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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (11/12/20)

The NXT UK Heritage Cup is almost over!




Who meets A-Kid in the finals of the NXT UK Heritage Cup tournament?

NXT UK’s premier British Rounds tournament is almost over, but now the Proper British Heavyweight collides with the Man from Moustache Mountain! Will Dave Mastiff have another knockout victory? Or will Trent Seven’s desire and determination take him to the final round?


  • The Hunt w/ Eddie Dennis VS Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan; The Hunt wins.
  • Jack Starz VS Rampage Brown; Rampage wins.
  • Xia Brookside VS Nina Samuels; Brookside wins.
  • NXT UK Heritage Cup Semifinals: Dave Mastiff VS Trent Seven; Seven wins and advances to the finals.


The Hunt w/ Eddie Dennis VS Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan!

Wild Boar and Primate may be animals, but they have a pack leader now in the Welsh Dragon! Will they instill a primal fear into the Chancer and the Bhangra Badboy?

The teams sort out and Boar starts with Williams. They approach, tie up, and Boar waistlocks to CLUB Williams over and over! Tag to Primate and he drops ax handles! Primate CLUBS Williams to a corner, whips him corner to corner but Williams goes up and over to then pick the leg! Williams reels Primate in for a headlock but Primate gets a waistlock. Williams pries free, wrenches an arm to an elbow breaker then brings Primate to the corner. Tag to Jordan, Williams snapmares Primate down to drop a leg on the arm! Jordan jumps in to add an elbow drop! Cover, ONE! Jordan keeps on the arm, wrenches and tags in Williams, and Williams springboards to drop ax handles! Williams headlocks but Primate powers up. Williams jumps off ropes and dodges to huricanrana!

Primate staggers up, Williams whips him and dropkicks him down! Primate hurries, tags to Boar, but Williams is ready. Williams headlocks, facelocks, but Boar powers out, only to run into a wheelbarrow victory roll, TWO! Williams hurdles, table tops to the sunset flip, TWO! Boar staggers but Williams redirects him to hit a leaping back elbow! Boar bails out, Williams dodges Primate, tag to Jordan while hitting Springsteen McQueen! Primate tumbles to the floor, Jordan builds speed and DIVES to take out Boar! Williams LEAPS to take out Primate! Jordan climbs up and leaps to crossbody Boar! Cover, TWO! Jordan grabs Boar’s leg, Boar boots him away. Williams tags back in and runs at Boar, but avoids the swipe to boot Boar back!

Williams goes to the apron, Boar pushes him away but Williams mule kicks Primate. Williams goes back after Boar but Boar FLAPJACKS him down! Boar snarls as Dennis grinds. Williams clutches a knee but Primate tags in to fetch him into the ring. Cover, TWO! Primate is frustrated but he clubs Williams down over and over. Primate brings Williams up to club him again and chases him to the apron. Primate suplexes Williams up and in! Cover, TWO! Primate keeps close, brings Williams up and throws forearms. Tag to Boar, the Hunt mugs Williams, then Boar uses a half hatch to throw Williams! Cover, TWO! Boar stays between Williams and Jordan and Dennis gives the orders. Boar throws junkyard dog headbutts then clubs away. Boar brings Williams up to scoop and slam!

Tag to Primate, human weapon, back suplex senton! Cover, TWO! Primate CLUBS Williams again, drags him up and shoves him to the corner. Tag to Boar and they mug Williams in the corner. Boar drags Williams up to headbutt him down! Williams kicks but Boar catches the leg to SLAM it on the mat! Boar stalks Williams and drags him into a chinlock. Boar fish hooks Williams’ face then throws elbows. Tag to Primate and Primate stomps Williams down. Williams goes to ropes, gets up and CHOPS back! And CHOPS again! Primate knees Williams low and hard, then drags him up to whip to ropes and run him over with an elbow! Primates hammers away on Williams, then Dennis orders Primate to bring Williams over.

Primate uses headbutts to send Williams that way, tags in Boar, and Boar springboard stomps Williams down! Boar grinds Williams down with a chinlock but Williams endures. Williams fights his way up and jawbreakers free! Boar shoves Williams to the corner but Williams DECKS Primate! Williams BOOTS Boar, but Boar pushes him back! Williams goes up and over, hot tag to Jordan! Jordan fires off on Boar, whips but Boar reverses, only for Jordan to KNEE Boar down! Jordan hits an EDGE O’MATIC on Boar, then BACK DROPS Primate! Dennis is freaking out as Jordan slingshot COMPLETE SHOTS Boar down! Jordan keeps moving and he goes up for a SWANTAON BOMB! Cover, Primate breaks it! Primate drags Boar to the corner and tags in!

Primate rushes after Jordan but Jordan enziguris! Tag to Williams, he spins and SLAPS and ROCKS Primate, to then hit a BAM BRUCE DOG! Cover, TWO!! Primate survives but Williams fires up. Williams runs to tilt-o-whirl, but Primate blocks! Tag to Boar, but Williams slips out to shove Boar into Primate! Williams springboards to DOUBLE BACK ELBOW! Tag back to Jordan but Dennis glares at him. Jordan hesitates, but still slingshots, into Boar’s LARIAT! Boar tags Primate, then Boar tackles Williams off the buckle! Primate and Boar go up top on adjacent corners, DOUBLE FLYING HEADBUTTS! Cover, The Hunt wins!

Winners: The Hunt, by pinfall

Dennis is all smiles as his animals are victorious! Will the Hunt sink its teeth into the NXT UK Tag Team Championships soon enough?


NXT UK hears from Dave Mastiff and Trent Seven.

The Bomber says “It’s almost like a full circle moment for two lands from Black Country.” Seven says it was June 26th, 2011 when they had a text conversation. “Hello, Dave.” Seven wanted Dave Mastiff to teach us what Dave Mastiff was about in Progress Wrestling. Seven knew Mastiff was one of the best wrestlers in the country, so he would be a great help in getting the others to that level. Mastiff was a nice guy so he did it. They became good friends and great rivals. Now, they’re in the WWE together. Seven doesn’t need Mastiff’s help here.

The Heritage Cup finals, one man will make a name for themselves. But it’ll take one shot to knock Seven out. “Just ask Joseph Conners.” Seven and Mastiff know each other well. But Seven wants Mastiff to get out of the way so the world can see Seven is the best. “It has to be me.” But will it be him when he’s up against a Proper British Heavyweight?


Jack Starz VS Rampage Brown!

The scrappy underdog welcomed the Ring General in his NXT UK debut. Now he’s doing it again for the newest high level acquisition! Will Rampage Brown leave his mark on Starz like Walter did?

The bell rings and Starz circles with Rampage. They tie up and Rampage throws Starz down hard. Starz gets up, circles with Rampage again, and they tie up. Starz headlocks, grinds but Rampage throws body shots. Rampage powers out, Starz throws a shoulder but Rampage stays up. Starz throws forearms but Rampage ROCKS Starz with one! Rampage drags Starz up, scoops him but Starz slips out. Rampage bucks Starz off, things speed up and Rampage catches Starz out of the air for a SPINE BUSTER! Rampage throws more forearms, Starz hits back but Rampage CLUBS Starz down! Rampage whips Starz and elbows him down just as hard! Cover, ONE! Rampage grins as he drags Starz up. Starz tries to club free but Rampage RAMS him into the corner!

Rampage clubs away on Starz, the ref backs him off and Rampage apologizes. Rampage runs back in but Starz boots him! Starz throws big forearms, Rampage shoves him away but Starz dropkicks back! Starz runs, but into Rampage’s arms! Rampage pops Starz up for a SAMOAN DROP! Rampage drags Starz up, gut wrench to the DOCTOR BOMB! Cover, Rampage wins!

Winner: Rampage Brown, by pinfall

Rampage may not have left a mark on Starz but he will surely remember this forever! Rampage’s rampage begins, will he storm up the ranks towards the title?


NXT UK Media and Sid Scala prepare to record.

Rolling. The flags are in the shot, that’s good. But then Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter politely ask to borrow the cameraman for some “investigative journalism.” They have the inside scoop on just what the situation is between Pretty Deadly and Eddie Dennis. They walk over to Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley, and Smith first asks who is who. Skip that question. What is going on with Eddie Dennis? Pretty Deadly says that’s none of their business. They only care about the tag team titles. Maybe “you two boys” should focus on training rather than making jokes.

Who you calling a joke? Howley tells Carter to get his finger out of Stoker’s face, but then Smith tells Howley not to get in Carter’s face. They argue, Scala steps in, and has them save this for a match. Pretty Deadly heads out, and Scala tells Smith and Carter to please move on as well. Will the real headline be one of these two teams coming out on top in the tag title race?


NXT UK reviews the timeline of Kay Lee Ray VS Piper Niven.

The NXT UK Women’s Champion has reigned since TakeOver: Cardiff in 2019 when she beat Toni Storm, but things got far more serious on February 27, 2020. The I Quit match between KLR and Toni Storm not only blocked Toni from ever challenging for the title while KLR holds it, but it easily could’ve crippled Toni and ended her career! Piper was the only reason Toni thought of her future and not about the title. After a long wait, NXT UK finally started up again, and it was September 24, 2020 that KLR gave Piper her 1v1 shot. KLR vowed we’d all find out why she was always just a little bit better.

But it was Piper primed to take the title with KLR’s knee taking serious damage in the match. The match was going to be called, and Piper said she didn’t want to win like that anyway. KLR took offense that Piper assumed she’d win, and the match continued! And a mishap with the buckles was a lucky break for KLR. But Piper says the plan is as it’s always been: take the title off KLR. But while reigns fade, injuries can last forever. Piper has been stalking KLR and beating down anyone who gets in her way! Jinny was one to feel the new aggression of Piper Niven, and the rematch from September is coming! Will Piper end KLR’s title reign one way or another?


NXT UK Media catches up with Rampage Brown.

His debut in the ring was a win, but how is he feeling? That was just him getting started. The rest of the boys better just be able to keep up. Will Rampage leave everyone else in the dust?


Xia Brookside VS Nina Samuels!

It’s time to fly with the bright young second generation superstar again, and against a familiar foe. Will Xia’s sequel with the Leading Lady go the same as the original? Or will this be bigger and better for Brookside?

The bell rings and Brookside circles with Samuels. They tie up, Brookside wrenches to a wristlock but Samuels grabs hair. Samuels reverses the wrench, Brookside uses ropes to flip through, then wrings Samuels out, but Samuels cartwheels through. Brookside dropkicks Samuels down! Then monkey flips her! Brookside headlocks, Samuels tries to power out but Brookside uses ropes to springboard and hit the takeover! Brookside grinds Samuels down but Samuels headscissors back. Brookside bridges up but Samuels SLAPS her down! Brookside keeps moving and gets around to turn Samuels over. Brookside rolls back to get the Half Crab! Samuels powers up but Brookside rolls her over to drop down on the leg! Brookside then hooks the legs up in a deathlock!

Brookside stomps the other leg before bridging to put torque on the hold. Samuels’ shoulders are down, ONE! Samuels gets inside the legs to trip Brookside up! Brookside boots Samuels away but the springboard takeover is denied this time. Samuels side steps Brookside and catches the crossbody for a BACKBREAKER! Brookside writhes but Samuels stomps away at the rope! The ref counts, Samuels lets off but she brings Brookside up to snapmare her down. Samuels clamps on to an arm then adds a chinlock. Brookside endures as Samuels cranks the neck. Samuels fights up, throws body shots but Samuels clubs her down! Samuels stomps Brookside, then tells her, “This is not your time. This is my spotlight! You are not the little sweetheart that you think you are!”

Samuels keeps pushing Brookside around but Brookside fires off forearms! Brookside whips, Samuels reverses but Brookside boots back! Brookside goes up to hit the huricanrana! Brookside fires up, runs in but is put on the top rope. Brookside boots Samuels away then crossbodies again! Cover, TWO! Brookside staggers up and goes after Samuels. Samuels grabs the ring skirt, Brookside lets go and Samuels BOOTS her down! Cover, TWO!! Samuels sneers as she stomps away on Brookside! Samuels fireman’s carries, Brookside sunset flips, TWO! Brookside runs, slips out of the tilt-o-whirl, CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Samuels survives but Brookside runs in, only to miss in the corner! Samuels throws Brookside down! Samuels hops up but Brookside SHORYUKENS!

Brookside has the arms but Samuels kicks her away. Samuels cartwheels away but her leg gives out! The ref checks but Brookside doesn’t trust the actress playing it up. The ref still keeps her back, Brookside keeps trying go after Samuels and she cradles her! Brookside wins!

Winner: Xia Brookside, by pinfall

Brookside took advantage of reality and has her win! But it looks like it wasn’t just an act as refs help Samuels out of the ring. Brookside feels bad and wants to check on Samuels, but Samuels BOOTS Brookside down! It was an act!! And then Samuels drags Brookside up for NINA GOROSHI!! The Leading Lady still gets one over on Brookside, but will the final act be in the trilogy’s finale?


NXT UK Media catches up with Sam Gradwell.

The Thunder Storm’s return to NXT UK was a loss, but how does he feel about that? Well that’s a horribly intrusive question. And he doesn’t recall losing. After two years away, instead of being in a match, “a battle of wit and limb, both of which mine are vastly superior,” he’s thrown into a gang war. It was like a rave with the Coffey family and their dog. He can’t account for every second of that melee. But if hypothetically, he happened to be pinned by Joe Coffey, rest assured that 1v1 it’d be a very different tale indeed. But then Alexander Wolfe comes by and can’t believe what Gradwell is going on about. He better get his act together, because he is a disgrace to the sport. Wolfe walks off and Gradwell hollers after, “Okay, thanks! Bye!” Will Gradwell continue to do things his way, no matter what?


NXT UK Heritage Cup Semifinals: Dave Mastiff VS Trent Seven!

The Bomber and the Artful Dodger are no more than six rounds away from the finals against The Spanish Ace! But Mastiff clobbered Joseph Conners early in the third while it took until late in the fifth for Seven. Will it be a sprint or a marathon to the finish between these two?

The bell rings to open the first round and the two circle. They tie up, go around, and Mastiff puts Seven in a corner. The ref calls for the break and Mastiff lets off. Mastiff and Seven tie up again, but Mastiff keeps Seven from backing him down. Mastiff puts Seven on ropes, they let off and circle again. They tie up again, Seven headlocks and grinds tight. Mastiff powers Seven to ropes again, but lets off. Seven shoves Mastiff and the two tie up again. Seven goes back to the headlock and thrashes around. Mastiff has the leg, Seven cranks harder, but Mastiff rolls and throws Seven off! A minute left in the round and the two tie up again.

Mastiff headlocks Seven now, and throws Seven over! Seven keeps his shoulders up as he pushes back but Mastiff leans a lot of weight on him. Seven manages to fight up, throws body shots, then gets a headlock back on Mastiff. Mastiff tries to power out but Seven cravats. Mastiff powers out after all, they collide with big shoulders, but neither man falls! Under 10 seconds and Seven keeps trying, he ducks and DOUBLE CROSSBODIES collide! The round ends with both men down!

Mastiff: 0; Seven: 0

But the problem here is that both men are in the wrong corner! They have to go across the way for their 20 second break, but that’s easier for Mastiff than it is for Seven. The two catch their breath and have a gulp of water, and it’s time for round two!

Seven and Mastiff circle again, tie up, Mastiff KNEES Seven low! Then again! Mastiff drags Seven back up to whip him to a corner. Seven bounces off buckles into a back drop! Cover, TWO! Seven toughs it out but Mastiff stalks behind him. Mastiff grabs at Seven but Seven grabs a leg. Mastiff CLUBS Seven but Seven holds on. Mastiff CLUBS him again, then brings him up to whip corner to corner. Seven doesn’t bounce off buckles this time, he leans against ropes. But Seven refuses to stop this here so Mastiff whips him corner to corner. Another back drop but Seven sunset flips! Mastiff sits down but Seven avoids being crushed! LA MAGISTROL! Seven gets the fall!!

Mastiff: 0; Seven: 1

Mastiff is surprised, but now he’s behind the 8 ball! Can Seven finish this off before Mastiff evens the score?

Round three begins and Seven circles with Mastiff again. Seven kicks and headlocks but Mastiff powers out. Mastiff uses the kitchen sink knee to knock Seven down hard! Seven gasps but Mastiff stomps him and drops a back senton! Cover, TWO!! Seven survives but Mastiff keeps on him. Mastiff drags Seven up, fireman’s carries, but Seven fights out! Seven CHOPS, ducks a punch and CHOPS again! Seven eggs Mastiff on, fakes him out and kicks to DDT! But Seven doesn’t cover, his body is too sore right now. Seven gets to a corner as the standing count climbs. Seven is up at 4, then climbs up to the top! Mastiff clubs his legs out and Seven lands on his 8 ball!

Mastiff brings Seven around as he climbs up to join him. Seven fights back, adjusts position but Mastiff gets him for a SUPERPLEX after all! We’re under a minute as Mastiff crawls after Seven. Cover, TWO!! Seven won’t give up a fall so easily! Seven shoves Mastiff but Mastiff drags him up. Seven blocks the big forearm to ripcord, SEVEN STAR LARIAT! Mastiff only drops to a knee! Mastiff forearms but Seven blocks and SLAPS, BACK HAND! Seven seconds but no Seven Star as Mastiff DECKS Seven! But the ref needs time to check on Seven, and the round ends!

Mastiff: 0; Seven: 1

The ref still checks on Seven. If Seven can’t continue, Mastiff will still win. Seven crawls his way to his corner, saying he isn’t done. This will continue into round four but Seven doesn’t have time to really recover. Mastiff runs in but Seven drops to his knees. The ref checks on Seven but Mastiff drags Seven up. Seven shoves Mastiff but Mastiff dropkicks him into the corner! Mastiff drags Seven back up, and POWERBOMBS him! Mastiff puts Seven in the corner, and runs INTO THE VOID!! Cover, Mastiff ties it up!

Mastiff: 1; Seven: 1

We go to the fifth round but clearly things are in Mastiff’s favor. Seven stirs but he refuses to let the ref end this. Seven groans as he gulps water and gets to his feet. Mastiff storms over but Seven sits back down. Mastiff chuckles as he runs and leaps, INTO THE VOID but MISSES as Seven moves! Seven is outside the ring but he drags himself up with the ropes. Mastiff is after Seven first as he climbs up. Mastiff drags Seven up by his hair, but Seven resists the dead lift! Seven ROCKS Mastiff with a body shot, then another! Seven finds new life as he climbs up top! Seven sunsets but Mastiff holds the ropes. So Seven CHOPS a leg! Seven manages a torture rack, BIRMINGHAMMER!! Cover, SEVEN WINS!!

Winner: Trent Seven by pinfall (advances to the finals)

With 90 seconds in the fifth, Seven conquers the Bomber! He needed this win and he got it! Mastiff is frustrated with himself because he thought he had this right from the start. “A lot of names may have come before, but the first one engraved on that trophy is Trent…” A-Kid comes by to see his challenger. Seven says, “May the best man win,” and they both shake hands, while looking at the trophy. Whose name really will grace the trophy’s plaque first after Seven takes on the Anonymous Kid?

My Thoughts:

A really good episode, especially with the Heritage Cup match. The story of Seven gritting it out against big bad Dave Mastiff was executed expertly, from the double crossbody being a pivotal point to Seven narrowly avoiding the knockout. Again, while it felt more like it was going to be Dar VS Seven, A-Kid VS Seven is going to be great. As great as A-Kid is, Seven is also great and there’s perhaps a bit more story to him winning. For one, we can totally get Seven VS Dar for Seven’s first defense. And honestly, every defense for Seven can feel as desperate as tonight’s match, and it should. I hope that goes deep into the sixth round, and as close to the last second as possible.

The Hunt had a strong tag match with Williams and Jordan, but of course Hunt wins to further the story with Eddie Dennis. Carter and Smith getting at Pretty Deadly for being used by Dennis is pretty clever, too, and that will be a good match for both teams to build momentum with. Sam Gradwell has a surprisingly wordy promo, but I’m curious with how Alexander Wolfe got in his face about him talking so much. Gradwell VS Wolfe is a pretty good match to me, and I feel like that helps Gradwell be a Tweener of sorts since Imperium are definitely Heel. Rampage of course crushes Starz, I can already see he’ll head up the ranks to take on Walter for the title given his UK legacy.

Brookside VS Samuels was a solid rematch but clearly not final. I feel like their payoff needs to be huge, and topped off with the winner being #1 contender to the NXT UK Women’s Championship. The video package for KLR VS Piper, Falls Count Anywhere, was pretty good but mostly just reused footage and audio. The match will be incredible, I’m sure, and could go either way given Piper’s new edge. KLR has her year mark but only because COVID caused everything to shut down. KLR can still build her reign with more challengers, but the other Faces of the NXT UK Women’s Division haven’t really been built up. Again, time missed because of the shutdowns has a lot to do with that, but that just means time must be invested now. Maybe Piper does win so that she and Jinny can feud and bide time for the rest of the division to build up.

My Score: 8.1/10

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