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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (11/20/20)

Lights, Camera, and Bollywood Action!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

The Bollywood Boyz are back in action!

Episode 205 of 205 Live was wild, but things didn’t go the way some people thought. Samir & Sunil Singh have a score to settle with Ever-Rise!


  • The Bollywood Boyz VS Ever-Rise; The Bollywood Boyz win.
  • Tony Nese VS Ashante “Thee” Adonis; Adonis wins.


The Bollywood Boyz VS Ever-Rise!

Samir & Sunil tried to help their fellow 205 Live OG win last week’s five-way contender’s match, but it didn’t work out. Neither did Chase Parker and Matt Marthel trying to help themselves to being owed a title shot. But these two dynamic duos now battle to see who is the BEST team on 205 Live!

The teams sort out, Marthel talks smack to cameraman Samir, but the Singh Brothers dance and bolly bolly bolly! Ever-Rise say that’s not that hard, and they do their best attempt at the dance. The Bollywood Boyz blindside Ever-Rise! Sunil stomps Parker and CHOPS him, but Parker hits back. Sunil CHOPS Parker again, whips him to ropes, but Parker holds ropes and tags Marthel! Marthel brings Sunil to the corner, wrenches and tags Parker in. Ever-Rise double wrench, double shoulder and double fist drop! Cover, TWO! Parker stomps Sunil, scrapes his laces on Sunil’s face, then tags Marthel. Ever-Rise mug Sunil and Marthel headlocks. Sunil throws body shots and powers out and things speed up. Marthel fakes out Sunil’s hurdle to then ram him into the neutral corner!

Marthel whips Sunil, Sunil goes up but gets caught! Sunil slips out to O’Conner roll but Marthel bucks him off. Sunil elbows Marthel down, covers, ONE! Sunil keeps on Marthel’s arm and fans rally for “EV! ER RISE!” Or perhaps it is for “BOL! LY WOOD!” Samir tags in and he goes up, bolly bolly bolly club got the arm! Samir wrenches, tags Sunil and Sunil goes up to club Marthel’s arm again! Marthel powers Sunil to the corner, tags Parker, but Sunil gets away to arm-drag Parker down! Parker scrambles around and gets up to push Sunil. Samir tags in and the brothers double hip toss and double dropkick Parker down! Samir rolls camera on Parker but Parker takes the camera! Parker threatens to break it but then he SLAPS Samir!

Samir gets mad and Parker “apologizes,” but he runs away with the camera! Tag to Marthel and Marthel CLOBBERS Samir from behind! Marthel clubs Samir, puts him in the corner to stomp a mudhole in, then whip him corner to corner HARD! Cover, TWO! Marthel drags Samir up to hit a backbreaker! Cover, TWO! Marthel drags Samir up and taunts Sunil. Tag to Parker and Ever-Rise mugs Samir. Parker drags Samir up to ROCK him with a haymaker! Parker whips and dropkicks Samir down! Cover, TWO! Samir sits up and checks his jaw but Parker drives his knee in then clamps on a claw to Samir’s shoulder. Samir endures, fights his way up, but Parker CLUBS him down!

Parker drags Samir up, whips him to ropes and swings, but Samir dodges and ducks to swing around! Parker blocks the crucifix to make it a SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO! Parker drags Samir up, whips him to the corner then tags in Marthel. Parker whips Marthel for Marthel to whip him in! Forearm, and “BOOYAH!” elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Marthel drags Samir up, whips him to ropes but Samir holds them to boot back! Samir ducks Parker’s cheap shot and DECKS him, then dodges Marthel to send him out to the floor! Samir heads for his corner, dodges Parker, hot tag to Sunil! Sunil goes up top to drop ax handles on Marthel! Atomic drop and a windmill kick for Parker! Sunil CHOPS and CHOPS Marthel then whips, but Marthel stops himself, only to run into a windmill kick!

Sunil tags in Samir, the Bollywood Boyz coordinate, BOLLYWOOD BLAST! Cover, but Parker breaks it! Sunil protests but both he and Samir go after Marthel. The ref reprimands Sunil and has him exit, but the ref misses Ever-Rise hit Samir with a WHEELBARROW CODE BREAKER! Cover, the ref is busy with Parker, Sunil CLOBBERS Marthel with the Singh Cam! Samir covers Marthel now, Sunil anchors Parker, the Bollywood Boyz win!

Winners: The Bollywood Boyz, by pinfall

Samir and Sunil might not have any footage from their camera now, but the win more than makes up for it! And Ariya Daivari comes out to congratulate them, but then complains about last week! Some insurance policy they were! He spent a LOT of money on them and they didn’t pay off! This isn’t over. The Bollywood Boyz say that’s okay, they can talk later. Daivari then goes to commentary to keep an eye on the main event!


Nigel McGuinness talks with Ariya Daivari about last week.

The Persian Lion critiques the footage, but mostly the fact that it starts right as he gets hit with August Grey’s sidewalk slam. Nese took care of Grey for him, though, and almost finished Stallion off until Stallion turned things around for his inverted Spanish Fly to finish it. Stallion is the contender now, and we have word from Stallion!

“Ladies and gentleman, Curt the Lonestar Stallion here, back on 205 Live, and last week, you guys got to see a ridiculous Fatal 5 Way match where the winner of said match gets to go on and have a future Cruiserweight Championship match.” And guess who won that? Stallion did. But with said win came a little… Well, Stallion earned it. A lot of people congratulated him, but there was one guy who did not: Santos Escobar, the Cruiserweight Champion himself. But Senor Santos, not cool, bro. Santos may be playing mind games or just doesn’t know who Stallion is, but that’s fine. Neither man knows when this match will happen, but fun fact: it could be on 205 Live, on NXT or even on NXT UK. But one thing Santos does know, is that he has two words for him: Smarten up.

Daivari is very upset about “the dumb hillbilly from Texas” trying to lecture him and the OG to “smarten up.” Will Daivari make sure Stallion is the one who learns something before Stallion cashes in that Cruiserweight Championship opportunity?


Tony Nese VS Ashante “Thee” Adonis!

The Premier Athlete takes pride in his sculpted body but it’s Ashante who is Thee Adonis. But these two also missed out on the same opportunity as Daivari Dinero. Will Nese prove the OG aren’t done yet? Or will he finally be washed away by this newest wave?

The bell rings and while Adonis checks his headband, Nese flexes on him. The two circle, approach and Nese kicks low. Nese CHOPS Adonis at the ropes but Adonis CHOPS back! And CHOPS again, and again! Nese shoulders low, throws another forearm, then seethes as he brings Adonis around to CLUB him. Nese whips but Adonis reverses, only for Nese to duck and jump over. Adonis hurdles but Nese stops himself and bails out. Daivari lets Nese get on commentary enough to brag about being too fast and too smart. “I could do this all day!” Adonis throws his headband at Nese and then chases him around the way! They get in the ring, Nese stomps Adonis down! Nese clubs Adonis, whips him again, but Adonis reverses again to CLOBBER Nese!

Adonis puts Nese in a corner and throws fast hands! The ref counts, Adonis lets off and whips Nese corner to corner. Adonis RAMS in then whips Nese to ropes, for a back drop! Nese flounders up into the Air Drop dropkick! Nese bails out again, Daivari asks if he’s good, but Adonis goes out. Daivari talks thrash but Adonis talks it back and bounces Nese off the desk! Nese is punch drunk and Daivari talks more trash on the rookie. Adonis goes back to Nese, brings him up and ROCKS him with an uppercut! The ring count climbs while Adonis taunts Nese. Adonis gets in at 7 and Nese staggers up. Adonis goes out to put Nese in, but he takes a moment to strike a pose for the cameras.

Nese puts the apron skirt on Adonis! Nese then dropkicks Adonis down and Adonis tumbles into barriers! Daivari says that’s what Adonis gets! Nese puts Adonis in, covers, TWO! Adonis gets to ropes but Nese clubs him with crossface forearms! Adonis goes to a corner and Nese seethes. Nese drags Adonis up, Adonis hits back with fast hands, but Nese throat chops! Nese brings Adonis around for the HOTSHOT BULLDOG! Then the PREMIER TRIANGLE! Cover, TWO! Adonis survives but Nese glares as he clamps on with a chinlock. Fans rally as Adonis endures. Nese grinds Adonis down in the chinlock camel clutch, Daivari says this is what Adonis gets for dancing around and smoothing his hair.

Adonis fights up and has Nese in an Electric Chair! Nese throws hands but Adonis throws him down! Both men stir as fans rally up. Nese stands first but Adonis counter punches! And ROCKS Nese with haymakers and fast hands! Nese mule KICKS then runs, but Adonis follows to kitchen sink KNEE! Adonis whips, KNEES Nese again and then suplexes high and hard! Fans fire up as Adonis fires himself up! Adonis brings Nese up, Nese pushes him away, but Adonis blocks the kick to DECK Nese! Adonis rolls and whips and FLAPJACKS Nese down! Daivari is sick of Vic Joseph talking up Adonis and he leaves the desk. Adonis runs, rolls the dice and makes it rain for his fist drop!

Nese flounders out of the ring and Daivari is there. Adonis puts Nese back in and tells Daivari to stay back. Adonis gets around Nese to DDT him down! Cover, TWO!! Nese survives but Adonis stays on him. Adonis tells Daivari to back off but Nese back drops! Adonis sunset flips, Nese slips out to mule KICK! Cover, TWO!! Nese tells Daivari to use the chain! Daivari’s gold chain necklace becomes a knuckle duster. Nese fireman’s carries but Adonis slips out. Adonis waistlocks, Nese switches and O’Conner rolls but Daivari isn’t paying attention! TWO, Daivari turns around, but lucky for Nese, Daivari realizes its not Adonis!

The ref sees Daivari and tells him to stay back, and then Adonis BOOTS Nese down! Daivari gets in the ring, he swings on Adonis but Adonis hits a SPINE BUSTER! The ref takes the chain out, Adonis SUPERKICKS Nese down! Cover, Adonis wins!

Winner: Ashante “Thee” Adonis, by pinfall

The Long Kiss Goodnight puts Nese to bed, and Adonis has a huge win over a former Cruiserweight Champion! Stallion may be in pole position but the race to the title is never over, will Adonis be waiting right behind the Lonestar?

My Thoughts:

A very good episode for 205 Live to start us on the next 205 episodes. Curt Stallion is incredibly smooth with his promos. I don’t know if a guy who has only been on 205 Live so far is going to become NXT Cruiserweight Champion, but damn if he doesn’t already have everything a champion needs. Step one is for Santos Escobar to take notice of Stallion talking about him on 205 Live to then call Stallion out in return. I don’t know if having Escobar return to 205 Live will be all that effective in getting fans to tune in, but then having this happen on NXT might be a confusing moment because some fans might not understand who Stallion even is. I think something needs to happen so that all fans understand 205 Live really is part of the NXT family.

Bollywood Boyz VS Ever-Rise was a pretty good tag match, and it was a very effective Heels VS Heels match, something WWE rarely does. Daivari revealing he was the one who paid the Singh Brothers to help out last week was an interesting detail. I almost expected Nese to come out to talk with Ever-Rise to establish they were his guys, and that’d set up some big Six Man match, but Ever-Rise are the new guys and Nese is all about OG loyalties. Nese VS Adonis was a great match, and it was a great detail for Daivari to get involved. It was a bit convoluted that Daivari didn’t realize who was being sent to the ropes and all that, but it worked out the same as if he actually hit Nese by mistake.

Maybe instead of a Six Man we get a huge 8 Man of the OG (Nese, Daivari & Bollywood Boyz) against say Adonis, Ever-Rise and in a “twist” that follows story, THE Brian Kendrick. Kendrick has been the one OG wanting to help the new kids, so maybe the other OG call him a traitor or that he’s gone soft. If not Kendrick, throw in Mansoor since he’s had his fair share of encounters against the OG. Although, why wasn’t Mansoor one of the guys in the Fatal 5 Way? He was undefeated and even has multiple wins over Adonis, but Adonis gets in the match? Did Mansoor get hurt or have COVID concerns that they’re keeping quiet? Hopefully Mansoor will come back soon and actually get something to do.

My Score: 8.3/10

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