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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (1/13/21)

The Dusty Cup is back!



NXT Coverage 2021

NXT’s Tag Team Division will shine in the Dusty Rhodes Classic!

NXT brings the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic back once again! Which tag teams get a dream, hold onto it, and shoot for the sky?


  • Shotzi Blackheart VS Candice LeRae w/ Indi Hartwell; LeRae wins.
  • Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Opening Round: Grizzled Young Veterans VS Ever-Rise; Grizzled Young Veterans win and advances.
  • Dexter Lumis VS Johnny Gargano w/ Austin Theory; Gargano wins.
  • Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Opening Round: Jake Atlas & Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS MSK; MSK wins and advances.
  • Xia Li w/ Boa & Tian Sha VS ???; Li wins.
  • Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Opening Round: The Undisputed Era VS Breezango; The Undisputed Era wins and advances.


Shotzi Blackheart VS Candice LeRae w/ Indi Hartwell!

WarGames was the start, but this war is far from over! Will the wild child #TCB and take care of the Poison Pixie once and for all?

The bell rings and Candice gets in Shotzi’s face to pie face her. Shotzi trips Candice to rain down rights! Candice gets away, kicks but Shotzi blocks, then ducks the enziguri! Candice lands on her face, scrambles away to ropes, but Shotzi welcomes her to the ball pit, only to miss! Candice has Shotzi on the ropes but Shotzi bucks off the neckbreaker! Shotzi slips out and ROUNDHOUSES Candice away, to then go up the corner and leap, crossbody! Cover, TWO! Shotzi keeps on Candice with an armlock but Candice moves around. Shotzi headscissors and rolls Candice around and around the ring, to an armbar! Shotzi twists the wrist and bends the elbow!

Candice fights around, gets a high stack cover, TWO! Shotzi wants the short arm scissor but Candice moves around, ropebreak with the leg! Shotzi lets go, fans rally up but Candice BOOTS Shotzi away! Candice goes up the corner but Shotzi YANKS her down! Candice bounces off buckles, Shotzi shoves her to a cover, TWO! Shotzi keeps on Candice’s arm with a keylock, then rolls for a bridge! Candice endures this modification and bridges back. Candice gets around to get a lateral press, TWO! Shotzi still has the arm, wrenches through, and hammerlocks. Candice fights up, powers Shotzi to a corner, and is free of the armlock.

Candice snapmares Shotzi, Shotzi runs back in but is put on the apron. Shotzi ROCKS Candice and Candice ends up on the apron. Shotzi drags Candice to the corner but Candice hits back. Candice grabs at Shotzi but Shotzi YANKS Candice into the buckles! Candice flops to the steel steps, tries to kick back from below, but Shotzi blocks to then fling Candice forward. Candice turns around, into a FLYING KNEE from Shotzi! Shotzi goes to the ring to refresh the count, but Indi is there to check on Candice. Indi stands in Shotzi’s way, Candice goes back to the ring and Indi goes after Shotzi! Shotzi pushes her away, but Candice WRECKS Shotzi with a dropkick! Then springboard crossbodies Shotzi down!

NXT goes picture in picture as Candice gloats and goes back to the ring. Shotzi stirs and a ring count starts. The count is past 5 before Shotzi sits up. Shotzi gets up and in at 7 but Candice stomps her down! Candice stands on Shotzi, lets off as the ref counts, then drags Shotzi back up. Shotzi throws body shots, forearms, then runs, but into elbows from Candice! Cover, TWO! Candice keeps on Shotzi with a neck wrench. Shotzi endures as Candice stands over her and leans on the hold. Shotzi fights up, Candice CLUBS her down, has her on the ropes and bumps her off buckles. Candice runs corner to corner to back body block! She snapmares and NECK SNAPS Shotzi down! Cover, TWO!

Candice grows frustrated as she goes to Shotzi at the ropes. Candice digs Shotzi’s face into the ropes! The ref counts, Candice stops, and then she soaks up the heat from the fans before going back. Candice rams her shoulder in on Shotzi, and again, then brings Shotzi to another corner for another buckle bump. Candice brings Shotzi around to another corner but Shotzi bumps her off buckles! And CHOPS her! Shotzi brings Candice around but Candice cradle counters, TWO! Candice dropkicks Shotzi down! Cover, TWO! Candice grows further frustrated as Shotzi crawls to a corner. Candice brings Shotzi up to shove her into buckles then club her in the chest.

Candice goes corner to corner again, but Shotzi dodges and Candice only gets buckles! Shotzi runs back in but Candice kicks the bad leg out! Candice pushes Shotzi to then drop an elbow, but she misses! NXT returns to single picture as Shotzi dropkicks Candice down! Fans rally as Shotzi hurries to cover, TWO! Shotzi is frustrated but Indi is worried for Candice. Candice swings but Shotzi counter punches! And again! QUESTION MARK KICK! Candice staggers, Shotzi runs, CANNONBALL on the ropes! Cover, TWO! Shotzi grows frustrated again as Candice goes to the apron. Shotzi hurries out after her, brings her up, cravat but Candice pushes her away!

Candice runs into a back elbow, Shotzi brings Candice around, APRON DDT! Shotzi goes back in as the ring count climbs, but Indi checks on Candice again. Shotzi builds speed and DIVES! Direct hit takes out The Way! Shotzi howls to the moon, puts Candice in, covers, TWO! Shotzi runs in but is sent into buckles! Candice dropkicks Shotzi in deeper! Then a roll and SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!! Shotzi survives and Candice is furious! Candice goes to the ropes, LION- No! Shotzi trips the moonsault up, but she runs into a takedown! GargaNO Escape!! Shotzi endures, rolls to a cover, TWO! Candice holds on, but Shotzi powers up and swings Candice for a KNEE SMASH!

Candice staggers to a corner, Shotzi runs in, SHINING WIZARD! To a DDT! Shotzi keeps moving, climbs up top, but Indi runs over! Shotzi DECKS Indi, but Candice hurries up top fast! MS. LERAE’S WILD RIDE!! Cover, Candice wins!!

Winner: Candice LeRae, by pinfall

Indi literally made a difference right at the end there! But is this how she lives up to being given the Wrestling Family nickname? With Johnny in action later on, will tonight go The Way’s way?


The Kings of NXT drive up!

Pete Dunne and the NXT Tag Team Champions, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch, ride in style as they arrive at the Capitol Wrestling Center! Burch talks some smack on all the Dusty Rhodes Classic competitors going after their gold. Will these three be watching very closely as the tag team tournament begins tonight?


Finn Balor is here!

NXT returns as The Prince is already in the ring, still NXT Champion after having won another epic battle with Kyle O’Reilly. “January 13th, 2021, Finn Balor still NXT Champion!” Balor wants to talk about Kyle for a second. He gives Kyle credit. Kyle’s not just good, he’s great. “But he’s not on my level.” New Year’s Evil, Kyle stepped up, and just like TakeOver 31, he got put down! The only difference this time is now Kyle is the one who has to eat his meals through a straw! “I put this red X on my chest because I know I am THE target. So a little piece of advice to whoever wants to come at Finn next. Remember one thing: they stopped manufacturing the cloth that I’m cut from!”

So to whoever wants to step up- Wait, here comes the BRUISERWEIGHT! Dunne, with Lorcan and Burch behind him, walks out and has a mic of his own. “Are you really gonna stand there and question what’s next? You know full well what’s next!” Dunne was here last week and saw what Balor did to Kyle, the same way he’s been watching his entire career, knowing that one day, it was going to come down to just Balor and Dunne. Everyone else has Balor as the poster boy for European wrestling, but the only reason he has that crown, and the only reason he has the NXT title, is because Dunne hasn’t taken it yet!

Dunne, Lorcan and Burch flank the ring as Dunne says, “Two weeks ago, you told me, ‘get in line.’ Well I’m not waiting anymore!” Neither is Finn, as he DECKS Dunne first! Balor fights off Lorcan and Burch, DOUBLE STOMPS for Burch! Then regular stomps for Dunne as he tries to get in! Balor gives Lorcan a trip and DOUBLE STOMPS now! Dunne gets Balor’s arm and hotshots it! Balor staggers but manages to boot Lorcan and ROCK Burch! Lorcan waistlocks Balor, Balor elbows back but Dunne is after the arm again! Double wristlock DDT! The Kings of NXT stomp away on Balor 3v1, but here comes KYLE! Kyle fights the three but that’s still not good because of his bad jaw!

But here comes Roderick Strong and Adam Cole! The UE chase off the tag champions and the fans are fired up! Cole and Strong dare Dunne, Lorcan and Burch to do something now that numbers aren’t in their favor! Dunne and the tag team champions back off, and Balor gets up to stare at the UE. Fans chant “Too Sweet!” because of a certain club, and Balor gives the UE boys a nod. Balor wanted a challenger, and one has made itself known! When will the Prince and the Bruiserweight battle to not only prove who is the best to come from the UK, but who is the best in the world today?


Backstage interview with Johnny Gargano!

Candice won earlier, how is he feeling going into a match tonight? Johnny says Candice did something B-E-A-utiful! Shotzi got what she deserved, and when Gargano beats “that mute freak,” Dexter Lumis, it will be smooth sailing for The Way as they win both the Men’s and Women’s Dusty Rhodes Classics! They’ll have a couple o’ cups! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, as Gargano lost in Mixed Tag and was pinned by Kushida. Kushida is also in the Men’s Dusty Cup as he teams with Leon Ruff, and they’re the first-round opponents for The Way’s Gargano & Theory. How rude! The Mixed Tag should never have happened, Gargano was not prepared, he was still in his skinny jeans! SKINNY JEANS! There’s no breathability or range of motion in those!

Austin Theory walks up and taps Gargano on the shoulder. Theory got something for him? A gift from some guy. What guy? Dexter Lumis!? Yeah! Gargano takes out a caricature of himself, crying like a baby. Theory says it looks just like Gargano. No it doesn’t! Gargano throws that one away, but there’s another one! And it’s of “Idiot” Theory getting shot in the nuts but “Crazy” Shotzi! No, that’s not… Theory wants Gargano to kick Lumis’ ass tonight! Gargano says Lumis’ art sucks! But will the Tortured Artist make a new masterpiece against the North American Champion tonight?


Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Opening Round: Grizzled Young Veterans VS Ever-Rise!

Zack Gibson and James Drake are the inaugural and former NXT UK Tag Team Champions, but vow to SSSOON be recognized as the world’s number one team! But Chase Parker and Matt Marthel say #EverRiseRULES! Who wins big to start off the 2021 Dusty Cup?

Gibson has a mic and speaks as he and Drake make their entrance. “Last year, we made our debut in the Dusty Classic! Well, this year, we are looking for more than just another invite to the finals! So I’m sorry to the dweebs who entered themselves in this tournament, dreaming of success, and I’m sorry to the absolute creatures in attendance praying for an upset tonight! Because 2021 is our year!” They are the Grizzled Young Veterans, SSSSSSOON to be recognized as the 2021 Dusty Cup winners, and SSSSSSSSOON to be recognized as the next NXT Tag Team Champions!

William Regal addresses the teams via titantron to say, “Welcome to the 2021 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. You are amongst the 16 teams who will compete for the prestigious Dusty Cup, and an NXT Tag Team Championship match. Now, let the tournament commence!” Teams sort out, and Liverpool’s Number One starts with Marthel. They circle, tie up, and go around. Gibson puts Marthel in a corner, Marthel gets around to waistlock, and the ref counts. Marthel puts some stank on the CHOP to Gibson’s back! Gibson shoves Marthel away, Marthel gets back to the Ever-Rise corner and uses ropes for defense. Ever-Rise eggs Gibson on but Gibson waits on them.

Parker tags in, talks trash on “baldy,” but Gibson kicks and fires off elbows! Gibson wrenches, tags to Drake, and Drake headlocks to throw Parker down. Drake thrashes and grinds Parker, Gibson shouts to “teach him a lesson,” but Parker fights up. Parker powers out, drops then drops, to hip toss, only for Drake to counter into a hip toss, that even had a bit of a knee attack in it! Parker gets up and comes back to tie up again. Parker wrenches, wristlocks, but Drake rolls and spins to handspring, only for Parker to throw him down by his hair! Parker stomps away on Drake but Gibson gets Drake out of there. Parker shouts, “EVER-RISE RULES!”

Gibson keeps Drake back so he can cool off and not let Parker get in his head. Gibson and Drake go to their corner, talk some strategy, and Drake tags Gibson in. Parker and Gibson circle, tie up, and Gibson throws Parker down tot hen DECK Marthel! Gibson headlocks, Drake tags in, they push Parker to drop toehold, basement dropkick, then MAYHEM IN MOTION on Marthel! GYV is in control but fans chant, “You Still Suck!” Drake grinds Parker into the ropes and tells him to grit his teeth before he throws big haymakers! Parker wobbles, Drake headlocks and punches, then hits a BIG BULLDOG! Drake drags Parker up to ROCK him with a haymaker and Parker flops out of the ring!

Gibson tags in, fetches Parker, Drake slingshots to PLANCHA BACKBREAKER! Drake talks trash on Parker now while Marthel protests. Gibson puts Parker in, stays between him and Marthel, and clamps on with a facelock. Gibson wrenches and back suplexes, to a Half Crab! Parker endures, Gibson puts pressure on the knee but Parker kicks with his free leg! Gibson lets go to stomp Parker down! Gibson traps Parker in the GYV corner, Drake tags in and hits a big back elbow! Gibson hits a corner clothesline then feeds Parker to Drake’s WINDMILL KICK! Cover, TWO! Drake keeps between Parker and Marthel and brings Parker away to bump off buckles.

Gibson tags in, GYV mugs Parker then Gibson throws EuroUppers. Drake tags in but Parker fights both of them off! Gibson blocks a boot but gets an ax kick for it! Parker crawls but Drake anchors his foot! Drake drags Parker back, gets the arm, but Parker keeps fighting! Parker ROCKS Drake with forearms, but Drake holds onto the wrist! Parker drags Drake with him and tags in Marthel! Marthel fires off and fires off haymakers! Drake puts Marthel in the corner but Marthel fights out with forearms and CHOPS! Marthel DECKS Gibson, ROCKS and CHOPS Drake, then whips him corner to corner! Drake tumbles hard, comes back, into an OVERHEAD SUPLEX!

Marthel CLOBBERS Gibson, fires up and brings Drake up! Drake hits back, but Marthel LARIATS! Tag to Parker, Ever-Rise coordinates but Gibson saves Drake from the Sweet Taste! But then Ever-Rise whips Drake into Gibson and knocks him off the apron! Drake staggers into Parker’s pop-up and Marthel’s SPEAR! Cover, but Gibson breaks it! Marthel is after Gibson, Ever-Rise double wrench and double whip but Gibson reverses to send Marthel into buckles! Marthel goes under Gibson, Parker hits a forearm smash! Feed to the drop toehold, BOOYAH ELBOW! Parker tags Marthel in as fans fire up, and Ever-Rise go after Drake. But Gibson drags Parker out!

Gibson THROAT CHOPS Parker! Marthel is alone and goes after Gibson’s beard, but Drake runs corner to corner! GRIT YOUR TEETH DROPKICK!! Gibson tags in, GYV has Marthel for a TICKET TO MAYHEM!! Cover, GYV wins!!

Winners: Grizzled Young Veterans, by pinfall (advance to the second round)

The former NXT UK Tag Team Champions are back on track and are the first team to advance! Will they make it all the way back to the finals and win the cup this time?


NXT hears from Raquel Gonzalez.

“What a difference a year can make.” Rhea Ripley was dominating the NXT Women’s Division, “a bright shiny future hit a brick wall.” Rhea is just like 2020: a bad memory we’re all trying to forget. Raquel and Rhea ripped each other apart all over the arena in their Last Woman Standing match. Raquel is looking ahead to the NXT Women’s Championship and Io Shirai. “After last week, they all know there’s a new baddest bitch in town, and her name… is Raquel Gonzalez.” Will Big Mami Cool conquer every woman in her path to the top?


Backstage interview with Shotzi Blackheart!

A tough loss to Candice, but she won’t whine about it. Shotzi has her eyes on history. The first-ever WOMEN’S Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, and we all know Candice & Indi are in. So Shotzi just needs a partner, “a ride-or-die, someone who has my back, someone I know I can win the whole damn thing with! Somebody that I went to war with.” And that must be Ember Moon! This isn’t just a tournament, this is their opportunity to make history and be THE FIRST EVER Women’s Dusty Cup winners! So they’ll go balls to the wall and #TCB!

To all of the other competitors, Ember wants you to know that they will be enforcing Ember’s Law to its full extent. And, “we gon’ put our names on that trophy.” Shotzi howls to the moon as she now has Ember Moon on her side! Will no one stop these two from claiming the cup and immortalizing themselves in NXT history?


Dexter Lumis VS Johnny Gargano w/ Austin Theory!

While The Way’s other half wants to parallel Candice & Indi Wrestling, Johnny Wrestling still has to worry about the gold around his waist. Will Gargano be able to deny Lumis the shortcut to a title shot this close to his return to the Dusty Cup?

The bell rings and Lumis stares down Gargano. Gargano has the caricature and says it isn’t funny. He tears the picture in front of Lumis, so Lumis DECKS him with an uppercut, then BOOTS him to ropes! Gargano kicks back, runs, but into a Thesz Press and fast hands! Lumis stalks Gargano to a corner, runs in but Gargano goes up and over and rolls Lumis, but Lumis ducks the low kick and stares Gargano right in the face! Gargano slides out of the ring but Lumis slithers out after him! Gargano runs at Lumis but Lumis ducks the boot to kip up! Lumis stares Gargano down, Gargano runs into an uppercut! Gargano elbows back, climbs up to the apron and mule kicks!

Gargano leaps but Lumis UPPERCUTS him into the ring! Fans fire up for Lumis as he climbs up the corner. Gargano throws haymakers to stop Lumis up top, then climbs up to bring him up. Lumis resists the superplex, throws body shots, but so does Gargano. Lumis hits back, hits hard, and then brings Gargano up to headbutt! Gargano holds on but Lumis uppercuts him down! Lumis adjusts, fans rally up, Lumis lines it up and SWANTONS, but Gargano moves! Lumis flops, flounders and NXT goes to break!

NXT returns and Gargano has Lumis down with a half camel clutch. Fans rally as Lumis endures, but Gargano pulls back harder. Gargano lets Lumis go to mockingly frame the picture and then drop an elbow on Lumis’ back! Gargano digs knees in over and over then drops another elbow. Lumis writhes but Gargano grins as he stalks him to ropes. Gargano drags Lumis up, shoves and CLUBS him on the back! Gargano brings Lumis up again, another shove and another forearm to the back! Fans rally for Lumis, Gargano shoves him again but Lumis elbows Gargano! Gargano staggers, comes back to kick low and whips Lumis to ropes, only for Lumis to reverse and SPINEBUSTER!

Fans fire up as both men are down, but Lumis is getting up already. Gargano goes to ropes, Lumis watches him stagger over, and he DECKS him with a haymaker! Then another! Then an uppercut! Lumis corner clotheslines, then BULLDOGS! Gargano flounders up into Lumis’ slingshot suplex! Lumis stalks Gargano, brings him up, BIG back suplex! And a kip up, to a LEG DROP! Cover, TWO! Lumis keeps his cool and fans fire up more! Gargano hobbles, Lumis reels him in but Gargaao fights out of the arm triangle! Gargano boots from a corner, goes up and leaps, but Lumis catches him! Lumis swings Gargano but Gargano turns that into a crucifix takedown! Cover, TWO!!

Gargano hurries to BUZZSAW Lumis down! Fans fire up, Lumis pops right up!? Gargano SUPERKICKS! Cover, TWO!! Lumis still lives and Theory can’t believe it! Gargano seethes and drags Lumis up for forearms. Lumis throws another forearm, and another, and another! Lumis ROCKS Gargano with haymakers, then runs, but Theory swipes at him! Lumis stomps Theory’s fingers! Gargano enziguris! Gargano goes to the apron, slingshots but into an uppercut! Lumis throws a punch, Gargano enziguris again! Gargano tries again, but Lumis blocks One Final Beat, to THE SILENCE!

Theory gets on the apron but Lumis lets Gargano go to ROCK Theory! Lumis drags Theory in but Gargano rolls Lumis up! Theory is sent flying but Gargano gets the cover, Gargano wins!!

Winner: Johnny Gargano, by pinfall

Indi helped Candice and Theory helped Gargano! The Way’s investment in the future of NXT has helped them out! But Lumis slithers up to grab Theory for THE SILENCE! Gargano stomps Lumis down and clubs him at the ramp! Gargano and Theory mug Lumis, then Gargano goes to fetch a chair! Gargano brings the chair over, but KUSHIDA attacks Gargano! Theory goes after Kushida but gets a FAST BALL! Kushida slides in, ducks the Superkick and puts on the HOVERBOARD! Gargano is tapping!! Lumis drags Theory into THE SILENCE!

Lumis smothers Theory, Kushida lets Gargano go, and Kushida picks up the North American Championship! Is it only a matter of time before Kushida makes it his time?


Backstage interview with The Kings of NXT!

Do they care to comment on what went down earlier with Balor and the Undisputed Era? Burch says the UE still thinks they run this place, but guess what? Everyone right now is fighting for a shot at the NXT Tag Team Championships! “So no, WE run this place.” The UE just needs to learn one thing: keep your noses out of their business. And as far as Dunne is concerned, Kyle just put himself in the way of him and the NXT Championship. “So let’s take him outta the way.” Will the UE have to watch their backs with these three on the loose?


NXT shares the sit-down meeting between Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher.

It was earlier today that Wade Barrett presided over this face-to-face of two men who are still set to face off inside The Fight Pit. Barrett thanks them for joining him and starts with Thatcher. Thatcher is now medically cleared, what can he tell us about the nature of his injury? “I’m good to go. Last week, medical didn’t clear me. Now I am, done deal.” Ciampa doesn’t want to “poke the bear,” but what was the injury? Just curious. Thatcher says it’s nothing that will change the outcome of the match.

Barrett says it was Ciampa who asked their have their rematch in the Fight Pit. Knowing Thatcher won the first ever Fight Pit, was that a request a mistake? It’s Thatcher’s match, so maybe. But Ciampa’s talked about changing the culture in NXT. “Sometimes, you need to go into enemy territory. The Fight Pit is exactly that.” Ciampa knows how brutal this will be. Oh does he? Ciampa hasn’t been in it, Thatcher has! It’s a cage with no ropes, no pinfalls, only win by submission or knockout! Oh is this the part where Thatcher tells Ciampa the rules? Is this where Thatcher looks for fear in Ciampa’s eyes? Keep looking.

Barrett senses the animosity here. They’re both tough as they come and are very similar. So why this animosity? Thatcher says he still has no problem with Ciampa. And he agrees with a lot of what Ciampa says, but Ciampa went after Thatcher first. Thatcher was just out “educating the youth,” but Ciampa says that was “taking liberties.” Thatcher the grappler? Tough as nails. Thatcher the coach? A piece of garbage! In the Fight Pit, Ciampa will take every single liberty that he wants. Please do! Thatcher welcomes it! Be careful what you wish for, Thatcher.

Thatcher says this won’t be like TakeOver. Thatcher’s a different animal inside the Fight Pit. “A lion doesn’t have to explain what it’s going to do to a zebra.” “Do I look like a freakin’ zebra to you!?” “No, no you don’t. You look like a man who’s questioning if he’s still got it.” Ciampa says Thatcher has no idea what kind of man Ciampa is. This isn’t about questions, this is about answers. Next week, Fight Pit 2, Thatcher gets his answer. Barrett thanks them for their time and wishes them both the best of luck. Will Ciampa and Thatcher even survive this brutal rematch in the most brutal singles match NXT has devised?


Backstage interview with the Undisputed Era!

After what happened earlier tonight, are they worried that the Kings of NXT will get involved in their Dusty Cup match? Adam Cole isn’t sure about “worried,” they’ve had people coming after them their entire careers. Not only have they dealt with that, they’ve taught those people lessons. Strong says that’s right, and says if “Peter, Bonehead 1 and Bonehead 2” want to come on down, so be it! Kyle says the Era boys get the job done and have each other’s backs. Kyle will be out there to “keep the peace,” if you will.

As for Breezango, the UE has a lot of respect for what Fandango and Tyler Breeze have done. But tonight, the Era advances and that is Undisputed. Will Cole and Strong prove they’re just as strong of a combination as the other UE duos have been?


Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Opening Round: Jake Atlas & Isaiah “Swerve” Scott VS MSK!

After going back and forth with each other on both NXT and 205 Live, these young Cruiserweight superstars have come to an understanding and are going for glory together! But there’s a lot of mystery behind this newest team to join NXT, who are making their debuts in this tournament! Just who are #MSK? Wild and fired up, Wes Lee and Nash Carter are ready to make an impact!

Carter and Atlas start and fans fire up already. Atlas and Carter tie up. Carter wrenches but Atlas spins through to step through and headlock to a takeover. Carter headscissors but Atlas pops out. The two stand off, circle, tie up and Atlas arm-drags to have Carter in an armlock. Carter gets up, whips Atlas to ropes and hurdles to drop. Atlas rolls, goes Matrix and then back elbows! Cover, TWO! Atlas has Carter’s arm again, wrenches him and tags in Swerve. Atlas takes the handoff, wrenches and wristlocks, but Carter rolls, handsprings and flips to arm-drag free! Carter grins but Swerve runs in, only for things to speed up.

Carter hurdles, dodges and springboards for a TORNILLO BODY BLOCK! Cover, TWO! Carter keeps on Swerve with a chinlock, Swerve fights up but Carter powers him to the MSK corner. Wes tags in, wrenches to a wristlock, and grinds Swerve down to the mat. Swerve keeps his shoulders up, turns and reels Wes into a knee! Swerve drags Wes up by his face and throws him hard into the corner! Swerve stomps away, Atlas tells Swerve to calm down and tags in. Atlas drags Wes up to ROCK him and CHOP him, then CHOP him again! Wes hits back, Atlas wrenches and waistlocks but Wes elbows out hard!

Wes runs but Swerve throws Wes out! The ref reprimands but Swerve runs at Wes, Wes ROCKS him! Atlas DIVES and sends Wes into the announce desk! Atlas puts Wes in, Carter comes around and leaps off steps, Swerve pushes Atlas out of the way to take the hit! Atlas runs at Carter but is sent into steel steps! Carter turns around into Swerve’s BOOT! Swerve laughs at Carter but Wes BLASTS him off the apron! Atlas and Swerve regroup but Wes FLIES! Direct hit takes both of them out and fans are fired up as NXT goes to break!

NXT returns and Swerve has Carter down with an armlock. Carter fights up, leaps to drag Swerve down, but Swerve fights off the triangle! Swerve throws body shots to Carter’s ribs, then picks him up to SLAM him down! Swerve hooks the leg, turns Carter over, waistlocks and lifts, but Carter elbows out! Carter reaches, Swerve drags him away and ducks the enziguri, but Carter slides under! Swerve turns around, Carter ducks his leap to tag in Wes! Atlas tags in but Wes rallies with big forearms! Atlas goes to a corner, Wes runs in and UPPERCUTS! Wes whips, Atlas reverses but Wes stops, breaks free, CHOPS, elbows and snapmares to a basement dropkick!

Tag to Carter, MSK coordinate for the MOONSAULT PUSH! Cover, but Swerve breaks it in time! Swerve drags Carter up and whips but Carter reverses to push him out! Tag to Wes and MSK drag Atlas up. They double back suplex but Atlas lands on his feet to shove Wes away. Carter turns around as Swerve tags in, and Swerve throws Carter way out of the ring! Wes comes back and Atlas ROCKS him, GERMANS, and Swerve is there to gator roll to a dead lift BRAINBUSTER! Wes staggers, Swerve grins as he tags Atlas back in.

Swerve drags Wes up, full nelson for Atlas to HEEL KICK Wes, then a spin to a fireman’s carry, toss and SPINNING POWERSLAM! Swerve is up top, 450 SPLASH! Atlas covers, but Carter breaks it just in time! Fans fire up as Swerve grows frustrated! Swerve throws Carter back out, Atlas drags Wes back over and tags Swerve in. Atlas drags Wes to a corner, rams his shoulder in, and Swerve helps hoist Wes to the top rope. Swerve and Atlas both climb up to bring Wes up but Carter drags Atlas down in a heap! Wes shoves Swerve away and both men fall to the mat! Fans fire up as everyone is down, and Wes gets to ropes. Wes kicks Swerve away to go to his corner but no one is home.

Swerve runs in, blocks a boot, but Carter tags in! Carter ROCKS Swerve, Wes pops Swerve up to the ropes, Carter ROCKS Swerve into Wes’ NO HANDS POISON-RANA!! Carter drags Swerve up, Wes runs in, BLOCKBUSTER HART ATTACK! Cover, MSK WINS!!

Winners: MSK, by pinfall (advance to the second round)

What a way to debut! They defeat two top Cruiserweights and move on to the next round of this prestigious tag team tournament! Will these rascals be the ones to take the Dusty Cup?


NXT has the Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic line-up!

As stated earlier tonight, The Way’s Indi Hartwell & Candice LeRae are in, along with Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon, but there is also Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter and Toni Storm and Mercedes Martinez! Surely more teams to come, but the inaugural Women’s Dusty Cup begins next week! KC Squared takes on the Lightning from Down Under and Mean Ms. Martinez, all in the name of making history!


NXT hears from Scarlett Bordeaux.

She’s reading tarot cards. “We’ve cleared the land of the holy man.” That is to say, Karrion Kross punished Damian Priest for his arrogance on New Year’s Evil. “We will dance with the devil. And when we dance, we dance to the tune of The Prince.” Scarlett blows out the candle, and Kross says tick-tock. When will the clock strike midnight on Finn Balor’s reign?


Xia Li w/ Boa & Tian Sha VS ???

Forged by the training “she” subjected her to, the once spicy warrior is now a sharpened blade ready to cut down opponent after opponent in the ring. Xia now shows her prowess with a different martial arts weapon, but it is just as fearsome and impressive as before. Will it be the same story in the ring?

The bell rings, Xia circles with ???, and as ??? rushes in, Xia easily DECKS her to the mat. Xia spins, strikes her pose, watches her opponent rise, and then SPINNING ROUNDHOUSES! Cover, Xia wins!!

Winner: Xia Li, by pinfall

Two strikes that were so fast, if you blinked, you missed them! But “she” is not satisfied, and Xia puts the opponent into the ropes and fires off furious strikes! The rope is the only thing that keeps this young woman up, and then the signal is given to finish it! Xia hits a JUMPING KNEE and her opponent falls! Will the mysterious “Tian Sha” and her living weapon in Xia Li soon take over the NXT Women’s Division?


Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter speak.

“Next week, we have the opportunity to make history and become the first team to advance in the first-ever Women’s Dusty Cup.” That’s huge! Monumental! Now it will be a challenge because their first opponents are two of the toughest women in NXT, Toni Storm & Mercedes Martinez. But KC Squared is used to being overlooked. Toni and Mercedes, PLEASE overlook them! All the teams can overlook them and then watch them leave a legacy. KC Square promises to shock Storm & Martinez, then shock the world, by going down in history as the first-ever Women’s Dusty Cup winners! The whole thing! They’re fired up, but will that fire be extinguished by the Storm and her vicious new tag partner?


NXT returns to Atlas and Swerve brawling backstage!

The tag team’s bond was tenuous at best, and the loss tonight has made them both snap! Security rushes in, then Colossal Bronson Reed barges in. Swerve can’t believe Reed’s taking Atlas’ side. Reed’s always against him. Reed tells Swerve to cool off, and Swerve just smirks and leaves. Will Swerve’s House still be standing if Auszilla is in his way?


Next week’s Dusty Rhodes Classic matches are set!

We already know Kushida and Leon Ruff will look to settle things with The Way’s Gargano & Theory, but Imperium returns and takes on Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado! Will Johnny Wrestling make sure things go his way? And will Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner keep the mat sacred when they’re against Lucha House Party?


Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Opening Round: The Undisputed Era VS Breezango!

Roderick Strong and Adam Cole definitely made history in the Dusty Cup when Strong betrayed Dunne to help Cole and Kyle win both cup and tag titles. Meanwhile, the Lord of Dance and Prince Pretty are entering this prestigious tournament for the first time! Who wins when former tag team champions collide already in the first round?

The teams sort out and Cole starts with Breeze. They circle, fans rally up already, and the two tie up. They go around, Breeze headlocks but Cole powers out, only for Breeze to run him over. Things speed up as Cole hurdles but Breeze drops to hurdle back. Both men show superkicks so both men back off. Fans cheer as the two reset and give a respectful low five. They circle, approach, Cole waistlocks but Breeze switches. Cole switches, Breeze switches again, but so does Coe. Cole headlocks, hits the takeover, but Breeze headscissors. Cole pops out, Breeze reverses roles as he headlocks and takes over, only for Cole to headscissor. Breeze pops out, the two show haymaker and back off again.

Fans rally Breeze and Cole tag to Fandango and Strong. The Savior of the Backbreaker knuckle locks with Fandango, go shoulder to shoulder with a test of strength, and both men break the other’s knuckle lock to tie up collar ‘n’ elbow. Strong pushes Fandango down then gets the arm. Fandango fights up, Strong digs into the arm and wrenches to then yank on the arm. Fandango endures, fights up, wrangles Strong down, but Strong gets up. Fandango puts Strong on the ropes then throws him over to drop knees on the arm! Fandango digs knees into the shoulder, Strong fights up and handsprings, only for Fandango to wrangle him back down!

Fans rally, Strong works on an escape, and Strong kips up, only for Fandango to wrangle him down again! Strong trips Fandango up, gets the legs but Fandango throws him off. Fandango dodges and hits a windmill kick! Cover, TWO! Fandango keeps on Strong as NXT goes picture in picture.

Strong fights up but Fandango EuroUppers him to the corner! Breeze tags in, brings Strong out and snap suplexes him! Cover, ONE, but Breeze keeps close. Breeze wrenches, facelocks, but Strong gets around to a waistlock and back suplex backbreaker! Tag to Cole and Cole brings Breeze up to bump off buckles! Cole stomps and punches Breeze down, stomps more, but lets off as the ref counts. Cole brings Breeze up, turns him, and hits a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Cole drags Breeze up, whips him but Breeze reverses to mule kick! Breeze runs and dropkicks Cole down! Cover, TWO! Tag to Fandango, Breezango mugs Cole, then Fandango whips Cole corner to corner hard!

Fandango drags Cole back up and whips him back the other way just as hard! Cole hits the mat but Fandango brings him up for haymakers and jabs in the corner! The ref counts, Fandango snapmares and wraps on a chinlock. Cole endures, fights up, and NXT returns to single picture as Cole throws body shots. Fandango throws knees back, then hangs Cole out to dry. Tag to Fandango, they make it rain and DOUBLE BOOT Cole down! Cover, TWO! Breeze brings Cole up, Cole elbows him away! Breeze grabs a leg, reels Cole in but Cole breaks free to PELE! Cole reaches for Strong but Breeze throws him out! Breeze runs, into an ENZIGURI!

Fans rally up as Breeze stirs and Cole gets in the ring. Cole crawl but so does Breeze, hot tags to Strong and Fandango! Strong and Fandango throw hands fast and furious, but Strong runs to LARIAT and dropkick, then half nelson BACKBREAKER! Strong runs to give Breeze endless forearms! Then a SLAM onto Fandango! Cover, TWO! Strong fires up, tags Cole in and the UE drags Fandango up. Strong ROCKS Fandango, fireman’s carries, GUTBUSTER DROP to a SHINING WIZARD! Cover, TWO! It wasn’t the Last Shot for more than one reason, but Cole decides to make it that! Knee pad down, Cole runs, but Fandango ducks and then BOOTS back! Tag to Breeze!

Breeze runs but into Cole’s BOOT! Cole drags Breeze up, suplexes, but Breeze fights free! Breeze knees low, hops on, SIDE BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO!! Cole survives, Kyle and the fans rally up, but Breeze ENZIGURIS Strong down! Breeze drags Cole over, Fandango tags in, catapult to forearm shot! FASHION FAUX PAS! Cover, but Strong breaks it! Breeze shoves Strong out, gets Cole with chicken wings, but Strong gets back in! Breeze JUMPING KNEES Strong away, Fandango goes up top but Cole SUPERKICKS Breeze! Cole dodges Fandango’s leap to BOOT him, only for Fandango to LARIAT Cole anyway! Fans are thunderous for “NXT! NXT!” as all four men are down!

But Kyle sees the Kings of NXT coming and goes after them at the ramp! But that’s still 3v1! Kyle gets mugged, and Dunne brings Kyle to the girder! Lorcan and Burch pull on Kyle’s arm, but BALOR leaps in and DECKS Dunne! Then he clobbers Burch and fires off on Lorcan! Dunne and the Kings fight Balor and Kyle 3v2, and Dunne sends Balor into girder! Then he DECKS Kyle! And KNEES Kyle’s jaw into barriers!! Cole sees all this and is stunned! Breeze SUPER MODEL KICKS Cole!! Breezango gets Cole on the top rope but Strong KNEES Breeze so hard, he falls out of the ring!

Cole shoves Fandango away, and hits PANAMA- NO! Fandango back drops it away! Fandango goes up top, leaps, into a SUPERKICK!! Cover, the UE wins!!

Winners: The Undisputed Era, by pinfall (advance to the second round)

Cole and Strong still get through the first round, but did the Kings of NXT still accomplish their mission? Have they removed Kyle from NXT by completely devastating his jaw? Will the Undisputed Era avenge Kyle by winning the Dusty Cup and taking those tag titles from Lorcan & Burch? Will Balor get his own payback when he battles the Bruiserweight?

My Thoughts:

While it is hard to follow up New Year’s Evil being a TakeOver on TV, this episode was still great! Especially as a start for the Dusty Cup with three matches tonight, all of them great. GYV going over Ever-Rise made sense, they’re the former NXT UK Tag Team Champions and one of last year’s finalists. Given how things are building, they probably aren’t winning, but this is a good sign that they’ll be the first team to have held both the NXT UK and NXT prime tag team championships in their careers. MSK VS Atlas & Swerve was a very good match for a first-time-ever, and given the story building between Swerve and Atlas, it makes a lot of sense for MSK to go over. The now “Wes Lee” and “Nash Carter” are going to do very well, might be semifinalists at best, but not finalists or winners.

The Undisputed Era, Finn Balor and the Kings of NXT all had very good showings tonight. Clearly Dunne wants after Balor, but whether that happens before or at TakeOver: Valentine’s Day has yet to be seen after Scarlett’s spooky tarot promo. The promos were good, the brawling was better, and I’m surprised it didn’t cost the UE against Breezango. At the same time, it makes a lot of sense to let the tournament be the build, with UE winning here, against next round’s opponents, and I would assume Grizzled Young Veterans in the semifinals. UE is the favorites to win the Dusty Cup so that the combination of Cole and Strong have a shot at holding the titles together officially, but that in itself could be why they don’t win and have to take a different route to the champions.

I’m assuming we only got to know half of the Women’s Dusty Cup bracket. Four teams is good but I would think they could find a way to make eight teams total. Ember being Shotzi’s partner makes sense, because as Shotzi’s promo said, they’ve teamed together before, and they both still have some beef with Candice and even other entries into the tournament. KC Squared joining in was natural, but despite their promo, they’re still fodder for Storm & Mercedes. Candice VS Shotzi was a good match but Indi so blatantly helped Candice win it. I’m not sure that bodes well for The Way in the tournament, but who knows. Xia Li was so swift and brutal, we never got her opponent’s name! But that’s actually perfect because that’s what she needs to be. No idea if “Tian Sha” (Karen Q’s new character) ever actually wrestles, so maybe they won’t be in the Women’s Dusty Cup.

The Way’s other half, Gargano and Theory, had a rougher night, but it works in story. Gargano beats Lumis so Lumis doesn’t have a shortcut to the title, but Kushida makes sure Gargano isn’t standing tall going into the Dusty Cup. Lumis going after Theory makes me think something might happen to Leon Ruff, only for Lumis to step in as his replacement. Even if not, I expect Lumis to still be looming as Kushida & Leon likely lose to Gargano & Theory. The Way’s two teams should parallel each other to a degree, in that they get out of the first round, but I think because Gargano has the North American Championship, he and Theory lose first and then focus on the title defense.

Perhaps the only real low point was Ciampa and Thatcher having the sit-down. It was needed since the Fight Pit was cancelled for New Year’s Evil, and I do like that Thatcher kept the nature of his injury a secret so as not to give Ciampa an advantage. The one thing I didn’t like was that they made it sound like Thatcher was in way more Fight Pit matches than he has, which is only one against Matt Riddle. He hasn’t been secretly having dozens of Fight Pit matches somewhere, has he? Undefeated at 1-0 isn’t that big of a deal but they’re saying the Fight Pit is Thatcher’s match. I feel like them saying that is already a giveaway that Ciampa is winning again, even though that squashes the feud rather easily since Ciampa won at the previous TakeOver.

My Score: 9.4/10

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Mitchell’s NXT Battleground Results & Report! (5/28/23)

Will Bron break… HIM?



NXT Battleground

Who is truly the top dog of NXT?

Lowell, Massachusetts becomes a Battleground as hometown hero, Carmelo Hayes, defends his NXT Championship in a rematch against Bron Breakker!


  • NXT Tag Team Championships: Gallus VS The Creed Brothers; win(s) and
  • NXT Heritage Cup Championship: Noam Dar w/ ??? VS Dragon Lee w/ Nathan Frazer; wins and
  • Last Man Standing: DIJAK VS Ilja Dragunov; wins.
  • NXT Women’s Championship Tournament Finals: Lyra Valkyria VS Tiffany Stratton; wins and is the new NXT Women’s Champion.
  • NXT Championship: Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS Bron Breakker; wins and


It’s the NXT Battleground Kickoff Show!

Join Megan Morant, Matt Camp & Sam Roberts in discussing, analyzing and predicting all the action here tonight!



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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Double or Nothing Results & Report! (5/28/23)

What’re the odds?



Will the Devil of AEW pay for his sins in Sin City?

Double or Nothing raises the stakes on MJF by putting him in a Fatal 4 Way for the AEW World Championship! Will his reign of terror survive a weekend in Las Vegas?


  • Buy-In – High Stakes Six Man Tag: Hook & The Hardy Boyz VS Ethan Page & The Gunns; win and
  • AEW International Blackjack Battle Royal: ??? wins and
  • AEW TNT Championship Ladder Match: Wardlow VS Christian Cage w/ Luchasaurus; wins and
  • AEW TBS Championship: Jade Cargill VS Taya Valkyrie; wins and
  • AEW Women’s World Championship: Jamie Hayter w/ Britt Baker & Hikaru Shida VS Toni Storm w/ The Outcasts; wins and
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships, Special Referee Mark Briscoe: FTR VS Team Triple J w/ Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh; wins and
  • AEW World Trios Championships Open House Rules Open Challenge: The House of Black VS ???; win(s) and
  • Anarchy in the Arena II: The Elite VS Blackpool Combat Club; win(s).
  • Unsanctioned Match, Special Enforcer Sabu: Adam Cole VS Chris Jericho; wins.
  • AEW World Championship Fatal 4 Way: MJF VS Sammy Guevara VS “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry VS Darby Allin; wins and


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of Double or Nothing will begin later tonight]

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