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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (11/5/20)

Are Gallus boys still on top?




The NXT UK Tag Team Champions reunite with the Iron King!

Gallus is back to 100% as Joe Coffey returns to action alongside brother Mark and friend Wolfgang! But will the firm still be on top of their kingdom against The Thunder Storm and Pretty Deadly?


  • Six Man Tag: Gallus VS Sam Gradwell & Pretty Deadly; Gallus wins.
  • Jinny VS Aleah James; Jinny wins.
  • NXT UK Heritage Cup Semifinals: Noam Dar VS A-Kid; A-Kid wins and advances to the finals.


The world is buzzing after last week’s NXT UK Championship match.

The strength, the speed, the violence, it all lived up to the hype, and then blew that hype out of the water. Afterwards, Walter spoke backstage and said, “I’ve proven time and time again. I will forever be the chosen one to represent, to restore the honor of this great sport.” As for Ilja Dragunov, it seemed hard for even him to believe he was still able to move. Will the Moscow Madman be able to pick up the pieces and push forward in hopes of one day doing it all over again?


Six Man Tag: Gallus VS Sam Gradwell & Pretty Deadly!

Joe Coffey returns! Will the Iron King and the NXT UK Tag Team Champions show us all that this is still their kingdom?

The teams sort out and though Gradwell doesn’t like Pretty Deadly that much, he lets Sam Stoker start against Mark Coffey. Stoker and Coffey circle and tie up, and Mark throws Stoker with an arm-drag. Stoker gets up, ties up with Mark again but Mark uses a hip toss this time! Stoker grows frustrated but he resets and ties up with Mark again. Stoker waistlocks, Mark breaks free and wrenches to tag in Wolfgang. Wolfgang wrenches but Stoker breaks free to dropkick! Wolfgang stays up so Stoker tags to Lewis Howley. Howley and Wolfgang tie up, Wolfgang bridges to arm-drag Howley down! Wolfgang keeps the arm but Howley kips up and goes around, but Wolfgang whips and runs him over! Wolfgang brings Howley over and tags Joe Coffey in.

Joe wrenches but Howley rolls through. They tie up, Joe shoves Howley to ropes but Howley comes back to tie up. Joe wrings Howley over, drops an elbow on Howley’s arm then brings him up to wrench. Joe wrangles Howley back down but Howley kips up, only for Joe to wrangle him back down! “Gallus boys on top!” But Howley kips up and arm-drags, only for Joe to hold on and arm-drag him back! Joe keeps on the arm but Howley fights up. Joe wrenches but Howley uses the ropes to flip through. Howley tries to hip toss but Joe counters to a hip toss! Howley scrambles to his corner and Gradwell tags in! Gradwell and Joe tie up, Joey headlocks and thrashes. Gradwell powers out, things speed up as Gradwell hurdles then rocks Joe with an elbow!

Gradwell CLUBS Joe, but taunts too long and Joe wrings him out, runs and POUNCES him! Pretty Deadly get in but Gallus POUNCES them, too! Gallus stands together in the ring while Pretty Deadly and Gradwell regroup. Gradwell tells them to stop doing the Scott Hall wiggle fingers and let him handle this. Gradwell gets in and Joe tells him, “No one cares, mate!” So what if Gradwell’s been out two years? Gradwell gets in and ties up with Joe, then breaks to SLAP him! Gradwell tags out to Howley to Joe grabs Howley’s arm and wrenches! Joe says that was stupid, and he whips Howley hard into the corner! And then again! Tag to Wolfgang and Wolfgang cravats for a snapmare. Howley cartwheels through but Wolfgang whips. Howley hurdles then baits Wolfgang in to throw him out!

Wolfgang lands on his feet but Howley stays at the ropes to keep him back. The ref backs Howley off but Stoker BOOTS Wolfgang instead! Howley then stomps away on Wolfgang, covers, ONE! Tag to Stoker and Pretty Deadly double whip, but Wolfgang breaks the line! Wolfgang clobbers Howley then hip tosses Stoker! Wolfgang cobra clutches, Mark tags in, ripcord to shoulder tackle and forearm to the back! Mark clamps on with a headlock but Stoker powers out, only for Mark to run him over. Things speed up, Stoker hurdles and arm-drags Mark down! Stoker is on the arm now but Mark reverses. Stoker ROCKS him with a right, tags Howley back in but Mark arm-drags Howley down!

Mark wrenches, Howley rolls and headlocks but Mark reverses to his own headlock. Howley tags Stoker while he powers out, and then Howley hurdles Mark to send him right into Stoker’s DDT! Cover, TWO! Stoker keeps close on Mark with an armlock and then hammerlock. Stoker drops knee after knee on the arm, tags Howley in, and Howley scrapes his sole on Mark’s face! And then grinds forearms in Mark’s face! Mark throws hands but Howley knees back. Howley rams Mark into the corner, Gradwell tags in and throws a big forearm in! Gradwell snapmares and rams a knee in, then an elbow, then ax handles! Gradwell has a headlock and grinds Mark, but Mark fights up.

Gradwell throws BIG European Uppercuts but Mark turns one into chicken wings! Gradwell resists the backslide to spin and ROCK Mark with a forearm! Then Gradwell scoops and SLAMS Mark down! Gradwell sucker punches Wolfgang then taunts Joe! Mark gets Gradwell with a Russian leg sweep! Gradwell grabs at Mark but Mark shoves him away! Howley tags in, drags Mark but Mark kicks him away! Hot tag to Joe! Joe rallies, dodges and shoulder tackles Howley! Joe back drops Howley, sees Stoker coming in and wrenches him to a back drop! Howley gets an OVERHEAD suplex! Joe reels Howley in for a butterfly SWING, then suplex! Cover but Gradwell breaks it!

Wolfgang throws Gradwell out but the ref reprimands. Joe clobbers Stoker as he gets in, but Howley ROCKS Joe with an elbow! Gradwell tags in, STO on Joe! Cover, TWO! Gradwell fires up, drags Joe up, fireman’s carry but Joe slips out! Joe kicks the bad leg then runs, ALL THE BEST FOR THE BELLS! Cover, Gallus wins!

Winners: Gallus, by pinfall

Wolfgang and Mark keep Pretty Deadly back, and Gallus stands tall. But will Stoker and Howley get their shot at the tag titles soon enough?


NXT UK looks closely at tonight’s Heritage Cup semifinal.

A-Kid admits, “Noam Dar really gets in my head. And last time I wrestled him, I had him scouted as much as any other person on the roster.” But the Scottish Supernova got away with a low blow and then won. Dar himself has some facts: the last time they stepped in the ring, he “put that little Pokémon down, and I’m gonna do it again.” AK knows that he’ll have to be better this round, but that’s what he does every day. Dar says contrary to popular belief, he doesn’t dislike A-Kid. He sees a lot of himself in A-Kid. Dar knows A-Kid has the biggest opportunity in his WWE career, but he’s living in a dreamland. Dar doesn’t need external validation, he’s internally motivated. Dar is a problem A-Kid cannot solve.

A-Kid says being in the Heritage Cup is already amazing, especially after that match with Flash Morgan Webster. Right now, A-Kid is living a dream, but it is reality. Will the dream continue for the Spanish Ace? Or will Mr. Supernova 11 turn it up and take that opportunity for himself?


NXT UK Media catches up with Sid Scala, and Rampage Brown.

The newest member of the roster has finally arrived and the coaches are great to have him at the UK Performance Center. “Don’t stop on my account, lads.” The trainees can’t help but notice Rampage, but in the ring is Jack Starz pulling off drills. Not bad with that handstand. Dave Mastiff says hey, and that it’s about time. Scala leads Rampage on to officially sign his contract. Will Rampage feel right at home in NXT UK?


Jinny VS Aleah James!

Speaking of new additions, the Spoiled Princess gets to “welcome” the newest addition to the UK Women’s Division. But will the welcome be less than warm with the Fashionista still after Kay Lee Ray and the NXT UK Women’s Championship?

The bell rings and Jinny insists she isn’t ready. She puts her fancy robe away and then smirks at Aleah. They tie up, Jinny powers Aleah to a corner but lets off with attitude. Aleah shoves back so Jinny arm-drags her away! They tie up again, Jinny throws Aleah right down and then eggs her on. Aleah arm-drags back and clamps onto the arm! Jinny fights up, knees low and then again! Jinny whips Aleah hard into buckles! “Who do you think you are?!” Jinny stomps Aleah but Aleah kicks back. Jinny stomps her down at the ropes but lets off at the ref’s count. Jinny drags Aleah up and whips, but Aleah ducks and dropkicks back! Aleah boots but Jinny blocks it to throw her down onto Jinny’s knee! Jinny tells the “stupid girl” off then stomps her.

Jinny drags Aleah up to reel her in and LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Jinny keeps talking trash while she pushes and slaps Aleah around. Jinny drags Aleah up to a straitjacket stretch but Aleah endures. Jinny bends Aleah back against her knees! Aleah still endures, fights up but Jinny BOOTS her down! Jinny stomps Aleah, keeps telling her she’s stupid, but Aleah keeps fighting back. Jinny rains down vicious rights but Aleah gets to a corner. Jinny slaps Aleah around but argue with the ref about the rules. Jinny drags Aleah up, whips her corner to corner, then runs in, but Aleah goes up and over! Aleah handsprings, goes Matrix and headscissors Jinny down! Aleah runs but Jinny ducks the crossbody! Ripcord ROLLING LIGER KICK! Cover, Jinny wins!

Winner: Jinny, by pinfall

Welcome to NXT UK, Aleah James. But will Jinny’s even fiercer attitude be what takes her to the title? Jinny grabs a mic to say Aleah is an example of how ruthless Jinny can be. “There is a reason I am the Queen of NXT UK. And that’s because I have something that none of these girls will ever have: killer instinct.” You see people walking around, thinking they’re untouchable, like Piper Niven acting like she should be on top! But speaking of, here comes Piper! Piper makes her way to the ring, dares Jinny to say that to her face. Jinny says she is, they’re right here! Jinny dares Piper to do something, but KLR laughs at them both. “You two are funny. Now, I know I like to talk just as much as you, but I have one very important thing that backs that up.”

Here’s a hint to what it is: It’s white, gold and shiny, lives around her waist, and neither of them will ever have it. Now since these two don’t have it, let’s try something else. KLR puts a chair in the ring, and says that Jinny would stab her own granny in the back to get a title shot. But Piper, no, KLR doesn’t thinks he has what it takes. Piper had the perfect opportunity to have it all, and threw it away. So let’s find out who really has the killer instinct. Jinny SLAPS Piper! Piper scowls, then HEADBUTTS Jinny! KLR laughs as Piper grabs the chair and SMACKS Jinny on the back! Aleah hurries over to tell piper she doesn’t have to do this, but Piper scoops and PIPER DRIVERS her!! Piper drags Jinny up and brings the chair into this! FULL METAL PIPER DRIVER!! KLR is actually shocked to see that!

Piper says Jinny will never speak bad of her again. And then she glares at KLR! KLR staggers and falls, and Piper gives chase! Will it be Piper who gets her second shot at KLR first?


NXT UK hears from Eddie Dennis.

“There is a symbiotic relationship between man and beast. A huntsman uses his lurcher to flush a rabbit from a hole. A shepherd sheers his sheep to keep his family warm. And now, I stand alongside a Primate and a Boar.” Dennis knows Mark Andrews claims they were friends for 15 long years. But Dennis says he was being USED for those 15 years. And Flash Morgan Webster, you and Boar were best friends? Dennis says Webster used Boar like an animal. And Primate here, he “was built on a battlefield, born to follow orders, and hurt people.” The Boar and Primate roar, but with one “Hush,” from Dennis, they calm themselves. With the Welsh Dragon leading them, will The Hunt turn every team on the NXT UK roster into their prey?


NXT UK shares what happened during the break!

Piper caught up to KLR! And she thrashed her about by her hair! Referees hurried to stop this but Piper pulled the belt from KLR’s waist! Piper has it now, and tells KLR to get ready to say good-bye to it! Sid Scala got Piper to give the belt back and take her leave. KLR may have made the biggest mistake of her life pushing Piper this far! In two weeks, we see a FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE match for the NXT UK Women’s Championship! Where will it finally end for these two friends turned bitter enemies?


NXT UK Heritage Cup Semifinals: Noam Dar VS A-Kid!

The Scottish Supernova beat Imperium’s Hatchet Man in the fifth, but so did the Spanish Ace against the Modfather! Will these bright young superstars go the distance, all for a spot in the finals?

The bell rings and we begin the first round. AK and Dar circle and feel out the grapple. They tie up with knuckle locks, AK rolls and trips Dar up but Dar scrambles back to his feet. They go around, Dar pops out of the facelock but AK keeps him off a cover. Dar wrenches the arm, AK rolls and rolls and rolls to get free. The BT Sports studio audience applauds as the two reset. Dar and AK tie up. AK gets the arm but Dar the mat return. AK moves around to get the facelock but Dar pushes his way up to fireman’s carry and wristlock. Dar SLAPS the hand but AK kips up. Dar wrangles him down, grinds the arm, shifts to a headlock but AK fights up and wrenches out. AK headlocks, Dar stays up then powers out. AK runs him over with a big shoulder tackle, then hits a big headlock takeover!

Dar fights up and around as we’re under a minute. AK gets another headlock takeover but Dar headscissors. AK pops out, hits another takeover, and then he traps an arm. Dar endures, fights his way up, but AK holds as Dar tries to power out. We’re down to 15 seconds, Dar lifts to crotch AK! Under 10 seconds and Dar runs to BOOT AK down! AK is on the outside as the round ends!

Dar: 0; A-Kid: 0

Dar throws pinkies up, then mockingly says A-Kid should get to his corner. This is all part of Dar’s plan to waste AK’s 20 second break! Dar is just fine but AK barely gets enough time to have his water and catch his breath. Round two begins, will AK be able to rebound?

Another three minutes and the two circle. Dar and AK knuckle lock, Dar steps in to trap an arm then cravat. AK endures as Dar thrashes and snapmares. AK gets right up, sees Dar rushing in and pushes him away. AK goes to whip but Dar headlocks and snapmares. AK handsprings through, springboards and arm-drags to kip up and dropkick! Cover, TWO! AK keeps Dar down with an armlock, then a chinbar. Dar fights up, powers AK to a corner and the ref calls for a break. AK goes up, boots Dar away but Dar sweeps the legs right back! Dar covers, TWO! Dar drops elbows on the leg and then paces around. AK swipes at Dar but Dar brings him up to bump off buckles. Dar brings AK out to ROCK him with a European Uppercut!

Dar taunts the “Pokémon” but AK hits low! And CHOPS him! Dar knees AK down and we’re at a minute left already. Dar stomps AK’s hands, “Just like Pete Dunne!” Dar brings AK up, goes after the hand but AK ROCKS him with a right! And another! And another! AK runs but Dar table tops him! Dar gets the arms, spins and spins and spins, and spins and spins, to a backslide! TWO and AK gets Dar’s leg! STF! Dar endures with 20 seconds and counting! AK shifts to a CROSSFACE! Dar endures and time runs out!!

Dar: 0; A-Kid: 0

The bell saves Dar and round two is over! AK has ample time to rest now, and we’re already on to round three!

Dar stays in his corner and uses the ropes as defense. AK smirks as he waits for Dar to return. They circle, tie up and Dar gets a facelock. Dar cranks on the hold but AK slips out. Dar drags him back into the hold but AK gets out again and again. AK ducks the clothesline, waistlocks but Dar bucks the O’Conner roll off. AK kips right back up to NORTHERN LIGHTS! And then floats over to an ARMBAR! Dar endures, rolls around and gets out to then body scissor and roll, TWO! Dar urns in but into a HARD back elbow! AK goes up, jumps the sweep this time, and dodges in the other corner! AK KICKS but Dar ROCKS him with a right! Dar swings but into AK’s takedown!

Dar stays up, rolls but AK grabs at the wrist. AK blocks a kick but not the elbow! Dar catches AK’s clothesline to a COMPLETE SHOT! Dar aims from a corner, BLINDSIDE FOREARM! cover, TWO! AK is still in this but Dar omoplatas to then grab at the other arm. AK resists so Dar clubs him over an dover! We’re at a minute as Dar gets his modified Jim Breaks Special! AK VERBALLY taps, Dar gets a fall!

Dar: 1; A-Kid: 0

But Dar won’t let off! He stomps AK’s head and pulls on the arm! The ref finally gets him to let off and warns him, this match is still going on. Dar backs off to his corner but what shape is AK in as we go into round four?

AK gets up but Dar sweeps the leg! And AK lands on his bad arm! Dar looms over AK, grabs the arm but AK kicks back. Dar stomps the arm, then the leg, then the other leg! Dar puts pinkies out and taunts the cameras before he stomps the arm again. AK kicks but with the bad leg! Dar KICKS AK in the back! Dar drags AK up, AK CHOPS him! And ROCKS him with forearms! Dark kicks the bad leg then throat chops, headbutts and uppercuts! But AK comes back to tackle Dar with a sleeper hold! Dar fights up, back suplexes, but AK lands on his feet! AK waistlocks. Dar drops down but AK uses that for a EUROCLUTCH! AK gets the fall!!

Dar: 1; A-Kid: 1

We’re all tied up!! And now we’re in the fifth round! This is the limit Dar and AK both reached, will it all end here?

AK and Dar stare down as they approach. They circle, Dar kicks the leg but AK stays up. AK blocks the next kick to SLAP Dar down! Dar gets away, baits AK in the corner and AK kicks buckles! Dar runs in but AK goes over and out! They brawl in the ropes, Dar sweeps the legs! Then runs to BLAST AK off with a dropkick! AK is down and a ring count climbs, but the clock is going down! AK gets up at the ref’s count of 5 but Dar goes out to fetch him. Dar brings AK up, says hi to the trophy and KICKS AK down at the ramp! Dar kisses the trophy as if it’s already his, and he goes back to AK as the ref reaches 5 again. Dar puts AK in but AK spins to kick Dar down! AK has the ring count climb!! Dar is up and in at 9.9 but AK PENALTY KICKS! Cover, TWO!!

Dar survives but AK won’t let up here! AK climbs up top, minute left as he watches Dar rise. BIG crossbody! Cover, TWO!! Both men are down but the audience is loving this! Dar sits up and gets forehead to forehead with AK. AK ROCKS Dar, Dar ROCKS AK, repeat! We’re under 20 seconds as Dar throws more hands. AK hits back, they brawl as they stand, back and forth, under 10! The round ends as Dar gets AK down! Dar wants to hit more but he has to wait!

Dar: 1; A-Kid: 1

And now we’re in round six! The first match to go this far! Will three minutes be all that keep one man from the finals?!

Dar runs in, AK jumps the sweep but Dar avoids the enziguri! Dar KICKS but AK Eddy Gordo kicks back! AK waistlocks, Dar drops down and kicks over and over from below! Dar drags AK down but AK rolls to jackknife. Dar rolls through to sit down, ONE! AK rolls Dar to a cover, TWO! Ghost pin, ONE, but AK tries again, TWO!! Dar escapes, but runs into an arm capture, only to make that a cover! TWO and AK omoplatas and chinbars! A modified LeBelle lock, but Dark rolls it off to a cover! ONE, but Dar wants the leg! AK moves around to go after an arm! They fight for control, Dar moves around to hammer away on AK and get free!

Both men are down but slowly stirring. Dar and AK get up to DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! Neither falls, so they try again! Dar KICKS, AK KNEES the headbutt away! AK kicks but Dar blocks! AK throws haymakers but Dar back elbows! Dar aims from a corner, AK slowly rises, but AK ENZIGURIS first! LeBelle RINGS OF SATURN!! Dar endures, Dar QUITS!?! AK WINS!!

Winners: A-Kid, with 2 falls; advances to the finals

Incredible!! A-Kid pulls off another comeback to be the winner! The Spanish Ace is the first finalist in the Heritage Cup! But will he be met by the Bomber or the Man from Moustache Mountain?

My Thoughts:

What a great episode! That bit to recap the NXT UK Championship match was good, with Walter’s comments there. The Six Man Tag was a solid opener, though of course Gallus wins. Joe Coffey gets the win off Sam Gradwell because the NXT UK Tag Team Championship math needs to be left alone. Still pretty sure Gallus wins that, too. I think it should come down to Gallus VS Eddie Dennis & The Hunt. The Hunt will surely take on South Wales Subculture once Andrews and Morgan are “cleared.” The promo from Dennis was great, and the matches will be great. Rampage Brown had a fairly simple intro to NXT UK, and I feel like Jack Starz making a cameo will mean he gets jobbed out to Rampage like he did to Walter.

The entire Women’s Division segment was great. Jinny definitely showed her new aggression against Aleah James, but to think PIPER would bring all of this out of herself! I feel like they might’ve changed their minds and now we won’t get KLR VS Jinny. Piper might end up winning that Falls Count Anywhere match and she’ll take on Jinny. But who knows, this could be a last hurrah for Piper in NXT UK and then she follows Rhea Ripley and Toni Storm to NXT USA. Then the Heritage Cup British Rounds match was great stuff. I am SHOCKED Dar lost, I really thought we were getting a rematch of Dar VS Seven as the finals. But instead, A-Kid is in and that is great for him, he’s really impressed since day one. Seven VS Mastiff is going to be rough, I wouldn’t be surprised Mastiff wins but Seven’s story of needing this accomplishment has to be where we go.

My Score: 8.2/10

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