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Mitchell’s NJPW WTL x BOSJ Results & Report! (11/20/20)

The Best of the Super Juniors continues!




The Junior Heavyweights are back in action!

It’s round three for the Best of the Super Juniors! Can IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, Taiji Ishimori, keep from losing again?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • Best of the Super Juniors 27: Yuya Uemura VS El Desperado; Desperado wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 27: Taiji Ishimori VS Douki; Ishimori wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 27: Ryusuke Taguchi VS Master Wato; Taguchi wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 27: SHO VS Robbie Eagles; Eagles wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 27: Hiromu Takahashi VS BUSHI; Hiromu wins.


Here are the current Best of the Super Juniors 27 standings!

Master Wato: 2-0
SHO: 2-0
BUSHI: 1-1
El Desperado: 1-1
Taiji Ishimori: 1-1
Robbie Eagles: 1-1
Ryusuke Taguchi: 1-1
Hiromu Takahashi: 1-1
DOUKI: 0-2
Yuya Uemura: 0-2


Yuya Uemura VS El Desperado!

The Young Lion took Yoshinobu Kanemaru’s place, and now he faces the Heel Master’s tag team partner! Will Despy have it real easy in this third round?

The bell rings and Desperado bails out before Uemura can rush him. The ref keeps Uemura in the ring while Desperado paces around. Desperado talks some trash but wants Uemura to stay back. Uemura moves the ref aside but Desperado dodges him to get back in the ring. Uemura returns, trips Desperado to a cover, ONE but Uemura has the short arm scissor! Desperado gets up and around to break the leg hold. Desperado gets a headlock but Uemura gets up to drop toehold hard! Uemura has the armlock, tries for a lateral but Desperado resists. Uemura gets the arms again but Desperado gets a leg guard in. Uemura gets around to get the facelock but Desperado slips out to facelock back. Uemura slips out to go after the arms again but Desperado clasps hands.

Uemura gets through the grip to ARMBAR! Desperado scrambles to ropes and the ref counts, Uemura lets up to stomp Desperado down! Fans fire up with Uemura as he brings Desperado up. Desperado hits back, throws Uemura out and goes after him at the railing. Desperado stomps, whips but Uemura reverses to send Desperado into railing! Uemura runs Desperado over and fans rally up! Uemura drags Desperado up, puts him back in, and fans rally again. Desperado swings but Uemura counter punches! Uemura gets in but Desperado kicks the ropes! Uemura writhes but Desperado taunts him while standing on his head. Desperado drags Uemura up to throw him back out, and whips him into railing! Uemura crashes hard and falls in a heap!

Fans rally as Desperado paces. Desperado drags Uemura up and scoop slams him down! Desperado leaves Uemura behind and fans rally as the ring count starts. The count reaches 10 of 20 before Uemura sits up. The count is 15 as Uemura heads for the ring, 18 as he stands, but he gets in before 19! Desperado stomps Uemura’s back and shoulders then drags him up for a fast scoop and slam! Desperado stands over Uemura, drags him into a camel clutch and sits deep! Fans rally as Uemura endures. Uemura gets an arm free but Desperado flips him to a cover, TWO! Fans cheer but Desperado is annoyed. Desperado drags Uemura around and JAMS the knee!

Desperado taunts Uemura, mockingly asking what’s wrong. Uemura gets up to CHOP but Desperado eggs him on. Uemura CHOPS, Desperado kicks the leg out! Desperado drags Uemura up, but Uemura fights off the shin breaker! Desperado kicks and runs, and fakes out Uemura’s dropkick! Desperado talks trash while bringing Uemura back up. Desperado whips, Uemura reverses and dropkicks him after all! But it proves to be double-edged with the bad leg! Fans rally as Desperado goes to a corner and Uemura goes to the other. Uemura runs in, big back elbow! And a series of forearms! Uemura stomps a mudhole in and the ref counts. Uemura stomps and stomps and fans fire up!

Uemura drags Desperado up, whips him corner to corner then runs in again, to dropkick! Desperado wobbles, Uemura keeps going to CLOBBER him with a forearm! Cover, TWO! Fans rally for the Young Lion as he gets the legs! Desperado scrambles but Uemura drags him from ropes to stomp him and turn him, BOSTON CRAB! Desperado endures as Uemura sits deep! Desperado powers up but Uemura drags him from ropes! Fans rally and rally, Uemura sits back deeper but Desperado powers up again! Desperado reaches, and gets the ropebreak! Fans cheer as Uemura keeps on Desperado with stomps! Uemura drags Desperado up to lock the arms, but Desperado blocks the lift!

Uemura ROCKS him with a forearm and waistlocks but Desperado breaks free! Desperado ROCKS Uemura but Uemura ROCKS him back! Uemura fires up and runs, but into a SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO, but into a HALF Boston Crab! Desperado sits deep now but Uemura powers up! Uemura reaches but Desperado drags him away to STRETCH MUFFLER! Uemura scrambles and gets the ropebreak! Desperado keeps cranking the leg until the ref counts 3! Fans rally for Uemaru but Desperado drags him up. Desperado reels Uemaru in but no guitar yet! Uemura gets Desperado in an ARMBAR TAKEDOWN! Desperado makes it a cover, TWO and Uemura cranks on the ARMBAR!

Desperado gets the ropebreak but Uemura lets go at 3! Fans are fired up for Uemura as he drags Desperado back up. Desperado desperately holds ropes but Uemura throws uppercuts to his arm! Uemura keeps pulling but Desperado holds on, so Uemura CLUBS the arm! Uemura wrenches the arm but Desperado pokes his eyes! Desperado drags Uemura down into the EL ES CULERO! Desperado wins!!

Winner: El Desperado, by pinfall; now 2-1, Uemura is now 0-3

Desperado had to cheat to beat Uemura?! Unbelievable! But does this mean Uemura has promise as a powerhouse Super Junior? As for Desperado, will he be able to hold onto a chance at the trophy at this rate?


Taiji Ishimori VS Douki!

The Bone Soldier lost to the Ticking Time Bomb but managed to rebound against the Funky Weapon. Will Japones de Mal be bueno or no bueno for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion?

As Ishimori takes off his Shredder helmet, Douki dropkicks him down! Ishimori bails out, Douki builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit as the bell rings! Fans fire up and Douki drags Ishimori up and around to POST him! Ishimori stumbles to railing and Douki takes the belt off him. The ref says Douki hasn’t won that at all and to give it over. Douki wants to use it to hit Ishimori but he lets the ref have the belt. Douki CLUBS Ishimori then hits a DDT to the floor! Fans rally and Douki leaves Ishimori behind. Ishimori gets up as the ring count starts. Ishimori gets in at 5 but Douki CLUBS him down! And CLUBS him again! Ishimori seethes as he hits back, so Douki rakes his eyes! The ref counts, Douki stops at 4, then whips Ishimori to ropes. Ishimori handsprings to NEURALIZER!

Douki bails out, fans rally up and Ishimori runs to the corner, TRIANGLE QUEBRADA! Direct hit and fans fire up more! Ishimori drags Douki up and whips him into railing! And then wrenches him to whip into more railing! Ishimori grabs his belt but the ref tells him not to do anything with it. Ishimori puts it back and then throws haymakers on Douki. Ishimori chokes Douki against the railing, and even uses a reverse cravat! The ref counts, Ishimori lets Douki free at 3. Fans rally as Ishimori drags Douki up and into the ring. Ishimori watches from the apron, and then springboards to seated senton! And then he rolls Douki into the YES LOCK! Douki gets the ropebreak fast but Ishimori holds on until the ref reprimands. Ishimori slowly lets off, to then stomp the arm!

Douki goes to the corner, Ishimori CLUBS the bad arm! Ishimori wraps the bad arm around ropes! The ref counts, Ishimori lets go but only for a moment before going right after the arm again! The ref counts and Ishimori lets go at 3. Fans rally, Ishimori brings Douki up to snapmare him into a chinlock. Ishimori grinds Douki into the mat but the fans rally as Douki endures. Douki fights his way up, throws elbows and gets free. Douki runs, but Ishimori catches him to a sleeper, then BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO! Fans cheer and rally as Douki is still in this. Ishimori gut wrenches but Douki victory rolls to the ITALIAN STRETCH #32! Ishimori stays on his feet as Douki pulls on the arms, and he gets the ropebreak! The ref counts, Douki lets go at 3, and he looms over Ishimori.

Douki drags Ishimori up, hooks the arms and spins him, but Ishimori resists the backslide. They spin back around, Douki knees low and Ishimori goes to a corner. Douki runs in but Ishimori boots him away. Douki runs in again, blocks the next boot, and pops Ishimori up and over into the Gory Especial! DOTON JUTSU! Cover off the modified Gory, TWO!! Ishimori survives and fans cheer while Douki slashes the throat! Douki goes to the apron and wants Ishimori to get back up. Ishimori rises, slingshot but no Daybreak! Ishimori pops Douki up and around but no Cipher! ITALIAN- NO! Jackknife, TWO! Sunset, TWO! Jackknife, TWO! Ishimori rolls through into an ITALIAN STRETCH!

Fans fire up as Ishimori fights his way out, but Douki rolls him back into the ITALIAN STRETCH! Ishimori endures, fights to get on his feet, but he starts fading! Fans rally as Ishimori gets a second wind and gets back to his feet! Ishimori rolls to the ropebreak! The ref counts, Douki cranks tighter but lets off. Fans rally up as Douki powers up and runs, to LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Ishimori survives but Douki roars as he heads to the apron. Douki wants Ishimori to stand, and then he slingshots, DAYBREAK!! Cover, TWO!?! Ishimori survives but Douki says he’ll end it now! Douki reels Ishimori into the wheelbarrow, but Ishimori slips out to crank on a facelock! Douki resists the lift but Ishimori knees. Douki fireman’s carries out but Ishimori shoves him away to BOOT him!

Ishimori runs, but Douki uses the ref as a shield! Then Douki enziguris, only to miss! Ishimori rolls Douki to a ghost pin! TWO, and both men scramble up. Ishimori KNEES Douki, fires up and reels him in, but still no Bloody Cross! Douki whips Ishimori into the ref! And he grabs his pipe! PIPE SHOT to the stomach! But Ishimori finds his belt! Fans fire up and Douki thinks he’s going to finish this off, but Ishimori uses the belt to SMACK the pipe away! And then he BELT SHOTS Douki down! Ishimori throws the belt away, revives the ref, and gives Douki BLOODY CROSS! Cover, Ishimori wins!

Winner: Taiji Ishimori, by pinfall; now 2-1, Douki is now 0-3

The IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion cheats the cheater and comes out on top! Will Ishimori be able to take the BOSJ after all? Wait, Ishimori is making Douki pay for the cheating by using Douki’s pipe in a Yes Lock! Young Lions pull Ishimori off Douki but the damage has been done! Will Douki think twice before angering the Bone Soldier?


Ryusuke Taguchi VS Master Wato w/ Hiroyoshi Tenzan!

These two teamed together in the round robin for the Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships, but only one can be the Best of the Super Juniors! Will Taguchi put the Way of the Grandmaster to the test?

The bell rings and Taguchi shakes hands with Wato to show there is respect. They circle, Wato uses kicks to test the waters, but Taguchi stays clear. Taguchi shoots in to get the leg, Wato turns that around but Taguchi fights Wato off with legs. Taguchi gets an arm, Wato stays up to try for a lateral press but Taguchi resists. Taguchi tries to headscissor but Wato moves around. Cover, ONE, and the two stand off, which fans cheer. Taguchi and Wato reset and Taguchi gets the wristlock right away! Taguchi hammerlocks, Wato reaches back and jumps up to snapmare! Taguchi bails out and fans rally. Wato patiently waits and Taguchi gets back in.

Taguchi and Wato circle again, tie up and Wato gets the leg. Wato trips Taguchi, locks onto the leg, but Taguchi chinlocks back. Taguchi cranks to get free, but Wato pops out to hammerlock. Taguchi has the ropebreak and Wato lets off. Wato stomps the arm but backs off to reset. Taguchi gets the leg, trips Wato, and then goes for an arm. Wato rolls around to get a leg, Taguchi gets free and waistlocks. Wato switches, Taguchi drop toeholds and wants the ankle lock! Wato gets the ropebreak and fans cheer this technical exchange. Taguchi and Wato reset again, circle and tie up. Taguchi wrenches the arm, has the wristlock, but Wato rolls and handsprings to wrench back! Taguchi rolls, spins through and arm-drags Wato away!

Wato comes back to elbow, back hand and sobat! Fans cheer as Wato CHOPS Taguchi! Taguchi CHOPS back, Wato CHOPS again! Wato elbows Taguchi to ropes then whips. Taguchi reverses, drops down and hurdles over. Wato leaps over, things keep moving and Wato dropkicks Taguchi down! Fans fire up with Wato as he builds speed and TORNILLOS! Wato has fans rallying more as he brings Taguchi up. Wato puts Taguchi in, aims from the apron and springboards, for the flying uppercut! Cover, TWO! Taguchi survives but Wato keeps his cool. Wato chinlocks, grinds Taguchi down, then digs his knee in. Taguchi pries at the hold but Wato elbows him down! And KICKS him in the back! Cover, TWO!

Wato waits for Taguchi to get up as fans rally. Taguchi rises, ducks the buzzsaw and waistlocks. Wato elbows free, runs but Taguchi follows, but runs into an atomic drop! Taguchi puts Wato on the apron, shoulders back and triangle dropkicks! Wato tumbles down, Taguchi runs again and triangle PLANCHAS! Direct hit and both men are down. Fans rally up and a ring count starts. The count is at 8 as Taguchi stands. Taguchi paces at 10, drags Wato up at 12, and puts him in at 14. Fans cheer as Taguchi aims from the apron. Taguchi springboards but Wato gets under! Wato sobats, kicks and kicks, but the roundhouse is blocked! HIP ATTACK! Taguchi hip attacks more, then spins, into a ROUNDHOUSE to his butt!

Wato sweeps but Taguchi jump sover, but misses the sliding hip. Wato runs into an enziguri! But comes back with the DREAMCAST KICK! Both men are down and fans fire up! Wato and Taguchi stir, go to opposite corners, and Wato runs in, but Taguchi dodges! Taguchi returns, blocks the boot and gets both legs to yank Wato dowen! High stack, TWO, to OH MY ANKLE LOCK! Wato endures, rolls and reverses it to an ANKLE LOCK of his own! Taguchi endures, reaches, but Wato drags him away. Taguchi keeps crawling and he gets to the ropebreak! Wato lets off and drags Taguchi by his leg. Wato kicks the leg, then kicks it again.

Taguchi stands and Wato kicks and kicks and kicks! Wato BUZZSAWS! Fans fire up with Wato as he drags Taguchi back up. Wato wrenches, reels him in, MOUSE TRAP DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Taguchi survives but Wato keeps his focus. Wato drags Taguchi up, scoops, but Taguchi fights free and drops down to get the leg! OH MY ANKLE LOCK! Wato endures, crawls, but Taguchi drags him away! Wato rolls and throws Taguchi off! Taguchi runs in but into boots! Wato runs back to sunset flip, but Taguchi stays up! The tights come down and butt is exposed! TWO, and Taguchi is sitting on Wato! Taguchi wins!!

Winner: Ryusuke Taguchi, by pinfall; now 2-1, Wato now 2-1

Wato feels like he needs a shower now. But he also lost and is no longer undefeated in the round robin! Will he have to fight harder to get back up? Taguchi is more concerned about how he keeps getting exposed in these matches! Will the Funky Weapon be able to stay covered up better as the BOSJ continues?


SHO VS Robbie Eagles!

Chaos VS Chaos, High Voltage VS Sniper of the Sky! Will Sho shock Eagles out of the sky to stay undefeated in the round robin?

Fans rally at the bell and the two fist bump to show there is respect. They circle, Eagles encourages fans to get louder and they do, and then Eagles and Sho tie up. Sho waistlocks but Eagles pries free to a wristlock. Sho spins through to wrench and hammerlock then headlock to the takeover. Eagles headscissors, Sho pops out and fans cheer as the two reset. Fans rally up again as Eagles and Sho circle. They knuckle lock and Sho already wrenches to get Eagles on his knees. Eagles endures, gets up and powers up, only for Sho to wrangle him back down. Eagles tries again, breaks one lock to wrench and wrench the other. But Sho sees the up-and-around arm-drag coming and blocks it!

Sho brings Eagles up to arm-drag him away, but things speed up. Eagles dodges, ducks and sunset flips, only for Sho to stay up. Sho gets an arm, ARMBAR! Eagles gets the ropebreak, Sho lets go but he brings Eagles up to wrench the arm. Eagles pushes Sho away, wheelbarrows and victory rolls to get the legs, RON MILLER SPECIAL! Sho scrambles to get the ropebreak, and Eagles lets off on the inverted figure four. Fans rally up and Eagles stomps Sho’s legs. Eagles CHOPS then runs, but Sho kitchen sink knees him down! And KICKS Eagles in the back! Sho shakes out the leg before he covers, ONE! Fans rally as Sho wrenches Eagles’ arm again.

Sho wrenches, cording holds, then wrenches the other arm for the arm pretzel! Sho then sweeps the leg to slam Eagles down! Cover, TWO, but Sho is after the arm with a double wristlock. Eagles gets to the ropebreak and Sho lets off again. Sho drags Eagles up, wrenches his arm again and hits an ELBOW BREAKER! And another! And another! Sho aims from a corner but Eagles avoids the penalty kick to his arm! Eagles fires off forearms but Sho KICKS back! Sho spinning elbows, then scoops Eagles up. Eagles slips out to chop block and run, BLINDSIDE LARIAT! Sho bails out and fans fire up as Eagles builds speed to DIVE! Eagles hits Sho into railing and even lands on his feet out of his somersault tope! Fans fire up again and Eagles hops back over the railing to bring Sho up.

Eagles puts Sho in, covers, ONE! Eagles keeps his cool as he stomps Sho to a corner. Eagles rains down fists, but claims he’s using his forearm. Eagles brings Sho around, traps the arm and then ties up the legs. Eagles starts up a chant of “Robbie, Robbie, Robbie! OI OI OI!” but fans can only clap along. Robbie then STOMPS the deathlock! Sho scrambles to a corner, keeps the bad leg away from Eagles, but Eagles drags him to a cover, TWO! Eagles stalks Sho more, stomps the leg then steps through. Sho kicks Eagles away but Eagles kicks the leg. Eagles stomps Sho, bumps him off buckles then goes out. Fans rally, Eagles springboards but Sho dodges to come back and SPEAR Eagles down!

Fans rally up as Sho stalks up behind Eagles. Sho throws forearms on Eagles, puts him in a corner to whip him corner to corner. Sho runs in to clothesline and whip again. Eagles reverses but Sho reverses to kick, kick and KICK! Sho watches Eagles rise as fans rally up. Eagles blocks the kick! Sho denies the backpack to GERMAN but Eagles lands on his feet! Sho kicks, whips but Eagles reverses. Sho puts Eagles on the apron but Eagles counter enziguris! Springboard missile dropkick to the leg! Fans fire up as both men slowly rise. Eagles stands first and he KICKS Sho in the chest! And again! And again! Sho sits back up and Eagles runs to running enziguri!

Fans rally as Sho gets to a corner. Eagles runs in to double knee! Eagles rolls back but runs into a boot! Sho avoids the sweep-1-9 to sweep back! Sho runs and dropkicks Eagles off the apron! Eagles gets up, Sho goes to the apron but misses the Penalty Kick! Eagles sweep-1-9’s from the apron and Sho tumbles down! Eagles then cravats Sho, uses the post, and hits SLICED BREAD! Fans fire up as both men are down on the outside! Red Shoes checks but they’re both okay to continue so a ring count begins. The count reaches 5 before either man stirs, and 10 before Eagles sits up. The count keeps climbing and is 15 before Eagles and Sho are on their knees. Both men stand up and get in at 19! Fans cheer as this match continues!

Eagles crawls over to Sho as Sho sits up. Eagles throws a forearm, Sho forearms back. Eagles forearms again but Sho ROCKS him with one right back! They stand, the forearms keep flying! Eagles shakes out the cobwebs to keep hitting, and the two pick up speed. Fans rally, Eagles fires off forearms and a hammer elbow! Eagles runs to lariat but Sho stays up! Sho smirks and shakes his head so Eagles lariats again! Still not enough so Eagles tries again, only for Sho to swat the lariat away! Eagles sobats, front kicks and ROUNDHOUSES! HOOK KICKS! PELE! Fans fire up with Eagles as he aims at Sho. Sho blocks the superkick but Eagles kicks low. Eagles whips, Sho reverses but Eagles dodges to hurican-

NO! Sho blocks and swings Eagles up! Eagles fights but still can’t huricanrana! Sho brings him up again, Eagles fights back again and hits a huricanrana! Cover, TWO! Sho dead lifts Eagles into a POWER BREAKER! Sho crawls to the cover, TWO!! Eagles survives but Sho keeps his focus. Sho drags Eagles into a waistlock and dead lifts to a GERMAN! Sho holds on to GERMAN again! Sho still holds on, but Eagles resists the third! Eagles grabs ropes, Sho lets go to KICK the arms! Sho runs but Eagles boots the clothesline, then knees the other! Eagles blocks the kick, CHOPS and spins, TURBO BACKPACK! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up as Sho survives!

Eagles takes a moment to catch his breath before going after a leg. Eagles steps through but Sho kicks and kicks back! Eagles spins and drops for the leg breaker! Eagles gives toying kicks, Sho eggs Eagles on. Eagles throws slaps but Sho throws a forearm! Eagles KICKS the leg, Sho forearms again! Sho eggs Eagles on, Eagles KICKS again but Sho stays up. Sho forearms, Eagles returns it, repeat! Eagles wobbles and Sho takes advantage with elbows from all sides! Fans rally but Eagles knees low and KICKS Sho down! Eagles hurries to the corner, fans fire up as he climbs, WARP 4.5 but Sho moves! Eagles rolls through, Sho deflects his boot to KNEE!

Sho runs, into a kick but it doesn’t slow him down!? Sho LARIATS Eagles down! Fans fire up and Eagles is in a daze as Sho takes aim. Sho Penalty Kicks the arm! And then pops him up and down into the armlock! Eagles resists, rolls Sho up, TWO! DISARMER!! Eagles endures, Sho cranks, and Eagles moves around to get a ropebreak with his foot! Sho lets go, brings Eagles in, crosses the arms, CROSSARM DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Eagles survives but Sho won’t stop here! Sho watches Eagles as fans rally up. Eagles flounders, Sho PENALTY KICKS him down! Sho aims his bow, drags Eagles up and hooks him up, SHOCK-

NO! Eagles slips out to ROUNDHOUSE, and ROUNDHOUSE, but Sho HEADBUTTS! Sho drags Eagles back up, hooks him back up, Canadian racks, but Eagles slips off! Eagles ROUNDHOUSES again, reels Sho in for a KNEE, and then drops down with him! Fans fire up as Eagles drags Sho back up. Eagles INVERTED SHIRANUI DDT’S! Sho is down, Eagles goes up, WARP 4.5!! He hits the legs! RON MILLER SPECIAL!! Sho endures the inverted figure four, fans rally, but Eagles kicks and stomps him! Sho grits his teeth and drags himself and Eagles, but Eagles cranks harder! SHO TAPS, EAGLES WINS!

Winner: Robbie Eagles, by submission; now 2-1, Sho is now 2-1

High Voltage shorted out and Eagles flies high! But Eagles shows Sho respect with a bow, that Sho returns. Will one of these two bright young stars still find a way to shine at the end of the BOSJ?


Hiromu Takahashi VS BUSHI!

Los Ingobernables de Japon must battle itself as the Ticking Time Bomb and Death Mask face off! These two also teamed together in the tag title round robin, but who takes the next step towards THE Junior Heavyweight Championship?

Bushi sits on his corner as Hiromu makes his entrance, and still allows Hiromu to enter in from that side, as they would for tag matches. The elaborate entrance attires are put aside, fans clap for “L I J!” as the bell, and the two stare down. Hiromu and Bushi circle, approach and tie up. They’re in a deadlock, but Hiromu manages to get up and under to put Bushi on ropes. Red Shoes counts, Hiromu lets off but tries to chop! Bushi dodges, whips but Hiromu reverses, only for Bushi to huricanrana Hiromu out! Bushi builds speed but Hiromu drops down, so Bushi rolls back to lounge on the mat. Fans cheer as Bushi dares Hiromu to come back.

Hiromu dodges Bushi and kicks low to then whip. Bushi reverses but Hiromu shotgun dropkicks him out! Fans rally and now Hiromu builds speed, but Bushi gets away so Hiromu sits down. Hiromu dares Bushi to come back now and Bushi applauds that. Bushi gets in, Hiromu stomps him down, then drags Bushi up to CHOP! Bushi CHOPS, Hiromu CHOPS, repeat! Hiromu likes how it’s going and the CHOP fight continues! Hiromu CHOPS and CHOPS, and asks Bushi what’s wrong. Bushi shoves and CHOPS, and they fire off more CHOPS! Fans rally as the CHOPS keep flying! Hiromu gets the edge again but Bushi dropkicks the leg! Bushi runs but Hiromu clotheslines! Hiromu runs but Bushi dropkicks the leg again!

Hiromu goes out, Bushi slingshots to RANA! Fans fire up as both men are down! Bushi gets up first and stomps Hiromu down. Bushi drags Hiromu up and whips him to railing! Hiromu falls over and a ring count starts. Fans rally as Bushi drags Hiromu up at 7. Bushi whips Hiromu into more railing at 10! Hiromu falls over, Bushi walks back over and stomps him at 14. The count is 15, Bushi gets in but Hiromu hobbles up. Hiromu is in at 18, and fans cheer. Bushi paces as the clap is still “L I J!” Bushi drags Hiromu up to bump him off buckles and stomp him down. Bushi takes his shirt off to choke Hiromu with it! Red Shoes counts, Bushi stops at 3, and Hiromu gets to a corner.

Hiromu hits back but Bushi clubs and stomps him down. Bushi drags Hiromu up again, hangs him out to dry on ropes, then goes to the corner for the missile dropkick! Hiromu tumbles down, Bushi covers, ONE! Bushi keeps his cool and fans rally up more. Bushi drags Hiromu up, turns him and hits a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Bushi again keeps his cool and stomps Hiromu down. Bushi puts Hiromu in an STF! Fans rally, Hiromu endures but Bushi cranks back on the hold. Hiromu drags himself and Bushi over, to get the ropebreak! Red Shoes counts, Bushi lets go at 4, and fans rally up again. Bushi drags Hiromu back up, scoops and slams him down then covers, TWO!

Bushi brings Hiromu back up but Hiromu CHOPS! Bushi doesn’t flinch and he eggs Hiromu on. Hiromu CHOPS more, and more, but Bushi knees low. Bushi back suplexes high and hard! Cover, TWO! Hiromu is still in this but Bushi stomps him down. Bushi paces, drags Hiromu up and bumps him off buckles. Bushi CHOPS and CHOPS Hiromu now, then whips him corner to corner. Hiromu tumbles, dodges Bushi, and comes back but into a boot! Bushi runs, Hiromu follows and cross chops Bushi down! Cover, TWO! Fans rally as Hiromu CHOPS and whips Bushi to forearm him, throw him on the rope, then kick the rope! Bushi staggers, Hiromu runs and shotgun dropkicks him out again!

Fans rally as Hiromu rises. Hiromu goes to the apron and wants Bushi to stand. Bushi slowly stands, Hiromu runs and shotgun dropkicks him into railing! Fans rally more and Hiromu gets up. Hiromu drags Bushi up and into the ring, then drags him up to suplex for the FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Hiromu keeps his cool while Bushi goes to a corner. Fans rally, Hiromu wants Bushi to stand, and Hiromu runs in to corner clothesline! Hiromu whips corner to corner, but Bushi boots him away! Bushi slips out to swing kick! Bushi climbs up and leaps to missile dropkick! Bushi hits the Bushirooni and fans fire up!

Bushi drags Hiromu back up, but Hiromu slips out of the fisherman! Bushi deflects the superkick but Hiromu ducks the enziguri! Hiromu waistlocks but Bushi elbows out. Hiromu spins Bushi and suplexes. Bushi slips out and waistlocks but ducks the elbow again. Bushi dodges a clothesline to spin Hiromu into a DDT! Fans cheer the exchange while both men are down! Fans rally up now and Bushi goes to a corner. Bushi aims as Hiromu rises, and he runs in, but the code breaker is blocked! Hiromu fireman’s carries but Bushi slips off! Bushi runs, Hiromu follows, Bushi dodges but Hiromu POP-UP BOMBS! But Hiromu can’t hold the cover!

Fans rally up again as Hiromu stands first. Hiromu drags Bushi up, fireman’s carries, DYNAMITE PLUNGER! Cover, TWO! Bushi survives but Hiromu keeps his focus. Hiromu fires up and drags Bushi into the fireman’s carry. Bushi slips out to send Hiromu into a corner! Bushi puts Hiromu in the ropes for a DRAPING BACKSTABBER! Bushi goes to a corner and aims at Hiromu, CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Hiromu survives but Bushi is too tired to be upset. Bushi gets up, goes to a corner and climbs. Hiromu rises, Bushi leaps, but Hiromu blocks MX to fireman’s carry again. Bushi gets out to the apron but Hiromu SUPERKICKS him down! Fans rally up again and Hiromu stands.

Hiromu watches Bushi rise, he builds speed but Bushi forearms him first! Bushi drags Hiromu throw ropes, DRAPING DDT to the apron! Hiromu tumbles out to the floor and fans fire up again. Bushi goes in, builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit into the railing but both men are down! Bushi fires up as he rises and fans fire up with him. Bushi puts Hiromu in, goes to a corner and climbs up again. Bushi aims as Hiromu rises, and leaps, into Hiromu’s CODE BREAKER! Both men are down again but fans rally up! Hiromu and Bushi stir, but Hiromu gets up first. Hiromu drags Bushi up, fireman’s carries, and runs but Bushi slips out to backslide! ONE and they turn over! Hiromu spins Bushi, rolling fireman’s carry and Hiromu fires up to CORNER DEATH VALLEY!

But Hiromu keeps hold of Bushi to bring him back up! Bushi slips off to backslide again! Hiromu rolls off but Bushi dropkicks the leg out! LA MAGISTROL, TWO!! Hiromu escapes and both men flounder up. Bushi hits another BACKSTABBER! But Hiromu fires up, only to turn into a CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Hiromu survives again and fans are thunderous! Bushi gets up, goes back to a corner and climbs up again. Hiromu rises, Bushi leaps, MX!! Cover, TWO!?!? Hiromu survives and Bushi can’t believe it! Bushi is furious but he gets back up. Bushi goes back to a corner, and goes up top! Hiromu rises again, SUPER M- NO! Hiromu gets clear, and OVERHEAD suplexes into the buckles!

Both men are down, fans are still thunderous! Bushi crawls over to Hiromu and drags him up. Hiromu pushes him away but throws a weak forearm. Bushi eggs Hiromu on and throws a forearm of his own. Hiromu hits back, fans rally up and Bushi hits back. Bushi and Hiromu slowly stand but the forearms keep flying back and forth! Hiromu, Bushi, repeat, until Hiromu wobbles! Bushi keeps Hiromu from falling, stands him up to fire off a series of forearms, but then Hiromu SUPERKICKS! Bushi ENZIGURIS! Hiromu SUPERKICKS again! Hiromu runs, and LARIATS! Fans fire up and Hiromu drags Bushi up, for the VICTORIA! Cover, TWO!!

Bushi survives but Hiromu is too tired to be upset! Fans rally up and Hiromu fires up! Hiromu drags Bushi up, reels him in for the inverted suplex but Bushi slips out! BACKSLIDE AND BRIDGE! TWO!! Hiromu escapes, fires up and LARIATS! But Bushi rises! Only to flounder to a corner! Hiromu runs in and shotgun dropkicks Bushi into ropes! Bushi is stuck but Hiromu keeps on him as fans fire up. Hiromu drags Bushi back in, fireman’s carries and CORNER DEATH VALLEYS! He again hauls Bushi up, for the RUNNING DEATH VALLEY! Hiromu fires up once more as he brings Bushi back up. Another fireman’s carry, for TIME BOMB!! Cover, Hiromu wins!

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi, by pinfall; now 2-1, Bushi is now 1-2

The battle of LIJ Juniors has been won by the Time Bomb! It took a lot out of both men, will Bushi still be able to recover in the round robin? Bushi sticks around as Hiromu gets the mic and the fans clap for “L I J!” “Bushi, I’m so happy we’re on a team. I’m so happy we’re partners. Thank you.” He’s not saying this just because he won. He has this opportunity now, and he’s always wanted to tell Bushi that. Fans clap again as Bushi and Hiromu give the LIJ fist bump.

“There’s something I haven’t said to you guys yet. For all of you watching this, there’s something I haven’t said yet…” Hiromu says the Best of the Super Juniors 27 is still going to be won by him! Fans clap for that, and Hiromu says to “you, and you, and you, and you,” and even those at home, we are witness to his prophecy. Hiromu will make the next seven rounds “more, more, more, more, MORE, MORE, MORE FUN for everyone!” Fans love that idea! But will Hiromu really be able to win it all, even after having outdone his on comrade?


Here are the NEW Best of the Super Juniors 27 standings!

Ryusuke Taguchi: 2-1
El Desperado: 2-1
Hiromu Takahashi: 2-1
Taiji Ishimori: 2-1
Robbie Eagles: 2-1
Master Wato: 2-1
SHO: 2-1
BUSHI: 1-2
DOUKI: 0-3
Yuya Uemura: 0-3

My Thoughts:

A really good next part to Best of the Super Juniors, with quite a lot of parallels to World Tag League. There are a LOT of guys at 2-1, but plenty of tiebreakers among them, part of why I listed them the way I have. Taguchi won in a really good match against Wato, and his win over Desperado is the reason he leads the block. Desperado made Uemura look great, but of course the established name beats the Young Lion. Hiromu VS Bushi was a spectacular main event, and there’s still much respect between the LIJ members, and now Hiromu is third place. Ishimori VS Douki was a pretty good Heel VS Heel but, again, it was the champion VS Douki. Douki VS Uemura is going to be interesting, I wonder if that is the one match the Young Lion wins.

Sho VS Eagles was a great match, definitely worthy of being the penultimate match of the night because it was that good. Sho is no longer undefeated, but that makes the block hard to predict now, which is the fun of it. I almost thought, given Eagles’ history with Will Ospreay, he was going to suddenly reveal he was joining The Empire. But it’s fine that he stays Face, maybe Eagles will get a moment to confront Ospreay. Maybe Eagles still turns and joins Ospreay in the end, but that will have to wait to be seen.

My Score: 8.9/10

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