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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (1/1/21)

Happy New Year from SmackDown!



Coverage SmackDown 2021

The Tribal Chief has a special request for the first SmackDown of 2021!

After defeating Kevin Owens twice in Universal Championship matches, Roman Reigns makes a request of WWE management! Will they honor it?


  • Big E VS King Corbin w/ The Knights of the Lone Wolf; Big E wins, by disqualification.
  • Big E & Apollo Crews VS Sami Zayn & Baron Corbin w/ the Knights of the Lone Wolf; Big E & Crews win.
  • The Riott Squad VS Billie Kay & ??? Natalya & Tamina w/ Billie Kay; The Riott Squad wins.
  • Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair VS BayMella w/ Reginald the sommelier; BayMella wins.
  • Daniel Bryan & Otis Dozovic w/ Chad Gable VS Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura; Bryan & Otis win.
  • Kevin Owens VS Jey Uso; Kevin wins.


WWE and SmackDown mourn the loss of Jon Huber, aka Luke Harper.


Roman Reigns heads to the ring!

The Tribal Chief, his Special Counsel, Paul Heyman, and cousin Jey Uso are all here, and still holding onto the Universal Championship. Jey made sure Kevin Owens didn’t bring that title home as a Christmas present, and as advertised, the Head of the Table is here to make a special request in regards to the title and Kevin Owens. Heyman fetches the microphone for Roman, and Roman says “as the face of the WWE, let me start by saying Happy New Year. And as I thought about it, 2020 was rough. It’s been a tough year. But when you’re the Head of the Table, when you’re the Tribal Chief, you make it work.”

Roman asks Jey, “Why do you think I wear the gold glove? Because everything I touch turns into greatness.” Look at who he has around him. Special Counsel, Paul Heyman, who was discarded and thrown out, but Roman saved him. Roman doesn’t understand it. Heyman is “the most genuine, honest man” that Roman has done business with. And then there’s Jey Uso. “He’s a prime example of what I can do. What did I say? All you got to do is listen to me. All you got to do is understand how my brain works, and why I do what I do, and what’s happened? It’s been the best year of your career, has it not?” Main event Jey, barn burner after barn burner, Jey can’t miss because he ACKNOWLEDGE Roman as Head of the Table.

Roman did all of this because he knows who Jey is. Roman understood “since day one.” To everyone else, it was like, ‘Which one are you?” To Roman, he’s always been Main Event Uso. Roman wouldn’t put the pressure on Jey if he didn’t think he could handle it. And what happened? Jey knocked it all out of the park, just like he knew he could. But then KEVIN OWENS appears!! Roman has the music shut off and tells Kevin not to say anything because they don’t want to hear it. Why is Kevin here? No one wants to see him anymore! He’s like a roach that won’t die and keeps begging for crumbs.

Kevin had his time, was on the Island of Relevancy, was a social media sweetheart for a few weeks, and now he needs to leave. Roman helped Kevin get that big payday, so he better use it well. Hopefully Kevin gave his family a good Christmas, but that’s it. They’re done, Roman doesn’t want anything to do with Kevin because he’s just an embarrassment. “It ain’t about you!” Tonight is about Jey Uso and the family! “Get it through your thick head!” No one cares anymore, Kevin, stop being selfish.

Kevin doesn’t go, and instead responds with, “You’re right, me standing out here is embarrassing to you, and it should be.” Why? Because Kevin standing here right now, despite Roman still being champion, means he and his family failed. What has Roman tried to do at TLC and then in a steel cage? He has tried to end Kevin’s career, yet here he is. Roman should be embarrassed that Jey had to physically drag Kevin off ladder after ladder, and then handcuff him in the cage. Roman should be embarrassed because Kevin here now makes it 100% clear is that the Big Dog is gone and he’s just been replaced by a Big BITCH!

But it’s good to see Roman celebrating. Kevin and Roman don’t want anything to do with each other, because Kevin wants to make it about cousin Jey! Kevin is here to fight Jey Uso! But for everything they’ve done to Kevin, Kevin will make Jey pay. Kevin is going backstage and isn’t asking but demanding that he fights Jey Uso, and when he’s done with Jey, Roman’s family will have nothing to celebrate. Mic drop! Will Kevin #JustKeepFighting until he’s gotten even with the entire Bloodline?


Big E VS King Corbin w/ The Knights of the Lone Wolf!

The NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion is ready to blaze a trail in 2021! Will he make the Lone Wolf King #ThinkBig on the first SmackDown of the new year?

SmackDown returns as Corbin makes his entrance, with Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake behind him. Sami Zayn is on commentary with his two Sami Awards as Big E throws his jacket at him. Sami says there is a conspiracy as the bell rings. Big E and Corbin circle, tie up, and go around. Big E puts Corbin in a corner but Corbin turns it around. Big E powers out but Corbin headlocks, only for Big E to power out again. Corbin rams Big E with a shoulder but Big E stays up, and swivels the hips. Things speed up, Big E drops to hurdle then elbows Corbin down! Cover, ONE! Big E keeps on Corbin with a facelock and gator roll, yeah yeah yeah yeah, cover, ONE!

Big E whips, Corbin kicks and CLOBBERS him! Sami cheers Corbin as he covers, ONE! Big E checks his jaw, Corbin drives elbows into the shoulders over and over! Corbin drags Big E up but Big E throws haymakers! Corbin blocks to throat chop Big E, then POST him! Corbin rains down rights in the corner but the ref counts and Corbin lets off. Sami admits he holds a grudge while Corbin brings Big E out to whip and elbow him down! Cover, TWO! Corbin runs to ROCK Big E with a haymaker! Corbin runs again, Big E throws him out and runs, but into a KNEE! Sami is loving this as Corbin runs in, only for Big E to dodge. Corbin slides out, slide sin, but into a scoop and BIG ENDING! Cover, but Sami attacks!!

Winner: Big E, by disqualification

Well Big E looked to be winning anyway, but the sore loser former champion just handed it to him! And then the Knights of the Lone Wolf attack Big E on Corbin’s behalf! They drag Big E up but Big E fights them off, only for Sami to sucker punch Big E! They stomp Big E 3v1 but here comes APOLLO CREWS! Apollo gets in, dumps Blake out HARD, then clotheslines Cutler out! Sami runs in but misses, for Apollo to trophy lift and TOSS Sami out onto the Knights! Apollo and Big E are fired up, is this going to turn into a tag match after the break, playa?


Big E & Apollo Crews VS Sami Zayn & Baron Corbin w/ the Knights of the Lone Wolf!

It has! And SmackDown returns as Apollo whips Sami corner to corner, only for Sami to reverse. Apollo goes up and over and dropkicks Sami down! Cover, TWO! Apollo stalks Sami to ropes, drags him up but Sami elbows him away. Tag to Corbin, and Corbin circles with Apollo. They tie up, Corbin kicks low then throws Apollo out. Apollo lands on the apron, shoulder sin then slingshots, but Corbin DECKS him with that right hand! Sami tags himself in because he’s going to pick the bones with haymakers. Apollo hits back, Sami knees low and throws more hands. Sami pushes Apollo into the corner and tags Corbin back in to mug Apollo.

Corbin whips Apollo corner to corner, runs in, but Apollo boots back! Corbin comes back to clothesline and down goes Apollo! Corbin throws Apollo out and takes a cheap shot at Big E, all to distract the ref as the Knights attack Apollo! The Knights get away with it, Corbin goes out to fetch Apollo into the ring, and Sami tags himself in again. Sami is getting on Corbin’s nerves but Sami drags Apollo up to throw him out again. Sami distracts the ref, but the Knights don’t do Sami’s dirty work, they do Corbin’s. Sami has to fetch Apollo and bumps him off the apron. Sami argues with the Knights, hurries back in to keep Apollo from Big E, and throws forearms.

Sami whips, Apollo reverses and scoops to POWERSLAM! Both men are down, fans fire up on their screens, hot tags to Big E and Corbin! Big E gets Corbin for an OVERHEAD! And then another OVERHEAD! And then a side Belly2Belly! Big E fires up, he runs and hits the BIG SPLASH! Big E claps it up, “New! Day Rocks!” Corbin is up, Big E scoops but Corbin slips out to shove. Big E dodges but runs into DEEP SIX! Cover, TWO! The Knights and Sami argue again, Corbin shouts at all of them to quit it, but Big E tags in! Apollo ROCKS Corbin and LARIATS! Apollo fires up, whips but Corbin DECKS him!

Tag to Sami, Corbin waistlocks but Apollo fires off elbows! Sami comes in, but Apollo dodges and the Helluva Kick almost gets Corbin! Sami stomps away but then Corbin argues with Sami. The Knights are with Corbin and Sami wants them all to calm down because they’re on the same team. But Corbin says nope, they’re leaving! Sami is all alone because of his ego, and Apollo gets Sami with an enziguri! And then the CREWS MISSILE!! Cover, Apollo wins!

Winners: Apollo Crews & Big E, by pinfall

A big win for Apollo and Big E, will this year be bigger than ever for the two of them?


Kevin Owens finds Adam Pearce.

Pearce ends his phone call to hear Kevin out. Kevin knows Pearce heard him earlier and Kevin will fight Jey somehow. But Pearce has been making matches so make a match for him. Pearce knows but what is he supposed to do? Pearce takes orders- From Heyman and Roman!? This is NOT the Adam Pearce Kevin’s known for over 15 years. This isn’t the one he fought with at the Philly Armory and all that. Is he serious? Kevin needs this! But Pearce can’t and Kevin knows why! But how about this? Anyone else but Jey! Fine, fine. Make it Roman.

Why is Kevin doing this to him!? Well Pearce used to be Kevin’s boss, and the ones he said that matter aren’t the ones back here, but out there watching! So Kevin guarantees the fans watching want to see Kevin beat Jey’s ass! And Pearce knows if roles were reversed, Pearce would want the same thing! Fine. But if Kevin wants Jey, he has his match. Happy? Yes. Thanks, boss. Kevin heads out, but will the consequences come down on Pearce for this?


Big E and Apollo talk backstage.

Big E appreciates Apollo helping out there, but then Kayla Braxton catches up to congratulate them on their victory tonight. But what can we expect from the Intercontinental Champion in 2021? Big E says fans all around the world, from Rome to Rochester, from Amandas to Nolans coming up to him, at a safe distance, showing him so much love! That is why much like the 1967 Toronto Maple Leaves, Big E will be a fighting champion! So next week, Big E issues an open challenge-

And Apollo already accepts! But it will be an honor to face Big E for the title that he technically helped Big E win. And think about this: Big E might not be so lucky without Apollo there to watch his back. The tension is strong but only for a second before the two laugh this off. But does Apollo have a point? And will he make it when he gives Big E his first defense of the new year?


The Riott Squad VS Billie Kay & ???

They say the third time is the charm, and that is what the Femme Fatale is hoping for this week. Her newest mystery partner is… Wait it’s just Tamina again. They tried this before, but can Billie and Tamina make it work out? Wait, here’s Natalya? Oh, Billie Kay is being ditched, and the second generation superstars are teaming up! Will the Queen of Harts and Daughter of Superfly be too much to handle with Billie in their corner?

The Riott Squad VS Natalya & Tamina w/ Billie Kay!

The teams sort out and Natty starts with Liv. They tie up, Natty headlocks but Liv powers out, only for Natty to run her over. Things speed up, Liv drops then hurdles but the hip toss is blocked. Liv blocks back, body shots and springboards to a wheelbarrow, to then victory roll and cover, TWO! Billie keeps shouting orders that might not even make sense, and Natty tells her to shut up while she shoves Liv down. Liv hurries away and tags Ruby! Tamina tells Billie to stop, but the Squad double dropkicks Natty! Tamina tags in and she circles with Ruby. Ruby throws forearms but Tamina barely flinches. Ruby dodges Tamina’s shots to hit back! Ruby runs, into an UPPERCUT!

Billie cheers Tamina but Tamina ignores her to put her in the corner. Tamina stomps, Ruby fights out! Ruby elbows Natty then rocks Tamina, and hops up to leap over Tamina! Roll and tag to Liv! Liv dodges Tamina, DECKS Natty but Tamina grabs Liv, only to get forearms! Liv fires off forearms and kicks, Tamina shoves but Ruby tags in. The Squad gets Tamina for a DOUBLE STO! Cover, TWO! Billie has… changed corners?! Is she on the Squad’s side now? Ruby tells her to stop and brings Tamina up. Tag to Liv, but Tamina pushes LIv away and SUPERKICKS Ruby! Ruby bails out, Billie talks trash and Tamina fireman’s carries Liv. Billie keeps coaching, Liv rolls Tamina up, the Squad wins!

Winners: The Riott Squad, by pinfall

Well, Billie ended up helping them after all. Billie cheers like she’s part of their team, but the Squad says thanks, but no thanks. Will Billie ever find where she fits in on SmackDown?


Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair VS BayMella w/ Reginald the sommelier!

Both teams were part of the big Christmas Triple Threat for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships, but The Boss and the EST were somewhat distracted by the Role Model and the Untouchable fluttering around ringside. Will the #LegitEST team get even with their respective rivals?

SmackDown returns as Bianca joins Sasha in the ring, followed by Bayley and her other best friend making their entrances. The teams sort out and Mella starts against Bianca. They circle but Mella dodges to adjust her ring gear. They approach again, Mella waistlocks but Bianca throws her down hard! Bianca brings Mella up, blocks the slap and makes it a knuckle lock. Bianca says uh-uh, and she lifts Mella right up! Mella scrambles away and tags out to Bayley, but Bayley gets a dropkick! Bianca eggs Bayley on, Bayley rushes in but Bianca throws her out! Mella runs in, she’s put on the apron and Bianca handspring kicks her down!

Tag to Sasha, and Sasha leaps, but Bayley avoids the meteora! Bianca gives Sasha a boost to hit a crossbody on Bayley! Sasha puts Bayley in, covers, TWO! The SmackDown Women’s Champion says that’s okay, and SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns as Bayley grinds Bianca down but Bianca gets away to a corner. Bayley runs in but Bianca boots her! Bianca hops up and leaps over Bayley to roll, but Bayley CLOBBERS her first! Bayley covers again, ONE! Bayley pushes Bianca and gets in Sasha’s face. Bayley stomps Bianca to the ropes, wraps her arm around to a hammerlock and pulls! The ref counts, Bayley lets off and Mella mocks Bianca. Bayley kicks Bianca then drags her to the corner. Tag to Mella and she stomps away on Bianca! The ref counts, Mella lets off to cover, TWO! Mella stalks Bianca to a corner as she taunts Sasha, and Mella goes after the arm. The ref counts, Mella stops, but then pulls the arm again!

Mella lets off as the ref counts, then brings Bianca around to tag in Bayley. They mug Bianca, Bayley rolls her up, TWO! Bayley keeps Bianca down, drags her away, and chicken wings the arms. Fans rally on their screens, Bianca fights up but Bayley clubs her. Bayley goes to suplex but it’s Bianca who gets Bayley up and over! Bayley hurries and tags Mella in, and Mella clubs Bianca down! Mella talks trash, then sucker punches Sasha! Mella drags Bianca up, but Bianca cradles, TWO! Mella mule kicks low, then talks trash, “I’m the best, Bianca! Not you!” Bianca hits back but Mella clubs her. Mella gets a double wristlock but Bianca fights up to scoop! Mella slips out but Sasha tags in!

Sasha dares Mella to get cocky now, and the two tie up. Mella puts Sasha on the apron but Sasha shoulder sin then knees back! Sasha bumps Mella off buckles, then stands on Mella in the corner! The ref counts, Sasha lets off to swing in for a METEORA! Sasha runs side to side to BOOT WASH Mella! Mella flounders away but Sasha runs in, SHINING WIZARD! Cover, but Bayley KNEES Sasha down! Bianca throws Bayley out and hurries back to her corner. Sasha crawls over, Bianca wants to use her hair as a life line, but Bayley grabs it first! Only for Bianca to whip and POST her instead!

Bianca is after Sasha, and she suplexes Bayley to the floor! But this leaves Sasha alone and Mella rolls her up! TWO, mule kick and FABULOUS KICK! Mella smiles as she runs in the corner, but her bronco buster gets buckles! Sasha rolls Mella to the BANK STATEMENT!! The crossface is on but Reginald grabs out and drags Mella to safety! The ref reprimands but Reginald gets in the ring to stare Sasha down. Then he rolls away, and moonsaults off the apron, for Mella to slide in! But Sasha blocks the kick to KNEE Mella back! Jackknife cover, TWO! Sasha sees Reginald coming and SLAPS him! But Mella tilt-o-whirls and hits a FACEBUSTER! Cover, BayMella wins!

Winners: Bayley & Carmella, by pinfall

Carmella gets a pin off the SmackDown Women’s Champion, thanks to her surprisingly agile assistant! Does this mean Mella will get a second chance at becoming champion in the new year?


Roman Reigns hears the news about Kevin VS Jey.

And he’s not happy about it. “Everything I’ve done for this company, everything that I do, somebody still actually made that match. And that somebody, they don’t appreciate me.” Roman has Heyman give him the belt, and then Roman tells Heyman to go find that someone. Heyman heads out, and the cousins turn their attention back to the television screen. Will Jey teach Kevin and the rest of the WWE a lesson about appreciating the Tribal Chief?


Sonya Deville is backstage!

She lost to Mandy Rose and had to leave the WWE, but now she’s back? Is this the sign of something


The Street Profits are here!

Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford head to the ring, dressed for a party! Will 2021 bring the swag like nobody can after the break?

SmackDown returns and the Profits are ready~, ready~ for their New Year’s Day Smoketacular! It even has music and a graphic! They have a table with bottle service and something under a curtain. Before getting to the new year, real talk to 2020. It doesn’t have to go home but it has to get out of here! Hey, 2020 wasn’t all bad. What other tag team pulled off the trifecta by becoming Raw and SmackDown Team Championships? And they even beat the Tag Team GOAT in the NEW~ DAY~! And then TWO Slammy’s, one for Breakout and Tag Team Superstars of the year! And 2021 will be even bigger! Because here’s the big reveal! A big reveal? You ready~?

REVEAL! A drum set?! Dawkins gonna get his lunch table grind on. Dawkins can play! And now, it’s time for the Street Profits’ 2021 predictions! Now we all know that not everyone has the skills to become high class fashion designers. But in 2021, they predict their sophisticated “I Was Intercontinental Champion-shirt” will go on sale at WWE Shop and become the number one selling shirt of the year! Talk to ’em! Footage replays of when they revealed said shirt to Sami on the same night that he lost the title to Big E.

You get a prediction! You get a prediction! Et cetera. Prediction number two! The Simpsons ain’t even got predictions like the Profits! And Ford says that “for years,” Dolph Ziggler has been entertaining the masses and stealing the show, and even stealing HBK’s style, so in 2021, Ziggler will get a nickname he truly deserves: The Heart ACHE Kid. AKA, HAK. TALK TO ‘EM! But speaking of Ziggler, he and Robert Roode attack! SUPERKICK for Ford! Dawkins is sent through his drum set, and then into a SUPERKICK! The Dirty Dawgs mug Ford, push him and Dawkins around, and Roode grabs chairs from the timekeeper’s area.

Roode dares Dawkins to make a joke as he SMACKS him on the back! Then he throws Dawkins over the barriers! Ziggler puts Ford in a corner, and Roode SLAMS a leg into the post! And then they hold the leg against the steel steps, for a CHAIR SHOT!! “Now we’re having fun!” Roode SMACKS Ford’s leg again! Dawkins drags himself back over and goes to Ford, but Roode and Ziggler leave, sarcastically wishing them a Happy New Year. Will Roode and Ziggler make sure the Profits can’t even defend those SmackDown Tag Team Championships in 2021?


SmackDown returns as Kayla interviews Roode & Ziggler.

“What was the reason for that vicious and unprovoked attack?” Vicious? Sure. But unprovoked? C’mon. The “Cheap” Profits have been provoking them for months, and went so far as to say the “washed up” HBK to Ziggler! HBK is not on Ziggler’s level, but Roode is. It’s always fun and games with the Profits, but did they have fun out there tonight? That is on the Profits’ hands. They have something Ziggler & Roode want and deserve. The Profits strut around waving titles and trophies around, but do you want to know what champions look like? You’re looking at two pros, two aces, who do what they want and when they want. And what they want, and what they demand, is a rematch for their SmackDown Tag Team Championships. And they will not stop until they get what they want.


Daniel Bryan & Otis Dozovic w/ Chad Gable VS Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura!

The YES Movement is teaming up with the Alpha Academy to see what he can learn before jumping into the Royal Rumble! Will Bryan and the Blue Collar Brawler both be ready for the Swiss Cyborg and King of Strong Style?

The teams sort out and Cesaro starts with Bryan. They tie up, Cesaro headlocks and hits a takeover, but Bryan fights his way up. Bryan powers out, Cesaro runs him over and covers, ONE as Bryan bridges. Cesaro jumps on but Bryan monkey flips him away! Bryan wrenches an arm but Cesaro powers Bryan to a corner. Nakamura tags in, they mug Bryan and Nakamura snapmares to wrap on a chinlock. Bryan fights up to standing switch, and he uses that hip training to hit a mat slam! And another! Nakamura fights up, gets to ropes, and elbows free to tag Cesaro.

Bryan DECKS Cesaro but Nakamura whips him. Bryan DIVES, but Cesaro catches him for a pop-up UPPERCUT! Cesaro and Nakamura mug Bryan with stomps, but Otis runs over! Otis runs them over and SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns and Nakamura stomps away on Bryan, and fires off KICKS! Nakamura drags Bryan up, whips him out, and then tags to Cesaro. Cesaro bumps Bryan off the desk, puts him in the ring, and then dropping an elbow! Cover, TWO! Cesaro clamps onto Bryan with a chinlock and fans rally on their screens. Bryan fights up, fights free and runs, into a SCRAPBUSTER! For Brodie! Cover, TWO! Cesaro throws Bryan out and tags in Nakamura. Nakamura stomps Bryan, then puts him on the apron, to give him a KNEE! Nakamura goes in, covers, TWO!

Nakamura drags Bryan up, puts him in a corner and hoists him up top. Nakamura ROUNDHOUSES Bryan down, then whips him again, only for Bryan to reverse and send Nakamura out! How very Royal Rumble like! Bryan hurries to his corner but Cesaro gets Nakamura in. Cesaro tags, but Bryan tags in Otis! Otis rallies and runs Cesaro over! EXPLODER! The Dozer keeps moving, RUNNING DISCUS! Gable is fired up for his student, and Otis runs in to corner splash! Cesaro wobbles and falls, and Gable says it’s time! CATERPILLAR ELBOW! Cover, but Nakamura breaks it!

Nakamura eggs Otis on then slides out, and Otis goes back to Cesaro. Otis climbs, but Cesaro avoids the Vader Bomb! Cesaro tags Nakamura in, Nakamura aims, but Otis pop-up FLAPJACKS Nakamura! Both men are down, Otis crawls, hot tag to Bryan! Bryan climbs, leaps, flying sunset! TWO!! Bryan keeps close to throw uppercuts and a whip. Nakamura reverses Bryan goes up and over and keeps moving, to duck and dodge, into a DYNAMIC DROPKICK! Nakamura drags Bryan up, scoops but Bryan slips out, into Nakamura’s tilt-o-whirl takedown! Nakamura wants an armbar but Otis falling headbutts!

Cesaro EuroUppers Otis but Otis pushes him! SUPERKICK AND BOOT from Cesaro and Nakamura! Otis tumbles out, but Bryan runs over, KNEE PLUS into Cesaro! Nakamura grabs Bryan for a roll up, TWO, into the YES LOCK! Nakamura taps, Bryan and Otis win!

Winners: Daniel Bryan & Otis Dozovic, by submission

Gable celebrates with his students, and they all cheer “YES! YES!” with the fans. And they do the Three Amigos, arm, arm, hips, THRUST!


Roman Reigns sits in his room.

Heyman tells Roman it was Adam Pearce who made Kevin VS Jey. “He just doesn’t get it, does he?” Roman looks to Jey, and Roman says “they” are trying to take everything the family has worked for. Don’t let them. “Go out and show them why you’re the Main Event Uso.” Jey nods and fist bumps Roman and heads out. Will the Samoan godfather be pleased with what Jey does to the Prizefighter?

Kevin Owens VS Jey Uso!

Once again in the main event, and once again battling Roman’s pawn. Will Kevin #JustKeepFighting until he’s gotten even with the Head of the Table?

SmackDown returns and Jey makes his entrance. The bell rings and the two tie up right away, for Kevin to tackle Jey and rain down rights! Kevin elbows away but Jey gets up to throw hands back! They scrap on the mat, Kevin gets the advantage and he stomps away on Jey! Kevin bumps Jey off buckles, brings him around and stomps a mudhole in! The ref counts, Kevin lets off and then pursues Jey to the outside. Kevin CLOBBERS Jey then drops a back senton! The ring count is already 5 of 10 but Kevin puts Jey in. Kevin drops another senton! Cover, TWO! Kevin keeps his cool and he stalks Jey to the ropes for more stomps!

Jey clutches his leg, Kevin drags him by it and kicks the leg. “Remember my ankle?! Huh!?” Kevin puts Jey’s leg on the ropes to KICK it! Jey falls over, Kevin looms over him to kick the leg again. Jey gets up to throw forearms but Kevin DECKS him! Kevin puts the leg on the ropes to springboard and sit down on it! The ref reprimands Kevin but Kevin just stalks Jey again. Kevin grabs the leg to kick it, then goes out to bring Jey to the apron. Kevin SLAMS the leg on the apron edge! And again! The ref counts but Kevin is in and shouts, “I told you you were gonna pay! And the worst part, it’s not even your goddamn fault.”

Kevin stomps Jey more, drags him up in a corner, and he makes Jey look at him. “Blame Roman!” Kevin punches and kicks Jey down. Jey crawls, Kevin stalks and says Roman is the one doing this to Jey. Jey ROCKS Kevin with uppercut after uppercut, but he walks into a kick to the bad leg! Kevin kicks again but Jey denies the stunner to SUPERKICK! Kevin goes down and Jey walks off the pain. Jey follows Kevin out, comes around the way and leaps into a SUPERKICK from Kevin! Kevin TOSSES Jey over the announce desk and dares Roman to show himself as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns once more and Jey is fighting off Kevin’s superplex! Jey shoves Kevin down and leaps but has to bail out of the splash as Kevin moves! Jey hobbles into a STUNNER! Cover, Kevin wins!!

Winner: Kevin Owens, by pinfall

Well that commercial break sure cut things short! But Kevin still dares Roman to show himself. Kevin stomps Jey’s leg more and hits another STUNNER! Kevin is making the point he warned everyone he’d make, but still no Roman. Jey writhes while Kevin goes out to get Corey Graves’ headset. “Roman, come take care of your family, bitch.” Kevin then goes to the ring, and brings out handcuffs!! Kevin returns the sour Christmas sentiments and he cuffs Jey to the rope! Jey thrashes at the cuffs but Kevin SUPERKICKS him down! Kevin makes sure the cuffs are on nice and tight before he stomps away on Jey’s bad leg! Roman still doesn’t show himself!

Kevin shouts, “Have some goddamn pride!!” Kevin wants Roman to show himself, and he stomps Jey more! Kevin puts Jey against ropes to hammer away with haymakers! The ref tells Kevin to stop and Kevin unlocks the cuffs from the ropes, to put on Jey’s other wrist! Kevin drags Jey with a headlock and says if Roman won’t come here, they’ll go to Roman. Jey pushes Kevin away but Kevin pushes, and throws him into a ThunderDome screen! Kevin SUPERKICKS Jey onto a spare table, and then rips away coverings so he can climb. Kevin says this is on Roman! Kevin gets some space, but Roman attacks from behind the ThunderDome screens!

Roman throws Kevin into screens, into more screens, then throws haymakers! Roman shouts to Jey to hurry up, but Kevin fights back! Jey clobbers Kevin with cuffed hands, and the cousins drag Kevin up to the top level of the ThunderDome! They dump him over, stomp him down, and Jey finds chairs! Jey hands one to Roman, and the Bloodline JAMS Kevin with the chairs together! And again, and again! Roman SMACKS Kevin on the back, then digs the chair into Kevin’s head! “You should’ve just left!” Jey uses the cuffs to CHOKE Kevin, and Roman RAMS the chair into ribs over and over! And then he SMACKS Kevin down again!

Kevin staggers away to the edge, and he still kicks back! Jey SUPERKICKS Kevin, Roman ROCKS Kevin with a haymaker then throws him into more screens! Roman dribbles Kevin’s head off LEDs, then rains down furious fists! Roman gives Kevin one last whip into the screens! “This is MY company! Now you know!” Roman TOSSES Kevin off the edge, down through the tables!! The referees hurry to check on Kevin in the wreckage while Roman and Jey look down over them. Has the Head of the Table finally ended Kevin Owens’ fight? Will the Bloodline dominate the WWE then, now and forever?

My Thoughts:

What a great episode for SmackDown to follow up last week’s, and for the new year. Firstly, though nothing was said directly, there were great tributes to Jon Huber/Brodie Lee/Luke Harper throughout the night, such as many superstars wearing the black Brodie armband. And Big E cleverly put in all the references he could in his post match promo because he had one of the closest friendships with Huber. Big E had a good match with Corbin but it turned out to be a vehicle to get Sami Zayn and Apollo Crews involved. The tag match was really good, and I like that we’re getting Big E VS Apollo for the first Intercontinental Championship defense of both Big E’s reign and the new year. That is going to be a great match but I expect Big E to win. And perhaps Sami gets involved, too, but mostly Big E wins.

We got some good Women’s Tag matches tonight to strengthen SmackDown’s end of things. Billie Kay was pretty funny going back and forth between the teams after getting dumped by Tamina and Natty. Tamina and Natty should stick together as a team, mostly to fill out the Tag Division, but also because that is a great combination in itself. But Riott Squad of course takes the win as they are still the longest tenured team and were already poised for a tag title shot as it was. Banks & Bianca VS BayMella was a really good match, but Reginald was doing a lot of acrobatics just to distract Sasha, so I feel like Mella was slow to getting to her spot. BayMella gets a win to put the Faces against the ropes, so to speak, but that surely means Bianca and Sasha each get the better of Bayley and Carmella.

Sonya Deville making a return was oddly understated, but I think it worked. Everyone was confused because of the Loser Leaves WWE stipulation of Sonya’s grudge match with Mandy Rose, so it’ll be interesting to see how they kayfabe this. The Profits’ section was able to keep itself from being too much and too awkward, and the attack from Roode & Ziggler helped in that. That tag title match is going to be really good given the animosity now. The set-up to Bryan & Otis VS Cesaro & Shinsuke was an interesting one, but it was a very good match, and the Faces win to build momentum for Bryan towards the Rumble. I can’t be sure Bryan wins the Rumble if we’re going to focus on how he’s never won a battle royal type, but it’d be great story if he made it to the final two only to fall short, and then feuds with the other finalist.

We again got great stuff out of Roman, Jey and Kevin. Roman continues to do great on the mic as this new character of his, and it seems like he’s growing even more cold and sadistic. I’m not sure how Pearce will start being used in this, but it sure seems like WWE wants to use him as more than just the authority representative backstage. Kevin and Jey had a really good match, but it was rather surprising that the commercial break happened, we come back and Kevin finishes the match. But then we get that last bit of Kevin egging Roman on, beating up Jey, and then the Bloodline ganging up on Kevin to take him down. It might be a bit much for Kevin to recover from being thrown down onto tables like that, so maybe he’s being written off for a moment. Maybe the build to the Rumble brings Pearce into the story more, and then at the go-home, Kevin shows up and we get one more title match.

My Score: 8.6/10

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WWE 24/7 Championship Results & Report! (4/10/21)

BEHOLD! The Night Panther!!



NEW 24/7 Championship

It’s the epic conclusion to the Legend of the Night Planter!

Mild-mannered Old Spice salesman, Joseph Average, finds himself in the middle of an incredible WWE 24/7 Championship prophecy! But is he hero or villain?


  • WWE 24/7 Championship Picnic Panic: R-Truth VS Akira Tozawa & Night Panther; Truth retains the title.


R-Truth is having a picnic.

“This is just not your ordinary picnic. We eatin’ good.” And after spraying some Old Spice Night Panther, they’re smellin’ good, too! But Akira Tozawa is sneaking up to snatch Truth’s snacks! Truth goes to reach for some, sees Tozawa, and Tozawa says, “Say cheese~!” What’s Tozawa doing at Truth’s picnic?! And with Ninja Referee (Drew Gulak) and the Night Panther! Truth finds he’s outnumbered! Tozawa and Ninja Ref Gulak grab Truth, and Truth says, “Oh no! Say it ain’t so, Joe!” He went from Average Joe, to Average Ninja! But if you go full ninja, you go evil. But, Joe’s not evil…

Tozawa shouts, “ATTACK!” But stand back, there’s a Hurricane comin’ through! A hurricane? Truth’s insurance covers that. But what is he doing here? What’s he doing here? Everyone knows that hurricanes and night panthers are mortal enemies. Truth confirms. And yet, here Joe is, ruining Truth’s picnic with his baby. Wazzupwiththat?! Night Panther, attack!! Night Panther punches at Hurricane but is blocked and counter punched! Truth breaks free of the kung-fu grip, and hurries with Hurricane to the Truth Cave! AWAY~!

The ninjas pick themselves up and Tozawa blames Night Panther for this. But he tried…! Tozawa takes away Night Panther’s seemingly endless blackbelt. Was this Yokozuna sized? But Tozawa doesn’t care what the prophecy says, Joseph Average is NOT the Night Panther! The “HAH! HAH! HAH!” turns into laughter at Joe’s failure, and Joe runs away in shame. Ninja Ref Gulak tries to talk with Tozawa but he won’t hear it. Will Tozawa ever get the 24/7 Championship away from Truth? Will Joseph Average redeem himself? Or is there truly someone else who the Night Panther mantle is meant for?

My Thoughts:

Not quite as conclusive as I thought, but this was a pretty great next part to this story with Eric Bugenhagen, aka Ricky Buge, aka The Buge, now Joseph “The Night Panther” Average, who may not even be the Night Panther anymore. I like that we got The Hurricane in this, and if it weren’t for the divide of WWE and AEW, I would love if the cinematic wrestling universe got Matt Hardy involved with this title. Having a brand deal feels right up the “Big Money Matt” gimmick’s alley. I hope Buge returns and proves himself as the Night Panther, or even just as Joseph Average. This is the kind of fun this title needs to be having either way.

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Andrew’s AJPW Champion Carnival Results & Match Ratings: 4.10.2021

Day 2 of my fill in stint covering the AJPW Champion Carnival! Can Suwama get in the winner’s column? Can the Ace Kento get on the board? Does anyone pull away so early?



Day 2 of my fill in stint covering the AJPW Champion Carnival! Can Suwama get in the winner’s column? Can the Ace Kento get on the board? Does anyone pull away so early?

Given the fact the incumbent champion lost his first round, the ace lost and there were a few main event players that picked up hard fought wins but don’t have an easy day today, this should be interesting. What kind of tournament are we looking at?

Since the tournament is 1 block, each person gets 9 matches, similar to the G1. So using G1 logic, 2 losses puts you on the bubble of being out, and 3 losses is basically death with the exception of weird breakers or fun rock/paper/scissors situations.

So for everyone’s sake, let’s hope we end up at mostly parity to continue to keep everyone alive for most of this single block tournament!


  • Yuma Aoyagi vs Shotaro Ashino: Aoyagi wins via End Game @9:22 – ** ¾
  • Kohei Sato vs Koji Doi: Doi wins via Murder Lariat @4:52 – * ½
  • Shuj Ishikawa vs Zeus: Zeus wins via Arm Trap Facelock @10:41 – *** ½
  • Shinjiro Otani vs Kento Miyahara: Kento wins via Blackout @13:23 – *** ¾
  • Jake Lee vs Suwama: Suwama wins via Last Ride Powerbomb @18:23 – ****



Yuma Aoyagi vs Shotaro Ashino

So very similarly to the match against Otani, Aoyagi starts slow. The match begins with a handshake, then he gets driven to the ropes, Ashino slides under his legs during the break to trip him up and starts working over the leg. An early Stretch Muffler indicates that Ashino is most likely aiming to win with the Ankle Lock.

Aoyagi was on the move and constantly clawing for an opening. A few strikes and early knockdown give Aoyagi hope as he goes for End Game, but Ashino powers up and slams him into the corner. Ashino controls most of the tempo until we get a German Suplex trade off spot. Aoyagi ends up taking the worst of it, and Ashino goes for the Ankle Lock.

While in the Ankle Lock, Aoyagi tries to roll through 3 times, but Ashino moves with the roll and holds the move in place. Right before Aoyagi looks like he’s going to tap, he adjusts, grabs Ashino’s head for the Small Package; Ashino manages to kick out. But before Ashino can really re-orient himself, Aoyagi slaps on the full version of End Game. Ashino tries to fight through, but succumbs.

Ashino with two big losses almost writes him out already. Hopefully he makes a small run to suspend disbelief for a little bit and this isn’t his swan song from AJPW.

Kohei Sato vs Koji Doi

Doi comes out of a loss to a major player, Shuji Ishikawa, of current AJPW and Sato avenged his loss to the current Triple Crown Champion Suwama. So at face value, one should think this is a perfect time for Sato to gather some momentum to make sure he gets another shot at the title.

Contrary to logic, this match was interesting. Doi starts off with a quick flurry and picks Sato up into a Torture Rack. Sato eventually fights out and then we get a chop battle, which Sato is notoriously bad at and throws some of the lamest looking chops. Granted, even though he was losing the chops, apparently a well-placed Forearm rocked Doi enough to have Doi selling the forearm for nearly the rest of the match.

Referee Nikkan Lee gets up to seven before Doi starts responding enough to be on the receiving end of a Soccer Ball Kick from Sato. Sato senses the match is over, picks Doi up real cocky for a Brainbuster, but it gets countered into a Brainbuster of Doi’s own! A short range lariat rocks Sato afterward and then off the ropes for Murder Lariat! Sato is stacked up, Doi covers and Doi gets the win!

Well we look to be in an interesting starting spot so far. Who would’ve figured Koji Doi would have more points than Shotaro Ashino…ever. Also for clarity, the low rating is because the match was so abrupt. It wasn’t inherently bad, just not really anything to sink teeth into beyond an upset win.

Shuj Ishikawa vs Zeus

There is history with these two, most notable in my head is during Zeus’ only Triple Crown championship reign, Shuji was his first and only defense. So Zeus looks to continue momentum this year, possibly running back the undefeated record of last year; while Shuji is trying to protect his position and title as Gaora TV champion.

This goes the way most of their previous meetings have, where Shuji tries to overpower Zeus. Because even though Zeus is a bodybuilder, he’s a bit on the short side (5’10”). So with Shuji standing about 6 inches taller and not being of a slight build, Shuji loves to buckle Zeus and play the power struggle. Tests of Strength, Shoulder Tackles, Lariat battles, it’s all great power wrestler spots.

Shuji does however start to catch Zeus. So after a chagrining Lariat into the corner, the middle rope Mushroom Stomp and a few Tsunamis; it looks like Shuji is setting up to win with a Fire/Thunder Driver – but Zeus slips out the back! Zeus locks in the Arm Trap Facelock, and Shuji is dead to rights. Stuck in the middle, twisted about in the move, it only takes a few moments before Shuji is forced to tap and Zeus moves on with 4 points!

Shinjiro Otani vs Kento Miyahara

Dueling boots start the match, which Kento bails after being on the losing end of the exchange. Otani decides to remind him that recovering on the apron isn’t safe, so he charges and lands the Bootwash through the bottom rope sending Kento flying. As the match plays out on the outside, Kento regains his swagger, talks smack to referee Wada and does his “headbutts around the ring” spot.

After rocking Otani, Kento gets cocky, poses back in the ring and the smug Kento from his previous Triple Crown champion days starts making a return. He gives Otani too much space though, charges the corner, and takes a Drop Toe Hold into the bottom turnbuckle, and then Otani revs up the old kicking boot across Kento’s face for a few Bootwashes.

From this point, both men’s stubbornness comes out in spades. Kento gets a little cocky, Otani catches him on the corner, they fight back and Otani refuses to fall before hitting Kento with a Superplex. Then we go into a strike exchange where both are just wailing on one another. Otani manages to rock Kento and then catch him with a Dragon Suplex for a near fall.

Moving quickly, Otani hits Spiral Bomb, but again only two. So he tries a Dragon Suplex again, but Kento fights out. Kento hits a Blackout to the back of Otani’s head, and now they are throwing haymakers. Kento catches Otani with another Blackout, but Otani returns the favor with one of those Hashimoto Overhand Chops that put down Aoyagi yesterday! Otani goes for another, but Kento Blackouts the chop. The clash leaves Otani in more pain, another Blackout and Otani powers out of the pinfall at 1, but is scrambling and stumbling around, unable to find his feet. Kento hits one more point blank Blackout, and picks up his first points of the 2021 Carnival!

Jake Lee vs Suwama

So watching this second tournament match for Jake, I’ve come to realize what I’m referring to him as during this Total Eclipse gimmick. He is very much “Light Yagami” Jake Lee. He’s cackling when he accomplishes something, unbridled frustration and nearly schizophrenic reactions do really scream Death Note crazy Light.

This match was interesting since early on Suwama didn’t really know what to make of Jake, and Jake tried the same stuff he pulled on Ashino, where he was a little awkward, took advantage of situations and tried to bait Suwama into bad spots. The difference is, Suwama is a veteran and Triple Crown champion; so even though Jake got a few early shots, Suwama eventually forced him back into old habits.

Jake was forced to wrestle, hitting interesting flying kick and knee variations, pulled out the old Kitchen Sink and put in a lot more effort than the first match. Suwama managed to stay resilient and push our new Total Eclipse Death Note wielder. This match was built more around Jake coming into his new persona, and yet still not being able to get passed certain old hurdles.

Suwama absorbed a lot, hit some short range lariats, his Double Chop comeback, and the spinning chop. Jake hits the back of the head Giant Killing, attempts D4C, but Suwama blocks. Jake keeps the pressure up, attempts and old Giant Killing/Knee Lift, but Suwama catches the leg, lifts him into a Last Ride, and puts him away!

Suwama finally gets on the bored, and Jake is left stunned and seething. Which plays perfect for Jake to win the Carnival and earn his Suwama shot, and prove his evolution then.


Overall Score: 7.5/10

So this ended a little stronger over all than day 1, but both days so far have been a fun start. The mixture of upsets and oddly abrupt matches are perfect for a tournament even if they don’t rank high. In the larger picture of things it’s nice to see that a competitive match can end in less than 5 minutes without comedy tactics.

Seeing how Jake took the loss to Suwama gives me hope for this anime antagonist character. I’m honestly a little surprised that the whole tournament is knotted up except for Zeus at the 2-0 and Ashino at 0-2. I really did not think Ashino would be the slow kid in the pool right now. But I suppose since he was just betrayed he’s still finding his footing. Like I alluded to before, it would be nice if he’s just getting broken down to be built back up and not just putting people over on his way out.

Now since the only unique records are first and last, the rest of the tournament isn’t hard to figure out, but here are the standings! Solid first 2 days so far!


  1. Zeus: 2-0 – (4 Points)
  2. Shuji Ishikawa: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  3. Shinjiro Otani: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  4. Kohei Sato: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  5. Jake Lee: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  6. Kento Miyahara: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  7. Suwama: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  8. Koji Doi: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  9. Yuma Aoyagi: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  10. Shotaro Ashino: 0-2 – (0 Points)


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