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Andrew’s Impact Wrestling Results & Match Ratings: 2.16.2021

No Surrender gave us a weird open door retirement with Tommy Dreamer after Moose ended the show the way he did. We also saw Josh Alexander become number 1 contender for the X Division title, and FinJuice are on their way to Impact!



No Surrender gave us a weird open door retirement with Tommy Dreamer after Moose ended the show the way he did. We also saw Josh Alexander become number 1 contender for the X Division title, and FinJuice are on their way to Impact!

Lots of wheels are in motion to get us to Rebellion (and whatever other ImpactPlus specials are between then and now), so let’s just dive into the show and check it out!


  • X Division Championship: Josh Alexander vs TJP (c): TJP retains via Mamba Splash – *** ¾
  • Daivari vs Willie Mack vs Suicide vs Trey Miguel: Trey wins via Meteora – ** ½
  • Hernandez w/Brian Myers vs Matt Cardona: Cardona wins via Radio Silence – ** ¼
  • Reno Scum vs FinJuice: FinJuice wins via Power & Glory – **
  • Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb vs Nevaeh: Tenille wins via Spotlight Kick – ** ¼
  • Old School Rules: Moose vs Tommy Dreamer:  Moose wins via Lights Out – ***



X Division Championship: Josh Alexander vs TJP (c)

We get a hell of a back and forth wrestling match with this one. Kicking off the show in fourth gear, and this was great. Josh tried to keep things grounded, where TJP applied his mastery of many different styles to keep Josh guessing.

It wasn’t really until Josh dropped TJP on the apron and then hit his Sliding Crossbody to the outside where the challenger really started putting it together. We get a lot of counter punching, with Josh going to the top, and getting caught. Then TJP eats some knees when he tries the Mamba Splash the first time. It’s just a great back and forth where TJP avoids the Jay Driller, which is finally named Divine Intervention. Josh nearly pulls off the win when he locks in the Ankle Lock with and without the grapevine.

But as soon as he goes for Divine Intervention, TJP flips through, fights out, hits the Detonation Kick, then a Mamba Splash, and TJP retains. Great match.

Daivari vs Willie Mack vs Suicide vs Trey Miguel

A fairly obvious match since there’s no real stipulation on this match. Daivari and Suicide do a good job at making Willie and Trey look good. Willie has a close double pinfall attempt, but Suicide and Daivari kick out. Trey comes out of nowhere to hit the Meteora on Suicide and win the match, but I still personally don’t care.

I give Impact credit trying to build up Trey, hell they even have Sami dress him down after the match, but I just don’t care. Trey can puff his chest all he wants; he looks as legitimate as the baby Snitsky punted all those years ago.

Hernandez w/Brian Myers vs Matt Cardona

This was the typical story building match. Cardona held his own and even had the advantage before the commercial break, but as soon as Myers distracts the referee; it allows Hernandez to hit a low blow and change the tide.

When we come back, Hernandez is dominating Cardona, but as Hernandez misses a lariat, he gets caught with Radio Silence and Cardona pulls off the win.

Not a lot to take from this match, aside from the promo spot afterward added more to Myers and Cardona’s angle. Hernandez side swipes Cardona, then Eddie comes in the for the save, and we inch closer to Myers vs Cardona.

Reno Scum vs FinJuice

FinJuice gets their enhancement match and hot dogs are still sandwiches. I mean…blah blah, we knew who’d win on the big “New Japan talent debut”. Smokin Guns, Rock N Roll Express references and they finish with Power & Glory.

The Good Brothers show up after the match to poke fun, call them boys, make a few good jokes and just shoot the shit as they plug their Bourbon. Juice and Finlay jab back a little, but this is just sowing the seeds.

Tenille Dashwood w/Kaleb vs Nevaeh

Nevaeh doubts her role in the team with Havok since she’s the one that tends to eat the pinfalls. Tenille saw an opportunity, and Nevaeh definitely came out angry. She tends to come down all smiles, but that quickly changed as she started throwing Tenille around. Tenille drops to the outside and we go into a commercial.

When we come back, Kaleb apparently got involved and Tenille was in control. Tenille utilized Kaleb’s presence and verbal abuse as she hung up Nevaeh in the ropes multiple times. Nevaeh gets caught charging; Taste of Tenille and then Spotlight Kick.

Old School Rules: Moose vs Tommy Dreamer

Again, we saw the writing on the wall, but this did have a few interesting beats. Moose and Tommy traded early, but then Moose took over and pulled out more of the toys from the trash can than Tommy. So even though Tommy is the Innovator of Violence, Moose definitely applied many of the situations more to his advantage.

Tommy had a few solid hope spots, when a well-timed Spicoli Driver allowed him to start verbally berating Moose and get in a few shots before Moose STO’d him onto a chair. Moose then introduced a table, but Dreamer tackled him through the table, hit the classic Dreamer stance and went for the Kendo Stick.

Moose stumbled out of the wreckage of the table, and kept calling for Tommy to hit him harder. After absorbing a few shots, Moose ducked the stick, countered with the Uranage and got in the corner to set for Lights Out. Moose cut Dreamer in half, and that was all she wrote.

Ideally I’d be happy with this being Dreamer’s official retirement, but knowing him…he’ll only retire when he’s crippled or dead.


Overall Score: 7/10

Moose ends the show looking fantastic, Trey has momentum but Sami is a convincing Devil’s Advocate, Ace Austin is getting jerked around and FinJuice debuted successfully.

So all in all, it was a solid episode of IMPACT. Plenty of stories were kept in motion, kicked into a new gear, or introduce a possible new chapter. Like Deonna, Kim and Susan have an interesting trajectory. It would be a little odd for a mismatched comedy team to get one over on a powerhouse duo like Jordynne and Jazz; especially since the KO Tag Champs are heels as well. So I’m just looking forward to the shenanigans or Deonna’s eventually eruption on the Karen/Susan that has been plaguing her life the last few weeks.

Fun show, decent action and tangible movement. What more can you ask for?

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (3/3/21)

Tag titles are on the line!



Will the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships belong to NXT?

The inaugural Women’s Dusty Cup Winners, Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez, challenge Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler for the titles! But will the NXT alumni show they still dominate the black ‘n’ yellow?


  • Xia Li w/ Tian Sha VS Kayden Carter; wins.
  • Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS Timothy Thatcher & Tommaso Ciampa; win and
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler VS Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez; win and


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of WWE NXT will begin later tonight]

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (3/3/21)

Dynamite’s headed for Revolution!



AEW Dynamite Coverage 2

AEW’s stars meet at the Crossroads!

Before the Revolution returns, AEW Dynamite ignites! And Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet meet Jade Cargill & SHAQUILLE O’NEAL in a stacked crossover Mixed Tag Match!


  • Mixed Tag Match: Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet VS Jade Cargill & Shaquille O’Neal; win.
  • Face of the Revolution Ladder Match Qualifier: Preston Vance w/ The Dark Order VS Max Caster w/ Anthony Bowens; wins and advances to the Revolution Ladder Match.
  • Six Man Tag: Jurassic Express VS FTR & Tully Blanchard; win(s).
  • PAC & Rey Fenix VS ???
  • Matt Hardy & Marq Quen VS Hangman Page & John Silver; win.
  • AEW Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament Finals: Nyla Rose VS Ryo Mizunami; wins and will face Hikaru Shida for the title at AEW Revolution.


Mixed Tag Match: Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet w/ Arn Anderson VS Jade Cargill & Shaquille O’Neal!

What a way to open the last Dynamite before Revolution! The American Nightmare’s battle with Shaq has been a long time coming, and it’s finally happening! Will Cody and Velvet stir it up against a duo of debuting giants?


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