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Mitchell’s New Japan Cup Results & Report! (3/16/21)

The quarterfinals begin!



NJPW New Japan Cup 2021

The New Japan Cup is one step closer to the finals!

With just days left, the New Japan Cup quarterfinals are here! Will EVIL be that much closer to repeating as tournament winner?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • SANADA & Bushi VS Will Ospreay & Jeff Cobb; Ospreay & Cobb win.
  • 2021 New Japan Cup Quarterfinals: EVIL VS Toru Yano; Evil wins and advances.
  • 2021 New Japan Cup Quarterfinals: KENTA VS Shingo Takagi; Takagi wins and advances.


SANADA & Bushi VS Will Ospreay & Jeff Cobb!

Cold Skull and Commonwealth Kingpin will meet in the NJCUP tomorrow, but they bring the Death Mask and the Hawaiian Hulk to this battle! Will Sanada bring Ospreay to a Skull End a couple days early? Or will the United Empire conquer the ungovernable?

Ospreay asks LIJ be nice to his nose after what happened just the other day against Zack Sabre Jr. The nose is broken, so he gets on his knees and asks they don’t hit him in the nose. Sanada says he’ll be cool, and so Ospreay steps up to start. The bell rings, fans rally and the two circle. Sanada and Ospreay tie up, Ospreay wrenches an arm to a wristlock, and Sanada goes after the nose! Ospreay gets to ropes for defense and the ref has Sanada back off. Ospreay again pleads that Sanada not go after the nose, and Sanada promises not to. Fans rally “SA-NA-DA!” though Ospreay pretends it’s “WILL OS-PREAY!” as he returns.

They circle, tie up, and Ospreay wrenches an arm to then quickly hammerlock, headlock, and wristlock again. Ospreay wrenches and wrenches but Sanada WRINGS him out! Ospreay scrambles away again and steadies himself. Ospreay calls for a test of strength, Sanada accepts and they knuckle lock. They go shoulder to shoulder, Sanada starts to bend Ospreay back but Ospreay pulls Sanada’s hair! Ospreay throws Sanada down, covers, ONE as Sanada bridges! Fans cheer as Sanada stands back up, and he rolls to crank the knuckle locks! Ospreay gets to ropes again, Sanada lets off but Ospreay turns things around!

The ref warns Ospreay, he lets off clean, and again points to his nose. Fans cheer as the two stand off, and Ospreay holds out a hand. Ospreay promises to play nice but he so obviously winks to Cobb. Sanada reaches out for the handshake, but he anticipates and blocks the cheap kick! Cobb gets in to hit Sanada, Ospreay hits Bushi, and the Empire mugs Sanada. The Empire double whips Sanada corner to corner, Ospreay sends Cobb in but Sanada dodges and dropkicks Ospreay’s leg out! Sanada then RANAS Cobb out of the ring! Fans fire up and Sanada tags in Bushi. Bushi kicks Ospreay, Ospreay guards his face so Bushi kicks him low again.

Bushi whips, Ospreay reverses then runs in but Bushi slips out to the apron. Bushi swing kicks but Ospreay turns around so he gets hit in the back! Bushi climbs up, leaps but Ospreay gets under. Ospreay elbows Bushi then makes him straddle the top rope! Ospreay runs to BOOT Bushi down, then he runs to hit Sanada! Cobb drags Bushi up to throw forearms. Ospreay goes after Sanada with haymakers! Ospreay whips Sanada hard into railing! Sanada falls over, Ospreay stands on his neck and messes with Sanada’s nose now! Ospreay says no one cares about Sanada’s nose, his nose is the most important. Cobb puts Bushi in for Ospreay and Ospreay stomps him.

Tag to Cobb, the Empire drags Bushi up to double whip, and Cobb runs Bushi over. Ospreay PENALTY KICKS, Cobb covers, TWO! Fans rally up and Bushi throws body shots. Cobb clubs and whips Bushi to bring him around and throw into the Empire corner! Tag to Ospreay, Ospreay climbs and Cobb sets Bushi up, DRAPING STOMPS! Cover, TWO! Ospreay tags Cobb and digs his knee into Bushi, and Cobb drags Bushi up. Bushi throws body shots again but Cobb clubs him. Cobb runs but Bushi follows to dropkick! Fans fire up as Bushi crawls. Cobb anchors Bushi and Ospreay runs in to DECK Sanada! Ospreay stomps Bushi, the ref reprimands but Ospreay tells him to take it easy.

Bea Priestly keeps the ref distracted, and the Empire whips Bushi corner to corner. Ospreay whips Cobb in but Bushi dodges! Bushi boots Ospreay, not caring about his nose, and then hits a BULLDOG DROPKICK COMBO! Ospreay bails out to check his nose and jaw, Bushi fires forearms on Cobb. Cobb blocks the whip to whip Bushi, but Bushi dodges to DIVE onto Ospreay! Ospreay hits railing, Sanada dropkicks Cobb’s legs out! LIJ brings Cobb up to whip corner to corner, and Sanada runs in to back elbow! Bushi back elbows then feeds Cobb to Sanada’s dropkick! BACKSTABBER! Cover, but Ospreay breaks it!

Sanada throws Ospreay out and follows but Ospreay throws Sanada into railing! Bushi brings Cobb up but Cobb powers out of the fisherman screw! Ospreay gives Bushi PIP PIP CHEERIO! Sanada gets in to fireman’s carry Ospreay for a flip into the dragon sleeper! Ospreay powers out to SLAP Sanada, but Sanada blocks the boot, to get Ospreay’s nose!! Sanada CLUBS Ospreay’s nose, but Cobb CLOBBERS Sanada! Bushi comes around to cradle but Cobb blocks and dead lifts to a suplex! Cobb drags Bushi up, whips, but Bushi holds ropes and boots Cobb away! Bushi runs, Cobb blocks the Code Breaker, but Bushi turns the counter into a sunset flip!

Cobb stays up, grabs at Bushi but Bushi shifts to a school boy! TWO, and Cobb CLOBBERS Bushi! Cobb drags Bushi up, reels him in, TOUR OF THE ISLANDS!! Cover, the Empire wins!

Winners: Will Ospreay & Jeff Cobb, by pinfall

Cobb picks Bushi’s arm up and lets it drop, showing that Bushi is out from that impact. Ospreay finally scolds Sanada for lying about not messing with his nose. “You’re a liar! You’re a liar! Look at my nose! This is a broken nose!” Ospreay promises to mess Sanada up, but Sanada just flips Ospreay off. Ospreay loses his cool over Sanada’s defiant attitude, but will he end up losing their NJCUP match?


2021 New Japan Cup Quarterfinals: EVIL VS Toru Yano!

The 2020 NJCUP winner wants to repeat history in 2021, but he now faces the repeat Mr. KOPW! Will Darkness Fall on the Producer? Or will Yano make sure everything is NOT evil?

After Yano’s very long introduction, and after Bullet Club Low Sweets, Yano tells the ref to be wary of Dick. Fans cheer, we all know how sneaky Dick can be. The bell rings and Dick is on the apron but Yano rallies with fans in their clap that basically translates to “Throw Him Out!” Dick doesn’t go away so Yano bails out. Yano doesn’t want any part of this if Dick is still here. Dick goes out to the railing and so does Yano. Yano says Dick isn’t far away enough but a ring count starts. Yano still complains but the count is 10 of 20 and climbing. Yano tells the ref to wait. Yano keeps moving around, the count is 18! Yano gets in at 19.5!

Evil is the one getting annoyed now as Yano goes after a buckle pad! But Dick is there so Yano is wary. Evil attacks from behind! Evil throws Yano out, and then distracts the ref so Dick can BOOT Yano down and stomp him! Dick puts Yano in and Evil stomps Yano’s legs then arms! Evil drags Yano up, fans rally, but Evil throws Yano back out. Evil follows to RAM Evil into the timekeeper! Abe-san gets put into the front row! Evil stands on Yano while the ref and Young Lions help Abe. Evil drags Yano up by an ear while fans rally. The ref reprimands, Evil puts Yano in and stomps Yano more. Evil drags Yano up, wrenches an arm, and brings him around into a cobra twist!

Dick and Evil link up for leverage, but they get away with it before the ref sees. Yano gets the ropes, the ref sees Dick and tells him to let go! Dick backs off, Evil lets Yano go and covers, TWO! Cover, TWO! Another cover, TWO! Evil gets frustrated and he drags Yano up to whip him to a bare corner! Dick took the pad again! Evil taunts Yano, drags him up, and wrenches and wrenches and wrenches! Evil whips, Yano reverses but Evil stops himself from hitting buckles. Yano runs in, but Evil dodges and Yano gets buckles! Evil whips Yano corner to corner then runs in to clothesline! Yano drops down, Evil stands on him and claps. Fans rally, the ref backs Evil off, but Evil drags Yano up.

Evil whips Yano, Yano reverses to throw Evil by his hair! Fans cheer and Yano brings Evil back up to whip him into the bare buckles! And then Yano gets the buckle pad off the other corner, throws it at Dick, and then dodges Evil to shove him into Dick! BELLY2BELLY! Fans fire up while Yano and Evil are down! Evil and Yano rise, Evil kicks first then runs but into an atomic drop! Yano catapults Evil into bare buckles! School boy roll-up, TWO! Yano brings Evil up, Evil kicks but Yano blocks, and hands the kick over to the ref so he can BOP Evil in the head! Evil runs back in but Yano dumps him out! Yano pursues but Dick storms over. Yano kicks Dick and whips him into railing!

Yano gets the spoiler choker and uses it on Evil!! The ref is busy arguing with Dick, but a ring count starts. Yano stops at 4 to then shove Evil under the ring!! Yano gets in and feels he’s already won. The count is 10 of 20 and climbing! Evil might be lost under the ring! The count is 15, then 18, but the lights go out!? Yano asks what the heck happened, and when the lights come on, EVIL is there! Yano turns around into EVERYTHING IS EVIL!! Cover, Evil wins!

Winner: Evil, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

And Dick walking back over is definitely a sign that he turned off the lights to give Evil time! Darkness did fall thanks to tricky Dick, but will the bag of tricks run out before the finals?


2021 New Japan Cup Quarterfinals: KENTA VS Shingo Takagi!

Fang Revived struck down the Meanest Man in the World and the Dragon slayed the Fierce Warrior. These two are certainly battle hardened, but only one can face Evil in the next round! Who will break and who will breakthrough into the semifinals?

The bell rings, Takagi rushes Kenta but Kenta bails right out. Fans rally as Takagi dares Kenta to get in but Kenta tells him to wait. Kenta returns slowly and Red Shoes has Takagi stay patient. But then Kenta hops back down and Takagi gets annoyed. Fans rally with “TA-KA-GI!” while Kenta paces around. Kenta gets back on the apron, Takagi stays in a corner, and Kenta gets in the ring. Takagi and Kenta circle as fans rally again, and the two tie up. Takagi gets a headlock and grinds Kenta down. Kenta fights up, Takagi grinds his head more, but Kenta pulls hair to get a headlock. Kenta grinds Takagi but Takagi powers out, but Kenta pulls hair to keep Takagi in the headlock!

Takagi tries again but again Kenta pulls hair. Takagi throws a forearm, Kenta gives it back and the two go back and forth. Fans rally as they go faster, Takagi gets the edge, runs, but into a boot! Kenta snapmares and KICKS Takagi, but Takagi just gets up and eggs him on. Kenta KICKS and KICKS but Takagi blocks to scoop and SLAM! Fans fire up, Kenta bails out, but Takagi drags Kenta up the apron. Takagi puts Kenta in the corner, JABS, CHOPS, repeat! Takagi fires off jab after jab then headbutt after headbutt! Red Shoes counts and Takagi lets off. Takagi drags Kenta up, whips him to ropes and knees him low! Takagi runs but Kenta bails out!

Takagi pursues, clubs Kenta, and whips him to railing! Kenta walks around the way, Takagi follows and clubs him down! Takagi brings Kenta up to bump off the apron, and again. Kenta hurries away but Takagi follows to put him in the ring. Fans cheer as Takagi follows, but Kenta bails out again. Takagi is annoyed, but Kenta grabs the ring bell! This is the trick he used on Juice! Red Shoes wants Takagi to wait but he doesn’t, and Kenta SMACKS him with the bell! Kenta brings Takagi out to whip into railing! Kenta whips Takagi into more railing, then mocks the clapping. Red Shoes checks on Takagi, but he’s alright. Kenta drags Takagi up to POST him, then puts him in the ring.

Kenta brings Takagi up just to throw him out! Kenta goes back out, and RAMS Takagi into more railing! Fans rally for “TA-KA-GI!” but Kenta is on him and brings him around, to DDT to the floor!! Kenta made sure it was Korakuen’s bare tile! Red Shoes checks on Takagi, he’s somehow okay, and Kenta gets in the ring to mock Takagi’s meditation pose! The ring count climbs, and is 15 of 20 before Takagi gets back to the railing! Takagi fumbles in at 17 but Kenta stomps him! Kenta paces, drags Takagi up, and whips him to ropes to elbow him down! Cover, TWO! Kenta keeps on Takagi with a chinlock and he grinds Takagi down.

Fans rally as Takagi endures and fights his way up. Kenta knees low and throws Takagi down by his hair! Kenta clamps on with a neck wrench but Takagi endures again. Kenta shifts sides to twist Takagi the other way, then lets off to KICK him! Takagi gets mad, Kenta kicks at him but fans keep rallying. Kenta kicks Takagi more, Takagi blocks to CHOP! Kenta eggs Takagi on, Takagi CHOPS, Kenta DECKS him! Kenta brushes off the red mark on his chest, then snapmares Takagi to wrap on a headscissor hold. Takagi endures, fans rally up, and Takagi moves around. Kenta grabs Takagi’s arm to bring him back and he squeezes tighter, but Takagi still gets a ropebreak with a leg.

Kenta lets go, brings Takagi up just to trip him, and then stomps him and drops knees on Takagi’s head! Kenta brings his knee pad down, jumps, but scuffs Takagi’s face. Takagi goes to ropes and Kenta mocks his sitting pose again. Kenta drops elbows on Takagi, brings him up and whips to ropes, then catches him for a sleeper! Takagi fades and drops to a knee, but Takagi fights up and throws elbows. Takagi runs but into a SPINNING POWERSLAM! Kenta gives Takagi more toying kicks but Takagi just gets mad. Takagi gets up and eggs Kenta on. Kenta kicks Takagi, talks some trash, then kicks more. Fans rally, Takagi blocks a boot to fire forearms!

Kenta knees, runs, but into the elbow, JAB and LARIAT! Fans fire up as Takagi brings Kenta up and whips him to KNEE him against ropes! Takagi runs to run Kenta over! Fans fire up again as Takagi drops knees on Kenta now. Takagi mocks Kenta, faking him out with the jump to kick him in the head! Takagi drags Kenta up, reels him in and suplexes, but Kenta slips out. Kenta catches Takagi and spins him for a DDT! Wait, is Takagi holding on somehow? Takagi dead lift suplexes Kenta! Fans fire up and Takagi watches Kenta go to a corner. Takagi runs in, Kenta boots him, and then boots him again. Kenta hops up, reels Takagi in, tornado hotshot!

Takagi is down, Kenta goes back up, and Takagi gets back up. Kenta leaps for a FLYING CLOTHESLINE! Cover, TWO! Kenta clamps onto an arm and gets the omoplata! Takagi fights off the crossface and fans rally up! Kenta pulls hair to pull Takagi in, but Takagi gets a ropebreak with his legs! Kenta lets go, it isn’t Game Over yet. Kenta drags Takagi up, reels him in, but Takagi blocks the lift to back Kenta into a corner. Takagi throws elbows, then forearms, but Kenta turns it around to throw forearms back. Takagi turns it around to throw more forearms! Kenta eggs Takagi on as he tanks the forearms, then he throws forearms on Takagi!

Takagi ROCKS Kenta back, and fans fire up as Kenta ends up in the corner. Takagi runs in, blocks the boot, and powers through to clothesline! Takagi runs but Kenta follows to BOOT! Kenta runs and HESITATION DROPKICKS! Fans fire up as Kenta goes back to the corner and climbs. Kenta leaps, but Takagi dodges! Kenta rolls through, boots Takagi again, then runs but Takagi clotheslines him at the ropes! Takagi DDT’s Kenta down! Kenta sits up, Takagi runs but Kenta avoids the sliding lariat! Kenta kicks, Takagi ducks and shoves but Kenta holds ropes. Takagi runs in, Kenta puts him in the ropes and drags him out, DRAPPING DDT! Fans rally up while both men are down!

Kenta sits up first, drags Takagi up, but Takagi swings, into a spin! Kenta fisherman suplexes! Fans rally for “TA-KA-GI!” but Kenta goes to the corner again. Kenta climbs, aims, leaps, DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, TWO!! Takagi survives the coup de grace but Kenta vows to end this! Kenta fireman’s carries but Takagi blocks. Takagi waistlocks, Kenta elbows, but Takagi reels him back in. Kenta switches, Takagi pries free to wrench the arm, Kenta kicks! Takagi ducks it, pump handles, but Kenta fights the lift! Kenta drags Takagi down to GAME OVER! Fans rally as Takagi endures and reaches around. Kenta pulls back but Takagi scoots and gets the ropebreak!

Kenta lets go in frustration and fans fire up more. Kenta goes back to a corner to aim at Takagi and he KICKS the arm! Kenta runs while Takagi is on ropes and Kenta KNEES him against ropes! Kenta double chicken wings to TIGER SUPLEX! Takagi staggers up, Kenta runs but Takagi LARIATS! Both men are down and fans are thunderous! Takagi and Kenta head for each other, Takagi throws a forearm but Kenta gives it back. Fans rally up as both men go back and forth, faster and faster. Kenta BOOTS Takagi, Takagi wobbles and Kenta LARIATS! Takagi stays up, Kenta LARIATS again, then DISCUS- NO! Takagi catches that to a pump handle, MADE IN JAPAN!! Cover, TWO!?!

Fans are thunderous again as Takagi gets himself to a corner. Takagi fires up with “OI! OI! OI!” and fans follow with him! Takagi aims, runs in, LARIAT! Kenta stays up so Takagi DOUBLE CHOPS and DOUBLE CHOPS! Kenta SLAPS Takagi, but Takagi just glares at him. Kenta SLAPS Takagi again, Takagi laughs to fire boxing elbows! Takagi hits about 10 times, then maybe 15, but Kenta CROSS COUNTERS! Kenta fires off slapping strikes but Takagi JABS! Kenta BACK HANDS! Then BACK HANDS! Kenta brings Takagi up to KICK him down! Cover, TWO!! Kenta aims as Takagi slowly rises, PSYCHO KNEE!! Cover, TWO!!

Takagi survives but Kenta brings knee pads down and slashes the throat! Kenta drags Takagi up to a fireman’s carry, GO TO- NO!! Takagi blocks, Kenta throws forearms and strikes but Takagi HEADBUTTS! Takagi pops Kenta up for a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Takagi drags Kenta up, fans are electric as Takagi runs and builds speed to PUMPING BOMBER!! High stack cover, TWO!! Kenta survives but Takagi fires up more! Takagi drags Kenta up, pump handle and fireman’s carries, LAST OF THE DRAGONS!! Cover, Takagi wins!!

Winner: Shingo Takagi, by pinfall (advances to the next round)

The Dragon was too tough for the Fang Revived and is now moving on to the semifinals! Takagi gets a mic and fans cheer as he says, “OI, KORAKUEN! Can I just talk a little bit? Oi oi oi, it’s messed how tough the New Japan Cup tournament is. Tougher than even the G1!” Fans agree with that. Takagi doesn’t get it, but he gets this: he’s in the Final Four! Fans like that! “And my semifinal opponent is Evil! So this is how we meet. I couldn’t ask for anything more. A lot of thoughts behind this one…” But then Evil returns! “Evil… I might have expected that you’d show up. Applaud the man!” Fans do cheer Evil’s return, and Takagi asks if Evil has something to say. “Or do you want to do this right now, punk?!”

But DICK low blows Takagi! Evil and Dick stomp Takagi over and over, then get Takagi up for MAGIC KILLER!! Evil gets the mic now and mocks Takagi. “Oi, you talk too much, bastard. You’re getting ideas above your station, punk! The back-to-back victory is mine! Remember that.” Mic drop and Evil storms off. Will Darkness Fall on the NJCUP again? Or has this only lit a fire inside the Dragon?

My Thoughts:

A really good event to start the NJCUP quarterfinals. The opening match was all Young Lions VS the old core of Nagata, Kojima and Tenzan so of course the old guys won. Jay White and Bullet Club beat Henare & FinJuice, but Fale won it so the math with White and Finlay is even. I tuned in for LIJ VS Empire because we hadn’t gotten that as much, and with Ospreay VS Sanada coming up, I wanted to see the interactions. It was great stuff, Ospreay worrying about his nose and Sanada going after it was fun stuff. But in similar fashion, Cobb wins it for the team so Ospreay and Sanada are even in the math. As I said yesterday, White is definitely getting through Finlay but Ospreay VS Sanada is an interesting one.

Evil VS Yano was an oddball match but somehow it worked because Yano is that funny. Yano putting Evil under the ring was very creative, you don’t see that happen, but then the lights out moment was quite the twist. Evil wins, as I figured, and could definitely go back to back as a finalist. Takagi VS Kenta was great stuff, a straight up match but I feel like Kenta hitting someone with a ring bell shouldn’t be so easily brushed off. Juice kept going after getting hit, as did Takagi, but perhaps it’s about how Kenta hits them, since he only jabs them in the eyebrow rather than crack them in the forehead. But Takagi toughs it out and wins, only for Evil and Dick to get the drop on him during the promo segment.

Evil standing tall here probably won’t affect math, as going back to back is a strong story to go into the finals with, but it would be a shocker if Takagi denied Evil his historic move.

My Score: 8.9/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (8/16/22)

Who gets burned by the Heatwave?



NXT Heatwave

NXT is on fire tonight!

NXT is red hot with all this gold on the line! Will JD McDonagh dethrone Bron Breakker? Will the Toxic Reign finally come to an end?


  • NXT North American Championship: Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS Giovanni Vinci; Melo wins and retains the title.
  • Roxanne Perez VS Cora Jade; Jade wins.
  • The Fate of Legado Street Fight: Santos Escobar VS Tony D’Angelo; D’Angelo wins and Escobar must leave NXT.
  • NXT Women’s Championship: Mandy Rose VS Zoey Stark; Mandy wins and retains the title.
  • NXT Championship: Bron Breakker VS JD McDonagh; Bron wins and retains the title.


A heatwave hits NXT!

With it, we see a finale in the saga of Legado and D’Angelo, a grudge match of former friends explodes, and the Toxic Goddess defending her throne against the returning rising star. And in the main event, the Irish Ace looks to pick the NXT Champion apart and take that title from whatever is left. So get yourself a nice cold beverage, sit back and relax a show that is too hot to handle!


NXT North American Championship: Carmelo Hayes w/ Trick Williams VS Giovanni Vinci!

Another title on the line is that of the North American Championship! Melo says when he shoots, he don’t miss! But when you live lavishly like Giovanni, every day is #ViniVediVinci! Will Melo shoot down the Pride of Italy? Or will it be a campione vittoria to spark the Heatwave?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who lights it up here tonight!

Fans rally up as the two circle and tie up. Vinci waistlocks and TOSSES Melo away then says he’s the new champion, Melo storms up but into a wrench and headlock. Melo powers out then leaps as Vinci leaps, and Melo clips Vinci’s legs! Vinci lands hard and Melo fires forearms. Melo headlocks but Vinci throws body shots. Vinci headlocks but Melo powers out to hurdle. Vinci blows past Melo to run him over! Cover, ONE, but Vinci has Melo in a corner, Melo avoids the forearm to CHOP! Melo headlocks then whips corner to corner but Vinci reverses. Melo goes up, Vinci catches him, but Melo slips off!

Melo waistlocks, Vinci switches, Melo rolls off his back to springboard LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up and Melo throws haymakers. Vinci staggers, Melo CHOPS him, then Melo pie faces Vinci! Vinci blocks the next punch to CHOP back! Fans fire up and even Trick is stinging, but Melo reverses the whip, only for Vinci to springboard CROSSBODY! Vinci gets Melo back and fans fire up again. Vinci kicks Melo around, drags him up into a corner, and CHOPS him! Melo staggers away but Vinci is after him to CHOP again! Vinci puts Melo into another corner, for another CHOP! The fans are all stinging from that one!

Vinci flexes and fans want that “One More Time!” but Melo throws a forearm. Vinci throws a EuroUpper, Melo forearms again, and Vinci throws another EuroUpper. Melo throat chops, whips but Vinci reverses. Melo ducks and both men run, and DOUBLE LARIATS wipe them both out! The fans are fired up even more as NXT goes picture in picture.

The ref checks both men and fans are rallying for “NXT! NXT!” as both men stand. Melo and Vinci throw DOUBLE HAYMAKERS, then Vinci kicks low. Vinci whips, and CALF KICKS Melo down! Vinci soaks up the cheers and jeers and he covers, TWO! Vinci jams his knee into Melo’s back, clamps onto the shoulders, then shifts to a chinlock. Vinci traps Melo’s arms but Melo pries at the hold. Melo fights up to his feet, throws body shots, but Vinci knees low! Vinci whips but Melo reverses. Trick swipes at Vinci but the ref warns him! Melo BOOTS Vinci all the same! Melo rains down fists, then flexes in his cover, TWO!

Melo storms up on Vinci and brings him up to ROCK him! Vinci throws a body shot! Melo comes back but Vinci throws more body shots. Melo knees low, rolls with the snapmare and BOOTS Vinci down! Cover, TWO! Melo clamps onto Vinci with a dragon sleeper but Vinci powers out! Melo is right back on Vinci with a facelock and he grinds Vinci down. Vinci fights up, but Melo wrangles him back down. Vinci endures the grind, but Melo CLUBS him on the back! Melo cranks on the hold, pushing up with his legs for leverage, but Vinci still endures. Vinci fights up again, Melo throws body shots, but Vinci powers up!

Melo holds on tight as Vinci tries to throw him off! Melo pulls back on the hold as NXT returns to single picture, but Vinci tries again! Vinci TOSSES Melo away! Melo storms back up but Vinci whips him away, to then scoop for a tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER! Both men are down but the fans fire up! Vinci storms up and whips, but Melo reverses and follows, but springboards into Vinci’s arms! Vinci fireman’s carries for the ROLLING SENTON! And then a MOONSAULT from the corner! Cover, TWO! Vinci drags Melo up, reels him in, but Melo rolls Vinci up! TWO, Melo rebounds but the superkick is swatted!

Vinci springboards but Melo kicks the legs out! Vinci is stuck, for the FADEAWAY! Cover, TWO! Vinci survives and fans argue the count on Melo’s behalf, but that was two! Trick coaches Melo and Melo fires up. “This is Awesome!” and Melo brings Vinci up. Vinci suplexes first but Melo slips out to O’Conner Roll! TWO, Melo comes back to SUPERKICK! Vinci drops to a knee, Melo goes up the corner, but Vinci catches the jump! BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up as Vinci catches his breath. Vinci blocks a kick, reels Melo in but Melo slips free, but into the lift! Melo slips off to suplex CUTTER! Cover, TWO!!

Fans rally harder as Melo thinks on what he has to do. Melo goes to a corner, he goes up the corner, and then leaps, but Vinci gets under the Three Pointer! Vinci TOSSES Melo out, but Trick is there to catch him! Vinci goes up and up and SUPER CROSSBODIES!! Vinci wipes out Melo and Trick, fans lose their minds, and Vinci puts Melo back in! Vinci springboards and springboards to MOONSAULT!! Cover, Trick helps Melo get the ROPEBREAK! Were they watching The Miz and Ciampa last night on Raw? Vinci storms out after Trick and dares him to do something, but then Melo RAMS Vinci into the steel steps!

Melo goes back up top and leaps, but Vinci dodges again! Vinci shoves Melo, blocks his boot, and reels him in for a LARIAT! Melo gets turned inside out but that’s not all! Vinci gets Melo up as Trick runs in, POWERBOMBO onto Trick! Vinci drags Trick up to give him the POWERBOMB! Then another kick to Melo, another lift, another POWER- RANA!!! Melo wins!!

Winner: Carmelo Hayes, by pinfall (still NXT North American Champion)

Huge assist to Trick! Melo would not have made it through the heat if not for him! Will there be another #Melobration in Trick’s honor soon enough?


Toxic Attraction arrives.

Mandy Rose, Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolin see Bron Breakker also arriving. He’s got an uphill battle tonight, huh? Yeah, and so does Mandy. Well okay. We’ll see who leaves with their title. Yes, we will. Toxic Attraction seems to consider Bron a contender, but will Mandy and Bron still have the gold after tonight?


Julius Creed speaks.

Via twitter, Julius said, “So I went back and watched the 8 Man Tag over and over and over again, but I found what I was searching for. And I’m gonna address who needs to be addressed, but I’m gonna do it in front of the NXT Universe this Tuesday at Heatwave.” As such, he and the rest of Diamond Mine are heading to gorilla in the present. What did he see and who does he plan to confront? We’ll see, after the break.


Von Wagner & Robert Stone speak.

“Mr. Stone” says that two weeks ago, Solo Sikoa got a so-called victory, yet he’s the one on the shelf and Von’s still standing. If you learned anything from that match, it is that Von is a freak of nature! Von can run a 40 yard dash in 4.5 seconds and he can bench press 225 pounds 30 times. If Von wanted to go to an NFL team and get a contract, he could! Von says Stone has heard all the talk, how there is a change in the air. It doesn’t matter if you’re internet famous or popular with the media! “The Game has changed, but the rules remain the same. Anyone smaller or weaker will not survive in my jungle!”


The Diamond Mine heads to the ring!

Julius & Brutus Creed lead Roderick Strong and Damon Kemp out, and they all get a mic. Julius starts by saying, “Less than a year ago, my brother and I got an opportunity of a lifetime: to learn from one of the greatest champions in NXT history, Roderick Strong. And we jumped at that opportunity. And we dedicated every fiber of our being to win the Dusty Cup and to win these NXT Tag Team Championships for Diamond Mine. We’ve been stitched, we’ve been stapled, we’ve wound ourselves up doing cannonballs, all for this right here.

“But recently, it was brought to my attention that someone’s trying to destroy what we’ve built. Someone’s trying to destroy Diamond Mine. And I wanted to use this opportunity to call that person out right now!” Julius looks to the ramp, but then he looks at STRONG! Is Julius kidding?! Strong can’t believe Julius is blaming Strong! Strong founded Diamond Mine and brought in the Creeds! They’re one-of-a-kind athletes with endless potential! That is something he never had. And he stands here looking at them as the NXT Tag Team Champions! Fans chant, “They Don’t Need You!” and Strong says yes they do!

But look at him, Julius. They are one of the best tag teams in all the WWE! Strong would put the Creeds up against the Usos any day of the week! That is how much he believes in them! They’re the future of this place! That’s great, and they can tell the Usos for them, but the Creds aren’t just the future, they’re the now! But Strong can say whatever he wants to their face, because Julius knows Strong will just stab them in the back. Brutus isn’t so sure, though. Julius says he is sure, though. Then Brutus says he has his brother’s back! But Strong says Julius needs to be careful with the next works that come out of his mouth!

Julius says everything he does is calculated. He isn’t gonna play games, he’s gonna just show Strong instead! Roll the tape! Strong was throwing knees, Julius was throwing lariats, but then Tony looked to Strong and they had a moment! Strong hits Julius with the knee, and that is enough for Julius! Tony signaled Strong! Or was Julius imagining it? Strong says they can’t be serious here! Strong doesn’t know, Tony D is a scumbag. Maybe Tony has a tic or he was signaling his own team. But y’know what? Let’s just do it! Let’s lay all the cards on the table! Since MAY, they’ve had something against Strong, and now-

GALLUS ATTACKS!! Wolfgang and the Coffey Brothers are here in the States! They’re beating down Kemp and the Creeds! Fans fire up for Gallus as they glare at Strong, and then Joe hits a GLASGOW SENDOFF! Mark and Wolfgang stomp away on Strong, then they go back to whooping the Creeds! Fans are torn but it seems NXT is now Gallus’ kingdom! And there’s the green light, just as Apollo Crews foresaw! Has Gallus just destroyed the Diamond Mine?


Backstage interview with Roxanne Perez.

McKenzie says Roxie finally gets a shot at Cora, and she says this is the most nervous she’s ever been in a match. Her stomach has been in knots all day, because she never thought she’d be fighting her best friend. But Cora wanted this. Cora ended their friendship! And now Cora has nowhere to hide! Cora’s made her bed, and now she has to sleep in it. Cora’s music hits so Roxie heads out, will the Women’s Breakout Tournament winner break her former friend?

Roxanne Perez VS Cora Jade!

NXT returns as Roxie makes her entrance. And she rushes right in so the bell rings! THESZ PRESS and then Roxie dribbles Cora! Cora gets out, but Roxie runs and DIVES! Direct hit and Roxie puts Cora in the ring. Cora bails out again so Roxie DIVES! Direct hit at the ramp, and Roxie hurries to put Cora in. Cover, TWO! Roxie drags Cora up to whip her to ropes, but Cora holds ropes to stop herself. Cora ROCKS Roxie, ROCKS her against ropes, then whips her into the rope to run and back elbow her down! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up and Cora drags Roxie up. Cora bumps Roxie off buckles, then throws big forearms!

Fans rally and duel as Cora throws more shots, and she snapmares Roxie to a cover. TWO, Roxie grits her teeth but Cora brings Roxie up. Cora suplexes but Roxie fights it. Roxie then slips out, UPPERCUTS, and UPPERCUTS again! Roxie whips, back drops Cora, then run sin to SOBAT! Roxie runs to SHOTGUN Cora down! Fans rally and Roxie drags Cora up. Cora ROCKS Roxie back, run sin at the ropes, but Roxie puts her on the apron. Roxie CLOBBERS Cora and Cora falls to the floor! Roxie builds speed again, to DIVE into a forearm! Cora drags Roxie out to snap suplex her to the floor! Cora seethes while NXT goes picture in picture.

Cora soaks up the heat from the fans while Roxie writhes. Cora returns to fetch Roxie, and smacks her off the apron! Cora CHOPS Roxie, puts her in the ring, then runs in to IMPLODER STOMP! Cover, TWO! Cora is furious and she hammers away on Roxie’s back! Cora talks trash and kicks Roxie around. Cora smacks Roxie off the mat, drops an elbow on her back, then stalks Roxie to ropes. Roxie throws forearms but Cora DECKS her! Cora snap suplexes Roxie hard, then grins as she covers. TWO, and Cora is annoyed. Cora stomps Roxie to the corner, digs her boot in, but lets off as the ref counts. Roxie crawls, Cora CHOKES her on the ropes!

Cora lets off as the ref counts again, and Cora stomps Roxie down. Cora kicks Roxie to another corner, taunts her as she stands Roxie up, and she fires off big forearms! Cora trips Roxie, then goes corner to corner to BRONCO BUSTER! Cora drags Roxie to a cover, TWO! Cora is annoyed and she stalks Roxie to ropes again. Cora makes Roxie smile with fishhooks, then puts her on the ropes. Cora runs side to side but Roxie avoids the back elbow! Roxie runs in to DOUBLE KNEE Cora against ropes! Roxie drags Cora up, wrenches and hooks her up, but Cora fights the leg sweep! Cora pulls hair to LARIAT Roxie down! Cover, TWO!

NXT returns to single picture and Cora is still cocky as she drags Roxie up. Cora gets the arms and has the motorcycle stretch, but Roxie endures. Fans rally up as Roxie fights up, but Cora wrangles her back down! Cora digs her knee in but Roxie endures. Fans rally again and Roxie fights up. Roxie turns things around but Cora turns them right back around! Roxie stands back up, flips through and KANGAROO KICKS Cora away! Cora storms back up but into a cradle! TWO! Cora rushes to Oklahoma Roll, TWO! Roxie has the cover now, TWO! Cora trips Roxie, jackknifes, TWO as Roxie bridges up!

Roxie spins Cora around, but Cora fights the backslide! Fans duel, Roxie spins Cora around and DOUBLE FOREARMS knock both women for a loop! DOUBLE BOOTS take them both down! Fans fire up as both women stir and go to opposite ends. Roxie and Cora slowly rise, and Roxie counter punches Cora! And again! Roxie eggs Cora on so Cora KNEES her low! Cora whips, Roxie ducks ‘n’ dodges, then CLOBBERS Cora! And CLOBBERS her again! Roxie puts Cora in a corner, runs in and UPPERCUTS! Then a roll and UPPERCUT! Roxie brings Cora around, for the RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP! Cover, TWO!

Roxie grows frustrated but she grabs at Cora. Roxie reels her in, PAIGE TURNER! Cover, TWO!! Cora survives and Roxie is beside herself! Roxie drags Cora up to throw a KNEE, and another KNEE, then she hops on! POP- NO, Cora pops free to SHINING WIZARD at the ropes! Cora full nelsons for a FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Cora is fuming as Roxie survives but the fans rally back up. Cora goes to the corner and grabs her custom kendo stick! The ref says no, but Cora still aims at Roxie! Roxie ducks and kicks back! And now Roxie grabs the kendo stick! Fans fire up and Cora wants mercy! Roxie hesitates, but she drops the stick.

And Cora SUCKER PUNCHES Roxie! DDT onto the kendo stick! Cover, Cora wins!!

Winner: Cora Jade, by pinfall

#GenerationJade still got to use her kendo stick against Roxie, and she stands over her fallen friend. Will Cora be cruising her way to another title opportunity?


Backstage interview with Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen & Fallon Henley.

McKenzie is with the NXT UKT ag Team Champions and brings up last week. Jensen says how about not. Briggs says Lash Legend & Pretty Deadly did get one up on them, but they’ll see each other again soon. But then Gallus walks by with security trying to escort them out. Wolfgang tells the good ol’ boys that those titles don’t belong to them. Well they’re the champs, so these belts do belong to them. Oh, they’ve been champions all of what? Five minutes? Six minutes, actually. But what’s up? Try 497 DAYS! Briggs mockingly applauds but Mark says that’s longer than Briggs or Jensen have been in the business!

Joe says here’s what we’ll do: turn this place upside down! And then it’ll be Gallus Boys Up Top! Those UK titles are coming home with them! Any time, any place! Then how about next week? Jensen says if Gallus can get in the building, then they’ll do the damn thing! Gallus gets fired up but security stays between them and the champions, will we see the UK Tag Team Championships be put on the line?


The Fate of Legado Street Fight: Santos Escobar VS Tony D’Angelo!

This has been building for four months, and it finally explodes here tonight! The Emperor of Lucha Libre is fighting for the freedom of his familia, but The Don is fighting for full control. If Escobar loses, he is OUT of NXT. But if Escobar wins, he and Legado del Fantasma are out from under Tony’s thumb. What happens when there’s nothing holding these two back from hurting the other?

Elektra Lopez, Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro follow El Hijo del Fantasma to the ring. They are united as familia, but will they have to part ways after this? Tony makes his entrance and hands his hat and tracksuit jacket to Stacks, and turns around into Escobar CHUCKING a chair in his face!! The ref reprimands as the match hasn’t even started but fans are loving it! The bell rings, Escobar fires off hands but Tony hits back. They brawl, Escobar KNEES Tony then LARIATS! Escobar sits that chair up, kicks Tony around then SMACKS him off the seat! Escobar runs to RANA Tony onto the chair! Cover, TWO!!

Tony survives but Escobar wedges the chair into the corner. Escobar runs in to the other corner to KICK Tony! And to KICK again! Escobar whips and CHOP BLOCKS Tony’s leg out! Fans fire up while Tony hobbles, into a dropkick to the leg from Escobar! Escobar stalks Tony, stomps his leg, then puts him in a corner to stomp away on that leg! Tony hobbles but Escobar stands him up. Tony fires off body shots, he throws more hands, then whips corner to corner! Escobar stops himself and he KNEES Tony down! Cover, TWO! Escobar makes sure the chair is secure in the corner before climbing. Escobar FLYING CROSSBODIES Tony down!

Fans fire up and Escobar calls to Legado! But Stacks LEAPS onto Cruz & Wilde! So much for their sidekicks! Tony throws hands but Escobar whips. Things speed up and Escobar DROPKICKS Tony down! Fans fire up and Tony flounders around. Escobar grins as he paces around the ring. Stacks glares at Escobar but Wilde CLOBBERS Stacks! Escobar builds speed and DIVES into a trash can lid!! Fans are torn as Tony looms over Escobar and NXT goes to break.

The ref check son Escobar as he clutches his arm, but Escobar says he’s still okay to go. So Tony SMACKS Escobar with the lid! And again! Tony puts Escobar in the ring, stomps him around, then drags him up to shove t a corner. BELLY2BELLY on the rebound! Cover, TWO! Tony talks trash but Escobar SLAPS him! So Tony whips Escobar to ropes, only for Escobar to duck and dodge and RANA, into a POWERBOMB! High stack, TWO! Tony is frustrated but he tells Escobar he’s gonna use Escobar’s chair. Tony aims and RAMS Escobar into the chair in the corner! Escobar tumbles out of the ring and Legado coaches him up.

Tony goes out, grabs the chair, and he SMACKS Escobar on the arm! And again! And again! Tony drags Escobar around, puts the bad arm through the chair, then POSTS the shoulder! The ref checks on Escobar again but he refuses to let this end it. Tony drags Escobar up but Escobar pie faces, so Tony ROCKS him! Tony SLAMS the bad arm on the apron, then brings Escobar around to shove him. Tony kicks low, throws hands, then CLUBS the bad arm. Tony kicks Escobar, talks more trash, then RAMS Escobar into steel steps! The ref checks on Escobar but he still refuses to quit. So Tony SLAMS the bad arm on the steps!

NXT returns to single picture, Tony brings Escobar around to put his arm between steps and corner! Tony BOOTS the steps to crush the arm! Tony brings out chair after chair from under the ring! He brings Escobar around to suplex high and hard onto the chair pile! Fans are wincing from that one as Tony puts Escobar in the ring. Cover, TWO!! Escobar is enduring but Tony throws body shots! Tony suplexes again, FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! Tony is frustrated but he drags Escobar up to throw down fists! Stacks goes looking under the ring for Tony and he brings out the trash can! Tony SMACKS Escobar down with it!

Tony drags Escobar to a cover, TWO!! Escobar is dazed but still in this, so Tony drags him back up. Tony throws hands, then SLAPS Escobar! Fans boo but Tony says this is HIS NXT now! He’s the Don! But Escobar counter punches Tony! And again! And then he DECKS Tony! And CLOBBERS him! And again! Then a RANA!! Fans fire up as Escobar runs in, but Tony puts him on the apron. Escobar GAMANGIRIS Tony away, goes up the corner and FLYING AX HANDLES! Fans fire up as Tony bails out, into a SLAP from Lopez! Escobar DIVES!! Direct hit at the corner and fans are thunderous for Legado!

Escobar drags Tony up but Tony POSTS him! Fans chant “This is Awesome!” as Tony puts Escobar in the ring again, drops an elbow, then tells Stacks to get the crowbar! But it isn’t where it usually is! It’s supposed to be by the steel steps! Cruz took the crowbar first! And he CRACKS Stacks with it! Tony BOOTS Cruz, but Escobar victory rolls! TWO!! Tony escapes in time but Escobar calls to Legado! The knuckles! But Tony RAMS Escobar into Wilde! Then O’Conner Rolls, TWO! Escobar dodges Tony but Tony puts him on the apron. Escobar CHOPS Tony, Lopez hurries to get the crowbar! Lopez has the bar and Escobar hurries to her, but Tony runs in!

Lopez pushes Escobar aside, and Tony runs Lopez over! Fans can’t believe it, and neither can Tony! Tony just shrugs, but Escobar is pissed! But Tony LOW BLOWS Escobar! Fans tell Tony he F’d up, but he doesn’t care, he has his crowbar now! But he walks into a CALF KICK! Both men are down and fans are thunderous! Escobar and Tony grab at each other as they rise up, pulling hair. They’ll never give in to the other, so this has to end somehow. Tony sees his crowbar, Escobar sees his brass knuckles! They get their weapons, but Tony CRACKS Escobar first!! Cover, TONY WINS!

Winner: Tony D’Angelo, by pinfall (Escobar must LEAVE NXT)

The Don just banished the Emperor! And Legado has no choice but to follow Tony’s lead. What will this mean for all of their futures in the WWE?


Indi Hartwell talks with Katana & Kayden.

She knows they’ve competed against each other for a long time when it comes to the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships, but to be honest, when KC Squared won, Indi cried. No one is more deserving. That means a lot to them. Winning these belts, it is indescribable. Indi gets that feeling. Those were the days. Does Indi miss being in a tag team? Well, she’s loved her tag team partners, and being on her own has been thrilling, but having someone to depend on- Wait, a letter comes in for her. Indi opens it up and… It’s a drawing from Dexter Lumis! #INDEXFOREVER!! O M G~!

But then BLAIR DAVENPORT snatches it?! What’s she doing here? Who does she think she is? Uh, she’s Blair Davenport, the future NXT Women’s Champion. Blair rips the paper up and leaves! Will Indi and the rest of WWE soon #BewareTheHeir?


NXT hears from Tiffany Stratton and Wendy Choo.

“I am like completely over Wendy Choo. Like, so done with her. Seriously? It’s like not even funny!” Wendy sighs, and says it is real simple. Wendy is tired of Tiffany. Tired of Tiffany talking down to her, tired of Tiffany thinking she’s better than everyone, and tired of Tiffany thinking Wendy is a joke! Next week, Tiffany VS Wendy in a LIGHTS OUT MATCH! Where everything Wendy did behind closed doors is going to be legal in that ring! As for Tiffany, she is obsessed with this idea, because she gest to do whatever she wants to Wendy! There are like no rules! None!

The arena will be darker than usual, so you won’t be able to see Wendy’s face, which is perfect. But not seeing Tiffany’s face is so tragic. Wendy says Tiffany has one thing right: Wendy’s SO~ obsessed with Tiffany, in that she’s obsessed making Tiffany feel how she makes everyone else feel. “Wacky Wendy” is gonna turn Tiffany’s dream into a nightmare! But Tiffany says she’s putting Wendy to sleep! Who will turn the lights out on the other in this brutal no holds barred match?


NXT Women’s Championship: Mandy Rose VS Zoey Stark!

Toxic Attraction certainly feels they’re the hottest trio in the WWE today, but things have been cooling off for them after losing the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championships. Can the Toxic Goddess keep hold of her gold? Or will the Toxic Reign finally be over thanks to the Iron Woman?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and things just got that much hotter in here!

Mandy kicks but Zoey blocks to ROCK Mandy! And again! And again! Mandy knees low but Zoey spins he around to the GO TO – NO, Mandy blocks in time to trip Zoey and go after the bad leg! But Zoey uses that to victory roll! ONE, things speed up and Mandy whips, only for Zoey to LOBBER Mandy! Mandy bails out but Zoey builds speed to WRECK her with a dropkick! Fans fire up and Zoey storms up on Mandy, but Mandy RAMS her into the apron! Mandy TOSSES Zoey over the commentary desk! Jacy & Gigi taunt Zoey as Mandy SMASHES the knee on the desk! Zoey writhes and clutches her knee as NXT goes picture in picture!

Zoey grits her teeth and seethes at Mandy as medics check on the leg. Zoey says it’s fine, and Mandy goes out to drag her into the ring. Zoey ROCKS Mandy, throws elbows, but Mandy KICKS the bad leg! Mandy drags Zoey by the leg, stomps it, then drops an elbow on it! Mandy drags Zoey to the corner and SLAMS the bad leg into the post! Zoey writhes but she refuses to give up. Mandy gets in the ring and Zoey CHOPS her! Mandy trips Zoey, pulls on the bad leg, but Zoey endures! Mandy moves around, has the leg caught, and she chinlocks Zoey into a bootleg STF. Zoey endures, so Mandy dribbles her head off the mat! Cover, TWO!

Zoey gets to ropes but Mandy storms up. Zoey kicks back but Mandy kicks the bad leg out! Mandy digs her knee into Zoey and puts her on the apron. Zoey crawls away, kicks back at Mandy, but Mandy fires off forearms! Zoey shoves her again but Mandy comes back. Zoey ROCKS, CHOPS and ROCKS Mandy, but Mandy LARIATS Zoey! Cover, TWO! Mandy is annoyed but Jacy says it’s okay, she’s got this. Mandy stalks Zoey to a corner, grabs at the bad leg, but Zoey pushes her back. Mandy KICKS the bad leg, then taunts Zoey. Mandy drags Zoey out to center for a standing toehold. Zoey endures, keeps her shoulder sup, and she KICKS with her good leg!

Mandy staggers away, Zoey gets up and Zoey ROCKS Mandy with a forearm! And then another! But then Gigi & Jacy trip Zoey up! NXT returns to single picture as the ref saw that whole thing! Toxic Attraction is EJECTED! Jacy & Gigi are furious but maybe they should’ve behaved. NIKKITA LYONS rushes out and she fights Gigi & Jacy tot he back! Fans fire up and Mandy freaks out! Mandy goes for a chop block but Zoey dodges it! Oklahoma Roll, TWO! Mandy CHOP BLOCKS the leg this time, and Zoey clutches her leg again. Mandy stomps away on the leg, drops another elbow, then another, and another!

Mandy KNEES the bad leg, and Zoey huffs and seethes as she gets to a corner. Mandy soaks up the cheers and jeers, and she kicks the bad leg again. Mandy has the leg, for a KNEE JAMMER! Zoey hobbles and falls, but Mandy looms over Zoey. Zoey stands but Mandy trips her, turns her and has the HALF CRAB! Zoey endures as Mandy sits deep on the hold! Fans duel, Zoey reaches out, moves around, and rolls through to kick Mandy away! Mandy falls right out of the ring! Mandy hurries back in, into a KNEE from Zoey! Mandy pulls hair but Zoey ELBOWS Mandy, then LARIATS! Zoey rallies on Mandy, even with one good leg! SLIDING KICK! Cover, TWO!!

Mandy scrambles away to a corner, but Zoey runs in to ELBOW Mandy, and UPPERCUT, and GAMANGIRI! Zoey snapmares Mandy into a SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Fans rally and duel, Zoey gets to her feet and she storms up on Mandy. Mandy kicks the bad leg, gets it again, and BACK SUPLEXES Zoey inside out! Cover, TWO! Mandy grows frustrated but the fans rally up again. Zoey and Mandy hit each other as they stand up, and they go back and forth with forearms! Zoey CHOPS, Mandy fires off a flurry, but Zoey blocks to a GO TO STARK!!! But she can’t cover from using her bad leg!! Zoey crawls over, but Mandy rolls away to the apron!

Mandy saves herself by inches and Zoey is furious! Zoey goes out, but Mandy sweeps the bad leg! Zoey gets caught up in the ropes, and Mandy stomps away! The ref counts, Mandy lets off at 4, and then she goes back to CLUB away on the leg! Mandy undoes the leg brace!! The ref stops Mandy and gets Zoey free of the ropes. KNEE FROM- ROLL UP!! TWO!! Mandy swings but into a jackknife! TWO! KNEE FROM A ROSE!! Cover, TWO!?!? Zoey survives and shocks everyone! Mandy’s best shot fails to put this away and she has no idea what to make of it! Mandy still undoes Zoey’s knee brace, and then she puts it on her knee!

Mandy wants to finish this for good, and runs in, KNEE BRACE FROM A ROSE!!! Cover, Mandy wins!!

Winner: Mandy Rose, by pinfall (still NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion)

Zoey is dazed, Mandy used her bad leg against her in more ways than one! The Toxic Reign keeps going, what will it take to finally stop Mandy?


NXT hears from one of its newest names.

“I’m Quincy Elliot, and I have a confession to make. I’m bringing all of this to NXT. I look to my left, I look to my right, I see people of all different walks of life, and it excites me. And you may be shocked at this, but I ain’t ever struggled with being different. I own it, I work it, because I am it! And everyone in NXT may be superstars, but Quincy Elliot is the Super Diva.” And he’s coming soon to NXT!


Backstage interview with Grayson Waller.

McKenzie isn’t happy about it and Waller notices. Is it because he ruined he Emmy Award Winning interview with Apollo Crews when Waller punked him out? Uh, Apollo was the one who made a challenge while Waller was the one who backed down. Backed down? No, he could’ve dropped Crews right there, but then McKenzie would’ve said it was unfair after the 20 minute war Apollo had with Strong. He can’t win with her! But everyone else is too scared to say it, so Waller will: Apollo Crews is selfish! He’s willing to stab anyone in the back to be the man around here! He might even come for McKenzie’s job!

McKenzie doubts that, but Waller says that while Apollo doesn’t smell as nice, he does have a better small than her. But those were Apollo’s words, not Waller’s. Anyway, next week is the debut of the Grayson Waller Effect, the ONLY honest talk show in WWE history! The tough questions and the hard truth given. Take notes because he’s inviting his very first guess, APOLLO~ Crews! Also, your perfume is cheap, McKenzie.


NXT Championship: Bron Breakker VS JD McDonagh!

The Big Booty Nephew is already a TWO-TIME NXT Champion, but has proven that from facing veterans like Tommaso Ciampa and Dolph Ziggler to facing the best of his peers like Joe Gacy and Cameron Grimes, he is a juggernaut in this ring. However, the Irish Ace knows even a juggernaut has its weaknesses. Will JD pick Bron apart and perform a beltectomy? Or will Bron break another would-be champion?

Bron walks out with a sledgehammer, and sees a box with “JD” on it. Bron SMASHES the box, then heads to the ring. The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Bron wins betting against the ace.

JD and Bron circle while fans rally up. They tie up, JD goes after the bad arm but Bron shove shim away. JD grins but Bron says the shoulder’s just fine. They tie up again, Bron pushes JD back but JD puts Bron in the corner. JD pulls the arm against the ropes but the ref counts. JD let soff and Bron SLAPS him! Fans duel as JD grins and stares Bron down. JD and Bron reset and tie up again. Bron wrenches JD’s arm now, but JD spins and monkey flips him, but Bron holds on! Bron brings JD up but JD rolls, pushes Bron to ropes and arm-drags. But Bron holds on again! Bron shows he can be technical and fans rally up.

JD fights up, reaches for ropes but Born keeps him away. JD rolls, handsprings, snapmares and headlocks, but Bron slips out to have the wristlock! JD ROCKS Bron, but Bron headlocks back. JD powers out, Bron turns the dropdown into a gator roll and deadlift suplex! Bron walks around with JD before the SLAM! Fans fire up with Bron and he storms back up on JD. Bron whips JD into a corner, JD tumbles up and out, but Bron DECKS him! The ring count starts but Bron goes out after JD. JD gets in the ring but Bron avoids the elbow drop! Bron HOTSHOTS the arm, then he knuckle locks to STRAIGHT ARM LEVER!

Fans fire up as Bron carries JD around, then hammerlocks and OVERHEAD Belly2Belly suplexes! And then STANDING MOONSAULTS! Cover, TWO! Bron is showing he can do whatever JD can do, and then he clamps onto the arm again. Born hammerlocks and RAMS JD into buckles. Fans rally up and duel as Bron drags JD back up. Bron has the hammerlock, then he whips JD, JD reverses but Bron ducks ‘n’ dodges. Bron staggers but he still comes back to LARIAT JD! Bron tosses JD out hard, then barks at JD as NXT goes picture in picture.

JD scowls as Bron eggs him on. Bron goes out after JD, smacks him off the apron, then brings JD around to smack off the apron again. Fans bark for Bron as he puts JD in, but JD bails out the side. Bron waits on JD as the ring count climbs. JD gets in the ropes and trips Bron up! Then SLINGSHOT SPLASHES! JD gets his arm moving, and he stalks Bron to a corner. JD CHOPS, stomps, ROCKS and then stalks Bron some more. JD brings Bron around to snap suplex! JD drags Bron up to throw down elbows into Bron’s head, then DECK him with a haymaker. JD wrenches the bad arm, CLUBS it, but Bron throws body shots!

Bron backs JD down, RAMS into him over and over, then hoists him up top. Bron climbs up as NXT returns to single picture, but JD slips out to trip Bron up! JD shoves Bron to the apron, climbs up the other side, and he turns Bron to NECKBREAKER against the crossbar! Bron falls to the floor and fans rally again. JD stalks Bron, brings him up but the ring count is 5 of 10. JD puts Bron in at 7, drives elbow after elbow into the shoulders from all sides! The fans are torn but JD lets off so the ref can check Bron. Bron is still in this somehow so JD drags Bron around. JD has a mounted armlock but Bron endures.

Fans rally and duel, Bron reaches out but JD puts more pressure on the arm. Bron pushes through and gets the ROPEBREAK! JD lets off in frustration but fans duel again. JD clamps onto Bron for a neck wrench, but Bron still endures. JD pushes on the head, but fans rally up and Bron stands up! JAWBREAKER! Bron ROCKS JD, and again, and again! Bron whips, JD reverses but Bron FLYING SHOULDER TACKLES! And again! And then a duck ‘n’ dodge, to a SPINEBUSTER! Fans fire up again as Bron snarls and aims from the corner. JD flounders up, Born runs in, but JD POSTS Bron! Then a wrench and a takedown, LEBELL LOCK!!

Bron endures as JD pulls back! Fans rally and duel, Bron reaches out, and JD can only use one arm as Bron did damage to him, too! Born gets the ROPEBREAK! JD lets off in frustration and fans continue to duel. JD drags Bron to a drop zone then he climbs up. But Bron CLUBS JD first! Bron climbs up after JD, SUPER STEINER! Cover, TWO!! Bron keeps cool and he goes to a corner to climb up again. But JD GAMANGIRIS back! JD sets Bron up, climbs up after him, but Bron resists the clinch! JD drags him up, SUPER SPANISH FLY!! Fans are thunderous as JD hits the BRAINBUSTER!! Cover, TWO!!

Bron survives and JD can’t believe it! JD storms to a corner and climbs up, to MOONSAUTL! But he has to roll through as Bron moves! SPEAR!! Bron crawls after JD but JD flops out of the ring! Fans rally as Bron puts JD back in and hurries to aim from the corner again. JD stands up, into another SPEAR!! But Bron doesn’t cover, he brings the straps down! Bron vows to break JD, but JD stands up!? JD has blood in his mouth but he’s smiling! Bron says fine! A THIRD SPEAR!! And then the trophy lift, to the BREAKKER SLAM! Cover, Bron wins!!

Winner: Bron Breakker, by pinfall (still NXT Champion)

JD welcomed that third tackle, but it ended up being his demise! Bron retains the title, but who will- Wait, what?! Is this… It is! TYLER BATE is back in the States! The fans are going nuts for the Big Strong Boy! And he goes right into the ring to look Bron eye to eye! The NXT UK Champion and the NXT Champion, in the same ring for the first time in a long time! Will worlds collide in the near future?

My Thoughts:

This was a very good special for NXT, with great matches all over the card, but Heatwave didn’t really shake anything up. I know I’ve said keeping the status quo isn’t always a bad thing, but in this case, it felt kinda bad. Melo VS Vinci was great, though maybe a little sloppy because they wanted to go as fast as possible. Melo winning was only because of Trick, so that was a bit of a sour taste. But Melo still has so many opponents to face so this is fine. Decent promo from Von & Stone, but I guess Von is downgrading from “Wagner’s World” to “Welcome to Wagner’s Jungle.” I have no idea where Von’s gonna go from here, in a bad way. He’s not championship material, so who’s his next feud?

Great segment out of the Diamond Mine confronting their dysfunction, and I figured it’d be Strong pointed out as the traitor. That was some amazing continuity to have it in the 8 Man Tag that Tony looked to Strong as if to signal something. But then just as Apollo saw, the Diamond Mine all gets attacked. Gallus coming to NXT is great, though I wonder if this means Mark Coffey loses the Heritage Cup to Noam Dar. Gallus also getting a shot at the NXT UK Tag Team Championships is a nice surprise, but I wonder which two are facing Briggs & Jensen. Assuming Gallus wins, I’d love if it was the Coffey Brothers. But if not, then it can be Mark & Wolfgang again, trying to be two-time winners.

Roxie VS Cora was very good, but I’m a little surprised Cora won. For one, we see the NXT Women’s Championship is still on a Heel. Also, why wasn’t the DDT onto the weapon a disqualification? If that thing was a chair, wouldn’t it have been a DQ? Whatever, Cora’s still been doing good work so it’s not like she doesn’t deserve some success. Tiffany and Wendy have a very good vignette to plug their match. They call it “Lights Out” but don’t expect that to be the same as what AEW does with their “Lights Out” matches. It’ll be great, but only at WWE levels of No DQ. And given there’s no disqualifications, it can probably go either way, though I personally hope Wendy wins.

Actually, a great example of WWE levels of violence versus AEW is the Street Fight between Escobar and Tony we got tonight. It was really more a Street Fight for the sake of allowing Stacks and Legado to get involved without disqualifying the match. It was still great storytelling, but it was more chaos than destruction. Escobar loses because he’s being called-up, and who knows where Legado goes from here since they’re still under Tony. We got a nice promo segment with Indi and KC Squared, and I appreciate that Indi got a love letter from Dexter now that he’s back. But what a surprise that Blair Davenport, who is supposed to be fighting her way to the NXT UK Women’s Championship is here. Maybe Blair beats Indi to send Indi off to Raw?

Good introduction to Quincy Elliot here for the mainstream audience, but those who have been watching Level Up are probably already familiar with Quincy’s work. I’m sure Quincy can go in the ring, so it’s just a matter of how stories go and if Quincy can deliver on his character. Good promo from Waller to call Apollo out, and they’ll have a very good match, but I wonder where they’re going with this. Great match out of Mandy VS Zoey, but I had a feeling that after RawDown got the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament going and how they mentioned Zoey and Lyons are part of that, Zoey wasn’t going to win here. Mandy at least did it in a more clever way than usual. I don’t think anyone else has thought to wear their opponent’s brace and use it against them like that.

And we got a great match out of Bron and JD, but I’m a little surprised Bron won here. I’m also a little surprised how Bron won, where JD just let Bron hit him again. This is not really the Jordan Devlin in NXT UK, he would’ve used that to sucker Bron in, not just let Bron hit him again. But Bron retains, and we got a great surprise, that was then ruined by a massive spoiler. NXT UK isn’t even in the middle of their vacated championship tournament, they’re at the BEGINNING of it, and we see now that Tyler Bate is a two-time UK Champion! That’s awesome for Tyler but this is a big letdown for all of us fans who are still watching NXT UK! The only silver lining to this spoiler is that Worlds Collide might return to give us NXT VS NXT UK, Champions VS Champions.

My Score: 8.2/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (8/16/22)

Powerhouse gets Dark!



AEW Dark 2

It’s a baker’s dozen for Universal Studios!

AEW Dark continues in Universal Studios, and “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs looks to send a message to Ricky Starks through his opponent tonight!


  • Ari Daivari VS Fuego Del Sol; Daivari wins.
  • Willow Nightingale VS Robyn Renegade w/ Charlette Renegade; Willow wins.
  • Serpentico w/ Luther VS Brock Anderson w/ Arn Anderson; Brock wins.
  • Abadon VS Mafiosa; Abadon wins.
  • Angelico VS Baliyan Akki; Angelico wins.
  • Emi Sakura VS Renee Michelle; Sakura wins.
  • Josh Woods VS Cobra; Cobra wins.
  • Skye Blue VS Charlette Renegade w/ Robyn Renegade; Skye wins.
  • Bear Country VS Axel Rico & Victor Iniestra; Bear Country wins.
  • Kayla Rossi w/ Diamond Sheik VS Avery Breaux; Rossi wins.
  • Cezar Bononi w/ The Wingmen VS Marcus Kross; Bononi wins.
  • Rohit Raju VS Invictus Khash; Raju wins.
  • “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs VS Blake Christian; Hobbs wins.


Great to see Abadon back in action, though I’m pretty sure she’s gotten even scarier since she’s been away… A lot of singles match-ups, a lot of easily called match-ups, but that’s par for the course on Dark. A bit surprised they didn’t just team up the Renegade Sisters against Willow & Skye, but maybe those matches are still connected. And while All Heart will lose to Powerhouse, you can beat Blake Christian will get to shine against the bigger Will Hobbs.

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