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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (12/31/20)

The final NXT UK of 2020!




NXT UK looks back at 2020 and looks forward to 2021!

In one last retrospective of the year, NXT UK throws things back to TakeOver: Blackpool II once more, and relives Tyler Bate VS Jordan Devlin!


  • NXT UK 2/13/20 –  Gallus VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch.
  • NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II – Tyler Bate VS Jordan Devlin.


WWE and NXT UK mourn the loss of Jon Huber, aka Luke Harper.


Andy Shepherd welcomes us back to the show!

It’s a special New Year’s Eve episode for the brand that’s been the home for some of the best sports entertainers in the world today! To begin the night, we look back to February to see a showdown of Gallus and the BritAm Brawlers!

Gallus VS Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch!

Mark Coffey and Wolfgang were just starting their reign as NXT UK Tag Team Champions, and were willing to prove Gallus Boys are always on top! Did the One Two prove them wrong?

The teams sort out and York is already fired up for the “One, Two!” Burch and Mark Coffey start with the bell. They tie up and go around, and Coffey puts Burch in a corner. The ref backs Coffey off but Coffey still gives Burch a push. Burch and Coffey tie up again, Burch waistlocks to a headlock. Fans rally up as Coffey powers Burch to the Gallus corner. Tag to Wolfgang and Wolfgang throws body shots. Wolfgang headlocks Burch and throws him down. Burch grinds his forearm back at Wolfgang’s face. The two stand up, Wolfgang shifts to a cravat and neck crank. Fans rally as Wolfgang puts Burch back in the Gallus corner. Mark tags back in and Gallus mugs Burch in the corner.

Mark wrenches the arm and mounts Burch for the armlock. Fans boo Gallus but join Oney in the chant. Burch powers up, reverses the hold, and tags in Oney! Oney CHOPS Mark then double whips with Burch. Oney hits an atomic drop and then CHOPS Mark! Tag to Burch, they double atomic drop! Then split the wishbone! Oney exits and Burch throws European Uppercuts into Mark. Burch whips corner to corner, but Coffey slides out and Wolfgang gets in. Wolfgang distracts Burch long enough for Mark to get back in. Mark waistlocks but Burch bucks the roll off. Burch turns around, into a BIG leaping EuroUpper!

Mark stomps Burch then drags him up into the Gallus corner. Tag to Wolfgang and Gallus mugs Burch more. Wolfgang snapmares to a half nelson chinbar. Fans rally up and Burch fights his way up, only for Wolfgang to wrangle him back down. Burch endures and fans continue to rally. Burch stands but Wolfgang knees low. Wolfgang whips Burch to a corner, Burch goes up and under, to tag Oney! Oney fires off hands on Wolfgang, but Mark comes in. Oney EuroUppers Mark first! Then hits Wolfgang with one! Then goes corner to corner to hit Mark! But Mark grabs Oney and keeps him trapped, as Wolfgang runs in and corner CROSSBODIES! Oney falls and Wolfgang hits Burch off the corner.

Wolfgang drops an elbow on Oney, then tags in Mark. Gallus mugs Oney now while fans troll with “ET Finger!” Mark drops knees on Oney’s back. Oney throws body shots back but Mark shoves and kitchen sink knees! Tag to Wolfgang, who runs and drops the basement senton! Cover, TWO! Wolfgang keeps on Oney with a half nelson chinbar. Oney endures as fans rally and duel. Oney fights his way up but now Wolfgang gets him in a full nelson. Wolfgang thrashes Oney around, Oney arm-drags free! Oney runs but Wolfgang intercepts to ram him into the Gallus corner! Tag to Mark and they mug Oney more.

Mark knees Oney to the apron, then hotshots the arm off the bottom rope! Wolfgang lurks nearby but the ref keeps him back. Oney gets in the ring but Mark stomps Oney down. Mark throws forearms then tags Wolfgang. Gallus mugs Oney more as fans duel. Wolfgang toys with Oney but Oney grits his teeth. Oney CHOPS Wolfgang but Wolfgang forearms back. Oney gets back up and CHOPS again! Wolfgang throws another forearm but Oney just powers up again. The Boston Bulldog just powers up from every forearm! And then he CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS! Wolfgang fireman’s carries for the Wasteland slam! Wolfgang MOONSAULTS, but FLOPS!

Oney crawls but so does Wolfgang, hot tags to Burch and Mark! Burch dropkicks Wolfgang down then comes back to throw hands on Mark! Forearm after forearm and then EuroUpper! Burch whips and elbows Mark down! And again! Burch spins Mark for another EuroUpper! Burch runs into the corner, clothesline, enziguri and German Suplex! He holds on, reels Mark out, for a HEADBUTT! Tag to Oney and the One Two work together. Burch lifts Mark but Wolfgang saves him from London Tower! Oney CHOPS and Burch HEADBUTTS Wolfgang down for it! Mark Polish HAMMERS Burch! Oney CHOPS Mark but Mark CHOPS back! We have a CHOP fight!

Oney gets the edge but Mark whips, only to get a BLOCKBUSTER! Tag to Burch, and Oney brings Mark up. Mark fights back, boots Burch then throws Oney out. Burch boots back and hops up, but Mark YANKS him down! Tag to Wolfgang, and Wolfgang tags Mark back in. Wolfgang catapults Burch into Mark’s fireman’s carry. Burch fights out and wrangles Mark down to a CROSSFACE! Oney tackles Wolfgang, for the BOSTON CRAB! Double submissions and York is thunderous! Joe Coffey coaches the Gallus Boys, and Wolfgang manages to turn over. Wolfgang shoves Oney onto Burch!

All four men are down but the teams regroup. Wolfgang SPEARS Oney out of the ring! Mark grabs Burch for a half nelson SLAM! Wolfgang hustles back to tag in. Fans rally as Gallus works together, enziguri powerslam! Cover, Gallus wins!

Winners: Gallus, by pinfall

Markus and Wolfie win, and we know they’re still on top as NXT UK Tag Team Champions now. Oney and Burch would find their own path to gold thanks to Pat McAfee, will we get to see these two teams battle again in a Champions VS Champions scenario?


NXT UK superstars share New Year’s greetings!

A-Kid says Feliz Ano Nuevo and hopes we have a prosperous 2021. Amir Jordan wants to wish us a Happy New Year. Aleah James hopes we all had a Merry Christmas and wishes us a Happy New Year. Dave Mastiff likes to wish us all a very happy New Year. Kay Lee Ray says that as we approach the end of this year, she hopes we have a Happy Holidays, and invites us to a celebration of the forever champion, her. Mark Andrews is back to give a big thanks to the fans who stuck with NXT UK in 2020 and hopes 2021 will be the best year yet!

Ashton Smith says it’s December 31st and Oliver Carter still hasn’t called. But he’s here to wish us a Happy New Year and that 2021 brings us all the success we could desire! Amale wishes us all a Happy New Year and hopes 2021 will be filled with hope. Gallus wishes us all a Happy New Year, all the best for the bells, Gallus Boys on Top. Isla Dawn wishes us a Happy New Year. Wild Boar also wishes us a Happy New Year HUNT! Noam Dar says it’s time for a celebration, and reflection. Dar’s already celebrating the ridiculous amount of gold he’ll be winning in 2021, just take his word for it from the Scottish Supernova.


Sam Gradwell speaks.

“Alright, here we go.” This is the Thunderstorm with a review of 2020. And just ignore his pet rabbit in the pen. Gradwell is a “wonderful man with a fantastic brain and a remarkable set of lungs. I’m the only man in the history of mankind that can breathe on the moon.” But that’s just between him and NASA. But Gradwell knows exactly what happened in 2020, so you don’t need to tell him. He keeps a very detailed journal, but not written down. It’s all in his brain. “You’ve got to use every sense you’ve been given, otherwise atrophies and you go daft and soft, like a yogurt.” And his buddy, Jeff, told him that, and Jeff owns a giraffe so you know he’s not wrong.

Anyway, 2020, January, “was very cold.” February was only slightly warmer, and March is where it all went wrong. COVID came and locked us all down, but we adjusted, overcame, and Gradwell became an expert in celestial navigation. Gradwell likes to fish, and he went down to the river every day to swipe with his bare hands and grab up from the water no less than 12 Basa, aka Vietnamese catfish. They’re extremely difficult to grapple with, but he did it.

NXT UK in 2020 “had enough steak in the freezer to keep the people fed all the way through lockdown,” and when it emerged, the Heritage Cup Tournament was there to blow people’s heads off. There was also a main event for the ages in Walter VS Ilja Dragunov for the NXT UK Championship, where they treated each other “exactly like my granddad treated the hedge that wouldn’t stop growing. Chop chop chop, off you pop.”

Then there was the return of the Thunderstorm, Gradwell himself, who defied the odds, got back on our screens, and showed us all what a “complex, beautiful man” he really is. In 2021, he plans on doing nothing but rattling kidneys, wobbling jowls, and wrecking people from January to next December. “So Happy New Year, you bunch of yogurts!”


Pretty Deadly speaks.

Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley wish us a Happy New Year and welcome us to “Casa Yes Boy!” For one night only, their casa es su casa. Sam’s been the DJ so Lewis slaved away in the kitchen in return. Lewis has been trying some new cocktail ideas. This first one is… Oof, it looks bad and tastes worst. Well, Lewis calls that one “The Hunt” so it makes sense. How about this one? Smells like fear, that’s interesting. Strong, good, but missing some ingredients. Been on the top shelf for far too long and now it’s stale. Lewis calls that one “The Gallus.” The third one, Sam doesn’t even want a part of! Oh, sorry, that’s Ashton-Oliver, sorry! Awful, terrible, shouldn’t have been playing around.

But to make it up to him, this one he will surely like. Lewis does some serving tricks, pours it out and… Oh yes this smells good, looks good, tastes good! A winner! Of course it’s the Pretty Deadly. #YesBoy! A drink to truly quench the thirst. 2020 gave a taste, a tease even, but 2021 will have a mouthful. So whether dancing the night away with a partner, or alone crying, Pretty Deadly wishes you a Happy New Year.


More superstars have New Year’s messages.

Jinny wishes us all an amazing New Year, and does not want us to set resolutions because we will fail them all. Dragunov says this will be another year filled with beautiful moments, maybe even challenging ones. Be grateful for what is to come, and have a Happy New Year. Kenny Williams wishes us a Happy New Year, from his family to ours, and hopes that 2021 will be the luckiest year ever. Primate sighs and wishes us a happy new year because he has to. Dani Luna sends her best wishes for 2021 and says a happy new year is just inevitable.

Joseph Conners says a new year is a chance for a new you, and you can knock those resolutions out of the park. Perhaps it can be a new Conners, too…? Even referee Chris Sharpe wishes us a happy and healthy 2021! Jack Starz wishes us all a Happy New Year, stay hungry and get after it! Nina Samuels wishes us all a very Happy New Year, and wants us to take our seats to watch the Nina Samuels Show.


Noam Dar’s Supernova Sessions will have a great start to 2021!

The return of Mr. 11’s talk show will have the newest superstar to join NXT UK, Benjamin Carter! What will Dar ask the newest prodigy of pro-wrestling?


More superstars wish us well!

Saxon Huxley maniacally wishes us a Happy New Year and a brave new world for NXT UK. Piper Niven wishes us a Happy Holiday and New Year. Levi Muir wishes the entire WWE Universe a new year and promises that 2021 will be his breakout moment on the brand. Oliver Carter wishes us a Happy New Year and hopes our year will be blessed. Ready and Forward, Always Forward! Xia Brookside wants to wish us all a Happy New Year and hopes we’re ready, because we’ll all #FlyWithBrookside in 2021! Rampage Brown wishes us all a happy and healthy new year. Tyson T-Bone wishes us a very Happy New Year. Eddie Dennis is here to wish us a Happy New Year that’s just as good as 2020 was. “Because frankly, that’s all you deserve.”


Tyler Bate VS Jordan Devlin!

This match dates back to the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Championship tournament, in which Bate would of course become THE inaugural WWE UK Champion. The Irish Ace does not have fond memories of that tournament. But now, three years later, Devlin feels Bate was a waste of a TakeOver: Cardiff contender, despite the incredible match Bate put on with Walter. In the end, a loss is a failure. Will the Big Strong Boy prove to Devlin he is no failure?

The bell rings, and fans are of course singing for Bate already, just like they were for Seven earlier. Devlin is annoyed and Bate smiles. Bate and Devlin circle and tie up. Bate pushes Devlin to ropes but Devlin turns it around. They end up in a corner as fans chant for the “Big Strong Boy” already. Devlin dirties the break with a quick headbutt but Bate keeps his cool. The two circle again and fans troll Devlin with songs comparing him to Finn Balor. Devlin and Bate tie up, Devlin wrenches and wristlocks, then yanks on the arm. Bate endures the wristlock and spins through to arm-drag. But Devlin holds the wrist and wrenches again.

Bate gets up, spins again, and then monkey flips! But Devlin still has the wrist. Bate gets up a third time, rolls, handsprings and wrenches back. Bate rolls Devlin and has the wristlock now, but Devlin kips up to slip through and kick a leg out. Devlin yanks Bate up but Bate headlock takeovers to counter the saido! Bate uses the legs to bring Devlin up but Devlin trips Bate to jackknife cover. TWO as Bate bridges but Devlin escapes the underhooks. Bate throws Bop up but Devlin is ready for Bang and blocks it! Fans cheer, they do respect that. Devlin kicks low and headlocks but Bate powers out. Things speed up, Bate hurdles and FLIPS Devlin!

Devlin flounders up, Bate whips him to back drop him! Fans chant for the “Big Strong Boy!” again as Bate military presses Devlin! Bate SLAMS Devlin down then dropkicks him out of the ring! Fans rally up as Bate builds speed, but Devlin catches him for an urenage! Arabian Press! Cover, TWO! Devlin argues with the ref but fans start to duel. Devlin rains down furious right hands on Bate but lets up as the ref reprimands. Devlin whips Bate and takes him down with a kitchen sink knee. Cover, TWO! Devlin drags Bate up and back suplexes high and hard! Cover, TWO! Devlin keeps his cool as he drives an elbow into Bate’s forehead.

Fans rally and sing for Bate, even as Devlin chokes Bate on the ropes. Devlin lets up at the count of 3 to drag Bate back up. Butterfly suplex! Fans boo as Devlin mocks the moustache check. Devlin stomps Bate then drags him up for toying kicks. Devlin gives sharper kicks mixed in, then says “There’s only one ace!” Bate blocks the ripcord! Bate whips Devlin HARD into a corner and Devlin tumbles right out! Bate builds speed again, to FLY! Direct hit at the ramp! Bate puts Devlin in fast as fans fire up for “NXT! NXT!” Bate climbs up top but has to catch his breath. Bate leaps, into a GUT BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Devlin is frustrated but damage was done.

Fans rally for Bate again as Devlin paces. Devlin drags Bate up and shoves him into ropes to forearm hard into the back! Devlin springboards to drop down on Bate, and then stands on Bate’s head. The ref reprimands and Devlin lets up to drag Bate around by his legs. Devlin hooks the legs up and grabs at the arms. Bate resists but Devlin brings Bate up into the Romero Special! That’s a show of strength from Devlin! And then he chinlocks to bend Bate all the way back! Devlin tosses Bate out of the surfboard and Bate lands hard. Devlin tells fans to stop cheering as he stomps Bate more.

Devlin whips Bate but Bate rolls him! TWO, and Bate dodges. Devlin dodges, DOUBLE CROSSBODIES collide! Fans cheer as both men are down and stirring. Bate and Devlin get to opposite ends and stand. Devlin runs in but blocks a boot, only to get a knee! Bate hops up, leaps for a flying uppercut! Devlin ends up in the other corner, Bate runs in for another uppercut. But Devlin follows and leaps, into Bate’s arms! EXPLODER! Bate kips up, but sees the knees coming for the Shooting Star. Bate sits Devlin up to Penalty Kick! Then Shooting Star! Cover, TWO! “This is Awesome!” but far from over!

Bate and Devlin stand and Devlin is in a corner. Bate runs back in but Devlin slips out. Devlin slingshots, but Bate catches him in a torture rack! Bate flips Devlin around, for the Airplane Spin! Around and around and around, for a count of over 30! And he picks up speed! Blackpool is thunderous as Devlin flies off at 50!! Bate wobbles over, brings Devlin up, BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Devlin survives and Bate is shocked! Fans are singing again as Bate and Devlin slowly stir. Bate is up first and fans rally. Bate brings Devlin up, underhooks, but Devlin huricanrana SPIKES! Cover, TWO and Bate sunsets! TWO and Devlin blocks the victory roll, to waistlock and GERMAN! Cover, TWO!!

Bate survives and Devlin is frustrated. Fans rally again as Devlin grits his teeth. Devlin and Bate go to opposite ends again, and Devlin runs in. Bate puts him on the apron, but Devlin slingshots back in for the CUTTER! Bate gets under the bottom rope and to the apron but Devlin pursues. Devlin slingshot CUTTER to the apron! Both men crash and burn but are somehow okay to continue. A ring count begins, and starts to climb as Devlin and Bate lean against the barriers. The count passes 5, then 7 as both men stand. Devlin ROUNDHOUSES Bate before going into the ring at 8! Bate hears 9, gets in at 9.9!! Fans rally again as Devlin grits his teeth.

Devlin drags Bate up, kicks him in the face, but Bate grabs the leg! Bate endures the clubbing forearms to give heavy forearms of his own. Devlin returns it, so now it’s a forearm fight! Fans are on Bate’s side with every CRACK of the forearm. Devlin DECKS Bate with a jab! Devlin drags Bate up but Bate JABS back. JAB for JAB, they have lead in their hands! And fire in their eyes as they keep going!! Fans are at a fever pitch as Bate body shots and ROCKS Devlin. But Devlin throws more hands! Bop up but Devlin hits BANG! So Bate rebounds to the rolling heel kick! Bate drags Devlin up, underhooks, but Devlin slips out to HEADBUTT!

Devlin yanks, but Bate wants a sunset flip so Devlin bucks him off! Only for Bate to rebound, into a SPANISH FLY! BANG still hits!? Devlin flounders up to HEADBUTT again! Both men are down in a daze but Blackpool is rumbling again! Blackpool sings, “Are~ you watching, Vince McMahon?” Devlin is up first and he drags Bate over to a drop zone. Fans chant “UK! WOOP WOOP!” as Devlin climbs slowly. Devlin reaches the top but Bate springs to life to trip him up! Bate turns Devlin around and climbs up to join him. Fans fire up again as Bate brings Devlin in, but Devlin choke grips!

Devlin forces Bate to switch places with him, SUPER SPANISH FLY!! DEVLINSIDE!! Cover, TWO!?! Bate survives and Devlin finally sees what Walter had to deal with. Blackpool hopes they “Fight Forever!” as Devlin drags Bate up for quick kicks to the face, then stomps! Devlin stands on Bate’s hand to then grab it. Devlin mocks Bop, and BANG! Then he underhooks Bate, but Bate slips out to get Devlin! Devlin puts Bate on the apron, Bate HEADBUTTS hard!! Devlin flounders but Bate springboards, TORNADO DDT! Underhooks, TYLER DRIVER ’97!! Cover, TWO!?!? Bate hurries up top to CORKSCREW! Cover, Bate wins!!

Winner: Tyler Bate, by pinfall

Incredible!! Bate returns to Blackpool and finally gets a TakeOver victory! What is better than being an Ace? Being a Big Strong Boy! But it’s already been some time since this win, will Bate return to former glory in the new year?

My Thoughts:

A really good retrospective to be the 2020 finale for NXT UK. Pretty much everyone on the roster gave New Year’s wishes, and it was clear most of them were recorded at the same time as the Christmas messages, but that’s fine. But Sam Gradwell is an incredible talker. I had to keep going back on the Network’s player to make sure I heard him right and understood what he was saying. That guy should definitely be considered for the Heritage Cup or NXT UK Championship, once he’s built himself up.

And the match choices to replay were great, as well. Gallus VS Lorcan & Burch definitely seems interesting now with Lorcan & Burch as NXT Tag Team Champions. I would love if both teams are still reigning come a Worlds Collide 2021 special so that we could have that match again but even better somehow. And of course anything with Tyler Bate is great, and his match with Devlin from Blackpool II was part of what made that TakeOver a strong one.

My Score: 8.4/10

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