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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (11/19/20)





Where will the NXT UK Women’s Championship match end?

To finally settle their grudge, Kay Lee Ray and Piper Niven will boldly go where no NXT UK Women’s Championship match has gone before! It’s FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE!


  • Joe Coffey VS Sam Gradwell; Coffey wins.
  • Pretty Deadly VS Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith; Pretty Deadly wins.
  • Saxon Huxley VS Levi Muir; Huxley wins.
  • NXT UK Women’s Championship Falls Count Anywhere: Kay Lee Ray VS Piper Niven; KLR wins and retains the title.


Joe Coffey VS Sam Gradwell!

The Iron King and Gallus won in last week’s Six Man Tag, but according to the Thunder Storm, that “gang warfare” didn’t prove anything. Will Coffey show Gradwell that 1v1 will end the same as 3v3?

The bell rings and the two tie up. They go around but break, and try again. Coffey puts Gradwell on ropes, the ref counts and the two break, only to tie up again. They go around again, Gradwell shoves Coffey away and fixes his Mohawk. Coffey and Gradwell tie up with knuckle locks and go shoulder to shoulder in the test of strength. Coffey powers Gradwell back onto ropes but lets off cleanly. They tie up, Coffey gets an arm and wrings it, but Gardwell manages to roll through. Coffey headlocks, Gradwell powers out, but Coffey runs him over! Things speed up, Gradwell hurdles then elbows Coffey down! Gradwell CLUBS Coffey but Coffey goes after the bad leg!

Gradwell cranks on the arm for a double wristlock and fights off Coffey’s attempt at his leg. They go around, Gradwell shifts to a hammerlock of sorts, and throws a big forearm! Coffey headbutts back, but Gradwell throws another forearm! Coffey headbutts, Gradwell throws another forearm, then ripcords Coffey out to forearm again! Coffey rebounds to dropkick the leg! Gradwell gets to ropes, Coffey brings Gradwell up and hits a SHIN BREAKER! Gradwell kicks with the good leg but Coffey blocks to sweep the bad leg! Coffey clubs Gradwell to a corner, throws body shots, then wraps the bad leg around the rope! The ref counts, but Coffey YANKS the leg at 4!

Coffey brings Gradwell up but Gradwell throws a forearm. Coffey shoves Gradwell, Gradwell rebounds to sunset flip but Coffey rolls out! Coffey grounds ‘n’ pounds, talks smack, and then cranks on the leg! Gradwell kicks Coffey away, but Coffey wrangles him down with an armlock! Gradwell headscissors back and squeezes tight! Coffey fights up and around, pops out and throws hands. Coffey has the legs in a butterfly stretch but Gradwell sits up to arm-drag him from the mat! Coffey KICKS the bad leg! Coffey reels Gradwell in, brings him up and gets the legs again! Coffey rains down hands, stretches the legs, but Gradwell throws forearms! Coffey shuts him down and says, “No one cares!” Gradwell hits back again but Coffey shoves him down.

Coffey pushes the legs, Gradwell sits up, Coffey SLAPS him down! Coffey keeps saying, “No one cares, Sam!” Gradwell sits up, Coffey headbutts him back down! Gradwell sits up again, Coffey stands on the legs! Coffey SLAPS Gradwell, and shouts “MY KINGDOM!” Coffey STOMPS the bad leg as he hops off. Coffey says Gallus Boys On Top, but Gradwell hits back. Coffey kicks and slaps Gradwell, then stands on the knee. Gradwell hits back with haymakers! Gradwell scoops and SLAMS Coffey down! Both men are down because Gradwell’s bad knee is hurting him. The two men get up, Gradwell throws hands! Coffey headbutts, Gradwell comes back with more haymakers! But again, Coffey dropkicks the leg out!

Gradwell gets up, blocks the kick to STO! Cover, TWO! Coffey survives but Gradwell keeps his focus. Gradwell hobbles up, fireman’s carries, but the leg bothers him! Coffey slips off, swats the clothesline away and cording holds an arm to then club away with forearms! Coffey kicks the bad leg again, then throws slapping strikes. Coffey steps up and STOMPS the bad leg! “MY KINGDOM!” Coffey uses the Glasgow Sendoff SPEAR to send Gradwell into buckles! Then ALL THE BEST FOR THE BELLS! Cover, Coffey wins!

Winner: Joe Coffey, by pinfall

The Iron King might have a new scar on his face as he’s bleeding from an eyebrow. But he says this is what it means to be Gallus! “No one can match me! Just remember that!”


NXT UK Media hears from Sid Scala and Jordan Devlin.

Scala starts by saying he and General Manager Johnny Saint have sanctioned NXT Cruiserweight Championship matches but Devlin has to stop him there. “Sanctioned” defenses? Is Devlin supposed to be thankful for that? No. Scala and Saint should be thanking Devlin on their knees for what he’s done for the brand by winning the title. So don’t “sanction,” just find him challengers. But Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan walk over. Devlin wants a challenger? Well Williams is a bit injured but will happily challenge when he’s all better. And Amir is 100% now, if it’s okay with Kenny.

Oh, having to ask permission? Isn’t that nice? Nice loyalty to your tag partner. Devlin knows they’re ambitious guys, and no one wants to really be in a tag team. Everyone comes to the WWE to be a singles champion like Devlin. But after these two sort out the odd couple thing, Devlin will be waiting. Devlin heads off and Scala appreciates the enthusiasm from Williams and Jordan. Will the Chancer and the Bhangra Bad Boy be on the list of contenders for the Irish Ace?


NXT relives the epic that was Walter VS Dragunov.

Before the match, NXT UK Media interviewed Ilja. “There are so many thoughts that are going through my mind, this is not like just another day where you go to work.” This is something more. Something more than personal, more than a battle. This had to happen. Everything before led to this moment, he saw it in his mind. He went to war! “Everything you see there is violence, war, everything, and I’m ready for this! I was born for this!” His battle with Walter for the NXT UK Championship. If he didn’t win, he wanted to be dragged out of the ring, because he would not leave the ring without winning!

And in the end, after following through on his promise to “redefine violence” in the match with the Ring General, Ilja did have to be dragged out of the ring. Will Ilja ever fight for this title again? Will he ever fight again period?


NXT UK hears from Alexander Wolfe.

He introduces himself, but the Gallus boys are a little too loud celebrating Joe Coffey’s win tonight. Wolfe keeps trying to give his speech, but then he shouts at Gallus to “SHUT UP!” Gallus hears that and asks what his problem is. They’re just having a good time celebrating. Celebrating what? The win Coffey got! He calls that a win? He’s still bleeding. A win is a win, Wolfe. It doesn’t matter how you win. But what about the “big one?” Coffey will lose that again. Speaking of big ones, TakeOver: Blackpool, Wolfe stuck his nose in Coffey’s business. As far as Coffey is concerned, Wolfe cost Coffey. If Wolfe wants to fight, they can finally settle this. And then we’ll see who is bleeding. Gallus is fired up even more now! Will the Iron King make Imperium’s Hatchet Man pay for past transgressions?


Pretty Deadly VS Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith!

Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley don’t like being reminded that Eddie Dennis played them. But will they at least get the Predator Killer and The Prestige off their backs after this?

The teams sort out and Stoker starts with Smith. The two tie up, Stoker gets an arm and wrenches but Smith wrenches back. They go around, Stoker spins through but Smith wrenches him again. Stoker rolls, handsprings and wrenches again but Smith blocks the whip. Smith whips, Stoker tries to roll him up but Smith stays up to drag Stoker right up! Stoker still tags Howley in and Howley whips Smith. Smith whips Howley to then back drop him high and hard! Smith wrenches and grinds Howley’s arm, but Howley fights his way back up. Howley knees low, clubs Smith then wrenches to tag in Stoker. Pretty Deadly go after the arm, Stoker wrenches to a standing armlock. Stoker steps over to then pull way back on the arm and twist the fingers!

Smith endures, powers up and has Stoker on his shoulders to then put him on the corner. Stoker stands on a hand and grinds it into the ropes! The ref counts, Stoker lets go and leaps, but into Smith’s arms! Smith pops Stoker up for a suplex! Cover, TWO! Smith brings Stoker up, tags Carter, and then Smith scoop slams Stoker down. Carter runs, gets help from Smith for a SILLY STRING SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Carter keeps on Stoker with a facelock then clamps onto the arm. Stoker endures, fights up and pulls hair! The ref reprimands, Carter reverses the whip and then walk kicks him! Stoker runs into an arm-drag and Carter keeps on the arm with another armlock. Carter has the cording hold to keep Stoker from his corner and then shifts to another armlock.

Stoker fights up, pulls hair again but the ref reprimands again. Carter whips, Stoker reverses but Carter rolls off his back and slides away! Howley tags before Carter arm-drags Stoker, and then Howley scoops Carter to slam him! Carter kicks Howley away and arm-drags Howley down! Howley endures as Carter has the cording hold again. They stand, Howley throws body shots and then headlocks. Carter powers out but Howley hops over him, only for Carter to hurdle and hit a crossbody! Howley DECKS Smith but Carter gets him for a clinch. Howley slips out, whips Carter but Carter DECKS Stoker! Smith gets in but the ref keeps him back. Howley sneaks up on Carter but Carter ROCKS him with a right!

Carter whips but Howley blocks and reverses, and Stoker trips Carter to send him face first into buckles! Smith finally goes back to his corner bur Howley stomps away on Carter! Tag to Stoker and Stoker drags Carter up to throw uppercuts! Carter hits back but gets more uppercuts for it! Howley tags in, Pretty Deadly mugs Carter and then Howley whips to CLOBBER him! Cover, TWO! Howley digs his knee into Carter’s back, wraps on a chinlock and thrashes him around. Carter fights his way up and throws body shots. Howley knees low, whips Carter to a corner, then runs in, only to be tossed out hard! Carter crawls but Howley and Smith stare down a moment. Smith shouts for Carter to hurry but Howley intercepts Carter already!

Howley powers Carter all the way back to the Pretty Deadly corner! Stoker tags in and he runs in to uppercut Carter down! Cover, TWO! Stoker grabs Carter for a facelock, Carter fights out with body shots and a jawbreaker! Stoker still keeps Carter from Smith but Carter throws forearms. Howley tags in, Carter DECKS Stoker but Smith avoids Howley’s cheap shot! Carter dodges Howley, hot tag to Smith! Smith rallies on Pretty Deadly with strength! Smith whips Howley, ROCKS him with an uppercut and hip tosses him down hard! Stoker gets in but Smith knees him out! Howley runs at Smith and clobbers him at ropes! Howley whips, Smith reverses but Howley dodges, only to run into BLUE THUNDER! Cover, Stoker breaks it!

Carter throws Stoker out hard, then DIVES to take him down! Carter tags in and runs at Howley to WINDMILL KICK! Carter feeds Howley to Smith for the scoop and then a fling, into a SUPERKICK! Howley flounders about, Carter drags him to a drop zone and tags Smith back in. Smith and Carter coordinate, BACK DROP 450!! Cover, but Stoker puts Howley’s leg on the ropes!! Pretty Deadly has each other’s backs, but Carter goes after Stoker! But Stoker POSTS Carter! Smith drags Howley up, fireman’s carries, but Howley fights out and waistlocks. Smith switches, O’Conner roll, TWO into Stoker’s SHORYUKEN! Howley rolls Smith and has the tights! Pretty Deadly wins!!

Winner: Pretty Deadly, by pinfall

“YES, BOY!” Stoker and Howley find a way to screw Carter and Smith over! Will they manage to do the same all the way to the top?


NXT UK Media catches up with South Wales Subculture.

Mark Andrews is PISSED! He throws chairs around and shouts, “EIGHT MONTHS! Eight of the hardest months in my life!” For eight months, Andrews didn’t know if he could get back in the ring, all because of Eddie Dennis! But is he surprised? No. Because he learned a long time ago that Dennis will do anything to get ahead, no matter who he hurts. As for The Hunt, “I never thought you’d stoop this low.”

Flash Morgan Webster takes it from here. “Twelve years old. I was 12 years old when I met you, Boar.” Or should he say, Mike? They built rings in his backyard. They were friends! A friendship of 15 years, that’s what he broke! And that won’t be the only thing that breaks! Will the Modfather and the Rockstar turn the Hunt into the hunted?


NXT UK superstars react to Rampage Brown.

Seeing his debut in NXT UK, Joe Coffey says it was unreal. Smith told us that we were in for something special, “and what did we see? Aggression, power, ruthlessness, dominance! And that’s just the beginning.” Dave Mastiff was impressed. He always has been. Mark Coffey and Wolfgang know Rampage will run through people. “Nobody commands respect in the UK like Rampage Brown.” Rampage himself said the boys just better keep up. Will the Rampage run wild all the way to the top of the brand?


Saxon Huxley VS Levi Muir!

Here he comes! Here comes the Divine Beast of the Astral Plane! Will Levi wish he’d stayed away from work today?

The bell rings and Huxley roars as he circles with Levi. They tie up, Huxley puts Levi in a corner but TOSSES him across the way! And then corner splashes! Huxley cravats, knees and clinches, but Levi throws body shots. Levi powers out, hurdles and goes to hip toss, but Huxley blocks that to give more knees! The BT Studio fans cheer as Huxley brings Levi up to SPINE BUSTER! Huxley fires himself up and drops elbows on Levi’s back! Levi gets to ropes but Huxley clubs him down more! Huxley digs his boots into Levi’s head, then whips him into another corner. Huxley scrapes Levi’s face but the ref counts. Huxley stops after a WASH, but then he goes outside.

Huxley runs in to BOOT Levi back in! Levi is in a daze, Huxley sits Levi up to crank on the neck! Levi endures, but Jack Starz appears? Starz coaches Levi up and Levi fights up to throw elbows and body shots! Huxley knees Levi low, scoops him but Levi slips out to dropkick back! And another dropkick! Huxley runs in, Levi dodges and leaps, but is SWATTED down! Huxley stomps away, rains down furious fists, then drags Levi back up. Huxley scoops and TOSSES Levi across the way! Levi flounders up, Huxley runs corner to corner and BOOTS him down! Huxley brings Levi out to then LARIAT him down! Cover, Huxley wins!

Winner: Saxon Huxley, by pinfall

Even with Starz coaching him on, there was nothing Levi Muir could do about the madness unleashed in the ring. Will Huxley wreak havoc on the rest of the roster as this strange year wraps up?


NXT UK hears from the Heritage Cup finalists.

Trent Seven says the tournament has been an eye opener for both him, and the rest of the world. The world is seeing something new and fresh. Seven has had a hard fought road against the young and agile Kenny Williams, as well as the heaviest hitter in the tournament, Dave Mastiff. But he managed to make it over those obstacles to this point: facing A-Kid. The Spanish Ace says in round one, he beat a former champion in Flash Morgan Webster. In round two, he beat his “demons,” by overcoming someone he lost to before in Noam Dar. He knows he belongs in the finals. A-Kid started training at just 10 years old in a tiny little basement. A journey of 13 years lead him here.

Seven says A-Kid will have many opportunities in the future, but Seven needs this now. Seven imagines people looking back 20 years, they’ll go, “Do you remember how emotional you felt when you saw Trent Seven lift the Heritage Cup?” A-Kid looked up to Seven, but now he’ll be looking Seven eye to eye in the finals. “This is the beginning of my legacy, and that’s why I’m winning the Heritage Cup!” Seven says he needs to cement HIS legacy with this accolade. Next week, we see whose legacy overcomes the other’s!



Sid Scala has made a decision on the NXT Cruiserweight Championship challenge! Amir Jordan is getting the green light! But will he get the gold away from Jordan Devlin his first try?


NXT UK Women’s Championship Falls Count Anywhere: Kay Lee Ray VS Piper Niven!

There’s a pattern with how the Scary Queen of Scots’ reign has gone. She betrays a friend, uses what she knows about them to tear them down, then survives with the gold around her waist. KLR did it to Toni Storm, now she’s doing it to Piper. But the Scottish Viper has been able to push KLR right back! Will someone be pushed too far? Where will this grudge match for the gold end by the end of the show?

Before KLR even gets in the ring, Piper rushes out after her! They brawl, but the ref tells them to get in the ring first. KLR hits back, but Piper rams KLR into the apron! Piper puts KLR in, follows after, and the bell rings to put this on the record!

KLR bails out fast but Piper runs and DIVES!! Direct hit and she covers right away, TWO!! KLR scrambles and flounders as Piper goes looking for things under the ring. Piper puts a kendo stick, a pipe and a chain into the ring! But she’s not done looking, either, as she brings out a chair! Piper aims but KLR BOOTS her first! KLR kicks the chair away and whips Piper, only for Piper to whip KLR into barriers! KLR comes back, Piper blocks to reel her in for an OVERHEAD SUPLEX! Both women take a bit of damage out of that since it’s the floor, not the ring mat. KLR flounders but Piper hobbles after. Piper drags KLR around to scoop. KLR fights out, pulls hair and hotshots Piper off the barriers! Then KLR sunset flips over the barrier, TWO!

KLR is furious already but Piper gets that chair to SMACK her down! Piper puts the chair aside again before dragging KLR back up. Piper ROCKS KLR with a haymaker but KLR hits low! KLR bumps Piper off the apron and then hurries away. KLR gets the ring bell!? Piper sits against the steel steps, but gets away just before KLR throws the bell at her!! The bell clangs off the steps but KLR goes after Piper. Piper pushes KLR away and CLOBBERS her! Fans cheer and rally as Piper brings out a spare crossbar! As in, a spare part of the ring! Piper asks if KLR remembers this. “Let me refresh your memory!” Piper CLUBS KLR’s knee with the crossbar!! KLR writhes and flounders as she clutches the leg but Piper stands on it!

Piper JAMS the leg with the bar, then uses the bar to hook the leg. KLR kicks Piper away and hurries away for the sake of her leg! KLR gets in the ring, Piper grabs a trash can and brings it into the ring with her. Piper heads right over but KLR SUPERKICKS! Piper wobbles, KLR hooks the arms, but her bad leg holds her back! Piper is free and she HEADBUTTS KLR, but both women fall down! KLR and Piper slowly sit up, and while KLR goes to ropes, Piper gets the chain! Piper wraps her fist up, heads over, but KLR uses the kendo stick to SMACK Piper in the legs! Then SMACK her on the back! KLR takes the chain for herself and puts it around Piper’s face! Piper endures as KLR makes it a FULL METAL CAMEL CLUTCH!

Piper continues to endure, powers up, and has KLR as a backpack! BACKPACK SENTON ONTO THE TRASH CAN!! Cover, TWO!?! KLR survives but Piper is too tired to be frustrated. Piper grabs the chair and brings it back over. Piper drags KLR up, brings her around and scoops, but KLR claws her eyes! KLR shoves Piper to ropes and table tops her! KLR then drags Piper to the apron, spins her and ROCKS her with a right! KLR keeps going, and gives Piper a DRAPING DDT to the floor! Randy Orton would be proud of that one! KLR covers, TWO!! KLR is furious and she clubs away on Piper’s back! KLR clutches her own back as she seethes.

Piper stirs but KLR stands to drop a knee on Piper’s head! The BT Sports Studio fans boo as KLR drags Piper up to club her. Piper blocks the tornado DDT to FISHERMAN SUPLEX KLR to the floor! Both women are down again, writhing and groaning at the ramp. Jinny shows up and attacks Piper! The Spoiled Princess wants Piper to pay for making an example out of her! The ref reprimands but Jinny says, “You will NEVER disrespect me!” Jinny SLAPS Piper, Piper DECKS and TOSSES Jinny! Piper pursues KLR to the stage, but swings into chicken wings! KLR’s leg won’t let her lift, Piper backslides KLR back, TWO! KLR escapes and both she and Piper take a moment to catch their breath. Piper stalks KLR and drags her up to throw into a wall!

KLR stumbles to the backstage area but Piper pursues again. KLR headbutts low and runs off! Piper hunts her down, but KLR uses a street sign to SMACK Piper down! KLR hobbles away but Piper gets up and uses a FRAMED POSTER to SMACK KLR down! KLR flounders, crawls but Piper stalks her. KLR hits back with elbows and kicks, then grabs someone’s guitar to SMASH it on Piper’s back! And SMASH her again! Elias would be proud! Cover, TWO!! Piper survives and KLR is losing her cool. KLR grabs the chair that was on the little stage and sits it up. KLR drags Piper up and brings her over. KLR again tries the Gory Especial but Piper fights out to PIPER DRIVER KLR onto chair and floor!! Cover, TWO!?!? KLR survives hitting steel than concrete and Piper is losing her cool!

Piper stalks KLR again, and finds a pipe! Piper SMACKS KLR’s knee with the pipe!! KLR begs for mercy, but she again SUPERKICKS! Piper wobbles, KLR whips her into a road case! KLR growls as she manages to walk over. KLR drags Piper up, reels her in, but Piper turns that to an Alabama, to then back drop KLR onto the same case! Piper hurries up onto KLR for a cover, TWO!! KLR survives but barely! Piper drags KLR up to the tallest production case, but what for? Piper’s aiming for a spare table nearby! She drags KLR up, but JINNY returns to CHAIRSHOT Piper! But Piper brings KLR with her! They go crashing through the tables!! KLR ends up on top of Piper for a cover, KLR wins!!

Winner: Kay Lee Ray, by pinfall (still NXT UK Women’s Champion)

The Fashionista wasn’t part of this match, but she’s the one left standing! KLR’s pattern continues because she again survives to stay champion! But given what it took and what she herself had to endure, are KLR’s days as champion numbered?

My Thoughts:

A really good episode, and KLR is at high levels of Heel heat right now as far as I am concerned. She gets away with another win because JINNY shows up. I figured Piper and Jinny were due for a feud, but now it’ll be without the title because of how she screwed Piper over. I wish Heels would think, “Instead of screwing them out of a title, I’m going to wait until they have the title, and then I’ll beat them to get both revenge AND the gold!” But the Falls Count Anywhere match was still great, very creative, properly brutal, a great way to still cap off the feud of KLR and Piper. No idea who KLR is moving on to, though, with the other Faces of the NXT UK Women’s Division still needing to be built up.

Coffey VS Gradwell was a good slugfest to open the show, and I was surprised how few pins were attempted. Just one “TWO!” before the finish, that is rare but also great to see. I like that Gallus is tangentially starting stuff with Imperium again through Joe Coffey VS Alexander Wolfe, that should be good stuff. The tag match tonight was great stuff, with Carter, Smith and Pretty Deadly all looking great. Deadly uses sneaky tactics to win so that’s fine, and it seems like they’re moving u towards the tag titles. South Wales Subculture had a great promo working the real history of Andrews with Dennis and Webster with Wild Boar, that match is going to have even more fire now. Seven and A-Kid had great parts in the Heritage Cup vignette, that’s going to be incredible.

I think it’s smart for NXT UK to still move forward with their half of the Cruiserweight Championship while we can’t have a lot of travel and crossover. Devlin taking on Amir Jordan is fine, all the other Cruiserweight class UK superstars are busy right now. Whether A-Kid wins or loses the Heritage Cup, maybe he goes after Devlin and the title, so it’ll be Ace VS Ace. Huxley had a good match with Levi Muir, and I like that Starz came out to coach Levi. Rampage Brown clearly has a lot of support, he could be fast tracked to something with Walter for the title. We got an epic recap vignette for Walter VS Dragunov, who knows what happens with Ilja next since I also felt so confidently that he’d be champion by now.

My Score: 8.4/10

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