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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (3/25/21)

On the Road to Prelude!



Coverage NXT UK 2021

NXT UK lets Unbesiegbar and the Thunderstorm loose!

WrestleMania WEEK is approaching, and so is the first-ever NXT UK Prelude! Will Ilja Dragunov shut Sam Gradwell up to finally move forward?


  • Joseph Conners VS Jack Starz; Conners wins.
  • The Hunt w/ Eddie Dennis VS Josh Morrell & Danny Jones; The Hunt wins.
  • Isla Dawn VS Aleah James; Dawn wins.
  • No Disqualifications: Ilja Dragunov VS Sam Gradwell; Dragunov wins.


NXT UK opens with an all new Supernova Sessions!

“Hear me now. Live from the moon,” Noam Dar welcomes us to another edition of his show. As Carol Dweck said, “Becoming is better than being.” The only thing that makes Dar happier than being Dar is becoming the young legend he’s destined to be. The next step is in two weeks, when he takes on “The Big Strong Dafty,” Tyler Bate, in an Number 1 Contender’s Match for the Heritage Cup. Dar vows that “Supernova 11 will not fail.” Speaking of failure, here’s Trent Seven! Dar applauds but Seven isn’t happy with that introduction. Dar hogs the couch and says he invested in a very expensive chair. It has good lumbar support for Seven’s bad back. Seven takes his seat and says Dar sure went to great lengths. Well yeah.

Now, last week, we saw Seven just inches away from becoming NXT Cruiserweight Champion. He literally nearly had the boyhood dream, but then failed. What does it feel like to be a failure? Well, that’s a bit harsh. Seven put himself through a grueling regime to make it that far. These are tough times we live in and- Yes, but let’s be positive. Here at SNS, Dar loves to focus on the positives. Regardless of the outcomes, Seven is now in peak physical condition. What’s the secret? Zumba? Pilates? No wait, Seven is definitely a legs, bums ‘n’ tums kinda guy. Hilarious, Dar, thank you. But Seven will tell us what he did go through. It is the hardest regime he’s ever been through.

At the age Seven is, in the current climate the world is in, it’s been hard. Waking up at dawn, going up the mountain, walking the dogs, counting calories. Five years? No, a couple months. No, Dar meant it’s been five years that Dar has been in WWE. He’s been on every brand WWE has to offer! He is an OG of the Cruiserweight Division revival! Day one on 205 Live, on Monday Night Raw, and yet… Dar hasn’t had a title shot in five years. So then, what makes “an outsider” like Seven- Outsider?! Dar gets mad that Seven is squandering the opportunities given to him on a silver platter! Seven doesn’t appreciate Dar’s tone nor his words!

Outsider? Seven gives Dar a history lesson. Seven is a founding father of NXT UK! He and a handful of people here were in Blackpool four years ago, so don’t tell Seven he’s an outsider when he built this brand! Dar has more important things to worry about, such as one of the other founders in Tyler Bate in a couple weeks. Dar cues the music, and here comes Sha Samuels! Sha tells Seven to settle down and checks with Dar. If Seven has a problem with Dar, he has a problem with Sha! Oh does he? Yes, he does, “you tart!” This is what real friendship looks like. A little lonely on Moustache Mountain, huh? Dar and Sha have each other’s backs.

Well, it has been a long time since Seven and the Big Strong Boy were on Moustache Mountain in that ring. So how about Seven has Bate’s back, “and we’ll have ourselves an absolute dandy!” Seven tells the guys to play HIS music! Sha keeps Dar calm and confident, and Dar shouts this is Supernova 11, not seven! But NXT UK Prelude just got bigger! Will the East End Butcher and the Artful Dodger be a factor in Dar VS Bate?


Sid Scala speaks with Joseph Conners & Jinny as they arrive.

To make sure things are fair between Conners and Jack Starz tonight, he informs Jinny that both she AND Piper Niven are banned from ringside. Jinny tells “Sidney” to watch himself because he’s not the man around here, she doesn’t have to listen to him. Well, he hates to be the bearer of bad news, but these orders come directly from GM Johnny Saint. Jinny says, “Message received, little boy.” But will the Spoiled Princess follow orders and let her (Self)Righteous Knight fight alone?


Superstars discuss the NXT UK Championship match, Walter VS Rampage!

William Regal says “Walter’s an incredibly calculating human being. He’s very smart, very strong.” Fit Finlay knows “Rampage is the type of guy who will do whatever it takes. He will hunt you down, and he will take you out.” Robbie Brookside that Rampage could be Walter’s most difficult challenge. Dave Taylor says these are two bulldozers heading for a collision. Which giant will stand tall at the end of NXT UK Prelude?


Joseph Conners VS Jack Starz!

Jinny & Conners cried foul over the Mixed Tag Match’s ending, and to be fair, they have a point. Piper Niven shouldn’t have been allowed to attack Conners, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Conners would’ve won. Now we see what would happen as these two go 1v1! Will Conners prove he is worthy? Or will Starz get another shocker of a win this close to Prelude?

The bell rings, they tie up, Conners cording holds but Starz facelocks. Conners cranks the hold, wrenches, wristlocks then cravats. Starz fights through, wrenches, but Conners rolls through to get free. BT Sports Studio cheers the exchange and the two go again. Conners full nelsons, Starz breaks free but Conners get an arm to wrench again. Starz feels out the escape, spins but Conners gets back before a dropkick. Conners and Starz circle, tie up again, and Conners waistlocks. Conners spins Starz to wrangle him with a wristlock. Starz gets frustrated but he fights up and uses ropes to flip through! Starz rolls, handsprings and wrings Conners out! Starz whips but Conners reverses.

Starz rolls, steps over, goes after a leg but Conners spins to sit on the cover! ONE and Starz sunsets, ONE! Conners jackknifes, TWO as Starz bridges! Starz spins to a backslide, ONE! Conners staggers but Starz whips, only for Conners to run him over! Things speed up, Conners fakes out Starz’s drop down but Starz avoids the elbow drop! Starz throws EuroUpper after EuroUpper, then dropkicks Conners out of the ring! PLANCHA! Direct hit and down goes Conners! BT Sports Studio fires up as Starz puts Conners in then climbs up the corner. Starz leaps to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO!

Starz is after a leg, Conners kicks him off the toehold, but Starz RAMS Conners into a corner! The ref counts, Starz lets off at 4, but runs into a STOMP! Conners seethes, has Starz in a corner and fires off clubbing forearms! Conners bumps Starz off buckles, fires off body shots then CLUBS Starz down again! Conners digs his boot into Starz’s head, then drags him up. Starz throws more EuroUppers but Conners reverses the whip. Starz goes up and over but runs into a BACKBREAKER! Conners runs for a SNAP CHANCERY! Cover, TWO! Another cover, TWO! A third cover, TWO! Starz is not giving up and Conners gets annoyed.

Conners drags Starz up, reels him in and CLOBBERS him! Cover, TWO! Conners drags Starz up, but Starz snap suplexes first! BT Sports Studio fires up again as Conners and Starz rise. Conners blocks a boot but Starz counter punches! Conners throws body shots, Starz throws forearms and EuroUppers! Conners staggers as Starz fires off more forearms! Starz ROCKS Conners, then brings him in, but Conners shoves. Conners swings but STarz dodges to shoulder tackle! BASEMENT UPPERCUT! Conners hobbles up into a back drop! Starz runs corner to corner to uppercut again! EXPLODER! Cover, TWO!

Conners clutches his back but is shaking his head. Starz fires up and he brings Conners in to underhook the arms! Conners spins out, fireman’s carries but Starz pops up. Conners shoves him off, Starz switches to an O’Conner roll, TWO! Starz backslides, Conners rolls through, DDT! Conners seethes, looms over Starz then drags him up, and reels him in for the STRAITJACKET NECKBREAKER! Cover, Conners wins!

Winner: Joseph Conners, by pinfall

Conners redeems himself! But does this prove he is worthy of bigger and better come Prelude?


Pretty Deadly speaks.

“YES BOY~!” The NEW NXT UK Tag Team Champions said they were going to do it, and they did it! Lewis Howley brings up what his mum used to tell him. “Oh, Lewis. You always think you’re right.” Well guess what, mum? He IS always right! He and Sam Stoker were right! But in the spirit of proving others wrong, they will hold the first of their many successful title defenses! They shall usher NXT UK into the Era of Pretty Deadly! It will be an endless era! Amir Jordan, Kenny Williams, they’re great and all, but they’re not Sam and Lewis. And who are they? “Side plate check~!” They’re Pretty Deadly! But are these boys overestimating the Lucky Yin and Bhangra Badboy?


Piper Niven checks with Starz backstage.

He’s sorry. Don’t be! Piper doesn’t want him to be down on himself. A loss is a loss. Big whoop. She loses, too. “Chin up, butter cup.” Where’s the bright Jack Starz she knows? But they can get back to it tomorrow. Time in the Performance Center and the ring, he’ll be back on top of his game. Sounds good. She told you! Starz & Pipes, the dream team. They’ll figure this out. Fist bump and hug. Will Starz finally shine after Piper helps him lighten up?


The Hunt w/ Eddie Dennis VS Josh Morrell & Danny Jones!

The Wild Boar was put out to pasture, and now Tyson T-Bone joins Primate and the Welsh Dragon! Will this bigger, badder pack of animals tear into Turbo Terry and Raving Danny Jones?

The teams sort out, Morrell starts with T-Bone. Morrell dodges, gets a headlock, but T-Bone powers out to put him in a corner for big forearms and haymakers! T-Bone brings Morrell out to TOSS him across the ring! T-Bone whips Morrell hard to the corner, tags Primate in, and Primate whips T-Bone in for a back body block! Primate runs in to clothesline, then he hauls Morrell up for an EXPLODER! Primate drags Morrell up, tags in T-Bone, and they double headbutt! T-Bone drags Morrell back up, and gets him up for a HUGE Overhead Belly2Belly! Morrell ends up in his own corner, Jones tags in but runs into T-Bone’s knee! T-Bone CLUBS, and then back suplexes Jones! Cover, TWO!

T-Bone drags Jones over, tags in Primate, and Primate springboards for double ax handles! Primate wrenches, clubs the arm, YANKS on the arm, and pushes Jones around to then club and yank the arm again. Primate whips Jones to a corner, runs in but Jones boots back! Jones runs but into a back drop! Cover, TWO! Primate clubs Jones, stands on his arm then tags T-Bone. Primate stomps the arm, T-Bone sits Jones up to jam his knee in over and over! T-Bone then wraps on a smothering chinlock to rain down crossface forearms! Cover, TWO! T-Bone dribbles Jones’ head off the mat, tags Primate in, and they haul Jones up for a double scoop SLAM! Cover TWO!

Primate scowls but BT Sports Studio rallies up. Primate hauls Jones up to a suplex, but Jones slips out to hit a BACKSTABBER! Hot tag to Morrell! Turbo Terry runs in, Primate pops him up and tosses him, but Morrell flips and lands on his feet! Morrell goes up the corner, Primate runs in but Morrell jumps and flips over! Morrell gets going, rolls off Primate’s back and dropkicks him down! STANDING SKY TWISTER! Cover, TWO!! Morrell gets Primate up, but Primate counters the wrench to a torture rack! Morrell lands on his feet out of the toss, dodges the clothesline and runs, but into a BIG elbow! Cover, TWO!! Morrell survives, Primate sits him up to KNEE him down!

Tag to T-Bone, T-Bone hauls Morrell up and hits a BACKBREAKER! Then a FALL AWAY SLAM! Cover, TWO! Morrell is proving to be tougher than Dennis expected, but T-Bone TOSSES Morrell out! T-bone gets in Jones’ face so that Primate can scoop and SLAM Morrell! Primate puts Morrell in, T-Bone covers, TWO!! Morrell goes to a corner, T-Bone runs in but Morrell elbows him away! T-Bone comes back but Morrell boots him! Morrell runs in, slides under, but T-Bone gets the leg! Morrell boots him away, hot tag to Jones! Jones dodges T-Bone to dropkick Primate! Jones fires off on T-Bone with forearm sand EuroUppers, then an enziguri!

T-Bone wrenches, kicks a leg out then KNEES Jones down! T-Bone drags Jones up, Dennis says to finish this! T-Bone scoops, tags Primate, and OKLAHOME STAMPEDE to DIVING HEADBUTT! Cover, The Hunt wins!

Winners: The Hunt, by pinfall

Bigger and badder for sure, and Dennis is happy to see these results. Will Primate & T-Bone tear into the NXT UK Tag Division and take those titles for their own?


NXT UK Media checks in with Williams & Jordan.

How are they preparing for their tag title match next week? Doing good! This is two and a half years of absolute efforts to get this! Pretty Deadly are facing a new Jordan and new Williams! And when they win the titles, they’ll dance all around BT Sports Studio! They get back to it with the headlocks and hook grips, but will they be able to grind down Stoker & Howley their first go of it?


Isla Dawn VS Aleah James!

The White Witch has been dabbling in some darker rituals lately, but what will happen if she goes too far? Are we going to see what effect it is having on her as she takes on her bright and bubbly opponent?

The bell rings and Dawn circles with James. They tie up, are in a deadlock, and Dawn shifts to get a wristlock to a wrench. James handsprings, wrenches, and has the wristlock. Dawn spins but James wrenches again. James uses an elbow to hook Dawn and get her down. Dawn fights up, wrenches back and WRINGS James fast! Dawn brings James up to whip to a corner, then runs in but James goes up and over to sunset flip! TWO, and James dropkicks Dawn to a corner! James runs in to clothesline, then comes back, but Dawn dodges and ROUNDHOUSES! Dawn rains down furious fists, and drags James up to CLUB her!

Dawn whips, kitchen sink knees James, then runs to PENALTY KICK! High stack cover, TWO! Dawn clubs away on James’ head then rains down more fury! Dawn drags James up, but James gets her for a small package! TWO, and Dawn KNEES James down! Dawn drags James up for a SNAP SAIDO! James writhes, Dawn rains down more fists, then hauls her back up into double underhooks. Dawn hooks a leg and has a modified butterfly stretch! James endures, Dawn pulls harder, but James powers through and gets free! James fires forearms but Dawn ROCKS her! Dawn whips, James goes up and springboards for a SHOTGUN dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Dawn goes to a corner but she sputters for air. James runs in, Dawn puts her on the outside but James forearms! James springboards and CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO! Dawn staggers up, James fires up and runs in, wheelbarrow but Dawn hits a HOTSHOT! Dawn stomps James in the corner, drags her up and fires forearms and body shots! The ref counts, Dawn reels James in for another SAIDO! Dawn drags James up, spins her around, HALF ‘N’ HALF! Call of the Quarters! Bridging cover, Dawn wins!

Winner: Isla Dawn, by pinfall

A powerful win, but clearly something wicked this way comes! Is the Dawn only going to get darker from here on out?


Nina Samuels speaks.

“You’ve come at a fantastic time. Because the time is over! I am no longer going to be Xia Brookside’s assistant!” Xia Brookside comes by and says there is actually a little more time on their deal. Nina will have to clean the bathroom. Not Xia’s, but the MEN’s bathroom! Oh no… Nina gets to work, though honestly it could’ve been much worse. Nina finishes up, hair a mess, and now her time as Xia’s assistant is over. Will this be the end of it between the Leading Lady and her obsession with Brookside?


NXT UK Media finds Isla backstage.

After her win over Aleah James, something seems to be bothering Isla. She clutches her head, but Kay Lee Ray walks by and wonders what is going on. KLR says if we had seen more of whatever that was at the start of NXT UK, maybe Dawn would be in KLR’s position right now. Dawn glares at KLR and the lights start to flicker. KLR excuses herself before things get any weirder. Is the creeping darkness within Dawn be coming for the Scary Queen of Scots’ crown?


No Disqualifications: Ilja Dragunov VS Sam Gradwell!

The Moscow Madman has started to live up to that nickname the last few months, given how a slap to the back triggered his rage. The Thunderstorm loves to get on people’s nerves but he may have pressed the wrong buttons here. Will Gradwell regret pushing Dragunov too far?

But just as Dragunov gets in, Gradwell throws his jacket at him as a blinder! Gradwell clobbers Dragunov and stomps him down! The bell rings to get this on record and Gradwell hammers away! Dragunov hits back, throws the jacket away but Gradwell STO’s! Cover, TWO! Gradwell stomps Dragunov, digs his boot into him at the ropes but Dragunov shoves him away. Gradwell whips, Dragunov slides to a stop and ROCKS Gradwell to hit a fireman’s carry takeover! Dragunov KNEES Gradwell in the ropes and Half Hatch Suplexes him! Gradwell gets up for the jumping KNEE! Gradwell bails out, Dragunov checks his face, but Gradwell gets a chair! Dragunov BOOTS Gradwell down first!

Dragunov gets the chair for his own and Gradwell asks for mercy. Dragunov throws the chair away to stomp Gradwell down! Dragunov throws Gradwell in, Gradwell bails out and goes under the ring to get more chairs. Dragunov runs around the way to CLOBBER Gradwell and deny him a weapon! Dragunov puts Gradwell in, waistlocks, but Gradwell throws elbows! Gradwell throws Dragunov off, dodges the haymakers and headbutts low! Gradwell throws Dragunov but Dragunov tiger feints for the CONSTANTINE SPECIAL! Dragunov puts Gradwell in a drop zone and climbs up, but Gradwell flounders away to the adjacent corner.

Gradwell taunts Dragunov that he can’t jump this, but then Dragunov goes COAST2COAST!! Direct hit and Gradwell flops out of the ring! Dragunov watches him and runs around the way, but Gradwell has the ring bell! Gradwell CLANGS the bell into Dragunov’s arm!! Dragunov clutches that arm but Gradwell gets spare electrical cord to LASH Dragunov on the back! And again! And then he puts it in Dragunov’s mouth to thrash him around! Gradwell then YANKS Dragunov down!! Now Dragunov clutches his jaw, but Gradwell gets in Dragunov’s face. “Behave yourself! Behave yourself!” Gradwell throws Dragunov into the ring, brings a chair in, and dares Dragunov to get up.

Dragunov throws forearms but Gradwell JAMS him with the chair! And then BUTTERFLY SUPLEXES him onto the chair! Cover, TWO!! Dragunov writhes but Gradwell tells him to get up. Gradwell undoes buckle pads, leaving two buckles bare. But Dragunov blocks the buckle bumps, turns things around, and uses a Mouse Trap to get Gradwell down for the rain of elbows! Dragunov rolls to facelock and he CRANKS on the Guillotine! But Gradwell powers up to hoist Dragunov onto the top rope! Gradwell throws forearms, climbs up, but Dragunov fights back. Dragunov powers through the pain in his arm to GOURD BUSTER Gradwell to the mat!

Dragunov adjusts, Gradwell throws a pad at him! Dragunov blocks that, but Gradwell trips him up! Dragunov is on the apron, Gradwell uses a ROLLING ELBOW to launch Dragunov into barriers! Gradwell grins as he goes out after Dragunov, but then scowls as he drags Dragunov up for a CLUBBING forearm! Gradwell CLUBS him again, then throws a hand, into a takedown! Dragunov knees low, bumps Gradwell off the apron and LARIATS him against it! Dragunov gets up, pulls the steel steps from the corner, and lifts the top half! Gradwell panics and asks for mercy but Dragunov doesn’t want to show it! Gradwell apologizes?!

Dragunov shows mercy now, but Gradwell gets a chair to JAM him again! “Idiot!” Gradwell swings but Dragunov goes Matrix to dodge it! Dragunov ENZIGURIS Gradwell into barriers! Dragunov drags Gradwell into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Dragunov holds on, drags Gradwell back up, for ANOTHER GERMAN! Dragunov drags Gradwell up again but Gradwell grabs the apron skirt to resist! Gradwell wants mercy but Dragunov just goes after that arm, and unleashes CHOPS to Gradwell’s neck! Dragunov KNEES Gradwell low, and again, and again! Dragunov shows double chop but Gradwell guards and again begs for mercy. “I’ve got a son, too! I’m a dad, too!”

Gradwell admits he went too far but he wants mercy. But he again suckers Dragunov in and kicks a leg out! Gradwell hauls Dragunov up to DEATH VALLEY DRIVER onto the steel steps!! The ref checks on Dragunov as he writhes and screams in pain! Gradwell drags himself up, gets Dragunov up and puts him in the ring. Cover, TWO!! Dragunov survives all the damage done and Gradwell can’t believe it! Gradwell goes back out to get a chair and slides it in. He also gets a few more chairs and slides them in. Gradwell takes the five chairs, makes them a pile, and drags Dragunov back up. Gradwell SLAPS Dragunov, fireman’s carries, but Dragunov fights it off!

Dragunov steps through, KNEES Gradwell again, and spins, into a kick from Gradwell! Gradwell whips but Dragunov reverses, and Gradwell hits the exposed buckle head first!! Dragunov fireman’s carries to hit a BACKBREAKER! Gradwell flounders onto the chair pile! Dragunov climbs up, leaps, but Gradwell moves and the senton hits nothing but steel!!! Gradwell crawls back over, covers, TWO!! Dragunov barely powers out of it and Gradwell can’t believe it! Gradwell scowls as he stalks after Dragunov to the bare buckle corner. Gradwell looks to trigger him, but he thinks better of it.

Gradwell turns Dragunov around to CHOP him in the chest! He eggs Dragunov on but Dragunov boots him back! Gradwell runs in, the CHOP hits the back!! Dragunov flips the switch and he fires off, then SPINEBUSTERS Gradwell into steel! Dragunov hammers away, steps on the chair to keep Gradwell from using one, and PENALTY KICKS him! Then SMACKS him with the chair! And again! And again! And again!! Dragunov sets the chair back with the others, brings Gradwell around, pump handle SLAM onto the steel! Dragunov rains down ax handles and haymakers! Gradwell is unable to fight back, Dragunov wins!!!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov, by referee stoppage

Dragunov still wants Gradwell to fight, but there’s no more fight in the Thunderstorm this week. “TALK NOW! TALK NOW!” Gradwell can’t even do that! Dragunov’s rage subsides for now, but are we still only seeing the tip of the iceberg?

My Thoughts:

What a great episode! Opening with Supernova Sessions was different but it worked out great because we’re getting a bit more of Dar VS Seven indirectly, and having Sha and Seven back up Dar and Bate is going to be a lot of fun. I almost thought we were going to get Dar & Sha VS Moustache Mountain for the go-home next week, but maybe we’ll at least get Seven VS Sha. Conners VS Starz was a really good first match, Starz is moving up from just being a Jobber, but who knows if he’ll really get anywhere. Piper checking on him was a nice touch, she isn’t just going to win with him then ditch him.

Pretty Deadly and Williams-Jordan had good promos to set up next week’s NXT UK Tag Team Championship match, but I am thinking Pretty Deadly retains because of the slowly building story between Jordan and Williams will finally move to the next chapter. Williams will try to cheat, Jordan will disapprove, that costs them somehow. Nina Samuels apparently has her last segment as Xia’s assistant, and again it was disappointing. A gross men’s bathroom that was barely even gross? There are so many ways to fake a nasty bathroom, but did they just not want Nina to legit gag during a promo? There was so much more I think they could’ve done with this but oh well.

The new Hunt may or may not be improved, but T-Bone definitely fits in with Primate. Morrell and Jones looked really good for still losing, but I think this new Hunt should squash some people before struggling with opponents. Dawn VS James was very good, especially Dawn’s change in aggression. KLR interacting with her indicates a feud is starting but I feel like it’s a little too late for even a spookier Dawn to stop KLR after KLR beat Toni Storm, Piper Niven and Meiko Satomura. I feel like Dawn and Aoife Valkyrie should start a program instead, so that we can get supernatural VS supernatural, White Witch VS Valkyrie bird-person. Prelude should at least have a contender’s match to determine who faces KLR later.

The No Disqualification main event was awesome, but really more of a No Holds Barred match since there was no ring count ever. That aside, it was great stuff for just using chairs and the things ringside. That bell to the arm spot, WOW. Gradwell trying to beg for mercy after finding he was in a bad situation was good the first time but they didn’t need to do it again. Or rather, they should’ve left it until the “I’m a dad, too!” moment and let that be the one time Gradwell suckers Dragunov in. How they got to Berserk Dragunov was very clever, and Dragunov got to just whoop on Gradwell after that. All in all, this story is going perfectly for Dragunov, I can’t wait to see what’s next.

My Score: 8.6/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (4/12/21)

A QUADRUPLE main event?!?



AEW Elevation Coverage

This might be the biggest Dark: Elevation yet!

Wait, AEW Dark: Elevation is giving us a QUADRUPLE main event?! Is that even possible?! Will Death Triangle be stronger than ever going into their AEW World Tag Team Championship match?


  • Britt Baker w/ Rebel VS Skye Blue; wins.
  • Thunder Rosa VS Diamante; wins.
  • Orange Cassidy VS John Skyler; wins.
  • Dante Martin VS Baron Black; wins.
  • Brandon Cutler VS Penta El Zero M; wins.
  • Miro w/ Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford VS Hayden Backlund; wins.
  • QT Marshall & Nick Comoroto VS Andrew Palace & Cole Karter; win.
  • The Hybrid2 VS Carlie Bravo & Dean Alexander; wins.
  • PAC & Rey Fenix VS Andre Montoya & Vary Morales; wins.
  • FTR w/ The Pinnacle VS Midas Black & Jay Lyon; win(s).
  • Best Friends VS Ryan Nemeth & Cezar Bononi; win.
  • Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page VS Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela; win.


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of AEW Dark: Elevation will begin later tonight]

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AJ’s WrestleMania 37 Night Two Results & Review 4/11/21

AJ finishes his trek through the WWE Mania week content with Night 2 of WrestleMania! How did it match up to night 1? Is Roman still your Tribal Chief?



Well everybody… We did it. Fans are at Mania, this is the last day for me to type things out, my hand can be put on ice and we get some star-studded matches on the horizon. United States, Intercontinental, Women’s Tag, Raw Women’s Championship and the Universal Championship all coming together and let’s start the show and see if the Chief stands tall at the end, the Movement returns with the gold or if we see opportunity rise up again where Edge left off ten years ago in the end.


  • The Fiend (w/ Alexa Bliss) vs Randy Orton – Randy Orton wins via RKO – **
  • Natalya & Tamina vs Shayna Bazler & Nia Jax (c) for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships – Shayna Bazler wins via Kirafuda Clutch – ** ¾TITLE DEFENSE!!
  • Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn (Logan Paul invited Ringside) – Kevin Owens wins via Stunner – *** ¼
  • Sheamus vs Matt Riddle(c) for the WWE United States Championship- Sheamus wins via Brogue Kick – ***TITLE CHANGE!!!
  • Nigerian War Drum Match: Apollo Crews vs Big E(c) for the WWE Intercontinental Championship – Apollo Crews win via Pinfall – ** ¾TITLE CHANGE!!!
  • Rhea Ripley vs Asuka(c) for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship – Rhea Ripley wins via Riptide – ***TITLE CHANGE!!!
  • Daniel Bryan vs Edge Vs Roman Reigns (w/ Paul Heyman & Jey Uso) for the WWE Universal Championship – Roman Reigns wins via Con-Chair-To – ****TITLE DEFENSE!!



The Fiend vs Randy Orton-

For the intro, Alexa Quinn… Wait. Harley Bliss… No, no. Alexa with face paint skips down and plays a giant jack in the box for the Fiend to appear and attacks Randy right away with a Lariat and brutally attacks Randy with his murderous attacks. Randy gets some separation slightly but Randy actually attacks but to no effect when he attacked The Fiend. Randy tries to get some fight in with the Hangman DDT as he rolls out of a Mandible but again, to no effect. He goes for a second after a failed RKO attempt as The Fiend is still somewhat down. Garvin Stomps did nothing to The Fiend as The Fiend gets some of his own offense going before Randy gets more separation, tossing The Fiend to the outside and goes for a third Hangman DDT when The Fiend pops back up. The Fiend is actually somewhat reeled as Orton coils for the RKO, only to get it countered into a Mandible and Sister Abigail attempt. Alexa pops up with the black tar showing on her face, pouring and distracting The Fiend only to get caught with an RKO and… RANDY WON?! Yowwy—Ah you get it.

Natalya & Tamina vs Shayna Bazler & Nia Jax-

Nattie and Bazler start the match up with a good amount of technical wrestling and holds to gain the upper hand. As Natalya gets the quick upper hand and almost gets the Sharpshooter in on Bazler before tagging Nia. Nia tells Natalya to get Tamina in and now we powerhouses into the match as they go back and forth with strikes to chop each other down. Natalya gets a tag in to take Nia Jax down but Bazler tags in quickly to distract the challengers until she gets caught in a double team. Nattie goes for another Sharpshooter attempt, gets it countered to a cradle but after the kick out, the challengers have been taking Shayna Bazler out. Shayna gets a burst of adrenaline and takes it to Natalya with a knee strike and Nia takes down Tamina on the outside to cut off the possible tag. Shayna now bends and twists Natalya’s ankle to disarm the Sharpshooter. Nia now gets the tag in and goes after Natalya’s legs too.

As Nia and Shayna take it to the lower body of Natalya they get the frequent tags in, making sure that Natalya is dismantled as Nia gets cocky and goes shoulder first into the turnbuckle and Natalya gets a quick burst of strikes while Tamina is still down. The attempt is in vain though as Nia gets the upper hand and goes for a spinebuster and a pinfall after before Tamina goes in to break it up and gets the hot tag after as Nia tags in Bazler. Tamina begins to beat down the champions, mainly Shayna, getting out of the Kirafuda Clutch with a Samoan Drop. Tamina gets the crowd doing but Shayna cuts off the Superfly Splash attempt and tags in Nia to go for a Superplex. Natalya pulls Tamina off the top of Nia’s shoulders and takes down Shayna. Nia hits a double splash and gets into Tamina’s face after the fact which comes back to bite her as Tamina slams her in the middle of the ring. She goes for a pin, only to get a two and maybe get a win again with the Superfly Splash but Nia rolls out of the way. The two get the tag made so Natalya and Shayna are the legal members. Natalya is so focused on Nia that she puts the Sharpshooter on Nia Jax that Shayna slides in and gets the Kirafuda on to get the win against Natalya.

Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn-

Sami Zayn goes to run up to Kevin Owens to fight and gets a Pop-Up Powerbomb for his troubles before rolling out and almost getting an apron bomb until Sami scrambles back into the ring. Kevin Owens doing everything to keep Sami down and just end this quickly before Sami keeps rolling away and catches Owens this time with a Suplex on the apron to take KO out. The Ref starts counting all the way to eight before Owens rolls back into the ring and Sami Zayn starts getting some offense in, even landing a Mishinoku Driver onto KO for a near fall and props KO up on the top rope for a Superplex attempt as the two starts doing their native Hockey fighting on the top rope this time before Kevin gets the advantage, Sami falling and Owens getting a Splash down for another near fall. Kevin keeps his offense going for a heavy neckbreaker against KO’s knee and attempt for a Package Piledriver until Zayn catches it and gets the Exploder in the corner and a trifecta of Brainbusters to get a nearfall.

As Kevin Owens gets in the corner, the two start trading hits to the face over and over again as both men try to get a new advantage. Sami gets Kevin in another superplex attempt but KO reverses it into his own as he gets steam going with two running lariats in the corner before Sami counters it into a Helluva Kick. Sami attempts another, gets caught with two Superkicks and then finally a Stunner to stun the conspiracy theories.

Aftermath: Logan comes in to console Sami, looks over at KO and says that was awesome until Sami Zayn gets shoved and gets a hissy fit. Logan Paul raises KO’s hand as Kevin… channels his inner Stone Cold and stuns Logan Paul. That added a quarter point. Thank you, Kevin.

Sheamus vs Matt Riddle-

Sheamus takes it to Riddle early with the strength advantage early, even after Riddle getting a rapid strikes to the body. Riddle tries to get a form of offense going with a Sleeper but still getting overpowered, getting hit with the Irish Curse Backbreaker and other strikes. Riddle tries to get another form of separation and offense but after a hanging armbar in the ropes, Sheamus does the Ten Beats of the Bohdran and get a near fall. Sheamus goes to the top rope to maybe finished it quick but Riddle catches the Irishman and gets the momentum in his favor after a Spanish Fly, not letting the momentum go to waste with the quick strikes to the body and head of Sheamus, even doing a Jackhammer for a two. Riddle and Sheamus go with a back and forth for who can get ahead before Riddle gets stopped by a Brogue Kick for a nearfall and not letting up with an Alabama Slam for another two count.

They now go to the apron of the ring where Riddle gets the momentum this time, hitting an apron German Suplex and even taking Sheamus down, once of the outside of the ring and inside with a Floating Bro and getting holds onto Sheamus to keep the big man down but to no avail as he gets beaten down. Sheamus goes to the top and lands a White Noise onto Riddle and a double knee drop to get another two. Sheamus now goes to the corner and calls for the Brogue Kick, Riddle senses it and moves, going for a Final Flash Knee, tossed into the ropes to get something going with another springboard moonsault and gets a boot to the head from Sheamus to get the victory.

Apollo Crews vs Big E-

Both men rush outside of the ring to grab Kendo Sticks and beat each other with them as Big E gets the advantage with the striking match over and over as they take it to the outside. Big E tries to use a gong on the outside before Apollo gets a counter in, grabbing another Kendo and striking Big E more before getting thrown into the apron and speared through the ropes, going for a pin as he pushes Apollo back in and getting the steps. Big E taking too much time, meets the apron from Apollo hitting a Death valley Driver and getting a near fall in his efforts, getting the steps in the process. Apollo uses the steps again to drop on Big E from their first encounter to squish Big E’s head in and Big E rolls out of the way and hits a Urinagi from the apron after he moves to the steps. Big E gets angry and gets a table in the ring to set up and getting Apollo back in. Again, taking too much time as Apollo gets a Kendo stick again and beats down Big E quickly to putting him on the table. Crews goes to do a splash but gets nothing but wood as Big E rolls out and hits the Big Ending. As it looks like Big E will get the win until Apollo Crews gets a little help from his new colossus to help him out, hitting a spike and a chokeslam to end Big E’s big reign.

We get a small break before our next two matches with the 2021 Hallo of Fame this time with RVD, Molly Holly, The Great Khali, Eric Bischoff, Ozzy Osoburne, Warrior Recipient Rich Hering and “The Big Red Machine”, “The Devil’s Favorite Demon” Kane.

Rhea Ripley vs Asuka-

Asuka tries to get an early advantage with her agility but it’s back and forth for a good amount of time until Asuka takes it to Rhea in the corner and to the outside but Rhea gets the power advantage shortly and begins to take it to Asuka surprisingly, making sure she says down and even smacks her to incite her. Beginning to do some short arm Lariats and Asuka gets a leg clutch attempt but Rhea is just too strong and powers out of the hold and into a pinfall attempt as she actually is… slowing Asuka and making her look tired in the match. Ripley starts to do shoulder thrusts to Asuka’s back, weakening before setting her to the top rope. Asuka actually starts to fight back and get a split from Rhea’s attacks and knocks her down with some flight and after a near fall, continues the typical Asuka offense, taking it to the challenger and gets Rhea reeled as Asuka goes to the ropes again. Rhea catches it this time as she kicks her off the ropes, going to the outside and apron as Rhea gets the advantage back with a facebreaker on the apron to Asuka. Asuka tries anything to get a break away from Rhea Ripley, even going as far as doing a DDT to the outside from the apron. Rhea gets back in from an eight by the ref and Asuka actually gets a lot of strikes in before Rhea takes control again momentarily  and both ladies attempt their submissions, only for each to break them. Asuka gets more of her submissions and attempts to finish it with her kicking combination but Rhea catches the last kick and lands the Riptide to get the shocking win.

Daniel Bryan vs Edge vs Roman Reigns-

Roman sucker punches Bryan early and Edge and roman trade for a bit. Daniel get in the middle of the fight and gets dumped to the outside as Jey Uso superkicks Daniel Bryan as Roman does the same thing to Edge and gets a superkick too. As the numbers for Roman are too much for the other two, they have to try to get a form of a split and Edge does it, taking out Jey Uso momentarily and takes it to Roman now, going back and forth from the apron and barricade before Edge turns to Jey Uso, grabbing the steel steps and delivers and DDT on the steps as medical staff help Jey out of the match. Daniel Bryan and Edge get into the ring now as they go back and forth in the ring. After Edge takes Daniel out for a moment, Roman comes back to fight Edge from the apron. Daniel Bryan slides through and takes down Roman from the apron to face off against Edge. Daniel gets a good amount of offense in and even tries to do a dive onto Roman but gets caught and takes Bryan out. Roman now gets a beat down on Edge for a good amount of time when a Superman Punch attempt gets caught in an Edgecution. Edge goes to set up the Spear but gets rocked by a Superman Punch. Roman now goes for a Spear but Edge gets out of it with a Sunset Flip pin for a two. Both men go to the ropes and hit each other with Spears before Daniel Bryan returns a minute after for diving headbutts but to no avail on a victory.

Daniel now setting up for his Yes Kicks and as always misses his kick as Roman pushes Daniel away as all men go to a corner. Edge gets hit by a Running Knee from DB and Roman wants to capitalize with a Superman Punch but Bryan catches him and finishes the Yes Kick combo and even puts Roman in the Labell Lock but Edge breaks the submission to save the match. Edge now is going to get locked in with the Labell Lock but Roman breaks that shortly after and just mollywhops Daniel Bryan before doing a powerbomb to Daniel Bryan, onto Edge. Roman kicks Daniel Bryan out of the ring, plotting his next move on the outside, the crowd pissing Roman off with a “Roman sucks” chant as he powerbombs Daniel Bryan through the announce table, praising his work and gets leveled by Edge’s Spear.

Edge rolls Roman back in and grabs two chair, going to play a song for the Chief before Roman catches Edge’s chair and they two fight. Edge pulls Roman into the rope and hit him in the neck as Edge puts the Crossface on Roman. Roman looks like he will tap but Daniel Bryan returns and grabs the hand before putting the Labell Lock on the other side as both men yell to let their holds go to go into headbutts after. (Kind of… fucking dumb if two guys with neck problems are just headbutting each other)

Daniel Bryan starts to taking it to Edge but Edge gets a counter and takes Daniel Bryan out with a spear and hitting one to Roman too. Edge goes for the pin and Bryan pulsl the ref out to stop the count and Edge is pissed off. He grabs the chairs again and puts them in the ring as Edge beats the hell out of them with the chairs before setting up Con-Chair-Tos for both men. Edge lands one of Daniel Bryan before Jey Uso comes back in and stops Edge. Edge gets angry to Uso and beats him down until Roman hits Edge with a spear and grabs the chairs under Edge and hits the Con-Chair-To onto Edge, stacks them together and pins both for a defense.


Overall Score: 7.5/10

And like that I retire…

…I kid. There are still final thoughts. The main event delivered to close the show, the matches for tonight were… good. It build up to it but the main thing of the night was the Main Event. It’s actually showing that Roman is beginning to slip here. A lot of help is needed for him to retain but it still played out beautifully. Owens and Sami was great, the US Championship match was good. Apollo finally getting a reward for his actions is a great thing to see. The matches that fell flat for me were the opening two. I miracled into guessing Randy won but, we knew it was more of an OMG thing and not a “this is a wrestling match” kind of moment. We shall see how everything plays out later on in the week because we all know that the biggest shows for WWE are the Raw, SmackDown and I guess now NXT shows after WrestleMania.

And now I will retire…

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