wrenches. BPJ YANKS the arm, wrenches more, but Allday rolls and rolls then handsprings to wrench back. BPJ rolls, handsprings and rolls to then BOP Allday in the head! BPJ arm-drags Allday down to drag him over to tag Griff. Griff elbows Allday’s arm, then wrenches to an arm-drag and armlock. Allday fights up, Griff wrenches, tags BPJ in and the Blondes double wrench to snapmare. KICK and a LEG DROP, brother! Cover, TWO!

BPJ clamps onto Allday with a keylock, wristlock then top lock. Allday fights but BPJ wrenches through. BPJ CHOPS Allday, whips him away but Allday turns things around and Kai gets a cheap shot in! Allday CLOBBERS BPJ, covers, TWO! Kai tags in and clubs BPJ down, though Allday didn’t see that coming. Kai bumps BPJ off buckles, stomps him down, and soaks up the heat. Kai runs into a big elbow! BPJ runs, Kai slides under but BPJ ducks. Kai ducks and NECKBREAKERS! Cover, TWO! Kai seethes but tells Allday, “That’s how you do it!” Kai underhooks but BPJ wrenches free. Kai blocks the kick, BPJ dodges the punch and tags in Griff!

Griff rallies on Kai and Allday! Griff CLOBBERS Kai, CLOBBERS Allday, BOOTS Kai then BACK DROPS Allday! Fans fire up as the Ivy League SPLASH hits! Griff whips Kai into Allday to SPLASH SANDWICH! Fireman’s carry but Kai rolls Griff up, TWO! Kai ROCKS Griff! BPJ tags in, Griff IVY LEAGUE ELBOWS, BPJ springboard LARIATS! Cover, the Blondes win!

Winners: The Varsity Blondes, by pinfall

Griff and BPJ are rolling! Can they get any hotter before going for tag team championships?


Lance Archer w/ Jake the Snake VS Cole Karter!

Much to his surprise, the Murderhawk Monster has Sting’s support in going for the top! Will he use that motivation to maul his way back to a title?

Archer gets in the ring and BOOTS Karter right down! Jake the Snake chuckles on commentary as the bell rings. Karter fires back but Archer knees low, CLUBS him down, and hauls him up to reel him in. Karter dodges, leaps, but bounces off! Archer stomps Karter, hauls him up and puts him in a corner to fire off heavy hands! Archer whips Karter hard into the corner and Karter bounces off again! Archer hauls Karter up for a suplex TOSS! Archer drags Karter up, SLAPS him, but Karter fires back again! Archer ROCKS Karter, then DECKS him! Archer drags Karter back up, bumps him off buckles then holds him in there to run corner to corner and ELBOW!

Archer keeps going, another ELBOW, then another ELBOW! Karter flops down, Archer grins as he paces around, and then Archer looms over him. Karter sits up in a daze, Archer slaps him, and Karter fires off again! Archer KNEES low, then reels Karter in for the short-arm CLOTHESLINE! Jake the Snake likes that as Archer drags Karter up. Archer hoists Karter up top, but Karter fights! Jake the Snake admires the heart, Karter leaps into a choke grip! CHOKE- NO! Karter slips free, elbows back, and then sends Archer into buckles! Karter fires off, Archer shoves him but the ROLLING ELBOW comes back! Karter fires up, but runs into a FOREARM!

Archer reels Karter in, CHOKE SLAM! Archer drags Karter back up, wristlock ripcord, for a SCRAPBUSTER! Cover, Archer wins!

Winner: Lance Archer, by pinfall

Jake thanks Excalibur and Taz for their time, and says he and Archer are gonna go for cheeseburgers. Will Archer only be satisfied when he gets to eat everyone else in AEW alive?


Ryan Nemeth w/ JD Drake VS Alex Reynolds w/ The Dark Order!

We heard the Hollywood Hunk throw some shade on Number 3, but now we’re in the Dark main event! Will Nemeth score lots of points before he gets the 1-2-3? Or will that 50% win-loss ratio tip in Reynolds’ favor tonight?

The bell rings and John Silver joins commentary to watch his tag partner take on Nemeth. Nemeth clobbers Reynolds from behind! Nemeth wrenches, back suplexes and holds him u p before slamming him down! Cover, ONE!! Silver is already upset but Nemeth rakes Reynolds’ eyes. Nemeth throws hands, RAMS into Reynolds in a corner, then whips him corner to corner. Reynolds comes back to CLOBBER Nemeth! Reynolds whips Nemeth but Nemeth reverses to send Reynolds out hard! Nemeth goes out, throws hands, then RAMS Reynolds into the apron! Nemeth puts Reynolds in, drags him up and throws forearms! Reynolds hits back with body shots and forearms!

Reynolds backs Nemeth down, EuroUppers then whips to ropes. Nemeth sunset flips but Reynolds slips through to get the legs! Reynolds puts on the SCHOOL OF FORT KNOX! Nemeth endures the modified Cloverleaf, and gets the ropebreak! Reynolds lets go, Nemeth cheap shots him then dropkicks him down! Nemeth cranks on a hammerlock and digs knees into Reynolds’ back. Nemeth does a headstand to put on more pressure, then falls back to crank the hold! Nemeth pulls hair, the ref reprimands, and Nemeth shifts to a chinbar and armlock. Reynolds arm-drags free, elbows Nemeth away and rallies with clotheslines!

Reynolds whips, Nemeth reverses but Reynolds dodges to FOREARM! Reynolds runs to FLYING BACK ELBOW! Fans fire up as Reynolds kips up! Reynolds gets Nemeth up, wrenches and kicks low, then reels him in. Shout out to Brodie with the BIG OL’ BOMB! Then a leg drop, brother! Cover, TWO!! Reynolds drags Nemeth up, Nemeth CLOBBERS him point-blank! Nemeth drags Reynolds up, swivels hips but Reynolds shoves him into buckles! Scoop and the HONK HONK SWINGING SLAM!! Cover, Reynolds wins!

Winner: Alex Reynolds, by pinfall

Big thanks from the Dark Order to Superfan Aaron for unlocking those moves in Number 3! Will everyone get out of the way of the HONK HONK as Dark Order storms down the tracks?

My Thoughts:

A good Dark, mostly because it was an hour and 35 minutes, but it was still a lot of matches crammed into that time. AEW is probably going to continue to be unpredictable with episode lengths and match totals so I don’t know if I can maintain doing Dark and Elevation when I’m also covering WWE’s Raw and NXT on these same days. I feel like the SCU’s matches need to be Elevation by default because of their self-challenge of “next time we lose, we break up” angle. That said, it’s also a giveaway that these two aren’t losing before getting a title opportunity, so maybe that’s why they’re still being put on Dark.

I also feel like Velvet should be on Elevation if she and Jade are going to be getting after each other. They’re supposed to be the rising stars but they weren’t on the show that’s about rising stars in exchange for… Well, Elevation actually had a lot of solid matches worthy of it, but they could’ve still put this one there since they love going bigger. Team Taz had a good story, too, where now Starks is going past being chippy with Cage to being overly helpful. This has to implode at some point, and they fight for the FTW Championship on at least Dynamite.

I do like that Britt had another match tonight, because she is determined to get wins to play by the AEW rules. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had another double header next week between Elevation and Dark to try and stuff the win-loss record and rankings. Double or Nothing 2021 is still six weeks away, so if AEW had the contenders all fight each other at some point in not a tournament but more a best-of series, that’d be really good to have Britt try and jump over Big Swole and Tay Conti to go after Shida. Also, AEW really just let Swole’s promo of being determined to get her shot drop like a lead balloon. Swole needs to get hungry again and get in all the other contenders’ faces as she takes over the contender race.

The Dark Order tying in the State Farm deal and the superfan Zoom call they apparently had was really nice. They’re definitely Faces doing things like that, and of course Reynolds uses the moves (and their names) suggested by the superfan. WWE gets product tie-ins and sponsorship deals, so AEW can have them, too! Either way, I think Reynolds was going to win because The Dark Order has been on fire. One of these days, one of their tag combinations is going to get at the tag titles, and that is going to be a lot of fun.

My Score: 8.2/10

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