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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (3/11/21)

Who is truly worthy?



Coverage NXT UK 2021

NXT UK holds its first-ever Mixed Tag Match!

Jinny cost Piper Niven the NXT UK Women’s Championship, and this has been brewing ever since! Will Jack Starz help Piper get revenge on the Spoiled Princess and her Righteous Knight?


  • British Rounds Rules: Tyler Bate VS Dave Mastiff; Bate wins.
  • Teoman VS Danny Jones; Teoman wins.
  • South Wales Subculture VS Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams; Jordan & Williams win.
  • Mixed Tag: Jinny & Joseph Conners VS Piper Niven & Jack Starz; Niven & Starz win.


British Rounds Rules: Tyler Bate VS Dave Mastiff!

These two men want back at the Heritage Cup, so they’re going to compete under the rules of the Heritage Cup Division! Will Bate start the long road back to the top? Or will the Bomber be too much even for the Big Strong Boy?

The bell rings and the first round begins. Bate and Mastiff fist bump to show there’s respect, and then the tie up. Mastiff puts Bate on the ropes then lets off fast. They circle, Bate stays back a bit but comes in to get a waistlock. Mastiff pries free to wrench, elbow breaker and wrench to a wristlock. Bate rolls, hooks a leg, but Mastiff wrangles him down to the mat. Bate moves around, kips up, but Mastiff wrenches again. Bate spins, dips, pries free and headlocks. Mastiff powers up to throw Bate away and the two reset as the BT Sports Studio cheers. Bate and Mastiff tie up with knuckle locks and have a test of strength!

Bate stays up as Mastiff tries to push him over, but Mastiff makes him bend! Cover, TWO as Bate gets a hand up! Mastiff pushes it down, TWO as Bate gets the other hand up! Mastiff puts that hand back, TWO as Bate bridges! We’re under a minute as Mastiff goes to put his full weight down, but Bate stays up! Mastiff tries again but Bate makes that a monkey flip, then sunset, but Bate can’t get Mastiff down! Bate lets off and the two smirk as they circle again. Bate considers Bop but doesn’t put it up. Mastiff waistlocks, Bate fights the lift, pries the hold, and wrenches to a wristlock.

Final 10 seconds as Bate rams shoulders then wrenches the arm, only for Mastiff to wring him out! Bate gets to a corner, and the round ends!

Bate: 0; Mastiff: 0

The two refresh in their corners and are ready for round two! They circle again, tie up, but Bate wrenches an arm. Bate clamps on tight but Mastiff chinbars to slip through and wristlock back. Bate rolls, arm-drags Mastiff, but Mastiff holds onto the arm. Bate rolls, gets to his feet and steps in, but that’s too much to scoop! Mastiff wrenches the wrist, Bate rolls and rolls and handsprings and breaks free, but Mastiff clinches. Bate headlocks, and uses his foot to bop Mastiff! Mastiff lifts but Bate bops him again! Mastiff powers Bate to a corner, Bate comes back and they ram! They stay up, Bate runs and Mastiff chases, Bate sunset flips!

Mastiff stays up but Bate kicks and pulls him down to a cover, and Bate scores a fall!

Bate: 1; Mastiff: 0

The Big Strong Boy is already closing in on victory, can Mastiff rebound? The two refresh in their corners again and we begin round three! BT Sports Studio rallies up as Bate and Mastiff circle. They feel out the grapple, Mastiff much more wary now that he’s on the defense. Bate JABS him quick and gets away with a smirk. They circle again, Bate KICKS Mastiff’s leg! Mastiff gets annoyed, Bate kicks but gets caught and Mastiff throws a forearm! Bate throws forearms but Mastiff ROCKS him! Mastiff brings Bate up to whip to a corner, then runs in. Bate boots, Mastiff blocks, Bate pries free and knees him away! Bate hops up and leaps for a FLYING UPPERCUT! But Mastiff stays up!

Mastiff fights off Bate’s scoop, Bate ROCKS him with a right! Bate wrenches, fireman’s carries, but Mastiff make sit a CRUCIFIX TAKEDOWN! Cover, Mastiff ties it up!!

Bate: 1; Mastiff: 1

It could all come down to this! Bate has a harder time recovering, naturally, but he has no choice but to get up for round four! Mastiff and Bate circle again, but Mastiff is basically chasing Bate. They tie up, Mastiff scoops and SLAMS Bate down! Bate writhes, the ref checks but he’s alright to continue. Mastiff gets Bate up to TOSS him! Bate is still in this but Mastiff is on him with a scoop and another SLAM! And then another SLAM! Bate sputters but he still wants to continue. We’re under two minutes as Mastiff clinches and whips but Bate rolls to dropkick! Mastiff stays up, blocks Bate’s rana and brings Bate up to POWERBOMB! High stack, TWO!!

Mastiff drags Bate back up to bomb position, shifts to a fireman’s carry, and hits a ROLLING SENTON! Bate is sore as he bails out, and the ref has Mastiff stay in. Mastiff goes out and whips Bate all around into the apron and barriers! We’re under a minute and Mastiff TOSSES Bate into barriers! Mastiff leaves Bate behind and the ring count begins! The count is 5 of 10 as we’re nearing 30 seconds. Bate gets up at 7, crawls at 8, and drags himself in at 9! Mastiff stalks Bate, and hits a BACK SENTON to bring him down! Cover, TWO!?! Bate is still in this, under 10 seconds, Mastiff keeps trying to cover but Bate keeps kicking free, and the round ends!

Bate: 1; Mastiff: 1

Bate was saved by the bell, but he only has so much time to recover again. Will round five end it?

Mastiff storms over, Bate ROCKS him, but Mastiff CLUBS Bate! And CLUBS him again! Mastiff drags Bate up to throw elbows over and over into the shoulders! Bate blocks to KICK from below! Mastiff staggers and shakes his head, Bate runs and leaps, but into Mastiff’s arms! Mastiff gets Bate up but Bate slips out to waistlock! Bate tries but his back won’t let him German Suplex Mastiff! Mastiff CLUBS Bate, drags him up and whips him to a corner, and Bate flops over before Mastiff can run in. The ref checks, Bate refuses to quit so Mastiff hauls him up for a MASSIVE GERMAN SUPLEX!! The ref checks on Bate again, Mastiff runs in but Bate ROLLING KICKS first!

Bate powers up and he tries to fireman’s carry but that back refuses to do it! Bate fires up to power through the pain, and he gets Mastiff up for the AIRPLANE SPIN!! He only goes for about 5 rotations but he comes back to CLOBBER Mastiff! Bate hurries to a corner, climbs up top, and TORNILLO SENTONS! Cover, Bate wins!!

Winner: Tyler Bate, by pinfall

And it’s the Big Strong Boy in the fifth! True focus lies somewhere between rage and serenity, and Bate used that focus to win! Will Bate focus in on another try at the Heritage Cup?


NXT UK hears from tonight’s tag team match opponents.

Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster are going up against Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams tonight, and Andrews says that they respect those guys. They know what it’s like to be underdogs and you never underestimate the underdog. Williams & Jordan say they’ve faced some “bomber” tag teams, and beaten them, too. So who says they can’t do it again? The last six months have been hard on South Wales Subculture facing The Hunt and Eddie Dennis, but they’re not looking back, they’re looking forward.

Williams & Jordan are ready to win fair and square, but getting through SWSC means they’ll be dancing all the way to the NXT UK Tag Team Championships! Well, maybe not dancing. But either way, one team takes a step forward, will Williams & Jordan beat another pair of former champions to head for Pretty Deadly?


BREAKING NEWS for next week!

NXT UK changes the start time for the United States, as it will now be live at 4 PM Eastern!


Aoife Valkyrie speaks.

“After everything I’ve gone through, and everyone I’ve beaten, you are my toughest battle.” She talks to herself in the mirror. “You used to push me, and now you’re pulling me down. Well I’ll show you that there’s a difference between those that aim for the top and those that settle. And that difference counts. A Valkyrie is only drawn to the toughest challenges. I’ll show you.” Will Aoife prove to herself that she can still reach the highest point in NXT UK?


Teoman VS Danny Jones!

The kid who fought for everything he had so that he could give his family everything they’ve ever wanted is making his in-ring debut in NXT UK! Will he fight hard enough to make everyone respect, admire and even fear him?

The bell rings and Jones ties right up with Teoman. Teoman wrenches, wristlocks and grinds Jones down. Teoman wrenches, Jones rolls and handsprings, but Teoman wrangles him back down! Teoman wrenches the wrist, Jones kips up but Teoman waistlocks then facelocks. Jones powers him into a corner but the ref calls for the break. Jones lets off but Teoman SLAPS him down! Teoman headlocks, Jones reverses to his own headlock, but Teoman powers out. Teoman hurdles, drops and trips Jones for a hard basement dropkick! And a KICK to the side! Teoman grins as he talks trash to Jones and dares him to get up.

Jones sits up but Teoman SLAPS him again! And again! And again! Jones fires up, they brawl back and forth, Jones fires off but Teoman ROCKS him with a body shot! And then runs to CLOBBER him with the forearm! Teoman stands on Jones’ face just to toy with him. Teoman clamps onto an arm while standing on Jones, then sits him up with a motorcycle stretch. Jones fights up, turns things around on Teoman, but Teoman gets a ropebreak. The ref calls for a break but again Teoman hits a sucker punch with that elbow! Teoman run sin but Jones turns it around to ROCK Teoman and hit a BACKSTABBER! Jones whips but Teoman dropkicks a leg out!

Teoman goes up to the top rope, leaps, and missile dropkicks Jones in the back! Teoman DOUBLE STOMPS the back, then DOUBLE STOMPS again! Teoman is toying with Jones as he DOUBLE STOMPS again! Then, he clamps on the CROSSFACE! Jones taps, Teoman wins!

Winner: Teoman, by submission

The Evil Eye is upon NXT UK! What prize will Teoman look to take for his own?


Xia Brookside has more work for Nina Samuels.

The Leading Lady turned personal assistant now has to clean Xia’s room! Why not call housekeeping? No, no, Xia gave them the day off. This is all for Nina. From making the bed to doing the dishes, though perhaps not perfectly, Nina thinks she’s done. But then she forgot about the dishes in the washer. Will Nina be able to get it together? Or will the month mercifully fly by with Brookside?


Eddie Dennis speaks with Wild Boar.

While Boar has been a “model student,” and made great progress, he committed a “Cardinal sin.” Boar separated himself from the pack and made it weaker! In the Street Fight, Dennis suffered the consequences! Primate suffered the consequences! So now Boar faces the consequences, as Primate and Tyson T-Bone punish him! And now that T-Bone has joined The Hunt, will they be more dangerous than ever?


Amale speaks.

The French Hope is the first French-born female in the WWE, and though having barely started, she’s already in history books. She is going for the opportunities she deserves in NXT UK. She has blessed the brand with hope, class, and has the support of her people. Will Amale look to become the first French-born women’s champion in WWE, as well?


Gallus spends time alone in their bar.

Wolfgang may not be pretty, but he knows a cheat. Mark Coffey tell shim not to beat himself up, everyone else will try to do that. Joe Coffey walks over and says they need to go back to go forwards. They need a plan. The Gallus boys aren’t on top. But they need to remind everyone that they were ruthless. It isn’t about titles or grudges. It is about making a statement. Gallus shakes hands on it, but just how will they rebuild and redeem themselves?


South Wales Subculture VS Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams!

The High-Fiving, Stage-Diving Welsh Rockstar and the Modfather have tasted the tag titles and want another, but the Bhangra Badboy and the Lucky Yin just want their first bite! Which team will be hungrier and head for the self-proclaimed “tasty” Lewis Howley & Sam Stoker?

The teams sort out and Williams starts with FMW. They circle, tie up, and then break. They go again, break again, and FMW has to worry about his sore ribs from that Street Fight. They tie up again, FWM wrenches and wrangles Williams down. Williams fights up, FMW wrenches again and drags Williams back down. FMW chinbars with the armlock but Williams pries free. Williams wrenches, chinbars, then elbow breakers to a wristlock. FMW rolls, bridges and handsprings to wrench and wring Williams out! Jordan says it’s all good and Williams circles with FMW. Williams rolls to get a leg but FMW gets the ropebreak. Williams lets go cleanly, and they go again.

FMW and Williams tie up, Williams wrenches and wrings FMW then whips. Andrews tags in, FMW slides under and is a step stool, MANDREWS in Motion! Williams bails out, Jordan rushes in, but FMW triangle dropkicks him out! SWSC waits for Williams & Jordan as they cool off. Jordan tells Williams it’s good, and Williams gets in. Jordan then tags in, which surprises and perhaps annoys Williams. Jordan and Andrews circle, tie up, Andrews wrenches and wrangles Jordan down. Jordan kips up, Andrews wrenches again, but Jordan rolls and arm-drags, only for Andrews to wristlock again. Andrews grinds the arm, YANKS the arm, then wrenches again.

Jordan rolls, gets under and NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Jordan has the arm now, wrenches and jams the arm, then wrenches again. Andrews rolls, spins, handsprings and wrings the arm but Jordan handsprings through. Jordan dodges Andrews, FMW tags in, and SWSC double hip toss Jordan for the back suplex SPLASH and STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! FMW ROCKS Jordan to a corner, rams his shoulder in again and again, then snapmares Jordan for a NECK SNAPPER! Cover, TWO! FMW whips Jordan in the corner, tags in Andrews, and they snapmare Jordan for a basement dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Andrews keeps on Jordan, Jordan throws body shots but Andrews uppercuts! Andrews stomps Jordan, rams his shoulder in, and FMW tags in to RAM in a shoulder! FMW drags Jordan up for a snap suplex, covers, TWO! FMW stays between Jordan and Williams but Jordan throws hands! FMW hits back, but Jordan jawbreakers free! And then dropkicks FMW to a corner! FMW runs back at Jordan but Jordan boots him then hits a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Williams calls to Jordan, Jordan tags him, and they mug FMW. Williams snapmares FMW, then drops knees! Cover, TWO! Williams SLAPS FMW on the back, then again, then straddle attacks!

Williams gets the arms, hooks them up for a camel clutch but FMW resists. Williams gives crossface forearms, shoves FMW down but FMW boots him away! Jordan tags in, CLUBS FMW, throws big forearms, but FMW shoves, only for Jordan to DECK him! Cover, TWO! Jordan camps on with a chinlock and pushes back to add leverage. FMW fights up, throws elbows, and arm-drags free. Jordan comes back but FMW dropkicks him! Hot tags to Andrews and Williams, but Andrews keeps going after Jordan with fast hands! Williams gets in but Andrews throws hands on him! Andrews CHOPS, whips, but Williams reverses. Andrews slides under the double clothesline to DOUBLE PELE!

Andrews CHOPS and whips but Williams reverses again, only to get a 619! Andrews MOONSAULTS Jordan down, then STOMP 182 for Williams! Andrews runs in to forearm smash, tag to FMW, SWSC KNEE-ENZIGURI combo! Then the ASSISTED SLICED BREAD, and a SENTON! Cover, TWO!! Williams lives but FMW drags him up. FMW reels Williams in but Williams back drops free to tag in Jordan! Andrews tags in, fires off on Jordan, but Jordan shoves. Jordan runs but is put on the apron, but he slingshots in, into Andrews’ roll up! TWO, and Jordan SUPERKICKS! Jordan is fired up, suplexes, but Andrews hits STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE!

FMW tags in, goes up, RUDE BOY BLOCK! Cover, Williams breaks it! Andrews gets in, Williams throws him out and BOOTS him down, to then WRECK him with a dropkick! FMW drags Jordan up, suplexes but Jordan blocks. Jordan suplexes, FMW slips out, Jordan elbows him away, tag to Williams! SPRINGBOARD UPPERCUT! Williams facelocks, FMW slips out and swings but Williams ducks. Williams waistlocks now, FMW switches, Williams switches. FMW slips around but Williams shoves him into Jordan! Roll up, TWO! FMW HEADBUTTS, Williams rewinds for the CLOTHESLINE!!

Both men are down, BT Sports Studio fires up, but Williams can’t find Jordan because how he accidentally hit him down! Williams runs to CLOBBER Andrews but FMW rolls Williams up! TWO, Williams swings but into a waistlock! Williams grabs at the ref as FMW tries to O’Conner roll, and Williams LOW BLOW MULE KICKS!! The ref didn’t see that, but Jordan did! Jordan thought they were doing this fair and square, but Williams doesn’t care, he drags FMW up for the HEADLOCK DRIVER!! Cover, Jordan & Williams win!

Winners: Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams, by pinfall

They beat former NXT UK Tag Team Champions, but not the way the Bhangra Badboy wanted to! Will he and Williams sort things out before their next match? Or will Williams continue to take every chance he gets?


NXT UK profiles Ilja Dragunov’s recent developments.

The “Moscow Madman” was always just a nickname, but now it may be becoming his reality. Every time he’s been in a match, a reminder of Walter sets him off and he goes into a berserk rage. We will hear from Dragunov next week on what is next for him.


Trent Seven speaks.

The weigh-in will be live on WWE’s The Bump! He is excited, because he has worked his butt off harder than ever before. He has never worked this hard for anything! He feels like there are a lot of people supporting him, but most of all he had Tyler Bate. Trent was there for Bate, so the least he could do is be here for Trent. Trent is in the best shape of his life and it is truly inspiring. Seven vows to do this. Seven is inspired by Bate, too, as they’ve both had the same attitude towards pro-wrestling. So to use the skills and the platform they have to motivate others, it’s a great feeling. Seven has avoided scales just so as not to get in his own head.

We will all learn together if Seven has made it under 205! Will Seven be ready to challenge for the Cruiserweight Championship? If he makes weight, that match happens NEXT WEEK!


NXT UK hears from Ben Carter.

“It’s been a pretty wild 12 months for me, to say the least.” He was in the US for soccer, and then in his spare time, doing everything he could to make a name for himself in pro-wrestling. No one knew who he was, but then fast-forward a year, and he’s living a dream. Carter had many options, but he wanted to come to NXT UK, and to come home. It’s like a brand new start. And with that new start comes a brand new name! Nathan Frazer will become a champion, grab the brand by the throat and take it wherever he wants it, and become the greatest to ever do it. Will the Prodigy formerly known as Ben Carter still carve an impressive path to the top?



Walter has become THE longest reigning NXT UK Champion ever, but is going to return to issue a statement! What will Der Ring General have to say about the state of the brand?


Mixed Tag: Jinny & Joseph Conners VS Piper Niven & Jack Starz!

History is being made every day, and for NXT UK, it is having their first-ever Mixed Tag! But history aside, this is about settling scores and ending grudges! Will the Fashionista finally pay for blocking Piper’s path to the NXT UK Women’s Championship? Or is Starz not worthy of fighting alongside her against Jinny and her Righteous Killer?

The teams sort out and it’s ladies first as Piper and Jinny step up. Jinny asks if Piper is “thick” in the head. She backs off to tag in Conners, and so Starz comes in by default. Conners and Starz circle, tie up, and Conners goes around to wrench and fireman’s carry takeover. Cover, ONE, and Starz gets away. Conners asks “Shorty” if he knows what he’s gotten himself into. They tie up, Conners wrenches and arm-drags to clamp onto the shoulder. Conners half nelsons to snapmare to a cover, ONE! Conners mocks Starz to keep climbing and let the 15 minutes of fame run out. Starz keeps his cool, ties up with Conners, but Conners gets a cravat.

Starz endures as Conners snapmares him down to a chinlock, but Starz slips out to wrench, spin, and BACK DROP Conners, to then have the arm again. Conners rolls back but Starz drops to throw Conners over! Cover, ONE, but Starz ghost pins, ONE! Conners runs into an arm-drag and Starz grinds the arm down. Starz shifts to a short arm scissor and he pulls on the arm. Conners rolls back to a cover, TWO and Starz still has the hold! Conners powers up to dead lift Starz! But Starz sunset flips, TWO! Starz dropkicks Conners down and Conners gets mad! Starz grins and tags in Piper, so now Jinny has to enter. Jinny runs, dodges Piper but comes back to dodge again.

Piper and Jinny circle, Conners talks trash and that distracts Piper for Jinny to attack! Piper shoves Jinny away, blocks a punch and sweeps the leg to drop a senton! Cover, TWO! Piper drags Jinny up to scoop, but Conners tags Jinny in to save her! Starz has to come back, and he comes back with fast forearms! Starz whips, Conners reverses but Starz dodges to TACKLE Conners! Starz keeps moving to hit Conners with a basement EuroUpper, and a back drop! Conners catches Starz to a clinch, they’re on the ropes, and the ref counts, Starz powers up to push Conners away! The two stare down, Jinny swipes at Starz, but Conners sucker punches then BULLDOGS Starz!

Piper protests but Jinny gets away with a ROLLING KICK! Conners taunts Piper but Jinny orders him to stay on Starz. Conners scoops and SLAMS Starz, covers, TWO! Conners suplexes Starz high and hard, covers, TWO! Starz sits up but Conners jams his knee in the back! Conners digs his boot into Starz’s head, then taunts him to tag out. Starz throws body shots, Conners shoves him to hit a tilt-o-whirl SLAM! Cover, TWO! Conners kicks Starz to the corner, pushes him around, and tells him to hail Queen Jinny! Conners throws body shots, haymakers, then stomps Starz down. Conners taunts Piper for making a horrible choice in partners, but he runs into Starz’s elbow!

Starz runs, Conners catches him and shoves him away, but Starz rams him with a shoulder! Things speed up, Conners ducks the crossbody! Starz flops out of the ring, and Jinny is lurking. Piper storms over but Conners gets in the way. The ref reprimands and tells everyone to back off. Conners drags Starz up to put him in, and then stalks Starz to ropes. Conners drags Starz up to CHOP him, ROCK him, but Starz hits back! Starz bobs ‘n’ weaves, hits Conners, Conners hits back, they’re brawling! Starz hits EuroUpper after EuroUpper but Conners goes to backslide! Starz fights that off to DECK Conners!

Both men crawl, BT Sports Studio fires up, Conners drags Starz but Starz fights to tag in Piper! Jinny has no choice but to be legal, but she decides to run! Piper chases her into the ring, and POUNCES her! Piper drags Jinny up, whips and TOSSES her, then does it again! Piper runs to BASEMENT CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Piper rains down rights on Jinny, drags her up, and whips her to a corner. Piper runs in but Jinny BOOTS her, then ROLLING KICKS! Piper staggers, Jinny CHOP BLOCKS and rolls Piper up! TWO!! Piper staggers up but Jinny is after her with forearms! Piper HEADBUTTS Jinny down! Conners tags in, and he says Piper is not a queen, just a commoner!

Piper SLAPS Conners and feeds him to Starz’s EXPLODER! Conners ends up in a corner, Jinny is in the other, Starz and Piper DOUBLE CANNONBALL! Starz feeds Conners to Piper’s MICHINOKU DRIVER! Starz becomes Piper’s weapon, MILITARY PRESS SLAM onto Conner!! Cover, Starz & Piper win!

Winners: Jack Starz & Piper Niven, by pinfall

Starz & Pipes go down in history as the first NXT UK Mixed Tag winners! But more importantly, they took the fight to Jinny & Joseph! Will they leave these bullies behind on this Road to WrestleMania?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode for NXT UK all in all. Bates VS Mastiff was a very good British Rounds match, and I almost expected Mastiff to win with another knockout when he and Bate were trading hands. But Bate’s journey is the story, and he pulls out a big win to keep going towards the Heritage Cup. Teoman had a good debut, though I wouldn’t have expected his theme to be electronic, not rock. We got good promos from Amale and Aoife were decent, and I expected more from Nina Samuels having to do Xia Brookside’s chores. Her plotting to sabotage Xia only to fail felt like a good story thread but it looks more like Nina is just a bad personal assistant.

I am very surprised that The Hunt is changing up its members, but I think this means Boar legitimately got hurt during that Fatal 4 Way and they need to have a reason why he’s gone. T-Bone joining the group is good for T-Bone, he wasn’t doing anything at all. Good to know we’ll be hearing from Dragunov and Walter next week, and I hope Walter’s announcement is that he’s heading to the States to join the rest of Imperium for a spell. However, I’m very disappointed that Ben Carter has to change his name to Nathan Frazer. The new gear looks great, but why a new name? We just had “Ed Harvey” refuse to be that and become Sha Samuels! Why are we only now, a month or so after he arrived, renaming Ben Carter, who really is a prodigious talent!? That’s absurd!

It’s also odd that Trent Seven’s weigh-in is being put on WWE’s The Bump. Pretty sure it’s just so NXT UK fans will want to watch The Bump to see that segment. But this must mean Devlin VS Seven really is happening next week, I can’t imagine they’d swerve us just so The Bump could get a few more views for one week. Also, the timing of this is interesting since Devlin issued his challenge to Escobar for the near future. I suppose this means Seven loses and wonders if it was all worth it. Jordan & Williams VS SWSC was a good tag match, and I figured Williams would find a way to cheat to win. They will surely get a tag title match, and Jordan might be too distracted worrying about Williams to focus, and that is why they lose.

Gallus had a good little promo to put forward that they have to refocus. I’m hoping that means the Coffey Brothers go after the tag titles and then Wolfgang can try for the Heritage Cup or even UK Championship. And the Mixed Tag main event was good, but Mixed Tags just naturally have a harder time using the hot tag momentum for drama since one tag is basically two tags, and as we saw, Jinny did not want to face Piper if she could help it. Nigel McGuiness on commentary did a good job bringing up the controversy of Piper hitting Conners when co-ed contact isn’t allowed. But naturally, Piper and Starz win to finally give the Heels comeuppance, but I’m not sure where this goes from here. Will Piper have another try at the NXT UK Women’s Championship and Kay Lee Ray? I feel like the moment to pull the trigger on a title change has passed, so what would we even get out of it?

My Score: 8/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (2/7/23)




NXT White 'n' Gold Era

Bayley has a Toxic return to NXT!

Vengeance Day is done, and Roxanne Perez is STILL NXT Women’s Champion. But DING DONG, HELLO~! Bayley is back to talk with the losers, Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne!


  • Zoey Stark VS Sol Ruca; wins.
  • Lyra Valkyria VS Valentina Feroz; wins.


Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams head to the ring.

Fans are torn as the man who won 2-0 over Apollo Crews and his hype man get the mics. Trick has the music cut, and says, “Reporting to you live, the greatest duo alive, Trick Melo Gang has finally arrived. Coming through your television sets like only we can, Vengeance Day will go down as the day Carmelo Hayes turned Apollo Crews, the vision seer, into Stevie Wonder!” Melo adds, “Alright, Trick, let me hear one of my catchphrases real quick. Melo is…” No, not that one. Oh, alright. Then let’s go with, “Melo IS-” Wait, c’mon! Oh, right, right. Melo IN TWO! He did it! He spoke things to existence, he was on the logo when he shot that shot and Melo Don’t Miss!

Melo said he’d get two straight and what’d he do? Clean sweep! Let’s talk about it! Apollo had the right vision, juts with the wrong one. Now the whole NXT Universe is shook! Melo is everything he says that he is! He is the one! He is HIM. Talk your talk, dawg! History doesn’t lie. Melo did what he said he’d do, beat everyone he said he’d beat. But there is one more man that needs to be put on a T-shirt, and there’s only one event that can hold the both of them. This is destiny. That man is… JD McDonagh? The Irish Ace walks out and fans boo as he tells Melo, “I’m sitting back there, my ears must be deceiving me. It sounded like you were about to challenge for the NXT title, right? Not just me?”

JD gets it. Melo is like most people in this crowd, he’s from the entitled generation. Melo is flashy, wants everyone to think he’s the coolest. But JD is here to tell Melo that he is the coolest. But in the ring, he’s not fit to hold JD’s jockstrap. And Melo loves saying he’s The A Champ, but Melo is not ready for the big title, or to be the face of NXT. Melo says this is the UK bar-setter trying to come off the bench to face Melo. Melo thought he beat everyone there is to beat, but he apparently left a survivor. JD is jealous, he hates Melo cuz he ain’t Melo. JD says Melo can count his entrances and shirts, but JD is counting body parts!

JD says Melo is about being VIP, the clubs, private rooms. JD is about sending people to the emergency room. So get your buddy to dial 911 now and tell them Melo’s coming. Melo says they can go back and forth all night, or they can see who’s about it and run the game. Fans like the sound of that! JD steps to Melo, and JD says, “Game on.” Fans of both men are ready to see this one! Will Melo be the one to trump the Irish Ace? Or will the Necessary Evil change Melo’s destiny?


Kiana James meets up with Fallon Henley.

Kiana says, “Hey, champ,” but Fallon tells her to save it. Fallon saw the match footage and Kiana cheated! Uh, Fallon didn’t see that, and neither did the ref. So what is Fallon gonna do? Give the titles back? They won! For the first time in their lives, they’re champions! Yeah, and that’s great, but they should give Kayden & Katana a rematch. Kiana says they can talk about that. Well, what’s not up for discussion is Kiana needs to tell Jensen about “Zack” or Fallon will. Fallon keeps going back to that! It was no one! Oh, okay. Then Fallon will go tell Jensen. Fallon wait! SURPRISE~! It’s a surprise party for the new tag champs!

Will Fallon be able to tell Jensen the drama now? Or will she wait for a better time?


Zoey Stark VS Sol Ruca!

The Hunter is the number one suspect in the whodunnit that is the attack on Nikkita Lyons. The Sol Surfer is just as convinced as anyone that Stark did it, will Stark fight to defend her innocence? Or will she be guilty as charged?


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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (2/7/23)

Konosuke Takeshita gets Dark!



The future of wrestling could be defined in the Dark!

Konosuke Takeshita is going strong in AEW, but he takes on MLW’s EJ Nduka! Will Konosuke still be The Future? Or will The Judge bring down the law?


  • Slim J VS Mascara Dorada; wins.
  • Rush w/ Jose the Assistant VS Aiden Park; wins.
  • The Outrunners VS Logan Cruz & Tyshaun Perez; wins.
  • Baliyan Akki VS Rico Gonzalez; wins.
  • Blake Christian VS Serpentico w/ Luther; wins.
  • Dalton Castle w/ The Boys VS Dante Casanova; wins.
  • Kiera Hogan VS Megan Meyers; wins.
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS EJ Nduka; wins.


Another pretty good line-up, but the highlight is of course Konosuke VS Nduka. Both are great, having been champions outside of AEW. In fact, Nduka will be featured on tonight’s debut edition of MLW Underground on the Reelz channel. Nduka is challenging Alex Hammerstone for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship in a Last Man Standing match. Between AEW Dark on YouTube and the MLW television debut, Nduka is going to get noticed by a lot of wrestling fans, and he very well could be the new MLW Champion the next time he’s in AEW.

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