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Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (2/3/21)

AKA AEW Beach Break!



AEW Beach Break

AEW Dynamite transforms into Beach Break!

There’ll be a battle royal to determine tag title contenders, a long-awaited Superbad wedding, and a Six Man Tag of Moxley, PAC & Rey Fenix vs BULLET CLUB!


  • AEW World Tag Team Championship Contenders Battle Royal: Y2MJF wins and will challenge the Young Bucks for the titles at AEW Revolution.
  • Thunder Rosa VS Britt Baker w/ Rebel; Baker wins.
  • Hangman Page & Matt Hardy VS Chaos Project; Hangman & Hardy win.
  • Lumberjack Match: Lance Archer VS Eddie Kingston; Archer wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Jon Moxley, PAC & Rey Fenix VS Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers w/ Don Callis; Omega & The Good Brothers win.


AEW World Tag Team Championship Contenders Battle Royal!

Beach Break opens with a big battle in the Tag Team Division! One team could be going to AEW Revolution to challenge the Young Bucks for the titles, but the champions are in this match, too! If the Bucks win, they choose their opponents! What will the Revolution look like after this huge match?

But the Acclaimed ruin the Inner Circle’s entrance! “Beach Break, teams getting teeth scraped! Yo, we ’bout to win the sweepstakes. Everybody go away, yo, we great. Yo, everybody here, they hate! Yo, we ain’t so choosy. Put it right between your eyes like Lil’ Uzi! We gettin’ the shot! All these teams, you goin’ over the top!” Max Caster and Anthony Bowens already called everyone out on Dark with their music video, will they regret doing it again? Last but not least, the Young Bucks make their entrance! Then they each DIVE out onto the other teams! The bell rings, Nick and Dante Martin of Top Flight get in the ring, Nick whips Dante but Dante reverses. Nick goes up and over and Matt SPEARS Dante!

Private Party gets in to get DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! The Dark Order’s Alex Reynolds gets in but he gets DOUBLE SUPERKICKS, too! Fans fire up but Proud ‘n’ Powerful, Santana and Ortiz, get in to throw hands! The rest of the Inner Circle, and all the other teams, flood in! It’s chaos with brawls all over! Luchasaurus is all over The Acclaimed, Isiah Kassidy climbs and LEAPS, to FLOP! And the chaos continues! The Inner Circle and Dark Order do their best to work together while Dante Martin fights off Private Party. Kassidy puts Dante out but POETRY IN MOTION ELIMINATES him!

Reynolds hangs Hager up on ropes, gets him to the apron and BOOTS him! But Hager THROWS and ELIMINATES Reynolds! Stu Grayson runs in, tries to sunset flip Hager but Hager holds ropes! Both men get on the apron, the rest of Dark Order BLASTS and ELIMINATES Hager! Hager is furious but refs keep him away while the Dark Order celebrates. Santana whips Matt, Matt slides in then throws hands on PNP! Nick fights off MJF and gets in, Matt runs at PNP, but they BACK DROP him to the stage! That’s an ELIMINATION! Y2MJF low blow Anthony Bowens and ELIMINATES him! But Luchasaurus CLOBBERS Y2MJF!

Private Party goes after Luchasaurus, he breaks through their line, the TAIL WHIP gets Marq Quen, ROUNDHOUSE for Kassidy! BOOT for Santana,  HEADBUTT for Ortiz! Choke grip and CHOP for Caster! FLAPJACK for Sammy Guevara! Two hand choke to an EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT for Darius Martin! Nick springboards into a CHOKE SLAM SPLASH onto Darius! Fans are fired up for Luchasaurus, but Stu takes him on! Matrix to PELE! Stu whips but Luchasaurus just blocks it! Luchasaurus throws Stu but Stu goes Spider-Man! Stu ROCKS Luchasaurus, climbs up, but Luchasaurus blocks the suplex! Stu fights the suplex off, but gets a CHOKE SLAM onto Bowens, Luchasaurus ELIMINATES Stu Grayson!

But then Evil Uno and John Silver toss and ELIMINATE Luchasaurus! Nick Jackson is after them but misses in the corner! Enziguri to FOREARM, ENZIGURI again, then END OF DAYS! Uno takes a bow but MJF throws and ELIMINATES him! MJF smirks while fans boo and then he clubs Kassidy. Kassidy hits MJF back, then helps Quen mug Darius Martin. Martin puts Kassidy out, arm-drags Quen and throws him to Kassidy, and he disrupts Silly Strong to ELIMINATE Quen! Kassidy is cornered on the ropes, Darius DECKS him but Quen catches Kassidy! Quen sends Kassidy back up to ROCK Darius! Kassidy gets in and must represent alone for Private Party.

PNP go to double suplex John Silver, but Silver double suplexes them! He’s friggin’ jacked, baby! Silver runs and aims at PNP but they get around to double TOSS and ELIMINATE Silver! No more Dark Order and the Inner Circle high fives. But Nick Jackson CROSSBODIES Santana and Jericho! Nick rallies on PNP, spin kick, shining wizard, bulldog clothesline combo! Fans fire up with Nick as he throws and ELIMINATES Ortiz! And then baits Santana in to put him in the apron. Santana hits back but Nick SUPERKICKS and ELIMINATES him! No more Proud ‘n’ Powerful! Kassidy SCREW KICKS Nick, but here are the Good Brothers?! They’re letting Private Party know they’re here.

Nick whips Kassidy, Kassidy reverses but Nick lands on the apron. Nick throws a forearm, wonders why Good Brother are here, then shoulder in to slingshot. Things speed up, Good Brothers hold the ropes down! Kassidy tumbles out and is ELIMINATED! Then Gallows DECKS Kassidy! But MJF DUMPS Nick and ELIMINATES him! No more Young Bucks!! Now someone is definitely getting an opportunity at Revolution! But now, it’s Caster for the Acclaimed, Jungle Boy for Jurassic Express, Darius Martin for Top Flight, but Sammy Guevara & Y2MJF for the Inner Circle! That said, the Inner Circle regroups to stand against the other three.

Fans sing for JB as he, Caster and Darius keep their eyes on the Inner Circle. And then it fires off into another brawl! Caster and MJF, Jericho and Darius, Jungle Boy and Sammy! Sammy CHOPS, Caster fights off MJF and Darius ROCKS Jericho! MJF rakes Caster’s eyes but JB goes after him. MJF whips JB but JB holds ropes! MJF tries to scrape JB and Jericho and Sammy help out! JB holds on with his legs, and Darius goes after Jericho to help! Caster gets in after MJF, JB is safe, but Wardlow is lurking. MJF whips JB again, JB’s hands can’t hold on this time, MJF ELIMINATES Jungle Boy and Jurassic Express!

Fans boo, Sammy and MJF glare but Caster goes after each of them! MJF knees low, but Caster gets around to chicken wing! Sammy has his shot on MJF, but MJF dodges and the SUPERKICK hits Caster! MJF “thanks” Sammy, but runs at Caster to get TOSSED! Caster ELIMINATES MJF! Darius dumps Caster to ELIMINATE him and The Acclaimed! But now it’s Darius, Jericho and Sammy! The Inner Circle still works together to mug Darius and then talks trash on Top Flight. Le Sex Gods whip Darius, but he DOUBLE DDT’s them down!! Darius hurries to get Sammy up and throw him, but Sammy skins the cat! Jericho dumps Darius but Sammy is the one ELIMINATED!!

Darius goes up, Jericho staggers into his missile dropkick! Darius kips up, runs over, but Jericho puts him on the apron! Darius ROCKS Jericho, but JUDAS EFFECT ELIMINATES Darius and Top Flight! Y2MJF win!!

Winners: Chris Jericho & MJF (head to AEW Revolution to challenge the Young Bucks)

Sammy doesn’t even stick around to celebrate, he wants nothing to do with Maxwell Jacob Friedman taking his place beside Jericho. But will Jericho be the first to have held both AEW World and AEW Tag Team Championships in his career?


AEW takes a closer look at Jade Cargill.

Tall. Strong. Agile. And only getting better with each passing moment. Will Jade strike the American Nightmare and Red Velvet down at the Revolution?


AEW returns with Tony Schiavone in the ring!

Schiavone introduces the TNT Champion, Darby Allin! And of course, his partner in the AEW Revolution Street Fight, it’s STIIIIIING~! But before going to the Street Fight, Darby is going to defend his AEW TNT Championship against the Bad Boy, Joey Janela! Team Taz interrupts from the titantron! Taz wants to explain something! They’re stuck outside the building and that costs them a pretty penny, just because they went after some merchandise staffers last week. They’re being punished! But Taz says Darby is defending that “pretty” title against Janela, but Team Taz will be watching very closely! They might even get close up and personal!

Ricky Starks says it doesn’t matter if Sting is there. If Team Taz was allowed in the building, Starks would tell Sting he isn’t the man he used to be! Sting isn’t the icon anymore! And like Starks said before, Darby and Sting will get hurt playing in the jungle. But good luck, Darby, you’ll need it. Schiavone lets Sting respond on the mic. “Okay, Team Taz. You say that you’re gonna be here next week for Darby’s title match, and I gotta let you know, I’m gonna be here, as well.” Sting will keep this fair as 1v1 and not Darby VS everyone underneath Taz. Secondly, Starks says he doesn’t see the icon in Sting’s eyes anymore? Maybe Starks just needs to take a closer look. Will Team Taz get an eyeful come the Revolution Street Fight?


Thunder Rosa VS Britt Baker w/ Rebel!

After weeks of back and forth, both with trash talk and ambush attacks, we finally have this grudge match the Role Model never wanted! Will Britt have to check her teeth after this fight with the former NWA Women’s World Champion?

Rosa gets right in the ring and doesn’t wait for a bell! She shoves Rebel out of the ring, Britt goes after Rosa and drags her down! Rosa fights off the Rings of Saturn to a cover, TWO! Basement dropkick! Rosa gets Britt’s arm to omoplata then pulls on the other! Britt moves around and gets the ropebreak with a foot! Rosa lets go reluctantly, but bumps Britt off buckles! Rosa CHOPS Britt, then fires off forearms! Rosa bumps Britt off other buckles, CHOPS her again, then throws more forearms. Britt knees low, fires forearms back then wrings Rosa out to roll with her. Britt hammerlocks and chinbars, but Rosa rolls.

Britt holds on with the chinbar, Rosa fights up an drams her into buckles! Rosa elbows free, rolls and runs corner to corner to SHOTGUN dropkick! Fans fire up with Rosa as she goes corner to corner again, CANNONBALL! Rosa drags Britt to a cover, TWO! Rosa rains down fists, Britt guards but Rosa claws throw to get at her face! Rosa drags Britt up by her hair, cravats and cranks, but Britt goes to a corner. The ref counts, Rosa CHOPS Britt as she lets off, then Rosa runs corner to corner again. Britt dodges, Rosa only gets buckles, and Britt blocks boots to tie Rosa up in ropes! Modified Tree of Woe and a BOOT!

Britt goes to the apron, drags Rosa over to the post and pulls her against the steel! The ref counts, Britt boots Rosa as she lets off, then lets Rosa flop to the floor. Britt refreshes the count, kicks at Rosa, then brings her up to talk trash. Britt scuffs Rosa with her boot, drags her up to ROCK her, then gets back in the ring. Britt goes back out after Rosa and throws her into railing! Britt taunts the other wrestlers ringside but Rosa headbutts low! Rosa bumps Britt off the apron, RAMS into her, then refreshes the count to ROCK Britt back! Rosa whips Britt hard into the railing! Britt writhes, Rosa stomps her, the ref wants this inside but AEW goes picture in picture.

Rosa stomps Britt more, throws Britt’s arms down, then stomps again. Rosa drags Britt up, wrenches and POSTS the arm! Rosa again refreshes the count, grinds her forearms into Britt’s face, then bumps her off the apron. Rosa goes up with the arm to SLAM it on the apron! Britt fires off furious forearms, Rebel cheers her own, but Rosa hits Britt back! Rosa uppercuts, CHOPS, and refreshes the count again. Britt hits Rosa back with elbows, puts Rosa back in the ring and follows after to cover, ONE!! Britt drags Rosa up, cravats, but Rosa fights out with body shots! Britt ROCKS Rosa, Britt cravats, throws knees over and over and ROCKS Rosa with one!

Rosa wobbles while Britt paces around. Britt gives toying kicks, Rosa throws body shots but Britt kicks and FISHERMAN SCREWS! Cover, TWO! Britt drags Rosa up to throw her to the ramp. Britt goes out, drags Rosa around, and has the arms for a SURFBOARD STOMP! Britt drags Rosa up, Rosa spins through, and AEW goes single picture as Rosa DEATH VALLEY DRIVERS Britt to the ramp! The ref starts a ring count, it climbs to 5, but Rosa crawls in at 6. Britt crawls in at 7, both women are in opposite corners. Rosa runs in to hit the A-List Lariat! Britt falls, Rosa swings in to METERA! Rosa rolls, runs back in, BASEMENT DROPKICK!

Fans fire up, Rosa drags Britt around, high stack cover, TWO! Britt survives but Rosa keeps her cool. Rosa drags Britt up, hooks her up, and spins for- No, Britt rolls Rosa, TWO! Rosa runs in, dodges and whips, but Britt SLINGBLADES! And SUPERKICKS! Cover, TWO! Britt and Rosa are down but the fans fire up! Britt drags Rosa up, Rosa breaks free to mule kick and ROUNDHOUSE! Rosa scoops Britt, but Britt slips out! Rosa spins Britt, but Britt resists the piledriver to lift Rosa for an AIR RAID CRASH!! Cover, TWO!! Rosa survives and Britt is losing her cool! Rebel gives Britt the glove! Britt puts it on, crawls back to Rosa and hooks her up, but Rosa resists!

Rings of Saturn, yes, but ROPEBREAK before any more! Britt lets Rosa go, Rosa makes it a cover, TWO! Britt drags Rosa up, runs and CURB STOMPS! Rosa gets back up, Britt Oklahoma rolls to a ghost pin, TWO! RINGS OF SATURN! But Rosa rolls that, TWO! Britt wants the Lockjaw but Rosa keeps moving around! Rosa lifts Britt for a back suplex! And then fireman’s carries for DEATH VALLEY! Cover, TWO!?! Britt survives and shocks Rosa! Rosa hooks Britt up, gets the other arm, but Rebel gets in and undoes a buckle pad! Rosa lets Britt go to BOOT her down! Britt rolls Rosa, TWO! Rosa SHINING WIZARDS Britt down!

Rosa drags Britt back up, scoops her, but Britt fights off the driver! Rosa rams Britt back into the bare buckle! Rosa runs corner to corner, Britt brings her in for a BUCKLE SHOT to the bare buckle!! Rings of Saturn, LOCKJAW!! Rosa is already out, Britt wins!

Winner: Britt Baker, by submission

That was more like a knockout win, and all thanks to the assistant! Medics have to check on Rosa, will she be able to recover and get her revenge?


AEW shares an exclusive interview from after last week’s Dynamite.

Matt Hardy was just as upset as the Dark Order and Hangman Page about Chaos Project trying to ruin Negative One’s birthday party. Hardy asked Tony Khan for a match against Chaos Project, with Hangman as his partner. Khan of course said it would be on Hangman to accept that proposal. Hangman has, and Schiavone asks Hardy his intentions. There are no secret intentions. Hardy is a good man, and he is a friend of Hangman’s from even before Stadium Stampede and before AEW. They’re good ol’ Carolina boys and probably have great chemistry. Hangman says Hardy simply offered Hardy his dressing room. This isn’t about becoming a tag team or being a client.

Hardy says that’s fine, he has no ulterior motives. He’s just worried about Hangman. A week ago, Chaos Project ruined Brodie Jr’s party. That didn’t sit right with either of them. So what if they, for one night only, teamed up to kick Chaos Project’s ass? Wouldn’t that help make things right between Hangman and the Dark Order? Hangman says yes, and so the match is made! And it’s next!

Hangman Page & Matt Hardy VS Chaos Project!

As it stands, this Carolina connection is for one night only, in this one match against Luther and Serpentico! Will they make the Original Death Dealer and SNAKEMAN pay for bullying a boy at his birthday party?

AEW returns as Chaos Project enters the ring. The teams sort out and Serpentico starts and goes right after Hardy! Hardy DECKS Serpentico, bumps him off buckles over an dover, then rams his shoulder in! The ref counts but Hardy says, “This is for Brodie Jr!” Hardy DECKS Serpentico, wrenches his arm and yanks on the arm. Tag to Hangman, Hardy whips and elbows Serpentico, Hangman hits a standing shooting star! Cover, TWO! Serpentico flounders, Hangman CHOPS him to a corner! Hangman whips corner to corner, runs in to corner clothesline, then snap suplexes! Cover, TWO!

Hangman wrenches, tags Hardy, and Hardy hops up to drop ax handles! Hardy wrenches Serpentico but Serpentico ROCKS him! Serpentico headlocks, Hardy powers out but Luther tags in. Hardy gives Serpentico a SIDE EFFECT, but Luther CLOBBERS Hardy! Luther stomps Hardy, bumps him off buckles then CHOPS him! Luther whips Hardy corner to corner, tags in Serpentico, and Serpentico whips Luther for Luther to whip Serpentico into Hardy! Luther then runs in to SPLASH them both! Luther throws Hardy down, then scoops Serpentico to SLAM him down for the cover! TWO! Serpentico keeps on Hardy with clubbing forearms, and tags in Luther.

Luther goes after Hardy, scoop slams him, then tags Serpentico in. Serpentico goes up, leaps, but the Swanton FLOPS! Hardy hurries, hot tag to Hangman! Hangman rallies on Chaos Project, then dodges Serpentico to scoop him, for a FALL AWAY SLAM! Hangman then PLANCHAS Luther for good measure! Hangman keeps moving, Serpentico dodges the clothesline but not the SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Hardy sees Luther and ROCKS him to toss him! Hangman drags Serpentico up, fireman’s carry, but Serpentico fights free! But into the ROLLING ELBOW! Hangman goes to the apron but Luther trips him! Luther then CANNONBALLS from the apron, but Hangman dodges!

Hangman aims at Serpentico, BUCK SHOT! Hardy tags in, covers, they still win!

Winners: Matt Hardy & Hangman Page, by pinfall

Big Money Matt has a big ego, but Hangman still raises his hand in victory! It’s just the one night, after all. But will Hardy try to sell Hangman on making this a regular thing?


AEW has information on the Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament!

During the month of February, AEW is proud to present this international women’s tournament as 16 battle to be the one that challenges Hikaru Shida! For the Japanese Bracket, it will be Aja Kong, Yuka Sakazaki, Veny, Emi Sakura, Ryo Mizunami, Mei Surugua, Rin Kadokura, and Maki Itoh! For the American Bracket, it will be Serena Deeb, Riho, Britt Baker, Tay Conti, Thunder Rosa, Nyla Rose, Anna Jay and Leyla Hirsch! Who will be the one that rises up to challenge the Full Metal Warrior?


AEW’s Alex Marvez finds Y2MJF backstage.

The new contenders are already celebrating becoming the future Le Champions of the World! Peace out, MARK-vez! They’ve got bubbly for the boys! Party time~! The Inner Circle did it! Really? Because just Jericho and MJF are contenders. But they’re all in this together! Are they? Of course! So okay, everyone else got thrown out before the end, but it’s collateral damage. Oh, collateral damage? Why are they always collateral damage? Jericho says they’re all in this together, but sometimes Sammy isn’t sure. Sammy storms out and Jericho goes to talk with him. MJF tells the boys that this is time to have a conversation. Wardlow, have the cameraman leave. Wardlow closes the door, what is MJF going to tell Hager, Santana and Ortiz?!


AEW presents the Superbad Wedding!

Finally, after rubbing their love in our faces for over a year, Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford are going to tie the knot! Schiavone is backstage with the Superbad Groom, his Best Man, and their butler, “Charles.” Schiavone congratulates Kip on the big night. Kip says Schiavone is so lucky to have this exclusive with him, Miro and Chuck. Look at all of them, huh? Miro is married, Schiavone is married, Kip’s about to be married, and Chuck hasn’t had a girlfriend ever. But then Vickie Guerrero comes over to say it’s time. They head out, and presiding over this occasion is a rather “sinister minister,” James Mitchell!

Vickie helps walk Kip to the ring, Miro just behind and then Chuck even further behind. And then with the traditional “Here Comes the Bride” on organ, it’s the Superbad Bride, with Jerry Lynn giving her away. Minister Mitchell says, “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here tonight at AEW Dynamite’s Beach Break, to celebrate the joining of these two souls, Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford, in the bonds of UNHOLY matrimony!” It’s his gimmick, relax. The marital vows are sacred and not to be taken lightly. Now, Kip and Penelope will share personal vows.

Kips is first and he tells Penelope and says from the first moment he saw that one piece and knee high boots, and as his eyes locked with her chest, he knew this was meant to be. Kip promises to cherishes her forever cuz she is beautiful on the inside and DAMN HOT on the outside! Penelope takes her turn, and tells Kip “baby,” that she loves him so much. He has the biggest- Whoa, she doesn’t need to share that. He knows she loves him and is handsome and that she can’t wait to spend the rest of her life with him. Well alright. Moving on, it is the exchange of the rings. Please present the rings.

Charles brings them out of his pocket, Miro hands them to Kip. Kip takes one ring, wipes away a tear, and Minister Mitchell asks if he takes this “alluring creature” to be his lawfully wedded wife, to have and to grope in sickness and in health, for richer and poorer, kayfabing all others, for as long as they both shall live? Kip does. He places the ring on her finger. Penelope, do you take this “dashing rapscallion,” to be her lawfully wedded husband, to have and to grope in sickness and in health, for richer and poorer, kayfabing all others for as long as they both show live? Penelope does. Then if there is anyone in this building who feels that this-

No no no no no! Miro’s been there himself, this isn’t happening. Smart! Then let’s close this deal. By the power vested in Minister Mitchell by AEW Dynamite and Tony Khan, he now pronounces them man and wife. Now kiss your ball and chain. And they definitely kiss. Let’s hear it for the newlyweds! Fans cheer, and Mitchell wants us all to join the Best Man, Miro, in a toast. Miro has the mic, and tells Chuck to serve champagne. Everyone else, shut up, this is his time. Miro takes a glass, hands it to Penelope, then one to Kip. Chuck is working so Miro takes his and then another.

“Kip, I was there just a few years ago when I had a couple weddings myself.” Miro knows what this is about: love. But what is love? It may not have been a great bachelor party, there may not be many presents, but Miro IS Kip’s present. Miro’s knowledge, power and intensity are Kip’s presents! Speaking of, what is that over there? It’s been driving him nuts. It’s huge. Chuck says that’s from him? Well hey, how great, Mr. Charles. But Miro has been through weddings before, and he knows all the tricks! Miro attacks the box, thinking someone is hiding inside! Oh, it was just a bunch of tissue? Well, alright. Chuck, clean that up. No more presents from you.

Miro continues to say, “What is love?” Fans start singing, “Baby don’t hurt me! Don’t hurt me, no more~!” Miro gets into it, but then says NO! This is over, this is his time! Let’s have cake! But then Miro finds out he’s cuffed to the ropes!! Chuck snuck that in! Chuck DECKS Kip, Kip bumps Penelope, and she falls into the cake! Now it’s a wrestling wedding! Miro still grabs Chuck, Kip runs over, but Chuck ducks and Kip hits Miro! Miro barely budges but Kip still apologizes. Penelope goes after Chuck! She hops on for a sleeper, Kip kicks Chuck in the gut, and Miro swipes as he can. Kip stomps Chuck down and shouts, “You ruined everything!”

But out of the cake, it’s ORANGE CASSIDY! Freshly Squeezed was the cake all along! And then Chuck uses the champagne bucket to SMACK Kip! Miro is stuck as Cassidy Gives Kip the BEACH BREAK! How fitting. And best of all, Chuck is free! His deal was only until the wedding was done, and it is done! Will Best Friends make sure the Best Man and the Superbads don’t enjoy the honeymoon period?



Last Thursday, during Inside the NBA on TNT, Shaq called out “Cupcake Cody” and told him he’ll beat Cody like he did Charles Barkley. Shaq’s going to wrestle Cody? The others don’t believe him, but Shaq is doing it. Him and Jade VS Cody and “Red Pumpkin Pie.” But Cody’s from a famous wrestling family. That doesn’t matter to Shaq, he’ll whip him. Shane Mosley got a bit more than he expected so maybe Shaq can do it. Shaq’s finisher will be the Black Tornado. He demonstrates on Plexiglas, he takes the ball and turns to really lay in that elbow, followed up by a clothesline! That’s what’ll happen to the cupcake. But bigger than that, this won’t wait for Revolution, this will be on DYNAMITE! March 3rd, mark it down on your calendars!


Lumberjack Match: Lance Archer VS Eddie Kingston!

The Murderhawk Monster has been after the Mad King for several months now, but the Fam has always been there! Now it might be even with the rest of the AEW locker room here, will any of the lumberjacks be safe when #EverybodyDies?

Archer rushes the ring, rushes Kingston, but Kingston avoids him and Archer ends up in a corner! The bell rings just before Kingston fires off body shots but Archer ROCKS and BOOTS Kingston down! Archer whips Kingston out, but Kingston gets back in before lumberjacks get to do anything. He may have preferred them as Archer CLUBS him! Archer says there’s no more running away, but then Archer runs, only for The Fam to trip him up! Butcher and Blade drag Archer out, and they get help mugging Archer from The Hybrid2 and Cezar Bononi! But Archer fights back and grabs Peter Avalon to choke him against a post!

Archer runs at Avalon but Avalon dodges and Archer POSTS himself! Butcher and Blade attack again, as does Bononi, but the other lumberjacks shout at them to put Archer back in. Archer is put in the ring, Kingston is after Archer with a whip but Archer reverses to send Kingston back out. Billy Gunn puts Kingston in, Kingston gets back out, but Kingston CLOBBERS Ryan Nemeth! The other lumberjacks go after Kingston, but then Kingston’s Fam and their lumberjack friends go after them! It’s a brawl on the outside, but Archer builds speed to FLY! Direct hit takes everyone out and the fans are going nuts! Archer looms over the pile as AEW goes picture in picture.

Archer puts Kingston in but Kingston kicks Archer’s legs as he enters! Archer goes to a corner, Kingston runs in but Archer dodges! Now Kingston gets only buckles, and then Archer runs back in, but Kingston elbows him! Archer stays up, runs into a boot, and Kingston hops up to FLYING KNEE Archer down! Kingston takes off his shirt to use it in CHOKING Archer! Kingston lets off as the ref reprimands and he drops elbows! Cover, ONE!! Kingston headbutts Archer down! The lumberjacks rally up as Kingston throws Archer out, and The Fam is all over Archer again! Avalon gets shots in for that post choke, then they put Archer in.

Kingston throws Archer out the other end but those lumberjacks give Archer space. Archer gets up, gets in, and Kingston stomps away! Kingston throws down fists, drags Archer up and headbutts him again. Archer just snarls! Archer eggs Kingston on, Kingston pokes him in the eyes! Kingston throws elbows, chokes Archer on ropes, but Archer shoves him away. Kingston throws kidney shots, twists Archer’s head, but the ref reprimands when he sees ear-pulling. Kingston lets off to then choke Archer again anyway! Archer pushes Kingston away as AEW returns to single picture. The lumberjacks are thunderous as Kingston CHOPS Archer!

Kingston throws Archer out to The Fam’s side, but Jake the Snake and his Lumberjacks get in to stop the mugging! Archer gets in, Kingston is after him, but Archer gets around to full nelson SLAM! Archer aims from a corner, Kingston flounders up, and Archer runs Kingston over! And LARIATS! Archer snap suplexes Kingston HARD! Archer climbs up to drop the SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Archer puts Kingston up top, ROCKS him, but Bunny Allie gets in! No disqualifications here, but Archer gets free to lift Allie in the inverted crucifix! But Kingston BACK HANDS Archer before the Blackout!

Archer bails out to the friendly side and Allie is relieved she’s survived. Kingston tells the lumberjacks to do something, but Jake gives Angelico a SHORT ARM LARIAT! Kingston is furious, but he goes after Archer. Archer fights the exploder to knee smash, run, but Butcher gets a cheap shot in! EXPLODER! Cover, ONE!?! Kingston can’t believe it! Kingston drags Archer up, the lumberjacks are getting rowdy, but in comes a table! The Blade sets that up while Kingston tells the ref to tell Billy to shut up! But Bear Bronson gets in to SPEAR Blade through the table!! Turnabout is fair play! But Butcher CROSSBODIES Bronson, only for Bear Boulder to CLOBBER Butcher!

Boulder throws Butcher out, Kingston is too busy arguing with Gunn Club, and Archer ROCKS him! Ripcord and scoop URENAGE! Cover, TWO!! Kingston survives, gets up to fire off fast hands, but the back hand is blocked! The LARIAT only dazes Archer but Kingston hurries up the corner! Archer choke grips him, Kingston breaks free but Archer ROCKS him! Inverted crucifix, BLACKOUT BOMB!! Cover, Archer wins!

Winner: Lance Archer, by pinfall

All the Mad King’s horses and all the Mad King’s men couldn’t help him win again! The Murderhawk Monster overcomes all, and is rolling, will he be waiting on a title after Revolution?


AEW hears from FTR.

They were banned from the Tag Team Battle Royal for what they did to Luchasaurus and tried to do to Jungle Boy, but now they seem upset. Cash Wheeler says, “Jack, please. Please tell me that you and your dumbass dinosaur did not run to the principal’s office, and tattle and get us suspended like we’re in middle school.” Tully Blanchard says that’s what happened. They #FearTheRevelation! Everyone is afraid of FTR, and when they’re together, that’s what happened. First, Tully isn’t allowed in the tag title match. Then, two guys are cuffed to the dinosaur. Where is this going to stop? Now they miss out on the battle royal where they could’ve gotten a title shot?!

All they want is a championship match! “The best tag team, what does it take?!” Wait, is there someone muffled screaming? Dax Harwood tells Jack that FTR aren’t bad guys. But sometimes, they think, “What would bad men do?” THEY HAVE MARKO STUNT AS A HOSTAGE! Tully pats Stunt’s head, but what will FTR do to him if they don’t get what they consider #FairTReatment?


Joey Janela speaks.

“Darby Allin, we have a long history of mangling ourselves for what we love. Hell, we have a long history, Darby, of mangling each other.” But next week’s Dynamite, the stakes have never been so high! Bad Boy VS Relentless for the TNT Championship! But guess what? Joey Janela’s back, and the future TNT Champion is going to be a bad, bad boy.


Six Man Tag: Jon Moxley, PAC & Rey Fenix VS Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers w/ Don Callis!

What was meant to be Death Triangle getting payback for the #BizCliz punking them out has now become the Maniac joining forces with the Bastard and the Firebird for a common goal! Moxley wants payback for what the Cleaner did to take the world title from him, while Pac and Fenix are going to avenge Penta El Zero M! Will keeping your friends close or your enemies closer be what wins out tonight?

AEW returns as two-thirds of Death Triangle make their entrance and Don Callis joins commentary. Pac and Fenix make their entrances much like their third man, and Moxley enters from the stands with them! The teams sort out, Machine Gun Anderson starts against Pac. Fans rally as the two circle, and Pac fires a forearm but Anderson gives it back! They go back and forth, Anderson headlocks, Pac powers out but Anderson runs him over! Things speed up, Anderson hurdles but Pac leaps to RANA! Pac stares Anderson down, but Anderson gets away to go to the corner. Tag to Doc Gallows, and #BigLG looms over Pac. Moxley wants in so Pac tags him in!

Fans fire up as Moxley circles Gallows, and Moxley fires off forearms! Gallows ROCKS Moxley with an uppercut! Gallows whips, Moxley leaps over but the sunset flip doesn’t take. Gallows drops but misses, and Moxley runs to PENALTY KICK! Moxley kicks and kicks then REGAL KNEES to drop some elbows! Cover, ONE! Moxley gets Gallows but Gallows powers Mox to the corner. Anderson tags in but Moxley powers him to the other corner! Fenix tags in, and ROCKS Anderson with that haymaker! Fenix wrenches, tags in Pac, and they double wrench to sweep the legs! Standing moonsault from Fenix, and another standing moonsault from Pac! Cover, TWO!

Fenix DECKS Omega and hits Gallows while Pac goes up! Omega hurries over while Anderson distracts the ref! Omega anchors Pac, Gallows gets in and YAKUZA KICKS Pac, to then ROCKET LAUNCH Pac down! Anderson hurries to bump Pac of Omega’s boot, then tags Omega in! Omega fires off hands, tags Gallows, and they mug Pac. Gallows bumps Pac off buckles, tags in Anderson and Anderson throws hands! Omega tags back in, he brings Pac around but Pac fires off forearms! Omega kicks low, brings Pac in, but Pac fights the suplex to then rebound SNAP GERMAN! Fans fire up as both men are down! Both men crawl, hot tags to Moxley and Anderson!

Moxley rallies on the Machine Gun, stomps away on him in the corner, then digs his forearms in! Moxley whips corner to corner, Anderson boots back but then Moxley dodges. Moxley throws hands on Anderson, reels him in and X-PLEXES! Cover, TWO! Moxley clamps onto Anderson, Gallows gets in but Moxley knocks him out! Moxley PLANCHAS Gallows down, gets in and dodges Anderson to throw him out. Moxley builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit on both Good Brothers! Moxley puts Anderson in but Omega attacks! Moxley throws Omega into railing in return! AEW goes picture in picture as Moxley goes back to the ring, CUTTER from Anderson!

Gallows tags in, runs and BLASTS Moxley off apron and into railing! Omega drags Moxley up to throw him into railing as payback! Gallows goes out to fetch Moxley, puts him in the ring, and Anderson brawls with Fenix as Gallows ROCKS Moxley with an uppercut! Omega gets his cheap shots in, Gallows tags Omega in. Omega paces about, stomps Moxley with ferocity, then lets off as the ref reprimands. Omega kicks and stomps Moxley, scrapes his sole off Moxley’s face, then taunts Pac and Fenix. Tag to Anderson and Anderson clamps onto Moxley with fish hooks to the face! The ref reprimands, Anderson lets off but then chokes Moxley at the ropes!

The ref reprimands, counts, and Anderson lets off but Omega gets his cheap shots in! Omega gets away with it but Anderson brings Moxley up to throw an uppercut. Tag to Gallows, Gallows throws hands on Moxley then puts him in the corner for body shots and uppercuts! Moxley flounders but Gallows ROCKS him again! AEW returns to single picture as Gallows keeps throwing hands! Fans fire up, Gallows reels Moxley in, but Moxley trips him up to hook the legs! FIGURE FOUR! Anderson gets right in to stomp Moxley! Gallows stomps, tags Anderson, and then both Good Brothers stomp him! Good Brothers coordinate but Moxley fights out of Magic Killer!

Moxley dumps Gallows out, baits Anderson into the corner and Anderson gets caught up! Moxley and Anderson crawl, hot tags to Omega and Fenix! Fenix CHOPS Omega, steps in and RANAS! Gallows runs into a SUPERKICK! BUZZSAW! Basement dropkick! Anderson kicks and whips but Fenix springboards for a FLYING HEADBUTT! Omega kicks Fenix low, reels him in, but Fenix slips out of the bomb to SUPERKICK! Fenix whips, Omega reveres, but Pac springboards in to missile dropkick! Death Triangle coordinate, they go to the corners to aim at the Good Brothers! DOUBLE ARIHARA MOONSAULTS! Down go the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions!

“This is Awesome!” as Fenix aims at Omega, moonsault somersault CUTTER!! Why? Because he can! Cover, TWO!! Omega survives but Fenix is right on him for a fireman’s carry. Fenix throws a knee but Omega slips out to CHOP! Fenix CHOPS back, then wrenches to throw heavy hands. Fenix goes up and up but Omega trips him up! And then drags him off the ropes for a SNAP DRAGON SUPLEX!! Tag to Gallows, and he BOOTS Fenix down! Cover, TWO!! Fenix survives but Gallows drags him right up! Fenix throws hands, Gallows knees and whips but Fenix dodges! Pac tags in, Fenix slides under the kick, Pac KICKS away on Gallows’ legs! Gallows shoves but Pac dropkicks the leg out!

Pac basement dropkicks, covers, ONE! Pac glares at Omega then runs back, into a YAKUZA KICK! Tag to Omega but Anderson joins in, too. Omega whips Pac to a corner, runs corner to corner and hits a back elbow! Anderson ROCKET KICKS! Gallows runs into to corner splash! Back suplex DOUBLE NECKBREAKER! Cover, but Moxley breaks it! Moxley and Fenix brawl with the Good Brothers to the outside but Omega gut wrenches, DR. WILY BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Pac survives but Omega isn’t done, he takes aim and BANG! Omega runs, V-TRIGGER! Electric Chair lift, but Pac fights off the One Winged Angel!

Pac shoves Omega to a corner, Fenix runs in, RUNNING SOBAT! Moxley adds a clothesline! Feed to a BOOT, then a GERMAN SUPLEX! Pac adds his own waistlock for a GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Omega survives all on his own and the fans are loving this! Moxley tags in, he storms over to Omega and tells Omega BANG! Moxley drags Omega up into the sleeper! Anderson gets in, Moxley DECKS him! Omega and Moxley throw forearms back and forth, faster and faster, but Omega gets around! Moxley elbows the full nelson away, Omega boots the clothesline, V-TRIGGER! Omega runs, into a LARIAT!

Gallows BOOTS Moxley! Fenix missile dropkicks Gallows! Anderson whips Fenix, Fenix rewinds to HEEL KICK! Fenix DIVES and takes Anderson and himself out! Omega runs but the V-Trigger gets buckles! Moxley kicks low but no Paradigm Shift! Wait, Omega underhooks and steals Paradigm Shift!! But Pac is up top as Omega covers, 450 onto Omega’s back!! Pac, Omega and Moxley are all down and fans are losing their minds! Omega crawls, Anderson tags in! Anderson runs at Moxley, but no cutter, Moxley steals GUN STUN! Fenix tags in, springboards and QUEBRADAS! Cover, TWO!!

Fenix whips, Anderson reverses, but Fenix elbows him away. Fenix goes up, springboards again, into a SPINEBUSTER! Anderson tags in Gallows, Omega gets in, Good Brothers hit MAGIC KILLER! V-TRIGGER for Pac, Gallows covers, BIZ CLIZ WINS!

Winners: Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers, by pinfall

But they’re not done, they start mugging Fenix! Moxley gets in, he gets beat up 3v1! But here comes LANCE ARCHER!? Archer hits all the Biz Cliz, shoves Anderson out with one hand then CLOBBERS Gallows out of the ring! Archer drags Gallows up and bumps him off the belts on the timekeeper’s table! Moxley crawls to Omega, gets up, but who is this attacking from behind? IT’S KENTAAAAAAA!! Bullet Club’s Fang Revived AND the challenger for Moxley’s IWGP United States Championship has just invaded AEW!! And he gives Moxley GO TO SLEEP!! Fans are losing their minds but Omega is loving this! Bullet Club is everywhere, are they going to stand tall over Moxley time and time again?!

My Thoughts:

Wow, what an insane episode! Opening with the tag team battle royal was natural, and it was a brilliant move for Good Brothers to show up to not just cost Private Party but also Young Bucks. This ties together both the story building on Impact Wrestling but also what’s going on with the Bucks, Omega and Good Brothers here on AEW. I almost thought they were going to go a different direction with the Inner Circle story for just a second, because of how Jericho said any two of them makes a great combination, and it came down to him, Sammy and Darius Martin of Top Flight. If Darius went out, I would’ve thought they could claim Le Sex Gods are the winning team. But Sammy goes out first, Y2MJF get the title shot, and MJF is definitely going to usurp the faction from Jericho, leaving Sammy as Jericho’s only ally. It might happen when Y2MJF loses the tag title match and that is the “last straw.”

They also cleverly used last week as a way to keep FTR out of the battle royal while extending the feud with Jurassic Express. FTR had a good promo, Stunt being their hostage was a great twist, and I hope we get a killer tag match for at least the go-home to Revolution. Speaking of, the go-home having Shaq & Jade VS Cody & Red Velvet is actually a great move. It gets AEW ratings, and leaves space on the Revolution card for something else, maybe even something relating to the Women’s Title Eliminator Tournament. The bracket looks great, and I would love if we end up with Jay VS Tay for the US semifinals to add some drama to their friendship. And while they did announce Deeb VS Riho as an opening round match, I actually hope they change that since the bracket wasn’t filled out.

Britt VS Rosa was a great match, but of course Rebel is why Britt wins. I hope the other US semifinal is the rematch so that Rosa can win and get to the US bracket finals and then to the finals and become a contender. We got an okay promo segment to plug the Revolution Street Fight, but it was all just Sting for his side. The Street Fight is going to be really good, but the build is still lacking. Janela had a good promo, his match with Darby is going to be a lot of fun. Hardy and Hangman in the tag match was pretty good, and it’s good progress in their story, I hope we get the Dark Order asking Hangman what’s going on.

As wrestling weddings go, tonight’s was good. It made natural references to what the WWE has done, especially with Miro, and it worked out at least because Cassidy came out of the cake. I’m thinking we get Chuck & Cassidy VS Miro & Kip for at least the go-home to make that an even bigger night. The lumberjack match was a lot of fun, Archer and Kingston are now 1-1 I believe, so I hope we get a tiebreaker at some point. Archer also getting involved after that amazing Six Man Tag is great reference to his past in NJPW with Bullet Club. Bullet Club winning the Six Man was a bit of a surprise, but I suppose they really couldn’t afford to lose since they’re all champions.

KENTA showing up was a genius move because it means AEW accepts that Bullet Club is for life, and that Moxley will be working with NJPW still because he is still their US Champion. If anyone was doubting Kenta VS Moxley happening on NJPW Strong being all that good, this just made it feel like a big time match!

My Score: 9.5/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (4/12/21)

A QUADRUPLE main event?!?



AEW Elevation Coverage

This might be the biggest Dark: Elevation yet!

Wait, AEW Dark: Elevation is giving us a QUADRUPLE main event?! Is that even possible?! Will Death Triangle be stronger than ever going into their AEW World Tag Team Championship match?


  • Britt Baker w/ Rebel VS Skye Blue; wins.
  • Thunder Rosa VS Diamante; wins.
  • Orange Cassidy VS John Skyler; wins.
  • Dante Martin VS Baron Black; wins.
  • Brandon Cutler VS Penta El Zero M; wins.
  • Miro w/ Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford VS Hayden Backlund; wins.
  • QT Marshall & Nick Comoroto VS Andrew Palace & Cole Karter; win.
  • The Hybrid2 VS Carlie Bravo & Dean Alexander; wins.
  • PAC & Rey Fenix VS Andre Montoya & Vary Morales; wins.
  • FTR w/ The Pinnacle VS Midas Black & Jay Lyon; win(s).
  • Best Friends VS Ryan Nemeth & Cezar Bononi; win.
  • Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page VS Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela; win.


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of AEW Dark: Elevation will begin later tonight]

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (4/7/21)

Battle lines have been drawn!



AEW Dynamite Coverage 2

Let them fight on Dynamite!

The Inner Circle is back, Jurassic Express and Bear Country clash, and Darby Allin continues to be a FIGHTING AEW TNT Champion, all in one night!


  • Hangman Page VS Max Caster w/ Anthony Bowens; Hangman wins.
  • Jurassic Express VS Bear Country; Jurassic Express wins.
  • AEW TNT Championship: Darby Allin w/ Sting VS JD Drake w/ Ryan Nemeth & Cezar Bononi; Darby wins and retains the title.
  • The Bunny w/ The Hardy Family Office VS Tay Conti w/ The Dark Order; Conti wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers VS Jon Moxley & The Young Bucks; Omega & The Good Brothers win.


The Inner Circle rolls into Daily’s Place!

Chris Jericho in a black Lamborghini, Jake Hager in a Chevy Silverado, Sammy Guevara in a Range Rover, Santana in a Dodge Ram, Ortiz in a Porsche, and motorcycle entourage escorting them in! Y2J, Big Hurt, the Spanish God and the Proud ‘n’ Powerful are returning to AEW in style! But with The Pinnacle somewhere in the building and Mike Tyson expected to return, who’s getting taken out first?!


Hangman Page VS Max Caster w/ Anthony Bowens!

Did the Anxious Millennial Cowboy hear Platinum’s new single on AEW Dark last night? Would it change what Hangman’s about to do to Max if it did? Or maybe Max’s improv rap right here will rile him up! “Hangman, you a changed man. Used to be a star, now you fadin’! Platinum, the flyest on the air, catch you slippin’ like Joe Biden on the stairs! So check the thug process. I’m dancin’ with the devil like I’m Lil’ Nas X! And you a one trick pony! Treat me like a breathalyzer and bl-” WHOA~! Bowens stops Caster there, that is a step too far. You can’t say that on TNT, Max! But either way, The Acclaimed have arrived! But then Hangman BOOTS Bowens to get him out of the ring!

Hangman fires off on Caster, the bell rings and Hangman rings Caster’s bell! He bumps Caster off buckles over and over, and over and over, then stops to stomp a mudhole! The ref counts, Hangman lets off, and Hangman walks it dry. Hangman drags Caster up, CHOPS him back to the corner, and then whips him to ropes. Hangman CLOBBERS Caster at the ropes, suplexes but Caster slips out! Caster shoves, Hangman dodges and scoops to FALL AWAY SLAM! Hangman kips up, fans fire up, and Hangman snap suplexes Caster after all! Cover, ONE!! Caster surprises Hangman but he keeps his cool as fans rally up.

Hangman CHOPS Caster to a corner, CHOPS him again, but Caster turns things around to fire off forearms! Hangman shoves Caster to BOOT him down! Hangman drags Caster up, wrenches, hits an elbow breaker then wrings Caster to stomp him down! Then he drops a BIG senton! Cover, TWO! Hangman smirks as Caster bails out and fans rally up. Bowens checks on Caster, Hangman heads over but Caster drags him out. Hangman counter punches then RAMS Caster into railing! Hangman puts Caster in, Bowens gets in Hangman’s face, but Hangman lets him be. Caster dropkicks Hangman as he enters! Caster stomps away at the ropes, catches his breath, then stomps him more!

Caster CLUBS Hangman, whips but Hangman reverses to send Caster out of the ring! Hangman runs to TRIANGLE LARIAT Caster down! And then PLANCHAS! Direct hit and down goes Caster! Hangman drags Caster up, the ref counts but Hangman CHOPS Caster! Hangman refreshes the count, whips Caster but Caster reverses to send Hangman into railing! Caster runs in but is sent onto the railing! Caster’s gonna be rapping in a higher octave! Hangman then climbs the other railing to leap and LARIAT Caster down! Bowens gets in Hangman’s face again, but Hangman shrugs him off. Hangman gets Bowens’ boombox, tosses it aside, and puts Caster in the ring.

Hangman drags Caster to the corner but Bowens threatens him with the boombox! Caster YANKS Hangman into the post! The ref is busy with Caster and Bowens RAMS Hangman into railing! Bowens puts Hangman in, Caster WRINGS him out, and then Caster throws the arm into the mat. Caster drops knees on the arm, covers, TWO! Fans rally and jeer Caster, and Hangman CHOPS! Caster CLUBS the bad arm, drags Hangman down and has a hammerlock crossface! Fans rally as Hangman endures, and Hangman fights up to arm-drag free! Caster returns but Hangman DECKS him! And again! Hangman dodges to SPINEBUSTER Caster down!

Fans fire up as Caster goes to a corner. Hangman goes corner to corner to clothesline! Hangman keeps going, Caster blocks the suplex and elbows Hangman. Caster blocks the boot, too, spins Hangman but Hangman catches Caster for the EXPLODER! Cover, TWO! Both men are down but fans fire up as Caster goes to the apron. Hangman shakes the bad arm out, goes to the apron, drags Caster up, and Alabama lifts! Caster fights for his life, gets free and BOOTS! Hangman forearms, Caster forearms back and they brawl on the edge! Caster CLUBS the bad arm, but runs into an APRON BACK SUPLEX! Fans fire up, Hangman dumps Caster down, and he goes to the apron.

Hangman climbs a corner, but Bowens is there to distract him! Caster gets in to LEAP up, steady himself, and still SUPERPLEX Hangman down! Then he gets the arm, SHANKLY GATES! Hangman endures, crawls his way forward, but Caster sits deep on the hold! Hangman gets the ropebreak with a finger! The ref counts, Caster holds on until 4! Fans rally for Hangman but Caster climbs up top. SPRINBOARD, into a LARIAT! The fans fire up, Hangman Alabama lifts, for- No! Bowens slides the boombox in! The ref obviously sees that, and Hangman picks the boombox up. The ref confiscates it, but Bowens gets Caster his chain!

Caster wraps his fist, Hangman storms over, PLATINUM PUNCH!! Cover, TWO?!?! Caster is shocked but the fans are thunderous! Caster hurries up top, takes aim, MIC DROP FLOPS! Hangman dodges and gets to the apron! Caster staggers up, Hangman slingshots to- No, Bowens anchors him! Hangman mule kicks Bowens, BOOTS Caster, and then ASAI MOONSAULTS Bowens down! Hangman reloads and aims again, BUCKSHOT! Cover, Hangman wins!

Winner: Hangman Page, by pinfall

The Cowboy secures that number one spot in the rankings! And of course, he toasts with some nearby fellow wrestlers! Will Hangman be saying cheers to a championship opportunity soon enough?


Tony Schiavone is in the ring.

AEW has great tag teams all around, but here is one of the great teams and the #1 contenders to the AEW World Tag Team Championships, DEATH TRIANGLE! PAC and Rey Fenix won the opportunity in the AEW Revolution Tag Team Battle Royal, but they and Penta El Zero Miedo all stand together with Schiavone. Their shot at the titles are coming, next week on Dynamite! They finally get their shots, but wait! The Best Friends show up? Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor and #JustTrent, with the honorary Best Friend, Kris Statlander, walk out on stage, and Cassidy gets the mic! “Y’know… It’s really nice to see all three of you together in the ring again.”

Footage plays, and it turns out to be a highlight reel of the history between these two trios! Revolution 2020 was when Death Triangle brutalized Cassidy after PAC beat him in a 1v1 match. Then on Dynamite from 5/13/2020 was when Fenix Ryder Kicks Cassidy down just because he could! Chuck says that it may have been awhile, but they still remember! Fenix laughs! These guys are crazy! Penta says it’s crazy how they’ve hold onto those moments! Pac says everyone should relax, because he understands why the Best Friend  are here. They see the writing on the wall, and want a shot at the NEW AEW World Tag Team Champions already! Well they’ve got a lot of work to do because they are FAR from worthy! So jog on and get out of here!

Oh, well, alright. Trent says he was hurt, and now Best Friends are back of the line. They’ll work their way back up, because that’s not a problem when you’re the team with more wins than anyone in this company! But anyway, Pac and Triangle can calm down. The Best Friends are just here to give them a heads up. “The boys are back in town!” Oh, and their new alien friend. Fans fire up as the four put hands in, will the reunited Best Friends be out of this world?


Mike Tyson talks with Coach Urban Meyer.

Is Iron Mike giving or getting pointers on how to handle business?


The Inner Circle heads to the ring!

Fans again get to sing Judas for Jericho as he and the boys return officially, even though we saw them get payback on The Pinnacle last week. Jericho gets the mic first, and he says Jacksonville sounds great tonight! The Inner Circle has a lot to say after the break! Y2J knows his TV, and AEW does go to commercial!

AEW returns, fans chant for Inner Circle and Jericho says they ARE the Inner Circle, and they are Back in Black, baby! “And it was only one short month ago that we were in this ring and given the beatdown of a lifetime by the Pineapple.” Sammy whispers a correction to Jericho, The Pinnacle. And that beatdown taught them a lot. It gave them hospital stays, it gave them stitches, but it gave them a wake-up call. It revealed to them that they’d made a lot of bad decisions over the last six months, that hurt and insulted a lot of people. For that, Jericho apologizes to those people and to the fans.

But all those decisions were on MJF, aka “My Jerkoff Friend.” And My Jerkoff Friend says he outsmarted the Inner Circle, mostly because he’s smarter than Jericho. And that’s true, Jericho isn’t the smartest in a few areas. High school chemistry, terrible. His teacher even asked after a second failed test, “Are you on dope?” An exact quote! Jericho wasn’t, he just wasn’t good in Chemistry. But who is? What Jericho is smart in is pro-wrestling! That is why he brought My Jerkoff Friend into the Inner circle. Not to take him under his wing, but to keep him under his thumb.

Jericho knows how dangerous My Jerkoff Friend is and how talented he is, and how much personality and potential he has. Jericho wanted to use him for all of that, and suck the life out of him into the Inner Circle. They had it all perfectly planned, and knew that MJF would eventually show his true colors. They were ready to kick MJF’s ass, but they didn’t think he’d be a step ahead. They got outsmarted by a man who can do everything except for put on a spray tan. Last week, MJF was oranger than Cassidy and had more streaks than that toilet bowl Jericho shoved his face into! Jericho can’t wait to swirly him again! Fans chant “Swirly! Swirly!”

MJF is only 25 years old! When Jericho was 25, he was still having wet dreams! But MJF at 25 is at the pinnacle of pro-wrestling. See what he did there? But here’s the thing! MJF, you consider yourself a fine wine, that he’ll get better with age. But he doesn’t want to wait for the aging, he wants it all now! He wants to be better than The GOAT, Chris Jericho, now. Those are big, big shoes to fill, MJF. You gotta go smaller, take baby steps. Be better than Peter Avalon, or Michael Nakazawa, or “that stupid Burberry scarf you’ve been wearing for a few years. It’s tired, it’s old, it’s stale, and it sucks!” Time to change it up, MJF! Plus, Jericho was rocking the scarf look a few years ago, so if you’re better than Jericho, why is he stealing Jericho’s shit?

But Jericho has an old clipboard in the back if MJF wants to add it to the list of things he’s stolen from Jericho! Y’see, MJF isn’t as good as he thinks he is, and he believes his own hype. Jericho sees MJF listening to the critics and the fans online. MJF would bee-line after every match or promo he’s ever had just to check what people thought! That’s called “Being a mark.” But Jericho makes it “being a Max,” because Max is a mark for himself! The true issue is that MJF knows he will never, ever be better than Jericho. He will never be better than Jericho, and you know it. That’s because Jericho is a true fine wine that has aged and fermented and soured.

Speaking of sour, just look at the men My Jerkoff Friend has aligned with! Tully Blanchard! He’s the greatest mind in pro-wrestling history? Really? No, he’s the third-string member of the Four Horsemen, stuck between Ole Anderson and Paul Roma. Then there’s FTR! They would be one of the best tag teams in the world today, but they’re completely interchangeable! Which one is which? It’s like the AEW version of The Jonas Brothers, where you know they’re good, you know they make money, but you don’t know any of their names! Is that Dax? Cash? Ax? Smash? Axel? Slash? “I DON’T KNOW!!”

And then of course, there’s Shawn Spears. Such a great upside, so they say, but Jericho’s never seen it. All Jericho has is the number on his phone from when Spears called him after getting fired from “The Fed” 10 years ago, asking for advice. Spears aligning himself with My Jerkoff Friend is about as good a move as rocking the blonde mohawk in 2021. And then there’s Wardlow! Of of course! A million dollar body with a 13 cent brain, and guess what? He’s so dumb, he has to strip naked to count to 21! Think about it, Jericho’s seen him do it. But compared to the Inner Circle, the NEW Inner Circle that will dominate AEW once more but with the fans all behind them, The Pinnacle is good, can beat the crap out of them, but who cares?! The Inner Circle loves to fight!

The bottom line is, the Inner Circle will shove the faces of The Pinnacle up each other’s asses and form a human centipede, with MJF in the back! “You want blood? You want violence? You got it!!” They’ve been waiting for a match since March 25th of last year! Why play grab ass anymore? You want blood and violence? You get it! May 5th, right here at Daily’s Place, for the first time ever, Pinnacle VS Inner Circle, BLOOD AND GUTS!! The Inner Circle is back in black, and now that they’re back, they will kick the ever living shit out of the Pinnacle! “The worst is yet to come, God help you for it!!” FINALLY, the match the world has wanted to see! Will MJF’s future be nothing but suffering for what he has done?


Backstage interview with Christian Cage.

Dasha congratulates Captain Charisma on his victorious AEW in-ring debut. So then, how is he feeling? And what’s next? Christian says last week “was the culmination of an entire year of me scratching, clawing, and grinding in complete solitude for that very moment of stepping through those ropes, kneeling down, kissing that canvas, and taking back what was taken from me seven years ago.” Now he can’t talk about last week without talking about his opponent, Frankie Kazarian. Kaz took him to the deep waters, and pushed him so far down. Christian’s lungs were on fire, and he loved every single second of it!

Fans were in awe of Kaz’s performance, but not Christian, because Christian has always known what Kaz is about. Kaz knows that Christian isn’t like everyone else. When you step into the ring with Christian, you have to bring it up another level. Christian makes others level up! But then Taz interrupts and says for those who don’t know, these two have known each other for a long time. That all said, seven years is a long time. Taz has a team that can help Christian get where he wants to be, so Taz will just get right to his offer: Christian can join Team Taz! They can all help each other, and a guy with Christian’s wealth of knowledge would be a great help.

And before Christian can say too much first, Taz won’t put him on the spot. Christian can sleep on it. Will Captain Charisma choose to join the Path of Rage?


Jurassic Express VS Bear Country!

Two forces of nature will collide, but #OneWillFall. Godzilla VS Kong is in theaters, but here is a pretty good teaser right here! Will Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus represent for the reptiles? Or will the burly Boulder & Bronson bring the heat on behalf of warm-blooded beasts everywhere?

The teams sort out, Luchasaurus steps up to Boulder and fans fire up already! Bronson and JB walk over, and Bronson shoves JB right down! Luchasaurus choke grips Bronson, but Boulder shoves Luchasaurus to the corner! JB returns to SHOTGUN dropkick Bronson, then dodges Boulder to set him up for Luchasaurus’ BOOT! Another SHOTGUN, another BOOT and the Bears are out of the ring! JB builds speed to DIVE into Bronson! JB keeps going, and DIVES again! JB keeps it up, and he FLIES, but into the arms of Bear Country! But JB wriggles free as Luchasaurus FLIES in and bowls Bear Country over!

Fans fire up as JB and Luchasaurus regroup. They get Boulder in, Luchasaurus drags Boulder up but Boulder RAMS him into the corner! Bronson tags in, Boulder whips him in and Bronson SPLASHES Luchasaurus in the corner! Bronson fires off hands, Luchasaurus shoves back but Bronson ROCKS him! Tag to Boulder and now Bronson whips Boulder in, but into a boot then KNEE! Bronson runs in, Luchasaurus goes up and over, then handsprings to dodge Boulder! Hot tag to JB! Luchasaurus elbows Bronson, JB leaps but Boulder catches the rana! Luchasaurus is up top, and LEAPS, but he just bounces off Boulder! Boulder keeps JB up to BOMB him!

AEW goes picture in picture as Boulder grits his teeth as he paces around JB and fans rally up. Boulder brings JB up, scoops him and SLAMS him! Boulder makes sure his arms are working, and Luchasaurus seems to be alright after that crash landing. Tag to Bronson, the bears mug JB, and Bronson drags JB up to DECK him! JB gets to a corner, Bronson storms over but JB kicks back from below. Bronson blocks a kick to rain down furious fists! Bronson lets off as the ref counts, and he drags JB up. JB SLAPS Bronson, CHOPS him, but Bronson HEADBUTTS JB down! Cover, TWO! Bronson grows frustrated but he stalks JB and keeps him from Luchasaurus.

Bronson whips JB to CLOBBER him! Tag to Boulder, Bronson stands on JB and then Boulder steps on him! Boulder drags JB up, scoops him, and hits a BACKBREAKER! JB writhes but he still reaches for Luchasaurus. Boulder stands on JB’s head, lets off as the ref counts, then drops a big elbow on the back! Boulder drags JB up, puts him in a corner and whips him corner to corner to then back drop on the rebound! AEW returns to single picture as Boulder drags JB up and tags Bronson in. Bear Country mugs JB, then Bronson whips JB into the corner. JB BOOTS back, fights out and slides under but Boulder tags in!

Bronson keeps JB from Luchasaurus, Bear Country double suplexes, but JB lands on his feet! JB dodges and hot tags Luchasaurus! Luchasaurus rallies with big shoulders, BOOTS Boulder then BOOTS him in the corner! Luchasaurus adds Bronson to the pile to fire off hands! GERMAN SUPLEX for Bronson, then Luchasaurus ducks the running knee to kip up and TAIL WHIP! LARIAT! Fans fire up with Luchasaurus and he waits for Boulder to get up. Boulder turns around into a choke grip! Bronson storms over, into a choke grip! The bears break free but Luchasaurus boots through their double clothesline! ROUNDHOUSE to HEEL KICK!

Luchasaurus runs but is put on the apron. He HEADBUTTS Boulder, climbs up, but Boulder trips him up! Boulder climbs up, but Luchasaurus choke grips! Boulder fights it off! But Luchasaurus still gets the grip! Boulder HEADBUTTS Luchasaurus! Boulder gets a SUPERPLEX! Both men are down but the fans are fired up! Boulder covers, but JB FROG SPLASHES it apart! Bronson drags JB up to throw him out but JB shoulders back in! JB slingshots and spins around to DDT! JB baits Boulder into Luchasaurus’ EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT! Cover, but Bronson scoops JB for a MICHINOKU DRIVER onto the pin! All four are down and the fans fire up again!

The teams regroup as fans chant “This is Awesome!” Bronson and Boulder combine, head for Luchasaurus, CANNON BEAR!! They drag Luchasaurus to a cover, TWO!! Luchasaurus survives and Boulder can’t believe it! Boulder is frustrated, but he tags Bronson in, and they decide to combine again! Boulder has Bronson on the Electric Chair, but Luchasaurus sits up! JB returns and he dropkicks Boulder’s legs out! Bronson drops into the TAIL WHIP!! Boulder BOOTS Luchasaurus, grabs JB and whips, but JB LARIATS on the return! Luchasaurus pushes Boulder out! Bronson staggers into a choke grip, and the CHOKE SLAM! MESOZOIC MOONSAULT! Cover, Jurassic Express wins!

Winners: Jurassic Express, by pinfall

Who needs Godzilla VS Kong? This was a true clash of alpha titans! Will Jurassic Express now pull into the top spot right behind Death Triangle?


AEW hears from QT Marshall.

In reference to Cody Rhodes, “Your mantra should be, ‘Do the work for me.‘ Whether it’s creating this incredible training facility, or carrying your broken down brother through whatever career he had left, ever since the beginning of our ‘friendship,’ all I’ve ever done is do work for you.” QT is sick of the narrative Cody is creating about how he was going out of his way to help QT, but leaving QT dead in the water before he ever got started. Cody wants to doubt QT Marshall’s credentials? Let’s talk about those credentials for a minute. Cody was second fiddle to Ted (DeBiase) Jr, then went hiding behind face paint because even as “Dusty’s kid,” he knew he’d never amount to shit.

But Cody “figured it out” at some point. He got on the indies, surrounded himself with “vanilla midgets,” and felt like the star he knew he’d never be. But QT has surrounded himself with men. Hungry, sick and tired of waiting in the shadows, and that can trust QT and QT can trust back. Because unlike “Bargain Brand Sting,” QT isn’t worried about other people’s success. Aaron Solow, “who will never be known as ‘just somebody’s boyfriend.'” Nick Comoroto, who isn’t just some “body guy.” And Anthony Ogogo, who is a household name in the UK! A mainstream fighter and star! The British follow his career and cheer every punch. Ogogo does Subway commercials for business and knocks people out for fun!

But this ain’t Great Britain, this is “Shitty” America! So all you Yanks are gonna learn soon enough who Ogogo is. QT tells Cody that this is HIS goddamn factory now! Comoroto splashes the Nightmare Factory logo on the wall with blue paint, and this fearsome foursome has left its mark! Will others join them? Or will they simply know not to side with The Prince of Pro-Wrestling?


AEW returns with Schiavone on stage.

This never gets old for Tony. Once again on Dynamite, “It’s STIIIIIIIING~!” The snow, the crow and the Icon! A lot to unpack with the TNT Championship coming up, but Jake the Snake interrupts. “This is not the way we do it. You remember! How can you forget? It’s only been what? Seven days?” They start, Snake and Archer interrupt, Sting does nothing and keeps his mouth shut, or maybe just shuts his hole. Where’s his little gerbil friend, by the way? Yes, he’s a gerbil. But they say insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting a different result, and Snake is a crazy son of a bitch so he should know!

But Archer interrupts now and says this is enough. If that’s insanity, then Snake isn’t the only crazy one, Archer’s “one sick son of a bitch!” And Archer is sick and tired of the AEW agenda! Bring Archer in, bring him to the top, but then send him away. He fights Moxley, then goes away. He works main event after main event, then he goes away. He’s done with that! The world will pay attention to the Murderhawk Monster, and Sting will pay attention closely. This is Archer’s time! Archer should be getting the interviews! Sting doesn’t need to talk because this is Archer’s time! But then Sting snatches the mic away!

“Now it’s MY time!” Then say something! He’d say something if Archer would be slow to speak and quick to listening. Zip up and understand that Sting AGREES! Archer is a main event guy, but then he disappears, and Sting doesn’t understand it, either! Snake, what’s wrong with you? What’s that dumbfounded face for? Tell Archer how to do it! Or maybe just shut your hole now. Sting says Archer IS main event material, he has “it,” but Snake needs to actually help him! Help Archer channel this in the right direction and then he will be in that ring on TNT in a main event, maybe even for the world title, without disappearances. Just make it happen! Make it showtime! If you’ve got it in you, go do it!

Sting storms off, but All Ego, Ethan Page, and the Face of the Revolution, Scorpio Sky, are watching from the bleachers. They don’t seem to see it Sting’s way, but what is Archer’s response? Archer storms off, too, with Snake following. With Ethan and Scorpio have their own input on this?


Team Taz speaks.

But before Taz himself can say anything, Ricky Starks speaks up and wants to start by saying AEW Dark was great! They got the win thank to Brian Cage! And as the winner, let’s hear from Cage! Taz speaks up and says no, not this time. Starks instigated, he isn’t going to get away with it this week. Will Hobbs wants to say something but Taz already knows what he’ll say. Everyone just needs to chill out, get on the same page. Starks, stop instigating. But they’ve got to be real smart, because they’ve got an offer to a real blue chipper in Christian Cage. That could happen! Starks says absolutely. But will they be able to handle having two Cages on the same team? Or will they end up with no Cages in no time?


AEW TNT Championship: Darby Allin w/ Sting VS JD Drake w/ Ryan Nemeth & Cezar Bononi!

The Relentless wants to be a fighting champion, and another rising star answered the call! Will the Blue Collar Badass prove that even a rugged mug like his can be the Face of the Network? Or will the Icon prove to be a superior wingman to the Hollywood Hunk and the Beautiful Brazilian Beefcake?

The introductions are made, the title is raised, and the fighting champion is in for a fight!

Darby and JD stare down as fans fire up and rally. They circle, tie up, and JD puts Darby in a corner. The ref counts, Darby ducks a chop and then ducks again. Darby headlocks, JB powers up to throw him to a corner. Darby boots the chop away, shoves JD but JD goes up and over to CHOP him! Darby bails out, fans fire up, and a ring count begins. JD dares Darby to get back in and Darby is on the apron. Darby pie faces JD then dares him to bring it to the outside. JD takes the bait, Darby gets in then WRECKS JD with a dropkick! Darby runs to DIVE and ram JD into railing! Darby gets up top, Nemeth distracts everyone, and Darby leaps, but JD bounces him off his shoulder!

Nemeth laughs at Darby while JD drags him up, but Sting is there to scare Nemeth away! JD puts Darby in to drop a  BIG back senton! Sting keeps backing Nemeth all they way to the timekeeper’s table and further away! JD ROCKS Darby, Nemeth keeps running, and JD CHOPS away on Darby! Bononi is still in JD’s corner as JD drops knees then covers, ONE!! Darby sputters but JD brings him up. Darby throws body shots but JD scoops and SLAMS to then drop a headbutt! Cover, TWO!, and AEW goes picture in picture.

JD stalks Darby, drags him up, chokes him on the ropes, but lets off as the ref counts. JD waits for Darby to get up, then brings him around to ROCK him with a right! Darby ends up in a corner, JD CHOPS him, then lets him feel it for a moment. Darby gets up, SLAPS JD, but JD SLAPS Darby back! JD whips Darby, LARIATS him inside out, then covers, TWO! Darby survives but JD wraps on a chinlock! JD grinds Darby down into the mat, but Darby fights his way up. Darby throws body shots, but JD back suplexes high and hard! JD drags Darby up the corner with him, but Darby SLAPS JD! And back hands and SLAPS and SLAPS and SLAPS!

Darby climbs up, fires off more SLAPS, then haymakers! JD shoves Darby away and hits a FLYING LEG LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Darby survives, JD grows frustrated, but JD steps on Darby as he goes to the corner. AEW returns to single picture as Darby bails out. JD pursues, stalks Darby, and he brings Darby around but Darby throws body shots! Darby throws a forearm but JD tosses him into ropes to CLOBBER him! JD shouts, “Tonight’s MY night!” Darby crawls, Bononi cheers JD on, and JD refreshes the ring count to then aim at Darby near the railings. JD runs in and CANNONBALLS but only into railing as Darby dodges!

Darby gets to the ring, gets up the corner, and he LEAPS onto both Bononi and JD! Darby gets back in the ring as fans are fired up for “A E DUB!” The ring count is 5 of 10 but JD gets in! Darby clubs away on JD with furious fists, then goes up the corner. JD trips Darby up! JD gets Darby in the Tree of Woe to KICK, CLUB and then sit him up by his chin. Darby SLAPS JD, but JD sits Darby up to CHOP him on the back! Darby is back in the Tree of Woe, JD runs and CANNONBALLS Darby down! JD goes up top fast, VADER BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Darby survives and JD is shocked! Fans fire up, JD drags Darby back to the drop zone and goes back up top. MOONSAULT FLOPS!

Darby is in the corner, he climbs back up but JD ROCKS him first! JD climbs up now, but Darby SLAPS him! JD SLAPS, it’s a SLAP fight up top! But then Darby grabs a hand to BITE it, and hits a SUPER CODE RED!! JD is in a drop zone, Darby goes up top, COFFIN DROP!! Cover, Darby wins!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall (still AEW TNT Champion)

The Relentless is still champion, still Face of the Network, and still on a hot win streak! But then THE BUTCHER clobbers Darby! The Hardy Family Office is here and they mug Darby on behalf of Hardy himself! Bunny Allie says commentary needs to get their stuff off the table because they’re going to use it! But then Sting and the Dark Order are here to run HFO off! Bunny is furious, but she’s gotta face Tay Conti in the ring now! Is she reconsidering given the HFO ran off? Too late! Tay tackles her on the stage and rains down fury! The refs hurry to break this up because this needs to happen in the ring! Will Tay tear into Bunny on behalf of Darby and the Dark Order?


AEW returns with a backstage interview with Chris Jericho.

Marvez brings up the huge news that Blood & Guts is happening on May 5th! Jericho tells Alex Marvez he’s more handsome than usual. What’s he doing that’s new? But then MJF blindsides Jericho, and the Pinnacle join in! FTR, Shawn Spears, and Wardlow shove Jericho towards gorilla and then the stage! Where is the Inner Circle!? MJF chokes Jericho with his scarf! FTR gets Jericho up for the MIND BREAKER!! Marvez signals to cameras, and the Inner Circle door has been bolted shut! The Inner Circle literally bust through the door to get free! But the Pinnacle keeps mugging Jericho and they get a table!

Spears brings the table to the apron, Wardlow reels Jericho in, but here comes IRON MIKE TYSON!! Tyson and Jericho may not be friends, but Tyson isn’t going to let a group of thugs brutalize Jericho! Thyson fires off on Spears! He rains down fury like in his prime! FTR saves Spears, the Inner Circle rushes to even things up!! The Pinnacle goes running now, and fans are fired up for Tyson standing with the Inner Circle! Is the Baddest Man on the Planet really on Jericho’s side? They shake hands! Jericho and Tyson let bygones be bygones, and Tyson says “up yours” to MJF! Will Iron Mike help the Inner Circle get ready for Blood & Guts?


Schiavone interviews Britt Baker (and Rebel) backstage.

The Doctor has a special announcement, and a small request for Tony Khan. “Tony, give the people what they want already!” A championship match for The Doctor! But she’s ranked fourth, there are others ahead of her. Yeah, let’s talk about those rankings. The win-loss system is UTTER CRAP! Championship opportunities should be based on star power, merchandise sales, and the demographic scores, which Britt is at the top of the food chain. It’s not her fault she had to waste a year putting respect on the women’s division and make history. But like a true Role Model, she will fix the broken system, climb up the rankings, and pretend like it actually matters.

So make sure to tune into Dynamite, Dark and Elevation where you will see The Doctor getting those wins up. Signed yours truly, Britt Baker DMD. Will Britt “expose” the AEW system for what it is?


The Bunny w/ The Hardy Family Office VS Tay Conti w/ The Dark Order!

Things may have calmed down from that brawl earlier, but there’s madness just below the surface when it comes to Allie the Bunny. But to counter the HFO being ringside, the Brazilian Blackbelt has not only the Dark Order’s Preston Vance, Evil Uno, Stu Grayson and Negative One, but she has Hikaru Shida with her! Will the Numbers game be in Tay’s favor?

The bell rings and these two fire off forearms! Tay gets the edge, Bunny kicks low and clubs away, then CLAWS Tay on the back! Bunny bumps Tay off buckles, Tay wobbles but Bunny bumps her off more buckles! Fans rally for Tay as Bunny digs her boots in! The ref counts, Bunny lets off and the HFO talk trash. Bunny brings Tay up and talks trash but Tay blocks the kick! Tay clinches for an EXPLODER! Bunny flounders, Tay fires up and runs in to BOOT Bunny down! Then she boot WASHES! Bunny flops out of the ring, Tay goes to the apron and aims. Bunny dodges one kick, blocks the next and trips Tay into the apron! Bunny seethes, but then laughs as she brings Tay around to snap suplex to the floor!

Bunny sees Tay floundering to railing, and run sin to SHOTGUN her into the railing! Tay flops down, the HFO is fired up and Bunny drags Tay up as AEW goes picture in picture.

Bunny bumps Tay off the apron, brings her back around and puts her into the ring. Bunny takes a moment to laugh like a hyena, and then she stomps Tay down. Bunny drags Tay up, talks trash and throws big knees into her! Bunny runs and knee lifts Tay down! Cover, TWO! Bunny gets frustrated already but she drags Tay up. Tay fires back with forearms and then reels Bunny into a cradle! TWO, and Bunny CLOBBERS Tay! Cover, TWO! Bunny is angry again but Tay reaches out for her friends. Bunny drags Tay around, looms over her, and brings her into the cobra camel clutch! Tay endures, Bunny thrashes her around, and AEW goes to break.

AEW returns as Tay throws Bunny around with drop sayanagis! Tay then gets Bunny up for the swinging BACKBREAKER! Bunny crawls to a corner, Tay runs in but the knee hits buckles! Tay hobbles into a SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!! Shida and the Dark Order cheer Tay on but Bunny slaps some fire into herself. Bunny drags Tay up, brings her around, dragon sleepers but Tay fights free! Tay fires off forearms, Hardy gets on the apron and stands in Tay’s way! But Tay dodges Bunny, Bunny avoids running into Hardy, and Tay gets her for a Gory Especial, to the TAY K O!! Cover, TWO!?! Bunny survives and shocks everyone, especially Tay!

Bunny crawls to the apron, Tay drags her back up, but Bunny hotshots her! Tay staggers away onto ropes, Bunny sucker punches Shida! Bunny gets Shida’s kendo stick but all hell breaks loose between Dark Order and HFO! The ref is busy with that, just as Bunny wanted, and she SMACKS Tay with the kendo stick! Is Allie a bunny or a weasel!? Bunny then climbs up, but Shida snatches the stick away! Tay ROCKS Bunny, climbs up to get her, and hits a SUPERPLEX! Roll through, hammerlock, DD-TAY!! Cover, Tay wins!!

Winner: Tay Conti, by pinfall

The champion helps her #1 contender, because it’s more about respect than anything! Will these friendly rivals become friendly opponents soon enough?


AEW sets up next week’s big episode of Dynamite!

After calling Darby out on Elevation and Dark, then being part of the attack on him tonight, Matt Hardy gets his shot at the TNT Championship, in a Falls Count Anywhere match! Will Big Money Matt strike gold in Daily’s Place? Then, as we learned earlier tonight, the Young Bucks will defend the AEW Tag Team Championships against Death Triangle’s PAC & Rey Fenix! The Bastard & Firebird were put on notice by Best Friends, but will the titles be part of the mix? And now that he is firmly part of QT’s cell, Anthony Ogogo finally has his AEW in-ring debut! Is Ogogo gonna knock out whoever is put in his path?

And speaking of “finally,” Red Velvet and Jade Cargill go 1v1 so settle the score! Jade won in the mixed tag, but will she pull off sweet victory all on her own? Or will Velvet get her sweet revenge? In fact…

Red Velvet speaks.

“Jade, I finally figured out what your deal is with me. Why you keep looking for me.” It’s because Jade knows that on the night she beat Velvet on national television, Jade knew then and there that she barely got the job done! Jade calls herself #ThatBitch? Then be #ThatBitchWhoGetsTheJobDone!


ONE MORE big match has been made for next week!

After the news of Blood & Guts finally happening, and after Mike Tyson stood alongside the Inner Circle, there’s a huge sampler to whet our appetites! Mike Tyson will be special guest enforcer as Chris Jericho with just Sammy Guevara ringside takes on Dax Hardwood with just Cash Wheeler by his side! That’s right, the rest of the Inner Circle and Pinnacle will be BANNED from ringside during this match to keep this as far as possible! Will Jericho and Tyson rewrite the mistakes of the past together?


Six Man Tag: Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers VS Jon Moxley & The Young Bucks!

Did anyone ever imagine the Elite ending up like this? Will there be any going back from this? Or have the bonds between the Best Bout Machine and the Jackson brothers been severed forever?

The trios sort out, Karl Anderson starts with Matt and the fans rally on the Bucks’ side. Callis mocks Matt with how he slapped him and Matt did nothing about it. Matt storms over, Callis backs off, and Omega suddenly wants in. Anderson tags Omega, Omega tries to talk with Matt about this, and Callis scurries to commentary. Omega and Matt tie up, go around, and Omega pulls hair to put Matt on ropes. Matt turns it around, the ref counts, Matt lets off but Omega pie faces. Matt shoves, Omega shoves, things get tense and Matt backs away to tag in Nick. Nick and Omega circle now, and Nick tries to point out this is Callis’ fault.

Omega and Nick tie up, Nick wrenches, Omega wrenches back, but Nick rolls and handsprings to WRING him out! Omega boots Nick away, gets up to headlock but Nick powers out. Omega gets the headlock again, Nick powers out again, but Omega runs him over! Nick gets up and Omega double guns at him. They tie up again, Nick headlocks but Omega powers out. Nick handsprings over, then RANAS Omega out of the ring! Omega paces, gets back in and tags Anderson. The Machine Gun is upset with Nick for teaming with Moxley, then he shoves Nick, but Nick kicks low. Nick whips, Anderson reverses but Nick dodges and springboards to arm-drag then dropkick!

Nick dropkicks Omega as he gets in, but Gallows gets Nick with a choke grip! Nick breaks free, Matt gets in, the Bucks double dropkick Gallows, then Moxley clotheslines Gallows out! Moxley builds speed, TOPE AND DOUBLE PLANCHAS! Fans are thunderous as Moxley and the Bucks regroup and AEW goes picture in picture!

Moxley and the Bucks stand down, Nick fetches Anderson into the ring, and Nick wrenches then tags Matt. Matt goes up to drop ax handles on Anderson’s arm. Matt wrenches the arm again and again and then tags in Moxley. Moxley climbs up to drop an ax handle on the arm. Moxley drags Anderson up to wrench, snapmare and PENALTY KICK! Moxley drags Anderson up, tags Matt in and they mug Anderson. Matt wrenches, Anderson powers Matt to the corner, and he throws hands! Tag to Gallows, the Good Brothers mug Matt, then Gallows ROCKS Matt with uppercuts and haymakers, over and over and over! Gallows backs off to throw ’em up, then drags Matt up for a HEADBUTT!

Omega tags in, he and Gallows hand off the wristlock, and Omega wrenches Matt to CLUB the arm! Omega drags Matt to CLUB the arm again, then wraps the arm around ropes to pull! The ref counts, Omega lets off, and bumps Matt off buckles. Tag to Anderson, Anderson snapmares Matt to a chinlock. Matt endures, Anderson cranks back, and Matt fights up to throw body shots. Anderson ROCKS Matt with an uppercut, then CHOPS him! Anderson keeps Matt from his corner as AEW returns to single picture, and whips him back towards the Biz Cliz corner. Matt dropkicks Gallows down, DECKS Omega, then BOOTS Anderson! Matt swings into a back suplex but lands on his feet! Hot tag to Moxley!

Moxley dodges Anderson, DECKS Omega and hits Gallows, then rallies on Anderson! Moxley clotheslines, whips but Anderson reverses! Anderson runs in to clothesline, but Moxley just shrugs it off! Anderson fires off CHOPS but Moxley just leans into them! Moxley SLAPS Anderson, runs and gets around to SNAP GERMAN! Omega gets in, he gets a SNAP GERMAN! Gallows runs in but he gets a BIG GERMAN! Moxley gets Anderson with a sleeper on the apron but Anderson hotshots him! Gallows tags in, runs and YAKUZA KICKS Moxley down! Gallows drags Moxley up to rain down hands, drops an elbow, and covers, TWO!

Gallows throws headbutts, digs his boots into Moxley, and Omega digs his boots in, too. Fans rally for Moxley but Gallows drags Moxley up by his ears. Gallows throws heavy hands and Moxley flounders into a BUZZSAW! Gallows stalks Moxley to a corner, rains down more fists, then goes corner to corner, but Moxley gets up and in his face! Both men dodge and spin, Moxley kicks low to NECKBREAKER! Fans fire up as Moxley heads for the corner, hot tags to Nick and Anderson! Nick dodges Anderson to BLAST Omega! Nick bobs ‘n’ weaves to forearm, back kick, ROUNDHOUSE and have Anderson in a corner!

Gallows gets in, throws hands then throws Nick, but Nick dodges! ROUNDHOUSE, SHINING WIZARD and forearm smash in the corner, the Nick runs at Anderson. Anderson dodges, Nick hits buckles, but then Nick dodges as Anderson runs in! Anderson gets stuck in the corner, Nick runs at Gallows but is put on the apron! Nick ENZIGURIS back, climbs up and DUMDUM STOMPS, to then somersault for the DRAPING BACKSTABBER! Fans fire up with Nick as he goes to the apron and PENALTY KICKS Gallows down! Nick shoulders into Anderson, then slingshots, into the SPINEBUSTER! Both men are down but crawling, hot tags to Matt and Omega!

Omega stops in his tracks when he sees it’s Matt! Omega wants Matt to calm down and have a match, not a brawl. But then Omega rushes Matt, only to be sent into buckles! Matt hip tosses Omega, arm-drags him around, then whips for a BIG back drop! Omega flounders, Matt fires up and aims, but he fakes the superkick to SPIKE DDT! Omega sits up, Matt paces like a shark, and Matt fires up but still hesitates! Omega wobbles, Matt just can’t hit him with the superkick! Fans are upset, Matt checks on Omega but Omega SLAPS Matt! Omega slaps Matt around, daring him to hit him! Matt tackles him and rains down fists!

Matt lets off, Gallows gets in and YAKUZA KICKS! Nick missile dropkicks Gallows, Moxley clotheslines Gallows and himself out! Anderson BLASTS Nick with a EuroUpper! Matt SUPERKICKS Anderson! Omega gets a SNAP DRAGON on Matt! No hesitation from the Cleaner as he gets Matt back up and full nelson again, for ANOTHER SNAP DRAGON! Matt staggers, Omega aims but runs into Moxley’s LARIAT! Matt gets Omega for the PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!!! “This is Awesome!” but Callis sounds worried. Matt asks if Omega is alright, but he sees Nick is up top. Matt fireman’s carries, MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!! Cover, Anderson breaks it in time!!

Nick whips Anderson back out, then he goes up and up and ESCALARAS to take the Good Brothers down! Matt is again checking on Matt, but Nick wants him to finish this off. The Bucks get Omega up, they have an arm each, B T E- No, Matt hesitates! Moxley tells them to finish this! Matt knows, and says he can do this. Matt and Nick get Onega up again, B T E Tr- No…!! Matt still can’t bring himself to do it! Moxley tags in and says he’ll do this! But Matt won’t let him, so now Mox sees where this is going. Moxley blows past Matt to hit a PARADIGM SHIFT on Omega!! And then a SECOND PARADIGM SHIFT to make a point!! BULLY CHOKE!! Omega is stuck, sputtering, and then Moxley spins Omega-

NICK SUPERKICKS Moxley?! The MATT SUPERKICKS MOXLEY!! Eddie Kingston storms out to ringside, but the Good Brothers jump him! Moxley’s friend gets stomped down by Omega’s friends, but what does all this make the Bucks? MAGIC KILLER to Kingston on the ramp!! Callis says they should get a stretcher for Kingston. The Good Brothers get Moxley up, MAGIC KILLER! They put Omega on Moxley for the cover, the Biz Cliz wins!

Winners: Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers, by pinfall

Are the Young Bucks still Omega’s friends? Are they still Biz Cliz 4 Life? Omega wants them to prove their loyalties by doing something more to Moxley! Callis whispers something to Matt, and Matt looks to Nick. They DOUBLE SUPERKICK Moxley down! Fans chant, “You Sold Out!” as Matt refuses the Too Sweet, so they can group hug! When will this emotional roller coaster with the Elite end?

My Thoughts:

Another great episode for Dynamite, and they’re clearly making a big deal out of no longer having a Wednesday Night War in their way. We’re getting a big episode next week with some good groundwork paved for it tonight, as well as for several more Wednesdays down the line. The first is that we are getting the tag title match now, but Best Friends are starting up their feud with Death Triangle again, with or without the titles. Given how tonight ended, I don’t know if PAC & Fenix win over these solidly Heel Bucks, but getting trios matches out of Death Triangle and Best Friends would still be awesome to see anyway.

We also got some great promos that put in some worked shoot material. Sting actually telling Archer he should be a top guy was great, because it is just as true as he and Archer said. This was also a good twist because where I thought we were getting Heel Archer going against Sting and/or Darby, this could flip Archer back towards a Face direction, and he’ll be taking on Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky, since they got cameos in the segment. QT’s promo with his unnamed faction was really good, and I am intrigued to see Ogogo finally get in the ring. Jericho’s promo tearing into MJF and The Pinnacle was an all time great, and is definitely going to be AEW’s best for this entire year. The brawl that followed and Tyson being with Inner Circle is great, as will Blood & Guts FINALLY happening!

Britt Baker’s promo was also good worked shoot adjacent, where she points out how AEW’s win loss record stuff doesn’t work. But instead of saying gimmick matches and tournaments and things are the problem, her character wants to make this into the (WWE) popularity system. This will make for a nice detail of her story as she racks up wins against lower level opponents, much like she’s already started with on Dark and Elevation, and then maybe she gets too cocky and lets one get a quick win off her, thereby ruining her run at the top spot. Plus, it feels like there’s a great story already in the works for Tay and Shida.

We got good intertwining of Darby’s story with Hardy and the Dark Order’s story with Hardy, and how Tay can fit into that against Bunny. Darby VS JD was great stuff, and then there was the great segue of the attack by the HFO, and how Tay and Bunny brawled then had their own solid match. Shida VS Tay is going to be big, and at this rate, could go either way because Tay is a hot hand right now. I’m surprised there wasn’t intertwining with Hangman, but given his great match with Caster to lock in as #1, maybe AEW is going to shift him towards the world title soon. I am also surprised Caster is getting the greenlight on his lyrics but I am not complaining, either.

We got an awesome main event with that 3v3, with great story of the Bucks unable to proverbially pull the trigger on Omega. The Bucks might be coming off a bit too wishy-washy, because they did the group Too Sweet but they then get up set at Callis but now they do this because they just can’t bring themselves to hate Omega. I guess the Biz Cliz can roll as a bigger group, with any number of possibilities given the growing partnerships with Impact and NJPW. But for just AEW, is there a chance Moxley and Kingston can get Death Triangle to side with them for just long enough to take on Omega’s group? Kingston may have been manipulating the Lucha Bros just months ago, but they all have common enemies in Omega and The Bucks. Plus, that’s a wild combination there that needs to be in a match together.

My Score: 9.5/10

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