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Mitchell’s Raw Talk Report! (12/7/20)

It’s a golden Raw Talk!



WWE Raw Talk

The WWE World Champion joins Raw Talk!

Drew McIntyre will be here, but so will the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions and The Hurt Business! What will the champions and contenders have to say about everything we saw on Monday Night Raw?


#CharTruth welcomes us back to the show!

Charly Caruso and R-Truth are excited for another “ultra insightful” episode, and Truth is still in shock about how Bray was facing Orton but then it was The Fiend. That mask makes Charly fear waking up one night and just seeing The Fiend in her room. #StrangerDanger. A nightmare come to life, surely for Orton. Truth says that’s the same for “me, myself and mine. Er, I.” But then at TLC, does Orton have a chance of containing The Fiend? Didn’t look like that just moments ago. Scary face, scary teeth, dark magic and that mandible claw… Orton almost won but then The Fiend did that! Of course, we’ve seen this since forever with The Fiend but still. Truth will just be nice to Bray.

But didn’t Truth talk crap on Bray? NEVER! Nope, not once! Did you hear someone else? Charly thinks Truth doesn’t realize sometimes words just come out. True. But from creepy business to… The Hurt Business!

Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin join Raw Talk.

They’re dressed in clean suits, with clean hands to shake, and they’re gentlemen as they unbutton the jackets before sitting. Truth has a question. How did it feel being born old? No, he’s Shelton Benjamin, not Benjamin Button. Truth says that’s disappointing. Did kids bother Benjamin at school? Benjamin asks Charly if Truth is alright. Or on medication. Truth eats Tic Tacs and that’s it.

Charly brings up Kofi Kingston being both their opponent tonight. So who was the real winner? New Day or Hurt Business? Kofi beat Benjamin, but Alexander beat Kofi right after. Truth says that’s a tie. But Benjamin says that the bottom line, at the end of it all, whose hand was raised? The Hurt Business’. So as far as we should all be concerned, the Hurt Business reigned supreme. Alexander concurs. But also, not to take away from the win, Charly says Kofi’s leg was beat up. Alexander stops them right there and asks again, “Who won?” Alexander won. That’s all that matters. Alexander beat a forearm world champion! What else does he have to do? But Kofi had a double header. And whose fault was that?

Charly agrees, Kofi did agree to the match. Yes, the champion thought he was man enough, and he wasn’t. But Truth counters that maybe Alexander could’ve just said he’d wait for Kofi to come back at 100%. But Kofi’s a champ. He should fight like he’s 100% all the time. Truth says Alexander just likes title straps. Of course, but still! Charly also accepts that, because a champion level competitor has to always be ready. We just saw the Pittsburgh Steelers lose to Washington! Benjamin doesn’t care about that, the news is New Day losing to Hurt Business. Truth says the series is even. This is what Charly meant earlier about talking without thinking.

Charly says Benjamin brings great assets to the Hurt Business, but how is Alexander fitting in? That’s a silly question. Again, Cedric beat former world champion, Kofi Kingston. What else is there to say? They are the what business? The HURT Business! So Kofi was just “business as usual.” He got in the ring, he got hurt, and he lost for Cedric to win. So now that they’re climbing the mountain, do they deserve another shot? Cedric says Charly has a habit of asking weird questions. Truth agrees with that. Ask the right questions. What happened tonight? Cedric beat both members of the New Day back to back weeks.

Charly says Truth has a hard time paying attention. Attention pays Truth. But Attention told Truth that Shelton lost, Cedric won. And Cedric only won because Kofi got hurt facing Shelton. Yeah, he did get hurt. That’s what they do. They’re not the “Oh, sorry, Kofi” Business. Truth should know what the Hurt Business is about. The others can come over to remind him. Charly thanks them for their time and promises to work on her questions.  Truth says he’ll rent a car from them. No, not Hertz! Ugh. But from Raw Tag Team title challengers to the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions!

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler join Raw Talk!

Truth says they’re in bad moods tonight. Well Shayna isn’t happy to be sitting next to Truth this time. But the real bad mood comes from earlier tonight. Shayna is still champion, though. Nia asks if Charly is upset someone stole one of her sleeves. Did she pay full price for that? Isn’t she cold? Charly admits she’s a little chilly. But her boobs are still on the front, right? Oh, ho! But if Shayna and Nia get her, there will be boobs on her back. Get it? Twisting and contorting people. No, Charly likes her body the way it is. Don’t knock it ’till you try it.

But moving on, three weeks in a row, Asuka and Lana have found a way to beat them. Truth says Lana is on a roll. Charly says no one expected Nia and Shayna to lose to Asuka and Lana, considering no one has taken Lana seriously before. Shayna says Lana should never be taken seriously! Lana got lucky because she has Asuka, who is a champion, by the way! But why is Lana even ringside? Should not be legal! That’s a distraction! Truth says Lana is on a good streak right now. Streak?! Well, like a skunk’s back. But maybe Goldberg! #LANABERG! Ugh no. Shayna says this every time she’s on Raw Talk: this is the worst part of her day. Truth says Shayna’s just upset catering didn’t have potato salad. Nia says Shayna had soup. Salty soup? Charly apologizes for that.

But Charly says “Lanaberg” and Nia have a match. Lana was worried but Asuka encouraged her. Shayna says Lana VS Nia, the most powerful female in the locker room, is not healthy. Asuka is just giving Lana confidence. OoOoh~! Shayna says that’s like telling someone they can survive oncoming traffic. Charly is just saying Lana uses power of belief. Did Charly lose half her brain when she lost half her shirt? Nia can’t understand this. Shayna asks who is in charge of assigning guests! Truth says they woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Nia needs a manager for her, or from this show. Oh so now she’s Karen? Oh, good one, Charly! Did Karen sell you that shirt?

Nia is not scared of Lana. And Shayna says Asuka gave Lana bad advice. “Jump off the bridge! You can survive!” That’s not a good friend or tag partner! But Charly says that if you had no choice, at least there’d be someone there with you. No, that person should get you away from the bridge! But Lana has shown on Raw Talk that she has expressed confidence and the desire to be a champion. Lana has been training and posting it on Instagram. Nia gives Lana credit for getting up every time she’s been knocked down. Lana’s gotten good shots in, but next week, Nia is going to be digging very deep into Lana and she won’t get up. Nia has had it with letting “this little blonde you-know-what get away thinking she can compete with champions like me and Shayna.”

Shayna mocks Lana having a strong presence on Instagram and TikTok. Since when were those needed requirements to be a pro-wrestler? It isn’t, and Charly doesn’t like that stuff, either. Truth likes it! But Truth just loves TikTok, and everything and everyone. But Lana has been putting in a lot more effort. Nia says EVERYONE works hard, whether or not it’s posted on social media or thrown in our face in some WWE Chronicle special. That crap on TikTok doesn’t matter! They don’t need to put it on social media because it’s normal for them to do this every day! It’s an anomaly for Lana so of course she posts about it! Nia is sick of it all. Next question.

Charly moves on and she says she respects that mentality of not needing to show off. But next week, the momentum builder for TLC, will it indicate what happens in the tag title match with Lana and Asuka. Shayna handles this one. “I am sick and tired of the way things are around here. This is the truth: No one in that locker room can out wrestle me, there is no one more powerful than Nia.” The fact that LaNa~ has social media followers and gets the opportunities, she shouldn’t even be in the ring! Shayna and Nia remedy that. That’s all this is, a chance for them to fix this! TLC will still see them standing as the champions. And speaking of champions…

Drew McIntyre joins Raw Talk!

The WWE World Champion is here, but he doesn’t feel so bad after the brawl with Sheamus. “That’s what brothers do!” They fought it out. Charly lets McIntyre take us through that. That wasn’t the first and it won’t be the last he and Sheamus punched each other in the face. Yes, McIntyre knew the Brogue was incidental, but they had to get it out of their system. The mistake made was Pat Buck getting in between them. McIntyre and Sheamus got on the same page, beat Buck up and then saw that table. BOOM, through the table. McIntyre’s fine, even with the lumps and cuts on his face. Sheamus has his own welt the size of an egg. Just a word to the rest of Raw: keep up with his physicality, or else you are never getting at the world title and he’ll just knock your ass out.

But then Sheamus crashes the show! And the bruise is already turning purple. Sheamus and McIntyre have been having drinks the last 20 minutes. Sheamus gets free pints wearing his wrestling gear. So Sheamus is okay McIntyre went after him for the Brogue? Tonight was not the first time they’ve had a brawl like that. But they settled it and move on. Imagine what happens to their opponents. Charly says that is a true sign of brotherhood. You can go back and forth and argue and fight, then later, you’re fine. Speaking of, McIntyre’s four year anniversary is coming! Mrs. McIntyre must be upset he isn’t home yet. Big shout out to the family, the dogs, and everything else. Is Sheamus new to TV? Doing all the shout outs!

But moving to physicality, Raw needs to step it up to keep up. Some people aren’t. If you can’t keep up, get lost in the shuffle or be put on another show since you don’t belong. Charly knows Sheamus was pacing, beside himself. What was going through his mind the exact moment he accidentally hit McIntyre? “That was a sweet Brogue Kick.” McIntyre laughs but teases that they lost the match for it. Well Sheamus isn’t trying to compare their kicks but the Brogue… Oh don’t go down that road. They’ve spent countless hours arguing this at the bar. But who is champion? Truth asks how Sheamus feels, and Sheamus says he’s numb on the one side of his face. Sheamus tells McIntyre to finish up so they can get another drink, then heads out first.

Charly has one more thing to ask, and seeing that there is no issue between him and Sheamus, how about the loss to AJ Styles? They have their TLC match at TLC after all. Well McIntyre isn’t happy not getting hit in the face or letting Styles win because Styles will rub it in. But their match at TLC gives Styles an advantage, but McIntyre has overcome odds before. Fans are excited to see McIntyre VS Styles 1v1 for the first time ever, and so is McIntyre. McIntyre’s dreamed of this match since he was 16. He started training at 15, saw Styles get going because he’s a few years older than McIntyre, and then they kept missing each other in their careers.

Eventually, they both ended up in WWE, but were on different brands the whole time, until now and now we have this match. Maybe Styles has been ducking McIntyre, but they’re having it out, and McIntyre vows to stay WWE World Champion. Truth asks if he’s going to bring the sword. Oh he brings that everywhere. So is it like Excalibur or the Sword in the Stone? Neither, it was the long lost family heirloom that Sheamus found it and brought it back. The heritage has brought out the fighting spirit! Charly hopes it brings just a bit of luck, too, given what Styles has in skill and in Omos. And Truth, work on your filter. But for now, that’s all for Raw Talk! See you next Monday! McIntyre needs to tell Sheamus he took up his time.

My Thoughts:

A very fun Raw Talk from top to bottom, though the Hurt Business segment got a bit redundant since Cedric and Shelton kept pushing the bottom line of the Hurt Business winning. Nia and Shayna have made this great shift from being functional as a team but dysfunctional as people, to two dominant wrestlers who support each other because they’ve proven to themselves this combination works. They really tear into Lana, and I hate to say it, but got some Face points with me for tearing down social media obsessions and all that. But that’s meant to be a Heel move since most people like social media things like TikTok and Instagram, so they were still doing their part as Heels to get heat from the average viewer.

McIntyre’s segment was really fun, with Sheamus joining in by surprise making it even more fun because of their chemistry. As I said for the Raw article, I would love if Sheamus and McIntyre stuck together for a long stretch, similar to how Bliss-Cross did. We all thought someone would turn and betray the other but Bliss didn’t go Heel and neither did Cross, they won things together and then only after a year did they break up. That can be Sheamus and McIntyre, maybe not as tag team champions but as allies, and then eventually, months from now, something happens and Sheamus goes back to being Heel. But for now, let’s enjoy the #CelticConnection fighting together, sometimes fighting each other but as brothers in arms, and just being entertaining.

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More From Japan


New challengers, reunited friendships and the usual Junior division shenanigans! Hisame brings all the NOAH updates!





Hideki Suzuki & Timothy Thatcher challenge for the GHC Heavyweight Tag Titles

Masa Kitamiya had been saying for a long time that he and Michael Elgin, where looking for strong challengers, but lamented that none had come forward yet. The challengers they had been looking for came forward following Timothy Thatcher making Masa Kitamiya tap in Yokohama on the 24th June, and Hideki Suzuki challenged for the belts on their behalf. The title match will take place on the 16th July at the Nippon Budokan.

Go Shiozaki and Shuhei Taniguchi, reunited?

Following their singles match in Yokohama this past week, a fire seems to have been lit between Shuhei Taniguchi and Go Shiozaki. The match was never originally meant to happen, but the card was changed at the last moment. During the match, Taniguchi (the monster is yet to awaken fully), fought Shiozaki in a way that convinced Shiozaki that Taniguchi had finally returned. No doubt Taniguchi’s seniors were pleased too as Taniguchi was even throwing lariats. After the match, Shiozaki hinted about tagging with Taniguchi again and they will do this on NOAH’s next event on July 2nd.

Kenoh, Kojima, the time out draw and 1000 squats

Kenoh and Satoshi Kojima came to a time out draw in Yokohama, and then Kojima’s sense of humor and Kenoh’s hidden one (he’s kind of like Toshiaki Kawada in this) came to the fore when Kojima tried to close out the show. Kenoh snatched the mic and told him this wasn’t New Japan and those who didn’t win, don’t close out the show. The mention of New Japan, made Kojima tell Kenoh to run off home and do 1000 squats. After a few minutes of snatching the mic between them and bickering “You go home!”, “No, you go home!” , Kenoh stalked backstage and did squats very loudly. Yokohama is a small venue and so anything loud (such as the NOAH Juniors fighting) can be heard by the audience, and Kenoh knew this and so everyone could hear him doing squats and counting loudly. Kojima went backstage and confronted Kenoh. Kojima acknowledged that he couldn’t beat Kenoh in a verbal argument, and they got into a physical fight.

Then it went slightly off the rails again, when Kenoh pulled out the platform truck that held the folding chairs, to which Kojima told him that if he broke any equipment, then he would have to pay for it. Kenoh said he didn’t care, Kojima said he knew he did…Kenoh was a “cheap bastard”. Kenoh stamped off, telling Kojima to go back to New Japan.

Sickness bug hits NOAH

A sickness bug hit NOAH over the N-Innovation and Yokohama Radiant Hall events when Daisuke Harada (for whom it is very unusual to be ill) and Alejandro came down with fevers, and Rene Dupree came down with gastroenteritis. The result of this was that Daisuke Harada was replaced by Xtreme Tiger (see below for more), Shuhei Taniguchi moved from the opener to the singles with Go Shiozaki and Atsushi Kotoge and Satoshi Kojima filled in. Kojima happily took part in working the N-INNOVATION and the opening match at that, he even appeared without the GHC Heavyweight Championship. Kojima had a fight with Shuji Kondo, which was a continuation of a long dormant rivalry, while Atsushi Kotoge (who took part in the heavyweight Yokohama Night) and Kinya Okada managed to bruise the neck of Akitoshi Saito so much that he even put it on his official Twitter.

Seiki Yoshioka, Yuya Susumu & HAYATA

The Hiroshima Boys have fallen apart in a spectacular fashion.

Yuya Susumu attempted a reconciliation at the N-Innovation, but both before the match and after it, Seiki Yoshioka (who won the match) refused to shake hands. First time he attacked, the second time he just left the ring. Susumu (who I get the impression knows what both Yoshioka and HAYATA are like and how to handle them best) said that he would wait for Yoshioka to return, as he knew that he would eventually. This wasn’t Yoshioka’s last appearance of the evening, as when HAYATA defeated Hajime Ohara, in a match that HAYATA found Ohara had studied for, Yoshioka came to challenge for the GHC Junior. HAYATA, believing that he and Yoshioka were still friends, said he would be happy to put the belt on the line against him and went for a handshake. Yoshioka treated him the same way he had treated Susumu, with a swift kick.

Backstage, Yoshioka elaborated on his decision to leave STINGER. He had done this in order to challenge HAYATA. It was unavoidable, if he wanted to go to the top of the NOAH Juniors, then that road led through HAYATA. Title match has been set for the 16th July at the Nippon Budokan.

Open The TriangleGate update & GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Challenge

As ever in the NOAH Juniors, things can get a little complicated.

To explain from the beginning. With Daisuke Harada falling ill with a fever and being unable to compete, DragonGate GM Ryo Saito advised that the Open The TriangleGate would be vacated and Perros Del Mal De Japon (NOSAWA Rongai, Eita and Kotaro Suzuki) would face the NOAH Junior Regulars (Atsushi Kotoge, YO-HEY and Xtreme Tiger) for them. Perros won and once again became the champions. That same night, Yoshinari Ogawa crashed their backstage promo, and slapped Kotaro in the face. Ogawa was beaten down by all three and thrown in the ring, where Eita challenged Ogawa and Chris Ridgeway for the GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag titles (Nippon Budokan, 16th July). Chris Ridgeway says that they will defend their titles and take their Open The Triangle Gate titles.

Despite Perros show of unity, and Eita challenging for the GHC Junior Tag titles with Kotaro Suzuki as his partner, there are cracks appearing in Perros. In particular between NOSAWA and Kotaro, as once again NOSAWA interrupted him backstage and treated him as if he did not know how to act like a heel (Kotaro has been winding up the NOAH Juniors since his debut, which he went straight back to when he returned to NOAH) and mocked him for sounding like a babyface. Kotaro did not turn up in Dragon Gate the next day (Ryu Saito asked where he was), but he did for the title defense against Natural Vibes. Following this, NOSAWA nominated YAMATO to be the next challenger. YAMATO will come to NOAH to challenge for the belts on the 21st July alongside DragonKid and Kagetora.

Haoh leaves NOAH…and vanishes 

Haoh lost the very first “Loser Leaves NOAH” match against Tadasuke and left NOAH. He has deleted his main Twitter account, but not that of his masked character, and has seemingly vanished. As far as I know he has not been booked anywhere else. Tadasuke is elated at Haoh’s departure saying he had no choice in kicking him out, but then again he didn’t care; Haoh stole his friends name and his hair, and had left Kongoh on his own accord. Tadasuke quipped that now Haoh wouldn’t have to see his face.

Fan Meeting 2022: Let’s enjoy the N-1 100 times

To promote the N-1, NOAH will be holding events in Nagoya, Sendai, Osaka and Hiroshima over the 23rd and 24th July. Kenoh, Katsuhiko Nakajima, Kaito Kiyomiya and Go Shiozaki will be taking part each partner alternating between talk shows and lotteries on one date and autographs and photo sessions on the other.


– El Hijo Del Dr Wagner Junior defeated Manabu Soya, and then declared war on the rest of Kongoh who he said he would take out one by one.

– Naomichi Marufuji joked on Twitter that since he cannot drink currently, he will offer the prize money for the drinking challenge to the host who could out drink everyone and that he was looking for a powerful wrestler to host his YouTube show.

– Kai Fujimura made the mistake of trying to attack Yoshinari Ogawa the moment the bell rang. I need not elaborate on the outcome.

– YO-HEY says he is growing a beard.

– Takashi Sugiura will be back in ZERO1 on the 18th July when The Bullet Yankees reunite, to take on Koji Kanemoto & Tatsuhito Takaiwa.

– Katsuhiko Nakajima has posted a video of himself having his hair curled with the comment that he would be returning to something that “has been a year since then”.

– Seiki Yoshioka has returned to his pre STINGER ring clothes.

– Naomichi Marufuji is aiming to return to the ring in August.

– Yoshiki Inamura had a rough N-Innovation evening. First of all he had to very gently remove a chair from an angry Kaito Kiyomiya who was going to use it on Shuji Kondo, had to move fans for a move that Eita didn’t do in order to confuse YO-HEY, and was then used as a weapon by NOSAWA Rongai.


  • N-Innovation – Thursday 23rd June 2022, Shinjuku FACE, Tokyo

Event recap

Post match interviews

  • Sunny Voyage 2022 – Friday 24th June, Yokohama Radiant Hall

Event recap

Post match interviews


  • GHC Heavyweight Champion: Satoshi Kojima
    Challenger: Kenoh, “ABEMA presents DESTINATION 2022”, Nippon Budokan, 16th July
  • GHC Junior Champion: HAYATA
    Challenger: Seiki Yoshioka, “ABEMA presents DESTINATION 2022”, Nippon Budokan, 16th July
  • GHC Heavyweight Tag Champions: Masa Kitamiya & Michael Elgin
    Challengers: Hideki Suzuki & Timothy Thatcher, “ABEMA presents DESTINATION 2022”, Nippon Budokan, 16th July
  • GHC Junior Tag Champions: STINGER (Chris Ridgeway & Yoshinari Ogawa)
    Challengers: Eita & Kotaro Suzuki, “ABEMA presents DESTINATION 2022”, Nippon Budokan, 16th July
  • GHC National Champion: Masakatsu Funaki
    Challenger: TBA


(July 2022 schedule)

  • Saturday, July 2nd

Venue: Fukushima Big Palette, Fukushima

Time: 18:00 JST

Broadcast: WrestleUniverse (VOD)

  • Sunday, July 3rd

Venue: Yamagata Big Wing, Yamagata

Time: 17:00 JST

Broadcast: WrestleUniverse (VOD)


Kaito Kiyomiya “Pro Wrestling Love” inheritance, Keiji Mutoh’s fight “Shaping the love I received”

The day before The Loser Leaves NOAH match, Tadasuke “I can’t quit, because I haven’t been a singles champion”. Haoh “Still dreaming”

“Rebellious Mui-Bien” Ohara can afford leeway, to HAYATA “Overturn everything” – GHC Junior Championship signing ceremony


Donmai-Donmai (Mitsuharu Misawa’s diary)

– Mitsuharu Misawa said that Kotaro Suzuki and Go Shiozaki were a pair of nerds, and no matter how many times they asked him, the answer was “nope”, he would never be going on their “tour” of Akihabara.

With thanks to: Metal NOAH

GIF taken from WrestleUniverse. 

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Bandwagon Nerds

Bandwagon Nerds #137: A Little Debut



Bandwagon Nerds

After two weeks away, Patrick O’Dowd returns to the Bandwagon ready to talk all things Nerd…and he didn’t return alone.  After listening to the Nerds discuss the disappointing reviews surrounding Disney’s Lightyear, Patrick decided to invite a very special guest and Disney target audience member, the Little O’Dowd!  Making his podcasting debut, The Little O’Dowd shares his thoughts on Lightyear and Obi Wan Kenobi with Rey, PC Tunney, and Christopher Platt.  Did Disney meet the pint-sized critics expectations?  Plus, the Nerds discuss the much anticipated “Herogasim” episode of The Boys on Amazon.  Finally in News around the Nerdosphere, the guys give their thoughts regarding some Marvel Studios News, a Jon Snow Game of Thrones sequel series and major studios’ reactions to the recent Roe v. Wade decision.

  • @WrestlngRealist
  • @AttitudeAgg
  • @itsReyCash
  • @PCTunney
  • @ViolentAesop
  • @therealcplatt
  • @ChairshotMedia

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