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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (11/6/20)

Will it be payback time on Daivari Dinero?



NEW 205 Live Coverage

The 205 Live OG are up against another new wave!

The Lonestar has reinforcements now in the newly named August Grey! Will Grey help Curt Stallion make Daivari and Nese finally pay?


  • Ashante “Thee” Adonis VS Mansoor; Mansoor wins.
  • Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari VS Curt Stallion & August Grey; Nese & Daivari win.


Ashante “Thee” Adonis VS Mansoor!

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! That’s how the man formerly known as Tehuti Miles is going to go at this! Will the third time be the charm for Adonis against the Star of Saudi Arabia?

The bell rings and Mansoor circles with Adonis. Adonis offers a handshake and Mansoor slaps it away to then shove Adonis! “I don’t like you, I don’t respect you, let’s get this over with.” Mansoor with some edge as he and Adonis tie up. They go around, Mansoor pushes Adonis to a corner but Adonis turns things around. Adonis lets off and says he’s different. Mansoor still doesn’t trust that as he shoves and even pie faces Adonis! Mansoor eggs Adonis on and the two circle again. They tie up, Mansoor wrangles Adonis down and he wrenches the wrist to torture the fingers! Adonis endures, fights up, but Mansoor wrenches him around. Fans rally both ways as Adonis fights the hold. Adonis spins through then slips in to hip toss Mansoor down!

Mansoor gets up and Adonis tries to tell him he’s different, but they shove again, and Adonis shoves Mansoor off his feet! Mansoor gets up and goes after a leg but Adonis counters with a facelock to a takedown! Mansoor moves around, they both get up and Mansoor wrenches free, only for Adonis to reel him back in. Adonis pulls on the facelock but Mansoor pries at the hold again. Adonis holds on tight but Mansoor keeps trying. Fans rally, Mansoor throws body shots and spins out, but into a back suplex! Mansoor lands on his feet, things speed up, Adonis hurdles but Mansoor denies the dropkick! Mansoor rolls Adonis to his feet and facelocks, but Adonis flapjack counters! Adonis is after Mansoor in a corner, whips him corner to corner but Mansoor goes up and over.

Adonis goes up and crossbodies! A rough landing and Mansoor bails out. Adonis aims from the ropes but Mansoor gets under the plancha. Adonis counter punches then climbs up but Mansoor trips him up! Adonis tumbles hard to the apron but Mansoor adds on with the baseball slide dropkick! Mansoor keeps sharpening this edge as he brings Adonis up to CLUB him down! Fans rally as Mansoor puts Adonis on the apron. Mansoor CLUBS Adonis, then gets in to cover, TWO! Adonis gets up and to a corner but Mansoor is after him with big forearms to the chest! Mansoor snapmares Adonis, drops a fist and then another! Cover, TWO! Mansoor keeps his focus as he stalks up behind Adonis. Mansoor drags Adonis up, Adonis throws body shots and fast hands, but Mansoor clamps on with a facelock!

Adonis stays up as he endures, and he throws body shots back. Fans rally up as Adonis powers up, but Mansoor cranks harder on the facelock! Adonis fades, he falls to the mat, but he gets a second wind! Mansoor cranks harder but Adonis fights up! Adonis pries free, Mansoor just reels him back in! Adonis keeps trying, and then powers Mansoor off to TOSS him! Mansoor comes back right away, but Adonis slips out to LARIAT! Both men are down and crawling. Mansoor uses ropes to stand but Adonis is up. Adonis counter punches and ROCKS Mansoor with haymakers! Adonis rallies with clotheslines, he blocks a kick to punch and sweep to then roll and whip! Adonis dropkicks Mansoor!

Fans fire up and Adonis goes to a corner. Adonis leaps for a BIG crossbody! Cover, TWO! Mansoor makes it HIS cover, TWO!! ROUNDHOUSE from Adonis then the cradle, TWO!! Mansoor escapes and Adonis is shocked! Adonis hurries but is sent into buckles! Mansoor shouts out THE Brian Kendrick but Adonis denies Sliced Bread! Adonis goes up, Mansoor CLUBS him then Electric Chairs, to the DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Cover, Mansoor wins!

Winner: Mansoor, by pinfall

Mansoor’s win streak is growing! He has gone 5-0 in 205 Live, will he find his way to the NXT Cruiserweight Championship soon enough? But more importantly, as Adonis gets up, Mansoor stays, and offers Adonis the handshake! Adonis takes it, and there is respect now between these two. Are we seeing the beginning of a great Cruiserweight rivalry?


205 Live hears from its two newest superstars!

“Ladies and gentlemen, Curt the Lonestar Stallion, back in 205 Live! Speaking of being back in 205 Live, there’s a couple of dudes who aren’t too fond of the fact that there’s a couple of studs making waves in 205 Live.” Daivari lost to Stallion, and Nese was this close to losing. But now they want to team up against him? Well Stallion wasn’t sure but he found someone! An old buddy of his from the days before 205 Live. August Grey, glad to have you. Grey says Curt had problems with the OG’s, so he called in the AG. Grey knows Daivari and Nese have been here a really long time, so they’re obviously scared of stars like Stallion and Grey. They’re hungry like the wolf and are the future of 205 Live! These two are excited to show us all exactly why they got signed! Will these two young studs finally be what washes away the old?


205 Live hears from Santos Escobar.

“I have beaten everyone that has come my way so far. And that will never change. But I welcome the challenge.” Next week, 205 Live hits EPISODE 205, and as this division’s champion, the “Emperor of 205 Live” worked out something with NXT General Manager, William Regal. Multiple Cruiserweight superstars will be given an opportunity at the title. Next week, there will be a FATAL 5 WAY #1 CONTENDER’S MATCH! “To those of you who are fortunate enough to participate, good luck. And to whoever wins this match, just remember one thing: watch your back at all times.” Who will heed the Leader of Leader’s warning as they go for gold?


Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari VS Curt Stallion & August Grey!

After the NXT Cruiserweight Champion’s message, the stakes for this match were raised tenfold! Will the Premier Athlete and Persian Lion win to stake their claim in that Fatal 5? Or will the up-and-coming Lonestar and The AG, #AlreadyGreat, jump on an even bigger prize than Daivari’s $10,000?

The teams sort out and Nese starts against Grey. They circle, tie up, and Nese powers Grey to the corner. The ref calls for the break but Nese RAMS his shoulder in! Tag to Daivari and the OG mug AG. Daivari brings Grey around to CHOP him off his feet! Daivari taunts Stallion then whips Grey, but Grey dodges and Stallion tags in. Grey huricanranas and Stallion LARIATS! Stallion wrenches Daivari, tags Grey, and hands off the wrench to Grey. Grey tags back to Stallion and Stallion elbows the bad elbow. Stallion wrenches the wrist, cranks hard and brings Daivari to a knee. Stallion digs his knee into Daivari’s head, but Daivari gets up, only for Grey to tag in. Grey takes the hand-off again, hits an elbow breaker on the bad elbow, and another!

Tag to Stallion and again Stallion elbows the elbow. Daivari knees low, CHOPS again, but Stallion stays up. Stallion reverses the whip, Daivari sunset flips but Stallion rolls through to DOUBLE STOMP! Cover, TWO! Stallion keeps on Daivari with a facelock but Daivari powers him to the OG corner. Stallion fights back, DECKS Nese, but Daivari CLOBBERS Stallion! Daivari stomps Stallion, tags Nese and Nese stomps Stallion down. Nese looms over Stallion, kicks at him, then brings him up. Nese scoops and slams then covers, ONE! Nese keeps Stallion down with a leg lock and tags Daivari. Daivari stomps Stallion, brings him up and hits a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Tag to Nese, the OG stomp away on Stallion, and then Nese gives more toying kicks.

Nese drags Stallion up but Stallion CHOPS! Nese spinning KICKS Stallion, then whips him for a BIG back elbow! Cover, TWO! Nese is annoyed but he rains down angry fists. Nese soaks up the heat from fans then drags Stallion back up. Fans rally for Stallion, but Nese CHOPS him off his feet! Grey is fired up but Nese suplexes Stallion. Stallion counters to a cradle, TWO! Hot tag to Grey! Grey hurdles Nese to DECK Daivari! Grey spins NEse around for a jawbreaker then neckbreaker! Grey kips up and runs in but is put on the apron. Grey goes up, walks the tightrope to crossbody! Daivari distracts, Grey swipes at him, but Nese bulldog hotshots him down! PREMIER TRIANGLE! Cover, TWO!! Grey survives but Nese drags him to the corner.

Tag to Daivari and the OG mug Grey more. Daivari throws Grey out hard then goes out after him. Daivari bumps Grey off the desk, puts him in the ring, covers, TWO! Daivari tries again, TWO! Daivari grows annoyed with Grey and he brings him up. Daivari suplexes high and hard then digs forearms into Grey’s face! The ref reprimands, Daivari lets off and brings Grey up. Daivari whips Grey hard into the corner! Tag to Nese, Daivari stands on Grey’s face and Nese stomps Grey’s chest. Nese stays between Grey and Stallion then brings Grey up. Nese slaps Grey around so Grey CHOPS back! Nese kicks and kicks Grey in the arm then covers. TWO, but Nese clamps on with a chinlock. Grey endures, fights up as fans rally, and Grey throws body shots! Grey is free but Nese pulls hair to throw him down!

Tag to Daivari and Daivari gets Grey’s legs to stomp his stomach! Daivari clamps on with a chinlock and he thrashes Grey around. Fans rally as Grey endures and fights up. Grey throws body shots, Daivari ROCKS him with a right but Grey ROCKS Daivari back! It’s a brawl, Grey gets the edge, but he runs into Daivari’s catch! Daivari throws Grey, drop toeholds and drags him away, and tags Nese back in! Nese drops a splash on Grey’s back! Nese drags Grey into the body scissor squeeze! Grey endures again and fans rally up once more. Grey pries the legs apart to throw some elbows and get away from Nese! Nese grabs at Grey, reels him in, but Grey throws elbows to block the suplex. Nese just rear bearhugs instead! Grey throws more elbows until Nese lets go!

Nese keeps grabbing at Grey but Grey switches for a BACK SUPLEX SLAM! Nese lands on his face and both men are down! Grey and Nese crawl, hot tags to Stallion and Daivari! Stallion dodges to waistlock and SNAP GERAM!N Then a corner to corner LEG LARIAT! Side to side, KNEE! Corner to corner, HESITATION DROPKICK! Fans fire up with Stallion as he stamps the feet down! SNAP DDT! Cover, TWO!! Daivari survives but Stallion tags Grey back in. Grey mule kicks, Stallion front kicks and rolling elbows! Grey underhooks and hits a spinning slam! Cover, but Nese breaks it! Stallion goes after Nese with forearms but Nese shoves and ROCKS him! Then SUPERKICKS himi! Stallion is down and flounders out of the ring! Daivari rolls and tags in Nese!

The OG grab AG for a double suplex, but Grey slips out to ROCK and CHOP them both! But that’s 2v1 and the OG double kick low. The OG double whip but Grey kicks Nese and throws Daivari out! Stallion DIVES outta nowhere to hit Daivari into the desk!! Double-edged, too! Nese staggers but he still brings Grey up and tucks him in, PREMIER DRIVER! Cover, but Stallion breaks it!! Daivari drags Stallion back out and throws him into steps! Stallion is down, and now Daivari grabs his gold chain! Daivari is using his own necklace like a brass knuckle! Grey CHOPS Nese, but Nese shoves and scoops. Grey waistlocks, O’Conner roll, TWO into the GOLD CHAIN FIST!! Cover, Nese and Daivari win!!

Winners: Ariya Daivari & Tony Nese, by pinfall

Daivari’s money pays off for him and Nese! The 205 Live OG are much more cunning, did they just win themselves golden tickets into that 205 Fatal 5 Way?

My Thoughts:

A solid episode right here, really good stuff. While we got another rematch of Adonis and Mansoor, this time around was different, just like the previous. I like that Adonis was doing his best to be Face while at the same time, Mansoor wasn’t sure about it until the end. Mansoor keeps going, and I really hope for Mansoor’s sake that NXT is planning something for him. Of course the big news is the Fatal 5 Way Contender’s match, a la the golden days of 205 Live just a year or more ago. At least one 205 Live OG has to be in that match, since Daivari and Nese won in a really good match. Dirty finish aside, I feel they, Mansoor, and maybe Swerve and Jake Atlas get in to bring the star power up a level.

Though I will say, Atlas feels like the one poised for another shot at Escobar regardless, so maybe this is how he earns it. Of course, the match is said to be for a “future” opportunity, so Atlas could sit it out to build things on NXT, and maybe Mansoor wins to have a match in his back pocket while there’s still the issue of Jordan Devlin claiming he is the one, true champion to settle. Either way, if this is NXT finally putting some investment into 205 Live, I’m all for it.

My Score: 8.3/10

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