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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (12/2/20)

Who will be ready for WarGames?



NEW NXT Coverage

Shotzi Blackheart fights for her team’s advantage at TakeOver!

Before the teams go head to head, Captain Shotzi Blackheart will battle #BigMamiCool to gain advantage for her, Ember, Rhea and…? Who is the fourth woman for Team Shotzi?


  • Damian Priest & Leon Ruff VS El Legado del Fantasma; Priest & Ruff win.
  • Cameron Grimes VS August Grey; Grimes wins.
  • Jake Atlas VS Tony Nese; Atlas wins.
  • Grizzled Young Veterans VS Ever-Rise Imperium; Imperium wins, by disqualification.
  • WarGames Advantage Ladder Match: Shotzi Blackheart VS Raquel Gonzalez; Shotzi wins and her team will have advantage in the WarGames match.


WWE and NXT mourn the loss of Pat Patterson.

“From San Francisco, California,” and with Frank Sinatra singing, we see a highlight reel of moments from Pat Patterson, and then transition to Pat’s karaoke cover of “I Did It My Way.” Because that’s exactly how he did it. The inaugural WWF/WWE Intercontinental Champion, the inventor of the Royal Rumble match, and the architect of countless memories in pro-wrestling history, we will never forget him. Thank you, Pat, for everything.


Damian Priest & Leon Ruff VS El Legado del Fantasma!

Johnny Gargano is on commentary and talking trash on the Archer of Infamy as he teams up with the ultimate underdog North American Champion! Priest is taking Curt Stallion’s place here because he wants to make sure the North American Champion makes it to TakeOver. Raul Mendoza and Joaquin Wilde have been getting at Ruff on social media, and they tried getting at Priest before the show, but Priest doesn’t sweat Santos Escobar’s “little idiots.” Will Priest and Ruff make sure the NXT Cruiserweight Champion and his right hand man are in for a rough night?

The teams sort out, Ruff wants to start to show he can do this, so Priest agrees. Ruff starts against Escobar and we have a champion VS champion sampler here! Escobar and Ruff circle as fans rally up. They tie up, Escobar throws Ruff down! Ruff gets to ropes and Escobar talks trash, “This is your champ?” Escobar and Ruff tie up, Escobar rolls Ruff up, ONE! Escobar keeps Ruff down, then pushes him. Escobar doesn’t take Ruff seriously, and tags Mendoza in. Mendoza doesn’t take Ruff serious either, but he wrenches and knees low to whip Ruff to a corner. Ruff slips out, forearms and goes around the ropes to slide under and dropkick Mendoza down! Cover, ONE!

Ruff drags Mendoza up but Mendoza knees low! Tag to Escobar, Escobar pulls hair but Ruff breaks free, only for Escobar to KNEE him down! Priest tags in and now Priest dares Escobar to do something. Escobar reconsiders and tags out again. Mendoza and Priest tie up, Mendoza waistlocks but Priest breaks free and wrenches. Priest wrenches more, whips Mendoza corner to corner but Mendoza slips out to slingshot in and run, into a tilt-o-whirl. Mendoza lands on his feet, speeds things up and dodges to club away and KICK Priest! Mendoza runs but into Priest’s leaping back elbow! Fans fire up for Priest as he goes out after Mendoza and scoops him. Priest gives Mendoza snake eyes to the apron!

Priest dares Escobar to do something before he ROCKS Mendoza! And RAMS him into boards! Priest gets in at 8 but goes back out. Mendoza CHOPS but Priest just scowls. Priest BELL CLAPS and ROUNDHOUSES Mendoza down. But Gargano’s friend, Ghost Face is watching! Gargano pretends it’s just some fan cosplaying, and Priest throws Mendoza in to glare at Ghost Face. Escobar tags in and DIVES! Direct hit from Escobar to Priest, the Arrow from Hell was sure more than the Archer of Infamy was expecting! Escobar grins and fans are fired up as NXT goes picture in picture.

Escobar stomps Priest, drags him up and instead of putting him, he hits a DDT to the floor! Escobar rains down rights, drags Priest up and puts him back in. Priest hits back but Escobar tags Mendoza in. El Legado mugs Priest, Mendoza clubs away on Priest, then taunts Ruff. Mendoza stomps Priest, tags Escobar, but Priest throws body shots! Escobar elbows and mule kicks Priest to then enziguri! Escobar CHOPS Ruff off the apron! Then Penalty Kicks Priest down! Tag back to Mendoza, who runs, and coordinates with Escobar, for the hip toss rebound splash! Mendoza keeps moving to LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO!

Mendoza keeps close to Priest, and kicks him back down! Mendoza clubs Priest, drags him up, but Priest powers up, only to end up in the Fantasma corner! Escobar tags in and KICKS Priest’s leg! Escobar kicks Priest around, stomps him down, but the ref counts. Escobar lets off at 4, Priest flounders and sputters, but Escobar stomps him again. Escobar drags Priest by a leg, stomps the knee, then kicks Priest more. Escobar wraps up the legs for a Trailer Hitch! Priest endures as Escobar cranks on the legs, then he power sup to hammer Escobar! Escobar lets go of the legs but he clubs Priest down! Tag to Mendoza and they mug Priest. Mendoza watches Priest get up to dropkick him back down!

Mendoza aims at Priest, but then sucker punches Ruff! NXT returns to single picture as Mendoza runs in to clothesline Priest! Tag to Escobar, and Escobar runs corner to corner for his own clothesline! Tag back to Mendoza for another clothesline! Escobar tags in again, but Priest choke grips Mendoza! Escobar dropkicks Priest hard! Escobar brings Priest up to suplex high and hard! Cover, TWO! Escobar tries again, TWO! Gargano denies that the Ghost Face in the crowd is his Ghost Face, or that he’s as bad as people say. Escobar drags Priest up to knee him down, then drags him by his legs. Escobar drops an elbow on the leg and pulls on the foot!

Priest tries to fight back with a chinbar but Escobar cranks on the foot. Priest throws elbows into Escobar’s head but Escobar just shifts to drop an elbow on the knee! Tag to Mendoza, Mendoza digs his knee into Priest’s knee, then pulls Priest’s hair. Gargano says this serves Priest right, he had no business stepping in. Priest kicks Mendoza away, but Mendoza comes back to kick Priest down! Mendoza drags Priest around to hit another spinning toehold. Mendoza throws forearms, Priest shoves Mendoza then catches him for a LIFTING COMPLETE SHOT! Fans fire up as Priest crawls, and tags in Ruff!

Escobar tags in, but Ruff dodges to dropkick Mendoza! Then he elbows Escobar, goes up and leaps to FLYING RANA! Cover, ONE!! Escobar gets up, Ruff runs in but Mendoza tags. Escobar reverses the whip but Ruff kicks, kicks, enziguris and neckbreakers! But Mendoza dropkicks Ruff down! Mendoza drags Ruff up, CLUBS him down, then brings Ruff up for a back suplex. Ruff lands on his feet, slides under and tags Priest back in! Priest rallies on El Legado now, FLAPJACK for Mendoza! Kick and kick and ROLLING ELBOW for Escobar! Gargano can’t believe Priest is still going. “I hate when he does this! I hate that stupid arrow!” Priest hits the leaping back elbow!

Escobar distracts so Priest DECKS him! Mendoza enziguris back and goes up top! Mendoza walks the tight rope, but Priest DECKS him out of the air! Priest roars, drags Mendoza up, but Ruff tags in!? Priest still hits THE RECKONING! Ruff goes up and hits a FROG SPLASH! Cover, Priest and Ruff win!

Winners: Leon Ruff & Damian Priest, by pinfall

Gargano says none of this will be how it is Sunday at TakeOver. That’s true, as it will be a Triple Threat. But will that North American Championship match go #TheJohnnyGarganoWay? Or will one of the two men who won here win again?


Team Shotzi is putting in work in the NXT garage.

Shotzi has Ember Moon and Rhea Ripley on her team now, and they’re helping put things back together. Ember has to shout over the noise of the power tools to tell her about this “gift” they got her. Rhea says every war machine needs an engine. And they have show Shotzi what they got. “What do you think?” “I think I’m in love.” Time to go to war! But there’s still a piece missing to the team! Who will be the final member of Team Shotzi? And bigger still, who gets the advantage with tonight’s ladder match?


NXT takes a look at the Men’s WarGames match!

The Kings of NXT boasted to Finn Balor about what they’ve done in his absence. But he said “it’s easy for the mice to play when the cat’s away.” And this cat wasn’t alone! The Undisputed Era made their triumphant return and took the fight to McAfee, Dunne, Oney and Danny! And what else was Mr. Regal to do but put this in… WARGAMES!! This match has proven to be brutal as ever, but also has been a major claim to fame for the Undispute Era, having been in every single NXT WarGames, and having won a couple while they were at it.

“It’s really good, it’s really important, to just get out and reflect sometimes.” Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish and Roderick Strong are all dressed up, hoping to use a night out on the town to make up for the last few weeks. Kyle lost his NXT Championship match, Cole was brutalized by Ridge Holland, Bobby and Roddy were both attacked backstage by who knows from the Kings of NXT, and Pete Dunne blindsided and betrayed Kyle over a years-old grudge. Not to mention, a certain masked man (probably Pat) screwed Kyle out of WarGames Advantage last week. Cole says “we have been running this for years,” Kyle says they’ve been “top dogs since basically we stepped foot here.”

They made an impact when attacking Drew McIntyre, when winning all the gold, and whatever else they decided to do in NXT. The four ride in style as they go out for a meal. Cole isn’t sure if they’ve ever been tested like this before. Their backs are against the wall here. “It’s making me think about everything.” Strong agrees, because they’ve yet to “fight from underneath” like this. Kyle says this might be good for them. They can remind themselves of what got them all here. Bobby feels he’s reflected enough. It’s time to whoop some ass.

Cole told McAfee and his crew will realize they’re in over their heads, being trapped inside two rings and two cages against four of the baddest men to ever be in the WWE. And four guys as pissed off as them, this will end McAfee. This isn’t about embarrassing or hurting the “Kings,” but about making them the Bitches of NXT! So Cole makes a toast to McAfee, “for being so incredibly smart, and also so incredibly stupid.” The wars the UE have gone to are only a sample of what’s coming. Will they take things to an entirely new level to prove they are still the top of the mountain?


Backstage interview with Team Candice.

Candice LeRae has Indi Hartwell as well as her WarGames teammates, Dakota Kai, Raquel Gonzalez and Toni Storm, with her, but what are their thoughts on Shotzi’s team? You call that a team? Candice and cohorts have a laugh, and Candice says Shotzi only has two people, “and they’re damaged goods!” Indi took a bullet for the team last week, and yet the team is still stacked! Toni’s unpredictability, Dakota’s resilience and Raquel’s strength are everything Candice needs to win. And we will see that strength on full display. Raquel says that after tonight, this team goes home with the advantage. And Shotzi will feel like she got run over, by a tank. Candice likes the reference there. Team Poison Pixie heads out, but will Shotzi and her team be the antidote?


Cameron Grimes VS August Grey!

Before being strapped in to the Strap Match with Dexter Lumis, the Carolina Caveman is here with a burlap sack of his own. Will Grimes have this match with #RetroAG in the bag as he heads for TakeOver?

Turns out, what was in the bag was a leather strap! Grimes is showing us all that he isn’t afraid of the strap, but the leather isn’t Lumis. The bell rings, Grimes and Grey tie up and Grimes waistlocks to CLUB and CLOBBER Grey down! Grimes kicks Grey, stalks him along ropes and KICKS him again! Grimes whips corner to corner hard and Grey bounces off buckles! Grimes drags Grey up, whips him and kitchen sink knees him! Grimes wants Lumis to watch this as he rakes Grey’s face and hooks the mouth! Grimes CLUBS Grey, brings him up, but Grey throws hands! Grey haymakers but Grimes knees low! Grimes whips but Grey kicks back!

Grey runs but Grimes scoops, only for Grey to slip out an dropkick! Grimes runs in but into a jawbreaker! And neckbreaker! Fans rally as Grey baits Grimes into a corner! Grimes puts Grey on the apron but Grey throws haymakers! Grimes flounders, Grey climbs and tightrope walks for a crossbody! Cover, TWO! Grey keeps his cool as he drags Grimes up. Grimes shoves Grey, Grey rolls Grimes up, TWO! Grimes spins Grey, scoops him and swings him for the SIDEWALK SLAM! Grimes whips Grey to CAVE-IN! Cover, Grimes wins!

Winner: Cameron Grimes, by pinfall

The Technical Savage stomps out Grey’s red hot momentum, and then takes the strap in hand. “Lumis, you wanna be strapped up to me? Cameron Grimes, a real man! Well I’m afraid you made a mistake.” Grimes uses Grey as an example as he straps him in and pulls him up for a LARIAT! Grimes says that’ll happen to Lumis, but maybe he doesn’t understand. So he LASHES Grey on the back! And LASHES Grey again! “Here’s the best part! He can run, but he’s still strapped up! And I can pull him right back in!” But now LUMIS is on the other end!

Grimes turns around and is spooked! Lumis gets to reel Grimes in and throw hands on him, then LASHES him on the back! And again! Grimes runs like a scalded dog, but will Lumis get to whip him like a government mule at TakeOver?


Jake Atlas VS Tony Nese!

Though the NXT Cruiserweight Championship is spoken for by the Lonestar, these two stars of the Cruiserweight Division know there’s always another chance! Will Atlas shrug the Premier Athlete off? Or will Nese show the new wave why this 205 Live OG is still here?

The bell rings and they tie up. Nese arm-drags and armlocks Atlas, and then messes Atlas’ hair up. Atlas keeps his cool as Nese flexes on him, but then rushes Atlas and goes after him at the ropes! The ref backs Atlas off, Nese goes after a leg but Atlas steps over to arm-drag Nese down! Atlas has the armlock and grinds the shoulder but Nese fights up. Atlas messes Nese’s hair and Nese gets mad. But Nese backs down as Atlas gets in his face again. The two speed up, Atlas O’Conner rolls, TWO! Nese avoids the kick, and the moonsault, but Atlas cartwheels and dropkicks Nese out! Atlas DIVES and sends Nese into the desk! The young star is fired up with the fans as he puts Nese in the ring.

Atlas goes up to the corner and to the top rope, but Nese SHORYUKENS Atlas down! Nese stomps Atlas down at the ropes, but cameras cut to the parking lot, as the Kings of NXT arrive in a bright yellow H2! McAfee is fired up because “the show is here!” Nese whips Atlas to knee him at the ropes, then whips him the other way to knee him again! Nese snap suplexes Atlas to a cover, TWO! Nese drags Atlas back up, cravats and throws in knees! Nese torture racks Atlas, bends him, but Atlas endures to fight out with elbows! Atlas then ROCKS Nese with a right! And another! Nese back kicks before the third, but runs into a chicken wing, spin and DISCUS!

Fans fire up with Atlas as he back drops Nese! Atlas blocks a punch, fires off forearms on Nese, then GERMAN SUPLEXES! Nese gets up for Atlas to DECK him! Cover, TWO! Atlas keeps his cool as Nese survives. Atlas then fires himself up with slapping his own face! Fans fire up, too, and Atlas drags Nese up, but Nese gets to ropes! The ref counts, Atlas lets go at 3, and Nese SLAPS him! Nese reels Atlas in, “You think you’re better than me?!” Hotshot bulldog! And PREMIER TRIANGLE but he has to land out as Atlas moves! Atlas sunset flips, Nese slips out to spinning KICK! Cover, TWO!! Atlas survives and Nese is shocked!

Nese glares as Atlas goes to a corner. Nese stomps him down, pulls down the knee pad, and runs side to side, but Atlas moves! The knee gets buckles, Atlas hits a LEAPING JAWBREAKER! Atlas goes up, sees Nese and hits the CARTWHEEL DDT! Cover, Atlas wins!!

Winner: Jake Atlas, by pinfall

The new wave just washed away a former Cruiserweight Champion! McKenzie is ringside to interview Atlas and asks about his rough couple of weeks. Atlas is fired up, but he knows the pattern. One step forward, three steps back. But Atlas has fought through the bad things in life. As soon as he wants to give up, he turns it around. Atlas knows being at the top is no joke. Atlas isn’t champion, but he just picked himself back up. “This is just the beginning.” Atlas wants to keep this momentum going until he gets back to that Cruiserweight title! Will Atlas climb the mountaintop once more to finally plant his flag and put himself on the map?


The Kings of NXT head to the ring!

Pat McAfee leads the Bruiserweight and the NXT Tag Team Champions to the ring, and of course he gets the mic. “Shut up, Vic Joseph. You suck.” But first of all, McAfee wants to say RIP Pat Patterson, a man he has the utmost respect for, and he appreciates everything that man has done for the business. For once, McAfee said something fans cheer for. But now, on the complete opposite end of the respect spectrum, i.e. those he has ZERO respect for: every loser wrestling fan at home or in the Capitol Wrestling Center, and especially the Undisputed Era. “They’re not worth it. A bunch of punks.”

McAfee is upset that we were “forced to watch a night out with the Undisputed Era.” As expected, it was the lamest night on the town McAfee has ever seen! Rented tuxedos that didn’t fit, drinking boxed wine in glasses, and they were in a low level pizza shop, out back by the kitchen, because the establishment was so embarrassed to have the UE there. “And we’re talking, reflecting, nostalgia was running wild, brother!” But how about these four do that? It’s no secret that this team was put together by money!

And like every good team, you invest in greatness, and that is what McAfee did with these three men! And that isn’t counting the Mercedes he gave to a man who isn’t even able to be here. That’s more money than “any of you losers will ever see or have in your entire life, COMBINED, to make the greatness that you see in front of you!” McAfee says they have run NXT since they got here! And this Sunday at WarGames, it will be about Pete Dunne, the longest reigning UK Champion of all time! “A man who has ended careers! A man who just one week ago, maybe with the help of a masked man, who I assume was very attractive under that mask,” but totally NOT McAfee, no. But Dunne beat the hell out of Kyle and won the team advantage! “Atta boy, Pete Dunne!”

Sunday will not be another main event for the ungrateful Undisputed Era. This will be about two main event players, 30 years combined experience, finally getting the opportunity to seize the spotlight and main event the biggest wrestling PPV in history! Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch will not squander this opportunity, right? “HELL NO!” Is there any ounce of fear in them? “HELL NO!” Are these two the greatest tag team ever? Wait, yes, of course they are. McAfee knows they’re the absolute best.

But McAfee says those at home, this is what he wants us to do: Sunday, WWE Network, TakeOver: WarGames, in your tiny basements of your dumb mom’s house, “envision yourself as a member of the Undisputed Era.” Feel every single kick in the mouth that McAfee gives Adam Cole. Feel every single punch, every single time the Kings bounce UE off the steel, put them through tables, hit them with chairs, hit them with kendo sticks, whatever else happens! Feel every single part of it!

Because McAfee knows when we tune in this Sunday, we want to see him get ripped apart. We want to see McAfee “get his.” But McAfee has three badasses behind him. “Two rings, two cages, two teams, one brutal truth: the boys broke the Undisputed Era’s spirit last week.” And Dunne says they will END the Undisputed Era! Damn right! Dunne doesn’t talk until he has to. This isn’t just undisputed, it’s a promise. “We’re the greatest, you all suck. Cheers.” The war of words is over, but who wins the WarGames?


Xia Li and Boa endure harsh training.

But “Shifu” is not satisfied with how long they’re holding their breaths under freezing water. He has them keep going, again and again and again. They’re being pushed past their limits, but “she” is very demanding. The training concludes for the night, and Xia and Boa both stand before her. They bow, but she is not satisfied. Xia and Boa get kendo stick SMACKS to their backs! Will they break under the pressure before they ever have a chance to prove themselves worthy?


Grizzled Young Veterans VS Ever-Rise!

Zack Gibson and James Drake made their return to NXT at the expense of Chase Parker and Matt Marthel last week, which is why they’re having this match! Will Liverpool’s Number One and Mr. Mayhem climb towards the NXT Tag Team Championships at Ever-Rise’s expense, too?

But before GYV can hit the ring, IMPERIUM strikes down Ever-Rise?! So much for returning to NXT UK! Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner are beating down Marthel and Parker! Aichner gives Marthel a back suplex over the barriers! Then Parker is TOSSED out to join Marthel! Barthel gets the mic to shout, “Grizzled Young Veterans, who do you think you are?!” The tag team division belongs to IMPERIUM! Teams like Danny & Oney and Breezango had their fun, but Imperium is here to put them back in their places. But for now, they will put GYV in their place. Well GYV will accept this change of plans! Who from NXT UK proves they’re the top team in ALL of NXT?

Grizzled Young Veterans VS Imperium!

Teams sort out and Gibson starts against the Pride of Italy. Fans fire up as Aichner and Gibson tie up and go around. Gibson keeps away from the Imperium corner but Aichner waistlocks. Gibson switches, Aichner pries free to get the arm and wrench. Gibson gest to ropes but Barthel tags in. Imperium whips Gibson, Barthel arm-drags then scrapes Gibson’s face! Barthel mocks Gibson, runs in and European Uppercuts hard! Barthel whips the other way, Drake saves Gibson from hitting buckles and Gibson CLOBBERS Barthel! Gibson drags Barthel up, elbows him to the ropes then brings him over. Tag to Drake and GYV mugs Barthel!

Drake stalks Barthel, CHOPS him, then throws forearms. Barthel EuroUppers, Drake CHOPS! Barthel EuroUppers, Drake throws a forearm! Drake whips corner to corner, Barthel reveres but Drake goes out and shoulders in! Drake slingshot sunset flips, TWO! Barthel ROCKS Drake with a right! Barthel talks trash in German, brings Drake to his knees and pulls on hair. Barthel clubs away, bumps Drake off buckles, then tags Aichner. Aichner brings Drake around to whip into Barthel’s enziguri! Then Aichner hits a high and hard back suplex! Aichner poses as fans boo but he scuffs Drake with his foot.

Aichner puts Drake on ropes and CHOPS him! Drake hits back, they brawl but Aichner stomps away in the corner! The ref counts, Aichner lets off at 4, then drags Drake back up. Aichner reels Drake in, suplexes, but Drake slips out and tumbles. Aichner CLUBS Drake, CHOPS him, but Drake forearms. Aichner knees low, Drake tries to wrench out of the facelock, but he slips out of the suplex! Gibson tags in, GYV leap frog and CLOBBER Aichner! Gibson DECKS Barthel and shouts, “Back of the line!” Aichner BOOTS Gibson, elbows Drake, then drags Gibson into the double wristlock!

Gibson fights up, whips Aichner and swings, but Aichner ducks to fireman’s carry and standing Death Valley! Gibson boots Aichner away and arm-drags him down! Aichner headscissors but Gibson pops out, Aichner CHOPS! Gibson headlocks, Aichner powers out but Gibson reverses, only for Aichner to reverse. They both go back and forth, and end up tumbling out of the ring together! Drake and Marthel back up their tag partners but the ref keeps this from breaking down as NXT goes to break!

NXT returns as Drake denies a roll up to tag in Gibson. Gibson waistlocks, Aichner switches but Drake helps Gibson back Aichner into a corner! Gibson then moves for Drake to elbow Aichner, then adds a clothesline! Feed to the windmill kick! Cover, TWO! Gibson drags Aichner up to club him down, then brings him up to tag in Drake. Gibson ripcords Aichner for Drake’s forearm to DECK him! Cover, TWO! Drake grows frustrated but he throws forearms to keep Aichner from Barthel. Drake brings Aichner up but Aichner suplexes to hang Drake out to dry! Drake flops down, Aichner crawls, hot tag to Gibson! Aichner trips Gibson to catapult into the corner!

Barthel tags in, Barthel puts Gibson in the ropes, Imperium meets with the dropkick sandwich! Barthel then scoops Gibson for a RUNNING AIR RAID! Cover, TWO!! Gibson survives but Barthel grits his teeth. Barthel stalks Gibson to a corner and throws haymakers. Barthel whips Gibson, Gibson reverses but Barthel stops himself to enziguri! Barthel runs in but Gibson boots, only for Barthel to shout “NEIN!” Butterfly suplex! Barthel goes up, poses for a moment, but leaps into a throat chop! But he throat chops back! Both men gasps for air, scowl at each other and pull each other’s ears. The ref reprimands, Barthel stops and tags in Aichner.

Aichner waistlocks Gibson, reels him in but Gibson runs into Barthel! Aichner hits a SPINEBUSTER, Barthel hits the PENALTY KICK! Then the GUT WRENCH, and Aichner covers, TWO! Aichner drags Gibson up to a fireman’s carry, ROLLING SENTON! And then MOONSAULT onto knees! Hot tag to Drake! Gibson holds Aichner in place for Drake’s ENZIGURI! Drake scowls as he drags Aichner up in the corner, bumps him off buckles, then CHOPS him! Drake hoists Aichner up top, climbs up to join him but Aichner fights back! Aichner slips under, Drake fights back now, and Aichner says he got hit in the nose. Barthel shoves Drake into Aichner’s arms for the SUPLEX! Cover, Gibson breaks it!

Fans are thunderous as Barthel goes after Gibson. Gibson throws Barthel out then rams Aichner in, GRIT YOUR TEETH DROPKICK! MAYHEM IN MOTION for Barthel! GYV fire up and Gibson goes out, only for Barthel go after him! Aichner rolls Drake, TWO! Aichner throws Drake out to where Gibson and Barthel brawl, and then Aichner builds speed to FLY! Direct hit takes everyone out at the ramp!! Fans are thunderous but Marthel returns to RAM Aichner into steel steps!!

Winners: Imperium, by disqualification

But then Parker POSTS Gibson! Ever-Rise is getting revenge on both teams! They RAM Barthel into boards, and then bring Drake up to FLAPJACK off the apron!! Ever-Rise will not be left out of the NXT Tag Team Championship race, but they do realize they’re now outnumbered 4v2. Parker and Marthel get away, but will they have to face both teams eventually?


Backstage interview with Ever-Rise.

At least, it would be if they’d stay. Parker and Marthel say “they got a taste,” and “Ever-Rise rules!” Then they get in the car and pull off into the night.


NXT presents another Thatch As Thatch Can!

Timothy Thatcher welcomes us back to another live session. “Today’s lesson: distractions. Apparently here in NXT, a lot of people lose matches via distractions.” Music plays, lights go out, people jump up on the apron, or people take seats at ringside. Tonight, Thatcher and his new student show us how to deal with distractions. Tonight- TOMMASO CIAMPA?! Thatcher tells him to out, he has a student already. No, Ciampa isn’t here to learn. He’s here to teach. “Class is in session.”

Thatcher says he has no beef with Ciampa. Thatcher goes to leave, but then Ciampa says, “Timothy Thatcher, everybody! Such a disappointment.” Thatcher takes offense, but he knows Ciampa is trying to goad him. Then Thatcher tackles Ciampa! They scramble, Ciampa gets up and DECKS Thatcher! “Lesson one: Don’t be an ass!” But then Thatcher’s student attacks Ciampa! They go after Ciampa 2v1 and Thatcher DECKS Ciampa! Thatcher throws knees and “student” Tyler Russ takes his leave. But Ciampa drags Thatcher out, only for Thatcher to RAM him into boards! And then into more boards!

Thatcher puts Ciampa back in the ring while fans boo, and Ciampa gets up! Thatcher has the facelock and makes it a grommet! Ciampa endures but faces, and is OUT! Thatcher grins as he looms over Ciampa. Thatcher did teach us what he can do when he has help, but will learn that the Psycho Killer doesn’t give up so easily?


Backstage interview with Timothy Thatcher.

It would appear he and his student tonight were just setting Ciampa up. Seems like it? No, Thatcher had no idea Russ would do that! But Thatcher is impressed to see a student taking initiative. Tonight, Ciampa learned about “distraction.” Sunday at TakeOver, Ciampa learns about respect. So another match has been added to WarGames! Will this one be as knockdown, drag out brutal as all the rest?


WarGames Advantage Ladder Match: Shotzi Blackheart VS Raquel Gonzalez!

While Shotzi’s army is missing a necessary unit, the tactical advantage is still very important! Will the wild child win big and worry about the missing piece later? Or will the situation only become more dire after facing #RickyDesperado?

The rest of Team Candice watches from one of the perches, as do Rhea and Ember from the other. The bell rings, Shotzi shotgun dropkicks Raquel but she stays up! Shotzi fires off forearms, Raquel shoves her, but Shotzi dodges the forearm to kick away on a leg! Raquel shoves Shotzi again, blocks the code breaker and throws her to a corner. Shotzi dodges again but Raquel blocks the kick! Raquel shoves Shotzi down, Shotzi kicks her away, then Shotzi runs in, only to get buckles! Raquel runs in, gets under the boots and Canadian racks Shotzi, to make it a torture rack by pulling Shotzi’s hair!

Raquel throws Shotzi then throws her into ropes! Shotzi lands safe and throws forearms back! Raquel DECKS Shotzi, then goes out to get a ladder! Shotzi stops Raquel but Raquel elbows her away. Raquel scoops Shotzi, but Shotzi slips out to shove Raquel into the ladder! Raquel falls, Shotzi gets in and builds speed, to dropkick the ladder into Raquel! Fans fire up as Shotzi gets that ladder back up and puts it in the ring. But Raquel grabs Shotzi, only for Shotzi to kick her away. Shotzi leaps, but Raquel catches her, to SLAM her onto the ladder! Raquel gets the ladder up, but Shotzi returns to hop on as a backpack! Raquel rams Shotzi into buckles, but Shotzi holds on!

Raquel rolls out, RAMS Shotzi into the apron, then goes up the steel steps! Shotzi still holds on as Raquel gets to the apron, to RAM Shotzi into the post! Shotzi falls to the floor, Raquel gasps for air and goes back after Shotzi, to haul her up and RAM her into boards! And then toss her away! Shotzi lands on her feet, baits Raquel in and lets the boot hit rungs! Shotzi throws the foot into the steps, then goes to the apron to dropkick Raquel back into those steps! Raquel still pushes back, and tosses Shotzi at the fencing! But Shotzi leaps up and clings to it like a cat! Shotzi mule kicks Raquel away, then TRUST FALLS! Down goes Raquel and fans are fired up!

Fans fire up as Shotzi drags herself to the ring. Shotzi gets up but Raquel kicks her into the steps! Shotzi gets up again but Raquel kicks her again! And again! Shotzi finally goes down as NXT goes picture in pnicture.

Raquel seethes, gets up, and drags Shotzi up to throw her into boards! Raquel hobbles while Shotzi slumps down. Raquel drags Shotzi up, and throws her into more boards! Shotzi flops back down while Raquel gets another ladder into the ring. Shotzi hurries after Raquel to club her from behind! And again! And again! Shotzi CHOPS Raquel, fires up, then goes after her again. But Raquel rakes Shotzi’s eyes! Raquel goes around the way, looks under the ring, and brings out another ladder! She puts that in the ring, but Shotzi is there to tug-o-war with her! Raquel lets go of the ladder to CLOBBER Shotzi!

Raquel picks a ladder up to JAM it into Shotzi again and again! Raquel brings Shotzi up, Shotzi keeps fighting, and then rolls Raquel out of the ring! Raquel drags Shotzi out but Shotzi kicks her away! Shotzi gets the ladder, and RAMS Raquel at the apron! And again! Raquel grabs the ladder this time and shoves Shotzi down with it, only for Shotzi to ROUNDHOUSE back! Shotzi has the ladder, sets it up beside Raquel and then goes up. Shotzi reels Raquel in, for a TORNADO DDT onto the ladder and apron!! Both women crash down but are still okay to continue. Shotzi cravats but no Sliced Bread as Raquel SLAMS Shotzi into the apron!

Both teams are watching intently as Raquel pulls steel steps apart. Raquel RAMS Shotzi down! Raquel gets in the ring, stands a ladder up, and starts to climb. Shotzi returns to hurry up the other side! Shotzi grabs one of Raquel’s arms and yanks it through the rungs! Raquel fights back but Shotzi bumps her head off the top! Both women fall off the ladder but the ladder stays up. Shotzi clutches an ankle but she gets her bad leg moving. Shotzi hobbles over, climbs up but Raquel grabs her to yank her down! Shotzi returns the favor, but Raquel shoves her! Raquel climbs, Shotzi tips the ladder over!

Raquel and Shotzi hobble around to fight over the same ladder. Shotzi ROCKS Raquel, grabs the other ladder, but Raquel BOOTS it out of Shotzi’s hand! Raquel grabs the ladder, but Shotzi goes up an dover! The ladder is in the ropes, Shotzi headscissors Raquel into it! Shotzi then aims and runs, to CANNONBALL Raquel into the ladder!! Raquel flounders and sputters as fans go nuts for “NXT! NXT!” Raquel flops out, Shotzi climbs up and aims, for a FLYING SEATED SENTON! Both women hit the floor and their teams are both worried. Wait, who is putting a ladder next to the platform? Indi Hartwell is helping Team Candice make a jailbreaker! The refs say this isn’t fair, but the team is just worried about Raquel.

Wait, someone did the same thing for Rhea and Ember? Who…? But Rhea and Ember go after Team Candice, while also checking on Shotzi. But now Indi is setting up a ladder in the ring? Shotzi gets in to stop her from winning this for Raquel! ROUNDHOUSE! Raquel rushes in, and she CLOBBERS Shotzi! Raquel climbs, the teams brawl ringside and officials have to stop that! But wait, IO SHIRAI literally jumps in! She is a backpack on Raquel to keep her down! Raquel is stuck in a sleeper, but she throws Shirai off to the apron! Shirai baits Raquel in and dumps her out! Then Shirai lines up her shot as she climbs up top, for a SUPER ASAI MOONSAULT!! Everyone goes down!!

Shotzi is back in the ring! She’s climbing all alone! Shotzi gets the briefcase and wins!!

Winner: Shotzi Blackheart (Team Shotzi has the advantage)

Not only does Shotzi’s team have the edge, they have an Evil Genius on their side! Will those two important factors be all the difference against Team Candice?

My Thoughts:

A really good episode for the go-home to WarGames! I feel a bit bad for Curt Stallion being replaced in at least kayfabe. It does make sense for Priest to feel he has to protect Ruff, but I would’ve liked if Stallion finally got some time on NXT to interact with the Cruiserweight Champion. The match was good, but with Priest and Ruff standing tall, the math would dictate Gargano winning the title back to become a historic three-time North American Champion. I’m hoping they defy the math and find a way for Ruff to retain, because I wouldn’t mind seeing North American VS Cruiserweight Champion, #WinnerTakesAll. What better way for Escobar to “mold” the Cruiserweight Division in his image than to establish that Cruiserweights can win more than just one title?

Cameron Grimes had a very good segment tonight, with beating Grey to then beat Grey, only for Lumis to give him his comeuppance. This likely means Grimes finds a way to win at TakeOver to tie the series at 1-1. But I do have to say that Grimes is already becoming a master of blending serious and comedic wrestling within his character. We know he can win and be a strong threat, but he’s also able to bring charisma and an over-the-top nature so that it’s fun to see him get shown-up. We also got a great match out of Atlas VS Nese, in a way giving us great blending of NXT and 205 Live, but also just building Atlas back up, as we heard him say in that promo.

The Undisputed Era had a really good pseudo Prime Target, and McAfee had a great promo running it down. I also like that he easily utilized an honest, out of character moment of praising Pat Patterson to then double down on UE. McAfee’s character definitely talks a big game, but this has to mean he and his team lose big at WarGames. Though, with the UE having done everything, and a lot of new tag teams getting in the mix, this could be the moment UE pass the torch so to speak and head on to Raw or SmackDown (preferably SmackDown). And speaking of, GYV VS Imperium was great, and I’m fine that Ever-Rise caused the DQ. GYV and Imperium both stay strong, and this could become a Triple Threat to determine the first challengers for Oney & Danny.

Ciampa and Thatcher had a good segment to give us a good brawl, and their match being added last minute is whatever, the match itself should be very good. I have a feeling we’re also going to see the results of this new story for Boa, Xia Li and I believe it’s Karen Q who NXT casted as “her” this Sunday. Depending on who wins what, Xia might be sent after Io Shirai to try and jump the line towards the title. And speaking of Shirai, she was a shoe-in for joining Team Shotzi after what Team Candice did to her. I like how they introduced it, though. The almost Pulp Fiction briefcase moment with the “engine,” then the mysterious ladders scooting up to the perches, it was great stuff.

I was afraid for Shotzi there with her ankle, I thought she was going to end up sidelined right as she is going in as the team leader of WarGames. In a vacuum, it’s a bit worrisome in the math that the Faces went over, since they would then lose at WarGames. But since the UE are Faces in their match, and are the underdogs because of The Kings having advantage, you can’t just copy and paste that. Maybe Shotzi’s team still somehow end up against the wall since Indi likes helping Candice, and there are still somehow multiple Ghost Faces running around. All I know is, Shotzi and team need to be riding in on a tank and it’ll be a success.

My Score: 9.1/10

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Andrew’s AJPW Champion Carnival Results & Match Ratings: 4.10.2021

Day 2 of my fill in stint covering the AJPW Champion Carnival! Can Suwama get in the winner’s column? Can the Ace Kento get on the board? Does anyone pull away so early?



Day 2 of my fill in stint covering the AJPW Champion Carnival! Can Suwama get in the winner’s column? Can the Ace Kento get on the board? Does anyone pull away so early?

Given the fact the incumbent champion lost his first round, the ace lost and there were a few main event players that picked up hard fought wins but don’t have an easy day today, this should be interesting. What kind of tournament are we looking at?

Since the tournament is 1 block, each person gets 9 matches, similar to the G1. So using G1 logic, 2 losses puts you on the bubble of being out, and 3 losses is basically death with the exception of weird breakers or fun rock/paper/scissors situations.

So for everyone’s sake, let’s hope we end up at mostly parity to continue to keep everyone alive for most of this single block tournament!


  • Yuma Aoyagi vs Shotaro Ashino: Aoyagi wins via End Game @9:22 – ** ¾
  • Kohei Sato vs Koji Doi: Doi wins via Murder Lariat @4:52 – * ½
  • Shuj Ishikawa vs Zeus: Zeus wins via Arm Trap Facelock @10:41 – *** ½
  • Shinjiro Otani vs Kento Miyahara: Kento wins via Blackout @13:23 – *** ¾
  • Jake Lee vs Suwama: Suwama wins via Last Ride Powerbomb @18:23 – ****



Yuma Aoyagi vs Shotaro Ashino

So very similarly to the match against Otani, Aoyagi starts slow. The match begins with a handshake, then he gets driven to the ropes, Ashino slides under his legs during the break to trip him up and starts working over the leg. An early Stretch Muffler indicates that Ashino is most likely aiming to win with the Ankle Lock.

Aoyagi was on the move and constantly clawing for an opening. A few strikes and early knockdown give Aoyagi hope as he goes for End Game, but Ashino powers up and slams him into the corner. Ashino controls most of the tempo until we get a German Suplex trade off spot. Aoyagi ends up taking the worst of it, and Ashino goes for the Ankle Lock.

While in the Ankle Lock, Aoyagi tries to roll through 3 times, but Ashino moves with the roll and holds the move in place. Right before Aoyagi looks like he’s going to tap, he adjusts, grabs Ashino’s head for the Small Package; Ashino manages to kick out. But before Ashino can really re-orient himself, Aoyagi slaps on the full version of End Game. Ashino tries to fight through, but succumbs.

Ashino with two big losses almost writes him out already. Hopefully he makes a small run to suspend disbelief for a little bit and this isn’t his swan song from AJPW.

Kohei Sato vs Koji Doi

Doi comes out of a loss to a major player, Shuji Ishikawa, of current AJPW and Sato avenged his loss to the current Triple Crown Champion Suwama. So at face value, one should think this is a perfect time for Sato to gather some momentum to make sure he gets another shot at the title.

Contrary to logic, this match was interesting. Doi starts off with a quick flurry and picks Sato up into a Torture Rack. Sato eventually fights out and then we get a chop battle, which Sato is notoriously bad at and throws some of the lamest looking chops. Granted, even though he was losing the chops, apparently a well-placed Forearm rocked Doi enough to have Doi selling the forearm for nearly the rest of the match.

Referee Nikkan Lee gets up to seven before Doi starts responding enough to be on the receiving end of a Soccer Ball Kick from Sato. Sato senses the match is over, picks Doi up real cocky for a Brainbuster, but it gets countered into a Brainbuster of Doi’s own! A short range lariat rocks Sato afterward and then off the ropes for Murder Lariat! Sato is stacked up, Doi covers and Doi gets the win!

Well we look to be in an interesting starting spot so far. Who would’ve figured Koji Doi would have more points than Shotaro Ashino…ever. Also for clarity, the low rating is because the match was so abrupt. It wasn’t inherently bad, just not really anything to sink teeth into beyond an upset win.

Shuj Ishikawa vs Zeus

There is history with these two, most notable in my head is during Zeus’ only Triple Crown championship reign, Shuji was his first and only defense. So Zeus looks to continue momentum this year, possibly running back the undefeated record of last year; while Shuji is trying to protect his position and title as Gaora TV champion.

This goes the way most of their previous meetings have, where Shuji tries to overpower Zeus. Because even though Zeus is a bodybuilder, he’s a bit on the short side (5’10”). So with Shuji standing about 6 inches taller and not being of a slight build, Shuji loves to buckle Zeus and play the power struggle. Tests of Strength, Shoulder Tackles, Lariat battles, it’s all great power wrestler spots.

Shuji does however start to catch Zeus. So after a chagrining Lariat into the corner, the middle rope Mushroom Stomp and a few Tsunamis; it looks like Shuji is setting up to win with a Fire/Thunder Driver – but Zeus slips out the back! Zeus locks in the Arm Trap Facelock, and Shuji is dead to rights. Stuck in the middle, twisted about in the move, it only takes a few moments before Shuji is forced to tap and Zeus moves on with 4 points!

Shinjiro Otani vs Kento Miyahara

Dueling boots start the match, which Kento bails after being on the losing end of the exchange. Otani decides to remind him that recovering on the apron isn’t safe, so he charges and lands the Bootwash through the bottom rope sending Kento flying. As the match plays out on the outside, Kento regains his swagger, talks smack to referee Wada and does his “headbutts around the ring” spot.

After rocking Otani, Kento gets cocky, poses back in the ring and the smug Kento from his previous Triple Crown champion days starts making a return. He gives Otani too much space though, charges the corner, and takes a Drop Toe Hold into the bottom turnbuckle, and then Otani revs up the old kicking boot across Kento’s face for a few Bootwashes.

From this point, both men’s stubbornness comes out in spades. Kento gets a little cocky, Otani catches him on the corner, they fight back and Otani refuses to fall before hitting Kento with a Superplex. Then we go into a strike exchange where both are just wailing on one another. Otani manages to rock Kento and then catch him with a Dragon Suplex for a near fall.

Moving quickly, Otani hits Spiral Bomb, but again only two. So he tries a Dragon Suplex again, but Kento fights out. Kento hits a Blackout to the back of Otani’s head, and now they are throwing haymakers. Kento catches Otani with another Blackout, but Otani returns the favor with one of those Hashimoto Overhand Chops that put down Aoyagi yesterday! Otani goes for another, but Kento Blackouts the chop. The clash leaves Otani in more pain, another Blackout and Otani powers out of the pinfall at 1, but is scrambling and stumbling around, unable to find his feet. Kento hits one more point blank Blackout, and picks up his first points of the 2021 Carnival!

Jake Lee vs Suwama

So watching this second tournament match for Jake, I’ve come to realize what I’m referring to him as during this Total Eclipse gimmick. He is very much “Light Yagami” Jake Lee. He’s cackling when he accomplishes something, unbridled frustration and nearly schizophrenic reactions do really scream Death Note crazy Light.

This match was interesting since early on Suwama didn’t really know what to make of Jake, and Jake tried the same stuff he pulled on Ashino, where he was a little awkward, took advantage of situations and tried to bait Suwama into bad spots. The difference is, Suwama is a veteran and Triple Crown champion; so even though Jake got a few early shots, Suwama eventually forced him back into old habits.

Jake was forced to wrestle, hitting interesting flying kick and knee variations, pulled out the old Kitchen Sink and put in a lot more effort than the first match. Suwama managed to stay resilient and push our new Total Eclipse Death Note wielder. This match was built more around Jake coming into his new persona, and yet still not being able to get passed certain old hurdles.

Suwama absorbed a lot, hit some short range lariats, his Double Chop comeback, and the spinning chop. Jake hits the back of the head Giant Killing, attempts D4C, but Suwama blocks. Jake keeps the pressure up, attempts and old Giant Killing/Knee Lift, but Suwama catches the leg, lifts him into a Last Ride, and puts him away!

Suwama finally gets on the bored, and Jake is left stunned and seething. Which plays perfect for Jake to win the Carnival and earn his Suwama shot, and prove his evolution then.


Overall Score: 7.5/10

So this ended a little stronger over all than day 1, but both days so far have been a fun start. The mixture of upsets and oddly abrupt matches are perfect for a tournament even if they don’t rank high. In the larger picture of things it’s nice to see that a competitive match can end in less than 5 minutes without comedy tactics.

Seeing how Jake took the loss to Suwama gives me hope for this anime antagonist character. I’m honestly a little surprised that the whole tournament is knotted up except for Zeus at the 2-0 and Ashino at 0-2. I really did not think Ashino would be the slow kid in the pool right now. But I suppose since he was just betrayed he’s still finding his footing. Like I alluded to before, it would be nice if he’s just getting broken down to be built back up and not just putting people over on his way out.

Now since the only unique records are first and last, the rest of the tournament isn’t hard to figure out, but here are the standings! Solid first 2 days so far!


  1. Zeus: 2-0 – (4 Points)
  2. Shuji Ishikawa: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  3. Shinjiro Otani: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  4. Kohei Sato: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  5. Jake Lee: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  6. Kento Miyahara: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  7. Suwama: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  8. Koji Doi: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  9. Yuma Aoyagi: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  10. Shotaro Ashino: 0-2 – (0 Points)


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Mitchell’s WWE WrestleMania 37 Results & Report! (4/10/21)

The two night extravaganza begins!



WrestleMania 37 Coverage

WrestleMania sets sail once again!

The first of two epic nights begins, and Sasha Banks VS Bianca Belair will be its main event! Will Boss Time end as this becomes WrESTleMania?


  • WWE World Championship: Bobby Lashley w/ MVP VS Drew McIntyre; wins and
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship #1 Contenders Tag Team Turmoil: wins and will challenge Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler for the titles on night two.
  • Seth Rollins VS Cesaro; wins.
  • Steel Cage Match: Braun Strowman VS Shane McMahon; wins.
  • Damian Priest & Bad Bunny VS The Miz & John Morrison; win.
  • Raw Tag Team Championships: The New Day VS AJ Styles & Omos; win(s) and
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks VS Bianca Belair; wins and


It’s the WrestleMania 37 kickoff show!

Join Kayla Braxton, Booker T, JBL, Jerry “The King” Lawler and Peter Rosenberg in discussing, analyzing and predicting, finally back in front of a LIVE CROWD!!


The Night Panther is here!

But R-Truth keeps interrupting his commercials! Truth wants to be Old Spice Guy tho! Good thing he didn’t have his 24/7 Championship on him, Truth might’ve lost his baby tonight.


Sonya Deville joins the panel!

Fans are excited as the new assistant WWE official discusses the Women’s Tag Team Turmoil. She loves having fans back, and she has history with women’s tag team wrestling. She is ready to see what we get out of Billie Kay & Carmella. Finally, Billie has a spot! She has been selling herself, as it were, Mella finally accepted, and Billie’s just so entertaining so Sonya is ready to see that. And what of her former partner, Mandy Rose…? Well, they were a stronger team back in the day, but that was on Sonya. But she still wishes every team luck. JBL is so happy to have Sonya over Peter. Sonya doesn’t mind that.

And of course, today’s main event, Banks VS Belair. Sonya is a boss in her own right, so what does she make of Boss VS EST? Both very talented, but sometimes people get a nickname and it’s just that. The words better back up the names. Being a “boss” is more than just what’s on the surface. Like the suit? Yeah. You walk the walk, talk the talk, wear the suits. But Sonya will definitely be watching closely.


Vince McMahon is here!

He stands on stage with the superstars featured tonight as he speaks! “Throughout this pass year, our superstars performed tirelessly for all of you.” But there was something missing. And that was the fans of the WWE! As we now emerge from the pandemic, and on behalf of the entire WWE Family, Vince would like to say thank you, and welcome you back to WRESTLEMANIA!


Bebe Rexha performs America the Beautiful!


We’ve waited patiently for this moment.

“Finally…!” The biggest event in LIVE entertainment is BACK! Back with the spectacle, the excitement and the pageantry! WrestleMania is #BackInBusiness! And tonight, WWE sets sail on the high seas with epic epicness bigger than the history of history! Wait, what? Did he just say all that? That’s what was written. Okay, mate, let’s get this cold open done right. We pick up where we left off just last year. Our heroes are obnoxiously heroic as they battle for the ultimate prize: immortality. But no more tall tales, let’s get real, as the kids say. Tonight, we witness the global event that spans decades, created unforgettable moments, and has the memories we will remember forever.

But let us tip our caps to you, the fans, who made this possible. You over there, and them up there, and even those at home who “can’t not watch.” We raise the sails as fate still awaits. The course was corrected, the wind cannot be stopped, and the quest continues! Now how’s that? Impressive. But where’s the big finish? That’s cold open 101. Good point. Pyro montage! “Welcome back… to WrestleMania!”


There’s a rain delay!?

It seems Tampa wants to tease us by keeping things stalled a little longer.


Backstage interview with Shane McMahon.

How is he feeling after that moment on stage? Goosebumps, of course! Being back with LIVE fans, Shane is pumped! He’s going for the knockout on Braun. But what is his problem with Braun? Shane’s just poking fun is all. But he’s been more or less bullying him. What? How? What did he say? He said he was stupid. Well, Braun turned out not so stupid because a steel cage is a great choice. Shane is using is noodle to figure out what to do to Braun while he’s in there. Shane does have experience in that match. And the Monster Among Men is big, but shouldn’t Shane pick on someone more Shane’s size? Sure, maybe, but when the opportunity is there, he has to do it.

Bobby Lashley & MVP interrupt but Shane doesn’t mind, He lets them have their time. MVP says the time for talk is over. This is the crowning moment for Lashley and the All Might Era! No words can convey what is going on. The only language Lashley can speak right now and that Drew McIntyre can understand right now is VIOLENCE. MVP has said it before, the WWE World Championship changes you! McIntyre will agree with that because he has had that title and wants it back, but that isn’t happening! MVP told McIntyre that it’s over at Mania, and that McIntyre would lose his dignity, lose consciousness and lose the match. But McIntyre storms over to get in their face!

You want to go now, McIntyre?! MVP keeps the peace because this match will happen soon enough. McIntyre says Mother Nature can’t save Lashley. If they have to fight backstage, they will! McIntyre will not be stopped! MVP tells Lashley to stay calm, referees hurry over to keep this from getting any more heated, but that’s hard to do. McIntyre wants Lashley to keep that energy up. Sarah now asks McIntyre how he’s feeling. McIntyre is at a 10, he is just trying to keep his emotions in check. But last year, in the Performance Center, his first shot at the world title, he won it. McIntyre lost it for a few weeks, go it back.

But now to fight in the first match with live fans, if it’ll happen now, McIntyre is just fired up with MVP’s crap. WrestleMania or not, McIntyre just wants to drop Lashley’s ass! This WILL happen tonight!!


Kevin Patrick interviews the New Day.

They’re ready BABYYY~! People in the building has them excited! This feeling is hard to understand until you feel it! Even before Kevin was here! Kevin is happy to see these two against AJ Styles and Omos. But why? Because they’re fighting champions! Kevin had to be watching! The New Day fights the best. Omos & Styles might still not be registered, this might not happen. Oh they did? Then let’s go! Woods has felt Omos’ force but he is not afraid! Woods and Kofi have always been this size, so there are guys bigger, but they signed up for the titles! It doesn’t how big Omos is, how great Styles is, but the New Day has beaten every single other team! They cannot hang!!

OMG Big E!? Big E is THE Intercontinental Champion and he’s gonna do work on Night 2! Big E says we’ll see what makes these two one of the greatest tag teams ever!! You will see two men at their very best, so consider yourself BLESSED! Woods feels delivered! Kevin gets it, right? Yes, he does.


Backstage interview with Braun Strowman.

He has his steel cage match with Shane, but what’s he feeling? he’s just ready to do this. He isn’t doing this just for himself but for every person who has been bullied and called worthless! Braun is ready! Shane’s made the bed, he’s gonna lay it in, Braun will beat Shane within an inch of his life so let’s GO! Braun is in the best shape of his life, Shane has made a mistake getting into this. You can only poke a bear so much before it bites you. Braun is proving that bullies don’t win! You will see Braun stand over a corpse tonight, and we will be praying Shane can still breathe after tonight!


Backstage interview with Bianca Belair.

The EST’s first title match is at WrestleMania, in the main event! Where is she emotionally? Nervous, but that means she cares, just like she said on SmackDown. Yes, she’s against The Boss, she is all that, but Bianca doesn’t run from competition but runs to it. She is going to put the EST in The BEST, and will put it all on the line. And the best part? The fans are here! Bianca is going to do this not just for her, but for the world! Making #Herstory!


Backstage interview with Seth Rollins!

Mike- Er, Kevin, welcome! Your first Mania! Rollins is fired up as it’s just a wild night already. But given what’s happened since his return, with disrespect from Cesaro and the swing- MIKE. KEVIN. LISTEN. We don’t have to go over all that. You just had to bring up Cesazzlo. But that’s fine, and Rollins has wanted to address it. Since coming back, week after week, Zassoro has disrespected Rollins. Why? Maybe to use Rollins as a springboard into the potential that he’s been wasting. When the storm clears, the moon and stars will all shine on SETH FREAKIN’ ROLLINS, because he IS the NEW Mr. WrestleMania! And he’ll prove it again with the match of a lifetime when he trounces that joke Sazzaro in Raymond James Stadium! Have a great night Mike-Kevin. My Kevin? Hyphen it to Mi-Kevin.


Backstage interview with The Miz & Morrison.

They say they don’t need luck, because they have skill. You can tell a lot about a man from the company you keep. And Bad Bunny hanging out with Damian Priest means they’re scum. The fun and games are over. This isn’t the Super Bowl, the Grammy’s or SNL. This is WRESTLEMANIA! And you are up against the ONLY TWO-TIME Grand Slam Champion, and the Mayor of Slam Town, the Greatest Tag Team of the 21st Century! *Stare off into distance* #BeJealous!!


The hosts of WrestleMania are here!

Titus O’Neil and Hulk Hogan walk out on stage! Titus starts by saying, “Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Raymond James Stadium!” Welcome to Titus’ city of Tampa Bay! Rain, sleet, snow, it doesn’t matter! The WWE Universe has the energy we’ve been wanting for a whole YEAR! For one year, one month and a day, for the first time, we’re #BackInBusiness live! Not just that, Brother Titus! They need to hear ya! Titus says alright. Let’s try this again. For the first time in one year, one month and a day, WE ARE BACK IN BUSINESS, LIIIIIVE!!

Tampa gets loud to join in and Hogan says, “Let me tell you something, Titus!” We’re making history tonight, tomorrow night and even right now, with their very first match in front of the WWE audience, brother! But not just any match! They are kicking off with aggression, violence and the WWE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! And it’s the All Mighty Lashley and his dangerous Hurt Lock! If he gets the neck of a 747, he could break it! But McIntyre’s Claymore could kick the faces off of Rushmore in just one go! Then there’s one question to ask, Titus! Whatcha gonna do when Titus WORLDWIDE~ and ALL the Hulkamaniacs-

Whoa whoa whoa, and what about the two nights!? We’ve got TWO NIGHTS! And then ALL the Hulkamaniacs, run wild on you!?


WWE World Championship: Bobby Lashley w/ MVP VS Drew McIntyre!

The Chief Hurt Officer tried but failed to remove the Scottish Warrior from the equation, and now he will pay for it! Will McIntyre become a three-time world champion in the span of just one year?

The introductions are made, the title is raised, and this All Might WrestleMania Weekend opening contest FINALLY begins!


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