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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (3/12/21)

Time to sign on the dotted line!



Coverage SmackDown 2021

SmackDown picks up speed towards Fastlane!

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns sign a contract, SmackDown Women’s Champion and challenger are guests on the KO Show, and more as WWE continues down the Road to WrestleMania!


  • 8 Man Tag: The Street Profits & The Mysterios VS The Dirty Dawgs & The Alpha Academy; The Profits & Mysterios win.
  • Cesaro VS Buddy Murphy; Cesaro wins, by disqualification.
  • Tamina & Natalya VS Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair; Tamina & Natalya win.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship: Big E VS Sami Zayn; Big E wins and retains the title.


Edge returns to SmackDown!

The Rated R Superstar is back again because he knows that while he has a Universal Championship match at WrestleMania, he doesn’t know who he’s facing! “Big contract signing tonight between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan, but there are some things that I need to address.” There are quite a few people who keep talking about him, starting with Roman. Roman said a man like Edge shouldn’t face a man like Roman. Edge has a family, kids, but those are excuses for Roman. But Edge finds that amusing. Edge picked up on something that everyone else missed: Roman and Paul Heyman are spin doctors.

For weeks, Roman wanted Edge to acknowledge him as the main event of WrestleMania. Then Edge makes his choice and does pick Roman. Then Roman felt what Edge brings to the table. Roman is the Head of the Table but Edge is the carpenter of that table! But Roman starts backtracking, and takes a detour down Daniel Bryan Boulevard, and Roman got played. That brings Edge to Daniel Bryan. Last week, Bryan came out and said he deserves to be at WrestleMania more than Edge, because Bryan loves wrestling. Because Bryan’s wrestled more than Edge in the last few months. But Edge will remind Roman, Bryan and the younger fans just who Edge is.

Because back in the day, while Bryan wrestled maybe once a week, Edge was here, in the WWE, wrestling 5, 6, 7 times a day against guys like The Undertaker, John Cena, Dave Bautista, Randy Orton, Eddie Guerrero, Mr. Perfect, the British Bulldog, Terry Funk, over the timeframe of four DECADES. Edge is back here not because he has to be, but because he loves this! So don’t base a hypothesis off love or work rate. But like everyone else, Edge just has to wait until Fastlane to find out who he faces at Mania. But then Daniel Bryan makes his way out! Fans give the Yes Fingers on their ThunderDome screens as Bryan gets a mic and stands with Edge in the ring.

“Wow. Uh, you talk about Roman Reigns getting sucked in. I think you got sucked in.” Honestly, that wasn’t even Bryan’s intention. As the Ultimate Opportunist, Edge would respect Bryan “going into business for myself.” But to set things straight, Bryan has infinite amounts of respect for what Edge has done and who he has faced. Bryan sees how hard Edge has worked for this and how much he loves this, and how hard he fought to get back to this. But let Bryan be completely honest, when Bryan wanted to challenge Roman for the title, it wasn’t about Edge. Bryan is down at Elimination Chamber, watching Edge point at the sign, and it demoralized him.

But it was not about the work rate, but because Bryan allowed himself to go into his last WrestleMania on the back burner. And that is when Bryan decided to throw his one last shot! If this is his last shot, then Bryan is going to give it everything he’s got to make it! Edge has his spot, so this isn’t about him. For Bryan, if he wants to main event Mania, he has to go through Fastlane, face Roman and take the title, so that is why Bryan went into business for himself. Oh, so the air quotes cancels things out? Edge will make this clear: Roman beat Bryan at Elimination Chamber. Yes, it was right after another match, but a win is a win.

And talking about wins, Edge won the Rumble by outlasting 29 others, as #1, and Bryan was in there with him! Edge also has respect for Bryan, but he doesn’t like how Bryan did this. Bryan is better than this, but not better than Edge. Edge drops the mic and takes his leave. But will Edge have no choice but to face Bryan down the line?


8 Man Tag: The Street Profits & The Mysterios VS The Dirty Dawgs & The Alpha Academy!

Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins are fired up to be teaming up with Rey & Dominik as they all try to get after the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, as well as Chad Gable and the Blue Collar bulldozer! But as they make their entrances, they all get blindsided by Roode, Dolph, Gable and Otis! Otis THROWS Dom into the LED apron, the Dawgs throw Dawkins into barriers! Will Ford, Dawkins and the Mysterios be able to regroup while SmackDown goes to break?

SmackDown returns and the teams have sorted out, Roode starts with Dawkins, and at the bell, Roode rushes Dawkins but he dodges to DECK Ziggler! Roode headlocks, Dawkins powers out, hurdles and hurdles to dodge and BULLDOG! Dawkins dropkicks Roode, Gable gets in to get a dropkick, too! Tag to Ford and the Profits whip Dawkins. Dropkick, then a tag to Dom, who combines with Ford for a wheelbarrow leg drop! Cover, TWO! Dom drags Roode up, Roode knees him low! Roode drags Dom over, tags in Gable, and they mug Dom. Gable wrenches an arm, whips Dom to ropes, but Dom ducks and comes back to RANA Gable!

Otis tags in and hits Dom with a hard body shot! Otis whips Dom, Dom goes up but Otis catches him! Dom slips to the outside and forearms Otis away, to then springboard, but Otis CLOBBERS him out of the air! Otis tags Gable and the Academy mugs Dom. Gable taunts Dom as he looms over him, then drags him up to whip to a corner. Dom bounces off buckles into a BUTTERFLY SUPLEX with bridge! Cover, TWO! Tag to Roode, Gable YANKS Dom’s leg then Roode drops an elbow on it! Roode pulls back on a deep toehold, then drops knees on Dom’s knee! Roode paces around Dom, Rey and the Profits coach Dom up, but Roode drags Dom up for a suplex!

Dom fights free with knees, then gets a headlock for a TORNADO DDT! Both men are down, Roode shakes out the stars flying around his head and crawls to his corner. Dom also crawls, hot tags to Ziggler and Dawkins! Dawkins rallies on Ziggler, hits Gable, then goes back to FLYING ELBOW Ziggler! Dawkins scoops Ziggler for an EXPLODER! Dawkins DECK Otis, but runs into a stiff elbow from Ziggler! Ziggler runs, into the ANOINTING! The spinebuster takes Ziggler down, Ford climbs up, but Gable distracts and Roode shoves Ford down! Ford crashes to the floor and Rey is furious, but the Dawgs and Alphas have the advantage again as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Ziggler has Ford trapped with a chinlock. Ziggler pushes up to add leverage but Ford powers up to stand. Ford throws body shots, is free, but Ziggler shoves him to dropkick him down! Ziggler pushes Ford to the corner, but Ford fights out! Ford throws hands on Ziggler, but Ziggler dodges the enziguri! Ziggler hops on for a sleeper hold! Ford spins around but Ziggler is on him as a backpack! Ford stays standing and heads for his corner, but he starts to fade! Ziggler squeezes tight and Ford drops to his elbows but he powers up! Ford gets his second wind to reach, but Roode runs in! The ref doesn’t see the tag!!

The ref keeps Dawkins back, Ziggler drags Ford over and Ford gets mugged by the Dirty Dawgs and Alpha! Roode tags in with the ref watching and he stomps Ford down. Roode drags Ford up for a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Ziggler talks trash, Roode tags in Otis and they mug Ford more. Otis drags Ford up, whips him to a corner hard, and Ford bounces off buckles! Otis runs in but Ford dodges and Otis hits buckles even harder! Gable tags in, he hits Dawkins, then drags Ford up for a GERMAN! Ford lands on his feet, leaps over Gable, hot tag to Rey! Rey rallies on Gable, whips but Gable reverses, only for Rey to tilt-o-whirl headscissor!

Rey DECKS the Dawgs then whips Gable. Gable reverses, Rey goes up and over and keeps moving to tilt-o-whirl DDT! Cover, but Otis breaks it! Dom climbs up as Otis hauls Rey up into a gut wrench. Rey escapes, Dom LEAPS, but Otis catches Dom! Rey goes up to SEATED SENTON! Otis goes down, Rey goes up and around to rana Gable onto ropes! But Roode tags in to give Rey a SPNEBUSTER! Cover but Ford breaks it! Ziggler SUPERKICKS Ford! Dawkins gives Ziggler the SILENCER! Roode throws Dawkins out hard, Dom and Roode talk trash, but Rey dropkicks Roode onto ropes! DOUBLE 619!!

Dom LEAPS onto Gable, Rey tags to Ford so he can LEAP onto Otis! Ford FROM THE HEAVENS!! Cover, the Profits & Mysterios win!

Winners: The Street Profits & Mysterios, by pinfall

Ford covers Roode, and the Profits could be in line for that long-awaited tag title rematch! But will they be given that by Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce?


WWE announces the first inductee to the 2021 Hall of Fame!

It was The Bump that had Shane “hurricane” Helms on, and he got to tell Mighty Molly Holly that she was the one! Molly Holly is so honored, and everyone feels #YouDeserveIt!


Jey Uso walks up to Roman Reigns’ room.

Jey says hey to Paul Heyman, and Heyman asks where he’s going. Jey was gonna holler at Big Uce. Well, has he talked with him lately? As far as Jey knew, it seemed like things were cool just a few days ago. Heyman says that they know how Fridays can be. There’s certain pressures and tensions. Jey tapping out to Bryan in the cage… Oh, well, uh, Jey’s gotta handle stuff anyway so he’ll come back around. Heyman is sure Roman will be in a better mood by then. Jey leaves, and Heyman looks more stressed than anyone. Are things (not) okay with the Tribal Chief?


Backstage interview with Seth Rollins.

Ever since his return to SmackDown, Cesaro has been the thorn in Rollins’ side, but Kayla Braxton cues up a replay of Cesaro swinging Rollins around. Rollins asks why this is still an issue. Everyone forgets Rollins was trying to help Cesaro, a guy with all the potential in the world. Cesaro has had some success in the WWE. Not as much as Rollins, but still. But Cesaro hasn’t been a leading man, and Rollins wanted to help him. But Rollins was embarrassed, disrespected and mocked! So Rollins is down with Cesaro, the biggest waste of potential in the WWE.

Kayla says it seemed like Cesaro lived up to his potential in is match with Buddy Murphy last week. He also might impress again in his rematch tonight. A rematch, you say? Rollins is oddly interested in that now, and then heads off. Will Rollins try to force his vision on the Swiss Cyborg later tonight?


Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler take Reginald shopping.

Nia knows Reggie has had a hard time lately, but she’s got him. He can have whatever he wants in the store. Reggie starts a fashion montage as he tries out new suits. Nia even helps him with the collar. Reggie can even still move smoothly in these suits. Shayna is bored. Nia likes the red so she gets some quick pics. This is GQ worthy. But Nia really likes the spikey gold slip-ons. Shayna, stop looking at your phone. The montage keeps going, and the winner is the grey plaid. Reggie sits on Nia’s lap and says in French, but then in English, that this is all wonderful, so what could he possibly do to repay her? Nia gets a big smile, and she seems to have an idea.


Cesaro VS Buddy Murphy!

The Swiss Cyborg may seem like a waste of potential to Rollins, but he’s far from that, and will prove it as many times as he has to! But will the former disciple prove himself worthy in tonight’s rematch?

SmackDown returns and Murphy has already entered the ring. But now, Rollins makes his entrance to take a seat on stage. The bell rings, Murphy rushes in but Cesaro dodges the knee to fire off EuroUppers and body shots! Cesaro lets off as the ref counts, but Murphy rams Cesaro into the other corner! Murphy fires off, the ref backs him off, and Cesaro DECKS him with a EuroUpper! And another! Cesaro keeps Murphy down for a moment before he bumps him off buckles. Murphy hits back, Cesaro BOOTS him out of the ring! Cesaro goes to the corner and drags Murphy up from the apron, only for Murphy to shove him away and get to the barriers.

Cesaro goes out, runs in but Murphy KNEE TRIGGERS Cesaro down! The ref counts, Murphy puts Cesaro in at 4, then climbs up top. Cesaro dropkicks him down first! Cesaro hurries back up, drags Murphy up and DEAD LIFT SUPERPLEXES! Rollins is only mildly impressed, but that could just be his bias. Cesaro EuroUppers, whips Murphy corner to corner and EuroUppers again! Then back the other way, but Murphy boots and enziguris! Murphy hops up, leaps, but into a capture! For a SWING! Rollins runs in and attacks Cesaro!!

Winner: Cesaro, by disqualification

Rollins rains down furious fists and stomps for being made fun of by Cesaro! Rollins throws off his jacket, runs and CURB STOMPS Cesaro down! “You think you’re better than me?! You want to embarrass me?! You want to disrespect me?!” Cesaro thinks he’s on Rollins’ level!? Stand up, Cesaro! Rollins calls Cesaro a coward, but Cesaro gets up, only for Rollins to kick him down and CURB STOMP him again! Rollins says Cesaro will never be on his level, and then he goes to get another chair! Rollins puts the chair in as he tells Cesaro has continued to embarrass him.

Rollins puts the chair around Cesaro’s head, hammers him on the back, then shouts, “NOBODY EMBARRASSES ME!” Rollins wants to make sure Cesaro never embarrasses him again, but referees and even backstage official, Jamie Noble, get out to stop him! Cesaro gets free of the chair and tries to stand up, but he can barely sit up!

But backstage, Rollins encounters Shinsuke Nakamura! The King of Strong Style is not happy about what just happened to his friend and tag partner. Will he avenge Cesaro?


Kevin Owens is backstage, and crosses paths with Sami Zayn.

Just the man Sami was looking for! Oh, really? And the camera crew, too? Sami has been thinking, and Kevin’s known him for the longest, and Kevin knows all about how the WWE has conspired against him. For years! So Sami has decided he wants Kevin to be part of the documentary. Oh really? Well he has his talk show to do first so… Sami says Kevin is blowing him off. Kevin will want to be a part of this! They’re going to blow the lid off all of this, and post it everywhere and do massive numbers! Logan Paul numbers!

Kevin says he’ll consider it, but he has to do his show first. Keep this blank index card, Kevin doesn’t need it. Kevin considering it is good enough for Sami, but will Kevin really help Sami “expose WWE’s conspiracy?”


Jey Uso encounters Edge backstage.

Edge just wants to talk. They’ve known each other for a long time. Edge knew Jey when he was 10 and they’d all get in the ring and just bounce around. So talking man to man, what is Jey doing? In 2015, while Edge was mourning his career like it was dead, he saw the Usos. That woke Edge back up. Jey was part of that, but now he’s part of this, head down and shoulders slouched like a subordinate. What does Jey’s dad think about this? Being lap dog to the Big Dog?

Jey doesn’t want Edge talking like he knows him. The family runs the show so fall in line. In fact, go home to enjoy your own family. Because when Roman gets him at Mania, Edge won’t be enjoying anything. That’s real talk. Edge tried real talk, but Jey didn’t listen. Can anyone get through to Jey about how Roman really is?


SmackDown presents the Kevin Owens Show!

KO is in the ring and welcomes us to his show. It feels great to be back and many have wondered why he was gone. The last few months have been very rough both physically and mentally. A real roller coaster ride. He thought he was at the top but came crashing down tot he bottom. But he’s not done because as he says, he will #JustKeepFighting. But enough about him, tonight’s guests are the two women fighting for the SmackDown Women’s Championship at WrestleMania, and will be teaming back up at Fastlane to try and take the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships from Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler!

First up, the 2021 Women’s Royal Rumble winner, The EST, Bianca Belair! Bianca makes her entrance, and then the Legit Boss, Sasha Banks, makes her entrance! The belt tries to do things its way but Sasha keeps it close. Kevin digs the pyro. Kevin thanks Sasha for being here and getting him a paycheck. And he knows these two are going to be opponents at Mania, but they could make things even bigger because they could walk in as the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions! And the only two people that did that before were John Cena and Shawn Michaels! Two of the best ever! So if these two do that, that goes a long way to cement their legacies as two of the best ever.

But of course, that means beating Nia and Shayna at Fastlane, which they didn’t do at Elimination Chamber. Sorry, but maybe that’s just because of tension they haven’t addressed. There is obviously respect between them but they’re both very proud women and want to prove they’re each the absolute best. So given how Chamber went, there could also be the thing with Reggie and- No no no. Kevin, Sasha can’t help that she looks this good and that Reggie has a crush> Bianca says that right there is what it is. Reggie isn’t good for her, she doesn’t want him but she keeps entertaining him and that is why he keeps coming back. He is going to be a problem for them in their match.

Sasha says Bianca doesn’t need to worry about the match. Sasha has won many titles. She’s like the Michael Jordan of the Women’s Division! So maybe one day, Bianca will be the LeBron. But do you think the EST could achieve so  much if it weren’t for the road the B E S T paved? Uh-uh. Bianca corrects Sasha: It’s “Girl, uh-uh.” Second, Bianca respects her accomplishments and that is why she chose Sasha for Mania. But Bianca’s accomplishments are her own. Sasha wasn’t in the gym with Bianca. Sasha wasn’t there helping Bianca win the Rumble. Only because Sasha wasn’t in the match. And if she was, she would’ve stopped Bianca. Oh is that what Sasha thinks? No. Sasha knows so.

Sasha says what she’s worried about, or no, what she isn’t, is that Sasha is walking in and out as #TwoBeltsBanks when she beats Shayna & Nia. Sasha holds up her title but Bianca says, “Good! Good, good, great.” IT’s good to have their eyes on the prize. And Bianca might be walking the road Sasha paved, but she’s in her own lane. But here come Nia & Shayna! Kevin says he did not invite them. Oh, Reggie is with Nia & Shayna in that new suit they bought him. The tag champs and Reggie walk down the ramp, but then here comes Natalya & Tamina! Because there’s a match already set for tonight!

Tamina & Natalya VS Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair!

Given what we just saw starting to develop, the tension between Boss and EST might start to create cracks in the foundation! The tag team champions join commentary to watch the second generation stars take on Sasha and Bianca, will the Road to WrestleMania get very bumpy for the #LegitEST duo?

SmackDown returns and Sasha starts against Tamina. They circle and tie up, and Tamina throws Sasha into the corner> Tamia fires off, tags Natty, and Natty whips Sasha to ropes. Sasha reverses, drops then hurdles, but Natty leaps over and comes back, for Sasha to CHOP her! Sasha knuckle locks, goes up and up and arm-drags Natty out! Natty cools off as the ring count climbs, but Sasha baseball slide dropkicks Natty down! Sasha glares at the champs on commentary, gets back in, but Natty CLOBBERS her! Natty puts Sasha in the corner, throws hands and tags in Tamina.

Reggie struts for the cameras and Nia says she had to do the best for her “babe,” but then backtracks on if she and Reggie are an item. Tamina tags Natty in, Natty stomps Sasha, then drags her around for a snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Natty keeps Sasha down with a chinlock but Sasha fights up to jawbreaker! Shayna is annoyed about the Reggie antics while Natty drags Sasha away! Sasha kicks Natty away then tags in Bianca! Bianca rallies on Natty with dropkicks, then whips Natty to a corner. natty reverses, Bianca goes up and baits Natty in to jump over. Bianca gets Natty up to SPINEBUSTER! Reggie distracts the ref while Bianca covers!!

Bianca is upset with the ref but then Natty gets up. Bianca stomps Natty in the corner, Natty boots her away, and hits a DISCUS LARIAT! Reggie struts his stuff again, Tamina tags in, but Sasha storms over! Sasha and Reggie are both on the announce desk, but the chase is on! They end up in the ring as Tamina fireman’s carries Bianca! Bianca sunset flips but the ref is busy with Sasha and Reggie, and Natty CLOBBERS Sasha! Bianca DEKCS Natty but Tamina rolls Bianca! Tamina and Natty win!!

Winners: Tamina & Natalya, by pinfall

Nia pretends to be shocked, but this was the plan all along! Bianca is upset with Sasha, and says this is her fault because she keeps leading Reggie along. Nia and Shayna applaud Natty & Tamina, but will this all lead to the Boss and Bianca falling apart at Fastlane?


Bianca and Sasha argue backstage.

Bianca doesn’t want any part of Reggie’s trifling, but Sasha says Reggie is being petty because Bianca told her to get rid of him. Well she didn’t tell Sasha to slap Reggie or slam doors in his face! Sasha says she is not taking the blame for the rookie losing. Sasha storms off, and Bianca is beside herself. Will the EST make sure Sasha doesn’t get any of the credit when it comes time to face Nia & Shayna?


Big E returns!

But he’s in a neck brace, sling and walks with a crutch… But then he throws them all away because he doesn’t need them! The Intercontinental Champion is fired up to be back because the damage done by Apollo Crews is no more! Big E gets a mic to say, “As I laid up in a medical facility because of you, Apollo, and those steps, I had plenty of time to think.” Big E hopes and prays that Apollo knows what he did. Because Apollo crossed the Rubicon! He opened Pandora’s box, and there is no going back. There is no “sorry” that fixes this! “You can’t put the genie back in the bottle, because you… You, Apollo… You made me go biblical! I gotta go Old Testament on you!”

Because now, Big E vows it is eye for an eye! Take one of his, he takes two of yours! Apollo wanted to hurt Big E, so Big E is going to maim him! Apollo steps on Big E’s lawn, Big E will bulldoze Apollo’s house! Big E, pitying Apollo? No, that’s not enough. Now Big E has to END Apollo!! “You want what I worked for. You want what’s mine. Fine, good. Because now, now I’m ready to give it to you.” Big E is going to give Apollo what he deserves. And there’s no need to wait at all! Right here, right now, Apollo can get his ass out to Big E and get what he’s been wanting. Big E waits but Apollo doesn’t come out. Big E shouts that if Apollo wants it, he has to come get it now!

Still no response, and Big E isn’t surprised. But Big E has all dressed up to defend this title, and that is what he is going to do. So if Apollo ain’t gonna get his, let’s officially extend an OPEN CHALLENGE to whoever wants it. Big E throws down the gauntlet, but who picks it up? King Corbin! Corbin tells Big E to calm down, he’s acting crazy. But if Big E is opening up a challenge, Corbin sadly isn’t dressed to fight, but has no problem tearing up a $10,000 suit- Sami Zayn accepts!! Sami skips Corbin in line because Corbin didn’t actually completely accept. This isn’t about Corbin, this is what Sami has been owed for months, and it works perfectly for his documentary! You snooze, you lose!

Big E tells these “fools” that whoever gets in the ring first gets the match. Sami bolts into the ring, and there you have it!

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Big E VS Sami Zayn!

“Sorry, Corbin! Not today!” But then Big E fires off on Sami with haymakers! Sami dodges only to run into a BELLY2BELLY! Sami bails out and Corbin tells Sami that’s what he deserves. Will Sami recover from that opening salvo while SmackDown goes to break?

SmackDown returns and the belt is officially raised as this match officially begins. Sami and Big E tie up, Big E powers Sami to a corner, but the ref counts. Big E lets off at 3 but dares Sami to come back. Sami claims hair pulling, but he comes back to tie up with Sami. Big E blocks the hip toss to throw knees, then brings Sami around for even more knees. Sami goes to a corner, Big E storm sin but Sami kicks low. Sami headlocks, grinds Big E down, but Big E powers out. Things speed up, Big E hurdles and elbows Sami down! Cover, TWO! Big E stalks Sami to a corner, whips him corner to corner hard and Sami bounces off buckles to hit the mat!

Big E fires up as he shouts for Apollo to keep playing games. Big E runs in but Sami knees him away, then clobbers him from behind! Sami rains down fists but lets off to catch his breath. Sami puts Big E on the ropes to choke him! The ref counts, Sami lets off and Big E sputters to a corner. Sami drags Big E up, brings him around and bumps him off buckles! Sami pushes Big E away to hop up and then leap, for a flying elbow! Cover, TWO! Sami argues the count but the ref says it was fair. Sami goes up the corner again, and leaps again, into a BELLY2BELLY! And then another! Sami knows a third is coming so he bails out!

Big E chases him down, throws him into the apron, and then shouts, “Apollo~!” Big E CLUBS Sami, goes to the apron, refreshes the count and shouts for Apollo again. Big E runs but Sami moves, Big E CRASHES onto the apron! Sami has turned things around and SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again and Sami is up top, but Big E stops him! Sami throws hands as Big E climbs, then clubs away on Big E’s back! Sami adjusts, sunset flips to SUPER SUNSET BOMB!! Cover, TWO!? Sami again argues the count but the ref says that was fair. Sami drags Big E up, tells him that Big E is still not the real champion! Sami SLAPS Big E, and SLAPS him again! “YOU FRAUD! Give me back what’s mine!” Sami fires off more slaps, then drags Big E up to whip, but Big E breaks through the clothesline to CLOBBER Sami! Big E scoops Sami for a BIG ENDING!! Cover, Big E wins!!

Winner: Big E, by pinfall (still WWE Intercontinental Champion)

And he is still shouting for Apollo! But here he comes! But Big E is wary that it could be an ambush. It is, but not from where Big E expected! Apollo came from the ThunderDome screen side and CLOBBERS Big E, hammers away, and then hits an OLYMPIC SLAM!! Apollo dares Big E to stand up now, but drags him up to hit ANOTHER OLYMPIC SLAM! Apollo says this is what Big E wanted. But the only thing that will happen is continued beatings! Apollo goes back to get the steel steps! Apollo puts the steps in the ring, and demands Big E stand again! Big E slowly rises, only for Apollo to RAM him with the steel!

Big E flops out of the ring, clutching the arm. Apollo stands tall on the steps, but will he stand atop the WWE with the gold soon enough?


Backstage interview with Reginald and Nia Jax.

Nia tells Kayla she’s being rude, they were in the middle of a conversation. “Who raised you?” But her bae looks so good. And it was funny to see Sasha and Bianca all upset. And then Sasha thinking she’ll be a double champion. Reggie says Nia should challenge Sasha next week for the SmackDown Women’s Championship so that Nia can be double champion? Nia loves that idea! Nia shoos Kayla, but will Nia get that shot and become the #IrresistibleDoubleChampion?


Roman Reigns heads to the ring!

Paul Heyman and Jey Uso accompany him as always, and it is time for the contract signing! Will things stay civil between the Head of the Table and the man challenging him at Fastlane?

SmackDown returns and Bryan makes his entrance again. Adam Pearce presides over this contract signing, and we all know why we’re here. He has the contract for the Universal Championship match of Roman Reigns VS Daniel Bryan at Fastlane. It has been looked over and there are no complaints, so who would like to sign first? Roman insists he again sit at the literal head of the table, so Pearce moves aside and lets Roman take a seat. Roman looks at Bryan and says, “You don’t want to do this. I get it. You did everything you were supposed to do.” But then last week and Talking Smack, all that, Roman agreed to it. This week, Roman isn’t feeling it. This is a no, he isn’t signing this because Bryan doesn’t deserve it.

Well, okay. But Bryan is excited about this so he’s signing. Now who would’ve thought Roman wasn’t a man of his word? The Head of the Table, afraid to fight Bryan? Oh but it makes sense after last week! Because for years, everyone thought Bryan was better than Roman. Bryan did, too. But Roman didn’t, because he had confidence. Yet Bryan proved it because he did something Roman never could: make Jey quit. Does that “stick in your craw,” Roman? Does that make Roman doubt himself? Make him afraid? Is Roman afraid? That can’t be if Roman’s Head of the Table. Maybe Bryan should be the Head of the Table! Shut up. Bryan goes on and on, but Roman asks for a pen.

Heyman hands one over, and Roman signs! Bryan can’t believe it! Maybe Roman isn’t afraid! The contract is handed to Pearce and Bryan says that’s good, because now he has a message: “I’m gonna tap you out just like I tapped out Jey Uso.” Uso TOSSES the table and gets in Bryan’s face! “Enough with the disrespect!” Jey tells Pearce that this match needs a special guest enforcer to make sure this is fair and square! And that person will be JEY!! Roman tells Bryan this is what he gets, but here comes EDGE! Edge says that is a great idea! But next week, for the first time in 11 years, Edge has a match on SmackDown! Edge VS Jey, winner is the special enforcer!

Pearce likes that idea, and makes it official right now! The spot of enforcer will be up for grabs next week on SmackDown! Edge gets in, tosses his mic to Roman, and then he and Bryan attack the Bloodline! Bryan fires off on Jey, Roman and Edge brawl, but then Bryan throws Jey out! Bryan goes after Roman but Edge pushes him aside! Roman runs away, Edge turns around into Bryan’s KNEE PLUS!! Bryan told Edge this isn’t about him, but is it about to be about all three of them at Fastlane?

My Thoughts:

A great episode for SmackDown this week, and it really upped the ante towards Fastlane. The 8 Man Tag was a lot of fun, and the Faces winning works for story. The Street Profits are heading for a SmackDown Tag Team Championship rematch, Mysterios are heading for a blow-off with the Alpha Academy, and both of those matches could go either way. Cesaro VS Murphy was almost a good match but Rollins got in there after him. Rollins’ attack was very strong, gets good Heel Heat, and oddly enough Murphy wasn’t as much of a factor tonight, but surely he’ll try to talk with Rollins next week.

Nakamura glaring at Rollins was good, we definitely need Rollins VS Nakamura 1v1 in a great match before Cesaro even remotely gets involved with it. Then we can get Cesaro & Nakamura VS Rollins & Murphy in a tag match before the Cesaro VS Rollins blow-off. And please don’t make it Nakamura who turns on Cesaro, Nakamura was going strong as a Face so let him stay that way. Sami reaching out to Kevin was a natural move in Sami’s story of conspiracy and instability, and at the very least, we’ll be getting another awesome feud of Sami VS Kevin. I also like that Sami and Corbin were both trying to answer the same open challenge. We don’t get that enough, it all comes off to civil, like everyone just agrees, whoever gets their entrance first is the challenger.

Big E had a powerful promo, Big E VS Sami was a really good match, and it was a good detail that Big E was being distracted by his own anger towards Apollo. Apollo coming out from a less common spot was a good twist on the ambush, and naturally Apollo uses the steel steps again to attack Big E. Their match is going to be incredible stuff, and I almost feel like it should be No Disqualification so Apollo could use the steps but Big E can turn that around on him. The KO Show was very good with it stirring up things with Sasha and Bianca, and their back and forth was also really good stuff. Reggie’s shopping trip with Nia and Shayna, however, was… ugh…

But Sasha & Bianca VS Natty & Tamina was good stuff, even with the one-too-many cuts to Reggie strutting his stuff for Nia. But Reggie being a distraction to Sasha and costing her team the match was a good detail, as it is driving a further wedge between Bianca and Sasha. Their post match promo backstage was also good, and Bianca’s reaction to Sasha calling her “rookie” was great. It seemed pretty clear before that Bianca and Sasha weren’t winning the tag titles, but it’s even clearer now. As for setting up Sasha VS Nia for the SmackDown Women’s title next week, that is quite the twist. I don’t see Sasha losing that, but there could be some good antics that help Sasha win. I could go on about how WWE could’ve had a big Women’s Tag title match, but that’s just crying over spilled milk now.

And once again, the Universal Championship story is some strong stuff. Edge and Bryan had a great interaction to open the show, as did Edge and Jey backstage. Bryan goading Roman was a great detail in the contract signing, and it seems to be Bryan’s thing lately. Bryan likes stirring up trouble now that he’s going for what he wants, and he had a good shot with that line about making Jey give up. Jey putting forward the “enforcer” stipulation, then Edge pouncing on it, is all sadly stacking things against Bryan. If Jey is the enforcer, then Roman is definitely getting a sneaky win on Bryan.

But since Edge is going to face Jey in a match, Edge is totally winning, becoming the enforcer, and after that knee Bryan gave him, Edge could totally sway things in a way where Bryan loses. Or better yet for Edge, he attacks Roman so that Bryan wins, the title stays with Roman, and Roman VS Edge still happens for Mania. Either way, it doesn’t seem like Bryan is going to get YEStleMania 2 at WrestleMania 37, but I’d be pleasantly surprised if WWE figures out a way so that Bryan still gets his chance.

My Score: 8.6/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (1/21/22)

Moxley is on a Rampage!



AEW Rampage coverage

AEW continues LIVE in Washington, D.C!

Jon Moxley gets back in action against Ethan Page, and Jade Cargill defends the TBS Championship against Anna Jay!


  • Jon Moxley VS Ethan Page w/ Scorpio Sky; Moxley wins.
  • Nick Jackson w/ Matt Jackson VS Trent Beretta w/ Orange Cassidy; Trent wins.
  • Hook VS Serpentico; Hook wins.
  • AEW TBS Championship: Jade Cargill w/ Mark Sterling VS Anna Jay w/ John Silver; Cargill wins and retains the title.


Jon Moxley VS Ethan Page w/ Scorpio Sky!

The Maniac is back and he’s even more liberated than he was before! Will Moxley use that newfound freedom, and the same old ferocity, to deflate All Ego?

The bell rings and Moxley circles with Ethan. Fans are fired up for Mox as he ties up with Ethan. They go around, Moxley powers Ethan to a corner but Ethan shoves Moxley away. Ethan double guns and grins but Moxley keeps cool. Moxley and Ethan circle, tie up, Moxley waistlocks but Ethan switches to shove Mox away. Ethan blows a kiss but Moxley ties up with him again. They go around, end up on ropes and fans rally as Ethan lets off. Ethan CHOPS, but Moxley eggs him on. Ethan CHOPS again, Moxley CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS! Ethan kicks low, whips, but Moxley reverses. Things speed up and Moxley CLOBBERS Ethan!

Moxley follows Ethan to a corner, grinds forearms into his face, then climbs up to BITE Ethan’s forehead! Mox did say he drinks blood now… Moxley runs, but into a BOOT! Ethan goes up to ENZIGURI, then runs Moxley over with a shoulder! Moxley tumbles out of the ring and Ethan soaks up the heat. Ethan goes out to fetch Moxley, bumps him off the timekeeper’s table, then throws down hands. The ref starts a ring count but Ethan mugs Moxley and breaks the table! Moxley staggers away, Ethan stalks behind him. Moxley kicks and CHOPS back! And CHOPS more! Moxley whips Ethan into railing! Fans fire up as they get even closer to the action.

Moxley drags Ethan up, puts him in the ring, and fans fire up more as Moxley steps in. But Ethan knees Moxley at the ropes, gets the legs caught in the rope, and dropkicks the knee! Fans boo but Ethan drags Moxley up and in through the ropes. Double underhooks, DRAPING BUTTERFLY BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Ethan looms over Moxley, has him on ropes and throws down punches! The ref counts, Ethan lets off, but Ethan drags Moxley up. Moxley rams him into the corner and throws his shoulder in. Moxley whips corner to corner, but Ethan dodges and Moxley POSTS himself!

AEW goes picture in picture as Ethan grins and Moxley flops to the floor. Ethan goes out, hammerlocks the bad arm and POSTS it! Ethan SLAMS the bad arm against railing, then brings Moxley around to KNEE him low. Ethan TOSSES Moxley over the railing and now the front row is getting a real interactive experience. Ethan talks trash that HE is the face of AEW, not Moxley. Ethan drags Moxley back over the railing to ringside, and then puts him in the ring. Ethan stalks Moxley, drags him up and reels him in, but Moxley fights out of the crucifix as AEW returns to single picture! School boy, TWO!

Ethan swings, Moxley gets around, GERMAN SUPLEX! And another German Suplex! Moxley gets Ethan up a third time but Ethan elbows free. Ethan runs but Moxley sidesteps for a SNAP GERMAN! Ethan flounders up in a corner, Moxley runs in and forearm smashes! Moxley keeps moving, Ethan ducks and fires a forearm! Moxley forearms back, but Ethan hits back. Moxley ROCKS Ethan, eggs him on, but Ethan throws another forearm. Moxley SLAPS, Ethan SLAPS, it’s a SLAP fight! Moxley fires off boxing elbows but Ethan knees low again! Ethan runs, into a knee at the ropes! Moxley runs, into a BOOT!

Moxley ducks the roundhouse to LARIAT Ethan down! Fans fire up as Moxley rises again. Moxley drags Ethan up, underhooks the arms, PARA- NO! Ethan slips out, ROUNDHOUSE! ROLLING ELBOW! Suplex to a BRAINBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Fans rally, Ethan gets a leg and turns Moxley over for a HALF CRAB! Moxley endures, crawls, and reaches out for the ROPEBREAK! Ethan lets go at the ref’s count, and he fires off haymakers! Ethan runs in, but Moxley dumps him out! Moxley builds speed despite the knee, and he DIVES! Direct hit and Ethan hits railing! Moxley puts Ethan in, goes to the corner, climbs up, but Ethan ROCKS him first!

Ethan climbs up, brings Moxley onto a shoulder, SUPER POWERSLAM! Ethan has to crawl to the cover, TWO!! Ghost pin, TWO! Moxley drives hammering elbows into Ethan’s head! Then knees! Then the BULLY CHOKE!! Ethan endures, Moxley cranks way back, Ethan is OUT! Moxley wins!

Winner: Jon Moxley, by submission

And there it is! Moxley is back, and Ethan can’t even believe it! But Ethan gets in Moxley’s face, so Moxley kicks him and hits PARADIGM SHIFT! Now Ethan’s out cold all over again! Will Moxley do much of the same to the next man put in front of him?

As Moxley makes his exit, Bryan Danielson is there! Bryan applauds Moxley, but is the American Dragon planning on being next up?


AEW hears from Jurassic Express.

Jungle Boy tells Billy Gunn that Billy’s been “a salty old bitch” since they first met. So the fact Billy is upset his sons haven’t just been handed a tag title match doesn’t surprise him. The Gunn Clubs crossed the line going after Christian Cage like that. Christian was right about apples not falling far from the tree. Billy’s little Ass Boys are entitled and sour, just like Billy. The title match should be the least of their concerns, because when Christian comes back, this won’t be about a match. They’ll be coming to stomp Gunn Club’s heads into the ground! Will Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus make Gunn Club extinct?


Nick Jackson w/ Matt Jackson VS Trent Beretta w/ Orange Cassidy!

The Roppongi Vice reunion had to be postponed because of gaddang COVID. But Freshly Squeezed has Trent’s back as he takes on one of the Young Bucks 1v1. Who will have the momentum going into the tag team rivalry’s revival?

The bell rings, the two circle, and they tie up. Trent powers Nick to ropes, the ref calls for the break, and Trent lets off to pull a page out of Kazuchika Okada’s book: a fake chop, to then pat the shoulders. Nick is annoyed, he kicks Trent low and whips him to ropes. Trent kicks the back drop away, but Nick blocks the punch to knuckle lock, CHOP, and “LUCHA~ LIBRE~!” arm-drag! But Trent gets up and CLOBBERS Nick! Trent storms in at Nick to stomp, CHOP, and stalk Nick to another corner for another CHOP. And then another CHOP! Nick wants to tag Matt but Cutler reminds him this is a singles match.

Nick avoids Trent’s chop, stomps him then reels Trent in. But Trent powers up to TOSS Nick away! Fans fire up and Cassidy double guns on Trent’s behalf. Trent storms over to the apron but Nick hotshots him! Nick slingshots, but Trent blocks the DDT to NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, ONE!! rent’s neck might be a concern again, but he gets up to throw forearms on Nick. Trent whips, back drops Nick high and hard, and fans fire up. Trent brings Nick up to throw forearms, wrap on a headlock, but Nick powers out. Things speed up, Trent ducks and dodges but crossbodies into ropes as Nick ducks!

Nick smirks as Trent is on the apron. Nick drags Trent through the ropes for a HOTSHOT NECKBREAKER! Trent flops out of the ring, Nick goes out to the apron, PENALTY KICK to the back! Trent goes down, Nick strikes a lounging pose on the apron. Fans rally up as AEW goes picture in picture.

Cutler sprays Nick down so he stays cool, and Nick drags Trent up. Nick puts Trent in the ring, climbs up a corner, and leaps to hit an ax handle to Trent’s back! Nick drags Trent up again, CLUBS him on the neck, then brings him around to run and HOTSHOT BULLDOG! Nick does his Macho Man before he goes into the ring. Nick brings Trent up, heads for the ropes again, but Trent powers out to CLOBBER Nick! Nick bails out, Trent grits his teeth and builds speed, but Nick gets in to SUPERKICK! Trent falls out of the ring, Nick runs and FLIES! Not the best takeoff but Nick still wipes Trent out! Nick gets back in the ring, but Cassidy makes sure Matt doesn’t try something.

Matt eggs Cassidy on, and Cassidy pulls back his fist, but then he avoids Nick’s kick from the apron! Trent trips Nick up and Nick hits apron on the way down! Trent puts Nick back in, hops up the corner, but Nick trips Trent up! Trent hits buckles on the way down! Nick wants Trent to get up but AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and Nick is up top. Trent is in the drop zone, Nick SWANTONS but onto Trent’s knees! Trent saves himself and fans rally up! Trent throws forearms but Nick hits back. They double forearm but neither falls! They double forearm again, they still stay up, and Trent LARIATS Nick down! Trent fires up, waistlocks and deadlifts to a GERMAN SUPLEX! Trent aims from a corner, runs and BUSAIKU KNEE! Cover, TWO! Nick goes to ropes, Trent fires forearms on him. Trent rains them down on Nick but the ref backs him off. Nick gets up, BOOTS Trent back, then handsprings to the apron. Trent runs in, but slides as Nick backflips away!

Trent dodges Nick to SPEAR him down! Fans fire up with Trent as he gets up and puts Nick in the ring. Trent runs in at the corner but into a BOOT! Nick swings but into a SAIDO! Trent gets Nick for a TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up, Trent brings Nick up and CHOPS! And CHOPS! Trent runs, but Nick uses the ref as a shield! ROUNDHOUSE! GERMAN SUPLEX! But Trent gets right up and gets Nick for a GERMAN SUPLEX! Both men are down, a standing count begins and fans rally up. Nick crawls to the apron, shoulders into Trent, then slingshots, but Trent catches him! Trent shoves Nick away, Nick backflips and lands on his feet to ROCK Trent!

Nick slingshots, DESTROYER!! Cover, TWO!! Trent survives and shocks Nick! Nick rains down fists on Trent, “This is Awesome!” but far from over! Nick brings Trent up but Trent throws a forearm! Nick throws another forearm, but Trent forearms back! Nick ROCKS Trent, but Trent shakes it off and ROCKS Nick! Nick goes to a corner, spins, ROUNDHOUSE! Trent crawls to a corner, Nick runs in to SHINING WIZARD, ROUNDHOUSE, and forearm to a  BULLDOG! Nick wants Trent to stand up, but Trent blocks the superkick to whip! Nick flips through, but into a HALF ‘N’ HALF! Nick SUPERKICKS, but Trent LARIATS!

Fans are thunderous as Trent gets Nick back up, PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!?! Nick survives and Trent can’t believe it! Trent crawls after Nick and they end up on the ramp. Trent reels Nick in, but Nick back drops Trent away! Nick climbs a corner, takes aim, SWANTON on the ramp! Trent rolls into the ring, Nick goes back up top. Nick aims again, 450 SPLASH!! Cover, TWO?!? Nick can’t believe it and Matt is furious! Nick aims from the corner, Trent slowly rises, SUPERKICK! Nick says he wants another! SUPER- NO! Trent ducks, Alabama lift and tuck, STRONG ZERO! Cover, Trent wins!!

Winner: Trent Beretta, by pinfall

A massive victory for #JustTrent! But will it be even bigger when Rocky Romero returns to reignite Roppongi Vice VS Young Bucks?


AEW takes a closer look at Martinez VS Rosa.

“No one knows the reason why I’m here. No one needs to know. All they need to know is that my first priority is taking out Thunder Rosa.” But Rosa reminds Mercedes that she took the TBS Championship away from her. Mercedes asks how it feels to see her dreams of being a champion slip away thanks to the OG Badass? Just cuz Mercedes thinks she’s the OG, doesn’t mean she is an OG. La Mera Mera is ready for anyone, but when and where are we going to see these two tear into each other?


Hook VS Serpentico!

The Handsome Devil is still undefeated, and he hasn’t even broken a sweat yet. Will he continue the streak? Or will SNAKEMAN strike him down?

Serpentico throws his streamers, and Hook CLOBBERS him! The bell rings and Serpentico tries to find his way out of the streamers but Hook just throws knee after knee, then he throws Serpentico! And then a drop sayanagi! STO! Fans sing, “Hook is gonna kill~ you~!” Hook gets Serpentico up, double wristlock takedown but Serpentico scrambles to the ROPEBREAK! Hook lets off, then runs in, but into a boot! Serpentico runs, into an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Hook paces, Serpentico flounders up, into the REDRUM! Serpentico taps, Hook wins!

Winner: Hook, by submission

Hook makes SNAKEMAN pay, but QT Marshall storms out and says this is what he’s been talking about! Hitting before the bell, holding on after! QT says Hook is a delinquent! Hook goes up the ramp but QT won’t let him through. Hook’s tough now, huh? QT says he’s ready for him now! But then Hook TOSSES QT, and walks on him! Will QT learn to just let Hook be Hook?


Mark Henry talks with the main eventers.

Jade Cargill is 24-0 and the TBS Champion. The first-ever, too. How does she feel about her competition tonight? “Anna Banana? Let’s just make this about me. I am undefeated, baby. And I am the first TBS champ. Anna should be elated that she has a spot on the main event.” Anna warns Jade one more time. She has a dark side. That street fight changed Anna, and she chokes people out. Tonight, TBS stands for That Bitch SLAYER. Oh, well Anna better bring the barbed wire! Anna says she doesn’t need it. Mark Henry says there’s been enough talk. It’s time for the main event! Will Number 99 survive the storm that’s coming for her?

AEW TBS Championship: Jade Cargill w/ Mark Sterling VS Anna Jay w/ John Silver!

The introductions are made, the title is raised, and we see if Jade stays the undefeated inaugural TBS Champion!

Fans rally and duel as Jade flexes while Anna shows the Dark Order claw. They tie up, go around, Jade headlocks. Jade holds on as Anna tries to power out, but Anna gets free on the second try, only for Jade to run her over! Jade dusts herself off, drags Anna up, but Anna JAWBREAKERS! Anna runs, jumps, but into Jade’s arms! FALL AWAY SLAM! Jade kips up and fans fire up as she smirks. “I like money, but I’m That BI-” ROLL UP! TWO, and Jade CLOBBERS Anna! Anna bails out again, Mark Sterling talks smack but John Silver gets in his way. Jade goes out and moves Mark aside to get in Johnny Hungy’s face. They flex their guns at each other, they’re both jacked!

But then Anna roars as she runs in to CLOBBER Jade! “That Bitch SLAYER!” Anna gets back in the ring to refresh the count, and AEW goes picture in picture.

Anna SMACKS Jade off the apron, then does it again! Anna high fives Silver, but Jade hits back with elbows. Jade gets in the ring, Anna follows, and Anna runs in at the corner to forearm smash! Anna climbs up to rain down fists, but only gets 7 before Jade throws her away! Anna runs back in, but into a SPINEBUSTER! Jade drops an elbow, covers, TWO! Jade shows off by doing push-ups, but Anna throws body shots. Jade CLUBS Anna down, stalks her to a corner, then brings her up for forearms. Jade stomps Anna back down, digs her boot in, and lets off as the ref counts 4. Jade drags Anna back up to RAM a shoulder in!

Jade RAMS Anna again, lets off as the ref reprimands, but Jade fires off more forearms. Jade bumps Anna off buckles, CLUBS her, and CLUBS her again. Jade keeps on Anna, taunts her, then runs in, but into a BOOT! Anna runs, into an OVERHEAD suplex! Jade kips up, covers, TWO! Jade is annoyed but she drags Anna up to bump her off buckles again. Jade bumps Anna off more buckles, runs corner to corner as she “dribbles,” to DUNK on Anna! AEW returns to single picture as Jade whips Anna corner to corner. Anna dodges the corner attack to HEEL KICK! SLEEPER on the ropes! The ref counts, Jade HOTSHOTS Anna!

Both women are down, the ref starts a standing count, and fans rally up. Jade sputters as she gets up, and she stands Anna up, only for Anna to ROCK her with a forearm! Anna runs into the corner to back elbow, forearm, roll and DANGEROUS JAY KICK! Anna whips, Jade reverses but Anna wrenches to DANGEROUS JAY KICK again! And then a mule kick, SUPERKICK, and a COMPLETE SHOT! Anna roars and fans fire up with her! Anna drags Jade up, but Mark is on the apron to distract! Anna chases him off, Silver gets Mark by his tie! BRAINBUSTER to the floor! Anna gets around Jade, backslide! TWO!!

Jade BOOTS Anna down! Jade drags Anna back up, hooks the arms, JAD- VICTORY ROLL! To the QUEENSLAYER!!! Jade flails, fights up, and RAMS Anna into buckles! Jade is free, but Anna knocks her down! Anna hops up the corner, drags Jade up, HANGING SLEEPER! The ref counts, but Jade pries free! Jade drags Anna out onto her shoulder, but Anna slips off! Anna shoves Jade into a corner, DANGEROUS- NO! Jade catches Anna and powers her up for a POWERBOMB! And then Jade hooks the arms, JADED!! Cover, Jade wins!

Winner: Jade Cargill, by pinfall (still AEW TBS Champion)

Anna gave it her all, but it just wasn’t enough! Jade is 25-0, is still the champion, and is still making the big bucks! Will she continue to dominate until she is THE champion in AEW?

My Thoughts:

A great episode of Rampage, lots of great focus on the matches but there were still good promos, too. Jungle Boy calls out Gunn Club on behalf of Jurassic Express, I’m thinking we’re getting a Six Man Tag before the tag title match. Mercedes Martinez and Thunder Rosa have another good promo to build towards their match, but hopefully it happens sooner rather than later. They can’t keep delaying this just because AEW keeps forgetting to make more time for women’s matches on Dynamite. Moxley VS Ethan was really good stuff, a great opener for sure, and a great return for Moxley. Bryan Danielson being there to applaud Mox was a nice way to branch this to something between them, that is going to be a killer match.

Nick VS Trent was also a killer match. Rocky Romero will definitely be back next week, and having Roppongi Vice VS Young Bucks on the post Beach Break Rampage will be really big. Hook had another great night, especially with him getting to shut QT up. Hook should definitely be considered for a TNT Championship story at some point. And we got a great TBS Championship match. Anna’s promo before was a little shaky but she came really close. But as I figured, Jade wins, and she’s going to build quite the reign before she ever loses.

My Score: 8.7/10

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (1/21/22)

Acknowledge the history made!



SmackDown 2022

The Tribal Chief is the new Universal Championship standard!

SmackDown, acknowledge that Roman Reigns is the new longest reigning WWE Universal Champion as the Bloodline celebrates!


  • Kofi Kingston VS “Mad Cap” Moss w/ “Happy” Corbin; Kofi wins.
  • Aliyah VS Natalya; Aliyah wins, by disqualification.
  • Los Lotharios VS The Viking Raiders; The Viking Raiders win.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship Contender’s Match: Charlotte Flair VS Naomi; Charlotte wins and denies Naomi a title match.
  • Sheamus w/ Ridge Holland VS Ricochet; Sheamus wins.
  • Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens VS The Usos; Rollins & Kevin win, by disqualification, and The Usos are banned from ringside during the Royal Rumble’s Universal Championship match.


The Usos are in the ring to start off SmackDown!

Jey tells Nashville, “The Bloodline is now in your city!” Jimmy says they’re here for one reason and one reason only! They’re celebrating the longest reigning Universal Champion EVER! At 508 days… That’s 508 consecutive days! There are a few big names who have been Universal Champion, but none held the belt as long as this. Not Kevin Owens, not Seth Freakin’ Rollins, not Brock Lesnar! But there is one. He is the Head of the Table, he is the Tribal Chief, he is the longest reigning Universal Champion in WWE history! Their cousin, ROMAN! REEEIGNS! And here comes Roman! He holds up the belt for one round of pyro on stage, then the second round in the ring.

Jimmy gets Roman a mic, and Roman says, “Nashville! Acknowledge me.” Jimmy says, “Ladies and gentlemen, let’s witness the highlights of the most dominant, decorated WWE champion, Roman Reigns.” The video starts by noting August 30th, 2020, Roman Reigns returned to action and took the title from Braun Strowman. From there, he defeated Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan, Edge, Cesaro, Rey Mysterio, Finn Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura, and even John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and Big E. “ACKNOWLEDGE ME!” Back to present, Roman has a big smile on his face while the Usos applaud. That was a good video!

But then SETH ROLLINS appears! “Oooooh, what kind of party would it be without Seth Freakin’ Rollins~?” Hell of a video, and congratulations to the longest reigning Universal Champion of all time. They should celebrate, because that reign will end very, very shortly. But also, celebrate the fact that Roman made an honest man outta Rollins. Last week, Rollins came out, told Roman that he’s not responsible for any of his own success, and Rollins meant that in a meta way. Roman is the chosen one, catered to, but oh, Roman took it so literally. In fact, Roman sent his cousins to Raw to do the dirty work for him. If Roman had a message to send, he could just text.

But since we’re here celebrating, what they should be celebrating is the longest reigning SmackDown Tag Team Champions in history, The Usos! They in truth, and Roman knows it, too, are the cornerstones of the Bloodline. They’re the ones who make everything Roman do possible. They hold Roman up now, just like Rollins and Mox did in the Shield! So let’s have a celebration for the Usos! “UCE! SO! UCE! SO!” Rollins laughs and says it is fun to say that. Roman tells “little brother” Rollins that he makes all the same excuses. Did Cena write that stuff for Rollins? Roman assures Rollins that their match at the Rumble will be 1v1. Rollins has Roman’s word.

Oh, is he gonna add a “Believe that” next? Once upon a time, Roman’s word was as good as gold, but Rollins doesn’t believe him. So Roman should put his money where his mouth is. Rollins can get a partner, beat the Usos, and then bar them from ringside at the Rumble! Rollins even adds a You Can’t See Me. Roman mulls it over, but the Usos say, “Hell yeah! Challenge accepted, Uce!” Then we have a main event! Rollins loves it! Jey says Rollins is trippin’. Ain’t nobody crazy enough to team with Rollins in the first place, so they’re good. Yes, not too many people like Rollins. But uh… Here’s KEVIN OWENS! The Prizefighter and Rollins hug, Kevin shouts HE likes Rollins!

Roman has them cut the “stupid music.” Nothing is final until the Tribal Chief says so! Rollins is a betting man, huh? Then let’s raise the stakes. When Rollins & Kevin lose tonight, that means Rollins loses his match at the Rumble. And Roman can go on vacation until WrestleMania! Deal? Rollins thinks, and says, “You’re on!” What a huge match on the way to the Royal Rumble! Will the Usos clear Roman’s schedule for him? Or will Roman have no choice but to do things all by himself?


Kofi Kingston VS “Mad Cap” Moss w/ “Happy” Corbin!

The Right Hand of the King will not let it stand that the literal fool of SmackDown got the last laugh last week. Before the match, Corbin says they’ve been on a roll! First, they took out Drew McIntyre. Then Moss steamrolled Sir Kofi! As incredible as Kofi is, without King Woods, the Hand of the King is just a disembodied hand. If Kofi started a Garth Brooks cover band, what would he sing? Friends in NO places! But Kofi makes his entrance, and surprise! Big E is here! Even more Raw stars are showing up on SmackDown! Will the Powerhouse of Positivity keep Corbin from helping his hyena sidekick?

The bell rings, Kofi and Moss circle. Kofi dodges Moss to waistlock, headlock, but Moss powers out. Moss runs Kofi over with a shoulder and then gives two thumbs up. Big E coaches Kofi but Moss CLUBS Kofi to the corner. Moss whips Kofi corner to corner, but Kofi goes up to missile dropkick! And LEAPING LARIAT! Fans fire up as Kofi runs, for the NEW~ DAY~ Boom Drop! Big E says to make this quick work, and Kofi claps it up. Moss slowly gets up but Corbin distracts. Moss CLOBBERS Kofi from behind! Moss throws haymakers, CLUBS Kofi down, then throws Kofi out of the ring. Moss goes out and Corbin suggests to use the steps.

Moss gets Kofi up, whips him over, but Kofi leaps over the steps to jump back and CLOBBER Moss! And then Big E sends Corbin into the steps! The New Day is all fired up as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Moss has a chinlock. Kofi fights up and hits a JAWBREAKER! Kofi runs, Moss gets him up for a SPINEBUSTER! Corbin is fired up and Moss taunts Kofi. Moss also taunts Big E, then he stomps away on Kofi in a corner! The ref counts, Moss lets off and runs in, but is sent into buckles! Moss staggers up, Kofi rallies with DOUBLE CHOPS! And a dropkick! Kofi runs, but Moss ducks the lariat to kick low. Moss whips Kofi to a corner, Kofi goes up and up and RANAS Moss to another corner! Then STOMPS Moss down! Cover, TWO! Moss survives but Kofi drags him up to whip. Moss reveres, Kofi leaps, but into a POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!

Moss snarls, Corbin tells him to keep on Kofi. Moss says this is it, and he reels Kofi in. Kofi slips out of the gut wrench, dodges to TROUBLE IN PARADISE outta nowhere!! Cover, Kofi wins!

Winner: Kofi Kingston, by pinfall

Corbin gets in the ring, but Big E gets in, too. Big E dares Corbin to do something, but Corbin bails back out. Moss flounders up, Big E says this is for Corbin. Scoop and BIG ENDING! The New Day owns Corbin’s crony, will they own the Royal Rumble?


Aliyah VS Natalya!

Last time these two faced off, it lasted only 3.17 seconds because the Queen of Harts overestimated herself. Will Natty take Aliyah more seriously and redeem herself? Or will Aliyah still win, even if it takes longer than the blink of an eye?

SmackDown returns and Natty makes her entrance. Nashville’s own Summer Rae is in the crowd and is given a shoutout by the ring announcer. The bell rings, Natty kicks Aliyah then pulls her hair. Aliyah rolls Natty up, ONE! Natty bumps Aliyah off buckles, and stomps her. Natty drags Aliyah out to a snap suplex! Cover, ONE! Natty says Aliyah is gonna learn for disrespecting her, but Aliyah gets a cradle! TWO, and Natty LARIATS Aliyah down! Cover, ONE! Natty drags Aliyah up, whips, but Aliyah reverses. Aliyah runs in but Natty puts her on the apron. Aliyah throws a forearm, and hits a handspring huricanrana! But Natty’s right up, for a DISCUS! Cover, TWO!

Natty is frustrated with Aliyah and drags her up to reel her in. Natty gets a Canadian rack and uses gravity to stretch Aliyah out. Aliyah fights up, sunset flips, TWO! Natty whips Aliyah hard into ropes, then stomps her down! The ref counts, Natty lets off at 4, and she stomps Aliyah in the corner. The ref counts, Natty doesn’t let off, that’s a disqualification!

Winner: Aliyah, by disqualification

Aliyah wins again, but Natty only gets angrier! Natty fires off hands on Aliyah, and even dribbles Aliyah off the mat! But here comes XIA LI! The Protector returns to defend Aliyah from the bully, Natalya! Xia gets in the ring, stares Natty down, and then blocks Natty’s punch! Xia sobats Natty out of the ring, then dares her to try again. Natty leaves it at this, but will Xia make sure Natty learns not to cross the line?


Los Lotharios VS The Viking Raiders!

Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo may not have won the #1 contenders Fatal 4 Way, but they can definitely be a speed bump in the road. Will Erik & Ivar stumble against these two studs? Or will they run right through the heartthrobs on their way to the Usos?

SmackDown returns as the Viking Raiders make their entrance. Nashville is ready for the raid, and the teams sort out. Humberto starts against Ivar and they circle. Humberto knees low, CLUBS Ivar, then clamps onto an arm. Ivar powers Humberto back, tags in Erik, and whip. Humberto dodges Ivar but Erik scoops him for a SLAM! Then Erik scoops and SLAMS Ivar onto Humberto! Erik roars, drags Humberto up to whip to ropes, then scoops. Humberto slips out, Garza tags in, and Humberto feeds Erik to Garza’s GAMANGIRI! Garza fires off hands, knees Erik at the ropes, and off come the pants!

Garza throws the pants at Erik, has him against ropes, and tags Carrillo. Garza holds Erik out, they LEAP FROG ATTACK Erik down! Then double basement dropkick! Cover, TWO! Humberto rains down fists, then STANDING MOONSAULTS but flops! Erik KNEES Humberto down, hot tags to Garza and Ivar! The War Beard rallies on Garza, then hits a BASEMENT SPLASH! Humberto runs in, into a HEEL KICK! Ivar runs at Garza, but Garza dodges. He turns seated senton into POWERBOMB! High stack, TWO! Tag to Humberto, but Erik sneaks a tag in! Los Lotharios double whip Ivar, but he cartwheels through the double clothesline!

The Viking Raiders scoop a Lothario each, stack them on Erik, POWERBOMB POWERSLAM COMBO! Then they get Humberto up, THOR’S HAMMER!! Cover, The Viking Raiders win!

Winners: The Viking Raiders, by pinfall

Raid successful! But the ultimate challenge will be going after the gold! Will Erik & Ivar get the titles off the longest reigning SmackDown Tag Team Champions?


SmackDown Women’s Championship Contender’s Match: Charlotte Flair VS Naomi!

Adam Pearce stepped in to get past Sonya Deville’s bias, and now Naomi gets another chance! Will Nashville #FeelTheGlow now that things are fair and square against Flair?

SmackDown returns and Charlotte makes her entrance. But then Sonya appears outta nowhere and gets in the ring to talk with the ref. She wants to be the special guest referee?! Sonya throws off the jacket and the ref hands over his shirt. Naomi says Sonya can’t do this, but Sonya says she can. The bell rings, Naomi glares at Sonya, and then Charlotte ROCKS Naomi with a forearm! Fans boo but Charlotte stomps away! Sonya doesn’t count as a ref should, and Charlotte dribbles Naomi off the mat! Charlotte mocks the fans, drags Naomi into a headscissor necklock, and she RAMS Naomi into the mat again and again.

Charlotte squeezes tight, Sonya asks if Charlotte is okay, and she says yes. Charlotte TOSSES Naomi, and says this is too easy. She brings Naomi up to CHOP her in the corner. And CHOP! But Naomi kicks, Charlotte blocks, Naomi ENZIGURIS! And then RANA- NO! Charlotte blocks to a BOSTON CRAB! Naomi endures, crawls, Sonya stands in her way of the ropes! But Naomi fights through to kick Charlotte into Sonya! REAR VIEW!! Cover, but Sonya ignores it! Naomi would’ve won twice over by now! Naomi shouts at Sonya but then Charlotte CHOP BLOCKS the leg! FIGURE FOUR! Sonya just rings the bell?!?

Winner: Charlotte Flair, by referee stoppage

And then Charlotte bridges to a FIGURE EIGHT! Charlotte makes Naomi suffer a little longer, and then Sonya mocks Naomi, “How does it feel to be a big loser?” What does Naomi have to do to get Sonya to stop being a tyrant?


Backstage interview with Kevin Owens & Seth Rollins.

Kevin and Seth are in a good mood, even with tonight’s high stakes tag match. Why is Rollins willing to bet his Universal Championship opportunity? Kevin asks if he can take this one. Yeah, have at it. Kevin tells Kayla that if it wasn’t for the Usos, Kevin would be the longest reigning Universal Champion of all time, but they kept that from happening. So the thought of them doing that to his friend, Seth Rollins, it tears Kevin up inside. Rollins says Kevin has become an honest man! And Rollins says that the stakes may be huge, but the risk is worth the reward. Can Rollins beat Roman with the Usos by his side? Maybe.

But 1v1, well, “Death, taxes and Seth Freakin’ Rollins beats Roman Reigns every single time!” HAHAHA! Kevin even has a shirt that says that. The friends head out, but will it be a certainty that they make Roman VS Rollins truly 1v1?


Sami Zayn heads to the ring!

The Great Liberator continues to try and out Jackass the Jackass original, Johnny Knoxville, and we’ll see how he plans to do that, after the break.

SmackDown returns and it’s time for an all-new #InZayn! Sami has a collection of items on a table and he welcomes us to “self defense.” Many may not know this about Knoxville, but before he got famous doing Jackass, he got noticed for testing self-defense weapons on himself. So Sami is going to do the same here tonight! He has some of the most dangerous self-defense weapons on the market, and some not on the market, and will use them on himself! Anything Knoxville can do, Sami can do better! Starting with a cattle prod! The max setting could put down a rhino! So just going with level one, that’s quite a lot of voltage already.

Sami aims at himself, and here goes. One, two, three. ZAP! Sami hobbles around and tries to laugh off the pain. Not great, that wasn’t fun. Sami says it’s no big deal, really. Let’s go to level two! Knoxville was incapacitated for about 15 minutes, but let’s see how a real man handles it. Sami says he’ll even up the ante by putting it to his chest! Everyone, shut up! This is dangerous. One, two, three. ZAP! Sami falls right over into the ropes! Why does it hurt so much!? Sami gets up, but here comes Knoxville! So, Sami, you are so concerned about Knoxville making a mockery of his profession, yet Sami’s doing the same to Knoxville’s? Something seems off here…

Fans rally behind Knoxville and Sami says this is HIS show! Nothing is off! Knoxville snatches the cattle prod, and says this is a legit model. But it’s literally off. Sami never turned it on! Here, Knoxville will fix that. ZAP! And Sami falls right down! Yeah, that’s not good. Knoxville “apologizes” and wants to help Sami up. Sami asks why Knoxville did that, but Knoxville says, “See you at the Rumble.” And then Knoxville TOSSES Sami up and out! Will Sami stop trying to go InZayn and worry more about just wrestling the Rumble?


Adam Pearce talks with Eric Bischoff backstage.

Eric says a pessimist complains about the wind, while an optimist expects the winds to change. A true leader adjusts the sails. Pearce likes that. But in walks Sonya. Perfect timing. Pearce properly introduces them, and hopes Sonya knows of Eric’s history as a decision maker here in the WWE. Of course, and it’s a pleasure to meet him. She didn’t know he was coming, though. Well, Sonya, what you did out there in the ring was completely over the line. Pearce doesn’t know what this issue with Naomi is, but it needs to stop. It is affecting Sonya’s ability to lead. Pearce says  he’ll bring it to upper management that Sonya and Naomi should have a match, next week.

Sonya does her best not to explode, and says great. Let her know what they say. Sonya walks back out, and Eric says that was great leadership. Pearce thanks Eric for that, but will Naomi be the one who’s really thankful once she gets her hands on Sonya?


Sheamus w/ Ridge Holland VS Ricochet!

The Fella has his protégé back by his side! Will the damage to the nose be avenged? Or will the One and Only just give Sheamus some of the same?

SmackDown returns and Ricochet makes his entrance. The bell rings, Sheamus kicks low and fires off on Ricochet! Sheamus bumps Ricochet off buckles, fires more forearms, and Ridge says to unleash on Ricochet for the nose! Sheamus whips, Ricochet goes up and over then runs to KICK and CHOP and forearm! Ricochet runs, but into a scoop and BACKBREAKER! Sheamus snarls, drags Ricochet and drives elbows into his shoulders. Sheamus knees Ricochet in the back then wraps on a chinlock. Sheamus thrashes Ricochet, Ricochet fights with fists and body shots to hit a JAWBREAKER!

Ricochet runs, Sheamus scoops but Ricochet slips free to tiger wall kick! And dropkick! Sheamus staggers, Ricochet runs, but into an IRISH CURSE BACKBREAKER! Ridge loves it and Sheamus soaks up the heat. Ricochet goes to the apron, Sheamus drags him up to ROCK him with a forearm. Sheamus gives Ricochet Beats of the Bodhrain! Sheamus stops at 9 to go out to the apron and CLOBBER Ricochet back into the ring! Sheamus drags Ricochet up in a motorcycle stretch but Ricochet kangaroo kicks free! Ricochet dodges the boot and Sheamus ends up on the apron! Ricochet triangle jump dropkicks Sheamus down!

Ricochet builds speed, and DIVES into a knee! Sheamus takes Ricochet outta the air, then puts him in the ring. Sheamus runs in and BROGUES! Cover, Sheamus wins!

Winner: Sheamus, by pinfall

Ridge celebrates with The Celtic Warrior as he rolls towards the Rumble! Will Sheamus win the Rumble once again to head back to WrestleMania’s main event?


Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs rock out backstage.

Wait, is that Double J? Jeff Jarrett is here! Double J, E, double F, J, A, double R, E, double T! HAHA~! That was good, guys. But Jeff has to say, Boogs plays a mighty fine guitar. What’s his name? Double J wants to know his name? He’s Rick… BOOGS! Well, can he spell it? R I C K- Well, anyway, will we get a duet of Boogs and Jarrett some day?


Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens VS The Usos!

The Visionary and Prizefighter want to keep Jimmy & Jey from helping out the Tribal Chief at the Royal Rumble, but Roman wants a vacation. Will the Bloodline ironically prove Rollins right by doing their cousin’s dirty work? Or will Seth & Kevin be the ones that level the playing field against the Head of the Table?

Roman is watching from his private room as Rollins and Kevin go to the ring. This high stakes main event tag match determines Rollins’ fate, after the break.

SmackDown returns and Rollins starts against Jimmy. Rollins wants Jimmy to acknowledge the fans singing Rollins’ theme. Then Rollins rolls Jimmy up, TWO! Backslide, ONE! Rollins Oklahoma Rolls, ONE! Jimmy bails out and Rollins is feeling good. Rollins gives Jimmy time to come back, Jey tags in. Fans want tables already but Jey kicks Rollins low. Jey headlocks to the takeover but Rollins rolls it to a cover, ONE! Another, ONE! A third, TWO! Jey mule kicks hard, then he RAMS Rollins into the corner! Tag to Jimmy, the Usos mug Rollins, and Roman is pleased. Tag back to Jey, they stomp away on Rollins, and then tag back to Jimmy.

The stomping continues, Jimmy fires up but fans are torn. Jimmy drags Rollins up but Rollins powers him to the other corner! Rollins fires off, tags Kevin, and they stomp away on Jimmy in return! Tag back to Rollins, he stomps Jimmy more, then lets off as the ref counts. Kevin gets up to fire up the fans, and Rollins wrenches to kick Jimmy low. Rollins scoops and SLAMS Jimmy, then goes to a corner. Rollins climbs, but Jey distracts the ref. Jimmy trips Rollins up! Kevin protests but Jimmy bumps Rollins off buckles. Tag to Jey, Jimmy ROCKS Rollins with an uppercut, then holds Rollins still for Jey’s forearm smash!

Jey CLUBS Rollins down, stomps Rollins, and tags Jimmy. The Usos mug Rollins, Jimmy bumps Rollins off buckles, then stomps him down. Fans are torn as Jimmy holds up the finger. “UCE! SO!” Jimmy runs, but Rollins LARIATS him down! Fans fire up as both men are down, hot tag to Kevin! Kevin dodges Jimmy and fires off forearms and CHOPS! Kevin whips, CLOBBERS Jimmy with an elbow and adds a SENTON! Kevin DECKS Jey, shouts “SUCK IT!” and runs corner to corner and CANNONBALL into Jimmy! Then Kevin goes up top, only for Jey to rush over. Kevin kicks Jey away, SWANTONS onto Jimmy’s knees!

SUPERKICK! Tag to Jey, and he finds Kevin on the outside to SUPERKICK again! The Usos stand tall as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again and both Kevin and Jimmy are down. They crawl for their corners, hot tag to Jey and he goes past Kevin to DECK Rollins! Jey drags Kevin away, the ref keeps Rollins from getting in, and Jey stomps away on Kevin! Roman nods as he watches, but Kevin CHOPS back. Kevin DECKS Jimmy, CHOPS Jey, but Jey mule kicks! Kevin drops into the corner, Jimmy holds him down and Jey stomps. Tag, and Jimmy stomps Kevin down now. Jimmy rains down fists, the ref counts, Jimmy lets off at 4. Fans rally, Jimmy drags Kevin up but Kevin blocks the kick, and ducks the Dragon Whip to ENZIGURI!

Both men are down again, Kevin crawls, hot tags to Jey and Rollins! Rollins rallies on Jey, whips but Jey reverses, only to get a SLINGBLADE! And then a fireman’s carry, to a GUT BUSTER! Rollins clotheslines Jey out of the ring! Jimmy runs in but Rollins sends him out, too! Rollins builds speed and DIVES! He takes out both Usos at once! Nashville fires up as Rollins puts Jey back in. Rollins aims from the apron, springboards in, FLYING KNEE! Cover, TWO! Jey survives but Rollins drags Jey back up to suplex. Jey slips out, waistlocks, but Rollins switches. Jey switches back, back suplexes to a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!

Jey is frustrated, but he gets up and aims from a corner. SUPER- NO! Rollins blocks to kick and reel Jey in! Jey fights the bomb, Jimmy tags in! Rollins runs into an ALLEY-UCE! Cover, TWO!! Rollins survives and the Usos can’t believe it! Fans rally up, Jimmy decks Kevin off the apron to take away a tag! Jimmy goes up top, Rollins stands but he gets under Jimmy! Kevin tags in, ROLLING ELBOW from Rollins! Jey gets in, but gets a PELE! Kevin POP-UP POWERBOMBS Jimmy! Cover, TWO!! But Kevin hurries to put Jimmy in a drop zone! Kevin goes back up top, fans fire up, but Jimmy ROCKS him with an uppercut!

Jimmy GAMANGIRIS Kevin, then climbs up after him. Kevin holds ropes, and turns things around, SUPER FISHERMAN BUSTER! Kevin crawls to the cover, Jey breaks it! Fans are thunderous as Rollins tags back in! Forearm smash for Jey, then a flurry of fists and feet for Jimmy! Jey SUPERKICKS Rollins! Kevin kicks but no stunner! Kevin blocks Jey’s superkick to STUNNER anyway! Jimmy SUPERKICKS Kevin! Rollins SUPERKICKS Jimmy! ROLLING ELBOW, then the DREAM SMASHER! Fans are thunderous and singing Rollins’ theme as he aims at Jimmy, CURB STOMP!! But Roman runs in to SUPERMAN PUNCH!!

Winners: Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens, by disqualification (The Usos are banned from ringside)

Rollins was going to win, so Roman beat him to it! The Usos are still out of the equation, and the Architect is under the skin of the Tribal Chief! Will Rollins take advantage of Roman’s frustration and take away the Universal Championship?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode of SmackDown, though sadly a lot of it shares the same formula as Raw. The matches weren’t as long as they could’ve or should’ve been, and the promos took priority. I will say, stars from Raw showing up was quite a surprise. Perhaps a ratings grab play, maybe even an indicator that the rosters are combining into one again. But in Xavier Woods’ absence, it’s great that Big E is here to support Kofi. Kofi gets redemption in the rematch with Moss, and turns out we’re getting a tag match, New Day VS Corbin & Moss. That will be a really good match for the go-home as everyone’s going into the Rumble.

Jarrett showing up was random but they could be planting seeds for him and Boogs having something for WrestleMania. Bischoff showing up was cool, and I like that Pearce is putting Sonya in her place. Sonya again screws over Naomi but now she and Naomi are going to have a match. I just hope it lasts longer than five minutes, given how WWE is doing things these days. Aliyah gets another win because Natty loses her cool, but I appreciate that WWE remembered they were building to something with Natty and Xia. Viking Raiders get a quick win over Los Lotharios to stay warm for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match, but it doesn’t do much to make me think they’re winning the titles.

Sheamus getting payback on Ricochet for Ridge was rather anticlimactic. It was too short of a match for what we know those two can do. And can’t Ridge get payback for himself? Why is it Boogs gets the push while partnered with Nakamura but Ridge is just around while he’s partnered with Sheamus? They should basically be parallels. And when is Sami getting his title shot? I get Sami wasn’t going to really zap himself with the cattle prod, but they used such a corny zap sound. Even when Knoxville appeared to “really” zap Sami, it was a bad sound effect. Even though Sami’s the Heel, I hope he gets to eliminate Knoxville to get that heat, and then Nakamura eliminates Sami as instant karma.

But as has been the case for SmackDown these last 508 days, the best stuff was with the Bloodline. That really was a well made video to highlight Roman’s reign, and the interplay between Roman and the Usos was great stuff. Rollins and Kevin were great as always, too, and their tag match was a great match. I should’ve figured Roman would throw the match out of frustration. The Usos won’t be part of the main event, so unless someone from Raw who doesn’t like Rollins costs him, this could be the best opportunity to take that title of Roman before 600+ days.

My Score: 8.1/10

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