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Mitchell’s WWE 205 Live Results & Report! (1/8/21)

The Lonestar and Retro AG team up!



Coverage 205 2021

Will Curt Stallion & August Grey be rolling into the Dusty Cup?

The Lonestar and #RetroAG are going for tag glory in the Dusty Rhodes Classic! But will they be off to a bad start against the BOLLY BOLLY Bollywood Boyz?


  • Ashante “Thee” Adonis VS Ariya Daivari; Adonis wins.
  • Curt Stallion & August Grey VS The Bollywood Boyz; Stallion & Grey win.


Ashante “Thee” Adonis VS Ariya Daivari!

The newest battle of the new wave and 205 Live OG has the swagger taking on the dinero! Will Adonis make Daivari put his money where his mouth is tonight?

The bell rings and Adonis circles with Daivari. They tie up, Adonis headlocks, Daivari pulls hair and powers out. Things speed up, Adonis dodges but Daivari kitchen sink knees! Daivari mule kicks, runs, and dropkicks Adonis! Adonis goes to a corner but Daivari CHOPS him! Adonis just scowls at Daivari but Daivari CHOPS him again! Adonis eggs Daivari on, Daivari CHOPS but Adonis fires off hands and stomps! Adonis whips, Daivari reverses but Adonis goes up and over and RAMS in! Adonis whips Daivari corner to corner hard, then RAMS into him again! SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Daivari bails out, Adonis runs, but Daivari dodges!

Adonis dodges the kick and dropkicks Daivari down! Adonis goes out after Daivari, drags him up and puts him in then runs corner to corner. Daivari dodges and Adonis hits buckles hard! Daivari drags Adonis to the corner and SLAMS his leg into the post! And again! And again! The ref reprimands but Daivari scowls as he grabs both legs. Adonis yanks Daivari into the post! Adonis goes out and hobbles over to drag Daivari up. Adonis puts Daivari in, brings him up but Daivari kicks the leg out! Daivari shakes out the cobwebs and then grabs Adonis’ leg to drop an elbow on the knee! Adonis shouts in pain but Daivari drops another elbow!

Daivari grins as he toys with Adonis, but Adonis kicks him into the corner! Daivari comes back with a BASEMENT SUPERKICK! Daivari has the leg, steps in but Adonis cradles him! TWO!! Adonis hobbles up and Daivari dropkicks the leg out! Adonis clutches his leg while Daivari seethes. Fans rally up, Daivari storms over and Daivari kicks Adonis’ leg! Daivari stalks Adonis and stomps him to the ropes. Daivari drags Adonis and steps through, but Adonis kicks Daivari out of the ring! Fans rally up as Adonis checks on his bad leg. Daivari returns but Adonis throws hands first! Adonis rocks and boots, then dodges to CLOBBER Daivari!

Adonis fires up with the fans and he slips around to DDT! Fans rally as Adonis goes to a corner. Adonis climbs up, leaps, and CROSSBODIES! But Adonis can’t hold the cover because of his bad legs! He still kips up!? Daivari runs in but into a FLAPJACK! Adonis fires up and runs, to roll the dice, make it rain and drop the ax handle! Daivari slowly sits up as Adonis cleans off his shoes. Adonis aims, Daivari stands, but the leg gives out on the superkick! Daivari gets the leg, steps through, FIGURE FOUR! Adonis endures, flails, and fans rally up as he reaches! Daivari rolls Adonis away from the ropes and they’re in the center of the ring!

Adonis endures more, has to keep his shoulders up, but he glares at Daivari! Adonis uses everything he has to turn Daivari over and reverse the pressure! Daivari endures, bites his own knuckles to resist tapping out, and he lets the hold go! Adonis goes to a corner, Daivari runs in but Adonis elbows him away! Adonis sunset flips, TWO!! Daivari catches Adonis to an URENAGE! Cover, TWO!! Adonis survives but Daivari is furious! Daivari wrenches, hammerlocks, but Adonis ducks the lariat to roll Daivari, TWO! LONG KISS GOODNIGHT!! Cover, Adonis wins!!

Winner: Ashante “Thee” Adonis, by pinfall

The special superkick saves the day! With a rocky 2020, will this big win help Adonis make 2021 THEE year?


205 Live hears from NXT GM William Regal!

“Hello, everyone. Starting next week, 205 Live will be joining with NXT to hold the first rounds of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. The winners will not only receive the coveted Dusty Cup, but they will also receive an NXT Tag Team Championship match. To all the teams involved, best of luck.” The purple ‘n’ orange is going to help the black ‘n’ gold put on perhaps the biggest and best Dusty Rhodes Classic yet! There will even be opening round matches on next week’s episode!


Curt Stallion & August Grey VS The Bollywood Boyz!

The Lonestar and the Retro star aren’t the only Cruiserweights getting in on the DRTTC! The Singh Brothers have announced their intentions to go for the cup, but will the prologue to the tournament be a good start for the lights, cameras and Bollywood action?

The teams sort out, Samir starts against Grey and the two circle. They tie up, go around, and Grey wrenches to a wristlock. Grey keylocks, Samir reaches around and uses ropes to flip through! Samir hammerlocks, headlocks but Grey powers out. Samir tilt-o-whirls to a crucifix takedown, TWO! Grey runs into an arm-drag and Samir clamps onto the arm. Grey fights up as fans rally but Samir puts him in a corner. Samir throws body shots, whips Grey corner to corner, but Grey goes up and over. Grey blocks a kick, trips Samir and Oklahoma Rolls, TWO! Grey arm-drags Samir to armlock him back! Samir fights up, whips Grey away but Grey runs him over!

Grey runs, Samir drops then hurdles but Stallion tags in! Grey arm-drags and Stallion dropkicks Samir! Sunil tags in and he runs into a forearm from Stallion! Stallion wristlocks, wrenches but Sunil knees low. Sunil knuckle locks, uses those to bring Stallion to his knees, but Stallion gets up. Sunil puts the hands down, sunset flips but Stallion slips out to DOUBLE STOMP! Cover, ONE!! Stallion clamps onto Sunil, tags in Grey, they double stomp then DOUBLE CHOP! Grey snapmares and dropkicks Sunil, Samir runs in but Stallion dropkicks him out! The new kids on the block fist bump while the Bollywood Boyz regroup.

Grey goes out and puts Sunil in but Sunil stomps him down. Samir tags in but Grey pushes Sunil way. Sunil runs Grey over, things speed up, Grey hurdles and hip tosses Sunil! But Samir lurks as Grey goes out, to CLOBBER him! Samir brings Grey up to snap suplex him to the floor! Samir goes back in and leaves Grey at the mercy of the ring count. Grey gets up so Samir goes out to put Grey back in. Samir stomps Grey, tags Sunil, and the Bollywood Boyz stomp Grey more. Tag and this is a Bollywood remake of the New Day stomp stampede! Grey rolls away but Samir drags him up. Tag to Sunil, Samir bumps Grey off Sunil’s boot, then Sunil drags Grey up to CLUB him down!

Sunil CHOPS Grey down, too, and fires up. Tag to Samir, the Bollywood Boyz double suplex Grey down! Cover, TWO! Samir keeps on Grey, wraps on a chinlock, but fans rally up. Grey endures, fights up, but Samir cranks harder on the hold. Grey gets up but Samir brings him to the Bollywood corner. Sunil tags in and stomps Grey, then tags Samir back in. Sunil feeds Grey to Samir’s boots, then hits a jawbreaker, for Samir to FLYING BULLDOG! Cover, TWO! Samir stands on Grey’s head, tags Sunil back in, and the Singhs mug Grey. Sunil Russian Leg Sweeps, covers, TWO! Sunil wraps on the chinlock and grinds Grey down. Fans rally for Grey as he fights up.

Grey reaches, Sunil knees low then whips Grey to the corner. Grey fights out with big elbows, Sunil kicks Grey then sucker punches Stallion! Tag to Samir, Samir climbs and Sunil scoops, BOLLYWOOD BLAST!! Cover, but Stallion breaks it in time! Grey and Samir are down, fans rally up, and they crawl for their corners. Samir is up, drags Grey around but Grey trips Samir to catapult away! Samir hits buckles but Sunil tags in! Sunil leaps at Grey, but misses the Macho Elbow! Grey crawls, rolls and hot tags Stallion! Stallion fires off strikes and DECKS Samir! Stallion runs in to BOOT Samir down, then KNEE WASHES and HESITATION DROPKICKS!

Stallion STOMPS, Grey tags in before the DDT! Grey goes up top, and CROSBODIES Sunil! Sunil bails out, Stallion DIVES and takes him out! Stallion returns, Grey drags Samir over, tag to Stallion. Grey pops Samir up for a suplex, Stallion leaps but Samir BOOTS the splash away!! Sunil drags Grey down, Samir covers Stallion, TWO!! Grey ROCKS Sunil as Samir drags Stallion up. Stallion jawbreakers back, Grey tags in Stallion LEAPING HEADBUTTS Samir, then regular HEADBUTTS Sunil! Grey reels Samir in, turns him around, but this isn’t the Unprettier, it’s SO MUCH PRETTIER!! Cover, Grey and Stallion win!!

Winners: Curt Stallion & August Grey, by pinfall

The new wave continues to roll! They get a big win over the OG, but the Dusty Cup starts next week. Will these two teams meet again in the tournament for a powerful sequel?

My Thoughts:

A very good episode, and a great development in 205 Live integrating with NXT! Feels a little left hand, right hand with how it was only just announced when it was made clear on New Year’s Evil that there would be Cruiserweight teams in the tag tournament. Obviously the matches featured on 205 Live for the Dusty Cup will be between Ever-Rise, El Legado del Fantasma, the Bollywood Boyz and Stallion-Grey, but that brings into question how this year’s Dusty Cup works. I am almost hoping this will be a round robin style tournament, though I can’t imagine them doing a tournament for 11 weeks. Maybe it’s still round robin but with less rounds. Or are there four more teams waiting to be revealed because right now, I count 12.

The matches tonight were really good. Adonis VS Daivari was good and it was great for Adonis to win. He did a great job selling the bad leg, and is showing a lot of promise, I am expecting him to be a big name in the coming years. Stallion & Grey VS Bollywood Boyz was a great match, especially for the first tag match Stallion & Grey have had. The Faces win, the new wave sweeps the night, but who knows how things go in the Dusty Cup. Ever-Rise is having a match on NXT with Grizzled Young Veterans, and I would think GYV wins that, but it’d be a shame if Ever-Rise is out in round one without taking on the other Cruiserweight teams here on 205 Live. Another reason I’m intrigued in the possibility of making this year’s Dusty Cup a round robin to some degree.

My Score: 8.4/10

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