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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (2/19/21)

One last battle before Elimination Chamber!



Coverage SmackDown 2021

SmackDown has a Six Man of their Elimination Chamber contenders!

Before stepping inside the sinister steel, Roman Reigns’ six potential challengers battle in a Six Man Tag on the SmackDown before Elimination Chamber!


  • Apollo Crews VS Shinsuke Nakamura; Nakamura wins.
  • The Riott Squad VS Tamina & Natalya; Tamina & Natalya win.
  • Six Person Mixed Tag: Sasha Banks, Bianca Belair & Reginald VS Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler & Bayley; Sasha, Bianca & Reginald win.
  • Rey & Dominik Mysterio VS The Alpha Academy; The Mysterios win, by disqualification.
  • Six Man Tag: Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan & Cesaro VS Jey Uso, King Corbin & Sami Zayn; Kevin, Bryan & Cesaro win.


Edge returns to SmackDown!

The Rated R Superstar and Men’s Royal Rumble Winner still has a choice to make, but as he said a couple weeks ago on Raw, he is going to wait until Elimination Chamber has sorted things out! But he’s back on the blue brand tonight, gets a mic, and says, “It is good to be back on SmackDown headed into Elimination Chamber this Sunday!” He has a lot of decisions to make. On one hand, Drew McIntyre defends his WWE World Championship in the Elimination Chamber. On the other, Roman Reigns defends his WWE Universal Championship at Elimination Chamber.

Edge isn’t one to judge, he is an opportunist, but Roman is making the smarter play. McIntyre could lose in an instant, but Roman is defending against a man who had to survive a Chamber match. Two matches, 13 possibilities, Edge will quit talking and start evaluating. This is the biggest decision of his career. But speaking of Roman Reigns, here he comes! And of course he has his Special Counsel and his cousin right behind him. After taking his time going to the ring, Paul Heyman hands the Head of the Table a microphone, and Roman says Edge doesn’t have 13 choices, because there’s only one. That one is the 4-time, could’ve been 5, might even be 6-time WrestleMania main eventer. So Edge could pick a main eventer, or THE main eventer.

First of all, Edge remembers Roman saying he saw fear in Edge’s eyes. What he really saw was a guy playing Roman like a fiddle. Edge is supposed to acknowledge Roman as a main eventer, but he just can’t. Because Edge saw a couple weeks ago, Roman do something he’s never done before: lose his cool. Roman confirmed to Edge that Roman needs Edge to be the main event. If AJ Styles walks out of the Elimination Chamber champion and Edge chooses him, that is the main event. If it’s McIntyre VS Edge, that’s main event. Edge VS Orton, Edge VS Kevin Owens, Edge VS Kofi Kingston, those are your main events.

And now that Edge looks into Roman’s eyes, he sees insecurity. Now don’t get Edge wrong. Edge does acknowledge a man in his prime, firing on every cylinder, a “generational talent” with a long road ahead. Edge respects Roman and the Anoa’i Family. But Roman has gotten too much, too soon, and he is cracking under that pressure. And Edge hasn’t even started adding his pressure yet! So Roman needs to ask himself if he really wants Edge to focus on him, to expose the dents in Roman’s armor? Check the ego and think on that long and hard. Is that what Roman wants? But before Roman answers, here comes Sami Zayn!

“This is amazing!” Sami says it’s one thing to be disrespected by management, who have a clear conspiracy! But then to be disrespected by two of the biggest stars in the industry, that’s something else. Edge acts like it is a forgone conclusion that Roman Reigns is his choice for WrestleMania! And Roman is so worried about the threat Edge poses, he’s not looking at the threat that’s right in front of him! Sami gets in the ring and says WWE Management didn’t want Sami in the Elimination Chamber, but Sami plowed his way in! That should worry them both!

Edge, once upon a time, he was the ultimate opportunist, but Sami is the master strategist, and that should worry him. And Roman, Tribal Chief, Sami has respect. But Sami is the Champion of the People and that should worry him! So what Sami wants is for the cameramen to get this moment! Sami has his crew get this iconic shot of Sami pointing at the WrestleMania sign! Pointing at his destiny! Because no doubt about it, Sami is going to- Jey Uso SUPERKICKS Sami down! Jey just shut Sami up, and Roman and Edge stare down. Roman hands the mic back to Heyman, and then hands the belt over. Roman puts his hands behind his back! Roman whispers something to Edge, and then takes his leave. What did the Tribal Chief tell the man who could go after his title?


Big E heads to commentary!

The WWE Intercontinental Champion and Powerhouse of Positivity wants to watch this coming match! Will his former friendly rival be able to take the fight to the King of Strong Style? We find out, after the break.

Apollo Crews VS Shinsuke Nakamura!

SmackDown returns as Big E is enjoying his TV dinner and automatic foot spa while sitting on his special couch. Nakamura makes his entrance first, then Kayla Braxton quickly interviews Apollo about his “hopes of reentering” the title picture. Have the aspirations he has affected the friendship he had with Big E?

Apollo says he’s always respected Big E and always got great advice, such as, “You can’t sit around and wait for opportunities. You got to make them happen yourself.” That’s what Apollo did last week but then Big E says he should go back to catering? Big E never respected Apollo and never got to know the real Apollo. Apollo’s ancestors are Nigerian royalty! If Big E spoke to them like he did to Apollo, he would’ve lost his tongue! Apollo says Big E is intimidated by the real Apollo. So when Apollo wins here, he’s coming for what he deserves! Apollo makes his entrance, will he force Big E to face him once again?

The bell rings, Nakamura and Apollo approach and Nakamura fires off strikes! Nakamura knees and runs but Apollo drops and hurdles. Nakamura gets around, Apollo elbows him away but runs into a kitchen sink knee! Nakamura drops a knee, covers, TWO! Nakamura stomps Apollo, drags him up to a headlock, but Apollo powers out to then dropkick Nakamura down! Apollo basement dropkicks Nakamura out, then runs to baseball slide Nakamura down! Nakamura almost tips over Big E’s foldable table and spill the food! Apollo goes out but Nakamura fires off! Apollo hits back and then throws Nakamura into Big E!

Big E gets mad and tells Apollo to stop messing with him. The ring count is climbing but SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Apollo snap suplexes Nakamura down! Cover, TWO! Apollo drags Nakamura, whips him to ropes, but Nakamura holds ropes to stop. Apollo runs in, blocks a boot but gets an enziguri! Nakamura runs, dodges and DYNAMIC DROPKICKS! Nakamura fires off KICKS on Apollo, knocking him down each time! Nakamura whips, Apollo boots but Nakamura blocks to put him in the ropes! SLIDING GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Nakamura stomps Apollo, kicks him around, then runs, but into a SPINEBUSTER! Apollo covers, TWO! Apollo grows frustrated and Nakamura gets up as the ref starts counting.

Big E gets annoyed that commentary keeps asking about Apollo getting another chance. Apollo blocks a punch to enziguri back! Apollo trophy lifts but Nakamura slips out to hit an ARMBAR TAKEDOWN! Apollo tries to get out but Nakamura makes it a cradle, Nakamura wins!

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura, by pinfall

But Apollo is a sore loser and he BLINDSIDES Nakamura! Big E gets up as Apollo throws Nakamura out. Apollo throws Nakamura into barriers! Big E glares at Apollo and tells him he needs to accept that he lost. Apollo takes apart the steel steps, but Big E steps in his way! Big E tells Apollo it’s done but Apollo tells him to get out of the way. Big E tells Apollo to put the steps down and walk away. Apollo drops the steps, starts to leave, but as soon as Big E checks on Nakamura, Apollo gets the steps! Apollo BLINDSIDES Big E with the steel, then he CLOBBERS Nakamura over barriers! “It ain’t over until I say it’s over!”

Apollo sees Big E wants to get after him, but he picks up the steps again! Apollo TOSSES the steps into the ring, and then he tells the ref to stay out of the way. Big E sits up, Apollo gives him toying kicks. Apollo drags Big E up and puts him in the ring. Apollo looms over Big E as Big E glares back up at him. Apollo grabs the steps, brings them up again, but the ref steps in the way! Big E bails out, Apollo still holds the steps up, and says he’ll put them down, ON TOP OF BIG E!! The ref and commentary freak out but Apollo shows no remorse. Medics hurry to check on Big E, what will the consequences be for Apollo crossing the line?


SmackDown returns as Big E is stretchered out.

With neck in brace, Big E is wheeled up the ramp. At the same time, Seth Rollins makes his entrance! The Savior of SmackDown of course has a mic and he says, “That’s a tragedy!” What happened to Big E is a tragedy, being betrayed by a friend is tragedy. Rollins would know about that because last week, all of his so-called friends turned their backs, walked away and betrayed him! Rollins understands Big E’s pain. If you don’t believe him, or you need a reminder, there is proof from last week. Show the footage. That is to say, a replay of Rollins’ return with the entire SmackDown roster ringside.

Rollins said it felt right to be back, and said a lot has changed, especially for him. He is the father of a baby girl, his life has changed, but his personality has not because he still insists he and he alone can lead SmackDown to a brighter future. And it was this selfish speech that made everyone else leave, refusing to #EmbraceTheVision. Cesaro stuck around the longest, but not because he understood or accepted. He was the one to tell Rollins he hadn’t changed. So Rollins attacked him for it! Daniel Bryan got Cesaro to stop, but there was still anger in Rollins’ eyes.

Rollins in the present says “that is emotional trauma. I’m still suffering.” It is unacceptable at the work place, and Rollins had to something. So Rollins’ lawyers drafted a “formal complaint” to WWE management and legal action is pending. Rollins is sure they’re going to win, but he will tell us why he’s done this. “As I stated in my letter, months and months and months went into planning our big moment, my return to SmackDown! And it was ruined!!” Not by his friends, but by a bunch of losers and cowards. They ruined it because they’re afraid! They want to divide us! They know that there are already millions and millions who have embraced the vision for SmackDown!

Rollins vows they will win because they are strong and powerful and the other side are a bunch of losers. The biggest loser is Cesaro. Cesaro took “our” moment! He took it and made it about him! Cesaro disrespected “us,” patronized “us,” and stayed behind just to look Rollins in the eyes and disrespect him. What happened? That’s not on Rollins’ hands. As far as Rollins is concerned, Cesaro asked for it. And that will happen to every single person who will stand in “our” way! Rollins says “WE” are strong, powerful winners! #EmbraceTheVision, thank you, good night. A powerful speech from Rollins, but again rather hypocritical. Will Rollins be made to see the truth?


Edge talks with Kevin Owens backstage.

A crazy couple of months, huh? But here’s the thing, Edge appreciates that Kevin might get knocked down but he gets back up, just like Edge. Kevin says Edge would be the one to understand. Edge spent the last year obsessed with a return and the Royal Rumble and all that. Because for Kevin, it’s been hell. He got so close to the title three times, and Roman found a way out. The only thing Kevin can think about is getting through the Elimination Chamber, getting at Roman one more time, and finally taking that title from him. That’s all Kevin can think about. Edge respects that and wishes him luck. It’d be great to face him at Mania. Kevin agrees. But will that be how things turn out on this Road to WrestleMania?


Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce clear a path for Big E.

The stretcher comes through and is loaded into the ambulance. Has the Powerhouse of Positivity been sidelined by the apathetic Apollo?


The Riott Squad VS Tamina & Natalya!

Ruby and Liv want to be WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship contenders just as much as this duo of second generation superstars! But with the line getting longer, will a win here convince WWE management to add them to the list?

Ruby and Tamina start and tie up. Tamina throws Ruby down hard and Ruby wobbles up to her feet. Ruby manages to hit Tamina with a forearm then a chop, but Tamina doesn’t flinch. Tamina HEADBUTTS Ruby and Liv tags in. Liv fires off kicks, Tamina grabs the leg to elbow it! Tamina drags Liv up, fireman’s carries but Liv sunset flips. Tamina stays up, brings Liv back up, but Liv goes matrix! Only for Tamina to gut wrench  her up! Liv slips out, shoves and dodges to springboard, into an UPPERCUT! Tamina tags Natty in and then brings Liv up. The second gen stars mug Liv, and Natty RAMS Liv to a corner!

Natty fires off fierce fists, then gets Liv around for a rebound atomic drop, only for Liv to make it a victory roll! TWO, and Natty grabs Liv’s hair! Liv elbows free, tags Ruby, and the Squad double shotgun dropkicks Natty! Ruby fires off on Natty, rolls and runs in to forearm smash! Ruby snapmares Natty to then run and tilt-o-whirl, to forearm smashes! Natty whips Ruby away, Liv tags in, the Squad coordinates, LIV BREAKER STO COMBO! Cover, TWO!! But wait, here comes Billie Kay? She’s bandwagon-ing Natty and Tamina now! Ruby tags in and Billie gets catty, so that Natty can roll Ruby up! TWO, and Natty goes after legs! Ruby kicks Natty away, Tamina tags in!

Tamina runs through Ruby to DECK Liv! Ruby ENZIGURIS Tamina, runs, but into Tamina’s scoop, and SWINGING SLAM! Cover, Tamina and Natty win!

Winners: Tamina & Natalya, by pinfall

Billie celebrates with her new friends, who she ironically tried to team with before. But Natty shoves Billie into Tamina’s SUPERKICK! The only two these two need are each other, but will they be going after the Women’s Tag Champions before Naomi & Lana on Raw?


SmackDown shares Sasha Banks’ Daytona 500 experience!

The Boss got to wave the green flag and get things started! Her adrenaline was pumping, and she hasn’t felt that way in a long time. It was an amazing day to partner with Fox and NASCAR, it is such an honor for her.


King Corbin finds Edge backstage.

“You feel this, right?” This feels like the main event of WrestleMania. Corbin also knows Edge made his name on SmackDown. Things have changed, this is Corbin’s kingdom now. Corbin says that the next time Edge sees someone wearing a $10,000 suit and a $39,000 watch, “you bow down.” Wanna see Edge’s timepiece? It’s a phone! It takes pictures, too! He should really try it.


SmackDown presents an all new DING DONG, HELLO~!

Bayley is here, and she welcomes to the second, that is DOS, the second episode of her talk show! And she has two, DOS, huge guests, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax! Ding dong, Bayley will get it! She opens the door and there the champs are! But these two can’t agree on who goes through first so Nia pushes Shayna aside to walk in. But there’s only one seat for guests…? But hey, as the first and former Women’s Tag Champion, Bayley gets how taxing it is to be on all three brands, so she thanks them for being part of her show tonight.

Nia says she’s glad Bayley is having them, and hopes Bayley isn’t still upset that Nia and Shayna took these titles from her. What? No! Bayley is thankful! Them winning those titles helped Bayley get rid of Sasha and find herself. Look at this! She has her own talk show! If you haven’t heard, Bayley might even be taking Ellen’s place. Well the best thing she did is get rid of Sasha. Sasha is so fake and phony. Almost as bad as Bianca “ThE EsT~ oF wWe~!” Is she really stronger than Nia? Or tougher than Shayna? Whoever raised Bianca, they led her wrong. Bianca is bad, but Sasha is worse! She’s acting like she’s the sexiest thing on TV but uh, Nia’s here so…

Sasha thinks she’s the Boss, but Nia and Shayna aren’t going to take any orders from her. They’ll squash her like the little bug she is! Please, please, excuse Reginald as he defends Sasha’s good name. Sasha is like a ’96 Château Lafite, bold and timeless! Nia and Shayna are more like boxed wine. Bayley says if Reggie is going to interrupt, please the door. But he does set the plant back up so that’s nice. Nia asks the “little man” if that is a challenge. Reggie apologizes, but he is just saying Sasha is the greatest in the world. If she were to team with her “sidekick,” Belair, then these two would be former champions.

But speak of the Boss and here she comes! The SmackDown Women’s Champion doesn’t use the door, either. And she tells Reggie to NOT EVER speak for her. As for the champions, whether they like it or not, Sasha IS the Boss, and the title means she makes the rules. So yes, Bianca will choose to challenge her, because the Women’s Division revolves around Sasha! But speaking of, here comes Bianca! Bianca will get to “Shay-Nia” soon enough, but to Reggie, she ain’t so sidekick, side chick or whatever. Sasha, you first. “Girl, uh-uh.” Bianca winning the Women’s Rumble says the EST is the star of the division. No one revolves around her, they just get beat by her.

Reggie steps in first, to say they are all on the same team here. They shouldn’t fight each other. They should fight the others. How about a Six Person Tag? Wait, Bayley doesn’t want to be dragged into this! Nia shouts this should happen NOW! Get a ref!! Bayley’s second episode is going off the rails, but is there going to be such a match after the break?


Six Person Mixed Tag: Sasha Banks, Bianca Belair & Reginald VS Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler & Bayley!

There is, playa! Will the Boss, the EST and Carmella’s sommelier be able to best the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions and the Role Model?

Bianca and Shayna start, they tie up, and Shayna wrenches to a hammerlock then headlock. Bianca powers up to throw Shayna off, and then they go again. Bianca waistlocks and SLAMS Shayna down, but Shayna gets up. Shayna elbows free, but Bianca runs her over! Bianca drags Shayna back up, Sasha tags in, and they work together to GlamEST KNEE Shayna down! They point to the WrestleMania sign together and Reggie wants to be part of that, and shows off by handspringing into the ring. They tell him to go back and wait for them to tag him in, but then Nia tags in and RAMS Sasha down!

Nia puts Sasha in the corner, Bayley tags in and she stomps Sasha. Bayley isn’t even dressed to compete, she’s stomping Sasha without shoes on! Bayley clubs Sasha and talks trash as she chokes Sasha on the ropes. The ref counts, Bayley drags Sasha over to tag in Shayna. Shayna drops elbows on Sasha’s leg and then pulls on the foot. Sasha endures, Reggie feels her pain but Sasha kicks back. Shayna SMASHES Sasha’s knee into the mat! Shayna drags Sasha up, Nia tags in, and they mug Sasha, to then feed to a scoop and SLAM! Nia covers, TWO! Nia drags Sasha back up, whips her to a corner, but Sasha gets out and Nia hits buckles!

Sasha kicks back, Bayley runs over but Sasha dumps her out! So Bayley trips Bianca up! Sasha KICKS Bayley away, Nia drags her up but Sasha jawbreakers! Tag to Reggie! But then Reggie gets face to face with Nia and steps back. Reggie wants her to take it easy, but she says he started this. They tie up and Nia doesn’t budge! Nia shoves Reggie down hard, and says she is not some cheap boxed wine! She runs Reggie right over! She throws him around, Reggie tries to drop toehold but Nia stays up. Nia tosses Reggie to a corner, but Reggie dodges and runs, only to get run over again! Nia drags Reggie around, stomps him, and then drops a leg, to miss! Oh no, not her hole!

Reggie and Nia crawl, but Sasha and Bianca trip Shayna up! They hammer Shayna down and Nia is alone. She turns around but catches Reggie’s fancy flip! Nia brags that not tonight, but Bianca and Sasha double dropkick them over! Reggie has a cover, they win!!

Winners: Sasha Banks, Bianca Belair & Reginald, by pinfall

What a turnaround for the smooth-talking sommelier! Will the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions be in trouble going into their gauntlet of challengers?


Backstage interview with Cesaro!

The Swiss Superman is ready for the Six Man Tag match with his Elimination Chamber opponents. But what are his thoughts on Rollins’ comments? Well, Cesaro heard all of that. Cesaro wasn’t patronizing Rollins, he was just trying to show respect. Cesaro hoped to see a new Rollins, because he’s known him for years. He hoped we’d actually get the old Rollins! That moment could’ve been that return, but instead it was just the smug, condescending SOB Rollins was when he left. And Cesaro will keep that attack in mind. But for now, Cesaro looks to the future! Tonight’s Six Man, then the Elimination Chamber, and then taking the Universal Championship from Roman Reigns.

Edge comes by to say hey. Edge doesn’t know what’s gotten into Cesaro but he likes it. That grit, that dirt on the fingernails, Cesaro has that. Cesaro appreciates that. And Cesaro already knows what’s next after Elimination Chamber. Cesaro hopes to see Edge at WrestleMania. Will the Swiss Superman’s confidence carry him through this weekend?


Rey & Dominik Mysterio VS The Alpha Academy!

Father and son team up again, moving past falling short and hoping to rise up together! But will Chad Gable and his star pupil, Otis, be a huge obstacle in their path?

SmackDown returns and The Dirty Dawgs, Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler, have joined commentary while drinking from red Solo cups. Seems they’re here to send a message to all the teams in the SmackDown Tag Division. Otis & Gable make their entrance, the teams sort out, and Dom starts with Gable. Gable gets a waistlock, drags Dom down and rolls him around. Dom gets up but Gable slams him back down! Dom gets up, Gable German Suplexes but Dom lands on his feet to Japanese Arm-Drag then dropkick! Dom kips up and dares Gable to bring it! Gable tags to Otis and Otis runs Dom over! Otis fires up, Rey tags in and shoulders into Otis! Rey springboards to seated senton!

Things speed up, Rey springboards but Otis catches him for a POWERSLAM! Otis drops a SPLASH, but Gable sees Dom coming and warns Otis. Otis CLOBBERS Dom and Dolph starts to feel bad for him. Gable tells Otis to do the ropes, but the ref is counting Gable! Otis SPLASHES, but the ref rings the bell!

Winners: Rey & Dominik Mysterio, by disqualification

Gable doesn’t even realize what happened, he’s just proud of his “greatest student.” The Dirty Dawgs can’t believe how dim Gable and Otis are, but Gable starts saying “this is once in a lifetime” with Rey. Otis is going up top?! The match is over but Otis SPLASHES Rey!! Gable is so proud of Otis, but what has he been teaching the Blue Collar Brawler?!


Edge comes across Daniel Bryan warming up.

Edge has been meaning to, well, thank Bryan. Bryan fighting to get his career back inspired Edge to get moving. Bryan is glad Edge is back. And if Edge wants to thank Bryan, well he knows Edge has a decision coming up. Bryan will make it easier: If Bryan wins the Chamber, and then wins the title, how about Edge chooses him for WrestleMania? Well that’s a dream match right there. One that’s long overdue. These two are in agreement, but will the Road to WrestleMania lead us to the GOAT VS the Rated R Superstar?


SmackDown returns as the Mysterios make their exit.

Dom is helping Rey up because of the devastating damage done to his ribs from Otis. Rey can be heard gasping for air, will he be okay?


Cesaro and Bryan talk backstage.

Kevin walks over and asks if they’re going to talk strategy. Well, they were talking strategy: what to do if they get a Stunner in the middle of the match. But they don’t have to worry about that, Kevin never turns on his friends. Oh, of course! But no, wait. What about that time with the New Day where Kevin was “Big O?” And then Sami Zayn once, twice… Well it is Sami but like, it was a lot of times. And there’s a big name in there somewhere, Bryan can’t remember it. Maybe he should’ve made a list?

Ha ha, Kevin gets it. Especially after last week. But last week was a big fight, Kevin was sure they were going after him first. But tonight, they are a team, and quite frankly, they all want to win this match. So don’t worry about a Stunner tonight. But definitely worry Sunday. Cesaro says at least Kevin’s being honest. But is he?


Reginald serves Carmella wine.

But she is not happy with earlier. Where was he? What took him so long to get her this fine glass of wine? Well Reggie had to make sure it was the perfect temperature and had time to breathe. So that’s what we’re doing? Playing games? No, there’s no games. Do you think she didn’t watch SmackDown!? That’s not how it looks! He was just- Shhhhhhh! SHH! Relax, she’s not mad. She totally understands that he is doing the right thing for Mella’s sake. Because if he doesn’t… Well, let’s just hope it doesn’t get there.

She drinks the wine, and hates it! Is this what he’s serving her? It’s disgusting! She throws the drink in Reggie’s face! Is Mella going to keep Reggie loyal to her? Or simply push him into the proverbial arms of The Boss?



After the huge win with help from Reggie, The Boss & The EST have a shot at the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships! And it’s happening at ELIMINATION CHAMBER!! Will Nia & Shayna be able to make it through the LegitEST team in order to then face the rest of their growing contender’s list?


WWE celebrates Black History Month.

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background or his religion. People must learn to hate. And if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love. For love comes more naturally to the human heart than it’s opposite.” – Nelson Mandela


Six Man Tag: Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan & Cesaro VS Jey Uso, King Corbin & Sami Zayn!

The Prizefighter, the GOAT, the Swiss Cyborg, the Wolf King, the Great Liberator, and even Roman’s own cousin are all fighting for a title shot in the Elimination Chamber! But with Kevin having hit everyone with a Stunner, and with #MainEventJey having hit Sami with a Superkick earlier tonight, will either of these trios make it through the night? And to raise the stakes just a little more, Edge joins commentary! Will there be a man who stands above the rest before going into such a grueling match this Sunday?

SmackDown returns as Daniel Bryan makes his entrance, followed by Cesaro, and then followed by Kevin. The trios sort out, and Bryan starts with Jey. They tie up, go around, and Jey puts Bryan in a corner to fire off hands! The ref counts, Jey lets off but Bryan turns it around to give kicks and forearms! Bryan tags Cesaro, they double scoop slam Jey, then Cesaro goes after Jey, but Jey gets away to tag Corbin. Corbin and Cesaro circle, tie up, but then Corbin backs off to tag in Sami. Sami and Cesaro circle, approach, and Cesaro gets around. Tag to Bryan, they mug Sami, and Bryan ROCKS Sami with that EuroUpper! And then another one!

Sami gets to a corner, Bryan brings him out to whip, but Sami reverses. Bryan tries to get under but Sami just rams into him! Sami throws more knees into Bryan, then tags Corbin. Corbin drags Bryan up to DECK him with a right hand, then chokes him on the ropes! The ref counts, Corbin lets off, and then drags Bryan up to knee him low. Corbin throws hands, tags in Sami, and Sami argues with Corbin about it. They don’t se Bryan get away to tag Cesaro! Cesaro ROCKS Corbin, BOOTS him, then fires off EuroUppers on Sami! Cesaro whips Sami to a corner, EuroUppers, then goes corner to corner for another EuroUpper! And then the other way, and back again!

Sami flops down, Cesaro dares someone to get in, and now Jey argues with Sami. Sami says Jey and Corbin don’t have his back, and he’s right because they put him back in! Cesaro gets Sami for a SWISS SWING! They go around and around and around, for almost 20 counts! Cesaro then catapults Sami into the corner! Corbin tags in, but Cesaro trips him up! Corbin goes for a swing, but it’s not so easy. Cesaro stomps Corbin to get him going again! Cesaro gets a bit dizzy and they crasy into ropes! Fans are fired up on their screens as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns once more, and Cesaro has Corbin back in the swing! They’ve gone for at least 15! Cesaro then steps through, but Corbin scrambles! Jey tags in, Cesaro DECKS him, then Cesaro EuroUppers Corbin! Jey drags Cesaro out to whip him over commentary!! Oh, and it turns out Paul Heyman has joined commentary since the last commercial. Jey puts Cesaro back in, then basement dropkicks him in the corner! Tag to Sami and they mug Cesaro. Sami digs his knees into Cesaro while choking him on ropes. Sami lets off to taunt Bryan and Kevin, then he throws hands on Cesaro. Sami throws more hands, then tags Corbin.

Corbin brings Cesaro around to back suplex high and hard! Corbin grinds Cesaro’s arm then rams in a knee! Corbin whips Cesaro corner to corner hard, and Cesaro falls to his knees from hitting buckles. Corbin stomps Cesaro down, throws hands, but the ref backs him off. Corbin argues with the ref, Sami gets a cheap shot in, then Jey tags in. Corbin drags Cesaro around, Jey stomps Cesaro, then Jey throws hands. Cesaro counter punches but Jey keeps him from the corner with more haymakers! Jey whips Cesaro corner to corner hard, chest first! Heyman again refuses to answer a question about “What if Jey wins the Elimination Chamber?”

Jey reels Cesaro in to LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Jey clamps on with a chinlock and thrashes around. Cesaro endures, fights up, but Jey knees low. Jey sucker punches Kevin, and the ref is busy with Kevin so that Jey and his team can mug Cesaro! Tag to Corbin, he throws hands on Cesaro, then whips him corner to corner. Corbin runs in but Cesaro dodges to SPRINGBOARD UPPERCUT! Both men are down and crawl for their corners, hot tags to Sami and Bryan! Bryan dodges Sami to dropkick Jey and then throw hands on Sami! Bryan whips but Sami reverses, only for Bryan to go up and over. Bryan dodges Sami to hit a leaping lariat!

Bryan fires up in a corner, runs corner to corner and dropkicks Sami! Then fires off YES Kicks! The ref counts, Bryan stops at 4, then hoists Sami up top. Bryan climbs up to SUPER STEINER! Cover, but Jey breaks it! Jey superkicks at Kevin but Kevin blocks to SUPERKICK him first! Kevin aims from the apron, CANNONBALL! Bryan YES Kicks away on Sami then- No, Sami ducks the buzzsaw to roll him up! TWO, into a HUGE BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, but Cesaro breaks it! Corbin drags Cesaro up, throws him out, then storms out after him. Kevin comes around, Sami and Bryan stand up and Sami goes to the corner. Kevin SUPERKICKS Corbin off Cesaro while Sami climbs up.

Bryan intercepts Sami at the top, climbs up to join him, and SUPER BUTTERFLY SUPLEXES him! To an omoplata, to the YES LOCK!! Sami is caught, eh taps, Bryan’s team wins!!

Winners: Daniel Bryan, Cesaro & Kevin Owens, by submission

Edge is very impressed by all these superstars, but especially that right there. Corbin slides in behind Bryan, waits for him to turn around, and hits him with END OF DAYS! Kevin gives Corbin a STUNNER! Sami gives Kevin a HALF ‘N’ HALF! Cesaro POP-UP EUROUPPERS Sami! Jey SUPERKICKS Cesaro! But Edge SPEARS Jey!! The Ultimate Opportunist turns around, into a SPEAR from Roman!! Just when Edge thought he was sending a message to Roman, Roman responds in kind! Roman holds up his Universal Championship, has his stacked deck ensured he will still have it for WrestleMania?

My Thoughts:

A great go-home for SmackDown, and just great overall. I knew Apollo’s Heel turn would be through snapping, but wow, I didn’t see it going this way, and I mean that in a good way. That was very strong intensity from him, and having him try and injure Big E was next level. Bringing up his ancestry might even be a way to add to his character, borderline a gimmick, but an Apollo that is high on himself is definitely the way to go for his Heel run. I’m sure kayfabe Big E will come back in time for Fastlane for what will be called “one last match” with Apollo, but for that reason, Apollo might win and act like he’s never going to give Big E his rematch, only for Big E to force him into it.

Rollins’ promo being right as Big E exits was a good use of time and a good segue, given Rollins’ focus of supposed betrayal. He is definitely foreshadowing his feud with Cesaro, and that is all the more reason I want to see Cesaro make it to the match with Roman: Rollins can screw Cesaro over, feud takes us through to Fastlane. Another Heel turn I didn’t see coming was Otis’. At least, that has to be what it was, right? The Mysterios aren’t ever going Heel, but even the solidly Heel Ziggler & Roode were confused by what we saw. I do feel that since there isn’t some kind of break-up with Gable & Otis, having them be Heels could work out for them. Otis has size and strength, and we’ve seen him angry against Ziggler & Roode in the past, maybe that is all used while he’s Heel to rack up some wins.

We got a pretty good tag match out of Riott Squad VS Natalya & Tamina, but it ended up also only being Billie trying to stick it to the Squad. She kinda does, and that’s why Natty & Tamina win, but then Billie feels instant karma because Tamina & Natty don’t care about her. The developments through Ding Dong, Hello were all very interesting. Reggie stepping in on Sasha’s behalf, and how Mella gets mad at him later, are all signs that he is definitely ditching her. The Six Person Tag win also helps give us a kayfabe reason for adding the Women’s Tag Championships to the PPV to replace the Raw Women’s Championship match since Lacey Evans is actually pregnant.

They still could’ve had Asuka call for an Open Challenge, aka default to Charlotte, but I suppose this just gets something from the SmackDown side out of the way. I’m pretty sure Nia & Shayna win because they have matches with Naomi & Lana and now Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez on their schedule, and as the strongest Heel team right now, Nia & Shayna are definitely facing the Face teams. And again, the best stuff was from the Universal title story. Edge turned the conversation on Roman, he got interactions with all the Elimination Chamber contenders, and even got to give a Spear and take a Spear.

The Six Man Tag was a great match, the interaction of those six was great, and with Roman standing tall even over Edge, it keeps the math muddied so it’s anyone’s game as far as the Chamber goes. Again, I’m really hoping it’s Cesaro that makes it to the end. His story with Rollins might screw him over, but winning a Chamber match and having a Universal Championship match would mean so much to his career and power rankings. And as I said before, even if Cesaro doesn’t make it to WrestleMania, he can definitely build up to be the star he’s always deserved to be by SummerSlam.

My Score: 8.7/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (3/3/21)

Tag titles are on the line!



Will the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships belong to NXT?

The inaugural Women’s Dusty Cup Winners, Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez, challenge Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler for the titles! But will the NXT alumni show they still dominate the black ‘n’ yellow?


  • Xia Li w/ Tian Sha VS Kayden Carter; wins.
  • Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch VS Timothy Thatcher & Tommaso Ciampa; win and
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler VS Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez; win and


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of WWE NXT will begin later tonight]

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (3/3/21)

Dynamite’s headed for Revolution!



AEW Dynamite Coverage 2

AEW’s stars meet at the Crossroads!

Before the Revolution returns, AEW Dynamite ignites! And Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet meet Jade Cargill & SHAQUILLE O’NEAL in a stacked crossover Mixed Tag Match!


  • Mixed Tag Match: Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet VS Jade Cargill & Shaquille O’Neal; win.
  • Face of the Revolution Ladder Match Qualifier: Preston Vance w/ The Dark Order VS Max Caster w/ Anthony Bowens; wins and advances to the Revolution Ladder Match.
  • Six Man Tag: Jurassic Express VS FTR & Tully Blanchard; win(s).
  • PAC & Rey Fenix VS ???
  • Matt Hardy & Marq Quen VS Hangman Page & John Silver; win.
  • AEW Women’s World Title Eliminator Tournament Finals: Nyla Rose VS Ryo Mizunami; wins and will face Hikaru Shida for the title at AEW Revolution.


Mixed Tag Match: Cody Rhodes & Red Velvet w/ Arn Anderson VS Jade Cargill & Shaquille O’Neal!

What a way to open the last Dynamite before Revolution! The American Nightmare’s battle with Shaq has been a long time coming, and it’s finally happening! Will Cody and Velvet stir it up against a duo of debuting giants?


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