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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (12/15/20)

Dark cools off to 14!



AEW Dark 2

AEW puts up 14 for the 15th!

With a powerful pre-holiday Dynamite tomorrow, Dark is keeping things merry and bright! Will Brandon Cutler continue his new win streak to 7-0?


  • Ricky Starks w/ Will Hobbs VS Sotheara Chhun; Starks wins.
  • Brandon Cutler VS Baron Black; Cutler wins.
  • Hikaru Shida VS KiLynn King; Shida wins.
  • Jurassic Express VS Shawn Dean & Fuego Del Sol; Jurassic Express wins.
  • Leva Bates VS Skyler Moore; Bates wins.
  • Brian Cage VS VSK; Cage wins.
  • The Acclaimed VS Louie Vallie & Mike Magnum; The Acclaimed wins.
  • Anna Jay w/ The Dark Order VS Dani Jordyn; Jay wins.
  • The Dark Order’s Evil Uno & Stu Grayson VS Bear Country; The Dark Order wins.
  • Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela VS RYZIN & Sean Maluta; Kiss & Janela win.
  • Tay Conti VS Freya States; Conti wins.
  • Matt Sydal VS Danny Limelight; Sydal wins.
  • Ivelisse w/ Diamante VS Kaci Lennox; Ivelisse wins.
  • Best Friends w/ Orange Cassidy VS Chaos Project; Best Friends win.


Ricky Starks w/ Will Hobbs VS Sotheara Chhun!

Absolute has Powerhouse in his corner as he prepares to represent for Team Taz! Will his opponent be the one that’s #ChhunAndDone to open #AEWStarks?

The bell rings, Starks and Chhun circle, and Starks offers a handshake. But then he leaves Chhun hanging and shoves him. Chhun gets in Starks’ face, and then Chhun throws haymakers! He backs Starks to a corner, the ref counts, and Chhun lets off at 4. Starks runs in but Chhun dodges to ROCK Starks! Chhun whips, Starks kicks back and throws Chhun HARD into buckles! Hobbs is even surprised to see that one. Starks stomps Chhun in the corner, lets off at 4, and Hobbs gets a shot in! The ref didn’t see that, and Starks brings Chhun up to CHOP! Starks whips and clobbers Chhun with an elbow, then he strikes a pose. Starks drags Chhun up to KICK him hard in the ribs!

The fans rally up but Starks grabs an arm. Chhun fights out with body shots but Starks CLUBS Chhun down. Starks whips Chhun to a corner, mocks Sting’s “WOO!” and runs in, but Chhun dodges the splash! Chhun goes up and around to hit Starks with a STUNNER! Cover, TWO!! Starks survives and Chhun can’t believe it! Chhun gets Starks in a waistlock but Hobbs helps Starks deny the roll! The ref reprimands Hobbs and kicks at his hand but Starks elbows Chhun away! Starks runs and SPEARS Chhun down! Cover, Starks wins!

Winner: Ricky Starks, by pinfall

Hobbs applauds Absolute for finishing that off. Will this momentum help all of Team Taz finish off Cody Rhodes and Darby Allin once and for all?


Brandon Cutler VS Baron Black!

The Dungeon Master is still on a roll after his first win in AEW, but the #Empbruh could change that pretty quickly. Will Cutler be lucky enough to get to number seven?

The bell rings and Cutler circles with Baron. They tie up, Baron wrenches to a wristlock, and Cutler wrenches back. Cutler headlocks, Baron powers out and Cutler runs him over. And again! Fans fire up with Cutler as he keeps going, ducks Baron to leaping shoulder tackle! Baron flounders, Cutler brings him up but Baron gets around to waistlock. Cutler bucks the O’Conner roll away, slingshots to the apron and springboards back in, but into an atomic drop! Baron spins and CHOPS Cutler down! Cutler gets up in a huff as Baron talks trash, and Cutler CHOPS Baron down! Cutler runs, but Baron catches him to a cobra twist! Cutler powers out but Baron scoops him to a Gory Especial!

Baron pulls on the arms, but Cutler endures and powers up! Cutler powers out, rolls Baron but Baron rolls free. Baron ducks the buzzsaw but not the enziguri! Baron goes to a corner, Cutler runs in but Baron dodges! Baron comes back, DISCUS, to an EXPLODER! Cover, ONE!! Cutler gets up, Baron grows frustrated but Baron brings the straps down. Baron runs to the corner, but Cutler ducks the discus! ROUNDHOUSE, then a slingshot KICK! Cutler gets around Baron, spins him, dragon sleeper to an inverted suplex, for a reverse DDT! Cutler goes back to the apron, springboards, FROGGY-BOW! Cover, Cutler wins!

Winner: Brandon Cutler, by pinfall

And there it is! But it wasn’t luck, Cutler is finally rolling the way he wants to! Will Cutler keep on building momentum into the New Year?


Hikaru Shida VS KiLynn King!

The Full Metal Warrior is still AEW Women’s World Champion, but the contenders are closing in. Will Shida prove she’s not afraid of any of them by taking down The King?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Shida manages to put King on the ropes, but she lets off clean. The two go again, King shouts for a test of strength. Shida accepts and they tie up with knuckle locks, then go shoulder to shoulder. Shida bends back but powers up to bend King all the way to the mat! King bridges, powers all the way back up, but then Shida trips her! King gets up fast and nods some respect, and the two tie up. Shida gets around to waistlock but King reaches down to trip her by a leg! Shida kicks her away, things speed up and King blocks the hip toss. King rolls Shida to a cover, TWO! Ghost pin, TWO!

King arm-drags Shida, Shida arm-drags back, but King holds on to drag Shida to an armlock! Fans cheer, Shida gets up but King loops the arm for La Magistrol! TWO, and King mule kicks! King runs to BOOT Shida but Shida stays up on a knee. King scoops but Shida blocks! Shida throws hands, scoops King and SLAMS her down! Fans fire up with that display of strength! Shida goes after King with big haymakers in the corner! Shida fires up, runs corner to corner, and KNEES King down! Shida scoops King again for a BACKBREAKER! King ends up on the apron, Shida goes out and clubs her. Shida gets space and runs back in to KNEE King!

Fans fire up with Shida and she fetches King. But King throws Shida into the apron! King puts Shida in and fires up, does a little dance, and then goes into the ring. King rains down fists, covers, TWO! King keeps her cool and brings Shida up to whip. Shida reverses, King goes up and out and then shoulders into Shida! King slingshots for the sunset flip, TWO! King hits a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!! Shida survives and King argues the count. King covers again, TWO! King drags Shida up, hoists her up, but Shida fights off the back suplex!

Shida straitjackets but King resists the German, so Shida reels her out for the ENZIGURI! King sits up, Shida runs but King ducks the knee! King gets Shida but Shida fights off the lift! King still tries but Shida lands on her feet out of the suplex! Shida runs and KNEES King down! Shida isn’t done there, she drags King back up for a FALCON ARROW! Cover, Shida wins!

Winner: Hikaru Shida, by pinfall

The King could not trump the champion, and Shida is standing tall with the title! But ABADON slithers out of the shadows and creeps up to the corner! She throws Shida off the corner, and then slithers up to her! Abadon drags Shida up, slips around to Gory Especial, for WIDOW’S PEAK!! The Living Dead Girl, the walking nightmare, is haunting Shida! Will she dethrone Shida to begin a true reign of terror?


AEW presents an all new Waiting Room!

Rebel welcomes us back, and gives “the incomparable” Britt Baker her introduction. She even has an applause sign now to cue the captive audience. Britt says she is so spoiled. But let’s talk about Dynamite! #HardyParty VS Hangman Page, and Silver & Reynolds?! Hangman drank himself out of the tag titles, now he’s going to drink himself into a cult? Don’t you hate it when that happens? But Matt Hardy’s “newfound confidence” is attitude improvement of the year! And then Angelico takes on Cody Rhodes. “Cody, c’mon. What is it?” Angelico, Darby, Shaq, Team Taz? Pick a lane! Just not Britt’s. Make a good decision, Cody. Unlike that thing on your neck. Ouch.

But continuing on with the Dynamite preview, the Waiting Room’s favorites, The Acclaimed, are making their Dynamite in-ring debuts! Give it up for Caster and Bowens! Britt can’t wait to have them back. The Acclaimed are taking on SCU, and if Daniels & Kazarian pay attention, they might learn a thing or two about being entertaining. Rebel brings out a “laugh” sign to cue the audience. Britt moves on to their special guests. The 17-2 and “heartless” Shawn Spears, with none other than the legendary Tully Blanchard! Rebel gets the door for them and hands them mics.

Tully and Spears thank Britt for having them here, but she says it’s great to have them. First question: Spears was Britt’s choice for that Dynamite Diamond Ring, so we need to talk about that. Scorpio Sky throws him out, Spears beat Scorpio weeks before, what is going on here? There has to be something no one else is seeing! Wasn’t that like 15 questions? But what is “going on” is that Spears is 17-2 in AEW. That’s what’s going on. Knock knock? This isn’t the right time for the musical guest! Marko Stunt is back! Spears slams the door on him and Britt apologizes for that. This is their first appearance and- Knock knock. Reba, what the heck?

Spears opens the door again, and it hits him in the face! Scorpio busts in to rain down fists on Spears! Britt uses Rebel as a shield, but Scorpio focuses on Spears. Scorpio drags Spears up and throws him THROUGH A WALL! Britt is traumatized seeing what happened to her set! Scorpio leaves without a word and Rebel apologizes for what just happened. It’s fine, Tony Khan will pay for the damages. Well, that’s an abrupt end for the show, will the Waiting Room only get wilder in the new year?


Jurassic Express VS Shawn Dean & Fuego Del Sol!

The trio has been on a roll lately, but they’re still far from a golden destination! Will Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus pick up steam against the Captain and the Fire of the Sun?

The teams sort out and JB starts with Fuego. The two circle, tie up, and JB headlocks. Fuego powers out, JB reverses and things speed up. JB hurdles, Fuego handsprings and JB sweeps the legs to cover. ONE, Fuego sweeps the legs to cover, ONE! Double dropkicks cancel out but JB dropkicks again! Fuego goes to the corner, tags in Dean! JB is ready and he arm-drags Dean down! Tag to Luchasaurus, Dean reverses the whip but JB slides under and Luchasaurus ROUNDHOUSES Dean down! Luchasaurus drags Dean up for a Falcon Arrow! Luchasaurus keeps his eyes on Fuego as he brings Dean up. Tag to JB, Luchasaurus scoop slams Dean and JB hits the knee-board senton! Cover, TWO!

JB drags Dean up to CHOP! JB whips, Dean holds ropes and puts JB on the apron. Dean elbows JB away, aims and PLANCHAS to take JB down! Dean goes back up, up the corner, MOONSAULT! Dean gets JB back in the ring, slingshots for the elbow drop! Cover, TWO! Dean drags JB up, tags Fuego and they mug JB. Fuego whips but JB reverses to ROCK Fuego! JB runs but into a kitchen sink knee! Butterfly suplex and standing shooting star! Cover, TWO! Fuego drags JB up to throw forearms and then whips. JB reverses but Fuego tilt-o-whirls, only for JB to make it a BACKBREAKER! Fuego scrambles to tag in Dean!

Dean keeps JB away from Luchasaurus and fires off in the corner! Dean stomps a mudhole, tags Fuego, and they bring JB up for a double back suplex. JB lands on his feet, ducks the double clothesline and tags in Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus rallies with shoulders, chops, haymakers, kicks, and then he tosses Fuego to a corner! Luchasaurus fires off hands, then TOSSES Fuego at Dean! Luchasaurus runs in but misses them both, only to DOUBLE LARIAT them anyway! Fuego gets up, Luchasaurus choke grips and lifts, but Fuego pops out! But Fuego’s DDT is denied to a trophy lift and CRATER PRESS! Cover, Dean kicks it apart!

Dean drags Fuego away, but Luchasaurus double choke grips! Dean and Fuego break free to double dropkick! JB tags in, shoves Dean into Fuego and whips. Dean reverses but JB rebounds to LARIAT! Fuego returns, dodges and tilt-o-whirls only to be tossed away. Fuego waistlocks but JB breaks free and the TAIL WHIP connects! Luchasaurus back suplexes Fuego to JB’s BOMB! Cover, Jurassic Express wins!

Winners: Jurassic Express, by pinfall

Marko Stunt is pumped for Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus and the trio continues down the track! Will they make their way towards the tag titles in the new year?


Thunder Rosa joins commentary!

The former NWA Women’s World Champion is back again, continuing the crossover between NWA and AEW, and to also talk some smack on Britt Baker.

Leva Bates VS Skyler Moore!

The Librarian is ready to prove having brains is just as badass as brawn, and is finally getting on a winning track! But will Skyler leave her wanting more for the holidays?

The bell rings and Leva circles with Skyler. Leva offers a handshake, Skyler accepts it and fans cheer the sportsmanship. They tie up, Skyler wrenches an arm to a wristlock, but Leva wrenches back to hammerlock. Leva headlocks, shifts to a wristlock, but Skyler rolls and handsprings to wrench and arm-drag! Skyler has the armlock, Leva fights her way up, but Skyler wrenches again. Leva rolls, wrenches and arm-drags and fans cheer! Skyler and Leva have a secret handshake moment and Leva is really happy about that.

Leva and Skyler tie up, Skyler puts Leva on ropes to wrench and whip then hip toss! Leva gets up, blocks the next hip toss to roll and get a CROSSFACE! Skyler endures, rolls to a cover, TWO! Leva keeps cool and heads after Skyler in the corner to fire forearms. Leva runs corner to corner but Skyler dodges! Skyler gut wrench SLAMS Leva down! Cover, TWO! Skyler keeps on Leva, snap suplexes her, then covers, TWO! Skyler keeps her cool, brings Leva up and scoops, but Leva slips out to shove. Leva ROUNDHOUSES Skyler, then again, then mule kicks! Leva runs to BOOT Skyler and then hits a BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO!

Skyler survives and shocks Leva, but Leva fires up! Leva runs in but Skyler sends her into buckles! Skyler fires off forearms, whips Leva but Leva reverses to NORTHERN LIGHTS! Cover, TWO! Skyler survives but Leva fires up. Leva runs but Skyler scoops and SLAMS her! Skyler gets a leg, steps over, but Leva victory rolls! Leva wins!

Winner: Leva Bates, by pinfall

And there’s another win! To show there’s no hard feelings, Leva gives Skyler a free copy of the Young Bucks’ book, Killing the Business! Leva’s clearly doing her homework and studying hard, will she be top of the class and #1 contender in the new year?


Brian Cage VS VSK!

We saw Absolute represent, now it’s time for The Machine! Will the FTW Champion use the Vision to send a message to the Face of TNT?

The bell rings and Cage scoops VSK. VSK slips out, Cage elbows him away then whips, but VSK slides under. VSK hops up, Cage throws him off, but VSK dodges to KNEE and dropkick! Cage is in a corner, VSK runs in to uppercut, then runs side to side to BOOT! VSK fires up but Cage grabs him to toss him to the corner. Cage blocks the boot for an ATHLETIC PLEX! Cage scoops VSK up, suplexes, but VSK knees free! VSK mule kicks, front kicks and kicks a leg out! VSK runs into a LARIAT! Cage drags VSK up, wrenches, reels him in, and OVERHEAD SUPLEXES! Fans are divided as Cage paces around.

VSK goes to the apron, Cage drags him up and to the corner. VSK trips Cage off the ropes! And steps in, but Cage blocks the DDT to then underhook for the BUTTERFLY ANARCHY! Cover, TWO!?! VSK survives but Cage doesn’t mind. Cage throws knees, pump handles and lifts, but VSK slips out and SUPERKICKS! BACKSTABBER! Cage staggers into VSK’s running dropkick! VSK runs and DIVES and Cage is sent into barriers! VSK keeps moving and DIVES again! Another hit and Cage is down! Fans fire up with VSK as he goes to the apron and aims. VSK runs and leaps, but his rana is caught for a POST BOMB!!

Cage fires up and drags VSK back up. Cage drags VSK up the corner, for the DEAD LIFT SUPERPLEX! And to finish this, DRILL CLAW!! Cover, Cage wins!

Winner: Brian Cage, by pinfall

VSK put up quite the fight but he could NOT stop the Path of Cage! Will Cage not only force AEW to acknowledge the FTW Championship, but also destroy Darby Allin and become THE TNT Champion?


The Acclaimed VS Louie Vallie & Mike Magnum!

The Waiting Room’s favorites are back! And Anthony Bowens has a 5 Tool Player BOOMBOX to go with Max Caster’s bars! “Yo, yo, yo! The next team to get the big W over SCU. And on Dyanmite, we gonna whip they ass. We are the future, y’all are the past! And tonight, we’ve got a warm-up. A manlet, and a guy addicted to PornHub! Acclaimed stay winnin’. Yo, Acclaimed stay spinnin’ in the world, baby!” Bowens proclaims that The Acclaimed have arrived! But will they leave still feeling like winners?

The teams sort out and Caster starts against Magnum. They circle, Caster gives thumbs up to fans, and then he ties up with Magnum. Magnum headlocks, Caster powers out but Magnum kicks him back. Caster swings into a backslide! ONE, and Caster dropkicks Magnum in the back! Caster stomps away, Magnum gets to his corner and tags in Vallie. Vallie storms up on Caster but Caster kicks him first! Caster whips Vallie to the corner, tags in Bowens, and they mug Vallie. Bowens wrenches an arm to a wristlock but Vallie throws hands! Vallie is free, he drops down and then dropkicks Bowens!

Vallie goes to a corner, goes up, but Bowens fakes an injury to distract the ref, and Caster shoves Vallie down! Bowens stomps away on Vallie, drags him up and CHOPS him! Bowens CHOPS again, then fires off machine gun CHOPS! “You see that, SCU?!” Bowens puts Vallie in the Acclaimed corner and throws hands! Tag to Caster, the Acclaimed stomp away, and Caster brings Vallie around by a leg to kick the leg. Caster blows kisses and takes a bow but not every fan cheers. Vallie throws body shots but Caster CLUBS him down! Caster drags Vallie back, tags Bowens, and Bowens drops an elbow! Bowens drags Vallie up, fans rally but Bowens clubs away on him!

Bowens drags Vallie up but Vallie shoves him away, to enziguri! Vallie crawls, but Caster tags in first! Caster DECKS Magnum, dodges Vallie and back suplexes high and hard! Caster fires up and he drags Vallie up. Caster carries Vallie to a corner and puts him up top. Caster climbs up, but Vallie shoves him away, only for Caster to go right back up! Vallie throws body shots and Caster falls! Vallie leaps and missile dropkicks! Both men are down, Vallie and Caster crawl, hot tags to Bowens and Magnum! Magnum rallies on the Acclaimed! Back drop for Caster, dropkick for Bowens!

Magnum runs at Caster but is put in the corner! Bowens hits a back elbow, then Caster hits one! Bowens goes side to side to forearm, Caster runs in to dropkick! Vallie returns but Bowens torture racks, Caster dropkicks for the torture rack bomb! Caster flounders to the top rope as Bowens scoops and BRAIN BUSTERS Magnum! MACHO ELBOW! #AcclaimToFame! Cover, the Acclaimed wins!

Winners: The Acclaimed, by pinfall

Caster kisses Magnum’s hand, then uses it to pat Bowens on the back. Will the Acclaimed be “thanking” Daniels & Kazarian the same way on Dynamite?


Anna Jay w/ The Dark Order VS Dani Jordyn!

While The Dark Order is trying to find their Number 7, and for that matter, Numbers 6, 8 and 9, Number 99 is ready to be #1 contender again! Will the Real Mean Girl have to update her Burn Book after this?

The bell rings and Dani shows Anna her Burn Book page: “Number 99 of the Kids Next Door! Daddy issues! Fugly! #RBF.” Anna shoves Dani into buckles! Anna dares Dani to get serious, and they tie up. Anna headlocks, Dani slips out and headlocks back. Anna powers out but Dani runs her over! Things speed up, Anna hurdles but Dani waistlocks. Anna bucks the O’Conner roll away but Dani comes back to mule kick a leg out! Dani then SUPERKICKS Anna down and fans actually cheer the Mean Girl! Anna goes to a corner, Dani runs in but Anna dodges. Anna runs in but Dani gets to the apron!

Dani dodges Anna’s shoulder and kicks her away! Dani gets her Burn Book, but Anna spins and HEEL KICKS the book into Dani! Anna goes out, drags Dani up and taunts her as she whips Dani into railing! Dani flounders and Anna talks some smack. Anna drags Dani up by her hair, puts her in the ring, and takes her time posing before going back in. Anna drags Dani up, clinches but Dani breaks free to ROCK Anna with a haymaker! Dani scoops, swings and SLAMS Anna down! Cover, TWO! Anna is still talking trash but Dani drags her up. Anna HOOK KICKS out! Anna tells Dani it’s time to go to sleep. QUEENSLAYER SLEEPER! Body scissors are in, Dani fades and is OUT! Anna wins!

Winner: Anna Jay, by submission

Who’s the real mean girl now? Anna has definitely become the Star of the Show thanks to the Dark Order, but will she still have to wait to be AEW Women’s World Champion?


“Pretty” Peter Avalon joins commentary!

The “saxy” Avalon has a drink in hand and robe around him as he joins Taz and Excalibur. Seems he’s taking a break from scoring in the ring again to grace us with his voice.

The Dark Order’s Evil Uno & Stu Grayson VS Bear Country!

The Dark Order OG want to fill out the roster, but they also want those AEW World Tag Team Championships! Perhaps they can accomplish both things at once tonight? Will Bear Bronson & Bear Boulder lose and #JoinDarkOrder?

The teams sort out and Uno starts against Bronson. They circle, tie up, and Bronson gets around to a waistlock. Uno pries free and wrenches to a headlock. Bronson pries free to headlock back, but Uno powers out. Bronson rams Uno but Uno runs him over! Uno runs, Bronson drops then CLOBBERS Uno, then drops a back senton! Bronson drags Uno up to wrench the arm, then tags in Boulder. Uno gets free and hurries back to his corner. Stu tags in and he gets right in Boulder’s face! Boulder shoves Stu, Stu CHOPS back, but Boulder doesn’t budge! Stu fires off strikes, headlocks, but Boulder powers out. Stu rams Boulder but he bounces off!

Stu dropkicks, runs, but into Boulder’s gorilla press! Boulder drops Stu and is seething! Boulder drags Stu up, tosses him, and tags in Bronson. Bronson whips Boulder in for a corner splash, then Boulder feeds Stu to Bronson’s clothesline! Bronson fires off on Stu but Stu turns things around, only for Bronson to hammer away on him! The ref counts, Bronson lets off to fireman’s carry Stu. Stu fights out, waistlocks, and Uno tags in as the roll is denied. Stu shoves Bronson and Uno dumps Bronson out! Stu DECKS Boulder, Uno RAMS Bronson into the apron! The ref is busy with Boulder, and Uno puts Bronson on the apron. Stu slingshots for the apron senton!

Stu taunts Brian Pillman Jr. at ringside, and Uno rains down fists through the ropes! Uno stands on Bronson’s neck and the ref counts. Uno stops at 4, drags Bronson up, then feeds Bronson to Stu’s boot! Tag to Stu and Stu boots Bronson! Russian Leg Sweep to a BOOT! Cover, TWO! Stu grins and says, “That’s the spirit!” Stu stands on Bronson’s hand, drags him up, Bronson rams Stu into the corner! Uno tags in and CLAWS Bronson’s back! Stu KNEES Bronson down for good measure! Uno undoes some wrist tape, but the ref doesn’t trust that. Uno says it’s innocent, but Stu claws Bronson’s face and chokes him in the corner! Uno pokes Bronson in the eyes!

Uno CHOPS Bronson, tags Stu, and then they hit the springboard stomp sidewalk slam! Cover, TWO! Bronson survives but Stu drags Bronson up. Tag to Uno, Uno stomps away but tags Stu back in as the ref counts. Bronson fights out with big forearms and elbows! But the Dark Order shove him back in, double whip, but Bronson crisscrosses them, to DOUBLE BACK SUPLEX! Fans fire up with that big bear brawn, and Bronson crawls to hot tag Boulder! Boulder builds momentum and he CLOBBERS the Dark Order! Boulder scoop slams Stu, scoop slams Uno, then he whips Uno into Stu for a SANDWICH SPLASH!

Boulder fireman’s carries Uno but Stu hops up! Stu leaps, Boulder just catches him! FALL AWAY SAMOAN DROP COMBO! Boulder fires up and drags Stu from ropes. Stu kicks Boulder away so Bronson tags in! Bear Country double back suplex, but Stu slips out and rolls under to DOUBLE PELE! Hot tag to Uno! Uno dropkicks Boulder out, ROCKS Bronson with a right, and then tries to Gory Especial. Bronson is too big, Uno and Bronson both tag their partners! Stu leaps over Bronson but Boulder pops him up to CORNER BOMB into Uno! Bronson goes up, Boulder gives him a lift, Bear Country combines for a BACKPACK CANNONBALL!!

Boulder drags Stu to a cover, TWO!?! Stu survives and shocks Bear Country! Boulder seethes, tags in Bronson, and they coordinate again. Bronson goes up, Boulder gives him an Electric Chair lift, and “THIS IS BEAR COUNTRY!” But Stu avoids the splash! And he ENZIGURIS Boulder! Boulder swings but into Uno’s BOOT! Stu KNEES Boulder, torture racks and manages NIGHTFALL!! Tag to Uno, Uno sees Bronson getting up and ROCKS him with a right! Gory Especial, Stu is up top, FATALITY!! Cover, The Dark Order wins!!

Winners: The Dark Order, by pinfall

Stu may have just sacrificed his own leg for the victory, but that is all that matters to the original Dark Order members! Will they continue to give their all for the faction until the Dark Order controls all?


Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela VS RYZIN & Sean Maluta!

Jersey’s Finest is rolling together again on this road trip toward the titles! Will the Concrete Rose and Bad Boy come out on top against the Priest of Sin and Samoan Dragon?

The teams sort out, Ryzin starts with Kiss and they circle as fans rally. They tie up, go around, and Ryzin headlocks. Ryzin shifts around, hammerlocks, but Kiss steps through to hammerlock back. Kiss waistlocks, Ryzin pries free and standing switches. Kiss drop toeholds, floats to a facelock and gator rolls, and even twerks! Kiss brings Ryzin up and over, Janela tags in but Ryzin shoves Kiss into Janela! Janela tumbles down, Ryzin runs in but Kiss puts him on the apron. Janela sweeps the legs! Kiss has an apron Chancery and Janela dropkicks Ryzin in the face! Janela drags Ryzin up, tags Kiss back in, and Jersey’s Finest double whip Ryzin to a corner.

Janela spinning clotheslines, Kiss handspring mule kicks! Kiss goes up top but Ryzin shoves him down to the ground! Ryzin swings on Janela but Janela rocks him back! The ref keeps these two back but Maluta stomps away on Kiss! Maluta brings Kiss up to throw into railing but Janela chases him off! Janela guards Kiss, helps him up and back in, but Ryzin is there to stomp him! Ryzin digs his boots into Kiss, stomps him more, then mocks the twerking. Kiss rolls Ryzin up, TWO! Ryzin ROCKS Kiss, throws more forearms, then runs. Kiss follows, baits Ryzin in, and then ducks as Ryzin leaps! Ryzin gets nothing but ropes in a very bad place!

Janela laughs at Ryzin’s pain while fans rally up. Ryzin and Kiss crawl, hot tags to Maluta and Janela! The Bad Boy rallies on Maluta, fans fire up with him, and he runs in to SNAP GERMAN Maluta into buckles!! Janela goes to the apron and LEAPS to take Ryzin down! Janela goes up top and crossbodies! Direct hit but Janela keeps moving, running and LARIATS Maluta down! Tag to Kiss and Jersey’s Finest coordinate. Janela BRAIN BUSTERS Maluta, Kiss drops the SPLIT LEG DROP! Cover, Jersey’s Finest win!

Winners: Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela, by pinfall

The road trip rolls on! Will Jersey’s Finest feel even finer in the New Year?


Tay Conti VS Freya States!

The Brazilian blackbelt is back in action, still hoping to gain traction in the AEW Women’s Division! Will #FreyatheSlaya cool her off before she can get on a hot streak?

The bell rings and Tay circles with Freya. Fans rally as the two approach and tie up. Freya has a knuckle lock but Tay knees low! Tay jumps up but Freya stays up to block the armbar, and then gets a ropebreak. Tay lets off and Freya shoves her. Freya taunts but Tay fires off furious forearms! Tay whips, Freya reverses but Tay BOOTS back! Tay then gets around to waistlock, ripcord and sayanagi judo throws! Tay sits Freya up but Freya ducks the buzzsaw! Tay comes back with a MULE KICK! Cover, TWO! Tay is already annoyed but Freya is also upset. Tay clinches, Freya powers out and powers Tay to a corner! Freya throws forearms, and shouts, “Who do you think you are?!”

Tay shoves Freya away and slips out to JAB! Freya stays up but Tay springboards in, only for Freya to catch her! Freya fireman’s carries but Tay fights out and around to a guillotine with body scissors! Freya throws hands and then throws Tay off. And then she throws Tay by her hair! And drops the leg, brother! And then goes for another, only to miss! Tay drags Freya around for knee after knee after knee, then some Kowata kicks! BACK HAND! Freya staggers into a ROUNDHOUSE! Freya is still up but Tay runs in at the corner to DOUBLE KNEE!

Tay keeps on Freya with forearms, then whips, but Freya reverses. Tay elbows back, climbs up, and boots Freya away! Freya comes back, into a HANGING ARMBAR! Freya powers up to drag Tay back in, only for Tay to drop down and trip Freya up! LEG HOOK HALF NELSON! Freya taps, Tay wins!!

Winner: Taynara Conti, by submission

A unique submission gets Tay the win! Will she continue to prove no one does it like her?


Matt Sydal VS Danny Limelight!

With his third eye open and his ground game as strong as his aerial attacks, Sydal leaves little openings! But will Danny shine some light on a weakness Sydal still has?

The bell rings and Sydal circles with Limelight. They talk some smack about the third eye, then tie up. Sydal waistlocks, headlocks then wristlocks. Limelight rolls, handsprings and reverses the wrench to a hammerlock. Sydal hits a fireman’s carry takeover to a cording hold, then shifts to get a flying-mare. Cover, ONE, but Sydal hits another flying-mare! Cover, ONE! Limelight gets to a corner and Sydal lets him get up. Sydal and Limelight tie up again, go around, and Limelight puts Sydal in a corner. The ref counts, Limelight lets off but Sydal ducks his chop to arm-drag him all around! Ghost pin, TWO!

Sydal keeps on Limelight with a wrench and then drags Limelight down to dig into the knee. Sydal wrenches again, cravats but Limelight powers out to then go up and up and flying arm-drag! And dropkick! Fans fire up with Limelight and he fireman’s carries. Sydal slips out, and hits a leg drop DDT! Sydal standing mariposas! Limelight is in a corner, Sydal kicks and trips him up, then runs in with the basement KNEE! Sydal covers, TWO! Limelight flounders to another corner, Sydal runs in but into a boot! Limelight runs into a NO HANDS RANA! But Limelight comes back to LARIAT! Sydal is down now and Limelight talks trash.

Limelight drags Sydal back up and turns him for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Limelight drags Sydal over to ropes to choke him! The ref counts, Limelight lets off and snapmares Sydal to KICK him! Cover, TWO! Limelight toys with Sydal, drags him back up and throws forearms. Limelight whips, Sydal sunset flips, TWO, into the BUTTERFLY LOCK! Limelight endures, kicks and powers his way to a cover, TWO! Limelight is free, waistlocks, but Sydal switches. Limelight elbows out hard but runs into a dropkick! Fans fire up with Sydal as he gets up and KICKS away on Limelight! SOBAT! Limelight is down and Sydal wants the fans to see this. Sydal whips for a WINDMILL KICK!

Sydal isn’t done there, he drags Limelight up and fisherman BUSTERS! Cover, TWO! Limelight still lives but Sydal keeps his focus. The third eye shows him what to do next, and Sydal runs corner to corner, but into an ELBOW from Limelight! Limelight goes up, walks the tightrope and springboard clotheslines! Limelight fires up now and brings Sydal into a fireman’s carry. Sydal slips out to Russian Leg Sweep! Into the COBRA CLUTCH CROSSFACE! Limelight fights up and out, wheelbarrows and victory rolls to a REAR NAKED CHOKE! But Sydal rolls back to a cover, TWO! JUMPING KNEE! Sydal gives Limelight a PAGE TURNER! Cover, Sydal wins!

Winner: Matt Sydal, by pinfall

Limelight shined bright but he could not blind the third eye! Sydal has another win, will he find his path to a championship in the new year?


Ivelisse w/ Diamante VS Kaci Lennox!

La Sicaria “welcomes” the model turned wrestler to Dark, but she isn’t going to go easy! Will Ivelisse make sure Kaci knows what she’s getting herself into with the AEW Women’s Division?

The bell rings and Ivelisse circles with Kaci. They tie up, Ivelisse clinches, brings Kaci to a knee then throws her away! Kaci gets up but Ivelisse fires off strikes! Ivelisse lets off to then elbow her back! Ivelisse whips but Kaci reverses to an arm-drag! And a dropkick! Ivelisse hits ropes on the way out, Kaci runs but Ivelisse avoids the baseball slide! Diamante is there and Kaci gets distracted, Ivelisse flapjacks Kaci to the apron! Ivelisse puts Kaci in, steps up the ropes and springboards for a tornado DDT! Cover, TWO! Kaci is tougher than that but Ivelisse is just annoyed. Ivelisse KICKS Kaci in the back, wraps up the arms and drags Kaci into a headscissor squeeze!

Kaci endures this modified triangle but rolls back to a cover, ONE! Ivelisse has the arm again, drags Kaci around and wraps her up in a half straitjacket. Kaci endures as Ivelisse bends her back. Fans rally for Kaci as she fights up and arm-drags free! Ivelisse comes back but Kaci ROCKS her with a right! Kaci spins Ivelisse around for a CUTTER! Both women are down but fans fire up as they go to opposite corners. Ivelisse runs in but Kaci dodges! Kaci rallies with clotheslines! Kaci wrenches, and SNAPMARE SPIKES Ivelisse into the mat! Cover, TWO!! Ivelisse survives but Kaci is right on her with a waistlock!

Ivelisse holds ropes, elbows free and reels Kaci in for the twisting DDT! Cover, TWO!! Ivelisse is shocked! Ivelisse has Kaci but Kaci hits a body shot. Kaci fireman’s carries but Ivelisse fights free to get around for an IRON OCTOPUS! Kaci endures but she’s fading! Kaci taps, Ivelisse wins!

Winner: Ivelisse, by submission

Ivelisse doesn’t let off until SHE is satisfied, but she does eventually let Kaci go. Diamante is there to celebrate with her tag team partner, will these two continue to climb up the AEW Women’s Division?


Best Friends w/ Orange Cassidy VS Chaos Project!

Chuck Taylor and Trent are heading for a battle with the ENTIRE Inner Circle, but they are tuning up against the Original Death Dealer and SNAKEMAN! Will Luther and Serpentico make sure the Best Friends are in awful shape?

The teams sort out and Chuck starts with Serpentico. They circle, or rather Serpentico rolls and Chuck knee stomps around. They tie up, Chuck wrenches to a wristlock but Serpentico reverses. Chuck rolls, wrenches to a hammerlock, but Serpentico headlocks to then wrench and wristlock. Chuck wrenches back again, hammerlocks, headlocks and hits the takeover. Serpentico headscissors but Chuck pops out. Serpentico and Chuck circle again, tie up and Chuck trips Serpentico. Things speed up, Serpentico leaps over then eggs Chuck on, to then dodge and arm-drag, but Chuck reverses that to get a HALF CRAB! Serpentico gets the ropebreak, Luther complains and Chuck lets go at 3.

Serpentico crawls to the corner and tags in Luther. Chuck tags Trent and Trent circles with Luther. Luther then sucker punches Chuck! Luther fires off with Trent, throws some knees and kicks, then runs. Trent stays low and then comes back with a STANDING METEORA! Trent DECKS Serpentico, and Chuck brings Chaos Project up for Trent to FLY! Direct hit and down go Luther and Serpentico! Best Friends high five and Cassidy slowly twirls Trent’s jacket like a rally towel. Chuck brings Luther up but Luther rakes his eyes! Trent clobbers Serpentico and refreshes the ring count. Trent throws forearms but Luther POSTS Chuck! Serpentico clubs Trent back and then headbutts!

Luther stomps Chuck, Trent FLAPJACKS Serpentico into railing! Trent runs at Luther and SPEARS, into the railing! Luther throws Chuck OVER railing into the front row of peers! Luther stomps Trent, drags him up and into the ring, then follows. Trent flounders, Luther stomps him around, then brings him up to scoop and sidewalk slam! Tag to Serpentico, and he is the human weapon, inverted suplex splash! Cover, ONE!! Serpentico rains down angry fists on Trent but Chuck returns! Chuck throws hands on Serpentico but Luther gets in to LARIAT Chuck! Luther tosses Chuck, Serpentico ROCKS Trent! Tag to Luther, and he rams Serpentico into Trent! And again!

The ref reprimands but Luther gives Serpentico a wind-up before a third RAM! Then a BELLY2BELLY! Cover, TWO! Luther kicks Trent, drops a knee with those supervillain knee pads, but Trent throws forearms back. Luther ROCKS Trent, Trent hits back! Luther BOOTS, Trent flounders, and Luther kicks him at the ropes. Luther whips Trent corner to corner but Trent BOOTS back! Trent hurries as Chuck returns, but Luther swings on Chuck first! Luther headlocks but Trent SAIDOS! Fans rally with Cassidy as Trent gets up. Serpentico intercepts but Trent throws him out! Trent hurries up but Serpentico trips Chuck off the apron!

Luther runs in, big corner clothesline! Luther whips Trent to the other corner, runs in and back elbows! Tag to Serpentico, Luther scoop slams Trent and then demands Serpentico go up. Serpentico reluctantly climbs, ROCKET LAUNCHER SENTON! Cover, TWO!! Serpentico flounders and drags Trent up, tag to Luther. Serpentico feeds Trent to Luther’s BOOT! Luther drags Trent back up, Serpentico climbs but Chuck shoves him down! Trent cradles Luther, Best Friends win!

Winners: Best Friends, by pinfall

But Luther won’t let them celebrate, he attacks Trent from behind! Chuck gets back in to pull Luther away and SUPERKICKS him! Trent is up and PSYCHO KNEES Luther out! Best Friends stand tall with Orange Cassidy, but here comes MIRO! The Best Man still wants after “Young Boy” Trent but the refs keep him back. Trent, Chuck, Cassidy and their extended group of friends are going to worry more about The Inner Circle, but will they revisit their issues with Miro soon enough?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode for Dark, and I appreciate that they went down to 14 matches and just under two hours. We got a good Waiting Room because it turned into Scorpio Sky getting after Shawn Spears. Shida and King had a good match and Abadon had a good part in the segment attacking Shida. I am thinking with a “New Year’s Smash” two part special, one of those nights is Shida VS Abadon for the title. The Acclaimed keeps doing very well on the mic, and that is to say Caster keeps doing well. I think the most anticipated part of their match with SCU’s The Addiction is going to be the rap promo Caster has in store.

Even though all the matches were good, match of the night was Dark Order VS Bear Country. Bronson and Boulder are a great team already, from packaging to combination moves, and I bet they could be something big (no pun intended) for AEW’s already strong Tag Team Division. And the main event tag was pretty good, but of course Best Friends win ahead of the literally huge match with the Inner Circle. Miro showing up to taunt Trent clearly means he’ll get involved during Dynamite, too, and there could even be Best Friends VS Miro & Kip as a way to determine future contenders for the tag titles.

My Score: 8.2/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (10/4/22)

It’s Dark before the Anniversary!



AEW Dark 2
Mitchell's AEW Dark Results & Report! (10/4/22)

Dark paves the way to the Dynamite Anniversary!

AEW is about to celebrate Dynamite’s Anniversary, but there’s plenty of action in the Dark! Will Dante Martin & Matt Sydal outwork the Workhorsemen?


  • Marina Shafir VS Sio Nieves; Shafir wins.
  • Ari Daivari w/ The Trustbusters VS AR Fox; Daivari wins.
  • Tony Nese & Josh Woods w/Mark Sterling VS Rohit Raju & Invictus Khash; Nese & Woods win.
  • Abadon VS Freya States; Abadon wins.
  • Slim J w/ The Trustbusters VS Blake Christian; Slim J wins.
  • Ryan Nemeth & Cezar Bononi w/ Peter Avalon VS Eli Isom & Chris Farrow; Nemeth & Bononi win.
  • Parker Boudreaux w/ The Trustbusters VS Terry Kid; Boudreaux wins.
  • Skye Blue VS Robyn Renegade w/ Charlette Renegade; Skye wins.
  • The Iron Savages w/ JT Davidson VS Gus De La Vega & Levy Valenzuela; The Iron Savages win.
  • Dante Martin & Matt Sydal VS The Workhorsemen; Dante & Sydal win.


Good line-up here. I feel like the Trustbusters are gonna sweep the night because they’ll all be supporting each other with Heel tactics. Honestly, I feel Blake Christian and AR Fox would each win their match-ups if they didn’t have to worry about outside distractions. Good to see the former Bear Country, now Iron Savages, Boulder & Bronson, back in action. They’ll definitely get a good return win. And Dante & Sydal VS JD Drake & Anthony Henry is a great tag match, and I would think Dante & Sydal win that.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (10/3/22)

Philly gets Elevated!



AEW Elevation Coverage

The Peacock and his Boys defends their gold!

AEW Dark: Elevation features the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions! But will Dalton Castle & The Tate Twins still reign in Philadelphia?


  • Skye Blue VS Trish Adora; Skye wins.
  • Brian Cage w/ Prince Nana VS Tracy Williams; Cage wins.
  • Lance Archer VS Cheeseburger; Archer wins.
  • Abadon VS Abby Jane; Abadon wins.
  • ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: Dalton Castle & The Boys VS Primal Fear; Castle & The Boys win and retain the titles.
  • Mixed Tag: Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford VS Gia Scott & Leon St. Giovanni; Kip & Penelope win.
  • The Lucha Brothers w/ Alex Abrahantes VS Tony Deppen & Dante Martin; The Lucha Brothers win.
  • 8 Man Tag: Best Friends VS The Factory; Best Friends win.


A really good line-up here, with the big attraction being Dalton & The Boys taking on Adrien Soriano, Matthew Omen, & Gabriel Hodder, aka Primal Fear. That’ll be a solid match that I will cover, but I don’t see the champions losing the titles. Good to see Cheeseburger but he’s gonna get eaten alive by Archer. And I like that we’re getting a full faction showdown of Best Friends VS The Factory. That’ll be a big win for Best Friends and they’ll have momentum going after Death Triangle for that feud.


ROH World Six Man Tag Team Championships: Dalton Castle & The Boys VS Primal Fear!

The Peacock and the Tate Twins continue their reign as ROH’s trios champions, and now they defend these titles in the City of Brotherly Love! Adrien Soriano, Matthew Omen, & Gabriel Hodder are all hungry for the gold, but will they be the ones to fear Castle & The Boys?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised while The Boys help Castle with his robe and pants, and it is time to shine with gold in the Dark!

The trios sort out and Castle is all fired up as he starts against Soriano. They get in each other’s face, Castle gives a chest bump, so Soriano CHOPS him! Castle gets fanned off by the twins, then he comes back to circle with Soriano. Castle trips Soriano, rolls him with a leg, high stacks, TWO! Castle shoots in to waistlock and SLAMS Soriano down! Fans fire up, Castle waistlocks to roll Soriano around and throw down elbows. Castle gut wrenches, tag to Brendan, and he tags Brent. The Boys double whip Castle in to SPLASH Soriano at the corner, and then he feeds Soriano to a DOUBLE HIP TOSS!

The Boys roll Soriano back for Castle to shove forward into DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES! Brent covers, TWO! Brent drags Soriano up but he shoves Brent away to tag Hodder. Hodder runs in but Brent dodges to arm-drag him! Brent rushes in but Hodder kicks him low. Tag to Omen, they go after Brent but he fights back. That’s still 2v1 and they overwhelm him. They double whip, Brent ducks under but runs into a double TOSS right into the ropes! Soriano tags in and traps Brent, then Omen & Hodder run to the corners. They go up, out and Soriano runs, Primal Fear TRIPLE BOOTS Brent! Soriano covers, TWO!

Soriano drags Brent up, bumps him off buckles, but Brent elbows back. Brent hurries but Soriano reels him in. Brent lands out of the back suplex to hot tag Castle! Fans fire up with The Peacock as he rallies on Primal Fear! Castle gets around Soriano to Gotch lift OVERHEAD SUPLEX! Hodder runs in, into an EXPLODER! Omen returns, Castle dodges, blocks the boot and SAIDOS! Primal Fear regroups outside as fans fire up. “Bring me a Boy!” Brent runs in, Castle aims him and THROWS him at Omen! Then Castle has Brendan and THROWS him at Soriano! Brent returns, and Castle THROWS him at Hodder! And then he THROWS Brendan at Omen!

Brent’s back again, so Castle THROWS him at Soriano! Brendan is back, Castle THROWS him at Hodder! Fans fire up as Castle and the Boys regroup, DOUBLE BOY TOSS at Soriano! The Boys then send Soriano in for the Alabama Lift, and BANGARANG!! Cover, Castle & The Boys win!

Winners: Dalton Castle & The Boys, by pinfall (still ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions)

There was no fear in The Peacock and his trusted twins, they took down Primal Fear with ease! Will they find bigger, stronger competition as they stick around AEW?

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