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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (11/20/20)

Who suffers the consequences of their actions?



WWE SmackDown Coverage 3.0

SmackDown settles scores before Survivor Series!

Seth Rollins wants revenge on his former disciple, and Daniel Bryan returns with a vendetta against Jey Uso, all before SmackDown faces Raw on Sunday!


  • 8 Man Tag: The New Day & Street Profits VS Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn, Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler; The New Day & Street Profits win.
  • Survivor Series Women’s Team SmackDown Qualifier: Natalya VS Tamina; Natalya wins and joins Team SmackDown.
  • Seth Rollins VS Buddy Murphy; Murphy wins.
  • Daniel Bryan VS Jey Uso; Bryan wins.


The Street Profits are in the Champions’ Lounge!

The SmackDown Tag Team Champions asks if you’re ready~, ready~, ready~ for this! They repo’d this from Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro just in time for Survivor Series! It will be a final farewell to the Undertaker! The Dead Man, Big Evil, the Phenom! Taker rolling into the room and rolling those eyes back always got Ford fired up. Wait, what’s going on? Is it… “Rest… In…” Big E! Why is it a sombrero? That’s all they had in props. But speaking of being buried, they’re just two days from- Yeah, they know. Two days from beating The New Day and giving Kofi his Jamaican accent back. S O S! No, that’s never coming back!

Big E says they were two days away from facing a man who won the world title at the Show of Shows, Kofi Kingston, and the most underrated wrestler in the world, Xavier Woods! They are facing the Picassos of Punches. the Monets of Moves. The Basquiat of Beatdowns! But they’re against the team too fine for wine so they went with champagne. The Triple Crown Champs that always put it down! And at this historic Survivor Series, the new day comes to an end, because all Profits do is win, win, win. They’ll break bread with ya bois any other day, but this Sunday, they’re whooping those A double dollar signs. And why? Becaaaause #WeWantTheSmoke!

Well you don’t have to sell it to Big E. Sell it to Kofi and Woods! Because they’re here! AWWW~ Street Profiiits~! Don’t you dare be sour! Clap for your world famous TEN TIME CHAMPS, and FEEL~ the POWER~! Big E is telling the truth, because the Raw Tag Team Champions are heading to the ring! The Brand to Brand Invitation is in effect as Woods says, “We know we don’t even go here no more, but we were invited. So we said why not?” Come back to see giant fists smashing through glass! Stay in the SmackDown Hotel one more time! Give the WWE on Fox Twitter account something to tweet! But they’re also here because we’re just days away from Survivor Series, and they want to talk with the Profits.

The Profits are talking about passing the torch, but they’re right to want the smoke and ONLY the smoke! They don’t want this fire, because they’d be dead men! Whoa, that’s harsh, Woods. No it was a segue into Taker. Oh right! And as a tribute to Taker, they will recreate his signature SIT UP! That’s a strong sit up! But wait, here comes Sami Zayn! Sami says all anyone can talk about is Taker when we’re headed into one of the biggest PPV of the year! Fun fact that no one knows: The only reason Taker is saying this is his final farewell is because he knows Sami owes him payback for the Madison Square Garden choke slam! WWE is letting Taker take the coward’s way out!

But the one who can’t take that way out is Lashley! And WWE would love to protect “tha United States Champeen,” who looks good in a suit and all that. But Sami will show the world that the Intercontinental Champion is better than the US Champion! Now, New Day, Sami wants to make this clear. He isn’t here to hurt them. He could, but he won’t. Instead of New Day yammering on about Taker, talk about the hottest thing in WWE, talk about the master strategist, the Champion of the People, Sami Zayn! Well, uh, they can try that. Maybe even something nice. Sami’s outfit is great! He looks like a recently divorced dad who got a down payment on a studio apartment! King of the castle of 400 square feet!

But speaking of kings, here comes the King of the Ring! Yes, Woods finally gets his crown! No, that’s not this! Baron Corbin wants Sami to stand up to New Day> It was bad enough for McIntyre to show up, but now these guys? Didn’t they just have their farewell match? First off, Corbin, great crown, that’ll look even better on Woods. Secondly, the farewell was about being SmackDown superstars. They’re now Raw superstars and they’re visiting. Super simple. Well Corbin make it simple: They don’t belong on HIS show! So go! Yeah, their show! Wait, here comes Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode! “Wait a minute, what is this here?” Corbin and Ziggler are bros, but bros before ho-luva kicks. Ziggler doesn’t like Sami being in this situation but that’s for later.

Ziggler says New Day needs to go, or they’ll get fired on their day off. It was real “cute” for them and the Profits to just trade titles, but y’know what? It cost Roode and Ziggler an opportunity >They should be champions, not the New Day! And the New Day knows that if they had another match, the Glorious Show-Offs would be champions, not them! So they want a match, is that it? How about one with a twist? The titles can be defended on a different show, right? But against who? Who who who? Ziggler and Roode are great and all, but y’know who might be better? The King of SmackDown, Your Highness, his name etched in the Hall of Fame! But Corbin is going to let these two stand in his way to immortality? Block his path?

Ziggler says there’s no beef here. Corbin says he and Sami aren’t a team. Sami agrees, but if they did team, they’d beat Roode and Ziggler, no offense. No, Sami would hold him back. Sami argues with Ziggler, but Sami points out they’re not a team. Woods gets it. This is good. These four should have a match right here tonight, and the winners get a shot at the W, W, E, Raw, Tag, Team, CHAMPIONSHIPS~! Kofi says it’s enticing, everyone loves titles, and it looks like the four might start fighting! But then they all go after the New Day! So here come the Street Profits!

The SmackDown champions throw down Roode and Dolph then go after the king and… Sami. Corbin stays up but the New Day double clothesline him out! Ford FLIES to bowl everyone over! But Kofi and Woods wanted to do that. Will they get a chance after this sorts out during break?


8 Man Tag: The New Day & Street Profits VS Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn, Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler!

The Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Champions combine forces to take on common enemies! Will Kofi, Woods, Montez and Dawkins be able to work together when they know they’ll be going 2v2 in two days?

SmackDown returns as Ford fights up out of Ziggler’s sleeper hold. Ziggler throws haymakers and then whips Ford to a corner. Ford goes up and over and shows off with a flip. Things speed up, Ford hurdles and hurdles and dropkicks Ziggler down! Ford drags Ziggler up, wrenches and tags Dawkins before the whip. Dawkins runs Ziggler over, then back suplex splashes Ford down! Cover, TWO! Dawkins brings Ziggler up but Ziggler kicks a leg and dropkicks Dawkins down! “That’s how it’s done!” Tag to Roode but Dawkins dropkicks him down! Dawkins wrenches, tags Kofi, and Kofi wrenches but Roode knees low.

Roode headlocks, Kofi power out and things speed up. Kofi hurdles, hurdles and back elbows! Kofi dropkicks Roode to the corner, has even move aside, “Time to turn up!” Kofi stomps a mudhole, tags Woods, and Woods stomps. The New Day classic stampede gets momentarily disrupted as Ford tags in, but then Kofi tags in to keep it going. Kofi whips Woods in for a basement dropkick to Roode! Cover, TWO! Woods drags Roode up, wrenches but Roode whips him away to elbow him down hard! Roode grimaces as he tags in Corbin. Corbin drags the would be king to throw hands on him! The ref counts, Corbin brings Woods around but Woods throws body shots and CHOPS!

CHOP CHOP CHOP and Woods whips, but Corbin reveres. Woods boots back from the corner, and Honor Rolls into DEEP SIX! Cover, TWO! Corbin seethes as he drags Woods up by his hair and beard. Corbin throws elbows into the head and shoulders but the ref gets him to let off. Sami taunts Woods and Corbin drags Woods up to choke grip. Woods slips out of the chokeslam to sunset flip, TWO! Hot tag to Ford! Ford fires off, mule kicks and front kicks to dropkick! Ford dodges to LEAPING LARIAT! STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover but Roode and Dolph break it! Dawkins and the New Day go after them and Sami!

Kofi runs at Roode, misses in the corner then goes up, but FORD takes it?! Dawkins asks what happened and Kofi says it was a mistake! Kofi tries to figure out how it happened, though, and SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns, Ford is in another chinlock from Ziggler but is fighting up as fans rally on their screens. Ford is up, throws body shots, but Ziggler throws Ford down! Ziggler drags Ford away, tags in Corbin, but Corbin is upset that A) Sami is barking orders and B) isn’t even considering a tag. Corbin throws hands on Ford but Ford hits back! Ford kicks but Corbin throws Ford into another corner! Corbin throws a knee but Ford throws an elbow! Ford crossbodies but into a POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Corbin clamps onto Ford and then rains down furious fists! Corbin glares at Dawkins and the New Day while he drags Ford up.

Corbin brings Ford over, clubs him in the chest, then tags Ziggler. Ziggler brings Ford out but Ford ROCKS him with a right! Ford ROCKS Ziggler again, but Ziggler shoves him back into the corner! Ford hits whoever but Ziggler punches him down. Ziggler back suplexes but Ford lands on his feet to enziguri! Both men are down again, their teams rally up, hot tags to Roode and Kofi! Kofi rallies on Roode, hits Corbin then clobbers Roode! And again! And a dropkick! Kofi fires up, runs and gives Roode the NEW~ DAY~ Boom Drop! Kofi aims from a corner and claps, “NEW! DAY ROCKS!” Roode is up, but he ducks Trouble to kick low. Kofi slips out of Glorious DDT and runs, woods tags in as Roode throws Kofi out. Woods kicks Roode, TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO!

Woods watches Roode stir, but Dawkins tags in! Corbin CLOBBERS Woods, Dawkins DECKS Corbin! Dawkins hits the cyclone splash on Roode, but runs into a SPINE BUSTER! Roode tags Sami in! Sami doesn’t want to be in, he has Lashley on Sunday! But he has Dawkins tonight as Dawkins HIP TOSSES, then ANOINTING SPINE BUSTER! Ford tags in, FROM THE HEAVENS! Cover, Profits and New Day win!

Winners: The New Day & The Street Profits, by pinfall

Dawkins is upset with Kofi, Woods is upset with Dawkins, but whatever they feel now is second to the match they’ll have this Sunday! Between Raw and SmackDown, who will prove they are #TheBestoftheBest tag team champions today?


Daniel Bryan and Kayla Braxton are on standby backstage.

But before the interview can start, Sami comes in, complaining to a ref and arguing about the result. Sami wasn’t holding a tag rope! That’s not legal! But is this funny to Bryan? Are they all getting a kick out of seeing Sami get screwed over? Does Bryan think he’s better than Sami for getting the big returns? Everyone needs to show him the respect he deserves! Bryan SLAPS Sami down! Sami gets up but says if it weren’t for his match with Lashley, he’d be fighting Bryan now! Sami won’t forget this! Sami storms off and Bryan says he did that for social distancing. Will Bryan take care of his issue with Jey to then worry about Sami?


SmackDown returns with a proper interview of Daniel Bryan.

Bryan’s new haircut is definitely something. But three weeks ago, he lost to Jey Uso in a Team SmackDown qualifier. However, that wasn’t enough. Footage replays of Jey falling in line behind Roman Reigns, and brutalizing Bryan all around ringside with multiple Uso Splashes, one of which being through the announce desk. Even that wasn’t enough as Jey pushed Bryan’s stretcher over to give him one last splash! Knowing what Jey is willing to do now, is Bryan concerned about returning? Bryan understands why they’d think that. But Jey’s interview saying it wasn’t personal, Bryan believes him. Jey has a devil on his shoulder, talking and shouting very loudly, pushing him around. Bryan gets that. Everyone has a devil and an angel, even Bryan.

But right now, as Bryan prepares and sees that footage, which one do you think is reminding Bryan of the injuries, of how he couldn’t hold his daughter and how she cried seeing him? Is Bryan worried about coming back? No. Jey should be worried, though. Because it’s nothing personal.


Adam Pearce talks with Team SmackDown’s fifth man!

It was Pearce’s honor to be the one to decide on who fills out SmackDown’s men’s team. An opportunity everyone wanted, but the story alone is what made Pearce think of this man! This man’s tenacity and ability to bounce back from losing so much is what the team needs! The fifth man is… OTIS! “Ohhh yeah~!” Otis won’t let the team down! And Chad Gable is proud of him! “We did it!” They tapped in to Otis’ inner alpha, and there’s nothing that is impossible. Now they have to prepare for Survivor Series!

Natty runs over and is upset. If Pearce has the power to just select someone to a team, why is she facing Tamina for one of the last spots? Yes, but Pearce only has the power to choose one person for each team. That last person has to be a proven leader and competitor, which is why he chose… Bayley. WHAT?! Does he know who Natty is?! She’s the #BOAT, Best of All Time! What is he doing?! What he’s doing now is saying her match is next. Natty swishes her ponytail into Pearce’s face as she storms off. Will the winningest woman just focus on winning her way onto the team?


Seth Rollins speaks.

“Murphy. Before I took you under my wing, you were nothing. A nobody. And then I saved you.” Rollins gave Murphy new life, and is responsible for everything good Murphy has in that life! Murphy’s burgeoning career, his bright future, and even his beautiful girlfriend. “Because remember, Murphy. If it wasn’t for me and the greater good, you wouldn’t have even met Aalyah.” And what does Murphy do to thank him? STAB HIM IN THE BACK! He gets set up, betrayed! But Rollins wants Murphy to remember that Rollins will no longer suffer for Murphy’s mistake. Murphy will pay for them. And when Rollins teaches him this final lesson, Murphy will go back to being what he was before: nothing.


Survivor Series Women’s Team SmackDown Qualifier: Natalya VS Tamina!

The Queen of Harts and Daughter of Superfly have tried to qualify before, but this is their last chance! Who joins Bianca Belair, the Riott Squad and now Bayley on Team SmackDown to face Lacey Evans, Peyton Royce, Lana, and the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions this Sunday?

Speaking of Team SmackDown, Bianca is on commentary to watch this. Bianca is cut off by BAYLEY joining commentary! Bayley already brags how she was Pearce’s choice, and “wishes” Natty luck. The bell rings and Natty dodges Tamina to throw haymakers! Tamina shoves Natty and SUPERKICKS her down! Natty bails out while Bayley pulls up a chair. Natty checks her jaw but Tamina heads out to grab her and whip her into steps! Bayley says she should’ve been invited to commentary, because “I’M THE CAPTAIN!” Tamina covers Natty, TWO! Bianca says Bayley isn’t captain of anything. Bianca respects what Bayley has done, but Bianca won her way onto this team.

In the ring, Tamina fireman’s carries Natty but Natty fights off to waistlock. Tamina powers Natty into buckles, and the Riott Squad is watching as Tamina throws elbows! Tamina goes corner to corner but Natty dodges and Tamina POSTS her self! Bayley keeps laughing at her own jokes but Natty DISCUS clotheslines Tamina! And then puts on the SHARPSHOOTER! Tamina taps, Natty is finally on the team!

Winner: Natalya, by submission (joins Team SmackDown)

Bayley celebrates for the team and wants the rest of the team to join them. The squad walks out and Bayley wants Bianca to join in, too. Bianca doesn’t want to if it’s Bayley’s orders. Natty hugs Bayley but Bayley doesn’t do that anymore. Bayley claps at Bianca, “Join, the, team.” Bianca and the Squad do join Natty and Bayley in the ring and they stand together. Will this fearsome five be enough to take down Team Raw?


Drew McIntyre heads to the ring!

Raw’s WWE World Champion is back, because he and The Tribal Chief are to sign a contract for their Survivor Series match! We’ll see Roman Reigns arrive, after the break.

SmackDown returns and Adam Pearce sits with McIntyre in the ring. Roman makes his entrance, with his Special Counsel by his side. Roman joins McIntyre and Pearce in the ring, but he makes Pearce give up his chair since that’s the head of the table. Roman and McIntyre stare each other down before Pearce thanks them for joining him. This is very simple: they will sign the contract and the match will be official. Roman tells Pearce to sit down, so Pearce takes the open chair. Roman says he knew McIntyre could do it. Roman believed he could. Wanna know why? “I’ve been in your shoes.” All the lessons, Roman’s already learned them. Heyman told Roman something and Roman will tell McIntyre now, “You are the right guy in the right place, at the wrong time.”

McIntyre says he knows what Roman is trying to do. Roman’s trying to get in McIntyre’s head, piss him off, get him to attack. But that won’t happen. McIntyre has the match. He could sit here, talk about how he feels about Roman and how Roman does business. Roman can talk about McIntyre, or about himself which is his obvious preference. McIntyre will just get to the point. “You told me, ‘go out and win a title.’ I won the title. Not for you, but for me.” And then Pearce told McIntyre to be here to sign the contract and make this official, so he will. McIntyre puts pen to paper then passes it all to Roman for his turn. “Your show, your move.” But McIntyre gives Roman some advice: “Please underestimate me. Use these last two days of peace to prepare for war.”

Roman takes the contract, smirks as he takes his time picking up the pen, but Heyman makes sure it is a different pen so he and McIntyre won’t have touched the same thing. But then Roman thinks on how McIntyre was trying to give him advice. The Counsel advises the Chief. This IS Roman’s show, and this is Roman’s company! Roman allows McIntyre to sit under the learning tree with one last lesson. Sunday, McIntyre is not going to like “the brutal truth, but one day you will. And that is, you are… a secondary title holder.” McIntyre is a prop, a stand-in! He’s the guy with the title that they use when Roman’s busy or just doesn’t want to do something. That is who McIntyre is. The whole world knows Roman Reigns.

But Roman will tell McIntyre again: “I’m THE Champion. I’m the face of WWE. I am your Tribal Chief, and I am the head of the table.” One day, years from now, McIntyre will finally have the chance to be the man. McIntyre will finally be the face of the company, the top champion. And when he does, he will look back to this night and thank Roman. One day, McIntyre will see the man that he has always wanted to be, and think back to this moment, and will love Roman for it. And Roman will love McIntyre right back. “Because Drew… You will always be my favorite number two.” Roman finishes signing, Heyman fetches his belt for him, and Roman smirks as he leaves. McIntyre stands up and shakes his head. Will we see who is the top of the mountain in WWE at Survivor Series?


Seth Rollins VS Buddy Murphy!

The Architect’s story with Rey Mysterio may be over, but now he must write the rest of the tale between him and his first, and last, “disciple.” Will Murphy prove Rollins has been a false prophet all along? Or will Murphy be punished for his transgressions against “the greater good?”

SmackDown returns as Murphy makes his entrance, Aalyah and the family by his side! Murphy comes down with a head of steam but Rollins DECKS him off the apron! Murphy gets up, Rollins wants the Mysterios to get back, and Murphy says it’s fine. The bell rings, Rollins dodges the knee and rams Murphy to a corner! Murphy and Rollins scrap, the ref counts but Rollins lets off at 4. Murphy BOOTS and tackles Rollins and the scrapping continues! Rollins gets to a corner, Murphy runs in but misses and knees buckles! Rollins is outside but Murphy goes after him, only for Rollins to TOSS Murphy into barriers! Rollins drags Murphy back up, and POSTS him! Rollins puts Murphy in, glares at Rey and Dominik and dares them to fight him!

Rollins drags Murphy up, whip shim out and CLOBBERS him! Rollins puts Murphy against ropes and taunts him as he grinds him, then traps him in the ropes! The ref reprimands but Rollins says, “You remember this, don’t you?” Rollins slaps Murphy, then hurries out to find a kendo stick! The ref says Rollins can’t, he will be disqualified. Rollin says he doesn’t care about that! But Rey grabs the stick from Rollins! Rollins DECKS Rey for it! And then bounces him off the announce desk! Dom chases Rollins into the ring, Rollins DECKS Dom! Rollins throws Dom into barriers! Murphy frees himself and hurries out to go after Rollins!

Murphy whips Rollins into barriers, into the ring, and climbs up the corner! Rollins shoves Murphy down and Murphy hits barriers! Aalyah hurries over to check on him but Rollins comes out. Rollins stares Aalyah down as she backs away but she trips and falls. Rollins laughs at poor little Aalyah but he lets her be while SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Rollins digs his boot into Murphy in the corner. Rollins stops at 4 to whip Murphy corner to corner hard, and Murphy bounces off buckles to hit the mat. Rollins whips him again but Murphy reverses. Murphy runs in but into an elbow. Rollins goes up, Murphy tucks him in but Rollins kicks him away first! Rollins runs to SLING BLADE! Cover, TWO! The Mysterios rally for Murphy but Rollins looms over him. Rollins drags Murphy up and chokes him in front of them! The ref counts, Rollins stops to then climb up in the corner and rain down punches! Rollins gloats but Murphy tuck shim in for CHEEKY NANDOS!

Rollins staggers about, Murphy dodges him and throws him out, to then wreck him with a dropkick! Murphy runs and FLIES! Direct hit at the ramp! Murphy hurries to put Rollins in, kicks him down, then heads up top! Rollins gets up and springs to the top rope! Murphy shoves him away, Rollins comes back again, and SUPERPLEXES, to the roll through, FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! Rollins seethes as Murphy survives. The Mysterios rally up and fans join in. Rollins stalks Murphy to the apron, brings Murphy up, but Murphy holds onto ropes! Rollins throws body shots and haymakers, but Murphy ROCKS him right back!

Rollins ROCKS Murphy, Murphy ROCKS Rollins! They brawl, Murphy BOOTS, and then KNEE TRIGGERS Rollins down! The Mysterios cheer as Murphy gets Rollins back in the ring. Murphy gets in, but Rollins DRAPING CURB STOMPS him!! Rollins flounders over to drag Murphy in for a cover, ROPEBREAK!! Murphy survives and Rollins can’t believe it! The Mysterios cheer, but Rollins is furious! “I gave you everything!” Rollins drags Murphy up, reels him in, and BUCKLE BOMBS! Murphy flounders and Rollins tells the Mysterios to shut up! Rollins runs, into a KNEE TRIGGER!! Rollins tries again but gets another KNEE TRIGGER! Rollins swings, into MURPHY’S LAW! Murphy crawls to the cover, Murphy wins!!

Winner: Buddy Murphy, by pinfall

Victory over the ruthless Rollins, and Murphy celebrates with the Mysterios! Will this lead him and the family to the promised land?


Sasha Banks heads to the ring!

The Boss is here, ready to meet with the Empress of Tomorrow in a face to face before battling at Survivor Series! We’ll see Raw and SmackDown Women’s Champions meet again, after the break.

SmackDown returns and Asuka makes her entrance. She even has pyro! Michael Cole is in the ring to plug #TheBestoftheBest, and these two here are synonymous with that term. Cole wants to bring up that this isn’t just Champion VS Champion, it is the end of a rather bitter rivalry when Sasha took the Raw Women’s Championship from Asuka over the Summer. “Damn right I did!” Sasha laughs but Asuka says it doesn’t matter what Sasha did in the past. “You are not the Boss of me~!” Is she done? Cole was about to ask something of Sasha. Yes, because at SummerSlam, Asuka beat Sasha to take that title back, and has held it ever since. Does Asuka have Sasha’s number?

Is Cole forgetting what time it is? It is BOSS TIME, all the time! But Sasha is going to take time to give Asuka her props. Asuka is one of the greatest in the world, but as far as SummerSlam goes- “Oh you didn’t know~!” Asuka says Sasha lost! Sasha “laughs” at Asuka’s imitation of Road Dogg. She’s got jokes, but it won’t be a laughing matter when Sasha puts Asuka in the Bank Statement and make her tap out. There is no question that Sasha is Best of the Best. Asuka “laughs” now, and she quotes John Cena, “YOU CAN’T SEE ME!” What? Asuka better not wave her hand like that again. Sasha can see Asuka, and for cone she can understand her. If Asuka wants to run her mouth, we don’t have to wait until Sunday. Let’s handle this now.

Sasha throws off the shoes, but Asuka doesn’t move. When you are the star and the standard of the Women’s Division, “you have to know who’s the best of the best, and that is me.” Asuka goes back to her own catchphrase, “You are not ready for Asuka!” Sasha says she’s born ready. But Carmella attacks Sasha! And Asuka doesn’t really care. The Untouchable Carmella feeds Sasha to her boot! And then hoists Sasha up top, to put her in a Tree of Woe and stomp away! And still, Asuka doesn’t care. Carmella pulls Sasha’ into the ropes and says she told her to watch her back! Boss Time is over. Mella hits a FABULOUS KICK to ram Sasha into the post!

Asuka just watches Mella leave and Sasha flop out of the corner. Win or lose at Survivor Series, will Sasha’s time be spent going after the Untouchable?


Backstage interview with Jey Uso

Kayla wants a word on Bryan’s comments. Unless he’s not allowed to talk. Still got jokes, huh? But Jey has the greenlight to speak to her, and to finish what he started with Bryan. Bryan saying Roman a devil ordering Jey around like Jey isn’t responsible for himself? No! Jey put Bryan through a table because he wanted to! He threw Bryan off the stretcher because he wanted to! The only devil talking to Jey is his inner demon, and right now it’s saying to go get ‘im. Will Jey and Bryan put each other through hell in the main event?


Daniel Bryan VS Jey Uso!

SmackDown returns and Bryan’s in the ring. Jey makes his entrance, and this match begins! Bryan rushes Jey with forearms but Jey gives them back! Jey gest the edge but Bryan fights from below. Jey still clubs Bryan down and to the ropes. Jey whips, Bryan hurdles and kicks! And kicks! Bryan gets the leg, turns Jey over and ties him up in a Queen Angelito! Bryan adds crossface forearms! And drops a knee! Bryan drags Jey up to CHOP him, then CHOP him down! And drop another knee! Jey flounders but Bryan drags him up, only for Jey to uppercut! Jey whips Bryan, elbows Bryan down, and grits his teeth as he shakes out the arms.

Jey throws off wrist tape and tells Bryan it wasn’t personal. This might be, though as Jey pushes Bryan out and then whips him into steps! Jey pulls the desk hood off and clears things away. But Bryan ROCKS Jey with a right and puts him in the ring. Bryan climbs up, leaps, and missile dropkicks! Jey flounders to a corner while Bryan clutches his back. Bryan goes after Jey with Yes Kicks in the corner! And European Uppercuts! Bryan throws body shots, then stomps Jey in the ropes! Jey ROCKS Bryan with a right! Bryan hits back, throws more uppercuts, and Jey flounders again. Bryan whips Jey to ropes but Jey kicks him back! Jey runs in but is dumped out! Bryan builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit and both men go down!

Jey flounders up, clutching his head. He clipped the desk on the way down, Bryan goes after him with more uppercuts and body shots! Jey shoves Bryan away, then back drops him through the desk! Bryan is down and the count is climbing as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns once more and Jey tells Bryan this isn’t personal, as he STOMPS Bryan’s back! Jey keeps stomping, then rains down furious fists! Jey seethes as he lets off, and continues to insist it isn’t personal. Bryan sits up, Jey drags him up to scoop and SLAM him! Fans thumbs down on their screens but Jey ignores them to KICK Bryan in the ribs! Bryan gets to a corner, Jey CHOPS him! Jey throws body shots, CHOPS Bryan again, then says “It wasn’t supposed to be like that, DB.” Bryan was in the wrong place. Jey headbutts low, but Bryan manages to stay up. Jey scoops Bryan for a BACKBREAKER! Bryan goes to the apron, clutching his back, and Jey says it wasn’t personal.

Jey swings but Bryan counter punches! Bryan throws haymakers, then heads up top. Jey forearms Bryan down, climbs up to join him, and brings Bryan up for a SUPERPLEX! Both men are down, Jey crawls to a cover, TWO! Fans build to a rally for Brayn as he and Jey stir. Jey sits up first, stalks behind Bryan, and drags him up to whip him to ropes. Fireman’s carry, but Bryan crucifix counters the drop! TWO!! Jey hurries up, but into a YES LOCK! Bryan cranks on Jey, claws the eyes even, and goes back to the crossface. Jey rolls around, gets loose and drives elbows over and over into the side! And knees, too! Fans give more thumbs down as Jey stops just to catch his breath.

Jey goes to a corner, climbs up top, but Bryan trips him up! Bryan climbs up behind Jey, brings him up, and SUPER BACK SUPLEXES!! Both men land hard but especially Jey! Bryan fires himself up and fans fire up with him! Bryan aims at Jey, and YES Kicks! And kicks! And then kicks from all sides! Bryan powers up to BUZZSAW! Cover, TWO!! Jey survives and Bryan is a bit stunned. Bryan looms over Jey, grabs the wrists, and gives Jey DANIELSON STOMPS! Bryan lets off to aim from a corner, “YES! YES! YES!” Jey is in a corner, Bryan runs in, SUPERKICK! Another SUPERKICK! Jey fires up and says no yes! This is HELL NO, for another SUPERKICK! Jey climbs up top again, leaps, USO- KNEES!! Cradle cover, Bryan wins!!

Winner: Daniel Bryan, by pinfall

It wasn’t personal, but it was brutal! Bryan stands tall and Jey is only angrier now! Will he be able to rebound and redeem himself when he and Team SmackDown face Team Raw?

My Thoughts:

This was a great go-home from SmackDown! Though with some interesting choices here and there. Firstly, the contract signing just for a Champion VS Champion match at Survivor Series. The execution was great, though, with great promos from both McIntyre and Roman. Even the little detail of Roman wanting to sit at the head of the table just to be consistent with one of his many new nicknames was great. That match really could go either way, but will likely be overbooked to keep both men strong. After all, The Miz is Mr. Money in the Bank and could actually target either man with the contract. I don’t think he’ll win, and the cash-in will surely end up cancelled, but using that to cost Drew would be pretty smart for everyone involved.

Sasha and Asuka having their own face-to-face just because was alright. I don’t really get Sasha’s attitude right now. I get she was only just a Heel, but she was the Face against Bayley, and now she feels like a forced Tweener. Asuka quoting iconic catchphrases was just as odd, too, but Asuka has become increasingly quirky in 2020, so let’s chalk it up to that. It was, however, hilarious that she didn’t do a thing to stop Carmella. It makes sense, because it’s not Asuka’s fight. But similarly to Roman and McIntyre, I have a feeling Sasha VS Asuka gets overbooked because Carmella will want to get Sasha to finally pay attention to her.

We got a great blending of the opening segments, between Profits plugging Survivor Series and Big E pretending to be Taker, that was then followed up by New Day having good promos with Sami, Corbin, Roode and Ziggler. The 8 Man was great, especially with Sami not wanting to get involved because he’s worried about facing Lashley. Sami taking the loss for that reason was a great move, as was him and Bryan have a confrontation backstage. Bryan VS Sami is definitely becoming an Intercontinental Championship feud on the road to Royal Rumble. Bryan and Jey had great promos to hype their great and aggressive main event. It works that Bryan won because he’ll be heading after the IC title with momentum, and it puts it on Jey to make up for things at Survivor Series.

Team SmackDown didn’t have nearly as much interaction as Team Raw, and I’m a little surprised it was Otis named to the team and not Big E. But I suppose Big E can do plenty of other things on the way to Royal Rumble, which everyone would love to see him win anyway. Otis has Gable by his side now, and surely Gable will be in Team SmackDown’s corner, as I’m sure AJ Styles will have Jordan Omogbehin. I think that’d be pretty hilarious, and could be a great way to cost Styles or Otis without anyone looking too strong or too weak. Bayley gets put on the women’s team, but that’s basically what I saw coming since she lost to Sasha. Natty finally earns her way onto the team, and we now have some dysfunction as Natty’s the only one on “Captain” Bayley’s side.

Rollins VS Murphy was really good, even with Rey and the family ringside. That much at least shows they’re definitely on Murphy’s side, and Murphy getting that win is great for all of this. Rollins can be in a horrible mood and decide to just disappear, since he has to go be Daddy Seth to his baby with Becky Lynch, not to be seen again until perhaps WrestleMania or something. Murphy and the Mysterios is still a situation that could and probably will fall apart, but for now, I wouldn’t mind going through with the idea of Mysterios and Murphy against Roman and the Usos. There has to be more to Mysterios having Murphy with them than just the drama of him and Aalyah “dating.”

My Score: 8.6/10

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