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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu Results & Report! (11/28/20)

Who is heading to HyruleMania?



Legend of Zelda Hyrule Pro-Wrestling

The Legend of Zelda: The Ring of Destiny, Chapter 9

Hebra’s Biron Snowshelf is the last stop before HyruleMania, the #CelebrationofGreatness! But before Link has his rematch with Ganondorf, he must get past Ghirahim!


  • Link VS Ghirahim; Link wins.
  • HPW Trios Championships #1 Contenders Match: The Doom Bringers VS The Studly Guys; The Doom Bringers win and will challenge Forged By Violence for the titles at HyruleMania.
  • HPW Termina Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat: Fin Balure VS Volga VS Osphala; Osphala wins and will challenge Igos du Ikana for the title at HyruleMania.
  • HPW Goddess Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way: The Great Fairy VS Nabooru VS Ashei VS Zelda; Zelda wins and will challenge Midna for the title at HyruleMania.


HPW and HXS TV set the scene!

The end of the year is going to be an epic #CelebrationofGreatness, but we need to know who will be going to HyruleMania! Though Groose, Skull Kid and Tingle issued their challenge first, they were quickly jumped and overshadowed by Doomknocker, Darkhammer and Gooma. Will the Skyfall Stud and his new friends prove they’re tough enough to challenge for the titles? Or are they already doomed to fail?

Then, to christen the HPW Termina Championship, Igos du Ikana demands competition! Three powerful contenders in the Zora Rock ‘n’ Rolla, the Burning Berserker and the Gleaming Yellow Light are going to step up and give it there all! Who will prove themselves worthy of the Ruler of Ruin’s challenge?

At Midna’s request, and her hijacking of Starfish McMaguro’s video announcement, FOUR women will be given an opportunity! Both the Great Fairy and Nabooru returned to wrestling during the Hyrule Warriors match while Ashei and Zelda have made impressions on the champion. However, this could be Zelda’s last chance for a long, long time. Will the Princess of Hyrule finally have her match with Twilight Princess?

But first! The Living Blade called HPW out for “coddling” their “golden boy.” He wants to prove Link winning the Hyrule Warriors match wasn’t good enough, but will Link prove him wrong? HPW Biron Snowshelf starts now!


Link VS Ghirahim!

It’s a rematch from the Triforce Championship Tournament’s Bracket of Courage finals! But despite winning that match, winning the title, and winning the Hyrule Warriors match, Link has gotten the Living Blade to accept he is worthy! Will this match finally get it through to Ghirahim?

Link not only brings out the “Master Sword” that was his prize for winning the Hyrule Warriors match, but he wears a new merchandise shirt. It’s green and reads, “I AM THE HYRULE WARRIOR” in big golden yellow letters, accompanied with the symbol of Farore, considered the Golden Goddess of Courage. Ghirahim is back in his classic white, no black gloves or extra details, the same as he wore for the Bracket of Courage finals. Ghirahim and Link keep their eyes on each other as the entrance attire is put aside. The bell rings and fans are already fired up as the two stare down.

Link and Ghirahim slowly circle, not looking away from each other. They approach and tie up, and are in a deadlock as the fans cheer for “Link! Link!” Ghirahim uses his leverage advantage to push Link back to ropes. The ref calls for a break but Ghirahim knees low! Fans boo and the ref reprimands but Ghirahim throws more knees then clubs Link on the back, then stands him up to CHOP him! Link seethes and glares at Ghirahim, so Ghirahim CHOPS him again! Ghirahim goes after an arm now, wrenches it to a wristlock then a hammerlock. He aims for a corner but Link reverses to a hammerlock of his own first. Link shifts to a headlock, hits the takeover, and resists Ghirahim’s headscissors. Ghirahim endures as Link grinds on the headlock, rolls to a cover, ONE, and Link holds on.

Ghirahim fights his way up, throws body shots, then reaches to get Link for a facelock. Ghirahim cranks on the hold but Link endures. Link powers Ghirahim into a corner then rams into him! The ref calls for the break and counts but Link and Ghirahim keep hitting each other! The ref backs Link off but that allows Ghirahim to poke Link in the eye! Fans boo as Ghirahim reels Link in to club him on the back, then reels him in again. Link fights off the back suplex, standing switches, but Ghirahim resists the lift. Ghirahim elbows Link back, CHOPS him, then wrenches and whips him to ropes. Link ducks and redirects Ghirahim and comes back to run him over with an elbow! Link springboards to drop a leg! Cover, TWO!

Link brings Ghirahim back up, wrenches to a wristlock and clamps onto the arm. Ghirahim rolls, handsprings and wrenches back to wring Link out but Link handsprings through! Ghirahim is immediately annoyed and he gets in Link’s face. He jabs a finger into Link’s chest as he says, “You are not worthy! You have only ever gotten lucky! It’s why Ganondorf kicked your ass!” Link grabs Ghirahim’s finger and pulls it way, way back! Link brings Ghirahim to the mat like this, has the hand on the mat, but Ghirahim avoids the stomp! Ghirahim’s eyes are wide as Link stares him down. Ghirahim gets to his feet as Link rushes him and uses the ropes as defense. The ref keeps Link back and Ghirahim kicks a leg out! The ref reprimands but Ghirahim hits a basement DDT! Ghirahim drags Link from ropes to cover, TWO!

Ghirahim drags Link by his leg and jams the knee between his knees. Ghirahim wrenches the leg in a toehold but Link endures. Link grabs at Ghirahim but Ghirahim shakes off the attempts at a chinbar. Link kicks with his free leg, Ghirahim cranks back on the leg, but Link endures. Link reaches for ropes, Ghirahim sees that and drags him away to then shift to a KNEEBAR! Link endures all over again, and he still kicks with his free leg. He stomps Ghirahim and Ghirahim lets go of the leg to stomp Link back! Ghirahim goes after the leg again but Link turns over, reels Ghirahim in and hooks his leg for the Bombchu Trap! Cover, TWO! Ghirahim gets up to CHOP Link! Link stays up, glares at Ghirahim, and KICKS him in the leg! Ghirahim shoves Link then throat chops him!

Fans boo as Ghirahim as he stalks Link. Ghirahim chop blocks Link at the ropes! Ghirahim grabs the bad leg, drags Link to the apron and SLAMS the leg against it! Link clutches that leg but Ghirahim grabs it again to SLAM it on the apron again! The ref reprimands but Ghirahim stops to soak up the heat from the fans. Ghirahim comes back to grab the leg again but Link BOOTS Ghirahim into railing! Link slips out to CHOP Ghirahim, and fans fire up as Link brings Ghirahim around the way. Link whips but Ghirahim reverses to send Link into the barriers! Ghirahim refreshes the count at 6 then fetches Link. Ghirahim shoves Link into the post, then SAIDO suplexes him down! Fans boo as Ghirahim leaves Link behind to go into the ring.

Ghirahim soaks up more heat as the ref starts a new ring count. Link stirs at around 3, sits up at 5, and gets up with the help of the railing at 7. He hobbles over to the ring and gets in at 8, only for Ghirahim to stomp away on him! Fans boo and the ref counts but Ghirahim lets off at 4 to then soak up more heat. Link gets to a corner and Ghirahim stomps him more. Ghirahim brings Link up, throws knees in, but lets off as the ref counts again. Ghirahim CHOPS Link, then hoists him up top. Ghirahim CHOPS Link again then climbs up to join him. Link resists the superplex so Ghirahim CLUBS him over and over on the back. Ghirahim sits Link up, for a SUPER STEINER! Link crashes down, Ghirahim hurries to the cover, TWO! And Ghirahim is growing frustrated!

Ghirahim drags Link by the bad leg to the ropes and wraps the leg around the ropes and pulls! The ref counts, Ghirahim stops at 4, Link frees his leg but Ghirahim KICKS him in the back! Ghirahim kicks Link to the corner, stomps a mudhole, but lets up at the ref’s count. Ghirahim digs his boot into Link’s face until the ref counts 4, then lets off to run corner to corner and back again. But Link gets up to SUPERKICK! Fans are fired up as Ghirahim goes down! Link steadies himself, brings Ghirahim up, reels him in, but Ghirahim resists the suplex. Link clubs Ghirahim, tries to suplex again but Ghirahim resists again. Link throws in a hard knee, then snap suplexes! Float to cover, TWO, but Link keeps his cool as he brings Ghirahim back up.

Link KICKS Ghirahim’s leg, Ghirahim hobbles but Link KICKS his leg again! Ghirahim leans on ropes, Link goes to whip but Ghirahim holds the ropes to block. Link throws a forearm, whips but Ghirahim reverses. Link ducks under, gets around and waistlocks but Ghirahim blocks the lift. Ghirahim pries free, wrenches, shifts to the leg and trips Link up. Ghirahim has a heel hook but Link kicks him with the free leg again. Ghirahim holds on, Link scrambles and reaches for ropes but Ghirahim drags him away! GROUND DRAGON SCREW! Link clutches the knee but Ghirahim grabs the leg again, another GROUND DRAGON SCREW in the other direction! Ghirahim STANDING CORKSCREW MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO! Link grits his teeth but Ghirahim grows frustrated.

Ghirahim grabs at the bad leg again but Link kicks Ghirahim in the head! Link drop toeholds from the mat, hammers Ghirahim on the back then jumps to drop an elbow! Fans fire up as Link gets up. Link hobbles, waistlocks and manages a dead lift! But the leg can’t hold up! Ghirahim KICKS Link’s leg and Link drops to a knee! Ghirahim KNEES Link in the head! Cover, TWO! Ghirahim hammers away on the bad leg then stomps it! Fans boo but Ghirahim tells them to shut up! Ghirahim kicks Link’s leg then grabs it for another heel hook. Ghirahim steps over for a Half Crab! Link endures, powers up and rolls through to trip Ghirahim! Link gets Ghirahim’s legs, ties them up, figure four cradle, TWO!

Link ends up in a corner, Ghirahim runs in but Link dodges! Ghirahim runs into buckles, Link SNAP GERMANS! But Ghirahim is right up! Ghirahim boots but Link dodges and runs. Ghirahim dodges Link, Link dodges Ghirahim but Ghirahim keeps running, DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES take them both down! And fans are fired up! The ref checks on both men, then starts a standing count. Ghirahim sits up at 3, slowly stands at 6, but Link kips right up! Fans are going nuts but Ghirahim is furious! Ghirahim swings but Link spins him around to backslide, Ghirahim slips off but Link has the wrists! Ghirahim rams into Link before the Light Arrow! NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!

Ghirahim starts losing his cool! He goes out of the ring and grabs the sword?! The ref tells Ghirahim to put that back but Ghirahim ignores him. He shouts “This should be MINE!” as he holds it up by the scabbard. The ref keeps reprimanding but Link FLIES over him!! Direct hit into Ghirahim and into railing! Fans are thunderous as Link fires up! Link drags Ghirahim up and puts him into the ring, then gives the sword back to the timekeeper. Link gets up on the apron and takes aim, SLING SHOT- NO! Ghirahim BOOTS Link down! Ghirahim drags Link back up, inverted Gory Especial, but Link fights and slips off! Link SUPER- No, Ghirahim blocks the kick, and swings it into the ref! The ref goes down, Ghirahim LOW BLOWS Link! Ghirahim shouts, “That’s what you get!” while fans boo and jeer.

Ghirahim waits as both the ref and Link slowly rise. But wait! Rauru storms out! Ghirahim attacked him and took his place in the Hyrule Warriors match, is he back for revenge? Ghirahim tells Rauru to go away but Rauru keeps storming down the ramp! The ref goes out to tell Rauru to stay back but he and Ghirahim shout at each other. The ref tries to pull Rauru away but Rauru’s still a big man. Ghirahim WRECKS Rauru with a wrecking ball dropkick! Ghirahim laughs at Rauru while he goes back to Link, but Link gets him in a waistlock! O’Conner roll, CHAOS THEORY! Fans fire up with Link as he grabs the wrists! LIGHT ARROW! Cover, Link wins!

Winner: Link, by pinfall

Victory for the Hyrule Warrior! Rauru laughs at Ghirahim now! Ghirahim sputters and tumbles out of the ring and he glares at Rauru. Ghirahim blames Rauru for that, but Rauru defends he didn’t do anything. The ref keeps the two apart and Link welcomes Rauru into the ring. Fans cheer the winner as well as the legend as they stand together. Link asks for a mic, but he gives it to Rauru. Rauru is surprised but thanks Link for this opportunity. “Ghirahim, you slimey worm! If you’re upset over this, you have NO IDEA how angry I am after what you did at Clash of Fates!” But if he wants to settle this, Rauru knows just the place: HYRULEMANIA! Then Rauru will show Ghirahim just how much fight is left in “this wise old owl!”

Fans like the idea, and Ghirahim thinks. Fans taunt Ghirahim with “What’s Your Answer?” *clap clap, clap-clap-clap* and he gets annoyed. Ghirahim gets a mic of his own to respond. “HyruleMania, huh? The Celebration of Greatness? Well, it can’t be a celebration of greatness without someone who is actually great!” But this can’t just be a normal match. Ghirahim doesn’t mean it has to be No Disqualifications, No Holds Barred, Last Man Standing. Ghirahim wants Rauru to have a fair chance against him so that there won’t be excuses after. “Because by ‘no normal match,’ I’m talking about the stakes. If you want to settle things with me, there needs to be something on the line.”

But seeing as Rauru has no title, no special object to give up, there is only one thing Rauru can put on the line to make this worthwhile: his in-ring career! Fans are shocked to hear Ghirahim make this challenge! Now it’s on Rauru to decide. “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!! I’ll see you on New Year’s Eve, you little jackass!” That was fast!! Even Ghirahim is surprised! Fans are fired up, but to think Rauru would put his 28+ YEAR career on the line over a grudge with Ghirahim! Will Rauru win this huge gamble?


HPW Trios Championships #1 Contenders Match: The Doom Bringers VS The Studly Guys!

The Iron Knuckle knows Doomknocker, Darkhammer and Gooma from their days on the Hyrule independent wrestling circuit, and only now have they followed him to HPW! But it was Tingle, Skull Kid and Groose who issued a challenge to the champions first! Will the Doom Bringers swoop in and take away the opportunity from the Studly Guys?

The lights go out as the first trio makes their entrance. A spotlight shines on Tingle as he double gun flexes, and he shouts “T!” Another spotlight shines on Skull Kid as he flexes in the shape of an S, and even shouts “S!” And so a spotlight also shines on Groose as he side chest flexes for, obviously, “G!” They all shout together, “THE! STUDLY! GUYS!” Fans cheer and maybe even laugh a little as the three head to the ring with a lot of swagger. The Doom Bringers then have their entrance with heavy metal and heavy metal weapons. Doomknocker’s mace, Darkhammer’s ball ‘n’ chain and Gooma’s battle ax are put aside before the three get in the ring.

The teams sort out, and Knocker has his teammates stand down so he can start. And rather shockingly, Skull Kid does the same move. Fans are in awe of this this… bravery? Knocker sure doesn’t take Skull Kid seriously, even as Skull Kid puffs out his chest and stands toe to toe, and face to sternum, with the bigger man. Knocker starts laughing, the bell rings, and Skull Kick stomps Knocker’s foot! Skull Kid hurries to his corner while Knocker hops on one foot and tags in Groose! Groose rushes Knocker and the two start brawling with big haymakers! It’s already fast and furious and fans fire up! Groose gets the edge, throws some body shots, and already prepares the left hand! But Knocker HEADBUTTS first!

Knocker whips Groose into the Doom Bringer corner, runs in and RAMS his shoulder in! Knocker rolls back and RAMS back into Groose! The ref counts as Knocker digs his shoulder in more, and Knocker lets off at 3 to then bring Groose out. Knocker reels Groose into a bearhug, but Groose endures as Knocker thrashes him around. Groose throws elbows into Knocker’s shoulder but Knocker turns and OVERHEAD suplex Groose into the corner! Knocker stomps a mudhole into Groose, tags Darkhammer, and Darkhammer stomps a mudhole into Groose. Hammer drags Groose up, ROCKS Groose with a forearm, then pushes him over to stomp him! Hammer runs to ropes to drop a back senton! Cover, TWO!

Hammer pushes Groose around, throws crossface forearms, then knocks Groose down with the straddle attack. Hammer stalks Groose as he crawls to ropes, then chokes him against the ropes! The ref counts, Hammer stops at 4 and Groose sputters and coughs. Hammer rains down right hands on Groose at the ropes, the ref counts but has to back Hammer off. Hammer turns around as he argues with the ref, but Hammer being a Lizalfos, his uses his tail to slap Groose! Fans boo while Tingle and Skull Kid protest but Hammer gets away with it. Hammer drags Groose up, ROCKS him with another forearm, and has him in a neutral corner. Hammer brings Groose up, whips him corner to corner HARD, and Groose pinballs around in the corner! Groose staggers into Hammer’s BIG corner splash!

Hammer drags Groose up and TOSSES Groose to the corner! Hammer throws big body shots then ROCKS Groose with a forearm! Tag to Gooma, and Gooma glares at Skull Kid and Tingle before running in to corner splash Groose! Gooma lets Groose flop down and looms over him to laugh at him. Gooma stalks Groose as he crawls for his corner, then drops down on Groose with an elbow drop! Gooma taunts Tingle and Skull Kid with a tag by holding Groose’s arm out, but then drags him away by that arm to get a mounted armlock. Groose endures, fans rally up, and Groose fights up, only for Gooma to CLUB him on the back! Gooma brings Groose around to POST him in the Doom Bringer corner!

Hammer and Knocker pull on Groose’s arms to pull in into the post! The ref reprimands and counts but they both stop at 4. Gooma drags Groose out of the corner, hoists him up top backwards, then CLUBS him before bringing him backward into the Tree of Woe. Gooma stomps Groose in the stomach then tags Knocker. Knocker tags Hammer while Gooma DECKS Tingle off the apron! Skull Kid protests but Hammer and Knocker double whip Gooma in for him to RAM into Groose’s gut! Gooma hauls Groose up, for the POWERSLAM! Hammer drops a senton, somersaults and Knocker drops a splash! Knocker rolls to the side, Hammer returns and Gooma FLAPJACKS him onto Groose! Cover, but Skull Kid breaks it up! And he runs away so the Doom Bringers can’t get him!

Fans rally for “Groose! Groose!” but Hammer drags Groose away from his corner. Hammer stands on a leg as he tags Knocker back in. Knocker taunts Groose as he stands between him and the Studly corner. He dead lift gut wrench suplexes Groose! Knocker holds on to bring Groose back up for another gut wrench suplex! Knocker wants a third but Groose flails and rolls Knocker up, TWO! Groose hurries to his corner but Knocker jumps and gets past him to BLAST Skull Kid off the apron! Knocker laughs at Groose as he brings him up and whips, but Groose reverses to send Knocker hard into the Doom Bringer corner! Groose turns around but there’s no one to tag! Hammer tags back in as Groose turns around and Knocker CLOBBERS Groose with the body check!

Hammer stomps Groose while Knocker soaks up the heat from the fans. Knocker goes back to the corner while Hammer brings Groose up just to CLUB him down! Groose grits his teeth and clutches his back but Hammer runs to DECK him with a right hand! Hammer sits Groose up to run and DECK him again! Tag to Gooma and Gooma kicks Groose in the ribs while he’s down! Gooma steps on Groose, then STANDING MOONSAULTS?! Cover, TWO!! Groose survives and Gooma grows frustrated. Gooma grabs Groose’s legs and drags him around. Groose resists but Gooma still gets him for a Full Sand Crab! Groose endures as Gooma sits deep! Skull Kid runs in and CLUBS Gooma on the back! But Gooma doesn’t even budge!

Gooma shifts to just a Half Sand Crab and glares at Skull Kid. Skull Kid keeps going after Gooma but Gooma choke grips him! Gooma lifts and CHOKE SLAMS Skull Kid down! But Groose crawls for the ropes! Gooma drags Groose away, but Groose rolls and boots Gooma away! Knocker tags back in and rushes Groose, but Groose sends him flying out of the ring! Tingle’s back to get the hot tag! Tingle goes up top and LEAPS at Knocker and knocks him over! Fans fire up with Tingle as he gets back in the ring! Tingle runs around cheering but Groose shouts at him that he has to keep on Knocker! Tingle builds speed and DIVES, but Knocker catches him! And OVERHEAD suplexes him so far away! Knocker mockingly waves bye to Groose as he goes over to Tingle.

Knocker easily picks Tingle up and puts him in the ring. He drags Tingle to the corner, tags Gooma, and Gooma drags Tingle back up. Gooma trophy lifts Tingle, carries him around and then has Hammer tag in. Hammer hops up while Gooma drops Tingle into the drop zone! Hammer leaps but Tingle moves and Hammer FLOPS! Fans rally as both Tingle and Hammer are down! Tingle crawls for his corner but Hammer crawls in pursuit. Hot tag to- SKULL KID?! Skull Kid intercepted the tag from Groose! Groose can’t believe it but Skull Kid is all fired up! Skull Kid fires off kick after kick on Hammer, then a flurry of forearms! Skull Kid runs, but into a POP-UP POWERBOMB! Cover, but Groose breaks it up!

Hammer goes after Groose and they brawl! Gooma and Knocker get in, the ref reprimands as they mug Groose 3v1! Tingle springboards but Knocker catches him again! Knocker holds onto Tingle while Gooma runs, they SANDWICH Tingle, then Knocker tosses Tingle aside! Groose JABS Hammer and fans chant “GROOSE! GROOSE!” Hammer dodges the Left Hand o’ God and Gooma SPEARS Groose down! Gooma kicks Groose out of the ring before he and Knocker finally go back to their corner, Hammer drags Skull Kid back up, fireman’s carries, spins around and hits the TKO! Cover, the Doom Bringers win!

Winners: The Doom Bringers, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contenders to the HPW Trios Champions)

The “Ball ‘n’ Chain” finishes Skull Kid off, and The Studly Guys have fallen! The Doom Bringers are heading to the first ever HyruleMania, but will they make history by dethroning Iron Knuckle and the Darknuts?


HPW Termina Championship #1 Contender’s Triple Threat: Fin Balure VS Volga VS Osphala!

There is a NEW title in HPW that defines the Men’s Division! Igos du Ikana sits on the throne, but he welcomes challengers! Who conquers the competition to be the competition for the Ruler of Ruin?

The Dark Forces see the Burning Berserker out to the stage but they go back to the back so that things are fair at 1v1v1. The bell rings and the three watch each other closely. They approach, Osphala reaches out for a test of strength. Balure and Volga also bring hands up, Osphala knuckle locks with them both, but Volga kicks Balure’s hand instead! Balure swings at Volga and brings Osphala along but Volga ducks under. Osphala ends up crisscrossed but he drops down and spins to uncross the arms. Osphala kips up, uses a leg to undo the knuckle lock with Volga, then he arm-drags Balure into Volga! Volga pushes Balure off him but Osphala basement dropkicks him down! Cover, TWO!

Balure comes back after Osphala with clubbing forearms. Balure CHOPS Osphala, Osphala ends up in a corner and Balure CHOPS him again. Volga runs in and tackles Balure into Osphala! Volga runs corner to corner and back again but Balure dodges and the KNEE hits Osphala! Balure CHOPS Volga, whips him corner to corner and runs in to CHOP him! Balure runs at Osphala and CHOPS him! Balure whips Osphala corner to corner but Volga gets out of the way. Volga runs at Balure but Balure side steps. Volga keeps moving, ducks and dodges and clobbers Balure with a back elbow! But then Osphala comes back to DROPSAULT! He sends Volga tumbling and lands on Balure! Cover, TWO!

Osphala keeps on Balure with an armlock but keeps his eyes on Volga. Balure rolls, wrenches Osphala to a wristlock, clubs the arm, but Volga runs at them, DOUBLE BLOCKBUSTER! Cover on Osphala, TWO! Cover on Balure, TWO! Volga grows frustrated already and he stomps both men several times. Volga tries to decide between the two and settles on Balure. He clubs Balure to a corner, stomps him, then digs his boot into Balure’s head. There’s no disqualifications so Volga can go as long as he wants! Volga eventually lets off, Osphala gets up but Volga ROCKS him with a right. Volga goes for a full nelson but Osphala drops down and kicks Volga. Osphala gets a leg, trips Volga up and pulls on it for a Calf Killer!

Volga endures, reaches, but Osphala cranks harder on the leg! Balure runs in and DOUBLE STOMPS Osphala down! Volga is free but Balure grabs the leg and SMASHES the knee to the mat! Volga clutches the leg, Balure kicks him to the rope then stomps away! And even springboard stomps over and over! Volga gets out and Balure goes back after Osphala. Balure drags Osphala up and reels him in for a facelock. Balure suplexes but Osphala blocks. Balure clubs Osphala on the back, suplexes again but Osphala slips out. Osphala waistlocks but Balure throws elbows. Balure is free and goes to run but Osphala reels him in for a BIG back suplex! Volga springboards to FLYING KNEE Osphala down! Volga goes to cover Balure but Balure bails out! Volga goes back to Osphala to cover, ONE!

Fans rally for Osphala as Volga grows frustrated. Volga kicks Osphala while he’s down, then puts him on the ropes. Volga chokes Osphala and then runs to knee Osphala in the back! Cover, TWO! Volga sees Balure getting on the apron and knocks him back down. Volga goes out and brings Balure up. He whips but Balure reverses to send Volga into barriers! Balure then runs to CHOP Volga against the barriers, then dumps him up and over! Front row fans get even closer to the action now! Balure hurries back to the ring, aims at Osphala from a corner, runs out but Osphala shoves the Sling Blade into a corner! Osphala runs in and rams his shoulder, going to the apron at the same time. Osphala enziguris Balure away, then slingshot somersaults to a COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO!

Fans fire up while Osphala keeps his cool. Osphala brings Balure up, whips him to ropes and tilt-o-whirl scoops, but Balure slips down to get a dragon sleeper! Balure lifts but Osphala kicks to resist. Balure clubs Osphala in the chest, then hits an elbow drop DDT! Cover, TWO, but Balure hammers Osphala with fists over and over. Balure drags Osphala up but Volga trips and drags Balure out of the ring! Volga POSTS Balure then gets up on the apron. Volga slingshots and CUTTERS Osphala down! Cover, TWO! Volga sees Balure on the outside and PLANCHAS! Direct hit and Balure goes down! Fans boo as Volga goes up top and aims at Osphala. 450 SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Osphala survives again and Volga grows furious!

Volga drags Osphala up and throws him out onto Balure! Volga takes aim as the two get up, but then something’s happening on stage! Death Sword throws Wizzro out from gorilla! Gibdo is fighting back but his bandages are really roughed up already. Death Sword DECKS Gibdo! Where is ReDead? Gomess is carrying him out in fireman’s carry! Gomess drops ReDead down so that he and Death Sword can stomp Gibdo and Wizzro! Volga is enraged but he is conflicted. He’s still part of a match but his team is being beat up! But before he can decide, Osphala springboard missile dropkicks him down! Balure SLING BLADES Osphala!

Balure looks at Death Sword and Gomess for a moment but they’re only interested in the Dark Forces. Balure drags Osphala up, reels him in and fisherman’s, but Osphala spins out to wrench to a wristlock and drag Balure to the mat! Osphala chicken wings and turns Balor over to a cover, TWO! Volga returns and BOOTS Osphala down! Balure throws forearms on Volga but Volga hits back. The two brawl, Osphala comes back and clotheslines them both out! Fans fire up with Osphala, but Death Sword and Gomess are creeping closer! Osphala goes out to fetch one of them but sees Death Sword and Gomess. He puts Balure in and quickly follows. Death Sword and Gomess only look at Volga, so Osphala goes to Balure, but Balure catches him to an inside cradle! TWO!

Osphala swings on Balure but Balure dodges. Balure comes back but Osphala denies the Sling Blade to shove Balure to ropes! Balure rebounds into a SNAP SAIDO! Cover, TWO! Balure survives and Osphala is beside himself. Death Sword drags Volga up so that he and Gomess can mug Volga against the apron. Osphala brings Balure up, throws forearms and backs Balure down. Gomess and Death Sword double choke grip and lift Volga but he slips out to land on the apron! Volga boots Death Sword and kicks Gomess away while Osphala whips Balure but Balure reverses. Osphala collides with Volga and Volga falls back into a choke grip! DOUBLE CHOKE SLAM to the floor!

Osphala staggers into Balure’s facelock. Balure Half Hatch suplexes to the BRAIN BUSTER! Balure just hit the DEPTH CHARGE! Cover, TWO!?! Osphala survives and Balure can’t believe it! Balure stomps Osphala, drags him to a drop zone then goes up top. COUP DE- NO! Osphala moves! Balure lands on his feet but his leg jams! Balure hobbles, Osphala chop blocks him! Osphala trips Balure up, laces up the legs, for the SAND CASTLE! Balure endures, reaches for ropes, but Osphala lets go of the hold to drag Balure away, and he shifts to an STF! Balure fights the crossface off, the two turn but the legs are still hooked up! Osphala uses that for a figure four and cradle, the SAND TRAP! OSPHALA WINS!

Winner: Osphala, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contender to the HPW Termina Championship)

The Zora Prince can’t believe it! The Gleaming Yellow Light takes the win and is heading to HyruleMania! Will Osphala still shine? Or will he simply be the next to #FallToRuin?


HPW Goddess Championship #1 Contender’s Fatal 4 Way: The Great Fairy VS Nabooru VS Ashei VS Zelda!

Midna wants only the best, and took it upon herself to pick those worthy of this chance! FOUR powerful talents are facing off, and it’s a generational showdown as well! Will past or present be the future for the Twilight Princess?

Great Fairy and Nabooru are really bundled up, they’re not used to cold weather like this. Fairy’s entrance attire of a fluffy robe is very fashionable, and possibly made out of moss. Nabooru also has a fashionable leather jacket with a nice snake pattern for the lapel. It’s hard to tell it’s Ashei in the yeti headpiece until she takes it off and sets it on a corner post. She’s much more comfortable in the Hebra region’s cold than she was in Eventide Island’s heat. Zelda has a new take on the Sheik outfit. It has much more pink and even silver now.

The bell rings and the four stare down while fans are already fired up. They approach and glance between each other. Nabooru kicks at Ashei but she blocks it, and both Fairy and Zelda are a bit surprised. Ashei tosses the foot to Zelda, who catches it only to throw it back! Ashei ducks and Nabooru’s foot ends up kicking Fairy down! Ashei shoves Zelda down then mule kicks Nabooru. Ashei headlocks Nabooru but Nabooru throws body shots. Ashei holds tight as Nabooru tries to back suplex. Zelda runs back in, Ashei ducks and Zelda leaps over to sunset flip Nabooru, and Nabooru ends up giving Ashei the back suplex after all! Cover, but Great Fairy breaks it!

Fans are fired up again as Fairy drags Zelda up and throws forearms. Fairy puts Zelda in a corner, throws back elbows, Nabooru runs in and RAMS them both in the corner! Nabooru somersaults back, but Ashei is back and waistlocks Nabooru. Nabooru resists the lift, elbows free, but Fairy huricanranas Nabooru to a cover! TWO and Fairy is sent into Ashei’s fireman’s carry for a GORON DROP! Cover, TWO! Zelda Penalty Kicks Ashei! Cover, but Nabooru breaks it! Nabooru brings Zelda up, whips her, Zelda tilt-o-whirls and gets Nabooro in the IRON OCTOROCK! Nabooru stays standing, she powers her way out of the hold to a fireman’s carry, and she hits a rolling senton to the corner! Nabooru goes up but Fairy clubs her on the back!

Fairy turns Nabooru around as she puts her on the top rope. Fairy then goes up top but Nabooru fights back. Zelda joins in and gets Fairy in an Electric Chair. Nabooru adjusts and crossbodies as part of the DOOMSDAY DEVICE combo with Zelda! But Nabooru tumbles away and Zelda bridges back to cover Fairy! But Ashei picks Zelda up and to a gut wrench suplex! Ashei holds on to gut wrench suplex Zelda the other way! Ashei brings Zelda up again, Nabooru drags Fairy up, and the two stare down before they both suplex the others away! Zelda and Fairy tumble out opposite sides, Nabooru and Ashei get up and stare down as the two powerhouses of this match.

Fans cheer as Ashei and Nabooru have a test of strength. They tie up with knuckle locks and then go shoulder to shoulder. They’re in a deadlock, but Nabooru uses her leverage advantage to bend Ashei back. Ashei bridges, Nabooru jumps on, and fans cheer as Ashei manages to stay up! Nabooru hops off, pulls Ashei back up and into a SPINE BUSTER! Cover, Fairy drags Nabooru out of the ring! Nabooru shoves Fairy but Fairy bicycle BOOTS back! Fairy gets up on the apron, she aims at Ashei as she gets up, and Fairy springboards to crossbody! But Ashei rolls through! Ashei pops Fairy up to a fireman’s carry, but Fairy slips off! Fairy shoves Ashei, table tops her and rolls her up, TWO! Fairy cartwheels out to the apron to MOONSAULT Nabooru back down!

Fairy slides back in, dodges Ashei’s clothesline and handsprings, but Ashei catches her to a waistlock! GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, but Zelda dropkicks it apart! Zelda clubs Ashei then POSTS her! Zelda O’Conner rolls Ashei and bridges back, TWO! Fans cheer while Zelda takes a moment to catch her breath. Nabooru gets back in but Zelda has a leg guard ready as the two square off. Nabooru tries to find an opening as she circles Zelda, but Zelda keeps facing her. Ashei rolls and gets Zelda into a fireman’s carry! And then starts up an airplane spin! Fairy gets up and gets hit by Zelda’s feet! Nabooru keeps her distance as Ashei keeps spinning around and around and around!

Ashei goes around for a count of 20 and stops to let Zelda off. They’re both very dizzy and they stagger about. Fairy rolls up Zelda, Nabooru rolls up Ashei! TWO!! Zelda and Ashei narrowly escape! Nabooru pops Fairy up for a POWERBOMB! High stack cover, Zelda stumbles and still breaks the cover!! Nabooru pushes Zelda away then goes to Ashei as she still tries to steady herself. Nabooru waistlocks but Ashei blocks the lift! Ashei pries free and wrenches to a wristlock then shifts to a hammerlock. Nabooru slips through and scoops Ashei, but Ashei cranks harder on the arm! Nabooru falls and Ashei uses body scissors to make the hammerlock into a Kimura! Nabooru endures, Zelda gets Ashei in the Figure Four Necklock!

Ashei holds on as best she can to Nabooru but she’s fading fast! Nabooru gets free of the Kimura and waistlocks Zelda. Nabooru deadlifts her, Zelda lets Ashei free to resist, but Nabooru CLUBS her on the back. Fairy SUPERKICKS Nabooru, takes over the waistlock on Zelda and back suplexes high and hard! Cover, TWO! Fairy STANDING MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO! Fans rally while Fairy grows frustrated. Fairy drags Zelda up and puts her in a corner. Fairy stomps a couple times, runs side to side and BOOT WASHES Zelda! She drags Zelda out to a drop zone, goes up top, and MOONSAULTS! Nabooru and Ashei both break it! Fans are fired up and cheer on “Women’s Wrestling!” as this match continues!

Zelda flops out of the ring while Ashei and Nabooru bring Fairy up. Nabooru pushes Ashei away to facelock Fairy. Nabooru suplexes but Ashei kicks Nabooru low. Ashei pushes Fairy aside facelock Nabooru. Ashei suplexes, Fairy kicks Ashei low and pushes Nabooru aside. And yes, Fairy tries to suplex Ashei but Nabooru kicks her low. Fairy forearms Nabooru, Ashei forearms Fairy, and Nabooru forearms Ashei! Ashei forearms Nabooru, Fairy forearms Ashei and Nabooru forearms Fairy! Ashei JABS Nabooru, rams Fairy into her, and then GAMANGIRIS Nabooru into hitting Fairy with a DDT! Ashei gets up and Zelda METEORAS outta nowhere! Cover, TWO!! Zelda is frustrated but the fans are thunderous!

Zelda drags Ashei up, but Fairy staggers over. Zelda kicks Fairy’s leg out, places Ashei on her shoulders then runs and BULLDOGS Ashei, in turn driving Fairy into the mat, too! Zelda then Akkala Rolls Fairy, but Nabooru does the same to Zelda! TWO, Zelda and Nabooru both ROCK each other with forearms! Fans fire up as Nabooru comes back to ROCK Zelda again! Zelda staggers and Nabooru whips her to ropes. Zelda ducks, springboards and QUEBRADAS! Direct hit! Zelda grabs Nabooru’s wrists, sits her up, LIGHT ARROW!! Cover, Zelda wins!!

Winner: Zelda, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contender to the HPW Goddess Championship)

The Princess of Hyrule finished off three incredibly talented female stars and is headed to HyruleMania! Zelda takes a deep breath before she stands up. The others slowly stand, Zelda offers a handshake, and fans cheer as each of them take it in turn. Zelda then takes the mic to speak. “Midna. You’re the reason I was included in this match. For that, I thank you. But I promise you now, you’ll regret it. Because I am going to take the Goddess title from you! Not because I’m expected to as a princess of Hyrule, but because I want to!” Zelda will be champion for herself if nothing else! She swears Midna’s reign will finally end with the end of the year! Will the new year really bring a new goddess to Hyrule?

My Thoughts:

So was Zelda winning obvious? Or did someone out there expect the flipside? Those were obviously the only two real outcomes, even if it was a Fatal 4 Way. Probably still not as obvious as The Studly Guys losing to the Doom Bringers. Skull Kid being the reason #TSG lost was very fitting to me, as he and Tingle are the more comedy wrestler types. Link VS Ghirahim and the Triple Threat ended up on the overbooked side but for story reasons, of course. Ghirahim VS Rauru and Igos VS Osphala for HyruleMania have been set! But I have even more planned, just you wait and see!

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Mitchell’s Hyrule Puro-Resu Results & Report! (1/23/21)

The Second Triforce Tournament begins!



HPW Triforce Tournament Quarterfinals

The Legend of Zelda: The Ring of Destiny, Chapter 11

HPW starts the Second-Ever Triforce Tournament strong with the Bracket of Power! Who survives day one of round one into the semifinals?


  • Bracket of Power: Yuga VS Darbus; Yuga wins and advances to the next round.
  • Bracket of Power: King Moblin VS Hinox; Hinox wins and advances to the next round.
  • Bracket of Power: Nabooru VS Groose; Groose wins and advances to the next round.
  • Bracket of Power: Ganondorf VS Midna; Ganondorf wins and advances to the next round.


HPW and HXS TV run down the match-ups!

HPW Triforce Tournament Brackets

The tournament starts with the Bracket of Power! Nabooru is the only female wrestler in the bracket, and she is up against the Skyloft Stud! Is #NBR, Nobody Ready, for what she’ll bring to the tournament? There are also some incredible returns to this bracket, such as Darbus and King Moblin, but of course last year’s winner, Ganondorf Dragmire! Will the original winner of the Bracket of Power, and the second-ever HPW Triforce Champion, dominate again?


Yuga VS Darbus!

Last year, The Artist was in the Bracket of Courage and was a signature victory for Link on the Hero of Hyrule’s path to the top! Will Yuga redeem himself against the gargantuan Goron that stands before him?

The bell rings and the fans here at Goro River are strongly behind Darbus as he circles with Yuga. They tie up but Yuga gets around and CLUBS Darbus on the back. Darbus doesn’t even flinch! Yuga gulps as Darbus glares at him, but Yuga baits Darbus to the ropes and dumps him out! Darbus is on the apron, Yuga dropkicks his legs out and Darbus bumps off the edge! Yuga runs to build speed and goes for a dropkick, but Darbus steps aside and lets Yuga slide out. Darbus then uses one arm to SHOVE Yuga into the barriers! Darbus brings Yuga up in a gorilla press and he TOSSES Yuga into the ring! Yuga crawls as Darbus gets back in the ring.

Darbus stalks Yuga, then dead lifts him in a waistlock. Yuga flails, throws elbows and gets free! Yuga runs but Darbus CLOBBERS him with a full body attack! Darbus looms over Yuga, drags him back up with one arm, for a CHOKE SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Yuga survives but Darbus keeps his cool. Darbus dead lifts Yuga again and GERMAN SUPLEXES him! Yuga flies across the way, tumbles and gets out of the ring. Darbus storms over, but Yuga chop blocks him in the ropes! Then Yuga gets up on the apron and boots Darbus in the back to POST him! Yuga gets in the ring, drags Darbus from the corner and rolls him up to cover, TWO! Darbus grits his teeth but Yuga is the one upset!

Yuga stomps away on Darbus’ leg and fans boo. Darbus throws body shots but Yuga boots him down. Yuga grabs a leg and gives it a DDT to the mat! Darbus clutches the foot, Yuga KICKS Darbus in the back! Darbus is on his stomach as Yuga stomps his other leg. Darbus crawls to ropes and Yuga grabs a leg to bring Darbus around. Yuga SLAMS the leg on the edge, then soaks up the heat as fans boo. Then Yuga elbows Darbus back down, grabs the leg again and SLAMS it against the apron again! Yuga drags Darbus out by his leg and brings him over to Side Leg Sweep him into barriers! Darbus drops to his knees, and Yuga gives him a basement DDT to the floor!

Yuga leaves Darbus behind as the ring count begins. After all, a count-out is still a win in this tournament! Darbus doesn’t sit up until 3, crawls over to the ring at 5, and drags himself up to the apron. Yuga rushes over but Darbus shoves him away. Darbus steps through the ropes but Yuga somersaults back and leaps to hit a COMPLETE SHOT! Yuga rolls Darbus over to cover, TWO! Darbus survives and fans rally up behind him. Yuga grows frustrated, and he stalks Darbus as he crawls to a corner. Yuga stomps a mudhole in, the ref counts but Yuga stops at 4. He drags Darbus out of the corner to hook a leg, but Darbus resists, and he monkey flips Yuga into buckles!

Yuga writhes and Darbus goes after him in the corner. Fans cheer as Darbus gives Yuga stomps in return. Darbus drags Yuga up, whips him corner to corner and follows, to corner splash! Darbus whips Yuga back the other way, and hits another corner splash! Yuga flounders and staggers, but Darbus whips him corner to corner again! Yuga goes up and over this time, and hits another Side Leg Sweep! Yuga keeps Darbus rolling back for a leg hook clutch! Cover, TWO! Yuga grows frustrated and he hammers away on Darbus’ back. Yuga then hops up the corner, aims at Darbus as he rises, and leaps for a DESTROYER!! Cover, TWO!! Darbus survives and fans are fired up!

Yuga is furious and he goes to his corner. He grabs his “magic wand” even though it’s more like a scepter with LED lights in printer ink colors of cyan, magenta and yellow inside. Yuga wants to hit Darbus but the ref stops him! They argue over the item and Yuga lets the ref take it. But as the ref puts the scepter back, he misses Yuga hitting a LOW BLOW KICK! Darbus doubles over, and Yuga runs to SUNSET BUCKLE BOMB! But Yuga isn’t done there, he drags Darbus by his legs, ties them up in a figure four but pulls them back into Darbus’ face! And Yuga adds on by hooking Darbus’ arms with his legs in a double omoplata! THE PICTURE FRAME!! Darbus is trapped, and he verbally quits! Yuga wins!!

Winner: Yuga, by submission (advances to the second round)

The Artist holds on until he is satisfied, and then he soaks up all the heat from the fans! Yuga then takes his wand back and waves it at the titantron. The tournament bracket appears on screen, and his name appears on the next portion to signify his moving on to the semifinals. Will Yuga turn the bracket into his own personal masterpiece?


King Moblin VS Hinox!

Speaking of gargantuan, a battle of superheavyweights is upon us! Moblin looks normal sized going against the Super Cyclops, but can he send Hinox packing with the world’s largest black eye?

The bell rings and the two stare down as fans rally up. The two circle, egging the other on. They tie up, and Hinox powers Moblin right to a corner. The ref calls for a break and counts, and Hinox lets off at 4. Hinox dares Moblin to bring it, so Moblin rushes him! Hinox blocks the tackle with a facelock, CLUBS Moblin on the back, but Moblin just frowns as he glares at Hinox. Moblin throws forearm after forearm, then runs, but Hinox BOOTS him down! Hinox roars and fans fire up. But Moblin gets up, runs, redirects Hinox and rams him shoulder to shoulder! Hinox stays up, and he dares Moblin to try that again. Moblin runs, rams Hinox again, but again Hinox stays up!

Moblin runs a third time, ducks Hinox’s haymaker and comes back to leaping shoulder tackle! Hinox staggers and rebounds off ropes, Moblin side steps and UPPERCUTS! Hinox wobbles but still stays up! Moblin fires up and runs again, and he BLASTS Hinox with a big shoulder tackle! Hinox is finally down and fans are going nuts for Moblin! Moblin stomps Hinox to a corner, then stomps him in the corner, but Hinox just gets mad. Hinox tanks the stomps and Moblin isn’t sure what to do now. Moblin throws forearms as Hinox rises but Hinox just keeps getting up! Hinox leans into the forearms, then DECKS Moblin with one!

Hinox drags Moblin up, pushes him to a corner and pushes him against the buckles. The ref counts but Hinox hushes the crowd, to CHOP Moblin in the chest! Even fans are stinging from that one, but Hinox brings Moblin around to bump him off buckles. Hinox pushes Moblin against buckles again, hushes the crowd again, and CHOPS Moblin again! Moblin flops over, and Hinox stands on him at the ropes! The ref counts but Hinox steps off at 3, and Moblin gasps and sputters more as he bails out of the ring. Hinox waits as Moblin catches his breath on the outside and the ref counts. Moblin drags himself to the railing at 3 and uses the railing to get up at 6. Moblin hobbles back to the apron and rolls in at 8, which fans cheer.

Hinox still waits as Moblin gets up in a corner. Moblin takes deep breaths, and then he approaches Hinox, daring him to bring it on. Hinox laughs, but then Moblin SLAPS him! Uh oh…! Hinox glares at Moblin but Moblin kicks low and throws body shots! Moblin fires off forearms, a few more kicks to the leg, and he gets Hinox down to a knee! Moblin clubs away on Hinox’s back, then he runs, to CROSSBODY Hinox down! Cover, ONE as Hinox sits up with Moblin in his arms! Hinox gets up and carries Moblin, and then POWERSLAMS him down! Cover, TWO!!

Hinox doesn’t let off, he brings Moblin right up and into a scoop! Hinox aims for a corner but Moblin slips out! Moblin shoves Hinox into buckles, gets him in a waistlock, or at least tries! Hinox butt bumps out of it easily, and he DECKS Moblin again! Fans duel as Moblin sits up in a daze. Hinox reaches down and choke grips Moblin, to dead lift him, for a CHOKE SLAM!! Hinox kneels and covers with one hand, Hinox wins!

Winner: Hinox, by pinfall (advances to the second round)

What a showing of strength! Hinox moves on into the second round and will face Yuga, will he win that match even easier than this one?


Nabooru VS Groose!

The iconic Gerudo wrestler already has the historic honor of being the first woman to wrestle in this tournament! But will she have the historic honor of being the first woman to win in this tournament? Or will the Skyloft Stud finally get off the ground and soar into the second round?

Tingle and Skull Kid, Groose’s tag partners in their new trio, The Studly Guys, join commentary, and commentary congratulates Skull Kid on being chosen to face Link in the non-title match for the Bracket of Courage event. Skull Kid thanks them, but just wants to cheer on his teammate right now. The bell rings and Groose ties up with Nabooru right away. They go around, onto ropes, into a corner, then more ropes. Groose tosses Nabooru but she rolls through to get back to her feet. Groose nods respect and they tie up again. They go around, Groose powers Nabooru to ropes then tosses her again! Nabooru doesn’t roll up to her feet this time, and Groose puffs up his chest with hands on his hips.

Nabooru looks at the crowd with an “Are you serious?” expression, and then she CHOPS Groose in the chest! Groose isn’t so puffed up anymore! Nabooru wrenches an arm to a hammerlock, Groose drops and rolls then wrenches back. Nabooru rolls, handsprings, wrenches, and reels Groose in for a headlock. Groose powers out, Nabooru ducks and dodges and shotgun dropkicks him down! Groose gets to a corner and now Nabooru flexes on him! Fans cheer and Groose nods again. Groose gets up and circles with Nabooru. They tie up, Groose throws Nabooru down, then gut wrenches for a suplex!

Groose gut wrenches again, brings Nabooru up for a rack but Nabooru slips out. Nabooru jumps and gets Groose with a neckbreaker! Nabooru rolls back to a cover, TWO, but she gets Groose’s arms and drags him into the GERUDO STRETCH! Groose staggers as he tries to stay up and as fans fire up! Nabooru pulls harder on his arms but Groose reaches out with a leg, for a ropebreak! Nabooru lets go quickly and watches Groose as he slowly gets up. Skull Kid and Tingle cheer Groose on but Nabooru runs and handsprings to overhead arm-drag Groose! Nabooru gets the arms again but Groose scrambles to fight off the Gerudo Stretch!

Groose gets back to ropes, the ref counts and Nabooru lets go quickly to reset. Groose is wary as he and Nabooru circle again. Nabooru shoots in, gets a leg and trips Groose up. Groose scrambles but Nabooru heel hooks! Groose endures as Nabooru pulls on the leg. He drags himself and Nabooru over and gets the ropebreak. Nabooru lets go right away, to go out and drag Groose to the apron. She turns him over, and puts on a GERUDO STRETCH against the apron! The ref counts because it’s out of bounds, but Nabooru lets go at 3. Nabooru gets back up on the apron and slingshots in to drop knees on Groose’s back! She then drags Groose back, rolls with a waistlock to get a bridging cover, TWO!

Nabooru stalks Groose, drags him up to a dragon sleeper, but he spins through and throws her off. Groose runs in and tackles her to a corner! He RAMS his shoulder into her again and again but the ref counts. Groose stops at 4, whips Nabooru corner to corner and runs in to corner clothesline! He hoists her up top, climbs up, but Nabooru throws forearms. Groose drops off the corner, Nabooru adjusts and leaps, missile dropkick! Groose flounders up and Nabooru runs up and DOUBLE ST- Wait, Groose stays up!? And he pushes Nabooru away with his pecs! But Nabooru flips to land on her feet!

Nabooru kicks but Groose blocks, spins her around, and goes after the arms! He gets the chicken wings but Nabooru resists the turn. Groose still gets her turned around but she shoves him away. Groose turns around into Nabooru’s BOOT and he staggers to the ropes. Nabooru runs up, waistlocks and rolls Groose back, with a bridging cover! TWO, and Groose gets Nabooru’s arms again! Groose gets up and around to pop Nabooru into a Camel Clutch! Nabooru endures as Groose bends her back and fans fire up! Nabooru powers up to get an arm free, manages to roll Groose back to another cover, TWO!

Nabooru gets up but walks into Groose’s JAB! Another JAB! Fans chant “GROOSE!” with each JAB! “GROOSE! GROOSE!” Groose winds up the left hand but Nabooru ROUNDHOUSES first! Groose wobbles, Nabooru fireman’s carries, USHIGOROSHI! To a ghost pin! TWO!! Skull Kid and Tingle are losing their minds on commentary as Groose survives, but Nabooru sunset flips! Groose stays up, slaps Nabooru’s hands away and goes to stomp, but Nabooru rolls out of the way. Nabooru mule kicks Groose’s leg out, front kicks, then ROLLING ELBOWS! Fans fire up with Nabooru and she dares Groose to get back up!

Groose slowly rises, Nabooru grabs him in a dragon sleeper again, but he snapmares free! Groose winds up the left, but Nabooru ducks under! Nabooru handsprings, but Groose catches her to a waistlock! GERMAN SUPLEX! Groose holds on, brings Nabooru back up, and chicken wings the arms! Groose turns Nabooru, LOFT WING DRIVER! Cover, TWO!?! Nabooru survives and Groose is shocked! Skull Kid is freaking out but Tingle calms him down as Groose brings Nabooru up. Groose gives her an atomic drop, then a BIG back suplex! Groose drags Nabooru around by her legs, aims at a corner and CATAPULTS! Nabooru bounces off buckles, into chicken wings, and ANOTHER LOFT WING DRIVER!! Cover, Groose wins!

Winner: Groose, by pinfall (advances to the second round)

Skull Kid and Tingle jump off commentary to celebrate with Groose! Though, the way they’re acting, you’d think Groose already won the whole tournament. But Groose is past the first round and headed to the second! Though, looking at who he could end up facing, will he be doomed either way?


Ganondorf VS Midna!

By either fortune or misfortune, this incredible match is already happening in the first round! The Gerudo Ace and the Twilight Princess could be battling for the entire bracket right now! Who becomes the instant favorite to win the Bracket of Power?

The bell rings and the fans rally already as Midna steps up and dares Ganondorf to bring it. Ganondorf chuckles and circles with her. Midna has her hands up for a grapple but Ganondorf doesn’t even care. She gets annoyed and shoves him! Midna tells him to take her seriously or she’ll “whoop your ass!” Ganondorf laughs at her and says, “Yeah, sure.” But then Midna SLAPS him! Ganondorf doesn’t laugh this time. He swings fast hands but Midna bobs ‘n’ weaves to then kick low. Midna grabs Ganondorf and turns him, but he powers out and throws a back elbow! Midna staggers, Ganondorf whips but Midna holds ropes. Ganondorf runs in but Midna gets around and table tops him for a roll up! TWO, and the two stand off as fans cheer.

Midna smirks at Ganondorf as the two circle again. They tie up, she wrenches an arm to a wristlock, yanks on the arm, then digs an elbow into his shoulder. Ganondorf endures, rolls, and reels Midna in to ram her with a shoulder! Ganondorf then wrenches her arm to a wristlock in return. Ganondorf whips again but Midna ducks to get around and waistlock. Midna floats all over Ganondorf then reclines on him like he’s a lounge chair. Ganondorf gets up and Midna is right on her feet to ROCK him with a right! Midna spins Ganondorf around and around and hits the neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally as Midna drags Ganondorf up. Midna reels him in, underhooks, but Ganondorf resists the lift. Ganondorf powers up and has Midna in the Hebra lift, only for Midna to slip out! Midna wrangles Ganondorf into a BACKBREAKER, to COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO, but Midna has an arm and drags Ganondorf around! Ganondorf resists the crossface, scrambles and reaches out to get the ropebreak! Referee Sahasrahla counts, Midna lets go at 3 and STOMPS Ganondorf on the head! Fans are fired up as Midna looms over Ganondorf! Ganondorf bails out but Midna follows, and pushes him into barriers! And then whips him into more barriers!

Midna CHOPS Ganondorf as Sahasrahla starts a ring count. Midna whips but Ganondorf reverses and sends her into barriers! Ganondorf whips her the other way, into more barriers! The ring count is past 5 but Ganondorf refreshes it before he goes back to Midna. Ganondorf whips Midna but she reverses now. Ganondorf stops himself from running into barriers, but turns around into Midna’s SPEAR! They go through barriers!! Fans lose their minds while Sahasrahla hurries to check on Ganondorf and Midna! Midna rises first, staggers over to the ring and gets in while Sahasrahla still checks on Ganondorf. He’s okay so Sahasrahla goes back to the ring and starts a count.

Ganondorf slowly sits up, and uses a barrier to drag himself up at 4. He hobbles over to the ring at 6, Midna PLANCHAS out! Direct hit and Ganondorf goes down! Fans fire up, Midna puts Ganondorf in and covers, TWO! Midna stomps Ganondorf at the ropes, springboard stomps him, then drags him to a drop zone. Midna goes to the corner, climbs up, but Ganondorf anchors a foot! She kicks until he lets go, goes to the top rope, and MOONSAULTS! Direct hit again! Cover, TWO! Midna watches Ganondorf as he sits up, and runs in for TWILIGHT SLE- NO! Ganondorf blocks the rolling cutter to a dragon sleeper! Ganondorf inverted suplexes Midna to a fireman’s carry, and hits a TKO! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally up but Ganondorf glares at Midna as she sits up in a daze. Ganondorf drags her up, reels her in, lifts, but she throws hands to avoid the bomb! Midna huricanranas Ganondorf out of the ring! Midna hurries over, PLANCHAS, but Ganondorf moves! She lands on her feet, but Ganondorf kicks low and double underhooks! Midna RAMS Ganondorf into the apron! Midna ROCKS Ganondorf with a forearm! The ring count climbs, Midna gets in at 3 and runs, to WRECK Ganondorf with a dropkick! Ganondorf is sent into railing! Midna goes out and CHOPS Ganondorf against the railing, puts Ganondorf in, then runs, to SPEAR! Cover, TWO!

Midna drags Ganondorf up, wrenches, reels him in, but Ganondorf wrenches back! Ganondorf kicks the arm! Midna clutches the elbow, Ganondorf waistlocks and GERMAN SUPLEXES! Ganondorf holds on, drags Midna back up, and GERMAN SUPLEXES again! Bridging cover, TWO! Ganondorf drags Midna up, reels her in, lifts, and GANON BOMBS!! Midna reaches for ropes as Ganondorf covers, TWO!?!? Midna barely gets a shoulder up, it was more like 2.9! Ganondorf drags Midna up, double underhooks again, and lifts for a FACEBUSTER!! Cover, Ganondorf wins!!

Winner: Ganondorf, by pinfall (advances to the second round)

The Gerudo Ace still has a path back to the Triforce of Power! Will that new move he used to finish the Twilight Princess be the trump card that helps him take the Bracket of Power for the second time?

My Thoughts:

How’s your bracket? Did it get busted right here? Did anyone make a bracket? It’s fine if you didn’t, there’s no prize for predicting things. But I do wonder if the results were obvious or not. Ganondorf was going to get past the first round, it’s just a shame the shuffle did work out that way. But Midna and Nabooru can both fall back to the Goddess Championship as we continue through the year.

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Chairshot Radio: VH1 Behind The Soundbites Pt. 1 [012021]

Greg fuels his soundbite addiction with a special “Behind The Soundbites” edition of Chairshot Radio!



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Greg fuels his soundbite addiction with a special “Behind The Soundbites” edition of Chairshot Radio!

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Greg takes you on an exciting tour of the soundbites! This very special “VH1 Behind The Soundbites” episode sees Greg share some of the current and prior soundbites prevalent on the Greg DeMarco Show and others, with Greg explaining where they came from, why they’re significant, and more! Don’t miss out on this fun history lesson, full of soundbites and more!

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