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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (1/29/21)

Who will have the last word before the Rumble?



Coverage SmackDown 2021

SmackDown heads for the Royal Rumble!

Before battling over the Universal Championship, Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens will have a “war of words!” Who will have the last say before it’s Last Man Standing?


  • Bianca Belair VS Bayley; Belair wins.
  • King Corbin VS Dominik Mysterio; Corbin wins.
  • Daniel Bryan VS AJ Styles; Bryan wins, by disqualification.
  • Six Man Tag: Daniel Bryan, Big E & Shinsuke Nakamura VS AJ Styles, Sami Zayn & Cesaro; Bryan, Big E & Nakamura win, by disqualification.
  • 10 Man Tag: AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, The Miz & John Morrison VS Daniel Bryan, Big E, Shinsuke Nakamura, Otis & ???; Bryan, Big E, Nakamura, Otis & Sheamus win.


Daniel Bryan is in the ring!

SmackDown opens with the ThunderDome screens giving the “YES! YES! YES!” fingers as Bryan gets the mic to welcome us to the show. “And welcome to Royal Rumble Weekeeeend~!” Now that we’re so close, as his daughter likes to say, we’re just two sleeps away. The excitement is boiling up. Bryan’s done a lot in his career and he’s proud of it all, but there’s one accomplishment he hasn’t done. There is one mountain still to climb, and that is winning a Royal Rumble match. And winning means challenging the WWE World or Universal Champion at the MAIN EVENT of WrestleMania! “And nobody knows more about how life changing it is to be in the main event of WrestleMania than I do!” And to climb that mountain one more time means getting past 29 other men and winning the Rumble.

But here’s the honest truth. Bryan isn’t sure how many more Mania moments he has left. But Bryan knows that if he wants to accomplish his dream one more time, that means winning the Rumble. And here’s the other thing: The Alpha Academy has Bryan ready! Mental focus, cardio for days, and hips are strong! Whether as #1 or #30, Bryan is ready for anything, which you have to be because it is unpredictable and anything goes! You will see best friends use every fiber of their beings to throw each other out! Bitter enemies will work together to gain an advantage! You’ll see surprises, tricks, and… AJ Styles?! Raw’s Phenomenal One, and the massive Omos, are here!

Styles says we will see him throw 29 others over and out to earn his spot at WrestleMania! Bryan knows both brands are competing at the Rumble, but this is SmackDown, not Raw. Glad to see him, but c’mon. What’s he doing here? Styles says what is he doing in the House That AJ Styles Built? It’s so simple. Omos says it’s the Brand to Brand Invitation! By the way, formal introductions of Styles’ personal colossus. And yes, Brand to Brand! But it’s not a secret that Styles has been a gatekeeper to the Rumble for Raw. Ever since declaring, Styles has seen everyone else copy him. But they have to go through him first! And Styles crushed their hopes and dreams!

Speaking of dreams, Bryan talking about the Rumble, he doesn’t look ready. He has a sports coat and slacks. They may be on other brands, but is Bryan a GM again? It’s almost like Bryan has one foot out the door. Bryan says he doesn’t have a foot out the door anywhere, and certainly not when it comes to this ring. But if Styles wants, Bryan can prove it. They can go 1v1 in a match tonight! Well, that sounds like a challenge. Styles has been getting ready beating people on Raw, so he’d love to get one last warm-up right here tonight. Then Styles shoves Bryan down! Bryan keeps his cool, gets back up, but Omos is right in his face. Or rather, way above his face.

Bryan says if Styles has any guts, he’d have the match without Omos ringside. Styles doesn’t answer but Bryan adds one more thing. With or without Omos, Bryan will still kick Styles’ ass! The challenge has been issued, will we see a phenomenal showdown on the SmackDown before the Rumble?


Backstage interview with Bayley!

The first-ever Women’s Grand Slam Champion and a favorite to win the Women’s Royal Rumble match doesn’t want anyone to skip over the fact Bianca Belair was left down after their obstacle course challenge. But after watching the WWE Chronicle special on Bianca, Bayley has to give her respect for showing strength and charm. However, Bianca ran away from all of her problems for over half her life! DING DONG, HELLO~! Bayley is the biggest challenge she’ll ever face, so Bianca can’t run away from it at the Rumble or here tonight. So when Bayley beats Bianca again, Bianca can crawl into the darkest hole in her life!

Bianca Belair VS Bayley!

The EST won the “Ultimate Athletic Obstacle Course Challenge,” even after the Role Model rigged it in her favor! But the longest reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion in history is a bit of a sore loser, so now things will be settled in a match! Will Bayley back up all her boasting? Or will Bianca prove she really is the toughest in the WWE?

SmackDown returns and Bayley makes her entrance. The bell rings, Bayley and Bianca circle then tie up. Bianca powers Bayley back, the ref counts, and Bianca lets off. Bayley is frustrated already as she circles with Bianca again. Bayley kicks low, wrenches the arm, then yanks on it. Bianca scoops Bayley with the good arm to slam her down! Bayley goes to ropes, Bianca shakes out the bad arm and the two talk some smack before circling again. Bayley shoots in, waistlocks then clubs away on the bad shoulder! Bayley wrenches, but Bianca reels her in for a suplex! Cover, ONE! Bayley gets away to a corner and Bianca storms over, but Bayley goes to the apron.

The ref starts the ring count, Bayley comes back at 4 and circles with Bianca again. They feel out the grapple, Bayley kicks then clubs away on Bianca’s back! Bayley brings Bianca up to throw her down! Bayley paces, runs and SLIDING LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Bayley keeps her focus and kicks at the bad arm! Bianca backs away but Bayley gets her up for an armbar DDT! Cover, TWO! Bianca gets to the corner, Bayley rushes in but the ref has her stay back. Bayley grabs Bianca’s hair to pull on it and shouts, “DING DONG!” Bianca DECKS Bayley and fires off with hammering fists from the good arm! And then she stomps Bayley down!

Bayley gets to a corner, Bianca whips her corner to corner but Bayley reverses. Bianca goes up, manages a handspring and then RAMS Bayley back! Bianca hammers away again and gets Bayley down but Bayley scrambles to the apron. Bianca backs off, and Bayley hotshots the bad arm! Bayley gets in but Bianca dropkicks her! And kips up! Bianca hits a standing moonsault on Bayley’s back! Cover, TWO! Bayley gets to the rope then out of the ring again while SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Bianca hurdles over Bayley then catches Bayley out of the air to put her in a corner! Bayley staggers into a powerbomb lift, for the ALLEY-OOP! Cover, TWO! Bianca keeps her cool as Bayley crawls away to a corner. Bianca runs in and RAMS into Bayley! And again and again and again! The ref counts, Bianca lets off, then runs back in, but into knees! Bayley grabs the arm as she goes up top, for a TORNADO ARMBAR DDT! Cover, TWO!! Bianca survives but Bayley is furious. She shouts at Michael Cole that she’s NOT jealous of Bianca, and reels her in, but Bianca rolls her up! ONE, Bayley KNEES Bianca down! Cover, TWO!!

Bianca survives again but Bayley stands on the bad arm to pull it! Bayley drags Bianca up to CLUB the arm, then hammerlocks the arm to stomp. Bayley goes to the corner, climbs up top, MACHO ELBOW to the bad shoulder! Cover, TWO!! Bianca survives again and Bayley is beside herself! Bianca gets Bayley in a ghost pin, TWO! Bayley hooks the arm, La Magistrol, TWO! Bianca runs in but into a takedown to jackknife, TWO! Bianca manages the bridge, spins Bayley around, but Bayley fights the backslide! Bianca ROCKS Bayley with a forearm, then reels her into the chicken wings. Glam- No! The bad arm gives up!

Bayley is after Bianca, whips her, but Bianca does a one hand handspring! Bianca pops Bayley up to flapjack off buckles! Then a torture rack to KISS OF DEATH! Cover, Bianca wins!!

Winner: Bianca Belair, by pinfall

That was perhaps the biggest win in Bianca’s career! Bianca is definitely the toughest after enduring all the pain in her arm, but can she keep it going against 29 other superstars?

Kayla Braxton interviews Bianca on stage and says this has been a huge week already! How does it feel to cap it all off with a win here? Bianca says Bayley has been trying to make her apologize for being herself but #GirlUhUh. Bianca will never apologize for just doing herself. Bayley isn’t her role model, even though she was a 380 day champion. It’s crazy that Bianca won after everything else that happened, and yes, this IS the biggest win of her career! But she isn’t stopping here. The only thing bigger is winning the Women’s Rumble this Sunday and putting the EST in WrESTleMania!


AJ Styles talks with Omos backstage.

But while we can’t hear what’s being said, we do see Cesaro join the conversation. The Swiss Cyborg is going to be in the Men’s Rumble, too, will Styles have to worry about him at some point?


King Corbin VS Dominik Mysterio!

The Wolf King walks to the ring, but that’s when Dominik strikes! The son of Mysterio wants payback in the worst way, but will he get it when SmackDown returns from break?

SmackDown returns and Rey Mysterio has joined commentary for this match as the bell rings. Corbin powers Dom to a corner and rams into him over and over! The ref counts, Dom throws hands to back Corbin back! Corbin powers Dom back again but Dom keeps throwing hands! Corbin throws Dom, but Dom dodges the corner attack! Dom leads Corbin on cat ‘n’ mouse then KICKS Corbin in the ropes, to then slingshot KNEE him out! Dom then slingshots to PLANCHA Corbin on the back! Dom gets back in and dares Corbin to bring the fight! Corbin is furious and he paces as the ring count climbs. Corbin shouts at Rey about this but then gets in to miss Dom and get more hands!

Dom runs, Corbin scoops, Dom wheelbarrows but Corbin makes that a BIG back suplex! Corbin drags Dom up, and hits another back suplex! Corbin glares at Rey, then drags Dom back up. Corbin tells Rey he’s going to “put a dent in your boy’s head” before he DECKS Dom! Corbin looms over Dom, drags him back up, and throws another big haymaker! Dom staggers to a corner, Corbin runs in, but Dom boots back! Corbin just scowls and clotheslines Dom back! Dom staggers to another corner, Corbin runs in but only gets POST! Dom waits, gets up the corner, and goes up to missile dropkick!

Rey coaches from commentary as Dom hits a slingshot senton! Cover, TWO! Dom grows frustrated but he hurries to bring Corbin up for hands. Corbin ROCKS Dom, then whips Dom, but Dom kicks back! Dom runs, wheelbarrows and throws Corbin to ropes! Dom dials it up, 619 BLOCKED! Corbin has Dom in the ropes, yanks him out, but Dom lands on his feet to run and tri again! Corbin blocks the rana to haul Dom up, but Dom still headscissors Corbin into buckles! Dom runs in, goes up, but is sent flying into ropes! Dom flounder sup, Corbin whips, scoops, but Dom hits a TILT-O-WHIRL DDT! Cover, TWO!! Corbin survives and Rey is jumping out of his seat!

Corbin goes to the apron, Dom is catching his breath, but Dom hurries over to springboard. Corbin avoids the dropkick, hauls Dom up and HOTSHOTS Dom hard! Then Corbin reels Dom in, END OF DAYS! Cover, Corbin wins!

Winner: King Corbin, by pinfall

Corbin conquers Rey’s son, then goes after Rey! Corbin scoops him but Rey slips off to POST Corbin! Rey is on the apron and he hits a seated senton! Rey hurries to Dom’s side, and the Mysterios regroup. Will they come up with a game plan that can trump the Wolf King?


Big E talks with Sonya Deville backstage.

The newest WWE official is looking dapper, but can she let him know what his Royal Rumble number is? He slips her… $1. Yes, but an Arby’s coupon is on it’s way! But then The Miz & John Morrison walk over?! They must also be using the Brand to Brand Invitation. And they ask about Adam Pearce. Well after the whole thing of Pearce putting himself in a match with Paul Heyman, certain people pulled certain strings, and Pearce is on a break. Pulling strings to get what you want, how terrible. Okay, guys, what’s going on? Big E asks why these two had to bring their Raw stench to his show.

As Sonya just said, it’s Rumble Weekend! And the Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, and Kevin Owens have a Last Man Standing match for the title. Well, things could get interesting. Really interesting. CHA CHING. Morrison says Miz is playing smart with the prize he took from Otis. Like the stock market. Did you know you could make money betting against stocks? It’s called short-selling, and Morrison’s about to make a fortune off GameStop! Sonya says she has business to take care off, but best of luck to you all at the Rumble. Big E says he likes the social commentary but he has stuff to take care of, too.

Oh what’s he gonna do? Do some squats? It’s not a bench press competition! They all laugh it up, and Big E says that’s as funny as these two being over the hill yet thinking they have a chance in the Rumble. Morrison hits first and it’s a 2v1 brawl! Big E hits hard and throws Miz harder! Big E and Morrison still brawl, the referees and officials hurry to break it up! Will there be another surprising Brand to Brand battle tonight?


BREAKING NEWS for WWE Backstage’s Royal Rumble Special!

For the first time ever, WWE Backstage will feature a match! Natalya VS Tamina, the winner is the NUMBER 30 ENTRANT to the Women’s Rumble! Which second generation superstar gets the biggest advantage on Sunday?


Sasha Banks walks backstage.

Kalisto sees her and says hey to the “sexy mamacita,” but then Carmella’s sommelier, Reginald comes by. Is that even his real name? But Reggie is offering her a gift from Mella. She asked him to pick the perfect wine to go with losing a championship. Oh is that so? Oui. Well, Reggie, they may have had their problems, but she admits there’s something she likes about him. Maybe his French accent, or how he finds the best wines for Mella. Does he freelance? Could he help the Boss? Maybe. Then what is the best wine to drink with a broken jaw? Sasha thinks the finest champagne is in order when she crushes Mella’s dreams like a grape! Actually, he needs to take this because he could use a drink. Sasha heads off, will she be drinking the FABULOUS tears of the Staten Island Princess?


Sami Zayn talks Shinsuke Nakamura.

Isn’t it suspicious that guys from Raw are showing up? And Sami isn’t sure what’s going on with Nakamura and Cesaro. Are they splitting up? Nevermind, that’s too personal. But c’mon, they used to be pals, right/ The Artist Collective! Sami has done a lot for Nakamura as the “Great Liberator,” so to be honest, Nakamura should repay the favor and help Sami. Sami needs help getting the Intercontinental Championship back after Big E stole it from him. Big E is against him, Apollo Crews is against him, the entire WWE management is out to get Sami! But this would be good for Nakamura, too! Cesaro’s doing his own thing, and doing great. Nakamura was great a few week sago, but then what? He’ll just float around alone?

The best work Nakamura has ever down in the WWE was with Sami. Nakamura’s debut in NXT was magical, because of Sami. Nakamura’s Intercontinental Championship reign was historic, because of Sami. Everything he’s done here in the WWE is all because of Sami! So can Sami count on Nakamura to watch his back? Nakamura tells Sami that he appreciates everything Sami’s done for him. But he can go to hell! The King of Strong Style leaves Sami alone, but will Sami make him regret that?


SmackDown has Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens via video.

Michael Cole asks the challenger, Kevin, what will be different this time about their WWE Universal Championship match this time so that Kevin can finally win? Kevin says there won’t be any difference. As far as Kevin’s concerned, he beat Roman twice. Those matches had Jey Uso make sure Kevin didn’t win the title. It might happen again this Sunday. But the difference is it is Last Man Standing, and there is nothing anyone can do to Kevin to keep him from getting up again and again, as many times as he needs, until he IS the Last Man Standing.

Paul Heyman says they can stop right here. He doesn’t want to expose Roman to this. Heyman won’t let Kevin talk about the Tribal Chief, the best of the best, the Head of YOUR Table, in that way! Kevin will speak to and of Roman Reigns with reverence and respect! Kevin chuckles and asks Roman if he’s going to let Heyman rehash everything he’s used on everyone else. Wouldn’t be Kevin’s move, but hey. Roman says Kevin wants to make excuses and talk about family. Roman tries to understand what makes Kevin tick so he’ll bring Kevin’s family up. What kind of man was Kevin’s father? Kevin’s father is a great man. Just watch where you’re going, Roman.

Is Kevin’s dad a smart man? Yeah, very smart. And if Roman’s smart, he’ll heed the warnings. Roman needs to think carefully about what he’s going to say. Roman isn’t trying to make Kevin made, he just wants to understand why Kevin doesn’t understand his own limitations. Maybe it’s because his dad didn’t teach him. Kevin isn’t built for this. Kevin isn’t supposed to be here. He’s not a Bishop, Knight, Rook or Queen, he is a PAWN. And Roman is the King! “Everything revolves around me! And you still don’t understand this.” Kevin wants the title but he can’t have it because he is inferior! And this Sunday, Kevin has no chance and it’s not even his fault. Roman doesn’t blame Kevin. Kevin should blame his family. The fact Kevin thinks he has a chance makes him a fool. And that means Kevin’s father is a fool. And if Kevin’s father is a fool, then so was his grandfather.

Kevin knows Roman is still trying to play games. Everyone heard Kevin’s speech about his grandfathers before he kicked Roman’s ass. But both those men are very important to Kevin because they were with Kevin from the start. Kevin will repeat himself one more time: “Watch what you say next.” On Sunday, they’ll be in the same ring. Roman says Kevin still doesn’t understand. Maybe one day Kevin will. Maybe when Kevin meets his grandfathers again, they’ll make him understand. “My God, Kevin, what a disgrace you’ve been to our families. Why did you not acknowledge him as our Tribal Chief?”

Kevin throws his water bottle and says the only thing his father and grandfathers would ever want him to acknowledge Roman as is what he is: A delusional jackass who comes every week, surrounded by Yes Men to whisper in his ear how great he is. Then Roman puts this community theater version of a mafia boss, a cool tough guy, when he’s just hiding the fact that he’s nothing but an insecure bully. When Kevin looks in the mirror, he sees exactly who and what he is, and that is the person his parents, grandparents, wife, kids and the rest of his family would be proud of! And after the Rumble, Kevin will still see that same Kevin, but as UNIVERSAL CHAMPION!

Heyman has the cameras shut off in their room, so Kevin storms off. Will all of that passion help Kevin wipe Roman’s arrogant smile off his face?


Daniel Bryan VS AJ Styles!

“YES! YES! YES,” we are getting the showdown between the GOAT and the Phenomenal One! And to prove to Bryan that he can do this on his own, Styles has Omos go back to the back! But with both men wanting to win the Royal Rumble, will this rematch be a tune-up or a reckless risk?

SmackDown returns and Cesaro joins commentary as the bell rings. The two tie up right away and Bryan gets a headlock to takeover. Styles slips out and the two tie up again. Styles gets a headlock and takeover, we focus more on commentary but Styles gets Bryan to a double knuckle lock cover. ONE as Bryan bridges, and Bryan even supports Styles’ weight! Styles jumps again, Bryan counters with a monkey flip, then rolls back, to bring Styles up only for Styles to flip him back! Styles rolls but Bryan gets the arm to an ARMBAR! Styles uses his foot for the ropebreak and Bryan lets go fast. Bryan gets Styles in a corner, wrenches the arm and hits an elbow breaker!

Bryan wrenches, whips corner to corner, then runs in but into Styles’ boot! Styles goes out but into a drop toehold Bryan PENALTY KICKS the arm! Styles clutches the hand, Bryan is right after the arm and pulls on the arm. Styles endures, Bryan hammerlocks, but Styles fights up to put Bryan in a corner. Bryan digs an elbow but Styles rams his shoulder in! Styles headlocks, Bryan powers out but Styles runs him over! Things speed up, Bryan hurdles and KICKS Styles down! Cover, ONE! Bryan keeps on Styles’ arm with a knuckle lock and twist of the wrist. Bryan wrenches but Styles digs fingers into Bryan’s eyes! The ref reprimands, Styles swings but Bryan dodges to CHOP!

Bryan brings Styles up, whips him to ropes but Styles reverses to kitchen sink knee! Styles brings Bryan up, suplexes, but Bryan fights that off with knees! Bryan underhooks to snap Half Hatch! Bryan gets to a corner, but here comes Sami Zayn?! Sami has his #SAMI signs, and Styles knocks Bryan off the corner! The Great Liberator is working as a great distraction while Styles brings Bryan up to whip him into steel steps! Bryan is in a bad spot as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns and Styles stomps away on Bryan while Sami “protests” all around ringside. Styles drags Bryan up, CLUBS him down, then brings him back up to suplex. Bryan kicks back, gets to a corner, and then dodges Styles as he runs in! Bryan CHOPS then whips but Styles reverses. Bryan goes up and over and keeps moving to duck and dodge and LEPAING LARIAT! Styles flounders, Bryan runs in to dropkick! Bryan unleashes Yes Kicks, then hoists Styles up top. Bryan climbs up, and hits a SUPER STEINER! Cover, TWO! Bryan grits his teeth while Sami complains, “I will not be silenced!”

Bryan wrenches Styles to an elbow breaker! Styles blocks the kick to DRAGON SCREW! Bryan crawls but Styles hobbles over. Styles stomps Bryan, throws forearms, then wraps the leg around the ropes. The ref counts but Styles enziguris Bryan! Styles runs to KICK the leg! That inner thigh shot was a close one, and Sami tells everyone to show their support for #SAMI, Stand Against Moral Injustice. Styles gest the leg for a CALF CRUSHER! Bryan endures, drags himself and Styles over, and gets the ropebreak! “Now you do your job properly, huh, ref?!” Sami says the ref didn’t do that for him when Big E “stole” the IC title.

Styles goes after Bryan in a corner but Bryan BOOTS Styles away! Styles runs back in but Bryan puts him on the apron. Styles ROCKS Bryan, springboards, but Bryan catches him to a BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! And the ARMBAR!! Styles moves, Bryan rolls him to the YES LOCK!! Styles scrambles more, reaches over, and gets the ropebreak! But here comes Big E! The Intercontinental Champion is here to see Sami’s “protest” in person, but Sami doesn’t want a fight. Sami is being peaceful. Big E gets that, but then CLOBBERS Sami anyway! Big E drags Sami up to throw him over the announce desk! Cesaro almost got hit and is upset with Big E. Big E shoves Cesaro, and they brawl!

But then Bryan DIVES onto everyone!! Styles avoids being hit and he puts Bryan in! Bryan counter punches Styles, throws haymakers, but Sami attacks Bryan!!

Winner: Daniel Bryan, by disqualification

Sami rains down fists on “this piece of crap,” and Cesaro drags Big E in, too! They’re brawling, but here comes NAKAMURA! Wait, which side is the King of Strong Style on? He goes after Sami with an ENZIGURI! And then a heel kick for Styles! But what about his tag partner, Cesaro? Sami CLOBBERS Nakamura, so Nakamura hits him back! Nakamura, Bryan and Big E throw out Styles, Sami and Cesaro! The Swiss Cyborg asks what the heck as SmackDown goes to break!


Six Man Tag: Daniel Bryan, Big E & Shinsuke Nakamura VS AJ Styles, Sami Zayn & Cesaro!

SmackDown returns and a match has been made out of the battle lines drawn! Which of these Royal Rumble participants go in with major momentum?

Cesaro whips Nakamura, Nakamura throws Cesaro down but Cesaro dodges the sliding kick to hit a basement EuroUpper! Nakamura goes to a corner and Cesaro whips him corner to corner! Cesaro runs in, Nakamura dodges to KICK! Nakamura runs but Cesaro boots, only for Nakamura to catch it and spin Cesaro sideways! Nakamura KICKS Cesaro, runs side to side and hit a SLIDING GERMAN! Nakamura gets back in to cover, ONE!! Nakamura drags Cesaro over, Big E tags in, and Big E throws big body shots! Cesaro EuroUppers and knees back, then CLUBS Big E on the back! Tag to Sami and they mug Big E as Sami jabs and jabs!

Sami rains down fists on Big E, clubs and elbows away on him, then says HE is still champion! Things speed up, Big E hurdles and CLOBBERS Sami down! Cover, TWO! Big E drags Sami up, headlocks and tags in Bryan, and they mug Sami in return. Bryan CHOPS Sami, tags Big E back in, and they double whip Sami for a double hip toss! Big E pushes Sami down to cover, TWO! Big E keeps Sami from his corner to throw more body shots! Big E wrenches, tags Bryan back in, and Bryan climbs up to drop ax handles on Sami’s arm! Bryan brings Sami up, wrenches, whips, but Sami kicks him away! Sami CHOP BLOCKS a leg!

Bryan is down, Sami tags Styles in, and Styles continues where he left off with Bryan, ash e SWINGS the bad leg into the post over an dover! Bryan clutches that leg as Styles finally stops and SmackDown goes to another break!

SmackDown returns again and Cesaro drags Bryan up into a one legged SWING, to the HALF CRAB! Bryan endures, but Styles tags in and stomps the leg down! Styles has the leg for a DDT! Styles keeps on that leg with a knee breaker! Tag to Sami and Sami pushes Bryan down to rain down right hands! Sami taunts Big E and the ref has to keep him back. Sami brings Bryan back up to bump him off buckles. Sami hoists Bryan up top, throws hands, then climbs up to join him. Bryan resists the suplex, throws body shots, then headbutts him down! Bryan adjusts, leaps, and hits a missile dropkick! Both men are down and fans rally on their screens as they crawl!

Sami grabs Bryan’s leg, Bryan gets free, hot tags to Big E and Cesaro! Cesaro runs into an OVERHEAD SUPLEX! Styles springboards into an OVERHEAD SUPLEX! Cesaro gets up for a BELLY2BELLY! Big E runs, but Cesaro springboards to FLYING EUROUPPER! Cover, TWO! Cesaro drags Big E up and in, but Big E back drops out of the Neutralizer! Cesaro lands on his feet but runs into the Urenag-E! Cover, TWO! Big E fires up and claps it up, but here come The Miz & Morrison!? The Greatest Tag Team of the 21st Century stare Big E down but they have to get through Nakamura! They go after him, then go after Big E!!

Winners: Big E, Daniel Bryan & Shinsuke Nakamura, by disqualification

Sami joins in as Miz ‘n’ Morrison mug Big E! FLYING CHUCK HART ATTACK! Miz rains down fists, but here comes OTIS!! The Blue Collar Brawler finally gets a chance at payback for what Miz did to him all of 2020! Otis CLOBBERS Morrison, TOSSES Miz, then blocks a kick to TOSS Morrison! Otis runs to DISCUS Morrison! Morrison and Miz end up in the same corner, and Otis SPLASH SANDWICHES them! Both Miz ‘n’ Morrison are down, and Otis hits a DOUBLE CATERPILLAR ELBOW! But SmackDown goes to break, what will we get when it returns?!


10 Man Tag: AJ Styles, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, The Miz & John Morrison VS Daniel Bryan, Big E, Shinsuke Nakamura, Otis & ???

What a wild development! But after adding a LOT of extra weight to this match, who finally comes away with massive momentum for the Men’s Rumble?

The bell rings and Bryan starts with old rival, Miz, and they fire off fast hands! Miz gets Bryan down but Bryan trips Miz up! Bryan rains down fists, but Miz gets a leg and hits a DDT on the foot! Miz stomps away on the leg, drags Bryan up and whips him out of the ring! Miz goes after Bryan, and gives the leg a SHIN BREAKER to the desk! Bryan flops down, Miz BOOTS him, then Miz talks trash to Otis and Big E as they come over. Miz puts Bryan in the ring, has the leg, and steps through for a FIGURE FOUR! Bryan endures, Miz talks trash, but Bryan drags himself around. Miz keeps on the hold, Bryan grabs at Miz’s head and throws hands! Bryan punches his way out of the leglock!

Miz tags Sami and Sami drags Bryan up to BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Bryan survives, even after everything he’s been through tonight! Cesaro tags in to drop an elbow! Cover, TWO! Cesaro dead lift suplexes Bryan, holds him up then SLAMS him down! Cover, TWO! Tag to Morrison, he stomps Bryan’s leg then rains down forearms! Morrison stomps Bryan more, drags him up, then tags Miz in. The Greatest Tag Team mug Bryan together, then Miz tags Styles in. Styles and Miz split the wishbone! Miz mocks Bryan’s pain and Styles grins as he drags Bryan up. Bryan hits Styles back with body shots, but Styles CLUBS Bryan!

Styles bumps Bryan off buckles, throws forearms, then whips him to ropes. Bryan ducks and dodges but DOUBLE CROSSBODIES collide! Both men are down, their teams fire up and reach out. Sami coordinates his team and they all go over to trip up Bryan’s team! Miz stomps Nakamura, Cesaro RAMS Big E into barriers and Morrison stomps Otis! Sami tags in and he gloats as he circles Bryan like a vulture. But wait! Is that SHEAMUS?! It seems this is meant to be a 10 man after all!! Sami is distracted, Bryan ROUNDHOUSES him down! HOT TAG TO SHEAMUS! The Fella rallies on Sami, then DECKS Miz! Sheamus clobbers Sami in the corner, then runs to KNEE LIFT!

Miz runs in but gets a PUMP KNEE and then Sheamus clotheslines Miz out! Sheamus headbutts Morrison and gives him Beats of the Bodhrain! Sami rolls Sheamus up, TWO! Sheamus gets Sami for the IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER! And then the CLOVERLEAF! Sami endures, but Morrison gets in to HOOK KICK Sheamus down! Otis scoops Morrison for a SWINGING SLAM! Cesaro DOUBLE STOMPS Otis! Big E scoops Cesaro for a BIG ENDING! Miz gives Big E the FINALE!! Nakamura hits a DYNAMIC DROPKICK, but Sami gives Nakamura a BLUE THUNDER BOMB!

Sami turns around and sees Sheamus in a corner. Sami runs in, into a BROGUE!! Cover, Sheamus and team win!!

Winners: Sheamus, Big E, Shinsuke Nakamura, Daniel Bryan & Otis, by pinfall

But Miz and Morrison mug Sheamus anyway! Styles adds on, too! But here comes BRAUN!?!? The Monster Among Men is back!! And he’s tearing off his shirt so he can tear into some meat! The Strowman Express hits Styles, then Sami, then CHOKE SLAMS Cesaro! Sami gets up, Braun scoops him for a MONSTER SLAM!! And then one for Cesaro!! The Miz and Morrison have run far away, so Braun TOSSES Cesaro, scoops him again, and hits ANOTHER MONSTER SLAM!! Are 29 other men about to #GetTheseHands in the Rumble?!

My Thoughts:

Well, this wasn’t the best go-home, but that ending was wild! Bryan VS Styles was a great idea all alone, but then things escalated twice. Teddy Long would be proud, to be honest. Six Man Tag then a 10 Man Tag with a mystery tenth man was a clever way to feature as many superstars before the Rumble as they could. They didn’t give things enough time to breathe so that we could learn it was a 10 Man and not a big Handicap Match, though it was that until the last moment. I wonder why they didn’t have the space… Oh right, all the recaps we didn’t need! I left those out because we didn’t need them. But if they spent less time on those, maybe we could’ve had Sonya explaining to us herself that she set up a 10 Man and then was scrambling to find a 10th man.

The Faces win, but Sheamus gets the finish because he isn’t really being seen as a favorite to win. And then Braun making a surprise return was great stuff, honestly, because it really was a surprise, and he got to bulldoze everyone and is right in the Rumble with momentum and perhaps a shot at winning it. But I will say, there were a LOT of Brand to Brand Invitation users this time, with Braun, Sheamus, Miz, Morrison and AJ Styles showing up. I have a feeling much of this was because COVID concerns that naturally kept McIntyre away from the ThunderDome may still be in effect for some SmackDown stars. To be honest, the Brand to Brand worked out for more than just ratings grabbing tonight.

I also like that we’re getting some story integration and progress when it comes to Sami, Nakamura and Cesaro. Nakamura and Cesaro ended up on opposite ends of the chaotic tag match scene tonight, foreshadowing that they are splitting and possibly feuding. Would love for them, Sami, Apollo, Big E and one other to have an Intercontinental Championship match for Elimination Chamber in the Chamber. After all, depending on how things go in the Rumble, SmackDown might win and the Universal title will already have a challenger for Mania. Roman, Heyman and Kevin had a really good promo segment together, but Kevin getting the last word makes it clear he won’t be the Last Man Standing. Maybe Roman cheats, maybe Roman just beats the hell out of Kevin from the bell, but I’m thinking Kevin does keep getting up after some devastating spots.

Sasha Banks had a decent segment, and I’m pretty confident she retains at the Rumble. WWE Backstage is coming back as big as they can, by actually having a match as part of the show! Natalya VS Tamina for the 30th spot is a fine way to get eyes on the returning talk show, but I feel like it would’ve been just fine to have that match here tonight to bring this go-home up a level. We only got two matches in the first 75 minutes! Corbin VS Dom was alright, but Corbin wins again because apparently whatever plan it is they have/had for Rey to introduce Dom to someone to train him can’t happen yet! Not even by video chat! And what happened to Buddy Murphy and “the Knights of the Wolf King” anyhow?!

Bayley VS Bianca was much better but that is only one match. It was great for Bianca to win, it is clear she is going to be big on main roster in 2021, but I wonder if it’s through the Rumble. She’s standing tall tonight and that usually doesn’t mean winning is in the immediate future. But she will definitely have something, perhaps a SmackDown Women’s Championship Contender’s win at Elimination Chamber. And I really like how it could be WrESTleMania. The word “wrestle” gets spelled a lot and yet those three letters get taken for granted, so that was a really clever thing to point out.

My Score: 8.3/10

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Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Results & Match Ratings: 3.2.2021

Tonight we know we’re supposed to get an official number one contender for the X Division championship! Will it be Black Taurus, Ace Austin or Chris Bey?



Tonight we know we’re supposed to get an official number one contender for the X Division championship! Will it be Black Taurus, Ace Austin or Chris Bey?

Beyond that, the rest of the matches seem like great building blocks. The eight man should stoke a fire between FinJuice and Good Brothers, Cardona as guest referee is gonna have some wrinkle and the Knockouts main event could be a title match anywhere with Jordynne and Deonna.

With a load of potential, let’s see what the show has in store. Speaking of potential, it seems like Deaner has to suffer through some punishment so he isn’t potentially corrupted.


  • Black Taurus vs Ace Austin vs Chris Bey:  Ace wins via The Fold – *** ½
  • Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb vs Havok: Tenille wins via Spotlight Kick – **
  • The Good Brother & FinJuice vs XXXL & Reno Scum: Good Brothers win via Magic Killer – N/A
  • Matt Cardona Guest Referee: Eddie Edwards vs Brian Myers: Eddie wins via DQ – ** ¼
  • Kiera Hogan w/Tasha Steelz vs Deonna Purrazzo w/Kimber & Susan vs Jordynne Grace w/Jazz: Deonna wins via Roll-Up – *** ¾



Black Taurus vs Ace Austin vs Chris Bey

This works very logically given the size discrepancy. Bey and Ace continue their team work from last week and work on the bigger opponent. Quick strikes, tandem dives and tandem attacks. It’s amusing to see how seamlessly Ace and Bey work together, they could be one hell of an X Division tag duo if they wanted to get them on a similar page.

As Taurus is wiped out, Bey and Ace finally focus on each other and we get some nice classic Junior style action. Taurus eventually slides in and starts manhandling both of the other men. Taurus hits the Pop-Up Samoan Drop, a stalling Brainbuster, that Ace assists with a Dropkick, and then we start seeing a clash of styles. Taurus’ power kept both Bey and Ace reeling, but they were able to take advantage of him leaving his feet, than Madman Fulton sweeps Bey’s feet off the ropes mid Art of Finesse, so Ace gets the shot to hit The Fold and official win number one contender!

Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb vs Havok

Even though Kaleb did interfere a few times, Tenille managed to land a few early Back Elbows which Havok sold like they rocked her for most of the match. Tenille dominated most of this match, Tarantula, Taste of Tenille; but Havok started to come back.

Havok comes out of the corner, uses her size and power to her advantage, but Kaleb makes his presence known again. This allows Tenille the chance to make some space, hit the Spotlight Kick and get the upset win!

Nevaeh comes out after and beats the hell out of Kaleb, hits her Twisting DDT and they send Kaleb and Tenille running away.

The Good Brother & FinJuice vs XXXL & Reno Scum

This was basically a funny squash match. FinJuice and the Good Brothers argued, tried to show one another up, and just generally disrespected the opponents. The Brothers had a moment where they purposefully tried to get in the ring so Finlay would get teamed up on, and Juice was irate.

When Finlay gets a chance to tag out, Gallows uses his size to his advantage and reaches out to pick on the fact that Thornstowe was in on the opponent’s side. So Gallows clears the ring, tags in Anderson, they toy with doing the Magic Killer to the point where Thornstowe almost wins with a Roll-Up. Anderson gets annoyed at the close call, Magic Killer and the dysfunctional quartet wins!

Very amusing, not much of a match but great entertainment.

Matt Cardona Guest Referee: Eddie Edwards vs Brian Myers

Myers starts with a few shortcuts, like a shielded thumb to the eye and general shady tactics. Eddie hits the Manhattan Drop/Release Belly to Belly to get some space, Cardona admonishes Myers for grabbing a chair, and Eddie leapfrogs referee Cardona and hits the Tope con Hilo on Myers as we go to commercial.

When we get back, Myers is back in charge, but Eddie is doing a good job fighting back. Misawa style Elbows, a Blue Thunder Bomb, all for a two count. Myers eats a Backpack Stunner, but he’s near the ropes, so Myers gets his foot on the ropes. Myers manages to hang Eddie in ropes, he comes in, pulls something out of his kneepad to load the arm, as he hits the charging clothesline Roster Cut.

But Cardona saw the load, and calls for the DQ. So Myers tried to do his best Lex Luger impression, but no dice. Cardona disqualifies Myers, so Eddie wins after what was building to be a decent match.

Kiera Hogan w/Tasha Steelz vs Deonna Purrazzo w/Kimber & Susan vs Jordynne Grace w/Jazz

An early commercial gave a little odd pacing, but it also kinda cut to all the great stuff. After the initial concept of gang up on the champ and make it a singles match was over, we saw one hell of a match. Gorgeous transitions from Jordynne and Deonna. Jordynne had a great Rolling Deadlift German Suplex, that Deonna countered by just grabbing Kiera and applying a submission. We saw Deonna slap on the Fujiwara from a few different angles, and even pulled out a nice Exploder Suplex.

Kiera is more of the stick and move striker, and even though she looked outclassed, she was never exposed. Kiera held her own given the fact that Deonna is one of the best technical wrestlers in wrestling and Jordynne is a wonderful powerhouse with an ever growing mat wrestling IQ.

Jordynne laid out Kiera, but Tasha was a great tag partner and pulled Kiera out of the ring so she couldn’t eat the pin. This gave Deonna the opportunity to roll up Jordynne and get a controversial 3 count. So the fact it was a hair’s breadth style 3 count, helps to protect Jordynne; coupled with the chaos of a triple threat.

As Deonna celebrates her ingenious ability to pull a win from nowhere, ODB hits the ring after the attack last week and beats the ever living heck out of Deonna, punctuating things with a BAM! So it looks like ODB will be getting a title shot!


Overall Score: 7/10

Now even though the Twitch channel was having technical difficulties for most of the show, it wasn’t enough to detract from a really good episode of IMPACT.

We continued to flesh out the Sacrifice card, and sprinkle enough situations that could always bleed into Rebellion. With Ace and Bey having a match next week, that could always expand the X Division title match to a Triple Threat; which honestly has been a little overdone by Impact lately, but the matches have been good – so I’ll just chalk it up to a phase. You know, we all have a Hot Topic phase, a rebellious phase, this is their Three Way Dances into Oblivion phase. I think it’s documented in a book somewhere, it’s fine.

The biggest news to come out of today however was FinJuice baiting the Good Brothers into a little proud brother title match. After the Good Brothers decided to give them a shot, Juice and Finlay definitely looked like it was part of the plan. This could be the perfect avenue to put the belts on FinJuice. Since Finlay and Juice are both in the New Japan Cup, depending on how far they get, that could be an opportunity to have the Brothers return to Japan. Maybe Machine Gun gets a chance to recapture that 2012 G1 magic this year? Timing lines up fairly well that we could get some cross company fireworks; cause God knows New Japan needs something now.

 Oh and yes, Moose should still win the match at Sacrifice. I’m aware the “spoilers” say Rich won, but Moose is where it’s at.


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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (3/2/21)

It’s Dark Before the Crossroads!



AEW Dark 2

Dark does 14 on the way to AEW’s Crossroads!

We’re so close to AEW Revolution but Dark is still turning out the hits! It’s a stacked card of FOURTEEN, and The Dark Order is ready to make this their show!


  • Lee Johnson & Aaron Solow w/ Arn Anderson VS Chris Peaks & Louie Valle; Johnson & Solow win.
  • Red Velvet & KiLynn King VS Ivelisse & Diamante; Velvet & King win.
  • Top Flight VS Fuego Del Sol & Jon Cruz; Top Flight wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Gunn Club VS Tony Vega, Aaron Frye & Angel Fashion; The Gunn Clubb wins.
  • Abadon VS Renee Michelle; Abadon wins.
  • Stu Grayson w/ The Dark Order VS JD Drake; Grayson wins.
  • Bear Country VS Baron Black & M’Badu; Bear Country wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Evil Uno, Alan Angels & Colt Cabana VS Levy Shapiro, John Skyler & Ryzin; The Dark Order wins.
  • Max Caster w/ Anthony Bowens VS JJ Garrett; Caster wins.
  • The Hybrid2 VS Shawn Dean & Carlie Bravo; The Hybrid2 win.
  • Orange Cassidy VS Steven Stetson; Cassidy wins.
  • Chuck Taylor VS VSK; Taylor wins.
  • Preston Vance w/ The Dark Order VS Daniel Joseph; Vance wins.
  • Tag Career on the Line: SoCal Uncensored VS The Sydal Brothers; SCU wins and remains a tag team.


Lee Johnson & Aaron Solow w/ Arn Anderson VS Chris Peaks & Louie Valle!

If having new ring gear didn’t confirm it, having the Enforcer as coach does! Big Shotty & The Extra Talented are both part of the growing Nightmare Family! Will this new drive help them get through the Peaks ‘n’ Valle facing them?

The teams sort out, Solow starts with Valle and fans rally as they circle. Valle doesn’t like Arn being nearby, but he ties up with Solow. Solow gets the arm, wrenches and wristlocks, but Valle reverses that onto Solow. Solow ducks, slips through, and headlocks for a takeover. Valle fights to the headscissor but Solow kips out. Valle dodges the headlock takeover to waistlock back. Solow pries free, switches, then hits the takeover after all. Valle tries to headscissor but Solow fights that off. They stand, Solow wrenches, and tags Johnson in. Johnson hops up to drop ax handles on Valle’s arm! Johnson wrenches, tags Solow, and Solow goes up to also drop ax handles!

Solow wrenches, tags Johnson, and they double whip Valle for double elbows! Johnson covers, ONE, but Johnson keeps close. Tag to Solow and Johnson scoop slams Valle, for Solow to leap and knee drop! Cover, TWO, but Solow has the cording hold. Valle fights up, knees low, then tags Peaks! Peaks runs in but into an arm-drag! Solow has the armlock, Peaks endures and moves around, then pulls hair. Peaks powers out and Valle gets a cheap shot, but Solow DECKS Valle! Peaks kicks low, throws big EuroUppers, then whips. Solow reverses, but Valle tags in as Peaks tumbles out. Solow still thinks it’s Peaks and he goes after him, but Peaks trips Solow for Valle to slingshot STOMP!

Fans boo as Valle hammers away on Solow’s head! Valle grabs Solow’s arm to BITE the hand! Solow goes to ropes, kicks back and throws hands. Valle rakes Solow’s face, suplexes him high and hard, then covers, TWO! Valle drags Solow over, tags in Peaks, and they mug Solow. Peaks tags Valle back in, they double whip Solow to ropes, Solow kicks back! Solow dumps Peaks out, crawls for the corner, and hot tags Johnson! Johnson rallies on Valle, dodges him to dropkick him down! Fans fire up with Big Shotty but Peaks runs in, only for Solow to intercept with a GAMANGIRI! Johnson gets Valle up for a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, Johnson & Solow win!

Winners: Lee Johnson & Aaron Solow, by pinfall

Their first tag team victory is a big one! The Coach cheers on his guys, will Johnson & Solow rise up the ranks in the tag division soon enough?


Red Velvet & KiLynn King VS Ivelisse & Diamante!

Before joining the American Nightmare at the Crossroads, she’s teaming with the King to take on Las Sicarias! Will Velvet stir it up and serve some L’s before facing down Jade Cargill & Shaq?

The teams sort out and King starts with Diamante. Diamante wants after Velvet but King says she has to deal with her first. Diamante shoves King and demands to face Velvet! King gives in and tags Velvet. Diamante starts swinging but Velvet bobs ‘n’ weaves and ROCKS her back! Velvet kicks, Diamante ducks the heel kick and trips Velvet up to rain down fists! King shoves Diamante off Velvet, Ivelisse comes in, but they both stand down. Diamante headlocks, Velvet powers out but Diamante runs her over! Things speed up, Velvet dodges Diamante to calf kick! Fans fire up, Velvet dares Diamante to do something, but Ivelisse tags in.

Ivelisse and Velvet circle, feel things out, and Ivelisse ROCKS Velvet! Velvet CHOPS back! Velvet wrenches, pushes Ivelisse to the corner, and King tags in. King wrenches Ivelisse and cranks the arm, then tags in Velvet. Velvet goes up to drop ax handles! Velvet wrenches, elbow breakers, and tags in King for a hand-off. King WRINGS Ivelisse out, tags in Velvet, then whips Ivelisse for a hip toss! Velvet and King combine, wheelbarrow SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Velvet wrenches Ivelisse again, tags King in, and feeds Ivelisse to King’s towering scoop and SLAM! King gets the fans fired up with her moshing, and trips Ivelisse up. Ivelisse drags King into a triangle hold!

But King powers up to dead lift Ivelisse! Ivelisse fights and gets to ropes for a HANGING TRIANGLE! The ref counts, Ivelisse lets go at 4 to then hotshot the arm! Diamante gets a hotshot in, then Ivelisse gives King’s arm some Sole Food! King ends up in the corner, Ivelisse stomps her down, then tags in Diamante. Las Sicarias stomp away on King, then Diamante runs to basement dropkick! Diamante drags King around, tags Ivelisse back in, and Ivelisse KICKS the bad arm! Fans rally as Ivelisse puts King’s arm in a chicken wing. King fights up and scoops Ivelisse, but Ivelisse hits a chicken wing takedown! Tag to Diamante, she wrenches the arm to give it a CODE BREAKER!

Tag back to Ivelisse, she isolates the arm and Diamante KICKS it! Ivelisse jams the shoulder, then mule kicks King back down! Cover, TWO! Ivelisse is annoyed with King and she clubs the arm. Ivelisse hooks one arm up and keylocks the other! Fans rally, King fights up and fights back, but Ivelisse chicken wings and chinlocks. King powers up to RAM Ivelisse into buckles, then throw her off! Ivelisse staggers up but into a ROUNDHOUSE! King runs to CLOBBER Ivelisse! Both women are down and fans fire up! Fans rally, Ivelisse and King crawl, hot tags to Diamante and Velvet! Velvet hits a Thesz Press!

Velvet rains down rights on Diamante, ROCKS Ivelisse, then stares down with Diamante. The forearms fly, Diamante uppercuts but Velvet ROLLING ELBOWS! DOUBLE KNEES at the ropes, and a BIG standing moonsault! Cover, Ivelisse breaks it! Ivelisse drags Diamante over but Velvet gets in between them! Diamante ENZIGURIS Velvet! Tag to Ivelisse, Las Sicarias aim but Velvet dodges the double knees! Velvet dropkicks Diamante but Ivelisse cravats and KNEES, to a butterfly suplex! Cover, but King breaks it! Diamante returns and hops on King! King powers Diamante out of the ring but tumbles with her!

Velvet rolls Ivelisse for the HEEL KICK! Velvet runs, for JUST DESSERTS!! Cover, Velvet and King win!

Winners: Red Velvet & KiLynn King, by pinfall

Victory is sweet for Velvet & King! They beat the Women’s Tag Cup winners, will this bode well for Velvet going against Jade?


Top Flight VS Fuego Del Sol & Jon Cruz!

Darius & Dante Martin are getting ready for the Revolution Tag Battle Royal and their newest chance at becoming contenders! But will the coldest team in the game today start to feel the heat against the Fire of the Sun and, uh… Mr. Jon Cruz?

The teams sort out, Darius starts with Fuego and they fist bump to show respect. They circle, tie up, and go around. Darius wrenches the arm, Fuego slips through and spins Darius for a headlock. Darius powers out, Fuego bumps shoulders but Darius comes back to run Fuego over! Things speed up, Fuego wheelbarrows but Darius makes it an O’Conner Roll! TWO, Darius tackles Fuego for a headlock but Fuego headscissors. Darius kips out, rebounds, but Fuego hits a headlock takeover back. Darius headscissors, Fuego kips free, and fans cheer as Darius sweeps, but then Fuego sweeps! Fuego covers, TWO, Darius covers, TWO!

Fuego goes to monkey flip but Darius lands on his feet and kicks the grip to dropkick Fuego down! Fuego crawls but ends up in the Top Flight corner. Darius runs in, Fuego puts him on the apron but Dante tags in. Dante runs and hits an A-List Lariat! Darius snap suplexes Fuego and Dante slingshot sentons! Cover, TWO! Dante wrenches Fuego’s arm, wristlocks, but Fuego handsprings and flips to spin and wrench. Dante breaks free, Fuego ducks the roundhouse, but Dante sunset flips. Fuego rolls through, Cruz tags in, and things speed up. Dante dodges and whips then hurdles Cruz to roll back and headscissor him, for a big dropkick!

Cruz goes to a corner, Dante ROCKS him with a forearm, then whips him corner to corner. Cruz reverses, runs in and blocks the boot to gamangiri! Cruz snapmares and neck snaps! Cover, TWO! Cruz drags Dante up, tags in Fuego, and they mug Dante. Fuego throws body shots, Dante ROCKS Fuego then runs, but Fuego KNEES low and hard! Fuego hip tosses and STANDING SHOOTING STARS! Cover, TWO! Tag to Cruz, they double back suplex but Dante lands out on his feet! Dante dodges, shoves Cruz into Fuego, and tags in Darius! Fans fire up as Darius rallies on Cruz! Darius dodges Cruz, DECKS Fuego, then boots Cruz!

Darius hops up, leaps over and gets around Cruz to hit a STANDING SPANISH FLY! Cover, TWO!! Cruz survives but Darius tags Dante in. The Martins bring Cruz up, double whip him, but Cruz holds ropes. Cruz elbows Darius, TOSSES Dante out and SUPERKICKS Darius! Fuego tags in and monkey flips Cruz at Darius for a RANA! Cruz keeps moving and DIVES onto Dante! Cruz took a bit more out of that than Darius, but Fuego SUPER TORNILLOS Top Flight down!! Fuego drags Dante up and in, aims from a top rope, and leaps! Dante dodges, runs in but into a kick! Fuego wants the tornado, but Darius tags in!

Dante blocks the DDT, Darius helps out, and they pop-up UPPERCUT! Dante BOOTS Cruz, Darius has Fuego, LEAP FROG! Top Flight works together again, boosted back suplex to a BULLDOG! Cover, Top Flight wins!

Winner: Top Flight, by pinfall

Fast and furious doesn’t even cover it! But will Top Flight soar above all the teams in the Casino Battle Royal and hit the jackpot?


Six Man Tag: The Gunn Club VS Tony Vega, Aaron Frye & Angel Fashion!

Billy and the boys are back in action as a trio but they’re still on a hot streak overall! Will they hit the mark again against Top Notch, Frye Daddy and The Fashionable Hombre?

The trios sort out, and after a round of rock-paper-scissors, Austin starts against Frye. Austin and Frye circle, tie up, and go around. Austin is after an arm, Frye gets the waistlock. Austin pries free but Frye gets a headlock. Austin tries to pry free again, but Frye clamps on tighter. Austin brings Frye to a knee, gets free and gets the arm, but Frye throws body shots. Frye puts Austin in a corner, lets off as the ref counts, but then ROCKS Austin with a sucker punch! Frye grins as he whips corner to corner, Austin goes up, up, and over. Austin speeds up and trips Frye to then hit a Throwback! Frye tags Fashion in as Austin fires up and fires off hype bullets.

Fashion runs in but Austin sends him into the Gunn corner! Tag to Colten, and he whips Austin in for an uppercut! Austin sets up the hoop, and Colten DUNKS on Fashion! Colten runs and does a Euro step to the neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Colten brings Fashion up, wrenches the arm but Fashion claws Colten’s face! Fashion puts Colten in the corner, CHOPS, then tags in Vega. Vega says he’s got this but Colten ROCKS him with a right! Colten puts Vega in the corner, tags Austin, but the whole family gets in as they body shot, BOOT and dropkick! Cover, TWO! Austin keeps his cool and whips Vega to ropes. Vega holds ropes, elbows Austin then drop toeholds him to ropes.

Frye BOOTS Austin down while Vega distracts the ref, then Vega CLOBBERS Austin! Tag to Frye, he stomps Austin and has him in an open corner. Frye throws hands, brings Austin around and DECKS him! Fans rally for Austin but Frye drags Austin over to tag Vega in. They mug Austin, Vega toys with Austin but Austin throws a body shot. Vega CLUBS Austin, tags in Fashion, and they mug Austin now. Fashion drags Austin up to whip him back in, and Austin bounces off buckles! Tag to Vega, he taunts Colten and Billy, then drags Austin up. Vega scoops, slams, then covers, ONE! Vega is upset and he drags Austin up.

Vega whips Austin in but Austin boots back! Austin DECKS Fashion, DECKS Frye, dodges Vega and tags in Papa Gunn! Billy rallies with haymakers and then throws Frye out hard. Billy dodges Vega to scoop SLAM him! Billy fires up, runs at Fashion for a corner splash, then stands him up to kick low. SUCK IT, the FAMOUSER hits! Cover, but Frye breaks it! Austin whips Frye but Frye reverses to send Austin out! Austin drags Frye out to RAM him into the railing! Fashion swings, Billy dodges but Fashion kicks him! Fashion tells Billy to SUCK IT, but he runs into the 3:10 TO YUMA!! Cover, the Gunn Club wins!

Winners: The Gunn Club, by pinfall

And the Gunns are still undefeated as a trio! Will they be a major part of the Nightmare Family’s continued success in AEW?


Abadon VS Renee Michelle!

The Living Dead Girl returns to make this Dark even darker! Will she start to haunt #THEDiva in her dreams?

The bell rings, Renee is rightfully afraid of Abadon and tries to run away! Abadon catches her at the apron, Renee freaks out and ROCKS Abadon! Abadon stays up by holding ropes, and then DECKS Renee! Renee gets up and Abadon LEAPS from the apron for a seated senton! Abadon rains down fists, lets off to growl and roar at whatever is around her, then she puts Renee in the ring. Abadon slithers in as fans rally up. Renee gets up, gets around Abadon and cravat KNEES Abadon. Abadon stays up so Renee kicks the leg and hammers away! Renee runs, into a LARIAT from Abadon!

Abadon roars again, drags Renee up, and TOSSES her across the ring! Renee ends up in a corner, and Abadon runs in to METEORA! Abadon growls and Renee is afraid but Abadon brings her up. Abadon reels Renee in for underhooks but Renee fights free to throw forearms! Abadon stays on her feet, shrieks and reels Renee in to RAM her with a shoulder! Abadon drags Renee up, underhooks and Gory Especials, for the CEMETERY DRIVE!! Cover, Abadon wins!

Winner: Abadon, by pinfall

And this is why the only woman to beat her is the AEW Women’s Champion, Hikaru Shida! But with Shida spoken for at Revolution, will the creeping nightmare have to wait for another match with the Full Metal Warrior?


Stu Grayson w/ The Dark Order VS JD Drake!

Player Two is back in action! He’s #BornForCombat, but will he be ready to scrap with Scrap Metal?

The bell rings and Stu ties up with JD. They’re in a deadlock, JD gets a headlock, but Stu powers out, only for JD to run him over. Things speed up, Stu dropkicks but JD stays up! JD swings, Stu dodges and CHOPS! JD doesn’t even flinch! Stu CHOPS again, throws forearms, then whips. JD blocks by holding ropes, Stu tries again but JD reverses. Stu dodges, and CHOPS again! JD felt that one, and Stu throws uppercuts and forearms! JD shoves, Stu dodges but JD CHOPS! Stu grins and laughs because this is getting fun! Stu offers a fist bump, JD gives it, and they fire off fists fast and furious! JD puts Stu in a corner, Stu turns it around but JD turns it back around!

JD fires off body shots, Stu turns things around to stomp away! The ref backs Stu off and JD runs at him, but Stu puts JD on the apron. Stu sweeps the legs and PENALTY KICKS, then slingshots for the apron senton! Fans fire up and Stu grins, and he goes back at JD, but JD tosses him into ropes to then DECK him with a forearm! JD puts Stu in, runs and drops a senton! Cover, TWO! JD KICKS Stu in the back, drags him up, and snapmares him for a knee to the back! JD clamps on a chinlock, thrashes Stu around, but Stu fights up to throw body shots. Stu clinches, JD resists the lift and elbows Stu away! JD whips Stu to CLOBBER him!

But Stu is right up and they get forehead to forehead! They egg each other on, JD CHOPS, Stu kicks and kicks and CHOPS! Stu JABS, ducks under the back hand and URENAGES! PENALTY KICK, and BIG knee drop! Fans fire up as JD gets to a corner, Stu runs in and RAMS into him! Stu runs, JD shoves but Stu springboards for a FLYING SHOULDER! Stu drags JD up, reels him in but JD clubs away on his back! JD whips, Stu reverses, but JD goes up and over?! To OVERHEAD SUPLEX! JD hops up, Stu runs in, FLYING LEG LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!! Stu survives and JD is surprised! Fans fire up more, JD has Stu in a drop zone and JD climbs.

Stu goes to the apron and ROCKS JD! Stu then adjusts, springboards, and SUPER STEINERS JD down! Stu hurries back up, aims again, and 450’s but has to bail out as JD dodges! SHOTGUN BOOT! JD fires up and runs corner to corner, to CANNONBALL but miss as Stu moves! Stu aims, triangle jumps to TORNADO DDT! Stu runs to KNEE TRIGGER, then he reels JD in for a torture rack! THE NIGHTFALL!! Cover, Stu wins!

Winner: Stu Grayson, by pinfall

Scrap Metal just got scrapped, and Stu is leading the charge for the Dark Order! Will Stu be a contender after Revolution?


The Acclaimed speak.

Anthony Bowens & Max Caster introduce themselves, then introduce us to The Acclaimed Shopping Network! They’ve got something cool, magical and spooky for you today~! It’s the Dark Order’s Kool-Aide~! Not to be confused with Kool-Aid or Gatorade, someone has to try this live to prove what it does! Their volunteer takes a big swig, and whoaaaa~! He’s transformed into Number 100! He’s Number 10’s twin brother! He’s small and frail! Gross and stupid! And smells awful! And it’s time for an all new Acclaimed hit single!

“Platinum, Max I’m, about to draw a fine! I’m facing a guy named 10 but he couldn’t draw a dime! With his 10 cent brain, 10 dollar body! Who loves the Acclaimed? Everybody! The 10 day forecast: All rain. But you face me so you seeing them stars, main. Platinum, with the visibility. I got the ability to make the match something the fans wanna really see. Uh, you’re welcome, keep ridin’ my coattails. I’m the only one in this match who just won’t fail. More charisma in my teeny tiny toenail than you have in your whole body, oh well!

“See me in the ring, the best wrestler alive. Be careful what your knees when you steppin’ inside. Yes, the call me Platinum cuz I’m destined to shine. I’ma climb the corporate ladder one step at a time! Yo, wassup with your chest? That’s a scary skin rash. Matter fact, don’t talk, shut the zipper on your gimp mask. I be drummin’ on your neck, call it whiplash. Andre drummin’ on your back, got a big bag. Platinum, me against 10, that’s a mismatch. On B T E, every skit’s bad. In the Dark Order, you’re a hanger-on. Looking like SpongeBob with your anchor arms. Fake muscles, yeah I know you ain’t too strong.

“Wednesday Dynamite, no place to run. Try to step to the Acclaimed, I’m a gangsta, son. No, I’m not the Revolution, I’m the face of one. Platinum, Max, I’m about to call a fine. I’m facing a guy named 10 but he couldn’t draw a dime. A 10 cent brain, 10 dollar body! Who loves the Acclaimed? Everybody!”

And that’s the show for today! Thanks for joining them on the ASN, and watch Caster beat the absolute CRAP out of Number 10! Heck, he’ll do the same to JJ Garrett tonight! Get yourself some Acclaimed shirts and make everyone jealous!


Bear Country VS Baron Black & M’Badu!

Bear Boulder and Bear Bronson are ready to roar up the rankings, but they have a long road ahead. Will the #EmpBRUH and Nigerian Warrior end up lost in Bear Country?

The teams sort out, Bronson and Baron start. They circle, tie up, Baron waistlocks but Bronson switches. Baron wrenches free, Bronson reverses the whip and elbows him down! Bronson scoops Baron to SLAM him! Bronson runs and drops a BIG elbow! Cover, ONE! Bronson drags Baron up, tags Boulder in, and Boulder headbutts Baron in the ribs. Boulder throws shoulders into Baron again and again, then gets a knuckle lock. Tag to Bronson, Bear Country mugs Baron, and Bronson brings Baron up, but Baron CHOPS! Bronson doesn’t budge! Bronson puts Baron in a corner, fires off hammering hands, then lets off. M’Badu runs over but Bronson CLOBBERS him!

Baron hits Bronson but Bronson DECKS Baron! Baron ends up on the apron, Bronson drags him up and goes out to join him. M’Badu grabs at Bronson, Boulder protests but the ref is busy with him as Baron WRINGS Bronson into the apron! Bronson staggers and M’Badu CLOBBERS him! Boulder is furious but the ref has him stay in his corner. M’Badu puts Bronson in, Baron brings Bronson to the post and pulls the arm against the steel! Baron SLAMS the arm into the post, then wraps it around the other way! Baron adds a chinbar, the ref reprimands and counts, and Baron lets go of Bronson at 4. Baron pushes Bronson to a cover, TWO!

Baron CLUBS Bronson, goes after the bad arm, and M’Badu tags in. They mug Bronson, M’Badu throws haymakers, but Bronson hits back with haymakers! Bronson whips but the bad arm messes that up! M’Badu runs and SHOULDER TACKLES Bronson down! Cover, TWO! Bronson toughs it out with the bad arm, but M’Badu drags Bronson up to then hit a corner splash! Tag to Baron, M’Badu whips him in and Baron CHOPS! Baron feeds Bronson to M’Badu’s BIG sidewalk slam! There’s a miscommunication in who is legal, Baron comes back to cover, TWO! Bronson survives but Baron wraps on a cobra clutch.

Bronson fights up, throws body shots, but Baron keeps him from Boulder to hit a COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO! Baron grows frustrated but he brings the straps down. Baron drags Bronson up, wrenches the bad arm and CHOPS! Bronson gets mad but Baron CHOPS again! And again! Bronson reels Baron in for a BEAR-SPLODER! Fans fire up and Bronson gets himself to the corner, hot tag to Boulder! Boulder rallies on Baron, DECKS M’Badu, then runs at Baron. Boulder blocks the boot to give clotheslines and elbows! Boulder whips Baron, and BACK DROPS him on the rebound! Baron staggers up, Boulder sees M’Badu coming and sends him into Baron!

Boulder SPLASHES them both! Boulder fireman’s carries M’Badu, scoops Baron, and hits the FALL AWAY SAMOAN DROP COMBO! Fans fire up for Boulder as he drags Baron around to a drop zone. Boulder climbs, and MOONSAULTS, but FLOPS as Baron moves! M’Badu climbs and leaps at Boulder for a FLYING CLOTHESLINE! Baron hits the BACKSTABBER! Cover but Bronson sentons onto him! Bronson DECKS M’Badu, and DIVES?!? Direct hit and M’Badu is flattened! Fans are going nuts for Bear Country as Bronson tags in! Boulder sets Baron up, Electric Chair lifts Bronson, for the BEAR COUNTRY SPLASH! Cover, Bear Country wins!

Winners: Bear Country, by pinfall

It was a tough one, but the battle belongs to Bear Country! Will Bronson & Boulder bulldoze their way up the tag ranks on the other side of the Revolution?

But wait, The Butcher & The Blade ambush Bear Country! Bunny Allie brings a chair with her as Butcher shoves Bronson out of the ring. Blade takes the chair and SMACKS Boulder on the back! Butcher RAMS Bronson into barriers and throws him over while Blade SMACKS Boulder again! Butcher sets Bronson up for Blade to stick the chair in his face, and Bunny BOOTS the chair! The chair hits Bronson’s bad arm and Bunny laughs at his pain! Eddie Kingston’s Fam shout at the cameras, “Do you know who we are?!” They are the wolves and they are going to hunt down the bears! Will they get to butcher Bear Country into bloody meat?


Six Man Tag: Evil Uno, Alan Angels & Colt Cabana VS Levy Shapiro, John Skyler & Ryzin!

Player One, Number Five and BOOM BOOM are ready for action! Will they find a way to convince Mr. Timeless, the Southern Savior & The Priest of Sin to #JoinDarkOrder?

The trios sort out, Cabana starts against Skyler. They circle, approach and Cabana gets an arm. Cabana wrenches, hammerlocks, headlocks and hits a takeover. They get up, Cabana spins around to wrench Skyler again. Skyler rolls, rams a shoulder and throws uppercuts. Skyler shoves, Cabana sunset flips and then shifts to a school boy. Skyler rolls, whips, Cabana goes up and under and DOUBLE CHOPS Skyler down! Fans fire up as Cabana wrenches then tags in Uno. Uno CLUBS Skyler’s arm, ROCKS Skyler then CHOPS him at the ropes. Uno wrenches, whips, but Skyler reverses and RAMS low! Skyler rolls Uno, tags Shapiro and Shapiro drops an elbow.

Shapiro whips, Uno reverses and headlock, but Shapiro reverses. Uno powers out, Shapiro rams him but Uno runs him over! Uno runs, Shapiro leaps but into an atomic drop! Uno bumps Shapiro off buckles, tags in Angels, and Angels runs in at Shapiro to CHOP him! Angels whips him corner to corner, climbs up and rains down fists on Shapiro! The Dark Order counts it out, and Five hits five! Angels leaps back, dropkicks Shapiro down, and covers, TWO! Angels drags Shapiro up, wrenches him and tags in Cabana. They double wrench, double wrench again, and double CHOP Shapiro down! Negative One loves what he sees as Cabana runs to leap and drop an elbow!

Cabana bumps Shapiro off buckles, bumps him again, and again, and then tags Uno! Uno runs in to back elbow Shapiro and dust his hands. Ryzin and Skyler get in but the ref keeps him back. Uno mugs Shapiro with body shots and CHOPS, then bumps him off other buckles. Uno CHOPS Shapiro down, then brings him up for elbows. Fans rally, Uno whips corner to corner, then runs in but Shapiro elbows back. Shapiro hops up, BOOTS Uno down, then tight rope walks for a FALLING FIST DROP! Cover, hot tags to Skyler and Angels! Angels baits Skyler in, dodges him to clobber Shapiro and DECK Ryzin! Angels rallies on Skyler, dodges and enziguris!

Angels handsprings and dodges Shapiro to drop toehold him to ropes! Cabana says this’ll suck, and Angels CROSSBODIES Shapiro into the ropes! Skyler puts Angels on the apron and Ryzin runs at him, but Angels SLAMS Ryzin down! Angels enziguris Skyler, and springboard side splashes! Cover, TWO! Negative One protests that count but Angels puts Shapiro out. Angels dropkicks the legs out and Shapiro crashes down! Angels drags Skyler up but Skyler SUPERKICKS! Skyler tags Ryzin but Uno tags in, too! Uno slingshot Ryzin to Cabana’s fireman’s carry, and Cabana TOSSES Ryzin into Uno’s knees!

Angels hits the WING SNAPPER, Uno hits the TWISTING COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, The Dark Order wins!

Winners: The Dark Order, by pinfall

A great showing for Uno, Angels and Cabana! Will this momentum help the Dark Order in the Casino Battle Royal and lead them to those AEW World Tag Team Championships?


Max Caster w/ Anthony Bowens VS JJ Garrett!

We heard from The Acclaimed earlier tonight and clearly, Mr. Platinum thinks he’s greater than 10. He’s about to turn it up to 11 with a diss on his opponent right here!

“We are the Acclaimed, getting all the ladies. Hey, nice mullet. What is this, the 80’s? We killing the game, you look like a broke Brian Pillman in the ring! You did it for the irony, lookin’ like a girl, write it in your diary! Got you calling out mayday, and I heard your name’s short for Va-JJ!” AEW~! The Acclaimed have arrived! But will Platinum be shining going into his qualifier against Pres10 Vance?

The bell rings and Caster circles with JJ. They approach, JJ gets a leg and dumps Caster down to then get a facelock. Caster gets a ropebreak with a foot, the ref counts and JJ lets off. Fans rally for JJ as he and Caster circle again. They tie up with knuckle locks, Caster kicks low and hard, then takes a bow. Caster snapmares and drops a knee but misses! JJ runs to CLOBBER Caster with a leaping lariat! Caster gets to a corner, JJ runs in but Caster dodges! JJ goes up and over, Caster hits buckles and JJ corner 619’s! JJ springboards and moonsaults but has to land on his feet! Caster is back in a corner, JJ RAMS into him!

JJ runs corner to corner but Caster arm-drags him down hard, then hits a dropkick! Caster drags JJ around, yanks on the arm, then kicks the arm before hooking it up. Caster blows a kiss before he SNAP LOCKS the hammerlock! JJ clutches the arm, but he throws body shots. Caster CLUBS JJ, clamps onto the bad arm, and brings him up. JJ jawbreakers free and headlocks, but Caster wrenches free to hit a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Caster clamps onto JJ with a chinlock, smothers JJ’s face and digs elbows in. JJ endures, fans rally up and JJ fights to his feet. JJ arm-drags free, headlocks again but Caster wrenches out.

JJ slips around to get a headlock again but Caster powers out to run JJ over! Caster gets the bad arm for a keylock and he thrashes JJ around into a seated stretch! JJ endures, fans rally up and JJ fights up again! JJ gets a ropebreak with a foot, Caster lets go, then STOMPS JJ down. JJ kicks from the mat but Caster kicks him while he’s down! Caster snapmares and drops the knee! JJ gasps and sputters, Caster drags him up and he fireman’s carries. Caster spanks JJ, puts him on the top rope, JJ tries to fight back but Caster throat chops! Caster climbs up, drags JJ up, but JJ resists the superplex! JJ shoves Caster away, but Caster comes right back and leaps right up to get JJ again!

JJ fights, hops down and HOTSHOTS Caster hard! JJ slingshots and springboards to hit the MOONSAULT! Fans fire up as JJ fires off with forearms and CHOPS! JJ whips, Caster blocks and JJ’s bad arm gives up! Caster whips, JJ goes up and STOMPS Caster down! JJ staggers but he runs corner to corner to CANNONBALL! JJ drags Caster to a jackknife cover, TWO!! JJ couldn’t get all his weight on Caster, and now Bowens throws in the boombox! The ref takes the boombox away, Bowens argues with the ref, Caster pop-up LOW BLOWS JJ! Into a SNAP BRAINBUSTER! Caster goes up top, for the MACHO ELBOW! Cover, Caster wins!

Winner: Max Caster, by pinfall

Caster finishes with a #MicDrop and kisses JJ’s hand. Will Caster be thanking Vance the same way after their match on Dynamite? Or will he just be kissing his best chance at the TNT Championship good-bye?


The Hybrid2 VS Shawn Dean & Carlie Bravo!

Jack Evans & Angelico want to reach the titles, but that’ll be a long road if they don’t win. Will the Captain and #GoonPlatoon make that road a bit harder tonight?

The teams sort out and Angelico starts with Bravo. They circle, tie up, and Angelico wrenches to a wristlock. Bravo rolls, handsprings and slips through to wrench back. Angelico spins, steps in and gets a standing armbar, to then get a facelock. Angelico wrenches to a wristlock, Bravo spins around and gets the wristlock back! Angelico rolls, spins and drop toeholds Bravo into a chinlock. Bravo fights up as Angelico grinds him, and Angelico spins through to arm-drag Bravo away! Fans cheer as things speed up, Angelico hurdles but Bravo shoves. Angelico holds ropes to dodge the dropkick, and fans cheer the exchange. Bravo tags Dean, and Angelico tags Evans.

Evans and Dean circle, tie up, and Evans waistlocks. Dean pries free, switches but Evans drop toeholds and floats to a facelock. Dean slips out to hammerlock, Evans rolls and wrenches, then gets a wristlock. Dean handsprings, wrenches, but Evans cartwheels, only for Dean to trip him up! Things speed up again, Evans hurdles but Dean shoves him to arm-drag him around! Dean mule kicks a leg, and step-up BOOTS Evans down! Tag to Bravo and they drag Evans up. They double whip Evans, Dean drops and Bravo dropkicks Evans down! Cover, TWO! Bravo keeps cool, drags Evans up, and brings him away, only for Evans to throw Bravo into buckles!

Evans distracts the ref and Angelico rakes Bravo’s eyes! Bravo swings blindly but Evans ROCKS him! Tag to Angelico, Dean dodges Angelico’s sucker punch but the ref is busy keeping Dean back. Evans trips Bravo to get a Chancery, and Angelico PENALTY KICKS Bravo in the face! Angelico covers, TWO! Angelico drags Bravo up as fans rally. Angelico JABS and KICKS and KICKS Bravo, but Bravo throws body shots back! Angelico knees low and hard, runs in but Bravo ducks the Penalty Kick! Then he jumps the sweep to tag in Dean! The Captain rallies on TH2, dodges Angelico to ENZIGURI!

Angelico ends up in the corner, Dean runs corner to corner and he hits a big dropkick! Dean dropkicks Evans, too, then dropkicks Angelico again! Fans fire up with Dean as he wrenches and reels Angelico in, salute and SPIKE DDT! Cover, TWO!! Dean keeps cool, tags in Bravo, and Dean climbs as Bravo brings Angelico up. STANDING SLICED BREAD to a FROG SPLASH! Bravo covers, but Evans barrels in to break it! Dean reverses the whip but Evans boots back! Evans is on the apron, dodges Dean’s tackle and then FLYING SCREW KICKS Dean down! Bravo dodges a sweep but not the EDDY GORDO!

Angelico hooks a leg, trips Bravo up, ties up the legs, and hits the NAVARRO DEATH ROLL! Tot he NAVARRO DOS MIL!! Bravo taps, TH2 wins!

Winners: The Hybrid2, by submission

Angelico puts it away, and these two are on the winning track! Will they be rolling towards the top of the tag division soon enough?


Orange Cassidy w/ Chuck Taylor VS Steven Stetson!

Freshly Squeezed is heading for Revolution to finally take the fight to The Best Man and Superbad! But will he be able to get serious here on Dark?

The bell rings and Cassidy circles with Stetson. Stetson wants Cassidy to get serious but Cassidy goes to put his hands in his pockets. Stetson rushes at Cassidy, but Cassidy dodges, and snags Stetson’s Stetson cowboy hat! Cassidy puts it on and Stetson is angry. Stetson grabs at the hat but Cassidy swats Stetson’s hands away. Cassidy trips Stetson up and ties his legs up in a very slow Sharpshooter! Cassidy shifts it down to a deathlock, and puts his hands in his pockets! Stetson drags himself and Cassidy over, and gets the ropebreak! The ref counts, Cassidy doesn’t respond, but the ref unties the hold for him.

Cassidy walks bow legged and brings out the finger guns, but Stetson snatches his hat back. Stetson brushes the hat off but Cassidy dropkicks Stetson down! The hat goes flying, as do Cassidy’s sunglasses, and Cassidy kips up! It isn’t the cleanest, but Cassidy just rebounds and shows off his agility with more kips! Cassidy finally stands up, and the ref helps him get his sunglasses back on. Cassidy Alabama lifts Stetson but Stetson fights out and shoves Cassidy to BOOT him down! The sunglasses go flying, Cassidy staggers up to ropes, and Stetson goes to the apron. Stetson ELBOWS Cassidy in the head, then follows him around the way.

Stetson talks trash, ELBOWS Cassidy again, then talks trash to Chuck. Stetson runs corner to corner to back elbow, then keeps moving. Cassidy dodges to ORANGE PUNCH! Alabama lift, BEACH BREAK! Cover, Cassidy wins!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall

Cassidy sends the Sparta (New Jersey) Cowboy out to pasture and is rolling towards Revolution! And speaking Speaking of that match with Miro and Kip Sabian, the Kentucky Gentleman is part of that to get payback for what they did to Trent! Will the Vision be used to show the Best Man and Superbad what’s in store for them on Sunday?

Chuck Taylor w/ Orange Cassidy VS VSK!

The bell rings, Chuck and VSK tie up and Chuck puts VSK in a corner. Chuck lets off, he and VSK reset, and they tie approach. Chuck kicks low, bumps VSK off buckles and stomps him down! The ref counts, Chuck lets off and runs in, but VSK elbows him away! VSK hops up to hit a FLYING UPPERCUT! VSK hits a backbreaker to scoop slam and standing splash! Cover, TWO! Chuck gets to ropes, VSK throws uppercuts, whips him but Chuck reverses to hit SOLE FOOD! Chuck runs to BOOT VSK down! VSK shakes the cobwebs out but Chuck is snarling. Chuck drags VSK up, snap suplexes and covers, TWO! Chuck keeps his cool, drags VSK up and DECKS him!

VSK gets to ropes, Chuck drags him up and bumps him off buckles. Chuck wrenches, whips VSK corner to corner hard, and VSK bounces off buckles and hits the mat. Chuck grins and drags VSK up, but VSK throws body shots. VSK throws a forearm, Chuck knees low and wrenches. VSK blocks Sole Food this time to mule kick, front kick and enziguri! Chuck is in a corner, VSK runs in but is put on the apron! VSK shoulder sin, steps in and TORNADO DDT’S! Chuck bails out, VSK builds speed and VSK DIVES! Direct hit and Chuck hits barriers! VSK puts Chuck in and runs corner to corner, into a SEXY CHUCKIE KNEE!

Chuck scoops VSK for an URENAGE! VSK clutches his back, Chuck brings him up for a FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! VSK survives but Chuck is furious! Chuck drags VSK back up, hoists him up top and then brings him out in a crucifix, but VSK slips off to roll Chuck up! TWO, SNAP PILEDRIVER! Chuck drags VSK up, for the AWFUL WAFFLE!! Cover, Chuck wins!

Winner: Chuck Taylor, by pinfall

The Vision had the Kentucky Gentleman seeing red, but he’s cooled off now. Will Chuck bring this kind of heat to Miro and Kip on Sunday?


Preston Vance w/ The Dark Order VS Daniel Joseph!

Max Caster’s had a lot to say about Number 10, but actions speak louder than words. Will Vance dance with DJ Footloose and show he can drop the beat, too?

Negative One joins commentary this time and Excalibur puts on his happy face. Negative One still tells him to shut up, then says hey to Taz. The bell rings and Vance circles with Joseph. They tie up, Vance shoves Joseph down and fans cheer. Joseph gets up, circles with Vance again and they tie up. Vance headlocks, Joseph powers out but Vance runs him over! Vance runs, Joseph stays low but Vance blocks the hip toss to give a hip toss! Vance clotheslines Joseph out to the ramp! Vance goes out and quickly high-fives Negative One before he goes after Joseph. Vance throws Joseph back in, runs in but Joseph dodges to CHOP!

Vance CHOPS back and fire off forearms! Negative One likes that as Vance rolls Joseph and fireman’s carries. Joseph slips out, ROCKS Vance, then runs, but into a BACK DROP! Vance runs in but Joseph BOOTS him! Joseph dodges Vance’s boot, runs, but Vance comes back with the BOOT! Vance drags Joseph up, whips him, and gives him the SPINEBUSTER! Negative One is fired up for Vance as he drags Joseph to a DEAD LIFT POWERBOMB! Cover, Vance wins!

Winner: Preston Vance, by pinfall

Number 10 treats Joseph like a zero! But will Vance be the Dark Order’s hero against Max Caster on Dynamite?


Tag Career on the Line: SoCal Uncensored VS The Sydal Brothers!

Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian are determined to be tag team champions in their careers again, and the Casino Battle Royal might be their best bet. But that means they have to get through Matt & Mike tonight! Will SCU blind Matt’s third eye and bend yoga master Mike all out of shape?

The teams sort out and the Heavy Metal Rebel starts against Matt. They circle, fist bump to show respect, and then tie up. They go around, Kaz wrenches Matt to a hammerlock but Matt turns that around on Kaz. Kaz reaches for legs but can’t get any. Matt wrenches the hammerlock, they go around and around and Kaz throws Matt out! Matt lands on his feet, gets back in, and the two circle again. They tie up, Kaz headlocks and grinds Matt, but Matt powers out. Matt arm-drags Kaz around, ghost pins, TWO! Matt wrenches, tags in Mike, and the Sydal Brothers coordinate to DRAPING DOUBLE STOMP! Matt snapmares for Mike’s STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!

Mike is after Kaz in a corner, whips him corner to corner, but Kaz goes up and over to kick, knee and LARIAT! Kaz drags Mike up and bumps him off Daniels’ boot. Tag to the Fallen Angel and he fires body shots on Mike. Daniels whips, dropkicks and covers Mike, TWO! Daniels brings Mike up to club him, then throws forearms. Mike goes to a corner, Daniels whips him to ropes and scoops, but Mike tilt-o-whirls out to dropkick Daniels to the corner! Tag to Matt, the Sydals whip Daniels, drop toehold to a basement dropkick! Matt scoops Daniels for a FISHERMAN BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Daniels survives but Matt stays on him.

Tag to Mike, the Sydals mug Daniels, then Mike brings Daniels around. Daniels blocks the suplex, throws body shots, and suplexes back. Mike slips out but Daniels elbows him away. Tag to Kaz but Mike dodges and fires off forearms and CHOPS! Mike whips, Kaz holds ropes to stop, then Kaz elbows Mike away. Tag to Daniels, Kaz and Daniels HIGH LOW Mike down! Daniels drags Mike back up, scoops and slams him, then runs to drop an elbow! Cover, TWO! Daniels drags Mike up, tags in Kaz, and they double whip Mike to body shot and swinging neckbreaker! Kaz covers, TWO! Kaz drags Mike up, CHOPS him to a corner, and then CHOPS him in the corner!

Mike CHOPS back, CHOPS again, and he backs Kaz down with CHOPS! Mike whips, Kaz reverses but Mike blocks the hip toss, only to swing into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Mike survives and Matt coaches him up. Fans rally, Kaz drags Mike up and brings him over with clubbing forearms. Tag to Daniels, SCU whips to leap frog and LARIAT, then back suplex SPLASH, to a LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Mike survives again and Daniels is losing his cool. Daniels drags Mike up to ROCK him, whip him corner to corner, and run in for forearms! Daniels whips Mike back the other way, Mike goes up but Daniels catches him!

Mike holds ropes, Daniels pulls him off but Mike uses that momentum for a TORNADO DDT! Both men crawl for their corners, hot tags to Kaz and Matt! Matt slingshot boots Kaz, sobats him down, dropkicks Daniels down then RANAS Kaz to a corner! Matt runs in, Kaz dodges but Matt goes up to QUEBRADA ARM-DRAG! WINDMILL KICK! Cover, TWO! Kaz survives but fans rally up. Matt calls for Mike, and Matt brings Kaz up. Kaz CHOPS Matt, scoops him but Matt slips out! Daniels runs in but Matt catches him, JAWBREAKER and SLICE! STANDING MARIPOSA to Kaz! Cover, TWO! Mike gets in, the Sydals drag Kaz up, they hook him up for a DOUBLE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!

Matt wants the modified crossface but Kaz resists and fights up! Fans rally, Kaz endures the cobra clutch, and uses the corner to push back! Kaz has a cover, TWO! Kaz mule kicks, front kicks and swings but Matt dodges to KNEE! Hot tag to Mike! Mike slingshot somersaults but Kaz dodges! Kaz swings but Mike goes Matrix to then ENZIGURI! Cover, TWO! Mike drags Kaz up, fans rally but Kaz throws Mike to the apron. Kaz slingshots Mike in for a CUTTER! Cover, Matt breaks it in time! Daniels gets in but Matt KNEES him! Matt runs in but is put on the apron! Matt ROUNDHOUSES Daniels back and goes up top, to leap!

Kaz pushes Daniels out of the way and Matt’s meteora misses! Matt turns around into CELEBRITY REHAB! Mike O’Conner rolls Kaz, TWO! Daniels kicks Mike low, he gives Mike to Kaz, and they coordinate for the BEST MELTZER EVER!! Cover, SCU wins!

Winners: SoCal Uncensored, by pinfall (still a tag team)

Pressure makes diamonds, and right now Kaz and Daniels are shining! Will the Addiction be just as unbreakable and get the AEW Tag Team Championship gold?

My Thoughts:

At just under two hours, this was another good Dark. I will say, with the coming of Dark Elevation, I hope Tuesday Darks don’t have to be as long anymore. Elevation will probably have the more meaningful matches that are meant to advance story from Dynamite, as well as the matches that are more than just established name(s) VS jobber(s). I don’t know what that’ll mean for Tuesday Darks in my schedule, and the fact that Elevation is going to be on Mondays means I won’t get to it right away (though, I don’t even do that with Tuesday Dark), but it might make things a little easier in the long run. Plus, for normal viewers who just watch these programs, I would think it’s much easier to have one hour one night, then the other hour another night.

All that said, I really liked Stu VS JD, those guys can really throw hands and move around. Stu winning in singles and Uno winning in a trios match proves the Dark Order OG can get it done no matter what situation they’re in, and establishes that the Dark Order really can dominate all divisions. Caster and Vance had good matches, and it makes a lot of sense for Vance to have an easier time with his opponent than Caster did with his. But the newest Acclaimed music video was a lot of fun. Vance VS Caster could honestly go either way, but given who is already in the Face of the Revolution Ladder match, I feel like Archer is more than enough powerhouse for it, so that Caster might get the win off Bowens interfering. Plus, imagine the great diss raps Caster could come up with when he has Pentagon, Scorpio Sky, Lance Archer and Cody Rhodes to go after.

My Score: 8/10

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