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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (2/23/21)

Dark’s back up to 16!



AEW Dark 2

AEW Dark turns it up to 16 again!

With Revolution approaching ever closer, AEW Dark pumps back up to a sweet sixteen! And the Nightmare Factory is pumping out fresh new faces!


  • Brian Cage w/ Hook VS John Skyler; Cage wins.
  • Lee Johnson w/ Arn Anderson VS Serpentico w/ Luther; Johnson wins.
  • Eddie Kingston VS JD Drake; Kingston wins.
  • Leyla Hirsch VS Brooke Havok w/ Cody Rhodes; Leyla wins.
  • Jurassic Express VS Angel Fashion & VSK; Jurassic Express wins.
  • QT Marshall w/ Nick Comoroto VS JJ Garrett; Marshall wins.
  • Max Caster w/ Anthony Bowens vs Marko Stunt; Caster wins.
  • Alex Reynolds & John Silver w/ The Dark Order VS Louie Valle & Chris Peaks; Reynolds & Silver win.
  • Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford VS Fuego Del Sol; Sabian wins.
  • The Varsity Blondes VS Shawn Dean & Carlie Bravo; The Varsity Blondes win.
  • Aaron Solow VS Ryan Nemeth; Nemeth wins.
  • Ivelisse & Diamante VS Miranda Alize & Renee Michelle; Ivelisse & Diamante win.
  • Top Flight VS Tony Vega & Steven Stetson; Top Flight wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: Sonny Kiss, Joey Janela & Bear Country VS M’Badu, Levi Shapiro, Daniel Joseph & Aaron Frye; Kiss, Janela & Bear Country win.
  • “Pretty” Peter Avalon & Cezar Bononi VS Ryzin & Baron Black; Avalon & Bononi win.
  • KiLynn King VS Tesha Price; King wins.
  • Triple Threat Tag: SoCal Uncensored VS The Hybrid2 VS The Sydal Brothers; SCU wins and remains a tag team.


Brian Cage w/ Hook VS John Skyler!

The Machine gave Sting a MASSIVE powerbomb on Dynamite, but the Street Fight is still coming. Will Cage smash the Southern Savior to show he has power to spare?

The bell rings, Skyler rushes Cage but Cage runs him over! Cage drags Skyler up, whips him to ropes, but Skyler kicks back! And SUPERKICKS! Skyler runs but into an elbow! Cage runs but into a dropkick! But Cage comes back with a DISCUS! Cage puts one out, brings Skyler up, and POWERBOMBS him! But he’s not done, he’s going to make Skyler learn! DRILL CLAW!! Cover, Cage wins!

Winner: Brian Cage, by pinfall

Taz lets us know on commentary that TEAM Taz is locked and loaded! Will the Varsity Blondes also be an example to Sting and Darby Allin on tomorrow’s Dynamite?


Lee Johnson w/ Arn Anderson VS Serpentico w/ Luther!

Big Shotty finally got his first win in AEW and he credits the Nightmare Family for it! And with Coach Arn in his corner, will Johnson get his second win in AEW off of SNAKEMAN?

The bell rings and Johnson circles with Serpentico. Fans rally, they tie up, and Serpentico gets an arm. Serpentico wrenches, Johnson wrenches back to a hammerlock but Serpentico slips around to waistlock. Johnson switches, Serpentico wants a leg but Johnson leap frogs. Serpentico goes for the leg again, Johnson steps up and over, but Serpentico shoves him to a corner. Johnson goes up and over, shows off with a handspring, then gets around Serpentico to shove him. Things speed up, Johnson hurdles to then dropkick! Fans fire up and Johnson dares Serpentico to bring it. Serpentico runs but into a trophy lift! Johnson slams him down, covers, TWO!

Johnson sunset flips but Serpentico breaks free and SLAPS Johnson! Serpentico gets to a corner, but turns around into Johnson’s takedown! Johnson fires off fists, but Serpentico gets up and hotshots Johnson on ropes! Serpentico runs to knee Johnson down! Fans rally for Johnson, Serpentico drags him up but Johnson throws body shots. Johnson throws haymakers, Serpentico gets around to roll and SUPERKICK, to a BASEMENT DDT! Cover, TWO! Serpentico keeps on Johnson, covers again, TWO! Serpentico is furious as Johnson gets to a corner. Serpentico runs in but Johnson BOOTS him! Serpentico fixes his head, runs back in but is put on the apron.

Serpentico enziguris Johnson then throws him down! Serpentico slingshots and STOMPS Johnson down! The ref counts as Serpentico digs his boots in, and Serpentico steps off to cover. TWO, and Arn coaches Johnson. Serpentico drags Johnson up and whips him corner to corner hard! Johnson hits the mat, Serpentico brings him back up but Johnson hits back! Serpentico fires off furious fists, then he drags Johnson up again. Serpentico whips corner to corner hard again, then runs in, only for Johnson to elbow him away. Serpentico comes back but Johnson BOOTS him! Johnson hops up, leaps over Serpentico, then comes back to rally with lariats!

Serpentico gets around but Johnson elbows free to neckbreaker! Johnson kips up and fires up, and he reels Serpentico in for a FISHERMAN USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO!! Serpentico survives but Johnson fires up! Arn coaches him through this, and Johnson drags Serpentico up. Serpentico blocks the back suplex, elbows back, then runs, only for Johnson to reel him in. Johnson back suplexes, Serpentico lands on his feet but Johnson shoves him! Serpentico swings but Johnson gets around that for a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, Johnson wins!

Winner: Lee Johnson, by pinfall

And now Johnson has a win streak! Will the wins keep coming in for Big Shotty now that he’s Nightmare Family?


Eddie Kingston VS JD Drake!

The Mad King crosses paths with someone from his past in Evolve Wrestling! But will Kingston give a back handed welcome the former WWN Champion and “New Age Enforcer?”

The bell rings and the two tie up. They’re in a deadlock and Kingston pushes JD back. JD and Kingston tie up again, it’s another deadlock, and they separate again. Kingston is getting annoyed, so he CHOPS JD! JD CHOPS back! Kingston headlocks, grinds JD but JD powers up to throw body shots. JD powers out, Kingston rams him but JD CHOPS! Kingston CHOPS, and it’s a CHOP fight! JD eggs Kingston on so Kingston throws fast hands and a headbutt! JD ducks the back hand to dropkick and enziguri! Cover, ONE!! JD puts Kingston in a corner and CHOPS him! JD ROCKS Kingston with a right hand, then whips him. Kingston reverses to knee low and BOOT JD!

JD staggers, Kingston goes up a corner and leaps for a FLYING SHOULDER! Kingston stomps JD at the ropes, brings JD up to CHOP him again, but JD CHOPS back! Kingston pokes JD in the eye! The ref reprimands while JD scrambles back to a corner. Kingston digs his forearms in, lets off as the ref counts, and Kingston storms over to CLUB JD on the back. Kingston headbutts again, but JD throws body shots! JD clubs Kingston but Kingston rakes his eye! Kingston CHOPS JD off his feet! JD gets up in a huff to CHOP back! Kingston claws JD’s eyes, JD gets the ropes, the ref reprimands but Kingston lets off.

Fans rally up but Kingston stomps JD to a corner. Kingston brings JD up to throw him aside, and then he hops up, but leaps into a BIG forearm! Fans fire up with JD, he runs corner to corner to CHOP Kingston! And hits an URENAGE! JD goes up, VADER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Kingston survives but JD drags Kingston back up. JD reels Kingston in but Kingston gets around! JD blocks the suplex, clubs away, but Kingston fires off fast hands! Kingston SLAPS JD, whips him into the corner, but JD goes up and over! JD runs to SHOTGUN KICK Kingston down! Fans fire up with JD as he goes corner to corner, to CANNONBALL!

JD puts Kingston in the drop zone, goes way up top, and MOONSAULTS but flops! Kingston URAKENS JD back down! Cover, Kingston wins!

Winner: Eddie Kingston, by pinfall

That was a scrap! But Kingston turned JD into scrap metal, and he takes the victory! Will Kingston scratch and claw his way to a title soon enough?


Leyla Hirsch VS Brooke Havok w/ Cody Rhodes!

#LEGIT couldn’t get through the first round of the AEW Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament, but the chase is always on! Will Leyla be too legit for the newest Nightmare Factory graduate?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Leyla pushes Brooke away, and then they circle again. Brooke gets around, shoves and follows to tilt-o-whirl headscissor Leyla away! Brooke then runs to hit a FLIPPING NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Brooke brings Leyla up but Leyla ROCKS her! Leyla suplexes Brooke, holds her up for a count of 10 and SLAMS her down! Cover, TWO! Leyla brings Brooke up and wraps her against ropes to CLOBBER her over and over with point blank lariats! Leyla runs but Brooke ROCKS Leyla! Brooke runs, wheelbarrows and swings around to roll Leyla, TWO!

Brooke keeps moving and hits a NECK SNAPPER! But Leyla has a victory roll counter! TWO, and Leyla whips Brooke to a corner. Brooke elbows back, hops up top, and leaps, but FLOPS! Leyla Oklahoma Rolls Brooke, TWO! Brooke dodges Leyla, tilt-o-whirls but Leyla blocks to BACKBREAKER and GERMAN SUPLEX! Leyla brings Brooke up to throw into the ARMBAR! Brooke taps, Leyla wins!

Winner: Leyla Hirsch, by submission

Too legit! Too legit, Brooke had to quit! But surely Brooke will learn much from this. As for Leyla, is she going to be a #LEGIT contender after Revolution?


Jurassic Express VS Angel Fashion & VSK!

Dynamite on 3/3/21 will see Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus, along with Marko Stunt, take on Tully Blanchard & FTR in a Six Man Tag of revenge! But for now, can a boy and his dinosaur build momentum off the El Hombre Que Esta De Moda (The Fashionable Man) and The Vision?

The teams sort out and JB starts against VSK. They circle, tie up and JB headlocks. VSK powers out, JB comes back and RANAS! VSK tags out to Fashion, and Fashion runs into JB’s headlock takeover! Fashion fights up, powers out, and things speed up as Fashion hurdles. JB waistlocks, Luchasaurus tags in, ROUNDHOUSE GERMAN COMBO! VSK tags in but he runs into a choke grip! Luchasaurus CHOPS VSK down then whips him to the corner! Luchasaurus fires off fast hands, tags in JB, and then whips VSK for jB to trip up into Luchasaurus’ BOOT! TAIL WHIP FACEBUSTER!

Fashion leaps in, completely misses, and he gets a TAIL WHIP SUPERKICK SANDWICH! Jurassic Express hits VSK with the JURASSIC BOMB!! Cover, Jurassic Express wins!

Winner: Jurassic Express, by pinfall

A fast win for Jungle Jack Perry and Luchasaurus! Will they bring the new intensity to FTR and Tully next week?


QT Marshall w/ Nick Comoroto VS JJ Garrett!

The Nightmare Family is back in action again as the Freak Beast Wrecking Ball accompanies God’s Gift to Wrestling! Will QT show El Swaggo Loco what it means to be a part of the Nightmare Family?

The bell rings, QT and JJ circle and tie up. JJ gets a leg but QT denies the takedown. QT turns JJ over but JJ facelocks back. QT gets up, JJ gets away, and the two go again. They tie up with knuckle locks but QT blocks the leg pick. JJ gets around to a hammerlock but QT rolls, reaches up and drags JJ down with a headscissor! JJ kips free, QT hits a headlock takeover, but JJ fights up. JJ powers out, QT runs JJ over hard! Things speed up, JJ hurdles but QT comes back to hurdle, too! QT arm-drags and he clamps on with an armlock. JJ fights up, QT wrenches the arm, but JJ kicks low!

JJ CHOPS QT, whips him to ropes, but QT reverses to CLOBBER JJ with an elbow! QT brings JJ up, suplexes him up and holds him, but JJ fights, only to get a SLAM! Fans cheer QT on as he sees JJ in the corner. QT brings JJ up but JJ throws him into buckles! JJ hits a GERMAN SUPLEX! QT sits up in a daze and JJ runs in to BASEMENT BACK ELBOW! Cover, TWO! JJ goes to a corner, hops up and hits a SECOND ROPE FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO! JJ keeps his cool and brings QT up to CLUB him. QT CHOPS JJ and JJ goes staggering! QT ROCKS JJ, whips him corner to corner, but JJ goes up and over to ROCK QT back!

JJ runs corner to corner, and RAMS QT into the corner! JJ keeps moving and he CANNONBALLS! JJ runs and goes up using QT for an IMPLODING SENTON! Cover, TWO!! QT survives and JJ is surprised! Fans fire up, JJ storms over but QT kicks low! QT ROCKS JJ again, then ROCKS him again! And again! JJ kicks low, JJ runs but QT CLOBBERS him! QT rallies, pops JJ up and DECKS him with that right! QT calls upon the powers of DDP, to hit the DIAMOND CUTTER!! Cover, QT wins!

Winner: QT Marshall, by pinfall

BANG! The Gift gets the win and Comoroto celebrates with his Nightmare Family brother! Will QT help prove that the Family can dominate all levels of AEW?


Max Caster w/ Anthony Bowens vs Marko Stunt!

Things are a bit different for The Acclaimed as Mr. Platinum takes on Fun-Sized alone! But don’t you worry, the diss tracks keep on coming! “Platinum Max, I spit hot fire. Wait, who left Jungle Boy in the dryer? Hold up, it’s just Marko. I got the red beam on him like a barcode! Ey yo, we killin’ the game! Me and Anthony, we got that flame! It’s like we won already! Look, it’s Donnie from the Wild Thornberries!” What a (not so) timely pop culture reference! But will Stunt make Caster go freshen up on his Nickelodeon after this?

The bell rings, Caster and Stunt circle, and they tie up. Caster wrenches with one arm to get a wristlock, then he tells Bowens to high five him. But Stunt rolls through to wrench back! Caster spins through, snapmares but Stunt avoids the knee drop to calf kick! Stunt dodges Cater and goes up and RANAS him! Then dropkicks him! Stunt runs corner to corner but Caster dodges! Stunt dodges back, climbs up and hits a FLYING ELBOW! Cover, ONE! Bowens coaches Caster while Stunt climbs up again. Stunt leaps but Caster catches him! Caster pops Stunt up to HOTSHOT him hard! Fans boo but Caster drags Stunt up in a dead lift and HARD back suplex!

Caster tells Stunt to stay down as he grinds him into the mat. Caster digs his knees into Stunt’s back, fish hooks his face to pull him back, and then wraps on a chinlock! Stunt endures, fights up, but then Caster throws him down and stomps him! Caster drops ax handles, then stands on Caster’s head! The ref reprimands and counts, Caster steps off at 4, and Bowens mocks Stunt’s pain. Stunt throws hands but they don’t make Caster flinch, and Caster BOOTS Stunt down! Caster brings Stunt up but Stunt hits Caster hard! Stunt has the cravat, runs the corner, but Caster TOSSES him! Caster storms over but into a victory roll! TWO, and Stunt TAIL WHIPS Caster! STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Cover, TWO!

Stunt keeps going and he goes back to a corner. Stunt climbs up, Bowens shouts to Caster as he slides in the boombox! The ref intercepts that but Caster is right up top to hit a SUPERPLEX! Caster kips up, goes to the corner and climbs, for a MACHO ELBOW! Cover, Caster wins!

Winner: Max Caster, by pinfall

Caster kisses Stunt’s hand and gets another win! Will The Acclaimed start dropping bars in both tag and singles divisions? Will Stunt be able to recover and help Jurassic Express against FTR?


Alex Reynolds & John Silver w/ The Dark Order VS Louie Valle & Chris Peaks!

Things have been a roller coaster of emotions for The Dark Order, and most of all the Beaver Boys. But can they get back up and be riding high against the reunited Peaks & Valle?

The teams sort out and Number 3 starts with Peaks. They circle, tie up, and Peaks knees low and hard to then ROCK Reynolds with uppercuts! Peaks whips, Reynolds dodges and ROCKS Peaks back with EuroUppers! Reynolds whips, dropkicks Peaks, and then kips up! Reynolds drags Peaks up and scoops him for a SLAM! Tag to Silver, and they combine for a double leg rolling TOSS! Silver covers, TWO! Silver drags Peaks up, headlocks, but Peaks powers out, only for Silver to run him over! Silver runs Peaks over again, then runs to KICK Peaks down! Silver fires up, bumps Peaks off buckles and tags Reynolds in! EuroUpper to KICK, Reynolds covers, TWO!

Reynolds brings Peaks up but Peaks throws him into ropes! Tag to Valle and he combines with Peaks to double suplex! Reynolds fights that off to fire off haymakers! Reynolds runs but into a drop toehold to KNEE combo! Valle pushes Reynolds to a corner and fires off haymakers! Valle RAMS into Reynolds, but Reynolds kicks back! Valle rakes eyes, puts Reynolds in the corner and tags Peaks. They mug Reynolds, double whip him to a corner, then Peaks whips Valle in. Reynolds elbows Valley and BOOTS Peaks! But Valle comes back to SHOTGUN Reynolds! Peaks hits a SWINGING DROPKICK, Valle CANNONBALLS! Cover but the ref has to deal with Valle, ONE!!

Tag to Valle, he and Peaks mug Reynolds, then Valle keeps Reynolds from Silver to drop an elbow! Valle and Silver show they’re both freakin’ jacked, but Reynolds ENZIGURIS Valle! Tag to Silver and Silver rallies on Peaks ‘n’ Valle! Silver whips Peaks to back drop him HIGH and hard! Silver trophy lifts Valle and LAWN DARTS him into Peaks’ peak! GERMAN SUPLEX for Valle, but Peaks breaks the bridging cover! Peaks haymakers and whips but Silver reverses. Silver runs but into an elbow! Peaks goes up but Silver GAMANGIRIS! Silver fireman’s carries Valle, adds Peaks on top, and he hits a DOUBLE SAMOAN DROP!!

Silver tags in Reynolds, they focus on Valle, DARK DESTROYER!! Cover, the Dark Order wins!

Winners: Alex Reynolds & John Silver, by pinfall

Numbers 3 and 4 get another 1-2-3 and are strong in the AEW Tag Division top 5! Will they be #1 contenders after Revolution?


Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford VS Fuego Del Sol!

The newlywed Mr. & Mrs. Superbad are still angry with Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor! But they and The Best Man, Miro, will get back at them soon enough. Will Kip be able to vent his frustrations out on the Fire of the Sun?

The bell rings and Kip circles with Fuego. Kip kicks low, whips Fuego but Fuego reverses. Things speed up, but Kip snags Fuego out of the air! Kip brings Fuego up to headlock but Fuego powers out, things speed up and Fuego hits a flying forearm! Fuego springboards to tilt-o-whirl headscissor, then he ranas and dropkicks Kip! Feugo kips up as Kip bails out, and Penelope checks on her hubby. Fuego has the fans fired up and Kip hurries back into the ring. Fuego runs but into a BOOT! Kip snarls, drags Fuego up and bumps him off buckles. Kip RAMS Fuego, wrenches and whips him hard into buckles, and Fuego bounces off to hit the mat.

Fans boo Kip as he drags Fuego up and headbutts him down! Penelope cheers Kip’s toughness as he stomps Fuego down. Kip drags Fuego up, bumps him off buckles sand throws forearms. Fuego headbutts low, but his kick is blocked! Kip puts the leg on the ropes to KICK the thigh! Kip snapmares Fuego, jams a knee in, then jams it again. Kip takes aim, and hits a PENALTY KICK! Kip doesn’t even bother to check if it was good because it was Superbad! Kip stomps Fuego, goes to the corner and climbs up, to then leap, but Fuego gets clear of the stomps! Fuego O’Conner rolls, Kip rolls it to a wheelbarrow but Fuego hits a KNEE SMASH! And a QUEBRADA!

Fuego kips up to SUPERKICK Kip down! Kip staggers into Fuego’s SLING BLADE BACKBREAKER and COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO!! Fuego almost had a win off that lethal combination, but Fuego drags Kip up to finish this. Kip CLUBS Fuego, Fuego ROCKS Kip! Kip haymakers, Fuego mule kicks, but Kip pop-up KNEES and FAST BALLS Fuego down! Kip drags Fuego up, torture racks and flips him, but Fuego cradle counters! TWO, and Kip trips Fuego up into the corner! Kip gets the torture rack again, for a DEATHLY HOLLOWS!! Covers, Kip wins!

Winner: Kip Sabian, by pinfall

Kip and Penelope celebrate together, but will they be even happier after crushing the wedding crashers?


The Varsity Blondes VS Shawn Dean & Carlie Bravo!

Griff Garrison & Brian Pillman Jr. will be taking on Team Taz, namely Brian Cage & Ricky Starks. We’ve seen how dominant and destructive the Machine & Absolute can be, but will the Ivy League MVP and Bulletproof BPJ send a response through The Captain & #GoonPlatoon?

The teams sort out, BPJ starts with Bravo and they circle as fans rally up. They talk some smack on each other, and BPJ shoves Bravo. Bravo shoves back, they tie up, and BPJ puts Bravo on ropes. Bravo turns it around, BPJ pushes him away but Bravo dodges. They tie up again, BPJ puts Bravo in a corner, but Bravo powers out. BPJ ducks a clothesline, they tie up again, and Bravo arm-drags! BPJ keeps his cool, he and Bravo reset, and they knuckle lock. BPJ kicks low and CHOPS Bravo, to wrench and tag in Garrison. Garrison CLUBS Bravo’s arm, then wrenches it to tag BPJ back in. BPJ CLUBS Bravo’s arm, he wrenches it and YANKS on it!

BPJ tags Griff back in, he goes up and drops ax handles on the arm! The Blondes double whip, Bravo dodges the clothesline and shoves BPJ into Griff! Bravo dropkicks Griff down, wrenches Griff and jams the arm. Bravo wrenches again, tags in Dean, and Bravo whips Griff into the corner. Bravo flexes and runs in to trip Griff, and Dean slingshots for an elbow! Bravo slingshots to leg drop! Dean covers, TWO! The Captain keeps on Griff, wrenches him, tags Bravo back in, and Bravo goes up to drop ax handles on Griff’s arm! Bravo wrenches, whips, but Griff tags BPJ! Griff reverses the whip and BPJ SUPERKICKS Bravo down! Cover, TWO!

BPJ keeps on Bravo with a hammerlock, and he JAMS a knee into the arm! Bravo fights up, throws body shots but BPJ CLUBS him down! BPJ wrenches, whips Bravo to clothesline, chop and stomp him in the corner! Griff tags in and he stomps away! The ref counts, Griff lets off, and Griff drags Bravo up to scoop and slam him! Tag to BPJ, and the Blondes work together for the slingshot senton! Cover, TWO! BPJ keeps Bravo down with a trapped leg and chinlock. Bravo fights up as fans rally but BPJ gets him in a seated cobra twist! Bravo endures, BPJ cranks on his arm and gives him a PURPLE NURPLE!!

Bravo fights out, BPJ cording holds, but Bravo returns the NURPLE! Bravo hip tosses and dropkicks BPJ down! BPJ drags Bravo from the corner to get a HALF CRAB! Bravo endures, claws his way over, but BPJ drags him back! Tag to Griff, Griff stomps Bravo down! Griff drags Bravo up and reels him in, and manages to get him up! Bravo fights to RANA Griff into BPJ! BPJ goes down, fans rally up, Bravo crawls and hot tags Dean! Dean rallies on Griff as the Gunn Club chants “USA! USA!” Everyone’s American in this match but patriotism is always appreciated! Dean ENZIGURIS and Griff ends up in a corner! Dean runs in to DROPKICK! And then again!

Dean keeps moving, he gets around Griff to salute and DDT! Cover, TWO!! Griff survives but Dean drags him up. Griff jawbreakers, Bravo tags in, and Griff runs into a forearm! Bravo cravats for a STANDING SLICED BREAD! Dean hits a FROG SPLASH! Cover, but BPJ breaks it! BPJ throws Dean out to the apron and TRIANGLE DROPKICKS him down! Bravo is after Griff but Griff blocks the suplex! Griff suplexes to GOURD BUSTER back! ROLLING ELBOW! Tag to BPJ, the Blondes coordinate, whip and pop-up to a MISSILE DROPKICK BOMB! Cover, Varsity Blondes win!

Winners: The Varsity Blondes, by pinfall

Griff and BPJ are rolling, but will they be able to stop Starks & Cage given the vicious streak those two are on?


Aaron Solow VS Ryan Nemeth!

Aaron is going solo tonight since his usual tag partner, Lee Johnson, had his own singles match earlier. Will the Extra Talented be able to get a win off of everyone’s “favorite” Hollywood Hunk?

The bell rings and Solow circles with Nemeth. They tie up, Nemeth hits a fireman’s carry takeover, and says, “I told you I was good!” Nemeth is counting points like this is collegiate wrestling, but those won’t count in the end. Nemeth gets a takedown on Solow, and that’s more points on Nemeth’s board! Solow keeps calm as he and Nemeth circle. They tie up, Nemeth gets a waistlock, and he lets off just to brag about points. Solow keeps his focus and he arm-drags Nemeth around! Solow has the armlock now and Nemeth says he wasn’t ready! Nemeth fights up, powers Solow to a corner, and the ref calls for a break. Nemeth CLUBS Solow, then whips him corner to corner!

Nemeth runs in, Solow elbows him away, then arm-drags him to a corner. Nemeth dodges, Solow goes up and hits a FLYING arm-drag, to then dropkick Nemeth down! Nemeth bails out and complains about getting hit in the face. Solow waits for Nemeth, goes out and chases Nemeth back into the ring. Solow avoids the elbow drop and scoops Nemeth to slam him! RUNNIGN KNEE DROP! Cover, ONE! Solow goes after Nemeth in a corner, the ref has him back off, and Nemeth sucker punches the arm! Nemeth wrenches and wrings Solow out! Nemeth stomps the bad arm and claims he has more points now.

Fans rally, Nemeth stomps and drops knees on Solow, then has a hammerlock. Nemeth headstands on Solow’s arm, then comes down to add more torque! Solow endures, Nemeth pulls hair but lets off as the ref reprimands. Nemeth snapmares to fist drop on Solow! Nemeth drags Solow up, whips him hard into the corner, and he shows off his hip swivel while also pointing to his legs. Nemeth runs in to RAM Solow, covers, TWO! Nemeth keeps Solow down by pulling hair, and then wraps on a chinlock! Solow endures, fans rally up, and Solow fights to his feet. Solow throws elbows, Nemeth throws Solow down! Cover, TWO!

Nemeth again pulls hair, wraps Solow in another chinlock, but Solow endures as Nemeth grinds him down. Fans rally, Solow fights up and he jawbreakers free! Solow dodges Nemeth to ROCK him, then boots the clothesline away. Solow dodges and rallies on Nemeth with big lariats! Nemeth staggers around, Solow runs in to UPPERCUT in the corner! Solow fires off, whips Nemeth, but Peter Avalon and Cezar Bononi walk out? Who are they here to watch? Solow hits a corner splash to EXPLODER, covers Nemeth, TWO! Solow drags Nemeth up, reels him in, but Nemeth wrenches out to hit a code breaker to the arm!

Nemeth has the arm, hammerlocks, but Solow resists. Nemeth wants Rude Awakening but Solow slips free to SCREW HIGH KICK! Both men are down but fans rally up! Solow goes to the corner, climbs up, but Avalon distracts him! Nemeth trips Solow up, and hits RUDE AWAKENING! Cover, Nemeth wins!!

Winner: Ryan Nemeth, by pinfall

“Pretty” Peter likes that! He goes to the ring and he helps Nemeth beat up Solow! Bononi takes his time taking off his nice suit, and Nemeth feeds Solow to Bononi’s pump handle. But the Nightmare Family runs out to run these guys off! QT, Comoroto and Johnson stare Avalon and his new friends down! Will “Pretty” Peter and his handsome henchmen have to face the Nightmare soon enough?


Ivelisse & Diamante VS Miranda Alize & Renee Michelle!

Las Sicarias weren’t in the running for the AEW Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament, but no one’s taking the Women’s Tag Tournament medals from them. Will they continue to dominate Princess Alize and #THEDiva together?

The teams sort out and Alize tells Michelle to step up. She does, and against Ivelisse. Michelle is wary of Ivelisse, Ivelisse elbows her but she elbows back! Michelle headlocks, Ivelisse powers out but Michelle cartwheels to arm-drag Ivelisse down! Michelle gets a bridging keylock but Ivelisse swats her down! Ivelisse rolls back to SLAP Michelle, then tags in Diamante. They mug Michelle, Diamante throws more forearms but Michelle fires off her own! Diamante shoves Michelle, Alize tags in and Diamante CLOBBERS Michelle! Alize runs in to Japanese Arm-drag Diamante, then runs in to ripcord, wheelbarrow and arm-drag again!

Alize keeps moving, she tilt-o-whirl headscissors to a Magistrol, TWO! Diamante hits Alize low, Ivelisse trips Alize up, and Diamante RAMS into Alize in the corner! Diamante hauls Alize up, Ivelisse tags in and Ivelisse ROUNDHOUSES Alize! Alize blocks the exploder once, twice, but not the third time! Cover, TWO! Ivelisse hammers away on Alize, drags her up and tags Diamante in. They mug Alize, and Diamante brings Alize around for ground ‘n’ pound! Alize pushes Diamante away but Diamante clamps onto an arm. Diamante uses a chinbar to turn Alize away but fans rally up. Alize fights up, throws body shots but Diamante knees low!

Diamante whips Alize into the corner, elbows in then tags Ivelisse. Diamante feeds Alize into Ivelisse’s boots and Ivelisse rains down rights! Alize hits back with forearms, but Ivelisse blocks to wrench and elbows her to a corner! Ivelisse CHOPS, tags in Diamante, and then Diamante elbows into Alize! Ivelisse adds an elbow of her own, and then they double CHOP Alize down! Diamante taunts Alize, throws forearms, but Alize hits back! They brawl, Alize spins Diamante and hits a CUTTER! Both women are down, fans rally up and they crawl for their corners. Hot tags to ti Ivelisse and Michelle! Michelle rallies on Las Sicarias!

Michelle blocks but Ivelisse ROCKS her! Michelle comes back to HEEL KICK Ivelisse! Cover, Diamante breaks it! Michelle runs at Ivelisse but Ivelisse spins her for cravat KNEE! Ivelisse tags Diamante, they stomp away on Michelle, and Diamante lets off as the ref counts. Diamante stomps Michelle more, tags Ivelisse back in, and then coordinate for a double back suplex. Michelle lands on her feet, ROCKS Ivelisse and dumps Diamante out! Michelle dodges Ivelisse, they both come back, DOUBLE HAIR PULL FACEBUSTERS take them both down! Hot tag to Alize, but she didn’t seem to want it.

Ivelisse stares Alize down but Alize ROCKS her! Alize DECKS Diamante, but talks trash too long! Ivelisse CLOBBERS Alize, BOOTS Michelle, and then Las Sicarias DOUBLE KNEE and DOUBLE SLAM Alize down! They’re still not done, DOUBLE BUZZSAWS add on! Cover, Las Sicarias win!

Winners: Ivelisse & Diamante, by pinfall

The Women’s Tag Cup winners keep on winning, but things are getting real. Will they be able to keep on scoring as the AEW Women’s Division grows stronger?


Top Flight VS Tony Vega & Steven Stetson!

Darius & Dante Martin are still the coldest tag team in the game today, but they’re on ice like a lot of other teams, waiting on the AEW World Tag Team Championships. Will they be red hot and flying high on the road to Revolution?

The teams sort out and Vega starts with Darius. They circle, tie up, and Darius wrenches to a wristlock. Vega reverses to a wristlock of his own, but Darius rolls and steps through to waistlock. Darius wants a full nelson, Vega denies with a leg hook and then switches. Darius switches back and hammerlocks, but Vega elbows out hard! Vega runs, but into arm-drag, arm-drag, and scoop slam! Vega boots Darius from below but Darius headlocks. Vega powers out, Darius spins him to a backslide, TWO! Tag to Dante, but Vega tags in Stetson! Darius misdirects Stetson and Vega and Dante crossbodies them both! Darius dropkicks Vega, Dante whips Stetson.

Things speed up, and Dante hits an arm-drag! Stetson fights up, Vega distracts the ref and Stetson pulls hair! Stetson whips Dante and Vega gets a cheap shot in! Dante DECKS Vega but Stetson back suplexes! Dante fights but still gets SLAMMED down! Stetson stands on Dante’s leg to tag in Vega. Dante tries to fight but Stetson brings him up for Vega’s ax handles! Vega stomps Dante in the corner, the ref counts and Vega lets off at 4. Vega tags Stetson in, they mug Dante and drop more ax handles. Stetson stays between the Martin brothers, CLUBS Dante, and drags him over. Vega tags in, they double suplex Dante high and hard! Vega double guns, covers, TWO!

Vega drags Dante away again and puts him in the corner. Vega throws hands, Dante throws them back! Dante ROCKS Vega but Vega knees low! Vega scoops and SLAMS Dante, tags in Stetson, and Stetson drags Dante to a sleeper. Dante snapmares free but runs into a SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Stetson stomps Dante, CLUBS him, and hoists him up but Dante slips out of the back suplex! Hot tag to Darius and he dodges Stetson to BLAST Vega! Darius rallies on Stetson with forearms and elbows, then kicks low. Darius blocks Stetson’s punch to fire off strikes and ENZIGURI Stetson down!

Darius climbs up, leaps, BIG missile dropkick takes Stetson down! Cover, Vega runs in but Darius moves and the elbow drop hits Stetson! Darius throws Vega out, tags Dante in, and Top Flight set Stetson up for the RAILGUN DROPKICK!! Roll up, Top Flight wins!

Winners: Top Flight, by pinfall

The coldest tag team is getting hot at the right time, will they be blazing a trail to the titles soon enough?


8 Man Tag: Sonny Kiss, Joey Janela & Bear Country VS M’Badu, Levi Shapiro, Daniel Joseph & Aaron Frye!

We’ve seen Jersey’s Finest work well together with Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson before, and their road trip together continues! Will they be successful against the Nigerian warrior, Mr. Timeless, Dancin’ Danny and the Fry Daddy?

The teams sort out and Boulder starts with Joseph. Joseph runs and Boulder BOOTS him down! Tag to Bronson, the Bears double whip and double FLAPJACK Joseph down! Danny must be feeling pretty footloose right now! Tag to Frye and he runs into Bronson’s EXPLODER! Frye flounders but Bronson drags him up and ROCKS him to the corner! Tag to Kiss and Kiss stomps Frye. Kiss whips but Frye reverses, but Kiss rolls off the back to dropsault! Kiss hits a split leg drop! Cover, TWO! Tag to Janela, Jersey’s Finest double whip Frye, double drop and double hip toss! They double roll to then SMASH off Kiss’ knee, and then CLOBBER Frye onto the knee!

Jersey’s Finest pose, but Shapiro tags in to poke Janela in the eye! The Bad Boy swings blindly but Shapiro stays clear. Shapiro ROCKS Janela with haymakers and body shots, then has him in the corner. Shapiro whips Janela out then in, then elbows him. Tag to Joseph, he fires off on Janela, and CHOPS him! Janela ROCKS Joseph, but Frye tags in! They mug Janela, the ref reprimands and counts but M’Badu tags in! M’Badu throws huge elbows, fires up and runs in to corner SPLASH! M’Badu tags in Shapiro but Janela fires off on everyone! Shapiro O’Conner rolls, TWO! Janela uses Shapiro as a step to CLOBBER Joseph, then he fires off on everyone else!

Janela goes out, dodges Shapiro and has a sleeper hold! The ref reprimands and counts, Janela lets off to step in and GERMAN SUPLEX Shapiro down! Janela rolls, hot tag to Bronson! Bronson rallies on Shapiro, Joseph and Frye, then DECKS M’Badu for good measure! Bronson CLOBBERS Frye, CLOBBERS Joseph, and gives Shapiro an URENAGE! Kick to Joseph, and Bronson GOURD BUSTERS him onto Shapiro! SENTON SANDWICH! M’Badu runs in but Bronson tosses him out onto Frye! Tag to Janela, they get Shapiro and Joseph out, and then coordinate for a BAD BOY IN BEAR COUNTRY!! That step-up tope conjilo takes out everyone!!

Bronson and Janela get Shapiro back in, Kiss hits a RANA to Janela’s fireman’s carry, DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Tag to Boulder, and Boulder tags Bronson! Bear Country combines their forces, for the Electric Chair BEAR SPLASH! Cover, Jersey and Bear Country win!

Winners: Sonny Kiss, Joey Janela & Bear Country, by pinfall

This is a fearsome foursome for sure! But with only tag team championships out there, will these four have to fight each other at some point?


“Pretty” Peter Avalon & Cezar Bononi VS Ryzin & Baron Black!

We saw these two recruit Ryan Nemeth, but now must show everyone why they should join “Pretty” Peter’s Pageant Provocation! Will the Priest of Sin and EmpBRUH be in for an ugly loss?

The teams sort out and Baron starts against the Brazilian V8. They circle, tie up, and Baron gets around to a headlock. Bononi powers right out, Baron comes back but Bononi blocks a takedown to hit a snapmare. Bononi runs to BLAST Baron off his feet! Baron gets up, Bononi wrenches his arm and tags in Avalon. They mug Baron, Avalon has him in a corner and whips him corner to corner. Baron goes up and over and arm-drags Avalon back, to then stand on the arm and trap it in a hammerlock! Baron gets the legs, modified Bow ‘n’ Arrow! Ryzin taunts Avalon while Baron makes it a cover, TWO! Baron wrenches Avalon, tags Ryzin, and Ryzin goes up to drop an ax handle!

Ryzin wrenches Avalon, yanks on the arm, rams shoulders into shoulders, then says, “This is how it’s done!” Ryzin reels Avalon into a NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Ryzin puts Avalon in a corner, throws hands, then whips him corner to corner hard! Ryzin runs in to corner splash Avalon, then bumps him off buckles! Ryzin KICKS Avalon out of the corner and Ryzin mocks Avalon’s pretty face as he claws at it! The ref reprimands, Ryzin whips but Avalon reverses, and Bononi gets a cheap shot in! Avalon CLOBBERS Ryzin, sucker punches Baron, and tags in Bononi. They mug Ryzin, Bononi throws heavy hands, whips Ryzin and CLOBBERS him again! Cover, TWO!

Bononi tags Avalon in, then he scoops Ryzin for the INVERTED SLAM! Avalon basement dropkicks, covers, TWO! Avalon rains down furious fists on Ryzin, drags him up and wrenches him to YANK the arm. Avalon bumps Ryzin off buckles, tags Bononi in and they mug Ryzin again! Bononi throws more hands, CLUBS Ryzin to a corner, then whips him corner to corner hard! Ryzin writhes, Bononi drags Ryzin up and whips him hard the other way! Ryzin hits the mat, writhes some more, and Avalon flexes. Bononi tags Avalon in, Avalon sucker punches Baron again, and then Avalon wrenches and whips Ryzin. Ryzn reverses and now Avalon hits buckles hard!

Ryzin looks for a tag but Baron isn’t there! Ryzin runs and MOONSAULTS, but flops! Avalon goes up and MOONSAULTS, but Avalon flops, too! Avalon and Ryzin crawl, hot tag to Baron and Baron ROCKS Bononi, rallies on Avalon, and hits an atomic drop to EXPLODER! Bononi is in but Baron drops the straps! Baron throws hands and CHOPS, Bononi roars but is put on the apron! Ryzin SUPERKIKCS and Baron ROLLING ELBOWS! Bononi goes down, Baron runs at Avalon but Avalon elbows him away. Baron gets around to atomic drop to BACKSTABBER! Cover, TWO!! Avalon lives but Baron wants the crossface!

Bononi gets in, choke grips Ryzin and CHOKE SLAMS him onto Baron! Bononi throws Ryzin out, drags Avalon up and helps him hit MARTI-KNEES!! Cover, Bononi & Avlaon win!

Winners: “Pretty” Peter Avalon & Cezar Bononi, by pinfall

That may not have been pretty, but it was powerful! Will these two look even better as they get their timing and teamwork down?


KiLynn King VS Tesha Price!

The Queen of Crazy is now the King, but she wants to be the champion! Will Tesha be the one to pay the price for King’s ambitions?

The bell rings, King and Price circle while Price talks smack on King’s face paint, and they tie up. King powers Price to ropes, the ref counts, and King lets off. Price kicks and swipes at King but King doesn’t sweat her. King and Price circle, tie up again, and King wrenches an arm to a wristlock. Price rolls, handsprings, King brings her up but Price wrenches to a wristlock. King slips through, has the wristlock then the headlock then a takeover! Price moves around, headscissors, but King kips free. King headlocks again, Price tries to power out but King grinds her down. Price throws body shots, powers out but King runs her over!

Things keep moving, Price turns around into an arm-drag! King has the armlock, Price pulls hair, but the ref reprimands. King wrenches on Price’s arm more, Price fights up and pushes on the arm, but King wrenches her more. Price knees low and hard, CHOPS King to ropes, and then tosses her hair back. Price ROCKS King, whips, but King reverses to kick low! King runs to basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! King drags Price up but Price gets a ropebreak with a foot. The ref counts, King lets off fast, but Price kicks her back! Price drop toeholds King onto ropes and then chokes her with a knee!

The ref counts, Price lets off, and Price goes to the apron to ROCK King with a forearm! Price hurries in to cover, TWO! Price rains down fists and pulls hair, then covers, TWO! Price is losing her cool and shouts at the ref. Price’s friends in the ring argue on her behalf but then King ROCKS Price! Price mule kicks and runs to EuroUpper! Price’s anger is boiling, she handsprings and ROUNDHOUSES King down! Cover, TWO!! Price is losing her mind with anger! Price drags King up, fires off forearms, but King blocks the whip! Price kicks low, King blocks the whip again to reverse it. King catches Price’s crossbody for a FALL AWAY SLAM! Both women are down but fans fire up!

Price drags herself up on ropes, glares at King, and runs in, into King’s LARIAT! King rallies, boots Price to ROUNDHOUSE and GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! King roars now, and she drags Price up. Price fights off the lift, King ducks one kick but not the ROUNDHOUSE! Roll up, TWO! Price runs, King gets around, lift and TOSS to ropes, for the LARIAT! King drags Price back up, and hits KINGDOM FALLS! Cover, King wins!

Winner: KiLynn King, by pinfall

And the King wins again! Will she be on her way towards the throne after Revolution?


Triple Threat Tag: SoCal Uncensored VS The Hybrid2 VS The Sydal Brothers!

Frankie Kazarian & Christopher Daniels are still on their journey of tag titles or bust! And now they’re raising the stakes by taking on two teams at a time! Will Jack Evans & Angelico or Matt & Mike Sydal be the reason why The Addiction had to call it quits?

This Triple Threat allows only two teams legal at one time, so SCU also gambles by sitting things out as Evans and Mike start. Evans talks trash on SCU as he circles with Mike and they tie up. Mike powers Evans down to a cravat but Evans handsprings through the snapmare. Evans kicks and whips but Mike handsprings and arm-drags! Mike gets Evans to an armlock, then has both arms for a double chicken wing clutch! TWO, and Evans powers Mike into SCU territory! Daniels tags in, CLUBS Evans and whips him to a calf kick! Cover, TWO! Evans kicks but Daniels blocks, ducks the enziguri and throws Evans, only for Evans to PELE Daniels down!

Evans drops ax handles on Daniels, feeds him to Angelico’s boot, and tags Angelico in. Angelico JABS away on Daniels, fires off haymakers and stomps, but lets off as the ref counts. Angelico KICKS Daniels in the chest, then KICKS him in the leg! Angelico whips, Daniels reverses to back suplex! Tag to Kaz, SCU kick, CLOBBER and STOMP Angelico down! Kaz dares Evans to do something but Evans stays far away. Matt Sydal tags in, he and Kaz fist bump and circle. They tie up, Sydal headlocks, moves around, waistlocks, but Kaz switches with a wrench. Sydal wrenches back, Kaz uses ropes to flip through and he whips. Sydal reverses, Kaz gets a Dragon’s Lair cover, TWO!

Kaz waistlocks, O’Conner rolls, TWO! Kaz comes back, Sydal rolls Kaz to a ghost pin! TWO, and Kaz mule kicks hard! Kaz kicks, Sydal ducks and leg lariats Kaz down! Matt KICKS Kaz, drags him up, and tags in Mike. The brothers have Kaz on the ropes for a DRAPING DOUBLE STOMPS! Snapmare to standing moonsault, cover, TWO! Mike keeps on Kaz, tags Matt back in, and they bring Kaz around to double wrench and double Russian leg sweep! Matt drags Kaz up, Kaz scoops Matt but Matt slips out to SLICE! Standing Mariposa! Cover, TWO! Kaz sits up but Matt ROCKS and KICKS him to the Sydal corner.

Matt wrenches, whips Kaz corner to corner but Kaz goes up and over then CHOPS Matt! Kaz puts Sydal in the SCU corner, forearm smashes and tags in Daniels. Daniels gamangiris, feeds to Kaz’s atomic drop, CROSSBODY LEG SWEEP! Cover, TWO! Daniels brings Matt up, whips him hard to the open corner, and fans rally up. Daniels brings Matt up, headbutts him, then brings him around to back suplex. Sydal slips out and hits a windmill kick! Hot tag to Mike, Evans tags off Daniels but Mike rallies on Evans! Mike ducks the screw high to kick low. Evans reverses the whip, Mike slides under and dropkicks Evans down! Mike goes Matrix to ENZIGURI! Cover, TWO!

Mike fires up as Evans is in a corner. Mike runs in, Evans pops him up but Mike headstands and lands on the apron! Mike ROCKS Evans, hops up and leaps over Evans, but Angelico is after him with hammering fists! The ref reprimands, Matt goes after Angelico but the ref tells those two to get out! Evans CLUBS Mike, tags in Angelico, and Angelico wrenches Mike to a back suplex! Cover, TWO! Angelico keeps on Mike with a facelock and he drags Mike over. Evans tags, TH2 mugs Mike, Evans whips Mike to ropes to jumping kick him down! Cover, TWO! Evans keeps on Mike, drags Mike over and scoop slams him down! Evans reels Mike into a modified triangle hold!

Angelico tags in as Mike endures and he STOMPS Mike down! Angelico drags Mike around by a leg, ties those legs up, and has a modified deathlock bridge! Angelico just reclines as gravity puts pressure on Mike. Daniels gets in and stomps Angelico down! Angelico drags Mike up, scoop SLAMS him, then tags Evans. TH2 work together for Evans to hit the 450 but Mike gets clear! Mike KICKS Angelico, dodges Evans and tags in Matt! Matt rallies with big kicks, Evans ducks a knee but not the heel kick! KNEE for Angelico, scoop and DRIVER for Evans! Cover, Angelico breaks it! TH2 regroup, they double whip Sydal, but Sydal kicks Angelico, SOBATS Evans, and fires up!

Matt reels Angelico in but Angelico gets around to trip Matt! Angelico BLASTS SCU while Evans puts Matt in a Last Chancery! Angelico PENALTY KICKS, Evans jackknife covers, TWO! TH2 regroup,  whips Evans in but Kaz tags off Matt! Sydal dodges, Kaz SLINGSHOT DDT’s Evans, but Angelico ROUNDHOUSES Kaz! Mike SUPERKICKS Angelico, but runs into a BLUE THUNDER from Daniels! METEORA from Matt to Daniels! SCREW HIGH KICK from Evans to Matt! Kaz throws Evans to the apron, slingshots him in for the CUTTER! Cover, Angelico breaks it! Fans fire up as Angelico whips but Kaz throws him out! GUILLOTINE LEG DROP!

Daniels sees Angelico, ARABIAN PRESS! The Sydal Brothers double knee Kaz, but Evans dropkicks the Sydals! Matt and Mike stay up, Evans gets past them with a Quebrada and the DOUBLE DIVES take out Angelico! Daniels RAMS Mike into barriers, Evans handsprings into a ROUNDHOUSE! Kaz hits the INVERTED DDT! Cover, SCU WINS!

Winners: SoCal Uncensored, by pinfall (remain a tag team)

The Fallen Angel and Full Metal Rebel say it is only a matter of time before they are tag team champions in AEW! Will they reach the gold or fail trying as Revolution approaches?

My Thoughts:

Another good Dark, but they went back up to 16, and it was over two hours, I just don’t know why they feel the need to do so much. Or maybe I don’t know why I’m doing so much. I’m not saying I’m giving up on AEW Dark coverage, but I probably wouldn’t be as dedicated if I wasn’t making these articles. I will say we got some good story progress for Peter Avalon, he seems to be creating a stable now with how he and Bononi worked with Nemeth. The Nightmare Family seems to be growing even more than The Dark Order, which is a little weird. But Avalon, Bononi & Nemeth in a 3v3 against Johnson, Comoroto & QT could be really fun.

Jurassic Express winning in their match but Stunt losing in his keeps the math even on the trio, though there is still time to build before the 3v3 with FTR & Tully. Speaking of the Dark Order, Reynolds & Silver are building up strong, and I like that Peaks & Valle is a combination that AEW was able to bring back together. As strong as the AEW Tag Division is, to where it might almost be too big, I hope Peaks & Valle stick around. The Triple Threat Tag main event was apparently a late add-on, but it was a very good match. SCU keeps winning to stick together, but while the titles are with the Bucks as well as involved in bigger stories, it might be some time before SCU are contenders.

I’m not sure which would be more powerful story telling: them falling short of challenging, or losing in their tag title match. There is of course the third option of them winning the belts and riding high, only to crash and burn with a short reign. SCU’s story, if brought to Dynamite more often, could probably be among AEW’s stronger stories, such as with the large Heel Omega story or the Inner Circle dysfunction. AEW has to try and integrate SCU’s story more into Dynamite or there is a good chance a chunk of fans won’t understand the drama.

My Score: 8/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (3/28/23)

QTV gets Dark!



QTV is in Universal Studios!

After helping Will Hobbs hold onto the AEW TNT Championship, QT Marshall & Aaron Solo get back in action! Will this be one for the headlines?


  • AR Fox VS Nick Comoroto; Fox wins.
  • Queen Aminata VS Skye Blue; Skye wins.
  • Evil Uno VS Alexander Moss; Uno wins.
  • Marina Shafir VS Steph De Lander; Shafir wins.
  • Zack Clayton VS Schaff; Clayton wins.
  • Top Flight VS Liam Gray & Adrian Alanis; Top Flight wins.
  • QT Marshall & Aaron Solo w/ Harley Cameron VS Austin Green & Vary Morales; QT & Solo win.
  • Brady Booker VS Serpentico; Brady wins.
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS Cole Karter; Konosuke wins.


A good line-up here. Just as I was wondering where Nick Comoroto was, he’s here on Dark to put AR Fox over. For those unfamiliar, Steph De Lander is formerly Persia Pirotta of NXT, though she has a very different look now, I almost didn’t recognize her. Brady Booker, formerly Bodhi Hayward, is back in action, good to see him. And while most of these matches seem pretty straight forward, I feel like Queen Aminata VS Skye Blue is the one that could go either way. Skye’s been building herself up in AEW and ROH but Aminata is impressive in her own right.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (3/27/23)

Independence gets Elevated!



The Firm is still in business!

Despite Stokely Hathaway losing on AEW Dynamite, Ethan Page and the team are in action on Elevation! Will business be good for The Firm?


  • Ari Daivari & Tony Nese w/ Mark Sterling VS Lane Summers & Campbell Myers; Daivari & Nese win.
  • Marina Shafir & Nyla Rose VS The Hale Sisters, Briar & Sage; Shafir & Nyla win.
  • Willow Nightingale VS Maggie Lee; Willow wins.
  • “Big Bill” Morrissey & Lee Moriarty VS Zack Clayton & Anaya; Morrissey & Moriarty win.
  • ROH Women’s World Championship Proving Grounds Match: Athena VS Tootie Lynn; Athena wins and denies Tootie a title opportunity.
  • Six Man Tag: Matt Hardy, Isiah Kassidy & Ethan Page VS Spanish Announce Project; Hardy, Kassidy & Ethan win.
  • Riho VS Diamante; Riho wins.


A good line-up, and I like that all members of The Firm are active after Stokely got beat down by Hook and the Gunns retained their titles. Though, are the Gunns even still affiliated with The Firm? It seems like they just broke off as soon as they got the tag titles. Anyway, good to see Athena in another match ahead of Supercard of Honor this Friday. And good to see Spanish Announce Project (Angelico, Serpentico & Luther) in action as a full trio, but I’m pretty sure they’ll put The Firm over to build Ethan’s momentum into taking on Hook.

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