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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (4/30/21)

A golden Friday night!



Coverage SmackDown 2021

Is this the last SmackDown for Daniel Bryan?

Roman Reigns is giving Daniel Bryan one last chance at the WWE Universal Championship. But if the Goat doesn’t win it this time, he is BANISHED from SmackDown!


  • Six Person Tag: Bianca Belair & The Street Profits VS Bayley & The Dirty Dawgs; Belair & the Profits win.
  • Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler w/ Reginald VS Natalya & Tamina; Natalya & Tamina win.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship: Apollo Crews w/ Commander Azeez VS Big E; Big E wins by disqualification, Crews retains the title.
  • WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman VS Daniel Bryan; Reigns wins and retains the title, Bryan must leave SmackDown.


Bianca Belair is here!

The strongest, the fastest, the roughest, the toughest and the newest SmackDown Women’s Champion is opening the show and has the fans fired up on their ThunderDome screens. “Ladies and gentlemen! As the EST of WWE, and your SmackDown Women’s Champion, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the coolEST, the dopEST, the hottEST show on Fox, Friday Night SmackDown!” And now, put your hands together for- The Dirty Dawgs? Dolph Ziggler says they need to kick the night off right! Robert Roode says the SmackDown Tag Team Champions will take it from here! They are the best at what they do, and that’s- get interrupted by the Street Profits!

Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins walk out and they know this is SmackDown, but did the Dirty Dawgs just interrupt THE main event of WrestleMania? They most definitely did, fam. But you know what that means, right? It means BAYLEY interrupts the Profits! Bayley doesn’t care who’s the champion or the main event, she gets in the ring and in Bianca’s face to snatch her mic away! Bayley laughs at the looks on everyone’s faces, and then Bianca SLAPS her! Bayley tackles Bianca, the Dawgs and the Profits start brawling! We’re about to have a Six Person Tag, but it’s chaos as SmackDown goes to break!


Next week, SmackDown goes back in time!

Fox is putting on a #ThrowbackWeek so WWE is getting in on the act! What will Friday Night SmackDown look like after traveling back over 30 years?!


Six Person Tag: Bianca Belair & The Street Profits VS Bayley & The Dirty Dawgs!

SmackDown returns and Bianca is throwing hands on Bayley! Bayley hits back, they trade shots, and Bianca ROCKS Bayley! Bianca then catches Bayley for chicken wings but Bayley fights with elbows. Bayley stomps Bianca’s foot, but Bianca scoops! Bayley slips out, shoves and CLOBBERS Bianca! Bayley talks smack but slides into a ghost pin! TWO, and Bianca CLOBBERS Bayley! Bianca says kiss this, then runs and handsprings. Bayley deflects the dropkick to then drop elbows and fists! Cover, ONE! Bayley gets Bianca up, whips her to a corner, but Bianca goes up and over and comes back to dropkick Bayley down! Bianca kips up and dares Bayley to come back, but Bayley tags Ziggler.

Ziggler and Bianca circle, but this is still a Mixed Six so Dawkins POUNCES Ziggler! Tag to Ford, the Profits whip and dropkick Ziggler down! Then Roode runs in, for a DOUBLE FLAPJACK! Dawkins clotheslines himself and Roode out, Bianca intercepts Bayley, and Ford builds speed! Ford FLIES and takes out the Dawgs! Bianca coaches her husband on and he gets Ziggler in the ring. But Bayley RAMS Bianca into steel steps! Ford is concerned for his wife and turns around into a SUPERKICK from Ziggler! Ziggler hurries after Ford but Ford falls out of the ring! Ziggler fetches Ford, gets him up and in, and stalks him to the corner.

Tag to Roode, the Dawgs double whip Ford to a corner, then Ziggler whips for Roode to whip him, BIG corner splash! Feed to Roode for a GLORIOUS URENAGE! Cover, TWO!! Ford survives but Roode drops elbows and stomps Ford down. Roode taunts Ford’s corner, then puts Ford on ropes to choke and go after the eyes! The ref counts, Roode backs off, but Bayley gets a cheap shot in! Roode stomps Ford at the ropes, then tags in Ziggler. The Dawgs double suplex, Ziggler covers, TWO! Ford is still in this but Ziggler smothers him with a sleeper hold! Ford endures, crawls around, and Dawkins coaches him while fans rally.

Ford gets up, arm-drags Ziggler away, but staggers to an open corner to get another SPLASH! Ziggler gets cocky and takes aim, but Ford SUPERKICKS first! Both men are down and while Bayley panics, Bianca is fired up! Fans rally on their screens as both men crawl to get past each other. Hot tags to Roode and Dawkins! Dawkins ROCKS Roode, ducks and dodges to hit a FLYING ELBOW! Ziggler returns to get an EXPLODER! Dawkins hits the CYCLONE on Roode, then hits the BULLDOG! Double underhooks for the CASH OUT! Cover, Ziggler breaks it! Bianca gets in and stalks Ziggler, to fireman’s carry him! Ziggler flails but Bianca tosses him to DECK Bayley!

Bianca gets Bayley up, torture rack for the KISS OF DEATH! Dawkins runs at Roode but Roode BOOTS him! Roode runs to O’Conner roll, with tights! Bianca gives Roode a WHIPLASH! The ANOINTING from Dawkins, tag to Ford,  springboard FROM THE HEAVENS!! Cover, Bianca & The Profits win!

Winners: Bianca Belair & The Street Profits, by pinfall

It’s takeback season, but you best bet Bianca won’t let Bayley get the gold at Backlash! Will the Profits be up and get the tag titles back from Ziggler & Roode?


Backstage interview with Daniel Bryan!

Tonight, he gambles being banned from SmackDown in order to get the WWE Universal Championship. How does that weigh on his mind? Bryan is at peace, but maybe Roman is worried. It’s Roman’s title on the line. But this is what Bryan has always wanted: a fair fight 1v1 with Roman. Bryan tapped Roman out before, he’ll do it again. And if Bryan wins and gets to put the belt on the line, he’ll face someone who has waited far, far, FAR too long in Cesaro. Will Bryan win it all when it’s all on the line?


SmackDown superstars speak on tonight’s huge main event!

Seth Rollins laughs and says, “Isn’t that sweet? Little Daniel Bryan thinks he’s gonna beat Roman Reigns, and give his buddy, Cesaro, first crack at the Universal Championship.” Rollins’ prediction is very simple. Or, well, he does have history with Roman Reigns, but his prediction for the match IS that Bryan win sin one of the biggest upsets of all time. And as far as Cesaro goes, he won’t get a crack at the title because he won’t make it past next week! That is a challenge from Rollins to the Swiss Cyborg! Is Cesaro ready to take another swing?


Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, and Reginald, arrive backstage.

Megan walks over and brings up that they’re facing- They know who they’re facing, Megan! Oh, then how do they feel about Tamina & Natalya getting wins over them in singles matches? What does she not get about the words “singles competition?” These two are the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, and if you don’t know the difference, you’re going to see what it means. Nia is sick of the disrespect- Natty jumps Shayna and throws her into pipes, then Tamina does the same to Nia! Their match is NEXT!


Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler w/ Reginald VS Natalya & Tamina!

The Irresistible Force and Queen of Spades were about to say they are fed up with the disrespect from the would-be contenders on Raw and SmackDown, but there’s little “would-be” when it comes to the Queen of Harts and Daughter of Superfly! Will Natty & Tamina make it clear who’s coming for the belts next?

The teams sort out, Tamina starts with Nia and the two rush each other! Tamina sends Nia into buckles then SUPERKICKS her in the back! Nia is in the drop zone and Tamina climbs! Shayna rushes over but Tamina DECKS her! Tamina is up top, for the SUPERFLY!! ONTO KNEES! Nia tags Shayna and drags Tamina up, they combine for a KNEE SIDEWALK SLAM! Cover, TWO! Tamina gets up, Shayna kicks her back down! Shayna drags Tamina up to CLUB her down and rain down fists! Shayna drags Tamina back up, Tamina shoves her away but Shayna ROCKS her! Tag to Nia, Shayna KNEES Tamina then Nia SPLASHES! Cover, TWO! Tamina isn’t giving up just yet!

Nia drags Tamina up by her hair to throw her back down. Nia vents about being attacked from behind, and then stands on Tamina’s head at the ropes. Nia lets off as the ref counts, and she drags Tamina back up. Tamina throws forearms and ROCKS Nia! Tamina shoves and scoops but falls over! Nia makes it a cover, TWO! Nia drags Tamina back up, talks trash, and then tags Shayna. Tamina fights both champs off, throwing big elbows and forearms! Shayna gest around, spins Tamina and goes after the arm with a double wristlock! But Tamina scoops and SLAMS Shayna down! Both women crawl, but Nia isn’t there! Hot tag to Natty!

Natty dodges Shayna’s knee, scoops her, but Shayna slips out! Natty arm-drags to a DISCUS! Cover, TWO! Reggie checks on Nia, Natty gets Shayna up tow hip., Shayna reverses but Natty gets around to GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Natty gets the legs, steps through, but Shayna kicks her away! Shayna ROCKS Natty and fires off strikes! Shayna runs, Nia tags in, Shayna KNEES and Nia drops an elbow! Cover, TWO!! Natty scrambles away in a hurry, dodges Nia and Nia POSTS herself! Tag to Tamina and she BOOTS Nia down! Tamina climbs again, Reggie gets involved but Tamina SWATS him! Natty gets Reggie but Shayna gets Natty!

Shayna throws Natty over the desk! Shayna gets up but Tamina swipes at her! Nia HEADBUTTS Tamina, then tags Shayna in! Shayna hurries up top, gets Tamina’s arm, but Tamina resists the superplex! Tamina turns things around to HEADBUTT Shayna! Shayna is in the drop zone, Tamina stands and SUPERFLY! Cover, Tamina & Natty win!!

Winners: Natalya & Tamina, by pinfall

They’ve pinned the champions!! The titles weren’t on the line tonight, and that is the only thing that saves Nia & Shayna! Will the dominant champions be dominant no more?


More superstars share their predictions for tonight’s main event!

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T predicts that in Roman VS Bryan for the title is Roman Reigns. Can you did that, SUCKAAA?!

The King of Strong Style, Shinsuke Nakamura, says that Daniel Bryan will win! But if Roman does beat Bryan, well, he’s escaped Nakamura once. The King will be waiting.


Backstage interview with Rey & Dominik Mysterio!

The father and son of Lucha have been on quite the roll, will a tag title opportunity be in their future? Dom says it is very exciting! When he was younger, he thought Rey was a superhero! He’s a two-time world champion and four-time tag team champion. There’s no one Dom would rather fight for those tag titles with than Rey. Rey says his accomplishments are great, but nothing would be better than this chance to make history as the first-ever father-son tag team champions in the WWE! That’s legendary!


Aleister Black shares another chapter of his story.

“You look at me, you judge me, and you make assumptions. Because this is the true nature of man. And I’ve always lived in this reality.” Chapter 2: Reality. “In high school, people like school littered the halls. You were so unaware, lost in the concept of successive adoration that you had been fed. The date to the prom, the right college, the three bedroom house with a white picket fence, building your life on a foundation of lies! Imagine thinking any of that is real! Imagine falling for that trap!” Father never fed Aleister those dreams. Aleister was given the truth. “And the truth is, there is something horribly wrong with all of that, and all of you.”

Aleister takes a few breaths before he says he could help us, and give us “the keys to escape,” but he won’t. He slams the book shut. Will he slam this reality of lies shut on all of us?


Backstage interview with Big E!

Ever since losing the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania, Megan is sure he’s changed his strategy. Oh, Megan. Big E’s been all around the world, and all around the world, it’s the same song! “What will you do in your rematch with Apollo Crews?! How will you ever overcome the oh-so-formidable Commander Azeez!?” Apollo and Big E have been around and around and around, but tonight it all stops! Tonight, Big E gets his baby back! He’ll sit his baby in the passenger seat, buckle her in, close the door and head north because tonight, Big E becomes the THREE-TIME Intercontinental Champion! And you’ve got to feel that!!


WWE teams up with Make A Wish once more!

Word Wish Day is coming, so donate and help someone’s wish come true at!


More superstars give their main event predictions!

Xavier Woods says “people like Roman, who had the keys to the kingdom handed to them the moment they walked in the door” have no idea about the struggle. But a guy like Bryan, who has been and is still fighting, gets that complete. That means 1v1, Bryan wins. Kofi Kingston adds that Roman VS Bryan, normally Kofi goes for Bryan because no one overcomes odds more than Bryan. But Roman has his Right Hand Man, Jey Uso, who has been a wingman since day one. Kofi goes with Roman.


WWE Intercontinental Championship: Apollo Crews w/ Commander Azeez VS Big E!

Time and time again, the rising star failed to take this title from the Powerhouse of Positivity. But once Apollo stopped rising and simply stood as his true self, he got this title at WrestleMania. But will this big match be even bigger than the Grandest Stage of Them All inside the ThunderDome?

SmackDown returns as Apollo makes his entrance, with Big E waiting right on the apron. Introductions are made, the belt is raised, and one way or another, this battle for this battle ends!

The two tie up right at the bell, they go around the ring, and Big E puts Apollo in a corner, but Apollo turns it around. Apollo lets off, the two go again, and Apollo waistlocks. Big E throws Apollo off and Apollo gets right up, but Big E swivels at him. They go again, Big E waistlocks but Apollo switches. Big E pries free to throw Apollo again! Big E rushes in but Apollo headlocks. Big E powers out, things speed up, and Big E hurdles to catch Apollo to a cobra twist! Big E clamps a claw into the ribs, and Apollo endures as Big E CLUBS him in the side again and again! Big E shoves Apollo to ropes then CLOBBERS him on the return! Cover, TWO!

Apollo heads for ropes but Big E goes out to drag him to the apron by his chin! Big E has Apollo on the edge and CLUBS away on his chest! The ref counts, Big E gets in but goes right back to the apron. Big E aims, APRON SPLASH! Apollo rolls in but Big E hurries to cover, TWO! Big E stalks Apollo, whips him but Apollo reverses to lift and FLAPJACK HOTSHOT! Big E staggers about, Apollo LARIATS him down! Apollo drags Big E to the apron now, for a DRAPING SUPLEX to the floor! Azeez helps Apollo stand back up as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again and Apollo CLUBS Big E down then hammers away with fists! Apollo drags Big E up, whips him to a corner, but Big E reverses. Big E runs but into a boot! Apollo goes up, leaps, but into Big E’s OVERHEAD suplex! And another! Big E sees Apollo coming, side steps and runs, but Apollo sends him to the apron. Apollo ENZIGURIS Big E to the floor, then goes to the apron to MOONSAULT! Direct hit and down goes Big E! The ref starts a ring count, Apollo gets Big E up and in, then goes to a corner. Apollo climbs, leaps, but Big E avoids the splash! Big E gets Apollo for the Belly2Belly! Big E runs to BIG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!

Apollo survives, Azeez is relieved, but Big E fires up with the clap. Fans clap along, Apollo gets up and ROCKS Big E first! Big E elbows back, but runs into a BOOT! Cover, TWO!! Big E survives and Apollo is furious! Azeez coaches Apollo and Apollo rains down more fists. Apollo KICKS Big E to a corner, then runs in to SPLASH! Apollo whips Big E corner to corner, runs in but into the Urenag-E!! Cover, TWO!! Big E works to stay calm as Apollo rolls away. Apollo is on the apron, Big E runs but into a knee! Apollo drags Big E out to join him now, fireman’s carries and APRON DEATH VALLEY DRIVERS!!

Apollo shoves Big E in, climbs up top again, and hits the FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!?! Apollo just gets Big E up but Big E slips out of the slam to roll up! TWO and Big E scoops, for the BIG ENDING!! Cover, but Azeez drags Big E out!! Azeez POSTS Big E!!

Winner: Big E, by disqualification; Apollo Crews is still WWE Intercontinental Champion

But here comes KEVIN OWENS! Kevin goes after Azeez after everything from last week! Apollo gets up, Azeez feeds Kevin to a LARIAT! Azeez gets Kevin back up, but Big E CLOBBERS Azeez! Big E runs Apollo off and so he and Kevin fire off on Azeez! Azeez HEADBUTTS Big E down! Azeez runs but into Kevin’s BOOT! Sami Zayn with a HELLUVA KICK outta nowhere?! Sami tells Azeez to get Big E, and Apollo agrees! Azeez stomps Big E, Sami kicks Kevin out of the ring, and Azeez throws Big E out of the ring. But then Sami has the Intercontinental Championship in his hands. Sami says it isn’t what it looks like, he was just fetching it for Apollo.

Apollo takes the belt back, Sami says they’re cool. Sami raises Apollo’s hand in victory to assure Azeez this is all good. Azeez still gives him a NIGERIAN NAIL!! Sami gasps and sputters, the only allies Apollo and Azeez need are each other! Will all the challengers for this championship learn to beware the steel?


More superstars give their predictions!

The Miz says “There is no one more powerful, more influential, than the Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, on SmackDown, and I don’t think anyone on that entire roster can take Roman Reigns down. And Daniel Bryan definitely will not.” The A-Lister is a bit biased, though, but will his side of the poll be proven right?

Cesaro says first, of course he’ll take Rollins up on his challenge. It’s Cesaro, so he’ll do it! And as far as Roman VS Bryan, Bryan will win the title, and then Cesaro will win it off Bryan at #WrestleManiaBacklash!


Kayla Braxton calls on Paul Heyman.

Heyman exits Roman’s private room and is annoyed to see it’s Kayla. The Special Counsel will give his thoughts- or rather, spoilers, on tonight’s main event, after the break.

SmackDown returns, Roman sits in his private room with 100% focus. After a recap package of Bryan goading Roman on and Roman making the challenge that gave us tonight’s main event, we return to Kayla and Heyman. She asks him that, given how close Bryan came- “DaNiEl BrYaN~, DaNiEl BrYaN~, DaNiEl BrYaN~!” Heyman is so sick of hearing that name, “Daniel Bryan.” Bryan should never have entered the sports entertainment industry, but did he? Yes~, yes~, yes~! Did he have a hall of fame worthy career? Yes~, yes~, yes~. And did he always defy the odds? Yes, yes, yes.

Was he the ultimate underdog? Yes, yes, yes… Did he set “the peewee leagues” on fire with his passion? Yes, yes, yes… And did Bryan graduate to the big stage of NXT, SmackDown and Raw? Yes, yes, yes…! And did he achieve the ultimate by becoming THE champion in the WWE in the main event of WrestleMania? Yes, yes, yes! And did he again become the miracle kid, defy all the odds, turn back all the surgeries and get back after what was a career-ending injury for one of the greatest comebacks ever? Yes! Yes! Yes! And does everyone watching at home believe Bryan will beat Roman? YES! YES! YES!

Do they think he’ll unseat the Tribal Chief? YES! Do they think Bryan will then be Head of the Table? YES! Does the entire WWE Universe think this is Bryan’s night to solidify his legacy as the one to beat Roman? YES YES YES YES YES!! And will he!? NO!!! Bryan will NOT beat Roman, he will NOT survive the onslaught, and he will NOT be on SmackDown every again! No, no, no…!


There’s one more round of superstar predictions!

Baron Corbin says, “Who wins tonight? Well I don’t like either one of them one bit.” But at least if Roman wins, Bryan packs his bags and goes home for good.


WWE Universal Championship: Roman Reigns w/ Paul Heyman VS Daniel Bryan!

Superstars have made their predictions, the Special Counsel has shared his “spoiler,” and we all know what is on the line! Either Bryan proves he is The Goat and adds the Universal Championship to his already legendary list of accolades, or he is defeated and removed from the SmackDown roster. Can Bryan pull off another YEStleMania level miracle on a Friday night in the ThunderDome?

SmackDown returns and Roman makes his entrance with an epic new rock opera theme. The introductions are made, the title is raised, and for the Yes Movement, it all comes down to this!

Bryan SHOTGUNS Roman at the bell! And fires off YES Kicks in the corner! Roman shoves Bryan away then DECKS him with an uppercut! Roman snarls as he drags Bryan up and grinds him with a headlock. Bryan fights back, powers out but Roman runs him over. Things speed up, Bryan leaps and fires off hands! Bryan gets Roman down and the omoplata, but Roman scrambles to avoid the hold! Bryan lets off to then WRECK Roman with a dropkick! Bryan is on the apron and he leaps for a FLYING KNEE! Roman is down and Bryan is fired up as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again and Bryan drives knees into Roman’s arm! Roman can only endure as Bryan drops knees on the hammerlock’d arm, then KICKS him! Roman gets up but Bryan bumps him off buckles. Bryan fires off more YES Kicks from all sides, then runs corner to corner to DROPKICK! Bryan keeps going, another DROPKICK! Bryan wants a third but Roman CLOBBERS him with a lariat! Roman seethes as he sees Bryan down. Cover, TWO! Roman stomps Bryan while he’s down, then drags him up to headbutt him back down! Roman paces, drags Bryan back up and snap suplexes! Cover, TWO! Roman grows annoyed but Bryan is again proving his toughness.

Roman sits Bryan up to wrap on a chinlock. Roman grinds Bryan down but fans rally for him on their screens. Bryan endures, fights his way up, and Roman shifts to a cravat. Bryan throws body shots but Roman knees Bryan down! Roman looms over Bryan in a corner, stands him up and ROCKS him with a right hand! Roman whips Bryan corner to corner, Bryan goes up and over and builds speed to duck and dodge, only for Roman to CLOBBER him again! Cover, TWO! Roman is annoyed again but the fans haven’t given up. Roman DECKS Bryan, but Bryan sits up. Roman DECKS Bryan again, but again Bryan gets up!

Roman watches Bryan stand, and Bryan throws a EuroUpper! And another! And another! Roman shoves Bryan to a corner, runs in but Bryan drop toeholds him into buckles! Roman checks his face, Bryan KICKS him! And KICKS, and hoists Roman up top! Bryan climbs up to join Roman, and SUPER- NO! Roman blocks the steiner and drags Bryan back up, for a SUPER POWERBOMB!! Cover, TWO!! Roman is shocked that Bryan survives, but SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again and Roman fires off point-blank lariats on Bryan against the apron! Then Roman RAMS Bryan into barriers and puts him back in the ring. Cover, TWO! Roman is again annoyed with Bryan but Bryan’s tougher than that! Roman scuffs Bryan and toys with him. Roman drags Bryan up to KNEE him to a corner! Bryan gets up but Roman gives him knee after knee! The ref counts, Roman lets off and gets in the ref’s face! Fans boo Roman but Roman drags Bryan up to the top rope. Roman climbs up now, stands on the very top, but Bryan slips out to trip Roman up!

Fans fire up as Bryan climbs up behind Roman. Bryan stands Roman up for a SUPER BACK SUPLEX!! Both men are down and the ThunderDome is thunderous! Bryan crawls his way over to Roman, pushes him to a cover, TWO!! Roman is still in this and Heyman is relieved. Bryan drags Roman back up, and throws a EuroUpper! Then a YES KICK! And another! And another! And another! Bryan fires from all sides, aims but the buzzsaw misses! SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO! Bryan goes to a corner but so does Roman. Roman locks and loads, runs in but into a KICK! Bryan KICKS the legs out, then aims and PENALTY KICKS the arm!

Roman writhes, Bryan is after that golden hand! Arm wrench to ELBOW BREAKER! Roman CLUBS Bryan, but Bryan dumps Roman out of the ring! Bryan builds speed and DIVES! But into Roman’s arms for an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! The ring count climbs as Roman aims at Bryan. Roman runs in and SPEARS through the barriers as Bryan dodges! Both men are down and out as SmackDown goes to one more break!

SmackDown returns yet again, and Bryan is up top! Heyman is freaking out as Bryan leaps for the DIVING HEADBUTT!! Cover, TWO!! Roman survives but Bryan is not deterred! Bryan aims from a corner and powers up with the Yes Fingers! Fans join in, Bryan runs but into a SUPERMAN PUNCH! Cover, TWO!! Roman is beside himself as Bryan survives, but he grits his teeth as he goes to a corner. Bryan stands, Roman aims, but he runs into a cradle takedown!! TWO!!! Bryan dodges the clothesline and runs in, KNEE PLUS!! Cover, ROPEBREAK!!! Roman saves himself by just mere inches! Bryan is stunned, but he gets Roman’s arms, for DANIELSON STOMPS!

Heyman winces with every stomp to Roman’s head and shoulders! Bryan drags Roman around to the omoplata, and then the YES LOCK!! Roman endures, Bryan pulls him back, but Roman makes it a cover! TWO, and Roman returns to SPEAR!! Cover, TWO?!?! Bryan survives and Roman is in disbelief! “This is Awesome!” and far from over! Roman slowly sits up, Bryan slowly follows, and Roman drags Bryan up into the facelock. Roman wants the Guillotine, and drags Bryan down into body scissors! Bryan pushes up with his legs to avoid the scissors and then pops out of the hold! ARMBAR!! Roman shifts around, Bryan gets another omoplata!

Heyman is panicking again as Bryan shifts around, to the YES LOCK!! Roman endures again, the hands blind him for only a moment, and Roman sees ropes! Roman claws his way over, reaches out, but Bryan gets that arm to shift Roman around! YES LOCK AGAIN!! Roman is stuck in the center of the ring!! Roman fights to get free from underneath! Roman starts to ground ‘n’ pound Bryan with big forearms and elbows! Roman high stacks to get the dead lift for a POWERBOMB! Roman glares, and throws even more forearms down on Bryan now! He lets off to get Bryan back up, for another POWERBOMB!!

Roman backs off for just a moment, but gets Bryan back up, into the facelock! Bryan fights off the Guillotine?! Bryan still has power, but Roman shifts to a GUILLOTINE with the left!! Bryan is stuck in the body scissors now! Bryan flails, reaches, but he’s fading! Roman squeezes tighter, Bryan is OUT!! Roman wins!!

Winner: Roman Reigns, by submission (still WWE Universal Champion)

The Tribal Chief just squeezed the life out of Bryan’s hopes and dreams! No cheating, no controversy, no questioning it, Roman won and defended his title on his show! But wait, Roman isn’t done with Bryan here! Roman brings two chairs into the ring! Roman is copying Edge, but here comes CESARO! The Swiss Superman BLASTS Roman with a EuroUpper! Cesaro saves Bryan rom a fate worse than losing, and then CLOBBERS Roman with more EuroUppers! The ref tries to stop Cesaro but he puts Roman back in the ring, only for JEY USO to attack! Jey stayed away the whole main event but now he SUPERKICKS Cesaro!!

Jey puts Cesaro in the ring and ties him up in the ropes! Jey makes Cesaro watch as Roman sets Bryan up, and hits a CON-CHAIR-TO!!! Roman glares at Cesaro and tells him that this will be HIS fate, too! Will the Tribal Chief continue to reign with an iron fist?

My Thoughts:

This was an awesome episode! Though, they clearly tried to get as much done in the first hour so they could devote the second hour to the title matches. The Six Person Tag was a pretty good opening segment, with there being so many interruptions that of course a brawl broke out. The Faces win to get big momentum towards Backlash, and while Bianca will surely get through Bayley to put her first defense under her belt, I still feel like Profits VS Dawgs is up in the air. Having Bianca and the Profits all holding gold would be a big moment and mean big things for SmackDown, but even with the PPV called WrestleMania Backlash this year, it’s still Backlash. How many big moments have happened on Backlash?

Natty & Tamina getting the jump on Nia & Shayna before the match was a great way of taking the fight to them, and I’m rather surprised Natty & Tamina won tonight. They’ll definitely get the title match at Backlash, maybe be part of it with Naomi & Lana joining in as Raw’s representatives, but there’s a lot that still needs to happen to make it seem like Tamina & Natty are getting the belts. Rey & Dom had a decent promo to keep their tag title chase in our minds, but that was about all it did. Aleister’s second chapter was stronger than the first, because the title at least fit what was going on. Maybe last chapter should’ve been titled “monster,” not “dragon.”

The Intercontinental Championship match was awesome, but I should’ve figured Champion’s Advantage would be how Apollo retains here. Kevin going after Azeez and then Sami going after Kevin made sense, and for a second I thought Sami was going to join Apollo, but it also makes sense that they’d knock him down, too. I’m hoping Backlash gives us a Fatal 4 Way, get all these guys involved and have a way for the challengers to take out Azeez together. I won’t expect Kevin or Sami to win the title in the Fatal 4, but maybe if those two get on the same page again, they can enter the tag division and finally win belts together.

The prediction promos were all pretty good, but it was Heyman’s that was the best. The set up of “Yes Yes Yes” into the “No No No” was a given, but he had a masterful way of building it up. Roman VS Bryan was an awesome match, I just wish SmackDown would’ve brought back picture in picture so we could’ve gotten even more of it. I did not think Roman would win cleanly, but that was the only way things would end between him and Bryan. Cesaro coming to the rescue only to be made to watch what happened next was good stuff, and I am sure Cesaro will take out all his anger on Rollins in their rematch.

If WWE is insisting on Roman VS Cesaro at Backlash, fine, but it seems a waste of Cesaro’s big moment when he finally wins a top title. At the same time, that moment could make Backlash something we’ll actually care about, so maybe WWE will surprise us in a good way. As for Bryan, maybe after some time off, we see him return to television on Raw and see what he can do over there. Their ratings could use it, really.

My Score: 8.7/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (8/17/22)

American Dragon VS Dragonslayer!



AEW House of the Dragon

Dynamite becomes the House of the Dragon!

AEW has an epic rematch between Bryan Danielson and Daniel Garcia, in a Best Two Out of Three Falls match! Will Red Death truly slay the American Dragon?


  • Best 2 out of 3 Falls: Bryan Danielson VS Daniel Garcia; Bryan wins.
  • Tony Nese w/ Mark Sterling VS ???; No Contest.
  • Gunn Club VS The Varsity Blonds; Gunn Club wins.
  • Toni Storm VS KiLynn King; wins.
  • AEW World Trios Championship Tournament, Opening Round: La Faccion Ingobernable VS The Young Bucks & ???; win(s) and advances.


CM Punk is here!

The Best of the World is back and the fans in Charleston, West Virginia are fired up to see him! Especially since he has THE AEW World Championship belt on his shoulder. No stage diving this time, though, he’s being a bit more careful this time. Punk goes to the ring and gets the mic as fans chant his name. “I’m trying to put my tough guy game face on before I came out here, and you guys just ruined it all by making me smile. I don’t got the prettiest smile. What I do have is the prettiest belt! Haven’t been here in some time, and I’ve got some business to attend to. Some things very, very important. Some things not so important.

“I want to get the not so important things outta the way. Where are we? Where are wee tonight? There’s somebody from around these parts that I would like to challenge to a rematch and I would like to do it right here, right now, for you beautiful people.” Fans cheer for that, they wanna see it, too! Punk sits down cross-legged and tells Hangman Adam Page, “You want that rematch, you got it right here, right now. Let’s go!” Fans are fired up for the “Cowboy Sh*t” that could go down, but where is he? Punk checks his mic, but no Hangman, and fans boo. Punk says that’s why this isn’t important. That isn’t Cowboy Sh*t, that’s Coward Sh*t!

“A little bit of advice that I suggest you take: The apology must as loud and as public as the disrespect!” And if anyone else has a problem with THE CHAMPION, Punk suggests they come on down! “Everyone wants to be the champ until it’s time to do champ sh*t!” Fans agree with that as they chant Punk’s name. “Ladies and gentlemen, I understand that Jon Moxley’s got a lot of fans. And he can be number one in your heart, but he’s not number one in this ring. I am THE AEW Champion!!” Punk knows what it takes to be the best, to talk a big game and say you’re the best, and to breathe that into existence.

He also knows what it is like to lose. Punk has lost big, but Moxley has always been number two, there has always been someone who has Mox’s number, and it’s Punk! Boo if you want, but let him know when he’s lying. “Jon Moxley is the third best guy in his own group, and that seems to be a reoccurring theme in his career.” Fans are stunned to hear that. Punk says, “That doesn’t make him a bad guy, but that doesn’t make him the best either.” Punk is the best, but yes, Mox has been carrying the torch when Punk broke his foot. Moxley talks about breaking bones and drinking blood, but between the two of them, the only one’s who has broken bones is Punk! It was his own, but still!

So again, tell Punk when he’s telling lies. Moxley has been INTERIM AEW Champion. Look that word up, it means “temporary.” And Punk is willing to test himself against Moxley, but is Moxley willing to test himself against his best friends? Let’s talk about those friends. Mox’s best friend is the third best Eddie that Punk’s ever faced. And the second best Kingston! These people aren’t number one at anything! Tell Punk when he’s telling a lie! Fans have to admit, he’s got a point. Punk says he’s missed the fans, and he’s missed competing in the ring. He’s been wanting to defend this title on a PPV, and that will be All Out, September 4th, Chicago, Illinois!

Punk is ready to test his belt against Moxley’s “number two with a bullet.” Punk is willing to test his foot! The funny thing is, heading into Chicago, Moxley isn’t even the first Jon/John that Punk beats in Chicago for a title! And he’s certainly not number one there, either. But say his name enough and here he comes! Jon Moxley is heading to the ring but Punk taunts Moxley over the time he takes to make it to the ring. Punk does “mat angels” as Moxley and his AEW World Championship belt go through the crowd. Moxley does make it to ringside, he does get a mic and he does get in the ring to stand there across from Punk.

Fans cheer for Moxley, and Moxley says, “Look out, ladies and gentlemen, CM Punk is dropping pipe bombs! Doing what he does best: writing checks with his mouth that his body can’t cash.” Moxley makes sure to point at Punk’s foot with that. And Moxley tells Punk he’s living in a fantasy land! In Punk’s mind, he’s the best wrestler in the world. But most times, Punk’s not even the best wrestler in catering. Punk thinks his mic in his hand is power. But this is the real world, and that’s just a microphone. And all the words Punk says into it don’t mean sh*t. That belt on Punk’s shoulder don’t mean sh*t. Punk says, “Who’s living in a fantasy world now?”

Moxley says, “To be fair, right now, this belt don’t mean sh*t. Not until I beat you!” Moxley says he IS the heart and soul of AEW, and every time they call him “Interim,” he thinks of Punk and that makes him sick! Punks says, “Good! You can be the ‘heart and soul’, I’ll bet he dollars and the cents!” Both men throw the belts down and inch a bit closer. Punk asks Mox if he’s done talking. Mox says we all know Punk only came to AEW because he ran out of money, so don’t give Mox that. “Being the best is about heart and soul and guts and fighting spirit, and we both know that you ran out of fighting spirit a long time ago.”

Now both men are face to face! Mox says if Punk wants to prove him wrong, then do something about it. But Mox doesn’t think Punk’s gonna do sh*t. Punk says they have a match at the PPV, which Punk will soundly defeat Moxley in. But if Punk touches Moxley now, Punk’s afraid Moxley will just start bleeding all over him. They get forehead to forehead, Moxley puts his hands back behind him to give Punk an open shot. Punk pushes Moxley away, but Moxley comes back with a peck on the cheek! AND A SLAP! The haymakers start flying and fans are fired up for it! Moxley and Punk scrap, security and officials rush in, and fans boo!

Moxley and Punk are separated but Moxley throws off his shirt! Punk eggs Moxley on, security is a wall between them, and fans boo more. Moxley tosses his belt out of the ring, then eggs Punk on! Punk tries to get after Moxley, and Moxley LEAPS onto the pile! The scrum continues but is quickly broken up. Fans want to “LET THEM FIGHT!” and Moxley gets a chair! Moxley tosses it into the ring, and Punk uses it to take a seat! Punk eggs Mox on again, and Mox slides in! They make contact, but the security pulls them apart again! Fans boo some more, but Moxley finds an opening on the other side of the ring! The brawl is back on!

Wait, security just pulls them apart again. Fans boo as the ebb and flow just keeps going, but it seems we’ll all have to wait until Sunday, September 4th. What happens when Punk and Moxley go all out to determine an UNDISPUTED AEW World Champion?


Backstage interview with “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs.

Tony Schiavone is with Hobbs and references what we saw last week concerning himself, Ricky Starks and The Factory. Schiavone thought Starks & Hobbs were friends, so why did Hobbs betray Starks? Hobbs says he doesn’t need friends! “Ricky Starks, you proved to the whole world, your true colors came out, you told the world that you were okay with losing. I’m not okay with losing, Ricky! For two years, you got to walk around here and parade around like you’re some God’s gift to this business. You got to hide behind Powerhouse Hobbs’ back, because you knew I would get the job done.”

Hobbs was hired for one thing: make sure Starks stayed champion. And Starks couldn’t do it! Now Ricky, Hobbs not only breaks backs, he also breaks necks. And as far as The Factory goes, Hobbs has something for them, too! Will the Powerhouse turn into a juggernaut and demolish everyone in his way?


Best 2 out of 3 Falls: Bryan Danielson VS Daniel Garcia!

The American Dragon fought hard against Red Death, but was screwed over by The Wizard! Sounds like Game of Thrones, but it’s pro-wrestling! Or as the Jericho Appreciation Society calls it, “Sports Entertainment.” However, Bryan dares Garcia to look inside himself and decide: Is he the Best Technical Sports Entertainer? Or is he the Best Technical Pro-Wrestler? With Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat as the special guest timekeeper, will the Dragonslayer slay the American Dragon? Or will he JOIN the American Dragon in the Blackpool Combat Club?

But first, Chris Jericho joins commentary! Fans sing Judas for him as he joins Excalibur, Taz, and Good ol’ JR, then Bryan makes his entrance. Bryan shakes hands with Steamboat, then Garcia makes his entrance, complete with a new Dragonslayer logo on his tron. The bell rings on the first fall and fans rally up. The two circle, feel out the grapple, and Bryan shoots in to get a leg. Bryan trips Garcia but Garcia fights back and trips Bryan. Garcia goes for a leg, but Bryan trips him back and rains down forearms! Garcia guards but Bryan moves around. Garcia slips out, back mounts, but Bryan stands up.

Garcia is a backpack but Bryan snapmares and rolls! It’s a rough landing but Garcia holds on, then he drags Bryan around. Bryan slips out, throws body shots from above, then has a KNEEBAR! Garcia moves around to stand up, and he has a HEEL HOOK! Bryan endures, stomps at Garcia’s face but Garcia gives those back! They stomp and kick each other back and forth, but Bryan puts on a HEEL HOOK of his own! Fans cheer this technical exchange and the two end up in the ropes! The ref counts, the two let each other go, but then Garcia BOOTS Bryan into a corner! Garcia eggs Bryan on while fans boo.

Bryan stands up, they reset, tie up, and Garcia puts Bryan in a corner. Fans rally for Bryan as Garcia smothers him, but the ref counts. Garcia lets off to SLAP Bryan! Bryan keeps cool as AEW goes picture in picture.

Garcia taunts Bryan but Bryan puts his dukes up. Bryan KICKS Garcia’s leg, then eggs Garcia on. Garcia returns but Bryan KICKS the leg again! They tie up, Bryan SLAPS Garcia now, and Garcia wobbles a bit. Garcia throws some testing jabs but Bryan shrugs those off. Bryan throws body shots, then SMACKS Garcia! Bryan suplexes high and hard, covers, TWO! Bryan drags Garcia around by a leg, turns him over and hooks up the legs. Bryan reaches for the arms, brings them back, and then up and up and ROMERO SPECIAL! Garcia endures being held overhead, then Bryan sets him down to fishhook the nose!

The ref reprimands but Bryan throws haymakers onto Garcia’s head, then ROCKS him with a forearm! Garcia falls forward, out of the leg hooks, and fans rally up. Bryan paces, watches Garcia get up, and then KICKS him in the chest! Garcia is right up to CHOP! Bryan smirks and Garcia eggs him on. Bryan CHOPS back, so Garcia CHOPS again. Bryan smirks, dusts that off, and fans rally up more. Bryan and Garcia talk some trash, Garcia SLAPS Bryan! Bryan squats and Garcia kicks at him. Garcia eggs Bryan on, Bryan snarls and stands back up. Bryan stares Garcia down as AEW returns to single picture, and the forearms fire off! Bryan KICKS away on Garcia in the corner!

Fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” with every shot! Bryan goes corner to corner to DROPKICK! Bryan puts Garcia up top, climbs up after him, then SUPER STEINERS, but Garcia rolls it to a sunset flip! TWO! Bryan EuroUppers, Garcia CHOPS, but Bryan EuroUppers again! Garcia CHOPS, Bryan EuroUppers, Garcia kicks low then EuroUppers back. Garcia whips Bryan to a corner, Bryan goes up and over, then keeps moving! Bryan ducks and dodges but Garcia spins him for a BUTTERFLY SUPLEX into the ARMBAR! Bryan sits up, fans rally up, and Bryan clasps hands. Bryan fights but Garcia pushes him down!

Bryan rolls through, leg capture and BACK SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!! Garcia escapes but Bryan goes for the legs! Bryan ties the legs up, rains down forearms, and then hooks an arm! REGAL STRETCH!! Bryan makes his mentor proud while Garcia endures to make his mentor proud! Garcia crawls, reaches out, ROPEBREAK! Bryan lets off, Garcia bails out, and Bryan builds speed! Bryan WRECKS Garcia with a dropkick! Then he goes to the apron to FLYING- NO, Garcia dodges the knee to SAIDO to the floor! Fans are torn as Garcia stands back up. Garcia drags Bryan up with a facelock and he puts Bryan in the ring.

Fans rally and Garcia looms over Bryan. Garcia sits Bryan up for HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! That’s a very BCC move! Fans boo but Jericho loves it! Garcia gets the legs, SHARP- NO, Bryan spins it through! Bryan kicks Garcia down into the TRIANGLE HOLD! Garcia is caught but he stands up. Bryan throws hands but Garcia hooks Bryan up! PILEDRIVER!! Omoplata and DRAGON SLEEPER!!! Bryan is fading, the fans rally, but he’s OUT! That’s the first fall to Garcia!

Bryan: 0; Garcia: 1

The ref checks if Bryan is okay to continue, but Garcia says this is just the first fall! This isn’t over until he has his second! The ref starts a standing count, if Bryan can’t answer it, he’s lost! Garcia backs off to watch Bryan, and we’re past 5 of 10! Bryan crawls and stands at 8, so Garcia CLOBBERS him! Garcia stomps a mudhole while fans boo! Garcia lets off at the ref’s count to soak up the heat, then he storms back up on Bryan. Garcia stands Bryan up, EuroUppers, and CHOPS! Bryan looks dazed but Garcia brings him up to CHOP again! Garcia soaks up more heat while fans boo and he goes corner to corner. Garcia runs in to SHOTGUN Bryan, and AEW goes to break!

AEW returns and Garcia is stomping away on Bryan at the ropes! Fans boo Garcia and the ref counts, but Garcia stands on Bryan’s head! Garcia lets off and the ref checks Bryan. Bryan’s busted open from a DDT to bare concrete that happened during the break, but it isn’t too bad yet. Garcia drags Bryan from the ropes, kicks him more, and fans rally up. Bryan huffs and puffs as Garcia keeps kicking, and fans fire up! Bryan KICKS and KICKS and KICKS Garcia’s leg, but Garcia WRINGS the arm! Then omoplata, and the DRAGON SLEEPER! Bryan fights up, so Garcia INVERTED SUPLEXES him, and still has the DRAGON SLEEPER!

Bryan endures so Garcia rains down HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Fans boo as the DRAGON SLEEPER is back on! But Bryan rolls forward to make it a cover, and he gets the fall!!

Bryan: 1; Garcia: 1

And now we’re all tied up! Garcia can’t believe it but the fans are thunderous! Now it’s sudden death! And Garcia hammers away on Bryan’s bloody forehead! Jericho blames the ref for making a mistake but Garcia just soaks up the heat. Bryan is in a corner, Garcia runs corner to corner, but Bryan dodges! Garcia’s dropkick misses and Garcia ends up in a Tree of Woe! Bryan KICKS away on Garcia! Bryan sits Garcia up, climbs up after him, then rains down HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOWS! Fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” and then Bryan brings Garcia up. Garcia resists, but Bryan SPIDER GERMAN SUPLEXES him away!

Bryan sits up and fans are thunderous! Bryan adjusts, leaps, and MISSILE DROPKICKS Garcia all the way to the other corner! Garcia bails out as fans fire up again. Bryan kips up and fans are loving it! Bryan snarls and builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit at the corner! Bryan drags Garcia up to KICK and KICK and KICK! Bryan POSTS Garcia! And then YANKS Garcia into the post! And again! But Garcia YANKS Bryan! Bryan YANKS Garcia! Garcia YANKS Bryan, and both men fall over! Fans fire up and rally behind Bryan. Bryan and Garcia stir as the ring count climbs. The count reaches 5 of 10 but Garcia gets in at 7! Bryan flops at 8, but he’s back up and in at 9!

Fans are thunderous as now Garcia is also busted open! AEW goes picture in picture as the ref checks both men. They’re both okay to continue, even though Garcia’s a bit dazed. Garcia crawls forward after Bryan, talks trash on him, but Bryan just shouts at Garcia back! Garcia SLAPS Bryan but Bryan eggs him on. Garcia CHOPS, but Bryan still eggs him on! Fans rally, Garcia CHOPS, but Bryan just sits back! Garcia CHOPS but Bryan just does an ab crunch! Garcia runs to PENALTY KICK! Bryan does another ab crunch! PENALTY KICK! Ab crunch! Garcia CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS but Bryan doesn’t fall over!

Garcia runs again, into a HUGE forearm from Bryan! Garcia goes down and fans fire up as Bryan stays send. Bryan flips Garcia off, that’s a JAS thing! Garcia sit sup, and Bryan KICKS him! And KICKS him! And KICKS, but Garcia eggs Bryan on now! So Bryan KICKS and KICKS and KICKS! Garcia SWATS one, then CLOBBERS Bryan from behind! Garcia gest the legs, steps through, SHARPSHOOTER! Bryan endures the “Dragon Tamer” as AEW returns to single picture! And Garcia sits back deep! Bryan endures, hooks an arm, and drags Garcia out of his hold into the omoplata! Garcia moves around, rolls through, but Bryan stays hooked on!

Bryan reaches and finishes the LEBELL LOCK! Garcia rolls it back to a cover, TWO!! Garcia choke grips, Bryan breaks free, but Garcia SLAPS him again! Bryan staggers, Garcia runs in at the corner, DROPKICK! Bryan stays up to SLAP Garcia! ROLLING- NO, Garcia ducks to BUSAIKU KNEE!! Garcia steals something of Bryan’s! Knuckle lock cover, TWO!! Garcia and Bryan are in a test of strength as Bryan sits up, and they go forehead to bloody forehead! Garcia ROCKS Bryan, and Bryan ROCKS Garcia, but the knuckle locks don’t break! Another round of forearms back and forth, Garcia gets the edge and Bryan drops to his knees!

Fans rally as the knuckle locks stay clamped on! Bryan fights to his feet and he ROCKS Garcia over and over. Garcia hits back, the forearms keep going, and now Garcia leans onto Bryan. Bryan stands him up to ROCK him again and again and again! Garcia is down and Bryan rains down the shots! Bryan gets the wrists, but Garcia monkey flips! To steal the DRAGON STOMPS! Jericho is loving this but fans boo! Garcia lets off but Bryan trips him up! Bryan HEADBUTTS Garcia again and again, then gives him DRAGON STOMPS! Bryan lets go of one arm to focus on the stomps! Then the TRIANGLE, with HAMMERING ELBOWS!!

Garcia endures, fights to his feet, and he deadlifts Bryan! But Bryan drags him back down and throws more elbows! Garcia fires hands and the fans are loving the scrap! Bryan uses Garcia’s haymakers to turn the move around into the LEBELL LOCK!! Garcia endures, reaches out, Jericho cheers him on but fans want him to tap! Bryan catches the arm to HAMMER ‘N’ ANVIL ELBOW!! LEBELL LOCK!!! Garcia is OUT, the ref calls it for Bryan!!

Winner: Bryan Danielson, by submission, 2-1

Sports Entertainer or Pro-Wrestler, those are just labels, because this was a battle of two fighters! But in the end, Garcia falls and Bryan is the winner! And yet, Garcia’s fighting spirit keeps him reaching for Bryan. Bryan and the fans applaud for the heart the Dragonslayer has, but did what Bryan say last week get through to Garcia? Is Garcia going to be BCC? Bryan offers Garcia a hand but Garcia stands up on his own. Jericho leaves commentary to CLOBBER Bryan! Jericho rains down fists because he’s the sore loser here! But Garcia pushes Jericho away?! Fans fire up for that, but Jericho is confused and furious!

Jericho asks Garcia why he just did that. Is he thinking of changing? Garcia slaps the accusing finger away! Jericho points his other finger, because he wants Garcia to think long and hard about what he does next. Fans chant “You’re a Wrestler!” at Garcia, but will he listen to them? Or will he still follow the Jericho Appreciation Society?


Backstage interview with Private Party and Swerve In Our Glory.

Schiavone notes that this Friday on Rampage, it will be these two teams fighting over the AEW World Tag Team Championships. Swerve says “You’re welcome, by the way.” Marq Quen asks, “For what? Last week, you guys disrespected us, talking about how we’re not ranked. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re number five!” Isiah Kassidy makes sure Swerve knows it by holding up five fingers. Keith Lee steps forward and Private Party steps back. Schiavone steps in to remind them all of the No Physicality Agreement.

Swerve says Private Party’s been here how long and this is the closest they’ve gotten to the tag titles? “Winning ain’t nothing new to Swerve In Our Glory, Keith Lee and myself. You need to respect your elders, because you could learn a thing or two from us.” Keith adds, “And after you Swerve In Our Glory, then you can walk your happy asses back down the ladder.” Kassidy says Keith embarrassed him once. It won’t happen again. And on top of that, Private Party takes these titles back to New York. FACTS. BLAOW! See you Friday, baby. Kassidy & Quen are confident now, but will they be popping bottles or sharing ice packs after Rampage?


Tony Nese w/ Mark Sterling VS ???

But wait! Moxley attacks the Premier Athlete on the stage! And then he CLOBBERS Smart Mark! Then Moxley storms to the ring and grabs the mic! “C M PUNK! I’ve been waiting too damn long for you to come back, I’m sick of waiting! You wanna unify these belts? I say let’s do it right now! Let’s get this sh*t over with!” Fans are ready for that, too! Moxley throws off his hoodie and waits, and here comes Punk! But officials and security try to stop him before he gets to ringside! Moxley rushes out to meet him at the ramp! Fans fire up as they brawl but again they are separated! Moxley returns to the ring, Punk pursues, and the security swarm in again!

Fans boo as Punk is dragged away from the ring. The BCC’s Claudio and Yuta even show up to hold Moxley back. As much as Moxley and Punk want this fight, everyone else in AEW is doing their best to delay this until All Out! Moxley storms off through the crowd and the BCC follow, will this grudge even wait for September?


Backstage interview with the Jericho Appreciation Society.

Schiavone has Matthew Menard, Angelo Parker, and Chris Jericho himself, and brings up what we saw at the end of Bryan VS Garcia. Is there possibly some dissention in the ranks? Jericho says he is giving “Danny” a pass for tonight, that was hell of a match. Maybe after getting dropped on his head, he’s a little fuzzy and didn’t realize what he was doing putting his hands on Jericho. Maybe Garcia is wavering back and forth between Bryan and Jericho, but we need to know for sure. Next week, live on Dynamite, Jericho wants to talk with Garcia, face to face, in the ring, man to man! Whose side is Garcia on? Garcia better make the right choice.

But then Ricky Steamboat walks in! He tells Jericho that he’s watched Garcia. And that young kid is coming into his own. Jericho agrees, but then Steamboat says Garcia doesn’t need Jericho or Menard & Parker. Jericho is the same guy Steamboat knew 14, 15 years ago. The same hair, same get up and go. If anyone should mentor Garcia, Steamboat says Bryan is the better choice. Oh, really? Is that what you think, Steamboat? Typical goody-two-shoes Steamboat! Jericho hasn’t liked Steamboat for those same 15 years, so he better keeps his hands off Jericho and stay out of his business! Jericho storms off, and Parker tells Steamboat to stay out of their business!

Parker tells Steamboat to look at him when he’s talking! Stay out of- BOP! Steamboat’s still got a hard right! Will that teach the JAS not to anger The Dragon?


Gunn Club VS The Varsity Blonds!

Austin & Colten lost in the Dumpster Match but they did beat #Beardhausen. And yet, Daddy Ass is still not happy with how his sons are competing. Will they finally get Papa Gunn’s approval? Or will Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison expose them as the Ass Boys they are?

The teams sort out and Austin starts with the Ivy League MVP. Fans taunt the “ASS~ BOYS!” and Griff adds on. Austin frowns as he circles with Griff, but then he SUCKER PUNCHES BPJ! Then he CLOBBERS Griff! Colten tags in, he CLOBBES Griff, then LARIATS him! Colten reels Griff up, and hits the COLT 45!! Cover, Gunn Club wins!!

Winners: Gunn Club, by pinfall

Quick on the draw and that gets Austin & Colten the win! Fans boo but Billy gets the mic. “Hold on, hold on. That right there is what I’ve been trying to tell you for the past couple weeks. That’s what you have to do. That’s what gets things done. Just to know that I am super proud of you. I have been hard on you, but I am proud of you.” And Billy says he has done a lot of really great things in his career. But the one thing that has been able to work is these two right here, that is a fact. The Gunns hug it out and fans boo. But then here comes Stokely Hathaway! Is he still trying to recruit the Gunn sons? WAIT, AUSTIN ATTACKS BILLY!

Billy staggers from the blindside, then Colt DECKS him!! The fans can’t believe the sons are turning on their father! They’re raining down fists and choking him out! But here comes THE ACCLAIMED! Max Caster & Anthony Bowens slide in to run the Ass Boys off! Bowens gets the mic, and fans fire up as he and Caster look to Billy. Bowens offers the scissors! “SCISSOR ME, DADDY ASS!!” And they do~! Will Billy and his boys take out Stokely and Billy’s sons?


AEW shares exclusive footage from last week.

Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal & Satnam Singh were fuming over Wardlow & FTR running them off! Sonjay thought Wardlow was a big man who could do it all! Wardlow could take out Sonjay, Lethal and Satnam all at once! But no, he can’t do nothing! He needed back up in Cash & Dax! So how ’bout this?! Trios match! Wardlow & FTR VS Lethal, Sonjay & Satnam, the biggest show of the year, ALL OUT! Sonjay swears to punch them in the face! Lethal says that they beat Wardlow down so bad, FTR noticed and felt bad for him, that’s why they came to help him. But now FTR’s made an enemy out of the three of these guys! Lethal doesn’t respect FTR!

Satnam dares Wardlow to try and powerbomb him. Will Lethal and company be the ones regretting challenging the faction formerly known as The Pinnacle to a fight?



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Mitchell’s NJPW G1 Climax 32 Results & Report! (8/17/22)

And then there were four!



NJPW G1 Climax 32

The G1 Climax’s Final Four face off!

A VS B and C VS D, the biggest G1 Climax in NJPW history reaches its semifinals! Will Tetsuya Naito make Will Ospreay trainquilo? Will Kazuchika Okada make it rain on the Good Bad Guy?


  • 8 Man Tag: Chaos VS Suzuki-Gun; Chaos wins.
  • Royce Isaacs & Tom Lawlor VS Dangerous Tekkers; Dangerous Tekkers win.
  • Tomoaki Honma & Togi Makabe VS Bad Dude Tito & JONAH; Tito & Jonah win.
  • Six Man Tag: The United Empire VS Bullet Club; Bullet Club wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Bullet Club; Bullet Club wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: Hiroshi Tanahashi, Toru Yano, David Finlay & KUSHIDA VS Bullet Club; Tanahashi, Yano, Finlay & Kushida win.
  • G1 Climax 32 Semifinal: Kazuchika Okada VS Tama Tonga; Okada wins and advances to the finals.
  • G1 Climax 32 Semifinal: Tetsuya Naito VS Will Ospreay; Ospreay wins and advances to the finals.


G1 Climax 32 Semifinal: Kazuchika Okada VS Tama Tonga w/ Jado!

It’s A Block VS B Block, Rainmaker VS Good Bad Guy! And in G1 Climax 31, Okada lost to Tama! Will history repeat itself? Or will Tama have to fall back to the golden ticket he got from beating Jay White?

The bell rings and fans rally up already as the two circle. Tama and Okada shake hands to show there’s respect here and fans cheer more. Okada and Tama tie up, are in a deadlock, but Okada uses his height as leverage. Okada puts Tama on the ropes and the ref calls for the break. Okada lets off, pats Tama on the shoulders, but Tama rushes in. Okada kicks low, headlocks, but Tama powers up and out. Okada runs Tama over and fans fire up. Okada runs, Tama gets up to arm-drag Okada around! Then Tama dropkicks Okada down! Fans fire up more as Tama brings Okada up. Tama CLUBS Okada and follows him to a corner.

Tama throws body shots, but Okada throws forearms! Tama knees low, Okada throws body shots but Tama CLUBS Okada down. Fans rally as Tama whips corner to corner, but Okada reverses. Okada runs in but into a back elbow. Tama runs at Okada but into the FLAPJACK! Fans applaud while Okada catches his breath. Jado coaches Tama while fans rally up. Okada drags Tama up, ROCKS him with a forearm, and Tama goes to ropes. Okada brings Tama around to CLUB him on the neck. Okada puts Tama in a corner and throws a back elbow. And then another! And then another! The ref counts and Okada lets off.

Fans rally, Jado coaches Tama, but Okada brings Tama up. Tama throws body shots but Okada knees low. Okada turns Tama for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Fans rally and Okada sits Tama up for a chinlock. Tama endures while Okada squeezes tight. The fans rally up more as Okada turns and twists Tama. Tama fights up to his feet, throws elbows, but Okada knees low. Okada throws Tama out of the ring then follows after. Tama staggers up into a kick and DDT to the floor! Okada leaves Tama behind while fans rally up. Jado coaches Tama while the ring count climbs. We’re at 5 of 20 but Tama is still down.

Tama pushes up off the floor at 10 of 20 and crawls his way over, and he drags himself up at 16, only to fall! Tama springs up and in at 19! Okada walks over and kicks Tama around while the fans rally up. “O-KA-DA!” eggs Tama on, so Tama fires off forearm after forearm! Okada eggs Tama on, Tama keeps throwing hands, but Okada DECKS Tama with one! Okada whips Tama to a corner, but Tama comes back to CLOBBER Okada! Fans fire up and rally again as Tama drags himself up the ropes. Tama rushes Okada to LARIAT, and ELBOW, and scoop SLAM! OFF COMES THE VEST! Fans fire up with Tama as he claps, “TA-MA! TA-MA!”

Okada is in the corner, Tama runs in to STINGER SPLASH! And then a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Fans continue to rally as Tama paces around. Tama brings Okada up to CLUB him down, then he throws body shots. Tama dragon sleepers but Okada fights free! Tama throws a body shot, an uppercut, and then whips. Okada ducks ‘n’ dodges to CLOBBER Tama with an elbow! Fans rally and Okada whips Tama into a corner. Okada runs in to back elbow, then kicks and DDTs! Cover, TWO! Fans clap for “O-KA-DA!” “GOOD BAD GUY!” as Okada watches Tama stand. Tama staggers into the Alabama Lift! But Tama fights it off with body shots!

Okada ROCKS Tama, but Tama ROCKS Okada. Okada EuroUppers but Tama EuroUppers back! Okada swings but into the TONGAN TWIST! Fans rally up again as Okada bails out of the ring. Tama goes out after Okada and brings him up, but Okada throws body shots! Okada whips Tama into railing, and Tama bounces off into a scoop! But Tama fights that to a TONGAN TWIST to the floor! A bit of payback from earlier! Fans rally up while the ref checks both men. Both men are able to continue and Tama stands first. The ring count starts and Tama drags Okada up at 5 of 20 to put him in at 6. Fans cheer as this match continues.

Tama stalks Okada while the fans clap. Okada stands, Tama rushes in, VENENO! Cover, TWO! Tama paces around then brings Okada back up. Tama fireman’s carries, but Okada fights free and spins Tama. ROLLING- NO, Tama ducks the lariat to fireman’s carry! S R C! Tama heads for the corner and fans fire up! SUPREME FLOW! Cover, TWO!! Okada survives and Tama grows frustrated, but Jado calls the shot! Tama and Jado pound the mat, and fans clap along. Tama watches Okada rise, then he rushes in, GUN- NO, Okada turns that into the BACK2BACKBREAKER! And then the MONEY CLIP!!

Tama endures and fans rally up! Tama reaches out and gets the ROPEBREAK! Okada lets go in frustration but fans fire up more. The fans continue to rally, “O-KA-DA!” “GOOD BAD GUY!” Okada drags Tama up, scoops him and SLAMS him, then goes to the corner. Okada climbs up and fans rally for the MACHO ELBOW! And of course, the Rainmaker Pose! Okada drags Tama up, wristlocks, but Tama throws back elbows. Okada CLUBS Tama, EuroUppers and runs, but into a DROPKICK! Fans fire up as Tama takes Okada down! Tama drags Okada up, but Okada fights off the suplex to shove and DROPKICK Tama in return!

Okada drags Tama back up, ripcords, but Tama ducks to slips around, BLOODY SUNDAY!! Shoutout to the Prince! Cover, TWO!! Okada survives but Tama just reloads and brings him back up! Double underhooks, but Okada fights free to LARIAT! Not quite the Rainmaker but Okada holds onto the wrist! Fans rally as Okada slowly rises back up. Okada drags Tama up, for a short arm LARIAT! Okada fires up and the fans follow suit! He drags Tama back up, ripcords, but Tama ducks and runs, into a DROPKICK! But he gets back up! Tama is roaring, fans are fire dup, but Okada scoops for the LANDSLIDE!!

Okada then ripcords Tama, GUN STUN!!! But Tama can’t make the cover! Jado shouts to Tama, he crawls over to Okada, pushes Okada over for the cover, TWO!!! Okada survives because of the delay! Fans are thunderous while both men are still down! Tama rises and he drags Okada back up. Tama reels Okada in, underhooks the arms, but Okada fights the lift! Tama CLUBS Okada, CLUBS him again, and fans rally as Tama CLUBS Okada one more time. Tama brings Okada up, reels him in again, but Okada back drops and sits on the cover! TWO!! Tama swings, but into a waistlock! Tama fights the suplex, throws elbows, and then whips.

Okada reverses but Tama dodges the dropkick! And he hurries to underhook, but Okada slips out! GUN- NO, Okada holds it off this time, to then get the wristlock! Ripcord, GUN- NO!! Okada turns it into a MONEY CLIP!!! Fans rally as hard as ever, and Tama turns clip into cradle! TWO!!! Okada escapes, BOOTS, but Tama PELES! Tama reloads fast and waits on Okada to stand! Okada is up, Tama runs in, GUN- NO!!! Okada fights it again, to ENZIGURI! And then pump handle scoop, POWERSLAM!! Ripcord, RAINMAKER!!! Cover, Okada wins!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by pinfall (advances to the finals)

Tama put up one hell of a fight, truly worthy of the biggest G1 Climax ever, but it just wasn’t enough to stop the Rainmaker! Will Okada not stop until he has that Right to Challenge briefcase once more?


G1 Climax 32 Semifinal: Tetsuya Naito VS Will Ospreay w/ Great-O-Khan!

It’s C Block VS D Block, Uncontrollable Charisma VS Commonwealth Kingpin! We know Okada awaits in the finals, will he be facing one of his great rivals in Naito? Or will it be one of his great enemies in Ospreay?

Naito takes off his elaborate entrance attire while Ospreay takes his time with his coat and two title belts. Fans rally, “NA-I-TO!” “O-SU-PREAY!” and the bell rings. Ospreay encourages the fans to get louder so they do, and Naito says that’s nice. The two then circle, Naito goes back and forth to toy with Ospreay, but then they tie up. They’re in a deadlock, but Ospreay finds a point of leverage. He puts Naito on the ropes and Red Shoes counts. Ospreay pats Naito but Naito turns things around. Naito has Ospreay on the ropes, but then pats Ospreay on the shoulders. To then kick low and CLUB him on the neck! And again!

Red Shoes reprimands but Naito whips Ospreay. Ospreay reverses, Naito holds ropes and BOOTS Back, to then RANA! But Ospreay handsprings through! Naito ducks the Penalty Kick, avoids the Standing Moonsault, then arm-drags Ospreay! Naito ducks a roundhouse and tranquilos! Ospreay smirks while Naito bails out. Fans rally up while Naito stares Khan down. Khan keeps his distance and Naito takes a walk around the ring. Khan tells Naito to get back in so Naito does. Naito and Ospreay circle, feel out a knuckle lock, then circle some more. Ospreay blocks Naito’s kick! Naito tries to reach Ospreay but he can’t!

Ospreay ROCKS Naito with a forearm, then another! Ospreay whips, atomic drops and CHOPS Naito down, for the STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up and Khan cheers Ospreay on. Ospreay drags Naito up, ROCKS him again, then bumps him off buckles. Ospreay CHOPS Naito in the corner, then stalks him to another corner. Ospreay CHOPS again and Naito staggers. Ospreay whips him but Naito reverses, only for Ospreay to go up and over. Naito dodges, blocks a kick and puts Ospreay in the ropes for a DRAPING BACKBREAKER! Naito then whips Ospreay to ropes for a hip toss! And basement dropkick! Naito keeps going, NECKBREAKER!

Fans fire up while Ospreay clutches his neck. Fans rally up and Naito brings Ospreay into a chinlock. Naito grinds Ospreay down with an almost bulldog choke but Ospreay endures. Fans rally up more, Ospreay pulls hair but Red Shoes reprimands. Naito lets off to snapmare Ospreay into a headscissor hold! Naito pushes up to put pressure on the neck but Ospreay endures. Ospreay rolls around and gets the ROPEBREAK! Red Shoes counts and Khan protests, and Naito lets off. Fans rally up as Naito brings Ospreay around. Naito ROCKS Ospreay but Ospreay ROCKS Naito, repeat! Naito then CLUBS Ospreay on the neck!

Naito CLUBS away on Ospreay in the corner, then whips him corner to corner. Naito runs in to JUMP KICK! Leg sweep, SWINGING DROPKICK! Combinacion Cabron! Fans fire up as Naito poses, then covers, TWO! Fans rally up and Naito stomps Ospreay around. Naito brings Ospreay up to cravat and neck wrench! Ospreay endures, drops to a knee, and fans rally again. Ospreay fights back up, throws body shots, but Naito ROCKS him again. Naito whips, Ospreay reverses but Naito reverses again. Naito swings into a full nelson, but he arm-drags free! Naito dodges and whips but Ospreay handsprings to NEURALIZER!

Fans fire up while both men are down. Ospreay sits up and grits his teeth. Ospreay waits on Naito to get up, but Naito is slow. Ospreay fireman’s carries to then SNAKE EYES and BOOT! Ospreay goes to the apron and fans fire up with him. Ospreay aims at Naito, springboards and PIP PIP CHEERIO! Cover, TWO! Ospreay is annoyed but fans continue to rally. Ospreay drags Naito back up, reels him in, but Naito resists the lift. Ospreay keeps trying but Naito flails. Ospreay CLUBS Naito, throws a quick Kowada Kick, then CHOPS Naito off his feet! Naito gets up but Ospreay reels him in, only for Naito to fight the bomb!

Naito ducks the lariat to BACKBREAKER into the LEG HOOK NELSON! Naito slaps Ospreay around but Ospreay still endures. Ospreay moves around, but Naito drags him from ropes! Fans rally, Naito puts on more pressure, but Ospreay kicks his way around! ROPEBREAK! Fans fire up as Red Shoes counts, and Naito lets Ospreay go. Fans rally as Naito stands and Ospreay drags himself up the ropes. Naito hammerlocks and half nelsons but Ospreay fights off the lift! Naito ripcords but Ospreay ducks the elbow. Naito CLUBS Ospreay, dodges a haymaker, then ROCKS Ospreay! Naito runs, into the Tiger Wall Kick and ENZIGURI! But Naito rebounds, into a SPANISH FLY!!

Fans are thunderous as both men are down again! Ospreay and Naito sit up, talk some trash, and then get forehead to forehead. Naito throws a forearm but Ospreay gives it back. Naito grins and forearms Ospreay again! Ospreay ROCKS Naito back! Ospreay eggs Naito on so Naito ROCKS Ospreay! Ospreay roars and fans fire up, and Ospreay throws another forearm! Naito gives another, and they go back and forth! Fans rally up as the speed picks up! Ospreay fires off a flurry, then CHOPS!! Naito staggers and Ospreay waits on him. Naito comes back to SLAP Ospreay! Ospreay grins and fans fire up!

Ospreay blocks a kick, ducks the enziguri but Naito dodges Hidden Blade to TORNADO- NO! Ospreay blocks to suplex and BRAINBUSTER! But Ospreay holds on, brings Naito back up, suplexes but Naito RANAS! Cover, TWO!! Ospreay escapes in time but Naito gets him for the TORNADO DDT! Fans are thunderous again while both men are down. Naito and Ospreay stir and Naito sits up first. Naito crawls his way over, drags Ospreay up, and throws heavy back elbows! Ospreay drops to a knee, but Naito brings him up for more heavy elbows! Ospreay drops again but he grabs at Naito. Naito brings Ospreay up for even more heavy elbows!

Ospreay falls over backwards, and the tape on his shoulders is coming off! Naito hammerlocks, half nelsons, and hits GLORIA! Cover, TWO! Ospreay is still in this but Naito is still smiling. Naito brings Ospreay up again, wrenches the arm, but Ospreay RAMS him into the corner! Ospreay runs in but Naito alley-oops him into the corner! Naito then sits Ospreay up on the top rope backwards, and climbs up behind him! Naito goes up to SUPER POISON-RANA!!! Cover, TWO!!! Ospreay survives and fans are thunderous! Naito aims from the corner as Ospreay rises, then he runs in to CORRIENDO SHIKI- NO, Ospreay blocks Destino!

But Ospreay also holds Naito up! Ospreay ties up the legs, MAGIC CROSS DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!! Fans are thunderous again as Ospreay aims from the corner! Naito sits up, Ospreay rushes in, HIDDEN BLADE!!! But Ospreay isn’t satisfied with that, he drags Naito up! Underhook and lift, STORM- DESTINO!!! Naito turns things around but both men are down! The fans are electric as both men stir on the mat! Naito crawls over to Ospreay, drags him up, but Ospreay BOOTS! Naito ENZIGURIS! Naito scoops but Ospreay slips out to HOOK KICK! Ospreay calls his shot, springboards, but Naito ducks the OsCutter! SPINEBUSTER!!

Naito hauls Ospreay up to wrench and- NO, Ospreay turns it, CHELSEA GRIN!! Fans fire up as Ospreay aims again! Ospreay runs in, but Naito ducks the blade! CORRIENDO SHIKI DESTINO!!!! Cover, TWO?!?!? Ospreay survives and no one can believe it!! Naito roars, drags Ospreay up, and tilt-o-whirls, DESTI- NO!! Ospreay slips out to HIDDEN BLADE!!! Cover, TWO?!?!?!? Maybe 2.999!! The fans can’t believe it, Khan can’t believe, commentary can’t believe it! But Ospreay drags Naito back up, reels him in and underhooks, for STORMBREAKER!!!! Cover, OSPREAY WINS!!!

Winner: Will Ospreay, by pinfall (advances to the finals)

After fighting back from an 0-2 start, after fighting his heart out here, Naito falls before the Climax! If this is truly Naito’s last G1 Climax, if this is truly his last year with NJPW, has it all ended here and now? Or can Naito find another path to Wrestle Kingdom?

As for Ospreay, he holds up his IWGP US Heavyweight Championship and Rev-Pro British Heavyweight Championship high as he stands over Naito, and then again as he stands on the corner. Khan waves the banner of the United Empire, then brings the mic to Ospreay. The fans applaud, but Ospreay says, “Louder, Budokan! Louder!! Motto! Gentlemen, I said MORE! I want more!” Fans applaud louder, and Ospreay is happy. “Naito, good showing. One more, onegaishimasu. This doesn’t get spoken about enough. In May, I nearly died! I had a kidney infection that nearly killed me! And in three months, three months! After saying I could’ve died, I’m in the G1 Final!”

Fans applaud that heart, and Ospreay says his opponent “is a man who seemingly, I can’t beat on my own. In the seven matches Ospreay and Okada have had, Okada has one SIX of them. SIX. Everyone is now doubting me, because they think I can’t beat Okada. I’ve seen it done with my own eyes! I have seen AJ Styles beat Okada. I have seen Tanahashi beat Okada. I’ve seen NAITO beat Okada! Hell, I’ve even see Jay White dethrone Okada. Know what makes me different? I know in my heart, I know I’m better than all those guys! I know I’m the best wrestler in the world today!!” Fans applaud that, he has a case for it.

Ospreay lists off his accomplishments: Best of the Super Juniors; the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship; the New Japan Cup; the British Heavyweight Championship; the NEVER Openweight Championship; the IWGP US Heavyweight Championship; and the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship!! There’s just one more to go! “And believe me. Believe me when I say this. Believe me, I’m not gonna lose. I will beat Okada! I will lead NJPW out of the Dark Ages, and I will bring it back tot he light! Okada, matta ashita <I’ll be waiting tomorrow.> See you at the top!” The Kingpin vows to go from Grand Slam to ULTIMATE Champion in NJPW, will he succeed?

My Thoughts:

A great event as the penultimate night of the G1 this year. Yes, I skipped a lot of matches, and I wish I had time to see that 8 Man with Tanahashi, Yano, Finlay & Kushida, because it saw the return of the Good Brothers to Japan. But Tanahashi’s team won thanks to some sneaky moves from Yano. I wonder if anyone from Tanahashi’s team will go after Karl Anderson’s NEVER Openweight Championship. Any one of them would be a great opponent for Anderson, but especially Tanahashi.

But we got awesome G1 matches, as to be expected. Tama has been running strong, but it sure seems like everyone knows how to counter the Gun Stun… It makes sense that Okada wins, he could potentially go back-to-back as the G1 Climax winner. But given that, I don’t think he will. Ospreay VS Naito was a great choice to be the main event between the two semifinal matches, and honestly I didn’t think Naito was going to lose. This is supposed to be his last year, so I thought he’d get to the finals before losing and having to worry about what’s next.

Ospreay has a great promo and he does make a great argument for winning the finals. Ospreay’s checked off almost everything to do in NJPW as a singles wrestler, even more than what Okada has done. Ospreay getting the honor of being the first to check everything off the list would be huge.

My Score: 9/10

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