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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (11/6/20)

Who is heading for Survivor Series?



WWE SmackDown Coverage 3.0

Will the SmackDown Women’s Championship still be legit?

SmackDown has a rematch from Hell in a Cell! Will Bayley once again be our Role Model? Or will Sasha Banks prove she can hold onto the gold?


  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks VS Bayley; Banks wins and retains the title.
  • Survivor Series Team SmackDown Qualifier: Rey Mysterio VS Baron Corbin; Corbin wins and joins Team SmackDown.
  • Survivor Series Women’s Team SmackDown Qualifier Triple Threat: Natalya VS Ruby Riott VS Zelina Vega; Riott wins and joins Team SmackDown.
  • Survivor Series Team SmackDown Qualifier: Seth Rollins VS Otis; Rollins wins and joins Team SmackDown.
  • Jey Uso VS Kevin Owens; Uso wins.


SmackDown Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks VS Bayley!

History waits for no one, so there’s no point in waiting on this one! And speaking of history, Bayley has pointed out Sasha’s history of losing titles as quickly as she wins them. But will The Boss keep history from repeating itself and establish this is finally her time?

Before the match, Kayla Braxton interviews Bayley backstage. Since their start in the WWE, these two have been “intertwined.” Watching the video package just now must’ve stirred up some emotions. Yeah, so many. Like when Bayley hit Sasha with the chair, that brought her joy. And thinking about Sasha forcing Bayley to sign the contract, that makes her angry. But she’s mostly sad. In that amazing video, they forgot the biggest part of Sasha’s career: DING DONG, hello? losing titles when she defends them! Sasha better got her fill these last two weeks, because tonight, Bayley takes back the title. This rivalry ends the same way it started: Sasha crippled in the ring by her own failure!

Bayley makes her entrance, the introductions are made and the belt is raised. What could be the final chapter between these best frenemies starts now!

The two tie up, go around, pulling hair as they go into the corner. Bayley turns things around but Sasha turns them back. The ref counts, the two let up at 4, and then Bayley shoves Sasha. Sasha CHOPS Bayley! Then throws forearms! Sasha knuckle locks and goes up the ropes to arm-drag and cover, ONE! Sasha keeps on Bayley with knuckle locks and brings her up. Bayley steps through to chicken wing but Sasha goes up a corner to get out! Back to knuckle locks, Bayley trips Sasha to a cover, TWO! Sasha keeps Bayley away, then goes up to wheelbarrow and takedown! Bayley scrambles to ropes and Sasha has no choice but to let go. Sasha seethes, “Hello, ding dong! I’m waiting!” We’ll all have to wait as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Sasha dodges Bayley’s baseball slide to come back. Bayley is on the apron so Sasha slides to trip her up! Sasha then spins on the apron to kick Bayley down! Sasha puts Bayley back in, Bayley is in the corner and Sasha hits the swinging meteora! Cover, TWO! Bayley gets to the far side but Sasha follows after. Sasha goes to the apron and runs at Bayley to METEORA into the post! Sasha goes side to side again but Bayley LAUNCHES Sasha with her boots! Sasha crashes and burns on the apron then hits the floor! Bayley grins as she looms over Sasha. She puts Sasha in, covers, TWO! Bayley drives knees into Sasha’s back then chokes her on the ropes! The ref reprimands, Bayley stops and Sasha gets to a corner.

Bayley stomps Sasha, drags her around and has the legs, ROPE GUILLOTINE! Cover TWO! Bayley grows annoyed and she drags Sasha up to a chinlock. Sasha endures as Bayley thrashes her around and fans clap on their ThunderDome screens. Sasha fights up, but Bayley throws her into a corner! Bayley goes corner to corner but misses! Sasha runs in but Bayley catches her, only for Sasha to DEADLY NIGHTSHADE! CORNER METEORA! Cover, TWO! Bayley staggers up and CLOBBERS Sasha! Cover, TWO! Bayley grows frustrated but the fans rally. Bayley drags Sasha up to the top rope, climbs up to join her, but Sasha fights back! Sasha hammers away, Bayley hops down, FLYING METEORA! Both women are down but fans fire up!

Bayley gets to the apron but Sasha hurries after her. Sasha aims, CROSSBODY from the apron! Both women go down on the outside as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again and Sasha is back up top. Bayley hits her but Sasha hits back! Sasha adjusts but Bayley goes to the apron to throw haymakers! Bayley tries to superplex Sasha to the outside, but Sasha resists! Sasha fights back, slides under and around to drag Bayley off the top, only for Bayley to huricanrana her into the desk! Bayley gets Sasha up an din the ring fast, then goes up top herself! Sasha intercepts with a forearm! Sasha YANKS Bayley off the top! Bayley hits a buckle on the way down, and Sasha runs side to side, BOOT WASH DROPKICK! Sasha slips back to the outside as she hits Bayley, and she comes back to run up the steps, APRON ELBOW DROP! Bayley tumbles down but Sasha puts her right back in!

Sasha gets up top again, aims and FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Bayley survives and Sasha can’t believe it! Fans clap and rally up, Sasha stands Bayley up for the BACKSTABBER, but Bayley rolls through the crossface! BAYLEY2- NO! Sasha drop toeholds out of the suplex to get the CROSSFACE! Bayley goes under the ropes, Sasha lets go to get a leg but Bayley BOOTS Sasha into barriers! Sasha slumps down while Bayley steadies herself. Bayley goes out, drags Sasha up and in, and decides to bring out a kendo stick?! The ref warns her, this is a normal match! But the stick is a distraction for a chair! Bayley wants to use THAT chair, but Sasha BOOTS it! Then BOOTS Bayley! Sasha TOSSES the chair, but Bayley hits a BACKSTABBER! To BAYLEY2BELLY!! Cover, TWO!?! Sasha survives and Bayley can’t believe it!

Bayley hurries up top again, MACHO ELBOW!! Cover, TWO!!! Bayley is beside herself! She seethes as she looms over Sasha, and she brings the arm in. Sasha avoids the Planter and throws Bayley into buckles! Bayley boots back, runs and gets around to redirect and KNEE Sasha! Then SAIDO! Cover, TWO!! Sasha survives the onslaught and Bayley is losing her cool. Sasha shakes her head, saying she is not done. But Bayley STEALS the Bank Statement crossface!! Sasha endures, moves around, crawls forward, but Bayley blocks with her foot! The ref reprimands, Sasha gets around to jackknife, TWO! The two go to the apron again, Sasha dodges and Bayley POSTS herself!

Sasha goes back to the apron and stomps Bayley down! Sasha drags Bayley back in, BACKSTABBER to BANK STATEMENT! Bayley raises a hand but Sasha traps it! Bayley TAPS, Sasha wins!!

Winner: Sasha Banks, by submission (still SmackDown Women’s Champion)

Now it’s legit! The curse was broken and Sasha Banks holds onto the gold! But now she goes to Survivor Series to take on Asuka in a Champion VS Champion match! Will The Boss be better than the Empress of Tomorrow? Wait, CARMELLA attacks with a FABULOUS KICK! And then the MELLA BUSTER! “I’m back, baby!” The now #Untouchable Princess of Staten Island just called her shot! Will she be the one to break Banks?


Kevin Owens finds Jey Uso backstage.

Rough couple of weeks for the two of them. Kevin says Jey getting Roman’s coffee should be Paul Heyman’s job. What was that? Dude, he’s just kidding. Oh so he thinks the family is a joke? No, none of this is a joke. Kevin says he and Jey are teammates at Survivor Series. Kevin doesn’t have the best record at Survivor Series, so he just wanted to check in. But Jey has a lot on his mind, so that’s fine. Maybe switch to decaf. Kevin leaves before things get any more tense. Will Team SmackDown be able to hold it together better than Team Raw?


WWE has HUGE news for Survivor Series!

After reaching 30 YEARS, the Undertaker will be at the PPV where it all started, and he bids his “Final Farewell.” Will it truly be the last ride for the Dead Man?


Backstage interview with Jey Uso!

Kayla says the last month or so has been very emotional. But let’s look at last week in particular. Jey was face to face with Roman after the brutal and humiliating way Roman defeated him at Hell in a Cell. And while it looked like Jey was going to defy the Tribal Chief, blood was thicker than water. Jey bowed the knee, fell in line, and acknowledged Roman as head of the table. Jey not only beat Daniel Bryan to qualify for the SmackDown Survivor Series team, but he beat down Daniel Bryan to make a point. Can he explain his actions? He did what he had to do. It wasn’t personal. Bryan is a friend, but family is forever. Yes, unless you don’t fall in line. Oh haha, Kayla. Everyone wants to be funny, is that it?

Paul Heyman walks in and says hi. But he has a question: did Roman authorize this interview? That’s rhetorical. Roman did not approve. Roman needs to speak to Jey. Kayla says Heyman has a better spot in the family. Still throwing shade, huh? Let’s not keep Roman waiting. Heyman and Jey leave, but that wasn’t a yes or a no to Kayla’s questions.


Rey Mysterio is on the phone.

He’s trying to contact daughter Aalyah but she’s clearly not answering. Dominik hurries over and asks what’s going on. Rey’s match is next and he’s not even dressed?! Because he’s trying to figure out where Aalyah is! Dom hasn’t seen or heard from her, but the match! Rey asks Dom to go get his things for him. Dom hurries off, but CORBIN attacks! The Wolf King is going to take a shortcut to Survivor Series by beating up his opponent! Dom chases Corbin off, but has Corbin already won?


Heyman talks with Jey.

Heyman respects what Jey is doing, but if he wants to do something like that interview, he has to run it by Roman first. He has to ask about doing interviews?! Yes, glad you understand. Then let’s go talk to him! Heyman tells Jey to wait so he can get Roman, and they’ll talk… when Roman’s ready. Heyman goes inside, leaving Jey literally on the outside. Roman shows up rather quickly, and he asks Jey why he’s doing interviews. Trying to tell his story? No it’s part of the job. Well there’s a chain of command here. If you want to do one of those, talk to Roman. If he can’t find Roman, talk to Heyman. What’s going on with Kevin? Forget that fool, he’s making dumb jokes. Jokes, huh? Sounded more like disrespect. If he disrespects Jey, he disrespects Roman. If he disrespects Roman, he disrespects the entire bloodline.

Kevin running his mouth against the family, who are at the top of the mountain, he’s going to let that slide? No, Jey will handle it. Jey goes off somewhere, but what is he going to do? Roman asks if Heyman knew. Heyman stutters that he found out as it happened. Heyman’s supposed to know everything. Heyman is supposed to handle everything so that Roman doesn’t have to. Heyman understands. Then go find Pearce. They’ll handle the KO problem tonight. Heyman heads off, but how is Roman going to “handle” this?


Survivor Series Team SmackDown Qualifier: Rey Mysterio VS Baron Corbin!

The Wolf King is already in the ring, and of course is smug about what he just did backstage. The music hits for the King of Lucha Libre, but he doesn’t come out. At least, not alone. Dom is with him, but will Rey be able to fight in street clothes, beat up and still worried about his daughter?

The bell rings and Rey rushes Corbin, only to get hit with a SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Rey gets to a corner but Corbin throws body shots! Corbin throws haymakers, too, and then mockingly asks if Rey is okay. Corbin bumps Rey off buckles, digs his knee in, but lets off at the ref’s count. Rey gets to the apron and Dom is worried, but Corbin mockingly applauds. Corbin goes out, ROCKS Rey with a right, then bumps him off the apron. The ref starts a ring count but Corbin puts Rey in. Rey gets to a corner, elbows back and throws body shots, but Corbin knees hard and low! Corbin stands on Rey’s head and chest! Corbin lets off while fans give thumbs down. Corbin throws Rey out then lets the ring count climb.

Dom checks on Rey but Corbin comes out to break the count. Corbin stalks behind Rey and throws more big forearms. Corbin runs in but Rey moves, Corbin only gets steel steps! Rey refreshes the count and goes out after Corbin with kicks! Rey puts Corbin against the apron to throw hands then he puts Corbin in. Rey gets in, throws forearms, and runs, into Corbin’s elbow! Corbin looms over Rey and drags him up. Corbin choke grips and lifts, but Rey sunset flips out of the slam to cover, TWO! Tilt-o-whirl headscissors throws Corbin out! But Seth Rollins is here! The Savior of SmackDown smirks, but then says he means no harm. Will that be true while SmackDown goes to break?

SmackDown returns and Corbin has Rey against the post. The ref counts, Corbin lets off, and Rey now POSTS Corbin! Both men are down and the ring count climbs. Rollins mockingly rallies for Rey as Rey puts Corbin in. Rey springboards and splashes! But he can’t cover, his own body is too sore! Corbin and Rey slowly rise and Corbin shoves Rey into a corner! Corbin runs in but Rey elbows back! Rey boots back, Corbin wobbles but runs into more boots! Rey springboards to QUEBRADA, but into Corbin’s arms! Corbin hits a Canadian rack BACKBREAKER! Rollins cheers Corbin on as he covers, TWO! Rey survives and crawls to the apron. Corbin drags Rey around as Dom glares at Rollins. Corbin CLUBS Rey down and soaks up the heat from fans.

Corbin drags Rey up, puts him against ropes and throws forearm after forearm into the back! The ref counts, Corbin lets off and Rollins cheers. Corbin drags Rey around, hoists him up top and throws haymakers. Corbin climbs up but Rey fights back! Rey headbutts Corbin until he staggers down, then Rey adjusts to leap! But Corbin catches him this time, for a BACKBREAKER! And another! Corbin carries Rey around for a SLAM! Cover, TWO! Corbin grows frustrated, as does Rollins, but Corbin digs his knee into Rey for his chinlock clutch. Rey gets the ropebreak and Corbin lets off. Rey tumbles out of the ring but Corbin goes out to fetch him. Corbin brings Rey up to RAM into the apron!

The ring count climbs to 5 before Corbin puts Rey in. Corbin rains down rights over and over, then stares down Dom. Dom glances between Corbin and Rollins, who shakes his head. Corbin hauls Rey up to CLUB him down, then runs to DECK him with a right! Corbin taunts Rey, runs again and DECKS Rey with another right! Corbin grins as he drags Rey up, runs a third time, but Rey dodges and runs, but into a bearhug! Rey endures, fights and BITES! Corbin rams Rey into the buckles, then runs corner to corner. Rey ducks down to dodge, then enziguris from the apron! Rey climbs up and leaps, SEATED SENTON! And then he speeds up to dropkick the legs out and basement dropkick Corbin down! Rollins is worried as Rey SPRINGBOARD SENTONS! Cover, TWO!

Rey and Corbin slowly rise as fans rally. Rollins gets frustrated on Corbin’s behalf but Dom coaches Rey on. Corbin shoves Rey away, but Rey slips through End of Days to drop toehold! Corbin is on the ropes, Rey dials it up, but Corbin bails out! And then Corbin sucker punches Dom! Rey dropkicks Corbin then PLANCHAS! Direct hit and everyone is down! Rollins watches closely while Dom sits up. Rey puts Corbin in the ring but he’s still worried about his son. Dom says he’s fine so Rey goes in. Corbin headbutts low, reels Rey in, and lifts, but Rey fights out to huricanrana! 6 1 9!! Rollins attacks Dom! Rey goes out to hit Rollins and throw him into barriers! Fans give thumbs down as Buddy Murphy and Aalyah finally appear!

Rey says Murphy needs to leave but Aalyah says he’s here to help now! The ring count climbs, Rey has to hurry back in, but he’s still shouting at Murphy. Corbin gets Rey for END OF DAYS!! Cover, Corbin wins!!

Winner: King Corbin, by pinfall (joins Team SmackDown)

Rey could not keep his focus, and now he’s out of Survivor Series! But will the Wolf King of the Ring be King of Team SmackDown?



Jey will “handle” the KO problem himself as he and Kevin will have a match tonight! Will this only sabotage SmackDown’s chances at Survivor Series?


Survivor Series Women’s Team SmackDown Qualifier Triple Threat: Natalya VS Ruby Riott VS Zelina Vega!

The Queen of Harts, the Best of All Time #BOAT, didn’t qualify in the Triple Threat against Billie Kay and Bianca Belair, but there’s still time. Will the winningest woman in WWE history be able to qualify against the Squad leader and La Muneca?

The bell rings and Natty shoves Zelina away to get Ruby in a facelock. Zelina comes back to roll Natty but Ruby pushes that part. Zelina gets around Ruby but Ruby switches, only for Natty to get her in an O’Conner roll. Zelina boots Natty down, Ruby and Zelina brawl and Zelina clubs Ruby down. Zelina ax kicks, runs, but Natty trips her and throws her out! Natty gets in but Ruby cradle counters, ONE! Natty gets Ruby for a scoop and slam! Natty gets the legs, hooks them up and grabs the arms. Natty hoists Ruby up into the Romero Special surfobarods! But Zelina slides in to cover Natty, TWO as Natty lets Ruby go at the same time.

Natty shoves Zelina but Zelina elbows back and huricanranas around and around and around and around! Zelina is dizzy now, and she runs into Ruby’s STO! Ruby goes up top while Natty and Zelina are down! Natty gets to Ruby but Ruby kicks her away! Ruby adjusts, STAGE DIVE SENTON, but Zelina moves! Natty Sharpshooters but Zelina BULLDOGS! Zelina hits METEORA! She snapmares Ruby and runs to SPIKE-RANA! But Ruby rolls out! Natty rolls Zelina up, TWO! DISCUS- NO! Zelina gets around, crucifix to sunset flip, TWO! Natty has the legs, another Sharpshooter! Zelina endures, crawls, reaches, but has to keep going because of no ropebreak disqualifications! But Ruby clamps on to get the arms! Natty lets go and NOW Zelina taps?! Ruby wins!!

Winner: Ruby Riott, by submission (joins Team SmackDown)

Natty can’t believe it! She’s 0-2 in these Triple Threats! Ruby benefits from the #BOAT making a mistake, will Ruby and Bianca Belair make for a strong combination?


Big E is backstage, playing Trivial Pursuit?

The answer is, the Duchess of Cornwall! Pay up! Big bank takes little bank! The Street Profits come by clapping, “Big! E Rocks!” Big E appreciates that. Wanna kick it in the Champions’ Lounge? They got the lease off Cesaro and Shinsuke so they’ll remodel. Big E will take them up on it. Let’s talk Survivor Series! Oh okay, this is about the scoop on the New Day, huh? Just a little scoop. Well if you really wanna know… “If y’all lay down in the ring, Kofi and Woods won’t beat you up too bad.” Ouch. But they laugh it off together. That’s funny, brother. Big E heads out, comes back for more laughs, then they do some Three Stooges.

Billie Kay comes by and joins in the laughter, but then she cuts that short to show “Mr. Profits” her headshot and resume, if they’re looking for some real inside info on the Raw brand. After all, she was just there. Billie, they were, too! Oh right. Then that’s a no on the help? The Profits head out, will Billie find somewhere to belong on the Blue Brand?


Survivor Series Team SmackDown Qualifier: Seth Rollins VS Otis!

The Savior had a hand in screwing over Rey, but will he be directly responsible for keeping The Dozer off the team? Or will the Blue Collar Solid working man turn his luck around to get back on top?

SmackDown returns and Rollins makes his entrance. The Mysterios are watching closely backstage, hoping he faces the consequences of his actions. The bell rings and Otis circles with Rollins. They tie up Rollins waistlocks and clubs Otis over and over. Rollins laughs and whips but Otis blocks! Otis is too big and strong and he whips Rollins HARD into the corner! Then he MAT SLAMS Rollins, then SLAMS him again! Rollins bails out and composes himself after getting thrown around. But Buddy Murphy walks out to confront Rollins. The Mysterios are still watching as Rollins gets back in the ring. Rollins kicks but Otis blocks and throws him down! Otis bumps Rollins off buckles hard, then brings him up to whip. Rollins kicks back then runs, but Otis dumps him out! And at Murphy’s feet!

Rollins scrambles up and away from Murphy but Murphy just stares him down. Otis comes out to TACKLE Rollins! Otis puts Rollins in, check son Murphy but Murphy stays put. Otis goes in, Rollins hits a SLING BLADE! Cover, TWO! Rollins is a bit shocked but Otis is in a corner. Rollins runs in and RAMS his shoulder in! But Otis isn’t bothered! Otis jiggles and shimmies as Rollins kicks! Rollins keeps kicking but Otis keeps powering up! Otis is fired up, Rollins CHOPS, but the jiggling just continues! And the thrusting starts! Otis is feeling it as he counter HEADBUTS, then rallies with big body blocks! Rollins swings, runs but into a FLAPJACK! Otis brings Rollins up tp out him in a corner, scoop and spin for the SLAM!

Rollins is in the corner again but he boots back! Rollins goes up, leaps, but into Otis’ arms! Otis FALL AWAY SLAMS Rollins to the far side! Otis is all fired up and he runs to corner splash! Rollins is down, Otis has a target! Otis starts things up but Murphy gets on the apron? Is Murphy here to help Rollins? He does look Rollins’ way, but then reconsiders. Otis still swipes at Murphy but Rollins SUPERKICKS Otis down! And hits a CURB STOMP! Cover, Rollins wins!

Winner: Seth Rollins, by pinfall (joins Team SmackDown)

The Mysterios are confused! Is Murphy still Rollins’ disciple? Or is Murphy playing a mind game even more complex than Rollins understands?


SmackDown returns as Rollins confronts Murphy backstage!

Rollins knows what he saw tonight. At least, he thinks he knows. Tell him he saw what he thinks he saw. Tell him! Murphy points to Rollins and says “messiah,” then to himself and says “disciple.” Yes! Say it again! Rollins is messiah, Murphy is disciple. Rollins knew Murphy would understand! He knew Murphy would see the light, and that the Mysterio family would never truly accept him. Welcome home, Murphy. There’s work to be done! But now Aalyah confronts him! Murphy says it isn’t what it looks like but she’s still upset! Murphy says she needs to trust him. This is for the greater good. Is Murphy tricking Rollins? Or is he just fooling himself?


Michael Cole interviews Lars Sullivan.

Cole knows Lars sat down for an interview with Corey Graves last week, speaking on the issues as a child and how he was called “a freak” by bullies. Lars sits with his shirt off as he says he hates bullies. “I’ve been bullied my entire life.” For how he looks, for how he talks, for how he dresses. “Those bullies, they would push me down. They would kick me. They would steal my lunch. They would mock me and they would call me ‘freak.'” The other kids would just stand there and watch, and laugh! Lars seethes as he says at 13 years old, he started lifting weights and learned how to take care of himself. He gained 50 pounds of muscle in about 18 months. The bullying stopped. In fact, Lars became a bully. Lars bullied those bullies, “and that was so much fun, man.”

Lars bullied the bystanders who watched and laughed! He got back at them because they deserved it. “I learned that I could bully whoever I wanted.” He could make them do whatever he want, or eat whatever he wanted. “Dirt. Glass. Bugs.” Lars could do whatever Lars wanted. Like this! He ROARS at Cole, and then laughs to himself. “Now that’s intimidation! That’s bullying! And I love it.” What else will Lars do? And who will he do it to?


Jey Uso VS Kevin Owens!

Making fun of the family will not be allowed by the Tribal Chief. In fact, it seems if it isn’t Roman’s will, it will not happen. Will Jey carry out Roman’s will and humble Kevin here tonight?

SmackDown returns as Kayla interviews Kevin backstage. He’s about to face his Survivor Series teammate. Does he feel things got out of hand? Yes, of course they did! When Kevin came into work today, he didn’t expect to fight his Survivor Series partner! But the thing is, Kevin has a tendency to speak his mind. It’s like a bad habit. But if Jey or Roman or Roman’s little b- Special counsel, has a problem with that, so be it. Kevin says what else is out of hand is what Jey did- well, what Roman told Jey to do to Daniel Bryan last week.

But hey, Kevin’s done questionable things for his family, too. The difference is, Kevin chose to do those things. He wasn’t made to do them. He is his own man. Which is more than he can say for Jey right now. So know this, Jey. The beating you’ve got coming? It is 100% from Kevin. Will Kevin be able to #JustKeepFighting after his fight with Jey?

The bell rings, Kevin and Jey circle. They tie up, Kevin headlocks and grinds Jey down. Jey fights up, powers out but Kevin runs him over! Jey gets to ropes but Kevin stays back. Roman is watching backstage as Jey gets back up. Jey and Kevin tie up again, Kevin waistlocks but Jey pries free to a wristlock. Kevin ROCKS Jey with a right then headlocks again. Kevin grinds Jey down but Jey fights up. Jey throws body shots but Kevin scoops and slams him, then drops a back senton! Cover, TWO! Kevin keeps on Jey but Jey throws Kevin out. Kevin comes back but Jey runs, into a forearm! Kevin drags Jey up but Jey throws body shots! Jey hotshots Kevin down! Roman gives an order and Heyman heads out?

Jey runs and DIVES but Kevin catches him to throw him into the barriers! Kevin refreshes the count to then FROG SPLASH to the floor! Double-edged but worth it in Kevin’s mind! The Prizefighter is in control as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns as Jey stomps a mudhole into Kevin! Jey lets off at the ref’s count but he fires himself up. Jey goes after Kevin but Kevin throws hands. Jey ROCKS Kevin with a right then stalks him at ropes. Jey whips Kevin, Kevin kicks back but Jey still fireman’s carries. Kevin slips off for a HEADSHOT neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Kevin goes up top but has to shake out the cobwebs. And now Heyman appears? This was Roman’s order, and Kevin is distracted. Jey SUPERKICKS Kevin down to the ground! Jey builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit and Kevin hits barriers! Jey gets up and brings Kevin up to bump him off steel steps! Kevin checks his jaw but his teeth are still there. Kevin and Jey get in, Jey drags Kevin around to stomp him down! Kevin gets up, Jey SUPERKICKS him again!

Jey tells Heyman, “This is how we do, Paul!” Jey rains down rights on Kevin, then brings him up into a chinlock. Jey clamps down tight but Kevin endures. Kevin fights up as fans clap. Kevin arm-drags free, but Jey superkicks again, only for Kevin to block and SUPERKICK back! Both men are down and Heyman grows worried. Fans rally as Kevin goes to a corner. Jey slowly rises, runs at Kevin but misses! Kevin SUPERKICKS again! And then CANNONBALLS! Kevin has Jey in the drop zone and he climbs up, SWANTON BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Jey survives and Heyman is surprised! Kevin drags Jey up and whips him to ropes, but Jey slips off the pop-up to SUPERKICK back! And then back suplex NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!!

Kevin and Jey stir and Heyman is flustered. Jey gets to a corner, and goes up top as Kevin is in a drop zone. Kevin gets up to intercept with haymakers! Jey punches Kevin back and then down, but Kevin gets under the leap! Pop-up POWERBOMB! Cover, ROPEBREAK!! Kevin stomps Jey, tells Heyman to shut up, but now ROMAN comes out! The ref and Kevin are both distracted, Jey LOW BLOW HEADBUTTS Kevin down!! SUPERKICK!! Jey goes to the corner, climbs up top, USO SPLASH! Cover, Jey wins!

Winner: Jey Uso, by pinfall

The family basically won together! Jey high-fives Heyman, then meets Roman at the stage. Roman is proud of Jey that he is starting to see things his way. Will the Anoa’i Dynasty soon control all of SmackDown?

My Thoughts:

This was a fairly good SmackDown, but there sure was a lot of Mysterio family drama this week. Both Men’s Survivor Series Team matches had to do with that story, with some very interesting twists and turns. I almost thought Corbin attacking Rey outta nowhere meant Dominik was going to sub in and somehow win his way to Survivor Series. In a way, I’m glad Rey still had the match, as he’s been needing to get back in the ring one way or another. But with Rollins and ultimately Murphy distracting him, obviously Rey was going to lose. At the same time, it’d be way too easy to copy the dysfunction angle from Raw if Rey and Rollins were both on the team. And while Rollins beats Otis thanks to Murphy, I like that it isn’t just Murphy blindly going back to Rollins. Murphy wants Aalyah to trust this is part of a plan, but honestly, it’d just be better if Murphy outright beat the hell out of Rollins. The Mysterio men just need to understand people can change and Murphy can be their ally rather than another enemy.

Natty being in another Triple Threat is fine, because there are various reasons to explain it. For one, there are only so many women on either Raw or SmackDown so you gotta use them all. And Natty is the winningest woman in WWE, she really is a great wrestler, and this is her giving back and putting the newer stars over. It was very clever to copy last week’s spot of double submissions to then let it be Ruby’s win. I have a feeling Natty ends up on the team eventually, but the dysfunction there is Natty is on a team with women who have beaten her to get on the team. Opening tonight with Bayley VS Sasha was a great move, it was a great match though not exactly top 5 for even just their rivalry. Naturally Sasha retains to finally get that “curse” off her back, and then to set up a fresh match-up as Carmella makes a surprise return! Sasha VS Carmella will surely take us through to Royal Rumble.

Lars Sullivan’s second interview definitely built upon the first, and it easily framed the motivations behind Lars’ behavior. Not sure who his first feud will be against with the singles titles all under Heel control, but maybe he gets on Team SmackDown and we get all kinds of hoss match-ups with Keith Lee, Braun Strowman and even Sheamus. Big E should also be on Team SmackDown, he and Sheamus can bring back some of that recent rivalry. Big E’s segment with The Street Profits was really fun, and I feel like while things are respectful right now, the Raw VS SmackDown Tag Champions match could get real chippy and rough real quick. I feel like if Big E isn’t destined for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania, he and Sami Zayn need to start on an Intercontinental Championship program before the Royal Rumble.

The big story of Jey Uso was really strong tonight. Jey is understandably on edge, so it works that he’d take that out on Kevin and his general wry wit. There is also understandable tension as Jey doesn’t want to go to Roman for permission on everything like Roman’s his dad or something. But Jey still seems to agree with the general mission, and there are any number of ways this can go. Jimmy might even return to confront Jey on all of this, and it’s up to Jimmy to either save Jey or end up just like him. Again, this is perhaps some of the best pure story stuff you can find anywhere right now, it’s so good.

My Score: 8.2/10

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