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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (5/5/21)

It’s been 3000 years…!



AEW Blood & Guts

AEW Dynamite presents: BLOOD & GUTS!!

After waiting and waiting, hoping and praying, AEW Dynamite gives us the match beyond brutal, BLOOD & GUTS!! Inner Circle VS Pinnacle, who survives the violence and pain?


  • Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston VS Kenny Omega & MT Nakazawa w/ Don Callis; Moxley & Kingston win.
  • Cody Rhodes w/ Arn Anderson VS QT Marshall w/ The Factory; Cody wins.
  • Britt Baker w/ Rebel VS Julia Hart; Britt wins.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships #1 Contender Fatal 4 Way: SoCal Uncensored VS Jurassic Express VS The Acclaimed VS The Varsity Blondes; SCU win and will challenge The Young Bucks for the titles.
  • Blood & Guts: The Inner Circle VS The Pinnacle; The Pinnacle wins.


Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston VS Kenny Omega & MT Nakazawa w/ Don Callis!

The Maniac and Mad King have many reasons for wanting a grudge match with the Cleaner and his crew. But “The Invisible Hand” demands a proper introduction. We have legends in NJPW like Anoki, Okada, Ibushi and Nakazawa, but Kenny Omega cannot attend tonight. That’s a bold faced lie! Callis says Nakazawa will do this ALONE!? “You got this, you’re fine!” Does he? Or is Nakazawa a sacrificial lamb to protect the AEW World Champion?

OH WAIT! Kenny attacks from the crowd! He CLOBBERS Moxley, then Kingston! Omega puts Kingston in for Nakazawa to stomp away on! The bell rings, this is still a tag match, and Nakazawa throws down hands on Kingston. Nakazawa uses his headset to CHOKE Kingston! Omega tags in, he throws hands on Kingston then tags Nakazawa. They mug Kingston, fans boo, and then they put Kingston in a corner They whip corner to corner, Kanazawa runs in to elbow, then Omega runs in to body block! The mugging continues but Mox saves Kingston from the double suplex! Moxley fires off hands, throws Nakazawa out, but Omega CLUBS Mox from behind!

Omega whips Moxley, Mox reverses and gets a SCRAPBUSTER! Omega bails out, Nakazawa hurries over, Moxley DIVES to take them both down! Fans fire up with Mox as he and Kingston high-five. They get Omega up and whip him into railing, then Kingston fires off headbutts on Nakazawa. Moxley keeps on Omega with haymakers, bumps him off railing, and Kingston brings Nakazawa over for fists. They bump Nakazawa off the apron, put him back in the ring, and drags Nakazawa up to put in a corner. Kingston whips Moxley for Moxley to whip Kingston in to splash! Moxley KNEES Nakazawa, feeds Nakazawa to a knee, then Kingston covers. Omega breaks it!

Moxley fires off on Omega, but Nakazawa LOW BLOWS Kingston! The ref misses that, and Nakazawa CHOKES Kingston, with the lanyard! Kingston flounders away, Omega tags back in and he chokes Kingston on the ropes. Fans rally for Kingston but Omega lets off at 4. Omega drags Kingston up to scrape his face on the ropes! The ref reprimands but Nakazawa holds Kingston down for Omega to dig his boots in! Moxley gets mad but the ref keeps him back. Omega brings Kingston out but Kingston throws hands and whips. Omega reverses, Nakazawa gets a cheap shot in! Omega runs to KOTARO KRUSHER! Cover, TWO!

Fans fire up, Omega drags Kingston up and brings him around with a facelock. Kingston blocks the suplex, Omega throws forearms! Kingston ends up in a corner, Omega CHOPS! Kingston doesn’t even flinch! Omega CHOPS again, Kingston dares him to actually try! Omega CHOPS, Kingston CHOPS! And CHOPS! The CHOPS keep flying back and forth, faster and faster! Omega ENZIGURIS, and Kingston falls over! Moxley coaches Kingston but Omega gets him up with a fireman’s carry. “YOU! CAN’T! ESCAPE!” Rolling senton and MOONSAULT but he flops as Kingston moves! Kingston runs and CLOTHESLINES Omega down!

Fans fire up, hot tags to Nakazawa and Moxley! Mox rallies, puts Nakazawa in a corner and runs to clothesline! Mox fires off stomps, the ref counts, Moxley lets off to drag Nakazawa up. Omega runs in, Moxley goes after him! Moxley throws Omega down by his hair! Nakazawa lariats but Moxley shrugs it off! Nakazawa throws his polo shirt off, runs but into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Moxley drags Nakazawa up, PILDRIVER! Cover, Omega breaks it! Kingston throws Omega out, and shouts to Moxley to get Nakazawa up. Kingston keeps Omega out as Moxley wraps on the SLEEPER! Nakazawa fades, and now Kingston dares Omega to get in to save Nakazawa! Omega leaves?!

Fans boo Omega as he leaves, Mox and Kingston combine for a LARIAT HALF ‘N’ HALF! Cover, Mox and Kingston win!

Winners: Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston, by pinfall

The Cleaner refused to see this through, and that’s why he lost! But wait! Here come the Young Bucks! Matt & Nick Jackson, wearing romp-hims for some reason, are telling Mox and Kingston what’s in store for them! But not from the Bucks, but from the GOOD BROTHERS! Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson attack Mox and Kingston from behind! They’re not dressed much better but The Elite has the number advantage here as they mug Moxley and Kingston! Gallows and Anderson get Mox up for the MAGIC KILLER! They stomp Kingston down then set Moxley up for the Bucks. Matt slaps Moxley around with a loafer, then BARE FOOT SUPERKICKS him!

Kingston rushes Matt but gets mugged 4v1! They set him up for Nick and Omega returns to watch the SUPERKICK! Brandon Cutler even video tapes this for BTE! Omega arrogantly returns as they get Kingston back up. Omega wants us to see this one! Electric Chair lift, for the ONE WINGED ANGEL!! They mockingly count the pin, and Omega “wins!” The Elite are standing tall, but will this only anger Moxley more?


BREAKING NEWS for Double or Nothing!

With Britt Baker being the #1 contender and therefore owed a title match, she will get her shot at the PPV! Will Hikaru Shida be golden or broken on the one year anniversary of her title reign?


Cody Rhodes w/ Arn Anderson VS QT Marshall w/ The Factory!

The American Nightmare made a shocking return and took the fight to The Gifted! Will Cody get revenge for the betrayal of his friendship? Or will QT cut him down and remove him from AEW for good?

The bell rings and Cody fires off on QT! QT hits back but Cody drops to hit the Rhodes Uppercut! Cody brings QT around to suplex, and hold QT up for a count of 10 before the Gourd Buster! Cody takes off the weight belt but the ref won’t let him use it! This isn’t that kind of grudge match! But QT has HIS weight belt and LASHES Cody on the back! The ref snatches that belt away but too little too late! QT drags Cody up, throws haymakers and stomps, then more haymakers! QT digs his knee into Cody’s head, lets off, and glares at Arn. QT whips Cody corner to corner, Cody goes up and around to sunset flip! TWO, and Cody goes up and over again, but QT fakes him out!

QT throws CHOPS, Cody CHOPS back! QT bumps Cody off buckles, CHOPS again, but Cody returns the favor! Cody brings QT around but QT CHOPS! Cody rakes QT’s eyes! No civility here! Cody CLAWS QT’s back, then runs to DECK him with a forearm! Fans fire up as Cody goes up top. QT stands up, climbs up fast, and SUPER BUTTERFLY SUPLEXES! QT waistlocks for a dead lift GERMAN! Cody rolls to the apron, Arn is there but QT storms over. QT drags Cody up, throws more hands, then brings Cody around to CHOP him against the railing! QT puts Cody in the ring then he glares at Arn. Arn can’t believe QT is doing this to an old friend, but QT SLAPS Arn! Arn CHOPS QT!

The ref asks for back-up, but Arn is digging QT’s head into post! The refs back Arn off and have him leave ringside as AEW goes to picture in picture.

QT gest in the ring but Cody throws JAB after JAB after JAB! Cody fires up but QT dropkicks him down! Cover, TWO! QT throws hands now, brings Cody around and snap suplexes! QT runs to drop a knee! Cover, TWO! QT grows frustrated but he stalks Cody to a corner. QT throws Cody out and follows him to railing. Cody goes around the way, kicks back and puts QT against railing to CHOP him! Red Velvet is there to help hold QT down! The ref reprimands, Cody puts QT in the ring, and Cody stalks QT. QT begs for mercy now, but he yanks Cody into buckles! QT paces around with a smug look on his face as he soaks up the heat from fans.

QT drags Cody up, whips him corner to corner hard, and Cody bounces off buckles! QT has Cody on the ropes, throws clubbing forearms, then has Cody’s legs for a ROPE GUILLOTINE! QT is ice cold as he looms over Cody. QT clamps on with a neck wrench and leans on Cody’s head. Cody endures, fights up, and AEW returns to single picture as fans rally up. Cody throws body shots, but QT clinches. Cody headbutts free, CHOPS again, then runs. Cody ducks, QT runs, DOUBLE CROSSBODIES cancel out! Both men are down and clutching ribs as fans fire up. Fans rally up as Cody and QT rise, and QT throws hands first. Cody throws hands back, and we’ve got a brawl going!

QT ROCKS Cody but Cody ROCKS him back! QT BOOTS and Cody falls back to the apron. Fans boo as QT winds up. QT runs but Cody shoulders into him! Cody slingshots for the sunset flip, but QT stays up! QT takes his tights down just to get free, but he runs into a DDT! Fans fire up again as both men are down! Cody gets up, kisses the mat because he loves being back, and Cody fires himself up! Cody gets QT up, bumps him off buckles, then goes up top! MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! QT survives but Cody is not deterred! Cody runs, springboards, but QT ducks the Disaster Kick! QT waistlocks, Cody elbows free and tries again, but no cutter! STOLEN CROSS RHODES!! Cover, TWO!?!

QT is furious that he couldn’t finish Cody with his own finisher! QT paces around as fans boo. QT throws off the elbow pads, shouts out DDP, but swings into a backslide! QT slips out, gets Cody up, has to double clutch, and BUCKLE BOMBS! Cody staggers into a scoop, for a- NO! Cody turns things around! But QT turns it back around! Cody turns it back again! TOMBSTONE!! Cover, TWO?!?! QT survives because Cody is no Phenom, but Cody still has something more to try! Fans are thunderous as Cody spins QT around, for a TRUE CROSS RHODES!! Cover, TWO!?!?? No one, least of all Cody, can believe QT survives!!

QT sits up, Cody gets him to his feet, and QT flips him off! Cody trips QT to the FIGURE FOUR!! QT endures, reaches, but he TAPS! Cody wins!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes, by submission

Cody, blood coming from his eyebrow, is the one standing tall as a winner! But here comes Anthony Ogogo on behalf of The Factory! He SUCKER PUNCHES Cody in the stomach!! The British boxing medalist drapes his country’s flag over the American Nightmare. Will Ogogo be in store for a fight of his own?


“Backstage” interview with Scorpio Sky & Ethan Page.

Alex Marvez is interrupted as Scorpio asks, “Riddle me this, riddle me that, who is afraid of the big black bat?” Sting is a mosquito that sucks the blood of this company! And you know what happens to mosquitos: you kill them! So listen up, “Steve.” You’ve overstayed your welcome! Showtime’s over! Scorpio’s the franchise now, BITCH! And Ethan Page says he and Darby Allin have a very storied past, but no one wants to talk about matches no one’s seen. So let’s skip the in-ring history and go right to Darby’s medical history! That face paint isn’t war paint, no. That’s covering up a dent Ethan put in Darby’s forehead! And the metal in Darby’s arm is also because of All Ego!

Why does everyone look at Darby like he’s an unsolvable riddle? Ethan has the answers- WHOA! Darby blindsides Ethan and brawls with Scorpio! There’s a brawl in the top level of the bleachers! Scorpio whips but Darby reverse to send him into railing! Darby dodges Ethan’s shoulder tackle to send him into floor signs! Darby goes up a ladder, just to LEAP off with a COFFIN DROP!! But Scorpio SMACKS Darby with a trash can! Scorpio kicks Darby and clubs him, then Ethan adds on! They mug Darby by the stairs, and grind his face into the spikes on Ethan’s Louis Vattons! Ethan says he is the final nail in Darby’s coffin! Ethan THROWS Darby down the stairs!!!

Fans boo as Ethan and Scorpio watch Darby writhe and clutch an arm! Medics hurry up there and check on him, but is this the end of the Relentless TNT Champion?

AEW is picture in picture as Darby tries to get up but just can’t. The medic checks him for concussion and broken bones. It’s hard to say without audio how Darby is doing but he’s fortunate to still be conscious. Perhaps there will be a diagnosis, after the break.


Britt Baker w/ Rebel VS Julia Hart!

The Doctor is ready for Double or Nothing, but isn’t going to pass up competing on a night as big as this one. After all, she’s the Role Model of the AEW Women’s Division. Will young Julia Hart learn a thing or two from the #1 contender?

The bell rings, Britt circles with Julia, not even taking Julia seriously. They tie up, Britt kicks low, and then she pie faces Julia around. Julia pie faces back! Britt ROCKS Julia, whips her to ropes, but Julia reverses and dodges, but runs into a SLINGBLADE! Britt smiles as she gest the glove already! Britt drags Julia around by her hair but Julia pushes her away! Britt ROCKS Julia, Alabama lifts and tucks Julia in for an AIR RAID CRASH! Britt covers, but lets off at ONE! Britt drags Julia around into the Rings of Saturn, and the LOCKJAW! Julia taps, Britt wins!

Winner: Britt Baker, by submission

Britt takes a bow because she’s still at the top of the charts! Will she have to put in a bit more effort if she’s to become champion?


AEW presents the return of Technique By Taz!

Taz talks about Christian Cage’s frog splash and Killswitch. Christian gets good air, but looking at his legs, there is a lack of explosion in the quads, reducing the amount of impact. And in the Killswitch, he failed several times because as he was turning, he had inconsistent footwork. Christian did manage to hit it on Frankie Kazarian eventually, but Will Hobbs throws Christian off easily time and again in their match. That means he has a long way to go if he faces someone like Brian Cage. Taz clearly has some bias here, but does he have a point?


AEW World Tag Team Championships #1 Contender Fatal 4 Way: SoCal Uncensored VS Jurassic Express VS The Acclaimed VS The Varsity Blondes!

Next week, the Young Bucks are facing someone, with the titles on the line! And while Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian are #1 in the rankings, they still have to earn their shot! Can SCU get through the other three top teams in AEW? Or will someone else leap frog over them to get at Matt & Nick Jackson?

The Acclaimed make their entrance last so that Max Caster can riff on all his opponents! “It’s the Acclaimed, two sexy kids, about to make Daniels quit the wrestling biz! Varsity Blonds, you’re a temporary thing. In 10 years, you’ll be on Dark Side of the Ring. Jungle, I slap you, like you John Stossel. Luchasaurus, I’m a turn you to a fossil! Acclaimed is up, we gonna take the tag belts off those two young cucks! I said it.” AEW, the Acclaimed have arrived, but will they be leaving with golden tickets to next week?

In this kind of Fatal 4, only two teams are legal so JB and Kaz start. They tie up, JB waistlocks, Kaz drops to get a trip, and he rolls JB back to clamp on a facelock. JB slips out, headlocks, Kaz powers out but headlocks back. JB powers out but Kaz runs him over. Things sped up, Kaz blocks a hip toss but so does JB. Kaz waistlocks and O’Conner Rolls, TWO! Kaz comes back to jackknife but JB bridges up to spin and backslide! TWO, Kaz hammerlocks for La Magistrol, TWO! JB has the ghost pin, TWO! Fans cheer this opening exchange as the two reset, but Caster tags off of JB!

Fans boo but now Brian Pillman Jr. tags in off Kaz! BPJ wants after Platinum for that Dark Side crack! Kaz ROCKS BPJ for it! Griff Garrison goes after Kaz, JB and Caster throw hands, everyone else gets in to brawl with each other! Daniels and Kaz brawl with the Blonds outside, JB clotheslines Bowens and Luchasaurus whips Caster to BOOT him down! AEW goes picture in picture as the chaos continue!

Griff ROCKS Daniels, BPJ SUPERKICKS Luchasaurus! Griff gets in to BOOT JB, and now the Blonds have control! BPJ CHOPS Caster, whips him to the corner and run sin to clothesline then CHOP! Tag to Griff, they CLUB Caster’s arm, and Griff wrenches to then tag BPJ in. BPJ CLUBS the arm, tags Griff, and they whip Caster for a DROPKICK SPINEBUSTER COMBO! Cover but Kaz breaks it! Kaz shoves Caster to the corner, Daniels tags in and Daniels BLASTS BPJ as AEW goes to break!

AEW returns and Bowens is legal, but he tags to Caster. Bowens shoves Daniels to mule kick him, Caster front kicks, then Bowens BULLDOGS and Caster BASEMENT DROPKICKS! Cover, TWO! Another, TWO! Caster clamps onto Daniels with a chinlock and grinds him down. Fans boo Caster and rally for “S C U! S C U!” Daniels gets up, Caster CLUBS him on the back, and tags Bowens to feed Daniels to a GAMANGIRI! Caster hits a BIG back suplex and Bowens covers, TWO! Bowens is annoyed, he drags Daniels up to CHOP him down. Bowens whips Daniels back into the corner, and Caster gets a cheap shot in!

Bowens whips Daniels out then in again, Daniels dodges Caster’s cheap shot to elbow him off the apron! Daniels BOOTS Bowens, then hits an STO! Both men are down, fans fire up, and Luchasaurus tags in off the Fallen Angel! Luchasaurus DECKS Daniels then CLOBBERS The Acclaimed! Luchasaurus fires off, CHOPS and kicks, AX KICK for Bowens! Luchasaurus fires off hands then hits a GERMAN SUPLEX! BPJ tags in but the Blonds both run into choke grips! CHOKE SLAM for BPJ, CHOKE SLAM puts Griff on BPJ! Luchasaurus gets Kaz but Kaz throws hands! Kaz fires off haymakers and CHOPS, but runs into a pop-up toss!

Luchasaurus choke grips Kaz, brings him to the ropes, and CHOKE SLAMS him on the Blonds on the outside! The Acclaimed regroup, Luchasaurus TAIL WHIPS Caster, ROUNDHOUSES Bowens, and calls to JB! Tag to Jungle Boy, they each fireman’s carry a member of The Acclaimed! DEATH VALLEY for Bowens, BURNING HAMMER puts Caster on Bowens! JB covers, Daniels breaks it in time! Luchasaurus HEADBUTTS Daniels, BOOTS Kaz, but Kaz dumps Luchasaurus out! Daniels CLUBS Luchasaurus, BPJ tags in to FLYING CLOHTESLINE JB! Cover, TWO!!! JB survives and BPJ is furious! BPJ gets JB up, suplexes, but JB slips out to waistlock. BPJ switches and shoves, JB LARIATS!

JB hurries up top, but Daniels trips him up! Daniels kicks Luchasaurus and leaps for a TORNADO COMPLETE SHOT! JB resets but Kaz CLUBS him down! Kaz tags in, Oklahoma Rolls BPJ, TWO! Kaz fires off kicks and a LARIAT on BPJ, but JB springboards! Kaz dodges, JB DECKS Bowens but Kaz CLOBBERS JB! BPJ rolls Kaz up, TWO!! BPJ wants Kaz to stand, and he SUPERKICKS him to a corner! BPJ CHOPS and wrenches, whips but Kaz reverses! BPJ goes up, gets caught, BEST MELTZER EVER!!! Cover, SCU WINS!!

Winners: SoCal Uncensored, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contenders to the AEW Tag Team Championships)

Undefeated since December, and this could be a run to remember! Will Daniels & Kaz take those titles from their former friends? Or will the Bucks be the reason The Addiction calls it quits?


Next week, the IWGP United States Championship is defended on Dynamite!

Jon Moxley has had this belt since January of 2020, defeating Lance Archer, Minoru Suzuki and Kenta. But now, Moxley wants Yuji Nagata! Blue Justice accepted his challenge, and is coming back to the US to take this title back to NJPW! Moxley has been hearing the messages, how Nagata has called him a “little punk.” Moxley came to Nagata with respect, invited him to Dynamite with respect, and wanted to share the ring with a legend! But no matter how long you’ve been in this business, even a legend can learn something. And Nagata will learn that his mouth can get him in trouble against the baddest sumbitch in the game!

Moxley vows to squeeze the air out of Nagata and dump him on his head! “When is Yuji Nagata finally just not gonna get back up again?” Moxley says that moment is drawing closer. Once the bell rings, Moxley has no respect for anyone. What happens when we witness pro-wrestling history?!


Tony Schiavone interviews Kenny Omega.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we are going to announce a big match coming up for our next Pay-Per-View, Double or Nothing, on May 30th.” So please welcome back the AEW World Champion, “the man who has all the gold right now,” Kenny Omega! The AAA Mega Champion, TNA Champion, Impact World Champion and of course AEW World Champion has his pack mule- er, friend, Nakazawa, carry the golden luggage for him as he walks out on stage. In all the years Schiavone has covered wrestling, he hasn’t seen a man with four world titles. Omega appreciates being talked up, but how many people here are ready for Blood & Guts?! Pretty much everyone!

How many people are here for an exciting match known as Blood & Guts?! Everyone! Well, that makes one of us. As we can see, Omega is very busy. He has the gold around his waist, he has gold around Nakazawa’s waist and arms, because Omega has been collecting gold all over the world! And now it has come to pass: the match to decide who will have “the most coveted prize in all of professional wrestling.” Omega is not here for fun and games, and barely wants to be here any longer than he has to, so Schiavone, please give us the announcement.

The announcement is that next week, the top two contenders to the AEW World Championship will go 1v1! PAC VS Orange Cassidy, with the winner moving on to Double or Nothing! Now see, this is what makes AEW so exciting! Wins and losses matter, which is why the #1 wrestler, PAC, a man that’s beaten Omega in the past and made him tap out and even pinned him in tag matches, Omega understands we want to see Pac VS Omega, two of the greatest wrestlers ever! So jeez, get to the point, make it Omega VS Pac for Double or Nothing! Say it, Schiavone! No, it’s Pac or Orange Cassidy. And speaking of, here IS Orange Cassidy!

Fans go nuts for Freshly Squeezed as Cassidy shoulder leans Schiavone. Wait, wait, wait. Omega is laughing. “Pac or who?” Orange Cassidy! Omega laughs even harder. Pac or this guy? No. Omega tells Schiavone he’ll handle this. “I understand what you mean for this company. I see people with hands in their pockets everywhere I go. I see little children dressing like Orange Cassidy for Halloween parties. I see junior high school students, high school students, dressed up like Orange Cassidy for their sock hops because they think it’s cool.

“I understand what you are: a feel-good wrestler. You’re popular. People love to want to be like you because they CAN! But they can never be like someone like me. And someone like you will never be championship material.” Fans boo that idea. Omega continues by saying, “In fact, the only thing championship material about you is something that you’ve clearly ripped off from me.” The sunglasses! Omega takes those from Cassidy, and says he fancies himself a “shades guy,” too. He made it popular, after all. What are these, anyway? Ray Bans? That’s legit. Limited edition, Freshly Squeezed, huh? What are these? $800? $1000?

Omega will say one thing: Cassidy will never take the title. But he will take up Omega’s valuable time. And thus, he’s taking these glasses from Cassidy. And he puts them on Nakazawa! They don’t really fit Nakazawa’s head but Omega likes how it looks. Omega gets in Cassidy’s face again and says he might be crazy, but those glasses look way better on Nakazawa. Oh, and compared to Cassidy, Nakazawa is more of a champion than him! So Omega VS Cassidy? Don’t count on it! See Cassidy in 10 years when he’s a fully grown adult! Until then, see him whenever, and they can talk about whatever. Later, dork! Omega mocks Cassidy, but will Cassidy make Omega the butt of the joke?


AEW returns and Miro speaks!

“I told the world that nobody’s gonna detract my destiny. I warned the locker room, you got a title, you got a problem!” Miro says the problem is here to collect. He has a contract, signed and states that in seven days, he has a date with destiny! Next week live, AEW Dynamite, Darby Allin and the TNT Championship are Miro’s! You can throw yourself off whatever you want, but there’s no avoiding this! Miro makes Schiavone read the contract, and it says that if Darby can’t participate, he’ll forfeit the title! Miro says he doesn’t want a forfeit, he doesn’t want a hand-out. Miro wants Darby to show up. healthy or not, it doesn’t matter because it won’t matter to Darby either.

In seven days, the world finds out when “the man who doesn’t mind dying meets the man who doesn’t mind killing him!” Strong words from the Best Man, but will he get to break through in AEW by taking the TNT Championship?


Blood & Guts: The Inner Circle VS The Pinnacle!

FINALLY, this match makes its debut in AEW! The parley between these factions decided that MJF’s team will have advantage, but Sammy Guevara dares them all to bring it on! Only once all 10 men are in the double cage will this match truly begin, and the only way to win is to make someone tap out or completely give up! There will be violence and pain, there will be suffering and sadism, but who will survive to say they are on the top of AEW’s mountain?

AEW returns as The Inner Circle make their entrance, ready to be the inmates of this asylum! The fans are singing Judas for Jericho as he and his team are about to do something truly brutal. Sammy steps up as promised, and he starts against Dax Harwood. The doors are closed behind them, and Sammy LEAPS from ring to ring to take Dax down! Sammy fires off hands, Dax shoves him away but Sammy rallies with big clotheslines! Sammy whips to back drop Dax! Dax kicks back, headlocks, but Sammy powers out. Dax runs Sammy over, things speed up, Sammy hurdles and back flips to dropkick Dax down!

Sammy fires off on Dax, whips again but Dax reverses to SPINEBUSTER! Cover but it doesn’t matter this early anyway! Dax cools off, instinct taking over and all, but Dax gets Sammy up to bump him off buckles. Dax CHOPS Sammy, throws JABS, then CHOPS again! Sammy CHOPS back, and again, and again! Sammy CHOPS Dax but Dax kicks low! Dax goes to bump but Sammy gives Dax buckle bumps over and over! Sammy winds up to give Dax a HUGE bump to the steel girder! Then a springboard sobat! Dax flounders about, tries to climb, but there’s a lid on the cage anyway! Dax can’t get out, Sammy goes after him, and the two fight on the top rope!

Sammy tries to smash Dax off steel but Dax fights it off! They go back and forth trying to bump each other off steel, but then throw more hands! They CHOP and forearm up there, and Sammy ROCKS Dax! Dax drops to crotch himself on ropes, and then slam against steel! Dax checks his one good leg but Sammy is after him. Dax goes to a corner of the cage but Sammy claws at him! Dax fires off hands, hitting a little low but there aren’t disqualifications anyway. Dax whips but Sammy reverses to send Dax into steel! And then back the other way! And the other way! Dax is bleeding from the forehead, Sammy CLOBBERS him into the ring!

The five minutes is now 30 seconds as Sammy almost drags Dax’s tights off. Dax elbows him away but Sammy ENZIGURIS back! Dax staggers up into Sammy’s springboard CUTTER! Time’s up, here comes Shawn Spears with a CHAIR! Sammy intercepts the Chair Man and they brawl! Sammy shoves, runs but into a POP-UP SPINEBUSTER! Spears puts the chair in a corner, gets Sammy up and brings him over. Sammy fires hands first! Dax gets Sammy and Sammy fights 2v1! CHAIRSHOT to the head!! Spears stands over Sammy with an almost euphoric look as fans boo. Spears drags Sammy over to stomp him down.

Spears check son Dax, who has a crimson mask right now. Spears rains down rights but the two minutes are up already! Spears prepares with his chair, but Ortiz has one, too! Ortiz throws the chair into Spears and dropkicks him down! Ortiz and Dax fire off, Dax whips but Ortiz rolls to come back and CLOBBER Dax! Ortiz stomps Spears, has the chair to SMACK Dax, then gets the other chair to JAM it into Spears’ chin and throat! Ortiz aims at Dax again for a CHAIR TOSS! Ortiz chokes Dax, does Dax regret daring The Inner Circle to bring this Ortiz back?! Spears and Sammy glare at each other, springboard up, and they teeter up top!

Sammy and Spears brawl for control, Ortiz CHAIRSHOTS Spears! Sammy hits a SPRINGBOARD SPANISH FLY!! Ortiz and Dax fire off on each other, fans are thunderous for “A E DUB! A E DUB!” Dax whips, Ortiz reverses, Sammy springboards but stumbles, still falling into Dax! Sammy is bleeding, Ortiz CLUBS Spears! Ortiz JAMS Spears with the chair, Sammy gets back up, but the two minutes are running out already! Cash Wheeler gets in as Sammy and Ortiz rain down fists on Spears and Dax. Cash springboards to CLOBBER Ortiz off spears! Then Cash drags Sammy from Dax and hammers away! Spears and FTR turn the tables with Danielson Stomps!

Ortiz is FTR’s victim for the MIND BREAKER!! Spears gets Sammy up to RAM him into steel! Santana shakes the cage to coach Ortiz but Cash digs Ortiz into the steel, right where Santana is! Sammy is TOSSED to that side now, and then Spears drags Sammy over. FTR keeps Ortiz down as Spears puts Sammy in a SHARPSHOOTER! Ortiz gets a Gory Especial, and GORY BOMB into the steel! Sammy can only suffer, but now the time is up! Inner Circle sends in Santana! Santana BOOTS Spears down, fires hands off on FTR back and forth, and fans are thunderous! Santana hammers away on Cash, DECKS Spears, but Cash kicks low!

Cash whips, Santana reverses for an URENAGE! Dax runs in, but into a BIG back suplex! Santana paces around as AEW goes picture in picture!

FTR whip Santana to DOUBLE FLAPJACK him into the steel! Santana’s rally is over and he’s almost falling out of the ring! Santana drags himself from the gap, Spears CHOPS Sammy in a corner, but Sammy turns it around to CHOP Spears! Ortiz has a strand of barbed wire?! Ortiz digs it into Dax’s forehead, then DECKS Cash! Dax stomps Santana while Spears stands on Sammy’s head. The countdown is done, and here comes WARDLOW! First off, of course MJF is going to wait for last. Second, the big behemoth of The Pinnacle is staring at Ortiz. Ortiz stares back, and Sammy and Santana join in. All three go after Wardlow! Wardlow fights them all off and even TOSSES Sammy!

Wardlow clobbers Santana, clobbers Ortiz, then clobbers Santana again! Wardlow gets Sammy up, but Sammy jumps on for a sleeper! AEW returns to single picture as Santana runs in, only for Wardlow to TOSS him at the steel! Wardlow BOOTS Ortiz, TOSSES Sammy, but the two minutes are up again! Wardlow BOMBS Ortiz, but here comes JAKE HAGER! Hager puts the hurt on FTR and Spears, TOSSES Dax and then CLOBBERS Spears! Corner clothesline for Cash, then for Dax! BOOT for Cash, LARIAT for Dax! HAGER BOMB on Cash! Spears is back up, but his kick is turned into an ANKLE LOCK!! Spears taps but it doesn’t count yet!

Hager and Wardlow finally look at each other, and fans are thunderous for these two meeting in the ring! The hands fly and both men ROCK each other! Hager fires more, Wardlow comes back, but Hager dodges to run, but Wardlow dumps him over the ropes! Hager grabs Wardlow’s hair, but Wardlow elbows him away. Wardlow shoves Hager into the steel but Hager turns it around for knees! Wardlow turns it back around but not for long! Hager has a sleeper, Wardlow claws Hager’s eyes! Wardlow CLOBBERS Hager again and again, and now MJF is in! Spears hits a C4 on Sammy! MJF fires off hands on Santana, stomps Sammy, and mugs Ortiz with FTR’s help!

Fans taunt MJF as the “asshole!” but MJF glares at Hager. Wardlow CHOP BLOCKS Hager and MJF DECKS him! MJF gloats on a corner like his team’s already won. MJF tells Jericho that if he comes in here, he’s dead! Jericho lets MJF bark, but Wardlow stomps Hager’s legs. Spears has Sammy in the ropes, Cash has a crimson mask now, and MJF knees Santana down. Dax and Cash do their best to regroup, MJF has the Pinnacle join together in one ring. They have Santana isolated, but the final countdown finishes! HERE COMES JERICHO!! Jericho gets the rest of the Inner Circle gathered and the bell rings! It finally begins as the 10 men stare down!

“This is Awesome!” as the ten men rush the ropes! They brawl and Santana and Ortiz go after FTR! Sammy and Spears are in one corner. Wardlow and Hager in another, and Jericho has FLOYD THE BASEBALL BAT! Jericho CRACKS whoever comes close, then gives extra to Spears! Spears climbs up the steel but he can’t get out! Jericho CLUBS Spears, then puts his head in a gap of the truss! Jericho hammers away, lets Spears free, but Spears kicks Jericho away! Spears holds on just so he won’t fall, and we go back to picture in picture.

Jericho whips and CLOBBERS Wardlow! Cash is down in the gap but Santana drags him back out. Jericho uses the chair to SMACK Wardlow, JAM Dax, and SMACK him on the back! Jericho holds the chair up high and surely the fans are fired up! Santana snap suplexes Cash to the bit of apron there is in the second ring! Jericho finds MJF and digs his fingers into MJF’s face! Ortiz and Dax brawl, Dax CHOPS Ortiz off his feet! Jericho gets MJF up, suplexes to hang him out to dry, and lets him flop to the mat. Dax starts tearing up ring mat and Spears starts undoing buckle bars? FTR whips Jericho hard into buckles! The Pinnacle is deconstructing the second ring as AEW goes to break!

AEW returns as The Pinnacle continues to pull the ring apart. FTR gets Proud ‘n’ Powerful but Santana & Ortiz fight free! Sammy joins in, they DOUBLE MINDBREAKER on exposed wood!! MJF has Jericho and Spears has the cross bar! Jericho gets free to give MJF a CODE BREAKER! Sammy SUPERKICKS Spears down! Hager whips Wardlow to a corner and SPLASHES him! Ortiz finds Spears, puts him in a Tree of Woe, and then uses Spears’ own chair to wedge him in! Sammy is adjacent, COAST2COAST with a VAN TERMINATOR!! The Spanish God may have just broken the Chair Man! Hager borrows Spears’ chair, and Jericho has the crossbar! Jericho CLOBBERS MJF with it!!

Fans are still fired up as the Inner Circle takes a breather. Santana has… a FORK!? Abdulla the Butcher would be proud as Ortiz holds MJF for Santana to JAB him!! MJF has a crimson mask now as Hager sits MJF up and talks trash. Jericho uses Floyd to CHOKE Wardlow! Wardlow refuses to give up so Jericho SLAMS him down! The Inner Circle fire off hands on MJF, then dig Cash’s face into steel! No one has given up yet, and the fans continue to cheer! Santana CLUBS Dax with a baton, Jericho DECKS MJF with a haymaker! Santana paints MJF with his own blood! Wardlow returns to fire off big hands on everyone, then FLAPJACKS Sammy! Hager staggers into a SPINEBUSTER!

Wardlow fires up, the only man not bleeding! But Santana uses the baton on a leg! Ortiz SMACKS Wardlow with a chair! And SMACKS him again! And again! Hager runs in but Wardlow tries to fireman’s carry! Ortiz and Santana both JAM Wardlow! Sammy CHAIRSHOTS, and Hager LARIATS Wardlow down!! The biggest and baddest cannot stand against the Inner Circle, and AEW goes picture in picture one last time!

The Inner Circle picks the bones of the Pinnacle as Jericho gives MJF a ROPE GUILLOTINE! MJF sputters and gasps but that’s not surrendering. Sammy grinds Spears down, PNP give FTR DDT’s to the bare wood, but still the Pinnacle is resolute. Hager digs his knees into Wardlow, Jericho slaps MJF around, Ortiz gives Cash ground ‘n’ pound, and Sammy chokes Spears with Floyd. MJF has a crimson mask, Dax fights back! Tully whips the ref into the railing?! Tully steals the keys!! He’s breaking into the cage! MJF gets out and starts climbing! But there’s no rule about escape, this ends nothing! Jericho SLAMS Tully with the door, and gives chase!

MJF makes it up top, but the fans fire up as Jericho heads up! The brawling continues inside the ring, senton for Dax and SPEAER for Spears! Jericho takes a moment to enjoy being so high up, and AEW returns to single picture as MJF realizes what’s happening! MJF sees Jericho joining him and he starts to panic! MJF begs Jericho for mercy, but we’re far beyond that! Jericho KICKS MJF then turns him for the WALLS OF JERICHO!! MJF endures, all eyes are on the roof, but MJF LOW BLOWS!! No disqualifications, but that wasn’t very honorable, either. MJF gets Jericho’s arm for the SALT OF THE EARTH FUJIWARA ARMBAR!! Is Jericho going to give up!? Jericho shouts NO!!

MJF pulls as far back as he can, but Jericho still refuses! MJF lets go to STOMP the hand, SLAM it on the steel, and SLAM it again! MJF gets Jericho’s arm and BITES it!! Then, SALT OF THE EARTH! Jericho continues to endure, their teams still brawl inside the ring, but MJF lets go to STOMP Jericho’s arm again! MJF brings out the Dynamite Diamond Ring! DYNAMITE DIAMOND PUNCH!! Fans boo but Jericho being knocked out won’t win this! Hager makes Wardlow endure an Ankle Lock, but MJF gets an idea. MJF sees there’s no guard rails up there, and he grins. MJF stalks Jericho, fans freak out as he drags Jericho over and aims for the edge!

MJF tells Inner Circle to give up or he’s throwing Jericho off!! Hager tries to get at them from below, PNP go from the outside, Sammy says MJF has to stop! Sammy is saying they give up!?!? The Pinnacle wins?!?

Winner: The Pinnacle, by surrender

MJF grins as he wins the war, but at what cost? MJF sold out his humanity just to settle things with Jericho, and he looks like he still might do it! MJF stands Jericho up, assures us he won’t, and then he shoves Jericho down!! Jericho crashes down through the stage!! The Inner Circle shouts for medics, somehow Jericho is conscious, and MJF says, “THANK YOU.” MJF did as he promised in shoving Jericho off the top of the wrestling world and taking that spot for his own. But to think he’d shove Jericho off this steel mountain and down to the valley below. Is MJF unstoppable now that he’s won the most violent match in the most heinous way?

My Thoughts:

An awesome night for AEW, even without Blood & Guts. Now, if you’re not much for hardcore type matches like that, that’s totally understandable. And especially tonight, they did a ton of blood for this, and almost a little too much, but it was all still a very good adaptation of the WarGames formula. Having a lid on the cage was a good alteration, it made it more like a Hell in a Cell and of course made that finish possible. I knew from the beginning of the night that the stage was given a huge crash pad, but I didn’t expect it to be Jericho falling onto it. There were some sloppier, scarier parts in that match, but I’d chalk that to Wardlow, Sammy and Hager being rusty from not even having Dark matches.

The Inner Circle dominated the later half of the match so much, I should’ve figured they were losing, though. Jericho again puts over the younger guy he knows is money, and MJF looks like a real monster doing that even after he won. And while the singles titles are called for, MJF is definitely in line for whichever one he wants after this. We got great promos to set up things for the next few weeks and Double or Nothing just before Blood & Guts, too. Miro puts Darby Allin on notice, after Darby has that great brawl with Scorpio & Ethan, and surely Darby will be competing next week. Next week may be the night Darby’s last night as TNT Champion so that he can have a tag match with Scorpio & Ethan.

Cody VS QT was very good, even if it feels too soon to me. But as such, I should’ve figured Cody would win. Why? Because he’s Cody. QT should’ve faced Dustin tonight in just as good of a singles match, Cody returns, we get what we got last week here tonight with the brawl by the bus, and then we set up Cody VS QT for Double or Nothing in something huge. But Cody VS Ogogo isn’t a bad move, either, though there’s a hint of USA VS Not USA, a cliché I thought AEW was going to avoid so as not to be like WWE. I feel like Cody might actually put Ogogo over to build Ogogo up, but that’s a 50-50 shot to me.

Omega laughing at the idea that Orange Cassidy could be his challenger actually makes me think Cassidy is exactly doing that for Double or Nothing. PAC VS Cassidy is a great rematch in its own right, and Cassidy is definitely a fan favorite, as Omega brings up. Omega VS Cassidy will definitely be Cassidy’s best match in AEW, perhaps his entire career, and fans are going to hate Omega for perhaps screwing Cassidy during the match. There was a lot with the tag grudge match that makes me think Moxley and Kingston are moving into the tag division to take on the Good Brothers and the Bucks, titles optional, but that’d be pretty great for Moxley to become the first to have held AEW World and AEW Tag Team gold.

Speaking of, the Fatal 4 Tag to pick challengers was a really great match, especially for a Fatal 4 Tag. I criticized SCU for not getting as much drama out of their “titles or bust” story from December to now, but it has reached the result I knew it would have and should have. Bucks VS SCU is going to be instant classic material, provided they don’t have the Elite interfere. Either result is big and comes with big possibilities for after, but The Elite has story even without titles, and SCU carrying the belts for a bit (Kaz becoming the only two-time AEW tag champ) would really help the division. Double or Nothing could have a Bucks VS Mox & Kingston match and a tag title match separately to really beef up an already big card.

My Score: 9.3/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (8/9/22)

Best Friends get Dark!



AEW Dark 2


Before entering the AEW Trios Championship Tournament, Best Friends are in action, in separate matches! Will tonight’s Dark be Freshly Squeezed?


  • 8 Man Tag: Private Party, The Butcher & The Blade w/ The Bunny VS Isaiah Broner, Brayden Lee, James Alexander & Sam Moore; Private Party, Butcher & Blade win.
  • Anna “Jay A.S.” w/ The Jericho Appreciation Society VS Megan Meyers; Anna wins.
  • Best Friends w/ Danhausen VS Rohit Raju & Ren Jones; Best Friends win.
  • Evil Uno & Preston Vance VS Peter Avalon & JD Drake; Uno & Vance win.
  • Marina Shafir & Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Heather Reckless & Joseline Navarro; Shafir & Nyla win.
  • Kris Statlander VS Sierra; Statlander wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Trustbusters VS Sonny Kiss, Zack Clayton & Xavier Walker; The Trustbusters win.
  • Six Woman Tag: Ruby Soho, Athena & Hikaru Shida VS Serena Deeb, Leva Bates & Emi Sakura; Soho, Athena & Shida win.
  • Orange Cassidy VS Anthony Henry w/ JD Drake; Cassidy wins.


So it seems Ari Daivari, Parker Boudreaux & Slim J are a trio now under The Trustbusters name. Good to see Sonny Kiss back in action but Kiss, Clayton & Walker aren’t winning that one. And I’m still wondering if The Wingmen are really a thing with JD Drake also spending time with Anthony Henry as the Workhorsemen. For that matter, why wasn’t it Best Friends VS The Wingmen in a 3v3? Or are they going to use that as an easy win in the opening round of the AEW Trios Championship Tournament?

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (8/8/22)

Columbus gets Elevated!



AEW Elevation Coverage

Elevation has CERO MIEDO!

Before AEW Dynamite: Quake by the Lake and their Tornado Tag match, the Lucha Brothers tune up against The Wingmen in a standard 2v2!


  • Ruby Soho & Skye Blue VS Megan Myers & Nikki Victory; Soho & Blue win.
  • Parker Boudreaux w/ Ari Daivari VS Casey Carrington; Boudreaux wins.
  • Athena VS Queen Aminata; Athena wins.
  • Kiera Hogan & Leila Grey w/ Stokely Hathaway VS Freya States & Alice Crowley; Kiera & Leila win.
  • John Silver & Alex Reynolds VS T.U.G Cooper & Lord Crewe; Silver & Reynolds win.
  • The Lucha Bros w/ Alex Abrahantes VS The Wingmen; The Lucha Bros win.


One thing to note is that Parker Boudreaux has Ari Daivari in his corner. I wonder if the Trust Busters is becoming a trio, Parker joining Daivari and Slim J. Then in Kiera and Leila teaming up, this is the one time where “Can they coexist?” should be a thing since The Baddies still haven’t fully accepted Leila. And of course, the Lucha Brothers will beat The Wingmen to get momentum going into their Lucha Rules Tornado Tag with Rush & Andrade.

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