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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (11/18/20)

Dynamite has lots of gold tonight!



AEW Dynamite Coverage 2

AEW has a veritable gold rush tonight!

Both AEW World Tag Team and NWA Women’s World Championships are on the line, while Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega sign on the dotted line!


  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Young Bucks VS Top Flight; The Young Bucks win and retain the titles.
  • Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford & Miro VS Orange Cassidy w/ Best Friends; Cassidy wins.
  • PAC VS The Blade w/ The Butcher & Bunny; Pac wins.
  • NWA Women’s World Championship: Serena Deeb VS Thunder Rosa; Deeb wins and retains the title.
  • Team Taz VS Cody Rhodes & Darby Allin; Team Taz wins.


AEW World Tag Team Championships: The Young Bucks VS Top Flight!

Matt and Nick Jackson only just got these titles at Full Gear, but they’re willing to prove that the best champions are fighting champions! Will “Air Wolf” Darius and “Angel Dorado” Dante Martin take advantage of this golden opportunity? Or will they just be the newest guests of a Superkick Party?

AEW plays a quick video package to explain the origins of Top Flight. Growing up, they watched teams just like the Young Bucks and were inspired to get into wrestling. Now, they do their own thing and carve their own path. It’s great to have a brother for a tag partner, they have an advantage knowing what the other is thinking. Darius got a little tired being in the same spot, so he messaged Matt Jackson with a long shot. Matt replied and blew Darius’ mind! Being so young at just 21 and 19 is a huge advantage for them, and they feel more than ready to take flight. They’d be lying if they pretended they weren’t nervous, but anything is possible.

With that, the Bucks make their entrance, the introductions are made and the belts are raised. The opportunity of a lifetime for one pair of brothers begins to open the night!

The teams sort out, Darius starts against Nick. The two circle, then Darius runs and speeds things up. Darius holds ropes to fake out the superkick! Darius keeps going, and fakes Nick out again! Darius sunset flips, Nick rolls through to knuckle lock and CHOP! “LUCHA LIBRE~” arm-drag! But Darius handsprings through! Fans are fired up but Nick is flustered! Darius blocks the superkick to enziguri back! Nick tags Matt and Dante jumps in, Top Flight double CHOP Matt! Top Flight shove Matt, sweep the legs, Dante cartwheels while Darius rolls Matt, KICK SANDWICH! Cover, TWO!

Dante claps and fans follow along as they chant, “Top Flight!” Matt headlocks, Dante powers out but things speed up again. Dante hurdles, hurdles and dropkicks Matt down! Fans fire up with Dante and he drags Matt up to whip him away. Dante runs in to hit an A-List Lariat! Tag to Darius, snap suplex and kip up to tag Dante, for the slingshot senton! Top Flight KICK Nick down, and Matt bails out the side! Fans fire up for Top Flight as they both fake the Bucks out! The Bucks nod as they have to respect the swagger. The fans rally as the Bucks go back to their corner, and Matt gets back in.

Matt circles with Dante and tie up. Matt headlocks, Dante powers out but things speed up again. Matt fakes Dante out but Dante flips all the way through is own dropkick! Dante blocks the superkick, spins Matt around and back suplexes but Nick tags in before the atomic drop! Matt reverses the whip, then baits Dante into Nicks SUPERKICK! Matt sees Darius coming, headscissor dropkick takes him down! Matt then WRECKS Darius with a dropkick and skins the cat while Nick SHINING WIZARDS Dante in the corner! Nick has Dante, the Bucks combine, SHOTGUN BULLDOG! Fans fire up with the Bucks now as Nick brings Dante back up.

Nick sends Dante to the corner for a buckle bump, then tags Matt back in. Matt snapmares Dante, drops a fist then goes after legs. Matt steps in, for the SHARPSHOOTER! Dante endures as Matt sits deep! Dante reaches, Matt drags him from ropes, but Darius returns to BUZZSAW! Nick kicks and whips Darius for it but Darius elbows back! Darius goes up but Nick SUPERKICKS the legs out! Darius is stuck, Matt brings Dante around, BUCKLE BOMB into Darius’ back! Matt catapults Dante into Nick’s GAMANGIRI! Then DOUBLJE STOMPS across the knees! Somersault and DRAPING BACKSTABBER to Darius! The Bucks shake their heads as they focus on Dante.

Tag to Matt, he gut wrenches Dante and Nick aims, but no Meltzer as Dante shoves Matt into Nick! Dante dodges Matt and tornillo headscissors Matt into buckles! Dante hot tags Darius! Darius shoulders in then slingshots up and over! Darius CLOBBERS Matt with a clothesline, then CHOPS him down! Darius CHOPS Matt again, then whips him to ropes. Matt reverses, Darius gets around to shove, for a SPANISH FLY! Cover, Nick breaks it in time! Nick whips but Darius reverses to send Nick out. Darius and Dante coordinate, Dante slingshots to hold the ropes open as Darius DIVES! Direct hit into both Bucks, but now Dante comes back to FLY! Direct hit again and Top Flight has the Bucks on the proverbial ropes!

Fans rally as Dante puts Matt back in. Dante tags back in, Top Flight double whip Matt corner to corner but Nick returns. Top Flight gets Nick, whips him at Matt but Nick reverses and Matt BOOTS Dante! Darius back suplexes Nick but Nick lands on his feet. Matt boots Dante into Darius, but Darius ALLEY OOPS Dante way over Nick! Dante waistlocks Nick, who still has Darius, but Nick shoves Darius at Matt. Matt elbows Darius, Nick elbows Dante, but Darius elbows Nick while Matt hops up! Darius uses Matt like a wall to jump and PELE Nick! Dante runs at Matt, FLIPPING DRAGON RANA!! Cover, TWO!! Matt survives and fans are loving “The! Elite! The the Elite!” for giving us this match.

Dante goes up top while Matt is down. BIG leap but Matt gets clear to SPEAR Dante down! Matt DECKS Darius and tags in Nick. Nick goes out to PENALTY KICK Darius down! Matt bumps Dante off buckles, goes up top and Nick puts Dante up there to meet him. Fans fire up as Matt adjusts the camera to get all of the SLICED BREAD BOMB! Cover, but Darius pushes it apart! Fans fire up as this battle of brothers continues but the Bucks are frustrated! Nick throws Darius back out and hard, and then coordinates with Matt. Matt fireman’s carries and rolling sentons, but Dante turns that into a ghost pin! And Darius anchors Nick at the corner!! TWO!!! Another close call! Nick DECKS Darius, Matt SUPERKICKS Dante, and Nick tags back in. B T E TRIGGER!! Cover, the Bucks win!

Winners: The Young Bucks, by pinfall (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

The Bucks almost busted in this match, but this is why they’re the champions! But wait, Jack Evans and Angelico jump the rail to attack Top Flight! The Hybrid2 get away before the Bucks can get at them! Evans and Angelico ranted on Dark about wanting politics and favoritism to stop in AEW, but their bitterness won’t ruin this moment for the young Darius and Dante. Will the Martin brothers get back to these titles some day?


“The Inner Circle slays Vegas, baby!”

In a montage, Chris Jericho, MJF, and the boys have a night on the town! Sammy Guevara wins big in Blackjack again. Wait, how did his cards change?! Ortiz, did you see what happened? MJF says a 6 and 7 isn’t a blackjack. Sammy glares at MJF as the montage continues. MJF gets Santana to blow on the dice for him, and they get 7 in Craps! But no hugging. Handshakes are fine, though. Then they go to a rocker burlesque show. Wardlow and Jake Hager can’t stop glaring at each other. MJF and Jericho get drinks, but while MJF wants Slippery Nipples, Jericho wants Peppermint Schnapps. MJF ups the “ante” to tequila, but Jericho ups it to vodka. MJF goes with rum, Jericho says Canadian cooking sherry.

MJF tells the “barkeep” that he has a thirst that can only be quenched by one thing: Moonshine! Jericho counters with… “100 proof grain alcohol EVERCLEAR!” He can’t be serious. The bartender says that hasn’t been served since the- THEY KNOW! Bottom’s up. MJF and Jericho chug it down, and it burns!! Moving on, with literal help from the boys, MJF and Jericho realize that was a bad idea. But Santana and Ortiz are ready to move this to the next level. KONNAN is here! He’s always got the best stuff, and he knows exactly what they need. BOOM! A cloud of smoke follows them, and Konnan swears he sees a dragon. There’s no such thing, man! Then what’s that over there? DRAGON!! Piff welcomes them to Vegas. Wow he’s real! Don’t touch him.

Another montage as the boys do their best to look sexy for the ladies. Who is that with his shirt off?! Sammy says he hates MJF. No he doesn’t. Yes, he does! HAHAHA! Hager and Wardlow are still staring each other down! But instead of fighting, Wardlow grabs some guy to DECK him! Hager does the same to some other guy! And so on, and so on! Moving on, an Elvis impersonator has somehow joined the group. To be continued…?


AEW shares Director X’s Boundless: The History of a Revolution.

Everyone knew coming in that they were a long shot. “We were opposed instantly by a giant juggernaut with a 40 year head start in pro-wrestling.” But they’re making a company that is wrestling by wrestlers for wrestling fans. Anything can happen, living literally their best lives and that was just year one. “If you don’t believe in yourself, why would anyone believe in you?”


AEW hears from Jon Moxley.

“This is a crazy ass ride I’ve been on for 16 years. But recently, now, finally, the whole world makes sense to me. How did I get here? How have I been AEW World Champion for so long?” The answer is Moxley’s dad. A 6’3″, 250 pound, “brick sh*t house,” box your ear if you got out of line. And scary. One day Moxley’s dad is in town, picks him up from the police station but doesn’t hit him. Instead, he just says something Moxley never forgot: “We’re the good guys. No matter what happens, no matter what’s going on around you, just remember: We’re the good guys.”

Moxley’s challengers have tried to lie, cheat and steal the title away from him. He’s been jumped, beat up, faced monsters and technicians, even his own friends. But Moxley always know what to do and always has. “We’re the good guys.” And now the whole world is bearing down on him, his body feels like hell to where he can’t get out of bed in the morning. He has a pregnant wife at home, he’s holding onto two titles for two different companies, he’s got challengers coming from ever which way, so what does he do? Moxley knows what to do. “We’re the good guys.”

So tonight, Moxley will go, sign the contract without hesitation, and look Kenny Omega in the eye as he shakes Omega’s hand, and then let him know in no uncertain terms, Moxley is the best in the world. “I am the AEW World Champion. I’m my dad’s son. And I am Jon G*DDAMN Moxley. And that is never gonna change.”


Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford VS Orange Cassidy!

The Superbad Groom is defending his bride’s honor and his Best Man is on commentary for it! Will Kip beat the pulp out of Freshly Squeezed? Or will he just have some Orange Punch instead?

The bell rings, fans rally and duel, and Kip swings, but Cassidy ducks it! Cassidy “slaps” Kip! Kip grins as Cassidy puts the armband on, but Kip headlocks and takeovers before the hands go in the pockets! Cassidy fights up, Kip hits another takeover, but Cassidy keeps his shoulders up. Cassidy fights up again, powers out and reels Kip into a headlock of his own! Kip wrenches out to a headlock, Cassidy powers out again to hit a headlock takeover! Kip kicks around and keeps his shoulder up. Kip gets to his feet, powers out, tries the reel again but Cassidy avoids it, to put his hands- No! Kip kicks low and mocks the pockets. Kip throws elbows, headlocks then shifts around to a wristlock.

Cassidy wants to put his free arm in a pocket, but Kip shifts to that side. Cassidy pries at the cording hold but Kip cranks on it harder. Cassidy gets a leg up but Kip spins through to get the hold back. Cassidy goes to power out, Kip arm-drags Cassidy down and cranks on the hold again. Cassidy fights up, fans rally and Cassidy goes up to headscissor! Kip stays up to SLAM Cassidy down! Cover, TWO! Kip drags Cassidy up to wrench and hammerlock to then snapmare again. Cassidy gets up, Kip whips but Cassidy resists the drop toehold! And the hands are in the pockets! Cassidy gets out of the toehold, dodges the clotheslines and then leaps over Kip’s back! Kip avoids the dropkick, but Cassidy ducks the kick to kip up and dropkick after all!

Fans fire up as Cassidy dumps Kip out with no hands! Then Cassidy runs and DIVES! Direct hit but Cassidy puts Kip in the ring. Ford stands in the way, holding hands up to keep Cassidy back. Cassidy gives her high ten and gets in the ring. Kip triangle enziguris! And ax kicks! Then fireman’s carries and GUT BUSTER DROPS! Cover, TWO! Cassidy survives but Kip goes around the world to dropkick Cassidy down! Cover as AEW goes picture in picture, TWO!

Kip keeps on Cassidy with a whip to the corner, then runs in for another dropkick! Cassidy flops down. Kip covers, TWO! Kip grows frustrated but he stomps Cassidy’s hands. Kip drags Cassidy up to throw him out, then he distracts the ref so Ford can talk some trash to Cassidy. Ford says she won’t do anything to Cassidy, though, and Cassidy slowly gets up. Kip kicks Cassidy back down, then drags him up through the ropes to choke him! The ref counts, Kip lets go at 4, and Cassidy flops back in. Kip covers, but Cassidy gets the ropebreak! Kip stomps Cassidy, kicks him to a corner, then gives a mocking thumbs up.

Kip fires off on Cassidy in a corner with forearms over and over and over, and over and over! He lets off as the ref counts, then Kip tells the Cassidy fans to shut it! Kip goes back after Cassidy but Cassidy rolls him up! TWO!! Kip CLOBBERS Cassidy and covers, TWO! Kip and Ford are frustrated, but Cassidy gets Kip with a ghost pin! TWO, Kip CLOBBERS Cassidy again! Kip seethes while Cassidy flounders to a corner. Kip runs around the world again, but Cassidy avoids the dropkick! Kip staggers up, Cassidy boots him back! And again! Cassidy goes up, Kip throws hands, then climbs up top. Kip drags Cassidy up, Cassidy resists the suplex and throws body shots. Cassidy fires off and shoves Kip away, but Kip enziguris him down!

Kip climbs up, drags Cassidy up but Cassidy shoves him down. Cassidy hits a CROSSBODY! But Cassidy keeps moving, tilt-o-whirl DDT! Cover, TWO!! Kip survives and Miro is relieved. Cassidy goes to the apron and climbs up top. Kip stirs, stands, and catches the leap to whip. Cassidy reverses, Kip holds ropes and puts Cassidy on the apron. Cassidy ducks the kick this time, bumps Kip off buckles, then bumps him off more! Kip wobbles but stops Cassidy’s third! Cassidy ducks Kip’s counter punch, and bumps him off buckles after all! Cassidy climbs, leaps, FLYING DDT!! Cover, TWO!?! Kip survives but Cassidy gets back up. Cassidy throws the armband off, but Kip is under the ropes.

Cassidy puts the armband back on, drags Kip up, but Kip hotshots back! Kip slingshots but stumbles, and Cassidy takes advantage to suplex! Kip counters to his own suplex, but Cassidy fights that off. They fight for suplex control, and Kip gets Cassidy up and over! Kip runs to PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO!! Kip fisherman suplexes for the DRIVER! Cover, TWO!?! Cassidy has shocked the Superbad Couple and Miro but the fans are loving this! Kip looms over Cassidy, brings him up and onto the ropes, but Cassidy counters to a cradle, TWO! Pop-up KNEE and DISCUS from Kip staggers Cassidy! DEATH- NO! Cassidy gets out, to get the MOUSE TRAP! Cover, Cassidy wins!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall

Miro is furious and he gets off commentary to CLOBBER Cassidy! Best Friends return to run Miro and the Superbad Couple off! Cassidy still won and that is the point, but will Trent and Chuck get their own revenge soon enough?


Tony Schiavone presides over the AEW World Championship contract signing!

“Needless to say, this is the biggest match we have ever signed for Dynamite. Winter is Coming, and it’s only two weeks away!” Kenny Omega challenges Jon Moxley, and is out first! Justin Roberts gives us a new list of Omega accolades: “Like Jon Moxley, he is undefeated in 2020 singles competition. Like Jon Moxley, he has been ranked #1 on the PWI 500. Unlike Jon Moxley, he is a Wrestling Observer Hall of Famer. And also unlike Jon Moxley, he has trained a failure at the Rush Fitness in North Carolina~!” It is Kenny, OOOOOOOMEEEEEGAAA~! And yes, the Sweepettes are back in their 80’s jazzercise outfits. Omega finally walks out on stage, revels in his pyro, and goes to the ring.

And then without much fanfare, which is his style, is Jon Moxley! At least, we thought. Wait, backstage, Moxley is DOWN!? Who attacked the champion?! His nose has blood coming from it and medics are calling for a backboard. Whoever did this, they hit him hard! Well, what does Omega have to say about this? “Look, I’m not one for this psychology type stuff, Tony.” Last time was an elbow, this time it’s a bloody nose. Omega won’t let Moxley avoid anything this time. Winter is Coming, Omega will be there, so hopefully Moxley will, too. Make sure to get this. Omega signs his part of the contract, but the pen is a little dry. There it is. That’s it for Omega! Will Moxley be able to compete with only two weeks left?


The Inner Circle’s Vegas trip, part 2.

Jericho just wants to say that they’re stronger than ever with their new member… ELVIS! They chant for the impersonator and he says, “Thank you. Thank you very much!” MJF says he needs to say something. Wardlow keeps him from falling over. MJF says he always saw himself as a lone wolf, but that now he wants to be part of a wolfpack. He has found that wolfpack! “I love you guys like blood brothers!” Yes, blood! Sammy will cut himself right now! WHOA, WHOA, WHOA! Sammy, stop! Don’t get all freaky on us! But MJF says it’ll be okay, man. They’re the Inner Circle! Sin City! And it’s a full moon! Wanna know what MJF wants to do right now? What’s that? “AO AO AOOOO!” They’re howling to the moon!

And then the next morning… Jericho wakes up next to Elvis, and they have gin?! Ew! And of course, he has a hangover. They don’t remember what happened. MJF wakes up in a tub, but he finds Sammy in a fountain. “At least I’m not soft.” Whatever, Sammy, shut up. Apparently Sammy wrote all over MJF’s face. After all, it says “Sammy Waz Here” on MJF’s forehead. Sammy drags himself up out of the fountain with help of the statue, and notices a ring on his finger. Did he get married last night? Ortiz hasn’t stopped pumping iron, either. OH no, Sammy has THREE wives?! There’s big and strong Mrs. Guevara, very old Mrs. Guevara, and the mysterious frisky Mrs. Guevara, whose face is obscured in the picture. Ortiz says that’s awesome! “I’ve always wanted a Mormon friend!”

Jericho and Elvis find Santana feeding chickens. Who brought the farm animals? Jericho calls out to the group, and they here crying…? Jericho and Santana open a door, and it’s… SWOGGLE?! This manbaby ain’t Santana’s… To be continued!


Jericho joins commentary!

And his head is still hurting. Like JR hanging out with the Four Horsemen in 1986 in South Carolina! But while there was a lot of fun, the seven members of the Inner Circle are getting back to what they do best: beating people up! Next week, Jericho says they’re going to be back as he and Hager beat up SCU! The first in a long line of casualties with the new and improved Inner Circle!


PAC VS The Blade w/ The Butcher & The Bunny!

Eddie Kingston joins commentary to watch this one, as The Fam’s Braxton Sutter “welcomes” The Bastard back to AEW after the eight months of “isolation.” Will Pac be back in a big way?

The bell rings and Pac shotgun dropkicks Blade to a corner! Blade flounders, Pac kicks him down and stomps away! The ref counts, Blade gets away instead! Pac stomps Blade back down, goes after him at the ropes and digs his boots in! The ref counts, Pac stops at 4, then throws Blade out hard! Blade flounders, but Pac drags him up and whips him hard into railing! Pac seethes as he drags Blade up and whips him into more railing! Bunny Allie is very worried but Pac drags Blade back up and into the ring. Pac goes up and watches Blade rise, to then missile dropkick him down! And kip up smoothly, too! Fans fire up as Pac gets in Butcher’s face! Blade WRECKS Pac with a dropkick then brings him up to whip him into railing!

Bunny Allie laughs at Pac now that the tables have turned. Blade CHOPS Pac then whips him hard into more railing! Blade drags Pac up to CHOP again, and then puts him in the ring. Blade brings Pac up, suplexes and TOSSES Pac at ropes! Pac tumbles to the mat, Blade soaks up the heat, and paces as he drags Pac up. Blade whips, Pac goes to the apron and comes back with a SLINGSHOT DDT! Not the cleanest but Pac still has Blade floundering. Pac drags Blade up to whip hard into buckles! Pac watches Blade flounder back up, back kicks hard, front kicks just as hard, and back kicks hard again. Pac runs, Blade grabs the ref and Bunny swipes at Pac’s feet! Pac goes out and stares her down, but Butcher CLOBBERS him!

Butcher puts Pac in for Blade, Blade drags Pac up to gut wrench and DOCTOR BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Pac survives and Blade is frustrated. Fans rally and duel as AEW goes picture in picture.

Blade rains down furious fists over and over, but lets off as the ref counts. Blade paces, brings Pac back up and whips him to ropes to clobber him! Blade looms over Pac before he brings him up for a hard bump off buckles. Blade digs his knee in to choke Pac but lets off as the ref counts. Bunny talks a lot of trash at Pac before Blade drags Pac up. Pac ROCKS Blade with a forearm then another, and then Pac CHOPS! Pac runs, Blade kitchen sink knees! Cover, TWO! Blade seethes but he dares Pac to get up. Blade stomps Pac, drags him up and whips him to ropes for another CLOBBERING lariat! Blade paces around again, drags Pac back up and ROCKS him with a forearm.

Pac is on the ropes and Blade chokes him again! The ref counts, Blade lets off, and the ref warns Butcher and Bunny. But Blade distracts the ref and Bunny still chokes Pac! Blade stomps Pac then soaks up more heat. Pac sits up as AEW returns to single picture. Blade gives toying kicks to Pac then pushes him around, Pac gets up, eggs Blade on, and Blade throws a haymaker! Pac forearms, Blade haymakers, repeat! Blade stands Pac up but Pac forearms back! The brawling gets faster and faster, fans rally up and Pac gets the edge! Pac ROCKS Blade, runs in the corner but Blade dodges to BOOT! Blade runs but Pac follows to BOOT back! Pac goes corner to corner, blocks the boot to SUPERKICK!

Pac runs, Blade hits the SPINNING POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!! Kingston is annoyed but the fans rally up both ways. Blade stalks Pac to a corner, climbs up top, and drags Pac up by his hair! Pac enziguris back! Blade is stuck halfway up, Pac climbs up to join him, and Pac SUPERPLEXES Blade high and hard! Pac crawls to the cover, TWO!! Blade survives and Pac scowls. Blade rolls to a corner, fans rally up and Pac runs in to uppercut! Blade flops down, Pac goes up top! Bunny gets on the apron but Pac sees Butcher, so he SUPERKICKS him! Blade rolls Pac and has tights! TWO!! Pac BOOTS Blade down, goes back up top, for the SHOOTING STAR! Into BRUTALIZER!! Blade taps, Pac wins!

Winner: PAC, by submission

Ring rust wasn’t a factor, and neither were the numbers! Pac gets a mic as he stares Kingston down. “Eddie Kingston! You say you like to fight-” Butcher blindsides Pac! Butcher rains down fists and Kingston joins his “family.” Butcher and Blade mug Pac while Kingston mocks “It’s been eight long months~!” But see this, Bastard? This is the world’s smallest violin. Pac thinks he’s tough? Kingston is going to put him through a gauntlet! But REY FENIX jumps in! And he’s fighting his friends to defend Pac! After all, Death Triangle was a team before these guys were!

But what about Penta? He’s leaving his brother and Pac out to dry! Kingston stomps Fenix while Blade keeps Pac down. NOW Penta is here, and he has a chair! But is he here to help The Fam? He’s aiming for his brother Fenix, but fans are divided! Penta thinks about it, but he swings on Kingston! DEATH TRIANGLE IS REUNITED! Will they tear the Fam apart even more?


AEW cameras find another incident backstage!

Jade Cargill has Brandi Rhodes down, with an arm trapped in a chair! And the Vicious Vixens, Vickie Guerrero and Nyla Rose, are holding security and referees back! Jade STOMPS the chair and crushes Brandis arm! But now the locker room rushes over to back Brandi up! Big Swole, Red Velvet and Serena Deeb check on Brandi, will AEW executives have something to say about all this?


NWA Women’s World Championship: Serena Deeb VS Thunder Rosa!

After winning this title as part of a UWN event, Serena Deeb has been a fighting champion through AEW. But the former champion wants the belt back, and here we are! Will Serena prove she didn’t just get lucky the first time? Or will Thunder end the reign after just over three weeks?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and the crossover of promotions continues!

Fans rally and duel as Rosa and Deeb approach. They get face to face, but then back off to circle. They tie up, go around fast and furious, and Rosa puts Deeb in a corner. Deeb turns things around and the two break to reset. Deeb and Rosa tie up again, Rosa waistlocks but Deeb pries at the hold. Deeb switches, Rosa drop toeholds and cranks on the leg. Rosa drags Deeb’s head into the hold but then shifts to a camel clutch of sorts. Deeb fights but Rosa shifts to a crossface, then a facelock. Deeb slips out of that to facelock but Rosa slips out to go after the Fujiwara. Deeb fights up, Rosa wrenches to an elbow breaker, but Deeb rolls and arm-drags. Deeb has the cording hold to a cradle, ONE, but Deeb double chicken wings to get the cradle, TWO!

The two scramble up, Rosa headlocks to the takeover but Deeb keeps a shoulder up. Rosa cranks on the head, Deeb headscissors but Rosa headstands and pops out to get the headlock back. Deeb rolls it to a cover, ONE! Deeb fights up, pries free and wrenches, to get a headlock of her own! Deeb hits a headlock takeover, fans rally and Rosa fights up. Rosa powers out but Deeb comes back to uppercut! Rosa CHOPS! Deeb uppercuts, whips, but Rosa reverses. Things speed up as Rosa hurdles then arm-drags! Deeb staggers into a scoop and slam! Rosa runs and runs to drop a senton! Cover, TWO! Rosa keeps her cool and brings Deeb back up for a CHOP!

Fans cheer but Deeb runs in, only to get a drop toehold onto ropes! Rosa runs to straddle attack! Deeb staggers as Rosa says she’s the champion already. Rosa steps in but Deeb gets the leg for a DRAGON SCREW! And another! Deeb drags Rosa all the way in to bump her off buckles! Rosa checks her jaw but Deeb looms over her. Deeb drags Rosa up and AEW goes picture in picture.

Deeb hoists Rosa up onto the top rope then climbs up behind her. Rosa fights back but Deeb CLUBS Rosa on the back. Deeb climbs up, hooks Rosa into the ropes for a HANGING GORY ESPECIAL! The ref counts, Deeb lets go and Rosa tumbles to the mat. Deeb grins but Rosa throws body shots! Deeb CLUBS Rosa back, throws uppercuts, then snapmares her down to scrape her face with her sole! Deeb sits Rosa up, runs and barrels into her! Cover, TWO! Deeb is right on Rosa with a chinlock and she squeezes tight! Rosa endures, fights her way up, and jawbreakers free! Deeb is in the corner, Rosa runs in, but AEW goes to break! Did Rosa hit Deeb or not?!

AEW returns as Rosa elbows Deeb away from the corner. Deeb runs back in but Rosa drop toeholds her into buckles! Rosa hobbles and runs corner to corner, to A-List Lariat! And then clubs away on Deeb point blank! Rosa slips out to the apron, Deeb sits down, and Rosa swings in to KNEE Deeb down! Fans rally up as Deeb flounders and Rosa runs, HESITATION DROPKICK at the ropes! Rosa throws Deeb with a butterfly suplex! Cover, TWO! Rosa keeps her focus, but Deeb gets her leg again! Rosa throws forearms to get free, then shoulders in, but into a facelock! Deeb turns Rosa for a neckbreaker hotshot! Rosa wobbles on the apron but fans rally up with “SI! SI! SI!” as she fireman’s carries Deeb! Deeb fights off, and SPEARS Rosa to the apron! Deeb hurries in to cover, TWO!!

Deeb drags Rosa up, fireman’s carries, and pops Rosa up, but Rosa lands on her feet! Rosa mule kicks, ROUNDHOUSES, and ROUNDHOUSES again! GERMAN SUPLEX! A rough throw but Rosa gets to a corner as Deeb flounders up. Rosa leaps for a missile dropkick! Deeb tumbles out of the ring but then Rebel hops the rail!? She argues with the ref so that Britt can attack Rosa! SWINGING FISHERMAN to the ramp!! Britt drags Rosa around to put her back in the ring! The Doctor gets away with it and Deeb has no idea, either! Deeb brings Rosa up to POWERBOMB! High stack, TWO!! Rosa survives and Deeb can’t believe it! But fans are loving it as this continues!

Deeb drags Rosa up, Rosa trips her to jackknife, TWO! Deeb staggers up into a fireman’s carry! But she sunset flips, Rosa sits on it, TWO and Deeb has it! TWO, but into the BUTTERFLY STRETCH! Rosa endures, pops out but Deeb rolls her. Rosa double STOMPS that apart! Fans rally up again, Deeb gets an arm but Rosa uses that to roll her up! TWO, Deeb uppercuts! Rosa forearms back, Deeb uppercuts again, but Rosa fires off a strike fest! And then VERTIGO! Cover, TWO!?! Rosa cannot believe it! And then Deeb victory rolls her! TWO, Rosa sits on Deeb, TWO! Deeb runs, but into a backslide! Deeb turns it around, Rosa flips up and over but into the underhooks, SWISS SPECIAL! Cover, Deeb wins!!

Winner: Serena Deeb, by pinfall (still NWA Women’s World Champion)

Was Britt’s involvement a factor? Possibly, but Rosa won’t hold that against Deeb. Will Rosa make sure Britt pays for that screw job? She finds her in the crowd and attacks!! And throws her into railing! The ref can’t get Rosa to stop raining down fists on Britt’s head! Extra refs come out to pull Rosa off but Rosa just gets loose! Rosa and Britt brawl but the refs pull them apart again. Britt tells Rosa to go back to NWA but Rosa gets loose to go after her again! Fans want to “Let Them Fight!” but when will we see it in the ring?


The Dark Order has an announcement.

John Silver has Anna Jay look back on her career. Before she joined the Dark Order, she was a rookie, the “Star of the Show.” Not anymore! Now she’s the QUEENSLAYER! She’s won her last four matches and is in the top five! That’s why Mr. Brodie Lee DEMANDED Anna gets her title match next week! Anna tells Hikaru Shida that the last time they wrestled, Shida took advantage of a rookie. But next week, Jay will reintroduce herself as Number 99. Silver says Jay is bringing gold to the Dark Order! He’s much more pumped up about that than Jay is, but will Jay get fired up once she is facing the AEW Women’s World Champion?


AEW has other news about next week!

After the confrontation we saw tonight, The Butcher & The Blade will take on PAC and Rey Fenix 2v2! Is the Fam truly through? And Will Hobbs returns to action, will he impose his will on another opponent?


Team Taz VS Cody Rhodes & Darby Allin!

Taz joins commentary as his guys, “Absolute” Ricky Starks and “The Machine” Brian Cage are about to take on two guys they cannot stand! But will the American Nightmare and the NEW Face of TNT show Taz, Starks and the FTW Champion what it really means to be #Relentless?

AEW returns with a quick message from Darby. Outside a church, with stained glass and gargoyles, Darby is perched on the roof with his TNT Championship. And he skates through the halls with candles guiding the way. Darby goes to the stained glass, his one leg on fire. What does it mean? What will it mean for his opponents here tonight?

The teams sort out and Darby starts with Starks. They circle, fans rally already, and Darby ties up with Starks. Darby facelocks, Starks wrenches out to waistlock and mat slam! Darby gets up, facelocks but Starks slips out to hammerlock. Darby snapmares free and chinlocks but Starks slips out to the hammerlock again. Darby bridges back up, gets around, headlocks and clinches. Starks powers up but Darby whips. Starks reverses, Darby goes up the ropes and flies free! Darby dodges Starks, comes back to get around, spin Starks around and hammerlock back! Starks gets ropes, the ref counts and Darby lets off as fans rally. Starks SLAPS Darby so Darby SLAPS back! It’s a SLAP fight but Darby ROCKS Starks with that last one! Darby rains down rights, the ref backs him off, and Starks flounders about.

Starks tags Cage, Cody asks to tag in. Darby tags him in, and Cody stares Cage down. Cage headlocks, Cody powers out but Cage rams him. Cody stays up and double guns, but he still counter punches Cage. Cage spins and sobats, front kicks and whips, to hip toss Cody into a backbreaker! Fans boo but Cage drags Cody up to throw forearms. Cage whips, Cody slips off the scoop to shove. Cody drops, hurdles and dropkicks! Cage flounders, Cody is after him with forearms in the corner. Cody whips, Cage reverses and runs in but Cody dodges! Cage bounces off buckles, Cody goes up to MOONSAULT! Cover, ONE! Taz bails commentary to go back up his guys in the corner. Cody clubs Cage then tags Darby.

AEW goes picture in picture as Cody runs, springboards and BEAUTIFUL DISASTER! Cage staggers, Darby springboards to TRUST FALL! Cover, TWO! Darby keeps on Cage with a facelock and manages to drag him over. Tag to Cody and they mug Cage. Cody wrenches and whips Cage to ropes but Starks distracts the ref. Cage reverses and Taz takes a swipe at Cody! Cody glare at Taz but Cage clotheslines Cody out of the ring! Darby protests but the ref missed all of that. Coach Arn Anderson gets angry and throws a chair! So the ref EJECTS Arn!! Team Taz takes advantage again and Cage “puts on out” with a POWERBOMB to Cody on the floor!  Cage drags Cody back up, puts him in and covers, TWO!

Cage drags Cody up and wrenches him to a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Cage wraps on with a chinlock but Cody fights his way up. Cody throws body shots and kicks Cage’s leg. Cage KNEES back! Cody ends up on ropes, Cage distracts the ref, and Starks gets a cheap shot in! Cage drags Cody to a corner and bumps him off buckles. Cage stalks Cody as he staggers away, and AEW returns to single picture. Cage wrenches and back suplexes, but Cody lands on his feet to kick low and hit the Rhodes Uppercut! But Starks runs in, only for Cody to throw him out! Cage runs at the corner but Cody boots him away! Cody leaps but into Cage’s arms! Cage does curls, FALL AWAY SLAMS, but Cody lands on his feet! Cage is too busy posing, Cody leaps to tag Darby, only for Starks to trip Darby up!

Cage uppercuts, enziguris and GERMAN SUPLEXES Cody from the corner! Cover, TWO! Fans rally for Cody but Cage drags him to the corner. Tag to Starks and Starks stomps Cody down! Starks drags Cody up, bumps him off buckles and fires off fast hands! The ref counts, Starks lets off but drags Cody back up. Starks snapmares and has a special cravat neck wrench on. Fans rally, Cody fights up, Starks facelocks but Cody back drops out! Cody and Starks are in opposite corners, Starks runs but Cody back drops him again! Hot tag to Darby! Darby dodges Starks and sends him into buckles, then he dropkicks Cage down! Darby corner body blocks Starks, and again, then wrings Starks out for a takedown! Jackknife, TWO!

Darby waistlocks, rams Starks into buckles, but Cage tags in as Starks bucks Darby away. Starks rushes Darby, Darby waistlocks but Starks switches. Darby switches again, Cage comes up to waistlock Darby, DOUBLE GERMAN SUPLEX, because Darby was holding onto Starks! Cody returns, dodges Cage and slides out to confront Taz! Cage and Starks slide out but Cody slides in, BEAUTIFUL DISASTER for Cage! Cody sees Starks return, goes up and over and rolls to come back, into Starks’ SPEAR! Darby shotgun dropkicks Starks! Cage POP-UP BOMBS Darby! Cage dead lifts Darby back up, but Darby turns that into a YOSHI TONIC! Cover, Starks barely breaks it in time!

Fans are fired up as all four men are down! Team Taz regroups and is up first, Starks has Darby up but Darby slips out. Darby flips around, no Throwback, but Cody gets Starks for CROSS RHODES! Cage spins, Cody ducks, the DISCUS clobbers Darby! Cage SUPERKICKS Cody, and wrenches to a TORTURE RACK BOMB! Cage drags Darby up, hoists him to the top rope backwards, then writes him off before he climbs up. Darby throws elbows but Cage CLUBS Darby down. Darby headbutts backwards! Cage staggers, the ref checks on him and Starks anchors Darby’s foot on the top rope! Cage leaps and KNEES Darby! Then he climbs up again, gets Darby up in a fireman’s carry, for a SUPER DRILL CLAW!! Cover, Team Taz wins!!

Winner: Team Taz, by pinfall

The FTW Champion just pinned the TNT Champion! Will the Path of Cage gain even more gold for the team? And Starks won’t let off on Darby, either! Cody gets in to go after Starks but he’s 2v1 against Team Taz now! Starks and Cage stomp away on Cody and Darby, but here comes WILL HOBBS! Hobbs is still allies with Darby, and he spots something he likes in the FTW Championship! Cody hobbles up, and Hobbs CLOBBERS him?! After everything that’s been going on, Hobbs is now officially on Team Taz?!? When did that happen!? Taz says they’re just getting started! Who will be left standing when they’re finished?

My Thoughts:

A great episode pretty much top to bottom, but I don’t know if the moment we just ended on needed to happen tonight, if at all. The tag match of Cody, Darby and Team Taz was really good, and Team Taz stands tall because they won and because they got to beat down Darby and Cody after. And I get that they don’t want to pull a WWE and drop a storyline just because they don’t know what to do with it. They obviously teased one option and then completely went the other way, but I wouldn’t have done the swerve. Hobbs joining Team Taz is great for Team Taz, but I felt like Hobbs VS Cage in another match for the FTW Championship would’ve been cool. Hobbs is now the third active wrestler in Team Taz, but then what? Someone goes after TNT Championship, the other two are for the tag titles now? I suppose Cage and Hobbs make a great combo because they’re both big and strong, but something just doesn’t click for me yet.

Young Bucks VS Top Flight was an incredible match, and it was great to have the little vignette beforehand. Obviously Bucks won, but Top Flight are now stars in the eyes of fans who didn’t know much about them. I do find it interesting that The Hybrid2 are already starting something with Bucks through this, I would’ve thought they’d have a blow-off tag match with SCU first, but maybe that’s what Dark is for. Cassidy VS Kip was really good, and Miro did well on commentary. Miro VS Cassidy is surely up next, and sounds like a lot of fun already. Great video from “Director X,” I clearly copy-pasted the video from AEW’s YouTube. They already posted it hours before the show, it saved me time to do that, and it’s just easier for everyone.

The Inner Circle Las Vegas segments tonight were amazing, but of course they would be. Obviously a lot of it was inspired by The Hangover movie franchise, and I would love for it to somehow continue so that we learn who Sammy’s mysterious third wife is, how manbaby Hornswoggle got there, and what happened to Jake Hager and Wardlow for part 2. We also got a pretty good segment backstage with Jade Cargill unofficially becoming a Vicious Vixen, and I bet we at least get a tag match for Jade’s in-ring debut now since A) Vickie doesn’t wrestle and B) Brandi just got kayfabe injured with that chair vice to her arm. Red Velvet and probably Big Swole, since those two were there, take on Nyla and Jade and at least make Jade look strong before Velvet eats a pin.

Pac VS Blade was pretty good, but the best thing there was that we have the return of DEATH TRIANGLE! Also I think AEW had to change things, I was pretty sure they already advertised Pac and Fenix against Butcher and Blade before the episode. AEW still has trouble keeping track of pacing on occasion, but as long as the actual execution is right, I’ll forgive marketing mistakes. This of course must end with a full Six Man, Kingston & The Fam VS Death Triangle. The NWA Women’s Championship was great, even with Britt getting involved. Britt and Rosa in a non-title crossover of AEW and NWA works, as each woman has become a frontrunner for each promotion’s Women’s Divisions. And Anna Jay getting her shot at Shida now that she’s changed herself works fine. Shida will surely win, though, even with Dark Order shenanigans.

I really liked how AEW did something unique with the contract signing, with Moxley being “attacked” backstage before ever getting out there. I would think Lance Archer did that but he’s not afraid to be caught beating someone up. Omega brushed it off like an excuse but maybe he has something to do with it after all. AEW is branding December 2nd hard, constantly repeating “Winter is Coming,” but the world title match of Moxley VS Omega on national television is pretty big so why not do whatever you can to communicate that? I bet there will be a lot of winter and/or Game of Thrones themed decorations, the same way Bash at the Beach was summer and, well, beach themed. Also congratulations to Moxley and Renee for having a baby on the way!

My Score: 9.1/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (2/3/23)

The Elite are on a Rampage!



Is The Elite in for a tune-up or trap game tonight?

Though they plan to defend the AEW World Trios titles on Dynamite, Kenny Omega & the Young Bucks defend the titles against The Firm here on Rampage! Will they overlook Ethan Page, Matt Hardy & Isiah Kassidy and get caught?


  • AEW World Trios Championships: The Elite VS Ethan Page, Matt Hardy & Isiah Kassidy; The Elite win and retain the titles.
  • Swerve Strickland w/ Mogul Affiliates VS Brian Pillman Jr; Swerve wins.
  • Saraya & Toni Storm VS The Renegade Sisters; Saraya & Storm win.
  • Rush w/ La Faccion Ingobernable VS Christopher Daniels; Rush wins.


AEW World Trios Championships: The Elite VS Ethan Page, Matt Hardy & Isiah Kassidy!

Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks accepted the challenge of the upstart Top Flight & AR Fox, but then they also accepted the challenge of The Firm’s All Ego! Will The Elite’s ego cost them in their very first defense? Or will they still keep their date with Fox, Dante & Darius for Dynamite?

The bell rings and the trios sort out. Dayton chants, “THE! ELITE! THE THE ELITE!” Nick Jackson starts against Isiah Kassidy, they circle, and they tie up. Nick wrenches to a wristlock, Kassidy rolls and handsprings to wrench and wristlock back. Nick uses ropes to flip through and wrench back to hit a headlock takeover. Kassidy headscissors, Nick kips free, but Kassidy hits a headlock takeover. Nick headscissors, Kassidy kips free, things speed up and Kassidy wheelbarrows to arm-drag! Kassidy kips up, but Nick blocks the chop to knuckle lock. Nick CHOPS, goes up and up, “LUCHA LIBRE~!” and arm-drags!

Kassidy staggers up into another arm-drag, and Nick has the armlock! Fans cheer but Ethan is furious. Nick wrenches Kassidy, tags Matt, and the Bucks double whip to bait Kassidy into a GUTBUSTER, to the NECKBREAKER BACKBREAKER COMBO! Fans fire up with the Bucks, and Matt points to Kenny. Fans fire up, and Matt tags in Omega! Hardy tags in and he circles with Omega. They tie up, break, and then go again. They break, go again, then Hardy headlocks. Omega powers out but Hardy runs him over. Things speed up but Hardy fakes out the hurdle! Hardy kicks low, reels Omega in, TWIST- NO, Omega powers out!

Omega runs in at the corner but Hardy dodges, and the V-Trigger hits buckles! Hardy reels Omega in, but Omega fights the Side Effect! Hardy staggers, Omega runs in but Hardy sends him out! Omega hurries back up but Hardy BLASTS him off the apron! Omega hits railing, Stokely laughs at him, and then Hardy goes up the corner! Omega stands up, but Ethan leaps to CLOBBER Omega! Ethan gives Hardy a thumbs up, he did that so Hardy wouldn’t have to risk himself. Ethan puts Omega in the ring, Ethan apparently snuck a tag that not even Hardy noticed. Ethan drags Omega up to scoop and SLAM him!

Fans boo but Ethan tells the Bucks to kiss this. Ethan drags Omega up, throws haymakers, and then has Omega in the corner. Ethan has Hardy and Kassidy hold Omega in place, then Ethan runs to BLAST the Bucks off the apron! Fans boo more but Ethan runs in, into Omega’s BOOT! Omega is free, he goes up and over Ethan to hot tag Nick! Ethan runs in, Omega dodges and the Bucks DOUBLE GAMANGIRI Ethan back! Nick then tags Matt while Omega RANAS Ethan! The Bucks double kick, Nick runs and Matt gives him the boost to RANA Ethan! Ethan hurries to tag Hardy, he runs in but into DOUBLE DROPKICKS!

Ethan shouts for Kassidy to do something, so Kassidy springboards, but the Bucks get clear to double elbow! They wheelbarrow and lift Kassidy, Omega runs in, WHEELBARROW KOTARO KRUSHER! Kassidy flounders out of the ring while the fans fire up with the Elite. Hardy returns but Omega sets up Ethan and Kassidy. Matt runs in to WRECK Ethan and Kassidy with a dropkick! Matt then holds the ropes for Nick to FLY and take them out! But Matt Hardy kicks Matt Jackson low and reels him in! TWIST- NO, NORTHERN LIGHTS! Matt Jackson starts up the Polar Express, but Ethan saves Hardy!

Ethan swings, but into a NORTHERN LIGHTS! Fans fire up with Jackson as he has Hardy for haymakers! And stomps! Jackson runs, Ethan trips him up but Jackson BOOTS Ethan! Hardy catches Jackson for a SIDE EFFECT! Cover, TWO! Hardy drags Jackson over and tags in Ethan. Ethan stomps Matt Jackson, going after the legs. Ethan talks trash on Dayton then brings Matt around for a BACKBREAKER! Fans boo but Ethan soaks up the heat as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Ethan drags Matt up, bumps him off Kassidy’s boot, then tags Kassidy in. Ethan and Kassidy mug Matt, Kassidy stomps away, then lets off as the ref counts. Kassidy drags Matt back up, tags Hardy, and they mug Matt Jackson now. Hardy brings Jackson around to fire forearms and elbows! Then Hardy has Jackson under the bottom rope, for a ROPE GUILLOTINE! Kassidy gives thumbs up as Hardy covers, TWO! Hardy drags Jackson up, bumps him off Ethan’s boot, and then tags Ethan in. Ethan and Hardy mug Jackson, abut Jackson fights back with haymakers! Rampage returns to single picture as Jackson backs Ethan down!

Matt Jackson runs but into a BOOT! Ethan BLASTS Omega and taunts Nick. Fans boo but Ethan drags Matt Jackson over to tag Hardy back in. Hardy drags Jackson up, bumps him off buckles and shouts “DELETE! DELETE!” Fans chant along, and Hardy goes through all three levels! Hardy grabs Jackson’s legs, and YANKS him into a POWERBOMB! Cover, but Nick breaks it! The ref reprimands but Nick backs off. Hardy drags Matt Jackson to the drop zone, goes up the corner, but then Ethan tags in! Fans boo as Ethan ruins Hardy’s good time. Ethan then copies Hardy’s stuff, but leaps into a SUPERKICK!

Fans rally as Ethan and Matt are down! Hot tag to Omega! Fans fire up as Omega goes up top to CROSSBODY Ethan! Kassidy runs in, to get a POLISH HAMMER! POLISH HAMMER for Ethan! Omega spins but Ethan dodges to kick low! Ethan whips, Omega reverses and fireman’s carries! “YOU! CAN’T! ESCAPE!” ROLLING SENTON, and the MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up as Omega drags Ethan up into a half nelson. Ethan fights the full nelson, RAMS Omega into the corner, and Kassidy tags in. Kassidy and Hardy run to BLAST the Bucks while Ethan fires off back elbows on Omega!

Ethan whips Omega corner to corner, runs in and clotheslines! Kassidy adds a SPLASH, Hardy adds a clothesline! Hardy sets up, Ethan whips Kassidy, FIRM IN MOTION INTO DOUBLE SUPERKICKS!! Ethan is shocked to see what happened, but he runs into a SNAP DRAGON! Hardy runs in, kicks low, but Omega turns Twist into full nelson! Hardy elbows free, runs, and DOUBLE LARIATS take both men down! Nick goes up, but so does Kassidy! STEREO SWANTON BOMBS!! Nick takes out Hardy while Kassidy takes out Omega! Then Kassidy runs in, dodges Nick and goes up to FLYING COMPLETE SHOT!

Matt Jackson shouts “YOU’RE DEAD!” and he SUPERKICKS Kassidy! Ethan runs in, blocks a kick and spins Jackson to ROUNDHOUSE! and then deadlift POWERSLAM! But V-TRIGGER outta nowhere!! All six men are down and the fans are thunderous! A standing count begins, “This is Awesome!” and Omega crawls to hot tag Nick! Nick storms in to CLUB Kassidy. Kassidy throws a forearm, but Nick hits back! They go back and forth with heavy shots, but Kassidy gets the edge! Nick staggers, but he ROUNDHOUSES back! Nick whips, Kassidy reverses and SPIN KICKS! Nick goes to a corner, Kassidy runs in, but Nick dodges!

SHINING WIZARD! GAMANGIRI! FOREARM! BULLDOG! The Elite regroup and they aim at Kassidy, only for Hardy and Ethan to drag Omega and Matt Jackson out! They’re sent into railing hard, and Kassidy runs to hit a DESTROYER!! Nick flounders to a corner, Hardy sets up again! PARTY IN MOTION! Ethan & Kassidy put Nick up top, DOUBLE ICONOCLASM! And then a feed to the TWIST OF FATE!! Kassidy covers, Matt Jackson breaks it!! Ethan storms in, he gets Matt Jackson up, but he slips off the Ego’s Edge and Omega V-TRIGGERS Ethan down! Hardy throws Omega out!

Hardy runs in, Jackson moves, Hardy BLASTS Ethan! Hardy is shocked and he hurries to check on Ethan. Kassidy TOSSES Matt Jackson out, but Nick springboards in! CUTTER?!? Kassidy covers, TWO!!! Kassidy almost wins this on his own because Hardy and Ethan distracted with Ethan’s jaw. Nick tags Omega while Kassidy calls to his team. Hardy hurries over but Omega V-TRIGGERS Kassidy down!! Omega drags Kassidy away, tags Matt in and then Matt tags Nick. Jackson BLASTS Hardy, Omega Electric Chair Lifts Kassidy! ONE WINGED ANGEL!! Into B T E TRIGGER!!! Cover, The Elite wins!

Winners: The Elite, by pinfall (still AEW World Trios Champions)

This was no trap game, but this was far more than a tune-up! The Elite are red hot now, will they melt the Coldest Tag Team in the Game this Wednesday?


Backstage interview with Ricky Starks.

Lexi Nair is with The Absolute, and she brings up the Jericho Appreciation Society throw down the Garcia-Guevara Gauntlet challenge. Starks sorta got what he asked for, so what’s the plan? Starks says, “I can tell you it wasn’t a plan for us to match here,” in reference to his shirt and her whole ensemble both being a light khaki. But Starks admits he puts his foot in his mouth, something he’s known to do around here. But that’s okay, because if that is how Starks gets at Chris Jericho, then that is what he’s going to do. If that is the way to beat Jericho, to get out of the “Web of Jericho” that he has entangled himself in, that is what Starks will do.

“I am no stranger to having the deck stacked against me, because I always find a way. Parker, Daddy Magic, Sammy, Danny, it doesn’t matter. Because in El Paso, Texas, I am gonna to prove exactly why I am Absolute. And when I do get my way, Chris, I am going to embarrass you. And I am going to beat you, again.” Starks is ready for everything the JAS is going to throw at him, but will that still get him the win?


Team Triple J speaks.

Jay Lethal tells the others, “Right now, we are riding high. But the Screen Actors Guild and AEW, they’re trying to rain on our parade by distorting on the camera Sonjay’s Golden Globe. I tell you what, just like last week, when we embarrassed the Best Friends and Danhausen, we proved that in the ring, we can’t be matched! And I bet right now, Paul Walter Hauser is sitting at home without a Golden Globe, wishing that he had better friends.” Jeff Jarrett says, “I bet Mr. Walter Hauser wishes he never ever stepped foot in the Kia Forum! Because what happened the last time? I bet he’s wishing he never went on The Late Late Show with James Corden!”

But Best Friends respond!

Danhausen is upset that he got smashed in the head with a Grammy! No, it was a Golden Globe. But keep going, this is good energy. Yes! Danhausen was “decimating” their giant, Satnam Singh, and then he was caught off guard by a GOLDEN GLOBE! That was bad. So YOU will be cursed if it happens again! It shouldn’t happen again, right? It shouldn’t. Danhausen says it WON’T happen again! But when and where will we see the sequel to this showdown of friends and enemies?


Swerve Strickland w/ Mogul Affiliates VS Brian Pillman Jr!

For whatever reason, second generation wrestlers get on Swerve’s nerves. He can’t get after The Natural just yet, but he’s settling for #FlyinBrian41 here tonight! Will BPJ use his homefield advantage to stop the Mogul? Or will Dayton be “Whose House?” “SWERVE’S HOUSE!”

The bell rings and Swerve circles with BPJ. They tie up, go around, and BPJ powers Swerve to a corner. Swerve pushes back and wrenches to a wristlock. BPJ rolls, cartwheels, handsprings and headstands, but Swerve pushes him down to turn BPJ over to a ghost pin! TWO, BPJ gets up but Swerve is after him. BPJ whips Swerve to a corner, Swerve goes up and over and O’Conner Rolls, then Eddy Gordo RANAS, but BPJ rolls through to stand back up. Fans cheer the technical exchange. BPJ and Swerve tie up again, Swerve pulls BPJ’s hair and puts him in the corner. BPJ turns things around, and he swings, only for Swerve to duck.

Swerve whips BPJ but BPJ rolls, handsprings and kangaroo kicks! Swerve checks his nose while fans rally up. Swerve runs in, BPJ dodges, things speed up and BPJ hurdles to drop. Swerve handsprings over, things keep moving, but BPJ steps on Swerve! Fans fire up as BPJ asks, “Whose House?” “BRIAN’S HOUSE!” But Swerve takes off his necklace to wrap around his fist as he ROCKS BPJ with a sucker punch! Fans boo, Swerve whips, but BPJ reverses and DROPKICKS! Swerve bails out, BPJ builds speed, and fans fire up as BPJ WRECKS Swerve with a dropkick! BPJ hurries away from Trench & Boudreaux while Rampage goes picture in picture.

BPJ grins while Swerve is furious. Boudreaux & Trench help Swerve stand up. BPJ talks some smack but Swerve has his guys stand down. Swerve goes up the steps and into the ring, and he ties up with BPJ. Swerve kicks BPJ, ROCKS him with a right, then swings, but misses in the corner! BPJ CHOPS, ROCKS, and wrenches before he whips corner to corner. BPJ runs in to clothesline, CHOP, and NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! BPJ rallies the fans while Swerve grits his teeth. BPJ storms up but Swerve gets around to JAM the leg! BPJ falls over and clutches the knee while Swerve taunts Dayton.

Swerve stands on BPJ’s leg, throws down fists, then kicks him around. Swerve stands BPJ up, BPJ throws hands, but Swerve KICKS the leg out! Swerve goes to the corner, goes up, and he taunts the fans before the FALLING UPPERCUT! Swerve swaggers and smirks at all the fans before he goes back to BPJ. Swerve kicks the leg, grinds an arm, and Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns as BJP and Swerve fire forearm after forearm at each other! BPJ CHOPS, CHOPS, then SLAPS! Swerve staggers, BPJ grabs at him, but Swerve brushes that away to ROCK BPJ with a haymaker! BPJ staggers to a corner, Swerve storms over, but he blocks a boot! Swerve brings BPJ out, slips around that leg and hits a BACKBREAKER! BPJ staggers, Swerve SLAPS him, but BPJ SUPERKICKS! And LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Swerve survives but BPJ fires up! Fans rally as BPJ fireman’s carries. Swerve fights free, and he SLAPS away on BPJ’s back. BPJ snapmares, Swerve blocks the superkick and he mule kicks the bad leg!

Swerve aims from the corner as BPJ clutches his knee. BPJ stands but the bad leg gives out! And then the HOUSE CALL!! Cover, TWO!?! BPJ survives and Swerve is fuming! Dayton fires up but Swerve drags BPJ up. Swerve bumps BPJ off buckles, hoists him up top, then climbs up after him. BPJ throws body shots in return, then climbs up to HOTSHOT Swerve away! Trench distracts BPJ, BPJ runs him off, and the ref is busy with Trench, allowing Boudreaux to trip BPJ up! Fans boo, but Swerve hurries to go out after BPJ and drag him up! Fireman’s carry, APRON DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!!

Swerve hurries up a corner and BPJ sits up, for the KILL STOMPS!! Cover, Swerve wins!

Winner: Swerve Strickland, by pinfall

Mogul Affiliates comes through for their leader, Swerve takes out a second generation star! #HoodiesUp, and the big men stand Swerve up. Trench feeds BPJ to Boudreaux’s LARIAT! Then Swerve brings out the necklace, but here comes DUSTIN RHODES! The Natural has a TURNBUCKLE CROSSBAR! Dustin uses that to run off Mogul Affiliates, but this war has only just begun. Will Dustin prove to Swerve that being second generation doesn’t make him better, but that being better makes him better?


The House of Black speaks.

Malakai says, “There was a saying that reads, ‘Assumptions are a poison that create unrealistic expectations.’ And what is the poison that you people created? The assumption that Eddie Kingston was going to join the House. No, the House does not want Eddie, and Eddie does not want The House. The House did what it always does, and what its mission has been since the beginning: prove that every human being on this planet, no matter how true of heart, is corruptible. And it takes the smallest push into the right direction to peel off the layers of virtue and let that venom of hate grow.

“There is no forgiveness for people like you and me, Eddie. And like Cain did to Abel, you do what you can’t help but do, because it is your nature. It is the balance of who you are in this world. Because no man is ever truly…” The Mad King has begun his descent, will there be no going back now that he has begun to #FadeToBlack?


Saraya & Toni Storm VS The Renegade Sisters!

Speaking of a descent, the Revolution and the Lightning have stooped to shocking lows as of late, all in the name of showing the AEW homegrown talent that they, the outsiders, know what is best for business. But will they continue to do whatever they want to the AEW Women’s Division? Or will Charlette & Robyn be just the renegades to fight The Revolution?

The teams sort out and after a rock-paper-scissors game that goes nowhere, Robyn steps up to Storm. Storm doesn’t seem to take Robyn seriously but Robyn eggs her on. Robyn and Storm tie up, go around, and end up against ropes, in a corner, and then to more ropes. Storm lets off to pie face Robyn. Robyn ROCKS Storm! And again, and again, and then she CHOPS! Robyn whips, Storm reverses but Robyn ducks, only to run into Storm’s THESZ PRESS! Storm rains down fists, then she drags Robyn up. Storm puts Robyn in the ropes, CHOKES Robyn, then argues with the ref so Saraya can CHOKE Robyn, too!

The fans boo as Saraya fires off knees on Robyn! Storm sucker punches Charlette! Storm runs to HIP ATTACK Robyn off the apron! Fans are torn while Robyn lands on the floor. Storm and Saraya bring Robyn up to RAM her into steel steps! And then into the railing! The ref has to keep Charlette back, and Saraya says Charlette is crazy! Storm drags Robyn up and puts her in the ring to then drag her over. Tag to Saraya, they mug Robyn, and Saraya short arm LARIATS! And again! And again! Fans boo but Saraya smiles and soaks it all up. Saraya drags Robyn up, tells fans to shut up, but Robyn waistlocks.

Saraya elbows free, whips Robyn to a corner, SHINING WIZARD! Fans boo but Saraya just revels in it. Saraya snapmares and SHINING WIZARDS again! Cover, TWO!! Robyn survives but Saraya drags Robyn up. Robyn RAMS Saraya into a corner, but it’s the enemy corner! Storm tags in, she and Saraya mug Robyn, and then Storm snap suplexes Robyn down! Cover, TWO! Robyn is hanging tough but Storm clamps on a full nelson. Fans rally as Robyn endures and fights up. Storm thrashes Robyn around, but Robyn fights up and breaks the nelson! Only for Storm to throw her down by her hair! Fans boo and the ref reprimands, but Storm just scowls.

Storm kicks Robyn around, toying with her, but Robyn gets mad. Robyn ROCKS Storm! Robyn eggs Storm on so Storm hits back! Robyn ROCKS, CHOPS and repeat! Storm swing, Robyn dodges and ENZIGURIS! Fans fire up as both women are down! Storm a nd Robyn crawl, hot tag to Charlette! Charlette rallies on Storm and Saraya! SPLASH in the corner! Charlette rallies the fans with “GET! YOU! SOME!” Charlette runs in, but Storm SHOTGUNS her down! Charlette flounders to a corner, Storm runs in, SWEET HIP MUSIC! Storm brings Charlette up for Saraya to YAKUZA KICK! STORM ZERO!! Cover, Storm & Saraya win!

Winners: Saraya & Toni Storm, by pinfall

The outsiders win, but they’re not done! Saraya brings out cans of spray paint! Toni CLOBBERS Robyn, Saraya chases the ref out of the ring, and they start spraying the Renegades! They put big green L’s on the Renegades, will they continue to hand out those L’s to the AEW Women’s Division?


Adam Cole speaks.

“There is nothing that I love more than professional wrestling. And I have worked harder every single day than I ever have in my entire life. Because for me, I thought my dream was dead. And when your dreams die, your hope dies. I never, ever lost hope, because I refused to let anybody or anything stand in my way of getting back inside that squared circle. And I have no idea who my first opponent will be when I return, but I can promise you this: You are going to get the best damn pro-wrestler on the planet. And his name…” ADAM COLE, BAYBAY! AEW Revolution is the target, will Adam Cole make it all about the boom?


Mark Henry welcomes us back to Rampage.

The World’s Strongest Man says, “Before former ROH Champion, Rush, faces Bryan Danielson this Wednesday, he will face former ROH Champion, Christopher Daniels tonight on Rampage.” The Fallen Angel tells El Toro Blanco, “Your reputation precedes you, but I am not intimidated by reputation. And I’m not a stepping stone for anyone, Rush.” But Rush tells Daniels, “You have never faced anybody like Rush.” Rush continues on in Spanish, then says in English, “Just remember: if you mess with the bull, you get the horns.” Mark Henry then says, “It’s TIME! For the main event!” Will Rush be rolling into El Paso and his battle with the American Dragon? Or will this be the rise of the Fallen Angel?

Rush w/ La Faccion Ingobernable VS Christopher Daniels!

The bell rings and fans rally for the Fallen Angel. Daniels and Rush circle, tie up, and Daniels waistlocks. Rush switches, Daniels switches back but Rush sits. Daniels holds on for a moment but Rush switches back. They stand, Daniels shifts to hit a headlock takeover. Rush headscissors, Daniels pries free to trip Rush to a cover, ONE! The two stand off and fans cheer. Rush and Daniels reset to circle again. They tie up, Rush wrenches and YANKS the arm, then wrenches to CLUB the arm. Rush YANKS the arm but Daniels uses ropes to flip through and arm-drag Rush away! Rush stands up, sidesteps, but Daniels blocks the hip toss!

Daniels tries but now Rush blocks the hip toss. Rush swings but Daniels blocks the haymaker to hit a NECKBREAKER! Daniels then CLOBBERS Rush! Cover, TWO! Fans rally, Daniels drags Rush up and CLUBS him. Daniels whips Rush to ropes to calf kick him out! Daniels then builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit at the ramp and fans fire up as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Daniels drags Rush up and into the ring, hurries up the corner, but Jose distracts! Daniels AX HANDLES Jose down! But Rush DECKS Daniels with a sucker punch! Daniels flops out of the ring and Rush distracts the ref so “Perro Peligroso” can attack! Preston Vance holds up the Ingobernables fist, then he POSTS Daniels! Vance even CHOKES Daniels with the stolen masks of luchadors Vance has beaten outside of AEW! Vance gets away with all this as Rush goes out after Daniels. But then Vance distracts the ref so that Rush can beat down Daniels! Rush drags Daniels around the way to throw him into railing!

Rush throws knee after knee into Daniels against the railing while Jose hurries to get the bright green cable! Rush throws down fists, Jose throws the cable over, and Rush holds it up. Rush then gathers some slack, to LASH Daniels! And then CHOKE him with it! Daniels can only cough and sputter because Vance is still in the ref’s face! Rush lets Daniels go, then drags him up to put him in the ring. Jose gives Rush some water to refresh himself, then Jose shows off just one of the many fat stacks MJF gave LFI on Dynamite. Rush uses the fat stack to fan himself off, then gives it to Vance. Rush then gets in the ring to CHOP Daniels!

Rush whips Daniels corner to corner, runs in and clotheslines! Then he sits Daniels down to rain down forearms! The ref reprimands and counts, Rush lets off at 4. Jose beats the apron like a drum and Rush runs corner to corner, to fake Daniels out on the Bull’s Horns! Daniels lets his guard down, and Rush KICKS him in the face! Daniels clutches his jaw while Rush rolls back to tranquilo. Rush then drags Daniels up to throw him out, and of course Vance is right on Daniels! Vance CHOPS Daniels while Rush distracts the ref. Vance puts Daniels back in, Rush stands on Daniels with a cocky cover, ONE!

Rush is annoyed but he stomps away on Daniels. Rampage returns to single picture as Rush pretends to take Daniels’ head and kicks it into the crowd. But then he KICKS Daniels in the side! Daniels goes to the apron, fans boo, but Rush kicks him to the floor. Rush again distracts the ref, and Vance uses the fat stack of cash to SLAP Daniels! Vance then makes it rain on Daniels, and stands him up to CHOP him down! Fans boo as Jose also makes it rain on Daniels. Vance puts Daniels in the ring, Rush drags Daniels up and throws body shots. Rush tosses Daniels back out, and then “apologizes” to the ref as a way to distract him!

Jose and Vance stand Daniels up, Jose chicken wings Daniels’ arms, and Vance runs in. Daniels moves, the BOOT takes out Jose! Fans fire up, Vance is shocked, and Daniels POSTS Vance! Daniels throws Jose into the ring then goes around the way. Rush is distracted by his assistant being where he shouldn’t be, and Daniels slips in to roll Rush up! TWO!! Rush escapes, but Daniels baits him into the corner. Daniels dodges, ENZIGURIS, and fans fire up! Rush staggers, Daniels runs in and LARIATS Rush! And CHOPS! And wrenches to a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Rush survives but Daniels fires back up!

Daniels drags Rush up, CLUBS him again and again, then runs, but Rush follows! CHOP! CHOP! But Daniels swings! Rush dodge to SUPERKICK! Rush roars, swings, but into a fireman’s carry! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! But into a KOJI KLUTCH!! Rush endures, Vance drags Rush’s leg to the ROPEBREAK! Fans boo but Daniels lets Rush go all the same. Daniels knows it was that damn dog, but Rush rolls Daniels up! WITH TIGHTS! TWO, and Rush swings again, but into the URENAGE! Daniels points to the corner and fans fire up! Daniels goes up, for the BEST MOONSAULT EVER onto knees!!

Rush OVERHEAD Belly2Belly suplexes Daniels into the corner! Rush makes sure Daniels sits up, and then he stomps away with both feet! Fans boo, Rush stomps around then runs corner to corner, BULL’S HORNS!! Cover, Rush wins!

Winner: Rush, by pinfall

Though it was a valiant effort, Christopher Daniels fought a 3v1 the entire time, he had no chance of winning out. Will Bryan Danielson also have no chance against those odds? Or will the American Dragon find a way to slay El Toro Blanco?

My Thoughts:

A really good Rampage here. The trios titles opening was quite the surprise, but it was a great match. The Firm looked good, but of course they also had the story of Ethan stealing the spotlight from his own teammates every chance he could. As such, The Elite win, and now we’re going to get a stacked episode of Dynamite. The trios titles, the tag titles, and eliminator matches for the women’s world title and men’s world title. Of those, I’m fairly confident The Elite retain their titles, that would only be their second defense and they have got to be heading to AEW Revolution with these belts. No idea who they’d face then, though.

Plenty of good promos again. Starks responding to the JAS gauntlet didn’t necessarily add anything, he’s of course going to find his way through. Malakai’s promo was equally good but it effectively established what’s going on with the story of House of Black and Eddie Kingston. Triple J and Best Friends are definitely going to have another match, and as I said before, I hope Paul Walter Hauser gets involved to avenge Triple J stealing his Golden Globe. And great new promo from Cole, though it doesn’t necessarily add anything more. Cole is surely going to be part of the Revolution card, and whoever he faces is going to put Cole over but in a very good match.

Really good match out of Swerve VS BPJ, but of course that as a Heel leading a faction, Swerve wins because his guys help out. But it also made sense for Dustin to show up and run the Mogul Affiliates off. As I sensed on Dynamite, Dustin is surely going to team up with BPJ and Brock Anderson against Mogul Affiliates in a Six Man Tag. And as AEW seems to struggle establishing new team names, I’m assuming Brian Pillman Jr. and Brock Anderson are gonna be “Lineage” (stylized LineAGE) as a sort of AEW version of Legacy. I say that cuz LineAGE was on BPJ’s tights. Dustin can also join LineAGE if he wants, and maybe LineAGE can get going in the Trios Division.

The Renegade Sisters got a good showing against Storm & Saraya, but of course they also lost to Storm & Saraya. And I suddenly had inspiration seeing Saraya & Storm spray paint big green L’s on the Renegades. Will Saraya & Storm be like The Outsiders, Nash & Hall, and they get an NWO moment at Revolution? The “third woman” will be someone who is currently Face and seems like they’re on AEW’s side. It probably won’t be Shida, she doesn’t seem to like how Saraya & Storm are going. But with Saraya & Storm wearing green and using green paint, and Ruby Soho having green hair, I wonder if Ruby is pushed to the point where she ends up seeing things Saraya’s way.

Still disappointing that Mark Henry’s segment is being trimmed down more and more, but I’m thinking it’s to give more time to the main event match. But this main event was a great main event, even though I just knew Daniels would lose. Rush VS Bryan will be great stuff, and I am sure Bryan will look close to losing because of Jose and Vance getting involved, but surely Bryan will find a way to win.

My Score: 8.6/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (2/1/23)

Dynamite is No Holds Barred!



AEW Coverage Lasers

Will Darby Allin still be the Relentless TNT Champion?

Samoa Joe wants the AEW TNT Championship back, but he knows Darby Allin is relentless. Tonight on Dynamite, they go NO HOLDS BARRED for the gold! Will Joe once again be the King of Television?


  • Jon Moxley VS Hangman Page; Moxley wins.
  • The Acclaimed w/ Billy Gunn VS Truth Magnum & Turbo Floyd; The Acclaimed wins.
  • Brian Cage w/ Prince Nana VS Konosuke Takeshita; Takeshita wins.
  • Bryan Danielson VS Timothy Thatcher; Bryan wins.
  • AEW TBS Championship: Jade Cargill w/ Leila Grey VS Red Velvet; Cargill wins and retains the title.
  • AEW TNT Championship No Holds Barred: Darby Allin w/ Sting VS Samoa Joe; wins and


Jon Moxley w/ Wheeler Yuta VS Hangman Page!

The Maniac and the Cowboy go for their tiebreaker as Dynamite is in Dayton, Ohio! Will Ohio’s own knock this one out of the park like he did before? Or will there be some serious #CowboySh*t going down in Dayton?

Not only does Moxley have the Decoder by his side, he has his dad, Dan! Hangman makes his entrance next, and Moxley goes right after him! Moxley throws hands then whips Hangman into railing! The ref reprimands but Moxley sends Hangman into steel steps! Moxley throws hands, whips Hangman again and Hangman hits more railing hard! Fans fire up and the ref reprimands. Moxley just takes off his hoodie to CHOKE Hangman with it! Moxley TOSSES Hangman over the railing, and then he hops onto the railing! Dayton fires up, gives Moxley a hand, and Moxley FLYING AX HANDLES Hangman down!

Moxley brings Hangman up but Hangman throws hands! Hangman sits Moxley down, fires off more shots, then backs up. Hangman runs in to BOOT Moxley against railing! The ref reprimands, he wants this in the ring, but it isn’t a match yet so there’s no real repercussions. Hangman stalks Moxley along the way but Moxley kicks back. And CHOPS! Moxley trips Hangman then ties him up, FIGURE FOUR on the floor! Moxley and Hangman flip each other off but the ref still wants this in the ring. Hangman grabs someone’s beer and splashes Moxley with it! Moxley lets Hangman out of the hold, and then Hangman ROCKS Mox!

They go back to ringside, Moxley grabs a chair but Hangman CLUBS Moxley. But Moxley JAMS Hangman, tris him, and then drops an elbow on the leg! Moxley has a toehold, then he puts the chair around the leg! The ref reprimands but Moxley goes up the apron. The ref shouts at Moxley to not jump, but then Hangman gets free! Hangman CHUCKS the chair at Moxley’s head!! Moxley goes down and fans fire up! The ref reprimands again and wants this to get in the ring. Moxley is dazed, but Hangman drags him around, to suplex onto the chair! Hangman drags Moxley up and puts him in the ring, but he also brings the chair!

The ref stops Hangman, so Hangman leaves the chair behind. The bell finally rings, and Hangman runs in to forearm Moxley! Moxley hits back, they go back and forth! Moxley’s eyebrow is already busted open, but he keeps throwing shots. Hangman gets the edge, HEADBUTTS, then whips. Moxley reverses to dropkick the legs out! Moxley looms over Hangman, drags him into the INDIAN DEATHLOCK! Hangman endures, keeps his shoulders off the mat, but fans rally behind Moxley. Hangman drags himself back, reaches out, and gets the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Moxley lets Hangman go at 3.

Moxley brings Hangman up but Hangman gets around to GERMAN SUPLEXES! Moxley snarls but the blood is getting into his eye. Hangman DECKS Moxley and has him at the ropes. Hangman brings Moxley up, fans boo but Hangman CHOPS! Moxley flounders and falls and fans start dueling. Hangman stalks Moxley, sits him up, and he starts raining down fists right on the bloody eyebrow! Mox fans boo but Hangman fans are fired up for the “COWBOY SH*T!” Hangman wipes Moxley’s blood off on his chest, but then turns around into a CHOP! Moxley eggs Hangman on and Hangman CHOPS back!

Moxley CHOPS, Hangman CHOPS, fans “WOO~!” for the CHOP fight! Moxley shifts to boxing elbows, then runs, but Hangman catches the crossbody! FALL AWAY SLAM! Fans are torn while Moxley goes to the apron. Hangman runs, triangle jumps, but Moxley LARIATS first! Moxley drags Hangman up and to the apron, then turns Hangman, for a SLEEPER! The ref reprimands and wants this in the ring, but Hangman claws the bloody eyebrow! Moxley turns Hangman around, reels him in, but Hangman resists the lift! Hangman tries to lift, Moxley resists, and then Moxley lifts! Hangman fights that and lifts again, but Moxley still fights!

Both men are fighting for control, and Hangman fireman’s carries! To SNAKE EYES Moxley off the post! Moxley falls to the floor and Dynamite goes picture in picture!

The ref checks Moxley but he’s somehow okay to continue. Hangman goes over to fetch Moxley, and whips him into railing! Hangman ROCKS Moxley with haymakers as the bloody eyebrow becomes a crimson mask. Hangman refreshes the count, goes back to Moxley and CHOPS him! Moxley gets in Hangman’s face so Hangman CHOPS again! Moxley CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS, but Hangman DECKS him! Hangman snarls, looms over Moxley, and then drags him back up. Hangman puts Moxley in the ring, and rains down more fists on that bloody eyebrow! Moxley falls over, but Hangman gets the wrists!

Hangman sits Moxley up, for a DRAGON STOMP, but Moxley blocks! Moxley throws Hangman to a corner and fires off forearms and CHOPS on repeat! Moxley then hoists Hangman up top, climbs up after him, and CLAWS Hangman’s back, painfully slow! Then he CLAWS and BITES Hangman’s back, before blowing a kiss to the fans. But Hangman throws body shots in return! Dynamite returns to single picture as Hangman BITES Moxley’s forehead! Hangman then slips under Moxley to fireman’s carry him on the second rope! SUPER DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!! Moxley survives and fans are fired up!

Fans duel as Hangman sits up. Hangman scowls while Moxley sits up. Moxley eggs Hangman on so Hangman kicks him! And BOOTS him! Hangman tells Moxley to stay down but he refuses. Moxley sits up, so Hangman BOOTS him! Moxley sits up to SLAP Hangman, and flips him off! Hangman is fuming, but he runs into a CUTTER! A standing count starts, fans count along as Moxley and Hangman stir. They sit up at 5 of 10, and Moxley throws a haymaker. Hangman throws it back, so Moxley gives another,. They go back and forth, Hangman wobbles but he CHOPS! Moxley CHOPS! Hangman forearms! Moxley forearms back!

Moxley eggs Hangman on, Hangman staggers over and CHOPS again! Moxley KICKS a leg, KICKS Hangman’s arm, then KICKS him again! Moxley ducks the haymaker to get the SLEEPER! Hangman shifts to SAIDO! But Moxley’s right up! SAIDO!! Hangman ends up in a corner and fans say “This is Awesome!” Moxley puts Hangman up top, climbs up after him, and hits a SUPER HALF HATCH SUPLEX!! Cover, TWO!! Moxley immediately rains down the HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Then he clamps on a SLEEPER! Hangman endures as Moxley shifts to a BULLY CHOKE! Hangman pushes around, so Moxley shifts to get the wrists! DRAGON STOMPS!!

Moxley then drags Hangman up into the underhooks! But Hangman fights Death Rider! So Moxley rolls Hangman to an ARMBAR! Hangman endures, moves around, and reaches out to the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts and Moxley lets go at 4. Hangman crawls to a corner, fans rally up, and Moxley says this is it! Moxley runs in but Hangman TOSSES him up and out! Moxley staggers up, Hangman goes up top! ARIHARA MOONSAULT but Moxley moves! And LARIATS!! Both men are down at the ramp and fans are thunderous! The ref checks both men, Moxley is up first while fans lose their minds.

Moxley goes to the timekeeper’s area and he clears off the table! Moxley drags Hangman over, reels him in, but Hangman resists the lift! Hangman Alabama Lifts but Moxley fights that. DOUBLE LARIATS hit! And again! Moxley runs in, POP-UP POWERBOMB THROUGH THE TABLE!! Fans lose their minds again while Hangman leaves Moxley behind in the ring. The ring count climbs to 5 of 10 before Moxley sits up. The count is 7! Then “OCHO!” Moxley stands at 9, and springs in at 9.9!! But into a LARIAT!! And then Alabama Lift, DEADEYE!!! Cover, TWO?!?! Moxley survives and no one can believe it!

Hangman kicks at Moxley, almost taunting him. Hangman goes to a corner while Moxley’s fans boo. Hangman runs in, but Moxley dodges the stomp to KING KONG LARIAT!! Fans are thunderous as both men stand again. Moxley eggs Hangman on, and Hangman stands. Moxley throws a forearm, so Hangman hits back! Moxley forearms again, but so does Hangman! Fans duel, the forearms fly faster, and then Hangman gets the edge! SUPERKICK! Hangman reels Moxley in, fisherman’s a leg, but Moxley fights the suplex! Hangman powers it through, FISHERMAN CRADLE DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!?!?!?

Hangman’s wild eyes say he can’t believe Moxley survived! Hangman goes to the apron, he aims at Moxley, slingshot for the BUCK- NO! DEATH- NO, Hangman blocks to scoop! TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!! But Hangman doesn’t cover, he goes to the apron! Hangman loads up, for the BUCKSHOT!!! Cover, TWO!?!?!? HOW?!?! Moxley has survived all of Hangman’s best, but Hangman has the BULLY CHOKE!! Hangman pulls back on Moxley’s favorite hold! Moxley shifts, fights back up, and he snapmares into a cradle! MOXLEY WINS!!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by pinfall

Moxley just taught Hangman not to play games! Hangman is furious that he got caught like that, but the Blackpool Combat Club steps into the ring. Yuta and Claudio keep Hangman back but Moxley stands up. Moxley and Hangman get in each other’s face but the BCC keep them apart. Hangman flips Moxley off, and fans want to “LET THEM FIGHT!” Moxley and Hangman keep jawing, they get close but Claudio keeps them separate. Moxley mocks Hangman by lying down, giving Hangman a chance. Hangman mocks Moxley back by doing a quick burpie push-up. Claudio tells Hangman to go and cool off.

Moxley flips Hangman off as he leaves, and fans celebrate their home state hero. Will there be a fourth round out of these two to truly settle things?


AEW takes a look at tonight’s TNT Championship No Holds Barred main event!

Darby Allin tells Samoa Joe, “I knew when I took this from you in Seattle that you’d want it back. And I know you’d stop at nothing to have it back. Well, I’m gonna make things fair. You beat me in Texas, and you granted me my rematch in Seattle. So I’m granting you your rematch in Ohio. But I want it under one condition: No Holds Barred.” Samoa Joe told the “Little Dead Boy” that Joe is “coming to take back what’s mine. The King will not be usurped by a man like you.” Darby says if he walks out the winner, Joe doesn’t get another rematch. If Joe walks out the winner, Darby won’t get a rematch. This will be the final chapter of their feud! So who writes their happily ever after?


Backstage interview with Jamie Hayter, The Bunny, The Butcher & The Blade.

Renee Paquette is with the AEW Women’s World Champion, as well as the mercenary trio. Renee thanks them for agreeing to no physicality, and understands that Allie the Bunny requested this time. Bunny tells Hayter, they’re all very impressed by Hayter’s win over Emi Sakura on Rampage last Friday. Now, Bunny feels like Sakura outshined Hayter, but great win nonetheless. And Bunny knows Hayter isn’t the type to back down from a challenge, right? Right. So here’s a challenge: next week on Dynamite, Hayter VS Bunny in a Title Eliminator Match! What does Hayter say? Hayter says absolutely! She bloody loves a challenge, and next week, she’s free.

Renee says there’s something happening as we speak! They get it on the television screen nearby, and it’s Britt Baker being mugged by Saraya and Toni Storm!! Bunny is shocked and Hayter is furious! Hayter hurries off, Saraya talks right into the camera, “AEW is OUR house!” Storm drags Britt up to RAM her into a garage door! Bunny more or less expresses exasperation, but will Hayter be able to save the Doctor?


The Acclaimed w/ Billy Gunn VS Truth Magnum & Turbo Floyd!

The AEW World Tag Team Champions have been reigning for 133 days, but they know the Gunn Sons, Austin & Colten, are gunning for them. But first, they tune up against “The Outrunners.” As always, Platinum Max has a diss track ready! “Acclaimed on the mic, you know we the nicest. Fighting two guys in their midlife crisis! I bet you have sex with each other. How we gonna fight the bootleg Beverly Brothers? C’mon, it’s not the 80s! Acclaimed gonna make you call it quits like you Tom Brady! ‘Ey, y’all should be ashamed. In Ohio, everybody loves The Acclaimed.”

Fans cheer, and Bowens gets the mic to say, “NNNUTTER CENTERRR~! The Acclaimed have arrived! SCISSOR ME, DADDY ASS!” And he does~! But while Caster & Bowens just embarrassed Truth & Turbo, are they walking into a trap game before taking on the Ass Boys?

The teams sort out, the Outrunners decide they’ll scissor finger! They mock the Mega Powers at the same time, but then Bowens SUPERKICKS Truth out of the ring! The bell rings, Caster CHOPS Turbo and scoops him to SLAM him! Tag to Bowens and Bowens goes up top! Caster holds open the legs, SCISSOR ME TURBO! Daddy Ass gets in the ring so that he and the boys can TRIPLE SCISSOR~! Bowens waits on Turbo, mule kicks and hits the ARRIVAL! Tag to Caster and he goes up top, MIC DROP! Cover, The Acclaimed win!

Winners: The Acclaimed, by pinfall

But wait! Raining on the parade are Austin & Colten! Fans taunt the “ASS~ BOYS~!” But they tune that out. They go to the ring, and Colten has a mic. “Hey, good match, guys. But we’re here to talk about something serious. Last week, what we said would make us happy are your belts. And we want a shot at those belts, and we want an answer right now.” Fans boo but Caster has the mic to say, “Yo! Yo! Yo! Yo! Listen.” Bowens says, “You two Rod ‘n’ Todd lookin’ asses want an answer. You do realize you are interrupting the most popular tag team in all of wrestling, right?” Caster adds, “That’s right!”

“The winningest tag team in AEW history!” “That’s right!” “The FOREVER champs, the Acclaimed!” “That’s right!” “And not to mention, EVERYONE! LOVES! THE ACCLAIMED!” But they are the People’s Choice, and the People’s Voice, they will ask the people. Colten says these fans can’t even read! But Bowens still asks Dayton’s opinion: Do the Ass Boys deserve a shot at the tag titles? “NOOO~!” Well, the people have spoken, so NO. Austin & Colten get in Caster’s & Bowens’ faces, but Billy tells them all to stop! Isn’t it enough already? Billy is so sick of this, he is just done! Billy says this is too much, so go ahead, beat the sh*t out of each other!

Daddy Ass steps aside, fans fire up, but Austin says, “There you go. Do exactly what you did our entire childhoods and turn your back on us.” Billy stops walking up the ramp, but then chuckles as he keeps going. Austin says Billy should do what he used to do, and drown his sorrows at the bottom of a PILL BOTTLE! That gets Billy to turn around! Billy storms up on his sons and The Acclaimed, as well as the fans, tell the Ass Boys that they F’d up. Billy is up in Austin’s face and says, “So you two think you just put your big boy pants on? Then you just step up, and you just made the biggest mistake…”

The mic is wonky so Billy throws it down. Bowens gives Billy the good one. Billy wants Austin to look at him after what he just said. Austin looks up at his father’s eyes. Billy says if they’ve got their big boy pants on, if they think they got what it takes, if they think they have what Billy had, then we’ll see next week. They’ve got their title shots! The Acclaimed is surprised but the Ass Boys smile that they’re getting their way. Will Austin & Colten get what they want? Or just what they deserve?


Backstage interview with Jack Perry.

Alex Marvez is with Jungle Boy and notes that he and Hook are 2-0 as a team, having beaten The Firm’s Ethan Page & Matt Hardy. The question is: What’s next for #JungleHook? JB says that he had an amazing time teaming with Hook, and Hook has had JB’s back when no one else did. But JB’s done the tag team thing before. In fact, JB has been all the way to the top of that mountain, and fallen all the way down. But this year isn’t about that. What JB will say is that he’ll be a champion again, but all by himself. Then just what title will Jack Perry aim for in this Tarzan Life?


Brian Cage w/ Prince Nana VS Konosuke Takeshita!

Speaking of having people’s backs, just as The Machine and MJF were about to destroy Bryan Danielson, The Future of Wrestling rushed out to run them off! But now, Cage and Konosuke go toe to toe, will Cage make Konosuke pay for interfering?

The bell rings and Konosuke BOOTS Cage! Cage BOOTS Konosuke, then DOUBLE LARIATS collide! Cage swings but Konosuke swats it to ROLLING ELBOW! Cage wobbles, Konosuke runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges, and then TAKESHITA LINES! Cage bails out and fans fire up! Konosuke runs to BOOT Cage off the apron! Konosuke then PLANCHAS and takes Cage down at the ramp! Fans fire up, Konosuke winks at the camera, and then goes back to the apron. But Cage grabs a foot! Konosuke kicks and stomps Cage but Cage yanks Konosuke into a POST BOMB! Konosuke tumbles down and fans boo but Nana cheers.

Cage drags Konosuke up, puts him in, and runs to basement BOOT! Cover, TWO! Fans rally for Konosuke but Cage drags him back up. Cage reels Konosuke in, puts one out, but Konosuke wrenches out! Konosuke throws a forearm, but Cage gives it back! They go forearm for forearm, and Konosuke throws boxing elbows into the ROLLING ELBOW! Cage fights the back suplex, KNEES low, and brags, “Who betta than Cage?” But he runs into a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO! Cage survives and Konosuke is surprised! Nana coaches Cage up but Konosuke aims from a corner. Konosuke runs in to JUMP KNEE, but Cage dodges!

Konosuke tumbles to the apron, Cage ROUNDHOUSES him! Cage climbs the ropes, and he stands Konosuke up. DEADLIFT SUPERPLEX! Fans boo but Cage flexes while Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Cage drops a knee on Konosuke, sits him up to KNEE him in the back again and again, then he stomps Konosuke back down. Cage paces, drags Konosuke up, and bumps him off buckles. Cage RAMS into Konosuke, RAMS him again, and then CHOPS him! Cage soaks up the heat, but Konosuke CHOPS back! Konosuke fires forearms, then another CHOP! And another CHOP! But Cage BOOTS Konosuke down! Cage grabs the legs, stomps Konosuke in the stomach, then paces around. Cage stands Konosuke up, wrenches and YANKS the arm, then RAMS shoulders. Cage wrenches, pump handles, and lifts, but Konosuke slips out!

Konosuke runs in but Cage ducks the boot to roll Konosuke up! Konosuke slips out, but runs into a drop toehold! Konosuke’s on ropes, Cage dials it up, TIGER FEINT KICK! Konosuke staggers to a corner, Cage runs in and UPPERCUTS, GAMANGIRIS, and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Cover, TWO!! Cage and Nana are annoyed, but Cage looms over Konosuke. Cage hears the fans rally for Konosuke, but Cage drags him up. Cage reels Konosuke in, puts out another one, and Dynamite returns to single picture as Cage lifts, only for Konosuke to RANA Cage into buckles! BLINDSIDE JUMP KNEE! Cage staggers, Konosuke goes up, FLYING KNEE!

Both men are down and fans fire up! Konosuke and Cage stir as the ring count starts. Konosuke sits up and feeds off the energy. Konosuke drags Cage up into a waistlock, but Cage elbows free! Cage whips, Konosuke LARIATS on the return! Konosuke drags Cage up, waistlocks and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Bridging cover, TWO!! Fans rally while Konosuke fires up. Konosuke aims from the corner as Cage stands, and Konosuke runs in, JUMP- NO! Cage blocks the knee to BUCKLE BOMB! And then fireman’s carry, to an F- NO! Konosuke lands out, lifts and LIGER BOMBS! Cover, TWO!! Cage survives but fans fire up behind Konosuke!

Konosuke aims again while Nana shouts to Cage. Cage stands, Konosuke runs in but the knee is blocked! Cage spins, Konosuke ducks! Konosuke spins, ROLLING ELBOW!! Konosuke reels Cage in, but Cage wrenches out to HEADBUTT! And then SAIDO!! But Konosuke is right up?! Into a DISCUS LARIAT from Cage!! Cover, TWO!?! Konosuke survives and Nana is furious! Cage says he’s gonna end this, and he suplexes, only for Konosuke to slip out! Konosuke suplexes, SHEER DROP BRAINBUSTER!! Cage roars as he rises up, but Konosuke ROCKS him with another elbow! And then another suplex, for another BRAINBUSTER!!! Cover, TWO!?!?

Cage survives, he must truly be a machine! But Dayton rallies behind Konosuke. Konosuke runs in, but into a SUPERKICK! Cage fireman’s carries, for the F10!! Nana says no prisoners! Cage drags Konosuke up again, puts him in the corner and hoists him to the top. Cage then goes to the outside and climbs up after Konosuke. But Konosuke throws forearms in return! Konosuke suplexes for a SUPER BRAINBUSTER!!! Fans are thunderous and Konosuke aims again! KNOCKOUT KNEE!!! Cover, Konosuke wins!!

Winner: Konosuke Takeshita, by pinfall

Cage may be a machine, but the machine just broke down against the bullet train! Will Konosuke continue to prove why he IS The Future of Wrestling?


Backstage interview with the Jericho Appreciation Society.

Renee is with Matthew Menard, Angelo Parker, Daniel Garcia, Sammy Guevara, and of course, Chris Jericho himself. Renee says that we heard Ricky Starks’ comments from last week, addressing how the JAS cheated to win. What is their reaction? Jericho says, “Cheated? We haven’t worked together in five years, and you’re accusing us of cheating? Let me say this, Renee. Ricky Starks, he didn’t lose to a baseball bat, no. Did you see a baseball bat in there?” Of course the JAS says no. Jericho says Starks lost to the JAS. And now Starks challenges them, “How can I get another match with Chris Jericho?”

Jericho says the JAS has an idea how Starks can do that. Right, Sammy? Sammy says yes. Garcia and Sammy put their heads together, and they came up with a great idea: The Guevara-Garcia… No, wait, the Garcia-Guevara Gauntlet! Danny thanks Sammy for the top billing on that name. Renee asks what kind of gauntlet they have in mind. Garcia says it’s a rather simple concept. “Ricky, first you’re gonna have to beat Cool Hand Ange. And if that happens, you’re gonna have to beat Daddy Magic.” Menard adds, “Beat Daddy Magic? I DON’T THINK SO!” Garcia says that if Starks somehow does that, then he beats either Garcia or Guevara, but they’ll reveal that the night of.

And then, if somehow, by the skin of his teeth, Starks makes it past all that, only then does Starks get his hands on Jericho. Jericho tells Starks, “You don’t call the shots around here, the Jericho Appreciation Society does. So if you can get through the Garcia-Guevara Gauntlet, I’ll be ready to rip your ass!” Will the Absolute survive three matches in one go to finally have another shot at The Ocho?


The Elite speak.

Matt Jackson asks Brandon Cutler if the camera is rolling as he, brother Nick, Kenny Omega, Michael Nakazawa and Don Callis are on the basketball court. Cutler says yes, they’re live, while Nakazawa and Callis are oiling Omega up. Matt says, “Ladies and gentlemen, check it out who it is! It’s the first-ever, two-time Trios Champions, The Elite.” Omega says that’s right, and he tells Top Flight, “I watched what you guys did. After a Best of 7 Series in a ladder match, you got one up on our boys. Well how ’bout next week, you bring your friend, AR Fox, next week and we’ll put these belts on the line, and you guys can shoot your shot.

“But hey, when you shoot that shot, you best not miss. Because The Elite never miss. Nick, if you will.” Nick takes the rock and shoots it, THREE POINTER! Oh, but wait! The Firm’s Stokely Hathaway, Ethan Page, Matt Hardy & Isiah Kassidy walk in. Callis has Cutler keep rolling, and Omega mockingly asks where Stokely is, he can’t see him. Oh haha, Stokely knows you see him, he’s right here. But listen, you three are doing NOTHING all week? No wrestling, nothing? Just a week off? Ethan thinks that’s funny. The Firm’s employees don’t have that luxury, they work every single week, and Ethan wants that streak to continue.

So Ethan says how about this: The Elite VS Ethan, Matt & “Zay,” Friday on Rampage. Omega tells Callis he isn’t so sure, but Callis says this is Matt Hardy. If they get footage of Hardy taking a One Winged Angel, they could sell that NFT for a lot of money. Hardy says, “What about an NFT with Matt Hardy Twist-Of-Fating Omega?” Ethan likes that better! Well, as far as a match, it’s done. The Elite VS The Whatever They Are. Kassidy says he hopes the Elite is ready, cuz they sure are. Kassidy unsettles Kenny with an arm around his shoulders and a moan, and Ethan says this is good business. Hey, Brandon, is it? Cut the camera!

Matt Jackson tells Ethan Page that he doesn’t tell Brandon what to do! THEY tell him! Turn off the camera, ya damn dumbass! And get off the court, they’re trying to play. But will this 3v3 pick-up game go The Elite’s way? Or is it a trap game before taking on Fox, Dante & Darius?


Bryan Danielson VS Timothy Thatcher!

In the American Dragon’s quest to be #1 contender, he has defeated Tony Nese, Konosuke Takeshita, Bandido and Brian Cage, an undefeated streak of 4-0 in 2023! But now, Maxwell Jacob Friedman has enlisted a fighter very much like Bryan in his savage technical ability. Will Bryan make it to the deadline still on top? Or is this where MJF wins before Revolution even begins?

The bell rings and the two circle. They feel out the grapple, but Bryan’s shoulder is an obvious target. They grapple, Bryan puts Thatcher on ropes but Thatcher shifts to get the arm. Thatcher wrangles Bryan but Bryan scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Thatcher lets off, and then smirks as he watches Bryan get up. Bryan and Thatcher feel out another grapple, Thatcher puts him in the corner, and then European Uppercuts! And again! And again! Bryan sits down and Thatcher goes after the arm! Thatcher twists the elbow and wrist, isolates the arm, and stands on the hand! Thatcher KNEES the arm!

Bryan scrambles away but Thatcher is right on him with a double wristlock! Bryan powers Thatcher to ropes, and clasps his hands behind his back. The ref counts, the two let off, but then Bryan fires off body shots and kicks! Bryan grabs a leg to DRAGON SCREW! Bryan holds onto the leg, turns Thatcher over and ties those legs up, to get a Deathlock! Fans rally as Bryan sits on the hold, then SNAPS it! Bryan then shifts to a BOW ‘N’ ARROW! Thatcher pries the fingers away! Bryan shouts in pain but Thatcher twists the arm! And STOMPS it down! Fans boo but Thatcher grins with that missing-tooth smile.

Thatcher KNEES Bryan in the back, stalks him to a corner, but Bryan puts Thatcher in the corner to CHOP and CHOP and KICK and KICK! Fans rally, Bryan runs corner to corner, and DROPKICKS! Bryan facelocks but Thatcher wrenches and WRINGS Bryan’s arm! Fans boo more but Thatcher drags Bryan up with a double wristlock! Thatcher uses his height to lift Bryan off the mat! Then Thatcher pushes Bryan down, but Bryan keeps his shoulders up. Bryan crawls around, ROPEBREAK! Thatcher lets go at 4 while fans rally up. Bryan clutches his arm but Thatcher goes after it again as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Bryan endures but they’re also in the ropes so the ref counts. Thatcher lets off at 4, then digs his boot into Bryan at the corner. The ref counts, Thatcher lets off, only to stand on Bryan’s chest! The ref counts, Thatcher steps away, and he grins as he soaks up the heat. Thatcher mocks Bryan’s pain, then KNEES the bad shoulder! Thatcher KNEES Bryan again, goes out to drag Bryan tot he apron, and he SLAMS the arm on the edge! Bryan clutches his bicep and shoulder while the ref reprimands. Thatcher slides into the ring and stands Bryan up by his ears! Thatcher CLUBS Bryan on the chest! Thatcher fishhooks Bryan to stand him up, and CLUBS him again!

Bryan sits down, Thatcher stands him back up, and he hammerlocks the bad arm. Thatcher then back suplexes Bryan up and into the ring! Thatcher dusts off his hands while crawling to the cover, but Bryan wrangles him into the LEBELL LOCK!! Thatcher got cocky and got caught! But he scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! Bryan lets off quickly, but Thatcher is right on him! Thatcher UPPERCUTS the arm! Bryan goes to a corner, Thatcher KNEES him down, then drags Bryan back up. Thatcher EuroUppers Bryan, taunts the fans, then EuroUppers Bryan again. Bryan leans against ropes, Thatcher snarls at the fans, then gets in Bryan’s face.

Dynamite returns to single picture as Thatcher traps Bryan’s bad arm behind his back and throws hard body shots to that side. The ref counts but Thatcher grins as he throws more shots. Bryan fights back with HEADBUTTS! Fans fire up as Bryan backs Thatcher down, but Thatcher fires off body shot after body shot! Thatcher drags Bryan out to a hammerlock GROVIT, and then hits a GROVIT-PLEX! Cover, TWO!! Bryan is still in this but Thatcher snarls. Thatcher stalks Bryan at the ropes, bumps him off buckles, then reels Bryan in to hoist him up top. Thatcher UPPERCUTS, climbs up after Bryan, and he underhooks the arms!

Bryan resists and fans fire up! Bryan breaks free, throws body shot after body shot in return, and then HEADBUTTS Thatcher down! Thatcher growls and gets right back up! But Bryan throws more body shots! Fans rally “YES! YES! YES!” and Bryan HEADBUTTS again! Thatcher stays down this time, and Bryan stands up! Thatcher stands in time for the MISSILE DROPKICK! Both men are down as Bryan clutches his bad arm, but Dayton rallies up behind him! Bryan and Thatcher sit up, both snarl, and Thatcher EuroUppers! Bryan EuroUppers in return! They go uppercut for uppercut, but Thatcher gets the edge!

Bryan fires up to KICK! And KICK! Bryan KICKS away on Thatcher’s chest, “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan powers up but Thatcher blocks the Buzzsaw! Thatcher goes for the bad arm, wrangles Bryan down, but Bryan rolls through and gets around to waistlock. Thatcher bucks the O’Conner but runs into a backslide! TWO, FUJIWARA! No, Bryan rolls through to BUZZSAW! Cover, TWO!! But Bryan clamps on for HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Fans rally again, but Thatcher blocks the arm! Bryan claws Thatcher’s face to get free, and get a SLEEPER! But Thatcher wants that bad arm! Bryan has to shift his grip, but Thatcher stands!

Thatcher pries the sleeper open because he can get the bad arm, but Bryan powers up! Bryan has the hold on tight, so Thatcher backs Bryan down! They end up ramming the ref into the corner! Bryan still holds on, but Thatcher hits a BIG back suplex! All three men are down and fans fire up! But here comes MJF! The AEW World Champion tells Dayton to shush, and he puts on the Dynamite Diamond Ring! MJF says, “It’s too damn easy. This is done! This is done!” MJF goes to the ring, but KONOSUKE flies in outta nowhere!! Konosuke won’t let MJF screw Bryan over! Konosuke attacks MJF, RAMS him into railing, and chases him to the back!

Bryan has Thatcher but Thatcher snatches the arm! FUJIWARA ARMBAR!! The ref is up, he asks Bryan, but Bryan endures! Thatcher pushes way back on the arm, but Bryan pushes his way forward with his legs! ROPEBREAK!! Fans fire up as Bryan survives by a literal foot! Thatcher lets go in frustration and he scowls as he throws hands on the bad arm. Thatcher drags Bryan up, clinches, BELLY2BELLY SUPLEX! Bryan flounders but Thatcher runs in, clinches, but Bryan switches! GERMAN SUPLEX! Thatcher fumes as he gets back up! Bryan dodges him, runs back in, BUSAIKU KNEE!! Cover, Bryan wins!

Winner: Bryan Danielson, by pinfall

Now 5-0 on the year, the quest continues! The American Dragon is not yet slain, but wait! MJF and Konosuke continue brawling backstage! MJF turns things around to send MJF into a road case! MJF gets a chair to CHUCK it at Konosuke’s head! And then he throws a trash bin! MJF says if Konosuke wants after him, this is what he gets! But Konosuke turns things back around to SMACK MJF off a table! MJF comes back, the hands fly, and security rushes in! Referees and management try to stop this, too! MJF says he’ll kill Konosuke but Konosuke says about the same in Japanese! Renee runs in to be on the scene, and she tells everyone to stop!

Renee informs everyone, “Per Tony Khan, next week on Dynamite in an Eliminator match, it will be Takeshita VS MJF!” MJF is pissed, he doesn’t agree to that, but he MUST! Will the Devil of AEW find that the Future of Wrestling is better than him?


Mogul Affiliates speak.

Swerve Strickland says, “It’s been a real relaxing last couple of weeks for Swerve and the Mogul Affiliates and all, since getting rid of some dead weight and all this. Until I was like, retriggered.” Dustin Rhodes returning to stand in front of Swerve’s camera, in front of Swerve’s lights, and with Swerve’s interviewer! “The Rhodes Family legacy really gets under my skin, with your father, Dusty Rhodes, giving Keith Lee the ‘Limitless’ moniker. So, since he’s not here, Dustin’s not here, either, let’s find some other nepotism, second generation punk boy to get rid of Friday night on Rampage. That means you, Brian Pillman. Ain’t that right, Parker?”

Parker Boudreaux says that’s right. “Ain’t that right, Trench?” The tattooed man says, “Yeah, that’s right.” Hoodies up, but will they put Bulletproof BPJ down?


BREAKING NEWS for next week!

February 8th, the deadline for Bryan Danielson becoming #1 contender, will see The American Dragon taking on La Faccion Ingobernable’s El Toro Blanco, RUSH!! And speaking of…

Backstage interview with LFI.

Lexi Nair is with El Toro Blanco, but also Jose the Assistant and “Perro Peligroso,” Preston Vance. She notes the announcement of Rush VS Bryan, but then there’s a knock at the door. MJF walks in and says, “Hola, mi hermanos! Senor Vance, Senor Jose, Senor Rrrrrush.” Rush asks what the hell this “perro” wants. MJF double checks, “perro” is dog, right? Well, there’s a little thing called personal space, so he’s just gonna take a step back. “But here’s the deal: my, uh, Spanish is come se dice… Mid. But I know one language, my friend, that is mucho, mucho universal.” And that is MONEY! A huge briefcase full of it!

MJF snaps the case shut and smiles. This first one is free of charge. But he has FIVE MORE filled to the brim with dinero. All Rush has to do is beat Bryan Danielson “by any means necessary.” All Rush needs to do is rip Bryan’s arm off and beat him over the head with it. Can Rush pull that off for him? Jose, translate. Jose translates, but Rush seems to understand explicitly. Rush tells MJF in Spanish, and MJF asks “dipsh*t” Jose to translate. Jose sums it up by saying they have a deal. Oh, is that right? That sounded a bit longer than that. But Rush, you don’t have to like MJF. He just has to get the job done. Pleasure doing business with you, perro.

MJF leaves, but Rush has his mission. Will Rush be raking in the money with one match? Or will nothing stop Bryan Danielson from earning his title match?


AEW TBS Championship: Jade Cargill w/ Leila Grey VS Red Velvet!

Finally, the biggest, fastest-rising star has reached her FIFTIETH match! But while the streak started with The Chef, will it end with her, too? Or will #ThatBitch not be stopped by even the person who knows her best?

The introductions are made, but Velvet attacks while Jade is strutting around! The bell rings, Velvet fires off forearms but Jade knees her low. Jade whips Velvet to a corner but Velvet boots her back! THESZ PRESS! Velvet rains down hands but Jade shoves her away. Velvet ducks but runs into an elbow! Jade drags Velvet up, but Velvet fires off forearms! Velvet whips, Jade blocks to reverse, but Velvet holds ropes. Jade runs in but Velvet sends her out! Leila hurries to Jade’s side but Velvet builds speed! Velvet WRECKS Jade with a dropkick! Velvet tells Leila to back off, then she storms up on Jade.

Jade elbows Velvet away, but Velvet comes back to ROCK Jade! Velvet CHOPS Jade right in front of her family! Velvet then puts Jade in the ring, storms up on her and Oklahoma Rolls! TWO! Jade staggers up, blocks a superkick, and she spins Velvet around. Velvet ducks the haymaker and runs the ropes, then wheelbarrows, but into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Fans fire up while Jade drags Velvet over to a cover, TWO! Velvet is toughing it out but Jade is getting frustrated. Jade scoops Velvet to SLAM her, then drops a BIG elbow! Cover, TWO, and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Leila is annoyed and Jade frowns while Velvet sputters. Jade drags Velvet up, CLUBS her down, and Leila applauds. Jade bumps Velvet off top buckles, then middle buckles, then bottom buckles! Jade stands on Velvet in the corner and soaks up the cheers and jeers, but lets off at 4. Jade and the ref argue, but Leila gets cheap shots in! Leila scurries away and Jade hauls Velvet up for a FALL AWAY SLAM! And then kips up! Jade holds up both hands to say 50, and then flexes. Velvet bails out, Leila talks trash, and Jade storms over. Jade walks up but Velvet sends her into railing! Jade is getting mad, but Velvet avoids one haymaker to PENALTY KICK from the apron!

Velvet CROSSBODIES, but Jade catches her! Jade POSTS Velvet, then carries her around the way. Jade trophy lifts Velvet, goes up the steel steps, and then TOSSES Velvet at the ropes! Velvet falls, Jade covers, TWO!!! Velvet survives and Jade is getting real mad. Leila rallies the Baddie cheering section, and Jade stalks Velvet to a corner. Jade drags Velvet up, and TOSSES her across the way! Jade says that’s 50 right there, and then she does push-ups as Dynamite returns to single picture. But Velvet CHOPS! Jade CLUBS Velvet, then TOSSES her across the way again! Jade swaggers, dribbles, but Velvet dodges the dunk!

Velvet DROPKICKS Jade, then hits a CODE BREAKER! Jade staggers around, Velvet KICKS and KICKS and mule kicks! Velvet runs, but Jade BOOTS her down! Cover, TWO!! Velvet is still in this and wait! Kiera Hogan RAMS Leila into steel steps! The other former Baddie is here, but other refs come out to have her leave. This all distracts Jade, and Velvet rolls her up! Jade rolls through, but the STIR IT UP hits!! Cover, but the refs aren’t paying attention!! Fans count, Velvet would’ve won twice over by now! Aubrey Edwards finally notices and counts, TWO!! Jade survives and fans can’t believe it!!

Velvet is furious, she drags Jade around and hooks an arm, short arm scissor, and then the INVERSION! Jade endures, fights, but Velvet kicks at her! Jade endures as Velvet pulls on the arm, and she deadlifts Velvet! But Velvet sunset flips! Jade stays up, drags Velvet up with both hands, and pops her around! Chicken wings for JADED!!! Cover, Jade wins!!

Winner: Jade Cargill, by pinfall (still AEW TBS Champion)

FIFTY AND OH! Velvet came the closest of all, but will anyone ever stop Jade’s undefeated streak?


Backstage interview with Britt Baker.

Renee is with The Doctor, as well as Jamie Hayter, as they are with Doc Sampson. We only caught a glimpse of what happened to her earlier at the hands of Saraya & Storm, how is Britt feeling? Britt says this is fine. She’s fine, and if that’s how Storm & Saraya wanna play, that’s fine, too. Because Britt & Hayter can play that game, too. But wait, in walks Ruby Soho! Ruby just wants to talk. She heard what happened, is Britt good? Uh, Ruby, weren’t those your girls? Ruby has Britt hold on there. Ruby has nothing to do with Saraya & Storm, she doesn’t know what Britt’s talking about.

Britt says Ruby’s known Saraya & Storm a lot longer than she’s known the AEW originals, so sorry if it’s strange that Ruby only now shows up. But yeah, Britt is good. Hayter says Britt is great, actually. Ruby says she’s glad to hear it and walks off. There are battle lines being drawn, which side is the Runaway on?


BREAKING NEWS for Rampage!

Not only are The Elite and The Firm having it out, it is for the AEW World Trios Championships! Will Kenny & The Young Bucks make it through All Ego, Hardy & Kassidy to then take on Fox & Top Flight? Or will there be a change of plans for Dynamite? And speaking of Saraya & Storm, they are in tag team action once again, but will they continue to beat down All Elite homegrown talent? Plus, before taking on Bryan Danielson, Rush will take on the Fallen Angel, Christopher Daniels, in an epic match of former ROH World Heavyweight Champions! Will El Toro Blanco build momentum going into his battle with The American Dragon?


AEW TNT Championship No Holds Barred: Darby Allin w/ Sting VS Samoa Joe!

The series is tied at 1-1, with the Samoan Submission Specialist winning in Texas, but the Relentless One winning in his hometown of Seattle. Dynamite in Dayton is throwing out all the rules except one: win! Will Darby continue to be the fighting champion? Or will Joe return to being the One True King of Wrestling Television?

The introductions are made, the TNT title is raised, and one way or another, this is the series finale of Darby VS Joe!

Darby takes off his trench coat to reveal he, uh, customized his Hoodlum hoodie. He’s covered it in thumbtacks!! And as soon as he’s in the ring, he rushes in to COFFIN SPLASH Joe! Joe is reeling from the tack attack but Darby fires off tack-covered forearms! Fans fire up as Darby runs corner to corner, but Joe dodges the splash to GAMANGIRI! Joe then wraps up an arm in his towel, to LARIAT Darby down! Fans rally, Joe pulls Darby’s tack hoodie off and throws it away. Joe drags Darby up to CHOP him! Darby goes to a corner, but Darby kicks back. Joe stomps Darby, stomps him down, then storms off.

Joe goes out to look under the ring, and he brings out a TABLE! Dayton fires up, Joe picks the table up, but Darby DIVES into the table and Joe! The table doesn’t break but it, Joe and Darby all hit the floor! Joe is busted open on his forehead and fans fire up! Darby hurries to stand the table up, to then drop it on Joe! Darby then brings the steel steps around into the corner of the railing. Darby whips, Joe reverses, and Darby not only clips steel steps, he clips railing! Darby lands on his feet just from momentum, but he soon falls to his knees, clutching his back! Fans lose their minds while Joe stalks out after Darby.

Joe stands Darby up, throws knees into him, and then throws him into railing. Joe drags Darby up and they go up the bleachers. Joe SMACKS Darby off the handrail, then brings him up further. Joe smacks Darby off more railing, then keeps him going up. But Darby fights back! Darby CLUBS and CLAWS Joe’s back! Fans fire up but Joe DUMPS Darby down the steps! Fans are going nuts while Joe glares through his crimson mask, and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Joe drags Darby up again, grinds him against the handrail, then SMACKS him off a fan’s chair! They go back to the lower level as Darby kicks Joe and crawls away. Joe keeps after Darby, drags him up, and brings him around the way to TOSS back to ringside! Darby narrowly misses hitting steel steps head first! Joe stalks Darby, drags Darby back up, then scoop SLAMS him on the steps! Darby writhes, flounders away, but Joe follows him to the corner. Darby throws Joe’s ROH World TV title at him, but that only upsets Joe. Joe storms in after Darby, stalks him to a corner, and waits on Darby to stand before he DECKS him!

Joe eggs Darby on as he stands over him. Darby doesn’t stand so Joe makes him. Joe snapmares to CHOP Darby on the back! And PENALTY KICK him in the chest! And then drops a fist on his head! Joe watches Darby writhe and the ref checks on him. Joe grins through the crimson mask, then stomps Darby down. Joe kicks Darby, then clamps on a neck wrench! Joe leans all his weight on Darby but Darby throws body shots. Joe doesn’t budge, and he CLUBS Darby down. Joe grins as Darby tires to sit back up. Joe clamps the neck wrench back on and he twists even harder! Darby endures, and Dynamite returns to single picture as Darby throws more body shots.

Joe lets go of the neck wrench, Darby hobbles and runs, but into an ELBOW! Darby falls over and Joe covers, TWO! Joe keeps focus as he looms over Darby. Joe KICKS Darby to a corner, and then stomps him. Fans rally and duel, but Joe is annoyed by that. Joe drags Darby up, DECKS him with a forearm, then clamps on another neck wrench! It’s practically a vice on Darby’s head, squeezing his skull! Darby endures, fights up, and he RAMS Joe into buckles! Darby fires off forearms and SLAPS! Darby runs corner to corner, but into the URENAGE! Cover, TWO!! Darby survives the #STJOE, but Joe stands Darby up to CHOP him!

Darby staggers, Joe CHOPS him again! Darby flops to the apron, Joe builds speed and he BOOTS Darby to the floor! Joe then storms out and looks under the ring. Joe brings out another TABLE! Fans fire up again but Joe has fans move aside. Fans oblige and Joe rests the table against railing. Darby is in the ring, Joe goes in and brings Darby up, but Darby JAWBREAKERS before the sleeper could lock in! Darby runs in at the corner to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Darby CHOPS away on Joe, but Joe TOSSES Darby right out of the ring! Joe has been treating Darby like a throw pillow, emphasis on the “throw!”

Darby flounders up, but Joe goes back over to bring him back in. Joe suplexes high and hard! Joe then goes out to fetch chairs! Joe puts a handful of chairs in the ring, then sets them up together. Fans fire up as they’re back to back to make a wedge! Joe stands Darby up, brings him over, BIG back suplex on the chair wedge!! Darby writhes and Joe has a sadistic smile. “Joe is gonna kill~ you!” Joe turns the chairs around to face each other, then brings Darby back up. But Darby uses POCKET SAND to stop the bomb! CODE RED!! Cover, TWO!! Joe survives but Darby hurries to hop on! THROWBACK STUNNER!

Joe falls into a drop zone, and Darby hurries to get his hoodie back! Darby puts that back on, climbs up the corner, and COFFIN DROPS!! Cover, TWO!?!? Joe survives the tack-enhanced senton and fans can’t believe it! Darby hurries outside and goes looking. Darby uses a knife to cut the strings that hold down the canvas! Some are tough but they all give way, and Darby pulls the canvas away. Darby then drags off the foam padding to expose bare wood! Darby is deconstructing the ring in order to better destroy Joe! Darby sees Joe outside, builds speed and DIVES, but Joe walks away! Darby CRASHES THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

Dayton is losing their minds as Joe puts Darby back in! Joe sets Darby’s tack covered jacket down, he picks Darby up, and he POWERBOMBS him on the tacks! AND THEN HE SMOTHERS DARBY WITH THE TACK JACKET!! Darby DIGS at Joe’s eyes!! Joe lets Darby go, but he staggers around blindly! Joe stands up into a CHAIR SHOT! And another! And another! Darby has Joe on the hard wood, climbs up top, but Joe pushes the ref into the ropes to trip Darby up!! Joe climbs up after Darby, tucks him in, and hits a SUPER MUSCLE BUSTER TO THE WOOD!!!! Cover, JOE WINS!!!

Winner: Samoa Joe, by pinfall (NEW AEW TNT Champion)

Darby’s relentless streak is over! Samoa Joe is now a TWO-TIME TWO BELT CHAMPION! But wait! “THIS IS WAAAR~!” Fans go nuts for Wardlow as he storms down to the ring! Joe is just as shocked as Wardlow runs in! SPEAR!! Wardlow rains down fists on the man who took his title and his top knot! Wardlow rips his shirt off, drags Joe up, but Joe scrambles away! Fans boo but Joe isn’t going to fight again so soon after the war he just went through. Security rushes out but Wardlow CLOBBERS them all! Then he hauls one up to POWERBOMB out onto all the others!! Wardlow will not be denied, when and where will he get his hands on Joe?

My Thoughts:

This was an awesome Dynamite! Same balance of action and talking, but the action was all on a different level this week. Of the talking, we got good stuff out of this AEW Originals VS Imports in the Women’s Division. Saraya & Storm really up their Heel heat by just attacking Britt unprovoked, and then Ruby checking in on Britt was an interesting turnaround from her telling she didn’t want Britt’s help. But we’re getting closer and closer to that big tag(?) match. Hell, make it a Blood & Guts match but with the women rather than the men. Saraya leads a team, Britt leads a team, Ruby will choose Britt’s side and there could even be a twist of Shida betraying Saraya during the match to cost the anti-AEW team.

Good promo from the JAS to set up things with Starks. I just knew Starks would have to beat everyone in the JAS eventually, so it’s clever for them to get it all done in one gauntlet match. Starks will of course make it past Menard and Parker, and I bet that just as it looks like Garcia is stepping up to face Starks, Guevara takes the spotlight from him. Starks will still get through the final opponent, and he’ll get his match with Jericho. Good promo from Mogul Affiliates, because one: it establishes that their group doesn’t like multigenerational wrestlers, and two: it gave Granden Goetzman his wrestler name, “Trench.” Swerve will surely beat BPJ, but I bet Dustin teams up with BPJ and Brock Anderson as a sort of AEW take on WWE’s Legacy faction to take on Mogul Affiliates.

Good promo from Jack Perry, but I’m surprised he waited until now to establish that he’s done with tag teams. But I suppose he’s done with The Firm, too, so he’s done needing reinforcements. As it stands, if he wants a singles title, he could start with the All-Atlantic Championship, but I could see JB making a move for THE AEW World title. Speaking of The Firm, good promo from them and The Elite. I wonder if this was really live or just the take where Nick actually made that shot. Anyway, I’m also surprised the trios match for Rampage is for the titles when the titles are going to be on the line for Dynamite. But I suppose if Orange Cassidy and Darby Allin are fighting champions, then so should the Elite. Which of course means The Elite win on Rampage to go on to face Fox & Flight.

We got an awesome match from Bryan VS Thatcher, but of course Bryan wins to keep his story going. Even after he had that awesome match with Brian Cage, Konosuke going after MJF was a great move. And getting himself an Eliminator match is a good, too, but I feel like MJF finds a way to stand tall. He’ll either cheat to win, or just get himself disqualified quickly so his night will be over quickly. MJF also had a really good promo with LFI. Rush is a great choice to take on Bryan Danielson, and Rush is also going to have a great match with Christopher Daniels on Rampage. I’m sure Bryan will still find a way to win and we’ll still get that Ironman match, it just has to be how this goes.

It’s mostly because I don’t even know who is the #2 contender, since AEW still hasn’t kept up with rankings in this new year. AEW bringing out a sudden twist of MJF still having that One Hour Ironman match against someone other than Bryan would be great stuff, since MJF has been so focused on Bryan, but I feel like getting MJF VS Bryan is still the thing everyone wants to see. Great opening match out of Hangman VS Moxley, and of course Moxley bleeds. It’s practically in his contract. But Hangman losing by a roll-up was a great surprise, and them still being after each other after, this has to continue until Revolution.

The Acclaimed winning a squash was a bit surprising, but obviously that was to make room for the promo that set up things with The Gunn Sons. But Billy suddenly saying his sons can have a title match with The Acclaimed? I hope there isn’t a turn coming where Billy is suddenly on his sons’ side again. It just feels like something is fishy, but who knows. Really good TBS title match from Jade and Velvet, but I guess since this wasn’t at a PPV, Jade wasn’t about to lose. Kiera trying to help Velvet only to mess things up was at least a good detail to protect Jade. But at this rate, who is even going to beat Jade when she’s gotten through even some great established names.

And of course, an awesome No Holds Barred match for the TNT title. Great innovation, such as Darby’s tack covered jacket and the different table spots. I was actually rather surprised to see Joe win this to once again be dual champion. But at the same time, Wardlow returning to continue his story with Joe is a logical reason as to why Joe needs to have the TNT title again. Perhaps Wardlow gets the TNT title back to have a second chance with that, and Darby can move up into the world title scene. And assuming MJF retains at Revolution, it works for Darby to be next as they have history in AEW.

My Score: 9/10

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