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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (1/7/21)

New year, new challenger?



Coverage NXT UK 2021

Who will challenge Kay Lee Ray for the NXT UK Women’s Championship?

The Spoiled Princess spoiled Piper’s Falls Count Anywhere for the NXT UK Women’s Championship, but will Piper get her revenge to start 2021?


  • NXT UK Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Piper Niven VS Jinny; Jinny wins and will challenge Kay Lee Ray for the title.
  • Dave Mastiff VS Saxon Huxley; Mastiff wins.
  • NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Jordan Devlin VS Ben Carter; Devlin wins.


NXT UK Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Piper Niven VS Jinny!

Why wait to settle this? The Scottish Viper and would-be queen of NXT have their grudge match to start NXT UK’s 2021 and there can only be ONE #1 contender! Who knocks down their hated rival to go after the Scary Queen of Scots’ throne?

The bell rings and the two rush each other! Piper throws hands, clubs away on Jinny but Jinny hits back with forearms! Jinny knees low, Piper throws more forearms and ROCKS her! Piper CLUBS Jinny, stomps her, but the ref backs her off. Jinny flounders up but dodges Piper’s corner splash to fire off forearms! The ref counts, Piper shoves Jinny away but Jinny comes back with more! Piper shoves Jinny, sweeps the legs, and back sentons! Jinny tumbles out of the ring but Piper pursues! Piper clubs Jinny down, Jinny kicks back but Piper stomps her legs! Piper clubs Jinny, throws her into railing, and then refreshes the ring count at 8.

The ref tells Piper to keep this in the ring but Piper brings Jinny up. Jinny SLAPS Piper, fires off forearms, then gets in the ring at 5. Piper grabs at Jinny’s leg, but Jinny yanks Piper into the post! Jinny kicks Piper down, goes out after her, and POSTS her! The ring count is 5 again as Jinny goes back in. Piper stirs at 7 and drags herself up at 8 to get in at 9! Jinny rains down furious forearms and chokes Piper! “You NEVER disrespect me! Do you understand?!” Jinny stomps Piper, drags her up to wrench the arm and throw more knees. Jinny ROCKS Piper with a right, covers, TWO! Piper is still in this but Jinny is furious. Jinny wrenches, hooks Piper up and puts on the IRON OCTOPUS!

The BT Sports Studio fans rally as Jinny CLAWS Piper’s arm! Piper powers out, Jinny fires off forearms and knees, then wrenches to hook Piper up again. Jinny CLUBS away with elbows, then finishes the Iron Octopus! Piper endures, fights her way up, and hits an AIR RAID CRASH! Both women are down but out comes… Joseph Conners? What business does he have in an NXT UK Women’s Championship related match? Jinny throws knees and clotheslines but Piper stays up! Jinny clotheslines again, runs, but Piper gets around for a SAIDO SUPLEX! Jinny flounders up into double ax handles over and over! Piper hits a BASEMENT SPLASH! Cover, TWO!!

Jinny survives, rolls out of the ring and ends up near Conners. Conners is a statue as Piper storms over to pursue. Piper CANNONBALLS, but Conners takes the hit?! Jinny goes after Piper with clubbing forearms as the ring count climbs! Jinny drags Piper up to RAM her into the apron! The count is 5 but Jinny shoves Piper in at 7! Jinny climbs up the corner, springboards, but into Piper’s arms! Piper shifts Jinny around but Conners trips Piper up! Jinny victory rolls, Jinny wins!!

Winner: Jinny, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contender to the NXT UK Women’s Championship)

The Spoiled Princess gets what she wants, but what is Conners doing helping her get it? Is he trying to play white knight for the would-be queen? Will he help her take the throne from KLR?


Pretty Deadly speaks.

“Gallus! You don’t like us, but we get it. You don’t want Pretty Deadly in the tag division.” They know why. Mark and Wolfie are scared, intimidated even, because they didn’t think they’d be here. But now Gallus puts a target on the challengers’ backs, almost like Pretty Deadly planned this! Will this plan go beautifully for Sam Stoker & Lewis Howley?


Aoife Valkyrie speaks.

“When a bird leaves the nest, they have to be ready, or it can be fatal.” Aoife never trusts the branch she stands on, but she does trust her wings. When you are chasing perfection, there is no room for frayed feathers. When you watch the birds soar, they don’t try to be perfect, they just are. Will Aoife’s flight be an effortless perfection that takes her to the title?


Tyler Bate reflects on his first match back in NXT UK.

A match for the Heritage Cup against A-Kid, a young man who he mentored, and Bate lost. “It was a very thought provoking loss. The loss provoked quite painful feelings and this really uncomfortable energy inside of me.” In those moments of pain are opportunities to learn lessons. The lesson Bate learned was “so long as I give my all, so long as I remain open to learn, and willing to expand my understanding of professional wrestling and myself, and so long as I do that from a place of absolute authenticity, I am liberated from any pain any match could put in front of me.”

Bate quotes Bruce Lee’s, “Be like water.” There is a reason Bruce Lee changed the paradigms of his art, and that is what Bate wants to do with pro-wrestling. This life chose him, and he wants to be a conduit for a greater good he doesn’t even know yet. But to be authentic, he needs to go deep within himself. Not just a deep knowing, but a deep faith. And if Bate acts out of that authentic self-expression, everything will fall into place. That is why Bate is here. What does Bate want to say with his wrestling? Never let fear turn you against your playful heart.


Sam Gradwell responds to Bate’s message.

“Is this supposed to be inspirational?” The only yogi Gradwell respects is the one who goes after picnic baskets. Be like water? That’s horrible advice! What a yogurt. This response makes its way to management, and they’ve decided we will get Tyler Bate VS Sam Gradwell next week! Will the Big Strong Boy teach the Thunderstorm what he was talking about firsthand?


NXT UK presents an all new Supernova Sessions!

Noam Dar says hello and welcomes us to the first episode of 2021. New Year’s is the time for resolutions, but for Dar it’s a new year and the same him. But he has resolutions he will achieve this year, that he wishes to speak into existence so that the universe may provide. “NXT Cruiserweight Champion. NXT World Champion. NXT UK Champion. Superstar of the Year Award. Most Handsome Award. Most Funny Award. The Most Humble Award. The lead role in The Marine 475. Be an absolute legend. Actually I could just take that one off now. And last but not least, Trish Stratus’ phone number. Just joking about that last one, I’ve already got it.”

But Dar’s guest makes his NXT UK in-ring debut next week, but here is “Ben Carpenter!” No, it’s Ben Carter, and they elbow bump. Carter takes the guest seat and he’s okay with breadsticks. Dar cuts to the chase to ask the question everyone wants to know. “Woodwork. Has it always been a passion of yours? Or does carpentry run in the family?” Carter clears this up for Dar. It’s CARTER, not Carpenter. Ben has nothing to do with carpentry. But thanks for having Dar on the show. Carter gets Dar does stuff like this, so it’s fine. Dar acts like it’s the mistake of his staff and he grumbles at someone about the questions set up about shelves.

But Dar knows about Ben CARTER, he is a huge hit. So moving on from tables and such… Ben Carter, why did you join NXT UK? Firstly, Carter is very happy to be here, but not just that. Carter wants to face the very best the business has to offer, and everyone knows that starts here in NXT UK. Dar says Carter has the very best right here so- But wait! Here comes Jordan Devlin! Dar welcomes Jordan to the show and Devlin “apologizes” to Noam for interrupting. But Devlin has a burning question for Dar that he couldn’t wait to ask. “How on Earth are you gonna have Ben Carter on this show ahead of the Irish Ace?”

Not to disrespect Carter, he’s great and all, but Devlin knows what it’s like to be a prodigy. A huge upside and limitless potential. But c’mon, Dar, you are on the same roster with Devlin, the Cruiserweight Champion with an open challenge for every time he’s in the ring! And yet, Dar brings on Carter first? Dar gets Devlin’s point, but perhaps when you’re the REAL NXT Cruiserweight Champion and not a substitute, then maybe Dar’s people will talk with Devlin’s people for a Supernova Sessions. But right now, the guest is Ben Carter, so…

Carter wishes to speak up and says Dar has been surprisingly nice, but he actually sides with Devlin. Just speaking human to human here, Devlin IS the true, legitimate, undisputed Cruiserweight Champion, the Ace of this division and a gatekeeper of this brand! Because Devlin is all of these things, he should have no problem defending that title against Carter. Great idea, Ben! Dar likes it! Devlin has an idea. Carter clearly fits the weight class requirements, and wants after the best, but he’s looking at him. If Carter wants the title, then take him on tonight! Dar says Carter was going to wait for next week so it’s fine if he’s not ready.

Carter says it’s fine. If Devlin wants it, then let’s go! Dar is going to love seeing them beat the life out of each other. Sid Scala appears and will talk with Johnny Saint about making the main event for tonight be for the Cruiserweight Championship! Another exclusive for Supernova Sessions! Must-See TV and the place to be! Devlin snatches Dar’s apple, and Dar has the music play. Will the prodigy of British wrestling go from debuting to dethroning Devlin?


Kay Lee Ray speaks.

“Earlier tonight, Jinny became the #1 contender for my title. Now Jinny, you’re someone that gets what you want all the time. Mommy and Daddy can just reach into the cocket and get you anything you want!” But the title is something that money can’t buy. The title takes talent, and the title belongs to K L R. Will the battle of Scary Queen and Spoiled Princess for the gold be absolutely priceless?


Dave Mastiff VS Saxon Huxley!

The Bomber hates bullies, and that is what the Divine Beast of the Astral Plane was being to Jack Starz and Levi Muir. The Proper British Heavyweight is daring the deranged Huxley to pick on someone his own size, but will Mastiff be too much for him to handle?

The bell rings and the two circle. Huxley tests the waters then throws knees and clubbing forearms! Huxley ROCKS Mastiff to a corner, CLUBS him more, but Mastiff RAMS into Huxley and throws forearms back! Mastiff throws body shots, Huxley elbows, they brawl at ropes and the ref counts. Mastiff knees low, whips Huxley to ropes and then kitchen sink knees Huxley down! BACK SENTON! Cover, TWO! Huxley survives but Mastiff keeps on him for another cover, TWO! Mastiff looms over Huxley, brings him up and CLUBS him down! Huxley gets to ropes, grabs Mastiff’s beard but Mastiff shoves him away. Mastiff runs into the Thesz Press!

Huxley rains down fists, fires up and goes to a corner to come back with a running elbow drop! Mastiff rolls to a corner, Huxley runs in, and BOOTS Mastiff down! Huxley keeps moving side to side to BOOT WASH! Mastiff is stunned and Huxley goes outside. Huxley runs in from the outside to BOOT Mastiff again! The ref has the ring count climbing but Huxley gets up and to the top rope at 5! Huxley leaps to FLYING LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Huxley stomps Mastiff, clamps on for clubbing forearms to Mastiff’s chest, then twists Mastiff’s head! Mastiff endures as Huxley has the arm, and Huxley elbows away! Huxley grabs an ear but the ref counts.

Huxley RAMS shoulders with Mastiff, and again! He clubs the arm more but Mastiff fights back. Mastiff fights up, Huxley wrenches the arm to an elbow breaker, then reels Mastiff in, only for Mastiff to back drop him! Mastiff forearms and CHOPS over and over at the ropes, the ref counts and Mastiff whips Huxley at 4 to CLOBBER him! Mastiff pump handles and EXPLODERS! Cover, TWO! Huxley survives but Mastiff looms over him. Mastiff stalks Huxley, waistlocks, but Huxley elbows free! Huxley runs but Mastiff LARIATS! Huxley flounders to a corner, Mastiff runs corner to corner, INTO THE VOID!! Cover, Mastiff wins!

Winner: Dave Mastiff, by pinfall

A big victory of one big man over another! Will Mastiff make 2021 his year?


NXT UK looks at the upcoming United Kingdom Championship match.

Walter says “When I came in here, from day one, without a question, I am the top guy.” A-Kid says in response, “The biggest difference between me and Walter is passion.” Walter respects the business, but AK has worked with everything he has since day one. Walter knows AK has worked hard, worked his way up, and AK promises to keep that passion going. AK studied while the UK went through lockdown. It is how he got through the Heritage Cup to win it all. The inaugural Heritage Cup Champion even beat the inaugural United Kingdom Champion in his first defense. The last thing Bate told him was that AK can handle the best. That is why AK wants to BE the best.

Walter will not let AK arrogantly think he represents heritage. Walter congratulates AK on winning the cup, but vows that he will forever be the NXT UK Champion. Will forever end a lot sooner than the Ring General predicted?


NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Jordan Devlin VS Ben Carter!

The Irish Ace didn’t need to issue an open challenge because the newest star on the brand accepted! Will Devlin stay the one true Cruiserweight Champion? Or will Carter take that claim from him to start the new year?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this incredible debut for wrestling’s newest prodigy begins!

Devlin and Carter circle, tie up, and Devlin puts Carter on the ropes. The ref counts, Devlin lets off at 2 and lets Carter come back. They circle and tie up, Devlin waistlocks to slam Carter and then talks some trash. Carter gets up, circles with Devlin and ties up again. Devlin wrenches, wristlocks, but Carter spins. Devlin spins to keep the wristlock, Carter rolls but so does Devlin. Devlin wrangles Carter to the mat, twists the wrist, but Carter gets up to spin and arm-drag. Devlin holds on, Carter rolls and rolls and handsprings around to wrench, elbow breaker then hammerlock! Carter headlocks, and holds on as Devlin tries to power out!

BT Sports Studio rallies as Devlin fights up. Devlin back suplexes but Carter snapmare counters! Carter grinds on the headlock but Devlin pulls hair. The ref reprimands but Devlin fights his way up. Devlin powers out, Carter goes up and over and handsprings to then dodge and waistlock. Devlin switches, Carter slips out to shove, and things speed up as Carter hurdles and drops to dropkick Devlin out! Carter builds speed, but Devlin gets in to URENAGE! STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Devlin argues the count but the count is fair, and he looms over Carter. Devlin drags Carter up, snapmares and runs to drop a leg, brother!

Carter checks his chin while Devlin sneers. Devlin looms over Carter, stalks him to ropes, and avoids body shots to CLUB Carter down! Devlin drags Carter up, scoops and slams hard and fast! “You think you belong in here with me?” Devlin stands on Carter’s hair and pulls the arms! The ref counts and Devlin lets go at 4, to drag Carter up, shove him to ropes and CLUB him on the back! Carter falls over in a heap but Devlin stays close. Devlin stands on Carter’s head at the ropes, the ref counts but Devlin lets off at 4. Devlin drags Carter up, shoves him, but Carter gets around to roll up and bridge! TWO, Carter blocks a kick to give a CHOP!

Carter whips, Devlin reverses but Carter leaps over for a sunset flip! TWO! Carter runs, Devlin pops him up for a FLAPJACK! Devlin drops knees, covers, TWO!! Carter narrowly survives but Devlin keeps his focus. Devlin drags Carter up, throws a stiff body shot, and dusts off his hands. Devlin walks over but into an elbow from Carter! Carter is in a corner, Devlin storms over and blocks boots to spin Carter. Carter uses that to slide out and he fires off fast hands! Carter bumps Devlin off buckles, then springboards, just to fake Devlin’s dropkick out! Then Carter springboards to missile dropkick Devlin after all!

Devlin and Carter end up in opposite corners, Carter runs in but Devlin puts Carter up top to then DECK him! Carter tumbles down to the floor and a ring count begins, only for Devlin to go out and fetch Carter. Devlin whips Carter into steel steps! And then Devlin puts Carter in, suplexes, BRAIN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Carter survives and Devlin is furious! Carter crawls and Devlin watches him. Devlin drags Carter up by his hair, and DECKS Carter with a EuroUpper! Devlin says Carter isn’t ready to be in the ring with him! Devlin drags Carter up, whips but Carter dodges, but so does Devlin! DOUBLE CROSSBODIES COLLIDE!

Both men are down and writhing as the studio audience fires up! A standing count starts, Carter is up at 3 but Devlin is up right after. They’re on opposite ends, they head for each other, and Carter counter punches, but Devlin ducks kick after kick to JAB! Devlin whips, Carter slides to stop, then jumps over Devlin’s slide to QUEBRADA, to an ELBOW DROP DDT! Both men are down at the ramp but Carter hurries to get up! Carter drags Devlin up and in, catches his breath before getting in at 5 to drag Devlin right up! ANARCHY SUPLEX!! Cover, TWO!! Devlin survives and fans fire up! Carter and Devlin slowly rise, and Carter gets to a corner.

Carter goes up, PHOENIX SPLASH, but he has to roll through as Devlin moves! Devlin and Carter run at each other, SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO!?! Carter survives and Devlin is beside himself! Devlin vows to end this as he looms over Carter. Devlin KICKS Carter in the side, gets the arm, and reels him in, for a DESTROYER?! Cover, TWO!?!? Devlin survives and shocks Carter after Carter shocked Devlin! Carter focuses, thinks on what to do, and he goes back to the apron. Carter springboards again, but into a trip! Devlin has the legs, CLOVERLEAF!! Carter endures, Devlin sits deep, Carter moves around, ROPEBREAK!

Devlin doesn’t care, he just drags Carter away! Carter endures more, powers up and reaches out again, and gets another ropebreak! Devlin lets go out of exhaustion and the studio fans are loving this! Carter drags himself up with the ropes but his back gives up! Devlin unleashes Kowata Kicks! DEVLINSIDE!! Cover, Devlin wins!!

Winner: Jordan Devlin, by pinfall (still NXT Cruiserweight Champion)

What a debut for Carter, but what a victory for Devlin! Will the Irish Ace continue to prove why he is the true, legitimate, undisputed Cruiserweight Champion of NXT?

My Thoughts:

A great episode for NXT UK to start the New Year! Opening with the Women’s Championship Contender’s Match was a nice surprise, but it also seemed to give away that something fishy was going to happen. I’m very intrigued by this alliance of Jinny and Conners, though I’m thinking this will benefit her more than it will him. With Conners by Jinny’s side, she will take the title from KLR, but I was hoping she was going to win on her own. As for Conners, is she going to somehow help him take the Heritage Cup? I can’t be so sure. And speaking of, we got a good video package for Walter VS A-Kid, which is happening next week, but Walter is surely retaining and AK will focus on the cup.

Pretty Deadly had a good promo to call out Gallus, Aoife Valkyrie had a good vignette to keep her on our minds. Tyler Bate had a good video to set his new direction, and Gradwell’s response was perfectly Gradwell. Bate VS Gradwell is going to be a real fun match and hopefully a longer story, because both have their own great way of talking in their promos that it’ll be entertaining to have them go back and forth. Mastiff VS Huxley was a pretty good match but rather quick because of how big these guys are. I don’t think this will be the end of it, as Huxley is basically a manic sore loser. And I still think Rampage Brown gets involved somehow, given that one promo that Huxley was part of.

Supernova Sessions is still very new but it’s doing pretty well because Dar is entertaining. His list of resolutions was funny, especially calling out The Marine franchise. I really hope one day we get Miz and Miz TV VS Dar and Supernova Sessions. Supernova Sessions being set up to give us the great surprise main event was cool, too. Devlin VS Carter was a great match, and clearly Carter is a star in the making. Naturally Devlin retains, and I am still expecting his roll to continue until we can have the Undisputed/Winner Takes All Cruiserweight Championship match between NXT and NXT UK.

My Score: 8.4/10

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