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Mitchell’s Talking Smack Report! (11/21/20)

Say YES! YES! YES! to Talking Smack!



WWE Talking Smack

Daniel Bryan returns to Talking Smack!

And he’s not the only one! The SmackDown Tag Team Champions and Bayley are also back for this special pre-Survivor-Series episode!


Kayla Braxton and Paul Heyman welcome us back to the show!

Survivor Series is Sunday and it has the “big fight feel.” Heyman says it’s fight weekend, we’re counting down the hours. Heyman is in no mood. Kayla apologizes for not properly introducing him, either. This is Paul Heyman, he serves as the Special Counsel to the Reigns-ing, which is intentional, Defending, Undisputed Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. Heyman thanks her for that, she did a good job. Better than Renee and Charly, but that’s not saying much. Kayla moves to business, the contract signing between Roman and Drew McIntyre, champion VS champion- WRONG. She must’ve gotten bad info. This isn’t champion VS champion, and this drives Heyman out of his mind.

“Ladies and gentleman, anybody who tells that the advertising for this Sunday is champion VS champion, that’s false advertising.” This is champion VS a title holder. There is a difference. “Drew McIntyre is a temporary placeholder in the history books with the WWE title around his waist. And that’s by design. But Roman Reigns will reign as a champion for as long as he deems it appropriate, or at sometimes, even inappropriate.” Roman was born to reign. “Since he came out of his mother’s womb, this child was destined to be your champion. Groomed to be a champion. Raised to be a champion. Trained to be a champion. Counseled to be and stay a champion.” Roman isn’t a title holder, he is a true champion.

You see, there are wrestlers, and there are sports entertainers. There are managers, and there are Advocates and Counsels. There are movies, and there are films. There is a prestige to being a champion. Ronan carries that prestige for all of the WWE. Raw, SmackDown, NXT and all of sports entertainment. McIntyre is the second-best talent in the WWE, the second best superstar, the stand-in for Roman when we need someone. Heyman knows this is not politically correct, but McIntyre is a babysitter of a belt. “Roman is your champion, and he’s honored to be so.” Kayla already knows Heyman’s prediction, but Heyman says it’s always a spoiler. Roman either uses the guillotine to make McIntyre tap out and pass out, or he gets the 1-2-3.

Well moving on to something more unexpected on SmackDown, Buddy Murphy beats Seth Rollins! It means so much for Murphy, but it also means Rollins could be affected going into Survivor Series on Team Raw. Er, SmackDown. Kayla says she’s not used to this intense Heyman, she’s a bit off. But Rollins, going into Survivor Series, he might be off his game because of this loss. Heyman says that no matter what happens among the other nine, JEY USO will establish himself as a big star in WWE. And if Heyman may be so bold to these family matters, Jey better do that. Kayla thanks Heyman for that start, and Heyman says “You’re welcome.” But speaking of making a name for themselves at Survivor Series…

The Street Profits join Talking Smack!

Heyman says it is a pleasure and an honor to have Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins here. They take their seats and Kayla congratulates them on SmackDown’s victory. Just a taste of Survivor Series in that 8 Man Tag, but now they must be feeling good going into their match with The New Day. Yes, and “you’re welcome,” New Day. The Profits put them on their backs and got the W. The New Day didn’t say “thank you” but still. No one is used to this tone of Profits, but they’re “big on manners.” Heyman is, too, he was raised to be a gentleman. Amen to that.

The Profits have been open about the respect they have for the New Day, but does that still hold true this close to Survivor Series? Most definitely. The New Day are ten-time champions for a reason. The Profits know what they’re up against with Kofi and Woods. But the Profits will bring the smoke, the swag like nobody can, like it has and always will be. Respect does not come and go. The day shows up, then it’s tomorrow. Sometimes sunny and shiny, sometimes rainy and gloomy. But that day always turns into tomorrow. The Profits are that tomorrow. That will be seen at this historic Survivor Series, where the Profits continue, continue, CONTINUE. Say it from the gut! CONTINUE!

But the New Day is short changing the Profits as “kids.” They’re underestimating things, but they saw what the Profits can do. And so at Survivor Series, the Profits will continue to show they’re #TheBestoftheBest of the best, of the best. Kayla loves talking to superstars going into their matches to see if there’s any nerves. The Profits are talking big, as they should, but is there even a little concern? Possibly the best team ever. Well she sounds nervous. Does Dawkins look like the LA Clippers? The Dallas Cowboys? The Atlanta Falcons? No, he looks like one half of the SmackDown Tag Team Champions!

Heyman is thinking he’s the “Heel” and yet Kayla asks things like that. Heyman puts it this way: The Street Profits VS The New Day, at Survivor Series. “There may be in the future, many more matches between these two teams. There will only be one first. When Survivor Series is over, and tag team history is written, which team emerges with the victory at Survivor Series?” Dawkins wants to be with Paul here. #JewThatCanDo, that is true. But Dawkins lists it off: New Day, old day, sunny day, rainy day, next day, yesterday. Profits are up! Heyman adds that means Profits are up for SmackDown! Talk to ’em, Paul! Heyman is an honorary Profit right now. They get Ford his cup, and he hands it to Heyman. WHOA~! What is in there? Fire, not soon retired! The Profits head out, and next is another superstar headed to Survivor Series…

Bayley joins Talking Smack!

The Role Model is considering “the fire” but Heyman tells her to reconsider. He won’t go into detail, but he’s allergic to olives. Oh… Bayley still takes a sip. Kayla appreciates that Heyman covers the bases on stuff like this. “You’re welcome.”

But focusing on Bayley, Heyman says the show is all the better to have her. Kayla and Bayley shake hands, everyone wants to shake the “Captain’s” hands! Kayla congratulates Bayley joining the Women’s Team, by just being named. Everyone else had to compete in a qualifying match, but not her. That’s because if you look back in the “Rolodex” of the last 500+ days, every single SmackDown, every PPV, and she’s the longest reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion in history. That qualified her enough to be EL CAPITAN! It’s official because she says it is official. But a surprise guest is here! Another member of the team, who earned her way on, it is Natalya! She had many chances, and Bayley likes this sassy Kayla.

Natty wants to speak, she compliments Heyman and Kayla and says Bayley is okay. But now she’s getting on Bayley’s case for not earning her way to the team. Natty has earned everything, as the winningest woman ever. Check the facts. And Natty is the most experienced woman at Survivor Series. She earned her spot, unlike Bayley. Bayley isn’t saying Natty isn’t worthy, she’s just saying it took her longer. Right, Kayla? They can text later. Kayla doesn’t want to be in the middle of an argument, but cohesiveness is so important this Sunday. But they aren’t quite there yet, will that change. Natty and Bayley say they are good, they are the veterans. But Captain Bayley says that this is new for Bianca Belair, Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan. Together, they can get it done. Team Raw has nothing on them!

With their leadership, especially Natty as #BOAT, Best of All Time, they can sail their way to victory. Bayley laughs and Natty gets upset. They need to be on the same page. They are, but which book is Natty reading, though? Well, Team Raw isn’t all that united, either. Natty and Bayley say they’re just having these little quarrels. They’ve never been a team before so there is no chemistry. But their leadership skills will “sail” their way to victory. Natty is the #BOAT, she sails everywhere. But Bayley is the “Row” Model. Natty won’t get the leader spot just by calling Heyman handsome. If only more women drank from that red Solo cup to feel that way. Natty says Heyman is stylish. Bayley is stylish! Natty is the #BOAT! Bayley doesn’t follow 2 Paws! There! BLOCKED!

Captain Bayley wants Kayla to see them out, it is time to go and train. Kayla suggests they definitely talk this out, the match is tomorrow. #BOAT, most winningest woman! Bayley says Natty is looping. They both apologize to Heyman and take their leave, and tonight’s final guest is here!

Daniel Bryan joins Talking Smack!

Bryan says it’s best not to enter until the other guests have properly left. And Kayla can tell Heyman is containing himself in regards to Bayley and Natty. But Bryan goes off topic. Today is a very important day. November 21st is Brie’s birthday. To Brianna Danielson, she is the sun that Bryan’s word revolves around, and without her, he wouldn’t be here today. She is a wonderful mother to their two beautiful children, and he loves her more than words can say. Kayla loves that, but then Bryan points out that also means it’s Nikki’s birthday, but “Nicole” isn’t getting that heartfelt of a speech. She’s a great sister-in-law and they have fun.

Kayla loves the positive energy, and wishes happy birthday to the Bella Twins as well. Is Heyman not a romantic? This is a no win situation, but also a must lose. Heyman will not compliment on Bryan’s love for Brie. So is he not a romantic? Bryan says it is that many people see Heyman as disingenuous. That is one of the problems. But Bryan says it is interesting. He likes to look at the root of a problem. That’s the fun of society, right? We all point to a subject and go, “Is that the problem?” Who knows, not everyone is that kind of educated.

But just talking about SmackDown, Bryan isn’t sure how well they know Jey Uso, but he’s known Jey for years. When Bryan was a host of Talking Smack, he and the Usos had a rap-off! Bryan knows he was so cool and hip and “with it” and “Jiggy with it.” Kayla is laughing at Bryan trying to be cool dad. Bryan says he and the Usos had fun. The whole locker room, when Jey main evented against Roman at Clash of Champions, everyone was so proud! When Jey was at Hell in a Cell and never said “I Quit” until Roman did something to Jimmy, everyone was proud of him. Here is a guy that everyone knew was so talented, one of the best, but only knew as “just a tag team wrestler,” he showed everything he brings to the table. Everyone loved Jey because Jey respected everyone.

But then it’s so strange. Suddenly, Jey stops treating people with respect. He had someone in his ear. There are root causes, and Bryan won’t place blame as a lawyer or whatever. But… You look and correlate things about when certain people stopped being good people, you’d be surprised. Bryan isn’t pointing fingers, but… He will say this about Heyman. Bryan likes Heyman. Heyman may be a liar, but despite that, he’s also a genius. Since Bryan was a kid, he’s seen Heyman make people better and he was proud of that! Heyman would be with Brock Lesnar, strong and proud! You could tell Heyman was a genius, the best at what he did!

“Except for now, he doesn’t have that same kind of confidence.” Heyman almost has his head down. And that Jey has some self-esteem problems, too. So what Bryan once thought was a Heyman issue, might be something different entirely. But that’s still not what Bryan wants to talk about. Bryan beat Jey, with a “small package” cradle. Bryan says he’s got a perfect small package. In some circles, he was known as Mr. Small Package. Both legs hooked. He thanks Neil Malanson, he taught Bryan cradles like that. But this isn’t satisfying. Bryan said there is a devil on his shoulder, and that devil is speaking so loudly and so clearly, reminding Bryan of things. Brie had to watch her two kids while Bryan could barely move, while Bryan was stuck in a hospital.

Bryan wants us to ask, do you think he is satisfied winning with just a small package? “I’m not a lawyer. I’m not somebody who’s gonna give you definitive answers.” Bryan will let us answer this question for himself. Heyman defends himself now that Bryan heads out. If you want to talk packages, Heyman knows who has a small package and who has a big package. But Kayla gives us the outro, see you at Survivor Series!

My Thoughts:

A great episode here, a lot of good energy. Heyman had a really good promo on “Champion VS Champion,” and he did great playing off the Profits. Natty being a surprise guest during Bayley’s segment was good, but obviously with the excitement having worn off, Natty’s no longer on Bayley’s side like she was on SmackDown. Daniel Bryan’s entire segment was amazing, including Heyman’s facial expressions as Bryan built him up, to tear him down. The way Bryan’s talking, he might have to deal with Roman before he gets his shot at the Intercontinental Championship against Sami Zayn. Also I just realized with Kayla pointing it out, it’s been “Reignsing” not “Razing,” which should have been made much clearer when Heyman first started saying it. It also seems way too goofy for Heyman to making such a pun when we’re supposed to see Roman as this Samoan sociopath in charge of the family.

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Mitchell’s Raw Talk Report! (2/22/21)

Raw Talk will be PHENOMENAL, Bro!



WWE Raw Talk

Raw Talk has the Phenomenal, Ravishing Glow, Bro!

After the wins they got on Monday Night Raw, AJ Styles, Naomi & Lana, and even the NEW WWE United States Champion, are here for Raw Talk!


#CharTruth welcomes us back to the show!

Charly Caruso and R-Truth are still missing the WWE 24/7 Championship, but that’s what it is. There’s this empty space here on the table and Truth feels all off. He feels he can’t even focus on tonight’s business. Charly was hoping Truth had a trick up his sleeve but he just spoke to Bad Bunny and Damian Priest. Well DP is always with Bunny so he can’t do anything. It’s complicated. Of course. Truth vows to get his baby back, but Charly says overthinking can mess you up. Truth has to swoop in, but not too fast. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Okay but which is it he needs to do? Because he could go safe late or work earlier. What? Well, whatever.

But moving past the 24/7 title, let’s transition to the WWE World Championship! The Miz cashed in at Elimination Chamber, he is the new champion, but now he has a big battle on his hands. Bobby Lashley took down Braun Strowman and is going right after Miz next week! Charly felt Miz would cash in during the PPV kickoff show, but she didn’t think it’d go that way. And now, a little over 24 hours later, Miz feels the hurt. Truth says Lashley beat down Braun! Wait, everything has changed from then to now? Charly says this is mind blowing! So much can happen in the WWE even overnight. Truth says this just keeps reminding him of the missing 24/7 title.

Charly breaks it down: The Miz is world champion after cashing in the MITB contract. But he might just be champion for now, because Lashley is coming. Miz owed Lashley a debt, Lashley is going after the gold. Truth says Miz better be ready. Charly asks if Truth was looking forward to a Triple Threat. That would’ve been good. It’d be scary for Miz because it’s Lashley AND Strowman. People would get hurt there. But it’ll just be Miz VS Lashley for the title. Miz did say that he doesn’t want to be a transitional champion. What’s that mean? Well, sometimes you see a champion who holds a title a long time, while others simply pave the way for another champion. Oh, okay. Truth says he’s a transparent champion. Not the same…

Charly says if Miz is predicting his future, if things go his way, he will be a champion for a long time, but Lashley will give him a run for his money. But from the world champion to the United States Champion, and Charly makes sure Truth is okay talking about titles without his, it’s THE BRO!

Matt Riddle joins Raw Talk!

Truth is excited for Riddle and Charly congratulates the Original Bro for having the hat, the shirt and now the gold! Riddle tells CharTruth that last night was amazing, breath taking even! Keith Lee didn’t get to be part of things but John Morrison won his way in. That was a wrinkle in things, a new obstacle to overcome, but thankfully there was another person to pin because Riddle has to admit, he wouldn’t have been able to pin Bobby Lashley. “That guy is a beast!” Didn’t you see Lashley tear up McIntyre after their Triple Threat? And then tonight, destroys the Monster Among Men! Riddle’s been in the ring with Braun, that guy is no joke, so that says a lot for Lashley.

Charly asks what it feels like for Riddle to have overcome a behemoth? Riddle is all about beating behemoths, taking on big challenges. Riddle mentioned Air Bud, the dog that just wanted to play ball. Riddle is just the Bro that wanted to be US Champion! And now that he has “Travito,” lil’ Travis the eagle, it’s all good. Charly likes that name. Truth says #LilT-Fly! Tweet tweet! Riddle has his mascot, his belt, he’ll have that by his side every waking moment. Last night’s Knieval gear, he’ll get a dirt bike, take a jump after WWE’s The Bump, all sorts of stuff. This is his golden ticket!

How does it feel winning his first singles title in WWE? Personally, he started thinking it wasn’t going to happen. It was staggering, all those defeats. He beats Style in his debut but loses in the title match. The same for Lashley over and over. Riddle felt like Air Bud, being told, “No.” Even Keith Lee, a best bro, was saying Riddle couldn’t do it. But Riddle didn’t stop, and now you see it in his eyes! He is a champion! Riddle says the man doesn’t make the belt, the belt makes the man! Riddle took Lashley’s belt, and he beat the guy to beat! Truth is fired up for Riddle, and Riddle says that yeah, Truth doesn’t have his gold, but it’s just a matter of time! 24/7, 365! Truth is THE 24/7 man! BOOM!

Charly says #CharTruth is good but can they get an official Bro nickname? Riddle is feeling on the spot. He takes a day or so. Well Truth will give Riddle some time, then. Riddle doesn’t want to make something lackluster. Truth, we don’t need any lacklusterisms. Charly says the feat was remarkable, and Riddle says he has great feet. Riddle has the hardware, but does he feel after everything, his early momentum that stagnated, is the door open for him? Yes, especially after winning again tonight against a great opponent in Morrison. Beating Morrison clean with the Bro Derek, this is the start of a beautiful thing. Things are gonna change for Riddle. He’s winning gold, he might even get an investor for his Bro ideas! #Brogurt, #Bronuts, etc. MVP was a little meh on it, but the Hurt Business does know business. But Lashley is a savage, so…

Charly says Riddle is pretty savage. A savage stallion! He needs some pedicures and stuff, but he has been kicking butt. Charly says Riddle can go get that treatment, and wishes him and “Lil’ T” luck. And she never realized there was an eagle there. But now, it’s time to #FeeltheGlow!

Naomi and Lana join Raw Talk!

The #RavishingGlow are contenders for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships and are building momentum while they wait for the match. There is great energy now! Lana isn’t crying tears, she’s smiling ear to ear! Naomi helped dry those tears by teaching her to believe in herself! But let’s talk about their title shot. They’re excited, dreams are coming true! To start this year, Lana set goals to become champions by the end of the year, and they are going to do that! They have a contender’s spot! Vision boards FTW! Every time, when Lana is on Raw Talk, they talk about manifesting dreams. Lana had a shot before, got hurt, but she’s back again for another shot!

Charly sees these two being an awesome championship team. They are unlike the other teams, not to take away from those other teams, but these two have a unique set of skills and a great look. Naomi says you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Drinking? No, basketball! Naomi & Lana are a unique duo, a new duo, but not new to WWE. They need to believe in themselves or no one else will. They have confidence in themselves, and once Lana believes in the Ravishing Glow, tuning out the negativity, this deep friendship is going to propel them. So was this something under the table? Oh wait sorry to bring up tables, Lana.

Charly asks Lana if having a former champion in Naomi by her said help lift her up? Of course! Lana feels lucky to have a tag partner like Naomi. Lana has passion but she also has doubt. Nia, Shayna, they’re great but they are bullies. Naomi’s a two-time champion so she knows what to do. Charly knows Lana has been through a lot with Nia and Shayna, and Lana says she’s afraid, but she’ll run at her fears to face them head on. Naomi says there’s nothing to fear because Nia and Shayna are still human. “They bleed just like us! They get hurt just like us!” That means they can be beaten. They’ll slay the dragons! Exactly! Naomi says they aren’t losing teeth here!

Charly says Lana & Naomi can bring the heat, but just look at what Shayna & Nia did against Asuka and Charlotte. Truth asks if Lana’s gonna bring the glow, and she says she will. How does that work with the electric company? Leaving lights on wastes energy. No, it’s LED’s, Truth. Charly asks where they get inspiration for their gear? Naomi loves neon lights and futuristic things, and Lana is just ravishing. But Lana does say she gets fashion shows and comic books but what about Naomi? Naomi says it’s like Coachella, DJ light shows, that stuff. They can all go to a festival and dress up together one of these days! Charly can’t wait to see what their futures look like, and whenever the title match is, Lana and Naomi are going to train and be ready for anything!

And lastly, from positive energy to a phenomenal winner, it’s the Phenomenal One!

AJ Styles and Omos join Raw Talk!

Truth and Styles have known each other a long time and Truth doesn’t like Styles’ attitude. Styles says Truth is hugging too much. No, those were daps. No, they were hugs. Truth still can’t get “Omos” right. But how is Styles feeling? He won against Ricochet tonight but lost at Elimination Chamber. Ricochet is good, though. Styles says he did what he could at the PPV, chips fell where they may, he isn’t champion. But he was still here tonight. Where’s McIntyre? Jeff Hardy was here, Sheamus was here, even Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston were here. But where was McIntyre? Truth says he was busy. Yeah, because he got hurt! Got his feelings hurt, too! That’s why he’s not champion!

Truth says that’s not cool. Is Styles lying, though> Well Truth wasn’t looking for anyone but maybe he was here. Charly says McIntyre probably has a valid reason. Styles asks if Truth, after losing his title- Oh, we’re going there, huh? Well, Truth is here on the show. Would Styles wanted to see McIntyre after he beat Styles? That’s not the point, Styles is just saying McIntyre isn’t here. Styles is here, got a win, because he’s man enough. But who won’t be here for a few weeks will be Ricochet! Styles and Omos got him! Truth says that was too much, too. Truth is baffled that Omos did it! Well Styles calls that the #JKCB, the Jackknife Choke Bomb! Styles enjoyed that!

Omos asks Truth if he has something more to say about that. Truth asks if Styles is putting money in Omos’ pocket. Omos gets upset but Truth says this is what was on the paper! Styles has Omos cool down and Truth says he does NOT want none with Omos. The questions aren’t needed. Bye, questions! Styles likes that better. Omos pats Truth on the shoulder and Charly asks Styles what he wants to say tonight. Styles made his presence known in a big way. Then asks what’s next for them? Charly asks them that. “Sky is the limit!” Who knows what’s next? There’s nothing these two can’t do! Truth believes they’re right there. Charly does, too.

Is Truth in pain? Well he feels uncomfortable. It’s all good, though, they’ll ask the right questions. Charly says they can just wait and see what is in store. Styles asks where Truth got those pants. Are they custom or homemade cuz of the kids and stuff? Charly says no hard feelings, especially not from Omos. Truth says he’s not giving the eye or anything. Charly thanks us for tuning in, and on behalf of Truth, signs off.

My Thoughts:

A pretty good Raw Talk, went by pretty quickly, and just kinda touched on everything we saw tonight without really setting anything forward for next time. Riddle giving Lashley his props was pretty good, it helps them transition away from Riddle and Lashley now that Lashley is going after the world title. Lana & Naomi were okay tonight but it was hard for them to have anything new from previous times when their match on Raw was mostly filler. It seems most likely that their match for the Women’s Tag titles waits until Fastlane, after Nia & Shayna have also dealt with Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez on NXT, 3/3/21.

Styles’ segment was good for bringing up McIntyre not being on Raw. While more McIntyre VS Styles would be great stuff, I hope McIntyre’s story stays to the title, going after Lashley or Miz after next week’s Raw. Styles and Omos, meanwhile, could go after Riddle’s US title, or just build momentum so that Styles can come back to the world title after Mania. Styles saying “Sky’s the limit” is basically summing up that they have all kinds of options, all of them phenomenal.

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News From Cook’s Corner 2.22.21: Miz Happens

Cook delivers a smorgasbord of topics this week! Miz, Muta, Impact and more!



Hi, hello & welcome to News From Cook’s Corner! Last week was kind of weird for me. I had more time to write than usual, yet I got less done than usual. Life is strange like that sometimes. I’m hoping that since I have less time this week, I can get more done. Seems to make sense.

Speaking of getting things done, let’s hit the news! WWE had a show last night.

What happened in the Chamber?

I actually watched this one after getting home from work! You guys know that’s  a rarity at this point.

Daniel Bryan won the SmackDown Men’s Elimination Chamber

This match showcased one of the main ways my fandom has changed over the years. Back in the day, I would have been outraged that Daniel Bryan & Cesaro had to start the match, as it lessened the chances of one of them winning. Now, I’m like “Cool, they get to carry most of the match, so it’ll be good”. Also, the first people in these matches tend to do very well. Bryan outlasted everybody, but tweaked his left knee while delivering a flying right knee off the turnbuckle on the padding. It was a main story of the match, but didn’t help him much afterward.

Roman Reigns made short work of Daniel Bryan

Rough break for Reigns’ challenger to not even get some time between matches, but that’s how Roman does things. Edge speared him afterwards, pointed at the WrestleMania sign and set off some pyro. Guess that makes it official!

Bad Bunny slapping Miz around was entertaining enough.

Riddle beat Bobby Lashley & John Morrison for the US Championship

I seem to remember somebody calling Riddle winning here since he’d done little else but get beat up by Lashley for weeks at a time. I wonder who that was? Morrison won a 4-way on the Kickoff Show to get in this match, but he has no excuse because he had an hour more prep time than Daniel Bryan got for his second match.

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler defended the Women’s Tag Team Championship against Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair

We didn’t get Asuka defending the Raw Women’s Championship against anybody, but we did get this match, featuring Reginald wandering down to the ring with some champagne and distracting Sasha. One wouldn’t think that Banks would be so easily distracted, but here we are. Not a bad match, not great, kinda there.

MVP gave Miz some advice!

Drew McIntyre retained the WWE Championship in the Elimination Chamber

The announcers made a big deal of Randy Orton having history with everybody in this match, which makes me wonder if there’s somebody that’s been on the roster over the past several years that doesn’t have history with Randy Orton. Pretty solid match, quickly forgotten after…

The Miz cashed in his briefcase & won the WWE Championship

With some help from Bobby Lashley! Lashley beat the crap out of McIntyre, who had just been through an Elimination Chamber. Not much of a chance there. I know some of you might be looking to blame me for all this, but I don’t tell WWE which of my ideas to use. There are plenty of great ideas I have that don’t involve Miz as WWE Champion that they don’t use. Should I mention my idea of having Bad Bunny beat Miz for the title here or not? Nah, I think it’s more likely Lashley gets involved.

Here’s the thing: If Miz as WWE Champion heading into WrestleMania is an every ten year thing, he’ll only be fifty years old the next time around. So we definitely can’t rule it out!

Show was just kinda there, to be honest. Not worth going out of your way to see unless you’re an Elimination Chamber or WWE Championship title change completionist.

Old Guys Are Big In Japan Too

We here on the Interweb have been giving WWE a lot of guff lately for pushing older wrestlers on top, middle & bottom of their cards. 54 year old Bill Goldberg & 47 year old Edge as top championship contenders…little did we know that’d pale in comparison to what other wrestling companies could offer!

Name value is a very important thing in pro wrestling, not just here in the United States, but all over the world. Pro Wrestling NOAH is looking to expand globally. It’s been a rocky road for the promotion since the death of its founder Mitsuharu Misawa. It’s been sold to various companies, and is now under the umbrella of a company called CyberAgent, along with DDT Pro-Wrestling & Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling. There’s big plans for the group to go global, run domes and become the biggest thing in Japan.

In order to do that, they need stars. And there isn’t a much bigger star in Japan, globally, than Keiji Muto. People still fondly remember the Great Muta from his WCW days, not to mention his time with pretty much every group in Japan. The man has an incredible staying power with his fan base.

NOAH is looking to use that to their advantage. Muto defeated Go Shiozaki for the GHC Championship last week, completing his goal of holding the major championship of each of Japan’s three biggest promotions. Apparently the match went near 30 minutes too, and Muto held up his end of things. Didn’t do much, but what he did worked.

See? No reason to dump on WWE for pushing the old guys. Its been proven as a good way to get attention, which NOAH needs. The show drew a pretty good house too, given the Covid limitations. There’s an audience out there for Old Man Muta.

Doesn’t seem like my cup of tea, but at this point I can’t knock them for trying. One could point out I’ve gone softer on the idea of pushing old folks as I’ve gotten older, but that’s more self-reflection than I care to do right now.

In case you were wondering, Lou Thesz holds the record for oldest heavyweight champion of a major wrestling promotion, as he was 62 when he held the UWA championship in Mexico. I expect this record to fall some time in the not so distant future. At least in 11 years or so, as Triple H is currently 51.

Kyle O’Reilly worked people into a shoot

Some interesting doings at the end of last week’s NXT got a lot of people on the Internet worried. Adam Cole is being Adam Cole again, a bit of a dickhead, and he’s reestablishing this personality trait by beating up his buddy, Kyle O’Reilly. Cole delivered a brainbuster to O’Reilly on the ring steps, which back in my day would have resulted in somebody riding out on a stretcher.

Come to think of it, that’s what happened here too. O’Reilly rode off on a stretcher afterwards. It probably wouldn’t have drawn much more attention than usual goings on at the end of an NXT show…except that some fans there really freaked out.

Apparently Kyle selling with a seizure a la D-Von Dudley back in the day made them worried. Which made online fans worried. I saw more people complaining about posted pictures of O’Reilly being carried out than I saw actual pictures. Which is funny…because the whole thing was storyline. NXT wrestlers playing into it were either in on it or being worked too.

Heck, Kyle probably would have appreciated more pictures & video of his selling being posted. The guy did a good job! I’m sure he appreciated the positive thoughts though, as it’s nice to know that the fans care.

I was impressed that the angle made that kind of impression on people. We’ll see if it leads to anything down the road.

Update on Sammy vs. Impact

We wrote a bit on the rumored issues surrounding Sammy Guevara’s aborted trip to Impact Wrestling last week. Since then, representatives of both sides have spoken to Internet journalists to give their take. Gotta love it when that happens! I might be a little more interested than you here since I’m a Sammy fan and dig a lot of what Impact does these days.

Dave Meltzer got the Impact side of things. Whoever the source was didn’t think much of the idea, pointing out that Sammy shouldn’t have liked the idea, which came from Chris Jericho & Don Callis. Sammy apparently suggested alternate ideas, including his winning the X Division Championship. Allegedly, this didn’t include Sammy dropping the title, as he’d return to AEW with the title and Impact would have a tournament to crown a new champion. Whatever the plan was apparently involved Sammy winning three matches.

Bryan Alvarez got the response to the Dave report from a source friendly to Sammy, who claims that Sammy never suggested winning the X title and not dropping it. Apparently, a large source of Sammy’s issue with the creative concerned the fact he was doing a bunch of tag team matches after leaving the Inner Circle to go out on his own. Going somewhere else to just do more tag team matches didn’t seem to make much sense.

The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle, and apparently things between AEW & Impact are fine for now. We shall see. It’s not like Impact has a whole lot of leverage, and their main hope here is that they can be the middlemen between AEW & New Japan. Gonna be interesting to keep an eye on for sure.

Buddy & Alliyah Dropped

Remember when everybody was complaining about the angle featuring Rey Mysterio’s daughter Alliyah having feelings for Murphy? Everybody got their wish, as the story has been dropped with no hint of an explanation. I mean, relationships end all the time and they don’t always need to be played out in public. Maybe Alliyah needed to go back to school. Nevertheless, this doesn’t strike me as a good sign for the career of one Buddrick W. Murphy.

Murphy was off of TV until he was part of the nameless mob walking out on a Seth Rollins speech. Poor guy, there was a time where Murphy would have been the subject of such a speech! Now he’s back to being the Best Kept Secret in WWE, which isn’t the worst role but doesn’t seem like it would pay much.

We can only hope that the next time WWE gets around to giving Murphy something to do on TV, it’ll be something that the Internet approves of. Its the only chance he has, obviously.

Big Week for Bo Dallas News

Y’all, I haven’t even thought about Bo Dallas since whenever he last appeared on television. Which, according to the Internet Wrestling Database, is September 2019. So it’s been awhile. Anyway, Bo’s name came up this week during an interview Sami Zayn did with Sportskeeda. Zayn mentioned how Dallas is one of the most talented people WWE has that isn’t even being used at all.

Some people might have felt tempted to feel sorry for Bo not even getting invited to catering during the pandemic…until they found out via the Wrestling Observer that he’s living on a farm with Liv Morgan. Hmm, let’s see. Go to TV and get beat up all the time, or sit at home, study some real estate and wait for Liv to get home?

Sounds like Bo’s made the best of the pandemic to me.

Bow Wow training with Rikishi

As we all know, the combination of music with pro wrestling has proven to be a success here in 2021. Many of you just saw WWE’s 24/7 Champion doing a musical performance on Saturday Night Live. While it feels like we’ve been talking about the decline of SNL since at least the 2000s, it’s still a pretty big deal.

Bow Wow is looking to follow in Bad Bunny’s footsteps. Well, he wouldn’t say that, but that’s pretty much what’s happening here. Mr. Wow is currently training with Rikishi’s school and making some noise about working for WWE. Which, honestly, would be a good career move for him. He “retired” from rapping some years back and was most recently seen on The Masked Singer. Pretty big show, I’m told.

Personally, I have zero desire to see more singers get involved with pro wrestling. But that’s me. There’s obviously an audience for it, and WWE will milk as much out of it as they can. So don’t be shocked if you see Bunny vs. Wow headlining WrestleMania in the future.

I kinda wanna see it happen because I’ll be able to get some jokes out of Bunny vs. Wow for whatever Greg’s calling his site at that point. Hopefully it’s still The Chairshot, I love the brand name!

That’s all we have time for this week! Thanks for reading, and keep your stick on the ice.

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