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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (1/5/21)

A Dark start to 2021!



AEW Dark 2

It’s a Sweet Sixteen for the first Dark of the year!

Like everyone, AEW wants to shrug off 2020 and get a fresh start to 2021! And with SIXTEEN matches on one card, Dark is already going big!


  • Jungle Boy w/ Jurassic Express VS Nick Comoroto; Jungle Boy wins.
  • Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Alex Gracia; Nyla wins.
  • Scorpio Sky VS Ariel Levy; Scorpio wins.
  • Rey Fenix w/ Penta El Zero Miedo VS Aaron Solow; Fenix wins.
  • Brandon Cutler VS Louie Valle; Cutler wins.
  • “Pretty” Peter Avalon VS Angel Fashion; Avalon wins.
  • Ivelisse & Diamante VS KiLynn King & Tesha Price; Ivelisse & Diamante win.
  • Six Man Tag: Gunn Club VS Mike Verna & Bear Country; Gunn Club wins.
  • Shanna VS Vipress; Shanna wins.
  • Matt Sydal VS Baron Black; Sydal wins.
  • Thunder Rosa VS Ashley Vox; Rosa wins.
  • The Acclaimed VS Lee Johnson & Shawn Dean; The Acclaimed win.
  • Fuego Del Sol VS Danny Limelight; Limelight wins.
  • Fatal 4 Way: Frankie Kazarian w/ Christopher Daniels VS Griff Garrison w/ Brian Pillman Jr VS Angelico w/ Jack Evans VS Darius Martin w/ Dante Martin; Kazarian wins.
  • Sammy Guevara VS Michael Nakazawa; Guevara wins.
  • The Dark Order’s Alan Angels VS Serpentico w/ Luther; Angels wins.


Jungle Boy w/ Jurassic Express VS Nick Comoroto!

Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt are ringside as Jungle Jack Perry takes on the Wrecking Ball Freak Beast! Will JB survive to keep the Jurassic Express on track?

The bell rings and JB circles with Comoroto. They tie up, JB waistlocks, wrenches and wristlocks, but Comoroto pulls hair to put JB on the ropes. The ref counts, JB gets around to waistlock again but Comoroto switches to slam JB down. JB slips out to facelock back and fans cheer, but Comoroto powers JB to the corner. Comoroto puts JB up top and pats him on the cheek, but JB boots him away! JB leaps over Comoroto, comes back but Comoroto puts him on the apron. JB slides under, around and shoulders in to slingshot, but into a scoop! JB slips out and dropkicks! Comoroto stays up but JB runs to RANA Comoroto out!

JB builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit and Comoroto hits railing! Stunt cheers and JB puts Comoroto in. High five from Stunt before JB goes in, and he fires forearms. Comoroto scoops, JB slips out but Comoroto elbows him away. Comoroto whips JB face first into ropes! Cover, TWO! Comoroto digs his forearm in, covers, TWO! Comoroto whips JB hard into buckles as fans rally up. JB gets up and CHOPS Comoroto, but he brings JB up to suplex! Cover, TWO! Comoroto grows frustrated with JB, and he looms over JB again. Fans rally for JB but Comoroto CLUBS JB down! JB CHOPS back, but Comoroto whips again, only for JB to kick!

JB kicks more, but swings into a scoop and BACKBREAKER! Comoroto is still frustrated and he stalks JB to a corner. Comoroto throws big elbows into JB, brings him around and whips him to the corner, but JB elbows back! JB ROCKS Comoroto with a forearm, boots him, then runs, but Comoroto side steps, JB REBOUND LARIATS! Fans fire up with JB as he KICKS away on Comoroto! JB runs, slides, runs back, but into a scoop and RUNNING POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!! JB survives but Comoroto fires himself up. Comoroto drags JB up as fans rally up again.

JB pushes Comoroto away to get to a corner but Comoroto whips him out to whip back in. JB dodges and Comoroto knees buckles! JB runs to dropkick the legs out! SUPERKICK! JB hits a standing KNEE-SAULT! STF!! The Snare Trap! Comoroto taps, JB wins!

Winner: Jungle Boy, by submission

It’s a new year, JB has a new song and some new moves, but he’s still on a roll! Will the Jurassic Express be able to make 2021 their year?


Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Alex Gracia!

Anyone else getting deja vu? Well, the Pink Dream might end up with a recurring nightmare after she faces the Native Beast again. Will Nyla be any less vicious than she was the first time?

The bell rings and Gracia fires off on Nyla! Nyla shoves her back, Gracia comes back to throw more forearms but Nyla shoves her again. Gracia dodges, dropkicks a leg out then dropkicks Nyla down! Gracia rains rights down but Nyla shoves her away. Gracia runs but into a SAMOAN DROP! Nyla growls, looms over Gracia then stomps her. Vickie is the only one cheering Nyla on as she dead lifts Gracia and throws her into a corner! Nyla back body blocks then CLOBBERS Gracia! Nyla drags Gracia up, lifts and BEAST BOMBS! Cover, Nyla wins!

Winner: Nyla Rose, by pinfall

Surprisingly, that was rather merciful for the Vicious Vixens. Vickie gets in the ring and gets the mic to laugh, and says, “This just baffles my mind!” The first time, Gracia must not have learned her lesson. “Now here is this bratty piece of Bubblelicious Bubble Gum that’s going to get destroyed again because the pain keeps on giving.” Vickie wants Nyla to show the fans how she spits her gum out. Nyla gets a table and brings it into the ring as Vickie mocks Gracia’s pain, and even steps on her!

Vickie laughs as Nyla sets the table up. Vickie says the bubble gum is going to pop, but hopes she has a Happy New Year. Nyla drags Gracia up, to BEAST BOMB her through the table!! The Vicious Vixens are ruthless, but will 2021 be their year?


Scorpio Sky VS Ariel Levy!

Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian have put pressure on themselves, and SoCal Uncensored could end up no more. How will the Closer handle that pressure on his end as he takes on the Star of Chile?

The bell rings and Scorpio circles with Levy. They tie up, Scorpio gets around to waistlock and slam Levy down. Fans cheer as Scorpio facelocks to get a cover, TWO! Levy gets around to a waistlock, Scorpio switches but Levy elbows out. Levy throws forearms and body shots but Scorpio hits back. Scorpio EuroUppers Levy, then hits him again! Levy flounders into a whip, then a body shot. Scorpio hooks a leg, and hits the Russian Leg Sweep! Fans cheer while Levy gets to a corner. Levy wants to know if the back of his head is bleeding. Scorpio hurries over, Levy throws forearms! Levy whips, Scorpio reverses but Levy turns the hip toss into a roll-up, ONE! BASEMENT KNEE! Cover, TWO!

Levy argues the count but he drags Scorpio up to club him down. Scorpio hits back with body shots but Levy throws forearms. Scorpio keeps throwing hands, they brawl, Levy throws forearms then runs, into a haymaker! Levy keeps moving, Scorpio kicks and whips, Levy ducks and dodges. Scorpio feints haymaker to get Levy with a KNEE! And a COMPLETE SHOT! Scorpio stalks Levy, watches him rise, and then gets a waistlock. Levy lands out of the back suplex, spins Scorpio and hits a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO!

Levy is frustrated already and he slaps Scorpio around. Levy whips, Scorpio reverses but Levy kicks him away. Levy swings but Scorpio dodges to dropkick Levy down! Scorpio watches Levy get up again, fireman’s carries to the T K O! Cover, Scorpio wins!

Winner: Scorpio Sky, by pinfall

The Closer is still rolling! If The Addiction has to quit, will Scorpio still be able to #ReachForTheSky all on his own?


Marko Stunt comes back out to the ring!

It would seem Fun-Sized and “Negative One,” Brodie Jr, have had a war of words. Stunt is here to address those issues, but The Dark Order appears first! Negative One tells Stunt, “Marko, every time I see you… You win with someone with you. Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, in a tag team match. You always win because you have a bigger version of you.” But Negative One promises one day, when he’s a wrestler, he will be so much taller. Stunt puts his mic down to get in Negative One’s face, but Negative One shoves him away!

Cody and security hurry out to keep this from turning into a brawl! But Cody alone isn’t enough to hold Negative One back and he gets at Stunt! Cody and a ref pull Negative One away, Stunt tries to break through but Tony Khan and Matt Jackson are there to stop him. Negative One gets loose again! He CLOBBERS Stunt! The security pulls these two apart again, and Negative One even hits Cody and the ref! He’s a man possessed! Stunt runs but Negative One gives chase! Is Negative One absolutely unstoppable?!


Rey Fenix w/ Penta El Zero Miedo VS Aaron Solow!

The Firebird will get his shot at the AEW World Championship for New Year’s Smash, but that means keeping his edge sharp! Will he use the Extra Talented as an extra special tune-up for taking on The Cleaner?

The bell rings, Fenix circles with Solow and ties up, throws knees and wrenches to a wristlock. Fenix pulls on the arm, Solow rolls Fenix up, TWO! Fenix facelocks, Solow slips out to wrench and cover, ONE! Fans cheer as the two reset and circle again. Fenix gets around to waistlock, Solow switches but Fenix switches again. Fenix ripcords but Solow dodges, the two stand off as they show haymakers. Fenix claps and wants to shake hands, but then he leaves Solow hanging. Solow doesn’t laugh, he shoves Fenix, and dares Fenix to show him something. Things speed up, Fenix hurdles but Solow spins to arm-drag Fenix!

Solow runs in, springboard arm-drags but Fenix handsprings through. Fenix blocks a kick, rolls Solow up, ONE, Fenix wrenches and CHOPS him! Fenix runs to a corner, goes up and up and hops around to arm-drag Solow away! Solow is dizzy as he gets up, and Fenix runs in to sobat! Fenix drags Solow up, fireman’s carries, but Solow slips out to throw Fenix down and DOUBLE STOMP! Cover, ONE!! Solow stomps Fenix more, has him on the ropes and chokes him, but lets off as the ref reprimands. Solow chokes Fenix as he stands on him at the ropes, then hops off at 3. Solow stomps Fenix, Fenix hits back but Solow throws hands. Fenix chops, Solow stomps! Cover, ONE!

Fenix CHOPS, Solow DECKS Fenix! Solow brings Fenix up to snap suplex, cover, TWO! Solow grows annoyed with Fenix and brings him back up. Solow suplexes but Fenix fights that off. Fenix throws a forearm, goes to a corner and runs back to use the ropes for a SPINNING SOBAT! Solow tumbles out of the rings and Fenix builds speed, but Solow slides in. Fenix tiger feints to GAMANGIRI, then steps in to RANA! Fans fire up with Fenix, “ANIMO!” Fenix runs but Solow ROCKS him with that right! EXPLODER! Cover, TWO!! Fenix survives but Solow grows frustrated.

Solow drags Fenix back up, underhooks, but Fenix slips out, only for Solow to block the superkick! SCREW HIGH KICK! Cover, TWO!! Fenix survives and fans fire up! Fenix goes to a corner, Solow runs in, but Fenix BOOTS him back! Fenix headscissors to reel Solow into ropes, then corner tiger feint! Fenix somersaults in for the CUTTER! Cover, TWO?!? Solow survives but Fenix fireman’s carries, tucks, throws some knees, FIRE THUNDER DRIVER! Cover, Fenix wins!

Winner: Rey Fenix, by pinfall

Solow gave Fenix quite a bit more than a tune-up, but Fenix wins all the same! Will this bode well for Fenix taking on the Best Bout Machine for New Year’s Smash?


Brandon Cutler VS Louie Valle!

The Dungeon Master is still on a win streak, but with Dark being recorded in 2020, will his streak finish out the year? Or will he have to start all over with 2021?

The bell rings and Cutler circles with Valle. Valle waistlocks, Cutler bucks him off and goes out to springboard in, FLYING FOREARM! Cutler scoop slams Valle, to run and LONG DISTANCE LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Valle gets up, throws big haymakers, but Cutler just shakes his head. Valle runs and leaps but into Cutler’s arms! Cutler tries to pop Valle up but Valle elbows free! Valle eggs Cutler on, drop toeholds him to ropes, and slingshots out to dropkick Cutler back in! Cutler staggers, Valle goes up a corner and leaps to missile dropkick! “Somebody tell this dragon that Louie Valle has the hottest breath in all of AEW!”

Valle runs, fakes Cutler out and kicks, but Cutler BOOTS him down! Cutler asks if Valle talked about hot breath. That’s some stank breath is what it is! Cutler runs in, Valle dodges and comes back with an elbow! Valle dropkicks a leg out, then he says “I’m gonna show ’em how we do it in the Bronx!” Valle climbs up but Cutler dropkicks him to the floor! Cutler goes out, fetches Valle and gives him an APRON BACK SUPLEX! Cutler drags Valle up, suplexes and holds him, but Valle fights out! Valle runs in and whips but Cutler holds ropes.

Cutler denies the whip, swings a kick but Valle ducks, to get a quick kick! Valle staggers, Cutler goes out and baits Valle into a KICK and a BOOT! Cutler slingshot enziguris Valle! Then the scoop, and TOTAL PARTY KILL! Cover, Cutler wins!

Winner: Brandon Cutler, by pinfall

TPK FTW, and the streak continues! Will Cutler stay on this roll until he’s won the big one?


“Pretty” Peter Avalon VS Angel Fashion!

While it seemed like The Ivy League MVP was a shoe-in for the Pageant Provocation, his disrespect of #PPAAllDay may have bumped him off the list. Will Griff’s loss be Fashion’s gain? Or just another score on the board for Pretty Peter?

The bell rings and Avalon talks some smack on the peers ringside. Fashion and Avalon tie up, Avalon gets around to headlock and hit the takeover. Fashion headscissors, Avalon pops out and the two reset. Avalon tells Fashion to be careful with his face, and then he flexes on Fashion. They tie up, knuckle lock and a wrench but Fashion rolls to sweep the legs. Cover, ONE, and Avalon reverses rolls to sweep and cover, ONE! Avalon kicks low, throws haymakers, then has Fashion in the corner. Fashion blocks the punch, turns things around, but Avalon begs “NOT THE FACE!” So Fashion CHOPS him instead!

Fashion whips corner to corner, Avalon reverses and runs in, but Fashion boots him away to then RUNNING KNEE! Cover, TWO! Fashion drags Avalon up, mule kicks then front kicks but Avalon ducks the heel kick. Avalon flapjack hotshots then runs, to CLOBBER Fashion! Cover, TWO! Avalon keeps his focus, CLAWS Fashion’s back and CLUBS him down. Avalon stomps Fashion around, throws Fashion out, then lounges as he soaks up the heat from fans. Fashion gets up as the ring count climbs, but Avalon drags him in through ropes for a suplex! Cover, TWO! Avalon drags Fashion up, fireman’s carries, and Wasteland Slams!

Avalon goes up top, moonsaults but FLOPS, and Fashion fires off haymakers! Avalon whips, Fashion reverses and dodges the clothesline to kick low. Fashion runs corner to corner, is put on the apron but ROUNDHOUSES Avalon away! Fashion goes up and missile dropkicks Avalon down! Cover, TWO! Fashion runs at Avalon again, but Avalon POSTS him! Avalon slides under, comes back, MARTI-KNEES! Cover, Avalon wins!

Winner: Peter Avalon, by pinfall

That wasn’t a pretty victory, but his win streak is still continuing! And he gives Fashion a signed copy of his 8 x 10. Who will be next to try Pretty Peter’s Pageant Provocation?


Ivelisse & Diamante VS KiLynn King & Tesha Price!

The Women’s Tag Cup winners are still rolling strong together, but the medals have to mean more. Will they make AEW Management see that when they trump The King and make Tesha pay the price?

The teams sort out, Diamante shoves Price but King shoves back! The ref keeps this from breaking down, Ivelisse steps up to start with King. King ROCKS Ivelisse, Ivelisse KICKS King but King GUT BUSTERS Ivelisse! King bumps Ivelisse off buckles, tags Price, and the new team is pumped up as they hit a hip toss senton! Cover, ONE, but Price swats Ivelisse’s clothesline to springboard arm-drag! Ivelisse blocks the hip toss, Price knees low and flips to arm-drag again! Ivelisse staggers up, Price runs in but is put in the ropes! Ivelisse KICKS Price, Diamante gets a cheap shot in! Ivelisse then uses ropes to swing Price into a SLAM! Cover, ONE!!

Ivelisse drags Price up, tags Diamante, and Price gets a knee to t he head! Diamante CHOPS Price, throws forearms, then whips Price to ropes to clobber her! Cover, TWO! Diamante is annoyed but she drags Price up and puts her in the corner. Tag to Ivelisse, Diamante uppercuts then Ivelisse elbows, Diamante hits another uppercut and Ivelisse RAMS in! Tag to Diamante, but Price fires off elbows! Diamante kicks low and hits a BELLY2BELLY! Cover, TWO! Diamante drags Price up to wrap on an armlock but fans rally up.

Price fights up, fights free, but Diamante throws forearms back. Diamante whips, Price dodges and uses the corner to get around to KICK Diamante! Diamante shoves Price but Price CLOBBERS Diamante with an elbow! Fans rally as both ladies crawl, hot tags to Ivelisse and King! King fires off on Ivelisse, CHOPS Diamante, then fires off more! Ivelisse runs into a clothesline! And another! King boots Ivelisse, ROUNDHOUSES, and Price ENZIGURIS! GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, Diamante breaks it! King drags Ivelisse up and fireman’s carries but Ivelisse fights free, to an OCTOPUS!

Diamante tags in, kicks King, and then hooks her up into a straitjacket ARMBAR! Price runs in but Ivelisse intercepts! King TAPS, Diamante and Ivelisse win!

Winners: Ivelisse & Diamante, by submission

The #CubanLinks crush the hopes of King and Price, and the tag cup winners keep on winning! Will the Cuban Diamond and La Sicaria get more gold to go with the medals?


Six Man Tag: Gunn Club VS Mike Verna & Bear Country!

Billy and his boys are no stranger to the Real Man of Steel, but this is the first time they’ve seen Bronson & Boulder up close. Will the Gunn Club be lost in Bear Country for the new year?

The trios sort out and Austin steps up against Verna. Fans rally up already as Verna calls out Billy! Billy tags in and circles with Verna, but Verna does the “Superman opens his shirt” move. Billy just says “SUCK IT!” Verna tags Boulder in and he ties up with Billy. Boulder puts Billy in a corner but the ref counts and Boulder backs off. Boulder elbows Billy, whips him corner to corner, runs in but Billy BOOTS! Billy runs into a POWERSLAM! Fans fire up as Boulder drags Billy over and tags in Verna. Verna stomps Billy, tells Billy to ‘ey oh, ‘ey! Verna runs, but into a mule kick! Austin tags in, he runs but Verna fireman’s carries! Austin slips out but Verna runs him over!

Things speed up, Austin hurdles and LARIATS Verna down! Austin is fired up and he runs in to uppercut! Tag to Colten, the brothers work together to uppercut, and DUNK ON Verna! Colten brings Verna out to body shot and underhook but Verna gets away! Tag to Bronson and he circles with Colten. They tie up, Bronson CLUBS Verna, then drags him up by his hair. Colten throws haymakers, whips, but Bronson reverses. Colten slides out, Verna gets him as he gets in, and then Bronson CLOBBERS Colten! Bronson drags Colten around, CLUBS him, then throws more hands. Bronson taunts Colten to tag his family but drags him away to tag in Boulder.

Bear Country has Colten for a headbutt to ribs, then Boulder puts Colten in the corner. Verna helps mug Colten and Boulder throws big elbows and clotheslines! The ref counts, Boulder lets off to whip Colten into the corner for a SPLASH! Tag to Verna and he drags Colten up to snap suplex! Cover, ONE, but Verna keeps Colten down with a facelock. Verna drags Colten over, tags Bronson in and they mug Colten. The Gunns rally the fans but Bronson DECKS Colten! Cover, TWO! Bronson keeps Colten down with a chinlock and Colten endures. Fans rally up, Colten fights up and throws body shots. Colten runs but Bronson CLOBBERS him!

Bronson drags Colten away from the Gunns, bumps him off buckles and fires off big body shots! Tag to Verna, Verna brings Colten to a suplex but Colten blocks. Verna clubs, tries again but Colten still resists. Verna clubs away, kicks but Colten blocks it, only for Verna to enziguri! Verna runs in but is put on the apron. Verna shoulders in, climbs up, but Colten gets under the leap. Colten runs but into a POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO! Verna drags Colten over, tags in Boulder, and Boulder stomps Colten. Boulder puts Colten in a drop zone and climbs up as fans rally. Boulder DECKS Billy, then goes up to MOONSAULT! Colten dodges and the moonsault FLOPS! Hot tags to Austin and Verna!

Austin rallies on Verna, hits Bronson for good measure, then uppercuts in the corner! Bronson gets in but Austin BLASTS him! Verna swings but misses, Austin trips and THROWBACKS! Cover, but Boulder breaks it! Billy is in but Boulder scoops him! Colten dropkicks it over! Bronson is in, he gets Colten with an URENAGE! Billy kicks Bronson for the FAMOUSER! Boulder runs at Billy but Billy dumps him out! Billy RAMS Boulder into barriers, but Verna ROCKS Austin with a right! Verna whips, Austin goes up and over, QUICK DRAW!! Cover, Gunn Club wins!

Winners: Gunn Club, by pinfall

And the family trio stays undefeated! Will 2021 be a big year for Billy and his boys?


Shanna VS Vipress!

Portugal’s Perfect Athlete has finally gotten back in the mix, and the new year is only just beginning! Will she be able to prove herself worthy of a top five ranking? Or will she be snake bit by another young hopeful?

The bell rings and Shanna circles with Vipress. They tie up, Shanna puts Vipress in a corner but Vipress turns it around. Vipress lets off, talks some smack but Shanna circles with her. They tie up, Vipress waistlocks, Shanna pries free and drop toeholds to then La Magistrol! TWO, Vipress runs into an arm-drag! And another! Shanna dropkicks Vipress down and fans fire up. Shanna drags Vipress up, reels her in, underhooks, but Vipress fights to get the ropes. The ref counts, Vipress elbows Shanna and throws her down by her hair! Vipress rains down rights, covers, ONE! Vipress STOMPS Shanna then kicks her to ropes.

Vipress talks smack as she chokes Shanna on the ropes but lets off at the ref’s count. Vipress runs to BOOT Shanna at the ropes! Cover, TWO! Shanna grits her teeth but Vipress chinbars and half nelsons. Shanna endures, fights up and fans rally for her. Vipress thrashes Shanna around but Shanna fights up. Shanna arm-drags free, staggers up but Vipress is on her. Shanna ROCKS Vipress, CHOPS her, then throws more forearms. Vipress is in the corner, Shanna fires off more! The ref backs Shanna off but Shanna whips Vipress corner to corner to elbow! Shanna keeps moving, big clothesline! And then a LEAPING LARIAT!

Shanna fires up and the fans follow as she has Vipress on the ropes. Shanna powers up, runs and BASEMENT DROPKICKS! Vipress is dazed, Shanna reels her in to underhook, FACEBUSTER! Cover, Shanna wins!

Winner: Shanna, by pinfall

Another young win streak continues! Will Shanna grow that streak until she has gold around her waist?


Matt Sydal VS Baron Black!

The third-eye is open, but it might be too focused on Cody Rhodes at New Year’s Smash. Will the EmpBruh take advantage and get a big win over this top tier, world class wrestler?

The bell rings and fans fire up for Sydal already. Sydal says he can open Baron’s third eye but Baron doesn’t want any of that. They circle, tie up, and go around. Sydal waistlocks, headlocks, shifts to a hammerlock then a snapmare and cover, ONE. Fans cheer that opening exchange as Sydal and Baron circle again. Sydal gets the arm, wrenches and wrangles Baron down, then cording holds to a keylock clutch. Baron endures, Sydal shifts to wrench and wristlock but Baron throws forearms. Baron snapmares, Sydal handsprings through to arm-drag Baron around! Sydal gets a ghost pin, TWO! Baron staggers up and Sydal stares him down as fans cheer.

Baron kicks Sydal low, throws haymakers, whips but Sydal counters with a huricanrana! Sydal SOBATS Baron down, then KICKS him in the leg. Sydal throws more kicks, then whips and elbows in the corner to an enziguri! Fans rally, Sydal wrenches and reels Baron in for a cobra clutch Russian Leg Sweep, and COBRA CAMEL CLUTCH! Sydal thrashes Baron around, Baron endures and fights his way to the ropebreak! Sydal lets go, Baron throws haymakers, and Baron DECKS Sydal! Sydal gets up, Baron reels him in for a clothesline! Baron drags Sydal back up, scoops but Sydal slips out for the SLICE! Cover, TWO!

Sydal keeps his cool and hits the standing mariposa! Sydal stomps and KICKS, but Baron counters with a DRAGON SCREW! Baron gets the Bow ‘n’ Arrow but Sydal pops out to a cover, TWO! Baron CLUBS Sydal, talks some trash and whips Sydal to the ropes, but Sydal sunset flips! TWO, to the BUTTERFLY STRETCH! Baron endures again, turns this to a cover, TWO! Sydal KICKS the leg again, then swings, but into Baron’s atomic drop! And BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO! Sydal survives and fans cheer while Baron seethes. Baron CHOPS Sydal, EuroUppers, then runs, to elbow Sydal at the ropes! Baron keeps moving, but Sydal windmill kicks!

Fans fire up with Sydal as he puts Baron in a corner and hoists him up. Sydal climbs, Baron shoves him away but Sydal NO HANDS STEINERS! ROUNDHOUSE, to the LIGHTNING SPIRAL! Cover, Sydal wins!

Winner: Matt Sydal, by pinfall

Sydal strikes again, and he has momentum going into his “Go Big Show” showdown with Cody Rhodes! Will Sydal show Cody how big he can go?


Thunder Rosa VS Ashley Vox!

Britt Baker keeps saying the former NWA Women’s World Champion doesn’t belong in AEW, but that’s not her decision to make. Will Thunder Rosa strike down the Siren of the Sea to prove that to The Dentist?

The bell rings and Rosa circles with Vox. They tie up, go around, and Rosa waistlocks but Vos drops. Vox pries free, switches to a waistlock of her own but Rosa switches back. Rosa chinbars to a facelock, grinds Vox down, but Vox slips out to get the arm. Rosa reverses the wrench and wristlock but Vox wrenches back. Rosa throws body shots, CHOPS, and has Vox on the ropes. Rosa whips and arm-drags Vox around, and then dropkicks Vox down! Fans fire up with Rosa and she covers, TWO! Rosa throws the flowers in her away, whips Vox corner to corner, then runs in but Vox dodges!

Vox comes back and goes up the corner to springboard and huricanrana! Vox basement dropkicks and covers, TWO! Fans rally, Rosa gets to ropes but Vox runs in, only for Rosa to hotshot stungun! And neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Rosa grows annoyed with Vox, stomps her down then drags her up. Rosa snapmares Vox, pushes her down and drops knees right to the chest and shoulders! Rosa shouts, “I’m the one who doesn’t belong here?!” Rosa drags Vos around to then run and drop a leg, brother! Cover, TWO! Rosa drags Vox up, scoops her, and RAMS her into the corner, then all the way to the other corner! OKLAHOMA STAMPEDE! And HEADSCISSOR HOLD!

Vox endures, Rosa drives elbows into her head over and over, but lets her go. Vox trips Rosa up and Rosa staggers to a corner. Vox runs in, Rosa goes up and catches her, for a TARANTULA! Rosa even throws elbows into ribs! The ref counts, Rosa lets go at 4 and shoves Vox down. Rosa drags Vox up, bumps her off buckles then seethes as she runs corner to corner, into an elbow! Rosa comes back but Vox BOOTS her! Vox throws hands but Rosa ROCKS her back! Vox rebounds to forearm, Rosa CHOPS, but Vox uppercuts! Rosa kicks HARD and Vox staggers, but Vox comes back to HEADBUTT! Vox fish hooks Rosa’s face to ripcord and SUPERKICK!

Fans fire up with Vox, she runs in but Rosa dodges! Vox is on the apron, she BOOTS back in, GET OVER HERE! The spinning Complete Shot hits, Vox covers, TWO!! Vox is shocked but she drags Rosa up. Rosa slips under and trips Vox up for a DEEP Queen Angelito and SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Vox survives but Rosa scoops her, only for Vox to roll through! TWO, and Vox has a chinbar and armlock! Rosa fights out, drags Vox up to a fireman’s carry, spinning USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO!?! Vox is a tougher opponent than Rosa thought, but she shrieks as she scoops, THUNDER DRIVER!! Cover, Rosa wins!

Winner: Thunder Rosa, by pinfall

Vox might be the #ReelDeal, but Rosa is as intense as anyone on the roster! Will Britt be in for a gut check when she and Rosa finally fight it out?


The Acclaimed VS Lee Johnson & Shawn Dean!

It doesn’t matter that Big Shotty is Nightmare Family or that The Captain is former military, Platinum Max Caster is still gonna diss ’em! “These guys got no wins, so I think we can take this. Is that guy 12? Yo I think he has braces! Big Shotty Lee only carries the flag for the Nightmare Fam while he carries the bags. Acclaimed, baby! Shawn Dean is the captain but he cappin’ a bunch. I’m a cut your mouth off like Cap’n Crunch! I’m the captain now, you just Captain Philips. And just to be honest, it’s a wack-ass gimmick, lil’ bitch!” Anthony Bowens gets in to shield Caster, and shouts, “AEW! The Acclaimed have arrived!” But will they be rolling into their big 8 Man Tag for New Year’s Smash?

The teams sort out and the 5 Tool Player starts with Johnson. They circle, fans rally up, but Caster takes a swipe. Johnson stares him down, ties up with Bowens and Bowens wrenches to a wristlock and hammerlock. Johnson reverses the hammerlock onto Bowens but Bowens headlocks to a takeover. Johnson headscissors, holds tight, but Bowens manages to pop out. Johnson wrenches the arm, Bowens steps through to wrench, but Johnson rolls and handsprings to hammerlock. Johnson headlocks, Bowens powers out but Johnson runs him over! Things speed up, Johnson hurdles and waistlocks but Bowens bucks him off.

Bowens runs but Johnson hurdles again, only for Bowens to trip him up! Johnson kicks Bowens down, they trade arm-drags but Johnson dropkicks Bowens down! Johnson double guns, covers, TWO! Johnson keeps on Bowens with an armlock, Dean tags in and they double whip Bowens to ropes. Bowens ducks the clotheslines, Caster tags in but Bowens is thrown with a double hip toss! Caster runs in but gets double Japanese arm-drags! Dean wrenches Caster’s arm, Caster pulls hair to whip free, but Dean dodges to dropkick Caster down!

Dean wraps on a chinlock and drags Caster away to wrench to a wristlock. Dean hits an elbow breaker, then enziguris! Dean dropkicks Bowens off the corner, then PLANCHAS! Dean goes back in the ring to FLY out onto Caster! Fans fire up with The Captain as he gives a shoutout to Brodie Lee. Dean puts Caster in, throws hands and hits a BIG BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Caster gasps for air but Dean drags him to a corner for haymakers. Dean runs in to corner splash, then runs corner to corner, only to be put up top. Dean boots back, leaps but Caster catches him to throw him at ropes! Caster runs to CLOBBER Dean! Cover, TWO!

Caster rains down rights, stomps Dean then drags him over to tag in Bowens. The Acclaimed double whip Dean to trip him up and drop elbow, basement dropkick and cover! TWO! Bowens drags Dean up, puts him in a corner and CHOPS him! Bowens CHOPS Dean again, stomps him down, digs his boot in but lets off at the ref’s count. Fans boo but Bowens soaks up the heat. Dean throws body shots but Bowens knees low. Bowens wrenches to an OLYMPIC SLAM! Cover, TWO! Bowens drags Dean over, tags in Caster, and Caster swaggers around to stomp Dean down. The ref counts, Bowens bails out at 4 and Caster covers, TWO!

Fans rally but Caster puts Dean in a cobra clutch. Dean fights up, Caster whips but Dean gets around to backslide, TWO! Caster has the arm, steps through and STOMPS Dean down! Cover, TWO! Caster drags Dean over, tags Bowens in, and The Acclaimed drag Dean up to throw body shots. They whip Dean, Dean uses Caster to swing and kick Bowens then he DDT’s Caster! Dean crawls but Bowens anchors a foot. Dean kicks Bowens away, and tags Johnson! Johnson rallies on Bowens, spins to elbow and neckbreaker! Kip up! Johnson fires up, gives his shoutout to Brodie and runs in to CHOP!

Johnson whips, Bowens reverses but Johnson goes up and over to come back, redirect and BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, but Caster breaks it! Dean whips but Caster throws Dean out. Johnson KNEES Caster out, Bowens O’Conner rolls! TWO, Johnson has the cover, TWO! SUPERKICK! Johnson drags Bowens to a drop zone, Caster RAMS Dean into barriers, and Caster is right up top with Johnson for a SUPERPLEX! Float through, Bowens is up top, CROSSBODY SLAM! Cover, Dean breaks it! The Captain saves Shotty but Caster throat chops him!

Caster elbows Dean, boots him from a corner, then Bowens torture racks and Caster dropkicks, THE ACCLAIM TO FAME! Bowens ROCKS Johnson, tags Caster, they combine for the modified MAGIC KILLER! Cover, The Acclaimed win!

Winners: The Acclaimed, by pinfall

Caster again kisses the hand of the defeated opponent, and then blows kisses to the crowd. Will he and Bowens be doing the same alongside The Hybrid2 for New Year’s Smash?


Fuego Del Sol VS Danny Limelight!

The Fire of the Sun and the Boricua Spider-Man have both given great matches but haven’t gotten that great win yet! Will this be the start of someone’s new win streak in AEW?

The bell rings and the two circle. The fans rally and duel, the two tie up, Fuego arm-drags but Limelight gives it back. Fuego arm-drags, then dodges an arm-drag, but Limelight kips up to arm-drag! Things speed up, Limelight hurdles but Fuego shoves, only for Limelight to spin him around and roll him, but Fuego rolls Limelight! ONE, Limelight backslides, TWO! Limelight jackknifes, TWO as Fuego bridges, and Fuego trips Limelight. Limelight kicks him away, both men kip up and stare down as fans fire up. Limelight offers a handshake but SLAPS Fuego, so Fuego dropkicks Limelight down!

Fuego CHOPS Limelight in a corner, whips but Limelight reverses. Fuego uppercuts back, hops up to KNEE-BOARD RANA! Limelight tumbles out, Fuego builds speed and goes to the corner, TRIANGLE QUEBRADA! Direct hit and Fuego is fired up! Fuego puts Limelight in, dodges him and tilt-o-whirls to a FUJIWARA! Limelight rolls through, lifts, but Fuego sunset flips, TWO! Limelight blocks a kick, gets up and under Fuego for a POWER BREAKER!! Cover, TWO! Fuego survives but Limelight taunts Fuego. Fuego gets to ropes but Limelight KICKS him! Limelight pulls Fuego against ropes in the motorcycle stretch but lets go at 4.

Limelight goes up to GUILLOTINE DOUBLE STOMP! Cover, TWO! Limelight is frustrated but he drags Fuego up. Fans rally, Fuego throws hands and runs, into a back kick! Limelight rolls to body scissor to a HALF CRAB! Fuego endures as Limelight pulls back, so Limelight goes for both legs. Fuego uses the legs to throw Limelight away! Fuego walks into a forearm, Limelight knuckle locks to go up, but Fuego goes up with him to SUPER STEINER! Limelight staggers to a corner, Fuego rallies on him with running forearms! Fuego back kicks, front kicks and mule kicks the legs to switch kick Limelight in the chin! Fuego has the straitjacket and turns for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!!

Fuego fires up and fans join him. Limelight staggers up, Fuego runs, tilt-o-whirls, but Limelight torture racks! Limelight TOSSES Fuego onto the top rope! Limelight then positions Fuego, climbs up to join him, then goes up higher, for a SUPER SPANISH FLY! Cover, Limelight wins!

Winner: Danny Limelight, by pinfall

The Limelight finally gets to shine! Will Limelight turn this one victory into many as AEW enters the new year?


Fatal 4 Way: Frankie Kazarian w/ Christopher Daniels VS Griff Garrison w/ Brian Pillman Jr VS Angelico w/ Jack Evans VS Darius Martin w/ Dante Martin!

A massive match of tag teams, but with only one man each! This won’t affect SoCal Uncensored’s deal with themselves, but it could be very telling as to who takes them out. Will the Heavy Metal Rebel be able to overcome the Ivy League MVP, the South African Submission Specialist and one half of Top Flight, the Coldest Team in the Game?

The bell rings and Evans distracts everyone else with his praise of Angelico, but Kaz DECKS Angelico! Daniels gets in Evans’ face, but Darius WRECKS Evans with a dropkick! Griff rolls Kaz up, TWO and Kaz fires off strikes. Darius CROSSBODIES Kaz, dodges Griff to shove him, but Griff blocks the hip toss. Darius arm-drags and PELES Griff down then dusts himself off. Angelico runs in but is thrown back out, Kaz CHOPS Darius! Kaz CHOPS him again, throws haymakers, then whips Darius to ropes. Darius reverses, Kaz whips him away, things speed up but Darius holds ropes to slow this down. Fans cheer as Darius and Kaz circle.

Kaz kicks low, wrenches and Northern Lights! Bridging cover, TWO! Angelico returns but Kaz throws him out again! Griff runs in, Kaz dodges the boot and dragon sleepers but Griff fights out. Griff snapmares and BOOTS Kaz, cover, TWO! Darius is up top again and he watches Griff bring Kaz up. Griff and Kaz get under the leap, and everyone kicks at someone! They hop around, but Angelico gets in so they all let go to triple kick Angelico! Darius throws a forearm, Griff hammers Angelico, Evans talks smack on the apron again but Dante grabs at him. Evans kicks at Dante but Darius rolling kicks Evans down! Will Evans ever learn to shut up?

Kaz whips Angelico to a corner hard, and Angelico tumbles out. Griff puts Kaz on the apron, Kaz dodges Darius and Griff takes the forearm. Griff whips Darius, Darius goes up and over to headlock and whip, Griff gets the GUILLOTINE LEG DROP! Darius uses Griff as a step to dropkick Kaz down, and he drops a senton onto Griff, too! Darius builds speed but Evans trips him! Angelico gets in to Penalty Kick Darius, covers, TWO! Another, TWO! Angelico brings Darius up, Griff and Kaz brawl fast and furious, but Angelico chokes Darius in the corner with a boot. The ref counts Angelico and he stops, Kaz and Griff DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE each other down!

Angelico whips Darius, scoops him for a BIG back suplex and covers, TWO! Angelico grows annoyed but he drags Darius up. Darius throws forearms, Angelico swings on Darius but Darius blocks. Angelico scoops but Darius slips out, only for Angelico to capture him into a standing crossface. Griff runs in but Angelico gets him, double submissions! Kaz springboards to drop the leg on them all! All four men are down but fans rally up. Evans gets on the apron again and the ref tells him to get down. Evans doesn’t care, Kaz dodges Griff to ROCK Angelico! Kaz CLOBBERS Griff, LARIATS Darius, and then dropkicks Angelico down!

Kaz whips Griff, Griff reverses but Kaz hits big forearms! Fans fire up with Kaz, he throws Darius out to slingshot him back in for a CUTTER! Cover, Griff breaks it! Fans fire up, as do the tag partners. Angelico kicks low, whips but Griff reverses to BOOT! Griff fires up, BIG splash on Angelico! BIG splash for Darius! Griff kicks Angelico, catches Kaz, COMPLETE SHOT DDT COMBO! Cover on Angelico, TWO! Cover on Kaz, TWO! Griff keeps cool and runs at Darius but into a BOOT! Darius is up top, Griff UPPERCUTS him! Griff gives Kaz a boost, Darius hits Kaz, SUNSET BOMB! Cover, TWO as Griff drags Darius to a cover, TWO!

Griff BOOTS Darius, Darius sees Angelico running in, so he TIGER WALL KICKS TO A PELE, taking Angelico and Griff down at the same time! And of course, Evans is back on the apron to talk trash. The ref argues with Evans, Daniels yanks Evans down! Evans kicks Daniels into BPJ, and then Dante gets involved, it’s a brawl of the other four men! Darius dodges Angelico to DIVE out onto everyone! Griff ROLLING ELBOWS Angelico! Kaz O’Conners but Griff bucks him off. Griff scoops, Kaz slips out and around, INVERTED DDT! Cover, Kaz wins!

Winner: Frankie Kazarian, by pinfall

The Heavy Metal Rebel wins big for SCU, and this proves why he and The Fallen Angel are still a force to be reckoned with! Will The Addiction make 2021 their year?


Sammy Guevara VS Michael Nakazawa!

The Spanish God doesn’t care if it’s Dynamite, a PPV or just Dark, he always gives it his all! But when his opponent doesn’t mind greasing the wheels and digging down deep (in his own trunks), will it be so easy for the Best Ever?

The ref confiscates Nakazawa’s bottle of bod oil, but Nakazawa hides his spare in the buckles. The bell rings and Guevara circles with Nakazawa. They tie up, Sammy waistlocks and slams to float all over Nakazawa, then does push-ups off him. Guevara slips to a facelock, Nakazawa throws body shots but Guevara CLUBS Nakazawa. Nakazawa wants a Purple Nurple! Sammy fights those off, Nakazawa headlocks but Sammy powers out. Nakazawa runs Sammy over, things speed up but Sammy hurdles to then flip up and over to dropkick Nakazawa down! Nakazawa bails out while Sammy bows.

Sammy builds speed, DIVES and twists to take Nakazawa out! Sammy says this is on his time, and he stalks Nakazawa around the way. Sammy POSTS Nakazawa, refreshes the count, and then brings Nakazawa up to CHOP him! Fans rally, Sammy puts Nakazawa in at 3 of 10 then follows. Nakazawa gets to a corner, and CHOPS low! Sammy SLAPS Nakazawa then digs him into the buckles! “You think that’s funny!?” The ref counts, Sammy whips Nakazawa corner to corner then stomps away on him! The ref counts, Sammy lets off, and Nakazawa gets his oil! Nakazawa oils the mat, Sammy slips! Nakazawa sprays Sammy down, SLIPPING SENTON!

Nakazawa goes up top, leaps, FLYING TACKLE! Cover, TWO! Nakazawa keeps focus on Sammy as Sammy checks his teeth. Nakazawa drags Sammy up, but Sammy slips off. Nakazawa blocks the boot but not the HEEL KICK! Sammy fireman’s carries, Nakazawa slips off and O’Conner rolls to a bridge, TWO! Nakazawa runs in but gets buckles, Sammy RAMS in and ENZIGURIS! Nakazawa staggers, Sammy brags then springboards but Nakazawa dodges to SPEAR! Cover, TWO!! OLYMPIC SLAM! Cover, TWO! Sammy survives and Nakazawa is shocked! But Nakazawa unleashes the RASPBERRY JOCK STRAP!!

Nakazawa arms himself, Sammy shoves him and runs to KNEE Nakazawa down! Then the torture rack, GO TO HOSPITAL!! Cover, Sammy wins!

Winner: Sammy Guevara, by pinfall

GTH FTW, Sammy is on a roll! Sammy gets on the mic to say, “I have to sit down. My back hurts from carrying this whole damn show.” Fans boo but Sammy says they can’t boo him. They know how good he is and how not good they all are. But it’s a new year, 2021! Sammy speaks for all of us when he says, “Screw 2020! I am so happy tog et out of that year.” But 2021, dare he says, it is a “New year, new me,” etc. But Sammy doesn’t need to change anything! He works hard because that’s all he does! He gives all he has because that’s all he does. He doesn’t kiss ass, he works hard in the ring. And no one anywhere can do what Sammy does, and that’s be Sammy.

Sammy is a different animal, this, now and forever! Ain’t nobody better! But if there’s someone somewhere who disagrees, then call this the Sammy Guevara Open Challenge! “I don’t give a shit, anybody can come out and get it from me!” Sammy says he has 2021 spoilers! Sammy the future teller is the only one not surprised that Sammy Guevara will be champion here in AEW!


The Dark Order’s Alan Angels VS Serpentico w/ Luther!

This has been a very emotional time for all members of AEW, but especially for the group led by the late, great Mr. Brodie Lee. Will Number Five defeat SNAKEMAN to honor Brodie’s legacy?

The bell rings and Angels stares Serpentico down. Serpentico rushes in but Angels dodges. Serpentico tries again but Angels catches him in a facelock. Serpentico rolls to get the arm, Angels rolls to wrench back to a hammerlock but Serpentico switches. Angels reaches to get a headlock, shifts sides but Serpentico powers out. Angels runs Serpentico over, strikes a pose, and things speed up. Serpentico side steps, Angels redirects to back suplex but Serpentico lands on his feet. Angels bobs ‘n’ weaves to mule kick! Angels CHOPS Serpentico against ropes, whips him to ropes then waistlocks, but Serpentico pries free and rolls over Angels’ back.

Serpentico boots from a corner, hops up to huricanrana! Luther shouts orders but Angels runs in, only for Serpentico to elbow him away. Serpentico runs into a ROLLING ELBOW! Angels runs, dodges and RANAS Serpentinco! Dropkick! Serpentico bails out while Angels gives a shoutout to Brodie. Angels sees Serpentico get up to dropkick him down! Angels goes out, stares Luther down, but Serpentico kicks low. Serpentico throws haymakers, whips Angels but Angels reverse and Serpentico hits barriers. Serpentico puts Angels up and over and Angels clutches a leg. Serpentico goes to the ring but Luther drags him out to tell him to show no mercy!

Luther wants Serpentico to run, so Serpentico does and gets the boost, to BACK DROP ATTACK Angels down! The ring count starts but Luther tells the ref to stop. Angels and Serpentico are brawling on Peter Avalon’s heart shaped bed! Avalon isn’t going to be happy about this! It turns into a pillow fight but Angels DECKS Serpentico back to ringside! Angels dumps Serpentico over the railing, pursues back to the ring, and steps in for a SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Cover, TWO! Angels keeps his focus as he drags Serpentico up. Angels has the arms, Serpentico backs him into ropes, and Luther anchors a foot! SUPERKICK from Serpentico!

Serpentico drags Angels up by his mask, whips him around and out hard! Angels tumbles and sits up, Luther BOOTS him down! Luther scoops Angels to SNAKE EYES off the railing! Serpentico distracts the ref from seeing all this, then Luther puts Angels in for knee drops! Cover, TWO! Angels grits his teeth but Luther shouts at the ref to count faster. Serpentico stomps Angels, Angels CHOPS back, but Serpentico swings. Angels dodges, CHOPS again, but Serpentico snapmares and KICKS! Serpentico goes out and slingshot DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, TWO! Luther is furious on Serpentico’s behalf but Serpentico runs in at Angels, but Angels elbows him away!

Serpentico fixes his head but runs into another boot from Angels! Angels dodges Serpentico to rally with forearms! Angels spins Serpentico, STANDING SLICED BREAD! Angels is on Serpentico but Serpentico elbows free. Serpentico waistlocks, Angels bucks him off, and catches Serpentico for a SIT-OUT BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Fans rally up as Angels goes to a corner and climbs up. Angels leaps, but Serpentico moves so Angels bails out of the splash. Serpentico rolls and SUPERKICKS Angels, then BASEMENT DDT’s! Cover, TWO!! Luther is furious again but Serpentico drags Angels to a drop zone.

Serpentico climbs up top and aims at Angels. Angels springs up to KNEE Serpentico! Angels climbs up, Serpentico fights back and ROCKS Angels! Serpentico enziguris, climbs back up behind Angels, and SUPER POISON RANAS! But Angels lands on his feet?! SPANISH FLY! Angels DIVES to take out Luther! Angels hurries back in, shoulders into Serpentico and slingshots to get the arms, WING SNAPPER!! Cover, Angels wins!

Winner: Alan Angels, by pinfall

Number 5 defies the odds and defeats Chaos Project’s SNAKEMAN! The Dark Order returns to celebrate with him, and Negative One has the mic. “You think you’re so smart because you’ve got a stupid red ball on your head. I know what I know because I have a brain, not a stupid red ball. And when you have a ball on your face, your face just looks stupid, and Dark Order will always beat you.” Will these words of wisdom convince more members of the AEW roster to #JoinDarkOrder in 2021?

My Thoughts:

A very fun episode, though still VERY long with 16 matches and two and a half hours of action. I do like that Danny Limelight got to have his first win in AEW, and this could be the start of something big for him. Nyla destroying Gracia in both the match and with a table was an interesting move to do but it does continue to keep Nyla strong in the monster heel department, but it could also mean Gracia is getting in on bigger stories in AEW. After all, she did have that win over KiLynn King to then face Hikaru Shida on Dynamite. Cutler and Avalon continue their win streaks, I wonder if they’re destined to meet again to see whose streak ends first.

Rosa VS Vox was a very good match to really help Vox shine, but of course Rosa wins. Rosa VS Britt is going to be brutal and that is great stuff. The Acclaimed still does a pretty good job tonight, but I think Caster is losing some steam on his diss raps. It’s probably tricky to keep this up week after against random teams. The Fatal 4 of various tag teams was great stuff, and could’ve been a main event, but it makes sense something Dark Order related was the last match aired. Sammy VS Nakazawa was good, and I hope his “Open Challenge” is used to start more crossover with the other partners of AEW. Bring one of the big names from Impact or NWA over to give us a great Dark main event.

And putting the Dark in Dark Order tonight, I really liked that AEW let “Negative One” Brodie Lee Jr. have some fun with the others. His “brawl” with Marko Stunt was fun, his trash talk promos on Stunt and Luther were actually pretty good, all things considered. I don’t know if Brodie Jr. could or should be part of the show all the time, but maybe once in awhile he gets to have fun like this, being around the people his dad worked with and had great friendships with.

My Score: 8.2/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (8/16/22)

Powerhouse gets Dark!



AEW Dark 2

It’s a baker’s dozen for Universal Studios!

AEW Dark continues in Universal Studios, and “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs looks to send a message to Ricky Starks through his opponent tonight!


  • Ari Daivari VS Fuego Del Sol; Daivari wins.
  • Willow Nightingale VS Robyn Renegade w/ Charlette Renegade; Willow wins.
  • Serpentico w/ Luther VS Brock Anderson w/ Arn Anderson; Brock wins.
  • Abadon VS Mafiosa; Abadon wins.
  • Angelico VS Baliyan Akki; Angelico wins.
  • Emi Sakura VS Renee Michelle; Sakura wins.
  • Josh Woods VS Cobra; Cobra wins.
  • Skye Blue VS Charlette Renegade w/ Robyn Renegade; Skye wins.
  • Bear Country VS Axel Rico & Victor Iniestra; Bear Country wins.
  • Kayla Rossi w/ Diamond Sheik VS Avery Breaux; Rossi wins.
  • Cezar Bononi w/ The Wingmen VS Marcus Kross; Bononi wins.
  • Rohit Raju VS Invictus Khash; Raju wins.
  • “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs VS Blake Christian; Hobbs wins.


Great to see Abadon back in action, though I’m pretty sure she’s gotten even scarier since she’s been away… A lot of singles match-ups, a lot of easily called match-ups, but that’s par for the course on Dark. A bit surprised they didn’t just team up the Renegade Sisters against Willow & Skye, but maybe those matches are still connected. And while All Heart will lose to Powerhouse, you can beat Blake Christian will get to shine against the bigger Will Hobbs.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (8/15/22)

Minneapolis gets Elevated!



AEW Elevation Coverage

It’s a Superbad return!

Penelope Ford returns to action in AEW as Dark: Elevation serves the leftovers from Dynamite’s Quake by the Lake!


  • Tony Nese & Josh Woods w/ Mark Sterling VS Travis Titan & Arik Cannon; Nese & Woods win.
  • 8 Man Tag: The Dark Order VS T.U.G Cooper, Drew System, Rylie Jackson & Adam Grace; The Dark Order wins.
  • Serena Deeb VS Sierra; Deeb wins.
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS Cezar Bononi; Konosuke wins.
  • Julia Hart VS Free-Range Kara; Julia wins.
  • Private Party VS JAH-C & JDX; Private Party wins.
  • Penelope Ford VS Heather Reckless; Ford wins.
  • The Acclaimed VS Justin Fowler & JT Energy; The Acclaimed win.
  • Six Woman Tag: Hikaru Shida & ThunderStorm VS Emi Sakura, Marina Shafir & Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero; Shida & ThunderStorm win.


Great to see Penelope Ford is back in action. I wonder if Kip Sabian will make his in-ring return soon. Unless he wants to keep stalking Pac a little longer as the box man… Private Party is going to get a win as the warm-up for their AEW World Tag Team Championship match this Wednesday, and pretty much the entirety of The Dark Order is in action in that 8 Man Tag. Konosuke VS Bononi is going to be really good. Bononi is certainly the biggest opponent physically speaking for Konosuke to take on, so we’ll get to see how Konosuke handles that situation.

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