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Mitchell’s NJPW WTL x BOSJ Results & Report! (11/19/20)

World Tag League is back!




NJPW switches back to World Tag League!

NJPW gives the hot tag to World Tag League! Will the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, the Dangerous Tekkers, move to a spotless 3-0?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • World Tag League 2020: The Empire VS Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens; The Empire wins.
  • World Tag League 2020: HenarACE VS FinJuice; FinJuice wins.
  • World Tag League 2020: Guerrillas of Destiny VS EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi; Guerrilas of Destiny win.
  • World Tag League 2020: YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto VS Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii; Yano & Ishii win.
  • World Tag League 2020: SANADA & Shingo Takagi VS Dangerous Tekkers; LIJ wins.


Here are the current World Tag League standings!

The Dangerous Tekkers: 2-0
EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi: 2-0
SANADA & Shingo Takagi: 1-1
Guerrillas of Destiny: 1-1
Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii: 1-1
YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto: 1-1
The Empire: 1-1
FinJuice: 1-1
Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens: 0-2
HenarACE: 0-2


The Empire VS Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens!

The Dominator and the Hawaiian Hulk were shocked to lose so soon, but the World Tag League isn’t through yet! Will Great-O-Khan and Jeff Cobb rebound off the Rogue General and Crown Jewel?

But before The Empire gets in the ring, the Bullet Club strikes as Chase Owens WRECKS Great-O-Khan with the dropkick! Fale brawls with Cobb, Owens helps him out and the bell rings to get this on record. Owens and Fale mug Cobb, Owens adds a headlock punch, and Fale chokes Khan! The ref tries to get this back in the ring but Cobb elbows Owens away. Fale throws Khan down but stomps him while Cobb chokes Owens on railing. Khan knees Fale low and then knees him again. Khan uses an arm triangle to squeeze the air out of Fale! Owens shoves the ref away so he can keep on Cobb, but Cobb CHOPS him back! Cobb throws a haymaker and Cobb staggers away. Fale bumps Khan off the apron, then uses a camera cable to choke him!

Cobb throws more haymakers on Owens and Fale lets go of Khan eventually. Owens staggers around and the ref tries to restore order but no one is listening. Fale clubs Khan down, Khan hits back with body shots, and a ring count finally starts. The count passes 5 of 20, then reaches 10 of 20 before Fale puts Khan in. Fans cheer as this is finally in the ring! Fale stalks Khan, stomps him and then stands on him with a salute. Fans cheer for that but Khan is getting mad. Fale drags Khan up and tells off the POS. Khan Mongolian CHOPS back! And then again! Fale hits low to stop the third, then he throws more body shots! The ref reprimands the closed fist, but Khan throws forearms. Fale throws more body shots and forearms of his own, then has Khan in a corner for clubbing forearms over and over!

Khan stays up but Fale whips him corner to corner. Fale runs in, but Khan dodges and Fale only gets buckles! Fale runs but into a BOOT! Khan aims and Mongolian CHOPS Fale down! Fans rally up while Khan catches his breath. Tags to Cobb and Owens, and Owens fires off! Cobb ROCKS Owens back, whips him corner to corner, but Owens goes up and around, ducks and calf kicks! Cobb wobbles and Owens gets a headlock to punch again. Owens runs in at the corner but Cobb dodges. Cobb runs in, blocks the boot and uses that to reel Owens in for ATHLETIC PLEX! Fans cheer and rally as The Empire double whip Owens corner to corner. Cobb whips Khan in for a clothesline! Khan gut wrench suplexes Owens, then Cobb gut wrenches Owens the other way! Cover, Fale breaks it!

Khan clubs Fale, throws knees, and regroups with Cobb. The Empire double whip but Fale blocks it! Fale double whips The Empire, but the Empire comes back to double shoulder Fale down! Fale flops out of the ring and The Empire focuses on Owens. Fans rally as Owens throws forearms on them both! And a back elbow! Owens catches Khan’s clothesline and spins him to a neckbreaker! Cobb waistlocks but Owens elbows Cobb away. Owens deflects Cobb’s punch, fires off a strike fest but Cobb reels him back in! Owens breaks free and PELES! Cobb wobbles and fans fire up as Owens runs to JEWEL TRIGGER! Then he hits another JEWEL TRIGGER!

Owens tucks Cobb in but Khan gets him with the claw! He throws Owens into Fale, then throws him over with a hip toss! Khan clamps the claw onto Owens again, and feeds him to Cobb, TOUR OF THE ISLANDS! The Empire wins!

Winners: The Empire, by pinfall; now 2-1, Fale & Owens are now 0-3

The Empire strikes back and wins! Cobb and Khan are back on top, but will they be the top team in the league?


HenarACE VS FinJuice!

Hiroshi Tanahashi and Toa Henare have yet to get on the board, while the 2019 WTL winners are batting 500 after two great matches. Will The Ace and the Hammerhead be able to get a huge win off the Flamboyant friends?

HenarACE show off the muscles, but then so does FinJuice. Fans rally already as the teams sort out, and it is Tanahashi and Finlay that start. The claps are “Let’s Go, Ace!” as Tanahashi and Finlay circle. They feel out the grapple, but Tanahashi avoids being cornered by FinJuice. Tanahashi and Finlay feel out the grapple but Tanahashi gets away again before Finlay can tag Juice. Fans rally again as Finlay and Tanahashi circle. They tie up, Tanahashi headlocks and hits the takeover, but Finlay headscissors back. Tanahashi pops out, roles reverse as Finlay headlocks to the takeover and Tanahashi headscissors. Finlay pops out, but fans cheer as Tanahashi strums the air guitar!

Tanahashi “tosses the guitar” to Henare, who puts it down carefully. Fans rally as Finlay and Tanahashi tie up again, and Finlay manages to power Tanahashi to a corner. The ref calls for a break, but Tanahashi ducks Finlay’s punch! Finlay dodges Tanahashi’s punch, knees low and whips him corner to corner. Finlay runs in but Tanahashi elbows back! Tanahashi jumps up and crossbodies! Juice runs in but Tanahashi hip tosses him! Finlay gets up and Tanahashi hip tosses him, too! Tanahashi strums another air guitar then tags in Henare. HenarACE double whip Finlay and double elbow him down. Tomahawk elbow drop combo! And then more flexing! Fans cheer for the moves and the muscles while Henare stomps Finlay.

Finlay knees back, tags Juice in but Henare CHOPS Juice! And again! And then CHOPS him off his feet! Fans fire up, Henare drags Juice up, but Juice fights off the fireman’s carry. Juice shoves Henare and BOOTS him! Henare stays up, Juice tags Finlay but Henare reverses the whip. Juice kicks the back drop away and Henare staggers into Finlay’s back suplex! Juice follows up with a back senton! Finlay intercepts Tanahashi, FinJuice run to DOUBLE BULLDOG! Fans fire up while Tanahashi bails out and Finlay goes back to stomp Henare. Finlay drags Henare up, wrenches the arm, and tags Juice in. Juice goes up and hollers before he drops ax handles on the arm. Fans cheer and Juice grins as he brings Henare up. Juice wrenches the arm, tags Finlay, and Finlay goes up to drop ax handles!

Finlay brings Henare back up, wrenches the arm again, and Juice tags in to go up and drop another ax handle! The fans cheer while Juice is wary of Tanahashi. Juice drags Henare up, tags Finlay, then scoop slams Henare, to scoop slam Finlay on top of him! Cover, TWO! FinJuice keeps cool and fans rally up as Finlay brings Henare into a chinlock. Fans rally as Henare endures and fights his way up. Finlay throws a European Uppercut to put Henare in the corner! Tag to Juice, Juice whips Finlay in but Henare dodges! Henare elbows Finlay, then drop toeholds Juice into Finlay’s grapes! Henare hurries and Tanahashi reaches as far as he can, to get the hot tag!

The Ace rallies on FinJuice, blocks a kick to a DRAGON SCREW, then blocks another to another DRAGON SCREW! FinJuice stumbles about but Tanahashi fires up. Tanahashi scoop slams Juice in a drop zone then goes up to the second rope. Fans cheer for the SOMERSAULT SENTON! Cover, TWO! Juice is still in this but fans rally up! Juice has a bloody nose but gets up, and counters Sling Blade to a full nelson! Tanahashi elbows out, but runs into Juice’s SPINE BUSTER! Juice checks his nose and it’s pretty bad. Juice tags out to Finlay and Finlay DECKS Henare! FinJuice brings Tanahashi up, but Henare disrupts the Hart Attack! Tanahashi gets Juice for TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT!

Fans rally as Tanahashi crawls, hot tag to Henare! Henare rallies now with big shoulders! Juice staggers to a corner but Henare runs to clothesline Finlay! Then he gives one to Juice! Henare fireman’s carries and swings Juice into Finlay, then hits a SAMOAN DROP on Juice! Henare drags Finlay, Finlay does his best to resist the suplex, but he can’t get free before the SLAM! Cover, TWO! Henare grows annoyed but fans rally up. Henare aims at Finlay from a corner, runs in, but Finlay fights the tackle off. Finlay swings but into a cording hold! Henare elbows away on Finlay, then HEEL KICKS him down! Cover, TWO!! Finlay survives but fans fire up as Henare aims from the corner again.

Henare fires himself up, wants Finlay to stand, and then runs in to RAMPAGE SPEAR! Cover, but Juice breaks it! Tanahashi throws Juice back out and then regroups with Henare. Finlay throws forearms on HenarACE, but Tanahashi SHOTEIS and Henare SUPERKICKS! Tanahashi runs, SLING BLADE AND SWEEP! Fans fire up with Henare as he drags Finlay back up. Henare has the arm but Finlay slips out of the urenage to a waistlock. Henare standing switches, but Juice tags in as Finlay bucks the O’Conner roll away. Finlay turns into Henare’s elbow, but Henare runs into Juice’s lift! UPPERCUT HART ATTACK! Jackknife cover, TWO!!

Tanahashi was a split second behind that but Finlay brings him up. Tanahashi DECKS Finlay but Juice gets him for a DRAGON SCREW! Juice fires up, bloody nose and all, to bring the straps down! Juice drags Henare up, Henare breaks free to wind up, but the headbutt is intercepted with a forearm! Juice tags Finlay, Finlay goes up, Juice Electric Chairs Henare. DOOMSDAY DEVICE!! Cover, FinJuice wins!

Winners: FinJuice, by pinfall; now 2-1, HenarACE is now 0-3

The 2019 WTL winners are back on the upside! But that means Henare and Tanahashi haven’t scored yet! Will HenarACE avoid a dreaded 0-4 start?


Guerrillas of Destiny w/ Jado VS EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi w/ Dick Togo!

Wait, didn’t we just have Bullet Club VS Bullet Club? Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa didn’t treat Fale and Owens very nicely, but will they have more respect for the King of Darkness and Tokyo Pimp?

Being that it’s all Bullet Club, GOD wants a group Low Sweet. Evil, Yujiro and Dick oblige, but then Evil’s team try to sucker punch- er, kick GOD! Only Jado didn’t see it coming, and Dick clubs him down. Tama and Loa hit Evil and Yujiro back, then they throw them out. Tama starts with Yujiro but Evil rakes Loa’s eyes! Tama headbutts Yujiro down and rakes his back! Someone is sent into railings but Tama chokes Yujiro on ropes while apologizing. The ref counts, Tama lets off and Loa goes back to the corner. Tama scoops, slams and covers, TWO! Fans cheer as Tama tags Loa. GOD double whip Yujiro then throw hands and a leaping neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!

Fans cheer as Yujiro hangs in there but Loa drags Yujiro back up. Loa headbutts and Yujiro flounders to ropes. Loa brings Yujiro up and suplexes, uno amigo! Then he wrenches through to make the second amigo a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO! Loa keeps his cool and looms over Yujiro. Loa asks Yujiro if he wants more, and pretends Yujiro said yes. Tag to Tama and Tama slingshot sentons! Loa slingshot sentons, too, and fans fire up. Tama smiles and thanks the fans for clapping before he brings Yujiro up. Yujiro CHOPS and forearms back! Tama kicks low, but swings into Yujiro’s dragon sleeper! Tama slips out to suplex Yujiro high and hard!

Yujiro gets to ropes, Tama runs over but Yujiro boots him back! Tama super forearms back, but Yujiro flapjack hotshots him out of the ring! Tama hits the floor hard, Evil tags in and heads right over! Evil whips Tama into railing! Evil whips Loa over into Tama! Evil whips Tama but Tama reverses, only for Evil to reverse back! Tama hits railing and tumbles up and over! Evil keeps the ref from seeing Dick stomp Tama! Dick gets away before Jado comes over, Evil’s team isn’t used to having someone in the opposing corner like that. Yujiro is untying the blue buckle pad! Evil puts Tama in, kicks him around, then stands on him for a cocky cover. ONE, but Evil argues the count.

Tama hits back with body shots but Evil rakes eyes! The ref reprimands, Evil drags Tama up and whips him to the corner. Yujiro moves the pad and Tama hits bare buckles! The ref reprimands but the damage is done. Yujiro tags in, he and Evil say Jado is up to something, but they whip Tama corne rto corner. Yujiro BOOTS, Evil clotheslines, and then FISHERMAN BUSTER! Yujiro basement boots, covers, but Loa breaks it! Evil throws Loa out and fans rally up. Yujiro drags Tama up, Tama shoves him but Yujiro blocks the kick to trip Tama up! Yujiro runs and adds the basement boot! Yujiro drags Tama up, brings him around and fireman’s carries, but Tama fights out and shoves Yujiro away. Tama dodges Yujiro to hot tag Loa!

The Silver Back rallies and then blocks a kick, “Not today!” Kick, knee and enziguri! Yujiro wobbles into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Fans rally up and Loa drags Yujiro up. GOD coordinate, TONGAN TWIST! Cover, Evil breaks it! Tama kicks at Evil, but Evil blocks it, hands it to the ref and then mule kicks Tama down! Loa runs at Evil, Evil rakes Loa’s eyes! THe ref reprimands, Evil stops but he holds the ref. Dick uses the SPOILER CHOKER on Loa! Jado SMACKS Dick with the kendo stick! Tama is distracting the ref now as Jado aims at Evil! Evil blocks the stick strike, but Tama clubs Evil! Evil denies Gun Stun but Tama denies the low blow!

Loa CLUBS Evil, and they give Evil MAGIC KILLER!! Evil used to use that move with Sanada! GOD has Yujiro now, but Yujiro fights out of Magic Killer to then FISHERMAN BUSTER Tama! Yujiro fires up and builds speed to DIVE into Tama! Tama hits railing and fans fire up for Yujiro! Yujiro baits Loa in and dumps him out! Yujiro builds speed, Jado SMACKS him with the stick! Loa LARIATS! Cover, TWO!! Yujiro survives but Loa puts him in a CROSSFACE! Yujiro taps, GOD wins!!

Winner: Guerrillas of Destiny, by submission; now 2-1, Evil & Takahashi now 2-1

Tama and Loa are the strongest part of Bullet Club in this tournament! They beat Owens and Fale, and they just beat the Darkness Pimps! Will they keep winning to once again be the top team in NJPW? And how does club leader, Jay White, feel about all of this?


YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto VS Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii!

Now it’s Chaos VS Chaos!? The Head Hunter and Fierce Warrior are NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Championship with the Stone Pitbull, but will they and the Producer still be on friendly terms after this?

Yano helps Red Shoes disinfect his hands after the check. Yano then gets impatient, and he starts against Goto. Fans clap and Yano circles with Goto. They tie up, Goto powers Yano back but Yano puts Goto on the ropes. Red Shoes calls for a break, Yano lets off clean and fans cheer. Goto and Yano circle again, tie up, and Goto headlocks. Yano endures as Goto grinds, and he throws body shots as he powers out. Goto rams Yano but Yano stays up! Yano rakes eyes then runs, but Goto runs him over! Goto drags Yano back up, but Yano rakes his eyes again! And then he goes to a corner! Hashi tells Yano to leave the buckle pad there, Yano tells him to shut up, but Hashi somehow convinces him to drop the pad. Yano then turns around and Goto kicks Yano low!

Goto bumps Yano off the red buckles, then tags in Hashi. Goto Hashi run Yano over with shoulders, then coordinate for the hip toss senton! Goto drags Yano back up, and they fire off hammering hands. Ishii runs in and Goto Hashi double hip toss to double kick! Then they hammer away on Ishii! But Yano returns with the buckle pad! He SMACKS Hashi, SMACKS Goto, then SMACKS Hashi again! Red Shoes takes the pad from him and Yano apologizes. Yano brings Hashi up, and whips him into the bare buckles! Hashi doubles over but Yano brings him around to whip him back in! Hashi falls over and Yano stomps him down! Tag to Ishii and Ishii stomps Hashi down. Ishii stands on Hashi’s head and eggs him on with kicks and slaps.

Hashi gets up and fires a forearm, but Ishii doesn’t flinch. Hashi fires off more but Ishii CHOPS Hashi back! Fans cheer as Hashi stays up, and Ishii CHOPS him again! Hashi CHOPS, Ishii grits his teeth and CHOPS again! Hashi CHOPS, Ishii CHOPS, repeat! They CHOP back and forth, fans rally up as they keep going, and Ishii CHOPS Hashi off his feet! Ishii talks some smack to Hashi and even to Goto. Ishii brings Hashi up to headbutt him down! Ishii dares Hashi to #GetBackUp! Hashi does and Ishii CHOPS him! Hashi CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Ishii stays up to CHOP Hashi back down again! Fans cheer and Ishii drags Hashi back up. Ishii bumps Hashi off the buckles and tags in Yano.

Yano stomps away on Hashi then digs his boot in. Goto gets in but Red Shoes keeps him back. Yano drags Hashi up, and apologizes as he whips Hashi into the bare buckles! Yano stomps Hashi, fans rally up, but Yano whips him to ropes. Hashi dodges and hits the BLOCKBUSTER! Fans rally up again as Yano and Hashi crawl. Hot tag to Goto! Goto rallies on Yano, DECKS Ishii, then runs at Yano. Yano slips around and SLAPS Goto on the back! Yano runs, but Goto follows and LARIATS! Fans rally and Goto drags Yano up to throw forearms. Goto whips corner to corner then hits MURAMASA! And a BULLDOG! Cover, TWO!

Yano survives and fans rally up. Goto drags Yano up, but Yano blocks the fireman’s carry and throws elbows. Goto forearms back but Yano forearms, too! They brawl back and forth, Goto gets the edge and whips, but Yano reverses to pull hair! Red Shoes reprimands, Yano whips but Goto reverses to send Yano into the bare buckles! Goto kicks and runs but Yano throws Goto down by his hair! Fans cheer as both men are down again. Yano tags Ishii and Ishii kicks at Goto. Ishii stomps Goto and Goto gets mad. Goto forearms but Ishii eggs him on. Now these two throw forearms back and forth, faster and faster, and fans rally up! Ishii and Goto keep going, Goto ROCKS Ishii and adds on!

Goto runs but Ishii swats the forearm to give a forearm! Goto blocks the kick to ELBOW Ishii down! Fans rally up as both men are down! Goto crawls and tags in Hashi! Hashi runs at Ishii in the corner and CHOPS! Ishii CHOPS back! Now Hashi and Ishii trade forearms back and forth! Hashi throws body shots and CHOPS and Ishii staggers! Hashi runs to CHOP, whip and CHOP, mule kick and neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Fans rally and Hashi drags Ishii up. Hashi fisherman suplexes but Ishii fights! Hashi resists Ishii’s suplex and CHOPS again! And again! Ishii fires forearms from all sides! Ishii gets about 10 but Hashi CHOPS again! Ishii DECKS Hashi then DECKS Goto!

Yano drags Hashi up and whips him to the bare corner! Yano whips Ishii in but Hashi dodges! Ishii hits bare buckles, Hashi LARIATS Yano down then comes back to mule kick Ishii! Goto returns to fireman’s carry, USHIGOROSHI and DOUBLE KNEES! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives but fans rally up. Goto drags Ishii back up, dragon sleeper and Hashi grabs legs. Yano grabs Hashi but Goto kicks Yano, they give Yano the GOTO BUSTER! Goto Hashi focuses on Ishii now, dragon sleeper and lift, but Ishii fights free! Hashi kicks low, he and Goto whip Ishii, but Ishii DOUBLE LARIATS! They stay up to double KICK back! They get Ishii up, G Y R!! Cover, Yano breaks it!

Goto throws Yano out and brings Ishii up. Fans fire up as they get Ishii back up but Ishii kicks free! Yano trips Hashi, Ishii feeds Goto to Yano’s forearm! Yano whips, Goto reverses but Yano avoids buckles! Yano sends Goto into buckles and uses a fireman’s carry takedown to throw him out! Hashi kicks Yano, clubs him on the back then runs, but into an atomic drop! Yano trips Hashi to catapult him at the buckles, but Hashi stops himself! Hashi mocks Yano’s catchphrase then clubs Yano! Hashi throws forearms, whips Yano, but Yano grabs ropes. Hashi runs in, misses and Ishii lariats! Yano hits the BELLY2BELLY! SLIDING LARIAT from Ishii! Cover, but Goto breaks it!

Yano throws Goto out and hurries out after him. Ishii aims as Hashi sits up. Ishii runs, Hashi blocks and CHOPS! Ishii headbutts, Hashi SUPERKICKS! Hashi swings, into a spin and Ishii suplexes, but Hashi blocks! Hashi fishermans to KUMAGOROSHI! Cover, TWO!! Ishii survives the Bear Cutter but Hashi has the fans rallying up! Hashi drags Ishii up, reels him in, but Ishii fights out of the pump handle. Hashi gets around, shoves Ishii to Goto’s forearm, but Yano trips Goto! Ishii shoves Hashi into Yano’s shoulder and hotshot! Hashi ducks the lariat, shoves Ishii into Yano and rolls Ishii up! TWO!! Hashi runs and LARIATS Ishii down!

Hashi drags Ishii back up, pump handle, but no Karma as Ishii DRAGON SUPLEXES! Hashi gets up?! Hashi LARIATS but Ishii stays up! Hashi headbutts, Ishii enziguris! Ishii and Hashi run at each other, Ishii LARIATS! Yano keeps Goto out as Ishii covers, TWO!! Hashi is still in this but Ishii suplexes to the BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, Ishii and Yano win!

Winners: Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano, by pinfall; now 2-1, Goto & Hashi are now 1-2

The Pitbull and Producer are climbing back up, but Hashi and Goto are falling further down! Is there still time for the Head Hunter and Fierce Warrior to #GetBackUp?


SANADA & Shingo Takagi VS Dangerous Tekkers!

The Cold Skull and Dragon broke even against Yano and Ishii but the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions are so far undefeated! Zack Sabre Jr. and Taichi vowed that they would be both tag division and tag league champions to close the year, but will LIJ save us from that horrible end to 2020?

Taichi finishes “singing” and the Tekkers jump LIJ! ZSJ is after Sanada and Taichi jams Takagi with his mic stand! Takagi gets out and ZSJ stays in with Sanada. ZSJ finally throws his jacket away and drags Sanada up to a headlock. Sanada throws body shots, powers out and elbows ZSJ down! ZSJ avoids the standing moonsault but not the dropkick! Sanada drags ZSJ up, brings him over and tags Takagi. Takagi clobbers Taichi and Sanada clubs ZSJ. LIJ double whip ZSJ and Takagi knees ZSJ down for Sanada’s basement dropkick! Takagi drops a knee, covers, ONE! Fans rally for “L I J!” and Takagi drags ZSJ around for a chinbar. ZSJ endures, but Takagi bell claps him down! Takagi drags ZSJ around, tags Sanada in and LIJ splits the wish bone!

Sanada drags ZSJ back up, wrenches and whips, but ZSJ catches Sanada for a cobra twist! Sanada powers out, hip tosses ZSJ down but ZSJ snapmares. Sanada handsprings through, dumps ZSJ out, but Taichi stops Sanada from taking flight! ZSJ trips Takagi up, Taichi throws Sanada out, and the Tekkers stomp LIJ. Taichi whips Sanada to railing! And chokes him with the camera cable! Red Shoes reprimands, Taichi holds on with one hand that he hides. Red Shoes knows the trick so Taichi lets Sanada go. Taichi cravats Sanada and chokes him into the railing! Red Shoes reprimands and counts and Taichi lets up.

Taichi puts Sanada in, ZSJ stands on Sanada’s head at the ropes and digs his heels in. Taichi adds on but Red Shoes counts. The Tekkers put their hands up but that’s not the problem! Red Shoes counts again, the Tekkers again put their hands up. Red Shoes means it this time and the Tekkers let off. ZSJ tags Taichi and they’re back to standing on Sanada again. Red Shoes reprimands, Taichi sits Sanada up and disguises a choke as a shoulder claw! Taichi chokes Sanada blatantly on ropes but Takagi storms over on the apron. Taichi lets off Sanada but fans rally up. Taichi drags Sanada up, chokes him again, and puts him in the corner! ZSJ adds his boot, Red Shoes reprimands, and the Tekkers let off.

ZSJ tags in, Taichi talks smack to Takagi, and ZSJ shoves Takagi down! The Tekkers go back to Sanada, ZSJ drags Sanada up to cravat and grind him to the mat. Sanada gets his feet on the ropes, Taichi tries to kick them off, Red Shoes has his hands full trying to get the Tekkers to play fair. ZSJ tags Taichi in and Taichi chokes Sanada! Red Shoes reprimands and knows this isn’t a cover. Taichi lets off, but chokes Sanada again! Red Shoes counts but Taichi lets off, to choke Sanada even harder! Fans rally up and Taichi mocks their claps. Taichi kicks Sanada around, pushes him, but Sanada CHOPS back! And again! And again! Taichi chokes Sanada to an open corner!

ZSJ DECKS Takagi and Taichi whips Sanada corner to corner. Sanada reverses but Taichi dodges to GAMANGIRI! Taichi pushes Sanada down, covers, TWO! Fans cheer but Taichi is annoyed. Fans rally for “L I J!” but Taichi just watches Sanada stand. Taichi powers up but the buzzsaw is blocked! Taichi rakes eyes! But Taichi runs into a basement dropkick! Fans rally up, Sanada and Taichi crawl, hot tags to ZSJ and Takagi! ZSJ boots and EuroUppers, but Takagi ROCKS him! ZSJ comes back, narrowly avoids Noshigami but Takagi whips him to a corner. Takagi blocks the boot, stomps a mudhole into ZSJ, but Taichi goes after Takagi.

Taichi whips Takagi, Takagi reverses and corner clotheslines! Takagi clotheslines ZSJ, runs Taichi over, but ZSJ comes back with a guillotine! Takagi powers out to a suplex! Fans rally up and Takagi powers up. Takagi runs, ZSJ catches the bomber but Takagi powers up! ZSJ resists the lift, throws Takagi down, then STOMPS the arm! And then he traps the arm to CRANK it! Fans rally up, ZSJ aims and BOOTS the leg! ZSJ kicks and kicks and kicks the arm! ZSJ runs, Takagi elbows and JABS, but then he fakes ZSJ out to DDT! Fans fire up as Takagi sits ZSJ up, but ZSJ catches the sliding lariat into an armlock! ZSJ also has the eadscissors but Takagi powers up. ZSJ shifts to a triangle hold, squeezes tight, but Takagi powers up more! Takagi dead lifts and fireman’s carries, DEATH VALLEY!

Fans rally up, Takagi tags Sanada! Sanada takes his time bringing ZSJ up to throw forearms. Sanada whips, ZSJ reverses and avoids the dropkick, but Sanada blocks the Penalty Kick to DRAGON SCREW! ZSJ gets away but Sanada DECK Taichi first! Fans rally as Sanada aims at ZSJ, to PLANCHA! Direct hit and down goes ZSJ! Sanada encourages fans to get louder and they do. Sanada is satisfied with the volume and he puts ZSJ in. ZSJ reaches but Sanada covers, TWO! Sanada keeps his cool and brings ZSJ around. Sanada fireman’s, ZSJ slips out to wristlock, then PELE the arm! ZSJ runs in at the corner but Sanada elbows! Sanada QUEBRADA, but ZSJ gets under!

ZSJ tries to bait Sanada in but Sanada trips ZSJ up! Sanada gets the legs but ZSJ resists Paradise to drag Sanada into a cradle, ONE! Sanada has the prawn hold, ONE! ZSJ with the sunset, ONE! Sanada prawn, TWO!! Sanada headlocks to a takeover but ZSJ headscissors out and CRANKS! ZSJ crawls to his corner and tags in Taichi! Taichi drags Sanada up but Sanada breaks free. Taichi CHOKES Sanada again! Red Shoes counts, Taichi lets go and Sanada dropkicks Taichi down! Sanada tags Takagi and Takagi goes after Taichi. LIJ double whips, Sanada runs in to elbow and Takagi adds a clothesline! BOOT, LARIAT, ROLLING ELBOW! NOSHIGAMI CUTTER! Cover, ZSJ breaks it! Sanada knees low, throws ZSJ out and fans fire up with Takagi! “OI! OI! OI!”

Takagi wants Taichi to stand, and then Takagi runs, but Taichi dodges Pumping Bomber to get Seiteijyujiryou! A mouthful for a modified dragon sleeper! But Sanada grabs Taichi for a dragon sleeper of his own! ZSJ gets Sanada with a normal sleeper, but Sanada slips around to dragon sleeper! Takagi catches Taichi for a regular sleeper, the Tekkers endure double dragon sleepers! Skull End and… Dragon Skull? Fans rally up as LIJ squeezes tight! Taichi powers out by choking Takagi! ZSJ slips out, Seiteijyujiryou and Iron Octopus! ZSJ cranks Sanada, Taichi grinds Takagi down, but LIJ refuses to give in! Fans rally up as Takagi reaches for ropes. Taichi cranks harder, but Takagi still gets the ropebreak! Fans cheer as the Tekkers let LIJ go.

Fans rally up again and Taichi drags Takagi up. Taichi reels Takagi in, but Takagi resists the lift! Taichi gives Takagi Kowata Kicks then reels him in, but still Takagi resists the lift! Takagi powers Taichi up and over with a back drop! Fans rally as Takagi runs in but Taichi dodges. ZSJ hits a EuroUpper, Taichi Alabama lifts, but Sanada gets in to save Takagi! Sanada backslides ZSJ, ZSJ slips off but into a MAGIC SCREW! DANGEROUS SAIDO for Sanada!! Taichi kicks Takagi but Takagi clotheslines and SNAP GERMANS back! Taichi fires up to GAMANGIRI! All four men are down and the fans fire up! ZSJ and Sanada get out, Taichi and Takagi slowly stir. Takagi is in one corner, Taichi is in the other. Takagi talks some smack as he gets up but Taichi returns it. They run at each other, DOUBLE LARIATS!

Both men stay up, so they DOUBLE LARIAT again! Taichi fires up but Takagi swats his arm away! A bit double-edged, but Takagi runs, only for Taichi to dodge! AX BOMBER! Fans fire up as both men are down again. Taichi gets up and mocks the “OI! OI! OI!” Fans still clap along, and off come the pants! Takagi AX BOMBERS Taichi! And then TAICHI RYU GEDO CLUTCH! TWO!! Takagi couldn’t steal the win with Taichi’s moves, but fans fire up all the same! Takagi fires himself up and watches Taichi rise. Takagi runs, but Taichi boots! And ROUNDHOUSES! Taichi tries to steal Takagi’s move with the pump handle and torture rack, but Takagi slips off to Alabama lift!?

Taichi fights off Dragon Mephisto to then LAST RIDE!! High stack, but Sanada breaks it! ZSJ drags Sanada up to throw him out! ZSJ aims at Takagi and PENALTY KICKS! TAICHI GEDO CLUTCH! TWO!?! Takagi narrowly escapes and the fans are fired up again! The Tekkers coordinate, Taichi slashes his throat and says this is over! Alabama lift, but Sanada drags ZSJ out! ZSJ fights Sanada off but runs into Takagi’s elbow and JAB! ZSJ EuroUppers back, Taichi BOOTS, ZSJ guillotines! TENSHO- NO! SKULL END for Taichi! Takagi endures the arm Pele to PUMPING BOMBER! SKULL SWING for Taichi! And feed to fireman’s carry, LAST OF THE DRAGON! Cover, LIJ wins!!

Winners: Sanada & Shingo Takagi, by pinfall; now 2-1, Dangerous Tekkers now 2-1

They’ve pinned the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions! That’s almost as good as winning the league! Will Cold Skull and the Dragon have a title match waiting for them regardless now? Takagi takes a look at those tag titles and motions to Sanada that these could be theirs. Takagi and ZSJ talk trash while ZSJ fetches the belts for him and Taichi. ZSJ says he’ll even take the NEVER Openweight Championship from the “Last of the F***ing D*ckheads!” The Tekkers leave, surely to work on how they can prevent from losing again, and fans clap “L I J!” as Takagi takes the mic.

“Osu! Now we’re 2-1! And it looks like we just beat the tag champions! Oi, oi, oi, I think we can do this, Sanada!” Sanada’s won WTL twice in a row, and had three finals in a row! So if they don’t win this, Takagi will take the blame. Takagi promises to do all he can. “Don’t doubt me! I’ll put my mind to it!” Takagi knows it’s no secret the two of them are totally different, “but our tag work exists between the calm and the fury.” Don’t look away for even a second! That’s all Takagi has to say, though he knows he can say a lot. Takagi knows the fans want to hear from Sanada, so don’t get going just yet. Sanada hasn’t talked at all this tour!

Fans clap, “SA-NA-DA!” and Takagi encourages them to get louder. The fans do get louder, so Sanada concedes and takes the mic. “I’ll say this loud and clear. Of all the tag partners I’ve had, I like TKG right here the best.” Sanada gives Takagi a new nickname! And with that, “See you next time!” Will the next time Korakuen sees Sanada be when he and Takagi have the World Tag League trophies, the tag titles, or both?


Here are the current World Tag League standings!

SANADA & Shingo Takagi: 2-1
Guerrillas of Destiny: 2-1
Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii: 2-1
The Empire: 2-1
FinJuice: 2-1
The Dangerous Tekkers: 2-1
EVIL & Yujiro Takahashi: 2-1
YOSHI-HASHI & Hirooki Goto: 1-2
Bad Luck Fale & Chase Owens: 0-3
HenarACE: 0-3

My Thoughts:

What a great third round for WTL and day four for the entire event. To think there’d be so many teams at 2-1, and for a team with Tanahashi on it would be 0-3! Bullet Club VS Bullet Club in WTL part 2 was a really good match, and could definitely be a sign that GOD will be Team White against Team Evil in a new Bullet Club Civil War. GOD got the win to stay strong, and so that there wouldn’t be an undefeated duo left in Bullet Club. How Evil and Yujiro treat Fale and Owens could also be telling, as GOD weren’t very nice to them either. Fale and Owens might side with Evil and Yujiro in the end just on that.

Chaos VS Chaos was very good, and I’m a bit surprised that Goto is on a 1-2 team while Yano is on a 2-1 team. But in the end, the four of them all have something already to defend, so what either team does in the tournament is probably moot. HenarACE had a good match with FinJuice but it works for the previous WTL winners to get back up, as that is history at stake there. The WTL has had back-to-back winners back-to-back between Makabe and Honma in ’15 and ’16, then Evil and Sanada in ’17 and ’18. FinJuice doing it ’19 and ’20 would make for a rather historic three-peat of back-to-back winners.

And the main event was of course match of the night, as NJPW schedules it that way. LIJ getting a win over the champions is a parallel in all the tournaments so far. Sanada did it to Naito, Hiromu did it to Ishimori in the BOSJ, and now Sanada and Takagi have done it to the Tekkers. Suzuki-Gun may be trying to gather up all the gold, but I feel like LIJ is right on their heels with that. Naito as Double Champion, Takagi as at least NEVER Openweight, Hiromu could get the Junior Heavyweight title back, and now Sanada and Takagi could get the Heavyweight Tag titles. Even if LIJ doesn’t win WTL, they’ve punched their ticket, and there could be a LOT of double duty going around for champions at WrestleKingdom 15’s two day extravaganza, which would be a great way to commemorate having endured 2020 being so awful.

My Score: 9.1/10

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Andrew’s IMPACT Results & Match Ratings: 1.27.2022

BULLET CLUB! HONOR NO MORE! Royal Rumble Mentions! IMPACT is really proving to be the real Forbidden Door. How does this craziness continue?



BULLET CLUB! HONOR NO MORE! Royal Rumble Mentions! IMPACT is really proving to be the real Forbidden Door. How does this craziness continue?

This was their first show from the most recent tapings. We know the Guerrillas of Destiny will be here, Jay White is also supposed to be around…plus everything keeping Ring of Honor relevant we’ve got a lot to try and fit into two hours.

Any more crazy debuts, returns, or what have you? Let’s get to it!


  • Chris Bey vs Jake Something: Something wins via Into the Void – *** ¼
  • The Influence (Madison Rayne & Kaleb) vs The IInspiration: Cassie Lee wins via Code Red Cradle Counter – ***
  • Massive Cassidy vs The Learning Tree: Cassidy wins via BQE – N/A
  • Johnny Swinger vs Jonah: Jonah wins via Tsunami – N/A
  • Chris Sabin vs PCO: PCO wins via Bubba Bomb – *** ¼



We see they are still selling the D’lo is injured angle, so we get 205 Live flashbacks! Tom is on commentary with Matthew Rehwoldt!

Chris Bey vs Jake Something

Bey starts things off quickly but Jake puts a stop to that with a big right hand that dazes Bey. Bey powders, Jake follows, but it set up Bey to hit an Apron Tiger Feint. He goes for an Asai Moonsault, but Jake catches him and hits Snake Eyes on the apron. Bey bounces to the post, Jake charges and Bey moves to have Jake crash himself into the pole.

We get more of the clash of styles where Bey goes for a few quick shots or high flying haymakers, but Jake seems to return 3 or 4 of Bey’s moves just with one big power move.  There’s a tenacious spot with Bey clinging to Jake with the Rear Naked choke and refusing to let go regardless of being driven into the corner and even flat on the mat.

Jake powers through and manages to drop Bey to break the Sleeper. The action is quick and could go either way. Bey counters Jake’s corner spear, he counters Jake’s Blackhole Slam and we see a beautiful Spinning Heel Kick. Huricanrana, but Jake holds on and turns it into a Sitout Powerbomb. Bey keeps everything moving quickly, he baits Jake into the corner, goes to the top rope and Jake catches him out of mid-air. A small pause for the cause, and Jake creates the momentum for Into the Void himself.

Post-Match G.o.D. run down beat the hell out of Jake, Speedball Mike Bailey makes a save until Jay White comes down and Bailey sells the involvement hilariously. G.o.D. tell us exactly why they’re here and we all knew, Good Brothers gonna fall victim to the Firing Squad.

The Influence (Madison Rayne & Kaleb) vs The IInspiration

This is a little stupid but it keeps the story moving. The IInspiration missed the first title match because of covid stopping them from going to Hard to Kill. Now Tenille isn’t available for these tapings I guess, so this is a non-title match.

Madison starts off with Cassie and Madison gets out-wrestled. So Madison tags in Kaleb and Cassie immediately starts making a joke of the situation and Cassie feigns an old Jimmy tap. Cassie again out-wrestles Kaleb and tags in Jessie. Jessie and Kaleb have a weird moment where he pulls her up from a failed Sunset Flip and they have a pause where it almost looks like they’re gonna kiss or something.

The hiccup in the action gives The Influence and opening and a big Superkick from Kaleb connects on Cassie. Madison controls the match and tags in Kaleb. He comes off the middle rope Jerry Lawler style but Cassie counters the move with a Manhattan Drop. Then she retreats to the ropes, he charges, and crotches himself on the middle rope. Madison tags back in since Kaleb has been having issues.

Jessie hits the Shades of Kay which causes Madison to DDT Kaleb. After some shenanigans, a blind tag from Kaleb gives The Influence a close call. But a Code Red kind of counter to a Powerbomb gives Cassie the victory. Watching Kaleb and Madison throw tantrums over the loss is pretty hilarious.

AHH Gisele Shaw is the Quintessential Diva! She’s been on AXS TV before when she was Azteca during WOW from a few years ago. She’s been in the business for a while and isn’t terrible in the ring. I’m looking forward to her honestly.

Mickie holds a State of the Knockouts and it’s just a big hype session for the Royal Rumble, to help set the stage that Chelsea Green is still somewhat relevant in the title picture even though Tasha Steelz is the rightful number one contender. It was fine, but went a bit long.

We get about 10 seconds of Jordynne Grace defending the Digital Media title against Kiera Hogan, then she officially accepts Zack, erhm…Matt Cardona’s challenge. And Brian Myers adds like nine guys to the Learning Tree just to throw numbers at Massive Cassidy as he joins commentary.

Massive Cassidy vs The Learning Tree

Tom calls Zicky Dice “If the State of Florida were a person”; super accurate. This is a hilarious Squash match and the commentary makes it fantastic. BQE wins the match for Cassidy.

Brian Myers squares up to Cassidy, and Moose comes down to attack his next challenger. Morrissey fights them off mostly, gets buried under the Learning Tree and goes full Super Shredder but Moose cuts him in half with Lights Out! Myers is amused and Moose poses victorious and looking sharp as hell.

Johnny Swinger vs Jonah

Swingman gonna be a dead man. Jonah gonna take em to the morgue. We do see apparently Dan Lambert is in the crowd. So this could be a return of Dan Lambert to IMPACT. Yeah Tsunami wins, anyone surprised? Jonah tosses out Swinger and looks like he might do more damage, but Decay’s music hits and they seem to have an interest in Swinger. So Jonah allows them to have their fun and do what they will.

Chris Sabin vs PCO

Definitely NOT a match I expected in 2022, especially with the faction seconds around the ring. PCO makes sure the pace is slow and works on Sabin’s left arm. Driving it into the turnbuckles, wrenching over the ropes, dropping hammers into his elbow and of course Arm Wringers. Sabin needs to do a little Junior stylings to roll with the Wringer and now tries the rope runs. Frankenstein doesn’t go down until Sabin goes for the low Dropkick, then a Flying Shoulder Tackle.

Sabin is moving nicely, but PCO calls the refs attention and Honor No More trips up Sabin running the ropes. Eddie Edwards tries to return it in kind, but the referee is staring right at him. Stupid good guy Eddie tries to cheat and he’s just bad at it. Commercial break takes us to Sabin having PCO in the corner for 10 count punches. Springboard Flatliner attempt but PCO grabs him out of the sky and sends him to the outside. Brings him back in just to crush him over the top rope with a car crash lariat. Middle Ropes PCO Senton through the ropes to the outside onto Sabin.

PCO throws Sabin into the steps and just rocks him. Then we see the top corner Senton onto Sabin as he’s draped on the apron. PCO doing those moves you’re not expecting from someone his age or size, but it’s been his bread and butter with his PCO resurgence the last 5 years or so. PCO SAULT – MISSES! Sabin has been getting destroyed and now finally has a second to put things together.

Missile Dropkick, Yakuza Kick and then a Missile Dropkick to the back of the head sending PCO to the outside. Suicide Dive sends PCO reeling into the guardrail! Top Rope Crossbody from Sabin for 2. Cradle Shock attempt but no, Crucifix Cradle near fall and then a big clubbing lariat from PCO and Sabin’s momentum is stunted. Vader Bomb from PCO, Sabin gets the Knees up, kick, running Enzuigiri, Cradle Shock but Honor No More starts making their presence known. PCO is still selling so Sabin attacks all of them, Maria distracts the referee, and the numbers catch up with Sabin. PCO hits the Bubba Bomb and folds up Sabin for the victory!


Overall Score: 7/10

They set up the main event during the show, made it feel like a big deal, and it wasn’t really over booked given all the people being involved. Massive Cassidy dismantling the Learning Tree was comedic and great given the commentary and the way the segment ended with Myers and Moose having their moments.

Bullet Club opened things and made it all feel important, I mean let’s just put it this way. There were a lot of factions being involved, but no one felt lost, it all felt kinda cool and big and even the throw together group of Ace/Fulton/Jake/Speedball felt logical and of course a little campy, but works for the IMPACT presentation. Gisele Shaw being shown and named as the Quintessential Diva could be great since she’s not a WWE hand me down, but she does have a little bit of stroke given her other work. The personality they gave her in the promo makes me feel like she’ll fit into Inspiration/Tenille kind of style, but when they recently added Lady Frost and Masha Slammovich; it’s really great to see a bunch of different women in the division.

Also not gonna lie, I’m a little curious what Dan Lambert will be doing. Given the fact that like 2018 ATT was positioned against Moose, I wonder if there will be any of that animosity or if Moose will align with them since 2018 Moose is not 2022 Moose. Fun threads in this show!

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (1/27/22)

Grudge match after grudge match!



Will the Irish Ace strike gold again?

Ilja Dragunov defends the NXT UK Championship against Jordan Devlin, in an EMPTY ARENA MATCH! Will Devlin celebrate all by himself tonight?


  • Six Man Tag: Gallus VS Die Familie; Die Familie wins.
  • Amale VS Jinny; Jinny wins.
  • NXT UK Championship Empty Arena Match: Ilja Dragunov VS Jordan Devlin; Dragunov wins and retains the title.


Six Man Tag: Gallus VS Die Familie!

Wolfgang & The Coffey Brothers are a firm and a family, but The Babo still says he, Rohan Raja & Charles Dempsey have a stronger bond. These bonds will be tested as these six finally have it out! What happens on this full contact family feud?

The trios sort out, Teoman starts against Joe Coffey and fans sing for Gallus right away. The Iron King talks trash with Teoman as they circle. They tie up, go around, and Joe puts Teoman in the corner. Teoman BOOTS but Joe ROCKS Teoman with haymakers! Teoman kicks and fires off forearms, but then Joe gives more haymakers. Tag to Mark, and the brothers double wrench to lift and CHOP Teoman down! Mark gets Teoman up to punch, arm-drag, and armlock. Mark puts on a cobra clutch, drags Teoman up and Wolfgang tags in. Ripcord to a shoulder and a forearm! Teoman crawls, kicks Wolfie’s leg, and Raja tags in!

But Wolfgang hip tosses Raja down! Then arm-drags him up and over for an armlock. Wolfgang tags Mark back in, they coordinate to takedown and DOUBLE MONKEY FLIP! Raja hits ropes on the way to a corner, Mark runs in to back body block! Mark goes up, Dempsey distracts him! Raja YANKS Mark down to then DECK him, BOOT him, and stomp him around! Raja drags Mark up, tags in Teoman, and they mug Mark. Teoman wrenches, CLUBS the arm, then uppercuts it. Teoman has a wristlock and he wrangles Mark down. Teoman bends the fingers and then the elbow! Mark fights back but Teoman hits him in return.

Mark gets up, throws big forearm after forearm, then rams Teoman into an open corner. Mark throws body shots but Teoman BOOTS and elbows Mark away! Teoman goes up, blindside missile dropkick! Cover, TWO! Teoman is annoyed but he keeps Mark down with an armlock. Mark endures, Gallus and the fans rally up, and Mark fights up. Teoman tags Dempsey, they mug Mark, and Dempsey drags Mark up to facelock. Mark endures but Dempsey RAMPS him into the corner! And then again! Dempsey keeps on the grovit but Mark throws body shots. Mark gets free, he EuroUppers, but Dempsey gives it back!

They go back and forth, Mark catches the arms for a backslide! ONE, Dempsey headbutts low, ROCKS Mark then clinches. Dempsey CHOPS Mark off his feet, covers, TWO! Dempsey keeps on Mark with an armlock and he grinds the shoulder. Fans sing for Gallus but Dempsey moves around to grind the shoulder and twist it through! Mark tries to fight, Dempsey mounts for a cover, ONE as Mark sunsets! Dempsey rolls through, lateral press, ONE but Dempsey has a double wristlock. Mark fights up as Dempsey cranks the hold! Raja tags in, Dempsey feeds Mark to a BIG forearm! Raja covers, TWO!

Raja stomps Mark, drags Mark up and over, and Dempsey tags back in. They whip Mark, knee low, then KNEE lift Mark down! Cover, but Joe breaks it! Dempsey glares at Joe, but turns around into big forearms and CHOPS from Mark! Dempsey knees Mark low, elbows Joe down, then swings, into a back suplex! Dempsey tags Raja, Mark crawls for his corner but Raja gets the legs. Mark kicks Raja away, Teoman tags in! Teoman goes around to swing on Wolfgang, but turns around into a back drop! Mark crawls, hot tag to Wolfgang! Fans rally as Wolfgang CLOBBERS Teoman, SPLASHES Raja, then goes up to AX HANDLE Teoman!

Wolfgang DECKS Dempsey, fires off hands on Teoman, then whips to KNEE low! BASEMENT SPLASH! Wolfgang drags Teoman up, EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! Teoman is still in this for Die Familie, and he kicks Wolfgang away to get to his corner. Wolfgang SPLASHES, but Raja tags in! Wolfgang SLAPS Raja down, Wolfgang runs in, but Raja gets Teoman out of the way! Teoman hits a SLIDING FOREARM, then Raja drags Wolfgang up, INVERTED DDT! Cover, TWO!! Wolfgang survives and Raja is furious! Fans rally up, Teoman swings on Joe! Raja goes after Wolfgang, but backstabber is denied! Tag to Joe!

Joe rallies on Raja, DECKS Teoman, CLOBBERS Raja, and pop-up UPPERCUTS Teoman! Raja sidesteps Joe but Joe breaks through the clothesline to FLYING SHOULDER! Joe shoves, clinches and OVERHEAD suplexes Raja! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up with Joe as he drags Raja back up. Joe whips Raja to a corner, Raja reverses, but Joe goes up and ROCKS Raja. Joe goes up and up, CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Joe goes to the corner, runs in, but Raja dodges the sendoff! BACKSTABBER! Joe flounders and both men are down! Raja crawls over to the corner, hot tag to Dempsey! Dempsey knees low, BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!

Dempsey drags Joe up into a FULL NELSON! Joe fights the suplex and THROWS Dempsey off! GLASGOW SENDOFF! Tag to Mark! The Coffey Brothers get Dempsey up, HIGH LOW!! Cover, Teoman breaks it! Teoman throws Joe out, goes to the apron and PENALTY KICKS! Mark swings on Teoman, then DOUBLE CHOPS Dempsey! Tag to Wolfgang and they get Dempsey up. Feed to the scoop, but Raja drags Mark out! Teoman gets in, to CHOP BLOCK Wolfgang’s leg! Dempsey has the STF!! Wolfgang endures, and taps! DIE FAMILIE WINS!

Winners: Die Familie, by submission

Though not blood, these brothers in arms found a way to keep down the Gallus boys! Is NXT UK going to be their kingdom soon enough?


NXT UK hears from Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith, as well as Jack Starz & Dave Mastiff.

The finals are coming! And that means one step closer to becoming the next NXT UK Tag Team Champions! But Jack & Dave are no joke. They’re good, but they’re only a team of two months. Smith & Carter have been a team of two years. Jack is more like Dave’s apprentice. This is their time.

Dave Mastiff says the #1 contendership is close. And he knows Tyler Bate & Trent Seven pretty well. But they can’t underestimate Carter & Smith. Yeah, they’ve had things to say about Mastiff & Starz, and two years together is impressive. But how about a 20 year career? That’s impressive. Two years is a drop in the ocean to The Bomber. Everything Smith learned about tag matches, he learned from Mastiff. Starz will take care of Carter, and Mastiff knows Smith like the back of his hand.

Smith says he’s learned more on his own than what Mastiff taught him, he and Carter are ready. Carter says they’re the hottest tag team under the sun and the freshest flavor on the brand. If there’s any team more serious, it’s Smith & Carter. If there’s any team more supreme, it’s Smith & Carter. If there’s any team winning the match, it’s Smith & Carter. Ready and Forward, Always Forward! Starz says to bring their A Games, and everything they’ve got, because no one is stopping him and Mastiff from taking those NXT UK Tag Team Championships! All four men are fired up, but which duo burns brighter in this #1 contender’s tag?


Amale VS Jinny!

Similar backgrounds, similar career paths, but completely different outlooks on life; that is why the French Hope and the Spoiled Princess of Knightsbridge can’t stand each other. But now that things have come to blows, will Amale’s positivity negate Jinny’s negativity? Or does Jinny have that much more fury and fire to win out?

The bell rings, the two tie right up, and Jinny knees low! Jinny headlocks, Amale powers out but Jinny pulls hair to CLUB Amale down. Jinny hits a headlock takeover, Amale headscissors, but Jinny kips free. Amale clinches, headlocks for the takeover, but Jinny goes for the headscissors. Amale shrugs that off, Jinny fights up, and Jinny pulls hair. Jinny powers out but Amale runs her over! Jinny kicks low, but Amale throws body shots! And forearms! Jinny gives those back, clamps onto an arm, but Amale gets to ropes. The ref counts but Jinny wraps the arm around ropes to throw knee after knee!

Jinny stops as the ref counts 4, but Amale fires forearms in return! Jinny kicks low, scowls and whips, but Amale reverses to then duck, dodge, and scoop SLAM! Jinny flounders, Amale hits a somersault senton, to a basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Amale grits her teeth as she follows Jinny. Amale waistlocks, Jinny holds ropes, and then Jinny HOTSHOTS Amale off the top! Jinny WRINGS Amale’s arm out, stomps Amale around, then grabs an arm to drop a knee on it! Then she does the same to the other arm! Cover, TWO! Jinny grabs hair but fans rally up. Jinny drags Amale up but Amale throws haymakers! Jinny wrenches to wrangle Amale down!

Amale endures the armlock but Jinny CLAWS the arm from wrist to shoulder! Amale keeps Jinny from getting the other arm, then gets up to throw body shots and forearms. Jinny shoves Amale, but Amale sunset flips! TWO! Jinny rushes in, ducks and dodges to throw Amale by her hair! Fans boo but Jinny KNEES Amale down! And KNEES Her in the side! And again! And again! Jinny drags Amale up, tucks the arm, and throws elbows down before putting on the IRON OCTOPUS! Amale endures but Jinny pulls the arm way back! Amale stays on her feet, powers up, and is free to hip toss Jinny down!

Fans rally, Jinny gets up but she knees Amale low! Jinny whips Amale to a corner, runs in but into a BOOT! Amale goes up to DOUBLE STOMP Jinny down! Amale runs corner to corner to LARIAT Jinny! And then another lariat! Fans fire up with Amale and she brings Jinny up. Jinny throws body shots and low kicks, but Amale reverses the whip, corner clothesline! Amale roars, Jinny is rocked, Amale whips her into a buckle! Amale runs side to side, BOOT WASH! Amale drags Jinny out for a waistlock, but Jinny throws back elbows! Amale turns that around to a NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO!

Amale grows frustrated, but she keeps on Jinny. Amale hooks the leg but Amale pulls hair! Jinny throws elbows, brings Amale to a corner, and trips her up to high stack! Legs on the ropes! JINNY WINS!

Winner: Jinny, by pinfall

Jinny snatches that win by waiting until the last second to get the leverage! Amale is furious, but will she be able to get her revenge?



To up the ante from their first time around, Meiko Satomura and Blair Davenport face off for the NXT UK Women’s Championship, in a Japanese Street Fight! Blair brutalized Meiko after losing, will she brutalize her again before winning? Or will Meiko make Blair regret showing her that disrespect?


NXT UK Media catches up with Nathan Frazer.

The British Prodigy comes off a big loss against Ring General, Walter/Gunther. How is he feeling now? Considering literally no one thought he was going to win, he feels great with how well he did. But then barging in to celebrate their victory is Die Familie. They already have champagne ready, but they ask Frazer what he’s doing in their locker room. Oh so this is their room now? Well, congrats, boys, you must be so proud of yourselves. Teoman tells Frazer that Die Familie doesn’t need anything from a loser like him. Oh, Die Familie? Cute nickname. You really think you’re family? Teoman just keeps the others around so he isn’t a loser himself. It’s so blatantly obvious.

Raja gets in Frazer’s face about those comments, and Teoman says to get out of the room. Fine, enjoy your little party. Will Frazer prove who the real loser is soon enough?


NXT UK Championship Empty Arena Match: Ilja Dragunov VS Jordan Devlin!

Oh the irony. Just as we got fans back, now they have to leave! The Irish Ace says the fans are the real source of the Czar’s power. But when it’s No Holds Barred and Falls Count Anywhere, will Devlin be able to stand all on his own? Or will UNBESIEGBAR still have the power to break him as the fans cheer him on from outside the arena?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who can stand on their own two feet!

Devlin HEADBUTTS Dragunov before the bell! Then he rains down forearms! The ref wants Delvin to stop, the bell hasn’t rung! Devlin picks up the title and says it is coming home with him! The ref asks Dragunov if he still wants to fight, and of course he does! The bell rings, Devlin swings the belt at Dragunov, but Dragunov dodges and gets around for a GERMAN SUPLEX! Dragunov holds on, talks trash back in Russian to GERMAN SUPLEX Devlin again! Dragunov holds on, gets Devlin up again, but Devlin grabs ropes! No ropebreaks in this match, so Devlin MULE KICK LOW BLOWS!

Devlin CLUBS Dragunov down, ROCKS him with a forearm, then keeps on him with more heavy shots. Devlin ties Dragunov up in the ropes! Devlin SLAPS Dragunov, and says he’s stronger, faster and smarter than Dragunov! Devlin goes out to get the timekeeper’s chair! Devlin says Dragunov’s family will have to live with this. Dragunov eggs Devlin on, then boots him! Devlin is annoyed, he fires off haymakers on Dragunov’s head! Devlin goes back outside, and he brings in a screwdriver?! Devlin gets in, wanting to go HHH on Ric Flair that one time. Dragunov BOOTS Devlin down, and is free of the ropes!

Devlin ROCKS Dragunov, Dragunov ENZIGURIS Devlin! Both men get up, Dragunov runs in to clothesline Devlin and himself out of the ring! Dragunov and Devlin get up again, Dragunov CHOPS Devlin against barriers. And CHOPS again! Dragunov hits an APRON BACK SUPLEX! And then a scoop and SLAM to the floor! Dragunov seethes while Devlin writhes on the mat. Dragunov drags Devlin up, brings him around with a headlock to bump him off the apron. And then off the barriers! Dragunov waistlocks, Devlin holds the barriers, and he elbows free of the waistlock. Dragunov staggers, but he swings. Devlin ducks but Dragunov uses the left to LARIAT!

Dragunov chases after Devlin, stands him up, and CHOPS him against barriers. Dragunov brings Devlin along and whips him into barriers! Dragunov takes a moment, still shaking out cobwebs from those shots Devlin gave him while tied up in the ropes. Dragunov gets Devlin up but Devlin uses the barriers to block! Dragunov clutches one side of his head, perhaps still feeling that headbutt. Devlin CHOPS Dragunov, brings him around, and RAMS him into steel steps! Dragunov clutches an arm and cries out in pain! Devlin gets the top half of the steps and lifts it up into the ring. Devlin then goes back for Dragunov, only for Dragunov to TORPEDO MOSCOW him through barriers!!

Both men writhe and groan where fans would’ve been sitting otherwise. Dragunov flounders to lean against a chair while Devlin manages to sit up. Devlin falls against a chair, but Dragunov is after him again! Dragunov BOWLS Devlin through the chairs! Dragunov tosses some folding chairs into the ring, all the while telling Devlin in Russian what’s coming. Dragunov holds onto the last few chairs to SMACK Devlin on the back! Devlin screams in pain, Dragunov sets the tables down in a nice little pile. Devlin tries to get away and he tumbles over the barriers. Dragunov drags him back up, CLUBS away on him, but and suplexes him up and over, onto the chairs!

Devlin writhes, Dragunov pushes him down to cover, TWO!! Devlin survives that hard landing, but Dragunov stalks him as they go towards the staging area. Devlin sits in a chair and wants mercy, but Dragunov just CHOPS him out of his seat! They continue down the way, Dragunov dares Devlin to talk about his family now! Dragunov drags Devlin up to TOSS him into a nearby table! All the computers and things on it go flying off! Devlin is stuck on the table, Dragunov pushes him off it. Dragunov drags Devlin up, waistlocks, Gotch lifts, but Devlin rakes eyes! Devlin goes to suplex but Dragunov slips out to CLOBBER Devlin!

Devlin leans on the table again. Dragunov gets space, and he runs in, TORPEDO MOSCOW but Devlin gets clear! Only Dragunov crashes through the table!! Devlin covers, TWO!! Dragunov survives, and Devlin can’t believe it! Devlin drags Dragunov from the wreckage and SMACKS him off a road case! Did he leave a dent in it? Devlin SMACKS Dragunov off it again, then gets a smaller case! Devlin shoves the case in, ROAD CASE SANDWICH! Devlin SLAPS Dragunov down, stands him back up, and CLUBS him on the back. Dragunov flounders, Devlin drags him up, but Dragunov resists the suplex.

Devlin CLUBS Dragunov, but it’s Dragunov who suplexes! Devlin knees free, stands on top of the road case, and RAKES Dragunov’s eyes! Devlin SMACKS Dragunov off the edge of the case! MOONSAULT OFF THE CASE! Direct hit and both men fall on the concrete! Both men are down as Devlin can’t get the cover! Devlin manages to sit up first, and he brings Dragunov back up. Devlin CHOPS Dragunov, they go back around the staging, and Devlin ROCKS Dragunov. Dragunov staggers through the chairs, Devlin throws down fists! Devlin brings Dragunov up to TOSS him over the barriers! They’re back at ringside as Dragunov groans and writhes.

Devlin hobbles his way around and he starts looking under the ring. Fans may not be here to chant it, but Devlin wants a table! Dragunov CLUBS him and CHOPS him first! Dragunov puts Devlin in the ring, and Dragunov decides he wants the table. Dragunov puts the table in the ring, but Devlin has a chair! Devlin SMACKS Dragunov the second he’s in the ring! Devlin takes the table back for his own, sets it up in a corner, and then goes back for Dragunov. Devlin stands Dragunov up, ROCKS him with a right, and Dragunov wobbles. Dragunov blocks the ripcord to body scissors! Dragunov rains down elbows over and over on Devlin!!

Dragunov is furious, and he drags Devlin back up, traps the arms in the Gotch lift, POWERSLAM onto a chair! Cover, TWO!!? Devlin survives but Dragunov has no energy to be frustrated! Dragunov instead makes his way to a corner and climbs up top. Devlin JAMS Dragunov’s knee with a chair! Fireman’s carry, SWINGING SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO!?!? Devlin is furious that Dragunov survives! Devlin gives thumbs down to say this is over. He has the arm, but Dragunov again blocks the ripcord. Dragunov gets up to reel Devlin into a fireman’s carry! Devlin elbows over and over but Dragunov won’t let him down!

Devlin rakes eyes, but Dragunov still CORNER DEATH VALLEY DRIVERS through the table!!! Cover, TWO?!?!! Devlin survives and surely somewhere, the BT Sports Studio crowd is losing its mind! Dragunov aims from a corner as Devlin flounders his way to the far side. Dragunov still shouts out, “UN! BE! SIEG! BAR!!” But his head starts hurting! Devlin says Dragunov can’t win when there’s no fans! Devlin eggs Dragunov on to do it for Constantin! Dragunov staggers, HEADBUTT!!! Devlin suplexes for a SHEER DROP BRAINBUSTER!!! Cover, TWO!!!! Devlin is beside himself, how is Dragunov doing this?!

Devlin storms his way back out of the ring and he thinks of what he has to do. He finds the zip ties used for the cables. He brings those into the ring, LASHES Dragunov with them, then KICKS him down! Devlin zip ties one of Dragunov’s arms, hammers away on his shoulder and then gets the other. Dragunov is defiant to the end as he talks trash in Russian, but his arms are now zip tied to each other! Devlin rains down fists over and over, Dragunov unable to guard his head. Devlin says he told Dragunov this was coming. Dragunov could have walked away, but now he’ll be rolled out of here without the title! Devlin SMACKS Dragunov’s leg!

Devlin says this was Dragunov’s choice. Dragunov still kicks from below! Devlin brings him to the steel steps and digs his head into the steel! Devlin has the chair! But Devlin avoids the steel step con-chair-to! Dragunov BOOTS Devlin, and Devlin staggers in a daze! Dragunov jumps off the steps, TORPEDO MOSCOW!!! He crawls to the cover, Dragunov wins!!!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov, by pinfall (still NXT UK Champion)

The Irish Ace gave Dragunov his most sadistic fight yet, and yet Dragunov still comes out the winner! If not even this could stop him, will anything ever stop The Czar? Or is UNBESIEGBAR eternal?

My Thoughts:

What an episode! Gallus VS Die Familie was a very good opener, but I had figured Die Familie was winning. I said as much last week that Gallus could be in the next wave of NXT UK transfers to NXT 2.0. Joe Coffey isn’t looking like NXT UK Champion material so maybe Gallus joins Imperium, and perhaps Joe Coffey has a repeat run where he gives the singles champs great matches but never gets those belts. Die Familie having a confrontation with Nathan Frazer nods towards what’s next for them, but I feel like Frazer’s gonna need an ally to take them on. No idea who, but maybe we could get an equally eclectic counter faction to take on Die Familie. Frazer, Gradwell and Huxley for some reason seem like the most logically illogical trio to make.

We got a really good promo vignette out of the tag team finalists. Carter & Smith VS Mastiff & Starz, that match could go any which way since it’s Faces VS Faces with Face tag team champions right now. And also, Meiko VS Blair in a Japanese Street Fight is going to be awesome, but it makes me wonder what will make it stand out from any standard Street Fight. Honestly, when WWE does a Street Fight, the only theme is holiday. When another place like AEW does a Street Fight named for a location, they try to bring items specific to that location. So seeing what NXT UK comes up with will be reason enough to watch.

Amale VS Jinny was really good, really aggressive, but of course Jinny cheats to win. These two are definitely going to have a series of matches, and the final winner (probably Amale) will be primed for a title match. And there’s a chance Jinny moves on to NXT 2.0 since they don’t seem to see her as NXT UK Women’s Championship material at this point. I am curious to see Jinny interact with Toxic Attraction. And then that main event, what an awesome match! Match of the week, even match of the month. I again point out the irony of Devlin saying Dragunov can’t win without fans, but going Empty Arena was great as they could fully use the BT Sports Studio arena area.

Great creativity in how vicious Devlin was, but Dragunov wins out and gains some major power levels. And just as I’ve said about Joe Coffey and Jinny, if Devlin isn’t seen as NXT UK Champion material at this point, he’s probably going to NXT 2.0 to try for the North American Championship. Between COVID and Vince McMahon, Devlin’s Cruiserweight title reign was killed, and he could end up following Balor’s footsteps by Vince “losing faith” in him as a top champion. But Devlin can still do a lot as someone who pushes the new kids to their limits.

My Score: 8.8/10

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