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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (3/4/21)

Will KLR clear the Final Boss?



Coverage NXT UK 2021

Things could change in the NXT UK Women’s Division!

The longest reigning NXT UK Women’s Champion, Kay Lee Ray, tests her legacy against legendary wrestler, Meiko Satomura!


  • Ilja Dragunov VS Sam Gradwell; Dragunov wins.
  • Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith VS Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams; Jordan & Williams win.
  • NXT UK Women’s Championship: Kay Lee Ray VS Meiko Satomura; KLR wins and retains the title.


Ilja Dragunov VS Sam Gradwell!

#UNBESIEGBAR has been having episodes of berserker rage, and the Thunderstorm is poking fun at him for it. Will Gradwell not be laughing after facing Dragunov for himself?

The bell rings and they circle. Gradwell taunts Dragunov but is in the corner. Gradwell SLAPS Dragunov and slips away! Dragunov keeps his cool even as Gradwell still talks trash. They circle again, Gradwell stays out of reach but swings and misses! Dragunov picks Gradwell up for a SPINEBUSTER, then goes for a headlock. Gradwell gets up, blocks the Russian Leg Sweep, but Dragunov uses a head-and-arm clinch to complete it! Dragunov grinds on the hold but Gradwell fights up and elbows free. Gradwell wants Dragunov to look at him, but Dragunov trips him up! Dragunov dares Gradwell to talk trash now as he is ready to hit him, but Gradwell BOPS Dragunov right in the nose with a palm strike!

Gradwell gets up and stomps Dragunov to ropes! The ref reprimands and counts, Gradwell lets off to bring Dragunov up for a double underhook. Dragunov resists, powers up and back drops Gradwell! Dragunov has an arm, uses that to roll and wrench Gradwell to then BACK HAND CHOP! Gradwell goes to a corner, Dragunov runs in to KNEE him hard! Dragunov waistlocks, Gradwell throws him off, but Dragunov blocks the scoop to step over and KNEE Gradwell again! Gradwell grins as he has blood in his mouth, and says, “That all you got?!” Dragunov LEAPING BOOTS Gradwell down! Dragunov goes to a corner, hops up, for a FLYING KNEE DROP!

Gradwell checks his teeth as Dragunov goes up top again. Gradwell staggers up but he trips Dragunov up first! Dragunov is stuck, Gradwell throws hands! Gradwell climbs and talks more trash, but Dragunov elbows him away. Dragunov adjusts but Gradwell ROCKS him with an uppercut! Dragunov tumbles to the floor! Gradwell taunts the “Baby” but Dragunov gets up on the apron. Gradwell DECKS him, Dragunov comes back and ROCKS Gradwell! Dragunov steps in but into a BIG STO from Gradwell! Cover, TWO! Gradwell drags Dragunov up to CLUB him on the back! Dragunov rolls, Gradwell gives him toying kicks and more clubbing forearms.

Dragunov fires up, gets a leg, but Gradwell blocks a takedown. They end up on ropes, the ref calls for the ropebreak, but Gradwell sucker punches Dragunov! Cover, TWO! Gradwell drags Dragunov up for a BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Gradwell grows frustrated, he CLUBS Dragunov on the back and wraps on a chinlock. Dragunov endures, fights up, but Gradwell CLUBS him again! Dragunov pushes forearms into Gradwell’s face but Gradwell still grins. They fight for control, Gradwell says Dragunov is letting his family down! Dragunov HEADBUTTS Gradwell!! Gradwell runs and dodges one lariat but not the LEFT!

Dragunov works to calm down and avoid that berserker mode, but Gradwell still taunts Dragunov! “How’s Constantine? He’d be ashamed of you!” Dragunov STOMPS Gradwell’s arm! Dragunov rains down forearms, drags Gradwell back up and throws KNEES into him! Dragunov unleashes CHOPS to the back of Gradwell’s neck but Gradwell unleashes them back! Dragunov hits a GERMAN SUPLEX! Dragunov holds on, Gradwell throws elbows but he can’t get free. Dragunov GERMAN SUPLEXES even harder! Dragunov isn’t done there, he drags Gradwell back up in the waistlock, but Gradwell backs him to ropes.

Gradwell ELBOWS free, SLAPS Dragunov, but Dragunov PELES out of nowhere! Dragunov roars and staggers to a corner! Dragunov climbs, leaps, SUPER SENTON! BT Sports Studio fires up with Dragunov as he aims from a corner. But Gradwell ducks, the Torpedo Moscow hits buckles so hard, a pad pops off! Dragunov sits up, Gradwell CHOPS him on the back!! That is the same mistake Tyson T-Bone and Jack Starz made! Dragunov’s rage is boiling, Gradwell hits a ROLLING ELBOW! Gradwell fireman’s carries but Dragunov fights free with furious elbows! Dragunov keeps throwing elbows, then he gets Gradwell down! Dragunov unleashes the ENDLESS ELBOWS! Gradwell is DONE, the ref calls it!!

Winner: Ilja Dragunov, by referee stoppage

Dragunov doesn’t care!! He keeps ramming his elbow into Gradwell’s head! The ref counts, Dragunov doesn’t stop, the ref has the bell ring again! More referees rush out as Dragunov finally lets Gradwell go! Dragunov goes after referees!! The refs tell him to stop, the match is over! Dragunov comes to, and he realizes he lost control again! Dragunov apologizes in Russian, clearly overcome with remorse. Gradwell comes to, too, and he’s smiling again! Gradwell says, “Well done, Ilja. Well done.” Dragunov slowly gets out of the ring and is at a loss for what is happening with him. Will Dragunov deem himself too dangerous to ever compete again?


NXT UK continues the story “of the lucky kid.”

That kid is the same man standing here now. “How could somebody who had to fight much harder than anybody else for every little thing he ever owned be able to provide anything his family needs?” His family is the most important thing in his life! He would die for them! It isn’t about rich or poor, but how hard you fight to make people honor you, how hard you are going to strike to make people respect you, and how far you are willing to go to make people fear you! “I am Teoman.” And he is coming to NXT UK next week!


Xia Brookside and Aleah James have lunch together.

This is nice but a bit dry. Xia calls on her assistant, Nina Samuels. Two cups of tea, please. Sure thing. Wait, Xia really can get Nina to do whatever? Yeah, Nina is Xia’s personal assistant for a whole month. Nina makes tea, and does her best to serve it with a smile. Aleah apologizes, she has to go. So the second tea was for nothing. Will Nina end up the one steaming by the end of the four weeks?


NXT UK presents an all new Supernova Sessions!

Noam Dar welcomes us “live from the moon.” And after all the praise and love they’ve received here at SNS, Dar wants to share that with us, the WWE Universe. Dar reads a fan letter that says he is “absolutely fantastic. A 24/7 young legend.” “Supernova Sessions equals standing ovations!” “Noam Dar is absolutely… rotten? Get a haircut loser, haha you suck.” Who let that one through? But no more reviews, we’re moving on. Dar’s guest is Tyler Bate. The Big Strong Boy strolls out on set and takes a seat. Dar asks Bate if he thinks Dar needs a haircut. Bate says Dar looks good.

Dar then asks Bate, “What is this new approach that you have? This new outlook you have on life?” Everyone’s saying Bate is so Zen, he is the Zennest. Who is Zen? NO, Dar, it’s not who is Zen, but the state in which Bate has a deeper understanding of himself. The mastery of one’s self brings true power. Wait, Dar needs to wrap his “massive brain” around this. Zen means that no matter how hard someone should hypothetically try to push your buttons, you never react? Well, close, but- What age is Bate now? 14? No, he’s 23. Oh, yes, 23 and already so accomplished. Match of the Year awards, NXT Tag Team Champion, inaugural and youngest ever NXT UK Champion. Wow! What an amazing career Bate’s had.

Dar asks Bate about his Vegan lifestyle. “If two Vegans fight, is it still considered a beef?” Good one, Dar. He wasn’t joking. Oh but then he can’t have the cupcakes or this panda cake. But he does have this wonderful meal of one big broccoli stalk. Dar drops it and then steps on it! Oops, butterfingers. Sorry, no offense. Dar then brings out a heaping load of garnish, that he just drops on Bate’s lap. Feeling Zen now? Bate thanks Dar for the gift and does eat some bay leaf. Oh, fun, huh? Because last time Bate was here, he bit off more than he could chew by stupidly challenging A-Kid to a Heritage Cup match. And what happened? He lost! So much for Zen!

Bate says he doesn’t feel bad about that loss. You only lose what you cling to. Dar doesn’t understand what that means. But Dar knows next week, Bate is taking on Dave Mastiff! Dar would be pretty scared. Bate knows what Dar is up to and Bate isn’t playing along. Since Bate’s return, he’s been set after the Heritage Cup. He faced A-Kid but lost. But if you think one bump in the road is going to scare Bate, you’re mistaken. Bate is facing Mastiff next week, and has spoken to Johnny Saint about the Heritage Cup. Next week’s match with Mastiff will be under British Rounds rules! And if Dar thinks Bate is supposed to be scared, Bate says, “Where fear ends, life begins.”

Bate and Dar stand up, stare down, but Dar freaks just from Bate putting up Bop! Bate is Zen, but he’s not a doormat. And that is an exclusive! Play that funky music! The SNS theme plays and Bate strikes a pose! Dar throws a fit as Bate leaves, will his poking and prodding only motivate Bate to get back to the top?


NXT UK Media catches up with Ben Carter.

The British prodigy is getting some sparring in, has a great wristlock, but takes a break to talk. How is he enjoying his time in NXT UK? It’s been amazing! This is so weird that starting in the States kept him from learning the British style, despite him being from the UK. But now he’s back, learning that style, has a British legend helping him train. Carter is hyped to use it all and is loving life. You can’t ask for much more. On that note, Carter gets back to it! Will Carter become the ultimate hybrid now that he’s adding British technique to his high-flying arsenal?


NXT UK takes a closer look at Aleah James.

The 23-year-old from Essex is one of the newest additions to the roster, and has been a fan since childhood. Mickie James and Melina were among her favorites. She started training at 18, found it very difficult because everyone else was bigger or more experienced. She took the challenge head on and continues until she gets things right. Having determination and a dream are motivating her to carry on. Her natural athletic ability and agility brings a unique element to the Women’s Division. The WWE is her dream and she’s amazed to have this chance so early to give it all she’s got. Will she be living a dream and rise up the ranks?


Isla Dawn holds a séance…!

The White Witch is dabbling in something darker. “Chaos. Sceleratos. We’re here~!” The priestess cometh! What does it mean!?


Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith VS Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams!

There are NEW NXT UK Tag Team Champions in Pretty Deadly, but the chase is as strong as it ever was! Will the Predator Killer & The Prestige move forward through the re-reunited Bhangra Badboy and Lucky Yin?

The teams sort out and Carter starts with Williams. They tie up, Carter wants the arm but Williams gets a headlock. Carter slips out, wrenches the arm, but Williams rolls and rolls and gets free. They circle, approach, Williams headbutts low then whips. Carter slides to a stop, comes back, leaps over and sunset flips! TWO, Carter ducks the Penalty Kick to roll Williams. TWO, Williams whips but Carter reverses to dropkick-flip off him! Carter strikes a pose, Williams runs in but Carter arm-drags him! Williams jumps the leg sweep, but Carter slides under the boot! The two grin as they stand off, and BT Sports Studio cheers. Williams and Carter low five, but Williams gets a leg!

Williams rolls and spins Carter but Carter slips out of the back suplex! Tag to Smith, Williams throws Carter but Carter trips Williams up and Smith runs him over! Williams staggers up, Smith CLUBS him on the back. Smith throws Williams with a judo hip toss, then brings him up for a whip. Williams dodges, holds ropes, and Jordan tags in! Jordan and Smith circle, tie up, and Jordan gets around to headlock. Smith tries to roll Jordan off but Jordan holds on. Smith powers up, pushes at the hold and back suplexes but Jordan lands on his feet! Jordan headlocks, Smith powers him to a corner, but Jordan goes up and over! Jordan dropkicks, dodges and CROSSBODIES! Cover, TWO!

Jordan clamps on with a chinlock and puts more leverage into the hold. Smith fights up, throws body shots, and tosses Jordan to the corner! Smith KNEES Jordan, tags in Carter, and Carter throws a HARD body shot! Carter brings Jordan up but Jordan forearms back! They brawl, Jordan CHOPS but Carter EuroUppers! Jordan hits again, Carter SUPER FOREARMS! Tag to Smith, sunset flip toss to a scoop, and SNAKE EYES off boots! Smith runs to CLOBBER Jordan! Cover, TWO! Williams coaches Jordan as Smith shoves him, and ROCKS him with a body shot! Carter tags in, stays between Jordan and Williams and CLUBS him!

Jordan hits back from the ropes, Carter EuroUppers and CHOPS, then keeps Jordan up to whip. Carter CLOBBERS Jordan, covers, TWO! Williams was there just in case, but Carter runs to drop the knee! Cover, TWO! Carter keeps Jordan down, but Jordan blocks the whip. Carter breaks the reverse and hits a LEG LARIAT! Cover, TWO! Carter brings Jordan up, ROCKS him again, then tags Smith. Jordan ROCKS and CHOPS Smith but Smith ROCKS him back! Smith EuroUppers, Jordan staggers and Smith brings Jordan around to CLUB him down! Smith whips Jordan but Jordan turns the body shot into a backslide! TWO, and both men get up, Jordan ENZIGURIS! Hot tag to Williams!

Williams rallies with big elbows and body shots and uppercuts! Williams whips, springboards and back elbows Smith down! Williams dropkicks Carter for good measure, then goes right after Smith! Smith blocks the whip, whips Williams, Williams springboards into into Smith’s arm! Smith pops Williams up, blocks the rana, but ends up in a SUNSET BOMB! Cover, TWO! Williams has wild eyes as he hurries after Smith. Williams drags Smith up, Smith shoves him but Williams sends Smith out! Carter runs in, Williams throws him out, but Smith is there, only for Williams to BOOT the Silly String apart!

Carter and Smith crash down, Williams and Jordan build speed together, and DOUBLE DIVE! Williams and Jordan are fired up, they put Smith back in, and Jordan tags in! Williams wheelbarrows Smith for a FACEBUSTER! BHANGRA SWANTON! Cover, but Carter slingshots in to break it! Carter CLOBBERS Williams with that windmill kick! Smith tags Carter in, they combine to BACK DROP 450 onto Jordan! Cover, but Williams breaks it just in time!! Williams dropkicks Smith then PLANCHAS! Carter staggers up, Williams stares him down and Jordan rolls Carter up! TWO, Carter jackknifes Jordan, but Williams tips it over! Jordan has the cover, he and Williams win!!

Winners: Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams, by pinfall

The Lucky Yin took a chance, and it worked out! But will Williams’ luck run out? Or can he and Jordan get to the titles before that happens?


NXT UK takes a closer look at the coming Mixed Tag grudge match!

Piper Niven says Jinny seems to have bought or persuaded Joseph Conners, but Jinny says the win-loss record speaks for itself. Jinny screwed Piper out of the NXT UK Women’s Championship. Conners has gotten in Piper’s face about going after Jinny, but all Piper sees in the mirror is a commoner. But there can’t be a co-ed handicap match, so Piper literally just dragged Jack Starz into this. Starz hates bullies, so he was more than happy to help out. Jinny and Joseph pity people like Starz, but Starz says that is their biggest mistake. Jinny and Joseph are a unit and are worthy. Starz has the fire, Piper has the fight, they are #Starz&Pipes! That match is coming next week!


Jordan & Williams are fired up backstage!

Jordan is ready! They keep getting wins, they’ll be tag title contenders! NXT UK Media comes by to ask them about that win, but how do you think they’re feeling? They won! They missed out a chance back in December, and that’s why “Louie and Sammy” are the champs. But up next, Jordan & Williams take on former champions in Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster! Then what happens? Another win! Then on the way to the titles! Time to celebrate! But will that celebration be a bit premature with South Wales Subculture being in their way?


NXT UK Women’s Championship: Kay Lee Ray VS Meiko Satomura!

The Scary Queen of Scots isn’t just the longest reigning Women’s Champion on this brand, but she has the longest reign in all of the WWE in recent history! Other champions, current and former, have acknowledged her, but they’ve also acknowledged Satomura as perhaps the most accomplished and intimidating woman wrestler ever! Will KLR continue her historic reign and conquer the best in the world? Or will even KLR learn why Satomura is the Final Boss?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and history is on the line along with the championship!

KLR and Meiko circle, tie up, and go around. KLR powers Meiko to ropes, the ref calls for the break and KLR lets off clean. Meiko and KLR circle again, and Meiko calls for a test of strength. KLR accepts and knuckle locks, but Meiko wrenches and trips KLR up to have a keylock! KLR moves around, reaches for ropes but gets up as Meiko cranks the arm. KLR reverses the arm to a hammerlock, then RAMS Meiko into buckles! KLR wrenches again, has a double wristlock, but Meiko endures. Meiko drops to a knee and is after a leg, but KLR cranks the arm. Meiko shovels KLR for a back drop! KLR bails out, walks it off, and takes her time with the ring count.

Other female superstars are tuning in via ThunderDome screens as KLR gets back in. KLR and Meiko tie up again, KLR wrenches the arm, but Meiko wrenches it back. Meiko KICKS and KICKS and wrenches to sweep the legs! Meiko handstands to drop knees! Cover, ONE!! KLR sputters but Meiko keeps on her. KLR CHOPS and CHOPS, and CHOPS again! KLR whips Meiko to ropes and dropkicks her down! Cover, ONE!! KLR keeps on Meiko but Meiko blocks the suplex. KLR spins Meiko around to snapmare roll and KICK Meiko down! Cover, ONE!! Amale and Aoife Valkyrie are tuning in, too, as KLR stands Meiko up to CHOP!

Meiko back kicks, EuroUppers but KLR ducks a buzzsaw only to get the RETURN! Meiko gets KLR in an STF! KLR endures, claws her way over, drags Meiko along, and gets the ropebreak! The ref counts, Meiko knows and lets go at 4. Meiko KICKS KLR’s leg, then KICKS the other! KLR crawls, Meiko KICKS her legs again, and then drags KLR away. KLR kicks Meiko, dodges her and GOURD BUSTERS! To a KOJI KLUTCH! Meiko endures now, kicks and moves around and BT Sports Studio rallies up! Meiko makes the hold a cover, TWO!! KLR BOOTS Meiko down and growls in frustration. KLR drags Meiko up, snapmares her and drags her into a seated cobra twist.

Meiko endures, KLR pulls hair then wrenches the neck. KLR lets go of hair and CHOPS Meiko down! KLR lets off because her legs are bugging her, but she kicks Meiko again! And again! Meiko fires up and she catches the next kick! KLR SLAPS Meiko, whips her to ropes, but Meiko WINDMILL KICKS! KLR flounders to a corner, Meiko storms over and KICKS away on her! The ref counts, Meiko kicks more, but lets off at 3. KLR staggers up, Meiko kicks but KLR ducks! KLR elbows Meiko, brings her around and whips her to trip her! KLR drags Meiko to the apron, spins her and ROCKS her with a forearm! KLR drags Meiko out from the apron for a DRAPING DDT!

The ref checks on Meiko as KLR gets up slowly. KLR looms over Meiko, goes to the apron, and watches Meiko slowly stand. The ring count is 5 of 10 as Meiko climbs up. KLR stomps and clubs Meiko down then refreshes the count. KLR drags Meiko up and wants the Gory Especial! Meiko fights free and now the two brawl on the apron! KLR CHOPS Meiko and throws haymakers, but Meiko fireman’s carries, APRON DEATH VALLEY!! The ref now checks on KLR as Meiko grimaces. Both women are on the outside as the ring count climbs, but Meiko is up and in at 5 of 10. KLR slowly stirs and drags herself up at 7, but gets in at 9.5!

Meiko KICKS KLR, drags her up and reels her in, to DDT her down! Meiko runs, for a HANDSPRING KICK! KLR is down but Meiko wants her to get back up. Meiko paces around KLR, sits her up, and throws knees! Meiko reels KLR in, but KLR fights off the saido! KLR elbows away over and over, but Meiko still DANGEROUS SAIDOS! Cover, TWO!?! KLR survives but Meiko doesn’t panic. Meiko drags KLR back up, wants a fireman’s carry but KLR resists! Meiko KICKS KLR to a corner! Meiko runs in but KLR wrenches and TORNADO DDT’s!! Cover, TWO!! But to the KOJI KLUTCH!! Meiko endures, kicks and reaches, pushes against KLR, and makes it a cover! TWO, but KLR holds onto the hold!

Meiko keeps moving around, reaches out again, and gets the ropebreak by a foot! The ref counts, KLR lets go at 4, and grows frustrated! KLR drags Meiko to a drop zone and goes to the corner. KLR climbs up top, but Meiko kicks the legs out, then PELES KLR as she’s stuck up top! Meiko drags KLR to the fireman’s carry but KLR grabs at ropes! The ref counts, Meiko gets KLR away from ropes for a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!?!? KLR survives and Meiko can’t believe it! Meiko drags KLR to a drop zone, climbs up top, but KLR SLAPS her again! And SLAPS her again! KLR climbs up but Meiko slips down to KICK KLR off the corner!

Meiko climbs back up, takes aim, FROG SPLASH but onto knees!! KLR writhes because that was double-edged for her! KLR and Meiko slowly rise, KLR whips but Meiko reverses, only for KLR to SUPERKICK! Gory Especial, GORY BOMB!! But the bad legs slow her cover! Cover, TWO?!?!? Meiko survives and shocks KLR! Both women are down and KLR hits her bad legs to get them moving. KLR drags Meiko up but between bad legs and Meiko being dead weight, that’s a bit harder for KLR. KLR CLUBS Meiko, CLUBS her again, then drags Meiko to a drop zone. KLR climbs up slowly, takes aim, and SWANTONS, but FLOPS!! Meiko runs in, SCORPION- NO!! KLR blocked the kick!?

KLR drags Meiko in, hooks her up, but Meiko SUNSET BOMBS!! Cover, TWO!??! Meiko isn’t done, she fireman’s carries! KLR slips off to SUPERKICK! Meiko PELES!! Meiko drags KLR back up, fireman’s carries one more time, but KLR sunset flips again! TWO, KLR drags Meiko into a Gory Especial, GORY BOMB!!! Cover, KLR WINS!!

Winner: Kay Lee Ray, by pinfall (still NXT UK Women’s Champion)

The Scary Queen beats the Final Boss, and her record setting reign is going to continue! But to show KLR still respects the living legend, she helps Meiko up, shakes her hand and even bows! But does this mean KLR is the new best in the world? Or is Meiko far from through with the NXT UK Women’s Division?

My Thoughts:

A really good episode, jam-packed with content as this went to 68 minutes. Dragunov VS Gradwell was a great opener and a great next chapter of Dragunov’s story. Gradwell had to have purposefully chopped Dragunov on the back, knowing that was the trigger. And it is an interesting twist that Gradwell was more than okay to lose and get elbowed to hell if it meant he was right about Dragunov losing control again. Dragunov’s remorse was masterfully portrayed, as well, and is adding real depth to this. I’m surprised we’re getting “Teoman” so soon, or even his name this soon, but maybe he’ll be making a huge impact and head for something in time for a TakeOver.

In Nina’s segment with Xia, I can’t be sure, but was she trying to basically poison Xia’s tea? And then because Aleah James leaves and Xia takes the perfectly fine tea, Nina’s plan was foiled? They needed to make that more clear, but I do think Nina trying to get revenge on Xia while being her assistant is a good way of handling this story. Isla Dawn doing a séance is spooky, and makes me think she’s going to go Heel to freshen things up for her. We got a decent promo from Ben Carter, a nice little video for Aleah, and a good video for Piper & Starz VS Joseph & Jinny. But I swear something was left out from last week so I had no idea Piper, Joseph, Jinny and Starz were doing anything. Still a good match just looking at it.

Supernova Sessions was good, mostly because Bate was counter-trolling Dar by not getting upset from Dar trolling him. Dar’s attempts were still funny, with the one stalk of broccoli and a bushel of garnish. Bate VS Mastiff under British Rounds rules is going to be great, and I agree that that is how Heritage Cup contender matches should go. I’m sure under British Rounds, Bate will win, but now I’m just waiting for Bate VS Dar now because of that interaction on SNS. Jordan & Williams VS Carter & Smith was a really good tag match, and I like that Williams is continuing a subtle tease of his Heel turn. He’s still working with Jordan, but I bet he gets caught cheating and Jordan doesn’t like that, they lose and then they feud.

The NXT UK Women’s Championship was a great match, but I think commentary was pushing it a little too hard. Also I didn’t like that they again made a point of female superstars watching via the ThunderDome screens. Yes, KLR’s reign is historic and that alone makes this important, but it just seems odd to do the screen spot again throughout the match. Why not all at once as the match first gets going?

Now, the match itself had a great building of momentum, and it started to feel like it could’ve gone either way, but it does make sense for Meiko to put KLR over. I’m sure Meiko would’ve put whoever was champion over, because all of the UK Women’s Champions have been great. Rhea Ripley, Toni Storm, KLR, they’re all great talent that will lead this generation forward, but I am really wondering now who could possibly take that title off of KLR with only so many other women built up as upper-midcarders. Aoife Valkyrie felt that she had the momentum before COVID’s pandemic lockdowns, so hopefully they can build that again. Piper and Jinny could circle back after their feud, but it just feels like KLR beating Meiko means it is going to take a lot more than what we’ve seen for either of them to win.

My Score: 8.3/10

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Andrew’s AJPW Champion Carnival Results & Match Ratings: 4.11.2021

Day 3 of the Champion Carnival had video on demand issues, so it wasn’t uploaded until the 12th. Hopefully Day 3 continues the positive momentum the first two days have already created!



Day 3 of the Champion Carnival had video on demand issues, so it wasn’t uploaded until the 12th. Hopefully Day 3 continues the positive momentum the first two days have already created!

Hard to say I wasn’t a little annoyed the VOD took so long to post, but better late than never; especially when the next event isn’t until the 17th.

Anyway though! Zeus looks to topple the current Triple Crown champion and continue his undefeated Carnival streak and Ashino has to do something to get off the bubble; but Kento is a big ask. We could be looking at a quick favorite to win as well as the walking dead.

Let’s hope nothing too drastic happens! Check it out!

Match Ratings:

  • Jake Lee vs Koji Doi: Jake wins via D4C @8:10 – **
  • Shuji Ishikawa vs Yuma Aoyagi: Ishikawa wins via Single Leg Cradle @11:13 – ***
  • Kento Miyahara vs Shotaro Ashino: Ashino wins via Grapevine Ankle Lock @12:11 – *** ½
  • Zeus vs Suwama: Zeus wins via Jackhammer @19:52 – *** ¾



Jake Lee vs Koji Doi

Total Eclipse inner faction fighting! Since Jake is the leader, he starts off in typical heel leader fashion telling Koji to lie down and eat the pin. Koji lies down; Jake drapes himself in a cocky cover, so Koji goes for the crucifix at the 2 count. Jake snaps up and he looks shocked that Koji went against an order, but then we get to a match.

Koji does a solid job keeping Jake off balance with power attacks, Shoulder Tackles and an interesting Football Tackle with the lift and slam. Jake eats a decent amount of offense, including a few short arm Lariats, before he starts stabilizing with Knee Lifts and Yakuza Kicks.

Lucky for Jake, even though Koji countered the D4C once, after Giant Killing, Koji wasn’t countering anything. Jake hits D4C and gets his second win of the tournament! Not a flashy match honestly felt a little silly at points with how quiet and echoed the arena made the match feel. Hopefully the setting doesn’t continue to plague the atmosphere of the matches.

Shuji Ishikawa vs Yuma Aoyagi

Now this was decent, though the hollow quiet atmosphere of venue is really detracting from the matches. Yuma was trying to find openings, but Shuji continued to run him over and abuse him with power early. And it was during these slower spots, the deafening silence of the venue made for weird watching.

Even though Shuji hit a Scoop Slam into the corner of the arpon, multiple Tsunamis and a flashing Scoop Fire/Thunder Driver, Yuma stayed resilient. Yuma nearly made the bigger man tap in End Game, but Shuji was able to find the ropes. Yuma hits an O’Connor Roll into the Japanese Leg Clutch, Shuji manages to get out of that, goes for a Tsunami, Yuma slides and tries to scoop Shuji for a Roll-Up, but at two Shuji manages to reverse the Roll-Up, grab a single leg and keep Yuma down for a three count!

Even though I have yet to be convinced by Yuma, the fact he got a finish that still made him look strong while putting up a good fight against a decorated opponent like Ishikawa; that says a lot about his potential rise on the card.

Kento Miyahara vs Shotaro Ashino

Ashino is in the unenviable position of last place after two days. With a 0-2 record, he really REALLY needs this…and he of course has Kento as his roadblock. They’ve traded wins in the past, and come off as rivals who don’t really like one another.

The match starts quick with Ashino shooting the half, grabbing a leg and searching for the Ankle Lock early. Kento fights out, but Kento is surprised and Ashino stays on him. Ashino pulls Kento to the ring post and wraps Kento’s left leg against the post a few times. Kento fires and Snake Eyes lands Ashino into the corner of the apron.  This gives Kento plenty of time to walk off the early ankle damage and play into his cocky arrogance, all while messing with the referee and his opponent.

Whenever Ashino managed to get back in the ring, he was greeted by Blackouts to the front and back of his head. It wasn’t really until Kento went for the Shutdown Suplex, that Ashino hit a second wind. Both men trade German Suplexes, Ashino continues with a Deadlift Overhead suplex and he starts building momentum back.

He teases a German from the apron to the floor, but Kento blocks, fights off and Piledrives Ashino instead. Kento fires off Blackouts as Ashino once again barely beats the count out, but after landing his ninth Blackout of the fight, Ashino grabs the left leg, rolls through and goes for the Ankle Lock. Kento tries to fight off, but Ashino refuses to let go, readjusting, rolling through, pulling Kento back into the center away from the ropes; eventually dropping down into the Grapevine. Kento has no other option but to submit!

Ashino finally gets on the board, and Kento joins him in the 1-2 portion of the standings! I wonder how much the ankle will play into the rest of Kento’s carnival.

Zeus vs Suwama

Last year during Zeus’ carnival winning run, he had a match with Suwama which resulted in Suwama sustaining an arm injury. Thanks to this knowledge, and the sting of a failed challenge when Suwama recovered, Zeus came out attacking the arm and trying to replicate some of his success from last year.

The beauty in Zeus’ arm attacks, is not only were the Key Lock and Arm Bars effective to play on the old injury, they also inhibited Suwama from executing the Last Ride Powerbomb. Zeus’ attack really did great, as well as giving him the power advantage against someone who can usually match him in that department. Zeus lifted out of Boston Crabs, met Suwama head on with Biceps Explosions and even broke out the Frog Splash a few times.

In a nice reference, Suwama was able to fight out of the Arm Trap Facelock this time, but Zeus had too much of an advantage. Zeus peppered in Chokeslams, Lariats, another Frog Splash and eventually ended the match with an impactful Jackhammer. This was a solid struggle throughout, injured only by the awkward venue setting.

Who will be the first person to hang a Carnival loss on Zeus since 2019?

Overall Score: 6.75/10

While there wasn’t really a lot to complain about in terms of action, I really hated the venue. With the Japanese crowd rules of not being able to scream and having to just clap or stomp, it was very noticeably irritating in this event.  Slower moments felt empty and stupid, almost back to the empty Quarantine times, which definitely impact smaller events and smaller companies.

Aside from that, we got a lot of really great finishes. Ashino finally getting on the scoreboard AND over Kento is great. Zeus continuing his streak from last year, Jake well…doing Jake things and Shuji looking strong as a current title holder should. Otani and Sato were missed a little today, but let’s check out the standings!


  1. Zeus: 3-0 – (6 Points)
  2. Shuji Ishikawa: 2-1 – (4 Points)
  3. Jake Lee: 2-1 – (4 Points)
  4. Shinjiro Otani: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  5. Kohei Sato: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  6. Shotaro Ashino: 1-2 – (2 Points)
  7. Kento Miyahara: 1-2 – (2 Points)
  8. Suwama: 1-2 – (2 Points)
  9. Koji Doi: 1-2 – (2 Points)
  10. Yuma Aoyagi: 1-2 – (2 Points)

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The world of Lucha Libre comes alive on the Lucha Central Weekly podcast, discussing Takeover, AEW Factions, and more!

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Lucha Central Weekly: NXT Takeover Stand & Deliver…DELIVERS! Plus Too Many AEW Factions, WWE WrestleMania Week, and more!

The world of Lucha Libre comes alive on the Lucha Central Weekly podcast, discussing Takeover, AEW Factions, and more!

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