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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (12/18/20)

The Bollywood Boyz get another take!



NEW 205 Live Coverage

205 Live has a round of rematches before the holidays!

While Santos Escobar VS Curt Stallion is still ahead, these Cruiserweights bring it back! Will the Bollywood Boyz do better on a second take with Ever-Rise?


  • No Holds Barred: The Bollywood Boyz VS Ever-Rise; Ever-Rise win.
  • Jake Atlas VS Tony Nese; Atlas wins.


No Holds Barred: The Bollywood Boyz VS Ever-Rise!

Last week, Samir & Sunil Singh couldn’t get the ending they wanted with fellow 205 Live OG, Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari. And the week before that, they were upstaged by Chase Parker & Matt Marthel! And now, with no disqualifications or count-outs holding them back, will this Bollywood remake be a certified blockbuster?

The brawl is on the second both teams are in the ring! Bollywood and because there’s nothing holding them back, this is basically a Tornado Tag! The Bollywood Boyz have Ever-Rise in opposite corners, then whip them at each other! Parker and Marthel do a dosido and come back to hit the Singhs! Ever-Rise whips the brothers now, they dosido but Ever-Rise dodges to hit them again! Marthel and Sunil brawl on one end, Parker has Samir on the other. Sunil throws Marthel into boards, but Marthel tackles him back! Parker and Samir go around the way, the teams regroup but the Bollywood Boyz hit back!

Samir throws Marthel into boards now, and Sunil bumps Parker off buckles! The ref checks on Parker’s nose but Parker elbows back! Samir joins Sunil, they coordinate and feed Parker to boots! Jawbreaker and a FLYING BULLDOG! Cover, ONE! Sunil undoes a buckle pad while Samir throws haymakers on Parker. The Bollywood Boyz stomp a mudhole into Parker, then bring him around to feed him to the steel! But Marthel makes the save! Samir DECKS Marthel, Sunil windmill kicks Parker! Cover, TWO! The Bollywood Boyz double suplex but Marthel saves Parker from that to DOUBLE LARIAT!

Marthel hoists Samir up and makes him straddle the top rope! Marthel then knocks Samir down to the ground before he goes after Sunil with haymakers. Marthel whips and elbows Sunil down! Fans boo Marthel as he paces and brings Sunil back up. Parker returns, backbreaker and running KNEE! Cover, TWO! Ever-Rise drags Sunil up, CHOPS him, and then have him on the ropes for a mugging! They slap Sunil around and talk trash, then double whip. Sunil kicks Parker, throws Marthel out, but Parker throws Sunil out. Samir drags Parker out and then SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODIES! Everyone goes down and the fans fire up!

Samir drags Marthel up and into the ring, Sunil goes in and he goes after Marthel. Backbreaker, but Parker disrupts the Bollywood Blast as he clubs Samir down! Sunil runs over but Parker elbows him first. Parker drags Sunil up the corner, Samir come sin to save his brother and hit Parker! Samir climbs up, for a SUPERPLEX! Both men are down but Sunil is up top! MACHO ELBOW! Cover, but Parker breaks it! All four men are down and fans are fired up! Sunil goes out, Parker goes to a corner but Marthel has Samir. Samir blocks the lift, switches but no O’Conner roll! SINGH CAM ATTACK! All legal in this and Samir covers, but Parker breaks it!!

Sunil wants to bring the camera in but the ref says he can’t. But this is no disqualifications, or did the ref forget? Marthel CLOBBERS Sunil while they argue! Parker ROCKS Samir but Samir hits back! They brawl and get faster, and the fans are loving it! Samir rakes eyes, climbs up and rains down rights in the corner! Marthel comes up and each member of Ever-Rise gets a leg! A SWEET TASTE to the bare buckle!! Cover off the double flapjack, Ever-Rise wins!

Winners: Ever-Rise, by pinfall

Even with no rules holding the Bollywood Boyz back, Marthel and Parker win again! Perhaps that is why #EverRiseRules! But will they be getting a taste of tag title gold in the coming days?


Jake Atlas VS Tony Nese!

These two have gone back and forth against each other, and between both 205 Live and NXT! Atlas won on the black ‘n’ gold, but Nese says the purple ‘n’ orange is his show, and he will never lose on his show! But will there be a new Mr. 205 Live after tonight?

The bell rings, Nese and Atlas circle and feel out the grapple. Fans rally as the two tie up but Nese spinning back kicks, then throws forearms! Nese bumps Atlas off buckles and shouts, “This is MY show!” Nese scoops Atlas and slams him down, then soaks up heat as Atlas gets up. Nese throws Atlas out hard, taunts the fans then goes out to fetch Atlas. Nese shows Atlas the logo on the announce desk and bounces him off it! “I’m the Premier Athlete!” Nese puts Atlas in at the count of 4 and gets in at 5, but Atlas fires off! Atlas bumps Nese off buckles, CHOPS him, then throws forearms!

Nese gets around and waistlocks, Atlas switches to O’Conner roll but Nese slips out. Nese shoves, blocks a kick and trips Atlas up! BIG elbow drop but Atlas moves and comes back to RANA! Nese staggers up into Atlas’ forearm, CHOP and another forearm! Nese headlocks, Atlas pops out to headlock back, but Nese back suplexes high and hard! Nese covers, TWO! Nese drags Atlas up for another back suplex! Fans jeer Nese with “Tony Sucks!” as he stalks Atlas. Nese kicks at Atlas, toying with him. “What do you got?!” Nese drags Atlas up and CHOPS him! Fans rally for Atlas as Nese drags him up for a suplex! Cover, TWO!

Nese grows annoyed but he grins as he looks down on Atlas, literally. Nese drags Atlas up, bumps him off buckles, then hops up the corner. Nese flexes but fans boo, and Nese leaps at Atlas, only to get caught! Atlas has the legs, and catapults Nese into a corner! Nese bounces off buckles and into a roll-up, TWO! Atlas runs but Nese CLOBBERS him with the flying elbow! Nese hurries back and covers, TWO! Nese grits his teeth and glares at Atlas as he looms over him. Nese drags Atlas up, fans rally, but Nese whips Atlas to a corner and hits a clothesline! Atlas flounders and sputters but Nese comes back. Fans chant “You Still Suck!” as Nese throws forearms! Nese dares fans to say he sucks as he CLUBS Atlas again!

Nese paces, drags Atlas up, and whips Atlas back to a corner, for another clothesline! Atlas flops down again, and Nese counts his 8-pack! Nese gives more toying kicks as he tells Atlas, “You’re on MY show now.” Nese brings Atlas up for another back suplex! Atlas writhes, Nese covers, TWO! Atlas is still in this and Nese is growing frustrated. Nese drags Atlas up, whips him corner to corner, then runs in, into a BOOT! Atlas CLOBBERS Nese from behind and fans fire up! Atlas gets up but Nese follows, to THROAT CHOP! Nese talks more trash, then runs to HOTSHOT BULLDOG! And then a PREMIER TRIANGLE! Cover, TWO! Atlas survives and frustrates Nese again!

Nese keeps Atlas down with a chinlock but Atlas kicks and flails to get up. Fans rally, Atlas rises, and he rams Nese into a corner! Nese holds tight but Atlas rams him in again! Atlas is free, but Nese clamps back on! The ref counts, Atlas fights up but Nese back suplexes, only for Atlas to make it a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Atlas BOOTS Nese, then fires off forearms! Atlas gets around, spins Nese and LARIATS! Fans fire up with Atlas and he throws European Uppercuts and a SNAP GERMAN! Nese flounders up into a ROLLING ELBOW! Cover, TWO!! Nese survives, he is still a former Cruiserweight Champion!

Atlas goes to a corner, Nese anchors a foot but Atlas hits back. Nese fireman’s carries Atlas, tucks him in, but Atlas flails to avoid the driver! Atlas has the ropes, uses them to boost into the SUNSET BOMB! Cover, TWO!! FLYING JAWBREAKER! Nese staggers to ropes, Atlas goes up but Nese trips him up! Atlas couldn’t get the cartwheel off in time and he flops down to the mat! Atlas is in the corner, Nese pulls down knee pads and has a target, but Atlas gets up before the knee comes in! Nese redirects and clotheslines both Atlas and himself out of the ring! The ref starts a count as both men are down at the ramp! We’re at 5 of 10 as the two men finally stir. Nese is in at 7, Atlas stands at 8 and leaps in at 9.9!!

Nese glare at Atlas and Atlas glares back. Nese goes out to get a chair?! This isn’t No Holds Barred like the earlier match! But this is all distraction for ARIYA DAIVARI to drag Atlas out and POST him! Fans boo but the ref completely misses this! Atlas is back in the ring, Nese goes up top, 450 SPLASH! Cover, ROPEBREAK?! Atlas saves himself and even Daivari is shocked! Nese puts Atlas back in a corner, runs again, but Atlas is back up again to intercept! Atlas gives a KNEE of his own, and then the FLYING JAWBREAKER! Nese staggers, Atlas goes up, CARTWHEEL DDT! Cover, Atlas wins!!

Winner: Jake Atlas, by pinfall

Daivari Dinero could not make Atlas pay, and then Atlas is ready to stop him from bringing the chair in! Atlas looks ready to swing on the OG, but they regroup and retreat! Is there going to be a new pecking order in the purple ‘n’ orange now?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode for 205 Live, and I did NOT expect the tag match to be a No Holds Barred match. It was pretty good for one, but all the more reason they should try and let 205 Live be longer than half an hour. I am fairly certain Ever-Rise and Bollywood Boyz could have gone a lot longer than they did, to properly bring things back to this show’s “golden days.” I will say it is surprising Ever-Rise won, but I suppose they’ve been building up a lot of momentum from NXT so it makes some sense.

Then we got a really good match out of Atlas and Nese, even with Daivari getting involved. I’m still not sure why they keep trying to make the cartwheel DDT happen, to where they’ve even given Atlas a move that only serves to set him up for it. I suppose it’s hard to come up with completely original finishers, so it was just easier to stick with what he had than spend an unknown amount of time working out something else. But Atlas winning was still a good move. Daivari and Nese have been on 205 Live for a long, long time, I’m not sure they’re ever going anywhere else other than NXT, but being gatekeepers on 205 Live is still a solid role.

My Score: 8.1/10

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