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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (3/31/21)

Will Christian Cage truly outwork everyone?



AEW Dynamite Coverage 2

Captain Charisma finally gets into an AEW ring!

AEW Dynamite has the first-ever Arcade Anarchy, MJF’s gift to his team, The Pinnacle, and Christian Cage’s first-ever AEW match, against Frankie Kazarian!


  • Christian Cage VS Frankie Kazarian; Christian wins.
  • Exhibition Match, Arn Anderson as Special Referee: QT Marshall VS Cody Rhodes; No Contest.
  • Jon Moxley VS Cezar Bononi w/ Ryan Nemeth & JD Drake; Moxley wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers w/ Don Callis VS The Lucha Brothers & Laredo Kid; Omega & The Good Brothers win.
  • Hikaru Shida & Tay Conti VS Nyla Rose & The Bunny w/ Vickie Guerrero & Hardy Family Office; Bunny & Nyla win.
  • Arcade Anarchy: Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy VS Miro & Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford; Best Friends win.


Christian Cage VS Frankie Kazarian!

Why wait for this highly anticipated in-ring debut? Captain Charisma has his ALL ELITE Peeps cheering him on for his return to action in seven YEARS! But will he live up to his own hype as THE workhorse in wrestling against the Heavy Metal Rebel?

The bell rings, fans are fired up already and dueling between “Let’s Go, Christian!” “S C U!” Christian and Kaz circle, tie up, and go around! Fans are loving this already as Kaz puts Christian on ropes then in a corner. The ref counts, Kaz lets off clean and fans cheer again. Christian and Kaz circle again, tie up, and Christian waistlocks to a headlock takeover! Kaz fights his way up, powers out, but Christian runs him over and covers, ONE! Kaz shakes his head because it isn’t that easy, but fans chant, “You Still Got It!” “Never Lost It!” Kaz and Christian tie up again, Christian wrenches to a wristlock, and twists it tight. Kaz uses ropes to flip through, wrench and throw Christian down!

Kaz pulls the arm, fans rally and Christian pops free to float to a headlock! Kaz fights up, powers out, and RAMS into Christian! Christian flops through ropes and to the rope! Christian sits up and checks his jaw. The seven years away might be showing themselves as Kaz brings Christian to the stage. Christian ROCKS Kaz with an uppercut! Christian comes back but Kaz BACK DROPS him into the ring! Kaz is focused as he brings Christian up to CHOP him! And CHOP him! Kaz whips Christian into a corner hard! Fans fire up as Christian drags himself up and Kaz is after him with haymakers! The ref backs Kaz off, fans sing and duel, and Christian elbows back!

Christian goes up, reels Kaz in, but Kaz resists the tornado! Kaz pops free, backs off, but then SHOVES Christian to the floor! The Heavy Metal Rebel isn’t pulling any punches, so to speak, with Christian, and the ring count is climbing. Christian sits up at 5 of 10 and Kaz holds the ropes open for the “old man,” until he’s actually on the apron. Kaz swings but Christian ducks, only to shoulder into the guillotine leg drop! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Christian was too close, Kaz keeps him closer with a cravat and neck wrench. Kaz twists Christian’s head as fans rally up. Christian fights up, throws body shots, but Kaz cranks tighter! Christian is fading!!

But Christian stays awake, Kaz leans on him! Christian gets that second wind to fight up and fight back! Kaz CLUBS away on Christian, then cravat knees for the ROLLING NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! Kaz keeps his focus as he paces. Christian scrambles to ropes, Kaz drags him away to stomp him down! Kaz talks a little trash as he brings Christian up, to wrench and back suplex! Cover, TWO! Christian survives and crawls to the ropes. Kaz looms over Christian, stands on him and digs his boot in, but the ref counts. Kaz lets off, drags Christian up and around but Christian throws body shots! And uppercuts! Kaz hits back and ROCKS Christian again!

Kaz shrugs as Christian is in a daze again. Kaz drags Christian back up, CLUBS him more, then whips him to a corner hard! Kaz runs in but into boots! Christian ROCKS Kaz, hops up and reels him in, TORNADO DDT!! Christian crawls to a cover, TWO!! Kaz survives and fans are firing up again as both men rise. Kaz whips, Christian hits back! Christian throws haymakers, uppercuts, and has Kaz on ropes to stand on him! The ref counts, Christian lets off to then slingshot and UPPERCUT! Kaz flounders, Christian goes up again and leaps, FLYING UPPERCUT! Cover, TWO! Christian keeps his focus as Kaz goes to a corner. Fans say “This is Awesome!” but it’s far from over!

Christian climbs up, rains down rights on Kaz and goes all the way to 15! Christian catches his breath as he paces, but Kaz tackle shim to a jackknife cover, TWO! Sunset flip, TWO! Christian almost had it, but Kaz gets him for a wrench, hammerlock, and crossface! Christian fights off the submission hold, elbows Kaz away, then brings him around to double chicken wing! Kaz resists the turn, then lifts to a back suplex, but Christian manages to land on his feet! REVERSE DDT! Kaz is down, Christian goes to a corner and climbs but slowly. Christian aims, leaps, but FLOPS!! Kaz avoids the big splash and gets to his feet, to CROSSFACE CHICKEN WING!

Christian resists the body scissors, Kaz clubs him and wraps him up tight! Christian endures, fans rally and duel, Kaz shouts in his ear! Christian gets a third wind to drag himself and Kaz over, for a ROPEBREAK with a foot! Kaz lets go fast and is frustrated as Christian survives! Christian clings to ropes but Kaz grabs at him. Kaz stomps Christian into letting go, then stomps him more! Kaz drags Christian around, shouts at him, “You are not the best anymore!” Christian gets him for a cradle! TWO, Kaz unleashes the kick, knee and LARIAT! SPRINGBOARD LEG DROP!! Cover, TWO!?!? Christian survives and Kaz is beside himself!

Fans are fired up again as Kaz puts Christian in a corner and ROCKS him with that right! Kaz puts Christian up top to ROCK him again, then again! Kaz climbs up to join Christian, but Christian hits back! Kaz CLUBS Christian, adjusts, and brings Christian up, only for Christian to resist! Christian throws body shots, Kaz HEADBUTTS back! Kaz steadies himself, brings Christian up, and SUPER SPANISH FLIES!?! Cover, TWO!??!? Christian survives Kaz’s Flux Capacitor and no one can believe it!! Kaz stands Christian up but Christian gets the chicken wings! No Killswitch/Unprettier, and Kaz has Christian in ropes to KICK him! Then GUILLOTINE- NO! Christian avoids the leg!

Christian HOTSHOTS Kaz, climbs up top again, and FROG SPLASHES! Cover, TWO?!?!? Now Kaz shocks everyone! “This is Awesome!” Maybe even more awesome than earlier thought! The two slowly rise, time is running out on the limit, but Christian gets the chicken wings! He turns Kaz, Kaz shoves to get his chicken wing! But Christian rolls off the hold, POSTS Kaz, then gets the arms and turns, KILLSWITCH!! Cover, Christian wins!

Winner: Christian Cage, by pinfall

And that’s the Instant Classic’s first win in AEW, and in seven YEARS! It was a lot of hard work, but will Christian prove he can outwork everyone and keep going?


AEW hears from Darby Allin and Sting.

“The truth is the truth. Well here’s the real truth, Matt. The truth is, your body’s breaking down, and you feel like you don’t got what it takes anymore. This whole ‘Big Money Matt’ is a reflection of all your insecurities.” Matt Hardy used to earn people’s respect through his sacrifices, and inspired generation after generation. Now he just tries to buy respect. “But all the money in the world cannot buy you real trust, real friends, and real respect.” String makes it rain bills as Darby, in a Hardy cut-out mask, says Hardy must earn Darby’s respect, “because your money doesn’t mean shit to me!” Will the Relentless and the Icon bankrupt the Hardy Family Office?


Jade Cargill speaks.

“You know, Velvet, when I first stepped foot here in AEW, before I beat your ass on national TV, I saw that you were shook. Because when you first saw me, like everybody else, you knew I have ‘it.’ When I show up, I walk like money, I talk like money and I look like money.” And when #TK booked her, she made that money. She understands that it’s hard to accept Velvet isn’t better than her idol. So Velvet can go ahead, run on the treadmill, lift the weights, and keep talking that shit week after week. Nobody can beat Jade because she is that woman, she is #THATBitch!


Exhibition Match, Arn Anderson as Special Referee: QT Marshall VS Cody Rhodes!

The Gifted came off more like the disgruntled as he vented about his standing and treatment within the Nightmare Family. He called out the American Nightmare to a match, and Cody was willing to give him this exhibition. Members of the Nightmare Factory are ringside to watch their two mentors battle it out! But Cody has already said he won’t go for the kill. Will he come to regret that after the bell rings? Or will the Enforcer make sure things stay civil?

Cody and QT shake hands before the bell, and everyone rallies up already. The two circle, tie up with knuckle locks, and then break. They go again, tie up with collar ‘n’ elbow, and they go around ropes and into a corner. Cody turns things around but QT powers up, and the two break again. QT and Cody go again, QT shoots in to get a leg but Cody trips him up. Cody waits, and even joins in on the claps because as he said, he wasn’t going to go for the kill. QT looks a bit annoyed by that, but he and Cody circle again. They tie up, Cody wrenches to a headlock but QT powers out, only for Cody to run him over.

Things speed up, QT drops then they crisscross! QT hurdles, goes to hip toss but Cody arm-drags him around! Cody arm-drags again to get the armlock and wristlock! QT endures, fights up, Cody wrenches but QT wrangles him down, maybe with a little hair pull. Arn reprimands but Cody kips up to wrench and wring QT out! Cody shows stomp but reconsiders as he’s again holding back on purpose. QT gets a ropebreak, and Cody lets off clean. Fans and the Nightmare team cheer, but QT is annoyed again. QT SHOVES Cody! Cody kicks low, drops down for the Rhodes Uppercut, and then runs, into a dropkick! QT finally gets a shot in and Dustin is there to coach his brother.

QT drags Cody up, wrenches to ram shoulders, and is clearly targeting it because of the tape. QT throws haymakers into the shoulder as AEW goes picture in picture.

QT wrenches the arm, grinds down on the shoulder, and Cody fights up. Cody goes around, whips QT to trip him and cover, ONE! QT sweeps and covers, ONE as Cody just manages a Matrix style escape. QT wrenches, WRINGS Cody out, and then paces as Cody gets up. Cody checks the arm, QT is after him with a hammerlock, and RAMS him into buckles! QT pushes Cody around and this is moving away from just an exhibition of friends. QT wrenches, grinds the arm and CLUBS it, to then RAM it! QT whips Cody hard into the corner, but Cody ROCKS QT! Cody is upping things to match QT, but QT wrenches to hammerlock and grind the arm.

The Nightmare Factory rallies, Cody rolls but QT drops a leg on the arm! QT looms over Cody, brings him up, but Cody pushes him away. Cody is in a corner, QT brings him out to CLUB the arm again. Cody ROCKS QT, QT ROCKS him back and wrenches the arm again! QT is keeping Cody on the defensive as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and Cody scoops QT for a POWERSLAM! Cody takes off the weight belt, tosses it and gets the leg, but he did promise not to put on the Figure Four, even if he got the opening. Cody lets it go, and QT is just angrier about that! QT swings on Cody, but Cody spins him around to the dragon sleeper, but again Cody’s promise comes in. Cody throws QT down because he refuses to hit Cross Rhodes, despite obviously having it set up. Cody not taking QT seriously is just pushing him closer to the edge, so to speak, and he SLAPS Cody!! Then runs, dodges Cody’s clotheslines, and leaps but flops as Cody ducks! QT crashes and burns out of the ring!

QT gets up in a huff and walks around. The Nightmare Factory gives him space but also an encouraging round of applause, but everyone else taunts QT with “Cody’s Friend! Cody’s Friend!” Cody opens the ropes for QT, Dustin tries to coach QT but QT brushes Dustin off. Dustin gets up on the apron and accepts the ropes being held open, which Cody applauds, but then QT DECKS Arn!?! What did Arn do?! QT runs out to the ramp as the rest of the Nightmare Factory gets in the ring! QT is suddenly full of regret over what he just did, but how is he supposed to continue from here? QT turns away, and Aaron Solow SMACKS Billy Gunn with a chair?!?

And then Anthony Ogogo CLOBBERS Dustin, Nick Comoroto CLOBBERS Austin & Colten Gunn, and Lee Johnson turns around into Ogogo’s HEAVY RIGHT! Solow JAMS Cody with the chair and digs it into him! Comoroto tosses the Gunn Club out while Carlie Bravo, Dean Alexander and the rest are just stunned in disbelief! Comoroto drags Billy up but Billy hits back with haymakers! QT turns around to see what’s happening and Ogogo CLOBBERS Billy! Dustin gets up but Ogogo throws Billy into railing! Solow JAMS Dustin with the chair!

QT sees what his students have done to the others, and then he tells Comoroto to bring Big Shotty Johnson to him. Comoroto does, with a JACKKNIFE POWERBOMB TO THE RAMP!!! QT stands over Johnson, then steps on him. Is that a response to when Johnson forgot to thank QT almost a month ago?! Is this all because of QT’s feelings of being brushed aside?! QT grabs Arn and SLAMS Arn’s arm against railing!! Comoroto dead lifts the entire steel staircase up to the ramp for Solow and Ogogo to set up for QT. Comoroto then hauls a bleeding Dustin over and hands him off. QT stands on the steps, Solow drags Dustin up to him, and they smear Dustin’s blood on their Nightmare Factory shirts!

QT gets Dustin up, for a PILEDRIVER TO THE STEPS!!! The students fetch Cody, and Ogogo undoes his shirt sleeves so he can LEFT HAND BODY SHOT! Cody goes down in a heap, but Solow and Comoroto kick him to the ramp to be on the other side of the steps. QT has a chair, Comoroto puts Cody on the chopping block if you will, and QT has the chair! But Red Velvet rushes out to shield Cody! Velvet tells QT to stop! This was his friend!! Why is he doing this?! QT is of course quiet on that subject. Fans cheer Velvet’s courage, and QT leaves it at this. Will QT and his students look to finish the Rhodes brothers off another time?


AEW hears from Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky.

All Ego says “AEW hasn’t lived up to their end of the deal. I give them star power, I’m a world class athlete, and yet here I am…” and it blends into The Closer saying, “Being overlooked, handing opportunity after opportunity to any and everybody but me.” Forcing Ethan and Scorpio to share the spotlight with people who aren’t even on their level. Scorpio is the Face of the Revolution, and he literally grabbed the brass ring. Now, he and Ethan are not waiting, or asking. They will take anything and everything they want, starting Monday. Will these two reach new heights after facing the Sydal Brothers on Elevation?


Backstage interview with Red Velvet.

Tonight, she came to Cody’s rescue against QT’s assault, and Velvet said she had to! Cody’s her tag partner, she has his back. But then JADE CARGILL attacks Velvet! And RAMS Velvet into road cases. “I already told you, I’m THAT BITCH!!” Velvet didn’t have anyone to watch her back, but will she get back at Jade for that?


Jon Moxley speaks.

“I can’t get that sound out of my head, the crunch, the snap when the Good Brothers took out Eddie Kingston’s ankle with a steel chair a couple of weeks ago. That pisses me off. I hate when I’m in a foul mood like this. I’m getting jumped and attacked by goons every two seconds, that pisses me off. The Young Bucks can’t figure out if they want to be in the fight or not. They come out, try to appeal to somebody’s sensibilities instead of swinging chairs. Which side are you on, man? I dunno, but I guess I do still owe y’all one. That pisses me off.”

Moxley still has burns and scars, he’s all itchy and hot, and that’s pissing him off. And now they’re putting Mox in the ring against this Cezar Bononi fella! Moxley told AEW that Bononi looks good at 6’5″, like some Baywatch lifeguard or something. Has a lot of talent, can make AEW a lot of money, but not if Moxley KILLS him on AEW Dynamite! Whatever, all Moxley knows is, someone’s getting dropped on their head, and someone’s getting choked out. Will the Beautiful Bononi, as “Pretty” Peter Avalon calls him, be in for an ugly fight with the Maniac?

Jon Moxley VS Cezar Bononi w/ Ryan Nemeth & JD Drake!

The bell rings, Bononi uses that 6’5″ frame to get not just in Moxley’s face but literally look down on him. Moxley smirks and pie faces Bononi! Bononi forearms Moxley and Moxley likes that! Moxley fires more forearms in return, then runs, and rams Bononi. Bononi stays up to run Moxley over! Bononi puts Mox in a corner, stomps and throws hands, then drives in elbows! Bononi lets off, knees Moxley in and whips him corner to corner! Moxley dodges, rolls, and runs, but blocks a boot to give it a KNEEJAMMER! And then a DRAGON SCREW! Moxley keeps on the leg with a turn, hook, and SNAP LOCK! Bononi writhes while fans cheer!

Moxley gets the leg, steps to a Half Crab with a little extra, but Bononi fights up to boot Moxley away. Moxley watches Bononi flounder, and he KICKS Bononi in the chest! And again! And again! Bononi eggs Moxley on, Moxley runs but Nemeth takes a swipe! Bononi CLOBBERS Moxley! Then manages to suplex Moxley up and over! Cover, TWO! Bononi looms over Moxley as fans boo and AEW goes picture in picture.

Bononi soaks up the heat, talks some trash to fans, and then drags Moxley up to throw him out. Bononi has the ref check his leg, so that JD can come around and CLOBBER Moxley! Scrap Metal puts Moxley in quick and Bononi stomps away! Cover, TWO! Moxley isn’t that easy, but Bononi stalks him to ropes. Bononi chokes Moxley against ropes, lets off as the ref counts, and comes back to knee Moxley low and hard! Bononi drags Moxley up to CLUB him down, pushes him around, and talks trash., Moxley JABS Bononi, Bononi DECKS Moxley! And then DECKS him again! Moxley hits back, Bononi ROCKS him! Moxley flops around but Bononi kicks him out.

Bononi goes out to soak up more heat, then he drags Moxley up to ROCK him again. Moxley staggers, Bononi storms over but into a kick! Moxley fires off kicks, Bononi knees low again! Bononi CLUBS Moxley, puts him in the ring, then covers, TWO! Bononi hurries after Moxley with a chinlock and squeezes tight! Moxley endures, fans rally up, but Bononi leans on Moxley. Bononi jams his knee in as he adds onto the chinlock, and then does it again and again! Moxley still endures as AEW returns to single picture. Fans rally up, Moxley fights but Bononi knees low again. Bononi whips and clotheslines Moxley in the corner! Bononi whips the other way for another clothesline!

Bononi drags Moxley up, but Moxley throws a BIG forearm! Bononi knees low, whips again, but runs only to miss in the corner! The knee hitting buckle makes it really sore, but Bononi gets Moxley in a waistlock. Moxley kicks the dead lift off, slips out the back and waistlocks in return. Bononi elbows out hard, throws forearms, then whips. Moxley reverses and ROCKS Bononi, then ROLLING ELBOWS! Moxley runs and LARIATS but Bononi stays up!? Moxley SLAPS Bononi, Bononi runs but Moxley gets around to REBOUND GERMAN! Bononi staggers to a corner, Moxley runs corner to corner to clothesline! Moxley hoists Bononi up top, climbs up, and hits the SUPERPLEX! Cover, TWO!

ARMBAR!! Bononi clasps hands, JD distracts the ref, and Nemeth gets in! Moxley lets Bononi go and stares the Hollywood Hunk down. Nemeth swings, misses, and Moxley kicks him for a PARADIGM SHIFT! Bononi gets up to CLOBBER Moxley! JD goes help Nemeth, Bononi pump handles and lifts Moxley, but Moxley slips around to the REAR NAKED SLEEPER! Bononi is red already! He drops down, he is OUT! Moxley wins!!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by submission

Bononi may still be a beautiful beefcake, but The Maniac loves it better when it’s rugged and brutal. Will Moxley be able to bring it back around and go after the Best Bout Machine one more time?


AEW hears from Team Taz.

Taz himself says, “This is a message from Team Taz to all of you. Hey listen, like I said last week, everything is fine and dandy in Team Taz. There are some conspiracy theorists-” Ricky Starks speaks up and says he can take it from here. Starks just wants to let everyone know that he had a great time on Dark with them in their Six Man Tag victory. It felt like the “old Team Taz” was back. But, while things have happened in the past and Starks can forgive that, he wants to hear what Brian Cage thinks about it. Oh, he wants to hear what Cage thinks? That’s a first, because Cage was thinking that maybe if Starks tagged him in sooner, they would’ve won sooner.

Taz wants his guys to settle down, just sit back and chill. Everything’s good in the team. Team Taz is doing great, and NOBODY can stop the Path of Rage. Will the Absolute and the Machine have something to say about that?


AEW checks in with The Pinnacle.

MJF cannot be any happier to see the cameras. Right now, you will see what it’s like to live, Pinnacle style. MJF mentioned his gift to the group last week, and he cannot be more elated to introduce their new personal stylist! If you thought they were living beautiful before, just look at these options! And that’s not all, guys! They’ll all love this. This room they took from The Inner Circle “is a big ol’ fat dump.” So MJF got them an interior decorator and they can just get rid of the gross stench of the mixed bathroom. HOLY CRAP, the Inner Circle is in there?! Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, Santana & Ortiz are all glaring at MJF. MJF closes the door and it’s time to go! But Hager’s at the door!!

Hager DECKS MJF, the rest of the Inner Circle flood the room, and the Pinnacle is tasting their own medicine! MJF and Y2J brawl while the rest of the team members spill into the hall! FTR brawls with PNP, Hager of course goes for Wardlow, and Sammy tangles with Spears! They’re right by Tony Khan’s office as Sammy RAMS Spears into a wall, then torture racks for the GO TO HOSPITAL, that sends Spears into a door! Sammy then SLAMS the door shut on the Chair Man!! Hager and Wardlow brawl into the trainer’s room, and Hager URENAGES Wardlow through a massage table! That’s not a happy ending.

As for PNP and FTR, they are brawling in the backstage outdoor lounge area, Tully just trying to steer clear of wild shots. Santana ROCKS Cash Wheeler and Ortiz POUNCES Cash into the ice tub! Cash cools off while Ortiz chokes Tully, and Santana shouts, “It’s YOUR turn!” He has a director’s chair- Wait, why is one of these by the ice tub? Dax ducks and the chair SMACKS a pole and busts apart!! Dax is already bleeding from who knows what in between all the chaos, but Santana decides to use the jagged piece to JAM him in the forehead!! And back to Jericho and MJF, they’re still in the private room! Jericho SMACKS MJF off the doorframe as they go into the bathroom!

Jericho drags MJF over to the toilet, MJF fights but can’t stop the SWIRLY!! MJF is sputtering as Jericho brings him around. “The worst is yet to come.” Jericho SMASHES MJF through the Pepsi brand mini-fridge’s glass door!! Then he sips a Little Bit o’ the Bubbly before pouring the rest out on MJF. The Inner Circle regroups and Jericho says, “This is our dressing room, BITCH.” They haul MJF out and leave him in the hall. They rip down the Pinnacle’s sign and stick theirs back on! Will the Inner Circle be THE dominant faction in AEW once and for all?


Backstage interview with The Young Bucks.

Alex Marvez asks Matt & Nick Jackson about their tough loss alongside Brandon Cutler against The Lucha Brothers and Laredo Kid, and the big development after the match. What’s going on with the Bucks and Kenny Omega? Matt doesn’t feel like airing more dirty laundry on TV. Move on to- Don Callis walks over and asks them about not wanting to talk about it. Callis tells Nick to “go be a rockstar” while the adults talk. Nick is fine with that, he leaves. Callis tells Marvez to leave so he and Matt can talk “family business.” Callis tells Matt they need to talk, and asks to hear him out. He has something to say man to man: Callis loves Omega, he is family to Callis.

Callis thought the Bucks loved Omega like that, too, talking about how they’re best friends. But what they did last week broke Omega’s heart. Like Omega said, he chose this place. Omega wasn’t choosing AEW over his life in Japan or even more money and fame elsewhere. He chose the Bucks! He made a choice based on family. But what did the Bucks do? They chose to leave Omega bleeding in the ring like some animal! They could’ve helped him, but chose not to, just like with their dad. “Are you so dead inside that you don’t feel anything for the people who loved you?” Callis doesn’t care about how they feel about him, but what about Omega? What is wrong with them? What has happened to them?

No answer, right? Just gonna go count the money. Callis has been trying but doesn’t know how to reach Matt, because he is so cold and dead inside! Then Callis SLAPS Matt!! Matt grabs Callis by the neck! Callis wants mercy, Matt lets him go, and then Callis says, “Really? That’s it, eh? That’s all? Is there anything inside you at all?” Matt’s so pathetic, he makes Callis sick. Will the Bucks show what lies below the surface soon enough? Will Callis regret forcing it out of them when it happens?


Six Man Tag: Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers w/ Don Callis VS The Lucha Brothers & Laredo Kid!

Death Triangle wants the AEW World Tag Team Championships, and while they’re at it, they’ll take THE AEW World Championship, too! Penta El Zero M wants the Cleaner to understand that since he had to cheat to win the title, his luck is running out. Last week, los tres luchadores destroyed the Dungeon Master and Young Bucks, and now they’ll take everything with #CeroMiedo! Will it be so easy when they’re up against The Biz Cliz tonight?

But before trios sort out, Laredo builds speed and Penta gives him a boost to FLY and take out the Biz Cliz at the ramp! Fenix perches up top, the Biz Cliz get back up to get a TIGHTROPE MOONSAULT! Penta hurries out to throw Omega in while Callis nonchalantly goes to commentary, and the bell rings! Penta SUPERKICKS Omega, Lareda SUPERKICKS Omega, and Fenix slingshots in to SUPERKICK Omega! They go after his jaw that they hit with the mic, and then “Uno! Dos! Tres!” DOUBLE SUPERKICKS for the Good Brothers to keep them down and out! Laredo kicks but Omega blocks. Omega spins, but misses, to get TRIPLE SUPERKICKS! Laredo covers, Karl Anderson breaks it!

The Lucha Bros much the Machine Gun, throw him out, and then fans fire up as Laredo goes out to the apron. The Lucha Brothers build speed, they DOUBLE TOPE CONJILO while Laredo MOONSAULTS! Direct hit on all the Biz Cliz! Fans are thunderous as everyone regroups and Laredo puts Omega back in. Laredo stalks Omega, whips him corner to corner, then runs in to FOREARM! And snap suplex! Laredo goes up to a bottom rope moonsault! And then middle rope moonsault! Cover, TWO!! Omega narrowly survives and Laredo is surprised. Laredo CHOPS Omega, wrenches and whips but Omega blocks!

Laredo knees low, Omega reverses the whip to fireman’s carry, but Laredo fights free. Omega elbows back, then runs to INVERTED BULLDOG! Tag to Luke Gallows, and #BigLG drags Laredo up. Laredo fires off body shots and a shoulder, but runs into a cheap shot! Anderson gets away and Gallows YAKUZA KICKS Laredo down! Fans boo but Gallows soaks up the heat as he drags Laredo up. Gallows pushes Laredo to the corner, fires off body shots, then hauls him up for a BIG uppercut! Gallows smirks at the Lucha Bros, then drags Laredo up to whip him into the corner. Gallows uses a hip attack, then tags in Anderson. Anderson scoops Laredo for a backbreaker! Cover, TWO!

Anderson claws at Laredo’s mask, throws him down, then tags in Omega. Omega CLUBS Laredo’s arm, then stomps him down. Omega runs to drop an elbow, covers and TWO! Omega drags Laredo up, brings him around and bumps him off Good Brother boots! Tag to Gallows, and he looms over Laredo. He brings Laredo up, whips to ropes and BOOTS him down! Gallows runs to drop an elbow! And another as AEW goes picture in picture!

Another elbow, then Gallows covers, TWO! Laredo lives but Gallows drags him up to drive in more elbows. Gallows clamps on a thrashing chinlock, but fans rally up as Laredo endures. Laredo is fading but he gets his second wind fast. Laredo jawbreakers free, but Gallows headbutts him in the back! Gallows drags Laredo up for more headbutts, then brings him around to tag in Anderson. The Good Brothers mug Laredo, Anderson stomps Laredo down then drags him over. Tag to Omega, he hops up and drops more ax handles. Omega flexes while standing on Laredo for a cover, TWO! Omega kicks Laredo around, just toying with him before hammering and stomping him harder!

Omega bumps Laredo off buckles, tags Gallows, and they drag Laredo up to mug him more. Omega slaps Laredo before Gallows DECKS him! Gallows DECKS Laredo again, suplexes him high and hard, then drops a BIG leg, brother! Cover, TWO! Gallows hammers Laredo, drags him up and AEW returns to single picture. Gallows scoops and holds Laredo up with one arm, before he SLAMS him down! Tag to Omega but Anderson blasts the corner! Gallows is up top, he becomes a backpack for Omega, and Omega shows how strong he is as he carries Gallows over, and then Anderson hops on for a BIZ CLIZ COMPACTOR! Cover on Laredo, TWO!!

Omega is furious and he gets in the ref’s face about it. Tag to Gallows, and he drops a knee on Laredo’s back. Cover, TWO! Gallows wraps on a chinlock and grinds Laredo down. Laredo fights up, fights out but Gallows shoves him to scoop and spin, but Laredo hits a DDT! Both men are down, fans fire up, hot tags to Anderson and Penta! Penta SLINGBLADES Anderson! Omega gets in but gets a SLINGBLADE! Tag to Fenix, Fenix somersaults in for a DOUBLE CUTTER! Fenix kips up, he and Penta coordinate, wheelbarrow victory roll DOUBLE SPLASH! Fenix drags Anderson to a drop zone, Laredo tags back in to go up and second rope moonsault!

Penta tags in and is up top, for DOUBE STOMPS! Fenix tags in and he goes up for a SWANTON BOMB! Cover, but Omega breaks it! Penta pushes Omega out, Fenix drags Anderson up to CHOP and whip. Penta runs in to GAMANGIRI! Laredo runs in to KNEE! Fenix runs in to miss! Gallows drags Laredo out, Omega goes after Penta, and Omega gets in as Anderson ROCKET KICKS Fenix! Omega runs in to LEAPING BACK ELBOW! Gallows tops it off with the CORNER SPLASH! Gallows keeps Fenix up, he and the others combine for a BACK SUPLEX DOUBLE NECKBREAKER! Cover, Penta manages to break it!!

Gallows throws Penta out, Anderson stalks Fenix and runs corner to corner, to SHOTGUN BOOT!! Cover, TWO?!? Fenix survives and Anderson is furious! Gallows gets in and the Good Brothers combine, but Penta KICKS Anderson! Gallows BOOTS Penta, Laredo missile dropkicks Gallows! Omega runs in to DISCUS Laredo! Fenix mule kicks Omega! Fenix whips, Omega reverses, Fenix tiger feint rewinds to HEEL KICK Omega, into Penta’s DESTROYER!! Anderson uppercuts Penta but Fenix somersaults at Anderson! Anderson blocks the cutter, shoves Fenix to ropes, but Fenix springboards into a SPINEBUSTER! Fans chant “This is Awesome!” as Laredo springboards to ELBOW Anderson off the cover!!

All six men are down but Omega and Gallows regroup in their corner. Laredo goes to his as Fenix crawls over, hot tags to Laredo and Omega! Laredo fires off on Omega with haymakers but Omega ROCKS him! Laredo shoves, kicks and puts Omega in a corner to SUPER FOREARM! Laredo pushes Omega down, goes out and springboards in, into a POWERBOMB! Omega sits Laredo up for a V-TRIGGER!! Cover, TWO?!? Laredo survives and Omega is furious! Omega drags Laredo up, Electric Chair lifts, but Laredo turns to RANA! And then he DIVES! That Tope almost turns Laredo inside-out! The Good Brothers and Lucha Brothers brawl now, the ref tries to sort this out!

The Good Brothers ROCK the Lucha Brothers, then run, but are thrown out! Everyone gathers again, Penta goes off the corner with a CANNONBALL! Omega gets in the ring, Laredo is after him, but no DDT as Omega breaks free! Laredo blocks the V-Trigger and ENZIGURIS! Omega staggers into the TIGHTROPE PENALTY KICK! Laredo hits a MICHINOKU DRIVER!! Cover, TWO?!?! Omega survives and Laredo is furious! Laredo hobbles over as fans chant for “A E DUB!” Laredo climbs up to the very top, PHOENIX SPLASH but he has to roll through as Omega dodges! Omega runs to V-TRIGGER Laredo down! And then, Electric Chair, ONE WINGED ANGEL!!! Cover, Biz Cliz win!!

Winners: Kenny Omega & The Good Brothers, by pinfall

No more near falls or near kick-outs for Laredo Kid, the Best Bout Machine puts him away definitively! But here comes Moxley! The Maniac doesn’t give up, but he’s outnumbered right now. Wait, wait, here come the Bucks?! They stand beside Moxley, but whose side are they on? They’re on MOXLEY’s and they all rush the Biz Cliz! Callis gets Omega and the Good Brothers away, but will they have no choice but to face Mox and the Jackson brothers?


Britt Baker speaks.

She tries calling Tony but can’t reach him. Schiavone, that is. Probably “sTuCk At ThE dEsK~.” Rebel can just do his job for him. Rebel gets the mic and introduces Britt and has her tell us all about Dark: Elevation. Elevation is where we will see AEW stars like Britt every Monday night on YouTube elevating stars of the future. Britt couldn’t help but notice the rundown that Thunder Rosa was on the list. That’s wonderful, because Elevation is an excellent platform for Rosa to get her wins up. It is a shame that Rosa’s biggest win ever doesn’t even count because it was UNSANCTIONED! But that’s okay, because “The Legendary” Britt will put AEW on the mat. Signed Yours Truly, DMD.


Hikaru Shida & Tay Conti w/ The Dark Order VS Nyla Rose & The Bunny w/ Vickie Guerrero & the Hardy Family Office!

Some rare combinations are taking each other on to settle some scores! The Full Metal Warrior and the Brazilian Blackbelt got a great win together on Elevation, but that wasn’t against a team like the vicious Allie and Native Beast! Will the combined intellect, experience and all around nastiness of the Vicious Vixens and Hardy Family Office be a big time money maker against the AEW Women’s World Champion and (current) #1 contender?

Of course, to even the odds of Vickie, Hardy, Private Party, The Butcher & The Blade all ringside, Tay brings the Dark Order! The teams sort out, but Nyla and Bunny rush Shida and Tay! The bell rings, the brawl is on, Nyla throws Shida away then pushes Bunny aside to get at Tay! Bunny sputters back to the corner, Shida and Tay regroup, only for Nyla to run them both over! Shida gets up and fires off on Nyla, but Nyla scoops and SLAMS, to drop a leg, brother! Cover, ONE!! Nyla is after Shida with haymakers, tags in Bunny, and Bunny skips around to then stomp Shida! Bunny hammers away, gets in Shida’s face, but Shida grabs hair!

Shida whips Bunny over into Tay’s boots! Tay then boosts Bunny into Shida’s judo hip toss! Shida is after the FUJIWARA now! Bunny reaches, gets the ropebreak, but Shida just hammers her in the head! Shida hops out to drag Bunny to the apron and CLUB her on the back! Shida glares at Nyla as she gets space to then KNEE Bunny into the ring! Shida glares at Hardy now, too, but Nyla CLOBBERS her from behind! The Dark Order keeps Nyla and Hardy from doing any worse, but Nyla puts Shida in for Bunny. Bunny covers, TWO! Bunny stomps Shida while AEW goes picture in picture!

Bunny bumps Shida off buckles, tags Nyla, and they mug Shida in the corner! Nyla RAMS her shoulder in, and again, then again! The ref counts, Nyla lets off, then she snapmares Shida to KICK her in the back! Shida hits back but Nyla CLUBS her! Nyla drags Shida up, turns her and hits a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Vickie is upset, she drags Shida up to scoop and BACKBREAKER! Nyla bends Shida back in the backbreaker rack across her knee! Shida endures, pulls hair but Nyla clubs her down. Nyla keeps on the backbreaker rack but Shida slips out. Nyla bumps Shida off buckles, tags Bunny, and they mug Shida more. Nyla runs corner to corner to CANNONBALL! Bunny gets in to SLIDING D!

Bunny laughs, Private Party applauds, and Bunny covers, TWO! Bunny runs to shove Tay, Tay gets in but that’s all distraction tactic so Bunny and Beast can stomp Shida at the ropes while the HFO talk trash! Bunny and Nyla let off, Tay is mad, but Bunny feeds Shida to Nyla’s boot. Nyla tags in, drags Shida up and CLUBS her down again. Nyla reels Shida in but Shida resists the lift and fires off haymakers! Shida clubs away on Nyla’s head, then runs, but Bunny grabs hair! The ref reprimands but the damage is done and AEW returns to single picture. Nyla tags Bunny in, they mug Shida more, but Shida elbows Bunny away and sends Nyla into buckles!

Shida drags Bunny around to snap suplex her onto Nyla! Hot tag to Tay! Tay dodges then drop sayanagis Bunny, and again, and again! Tay DECKS Nyla, drags Bunny up and fires off fists! She goes corner to corner to KNEE Bunny, then goes side to side to BOOT WASH! Fans fire up with Tay as she goes up and out and aims, but Bunny ducks one, only to get the other PENALTY KICK! Tay drags Bunny up and gives her the SWINGING BACKBREAKER! Hardy seethes but Tay dares him to do something. Tay drags Bunny up, and Alan Angels hits Big Money Matt! Tay gets Bunny in before the Dark Order brawls with the HFO!

Tay goes up top, Bunny gets under he leap and comes back, only to run into the Gory Especial! Tay swings Bunny for the TAY K O!! Cover, Nyla breaks it in time! Shida uses Tay to springboard and TAMASHI Nyla out of the ring! Shida then climbs up, there’s a cluster forming and she LEAPS, only to be caught! So Tay goes up and LEAPS to bowl everyone over!! Tay fires up as she gets up but Bunny has Shida’s kendo stick! Tay gets in, Vickie distracts the ref, Bunny SMACKS Tay!! DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE!! Cover, Bunny & Nyla win!!

Winners: Bunny Allie & Nyla Rose, by pinfall

Hardy rallies his forces as they and the Vicious Vixens get to cash in big time! Shida and Tay are both still furious, will they make sure Big Money Matt and the venomous Vickie pay dearly?


AEW sets up another big Dynamite for next week!

After the confrontation tonight, the Biz Cliz take on Moxley & The Young Bucks in a Six Man Tag! And then to settle what we just saw before our eyes, Tay Conti will take Bunny on 1v1, with a slightly more limited amount of ringside reinforcements. And Darby Allin continues to be a fighting TNT Champion as he takes on the Blue Collar Badass, JD Drake! Plus, after the epic return of the Inner Circle, we will finally hear from Chris Jericho and his team! Then, in AEW’s own battle of kaiju, it will be Jurassic Express VS Bear Country, #OneWillFall!


Jurassic Express speaks.

“Hey, Bear Country, you big stupid animals.” Luchasaurus corrects Jungle Boy there, Boulder & Bronson are stupid mammals. Right, sorry. But this is the second time those guys have thrown Marko Stunt around, and JB has a better idea. They should pick on guys their own size! And in honor of the new Godzilla movie- VS Kong? Yes, Godzilla VS Kong. They will have a battle to prove who’s on top of the food chain. Stunt, what’s going on? What is that? Is that a Kong tattoo?! Dude, they’re supposed to be Team Dinosaurs! Luchasaurus storms off, Stunt says he got it so he’ll remember to “beat dat ass.” Stunt hurries after, but will they represent for the reptiles and prove they can be cold blooded?


Arcade Anarchy: Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy VS Miro & Kip Sabian w/ Penelope Ford!

For the first time anywhere in all of pro-wrestling, this will be a four player melee tag match, with arcade cabinets, arcade prizes and NO HOLDS BARRED! The only way to win is by pinfall or submission, but feel free to rack up as many points as prizes beforehand! Will the Kentucky Gentleman & Freshly Squeezed make sure it’s game over for Team SuperBest? Or is the level gap just too big between them?

AEW returns once more, and for the first time on Dynamite, Chuck & Cassidy enter to Where’s My Mind by The Pixies. The bell rings and the brawl is on! Miro clubs Cassidy then helps Kip against Chuck. Miro stomps Chuck, Kip fires off on Cassidy and stomps him down! Chuck kicks back while Kip brings Cassidy out of the ring. Miro runs in, Chuck dodges, and Chuck CHOPS! Kip bounces Cassidy off the apron and Miro fires haymakers on Chuck. Miro whips Chuck to ropes and clobbers him to then scoop and FALL AWAY SLAM! Cassidy and Kip brawl towards the games, and Kip bounces Cassidy off Whack-A-Mole! Did he hit a mole?

Miro has Chuck by the arcade cabinets, Cassidy and Kip go around the back, and Cassidy RAMS Kip through the back of the Whack-A-Mole! That was never that good of a game anyway. Wait, Kip is now the mole and Cassidy takes the mallet to WHACK him! And WHACK! Miro runs over to CLOBBER Cassidy! Miro drags Cassidy up, and POSTS him! Then scoops Cassidy to SLAM him! Miro seethes as he looms over Cassidy, and then throws him into the Whack-A-Mole machine! Miro WHACKS Cassidy now! Miro storms around, pulls railing apart and brings it over to be a ramp against more railing. Chuck returns to CLUB Miro! And knee, and hammer, and Cassidy adds on!

The Best Friends bring Miro around but he blocks the double suplex! Miro throws Cassidy away, then brings Chuck around to suplex him into the railing! Miro dares “Charles” to get back up. But he stalks Cassidy first, and he brings Cassidy up and into the ring. Miro gets a chair off the prize wall, goes into the ring, and stands on the chair as Cassidy grabs for it. Miro ROCKS Cassidy over and over and over then grabs the chair. Miro wedges the chair into a corner, grins as he goes back to Cassidy, but Cassidy throws body shots! Cassidy backs Miro down but Miro knees low! Miro brings Cassidy around, but Cassidy blocks the chair bump with all his might!

Cassidy hits low, throws body shots, but Miro RAMS him into the steel!! Cassidy flops out of the ring, Miro grins as he hears the fans chant “MIRO SUCKS! MIRO SUCK!” Miro stalks Cassidy around the way, scares off some of the other wrestlers with “the step,” but Chuck is on top of the Mortal Kombat cabinet! Chuck LEAPS and takes down Miro! Chuck and Cassidy gets Miro up and throw him into railing! And then around to POST him! Cassidy sees Kip getting up and BOOTS him back into the Whack-A-Mole machine! Cassidy gets the trash can lid off the prize wall to SMACK Miro! Chuck gets the kendo stick to SMACK and SMACK, Cassidy adds the trash can lid for MORE SMACKS!

Chuck and Cassidy pinball Miro in the SMACKING! Cassidy tees off, then lets off as Miro is in a daze, to run and CLOBBER him with the lid! Fans are fired up as the Best Friends bring the railing over to RAM Miro down! Then they dump the prize table onto Miro, along with a bunch of other things, AND the Whack-A-Mole machine! Cover, but Kip breaks it in time!! Kip KNEES Chuck, DECKS him, then SHOTGUNS Cassidy into the prize wall! Kip gets Chuck for a HALF ‘N’ HALF to the floor! Kip then runs to SHOTGUN Cassidy through the prize wall!! Kip seethes as he goes to Chuck, but he gets whipped into what’s left of the Whack-A-Mole!

Chuck gets… the teddy bear! He brings it and Kip to the ring, fans chant for the “Teddy Bear! Teddy Bear!” That’s because it has a patch on the back that Chuck peels off, to pour out LEGOs!! If you’ve ever stepped on one without shoes on, you know what’s coming! Kip panics but Chuck brings him around to bump off buckles! Chuck puts Kip up top, climbs up to join him, but Kip resists! Kip fights back and adjusts, but Chuck ROCKS Kip! Kip GAMANGIRIS, Chuck wobbles, Kip gets him for a SIT-OUT BOMB on the LEGOs! Cover, Cassidy breaks it!! Cassidy gets Kip up but Kip throws haymakers! Cassidy gives them back, Kip shoves, Cassidy dodges, tilt-o-whirl DDT onto LEGOs!!

Kip staggers, Cassidy Alabama lifts, BEACH BREAK!! Cover, TWO!?! Kip lives but Cassidy doesn’t let that bother him! ORANGE PUNCH!! Cover, Penelope drags the ref out!! Mrs. Superbad can’t technically get in trouble for that, this is No Holds Barred rules. Cassidy goes out and Penelope LOW BLOWS him! Penelope takes off her belt, aims at Cassidy, but wait! From the claw machine, it’s KRIS STATLANDER!! The Galaxy’s Greatest Alien has returned and BUSTS out of the machine, sending the Plexiglas panel into Penelope’s face! Statlander storms over, Penelope SLAPS her, but that only angers her more!

They run into the ring, Statlander drags Penelope to the apron, for the fisherman MICHINOKU DRIVER through the air hockey table!! Fans are thunderous for “A E DUB!” as spare refs check on Statlander and Penelope in the wreckage. Meanwhile, Miro CLOBBERS Cassidy again! Miro drags Cassidy up to TOSS him across the way! Then he BOOTS Chuck, then he demands a chair! Miro grabs one, brings it around and SMACKS Cassidy on the back! And JAMS Chuck to then SMACK him down, too! And SMACK Cassidy again! Miro scares everyone off so he can attack Cassidy again! And SMACK Chuck again! Miro throws the chair away so he can dribble the Best Friends off another table!

Miro clears the table off, brings it around as Chuck and Cassidy crawl up the ramp. Wait, are those headlights pulling into the parking lot? It’s Mama Baretta’s SUV!! Sue is dropping off Trent!! The Best Friends are truly here now that TRENT is back!! Trent storms down the way, helps Chuck and Cassidy stand, and Miro just salivates now! The Best Friends attack the Best Man 3v1! Miro really is a pinball now! Miro shoves them all away, ROUNDHOUSE for Chuck and BEST KICK for Cassidy! Trent comes back to body check Miro! Miro throws Trent into the stage wall and his rage is boiling over! Though, that’s saying something considering all this…

Miro mockingly waves hi to Sue and he heads over that way. He gets on the SUV, but Trent CLOBBERS Miro! Trent bounces Miro off the windshield, then DECKS him down the way! Trent kicks low, ROCKS Miro again, but Miro rams Trent into railing. Trent sits in a chair, Miro seethes and picks up the (out of order) Mortal Kombat II cabinet! He hoists it up with one arm, and THROWS it, but Trent dodges! Trent throws the chair at Miro’s head! Miro staggers, Trent runs in to SPEAR Miro through the table!! Kip sees what just happened to Miro, but Chuck gets Kip for an OKLAHOMA STAMPEDE through the stage!! Cover, Best Friends win!!

Winners: Best Friends, by pinfall

Trent celebrates with Chuckie T and Cassidy, and they finally HUG!! Statlander joins in as an honorary bestie, for a hug that’s out of this world! Sue gives a Cassidy style thumbs up from the SUV! But now that everyone’s back together again, is this only the beginning for the Best Friends?

My Thoughts:

What an amazing episode! A lot of great action, there was story progression that was definitely more quality over quantity, not trying to cram too much in on one night, and we’re definitely on track for some great stuff come Double or Nothing in May. Christian VS Kaz was a great match and went exactly how it needed to. Christian’s catchphrase is about being the top workhorse, but Kaz was right to criticize him for it. Christian had his struggles in this match, as he should, but he overcame it to win, which was also the right call. I hope Christian has one match every week on Dynamite, letting everyone else have Dark and Elevation. It may not be the “outwork everyone” but it’ll show he’s ready to go every time AEW is on TV.

Darby had a good promo with a good video on Hardy, making me think I was right last week: Darby and Sting are going to be taking on teams with way more than just two people so we can get cool cinematic brawls like we did at Revolution. Hardy is definitely a great choice for their second feud, as he basically brought cinematic matches to wrestling, and certainly to AEW. There is also a really good feud already with the HFO VS Dark Order because of the Hangman angle, and now we’re getting the women’s division involved so that’s great. Shida & Tay VS Nyla & Allie was very good, especially with the “overbooking” ringside. It makes sense for the Heels to win here and extend the feud, and Allie VS Tay next week will be really good, too.

The Exhibition of Cody VS QT went about as expected, in that QT was chippy and bitter, and then he splits off from the Nightmare Family/Factory with Comoroto. I didn’t think they’d be setting a trap like that in the event QT wasn’t winning the match, or that Ogogo or Solow would be part of it. I was hoping for more than a total of four but maybe more Nightmare Factory trainees join up as they get to debut in AEW. Velvet having a quick tie-in with Jade Cargill was also good, we definitely need a big 1v1 for them at some point. The Inner Circle returning was amazing, and we really got a feel for the rest of Daily’s Place. Very curious about the ice tub with the big wraparound couch…

The Six Man Tag was great, but of course it was with who was in it. Of course Biz Cliz wins, they need to stay strong overall. Moxley’s promo was good, his match with Bononi was solid because Bononi and Avalon’s guys got to look good as a unit though they ended up losing. I am also glad to see I correctly saw Moxley teaming with the Bucks, and Callis’ promo with Matt backstage was some great stuff. That Six Man Tag of Biz Cliz VS Mox Bucks is going to be awesome stuff, could go either way. Just not sure if Moxley gets yet another title shot, but at the same time, it just doesn’t feel like it’s time for Hangman to step up or anyone else to really be a contender yet.

Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky had a unique duo promo, I hope those two become a tag team and do some great stuff in an already great tag division. The Arcade Anarchy was proof again that AEW can do these wacky gimmick Street Fights way better than WWE can, and I’m again glad to see Trent came back to help finish this off, it was an even greater surprise to see Statlander go after Penelope. The Best Friends’ true form can finally go after tag titles, Cassidy can do whatever whenever, and Statlander can get red hot again in the Women’s Division, AEW’s got almost too many stars and not enough space. No space puns intended given I was just talking about Statlander.

My Score: 9.6/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (5/25/22)

Happy Anniversary, AEW!



AEW Dynamite 2021

It’s the three-year anniversary of All Elite Wrestling!

And with Double or Nothing this Sunday, Hangman Adam Page and CM Punk have one last face-to-face! Will they keep it civil? Or will they start throwing hands before their AEW World Championship match?


  • Steel Cage, MJF as Special Guest Referee: Wardlow VS Shawn Spears; Wardlow wins and will face MJF at Double or Nothing.
  • Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston VS Private Party; Moxley & Kingston win.
  • ROH World Tag Team Championships: FTR VS Roppongi Vice; FTR wins, by disqualification, and are still ROH World Tag Team Champions.
  • Triple Threat: Jungle Boy VS Ricky Starks VS Swerve Strickland; Swerve wins.
  • Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Opening Round: Britt Baker VS Toni Storm; Baker wins and advances to the finals.
  • Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Semifinals: Samoa Joe VS Kyle O’Reilly; Joe wins and advances to the finals.


Steel Cage, MJF as Special Guest Referee: Wardlow VS Shawn Spears!

The final hurdle is here! If the War Dog can get through the Chair Man inside this cage, he’ll get Maxwell Jacob Friedman at Double or Nothing! But of course, stacking the deck as always, MJF is going to be the officiator in this match, wearing his own custom referee shirt. He claims he’ll call this right down the middle, but will MJF make sure Spears slays the giant and saves him from certain doom on Sunday?

Once again, Wardlow is in cuffs while being escorted to the ring. Fans chant, “WARD~LOW!” the whole way, and Wardlow steps inside the steel. MJF says he’s got those cuffs, as soon as he does the pat down. Wardlow is clean, but MJF “misplaced” the key. Fans boo, because they know this is just another way to rig this match! Spears attacks Wardlow outta nowhere, and MJF has the bell ring! Spears stomps, CLUBS and then throws body shots and more stomps. MJF whistles and has Spears back down, because he “found” the key. But then MJF stomps away on Wardlow, too! MJF knows Wardlow can’t attack him because that’ll violate the match contract!

Spears CLOBBERS Wardlow, stomps him, and MJF smirks. Wardlow gets up but elbows Spears away! Then BOOTS him! But MJF rakes Wardlow’s eyes! Fans boo but MJF eggs them on. Spears drags Wardlow up in the gap between ropes and steel, and both he and MJF run to RAM Wardlow into steel! MJF and Spears high-ten and then soak up the heat. Fans taunt Spears with “TEN! TEN! TEN!” and Spears brings the kneepad down. But Wardlow back drops Spears away! And BOOTS him! MJF stares Wardlow down because again, he can’t be touched. Wardlow endures the taunting, even as MJF SPITS in his face!

But then Wardlow BREAKS the cuffs on his own!? Wardlow CLOBBERS Spears over and over, THROWS him into the steel, then drags him up to TOSS him into more steel! Fans tell MJF he F’d up, but Spears HOTSHOTS Wardlow! Fans boo as Spears hurries up a corner, but Wardlow is after him! Wardlow won’t let Spears escape, he CUBS Spears over and over, then throws him down! Wardlow adjusts on the top rope to SWANTON BOMB! Cover, but of course MJF doesn’t count. Wardlow realizes he should’ve known better. Fans chant, “Ref, You Suck!” but MJF doesn’t care. He’s untouchable in this match! But Wardlow stepping closer does scare him…

Wardlow gets Spears up, but MJF LOW BLOWS him! Spears hurries to fireman’s carry, C4!! Cover, MJF is ready, TWO!! MJF went as fast as humanly possible and Wardlow still got out! Not only that, Spears realizes his finisher juts got buried! Fans chant for “WARD~LOW!” as he stirs, but Spears goes outside the cage to get his chair! This non-escape cage match has to end in the ring but Spears brings in his insurance policy! MJF holds Wardlow up for Spears, and Spears winds up, but Wardlow moves! CHAIRSHOT TO MJF!! Wardlow didn’t need to touch MJF to get even with him! And now Spears is stunned as fans chant that he F’d up!

Spears then realizes Wardlow is standing back up. Spears turns around, Wardlow brings the straps down! Spears is now wishing escape was a way to win. Wardlow gets Spears up, POWERBOMB! But that’s just one! Here’s another POWERBOMB! And then a third POWERBOMB! The Powerbomb Symphony has the fans rocking, and a spare ref runs in! Wardlow sets up Spears’ chair, gets Spears back up, and fans are thunderous! Wardlow reels Spears in again, POWERBOMB ON THE CHAIR!! Cover, Wardlow wins!!

Winner: Wardlow, by pinfall (WILL face MJF at Double or Nothing)

Wardlow got even with Spears, but now he wants MJF! Security rushes in but Wardlow DECKS each of them one at a time! There’s almost no end to these guys, but Wardlow gets that last one with a kick! Wardlow reels this guy in, gets him up, and BOMBS him against the cage!! The man falls into the gap, never to be seen again! Wardlow then climbs up the cage just to make a point that MJF can’t hold him back anymore! Is Wardlow not only going to win his freedom from MJF, but rid AEW of MJF once and for all?


AEW’s heart goes out to Uvalde, Texas.

After the tragedy of the school shooting, all any of us can really do is love each other and pray violence stops.


The Jericho Appreciation Society walks ‘n’ talks.

Daniel Garcia tells Blackpool Combat Club, Eddie Kingston, Santana & Ortiz that this Sunday, Double or Nothing, Anarchy in the Arena, the JAS shows you how violent sports entertainers can really be. But then hold on, who is this bozo wearing a Moxley shirt? Menard and Parker get in this guy’s face. Good quality shirt. Is this polyester? Parker asks if he wants a taste of his switchblade… comb. Y’know what happens when you’re a Moxley fan? FIREBALL from Jericho!! The Wizard strikes again! Will the JAS show no mercy to anyone who isn’t on their side?


Tony Schiavone is in the ring.

As we celebrate three years of AEW where it all began in Las Vegas, Nevada, we have the biggest AEW World Championship match ever on the biggest night ever, Double or Nothing. And the challenger is the Best in the World, CM PUNK! Fans fire up as Punk makes his entrance! And he sits cross-legged on the stage while he rallies the fans to get louder. Punk continues down to the ring and fans chant his name. Schiavone then introduces the other half of this face-to-face, the AEW World Champion, HANGMAN ADAM PAGE! Fans fire up again as the Cowboy makes his way out, belt on his shoulder.

Hangman joins Punk and Schiavone in the ring and Schiavone says these last few weeks, both men have joined commentary and watched the other go to work. Hangman’s used Go To Sleep, Punk’s used the Buckshot, and there’s been a lot of talk and now, for the first time, they’re standing here for a face-to-face interview. Schiavone starts with Punk, saying Punk is prepared for Double or Nothing and becoming the next AEW World Champion. Punk has a mixed reaction from Vegas but with plenty of fans chanting his name. Punk says it is safe to say, “the biggest moment of my career happened right here in Las Vegas.”

Punk is grateful to be in the position he is in, loves the fans all over the world, and plans to walk in challenger, and respectfully walk out the champion. Schiavone now goes to Hangman and says Hangman knows just who he is facing, what everyone knows about CM Punk, but this confidence level is off the charts for the challenger. Fans also have a mixed reaction for Hangman, and still plenty chanting, “COWBOY S*IT!” Hangman says he said exactly what he was going to do to Punk, and did he stutter? “There is nothing that you can do to me to take this championship away from me!”

Schiavone says this is a determined champion, but Punk says he isn’t so sure why Hangman takes this personally. Hangman is a champion because he is Hangman Adam Page, the toughest SOB in AEW, and he holds that gold for a reason. But there is a locker room full of people just like Punk waiting for their shot. This is just business. It’s Punk’s shot, it’s not personal. Schiavone says there seems to be respect here, but Hangman takes the mic to say, “I said three weeks ago exactly what I was going to do to you. I said I was going to destroy you. I said I was going to annihilate you, to embarrass you. And I did not mean at Double or Nothing. I meant right now.”

Punk smirks and says, “Okay,” as Hangman says he’s been waiting for this moment not just weeks, but for months. Hangman has imagined himself sitting on the stage, cross-legged, and he’d pull out a lighter to light a pipe bomb and roll it down to Punk’s feet and watch it blow up in Punk’s face! How cathartic it would feel, and how full circle for Punk, right here in Vegas. But now that we’re here… Hangman realizes that he just can’t do it. He can’t. Not because he’s afraid he’d get fired or because he’s afraid of Punk. But when Hangman thought about what he wanted to say, he realized it’s just what Punk would do.

And fighting Punk’s hatred, pettiness and cowardice with more of the same would not be the right thing to do. But Hangman will say face-to-face, man-to-man, how he feels about Punk. “I don’t hate you. I almost pity you. And I have no respect for you and what you’ve done since you’ve gotten here. You want this AEW World Championship? I don’t think you understand what it means to be a champion. After all these years, I don’t think you get it. Because it’s not just about what happens in this ring, it’s about what happens when that red light turns off. What happens when you go back through that curtain. Those small, quiet moments when you think no one’s watching. That’s what makes a champion.”

Hangman says Punk talks a big game about worker’s rights, but has shown the exact opposite since getting here. Hangman loves this place, cares about this place, this is his home! And at Double or Nothing, Hangman will not be defending this title against Punk. For the first time in Hangman’s life, he will be defending ALL ELITE WRESTLING from Punk! Fans fire up hearing that one! Hangman then offers the mic to Schiavone and he takes it back. Punk’s response is he doesn’t get why Hangman’s so angry and taking this personally. “It makes me a little bit confused. You’re kinda talking in circles, it’s a big riddle, but if you’re so upset that I’m here, you’re gonna have to do something about it on Sunday.

“Win, lose or draw, I respect you, Hangman. But remember, those roads you traveled to get here? They were paved by me. This house that you built? It was constructed with lumber from trees that I chopped down. The world you traveled to get here, to create All Elite Wrestling, happened because I gave you the blueprint. You will shake my hand Sunday. Y’know what, Hangman, you’re gonna shake my hand right now.” Punk holds out his hand, fans are a bit torn, and Punk says all this misplaced anger isn’t for Punk, it’s for Hangman himself. Now shake his hand. Hangman says no thanks, so Punk shoves him. And Hangman DECKS Punk!

Fans fire up as Punk is rather shocked by that move. But he also smiles, perhaps getting exactly what he wanted. Hangman scowls and storms off, will he have a better poker face when it’s Double or Nothing?


AEW looks closer at the coming TBS Championship rematch.

The Queenslayer made the save for Statlander on Rampage, but Jade Cargill asks, “Anna Who?” The girl she already beat? But Anna says she doesn’t get all the extra BS, like the lights and the pyro and the Baddies Section. Jade already beat dat ass, but Jay thinks she deserves another shot? Jay says after her lose, she learned from some of the best on the roster. Now, she’s ready to beat the best and be TBS Champion. Double or Nothing, Jade says you put all your money on her because she is nothing but money. Will #ThatBitchShow just get even bigger and better? Or will Number 99 be the one in 30-1?


The Jericho Appreciation Society heads to the ring!

William Regal is already on commentary as Jericho leads Parker, Menard, Garcia and Jake Hager out. But Jericho has the music cut so the fans can’t sing Judas. Vegas, you don’t have what it takes to sing that song, so sit down and shut up! No singing for Vegas! The JAS then also goes to commentary, because they’re going to watch this next match.

Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston VS Private Party!

The Maniac & The Mad King team up together again to prepare for Double or Nothing, and enter from the crowd! Bryan Danielson would’ve been here but he got his leg trapped between ramp and ring on Rampage last Friday. But will Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy end up appetizers for the violent appetites of Blackpool Combat Club and their allies? Or will the AFO’s party boys do the dirty work for JAS?

The second Quen & Kassidy make their entrance, there’s a brawl at the ramp! Kingston hammers Kassidy and Moxley has Quen! Moxley bumps Quen off buckles and the bell rings to get this on record! Moxley stomps a mudhole, fans are fired up as Kingston RAMS Kassidy into steel steps! Moxley rains down fists on Quen, then he BITES Quen on the head! Kingston brings out a table?! Moxley whips Quen corner to corner but Quen BOOTS him and QUEBRADAS! Cover, ONE!! Quen gets Moxley up, wrenches, but Moxley rolls and wrenches back to hammerlock and SLEEPER! Tag to Kingston and fans fire up!

Kingston and Moxley mug Quen, Kingston HEADBUTTS Quen, then POWERBOMBS Quen down! Kingston paces, drags Quen back up, and he says he can do what Moxley can do. Kingston underhooks Quen, is that a PARADIGM SHIFT!? Kingston kicks Quen around, fishhooks the face, then drags Quen over to tag Moxley. Moxley whips Kingston in to SPLASH Quen, then Moxley clotheslines! Moxley feeds Quen to an STO! Moxley then drags Quen up, scoops him, but Quen slips off! Quen dodges to PELE! Tag to Kassidy, but Moxley blocks a kick and spins Kassidy, only for the DRAGON WHIP to come around!

Private Party DOUBLE DROPKICK Moxley to a corner, Kassidy runs in to back elbow! Kassidy sets up, Quen hits PARTY IN MOTION! Quen then sets up, Kassidy swaggers and runs, but Moxley CLOBBERS him! Kingston drags Quen out, Moxley gets Kassidy up, X-PLEX! Kingston hits an EXPLODER on Quen! Vegas fires up as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Moxley drags Kassidy up, throws him out, and then goes out after him. Moxley RAMS Kassidy into railing, Kingston does the same to Quen on the other side. Kingston brings a chair over, Kassidy throws hands on Moxley, but Kingston stands on Quen. The ref reprimands Kingston, and stops him from using the chair. Kassidy whips but Moxley reverses and Kassidy hits railing hard! Quen kicks Kingston back, but Moxley RAMS Kassidy into steel steps! Kingston RAMS Quen into more railing! Moxley drags Kassidy back up and puts him in the ring. Moxley drags Kassidy around while Kingston CHOKES Quen with camera cords!

Moxley stomps Kassidy, has the legs, TEXAS CLOVERLEAF! Kassidy endures while Kingston brings Quen up. Moxley shifts to an Indian Deathlock STF while Kingston RAMS Quen into more railing! Kassidy endures, Kingston gets a drink of water, then he SPLASHES Quen with the bottle! Kassidy gets free of the STF but swings into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Moxley drags Kassidy back up, waistlocks, GERMAN SUPLEX! Dynamite returns to single picture and Moxley drags Kassidy off the ropes. Moxley half nelsons but Kassidy resists the suplex! Kassidy elbows free, reaches out, but Moxley keeps him from Quen!

Kassidy SCREW HIGH KICKS Moxley, tags Quen, SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE! Then he sucker punches Kingston! Quen runs, flapjack dropkicks Moxley down! Moxley and Kingston regroup. Quen FLIES and takes out Kingston! Kassidy TORNILLOS to take out Moxley! Private Party puts Moxley in and Kassidy hurries, but is put in a corner. Kassidy BOOTS Moxley, leaps, FLYING STUNNER! Quen is up top now, he SHOOTING STAR PRESSES! Cover, TWO!! Moxley survives but Quen tags Kassidy. Kassidy springboards in but Moxley dodges. Kassidy comes back, Moxley sends him at Quen, SILLY STRING- NO! Moxley powers out to LARIAT Kassidy!

Kingston rushes in to URAKEN Quen! Kingston has Quen in the STRETCH PLUM, Moxley rains down HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS on Kassidy!! Quen is tapping, Kassidy is a ragdoll! Moxley finishes Kassidy with PARADIGM SHIFT!! Cover, Moxley & Kingston win!

Winners: Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston, by pinfall

The JAS rush the ring but Kingston goes at them first! Moxley, too! Hager RAMS Moxley into the apron, Jericho and Menard help out, but here come Santana & Ortiz! And even Bryan with his beat up leg! It’s chaos already as they brawl around ringside! Refs try to stop this but fans want to “LET THEM FIGHT!” Jericho SMACKS Kingston with a chair! Menard and Bryan claw at each other, Jericho gets in the ring and soaks up the heat like his side’s already won. But Bryan gets in the ring to go after him! Jericho kicks the bad leg! Parker helps stomp Bryan, and then the JAS undoes railing so they can leave through the crowd! If this is how it was tonight, how much more insane will it get at Double or Nothing?


AEW takes a closer look at the Owen Hart Cup.

Mark Henry says watching all the competition in these tournaments, he is sure Owen would be so proud. Toni Storm says just a few months ago, she thought she was out of wrestling for good. But now she is this close to the finals. Britt Baker vows to defeat Storm and win the tournament at Double or Nothing to prove once again she is the best. Kyle O’Reilly tells Samoa Joe, Double or Nothing will be an Undisputed Elite finals. But Joe ponders the question, “How do you beat someone like Kyle O’Reilly? A submission aficionado, a striking prodigy.” But like all fancy things, you just place it on the anvil and break it. And when Joe is down with Kyle, he’s coming for Adam Cole, BAYBAY.


ROH World Tag Team Championships: FTR VS Roppongi Vice!

As if a three year anniversary isn’t big enough, Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood defend one of their two world tag titles against a team that’s been all over the world, but still hungry for more. Will FTR stay #TwoBeltTopGuys? Or will Rocky Romero & Trent Beretta not just be kings but champions of the night?

The introductions are made by Bobby Cruz, tensions rise but the ref keeps the peace. The ROH belts are raised, and we see if RPG Vice hits the jackpot here in Vegas!

Cash starts against Rocky and fans rally, “F T R! F T R!” Cash and Rocky circle, approach, and Rocky KICKS Cash’s leg. Cash shakes that off and ties up with Rocky. Rocky waistlocks but Cash wrenches and wristlocks. Rocky rolls, wrenches back, hammerlocks, but Cash slips around to hammerlock back. Cash really clamps it on but Rocky drop toeholds and headlocks. Cash rolls to a cover, ONE! Rocky holds on, Cash fights up, and powers out. Rocky runs Cash over! Things speed up, Rocky runs Cash over again! Rocky KICKS Cash, brings him up, CHOPS and runs, but Cash hurdles to run Rocky over!

They keep moving, Cash hurdles but Rocky deflects the dropkick! Rocky gets the arms, GEDO CLUTCH! TWO! Cash goes for a leg, Rocky turns that around to a backslide, TWO! Cash runs in, but into an ARMBAR TAKEDOWN! Fans fire up, Cash rolls to the ropes! Cash gets out, fans fire up and Rocky shows off some of that Latino Heat swag. Cash gets up and in, fans rally up, and Cash tags Dax. Rocky tags Trent, and now Dax and Trent stare down. They tie up, Dax headlocks, Trent powers up and out. Dax runs Trent over, things keep moving, and Trent gets up. Dax slides under but Trent CHOPS him! Dax staggers to a corner, Trent CHOPS back!

Dax turns it around, CHOPS and CHOPS, but Trent CHOPS back! Dax CHOPS, Trent kicks low! Trent stalks Dax to a corner, whips him corner to corner hard and Dax staggers. Dax still back elbows then snap suplexes! Tag to Cash, Dax gives him the boost for a BIG leg drop! Cover, TWO! Cash brings Trent up, but Trent blocks this suplex to suplex back. Cash slips out, waistlocks, but Rocky tags in before the O’Conner Roll! Rocky KICKS Cash, kicks again but Cash blocks! Cash ducks the enziguri but not the HEEL KICK, and Trent gets Cash with a HALF ‘N’ HALF! Rocky hurries to cover, ROPEBREAK!!

Fans fire up while Dynamite goes picture in picture. Rocky stomps Cash, drags him up and CHOPS him to the corner. Cash CHOPS back, CHOPS with his left hand, but Rocky blocks the third chop! Rocky wrenches, ELBOW BREAKER, and a KICK to the arm! Rocky drags Cash around, snapmares him down, and tags in Trent. Trent slingshot sentons, covers, TWO! Trent clamps onto Cash with a top wristlock but Cash clasps hands. Cash fights up, gets around to push Trent towards the corner but Trent digs in his heels. Cash scoops and SLAMS! Both men crawl, hot tag to Rocky! Rocky runs and dropkicks Dax down!

Rocky stomp Cash, then drags him up to throw forearms! Snapmare and basement dropkick! Rocky clamps onto Cash with a chinlock and grinds him down. Cash endures, fights up, reaches out, but Rocky holds on. Cash atomic drops Rocky and gets free! Rocky tags Trent and Trent CLUBS Cash down! Trent hauls Cash up, CHOPS him, but Cash CHOPS back! Trent knees low, tags Rocky back in, and RPG Vice double suplex! Cover, TWO! Rocky clamps back on with another chinlock as Dynamite returns to single picture. Fans rally, Cash moves around, gets around, BIG back suplex! Both men are down again and fans fire up!

Rocky and Cash crawl, hot tag to Trent and he keeps Cash from Dax! Cash hops up, reaches out, Trent pulls him away, but Cash fights through to hot tag Dax! Dax ducks Trent’s haymaker to JAB, JAB, JAB and DECK Trent! Rocky runs in, Dax rallies on him, too! Dax CHOPS Trent in a corner, uppercuts, CHOPS, repeat! Rocky returns but Dax DECKS him now! Dax whips, Trent reverses and Dax hits buckles hard! Dax falls back, Trent drags Dax up to whip, but Dax reverses! Trent ducks the clothesline to get around and GERMAN SUPLEX! Trent holds on, another GERMAN SUPLEX! Dax switches to GERMAN SUPLEX back!

Dax holds on, he GERMAN SUPLEXES Trent again! Trent grabs ropes to deny the hat trick! Dax CLUBS Trent, Trent elbows Dax! Trent swings, Dax dodges, GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, but Rocky DOUBLE STOMPS it apart! Trent hurries, tag to Rocky! Rocky KICKS Dax in the bad side, then ROCKS him and suplexes! Dax slips out, slips under, but Trent tags in before the atomic drop! Dax still elbows Trent, runs, but into a DOUBLE JUMP KNEE! Fans fire up and Rocky hurries after Cash to DECK him! Trent brings Dax up, hangs him out to dry, then Rocky goes up! Missile dropkick! Trent hits the SLIDING KNEE! Cover, TWO!!

Dax survives and RPG Vice can’t believe it! Trent says they’ll finish this, and fans duel. Rocky goes up as Trent Alabama Lifts, but Cash trips Rocky up! Trent dumps Dax to DECK Cash, but Dax cradles Trent! TWO!! Dax scoops but Trent cradles, TWO!! Dax pops Trent up but Trent victory Rolls, TWO!! Both men bob ‘n’ weave, Dax fakes Trent out but Trent fights off the Piledriver! Trent gets Dax back up and tucks him in, Rocky is back up top! STRONG ZERO!!! Cover, Cash barrels into Rocky to break it!! Wait, wait, is that the UNITED EMPIRE rushing down the ramp?! The IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, Great-O-Khan and Jeff Cobb, are here!?!

Khan & Cobb get in the ring and they CLOBBER EVERYONE!

Winners: FTR, by disqualification (still the ROH World Tag Team Champions)

Khan throws Trent out, Cobb throws Cash out, and then Khan MONGOLIAN CHOPS Rocky! Dax is alone and the fans are losing their minds! Cobb gets Dax up, Khan runs, IMPERIAL DROP!! Khan then feeds Rocky to a TOUR OF THE ISLANDS!! The United Empire still isn’t done, they mug Dax, then clear off the timekeeper’s table! GUT WRENCH POWERBOMB through the table!! Khan gets another table, and he drags Trent over. IRON CLAW, and then he goes up the steps! ELIMINATOR through the table!! They then grab the ROH World Tag Team Championships and hold them up high. Will the United Empire conquer not just NJPW but AEW and the world?!


The Hardy Boyz speak.

Matt tells the Young Bucks that their stories both began with a lot of similarities. They were all born and raised by wholesome, religious parents. They had innocent upbringings where they didn’t smoke or drink. They didn’t even curse! And they all had dreams of becoming pro-wrestlers. But that’s where the parallels end. The Hardys broke into the business in the early 90s, and it was a different industry back then, and a majorly different culture. The brutal, tough roads the Hardys had to walk, the Bucks could never, EVER have survived! The Bucks don’t have the grit, the resilience that these two have. The Hardys no only survived, but they became a revolutionary tag team.

Sure, the Bucks are talented, are Elite, but let’s call it like it is. When the Hardys look at the Bucks, and even when the fans look at the Bucks, all they see are Hardy Boy cosplayers! The reason the Hardys are here in AEW is to cement their legacies as the GOATs of tag team wrestling. Jeff says that was GR-E-E-E-E-EAT. Get it? Goats? But they’re not a team in their prime, they’re a team in their OVERPRIME, and it is overtime! The pressure is on to win. This is a clean slate for Jeff, it is his time approaching the eventual time. But this final run will be the best run!

So at Double or Nothing, the Bucks are just two little stepping stones on the Hardys’ way to becoming AEW World Tag Team Champions to complete the collection! And if the Bucks think they’re in their prime, well, they will NEVER be better than the Hardys! The Hardys have been better at every stage of life! Better as babies, as kids, as teenagers, at their peak, and right here and now even as middle-aged and extreme! The Bucks may be elite, but this is the DELETE! They will DELETE the Bucks this Sunday! And there’s a saying: Never meet your heroes, they’ll probably disappoint you. But for the Bucks, it’ll be more like disappointed that they can never beat their heroes!


Triple Threat: Jungle Boy VS Ricky Starks VS Swerve Strickland!

Captain Charisma set up a prelude to the AEW World Tag Team Championship Triple Threat at Double or Nothing, because he wants his guy to get back at both the FTW Champion and the man who cost JB that FTW Championship. But will JB just end up getting beat up by his challengers before the title match because of Christian Cage? Or will Jurassic Express have all the momentum going into this Sunday?

The bell rings and fans fire up as these three stare each other down. JB and Swerve then come to an understanding, and they both look at Starks. Starks realizes that and bails out, and says he beat them both already so he doesn’t have to do anything. Fans chant, “Whose House?” “Swerve’s House!” as Swerve offers a handshake to JB. JB accepts, but Starks slides into shove Swerve into JB! Starks rolls Swerve up, JB breaks it as he rolls Starks up! TWO, JB ends up in Swerve’s cradle, TWO! Starks blocks Swerve’s kick and sends it into JB! Starks throws Swerve down, then goes after him, but Swerve moves around to EDDY GORDO RANA!

JB CHOPS Swerve, knuckle locks, and goes up and up, only for Swerve to bring him back down. Swerve blocks a chop and knuckle locks, then turns JB around to double knuckle lock from behind. JB hops up onto Swerve’s shoulders, Swerve throws him at Starks, JB RANAS Starks out of the ring! JB dodges Swerve, dropkicks him then kips up! Fans fire up with JB and he runs at Swerve to CLOBBER him at ropes! JB runs again but Starks trips him up! Starks throws JB out, but JB whips Starks at the corner! Starks slides through the gap and comes back around, to CLOBBER JB! But Swerve runs at the ropes!

Starks ducks but Swerve handsprings over him, only for Starks to shove him into railing! Starks gets up on the apron to strike his pose, then jump down and stomp Swerve! Dynamite goes picture in picture as Starks talks trash on the Swerve fans.

Starks drags Swerve up, whips him hard into railing, then he goes after JB. JB ROCKS and CHOPS Starks but Starks ROCKS and throws JB down! Starks drags JB up and puts him in the ring to then drag him up and around for a suplex. Starks holds JB up, does a hip swivel and then SLAMS JB down! Cover, TWO! Swerve returns but Starks kicks him and throws him out. Starks brings JB up but JB throws body shots! Starks CLUBS JB down, looms over him, and brings him up to knuckle lock and CHOP! Starks goes up slowly, tightrope walks with some swagger, and gives JB some OLD SCHOOL! Starks strikes his pose again as fans rally.

Swerve is on the apron but Starks DECKS him! Starks then drags JB up and CHOPS him. JB CHOPS Starks back! Starks CHOPS again! Starks digs his knee into JB at the corner, the ref counts, Swerve CLOBBERS Starks! Swerve whips Starks to a corner, runs in but Starks back elbows! Starks throws swerve back out, gets JB back up and wrenches to whips to ropes. OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! But Swerve gets in to throw Starks to a corner! Swerve elbows, snapmares, and then goes up for the FALLING UPPERCUT! Starks goes to the apron but Swerve joins him out there. Swerve claws Starks’ face but Starks throws an elbow.

Dynamite returns to single picture as Starks throws a forearm but Swerve gives it back. Starks BOOTS, Swerve keeps Starks from running off. Starks elbows Swerve again, JB runs in but Starks HOTSHOTS him! Swerve BOOTS Starks, JB runs and RANAS Swerve off the apron! JB throws Swerve back in, hurries and BLINDSIDE LARIATS! Cover, Starks breaks it! Starks whips JB, JB reverses to wrench and RACK BOMB! Cover, TWO! JB is annoyed, Starks gets away, Swerve ROCKS JB with a forearm! Swerve whips corner to corner hard, and then he brings JB up to the top rope. Swerve climbs up, brings JB up, but JB throws body shots.

Starks returns, he jumps up to join in, hitting each man in the head! But they double pie face Starks down hard! JB then CLUBS Swerve, gets around, SUPER POISON-RANA!! But Swerve lands on his feet!! Vegas loses its mind and JB is confused! JB and Swerve fire up, but Starks BOOTS Swerve down! JB dodges Starks’ clothesline but Starks blocks a kick. Starks ducks JB’s enziguri but Swerve’s SUPERKICK connects! JB aims but Swerve deflects that superkick to throw JB down! Swerve rolls JB’s arm to lift him up, stalling suplex, but Starks SPEARS them down!! JB lands on his feet, though, and SUPERKICKS Starks!

JB runs, but Starks MICHINOKU DRIVERS! Cover, Swerve breaks it!! Fans are thunderous, Starks and Swerve kick each other and Starks stomps! Fans are loving “A E DUB!” as Starks tries to underhook. But Swerve powers out to a fireman’s carry, but Starks fights free of that. Starks waistlocks, Swerve switches, but Starks fights off the half nelson suplex! Swerve CHOPS Starks’ on the back again and again, but Starks arm-drags free! Swerve uppercuts, but Starks reels him in! Swerve breaks free with his leg, but Starks pokes eyes! Starks underhooks and Canadian racks, ROSHAMBEAUX! But JB gets Starks SNARE TRAP!! Starks is caught, reaches out, crawls forward, ROPEBREAK!

But JB drags Starks away! JB resets the SNARE TRAP!! Starks is fading, HOUSE CALL from Swerve!! Swerve wants someone to get up, Starks sits up in a daze. Swerve is up stop, SWERVE STOMPS!! Cover, Swerve wins!!

Winner: Swerve Strickland, by pinfall

But “Powerhouse” Hobbs gets in! And he CLOBBERS Swerve! JB jumps on Hobbs for a sleeper but Hobbs throws him off! But Luchasaurus rushes out there and he choke grips Hobbs! Hobbs pries free!? But here comes KEITH LEE! The Limitless One isn’t going to let this keep going without him! Keith, Hobbs and Luchasaurus, the big men of each team, start throwing hands! Hobbs ROCKS Keith, Luchasaurus TAIL WHIPS Hobbs, but Keith GRIZZLY MAGNUMS Luchasaurus! Keith then LIMITLESS TORNILLOS them both down!! Fans lose their minds all over again and Keith regroups with Swerve. Will all of the AEW Tag Division soon bask in their glory?


Dan Lambert & the Men of the Year speak.

Lambert says, “Sammy, Tay and Frankie must have a combined IQ of room temperature with the air conditioning on if they thought for one second that busting up Scorpio’s TNT title belt was going to get them the match that they want. Well, somebody please tell these idiots about this new invention we have called the internet and show them how to look up American Top Team. Because maybe then, they would understand that winning every championship there is in combat sports means I probably have every belt maker in the world on speed dial.” That’s right, Lambert ordered Scorpio a brand new belt even before AEW’s favorite couple could tweet out a picture of themselves in the middle of some disgusting act wearing the old one.

So, Scorpio Sky gets a special Friday Night Rampage. The brand new, custom made TNT Championship, handcrafted in Scorpio’s image, will be presented to him and he will love it. Scorpio snaps his fingers and we cut away, but will Sammy, Tay & Frankie just look to break that belt up, too?


Schiavone is on stage.

This Sunday, the AEW Women’s World Championship will be defended. Schiavone introduces the champion, Thunder Rosa! La Mera Mera makes her way out, and Schiavone asks her about Deeb’s challenge. Rosa wants us to see her face. It has no face paint! This is the real Rosa, the face of someone who has worked and earned everything she has, and is grateful for being champion. That has never complained, either. Because that is what champions do. Deeb, “mi reina,” you are NOT a champion. Fans cheer Rosa on, and Rosa tells Deeb that she complains, is a little petty.

Rosa says Deeb points fingers at people and companies, pinning things on her past, with her questionable changes. Maybe Deeb should look in a mirror and blame herself. Rosa’s face used to look up to Deeb, but no more! And on Sunday, Deeb won’t see this face. On Sunday, the war paint is on. On Sunday, the warrior inside Rosa takes over! On Sunday, La Mera Mera will teach Deeb a lesson in respect for disrespecting Schiavone, for disrespecting Rosa’s mentor, Dustin Rhodes, for disrespecting the fans, and especially for disrespecting Rosa, the AEW Women’s World Champion!! And y’know what? Deeb will be very scared, because Rosa will haunt her forever!


AEW returns as Schiavone interviews Red Velvet backstage.

A tremendous match between The Chef and Kris Statlander in the Owen Hart Cup, but Statlander won. Velvet is surely upset. No sh*t, Schiavone. Velvet says she should have won that match, and she should be facing Ruby Soho. But speaking of, Soho walks in because she heard her name. Does Velvet have something to say to her? Yes, actually. If Soho needs to know how to beat Statlander, Velvet’s got this notebook right here. Statlander’s knee is messed up, and she has a bad shoulder, too.

Velvet leaves and Soho says she can admit, when she faced Statlander last time, Soho won by the skin of her teeth. But in the next round of the Owen Hart Cup, Soho knows she’s not facing the same Statlander. This notebook is useless, so Soho throws it away. Soho will keep what Velvet said in mind, though. Will the Runaway be able to get past whatever this new form the Galaxy’s Greatest Alien has taken and head for Double or Nothing? And speaking of…


Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Opening Round: Britt Baker VS Toni Storm!

The Doctor made Maki Itoh tap out while the Lightning From Down Under struck a Hayter. Only one moves on to Double or Nothing and the finals, who wins the first of tonight’s “double main event?”

In a surprising move, Britt tells Rebel and Jamie Hayter that she’ll be fine without them. They head back to the back, this will truly be 1v1, just as Storm wanted it. The bell rings and Vegas rallies for “D M D!” Britt and Storm circle, tie up, and go around. Storm clamps onto the arm, wrenches, but Britt reaches for ropes. Storm keeps her away from ropes, but Britt wrenches back. Britt hammerlocks, spins Storm and snapmares but Storm wrenches right back. Storm keeps Britt down with a wristlock, but Britt fight sup to break free. Britt snapmares, but Storm wrenches Britt right back, then headlocks for the takeover.

Britt keeps her shoulder sup, headscissors, but Storm pops free. Storm and Britt tie up again, Britt hits a headlock takeover. Storm headscissors and she keeps Britt down. Britt gets frustrated but endures as Toni pushes up for more pressure. Britt moves around, Storm pushes up again, but Britt kicks her way to the ROPEBREAK. Fans rally and duel as Storm lets off and waits on Britt. Britt gets up, kicks Storm low, but Storm rushes in. Britt sidesteps but Storm redirects herself to avoid the table top, and she basement dropkicks Britt down! Britt bails out but Storm pursues, and she ROCKS Britt with a forearm!

Storm brings Britt around and POSTS her! The ring count climbs, Storm ROCKS Britt with an uppercut. Storm gets in the ring to refresh the count, then she uppercuts Britt again. Storm aims at the apron but Britt blocks the bump to smack Storm off the apron instead! Britt puts Storm in the ring, fans duel, and Britt climbs up. Storm shoves Britt out! Storm hurries to ROCK Britt with a right, then stalks her to steel steps. But Britt rakes eyes! Britt Hits a COMPLETE SHOT to the steps! Storm flops down and Britt gets in the ring to refresh the count! Britt hurries after Storm as Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Britt rains down fists on Storm, lets off to spell “D M D,” then she drags Storm up. Britt SMACKS Storm off the steps, then takes the fan sign that says “DMD is DUMB,” to rip it in half! Britt refreshes the count again, puts Storm back in, then takes her time getting in the ring. Storm kicks at Britt but Britt stomps and kicks Storm. Britt CLUBS Storm, scuffs her, talks trash on Storm, then puts her in a corner. Britt CHOKES Storm, but the ref counts. Britt lets off at 4, brings Storm around and throws forearms! Britt sits Storm down, drags her back out, and then pulls her into the post! The ref counts again and Britt scuffs Storm as she lets off.

Britt gets back in the ring with a smirk and she brings Storm up. Britt throws Storm down by her hair, covers, TWO! Britt clamps onto Storm with a seated cobra twist, but Storm endures. Fans rally up, Britt pulls Storm’s hair and talks more trash, but Storm endures. Storm fights up, throws body shots, and gets free! Britt ROCKS Storm, but Storm ROCKS Britt! Dynamite returns to single picture as the forearms fly back and forth! Storm gets the edge, but Britt dodges to SUPERKICK! Storm staggers, Britt goes up the corner, and Britt leaps for PITT- NO! Storm blocks the sunrise to go up and TORNADO DDT!

Britt flounders away and fans fire up. Storm fires up, she runs in corner to corner, HIP ATTACK! Then Alabama lift, ALABAMA SLAM! Storm rolls Britt back to her feet and reels her in, but Britt powers up to AIR RAID CRASH! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up but here comes Hayter! She coaches Britt up but Britt tells her to go back. Storm rolls Britt! TWO!! Britt kicks low, reels Storm in, FISHERMAN SCREW! Cover, TWO!! Storm survives and Britt is beside herself! Britt waistlocks, ripcords, but Storm dodges to GERMAN SUPLEX! Britt flounders to the apron and out of the ring. Storm hurries after her, TORNADO DDT to the floor!!

Storm drags Britt up, puts Britt in, and fans duel! Hayter is on the apron but Storm DECKS her! Storm runs at Britt, blocks the superkick and kicks back! Storm reels Britt in, Britt back drops but Storm sunset flips! Britt sits on the cover, Hayter helps Britt grab the rope! BRITT WINS!

Winner: Britt Baker, by pinfall (advances to the finals)

Storm is shocked! Britt did 99% of the work and still stole this one! Who will The Doctor meet in the finals? We see Statlander VS Soho this Friday on Rampage!


Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Semifinals: Samoa Joe VS Kyle O’Reilly!

The Panama City Playboy waits the winner of this at Double or Nothing, and he’s hoping for an Undisputed Finals! Will #KillerKyle keep that dream alive? Or will the Samoan Submission Machine make sure the Cup stays far out of their reach?

The bell rings and the two circle. Kyle and Joe test the waters with kicks, fans sing, “Joe is gonna kill~ you!” and Joe withstands Kyle’s quick flurry! Joe backs Kyle down with his own kicks and knees, and even adds elbows and a KICK! Kyle staggers but he steadies himself and the two reset. Kyle shoots in, Joe switches, Kyle flips it to a facelock. They move around, Joe wants a leg now, and he gets Kyle down! Kyle uses a leg guard and they end up in ropes, Joe lets off quickly. Fans fire up for the opening exchange and the two reset again. They knuckle lock, Kyle gets the arm and wrenches it. Joe wants the sleeper!

Kyle trips Joe, Joe kicks Kyle away and avoids the Penalty Kick to CHOP Kyle off his feet! Fans are stinging from that one, and they chant for “JOE! JOE! JOE!” Kyle gets up, Joe JABS, JABS, then CHOPS Kyle in the corner. Joe brings Kyle around but Kyle wants that bad arm! Joe uses the good arm to scoop and SLAM Kyle! Kyle sits up and gasps, Joe CHOPS him on the shoulder, then PENALTY KICKS and ELBOW DROPS! Fans fire up and Joe covers, TWO! Joe CLUBS Kyle, CHOPS him, CHOPS again, then HEADBUTTS! Joe throws a back elbow, reels Kyle in, and snap suplexes! Joe floats to the cover, TWO!

Joe smirks and JABS Kyle again. Joe runs but into a KNEE! Kyle wrenches the bad arm to WRING it out! Joe rolls away, Kyle snarls and he stomps Joe to ropes. Kyle gets the bad arm, hammerlocks, and he rains down elbows and knees! Kyle floats over to do the same to the other side, then he runs for a SLIDING KNEE! Joe writhes, Kyle KICKS the bad arm! And again! Joe staggers but Kyle brings him around to clinch and fire off more knees! Kyle runs but Joe CLOBBERS him! Fans fire up and Kyle flounders to the apron. Joe storms over, but Kyle gets the leg! DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! Kyle then goes up the corner, FLYING KNEE to the bad arm! Cover, TWO!

But into an ARMBAR! Joe clasps hands, or rather holds his own wrist! Kyle wants the arm but Joe gets the ROPEBREAK! Kyle holds until 4 and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Kyle KICKS Joe against the ropes, then KICKS him again. Joe bails out of the ring, Kyle goes out after him, and Kyle wrenches the bad arm for a double wristlock. Kyle then hammerlocks the arm, makes Joe take a seat and he KICKS away on Joe by the barriers! Kyle ROCKS Joe, then gets some space. Kyle runs back in, but Joe DECKS him with a forearm! Fans fire up and Joe brings Kyle up. Joe CHOPS Kyle into taking a seat, then Joe gets some space. Joe encourages fans to fire up, and he run sin to BOOT WASH Kyle against railing! The front row fans fire up getting a whole new experience as Joe brings his foot back over.

Joe drags Kyle up and puts him in the ring. Joe takes a moment to catch his breath, then he gets in. Kyle gets the bad arm to wrench, hammerlock, and leg sweep! Joe lands on the bad arm and clutches the shoulder! Kyle rains down palm strikes on Joe, floats over to the other side for more, then back again! Kyle lets off to get the bad arm and grind the shoulder. Joe endures, even as Kyle grinds the elbow into Joe’s head. Joe fights up but Kyle throws him down! Kyle runs to drop a knee on Joe’s shoulder! Kyle paces, stomps the bad arm, then hauls Joe up as Dynamite returns to single picture.

Kyle throws forearms, KICKS, and repeat, focusing on the bad arm. But Joe uses the arm to catch the kick! Kyle fires off palm strikes, knees and another kick, but Joe ROLLING LEG SWEEPS! Kyle goes down and fans fire up with Joe! Joe JABS, JABS and JABS, to then whip and atomic drop! Joe keeps moving, and he BOOTS Kyle down! SENTON! Cover, TWO! Kyle survives but Joe keeps cool. Joe stands Kyle up for knee after knee, but Kyle blocks to KICK the bad arm. Kyle runs, but Joe LARIATS him down! Cover, TWO!! Kyle survives and Joe is beside himself! Fans rally behind Joe and he watches Kyle rise.

Joe brings Kyle up but Kyle throws a forearm! Joe responds with palm strike after palm strike from his good arm! Joe has Kyle in the corner, puts him up top, then tucks him in! MUSCLE- NO! Kyle fights out and has the bad arm! Kyle shifts around from double wristlock to FUJIWARA ARMBAR! Joe endures but Kyle pushes back! Joe crawls, reaches out, turns on his side, ROPEBREAK! Kyle lets go quickly but still wants the bad arm. Kyle rips off the tape and snarls as he KICKS the arm again! Joe is in the corner, Kyle BOOTS him! Joe JABS, and JABS, and CHOPS! Kyle BOOTS again, but Joe KNEES Kyle as he shoots in low!

Kyle staggers, yoyos in the ropes, and LARIATS! Joe ENZIGURIS! Kyle PENALTY KICKS! Fans fire up again as both men are down! Kyle and Joe go to opposite corners, fans love “A E DUB!” for this, and Kyle runs corner to corner! URENA- NO! Arm-drag counter, and Kyle shoots around. O’Conner Roll, TWO! COQUINA CLUTCH!! But Kyle has the bad arm! Joe is still locking it in with the one good arm! Kyle sputters, and he’s out! JOE WINS!!

Winner: Samoa Joe, by submission (advances to the finals)

Even with one good arm, the ROH World Television Champion pulls off the victory! But here comes Adam Cole, BAYBAY! Cole and Joe have never had a match against each other before, and now they will in a historic finals match at Double or Nothing! Who will win the inaugural Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament?

My Thoughts:

A great episode for Dynamite, especially as a go-home for Double or Nothing. For one, opening with the Steel Cage was an awesome move. I should’ve figured MJF would go that far to try and screw Wardlow over, but it was awesome how Wardlow turned it around on MJF. That was one serious headshot and MJF sold it perfectly. Wardlow of course wins, and of course we’re now getting MJF VS Wardlow at Double or Nothing, and who knows how that goes. There is a very good chance MJF wins, though, with the dirtiest of ways to win, but I bet Vegas would go nuts if Wardlow won. Also great to see that I called the TNT Championship was being remodeled for Scorpio, I bet that thing will look awesome.

Great promo from the JAS, and wow, Jericho with another fireball just because that staffer wore a Moxley shirt. If this were sports entertainment, they would’ve mentioned Jericho getting fined a lot of money. Regal and Jericho were very good on commentary during Moxley & Kingston VS Private Party, which was a lot of fun and a pretty good sampler of what Anarchy in the Arena will look like. I don’t want it to be so chaotic because that’ll be hard for everyone to keep up with all the action, but it will surely be just brawling all over ringside and even in the ring, and who knows what we’ll see these teams do to each other.

Good promo vignette from Jade and Jay to hype up the rematch, but again, because it’s Jay again, I feel like Jade’s got this one. I did like that Velvet, though Heel, gave Ruby, a Face, advice on how to beat Statlander since Velvet is now Statlander’s enemy. Ruby had a good Face response, and Ruby VS Statlander on Rampage is going to be a great match. Great promo from the Hardys to hype up their match with the Bucks, no idea who wins that match, but I definitely see the winner going after the AEW World Tag titles. And while Rosa had a very good promo, they started her music a little early. Probably just them misreading her promo, but it also felt like they were playing her off, which is a bit rude to do to your AEW Women’s World Champion. But that aside, Rosa is surely retaining against Deeb.

Great segment from Hangman and Punk, and though Hangman purposefully danced around the issue, I’m pretty sure what he was getting at is Punk coming in and throwing off all the plans for the AEW originals, Hangman himself included. Punk also had a good counter saying he was the foundation of what AEW is even about. That match is going to be amazing, Hangman knocking Punk down technically means Punk is standing tall because he got in Hangman’s head. I would think Hangman retains the title and that strengthens his reign, probably so he’ll be real strong for Kenny Omega’s eventual return.

The ROH World Tag Team Championship match was great stuff, and I even liked that it ended up like it did because The United Empire shows up to further build towards Forbidden Door. FTR wants more tag titles, RPG Vice called out a lot of champions, and now it seems the Empire figures they’ll grab up titles, we could get a huge tag title match with this feud. The Triple Threat of JB, Starks and Swerve was great stuff, and between Swerve winning the match and Keith running off the other heavies, I have a feeling Keith & Swerve end up losing somehow. That might mean Jurassic Express finds a way to retain, maybe Team Taz wins, but who knows.

Great “double main event” from the Owen Hart Cup Semifinals, and we even got a good promo vignette to hype the matches up. Britt VS Storm was of course still affected by Hayter showing up, but I almost thought Hayter was going to accidently cost Britt. But no, Britt still wins, as expected, and she is paralleling Cole as they’re both finalists. Joe VS Kyle was awesome stuff, and especially with Joe selling the arm damage from last week. Joe winning was great, though, and that gives us a classic Face VS Heel showdown. I suppose it would be too early for Cole VS Kyle, possible dysfunction between them in AEW after doing that story in NXT, and Cole VS Joe will still be awesome. But with Lethal, Sonjay & Singh lurking, I bet Joe loses because of them and Cole wins, he and Britt will be an Owen Hart Cup winner power couple.

My Score: 8.9/10

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Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (5/24/22)

Roppongi Vice gets Dark!



AEW Dark 2

Rocky Romero and #JustTrent arrive in Universal Studios!

Before challenging FTR for the AEW World Tag Team Championships, Roppongi Vice fires up in the Dark! Will they be partying in the Dark, too?


  • Kris Statlander VS Avery Breaux; Statlander wins.
  • Matt Menard & Angelo Parker VS Eli Isom & T.U.G Cooper; Menard & Parker win.
  • A.Q.A VS Brittany Jade; AQA wins.
  • Lee Moriarty VS Alan Angels; Moriarty wins.
  • Sonny Kiss VS Carlie Bravo; Kiss wins.
  • Robyn Renegade VS Vicky Dreamboat; Robyn wins.
  • Anthony Ogogo VS Trenton Storm; Ogogo wins.
  • Leva Bates VS Kia Dream; Bates win.
  • Roppongi Vice VS Peter Avalon & Ryan Nemeth w/ JD Drake; RPG Vice wins.


A good line-up of nine, and great to see Leva Bates back in action. Also nice to see the team formerly known as 2point0 having a tag match, that’ll help get them going in the tag division while also building towards the “Anarchy in the Arena” at Double or Nothing. And RPG Vice will definitely get a win before their match on Dynamite.

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