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Mitchell’s Talking Smack Report! (11/14/20)

Talking Smack is Legit!



WWE Talking Smack

This might be the biggest Talking Smack yet!

The Dozer, the Boss and el Mysterio Familia are ALL on Talking Smack! What will Rey and his family have to say about their Final Chapter with Seth Rollins?


Kayla Braxton and Paul Heyman welcome us back to the show!

Ever closer to finding out who is #TheBestoftheBest, Kayla and her incredible new cohost are here, but Heyman gives himself a proper introduction. Kayla feels frustrated, she thought she did a good job. The Special Counsel to the razing, defending, undisputed WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion, the single greatest superstar in all of the WWE, Roman Reigns, tells Kayla saying things like “incredible” is not a compliment. The origins of that word meant, “Lacking credibility.” “Unbelievable” is “not believable.” Butchering the English language that has permeated its way to journalists has now corrupted Kayla, and that is why, ladies and gentlemen, WWE created this drag on his time in cohosting this show to bring it up. A grammar lesson, what a great way to start the show.

But to move to Friday Night SmackDown, Drew McIntyre defeated Jey Uso. Will Roman be facing Drew or Orton? We won’t know until after Monday’s WWE World Championship rematch. Is Roman the most focused he’s ever been? Heyman says Roman is ready for McIntyre, should McIntyre dethrone Orton, but he is also ready for Orton should Orton retain. Whoever steps in as the “Second most important champion” will remain the second most important champion because they are against the single biggest star in the industry today. So Roman doesn’t care either way? Well that’s a multiple choice question. Roman always cares, because this job provides for the entire family. But Roman is prepared for either variable Raw will present. Then there will be six days to prepare for whoever will fall at the feet of the Tribal Chief.

Now to focus more on Jey, does Heyman feel this is making Jey look like less in Roman’s eyes? Kayla thinks Jey is walking on egg shells around Roman. Heyman explains here that he is not Roman’s Advocate, an advocate needs to make a case for his client. Roman makes his case just fine. As special counsel, Heyman advises Roman on what his position should be. When Roman wishes to speak publicly about his feelings, he will, both eloquently and credibly. And then we will all know where Roman stands, and discuss that. But for Heyman to publicly discuss personal matters, “with all due respect, it’s nobody’s business.” Kayla respects that. The countdown is on, will Roman face the Viper or the Scottish Stud? And speaking of champions going to Survivor Series…

Sasha Banks joins Talking Smack!

The Blueprint, “the be all end all, the champ with the most style, swagger, sex appeal, smarts and skill to back it up,” the SmackDown Women’s Champion, loves Kayla’s intro for her. It has been a long day but she is here. Oh and hello, Heyman. Kayla says Sasha looks amazing. She always brings the looks. Sasha says she is the “Beyoncé of wrestling.” Kayla notes that naysayers, including Bayley, were proven wrong saying Sasha couldn’t retain a title. It felt so good to prove all the haters wrong! Sasha proved she is the greatest of all time! The title proves it, and Survivor Series will prove it, too. But the celebrating was cut short when Carmella showed up and, for lack of a better term, laid her out.

Kayla doesn’t want to throw Heyman under the bus, but when Carmella joined the show last week, Heyman suggested Mella was the talk of the town now. No one is talking about Sasha? Sasha laughs at that idea. Well, then what does Sasha have to say in response? What does she need to say? It doesn’t matter when Sasha is champion! Yes, but then Mella returned to get Sasha again this week. Is she in line for a title shot? Heyman says that’s not the question to answer. Heyman says that for all champions in the WWE, as his father used to tell him, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean the whole world isn’t out to get you.” Perhaps Bayley and Mella are plotting together.

Well no offense to Heyman’s dad, but Sasha’s dad only ever told her to be the best, and that is what she does! So congrats, Mella, you made a statement by attacking from behind. But get in her face like a woman, tell Sasha what you really want. Come get it! Sasha is here every Friday, “you can find me, little miss!” Kayla moves things to Survivor Series and how Sasha will face Asuka, we’re going to see who is the best of the best. Yes, Asuka is ONE of the best, one of the greatest as Raw Women’s Champion. But like Sasha has said every single week, she is THE best. Kayla thanks Sasha for her time and wishes her luck. Thanks, but Sasha won’t need luck.

As Sasha heads out, Kayla hopes Heyman isn’t upset with her about all that. No, it’s fine. Sometimes it’s just the guest. Well moving on to the next guest, this man’s 2020 has been one of the roughest, but hopefully it’s ending better than it began.

Otis joins Talking Smack!

Otis chooses to stand this time. He says hi to the “Spicy Pepper.” Kayla jumps into this. Otis was having a great meal, minding his own business, and then Roode and Ziggler had to bring up stuff and make fun of him, from Tucker to Mandy to Miz and Morrison. What does Otis have to stay to people who can’t keep Mandy’s name out of their mouths?

Otis says people like to push his buttons, and he has quite a few. Otis was having three plates, his average, full of protein, some greens and some carbs like rice. Roode and Ziggler were saying stuff and Otis got mad, but he wants to say that as much as you try to break him down, like Miz and Morrison did, sure they got the Money in the Bank contract, but he’s a working man. Otis was raised to get back up when someone knocks you down. That’s what Mama Dozovic taught him. Papa Dozovic taught him to keep on going, don’t stop because you can never have enough money and victories in life.

Well Otis shut Ziggler up at WrestleMania, did it again tonight. “Yeah, that punk.” That blonde pretty boy, Ziggler, acting like he’s so cool, Otis will never get tired of beating him up. And he’ll smack Roode across the face if he gets in Otis’ business. Heyman does agree with Otis on Ziggler’s hair. The hair and those abs piss Heyman off, because Heyman doesn’t have them anymore, and Ziggler doesn’t even make good use of them! “Why would God give hair and abs to someone with that personality, instead of giving it to someone like me?!” Kayla brings up Gable trying to recruit Otis to the “Alpha Academy.” Maybe that’s a place you can work out, get abs and hair? Otis says that’d be good. But with Mr. Gable giving Otis an offer, his one thing is he’d be like the fat kid going to summer camp. He’d have no idea what’s going on.

For Otis, 2020 went up, but then it went downhill fast. But it’ll go up again, like a wave. As people call him, “Chazzle Dazzle,” is making a good offer. Otis is a bit lonely with Mandy Rose on Raw and Tucker turning on him, and NO MITB contract! “That beautiful green and yellow piece of art” is in Miz’s hands. Otis does need someone. He and Mandy are strong as ever, so haters can take on across the face. Maybe Gable can be a friend. But Kayla says if Otis is down, he can always look back to his moment with Stone Cold. Otis had a cold one and a bunch of burgers, and Stone Cold tweeted, “Hell yeah! Cheers!” Kayla hopes Otis’ 2020 goes back up and thanks him for his time. Thank you, Spicy Pepper and Mr. Heyman.

Heyman wants to make note of something in case children were watching. Mandy went to Raw, Tucker turned on him. Tucker, with a T. It’s okay, don’t get upset at the show. It’s all good. Thank you, Heyman, for clearing that up. And speaking of 2020 being a roller coaster, the show’s final guests have all had a similar year, but a victorious Friday night!

The Mysterio Family and Buddy Murphy join Talking Smack!

Rey, Angie, Dominik and Aalyah are all here, and Heyman politely gives up a chair to Mrs. Mysterio. Where are more chairs!? Can’t they all have chairs? A little respect! Heyman and Kayla apologize. Kayla congratulates Rey on his victory against Seth Rollins? It surely felt great to put a staple in the “final chapter.” How did they feel after that match? Rey says he had a lot of mixed emotions, but he was thinking about his family and the torture they had endured these last eight months. From himself to his wife to his son and even daughter. But as you can see, they’re solid. That was day one. Angie did an incredible job raising their children, and the unity is very solid, we all saw that.

Something else that was a bit shocking, Murphy’s here! They all united against Rollins! How did it finally feel to get approval of the family? Murphy earned it, and it is good to finally speak for himself. “Seth is a manipulator.” He told Murphy to do things, and Murphy didn’t always like it, but that’s how masterful Seth is. But it’s all good now. Murphy is very happy! This is how a family should be. Heyman should talk to Roman about that. And Kayla asks Aalyah that, given the last couple weeks, it was a bit confusing but she trusted Murphy’s plan. How is she feeling? She’s feeling great, too. She was confused and freaked out a little, but then seeing Murphy protect Rey was AMAZING!

Rey says there is always time for change. And in order to accept, you have to forgive. They’ve done that now. And it goes a long way. Heyman agrees with that. Kayla says that despite the animosity and dysfunction, they all wanted it to work out, so there must be relief. Yes, definitely. As a father, Rey wants his children to be guided along the right path. This was a bit tricky at first, but in the end, they learned to forgive and accept. Kayla say sit isn’t completely over, given Rollins wants after Murphy directly now. That will be very emotional to be sure. Murphy says he is going to speak for himself. And he has what Rollins doesn’t: back-up. Heyman won’t say anything, he doesn’t get involved in family affairs. Rey hopes this positivity will be passed on to other families. Kayla hopes the same. She thanks them for their time and thanks us for tuning in!

My Thoughts:

This was a pretty good episode, and it seems with Heyman on the show, he’s like a regular guest as well as a cohost, as Kayla can ask him about things that happened on SmackDown. Though obviously Heyman just kayfabe’d that he won’t give away anything since that’s not his job. Sasha had a lot of energy and swagger in her promo, but maybe a little too much for having been ambushed twice. She can be confident, sure, but she should also be upset. The tone in her delivery of calling Carmella out should match what happened. Otis did that a bit better, as he was setting it straight and was very much who he’s been.

The Mysterio Family’s spot was a shorter one, especially for having all of them there. If Talking Smack wasn’t so confined in this iteration, maybe there could’ve been a bit more, since Dominik didn’t even get a word in since Murphy was sharing his piece. But as I said with SmackDown, maybe this leads to Rey, Dom and Murphy being almost a trio, and them standing against Roman’s family, since Kayla even made a point of telling Heyman to tell Roman what a united family really looks like.

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Mitchell’s Talking Smack Report! (4/17/21)

So much gold this Talking Smack!



WWE Talking Smack

It’s a championship edition of Talking Smack!

The SmackDown Women’s, SmackDown Tag Team AND WWE Intercontinental Champions are all here for a post-WrESTleMania Talking Smack!


Kayla Braxton welcomes us back to the show!

The first episode since the electric two-night WrestleMania, and it will be very special! Gold was flying everywhere, switching hands, so this is a CHAMPION’S EDITION Talking Smack! In case you forgot, Kayla and Paul Heyman are here. But he just keeps staring rather than speaking. He should be in a great mood. He is in a fantastic mood! Well fantastic. We have a lot of champions here today, such as the SmackDown Tag Team Champions who retained their titles, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode, the NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion in Bianca Belair, and the NEW Intercontinental Champion, Apollo Crews. Kayla wants Heyman to be nice, and he gets offended. He is a national treasure and a legend, yet she’s telling him how to behave.

She laughs at “national treasure,” he points it out, and he points out how she didn’t catch “legend.” But he asks her about the new WWE opening reel. Heyman spotted Freddie Blassie in there, who is dead. He spotted Hulk Hogan slamming Andre the Giant, who is dead. Why is Heyman not in there somewhere? He’s had iconic WWE moments. WrestleMania 30, The Streak is conquered, and Heyman does his shocked face. Why is that not on the thing? Must be a good reason. Why isn’t Roman Reigns pinning Edge AND Daniel Bryan in THE WrestleMania 37 main event, defending his Universal Championship, not on that opening reel? But Kayla wants to make this all about Heyman staring. Because it’s uncomfortable.

Well what he’s staring at is this hair in her nose. There’s no hair. Heyman will take a pic. She blocks him with a hand, he says she’s doing the “Talk to the Hand,” and she welcomes their first guests, the Dirty Dawgs!

Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode join Talking Smack!

Roode points out there’s something in Kayla’s nose. She doesn’t want them encouraging Heyman. Heyman congratulates the champions, Ziggler says they should be congratulated more. Kayla says she was going to, before Roode made that comment. She welcomes them to the show and congratulates them more. Ziggler says it has been a long time for some people, but they’re just here to say something real quick. The Street Profits kept saying it was “takeback season,” but now they can take their asses to the back of the line! Tell them where they’re going, Roode! To bed. Well, they went to bed, but they didn’t sleep. But until next week, they’re heading out. It’s been a pleasure!

Well alright… There’s certainly more to come out of their next guest. Heyman tells Kayla if she wants to go to the Dirty Dawgs’ after party, she can go. He carries this show anyway!


Bianca Belair joins Talking Smack!

We return with the EST, the NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion, and Kayla says she’s been on Talking Smack more than just about anyone else, but finally it is as a champion! Has it set in yet? It is still setting in. Being in that moment with Sasha Banks, where she got a bit emotional, then she got to celebrate with her family and husband, and then eventually watched the match back, and now getting side plates, it is setting in slowly with every step. It is still surreal but it is SO real! Her celebrating on SmackDown was great, but while she did tell Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins they wear gold in this house, she surely saw Ziggler & Roode still with the tag titles.

Bianca knows The Profits plan on getting those back, and they will get them back. Bianca showed respect to Sasha before and after winning, but how does she plan on elevating her title? Bianca will always respect Sasha because they made history together, and that was the one she wanted to face. But now that Bianca has the title, she’ll be a fighting champion to prove over and over she’s the EST and that she never doesn’t run from competition but craves it. She learned from Heyman the last time they talked, is that every week is your audition. Never stop, and she’ll never stop! Sasha can get her rematch right away to prove this was not a fluke but this was supposed to happen.

Kayla says Bianca is a champion, she has a target on her back, but there are more contenders than just Sasha. If Bianca could fantasy book, so to say, who would she face? Bianca heard Bayley talking, they can circle back to that. But Bianca has beaten Bayley, has beaten Sasha, and would love to pin the other two Four Horsewomen to prove she is the forefront of this new generation. That’s pretty tempting, huh? Kayla would love to let Bianca keep going but clearly Heyman is being very polite in waiting. It’s not just politeness, it’s respect and admiration. Heyman has nothing but respect and admiration for her.

Heyman says it isn’t just the opponents she has to beat. It is the expectations for herself she has to defeat. She has to rise above those, because now that she is champion, it is on her to carve out her own legacy. This could be the run that takes her to MITB, Backlash, SummerSlam and Survivor Series, or this could be a career that goes down in history that no one can ever deny! The greatest career, not just male or female, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, or even human and Martian! This is a CHAMPION! But the problem is, again, now you are, as Kayla pointed out astutely and surprisingly, Bianca has a target on her back.

Sasha will not let go of her grudge. Bianca has everything Sasha’s life revolves around. Imagine what you’d do if someone took that from you. Just the mere thought brings up anger, but that is Sasha 24/7. And in Natalya, Tamina, Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Bayley and even those on Raw who might come over to SmackDown because Bianca was victorious in a WrestleMania main event. This is Bianca’s time. It could be a short time or for all time, but the EST should understand what she’s up against, and defy the odds. Have a better tomorrow than today and so on.

Heyman wants her to come back here every bit more the legend she is dESTined to be! She is already so far beyond than any rookie she’s seen, and it is an honor for him to sit next to her. She thanks him for that, Kayla thanks Bianca for her time, and Bianca takes her mic like a real champion! But there’s still one more champion left, after the break!


Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez join Talking Smack!

The NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion says it is a new day! He woke up champion because it isn’t a dream! Take a picture of this moment in time! Not Heyman, though. Apollo tells Azeez he can stand down so Heyman can get his picture. Big smiles! Heyman will make sure to post it online, so long as Azeez allows it. Apollo allows it, Heyman can put it on Instagram or Twitter, whatever the kids are using these days. Kayla says it is Champion’s Edition so they had to have Apollo here after winning the title at WrestleMania. Apollo’s had prior attempts against Big E, it didn’t work out then but it- Hey, why the negativity? This is a positive moment!

What does he have here? The Intercontinental Championship. He says they don’t need to worry about the past. What matters is what he has now. He is presently the Intercontinental Champion so we talk about that now, not before. Kayla is doing her due diligence but alright. She notes Commander Azeez is by Apollo’s side now, but what can he tell us about Azeez? Apollo makes it clear, the Nigerian Drum Fight had no rules, no disqualifications, and it is not Apollo’s fault Big E didn’t plan ahead. Azeez lets out a shout of salute and it startles Heyman a little. Azeez got kicked out of the Nigerian Elite Guard for not following the rules. But lucky for Azeez, Apollo hates rules and loves aggression! So Commander Azeez is here now, “SIR!” Heyman gets startled again.

Kayla starts to ask Apollo as the new Intercontinental Champion- Wait, say that again. The new Intercontinental Champion. Apollo smiles as she says that. So as such, what is next for Apollo? How does he plan to reign? First, he has to continue celebrating! Nigeria had many parades! Even the Nigerian President wants to meet Apollo! What’s next as champion? Anything! More challengers! It doesn’t matter who they are! Let us not get one thing wrong! Understand: Apollo doesn’t care who, he will fight them and defend this title with his life! Hear him! Kayla and Heyman hear him, and Heyman hears the congressional subcommittee going on with her.

Heyman now turns to talk with Apollo, and Heyman is nervous around Azeez. Heyman said this to Bianca about Sasha coming back for the title. So Big E is coming back for this title. Azeez gets mad, but Heyman says he doesn’t like Big E either. New Day, old day, yesterday, Heyman doesn’t like any day Big E is involved with. But Big E is a tough man with a legit gripe. Big E wants the title back. The question to Apollo will be a little different than his talk with Bianca: When Big E comes calling, what the hell is Apollo gonna do about it? Well they know each other, and many might not know but Heyman gave Apollo his first big opportunity, and Apollo won the US Championship on Raw. Heyman says the honor was all his.

But Apollo asks Heyman a question back. In fact, Apollo will ask Big E this, too. “Do I look like I am scared of you? If you think for one second, that I’m going to run away from you or that I’m scared of you, you are a FOOL!” Big E does not have what it takes to take what Apollo has. And don’t worry about Azeez. Azeez is only here to pull Apollo off Big E. At WrestleMania, they went to war, and Apollo took a part of Big E’s soul. Apollo fully intends on keeping it. Understand his words. And now to continue the celebration~! Azeez! SIR! Fire up the jet! They’re heading out! Kayla, Heyman, you go ahead and keep those pics, post them everywhere! See you around! Let’s go!

Heyman finally breathes easy and then scolds Kayla for pissing their guests off. Kayla is pretty sure it’s not her. There’s still more Talking Smack to come, after one more break!


Talking Smack returns and Kayla gives the floor to Heyman.

Heyman is still Special Counsel to the Universal Champion, so Kayla will let him talk. Heyman says he was thinking during the commercial, “how every single champion that came out here has to be envious of Roman Reigns. Because Roman Reigns was THE main event at WrestleMania for the fifth time. And if you think back to some of the greatest battles in WrestleMania history, some of the greatest moments in WrestleMania history, is there a moment now more iconic, is there a champion defense more definitive, is there a performance that is more dominant, than Roman Reigns taking former World Heavyweight Champion and Hall of Famer, Edge, dragging him on top of former WrestleMania main-eventer and multi-time World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan, stacking them, and pinning them both?”

Heyman asks if you’ve eve seen anything like that at the conclusion of a WrestleMania. We’re talking about a champion with no peers, no equals, and no precedent for someone this dominant in WWE! A superstar of superstars, way above everyone else. This isn’t just hyperbole Heyman gives us. He IS the End All Be All, the Sun of the WWE Universe. WWE is Roman Reigns, and that isn’t going to change any time soon. Think about the ENORMITY of the visual of the stacked pin! And do you really think that’ll change? That there’s someone man enough to change that? Look at what Roman does to everyone around him!

Did you ever think there was life after Lesnar for Heyman? Did you ever think Jey Uso could be the singles star main eventer Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner? This isn’t just the Era of Roman. This is something so great, head and shoulders above everybody else, you will tell your grandkids about this time in WWE. We are now in season TWO of Roman’s dominance. Season one’s finale was Roman stacking Edge and Bryan, and they will do everything they can to make season two better.

“Because the main event, 50-some-odd weeks from right now, of next year’s WrestleMania, will feature the greatest box office attraction in WWE history. The single most dominant sports entertainer you’ve ever seen in your life. The Reigns-ing, Defending, Undisputed, Uncontroverted, WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion, then, now and forever, including next year’s WrestleMania, Roman… Reigns. And I assure you, that’s not just a prediction. That… is a Tribal Chief guaranteed spoiler.” And with that, Talking Smack signs off.

My Thoughts:

A very good Talking Smack, and I actually like that Ziggler & Roode didn’t want to stick around long because they wanted to celebrate. But stuff like that is why Talking Smack should still be put on for Fridays, not Saturday mornings. Put it on right after SmackDown, let 205 Live be after this, and chances are, Peacock will still suck at uploading the episode to the on demand section like it did this morning. But at least no one would have to pretend, “Oh this is Saturday, so how do we kayfabe us being in the same outfits or just not having done anything since ‘last night’?” WWE still acts like the audience isn’t bright enough to see through that.

Bianca’s segment was good, though she herself always seems to have a hard time accepting that she’s accomplished so much for being so confident in herself. Heyman had great promos here and with Apollo, and Apollo had a great promo himself. I like how Apollo flipped the switch from deadly serious to very celebratory, that just fits so perfectly to me. And Heyman of course had a great promo in reference to the one champion that didn’t show up on Talking Smack, and he does make some good points. You hardly ever see a Triple Threat ending like that, where Roman called his shot the Friday before and did it just like that in the match, even if he did have help.

But I hope that at some point, someone points out that Heyman is calling Roman the “End All Be All,” but now Rollins is doing that, too. That needs to be part of the story that makes those two butt heads, and neither even has to turn. If there was ever a time WWE could do a Heel VS Heel and it’d be a smash hit, it’s Seth Drippin’ Rollins VS Tribal Chief Roman Reigns.

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Mitchell’s Raw Talk Report! (4/12/21)

Raw Talk faces the Nightmare!



WWE Raw Talk

It’s Raw Talk, Fella!

After a massive Monday Night After Mania, the NEW Raw Women’s Champion and NEW WWE US Champion are here for some Raw Talk!


Kevin Patrick welcomes us back to the show!

A Monday full of surprises capped off WrestleMania’s two nights in Tampa! Kevin welcomes us into the NEW ThunderDome, and is honored to have us here watching. What a great weekend! But Kevin is without his wonderful cohost, Xavier Woods, who had a bad weekend but a good Raw, so let’s recap everything real quick. Drew McIntyre came back strong in a Triple Threat with Randy Orton and Braun Strowman! Orton hit his RKO but McIntyre hit his Claymore, BOOM! McIntyre, the Scottish Warrior, wins and is headed to #WrestleManiaBacklash, May 16th, for a chance at Bobby Lashley! But then Mace and T-Bar had their say with their double slam! This leaves so many questions for us as Raw has a shocking end!

Then, of course, the return of Bray Wyatt. But what’s going on? It’s all very creepy. Then Charlotte Flair returned a bit like a “petulant child,” complaining about missing WrestleMania, and then when the Raw Women’s Championship was on the line in a Mania rematch, Charlotte goes and spoils it all. Charlotte throws Asuka around, beats her down, then boots Rhea down! The Raw Women’s Champion hits the deck as Charlotte has a big impact. Rhea will be here to talk all about that, as well as the returning Viking Raiders, but first, the NEW WWE United States Champion!

Sheamus joins Raw Talk!

The Celtic Warrior is doing good, and he’s here “saving the day.” Hopefully Kevin understands that this is eating into Sheamus’ celebratory drinking time. Gotta make the most of it. Kevin congratulates Sheamus, and he’s US Champion again. The belt is a bit stubborn but they got it on camera. Kevin touches it, and the Irishmen are very proud for Sheamus. A hat-trick for Sheamy, he got this title back a third time. Kevin met Riddle in the elevator, and Riddle showed the busted lip. Both men were battered and bruised but the Bro complimented Sheamus. Sheamus takes us back to that Brogue Heard ‘Round the World, or even ‘Round the Universe!

Sheamus says Riddle should just stop talking all that nonsense. That was executed with perfection. McIntyre is #1 contender to the WWE World Champion with his knock-off, that Claymore, but there’s nothing like the original Brogue! Kevin says Sheamus is in such a great mood. And Sheamus wonders how Kevin Patrick ended up a man with two first names. Is that his real name? Yeah, it’s real. Wow, two first names. Kevin asks if Sheamus was starting to doubt himself, given it’s been five years without a title. Well there are times when you ask yourself, “Where’s this going?”

Sheamus hasn’t gotten an opportunity in awhile, at least not the world title, and he wondered when the next win would come. But you watch the Premier, y’know, football/soccer, NBC Sports, all that. When’s the next win? When’s the next meal? And then when that happens, it’s just plain sailing. Sky’s the limit for Sheamus, he’ll keep going and going. Nice Peacock plug, huh? But what was it like, to be honest, walking out to Raymond James Stadium, with fans finally in attendance? One year, one month and one day since the WWE Universe had been there for the shows.

Sheamus says it just goes to show that we missed them, they’re such a huge part of it. The fans are just a pivotal part and always have been. The superstars feed off the energy and excitement, the chants and all that. Sometimes they dictate how the match goes, but honestly, 25 thousand felt like 80 thousand. They were just as excited as everyone else was, and now after getting a test, maybe we get more as the world gets back to normal. Raw, SmackDown, etc. And they can watch the NEW United States Champion tear it up, knock people’s heads off, slapping them around the gaff.

Where’s Kevin from, again? Sheamus is from the hardest part of Dublin, better than the Southside where McGregor’s from. Kevin’s from the Northside. Maybe talk this over a pint. Sheamus would be if he didn’t have to do this. But who does he want next? Anyone! He’s been having banger after banger match, so anyone else who wants to have one, bring it on! Sheamus doesn’t care about pecking orders, just someone step up! He’ll make ya a bleeding legend! If you can last more than five minutes, you’re on his way. Is that an open challenge? Even the cameraman can try if he wants! Sheamus won’t pay the medical bills, though. The cameraman shakes the camera to signal, “No, thanks.” Sheamus says they don’t make them like they used to. But he and Kevin fist bump and Sheamus says they can catch up again later over a Guinness.


Xavier Woods joins Raw Talk!

The cohost is here! He had to shower off from the match he had! His back got beat up with backbreakers, but he and Kofi still won and so Woods had to rest up and get ready for Raw Talk! Kevin appreciates Woods, and Woods shows off his hair. But he wasn’t sure if he was cohosting because no one told him! But that happens sometimes, because anything can happen in the WWE! Kevin wants to say something first. It didn’t go New Day’s way against Styles & Omos, but can’t they talk about being at Mania with fans? The Power of Positivity! Woods has been wrestling for 17 years now, and has been part of the WWE and part of many WrestleManias. Being able to be at the event where fans were back for the first time in a year felt incredible!

When they all went out on stage for the National Anthem, just seeing people, hearing them, there is nothing like it. Woods is trying to learn bass guitar to get that back, but that energy is unmatched, and Woods cannot wait until things are back to jam-packed stadiums! Hugs, high-fives, and talking to friends! Speaking of, two friends of Woods’ are here. It’s THE VIKING RAIDERS!

Erik & Ivar join Raw Talk!

Woods says we needed their theme back so badly. How are they feeling? How’s the body? Ivar’s neck is good, if that’s what you mean. But he is feeling really good. They had a great return match, so how does it feel to be back after months apart? Seven months is a long time, and an eternity when you’re hurt. Erik says it was really crazy. They spent seven YEARS as a team. Some might not know, 2014, Erik’s motorcycle accident should’ve killed him but somehow he survived. His arm was repaired, he had pins and screws, but he came back after six months and they took over the world and now WWE. Then they run hard, Ivar got hurt, out for another seven months.

They’ve done this before, they know how to do this, but it just feels so good to be back! And given it’s Raw After Mania, it is a reset and they can step up. What can we expect from the Vikings now? Well, they showed and reminded some people. Woods, Ivar is pretty sure the tag division was reminded. Woods is excited for them. Seven months was a long time, so now the Vikings have something to prove. Woods says being in the tag division, we have a division that can be splintered, but the Vikings are a real team. The New Day talks about it a lot. They weren’t just thrown together to get some nice wins. They are a real team, brothers in arms! They love and care about each other, just like the Vikings.

That feeling of being out there with your partner, winning and having momentum, what do they want now that they’re back? Before going there, Erik wants to take a step back. Erik tells his wife, Sarah Logan, that they joke about Ivar being his work-wife because he’s the one he sees more than anyone else second to her. Ivar is also very handsome. But without Ivar, and New Day knows what it was like when they were separated, they expect to see that person, and then they remember they’re not here. It’s like you’re in a familiar setting but without the familiar people. It’s the deep end of the pool and not knowing how to swim out. But now that they’re reunited, they have a huge chip on their shoulder.

They were watching what was happening. This is the second WrestleMania they were just watching. Erik doesn’t want to be on the sidelines. He wants to have the ball and score with it! He wants to be in the action! Winning, losing, doesn’t matter, he’s never lost the fight. That’s a T-shirt right there. Erik would rather be out there fighting and losing than sitting in catering, watching others in front of 40 thousand. They were on stage for America the Beautiful, not the National Anthem, but they didn’t want to correct Woods. But they were all out there. New Day ran past them full of energy, and the Vikings felt that. Goosebumps just thinking about it. But they didn’t get to do what they do.

So what threat are Styles & Omos in for? Well they’re like any other team. The Vikings don’t do anything special. They have the winning formula by being who they are, and they will run right through everyone! No offense to New Day, but it’s what they do. They don’t change. Ivar wants to throw back to Woods bringing up them being a team. There are great similarities between New Day and Vikings, same story but told a little different. The New Day came together as a unit and fought to get what they got. The Vikings did it, too, just outside of WWE. In Mexico, in Japan, in Europe, and make a name for themselves to be noticed, then go through NXT to get to Raw.

It is exciting to be a team. They’re not here without each other, same as the New Day. It is exciting to be here with another true team, and to know that New Day’s team and the Vikings’ team might meet. Woods can’t wait. Gentlemanly handshake, and Kevin says it’s great to have them back. A round of applause as the Vikings head out!


Rhea Ripley joins Raw Talk!

The NEW Raw Women’s Champion has made history already, and Woods rocks out to her theme song. A big congratulations for her WrestleMania win against Asuka! Woods says he was losing his mind from excitement. They had her on Raw Talk before, she was very focused and intense. Seeing her on that stage, against Asuka, winning against 25 thousand, any insight into how that felt? It was incredible. Being on stage, on night one to hear the performances, it brought a tear to her eye. It was a special moment. And then fighting on night two, being with the band that sings her theme song, that’s a dream come true. It was electrifying to say the least.

Rhea’s still buzzing. She hasn’t been able to talk to her family yet but she hopes to get their thoughts and feelings because it’ll pump her back up. Woods can only imagine they’re just as fired up. The entrance, that was awesome. Rhea battled her way through NXT to get to Raw, and now only does she have a shot at the title, she has the band that does her music! Does it feel different? Definitely! The song sounded different but New Year’s Day is a band she’s listened to for years. They were so humble and being there with them is a highlight of her life. Super rad, super cool, and winning the title was amazing.

Rhea took her opportunity, challenged Asuka and Asuka accepted. They went to Mania, Rhea took the fight to Asuka and now the title is hers. It won’t go anywhere any time soon, either. Kevin asks Woods what the most impressive thing was. It was how Rhea kept focus and kept cool. There wasn’t a time where Rhea was shook, and everyone’s first Mania, the nerves can get to you. She was cool as ice. Rhea says she was lucky, she got her emotions out on night one and was ready for night two. She could compose herself and keep it together. Now, let’s talk Raw tonight. Charlotte was a bit of a brat, but we’ll talk her going after Rhea after the break.

Raw Talk returns and Kevin reintroduces Rhea. There was a WrestleMania rematch with Asuka, but Charlotte had to return and attack her. Was that disrespectful? Of course it was. Charlotte wants to come out and run her mouth? Really? And then act like Rhea won’t do anything about it? Then you go and ruin the rematch? Really, Charlotte? Charlotte’s so mad that Rhea took her opportunity, planned her strategy, and did just what Charlotte would’ve done! Charlotte wants to put Rhea down in all these different ways. But the thing is, she’s just jealous. She’s jealous of Rhea Ripley because Rhea Ripley is the up-and-comer, which Charlotte doesn’t like. Charlotte doesn’t want to be second to someone, and is scared that she’s getting old and will be replaced. That’s why she went and ruined the match.

Rhea is sick and tired of Charlotte. Charlotte can run her mouth, attack from behind, but in the end, Rhea is the Raw Women’s Champion and is here to stay! She might be new, she might not be as experienced, but she loves this business! She has trained for this moment her entire life! Charlotte doesn’t get to put Rhea down. Not anymore! Rhea is sick and tired of Charlotte, and is done with Raw Talk now. She’s sick and tired of talking about Charlotte, and storms off set. Well, thank you for your time, Rhea…

Rhea does have a point about Charlotte, though, calling Rhea the snake but attacking out of nowhere. Woods breaks it down: we’ve seen Charlotte jump into situations to make people respect her. Charlotte must feel disrespected, because she loves the spotlight and believes it should be all on her. Seeing how Charlotte has been since NXT, this all makes sense to Charlotte. But then we have Rhea, who has been doing so much to get where she is, that makes her a target for Charlotte. Rhea is the one that Charlotte sees a lot of herself in and that might be terrifying. That leads to one thing: Charlotte going after Rhea. This is the smart game, really. And saying Charlotte’s too old? Whoa.

But truly a big week for the Women’s (R)Evolution! New champions from Raquel Gonzalez in NXT to Bianca Belair SmackDown to Rhea on Raw, all great stuff! And on behalf of the legend that is Woods, Kevin signs off for Raw Talk!

My Thoughts:

A very fun Raw Talk After Mania, and I like that it was recorded live enough that Woods wasn’t even there for the first segment because he wasn’t done refreshing after his match. Sheamus and Kevin had a good segment together as one Irishman to another, and I do hope that Sheamus brings back the Open Challenge like John Cena. That would get ratings up as they are desperately in need of, and can be a great way to perhaps get Keith Lee back on TV. The Viking Raiders had a really good segment, relating their story to the fans who may not have known it. War Machine to War Raiders to Viking Experience to Viking Raiders, this team being back is great for Raw and its tag division, and I would love to see these guys face New Day and Styles-Omos.

Rhea Ripley was a great double segment, technically speaking. The first part relating the joy of WrestleMania and how awesome that moment was for her, and then the sudden shift when they brought up Charlotte, it was a bit sudden, but Rhea shows she can have range. She can be someone we relate to because she’s still a normal person, but then she can have the fire and the anger to match a veteran like Charlotte. There’s a reason Rhea was inaugural NXT UK Women’s Champion, then got to dethrone Shayna Baszler to be prime NXT Women’s Champion, and has dethroned Asuka now to also get into a feud with her and Charlotte.

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