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Rob: The RAW Women’s Championship Situation…Is Complicated

Rob digs into the WWE RAW Women’s Championship situation, and it’s… well it’s kinda complicated!



Asuka WWE Raw Women's Champion

Rob digs into the WWE RAW Women’s Championship situation, and it’s… well it’s kinda complicated!

Five weeks out from WrestleMania we have a tale of two women’s divisions.  On SmackDown the title match is set and it’s just a matter of what hijinks will ensue between Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair on the way there.  On the Raw side, well………it’s complicated.  Champion Asuka has been out for the past couple of weeks after an injury and the opponent she was supposed to face at the Elimination Chamber, Lacey Evans is out for a while for maternity leave.

That’s left the entire division up in the air, and from the looks of things we could be headed to a familiar matchup between Asuka and longtime nemesis but current tag team partner Charlotte Flair.  Which of course is starting to bring up the usual chatter from some sections of the fanbase regarding the Queen.  Some names have been thrown around as alternatives but we don’t have any reason to believe yet that anything but the safe route is going to be taken.  Which begs a few questions.  One, is that the right way to go this year?  And if not, then what is?

If we’re going to stick to kayfabe (which we should seeing as how it’s a TV show with fictional characters and all) then a 12 time singles champion still in her prime should be a favorite to win her way to a title match over the next five weeks, particularly against a field of opponents that have caused her very little trouble in the past.  If you profess to desire logic and continuity in your wrestling storytelling then that should be pretty freaking obvious.

But that’s not really the issue here, is it?

After all I don’t think there is a big constituency for Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke or Peyton Royce (more on her later) to win their way to a title match at WrestleMania.  I don’t think any of you guys or gals want to see Lana in that spot either.  Any of those four ladies would get squashed in five minutes and we’d be wondering why they even booked the match in the first place.  Y’all aren’t mad about Charlotte Flair the character winning her way to a title match so much as y’all don’t want Ashley Fleihr to get chosen over her co-workers to perform in a big spot again.  But here’s the thing – if you’ve been going on saying that Asuka deserves better out of her title reign and that she deserves a WrestleMania worthy of her abilities then if you’re not going to go with Charlotte then there’s one other option on the Raw roster right now:

Naomi.  That’s it.  Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax are likely penciled in for a Tag Team Title defense on the show.  In kayfabe (which again is what we should be relying on here as far as what happens on camera) Naomi is a former two time Smackdown Women’s Champion, former FCW Women’s champion, and WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal Winner.  Last year she pinned the then-Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley, and this year she pinned Asuka in a tag team match.

Outside of kayfabe Trinty Fatu has shown that she can be relied on to perform big in big spots whether it’s in the last two Royal Rumble matches, Money in the Bank matches, or the rare time she’s gotten a singles match on a pay per view.  And if you want to play the you deserve it card she repeatedly been tasked with trying to drag decent matches out of people who clearly aren’t as good or as compelling of performers as her.  If you say no to Charlotte and are looking at the rest of the active Raw roster in the time frame that they have to set up and build to a WrestleMania match then you gotta pick her.

But what about Rhea Ripley?

What about her?  She’s debuting on Raw soon, and she’s poised to do some big things afterwards.  She will inevitably challenge for and defend the Raw title at WrestleMania in the  future.  But if you’re going to sit here and say Charlotte would be leapfrogging over people if she gets the match then what the hell would Ripley be doing?  Do you want her to win the title in that match, too?  Just how would that fit with your wanting Asuka to be “treated better” ?  And unless you’re expecting her to have a forever title reign then how are you going to take it when she loses that title later year, quite possibly to the same woman you don’t want in the match now?

Have you thought all that through, or are you so fixated on not wanting one person to get the match that you’re willing to throw all logic and consistency out the window?  Also, looking at the other side of the street there’s a historic match for the Smackdown Title on deck between Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair; the significance of that match renders the Raw Title match second fiddle regardless so do you really want to spend your big splash for Ripley on a match that’s going to get overshadowed anyway?  Look if you just want Ripley to get the match then say so.  But don’t try to spin it like that’s some kind of justice for those who haven’t gotten as many title matches as Charlotte has, because it just isn’t.

And speaking of which…Peyton Royce

I can’t speak on all this without mentioning the Peyton Royce segment on Raw Talk this week, where she went on about just that.  That segment is coming off the heels of her mother in real life responding to a tweet from WWE about Charlotte setting her sights on the Raw Title by saying that she thinks it’s time for someone else to get a chance (that someone else obviously being her daughter, let’s be real here), so we have a case of art imitating life in wrestling.

And I gotta say, that kind of thing needs to stop.

The Man, or in this case the McMahon (sorry, I had to) is not holding down everyone who isn’t on TV regularly or not getting title shots or whatever.  Sooner or later there needs to be a conversation inside the business that there are levels or tiers or whatever on every company’s roster and that the people who get to stay in the top ones are the people who have proven themselves reliable in those spots.  And to date, she has not.

Over the past year she’s been in the ring with everyone from Bianca to Charlotte to Asuka to Sasha Banks and Bayley to Nikki Cross to her own former partner Billie Kay and you’d be hard pressed to remember anything she did in any of those matches to stand out or at least get recognized alongside her opponent.  Now there are people who work with her that have vouched for her in ring abilities, and I will not debate any of them on that.  But as a viewer I have yet to see one match or  segment of hers that made me want to see more.

And before you blame the writers/bookers for that, look at Lana.  Lana used to be someone I changed the channel or hit the mute button on when she came on TV.  But she took those table bumps for nine weeks and while people were on twitter complaining about it those spots built up sympathy for her as a character and made me want to see how she would get some kind of payback.  And over on Smackdown the Riott Squad gets roughly the same amount of time as Peyton and yet manages to do something with it to make you want more of them.

I’ll leave you with this.  If the main reason you think someone should get a bigger push is because they haven’t gotten one yet, or haven’t gotten one in a while, then that’s not gonna cut it.  At the end of the day they have to give you a reason to support them that is based on who they are, and not on who they aren’t or what they haven’t gotten or because the internet says they’re really good.  If they’ve been on TV, worked with everyone who matters, even held a title and you still can’t remember anything they did then that speaks for itself.

The men and women who have gotten pushed to the top usually don’t need more than their entrance and a minute or two of match highlights to show why they’re where they are and the ones who actually should get moved up can do the same.  And cutting the same ‘the boss isn’t giving me a proper opportunity’ promo isn’t enough either whether it’s on Raw Talk, Dynamite, or any other company’s show.  God knows that it is used entirely too much in every corner of the business now.  It worked for Daniel Bryan and Becky Lynch because when time came to show us who they were, they delivered because they were already that good at performing.  But it just doesn’t work for everyone, because everyone isn’t that good a performer to get that over.  If you can’t do what they did then don’t expect the same results.  Simply not being pushed as far as others isn’t enough.

At the end of the day the question isn’t “should you be pushed more?”, it’s “why should you be pushed more?”  What’s the answer?  If all you got is “time for someone else besides ___?” then you’ve got nothing.

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (11/22/21)

Survivor Series aftermath!



Coverage Raw 2021

Who is the Face of Raw?

While Raw won the Survivor Series, the WWE World Champion lost. Does this foreshadow Big E’s fall to Monday Night Rollins? Also, who stole the Egg of Cleopatra?!


  • Matt Riddle w/ Randy Orton VS Dolph Ziggler w/ Robert Roode; Riddle wins.
  • Bianca Belair VS Tamina w/ Natalya; Belair wins.
  • Finn Balor VS Seth Rollins; No Contest.
  • The Street Profits VS AJ Styles & Omos; Styles & Omos win, by disqualification.
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H. VS Carmella & Zelina Vega; Carmella & Vega win and become the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship: Reggie VS Cedric Alexander; Alexander wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • WWE 24/7 Championship Holiday Blockbuster: Dana Brooke wins and becomes the new WWE 24/7 Champion.
  • 2v1 Handicap: Rey & Dominik Mysterio VS Bobby Lashley w/ MVP; Lashley wins.
  • WWE United States Championship Open Challenge: Damian Priest VS Sami Zayn; Priest wins and retains the title.
  • WWE World Championship: Big E VS Austin Theory; Big E wins and retains.


Vince McMahon sits in his office.

He drums his fingers as he sees the display case is still empty. The Egg of Cleopatra, which is a real thing apparently, was gifted to him by The Rock himself, but it disappeared during Survivor Series! Whodunnit?! The entire WWE roster, from Raw AND SmackDown, is suspect. But they found nothing? He reminds them the value of this $100 million egg, and the sentimental value. Someone STOLE from Vince McMahon! Sonya Deville promises they interviewed everyone, had police search, and no one knows or found anything. Well someone better know something. Because if they don’t, Sonya and Pearce are done! Pearce is sure a superstar did it!

Sonya says they have surveillance footage but it’s very blurry. A bare chest, bare legs, maybe a woman…? Well if someone gives them a lead, Vince will reward that person. Or if they bring that person in themselves, they can get a WWE World Championship match! Vince waits, but will there suddenly be a scramble for the golden egg?


Backstage interview with Randy Orton.

Kevin Patrick says he was hoping to also interview Orton’s tag team partner, who has a match tonight, but Matt Riddle isn’t here right now. Orton knows that, but he knows Riddle. He could get lost in his own house! But it’s not like him to miss a match. Last time Orton saw him, they had beaten the Usos, they were celebrating, and Orton was telling Riddle how that now, finally, with Riddle listening to Orton, no one could stop them. But now we don’t know where Riddle is and… But then Riddle walks in, with a beard and mustache that resembles Orton’s! The hell did he do? Riddle says he was busy doing “Viper stuff.” Sigh…

Riddle wants Orton to know it’s him. Did you know what he had to go through to have the goatee? But he’s doing what Orton said: He’ll be Orton. Riddle does his best to talk like Orton, saying he’ll give Ziggler a painful introduction to the Legend Killer, the Viper, Apex Predator, and the man who has competed in more WWE PPV matches than any superstar in history! Wow, Orton has a lot of sweet nicknames. But Dolph’s gonna be zigzagged into his own personal, bleach blonde nightmare when Riddle hits the three most dangerous letters in all of sports entertainment: The R. K. BRO-

ENOUGH!! Orton said for Riddle to be like him. Not BECOME him! Riddle doesn’t want to be in Orton’s head. Too late, he’s already there! He’s hearing voices! Hit Randy’s music!

Matt Riddle w/ Randy Orton VS Dolph Ziggler w/ Robert Roode!

The Vipe-BRO is ready to take on the Show-Off, but will this match help him come to his senses? Or will Riddle actually do Orton better than Orton does Orton?

Raw returns as the Dirty Dawgs make their entrance. The bell ring, Riddle and Ziggler tie up, Ziggler gets a leg then brings Riddle down. Riddle spins and gets a victory roll, ONE! The two back off and circle. Riddle shoots in, gets a leg and lifts Ziggler up but Ziggler slips around to get a cradle, TWO! The two stand off again and they tie up. Riddle hits a FLYING ARMBAR! Ziggler moves around to a cover, TWO! Another reset and the two go again. Ziggler shoots in to waistlock, they go around but Riddle wrenches on an arm. They end up on ropes, Ziggler elbows Riddle away. Riddle gets up but into Ziggler’s dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Ziggler goes after Riddle’s face with fish hooks but lets off as the ref counts. Riddle sees his mustache is gone! Ziggler then pulls Riddle against the ropes! The ref counts, Ziggler lets off, and he takes the goatee! Ziggler whips corner to corner, Riddle goes up and over and comes back with a KICK! Riddle gut wrenches and spins around, to then gut wrench SUPLEX Ziggler out of the ring! Orton applauds and fans fire up as Riddle goes to the ropes. Slingshot, into a SUPERKICK! The Bro is down and Orton checks on him. Roode checks on Ziggler, the Dawgs mock Orton’s pose as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Riddle fires off hands on Ziggler, then turns him around to PELE! Riddle kips up and fans fire up! Ziggler is in the corner, Riddle runs in to forearm smash! Then goes side to side to hit another forearm smash! Riddle tries again but Ziggler elbows him away! Ziggler runs in, but into a POWERSLAM! Riddle hits it just like Orton and fans fire up! Riddle gets Ziggler at the apron and drags him into the ropes! But Ziggler gets in to dump Riddle out! Riddle hurries back in, into a FAMOUSER! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up and Ziggler drags Riddle up for haymakers. Riddle gives them back and now we have a brawl!

Riddle and Ziggler keep going, back and forth! Ziggler kicks a leg, then scrapes laces on Riddle’s face! Ziggler fires up but the fans boo. Riddle blocks the superkick to spin Ziggler and FINAL FLASH! Fans fire up as Riddle hears voices in his head! Orton is amused, Ziggler gets up, RKO!! Cover, Riddle wins!

Winner: Matt Riddle, by pinfall

The Viper is proud, but here comes Roode! Orton kicks Roode down, gives Riddle back the ‘stache, and then he scoops Roode to use the BRO DEREK! RKBRO are on the same page, will they be completely unstoppable from here on out?


Rhea Ripley leads the charge on tearing things up backstage!

She, the Viking Raiders, Rick Boogs, and anyone you can name, is looking for the Egg of Cleopatra! R-Truth says he found it, but that’s a football! Truth accidentally runs into the women’s restroom and rushes back out! “It ain’t in there!”


Becky Lynch is here!

Big Time Becks won big for Raw against SmackDown Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair, and she did it just how Charlotte would. But now the Raw Women’s Champion is looking to take a victory lap, after the break.

Raw returns and fans are chanting for Becky as she gets the mic. “Brooklyn. Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn.” Becky has had some of the biggest moments in her life here. Three years ago, her career skyrocketed as she stood here, she slapped Charlotte Flair across the face. What we saw last night at Survivor Series was a culmination of a decade of love, hatred, friendship and betrayal. Becky came out, wanting to hurt Charlotte. To injure her, to embarrass her, to maim her. Charlotte wanted to do the same, but the fans loved every second of it! They didn’t care who walked out they winner or if they walked out at all.

But of course Becky won! That was never a question. At least, not to Becky. But that’s done, we’re over with that and we’re on to a new chapter. Something fresh and new. Because fans love fresh and new, right? Yeah! So who that’s fresh and new would they like to see on top? Rhea Ripley? Maybe Bianca Belair back on top? Or how about her new #1 contender, Liv Morgan? Yeah, yeah! It’s so funny, because Becky used to put stock in our opinion until she realized we’re all full of crap. Don’t boo! They want fresh and new but we saw 10 women breaking their backs, trying to prove themselves to us, but we had our chants and the wave and sang songs! Yeah, you did!

But hey, look. It hurts Becky to say this, but she actually agrees with them. None of those 10 “superstars” has what it takes to beat Becky, least of all Liv. Oh they like her now cuz she’s an underdog? Cuz she won one big match in four years? You all bitch and moan when Liv loses because she will lose. Not every underdog has its day, Brooklyn. Becky has a death grip on the title! And whether you like it or not, no one is getting the belt off Big Time Becks! Becky throws down the mic and raises the belt. Will this be the image we see until the end of Becky’s career?


Bianca Belair VS Tamina w/ Natalya!

The EST proved she was the toughEST by being the SOLE SURVIVOR for Team Raw! Will she settle things with the Daughter of Superfly to start her road back to the title?

Before the match, Bianca gets the mic to speak. “Yes. Last night, I came all the way back from being 4 to 1! And I was able to do that because the WWE Universe was supporting me, was cheering me on. I was able to show both brands I am the strongest, the fastest, the roughest, the toughest, the quickest, the greatest, and now there is no denying I am the B E S T because I am the Sole Survivor!” So hopefully now Doudrop will stop being so salty. She should find something better to do with her time, like find that golden egg. But please excuse Bianca as she shows Tamina what she showed Team SmackDown, and that is nobody can whoop Bianca!

Tamina makes her entrance, and Natalya accompanies her out since everyone from Raw and SmackDown are here. Will Tamina prove she’s the meanEST in the WWE? We find out, after the break.

Raw returns and the bell rings. Tamina and Bianca tie right up, go around, and Bianca puts Tamina in the corner. Tamina turns it around, kicks low then whips Bianca corner to corner. Bianca goes up and over and handsprings to say, “Kiss this.” Tamina runs in but Bianca jumps over then dropkicks! And then again! Bianca wrenches, kicks low, and reels Tamina in for a suplex! And a kip up! Fans fire up as Bianca whips her hair, then runs to handspring and MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Natty coaches Tamina but Bianca keeps her cool. Fans rally “E S T!” but Tamina shoves her to a corner. Bianca boots her away, goes up and over again, then runs back in to hop up and punch.

Tamina avoids the punches to trip Bianca up! Then SUPERKICK! Bianca staggers into a SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO! Natty is upset but Tamina goes after Bianca in a corner with stomps. The ref counts, Tamina lets off, then goes corner to corner to HIP ATTACK! Cover, TWO! Tamina drags Bianca up and clamps on with a neck wrench! Bianca endures, pries at the hands but Tamina holds on tight. Fans rally up, Bianca fights but Tamina CLUBS her! Tamina keeps on the neck wrench, Bianca fights up and fights back! Bianca runs but into a back elbow! Natty cheers but fans boo. Tamina drags Bianca up, whips her to a corner, then runs in, only to get POST!

Bianca BOOTS Tamina into the post, then gets in to torture rack! KISS OF DEATH!! Cover, Bianca wins!

Winner: Bianca Belair, by pinfall

The EST wins again! But then Natty attacks from behind! Natty goes for the legs but Bianca boots her out of the ring! Bianca is upset with the Queen of Harts, but here comes DOUDROP! Piper Niven trips Bianca to then hit the SPLASH!! The EST means nothing to her! Will Piper prove she’s the strongest by making Bianca the flattest?


Finn Balor VS Seth Rollins!

The Prince didn’t last as long as the SOLE SURVIVOR on the Raw men’s team, but will that mean a thing when they go 1v1? Or will the Visionary, the revolutionary, Seth FREAKIN’ Rollins build even more momentum on his way to the WWE World Championship match he is promised?

Raw returns and Rollins has a mic. “Oooh, Brooklyn, give it up for your SOLE! SURIVORRR~! HAHAHAHA! Oh yeah! Last night, right here in this ring, I did what I was born to do! I took this show, I put it over my shoulder, and I led Team Raw to victory~!” He takes a few bows and fans sing his theme for him. Rollins loves it! And the best part? Rollins did it all by himself! The rest of his team were eliminated! Kevin Owens showed the world that he is what Rollins said he was: a liar, a snake and a coward, and he walked out on them. Bobby Lashley, the All Mighty, got counted out? “And Austin Theory, bless his sweet soul, he tried so hard, but he just wasn’t good enough.”

And then Finn Balor… Rollins laughs it up more as Balor got a BROGUE from Sheamus and got pinned on the mat, 1-2-3, no help. But in a few moments, Finn Balor will walk down the ramp, get in the ring, and Rollins will lead by example when he shows Finn Balor a thing or two about what it means to be the best! Because Rollins is a revolutionary. He is a visionary. He is SETH- Interrupted! Finn makes his entrance but Rollins attacks him on the apron! Rollins fires off hands on the outside, clubbing away on Finn! Then he puts Finn in the ring, throws off the jacket, and gets in, for Finn to tackle him!

Rollins kicks Finn away but Finn DECKS Rollins! Rollins bails out, Finn builds speed and FLIES! Direct hit and now Finn takes off his jacket to put Rollins back in the ring. Rollins bails out, Finn goes around the side and runs in, but into a FLAPJACK to the barrier! Rollins then SMACKS Finn off the desk, rams him into the apron, then throws him into barriers! And then Rollins throws Finn over the announce desk, to KNEE him into the barriers! Rollins stomps away on Finn! The ref has him back off, but Rollins goes to the steps! Rollins pulls the steps apart, and uses the top half to RAM Finn down! Fans lose their minds over that one while Rollins looms over Finn.

Rollins puts Finn in the ring, and hits a CURB STOMP!! The match hasn’t even started, and now it might not at all! Rollins storms off to go up the ramp, but then he looks back. Rollins goes back to the ring, and gives Finn another CURB STOMP! Finn’s eyes are glossed over, but then a fan jumps in. Cameras cut to keep on Finn. Rollins is still standing tall, will he use this same viciousness to take the world title from Big E?


The egg hunt is still on!

Speaking of a title shot, everyone is going nuts for the prize that will bring them one! Shanky brings up the rear as everyone, man and woman, wants their golden ticket!

Sami Zayn, meanwhile, talks with Vince personally. Sami heard rumblings that anyone with a lead on the egg gets a title match tonight. Yes, that is true. Well then, Sami knows who took the egg. He should preface that he’s pretty sure. Like 95% sure. So Sami knows something or not? Yes, he does! Then bring that person in! Yes, he’d love to but the thing is, that person isn’t here yet? But Sami promises to bring that person and then he’ll have the match. Shake on it? Just bring the person here. Sami heads out, but is he telling the truth? Or is he just stringing Vince along to get that match?


Kevin Owens is searching around backstage.

Sarah comes over to ask him about how he abandoned Team Raw. What is his response to Rollins? Oh, he wasn’t listening. But he was looking for the egg. Apparently it’s a big deal, he could get a title match out of it. But if Kevin isn’t the one fortunate enough to bring the egg to Mr. McMahon, he can’t wait to see who does. And Kevin has great interest in who walks out tonight as WWE Champion. That’s no lie. Kevin heads out, will he find the grand prize tonight?


The Street Profits VS AJ Styles & Omos!

Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins are here, as well as the red Solo cups, but they also bring out a duffle bag! What’s in the bag? It can’t be the egg, they’d give that to Vince. Maybe we’ll find out, after this phenomenal match!

Raw returns and Styles makes his entrance, with Omos right behind him. Omos came out the winner of the 25 Man Battle Royal with a whopping TEN eliminations, but this tag match is about how the Profits got the drop on Styles when it came to the Pizza Hut pizza. The teams sort out and Ford starts against Styles. They circle, Styles kicks low and bumps Ford off buckles. Styles whips Ford to ropes, Ford reverses and then runs to run Styles over! Ford fires up, drags Styles up and Dawkins tags in. They whip, Dawkins runs Styles over, then back suplex SPLASH! Dawkins gets Styles up and tags Ford back in. Another whip, but Styles holds ropes to tag in Omos!

Omos stares the Profits down and they bail out. The Profits talk this over, perhaps coming up with a plan, while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Dawkins fights out of a headlock. Dawkins runs but into a dropkick! Styles covers, TWO! Styles drags Dawkins up, cranks on the facelock and grinds Dawkins down. Dawkins endures, fans rally up, but Styles CLUBS Dawkins down. Styles swings on Ford but Ford avoids that, and Dawkins kicks low! SILENCER! Both men are down and fans fire up! Dawkins crawls, hot tag to Ford! Ford jumps over Styles, hits Omos then mule kicks and front kicks Styles. Ford hurdles then LEAPING LARIATS Styles down! Ford taunts Omos then drags Styles up, but gets a Phenomenal Blitz! Ford ducks the back hand to back suplex! STANDING MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!

Ford hurries to a corner and climbs up. Styles gets under the jump, Ford comes back but swings in to a back suplex, only to land on his feet! Styles PELES Ford down! Styles reels Ford in, but Ford back drops out of the Clash! Styles crawls to the corner, Omos tags himself in! Ford sees he’s alone with Dawkins still down on the outside. Ford gets loose and runs in, but bounces off Omos! Omos gets him up but Ford fires off CHOPS! ENZIGURI! Omos staggers, but he comes back to LARIAT Ford! Omos roars, “This is MY house!” Ford slowly rises but Omos is waiting. Omos clamps on, but Dawkins gets in so Omos lets Ford go to throw Dawkins out!

Omos looks and finds Ford crawling to ropes. Dawkins gets the duffle bag, and he has a fire extinguisher! Omos pops Ford up in a fireman’s carry, but Dawkins BLASTS Omos in the face!

Winners: AJ Styles & Omos, by disqualification

Styles jumps in, but into a BLAST from the extinguisher! Well, that’s one way to get the smoke! Will Ford & Dawkins look to put out the fire that’s inside Styles & Omos soon enough?


Carmella & Zelina Vega talk backstage.

The Queen admires Mella’s new gear, but Sarah walks over to ask them their game plan for the women’s tag title match. Let’s be honest. The real question is, what is the plan against Rhea Ripley. They are NOT worried about Nikki. Nikki can be fun and has her moments, but they are not scared of the “scrappy little sidekick.” We all know Rhea’s been carrying the team, that Vega & Mella will overpower them with “royal beauty,” and leave Nikki all alone while leaving here with the titles. That is how you prove you are the diamonds of the WWE. Smarts, strategy, and strength. They will be on top, where they will stay once they become the NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions! They head out, but will they learn to not underestimate an Almost SuperHero?


Veer Mahaan is coming.

Who will he strike out with his million dollar arm and ruthless aggression?


WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Rhea Ripley & Nikki A.S.H. VS Carmella & Zelina Vega!

Raw returns as the Most Beautiful Woman and the Queen of the Ring make their entrance. The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see if it takes more than good looks to be a team!

Mella starts against Rhea but she has to get her protective mask. Mella’s team puts on the mask, the one she struggled to put on at Survivor Series, and this one is bright red! Rhea goes out to BOOT Mella down! Rhea puts Mella in, glares at Vega, then gets in the ring. Mella runs in but Rhea catches her to LARIAT! And again! And then ripcord HEADBUTT! The mask doesn’t protect from that one! Rhea snapmares and runs to basement dropkick! Mella scurries away to tag in Vega! Rhea doesn’t sweat that as Vega can’t even get the leg takedown. Rhea gut wrenches Vega and TOSSES her to the corner! Rhea then keeps Vega cornered with a shove!

Vega crawls under but Rhea gets a leg! Vega kicks Rhea until she’s free, but then she SLAPS her! Rhea HEADBUTTS Vega, Electric Chair lifts, but Vega fights! Vega tries to rana but Rhea holds her back to pop her up! But Vega turns it to a DDT! Cover, TWO! Vega clubs Rhea, clamps on with a sleeper, but Vega becomes a backpack as Rhea stands up. Fans rally, Rhea RAMS Vega into the corner! Tag to Nikki and she DECKS Vega! Snapmare to NECK SNAPPER to Vega, then a whip to the corner. Vega reverses, Nikki goes up and over and runs, dodges and LARIATS! Nikki whips then SPLASHES Vega! Nikki climbs up to rain down fists on Vega, all the way to 10!

Nikki BULLDOGS Vega down, then gets her up to SWINGING NECKBREAKER! Cover, Mella breaks it! FACEBUSTER! Rhea gets in and chases Mella out! They go around the ring, Vega crawls to cover Nikki, but Rhea breaks it in time! Mella attacks Rhea from behind, and FABULOUS KICKS her out of the ring! Mella goes out to FABULOUS KICK Rhea into a post! But Nikki drags Mella up to the apron! Vega mugs Nikki, chokes her on the ropes, then lets off for Mella to FABULOUS KICK! Vega hops on, CODE RED! Cover, Vega & Mella win!!

Winners: Carmella & Zelina Vega, by pinfall (NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions)

The Queen of the Ring has even more gold now! Will this only add to the growing egos of both Zelina and Carmella?


Vince McMahon is still waiting.

But Sonya comes in, saying they found the culprit! Pearce will bring him in! We’re going to see who the egg thief was, after the break!

Raw returns and Sami Zayn has also returned. he has partial credit for this, as Austin Theory walks in! Vince wants a minute alone with Theory so Sonya and Pearce exit. Why did Theory do this? He knows how valuable the egg is. He just wanted to take a selfie with it. But there was so much security, he couldn’t go to the locker room, he got scared. Vince won’t believe that unless he sees the selfie. Theory has one. Sami says that is disgusting behavior. But then Vince thinks. Theory took a huge risk, went a little afoul of the law. But Vince will drop the charges. What? Really?! Yeah, Theory is reminded of Vince. Theory gets his shot! Really!? Can he get a selfie! Sure.

Sami is furious! How is Theory being rewarded?! The person who brought Vince the culprit was supposed to- SHUT UP! No one likes a snitch, Sami. Sami gets a headache. But will Theory be taking a selfie with the world title after tonight?!


WWE 24/7 Championship: Reggie VS Cedric Alexander!

The slippery sommelier is going 1v1 with PRIMED Alexander in this traditional match, but will Reggie slip away from The Hurt Business?

The bell rings, Alexander swings but Reggie goes Matrix! Reggie smooths out his vest, Alexander fakes Reggie out then ROCKS him on the return! Alexander clubs away on Reggie in the corner, stomps away on him, then lets off as the ref counts. Alexander fires up then stomps Reggie more! Alexander eggs Reggie on, but Reggie throws body shots. Alexander DECKS Reggie with another forearm! Alexander gets Reggie up, suplexes, but Reggie RANAS out of it! Cover, TWO!! Alexander escapes, Reggie hurries to get him up for haymakers and CHOPS! Alexander shoves, then BOOTS the crossbody down! Alexander gets Reggie up, LUMBAR CHECK!! Cover, Alexander wins!

Winner: Cedric Alexander, by pinfall (NEW WWE 24/7 Champion)

But here comes the mob! Alexander runs but DANA BROOKE hits a BLOCKBUSTER! Cover, Dana wins!!

Winner: Dana Brooke, by pinfall (NEW WWE 24/7 Champion)

And all the guys have to hold back. They can’t hit a woman, right? Dana gets to celebrate this big moment! But will she have to worry about the women’s locker room coming for her every waking moment?


The Mysterios talk backstage.

Dominik wants to talk to Rey about something. Last week, when Lashley put Rey in the Hurt Lock, Dom froze up. He apologizes, but Rey tells Dom not to beat himself up. Rey’s been doing this a long time and Lashley isn’t the first monster he faced. Brock Lesnar, Kane, Batista, The Undertaker. But Rey has always held his chin high, ready to fight. Rey can fight his own battles. But tonight, they fight together, and Rey is damn proud of it. Rey fights for him, Dom and the family! The All Mighty should be the one shaking. They’re gonna give him a Mysterio family whooping!


Backstage interview with Dana Brooke.

Sarah congratulates her on being a champion, but how does she plan on keeping this title? Well Dana doesn’t have a lot of time, but she created an opportunity and captured it. That’s how she lives her life every single day, overcoming any obstacle in her way. But she has a target on her back, so it’s time to show the world who Dana Brooke is!


2v1 Handicap: Rey & Dominik Mysterio VS Bobby Lashley w/ MVP!

The Rocky Mountain Machine heads out first, Montel Vontavius Porter once again in his corner. Lashley was only counted out during the Survivor Series 5v5, will he look to finish this one in the ring?

Raw returns and the Mysterios make their entrance. MVP has the mic to speak. “Rey, I want to tell you that I have so much respect for you because you are an absolute icon of this industry. And despite your diminutive size, you have become a giant! But… As a father… You leave so much to be desired, I’m really disappointed in you.” Has Rey even taught Dom that monsters are real? Rey knows they’re real because he’s faced them. But he hasn’t defeated a monster the likes of the All Mighty Lashley. What is Rey gonna do as a father in just a few minutes when Dom is in the Hurt Lock, writhing in agony, crying out, “Papi! Ayuda me!” and Rey is powerless to do anything about it?

Rey’s ego is gonna get Dom hurt. And when they look Angie in the face and say Dom got hurt because of that ego, well… Just give her MVP’s number. Rey is riled up but Dom goes after Lashley first! Lashley shoves him away then runs him over! Lashley glares at Rey but Dom jumps on! Lashley throws Dom off to then hit a COMPLETE SHOT! Lashley goes after Dom at the ropes, brings him up and suplexes, but Dom sips out to ta gin Rey! Dom then baits Lashley into the POST! Rey runs in to shotgun Lashley down! Rey tags Dom back in, the Mysterios go after Lashley with everything, Rey tags in to keep it up!

Tag back to Dom, fans fire up as Dom fires off! Tag back to Rey, he fires off and rams his shoulder in. But Lashley powers Rey up and runs, but Rey sunset flips! Lashley drags Rey up, whips him to a corner but Rey goes up, only to get caught for a POWERSLAM! Lashley stalks Rey, gets a half nelson but Dom missile dropkicks Lashley out of the ring! Then PLANCHAS! But Lashley catches Dom, pops him up to a fireman’s carry, but Rey DIVES! Direct hit and down goes Lashley! The Mysterios regroup and stand tall as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Lashley chokes Dom on the ropes! The ref counts, Lashley lets off, but MVP SLAPS Dom! Lashley kicks and gut wrenches Dom to the DOMINATOR! Cover, TWO!! Dom survives but Lashley throws him out of the ring. Rey coaches Dom, Lashley goes out and looms over him. Lashley drags Dom up, fireman’s carries and he POSTS Dom this time! Rey hurries over to check on Dom as the ring count climbs. The count is passing 5 of 10, Rey can only coach Dom, but Lashley goes out after Dom again! He RAMS Dom into barriers! The count is climbing again, Lashley drags Dom up at 5 and then puts him in the ring at 8.

Lashley stalks Dom to a corner, Dom slowly gets up and Lashley taunts him. “Hit me, kid. Hit me!” Dom throws body shots but they do nothing and Lashley CLUBS Dom down. Lashley drags Dom up to shove, but Dom kicks, only for Lashley to block! Dom ENZIGURIS! Lashley staggers, but he kicks Dom back! Another gut wrench, but Dom lands out of the slam to basement dropkick! Fans fire up as Dom tags in Rey! Rey dodges, KICKS and forearms, then runs to slide under. Rey BOOTS Lashley, springboards to QUEBRADA, but Lashley catches him! Dom tags in and gives Rey a push for the TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO!

Dom drags Lashley up, throws hands, runs and kicks then tags Rey. Dom sunset flips and Rey missile dropkicks him down! Cover, TWO! Rey hurries to tag Dom back. Lashley gets up, the Mysterios bait him in to drop toehold onto the ropes! They dial it up, DOUBLE 619!! MVP panics while Dom goes up! Rey tags in before Dom FROG SPLASHES! Rey is up top now, FROG SPLASH!! Cover, TWO!! Lashley survives and MVP says that’s why he’s the All Mighty! Rey tags Dom, Rey whips Dom in, but Lashley puts Dom on the apron. Rey runs in to a SPEAR!! But Dom leaps, into Lashley’s arms! HURT LOCK!! Dom is a rag doll, but he taps! Lashley wins!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by submission

The Mysterios had heart as always, but the Rocky Mountain Machine shows no mercy! Is this enough for Lashley t


Backstage interview with Big E.

The WWE Champion had one hell of a match with Roman Reigns, but was he blindsided by the news that he’d be defending his title tonight? Well last night, Big E let a lot of people down. You can’t blame Heyman or the Usos, that was on Big E. But there is no wallowing in self-pity, Big E has his hands full. Quite literally, he was hungry. There’s Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens to worry about, but now he has a match with Austin Theory. The kid is young and brash, but he is talented. Big E can assure us that after retaining his title tonight and leaving the beautiful Barclays Center, he will feel pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good. Big E heads out, will he keep the title picture just the way it is?


Backstage interview with Liv Morgan.

She thanks Kevin Patrick for having her here, and he congratulates her on being #1 contender to the Raw Women’s Championship. It is bittersweet. Raw won last night, but she was- Becky interrupts. They need to get the story right. The story is that Liv again underdelivered. A team full of winners, and thankfully Bianca pulled it out for Raw. But Liv did nothing. It takes Becky back to Money in the Bank. Everyone was rooting for Liv, she got up to the top of that ladder, inches away from grabbing the briefcase, but then someone else came along, outshined her, Nikki A.S.H. got the briefcase and cashed in to get the title, the very one Liv will never hold. Liv’s pretty sure she held it up last week.

Becky wants Liv to know something. Becky does autograph signing every week and she lets the little kiddies hold the belt. That doesn’t mean they’re champions. But the thing is, Liv, Becky told her she’d be champion and Liv told everyone, so Liv’s embarrassed Becky, embarrassed the friends who aren’t even here anymore, and her family. Aw, is Liv gonna cry? That’s embarrassing. Crybaby Liv~! Liv DECKS Becky with a forearm! Liv is seething but she walks away. Becky gets up in a huff, but maybe this is the Liv Becky’s been wanting to see?


WWE United States Championship Open Challenge: Damian Priest VS ???

The rage within cost the Archer of Infamy his match against Shinsuke Nakamura, but he doesn’t seem too bothered by that. Will he keep the Damian within in check to hold onto the title? Or will this hometown anti-hero be caught off guard by someone here tonight?

Raw returns and Apollo Crews has made his entrance. Azeez introduces himself, and he demands the fans to stand and applaud this Nigerian hero and soon to be the savior of the WWE United States Championship! “His Excellency,” Apollo Crews is given the mic, and he tells “Mr. Priest, or should I say Damian.” Because lately, he’s had this split personality. Priest is ashamed of who he truly is. But as for Apollo, he has embraced his heritage, found his true self, and that is why when he fights Priest for the title, he will decimate Priest! Crews is more powerful than ever as a Nigerian warrior, and he will show Priest is not fit to be champion!

Priest tells Apollo that maybe he hasn’t realized, but he’s in New York. Fans fire up for that one. Priest asks if Apollo hears that. Out here, if you wanna run your mouth and tell your world about how you found yourself, start a podcast. Or just a thought, just shut up and fight. Now, if Apollo wants to get to know the real Damian Priest, then let’s just throw down for the title. Oh, funny guy. Yes, they’re in Priest’s hometown. But for them to fight, that would not be fair. So Apollo is answering no to the challenge. So here comes Sami Zayn! First, the world sees that Sami is right about the WWE conspiracy against him goes all the way tot he top when Vince denied Sami his title opportunity!

But when one door closes, another one opens! Apollo and Azeez aren’t accepting the challenge, that’s not the smartest thing, but that’s just an opinion. But if they don’t want it, then Sami happily accepts! Sami will not leave empty handed! Tonight, he walks out the NEW United States Champion! Azeez and Apollo take their leave, the title is raised, and the Great Liberator looks to liberate that title from Priest!

The bell rings but Sami bails out, only for Priest to give chase. Priest keeps Sami from getting in and he ROCKS him with a right! And then another! And then another! Priest puts Sami in, but Sami bails right back out. Priest gives chase again, keeps Sami from running away but Sami elbow shim! And EXPLODER into the barriers! Sami has Priest down and out while Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and Sami covers, ONE! Sami wraps on a chinlock to grind Priest down. Priest endures, fights up and throws body shots. Priest is free, he fires off KICK after KICK then a ROLLING ELBOW! Sami goes to a corner, Priest runs corner to corner and back elbow! Priest runs, dodges, BELL CLAPS then ripcords, but Sami gets around to BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO! Sami drags Priest to a drop zone and hurries up the corner. But Priest gets up to KICK Sami down! Priest drags Sami up but Sami resists the superplex and rakes Priest’s eyes! Sami sunset flips to the SIT-OUT BOMB! Cover, TWO! Priest survives and Sami is frustrated.

Sami drags Priest up but fans chant, “SAMI SUCKS!” Sami throws hands on Priest, but Priest ROCKS Sami, then ROCKS him again! Then ROCK Shim with another! He blocks Sami’s boot to scoop and dragon sleeper, but Sami slips out to roll up and high stack! TWO, and Priest is up to WHEEL KICK! Sami staggers, leans on the ropes, but Priest runs in to fire off hands. Priest whips, Sami holds ropes and bails out! Priest drags Sami back up to the apron but Sami hotshots him! Sami then chokes Priest on the ropes! The ref counts, Sami stops at 4, then Sami grabs the title belt. Sami puts it on his shoulder but he hasn’t won it yet. Sami pie faces Priest, but that only sets Priest off!

Priest BOOTS Sami, runs at the corner and fires off haymaker after haymaker! Choke grip to the SOUTH OF HEAVEN CHOKE SLAM! Priest roars, drags Sami up to hit the RECKONING! Cover, Priest wins!

Winner: Damian Priest, by pinfall (still WWE United States Champion)

Sami doesn’t get anything for the night other than beat up! Will the Archer of Infamy continue to shoot down opponents and hold onto the title?


Backstage interview with Austin Theory

For the first time ever, he’s in a WWE Championship match! That’s so awesome! He even got a selfie with Mr. McMahon! Who else can say that? But what’s cooler than that is that Theory will become the youngest WWE World Champion in history. He just go here, he isn’t trying to sound cocky, Big E’s done a lot. But did you see what Theory did for Raw? And then Big E was a big loser. Theory is the future, we know that, and the future is now! Vince knows it! Big E is gonna learn that soon, when Theory takes a selfie as the NEW WWE Champion!

WWE World Championship: Big E VS Austin Theory!

The champion is out first, and he tells the title itself that nothing’s taking it from him. Will Big E prove Theory is only the next champion in theory?

Raw returns and Theory makes his entrance. But then Seth Rollins also appears! The Visionary switched out jackets but he still swaggers around. The introductions for Big E and Theory are made, the title is raised, and Rollins sits by commentary to watch and see who he’ll be targeting with that title contract!

Big E gets Theory for a wiastlock but Theory switches and headlocks,. Big E powers out, Theory rolls Big E up, ONE! Theory gloats, then he SLAPS Big E! Big E ROCKS Theory then fires off at the ropes! Big E fires off in the corner, too! Big E reels Theory in for a back elbow, and then another, and then another! Theory flounders, Big E whips and CLOBBERS him! Big E drags Theory to the apron, CLUBS him again and again and again, then goes up to take aim. Big E runs in to SPLASH Theory down! Theory sputters as he gets in, but now Kevin Owens makes an entrance! This catches Rollins by surprise, too! Kevin did promise he’d be watching, but he wants to watch ringside?

Big E is distracted, Theory runs in, Urenag- NO! Theory slips out, elbows Big E, hooks the legs, AOI SHOUDOU! Cover, TOW!! Theory sees Big E go out and WRECKS him with a dropkick! Rollins shouts at Kevin about being out here but Kevin says this is a great match to watch up close! Will the Prizefighter keep things honest as he watches ringside? For now, Raw goes to break.

Raw returns, Theory fires off forearms, then runs to basement DDT! Cover, ONE! Rollins is anxious with Kevin so close but Kevin just watches the match. Theory slaps Big E around, throws more forearms, but Big E just powers up! Theory runs into an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! And another! Theory runs, Big E side steps to SIDE Belly2Belly! Big E swivels the hips, runs and BIG SPLASHES! Big E claps it up, fans clap with him, “NEW! DAY ROCKS!” Theory slips out of the scoop, baits Big E in and drop toeholds him into buckle! Somersault SHOTGUN! Cover, TWO! Theory grows a bit frustrated, he brings Big E up and fireman’s carries, but Big E fights free!

Big E whips Theory up and out, then runs but into a knee! Theory gets in, runs in but into the Urenag-E! Cover, TWO! Rollins is getting mad but Kevin just watches as Big E goes out after Theory to put him back in the ring. Big E glares at Rollins and backs him up before he goes to the apron. The ref is busy with Theory, Rollins CHOP BLOCKS Big E! Theory somersault BLOCKBUSTERS! Both men are down, but Kevin throws Rollins into the ring! Rollins is mad at Kevin, they argue, Theory is distracted seeing these two about to throw down. Theory turns around into a BIG ENDING!! Cover, Big E wins!

Winner: Big E, by pinfall (still WWE World Champion)

But Rollins and Kevin are getting heated. They shove each other, but Big E CLOBBERS them both! Big E TOSSES Rollins over the desk, puts Kevin in the ring, but Kevin runs away! Rollins returns but Big E gets him for a BIG ENDING, too! Rollins gasps and sputters as he flops out of the ring. Big E doesn’t care who is coming for him, he’s ready for everyone! Will Big E make sure neither of them gets what he has?

My Thoughts:

A good Raw to follow up Survivor Series, but they really puffed up the whole egg thing. There were possibilities they could’ve explored with this but it just ended up a vehicle for the world title story, and not even in a way that really added much. Though it does seem Vince really likes Theory. That was quite the protected loss for Theory with Kevin and Rollins inadvertently distracting him. It just doesn’t really do a whole lot for the build we’ve been getting. If it was going to fuel the world title story, then Kevin should’ve been the one to give Vince the egg back and get the shot here tonight. Kevin and Big E could’ve given us an awesome main event with Rollins doing his great character work ringside, and somehow, someway, Big E wins so that it is still him and Rollins for #WWEDay1.

Rollins himself has a lot of momentum, with Sole Survivor status at Survivor Series and then the beat down on Balor to “cancel” their match. I hope Finn gets to circle back around for a feud with Rollins, regardless if Rollins the title off Big E. Also holy crap that fan jumping the barriers and going after Rollins. What makes morons think they can go after wrestlers and not get beat up and arrested? Moving on, Priest had a good US title match with Sami, though the fans got a bit bored at a point. I figured Priest was retaining with Sami being a SmackDown superstar, but also, they’re setting up Priest VS Apollo for #WWEDay1.

RKBRO had a great string of moments tonight. Riddle impersonating Orton, him winning against Ziggler with an RKO and Orton hitting Roode with a Bro Derek, these two are becoming a great tag team. Styles & Omos are building a good feud with the Street Profits, but this is going to make for an interesting blow-off. The fire extinguisher was to what? It got them disqualified, but was it just for a pun on smoke and fire? Rey & Dom still get destroyed by Lashley, though they had a really good match. I’m kinda hoping Rey & Dom stick together so that they can face teams like Styles & Omos or even RKBRO. I’d love to see Rey taking on Styles or Riddle in and out of tag matches.

I was actually pretty pumped to see Alexander get the 24/7 title off Reggie so dominantly, and then what a surprise for Dana Brooke to take it off Alexander. The Women’s Division finally gets a turn with the title, I just wish WWE didn’t release so many of them.  I am not shocked Vega & Mella won the tag titles, but I’m disappointed it wasn’t all that long of a match. Vince continues to give minimal effort in the women’s tag division, and here it was. Maybe Bianca should find a tag partner. She’s great, WWE sees that, maybe the tag division would get that boost the same way it was strong when Sasha & Bayley were champs.

But at the same time, Bianca VS Piper is going to be a lot of fun. Becky has a very good promo, and I like that she pointed out the fans not caring enough about the Women’s 5v5 last night. I also like how she got in Liv’s face and then Liv slapped her for it. Liv is probably going to have her best singles match against Becky, and still lose.

My Score: 8.3/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (11/15/21)

Will Big E get even with Kevin?



Coverage Raw 2021

The Raw champions have some business to handle!

While Raw Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch, keeps Liv Morgan waiting, the WWE World Champion, Big E, might go right after Kevin Owens!


  • Big E & Matt Riddle VS The Usos; Big E & Riddle win, by disqualification.
  • Six Man Tag: Big E & RKBRO VS Seth Rollins & The Usos; Rollins & The Usos win.
  • Bianca Belair VS Tamina; Belair wins.
  • The Street Profits VS The Alpha Academy; The Street Profits win.
  • Nikki A.S.H. w/ Rhea Ripley VS Zelina Vega w/ Carmella; Vega wins.
  • Rhea Ripley w/ Nikki A.S.H. VS Carmella w/ Zelina Vega; Ripley wins.
  • Finn Balor VS Kevin Owens; Kevin wins.
  • AJ Styles & Omos VS The Dirty Dawgs; Styles & Omos win.
  • Bobby Lashley w/ MVP VS Rey Mysterio w/ Dominik Mysterio; Lashley wins.


Big E heads to the ring!

Indianapolis fires up for the WWE World Champion. He gets the mic to say that since becoming WWE Champion, which fans love to hear, “Y’all’re too much.” But it appears that a lot of people have their eyes on him. But with Thanksgiving around the corner, Big E has plenty to give, with leftovers. So let’s not waste any time and get to the matter at hand. He’s talking about Roman Reigns. “You see, Roman. It was just supposed to be Brand VS Brand. It was just supposed to be Champion VS Champion. But you… You and your little cousins, you took it to a place that we can never come back from.” The Bloodline put their hands on Big E’s family! So now Big E’s gotta beat Roman’s ass like he stole something!

Now, Big E is going to make sure there are empty bends in the Brooklyn hospitals for Roman. Now he’s gotta take a piece of Roman that he will never get back. But that is Sunday and Survivor Series. This is Monday Night Raw! So he will speak to a fellow member of the roster, Kevin Owens. “So, Kevin, bring your lying, treacherous carcass out here so we can handle our business.” And Kevin obliges! Kevin has a mic, and he stays on the stage to say, “Look, there’s nothing I’d love more than to get in that ring and beat the hell out of you again, and I will do that in a minute.” But Kevin has to get something off his chest first.

Last week, Big E cost Kevin against Seth Rollins by getting in the way, which gave Kevin his third straight loss. And he isn’t even talking about how Big E has for weeks called Kevin a liar and questioned his sincerity, getting the fans and the other wrestlers to do the same. Kevin snapped, and how could he not? Kevin was never lying, but it doesn’t matter since Big E said it. Everyone loves Big E and they believed him so that makes it true. Kevin is being judged, but everyone judging Kevin can go to hell, including Big E. The saying, “Perception is reality,” is true. Kevin is seen as a liar and a horrible person, so why fight it?

Guess what? Kevin will be the bad guy, but not just some normal bad guy. He’ll be worse! Kevin will Breaking Bad on everyone in the locker room and arena around the world, and especially on Big E! So just know this! Big E will deserve it! Everything that happens from here on out is Big E’s fault! Big E says they’ve talked enough! Kevin needs to get in the ring. Kevin leaves! Big E pursues, but the USOS attack?! The Usos have come to Raw to soften up Big E for Roman Reigns! They mug Big E and whip him into the apron! They pull his jacket off and fire off hands, then put Big E in the ring! The Usos stomp away on Big E over and over, then rain down hands!

Jey gets the mic to say Big E might not hear him right now, but Roman sends his regards. See you Sunday at Survivor Series! And oh yeah! RKBRO can get this work, too! The Usos run Fridays, and even Mondays! It don’t matter no more, Big E! But here comes Matt Riddle! The Stallion fires off on the Usos! Big E gets up and helps him fight the Usos off! Sonya Deville hurries out to say this might be unorthodox, but she’s calling it on the fly! We’re having a tag team match, RIGHT NOW! But then Seth Rollins appears?! The Visionary wants to watch this one in person! But will he have a hand in the outcome as the Bro and the Powerhouse of Positivity step into the Uso Penitentiary?


Big E & Matt Riddle VS The Usos!

Raw returns as the teams sort out. Big E starts with Jimmy, and Seth Rollins is laughing it up on commentary. Big E and Jimmy circle, tie up, and Big E throws body shots. Big E puts Jimmy in a corner for more body shots, then he brings Jimmy around to whip to a corner. Big E RAMS in, then whips Jimmy corner to corner. Jimmy bumps off buckles, Big E catches him to an abdominal stretch! Big E CLUBS Jimmy in the ribs over and over, then lets him out to whip to ropes and CLOBBER with an elbow! Cover, ONE! Big E tags in Riddle, they mug Jimmy, Riddle whips but Jey tags in. The Usos double elbow Riddle down then double elbow drop! Jey covers, TWO!

Jey drags Riddle up, Riddle throws body shots. Jey ducks the haymaker, whips Riddle to a corner, but Riddle goes up and over to KICK Jey down! Tag back to Big E and he runs, but into a BOOT! Jey CLUBS away on Big E, DECKS Riddle, but then turns around into Big E’s OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Jimmy get sin but Big E TOSSES him up and out of the ring! Big E goes out to drags Jimmy up, then whips him into Rollins! Rollins is furious, Big E DECKS him! Fans fire up as Big E goes into the ring,. Jey mule kicks, Rollins attacks Riddle!

Winners: Big E & Matt Riddle, by disqualification

Rollins and Jey mug Big E! Rollins stomps Riddle, Jey stomps Big E, but here comes RANDY ORTON! The Viper won’t let Rollins beat up his Bro! Orton slides in, Jey runs into an RKO!! Big E and RKBRO stand tall, as Raw goes to break!


Six Man Tag: Big E & RKBRO VS Seth Rollins & The Usos!

Holla holla, player! Orton stomps Rollins’ hand, then scrapes laces off his face! Orton EuroUppers Rollins to the corner, snapmares him and stomps the hand again. Tag to Riddle, Assisted Floating Bro! Cover, ONE! Riddle clamps onto an arm, wrenches and has a standing double wristlock. Rollins endures, moves around, but Riddle waistlocks and powers him to the corner. Tag to Orton, RKBRO mugs Rollins. Orton EuroUppers again and again, then headbutts! Tag back to Riddle, Riddle fires off forearms and kicks! Riddle has Rollins in the open corner, throws body shots, but the Usos distract and Rollins hits back!

Rollins throws hands on the ropes, puts Riddle in the corner, Jimmy tags in and joins in on the mugging. Tag to Jey, he joins in. Jimmy RAMS into Riddle, Jey forearm smashes! Jey scoops and SLAMS Riddle down, then talks trash while looming over Riddle. Jey anchors Riddle’s foot, tags Jimmy, and Jimmy stomps Riddle down. Jimmy wraps on a chinlock and he grinds Riddle down. Riddle fights up, throws body shots, then fireman’s carries! Jimmy fights out, CLUBS Riddle down then sucker punches Orton! But Riddle dropkicks Jimmy down! Fans fire up as Jimmy and Riddle crawl! Jimmy drags Riddle away, Riddle fights with kicks and stomps, and gest the HOT TAG!

Big E rallies, OVERHEAD Belly2Belly for Jimmy! BIG hands for Rollins and Jey, then another OVERHEAD Belly2Belly for Jimmy! And then the SIDE Belly2Belly! Big E swivels them hips, runs side to side, to BIG SPLASH! Fans fire up, Big E claps it up. Fans rally with him, “NEW! DAY ROCKS!” Big E spins Jimmy, blocks the kick but gets the DRAGON WHIP! Jimmy run sin, into the Urenag-E! Cover, TWO! Big E drags Jimmy to the apron, CLUBS away on Jimmy’s chest, and gets all the way to 10! Big E goes to the apron, fans fire up as he runs over, to APRON SPLASH! Big E is all fired up and Jimmy flops to the floor as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Rollins is a sleeper backpack on Orton! Orton fights, Rollins slips off, Orton EuroUppers but Rollins PELES! Cover, TWO! Rollins argues with the ref but the count was fair. Rollins tags Jimmy in, they split the wishbone, then Jey tags in. The Usos split the wishbone, then Jey sucker punches Big E down! Jey clamps onto Orton with claws in the shoulders! Fans rally up, Orton fights and reaches out, but Jey clamps down even harder! Orton fights up to get around and back suplex! Fans fire up while both men are down, and Riddle is chomping at the bit! Orton crawls, Jey does, too! Hot tags to Rollins and Riddle! Riddle dodges Rollins to PELE!

Riddle handsprings, gets around Jimmy, ripcord to FINAL FLASH! Forearm smash for Rollins to a BROSPLODER! Then the same for Jimmy! FINAL FLASH for Jey! BROTON for Rollins! BROTON for Jimmy! PENALTY KICK for Rollins! Cover, Jey breaks it! Big E gets in to dodge and then CLOBBER Jey out of the ring! Jimmy SUPERKICKS Big E, Orton CLOBBERS Jimmy! Rollins throws Orton up and out, Riddle ripcords but Rollins breaks free to ROLLING ELBOW! DREAM SMASHER ELBOW!! Cover, Rollins & the Usos win!!

Winners: Seth Rollins & The Usos, by pinfall

The Architect found a way to use the chaos to claim victory! But the Usos want to do damage to their Survivor Series opponents! Jimmy gets Riddle up, Jey takes aim from a corner. But Riddle throws Jimmy up and out, Orton gets Jey an RKO! RKBRO stands tall in Indy, but will they take down the Bloodline in Brooklyn?

As for Big E, he gets in and he looms over Jey. Big E sits Jey up to tell him, “You tell your daddy, Roman, that I received his message. Message received loud and clear. But I’ve got a return message for his ass! And it goes a little something like this! This is for YOU, Roman!” Scoop and BIG ENDING!! Both sides have given their ultimatums, but will the Powerhouse of Positivity positively pulverize the Tribal Chief?


Backstage interview with Bianca Belair.

The EST says Doudrop made it clear that she thinks she should be on the Raw Survivor Series team and not Bianca. But Doudrop doesn’t make the rules around here, so if she wants to mix it up with Bianca, she did what she did, said what she said, Bianca feels what she feels and it is what it is. Bianca isn’t taking anything away from Doudrop’s abilities. But Doudrop keeps sticking her nose in Bianca’s business. But Tamina steps up and says tonight, Bianca is HER business. Oh, well, Tamina will do. Bianca heads to the ring. Will there be a message sent to everyone not on Team Raw right here tonight?


Backstage interview with Kevin Owens.

Not withstanding the truth or the lying- Wait, is Sarah saying he’s lying? Well he said he’d meet Big E in the ring, but then he didn’t. Yeah, he was lying then. He’s being the bad guy, so he is telling the truth that he’d lie. But then Finn Balor walks over. The Prince tells KO that sorry he wasn’t there to vouch for Kevin. Because he would’ve said right to his face that he doesn’t trust him one bit. Now, Finn knows Kevin’s on his way out, but uh, it was supposed to be Finn VS Rollins tonight, but turns out it’s going to be Finn VS Kevin. Oh, tonight? Yeah. Well that’s really too bad for Finn. And that’s no lie. Will the Prizefighter be genuine when he brings the fight to Finn tonight?


Bianca Belair VS Tamina!

Raw returns as Tamina is already in the ring. The bell rings and Tamina goes right after Bianca! Bianca turns things around in the corner to stomp Tamina! Bianca whips Tamina corner to corner, Tamina reverses but Bianca goes up to say, “Kiss this.” Tamina run sin, Bianca jumps over her then jumps back on to rain down fists! The fans count to 8 before Tamina shoves Bianca away. Tamina runs in, Bianca jumps over, but Tamina comes back to CLOBBER Bianca! Tamina dribbles Bianca’s head off the mat! Tamina thrashes Bianca around in a chinlock, but Bianca endures. “Doudrop” Piper Niven is watching backstage and enjoys seeing Bianca be thrashed around.

Bianca fights up, throws body shots, gets free and runs, but into an elbow! Tamina drags Bianca up, whips her to a corner, then runs in to clothesline! Then she reels Bianca into another clothesline! Tamina runs to drop an elbow, covers, TWO! Tamina is back on the chinlock and back to thrashing Bianca around. Bianca fights up but Tamina CLUBS her. Tamina back suplexes, Bianca lands on her feet and goes to the corner! Bianca BOOTS Tamina, goes up and leaps over Tamina to then roll and come back, to dropkick! Bianca kips up and fans fire up with her as she whips Tamina corner to corner. Tamina reverses, Bianca goes up and over and handsprings to then SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!

Bianca keeps her cool, drags Tamina up, but Tamina ROCKS Bianca with an uppercut, then SUPERKICKS Bianca down! Bianca is in a drop zone, Tamina goes up top! Bianca goes up to ROCK Tamina with forearms first! Then she TOSSES Tamina off the top! Bianca handsprings to MOONSAULT onto knees! Tamina gets up and aims again, but Bianca blocks the superkick to spin Tamina around Tamina fights the chicken wings, whips Bianca to ropes and fireman’s carries, but Bianca slips out to ROCK Tamina! Torture rack and KISS OF DEATH! Cover, Bianca wins!

Winner: Bianca Belair, by pinfall

Never count out the EST! She takes down the Daughter of Superfly, and proves why she is on Team Raw! But here comes Piper! Piper has a mic and says that now Bianca’s had a match, she must be exhausted. It wouldn’t be fair for Piper to come and take advantage. But Piper wants Bianca to know, after Survivor Series, she’ll be looking for her. Piper’s put Bianca on notice! Will she DouDROP Bianca after Sunday? Or will Bianca make the Piper pay her?


Becky Lynch is here!

The Man has come ’round to Indianapolis, holding the Raw Women’s Championship up high! She’ll be facing her familiar frenemy, The Queen, this Sunday, and looks to comment on all of that, after the break.

Raw returns and Becky has the mic to say, “Indianapolis, welcome to the Big Time!” But in case you missed it, here’s a bit of what Charlotte Flair had to say about Becky from Friday. Charlotte said Becky’s gone from Lass Kicker, to The Man, to Becky Two Belts to Big Time Becks, and said there’s nothing natural about her! Like Charlotte don’t know who Becky is. So here’s a reminder. Becky used to be the person who was Charlotte’s best friend. The person who was on the road with Charlotte everywhere she went. The person who was there, so happy for her at every opportunity and title reign she got. But also there as the shoulder to cry on when things didn’t go Charlotte’s way.

Becky also realized a friendship with Charlotte Flair comes with conditions. Those conditions are that Charlotte is the star and Becky is in the background. So Becky said to hell with that and slapped Charlotte so hard, it sent Becky into a different stratosphere! Becky’s the person who had to do so much more than just be a one-note ripoff of someone else! Becky had to tear herself apart and recreate herself time and time again to be the biggest star in the industry! She’s the person whose success has made Charlotte the most miserable person Becky’s ever met. So much so, Charlotte doesn’t even like herself anymore!

But most importantly, Becky’s the one Charlotte goes face to face with, and face the insecurities and inner demons. This isn’t about brand supremacy! This is about personal legacy! If Charlotte still doesn’t remember who Becky is, then this Sunday, Becky will be the person who beats “the ever-loving PISS” out of her! Uh-ohhh~! But wait! Here comes Liv Morgan! The NEW #1 contender, all in Raw red, has her own mic. “Oof. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for coming out here and interrupting this weird little love-hate obsession thing you and Charlotte seem to always have.” But last week, Becky just walked away from Liv. Just walked away, and Liv can’t let her do that again.

Especially not after Liv finally won an opportunity that she’s been waiting for: A chance to take the title off of the person that at one point, Liv admired most. Becky cuts Liv off there. No no no, look! Last week, Becky left to give Liv the moment to celebrate her victory. Lord knows she doesn’t get many of those. At one point, Becky was Liv’s biggest fan. Does Liv remember what Becky told her before she left? Of course Liv does! She told everyone about it! Becky expected the interruption, she’s done this herself once or twice. So Becky went through the trouble of preparing a video. Let’s take a look.

Four months ago, on a Talking Smack, Liv told Kayla that she gave Becky a hug good-bye. Becky said to Liv, that when Becky comes back, Liv will be champion. Liv thought about that every single day. Becky is back, Liv isn’t champion. But Liv is so looking forward to proving Becky right. Liv will be champion, and she’d love to take it from Becky. Back to present and Becky says that was her bad. She is sorry for getting Liv’s hopes up. She had no idea Liv would under perform so badly. No no no! Don’t boo that! It isn’t Becky’s fault, she wasn’t here! The Man didn’t hold Liv down, she wasn’t around! The truth is, some people have it. And some people don’t.

Just look at Becky. She left for year and a half, won the title in 26 seconds and has been killing it ever since. And what has Liv done? Nothing. And no no, Liv, you’re missing the point. Becky told Liv to get the title, because now that Becky’s back, Liv ain’t ever getting her hands on it. Well, on behalf of the entire WWE Universe, we can all agree that “Big Time Becks” is just a big time BITCH! Becky throws the title down, gets Liv, but Liv arm-drags out of the slam! Becky bails out, Liv shrugs. Becky says that was lucky! Liv says she won’t wait much longer. in fact, she picks the title up right now! Liv sets it down for Becky, but will she take it from her as soon as next Monday?


RKBRO talks backstage.

Riddle says his mind was moving a mile a minute, but Orton asks how many times they have to have this conversation about Riddle playing hero. Rhetorical, Riddle! Here’s a real question. The last two weeks, Riddle helps the Street Profits, his buddies. What did that get him? What happened? Omos flattened him! And it was Riddle’s own fault for interjecting himself. Tonight with Big E, his mess and Riddle gets in it! Big E is world champion, he doesn’t need Riddle’s help. Riddle needs to concern himself with only their titles and RKBRO! Yeah, Riddle just wish he could osmosis some of that sweet knowledge from Orton.

Riddle just thought that it’d help to help Big E. Enemy’s friend is your friend’s enemy and your enemy- No, no, Riddle. That’s not the saying because it makes no sense! Orton doesn’t understand Riddle because no one can! One last time: The only thing that matters to Orton is this team and these titles! So Orton does care about Riddle? Orton screams and shouts as he storms off, but then the Profits come in. Sup, fam? Heard that conversation with Orton. He still doesn’t like them? Well Orton has a funny way of showing if he likes you. But to be fair, Riddle needs to be more like Orton.

Dawkins isn’t so sure. The only time to act and think like your partner is when the bell rings. Speaking of, that’s where these two are headed. It is Monday, class is in session. They have business with the Academy. The Profits are UP, and #WeWantTheSmoke! Riddle finishes the catchphrase for them, but they’re cool with it. The Profits head out, but will they still be in a good mood after tangling with Chad Gable & Otis?

The Street Profits VS The Alpha Academy!

Raw returns as Gable & Otis make their entrance. The teams sort out and Gable starts with Dawkins. They circle, tie up, and Gable gets a leg. Dawkins turns things around to a waistlock but Gable switches. Dawkins switches, Gable switches back and throws Dawkins down but Dawkins rolls through to keep moving. Dawkins runs Gable over, then things speed up. Dawkins hurdles, Gable side steps and hurdles back. Dawkins handsprings?! But Gable arm-drags! Dawkins arm-drags back then EXPLODERS! Fans fire up as Gable flounders to a corner. Dawkins brings Gable over, tags in Ford, the Profits whip to dropkick! Ford mocks Otis, covers Gable, TWO!

Ford brings Gable up, wrenches but Gable pulls hair. Ford wrenches through, Gable pulls hair again. Ford keeps on the wristlock, Gable rolls and spins and drop toeholds to then facelock! Ford fights up, Gable wrenches and arm-drags! Ford comes back, side steps and hurdles, hurdles and dropkicks! Ford again mocks Otis, drags Gable up and over, tag to Dawkins. The Profits whip again, drop to run Gable over! Back suplex SPLASH, to the running SPLASH! Cover, TWO! Dawkins keeps on Gable but Gable throat chops! Tag to Otis, and the Dozer CLOBBERS Dawkins! He glares at Ford, runs and FALLING HEADBUTTS! Gable says Otis is 4.0 as Otis whips and body shots Dawkins!

Dawkins flounders to a corner, Otis DECKS Ford! Otis then runs in but Dawkins dodges! Dawkins comes back but Gable saves Otis from the cyclone! “For the Academy!” But Ford FLIES out to take out Gable! Otis goes out to CLOBBER Ford! Otis CLOBBERS Dawkins, too! The Dozer stands tall as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns as Gable gives Dawkins KNEE JAMMER after KNEE JAMMER! Gable gets Dawkins up but Dawkins throws body shots! Dawkins runs, sunset flips, TWO! Gable slides under to get a HALF CRAB! Gable drags Dawkins away from the Profits’ corner and pulls way back on the leg! Dawkins endures, Ford coaches but Gable drags him away! Tag to Otis, Otis drops an elbow on Dawkins! Gable YANKS the leg on his way out, and Otis drags Dawkins around to then SPLASH on the leg! Dawkins clutches the knee but Otis looms over him. Otis drags Dawkins up, CLUBS him down, then stomps the bad leg.

Tag to Gable, he YANKS Dawkins’ bad leg. Gable bumps Dawkins off buckles, RAMS his shoulder in again and again, then ROCKS Dawkins as he lets off. Gable brings Dawkins up but Dawkins ROCKS Gable back! Dawkins kicks but Gable puts the leg in the ropes. Gable gets the other leg, DRAGON SCREW! NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Gable puts Dawkins in a drop zone and goes up top, MOONSAULT FLOPS as Dawkins moves! Dawkins hobbles up to get Gable with the SILENCER! Fans rally up as Dawkins and Gable crawl. Hot tags to Otis and Ford! Ford dodges, LARIATS, but Otis stays up! Ford runs to LARIT, Otis is still up! And even the third!

Ford fires up, runs, LARIATS, then kicks, KICKS, CHOPS, CHOPS and CHOPS! Ford fires off more chops, slows down a bit, but Otis eggs him on. Ford CHOPS, ENZIGURIS and then runs, but into a pop-up POWERSLAM!! Cover, Dawkins breaks it! Otis whips Dawkins to CLOBBER him! Gable calls and tags in. Gable gets Ford up. Otis runs but Dawkins trips him! Ford victory rolls, TWO! Otis CLUBS Dawkins, Gable tackles Ford! Otis runs at Dawkins but is sent into the barriers! Gable is up top but Ford springs up after him! Gable shoves him away to CROSSBODY! But Ford rolls it through! The Profits win!!

Winners: The Street Profits, by pinfall

The Alpha Academy may be book smart, but the Profits are street savvy! Ford & Dawkins snatch that one away, will they be the ones heading for the tag titles after Survivor Series?


Rey Mysterio confronts Adam Pearce.

He wants to know what that was about with Dominik last week! Pearce wants Rey to calm down but Rey won’t calm down, that was his SON in there with Bobby Lashley! Pearce doesn’t understand. They had a verbal agreement that Dom would be on the team! Yes, Pearce knows the frustration. Then just answer one question. Is Pearce a man of his word? Pearce says Rey is a legend but he better stay in his lane. As far as what kind of man he is, he’s the man putting Rey in a match tonight, with Lashley. Is the All Mighty about to mangle another Mysterio this close to Survivor Series?


Veer Mahaan is coming.

Be ready for his million dollar arm and his bottomless aggression!


Nikki A.S.H w/ Rhea Ripley VS Zelina Vega w/ Carmella!

The Almost Super Hero takes on the Queen of the Ring, and the Nightmare is backing her up! Will Raw management realize that both WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions should be on the Survivor Series?

Raw returns and the Most Beautiful Woman in the WWE leads the way for Queen Zelina. The bell rings and Nikki circles with Zelina. They tie up, Nikki headlocks to a takeover. Zelina fights back up, powers out, but Nikki CROSSBODIES! Cover, ONE, but Nikki runs in at the corner. Zelina puts her on the apron, Nikki punches, shoulders in, then slingshots to an Oklahoma Roll! TWO, but Nikki fireman’s carries! Zelina slips out, shoves Nikki to the corner, then JUMP KICKS! Zelina digs her boot, Nikki gets away but Zelina KNEES her down! Cover, ONE! Zelina drags Nikki up and wraps on a chinlock. Mella cheers the Queen but Nikki endures.

Nikki fights up, throws body shots, but Zelina knees low. Zelina whips, Nikki goes up and over and runs to then duck and dodge and dropkick Zelina’s legs out! Then a basement dropkick! Nikki fires up and runs in to SPLASH Zelina at the corner! Nikki climbs to rain down fists! The fans count all the way to 10, ten Nikki tops it off with an 11th! Nikki fireman’s carries for a SAMOAN DRIVER! Cover, TWO! Nikki hurries to a corner, climbs up but Mella distracts. Zelina gets up and goes after Nikki but Nikki clubs her down! Nikki adjusts, but Zelina trips her up! Nikki tumbles to the mat, Zelina gets up and hits CODE RED! Cover, Zelina wins!

Winner: Zelina Vega, by pinfall

Mella is ecstatic for Zelina, but now it’s her turn against Rhea! Will Rhea’s brutality show Mella who’s really the loser here?

Rhea Ripley w/ Nikki A.S.H. VS Carmella w/ Zelina Vega!

Raw returns and Rhea has Mella up in a stalling suplex! She’s walking around the ring with Mella and then SLAMS her down! And yes, Mella has her protective mask but it doesn’t help her back! Rhea gets Mella up to HIP TOSS across the ring! Mella flounders, Rhea barks at Zelina, then she storms after Mella on the apron. Mella kicks Rhea’s leg out then clubs away on Rhea in the ropes! Mella FABULOUS KICKS Rhea into the post! Cover, TWO! Mella rains down fists from all sides, then she covers, TWO! Mella drags Rhea up but Nikki rallies the fans. Rhea throws body shots, Mella kicks low. Mella CHOPS Rhea on the back! And then CHOPS her again!

Mella mocks the rock ‘n’ roll life, covers Rhea, TWO! Mella clamps onto a chinlock and leans on the hold. Rhea endures as Mella thrashes her around and fans rally up again. Rhea fights up with Mella as a backpack, and she RAMS Mella into buckles! And again! And again! Mella lets go, but then CHOPS Rhea on the back again! Rhea seethes and Mella looks worried. At least, maybe she is because that mask is in the way. Rhea scares Mella with the haymaker, to CHOP Mella on the back! And then she reels Mella in for LARIAT after LARIAT! Ripcord and kick to a snapmare and basement dropkick! Rhea fires up and fans fire up with her!

Rhea gets Mella up, ducks the elbow to NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Mella survives and Rhea is amused! Rhea stalks Mella to the ropes, Mella kicks her away. Rhea comes back to dropkick but misses as Mella moves! FABULOUS KICK! Rhea is in a daze, Mella FABULOUS KICKS her again! Cover, TWO!! Mella can’t believe Rhea survives! Fans rally for Rhea as Mella drags her up. Rhea HEADBUTTS! Pump handle and RIPTIDE!! Cover, Rhea wins!

Winner: Rhea Ripley, by pinfall

The WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions go 1-1, but Zelina shouts, “Silence, peasants! Your queen has something to say!” Rhea, congratulations on your triumphant victory. And on the flipside congratulations to Nikki for being friends with a winner. But that fluke doesn’t change a thing! “Your Majesty,” Queen Zelina and the Most Beautiful- SHUT UP! Zelina & Mella will lead Team Raw to victory at Survivor Series! As for Nikki, she’ll be home alone with the losers~! Zelina laughs it up, but will Rhea & Nikki get the last laughs down the line?


Big E meets with Adam Pearce.

Pearce knowns Big E is taking on Roman at Sunday, Pearce wants Big E focused on that. Big E says there’s no reason to worry about him. He has Roman at Survivor Series, Rollins coming for the title, and Kevin Owens just being Kevin Owens. To that point, there’s a lot of chaos, Big E needs to be above it. Big E wants his match with Roman, right? So Big E better not be anywhere near Finn VS Kevin. And if Big E doesn’t think Pearce is serious, he has two words for you: Brock Lesnar. Will the champion keep his personal feelings out of this for the sake of the brand?


Seth Rollins struts his way to the exit.

But McKenzie stops him for an interview. Rollins has his assistant put the stuff on the bus, and warns him to NOT wake the baby. McKenzie brings up how Rollins teamed with the Usos of SmackDown tonight, but will be part of Team Raw on Sunday. Oh, she wants to rephrase that, right? Rollins won’t be part of Team Raw, he will LEAD Raw to glorious victory! Leading is what Rollins was born to do. Just like tonight when Rollins led the Usos to victory out there. But after Survivor Series, Rollins will turn his attention to Big E. Simply put, Rollins will take the WWE Championship from Big E, and he will lead Raw, HIS show, THE SHOW, to the mountaintop.

Because Rollins is the Visionary. He is the revolutionary. He is Seth Freakin’ Rollins! Rollins laughs his way out, DO NOT WAKE THE BABY. Will Rollins make all these things come true here on Monday nights?


Finn Balor VS Kevin Owens!

The Prince never has and never will trust the Prizefighter because he has a list of reasons not to. Will there be no love lost as these two battle 1v1 before being Survivor Series teammates?

Raw returns as Kevin makes his entrance. The bell rings, Kevin and Finn circle. They tie up, go around, end up on ropes, and Finn lets off with a push. Kevin and Finn go again, another tie up, and Finn wrenches an arm. Kevin puts Finn against ropes, lets off, then sucker punches Finn down! Kevin stomps away on Finn, lets off and cools off while fans fire up. Kevin CLUBS Finn, stomps him, CLUBS him again, then drags him up to whip at ropes. Kevin elbows Finn down, then mocks Finn’s posing. Kevin drops the BACK SENTON! Cover, ONE! Kevin argues it was three but not even close. Kevin elbows Finn in the head then wraps on a rear bearhug.

Finn endures the squeeze, fights up and pushes at the arm, then gets a JAWBREAKER! Finn throws haymakers, Kevin knees low! Kevin CLUBS Finn, whips Finn to ropes but Finn reverse. Kevin KICKS Finn, reels him in, but Finn resists the powerbomb to back drop! Kevin sunset flips through but Finn rolls through to basement dropkick! Kevin goes to the apron, Finn drags him up, but Kevin hotshots him away! Kevin drags Finn out and reels him in, but Finn fights the bomb and gets to the apron! Finn kicks Kevin, but then Kevin blocks the kick to trip Finn! Finn hits apron, Kevin puts him in the ring and gets him up, ATHLETIC PLEX! Cover, TWO!

Finn grits his teeth but Kevin seethes. Kevin wraps Finn up in a modified cobra clutch, but Finn endures as fans rally up. Finn fights up, pries free, but Kevin kicks low! Kevin CLUBS Finn on the back, CHOPS Finn in the corner, then whips him corner to corner. Kevin runs in but Finn BOOTS him! Finn fires off forearms, whips but Kevin reverses. Finn ducks and dodges to forearm smash! Fans fire up with Finn and he trips Kevin to DOUBLE STOMP! Finn kicks Kevin, throws him out of the ring then builds speed to FLY! Direct hit and down goes Kevin! Indy is loving the Prince as Raw goes to break!

Raw returns again and Finn has Kevin up top! Kevin resists the superplex, throws body shots, then gets Finn for a fireman’s carry! SUPER ROLLING SENTON! Cover, TWO!! Finn survives and infuriates Kevin! Kevin paces around, tells everyone to shut up, then he gets Finn up. Kevin whips Finn to ropes, Finn holds ropes and BOOTS back! Finn ducks, dragon sleepers and ELBOW DROP DDT’s! Both men are down again but Finn grits his teeth. Finn gets up, runs in and KICKS Kevin to ropes! Finn stomps away on Kevin, and tops it off with a springboard stomp! Kevin crawls to a corner, Finn CHOPS him!

Finn whips, Kevin reverses, Finn goes up and over and runs, but into Kevin’s arms for a swinging AIR RAID CRASH! Cover, TWO! Kevin is beside himself as Finn stays in this. Kevin kicks Finn but Finn rolls up the stunner! TWO, and Finn comes back with a SLINGBLADE! Finn fires up, aims from a corner, runs and SUPERKICK from Kevin! Cover, TWO! Finn sputters to the apron, Kevin storms over. “This is Awesome!” as Kevin has Finn up on the apron. Kevin reels Finn in, but Finn resists the lift! Finn back drops Kevin to the apron! Both men go to the floor, Finn runs in to SHOTGUN Kevin into the barriers! Fans fire up as Finn puts Kevin in then climbs up top!

COUP DE- NO, Kevin moves, to get the POP-UP POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO!! Finn survives again and it shocks Kevin! Kevin shrugs it off to go up top, for a SWANTON BOMB onto knees! Finn aims, runs in, SHOTGUN DROPKICK into the corner! Kevin hits buckles and ends up in the drop zone! Finn goes up yet again, but Kevin trips him up! Kevin drags Finn off the apron, kicks and STUNNERS!! Cover, Kevin wins!

Winner: Kevin Owens, by pinfall

The rage of Kevin Owens carried him through to take down Balor. But will he only get worse as his return to being bad continues?


Backstage interview with AJ Styles & Omos.

Sarah brings up the friction between them and the Dirty Dawgs. How are they planning to address it? Dressing the Dirty Dawgs is a good name. But uh, yeah, those guys aren’t even in the same food chain. There are some facts that are undeniable. Starting with, the world would be a better place if the Usos could just get rid of the New Day once and for all, and not be on STYLES’ show! Sorry, their show. And then the Profits, always wanting the smoke. Styles doesn’t get what that means, but there’s this thing called Duralog. You get that, light it, boom, smoke for everybody. But here’s the thing, you don’t cross Styles or Omos.

There was this movie called the Avengers. The villian was Loki. Loki had an army, Styles has an Omos. Which then makes Styles IRONMAN! That’s awesome! Two guys watching cool movies! But back to the Dawgs. The Dawgs stole that win last week, but tonight- Omos cuts Styles off to say that HE will make them suffer! YES! Styles loves that! Omos watched Godzilla, right? Great monster movie! Styles and Omos head out, will Styles’ personal kaiju destroy Ziggler & Roode? But speaking of…

The Dirty Dawgs respond!

“You want to talk movies, jack?” Ziggler & Roode were browsing The Peacock streaming service, and they found a true classic that reminds them of Styles & Omos. Omos being Schwarzenegger, Styles being Devito. The movie was TWINS. But will Omos take that Schwarzenegger metaphor and go all Terminator on the Show-Off and “Big Bob?”

AJ Styles & Omos VS The Dirty Dawgs!

Raw returns and the Dawgs make their entrance. The teams sort out and Styles starts against Roode, but then he tags out to Omos! Roode is worried already, but Ziggler coaches him up. Roode circles with Omos and Styles wants Omos to destroy him! They tie up, and Omos doesn’t budge! But then he throws Roode into the corner, then CLOBBERS him! Omos watches Roode go to a corner, then run sin to BACK BODY BLOCK! Roode falls from being squashed, and Omos looms over him. Omos drags Roode up, puts him back in the corner, then powers up to CHOP Roode right off his feet! Omos smirks at Ziggler as he stalks Roode.

Omos scoops Roode, SNAKE EYES off the Dawgs’ corner. Omos dares Ziggler to get some! Ziggler tags in, gets in, and eggs Omos on. Omos steps forward, Ziggler gets around and gets the sleeper! But Omos throws Ziggler down! Omos runs in to run Ziggler over! Omos fireman’s carries Ziggler, gets him up in the trophy lift, and MOUNTAIN TOSSES Ziggler to the mat! Styles reaches out a hand and Omos tags him in. Styles aims, springboards, PHENOMENAL FOREARM! Cover, Styles & Omos win!

Winners: AJ Styles & Omos, by pinfall

That was definitely like an old school Godzilla movie! Omos and Styles, but most Omos, demolish the Dawgs, who will be next on their path back to the tag titles?


Backstage interview with Bobby Lashley

He faces a Survivor Series teammate after removing Dominik from the team. “Removing?” Dom shouldn’t have been on the team to begin with! No one is more destructive, invincible or dominant than the All Mighty! Did you see the look on Rey’s face when he heard he had to face Lashley tonight? The same face Dom had when he was tapping out to the Hurt Lock. Rey doesn’t want any part of Lashley, and neither does all of Team Smackdown! Rey can lick his wounds, go to Survivor Series, stay on the apron and cheer on Lashley as he walks through Team SmackDown! If anyone has a problem with that, they can come see Lashley. He’s not hard to find. Will Rey even survive tonight to make it to Survivor Series?

Bobby Lashley VS Rey Mysterio w/ Dominik Mysterio!

Raw returns as Lashley makes his entrance. Lashley gets his pyro, but will he get his comeuppance from the King of Lucha Libre? We find out, after the break.

Raw returns once again, and the bell finally rings. Rey and Lashley circle, Rey gets around and CLUBS Lashley! Rey dodges again, fires off forearms and KICKS, then runs to slide under. Lashley catches Rey to scoop him, but Rey clubs free to get to the apron. Rey shoulders in, forearms away, then climbs up again to SEATED SENTON! Down goes Lashley but Rey keeps moving, only to run into a BOOT! Lashley glares at Dom, rains down rights on Rey, then digs his knee into Rey’s face! Lashley lets off, Pearce watches closely as Lashley CLUBS Rey in the chest. Lashley looms over Rey, waits for him to rise, but Dom gets on the apron. Lashley steps to Dom, Rey attacks from behind!

Lashley is on the ropes, Rey slides, but Lashley gets him for a fireman’s carry! Rey fights with elbows and knees, moves around and RANAS Lashley into the POST! Rey gets back in the ring to WRECK Lashley with a dropkick! Rey runs and hits a 619 through the ropes! It wasn’t the best, but Rey slides to SPLASH down! Fans fire up as Rey gets in the ring and the ring count starts. Lashley stirs, Rey takes aim again. Slingshot for the PLANCHA, but Lashley catches Rey! Lashley SLAMS Rey into the barriers! Lashley claps mockingly as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns once more, Rey fights back with body shots but Lashley RAMS him into a corner! Lashley stomps Rey, backs up and runs in to clothesline! Lashley paces, runs in again and clotheslines! Fans rally for Rey but Lashley waves a dismissive hand as he gets Rey up. Lashley pumps up and runs in again, but Rey dodges! Rey KICKS and CLUBS away, then runs, ducks, dodges and baits Lashley into a BOOT! QUEBRADA, but Lashley catches Rey and pops him around to a DOMINATOR! Lashley mockingly applauds, then he drags Rey up to slide out of the ring! Rey bounces off the ground to also hit barriers!

Lashley goes out, drags Rey up and fireman’s carries. Rey fights but can’t get free this time, and Lashley POSTS him! Lashley flexes while Dom checks on his father. Lashley goes back to Rey, drags him up and puts him in at 6 of 10. Lashley watches Rey flounder around, runs in corner to corner, and RAMS into him! Lashley lets Rey fall, then gets him up to suplex. Lashley holds Rey up, points at Dom and slashes his throat, to then SLAM Rey down! Cover, TWO! Rey is still in this and fans cheer! Lashley kicks Rey, stands on Rey’s head, but lets off as the ref counts. Lashley drags Rey up, puts him in the Tree of Woe with a single gut wrench, then he goes corner to corner, only for Rey to sit up!

Lashley hits buckles, Rey gets out and runs to 619 Lashley in the stomach! Dropkick puts Lashley back on ropes, and Rey redials but Lashley runs at him! Drop toehold, 619!! Direct hit to the head and Rey goes up! FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! And Lashley sits up with Rey to scoop and HURT LOCK!! Rey is a ragdoll, but he taps out! Lashley wins!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by submission

But Lashley wants to hurt Rey! Dom wants to get in but he can’t help but be intimidated given he just felt that hold himself seven days ago. Lashley lets Rey go finally, and Dom gets in to check on his father. Will Rey even be able to help his team?


Backstage interview with Adam Pearce.

Any last minute thoughts on Survivor Series? Actually, yes. Pearce borrows the mic to go out on stage. “Ladies and gentlemen, it is literally my job to make sure that we have the best competition possible at Survivor Series.” That is why it pains Pearce to say that for the wellbeing of Raw, and for the wellbeing of Rey Mysterio, Pearce has “no choice” but to remove Rey Mysterio from Team Raw! His replacement will be named at a later time. Dom can’t believe this! Disrespect to him is one thing, but to his legendary father?

But Austin Theory shows up to give Dom an ATL!! And then he gets his selfies! Oh, hold on then. Pearce decides that Austin Theory should replace Rey Mysterio! Insults added to injury! But will Theory’s career take off with Survivor Series as the launchpad?

My Thoughts:

This Raw did not feel like a go-home at all. But mostly because the last few weeks have had Go Home Syndrome from all the unnecessary recaps and short matches. Hell, roughly ten minutes were wasted in the last half hour because they needed to do a huge SmackDown recap! Lashley VS Rey could’ve been way better if we’d gotten those 10 minutes back. But whatever, I should’ve figured ad revenue means more to Vince than the actual product. Rey being out and Theory being in was a disappointing surprise, but it seems Raw just had to have a parallel to Sonya’s bias against Naomi. Pearce will be biased against the Mysterios, maybe they feud with Lashley and the Hurt Business.

We got pretty good stuff out of Big E’s story, and I do have to admit they are blending stories through him. New Day VS Bloodline, but then also Big E has both Rollins and Kevin to worry about. I feel like WWE actually did something clever today, advertising Rollins VS Balor on social media only to “change plans” when Rollins gets involved with Big E, Riddle and the Usos. We got good tag matches from them, Rollins gets a good, quick win before running away, but RKBRO and Big E stand tall after. The math therefore says the Bloodline finds a way to win at Survivor Series in both the tag and the top title matches.

There does appear to be mounting pressure within RKBRO, and there are plenty of teams that are coming for the titles. Profits get a quick win off the Academy, Styles & Omos get a win over the Dawgs, but I’d rather put Profits in against RKBRO than Styles & Omos again. Plus, I feel like if Styles & Omos are sticking together, they’re working to make that turn to Face, what with all the movie and pop culture talk. Finn VS Kevin was a great “change,” they gave us a great match, and Kevin got a great win for himself to start this new Heel turn. Kevin should get a shot at the world title, even while Rollins has his shot on deck. Finn meanwhile could go for the US Championship and add to his legacy.

The women’s division did about the same as they have been these days, in that the midcard is lacking in favor of the top of the card. I did like that Tamina wanted her piece of Bianca, sort of making Bianca the gatekeeper on the way back up the rankings. Piper puts her on notice and their feud will certainly carry them both to #WWEDayOne and the Rumble. The main thing I appreciated from Becky’s promo with Liv is that they actually used material from Talking Smack. That show finally matters again, and I would hope tonight’s Raw Talk with Liv on it will be treated the same the closer we get to Liv’s title match.

The tag champions going back to back in matches was logical stuff, but them trading off with Zelina and Carmella of course leans towards a tag title match. I really hope the tag title match is actually good. Like, really, really good. The Women’s Tag Division on RawDown hasn’t been given much respect outside of when Bayley & Sasha had all the belts, Vince needs to learn he can make the other women stars through this division rather than using stars try and raise the division up.

My Score: 8.2/10

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