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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (3/19/21)

Who will be the Fastlane enforcer?



Coverage SmackDown 2021

Edge returns to action on SmackDown for the first time in ELEVEN YEARS!

The Rated R Superstar returns to in-ring action on SmackDown! And he’s going to fight “Main Event Jey” to see who joins Fastlane as special guest enforcer for the Universal Championship match!


  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks VS Nia Jax w/ Shayna Baszler; Banks wins and retains the title.
  • The Street Profits VS Rey & Dominik Mysterio; The Mysterios win.
  • Rey & Dominik Mysterio VS Chad Gable & Otis; Gable & Otis win.
  • King Corbin VS Sami Zayn; Corbin wins.
  • Bianca Belair w/ Sasha Banks VS Shayna Baszler w/ Nia Jax; Belair wins, by disqualification.
  • Edge VS Jey Uso; Edge wins and will be special guest enforcer at Fastlane.


Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair argue at the curtain!

The Boss doesn’t feel the need to apologize for anything, but The EST doesn’t why Sasha is taking this title match tonight. Nia Jax could beat both of them, not saying she will, but what is Sasha thinking? Sasha says this is because of Reginald! Oh so he’s still part of this? Sasha screws Bianca up last week but somehow Reggie is still on her mind? Sasha says the one in her head is Nia, the woman she will beat tonight. Bianca says Sasha really has an ego. The Boss, the Standard, made a bad decision. And Bianca is not going to save her. Sasha wasn’t going to ask her to. But then is she going to cost herself her SmackDown Women’s Championship just days from Fastlane?

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks VS Nia Jax w/ Shayna Baszler!

Arguing with her Fastlane tag partner before going for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships isn’t a good sign. Will the Legit Boss at least handle business against the Irresistible Force tonight? Or will Nia become the Irresistible Double Champion on the Road to WrestleMania?

Apparently, Reginald is on a spa day, so he won’t even be a factor here ringside. Will that at least mean things are fair for Sasha?

The introductions are made, the SmackDown Women’s title belt is raised, and the go-home begins with gold!

Nia talks smack about having Reggie on her side and then pie faces Sasha. Sasha SLAPS Nia, wrecks Shayna with a dropkick, then kicks Nia away! Sasha goes up to give Nia NIGHTSHADE! Sasha stomps Nia down, but lets off as the ref counts, to then run side to side for a METEORA! And a BULLDOG! Sasha wants the crossface but Nia powers out! Nia shoves Sasha then CLOBBERS her with an elbow! Sasha gets to a corner, Nia SPLASHES her! Nia brings Sasha around, scoops her, military presses the Boss, and DROPS her! Cover, TWO! Nia drags Sasha back up, scoops her again for a SLAM! Nia keeps talking smack as she runs to drop an elbow! Cover, TWO!

Nia keeps on Sasha with a whip and a BODY ATTACK! “It’s over now.” Nia fireman’s carries for a SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO!! Sasha survives and shocks Nia! But wait, here comes Bianca! Did Bianca change her mind about bailing the Boss out? Sasha gets out of the ring and Bianca is there to coach her up, but the SmackDown Women’s Champion is in a bad way as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Nia grinds Sasha down with a chinlock. Sasha fights up, fights out with elbows then whips, but Nia blocks to reverse. Sasha goes up, Nia catches her and drags her to a SPINNING SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO! Nia drags Sasha around to stomp on the legs a la Shayna, then she gets a STRETCH MUFFLER! Nia carries Sasha around, and then SWINGS her into the buckles!! Cover, TWO!! Sasha survives and Nia is pulling at her hair! Nia cools off, drags Sasha around again, then leans on a leg to get the chinlock. Sasha endures this modified STF, throws slapping shots, but Nia lets her go to get the Stretch Muffler again!

Nia carries Sasha around, but Sasha swings up to sunset flip! Nia stays up, sits down, but Sasha dodges! BLINDSIDE METEORA! Cover, TWO!! Sasha is shocked now but Bianca coaches her up. Sasha sits Nia up, tries to pull her up, but Nia throws Sasha out of the ring! Nia goes over but Sasha KICKS her! Sasha climbs on as a backpack but Nia powers her to a fireman’s carry! Sasha fights free with elbows, wants the crossface again but Nia scoops her. Sasha tilt-o-whirls to DDT! And then she gest the Bank Statement! Shayna shoves Bianca but Bianca chases her into the ring! The ref is busy with Bianca, Nia holds Sasha for Shayna, but Sasha gets away and Shayna’s KICK hits Nia!!

The ref sees Shayna but Bianca throws her out! Sasha jackknife covers Nia, Sasha wins!!

Winner: Sasha Banks, by pinfall (still SmackDown Women’s Champion)

Oh the irony! Sasha and Bianca were arguing, Shayna and Nia were united, but it was Shayna’s help that hurt Nia! Will the Women’s Tag Team Champions be able to get back on the same page so they can keep their tag titles from the #LegitEST?


Backstage interview with Edge.

The Rated R Superstar was, for many years, a cornerstone of SmackDown. How does it feel to have his first match back on SmackDown in over a decade? It’s crazy. This show has always felt like home for Edge. The best moments in his career happened here, like when he beat the Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Championship. But also, the worst moment in his career was when he had to give up that title and retire. With a lot of hard work and elbow grease, Edge is back on SmackDown again. It’s surreal, but it feels right. Just like it felt right to get involved with Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns.

Edge says Bryan deserves his fair shot at Roman Reigns at Fastlane. Without Edge around, it won’t happen. Even though Bryan hit Edge with a knee, it’s fine. Edge would’ve done the same to Bryan. But that brings Edge to Jey Uso. Jey can be one of the best in this business, but not while he’s in Roman’s shadow. So long as Jey follows Roman’s shadow, he’ll keep getting into trouble. And tonight, that trouble is Edge. Will the Opportunist become the Enforcer for Fastlane?



As announced on WWE’s official website and their various social media, WrestleMania is two nights, so it’ll have two hosts! Hulk Hogan and Titus O’Neil will be your co-hosts for WrestleMania 37!


Nia and Shayna talk backstage.

Nia is furious! She should be a double champion tonight, and she’s not, because Shayna ruined it! Shayna says it was Bianca’s fault. If Shayna costs them the titles this Sunday, Nia is letting her know that she will be coming for her! Shayna apologizes but Nia doesn’t want to hear it. She wants to know what Shayna’s going to do to make up for it. Shayna says she’ll go get a match with Bianca, kick her head off, and then give the nastiEST beating of her life. Will the Queen of Spades make up for depriving Nia of her moment?


Seth Rollins heads to the ring!

The self-professed Savior of SmackDown is back again, but what will he have to say? We’ll hear from the Architect, after the break!

SmackDown returns and Rollins says, “I recently made my triumphant return to SmackDown after a lengthy hiatus. And when I did, the entire SmackDown locker room came out to the ring, surrounded the ring, to greet me like a king.” Rollins says it’s not because they like him. Some might but most don’t, and that’s fine. But they greeted him because they respect him and what he’s done in the ring. So when they all turned their backs and walked out, Rollins respected their decision to be idiots. But there was one person who took that disrespect too far. “Cesaro stayed out here, by himself. He stood right there, he looked me in my eyes, he disrespected me, he hamulated me, he embarrassed me!”

And Rollins knows why! Cesaro is jealous of Rollins and his success! He’s jealous that Rollins is beloved and that Rollins is a WrestleMania main event while Cesaro is an abject failure. The big difference, even after all that, is that Rollins is a fight. You knock him down, he gets right back up. And after what Cesaro showed us last week, he can’t say the same thing. Rollins cues footage of Rollins attacking Cesaro during his rematch with Buddy Murphy, giving Cesaro multiple Curb Stomps! Cesaro tried to stand after but couldn’t. Rollins in the present mocks wobbly Cesaro. “What’s keeping you down, Cesaro? You having a hard time standing up for yourself?”

Rollins says maybe Cesaro tired himself out running around and reaching for the brass ring. But Rollins then gets serious and tells Cesaro to listen very closely: “You swung me 22 times! I counted. And you will never disrespect me or embarrass me like that again. Because I’m Seth Freakin’ Rollins. And you are the biggest waste of potential in the history of WWE.” But here comes Shinsuke Nakamura! Well talk about disrespect! Interrupting Rollins for what?! Rollins tells Nakamura to stay away or he’ll get what Cesaro got tenfold! Don’t disrespect Rollins! Nakamura is better than Cesaro so don’t do this! Nakamura ignores all Rollins’ ranting and takes the mic from him! “Shut. Up.”

Rollins swing son Nakamura, but Nakamura dodges to WHEEL KICK Rollins! Rollins sees Nakamura powering up and he bails out to avoid the Kinshasa! Nakamura dares Rollins to, “C’MOOON~!” Rollins gets in, but gets an STO! Nakamura powers up, KINSHASA!! The King of Strong Style leaves the Architect actually wobbling and staggering about. Will Rollins make good on his threat to give Nakamura the same treatment he gave Cesaro?


Another WWE Hall of Fame inductee has been named!

And it’s ERIC BISCHOFF!! The man who has had an immeasurable impact on the wrestling world, from running WCW to Monday Night Raw and innovating along the way, is now a WWE HOF’er!


The Street Profits VS Rey & Dominik Mysterio!

Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins are on the come-up, or rather the return back up, to those SmackDown Tag Team Championships! But will they be able to stay up against the father-son lucha duo?

SmackDown returns as the Mysterios make their entrance, and the current champions, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode, have joined commentary. The teams sort out, Ford starts with Dom and the two circle. They tie up, Ford waistlocks and throws Dom down to then float to a facelock. Dom slips out, hammerlocks then wristlocks, but Ford rolls and rolls and handsprings to sweep. Cover, ONE! Dom sweeps and covers, ONE! Ford arm-drags, Dom  arm-drags, and the two handspring to stare down. Dom offers a handshake, Ford takes it, but then Ford kicks low. Ford says Dom needs to get smarter. Ford back suplexes, Dom lands on his feet, and Rey tags in!

Dom whips Ford, Rey dropkicks Ford down! Cover, TWO! Rey brings Ford up, wrenches, but Ford blocks the whip to reverse. Rey kicks back, runs, slides under, Dawkins tags in! Ford runs Rey over, Dawkins gives him the boost, back suplex SPLASH! Dawkins covers, TWO! Ziggler tells Michael Cole to pay attention as Dawkins hits the CYCLONE SPALSH! Dawkins puts Rey in the Profits’ corner, tags Ford, and Ford whips Dawkins. Rey dodges, goes after Ford, Ford scoops him but Rey headscissors Ford onto ropes! Dom tags in, Dawkins DECKS Rey with an uppercut! Dom climbs up to leap and FLYING RANA Dawkins! Dom dials it up, into Ford’s LARIAT!!

Ford drags Dom up, and hits a back suplex to SLAM! Cover, TWO! Dom survives and Ziggler says this is just how Profits go. They do a lot of work but it never pays off. Dawkins tags in,. Electric Chair lifts Dom, but Rey knocks Ford off the corner! Dawkins BOOTS Rey, Dom victory rolls Dawkins up! THE MYSTERIOS WIN!

Winners: The Mysterios, by pinfall

The Ditty Dawgs have a laugh at how shocking that was! But before the Mysterios can actually celebrate, here comes the Alpha Academy! Chad Gable fires up Otis, but Gable wants the Mysterios to realize that win doesn’t put them in line for a title match before the Alphas. The Alphas already embarrassed “Shorty” when the number one pupil SQUASHED Rey like a pancake! And the Profits, no one cares about- The Mysterios dropkick the Alphas out! Then Dom springboards to CROSSBODY both Alphas! Now the Profits get to have a laugh! What’s going to happen after SmackDown returns from break?


Rey & Dominik Mysterio VS Chad Gable & Otis!

SmackDown returns and the father-son duo is in a double header! Gable already has Rey’s arm, Rey throws knees and haymakers, but Gable whips him to a corner! The Profits are on commentary now to counter the Dirty Dawgs, and Gable puts Rey up top. Gable climbs up, throws forearms, then brings Rey up. Rey resists, throws body shots back, then headbutts Gable down! Rey leaps, SEATED SENTON! Rey keeps moving, tilt-o-whirl headscissors puts Gable on ropes! Rey runs to dial it up, 619! Dom DECKS Otis, Rey climbs up top, but Otis is back to trip Rey! Rey lands back on the corner, Gable tags Otis in.

The Alphas drag Rey up to suplex to the mat! Otis drops a headbutt into ribs, then he drags Rey up to scoop and SLAM him! Otis drags Rey up to scoop and SLAM again! Otis stomps Rey, drags him up, and whips him to a corner hard! Rey bounces off buckles, falls over, and Gable talks trash. Otis drags Rey up tow hip again and CLOBBER him! Gable cheers Otis on and Otis drags Rey up to a bearhug! Rey endures the squeeze, and BITES Otis!! Rey is free, he kicks and runs, but into a snap scoop and SLAM! Otis runs but misses the headbutt drop! Rey gets up to dropkick Otis down! Both men crawl to their corners, hot tags to Gable and Dom!

Dom rallies on Gable with clotheslines and elbows, then dodges to hit a running Rana! Gable staggers into the wheelbarrow, but he powers up, only for Dom to swing around to a sunset flip! TWO, Dom runs in but Gable pops him up tot he corner! Dom comes back with a TORNADO DDT! Dom drags Gable to a cover, Otis breaks it! Rey runs in to DECK Otis off the apron! Rey keeps on Otis but Otis knees low! Otis throws Rey into the barriers! Dom runs, wheelbarrow swings and puts Gable on ropes! Dom dials it up, 619- BLOCKED! Gable gets Dom up, but Dom slips off. Gable switches, Otis tags in while Gable hits CHAOS THEORY!!

Gable sets Dom in the drop zone for Otis’ DOZER SPLASH!! Cover, the Alpha Academy wins!!

Winners: Chad Gable & Otis, by pinfall

The Dirty Dawgs are greatly impressed! But the Profits say they’re just dodging their challengers. The champions claim they welcome any takers, but then will they end up taking on all the tag teams we’ve seen tonight?


Sami Zayn is backstage with his camera crew.

He knows this happens every week, to where he should be used to it by now, but again the WWE sticks it to him. Sami has a match with Baron Corbin he didn’t sign up for! But hey! Kevin Owens comes by! Has Kevin given any thought to what Sami asked last week? About joining the documentary project. Kevin did think it over, but he still needs time. Sami tries to sell Kevin on this some more, and brings up Logan Paul. Logan Paul might even check this out! This is going to be huge! What is holding Kevin back?

Kevin asks Sami this: Has Sami ever considered that what’s happening is just Sami twisting reality to what he needs it to fit the narrative? They’ve both known each other a long time, but Kevin doesn’t remember Sami being like this in the past, claiming something wasn’t his fault. But this hasn’t been Sami’s fault! It’s not! How is Kevin saying this?! Kevin has seen what “they” have done to both of them! They who? Who is “They?” Sami can’t believe Kevin doesn’t see the obvious. Do Sami a favor, though. Be ringside for Sami VS Corbin. If Kevin sees something fishy, point it out. And if Kevin doesn’t see anything, then Sami will drop this whole thing, okay? Kevin agrees to that, but will he see things Sami’s way? Or how they really are?


Daniel Bryan heads to the ring!

The GOAT is going to Fastlane, but will he be going to WrestleMania? We hear his thoughts on his Universal Championship opportunity and more, after the break!

SmackDown returns and says, “Wow! What a night, what a night! In tonight’s main event, we have Edge VS Jey Uso, Edge’s first match on SmackDown in TEN YEARS!” And the winner gets to be the special guest enforcer for the Universal Championship match? WOW! If Jey wins, we all know what we’re going to get. Jey will do everything he can to make sure Roman wins. And if Roman was the champion he thought he was, he wouldn’t need that help. On the other hand, Edge is the Ultimate Opportunist. He will do anything he can to get what he wants, and what he seems to want more than anything is to face Roman 1v1 at WrestleMania.

Bryan gets it. It’s because Edge doesn’t want to face Bryan. Edge thinks he can beat Roman. But the difference between him and Bryan is that Edge thinks it, and Bryan knows it! Bryan will prove it at Fastlane when he makes Roman TAP OUT! But speaking of, here comes Roman Reigns! The Tribal Chief has his Special Counsel following after. Heyman hands Roman a mic and Roman talks to Bryan from the stage. “You’re going to tap me out? He’s going to tap me out. Look, DB. I can deal with you telling these little lies. Like a couple weeks ago, about being ambitious, about deserving to be in the main event of WrestleMania.” Roman can handle little fibs.

But Bryan’s going to lie about the Tribal Chief? Bryan can’t tap Roman out! He doesn’t stand a chance! Bryan has a better shot at shooting lightning out his ass or sprouting wings and flying out of here than tapping Roman out. Roman wants the “little man” to understand that NO ONE has made Roman tap out. Roman would rather lose his arm than tap out! And Roman would rather die in the ring than to lose to someone like Bryan. Would rather die? That’s rather strong. But Bryan wants Roman to understand that he’s talking about lies Bryan’s said. But all the things Roman’s said, Tribal Chief, Head of the Table, those are all delusions.

Everyone thins they’re invincible, until they’re not. Everyone thinks they’re unstoppable, until they lose. Everyone thinks they’ll never tap out, until they do. So Bryan won’t just make Roman quit, he will break Roman. He’s going to break Roman’s beliefs, of his delusions, and here’s the thing! Bryan hopes Roman doesn’t die. But if Roman taps out or doesn’t tap out, Bryan is beating Roman for the Universal Championship. Roman glares at Bryan as he leaves, but will the truth be revealed at Fastlane?


King Corbin VS Sami Zayn!

The moment NO ONE has been waiting for! The Wolf King and the Great Liberator have both been the least likeable, most irritating superstars on SmackDown, but now we’ll find who is the worst! Who wins a title no one wants, and who ends up the worst loser of them all?

The bell rings and the two rush each other. Sami knees low, headlocks, but Corbin pulls hair to throw Sami down! Sami scrambles to a corner, Corbin is after him but Sami kicks low. Sami scrapes Corbin’s face on ropes, CLUBS Corbin on the back then chokes him on the ropes. The ref counts, Sami lets off at 4, then he throws jabs. Sami whips but Corbin dodges to CLOBBER Sami! Corbin rains down fists, the ref reprimands but Corbin argues with him. Sami gets to a corner, Corbin runs in to corner clothesline! Corbin stalks Sami, Sami goes around the ref then gets a cheap shot on Corbin! Corbin rushes Sami but Sami POSTS Him! Cover, but Sami uses ropes!

The ref sees that and refuses to count! Sami argues that the ref should do his job! Sami stomps Corbin, then unties a buckle pad! Corbin rushes over but Sami elbows him away! The ref stops Sami from using the pad, but Corbin reels Sami in for an END OF DAYS!! Cover, Corbin wins!

Winner: King Corbin, by pinfall

Kevin was ringside as Sami wanted, but there wasn’t anything wrong with the referee’s officiating. Sami argues with the ref more but then he complains to commentary and Kevin. Kevin saw what he was talking to Sami about but Sami refuses to accept that! Kevin tells Sami he has to let this go but Sami is just getting angrier. Sami storms off, Kevin isn’t sure what to say about his behavior, but then Sami BOOTS Kevin!! “OPEN YOUR EYES! I’m not crazy, you’re blind!!” Sami storms off again, blaming the ref for this. How far will Sami’s paranoid, downward spiral continue?


BREAKING NEWS for Fastlane!

After both the encounter tonight and what Rollins did to Cesaro, the Savior of SmackDown will be facing the King of Strong Style in a match! Will Rollins be made to pay for what he did to the Swiss Cyborg?


Big E and Apollo Crews are interviewed by video.

These two are set to battle one more time for the WWE Intercontinental Championship, but are being kept apart so that no physical confrontation can happen. This battle has gotten personal, but will they ever be able to settle differences? Big E says that time is over. It is over, Apollo! They want to talk to Big E about reconciliation? We Are The World? No. All Big E wants to talk about is vengeance. Apollo has two days until Fastlane. And if Big E were him, Apollo should take those two days to appreciate the crisp March air. Take those two days to enjoy the normal function of limbs. Take those two very short days, and enjoy the present, because Apollo’s future is dark and bleak.

Big E says on Sunday, he will retain HIS title, no question. And Apollo… Apollo will get everything he deserves. Apollo’s response: He’ll get what he deserves? Big E better think carefully about his words because he is speaking to Nigerian royalty! Big E is treading dangerous ground. Does Big E understand what Apollo is saying? Apollo is reminded of an old Nigerian proverb his great-grandfather told those who threatened him. “You fill your mouth with a razor, and you will spit blood.” That is what is going to happen to Big E on Sunday at Fastlane! Apollo will crack Big E’s face, and see the Nigerian warrior within Apollo! Apollo will finally have what he deserves! Apollo’s ancestors will watch him stand over Big E’s mangled body as the NEW Intercontinental Champion!

Big E says why wait for Sunday? He takes off his mic and storms off camera, and so Apollo does the same! Big E goes out into the Tropicana and rides a golf cart to gorilla! He dares Apollo to bring his ass to the ring! Big E calls out Apollo as he rides, but where is Apollo? Apollo shouts back for Big E to find him! They cross paths and Apollo realizes Big E is in a golf cart! Big E almost runs Apollo over! Then they start brawling! Big E throws Apollo into a trash can, then uses the can to SMACK Apollo around! Big E throws Apollo into a cabinet! And then into a wall! And then stomps him on the floor!

Apollo can’t get away before Big E drags him up to throw him into another wall, and then back the other way! And then back the other way! Referees rush over, as do Adam Pearce and Jamie Noble! Apollo gets away, gets in the golf cart, and drives off! Big E is ready to bring out his rage! Will he humble the Nigerian royal when the gold is one the line?


Bianca Belair w/ Sasha Banks VS Shayna Baszler w/ Nia Jax!

After what happened during the SmackDown Women’s Championship match, the Queen of Spades wants to get payback on the EST! But will this be the nastiEST beating Bianca’s ever endured? Or will it just be a sweep that costs the tag team champions going into their title defense?

SmackDown returns and Shayna makes her entrance. Oh, and Sasha has her entrance separate from everyone else, because she’s Sasha. But then Sasha decides not to be in Bianca’s corner? She says Bianca has this, and the bell rings. Shayna rushes Bianca but Bianca dodges the kick! Bianca runs Shayna over, is confused as to what Sasha is playing at, but she scoops Shayna. Shayna slips out, shoves Bianca, then rolls to trip Bianca up! Shayna kicks and clubs Bianca and then tells Nia, “Look!” She throws Bianca out at Nia’s feet, and Shayna says it’s them together. Nia waves a hand dismissively and is making her exit?!

Shayna drags Bianca back into the ring and wants Nia to join in beating Bianca up, but Bianca SPINEBUSTERS Shayna! But wait! Natalya and Tamina attack instead!!

Winner: Bianca Belair, by disqualification

But they aren’t just hitting Bianca, they hit Shayna and throw her out! The second generation stars TOSS Shayna over the announce desk! Natty goes into the ring to get Bianca for haymakers! Bianca hits back! Bianca ROCKS Natty but turns around into a SUPERKICK from Tamina! Natty feeds Bianca to Tamina’s SWINGING SLAM! Nobody meana than Tamina, and the Queen of Harts is the Best of All Time! But will they be waiting on the other side of Fastlane for whoever are the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions?


Edge VS Jey Uso!

Over a decade ago, we all thought we’d seen the last of the Rated R Superstar. But after a return in one Men’s Royal Rumble and then winning another, he’s back in the ring on his home, Friday Night SmackDown! But will he make this moment even greater by winning the right to be Fastlane’s Universal Championship special guest enforcer?

SmackDown returns again and Jey makes his entrance. Bryan is also on commentary to see this in person. The bell rings and Edge ties up with Jey. Edge facelocks, drags Jey down and covers, TWO! Jey gets to a corner and Edge stays back. They circle again, tie up, and Jey headlocks. Edge powers through to get a headlock on Jey, but Jey powers out. Edge runs Jey over, then hops over to go for a crossface! Jey gets away to the ropes again, and Edge waits for him to return. Jey and Edge throw forearms, Edge gets the edge, and Edge whips to knee Jey low. Edge KNEES Jey down, then waits for him to get up, so he can STOMP him down!

Edge wraps Jey’s arm around a rope and pulls! The ref counts, Edge knees the arm, then backs off. Edge drags Jey up, wrenches, hammerlocks then chicken wings. Jey fights off the crossface but Edge bails out. Jey pursues but Edge elbows Jey! Jey blocks a bump and throws shots! Jey RAMS Edge into steel steps! The ref counts, Jey rolls in the ring and waits on Edge. Jey builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit and Edge hits the desk! Edge is down, clutching his ribs, as SmackDown goes to another break!

SmackDown returns once more and Jey is stomping Edge over and over! Edge writhes from the pain in his back but gets up to back hand and forearm Jey! Jey ROCKS Edge with an uppercut, and then brings Edge up to suplex. Jey hangs Edge out to dry on the ropes, and Edge slumps to the apron from the pain in his ribs! Jey runs and BLASTS Edge off the apron! Edge hits barriers and then falls to the floor, but Jey goes out to fetch him. Jey drags Edge up, puts him in, and looms over Edge before he stomps him again! Jey drags Edge up with a facelock, then slides him into a post! Edge shouts in pain, but Jey goes out to pull Edge into the post!

The ref counts, Jey lets off at 4, and then Jey stands on Edge before climbing up and into the ring. Edge gets out from the corner and Jey drags him up. Edge throws forearms, winces from the pain in his ribs, and Jey blocks the whip! Jey kicks, Edge blocks but Jey DRAGON WHIPS the ribs! Jey goes to the corner, climbs up, and leaps, but Edge gets under! Edge runs, DOUBLE CROSSBODIES take both men down! Edge took the worst of that but fans rally on their screens. Jey and Edge slowly stand as a standing count climbs, and Edge BOOTS Jey down! Edge drags Jey up, hammerlocks Jey’s arm and RAMS it into buckles!

Edge hops up the corner, winces from the pain, but LEAPS to KNEE Jey’s arm! Cover, TWO! Edge drags Jey up, Jey rams into Edge’s gut! Jey shoves Edge to SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO!! Edge survives but Jey is too sore to be frustrated. Jey goes to a corner, climbs up, but Edge stops him with a haymaker! Edge climbs up, and hits a SUPER STEINER!! Edge crawls to a cover, TWO!! Jey survives but Edge is also too sore to be frustrated. Edge and Jey slowly stand again, and Jey is in a corner. Jey superkicks but is blocked! Edge kicks low, IMPALER!! Edge fires up and grits his teeth as he goes to the corner. Jey crawls, gets to his feet, but SUPERKICKS the Spear away!

Jey climbs up, USO SPLASH!! But Jey’s arm slows him down! Jey crawls and pushes Edge over for a cover, TWO!! That delay was enough for Edge to survive! Jey drags Edge up, Edge WRINGS the arm out! Edge runs and SPEARS!! Cover, Edge wins!!

Winner: Edge, by pinfall (Special Enforcer for Fastlane)

The Rated R Superstar didn’t need to be an opportunist, but he did find the opening he needed! And now, he’ll be ringside to make sure things are fair and square at Fastlane! But then he turns around into ROMAN’S SPEAR!! Roman tells Edge this is HIS show! Then Roman dares Bryan to do something! Bryan goes to the ring but Jey CLOBBERS him! Jey throws Bryan in for Roman’s SPEAR!! Roman says Bryan won’t tap him out. Roman says Bryan will never take the title out of his hands! Will it even matter that Edge is ringside? Will Roman still find a way to retain the title?

My Thoughts:

A very good SmackDown and a very good go-home. Opening with the SmackDown Women’s Championship was a good move, mostly because we knew somehow, someway, Sasha was retaining. I do like that the finish is helping to bring back the dysfunction between Nia and Shayna, though with the RawDown Women’s Tag Division being so scarce, I hope Shay-Nia doesn’t break up yet. I don’t see them losing the titles, if only because there will be more dysfunction between Sasha and Bianca than there is between Nia and Shayna. Natty & Tamina attacking during Shayna VS Bianca was also a good touch, I just wish there was time for them to have a match with Sasha & Bianca to at least see if they can take the title opportunity from them.

I’m glad to see we’re getting Rollins VS Nakamura at Fastlane, that makes sense in story. I just hope that if Cesaro shows up at Fastlane, he’s still on Nakamura’s side and not weirdly converted to Rollins’ side. Now Murphy helping Rollins would make sense in story, too, even if it’s disappointing that all Murphy has to fall back on is being Rollins’ sidekick again. Rollins VS Cesaro has to happen at WrestleMania, even if it’s just part of Night 1. Big E and Apollo Crews had a great interview segment, and a great brawl backstage. Their match really needs to be No Disqualification so they can unleash all of this animosity in the ring.

The tag team scene was really wild tonight, but it was all indicative of what we’re likely to get out of it. Mysterios beat Profits, Alphas beat Mysterios, and the Profits pinned the tag champions in the 8 Man, so there’s perhaps a Triple Threat #1 Contenders match coming, winners face Dirty Dawgs at Mania. The best part of Sami VS Corbin was the video package before it, calling it the opposite of all the classic sayings, like “Most anticipated” becoming “Least anticipated,” etc. Corbin gets the win because Sami was too busy trying to cheat, and of course Kevin doesn’t see things Sami’s way because Sami’s going nuts. This being why Kevin VS Sami happens is actually really clever, and it is definitely going to be big for Mania.

And once again, the main story, the best story, is the Universal Championship story. Bryan saying Edge doesn’t want to face him, saying he’ll tap out Roman, this is a great way to make Bryan’s Face persona as motivated and confident as his Heel persona. Roman had a good response, Bryan had a good counter, and Edge’s backstage interview to respond to it was good, too. Edge VS Jey was very good, though maybe had a rusty start because this was also Edge’s newest return to a singles match. It got really good by the end, but of course Edge wins because it does fit Bryan’s own promo that sure, Jey will stack the deck in Roman’s favor, but Edge is a wild card.

Roman attacking Edge and Jey getting the jump on Bryan is a natural move, but I don’t know if Roman standing tall will make the math go in Bryan’s favor. Edge could help Bryan screw Roman over, Edge could “inadvertently” mess Bryan up, who knows. But there’s less predictability here, and maybe, just maybe, we could end up with a Triple Threat at Mania.

My Score: 8.5/10

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Andrew’s AJPW Champion Carnival Results & Match Ratings: 4.11.2021

Day 3 of the Champion Carnival had video on demand issues, so it wasn’t uploaded until the 12th. Hopefully Day 3 continues the positive momentum the first two days have already created!



Day 3 of the Champion Carnival had video on demand issues, so it wasn’t uploaded until the 12th. Hopefully Day 3 continues the positive momentum the first two days have already created!

Hard to say I wasn’t a little annoyed the VOD took so long to post, but better late than never; especially when the next event isn’t until the 17th.

Anyway though! Zeus looks to topple the current Triple Crown champion and continue his undefeated Carnival streak and Ashino has to do something to get off the bubble; but Kento is a big ask. We could be looking at a quick favorite to win as well as the walking dead.

Let’s hope nothing too drastic happens! Check it out!

Match Ratings:

  • Jake Lee vs Koji Doi: Jake wins via D4C @8:10 – **
  • Shuji Ishikawa vs Yuma Aoyagi: Ishikawa wins via Single Leg Cradle @11:13 – ***
  • Kento Miyahara vs Shotaro Ashino: Ashino wins via Grapevine Ankle Lock @12:11 – *** ½
  • Zeus vs Suwama: Zeus wins via Jackhammer @19:52 – *** ¾



Jake Lee vs Koji Doi

Total Eclipse inner faction fighting! Since Jake is the leader, he starts off in typical heel leader fashion telling Koji to lie down and eat the pin. Koji lies down; Jake drapes himself in a cocky cover, so Koji goes for the crucifix at the 2 count. Jake snaps up and he looks shocked that Koji went against an order, but then we get to a match.

Koji does a solid job keeping Jake off balance with power attacks, Shoulder Tackles and an interesting Football Tackle with the lift and slam. Jake eats a decent amount of offense, including a few short arm Lariats, before he starts stabilizing with Knee Lifts and Yakuza Kicks.

Lucky for Jake, even though Koji countered the D4C once, after Giant Killing, Koji wasn’t countering anything. Jake hits D4C and gets his second win of the tournament! Not a flashy match honestly felt a little silly at points with how quiet and echoed the arena made the match feel. Hopefully the setting doesn’t continue to plague the atmosphere of the matches.

Shuji Ishikawa vs Yuma Aoyagi

Now this was decent, though the hollow quiet atmosphere of venue is really detracting from the matches. Yuma was trying to find openings, but Shuji continued to run him over and abuse him with power early. And it was during these slower spots, the deafening silence of the venue made for weird watching.

Even though Shuji hit a Scoop Slam into the corner of the arpon, multiple Tsunamis and a flashing Scoop Fire/Thunder Driver, Yuma stayed resilient. Yuma nearly made the bigger man tap in End Game, but Shuji was able to find the ropes. Yuma hits an O’Connor Roll into the Japanese Leg Clutch, Shuji manages to get out of that, goes for a Tsunami, Yuma slides and tries to scoop Shuji for a Roll-Up, but at two Shuji manages to reverse the Roll-Up, grab a single leg and keep Yuma down for a three count!

Even though I have yet to be convinced by Yuma, the fact he got a finish that still made him look strong while putting up a good fight against a decorated opponent like Ishikawa; that says a lot about his potential rise on the card.

Kento Miyahara vs Shotaro Ashino

Ashino is in the unenviable position of last place after two days. With a 0-2 record, he really REALLY needs this…and he of course has Kento as his roadblock. They’ve traded wins in the past, and come off as rivals who don’t really like one another.

The match starts quick with Ashino shooting the half, grabbing a leg and searching for the Ankle Lock early. Kento fights out, but Kento is surprised and Ashino stays on him. Ashino pulls Kento to the ring post and wraps Kento’s left leg against the post a few times. Kento fires and Snake Eyes lands Ashino into the corner of the apron.  This gives Kento plenty of time to walk off the early ankle damage and play into his cocky arrogance, all while messing with the referee and his opponent.

Whenever Ashino managed to get back in the ring, he was greeted by Blackouts to the front and back of his head. It wasn’t really until Kento went for the Shutdown Suplex, that Ashino hit a second wind. Both men trade German Suplexes, Ashino continues with a Deadlift Overhead suplex and he starts building momentum back.

He teases a German from the apron to the floor, but Kento blocks, fights off and Piledrives Ashino instead. Kento fires off Blackouts as Ashino once again barely beats the count out, but after landing his ninth Blackout of the fight, Ashino grabs the left leg, rolls through and goes for the Ankle Lock. Kento tries to fight off, but Ashino refuses to let go, readjusting, rolling through, pulling Kento back into the center away from the ropes; eventually dropping down into the Grapevine. Kento has no other option but to submit!

Ashino finally gets on the board, and Kento joins him in the 1-2 portion of the standings! I wonder how much the ankle will play into the rest of Kento’s carnival.

Zeus vs Suwama

Last year during Zeus’ carnival winning run, he had a match with Suwama which resulted in Suwama sustaining an arm injury. Thanks to this knowledge, and the sting of a failed challenge when Suwama recovered, Zeus came out attacking the arm and trying to replicate some of his success from last year.

The beauty in Zeus’ arm attacks, is not only were the Key Lock and Arm Bars effective to play on the old injury, they also inhibited Suwama from executing the Last Ride Powerbomb. Zeus’ attack really did great, as well as giving him the power advantage against someone who can usually match him in that department. Zeus lifted out of Boston Crabs, met Suwama head on with Biceps Explosions and even broke out the Frog Splash a few times.

In a nice reference, Suwama was able to fight out of the Arm Trap Facelock this time, but Zeus had too much of an advantage. Zeus peppered in Chokeslams, Lariats, another Frog Splash and eventually ended the match with an impactful Jackhammer. This was a solid struggle throughout, injured only by the awkward venue setting.

Who will be the first person to hang a Carnival loss on Zeus since 2019?

Overall Score: 6.75/10

While there wasn’t really a lot to complain about in terms of action, I really hated the venue. With the Japanese crowd rules of not being able to scream and having to just clap or stomp, it was very noticeably irritating in this event.  Slower moments felt empty and stupid, almost back to the empty Quarantine times, which definitely impact smaller events and smaller companies.

Aside from that, we got a lot of really great finishes. Ashino finally getting on the scoreboard AND over Kento is great. Zeus continuing his streak from last year, Jake well…doing Jake things and Shuji looking strong as a current title holder should. Otani and Sato were missed a little today, but let’s check out the standings!


  1. Zeus: 3-0 – (6 Points)
  2. Shuji Ishikawa: 2-1 – (4 Points)
  3. Jake Lee: 2-1 – (4 Points)
  4. Shinjiro Otani: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  5. Kohei Sato: 1-1 – (2 Points)
  6. Shotaro Ashino: 1-2 – (2 Points)
  7. Kento Miyahara: 1-2 – (2 Points)
  8. Suwama: 1-2 – (2 Points)
  9. Koji Doi: 1-2 – (2 Points)
  10. Yuma Aoyagi: 1-2 – (2 Points)

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Lucha Central Weekly: NXT Takeover Stand & Deliver…DELIVERS! Plus Too Many AEW Factions, WWE WrestleMania Week, and more!

The world of Lucha Libre comes alive on the Lucha Central Weekly podcast, discussing Takeover, AEW Factions, and more!



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