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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (5/21/21)

Who will Apollo make feel the steel?



Coverage SmackDown 2021

SmackDown’s fallout from #WrestleManiaBacklash, and even MORE gold!

SmackDown had all but ONE title on the line at WrestleMania Backlash. Tonight, the WWE Intercontinental Championship will be defended in a FATAL 4 WAY!


  • Six Woman Tag: Bianca Belair, Natalya & Tamina VS Bayley, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler; Bayley, Jax & Baszler win.
  • King Corbin VS Shinsuke Nakamura; Nakamura wins.
  • Dominik Mysterio w/ Rey Mysterio VS Robert Roode w/ Dolph Ziggler; Dominik wins.
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship Fatal 4 Way: Apollo Crews w/ Commander Azeez VS Big E VS Kevin Owens VS Sami Zayn; Apollo wins and retains the title.


SmackDown opens with a parade of champions!

The NEW SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Rey & Dominik Mysterio! The NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Natalya & Tamina! STILL SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bianca Belair! And the current WWE Intercontinental Champion, Apollo Crews! All six, plus Commander Azeez, are here on this big Friday night after #WrestleManiaBacklash! Sonya Deville is in the ring to welcome us to this especial special SmackDown! “The news broke earlier today that starting in July, the WWE will be leaving the ThunderDome, and returning back to the road, back where we belong, back to you!” The WWE Universe will finally get to see WWE in person!

With Adam Pearce on the road to make this return possible, Sonya felt it was only right to recognize those who have worked so hard over the past year! The first-ever father and son championship team, the Mysterios! The Daughter of Superfly and the Queen of Harts, SmackDown’s own, Tamina & Natalya! The man who will be defending his title tonight, Apollo Crews! Azeez has the music stop here so Apollo can speak! “Sonya, Sonya. Why must you dishonor me? Tonight you said I will be defending my title? No no no no no no! Tonight, in a match where the odds are stacked against me, where I don’t have to be pinned or submit to lose, I will be RETAINING my title!”

Apollo says he will unleash “total destruction” on Big E, Sami Zayn AND Kevin Owens! “One by one, they will all fall! And when the dust has settled, I will once again be victooooorious~!” Sonya thanks Apollo for that speech, and then moves on to the champion who made history at WrestleMania 37 by winning this title and retaining it at Backlash, it’s Bianca Belair! And of course, we can’t forget the WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns! Well, Paul Heyman walks out first. “How nice. A parade. A parade of champions, except it’s not a parade of champions, it’s a parade of title holders.” Heyman goes down the line and tells them all that they just hold titles.

“Roman Reigns is not a title holder, Roman Reigns is a champion. Not just a champion, THE champion. Not just THE champion, Roman Reigns is the preeminent champion, and not just of SmackDown, but all of WWE, and all of sports entertainment.” When someone buys a ticket to the live events, they’ll do so with the confidence that the WWE is represented by a champion like your Tribal Chief, Roman… Reigns. Roman will not be one of many in this little parade, there will be a parade of the champion, Roman Reigns, at his leisure. Heyman thanks Sonya, and then leaves.

Well that is the first surprise of the evening but certainly not the last. Sonya wants everyone to give a huge round of applause to our exceptional roster of champions! But Bayley walks in and says we’re celebrating “champions” without acknowledging her, THE longest reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion ever! She reigned through the ThunderDome Era and was even a DOUBLE champion! They should thank her for putting this company on her back! Especially Dom, who rode his daddy’s coattails to a title! Natty & Tamina, Bayley used to look up to them until they CRIED about getting those titles! Sup, Apollo and Azeez.

But the biggest CHEATER that should be thanking Bayley is the one pretending to be champion! Yeah, Bianca! You used that ponytail to win at WrestleMania, and then used it again at Backlash! Bianca isn’t a champion, she’s a CRIMINAL! Strip her of the title and give it back to Bayley! Bianca says if Bayley wants the belt, she can come take it! Bianca goes to the ring, Bayley is ready, are we getting a Backlash rematch? Not according to Bayley. But here comes SHAYNA BASZLER?! And Nia Jax! They jump Bianca, mug her, but here come Natty & Tamina! They brawl, Tamina gets caught 3v1, and Nia talks trash before she and Shayna hit Tamina with a KNEE SIDEWALK SLAM!

Bayley smiles as she and two other former champions stand tall! Will we be getting another big surprise when SmackDown returns from break?


Six Woman Tag: Bianca Belair, Natalya & Tamina VS Bayley, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler!

SmackDown returns, playa, and we have a champions VS challengers 3v3! Nia whips Tamina to a corner, runs in and SPLASHES! Tamina falls down, Nia runs and drops an elbow! Cover, TWO! Nia stomps Tamina around, puts her on ropes and chokes her! The ref counts, Nia lets off but Shayna chokes Tamina behind the ref’s back! Nia slaps Tamina around and mockingly asks if she’s alright. Tag to Shayna, the former champs mug Tamina, then Shayna snapmares to KICK Tamina in the back! Cover, TWO! Tag to Bayley, she and Shayna mug Tamina, Bayley throws stomps but Tamina shoves back. Tamina HEADBUTTS Bayley down, but Bayley RAMS Tamina into the corner!

Bayley throws elbows, claps back at Bianca, then brings Tamina out to suplex. Tamina blocks, then suplexes Bayley high and hard! Both women are down, both crawl, hot tag to Natty! Natty rallies on Bayley, snap suplexes, then snap suplexes again! Bayley staggers into a scoop but slips out to throw Natty by her hair! Bayley kicks Natty, tags to Shayna, and the Queen of Spades tortures the Queen of Hart’s arm! Shayna twists the wrist, stands on Natty’s head, but Natty endures, so Shayna YANKS the arm back! Tag to Nia, they get Natty up and feed her to a scoop and SLAM! Cover, TWO! Nia keeps Natty down with a seated cobra twist and thrashes her around!

Fans rally, Natty fights up, and Natty jawbreakers out! Hot tag to The EST! She rallies on Shayna, kips up and RAMS her in a corner, throws her shoulder in more, then brings Shayna out to scoop. Shayna slips off and has the KIRAFUDA! Bianca slips out, whips but Shayna reverses. Bianca goes up and over and SPINEBUSTER! Bianca hurries up top, Bayley and Nia both get Shayna out of the ring! Bianca just adjusts and LEAPS to CROSSBODY everyone down! But she clutches her knee! The EST is in a bad way as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns and Bayley drags Bianca around by the bad leg! Bayley has a standing toehold, but Bianca endures. Bayley puts Bianca in a corner, gets her up and goes for chicken wings. Bianca resists, Natty & Tamina rally up with the fans, and Bianca goes around and around and throws Bayley out! Bayley hurries back in, drags Bianca from her corner and stomps her down! Bayley sucker punches Natty, but misses her elbow drop! Bianca gets up, rolls over Bayley and tags in Tamina! Tamina fires off on Bayley, bumps her off buckles over and over, then brings her around to EuroUpper! Tamina BLASTS Nia and Shayna for good measure!

Tamina whips Bayley, and hits a POWERSLAM! Tag to Natty and she adds a basement dropkick! Bayley swings into a GERMAN SUPLEX! Tag back to Tamina, catapult SUPERKICK! Cover, ROPEBREAK! Bayley survives and Tamina is furious! Tag back to Natty, they get Bayley up and Natty reels her in. Bayley dodges the discus to tag Shayna! Natty trips Bayley, has the SHARPSHOOTER, but Shayna KNEES her down! Cover, but Tamina drags Shayna up to HEADBUTT! Natty gets the Sharpshooter on Shayna but Bayley gets her in a clinch! Natty fights free to DISCUS! Nia runs in to CLOBBER Natty! Tamina BOOTS and SUPERKICKS Nia! Shayna ROUNDHOUSES Tamina!

Bianca DECKS Shayna! Handspring, but Bayley trips Bianca up, drags her out and hits a BAYLEY2BELLY! Natty BOOTS Bayley, but Shayna gets the KIRAFUDA KLUTCH!! Natty is caught, she taps! Shayna’s team wins!!

Winners: Bayley, Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler, by submission

The former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions get one over on the current champions! Will this mean Tamina & Natty are already going to lose those belts? Will Bayley “right” the wrongs she claims happened at Backlash?


Backstage interview with Big E.

The Powerhouse of Positivity is in a great mood! The Fatal 4 Way is his chance to win the belt back, so how has he maintained this energy? Tonight, eh stands in the ring with some dogs. Not terriers or Yorkies, but men who have doggedly pursued their craft. Future hall of famers and world champions all. But Big E can smile because this is what he asked for! This is the iron that sharpens his iron! These are the very best so that he may prove he is among the very best! Big E will walk out of this arena having left NO DOUBT that he is the rightful Intercontinental Champion! And you’ve GOT to feel that! It is time! But will it be Big E’s time once more?


Aleister Black returns with another Tale of the Dark Father.

This is Chapter 4: Beautiful Pain. The lessons are etched on Aleister’s body, and the pain serves a purpose. Pain doesn’t lie. It is honest. Where would be without this truth? Without this dysfunctional arma of agony? “So let’s hear it for the bleak, desolate misery in which we hide our deepest and darkest sins! Sins that you embody. Father always said there is an art to being a tool. And these creatures’ blood is full of cruel thoughts and dreams.” Aleister says we live proudly in our “cesspool of sins and denial, because it’s all you are. It has become your identity to be loathsome and blind. You are sick and dying animals, and it’s time for me to separate the weak from the strong. As Father taught me, it is time to cull the herd!”


King Corbin VS Shinsuke Nakamura!

The Wolf King may have won a match over the King of Strong Style, but his crown has been taken! Nakamura showed it off online, and Corbin gets a mic to call him out! “I was going to come out here and I wasn’t going to say anything. I was gonna let my actions do the talking. But then I saw that.” He saw Nakamura’s Instagram posts. Nakamura has disrespected Corbin! Nakamura may call himself the King of Strong Style, but he’s no king! No one watching this will know what it is like to live like a REAL king! A real king wears $40,000 watches, drives Ferraris and owns lean, hungry dogs of war! “Not some fat, shabby tabby cat.” Corbin says real kings respect the crown.

Tonight, Corbin vows to punish Nakamura by grinding his face into the very canvas with the heel of his boot! Then Corbin will take back HIS crown, have it cleaned and polished, then put it back where it belongs: on the head of the ONE TRUE KING in WWE! Nakamura, get out here now!! Nakamura has ERIC BUGENHAGEN rip an awesome guitar solo for him! The hell is he doing here?! “Rick BOOGZ” is here to rock with the REAL king of SmackDown! Shinsuke NakamurrrrrrAAAAAA~! Boogz gets down, and here comes Nakamura, crown and all! Will the King of Strong Style rock Corbin and roll on still wearing the crown?

SmackDown returns and Nakamura fires off forearms! Corbin ends up in a corner, and Nakamura gives him Good Vibrations! Boogz is still here and is rocking as Nakamura whips Corbin corner to corner. Corbin reverses and CLOBBERS Nakamura! They end up on the apron, Corbin stands Nakamura up and LARIATS Nakamura back into the ring! Corbin fires off fists and stomps, then stands Nakamura up again. Nakamura fires off hands, KICKS and KICKS! Corbin counters a roundhouse into a POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO! Corbin is frustrated and Boogz is relieved while Corbin stands on Nakamura’s head.

Corbin lets off as the ref counts, then drags Nakamura up to put him in a corner. Corbin traps an arm and fires off body shots! The ref counts, Corbin lets off to talk trash to Boogz, but Boogz says he’s got this coming! Corbin digs knees into Nakamura, then gives him BAD Vibrations! Corbin drags Nakamura up, knees him low, then drags Nakamura up with a half nelson chinbar! Nakamura endures, fans rally, and Nakamura fights with body shots! Nakamura is free, he runs, but into a back elbow! Cover, ONE!! Corbin is frustrated but he sits Nakamura up to DECK him! Corbin says this is for taking the crown! He DECKS Nakamura again!

Corbin gets Nakamura up, scoops, but Nakamura slips out! Corbin ducks one kick but not the WHEEL KICK! BACKSTABBER, and SLIDING KNEE! Nakamura fires up, Boogz and the fans join in, and Nakamura hits an STO! Cover, TWO! Corbin survives but Nakamura keeps cool. Nakamura aims from a corner as Corbin flounders, “YAOH!” But Corbin dodges to send Nakamura into buckles! GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO!! Corbin is furious again, but he looms over Nakamura. Corbin lets Nakamura get up, choke grips, but Nakamura KNEES free! Nakamura runs, dodges, but gets a DEEP SIX! Cover, TWO! Corbin argues with the ref but the count was fair!

Boogz rocks out again and Corbin is distracted! Nakamura slips out of End of Days to cradle! NAKAMURA WINS!

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura, by pinfall

Whatever reason Boogz is with Nakamura, he just made good on the partnership! Will these two both rock SmackDown to its core?


Sonya Deville is on the phone when Jimmy Uso walks in.

Jimmy says it’s about time! The best tag team SmackDown’s ever seen is getting back together, and they’re about to welcome some fools back into the Uso Penitentiary! Wow, okay. But has he checked with Jey? Jimmy wouldn’t be here if he didn’t know Jey had his back. They’re ready to do it big, and they want the smoke! AKA, the Street Profits! Wow, now a match of that caliber needs to be advertised and built! Okay. So let’s do it next week! Usos VS Profits! OKAY! Jimmy heads out, but is this okay with Jey?


Kevin Owens speaks.

“My first two years in the WWE, they used to call me The Prizefighter. Because in those two years, I’d won more titles than most people do in their whole careers. Tonight, I intend on living up to that name, no matter what I have to do. I don’t care if it takes me powerbomb’ing Sami so hard, that he permanently forgets the word, ‘conspiracy.’ I don’t care if it takes me hanging Big E a Big L. I don’t care if it takes me hitting half a dozen stunners on Apollo Crews.” And if Apollo’s “commander” gets in the way, Kevin will shove that thumb so far up his own Azeez that he can scrape stuff off his teeth with that Nigerian Nail. Because when it is all said and done, Kevin intends on being a THREE-TIME Intercontinental Champion! Will Kevin live up to his word and #StunTheWorld?


Roman Reigns heads to the ring!

Heyman promised he’d be here, and he’s here! The Tribal Chief, in his own self-branded tracksuit, walks out with Heyman and Jey. Roman holds up the Universal Championship, the pyro goes off, and the proper introductions are given. The “parade of champion” goes down the ramp, Heyman holds the belt up for Roman now, then they step inside the ropes for more pyro. We’ll hear Roman’s reaction to his victory over Cesaro, after the break.

SmackDown returns and Roman patiently waits as we watch a recap package of #WrestleManiaBacklash. Roman didn’t need Jey Uso to help him beat Cesaro, but he did let the Right Hand Man add insult to injury. And then Seth Rollins added a bit of his own to the beating, and Cesaro was left laying with a bad arm barely hanging on. We return to present and Roman is given a mic to speak. “I believe myself to be a humble man. In fact, I take every opportunity that I can to teach my sons about humility.” Roman says to be completely honest, he doesn’t like to brag on live TV. He’ll instead let his Special Counsel to celebrate him.

Heyman is “surprised” that Roman would do this, and he takes the mic up now. “This is indeed a unique surprise. Ladies and gentlemen, I have a moment here to acknowledge your Tribal Chief. Undefeated since his return to WWE. Scared The Fiend over to Monday Night Raw. Humanized The Monster, Braun Strowman. Baptized his own cousin back into the championship bloodline. KO’d Kevin Owens, scored the most declaratively dominant pinfall in the history WrestleMania main events when he stacked Edge and Daniel Bryan on top of each other and pinned them both as if it wasn’t a Triple Threat match, but a Handicap Match against the End All Be All Universal Champion.”

Heyman says Roman even caved in Edge’s face so that we’ll never see him again, and then to his personal pleasure, he BANISHED Bryan from SmackDown into a life of Bella retirement. Then, “the Backlash against the strongest and most talented grappler on the SmackDown roster, Cesaro, where your champion, Roman Reigns, beat Cesaro on his own, with no one’s help, at Cesaro’s own game.” Ladies and gentlemen, for Heyman, this is a career highlight not only to celebrate but to acknowledge THE preeminent champion in not only WWE but all of sports entertainment, Roman… Reigns…! Heyman says Roman’s will is Heyman’s command. What else may he do for The Tribal Chief?

Roman thinks on that. “Bring me my cousin.” Someone get Jimmy Uso here now! NOW! That’s not Jimmy, that’s Cesaro! The Swiss Superman, arm in sling, walks out onto stage and Roman is annoyed. Cesaro knows he’s not Jimmy and he’s not in the mood for this. He couldn’t find Rollins but he heard this annoying yapping in his ears. Then he realized it’s Roman and Heyman! What’s Cesaro gonna do? He’s got one arm! Want Roman to break the other? Nah, this is just a flesh wound. And Cesaro would fight Roman with no arms if he had to. But how about they go again? One more match for the Universal title, at Hell in a Cell? If he’s man enough.

Rollins attacks!! Roman laughs as Rollins CLOBBERS Cesaro, then whips him into steel steps! Rollins tears the sling off and shouts, “When are you gonna learn?!” Rollins stomps the arm, refs rush out to stop this, as do WWE officials. They get Rollins to leave but the damage has been done! Cesaro stands and walks out, but Rollins comes back! Rollins leaps and tackles Cesaro into barriers! Rollins is a rabid dog as he gets the bad arm and WRINGS it out! Then CURB STOMPS Cesaro down! Referees rush to keep them apart again and Rollins “apologizes” as he leaves again. But then he jumps the barrier to rush Cesaro and CURB STOMP him to the ramp!!

Rollins glares at Cesaro with wild eyes and a stretcher is brought out for Cesaro! Has the Architect literally stomped out the Swiss Superman’s hopes of becoming Universal Champion?


Backstage interview with Seth Rollins.

What is the reason he went right after Cesaro and with such drastic measures? Rollins says he blacked out. But then he sees Cesaro being wheeled out and gets in Cesaro’s face! “Why do you do this to me?! Why do you make me into this person!?” Rollins blames Cesaro for not learning the first time! What is going on in the mind of the Architect?!


Dominik Mysterio w/ Rey Mysterio VS Robert Roode w/ Dolph Ziggler!

Father and son go to the ring, ready to build upon the historic foundation they created at Backlash! But the Dirty Dawgs make their entrance and Roode has a mic to rain on the parade. “Dom, don’t let that big win on Sunday go to your head. Let’s face it, your dad did all the work, and you just reaped the benefits! Y’know, like how you’ve lived your entire life!” Tonight, Roode vows that “bring your son to work day” finally ends, and proves once and for all that Dom doesn’t belong here! Dom holds up the belt to simply say he does! Will the Prince of Lucha prove he and the King are worthy of their thrones?

The bell rings, Roode RAMS Dom right to a corner! The ref counts, Roode lets off and suplexes Dom high and hard! And then does it again! Ziggler says that’s what Dom gets! Roode gets Dom up again for another suplex, but Dom knees back and cradle counters! TWO, and Roode knees low and hard! Roode whips Dom to a corner, Roode RAMS into him again, and then hoists him up top! Roode throws hands, climbs up, but Dom fires hands back! Roode hops down, Dom adjusts, but Roode comes up again! Dom shoves him away, adjusts, and leaps for a CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Roode gets up and runs at Dom but into a back elbow!

Dom gets Roode, reels him in, but the tornado is tossed! Ziggler wants Roode to finish this, and Roode gets Dom up. Roode reels Dom in, vows to end it, but the powerbomb becomes Dom’s RANA! Roode ends up on ropes! Dom runs, ZIggler is in his way! Dom swipes at him, but Rey is there! Ziggler tries to kick Rey but Rey blocks it and sends the foot into steel steps! Roode back drops Dom but Dom sunset flips! Roode sits down, has a prawn hold, TWO!! Dom is free, Roode is surprised, but Roode runs in, only to POST himself! Dom runs to CORNER 619! Dom hurries up top, and hits a FROG SPLASH! Cover, Dom wins!!

Winner: Dominik Mysterio, by pinfall

Another shout out to Latino Heat brings Dom the victory! Will this solidify father and son atop the SmackDown Tag Division?


Jey and Jimmy meet backstage.

Jimmy informs Jey that next week, after a whole year, the Usos are back! The Street Profits want the smoke but they’re gonna get a lockdown! Jey is upset that Jimmy did this without telling him first. Jimmy is looking out for Jey! Roman says he doesn’t need Jey but Jey doesn’t need Roman, either! Didn’t Jey win the Andre the Giant trophy without Roman? Just like they did the tag titles! Man up, Uce! This ain’t about Roman, it’s about them! But Jey still needs to tell Roman about this. Jey owes him that much. Jimmy looks a bit disappointed, but how will Roman feel about this?


SmackDown returns as Jey talks with Roman.

Jey says Jimmy and Sonya did the tag match. But since they’ve got the Profits- They? Who’s “they?” The Tribal Chief and the Right Hand Man, that’s them. Jimmy is being selfish. This right here is what matters. What they do represents the family. Don’t forget that. Roman hugs Jey, and says he loves him, but is that the same as supporting him?


The Street Profits are fired up!

They hear that the Usos are crying down the hallway! SmackDown is the blue brand but not this blue. Listening to the fam’s got Jey weepy. Like how they saw last week. Jey telling Jimmy that what they do benefits the family. Fam, Angelo Dawkins about to respectfully disrespect them. Jimmy, you think that you going to battle with your brother, him watching your six, is gonna dig you out the gutter? Or you a new fool, getting smacked up side the head and make this the Luigi Brothers? Ooooh~! Dat’s cute. But after all this time, the Profits finally showed up in the Usos’ mouths. But nothing cute about next week. This right here ain’t paranoia, this is the Street Profits, and they want the SMOKE!


BREAKING NEWS for Monday Night Raw!

With Shayna Baszler making Natalya tap out, the Queen of Spades and Irresistible Force will have another rematch for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships! Will the Queen of Harts and Daughter of Superfly be able to survive this short turnaround?


Backstage interview with Sami Zayn.

Seeing as how he’s a former Intercontinental Champion, Kayla asks if- Former? You think he doesn’t see what you’re up to? You’re clouding his head with negative thoughts before he goes out there by reminding him of his past failures! Sami doesn’t expect any less from a “corporate hack propagandist” like her! Stop it! Kayla was just trying- He knows what you’re trying to do! She’s trying to minimize him! You don’t think he heard what Kevin was saying earlier, about powerbomb’ing him and all that? Sami will NEVER forget the conspiracy against him! You understand? His documentary is coming out and no one can stop it!

No matter what, Sami reclaims the Intercontinental Championship tonight and reclaims being the Champion of the People! The persecution ends tonight! But will Apollo’s reign end just because Sami vows it will?

WWE Intercontinental Championship Fatal 4 Way: Apollo Crews w/ Commander Azeez VS Big E VS Kevin Owens VS Sami Zayn!

So much history and so much disdain is in this one match! There can only be ONE Intercontinental Champion, but who out of this star-studded foursome feels~ the powaaah~ that is the gold around their waist?

SmackDown returns and Big E makes his entrance, followed by Apollo. The introductions are made, the title is raised, and we see if total destruction closes out SmackDown!

Kevin rushes Sami and clotheslines him in a corner! Kevin fires off on Sami, Apollo goes after them but Big E is after Apollo! Apollo and Big E brawl in the ring while Kevin and Sami spill out of the ring. Apollo CLUBS away on Big E, Kevin stalks Sami, and Apollo stomps Big E while Kevin hammers away on Sami against barriers. Things speed up in the ring, Big E hurdles and CLOBBERS Apollo! Kevin gets in to get Big E for an atomic drop, to an enziguri! Big E falls, Sami CLOBBERS Kevin! Sami hammers Kevin down, stomps him, then throws clubbing crossface forearms! Sami drives elbows in, has Kevin on ropes, and chokes him by standing on him!

Big E gets Sami and TOSSES him out of the ring! Big E CLUBS Sami, throws heavy body shots, then puts Sami in and on the apron. Big E CLUBS Sami more while Azeez checks on Apollo. Apollo runs at Big E but Big E DECKS him! Big E puts Apollo on the apron next to Sami and CLUBS away on both men! Big E climbs to the apron and is fired up, as he hits a DOUBLE APRON SPLASH!! Kevin FLIES and takes Big E out! The Prizefighter might be back as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again and Big E fires off elbows on Apollo! Big E runs but into a big dropkick! Big E crawls and gets out of the ring but Apollo goes out to RAM him into steel steps! Azeez rallies for Apollo but Kevin goes after Apollo! Apollo blocks the steel step bump to bump Kevin off them instead! Apollo sees Big E outside, to APRON MOONSAULT! Direct hit and Big E is down, but Sami blindsides Apollo! They brawl, Apollo bumps Sami off barriers and throws body shots! “IT’S MY TITLE!” Apollo whips but Sami goes up and he MOONSAULTS! Sami gloats that he took Apollo down but then Kevin CLOBBERS Sami!

Kevin puts Sami in, climbs up top, SWANTON BOMB! Cover, but Big E breaks it! Big E and Kevin brawl with haymakers! Kevin ROCKS Big E and gets the edge, but runs into a clinch! He headbutts free, runs again, but Big E CLOBBERS Kevin! Apollo gets in but Big E elbows the waistlock! Big E runs but into a FLAPJACK HOTSHOT! GERMAN SUPLEX from Apollo, and he holds on to GERMAN SUPLEX again! Apollo still holds on, for a third GERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, but Kevin BACK SENTONS it apart! Kevin sees Sami get in, but runs into a CORNER EPXLODER! Sami takes aim, corner to corner but no kick! Kevin wants a Stunner but Sami rolls him up, TWO!!

Kevin walks into a kick, and a MICHINOKU DRIVER!! Cover, TWO!! Sami is furious but he’s after Kevin in another corner. Sami ROCKS Kevin, hoists him up top, and climbs up. Kevin fights the superplex to SUPER FISHERMAN BUSTER!! Cover, Apollo hurries in to break it! Azeez is relieved as Apollo kicks Big E. Big E puts Apollo on the apron but runs into a KNEE! Kevin is on the apron, he kicks Apollo but no stunner! Apollo fireman’s carries for an APRON DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!! But Big E returns to SPEAR Apollo off the apron!! Big E is fired up and the ThunderDome is roaring as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns yet again and Apollo CLUBS Big E down in the ring. Apollo gets Big E up, snap suplexes then covers, TWO! Apollo drags Big E back up, KICKS him, but has to stomp Sami out of the ring, and then does the same to Kevin! Apollo DECKS Big E, stomps Sami, then rains down furious fists on Big E! Azeez and Apollo are both fired up as Apollo gets Big E back up. Apollo whips, Big E reverses and BELLY2BELLY! Sami leaps into an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Apollo runs into another Belly2Belly! Big E runs, runs but Sami HELLUVA KICKS! Kevin gets in to whip Sami for a pop-up, but Sami slips out!

Sami wants the Half ‘n’ Half but Kevin elbows free, to pump handle USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO!! Kevin is too tired to be frustrated but he stomps Apollo down. Kevin goes to the top rope but Apollo trips him up! Kevin clubs Apollo, Apollo throws hands and headbutts! Apollo staggers to Sami but into a jawbreaker! Sami whips, Apollo reverses but Sami boots back, only to get caught into a fisherman! Big E adds on, GERMAN EXPLODER BOMBO! Kevin hits  a FROG SPLASH on Big E! Cover, TWO!! All four men are down and the fans fire up! Big E bails out, Apollo and Sami flounder to opposite corners. Kevin takes aim and runs, to clothesline Apollo! And CANNONBALL Sami!

Kevin keeps moving but Big E is in! Kevin gets a GERMAN SUPLEX! Big E and Apollo are in one corner, for a CANNONBALL! Sami hits a HALF ‘N’ HALF, to BLUE THUNDER BOMB on Kevin! Cover, TWO!! Sami can’t believe it, but he hurries to get Kevin to a drop zone. Azeez checks on Apollo, Sami climbs up top. Apollo returns to anchor Sami, Sami throws hands to send him away! Big E returns, throws hands but Sami kicks him away. Sami leaps over Kevin, but into a scoop! SUPERKICK for Big E! SUPERKICK for Sami! POP-UP BOMB for Apollo!! Cover, TWO!! Apollo survives but Kevin wants to finish this!

Sami lurks around, and he drags Kevin out! Sami RAMS Kevin into barriers, then runs in, but Kevin TOSSES him into the timekeeper’s area! Apollo runs in but into a BOOT! Kevin puts Apollo in but Sami gets him with a HALF ‘N’ HALF to the floor!! Sami aims at Apollo but runs into an Urenag-E!! Apollo wants a slam, Big E slips out and hits the BIG ENDING! Cover, but Azeez attacks! No disqualifications but this is still bunk! Azeez scoops Big E, but Big E POSTS him!! Big E hurries back in, but the lighting changes? Where’s Apollo? What’s going on with the cameras? What is this smoke?! Is that ALEISTER BLACK?!?!

Aleister gets in the ring, Apollo is after Big E’s leg! BLACK MASS to Big E!! Apollo covers, Apollo wins!!?

Winner: Apollo Crews, by pinfall (still WWE Intercontinental Champion)

Apollo still has his gold thanks to the sinister strike of the sadistic storyteller! Will Aleister look to make Big E’s bright future #FadeToBlack? And while Apollo is celebrating now, will he be able to hang onto this title going through Hell (in a Cell)?

My Thoughts:

A really good SmackDown but honestly, with some stuff that made it feel more like a recent Monday Night Raw. Yes, it is great to have a moment to acknowledge all the champions on the SmackDown roster, and it was natural for Roman to exclude himself from all of that, but it was a bit passé to have it lead right into a match. Though that is also very Teddy Long, so they probably couldn’t help but do this. The Six Woman was alright, but rather written into a corner. With Bianca VS Bayley going to happen again, neither of them was taking a loss, and it might’ve been too much for one of them to win, so that left it to the tag teams. I suppose another title match on Raw is good for ratings, but it’s glaringly obvious WWE is barely trying with the main roster women’s tag division.

It’s almost a shame Eric Bugenhagen, who was Joseph Average and is now Rick Boogz, was with Nakamura tonight for the rematch with Corbin. Not for Boogz, because he did amazing on the guitar and has a lot of natural energy and charisma. This is more a shame for Nakamura and Corbin because of Boogz’s energy and charisma. Boogz with Nakamura distracting Corbin so Nakamura could win doesn’t really help Nakamura stay the King of Strong Style. It should just be a 1v1 feud, the crown on the line as the prize. That would help both Nakamura and Corbin out while they wait their turn in the upper midcard for a title opportunity to show up.

Speaking of which, the Roman Reigns story is still going well. Rollins interjecting to keep Cesaro from getting another match makes sense given he went after Cesaro at the end of Backlash. Looking at it now, I would’ve skipped having Rollins attack Cesaro at the end of Backlash to make his attack tonight seem even more unprovoked and random. Cesaro’s arm would still be bad from things that happened during the match at Backlash, and the neck could be played up because of Roman’s guillotine hold, and then Rollins makes both of those worse tonight. Cesaro VS Rollins surely happens at Hell in a Cell, Cell optional, and maybe Rollins wins to get even from WrestleMania 37.

Then, Jimmy wants him and Jey to get back into the tag title scene, and that scene desperately needs something more, but obviously there’s still the issue of Roman being so domineering. He won’t even consider taking credit for “letting” the Usos go for the gold, he just wants the Usos to do what he wants. We’re still on course for Jimmy having to literally fight his family on this, and Roman VS Jimmy at Hell in a Cell in the cell is still how I see this going. The Profits had a good promo to get on the Usos about the dysfunction, and I think that match still happens because Roman doesn’t like the disrespect they’re showing the family. There’s also a chance the Profits win in a way to further things with Roman and Jimmy, too.

Dominik winning is all well and good but I’m surprised it was against Roode. I want to say, “Doesn’t SmackDown have anyone else?” but it feels like no, they don’t. The Mysterios had their feud with the Alpha Academy, so there wasn’t going to be Dom VS Gable. I don’t necessarily want to see a team taken from NXT but something needs to happen to make the RawDown Tag Divisions feel strong again. Still hoping for Kevin and Sami, but who knows. The Fatal 4 Way went about as I expected, but to think Apollo would get lucky that now, of all nights, Aleister decides to go after someone. Sometimes, WWE just can’t let Heel champions be strong on their own, and that’s annoying.

But Aleister going after Big E makes so much sense given how Aleister’s portraying himself. Aleister is the voice of negativity telling us all we’re wretched weaklings, but Big E is the optimism raising us up. These two make natural opponents, and this could be something that helps propel Big E into the upper card. Not that Aleister has tasted top title scene status much himself, but Aleister himself has to start somewhere if he’s to ever hold more than the NXT Championship.

My Score: 8.2/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (11/26/21)

Black Friday is on a Rampage!



AEW Rampage coverage

Will Riho get a golden ticket tonight?

Tony Khan’s offering a major Black Friday deal and Britt Baker isn’t happy about it! If Riho defeats The Doctor, she gets an AEW Women’s world title match!


  • Adam Cole & Bobby Fish VS Orange Cassidy & Wheeler Yuta w/ Chuck Taylor; win.
  • AEW Women’s World Championship Black Friday Deal: Britt Baker w/ Jamie Hayter & Rebel VS Riho; Riho wins and earns a future title match against Britt Baker.
  • Eddie Kingston VS Daniel Garcia w/ 2point0; Kingston wins.


Adam Cole & Bobby Fish VS Orange Cassidy & Wheeler Yuta w/ Chuck Taylor!

It’s undisputed that both teams are great friends, but this is about seeing who are the best friends! Will Cole & Fish bring the boom? Or will Freshly Squeezed & The Decoder make Chaos proud here in Chicago?

The teams sort out and Yuta starts with Fish. They circle, feel it out, and then Fish shoots in to waistlock. Yuta switches, gets the ankle pick and the leg but Fish gets a leg back. Fish pushes to a cover, Yuta slips away before a count. They feel things out again, Fish steps in to knee low! Fish throws body shots, KICKS a leg, then ROCKS Yuta with a forearm. Fish whips, Yuta goes up and over but swings into a body shot! Yuta slips under to dropkick Fish down! Yuta wrenches, tags to Cassidy but Fish throws forearms. The Best Friends still double whip and, well Yuta forearms. Both Yuta and Cassidy run, KNEE DROP SPLASH COMBO! Cover, ONE!

Fish gets away and tags Cole. Fans fire up as Cole and Cassidy stare down. Cassidy takes off the sunglasses, but Cole stops him from putting his hands in his pockets. Cole hits the “BAYBAY!” pose, and then takes a bow. Cassidy puts his hands up, but Cole stops him again. Cassidy hammerlocks, spins, and WRINGS Cole out! Cole gets up in a huff as Cassidy spins and holds his hands up. But again Cole stops that with a waistlock! Cassidy switches, Cole switches, Cassidy reaches for legs, but then he puts his hands up. Cole shifts to a full nelson, but Cassidy still wants his pockets! Colle fights to keep those hands up, Cassidy uses his leg to break the nelson!

Cassidy switches, flying-mares, then thumbs up with Cole. Cole flails, Cassidy crucifix covers! TWO, and Cassidy builds up the energy. Cole runs in, Cassidy hurdles over, Yuta ROCKS Cole! Tag to Yuta, Cassidy and Yuta double whip Cole corner to corner. Yuta sends Cassidy but Sloth Style kicks in. Yuta runs to back elbow Cole, then go corner to corner to back elbow again! Cassidy finally arrives to feed Cole to Yuta’s scoop SLAM and SENTON! Cover, Fish drags Yuta off. Fans are fired up as Yuta drags Cole up. Cole JAWBREAKERS then runs in but Yuta elbows him away. Yuta goes up, Fish runs over and then Cole YANKS Yuta down!

Cole drags Yuta up, bumps him off buckles, stomps away, then tags in Fish. Fish stomps Yuta down, digs his knee in, but the ref counts. Fish lets off, drags Yuta up and clinches for knees. He bumps Yuta off buckles, fires forearms and body shots, then kicks. Tag to Cole, Cole drags Yuta up and throws more forearms. Yuta throws forearms back, runs, but into a fireman’s carry! USHIGOROSHI! Cole talks trash to Yuta then drags him back as AEW goes picture in picture.

Fish tags in, Cole anchors Yuta while Fish stomps away. Fish drags Yuta up, throws knees, then forearms, then brings Yuta around to snap suplex! Cover, TWO! Fish drags Yuta up, throws more knees, then snapmares him to go out and slingshot senton back in! Cover, TWO! Fish is annoyed but he drags Yuta up to knee him to the corner. Fish throws forearms, wrenches and taunts Cassidy before he back suplexes. Yuta lands on his feet but Fish CLOBBERS him! Yuta ducks the roundhouse, DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES knock both men down! AEW returns to single picture as fans rally up. Fish tags Cole, but Yuta sends Cole out! Fish drags Yuta away, Yuta ENZIGURIS free!

Yuta crawls over, but Cole trips Cassidy off the apron! Cole gets in to bump Yuta off the buckle, then stomps away on him. Tag to Fish, he drags Yuta up to BOOT him into the corner. Fish fires off fast hands and another BOOT! Tag to Cole, Fish holds Yuta and Cole runs in but Yuta back drops him! Yuta elbows Fish, elbows Cole, BOOTS Fish, then goes up to double missile dropkick! Cassidy is back, Yuta crawls over as fans rally up! Hot tag to Cassidy! Well, lukewarm with Cassidy’s speed. Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets and fires off the “devastating” shin kicks. He dodges the double clotheslines to DOUBLE DRPOKICK! Cassidy kips up to DOUBLE RANA!

Cassidy keeps moving, he uses Cole to kick and tilt-o-whirl to DDT Fish! Cole and Fish bail out, Yuta goes up and Cassidy builds speed! Cassidy DIVES< Yuta CROSSBODIES! Direct hit, Cassidy goes up and Yuta tags in! CROSSBODY then a DIVE onto Fish! Yuta SPLASHES Cole! Cover, TWO!! Tag back to Cassidy, he and Yuta get Cole up but Cole fires off forearms! Cole mule kicks Cassidy, BOOTS Yuta, then reels Cassidy in! Yuta rewinds, STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE to a GERMAN SUPLEX! Jackknife bridge! But Fish breaks it!! Yuta gets up, Fish ROCKS him then mule kicks Cassidy! Fish KICKS Yuta down, then catches Cassidy to EXPLODER him into Yuta!

Fish tags in, he tackles Cassidy to a corner, then he isolates a leg to knee and KICK and DRAGON SCREW! SHINING WIZARD from Cole! Leg clutch cover, TWO!! KNEEBAR! Cole plays defense as Yuta gets in! Yuta then baits Cole and dodges the superkick to clobber Fish! Cole SUPERKICKS Yuta, Cassidy SUPERKICKS Cole! BEACH BREAK!! Cassidy powers up, but Fish TACKLES him to a corner! Fish has the leg, Cassidy breaks free but swings into the EXPLODER into buckles! Yuta tags in and spins Fish for an OLYMPIC SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Yuta STOMPS Fish, hauls him up, NORTHERN LIGHTS BOMB! Cover, TWO!!

Yuta goes to a corner, climbs up top, but Cole trips him up! The ref reprimands, Cassidy trips Cole! Cassidy takes off the elbow pad but Cole drags Cassidy out to throw him into steel steps! And then again! Fish goes after Yuta on the top rope, brings Yuta up, SUPER FALCON ARROW!! Cover, Fish & Cole win!

Winners: Adam Cole & Bobby Fish, by pinfall

Whether or not Cole & Fish are best friends, they’re the better team here tonight! Will they give everyone a reason to fear them?


Backstage interview with Tony Nese.

Tony Schiavone says the Premier Athlete has “mysteriously” been in the stands watching, but Nese stops him right there. There is no mystery to what he’s doing. He’s scouting the competition, because that’s what top athletes do. “We all know that there’s an open challenge for the TNT Championship, so I thought, what perfect way to make my debut on TNT than becoming the TNT Champion?” Based off what Nese has seen, if Ethan Page, Bobby Fish or Jay Lethal would’ve done their homework, Sammy Guevara wouldn’t be champion right now. Nese is 100% unimpressed, but here comes Sammy!

Sammy’s the one unimpressed with Nese! Another new guy talking a lot of mess. Nese wants Sammy to relax. Is Sammy unable to take criticism? Oh he can take criticism, just not from a guy who hasn’t done s*it since he got here. Nese says there’s an open challenge, so he’s challenging Sammy next week. Challenge accepted, see you next week. Yeah you will. But then Nese SUCKER PUNCHES Sammy! Nese says the only reason Sammy has the title is because guys like Nese weren’t available yet. Nese leaves for now, but will he leave next Rampage the new TNT Champion?


FTR speaks.

Cash Wheeler starts by saying, “On Thanksgiving Eve in Chicago, we proved once again that we are the living lucha legends, the AAA World Tag Team Champions, and without a doubt the best tag team on the planet.” There’s a reason FTR is 2-0 against the Lucha Bros and the only win the Lucha Bros got was on the illegal man. There is no team on Earth, in this ring or in this business as good as FTR. Dax Harwood says they have a “history” with 2 outta 3 falls matches, so he is begging them that if they wanna prove it was no fluke, go 2 outta 3 falls with FTR. Right now, until they find someone better, write ’em a letter, #TopGuysOut!


AEW Women’s World Championship Black Friday Deal: Britt Baker w/ Jamie Hayter & Rebel VS Riho!

The Doctor better take the inaugural AEW Women’s World Champion seriously, because if Riho wins here, she’ll get a title match in the near future! Will Riho cash in on this great deal? Or will Britt deny her this huge holiday gift?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, Britt wrenches an arm to hammerlock, then spin Riho to a snapmare. Riho slips out to wrench and have the arm. Britt gets up, powers through to spin and snapmare Riho again, but Riho slips out again to have the wristlock. Britt fights up, Riho keeps on the wristlock but Britt clubs free and ROCKS Riho with a right! Britt says, “D M D,” but Riho fires off forearms! Birtt pulls hair to throw Riho down! Cover, TWO as Riho goes Matrix! But Britt rolls her up again, TWO! Britt gets the arm but Riho fights to the ropebreak! The ref counts, Britt lets off but she stomps away on Riho!

The ref counts, Britt lets off, Hayter and Rebel choke Riho! Britt comes back to stand on Riho at the ropes, then lets off at 4. Britt drags Riho up to ROCK her again. Britt whips, Riho handsprings and dropkicks! Riho keeps moving to dropkick again! Britt bails out, Rebel checks on her, but Riho goes up a corner! Riho LEAPS and CROSSBODIES Britt and Rebel down! Fans fire up as Riho gets back up. Hayter checks on Britt but Riho comes back to drag Britt up. Riho puts Britt in, Britt goes to a corner. Riho runs in to forearm smash! Then she goes corner to corner again, but into a BUCKLE SHOT! Britt stands on Riho’s head and stomps away!

Britt drags Riho up by her hair, bumps her off buckles again and again, but the ref counts. Britt lets off and Riho flops down as AEW goes to break.

Rampage returns and Britt reels Riho into a suplex. Riho fights it off, wrenches and ROCKS Britt with forearms! Riho runs, Britt follows and SLINGBLADES! Cover, TWO! Britt hammers away with forearms, covers, TWO! Britt argues with the ref, then drags Riho up by her hair. The ref reprimands but Britt doesn’t care. Riho throws body shots, Britt clinches and whips Riho to a corner. Britt is annoyed as fans rally and duel, and Britt stomps Riho down! Britt lets off, gives another stomp, then drags RIho up for a forearm. Riho forearms back, fires off many more, but Britt kicks her low! Britt whips Riho to a corner, runs in but into boots! Riho runs and tilt-o-whirl headscissors!

Britt ends up in a corner, Riho goes corner to corner and KNEES Britt right in the head! Riho reels Britt in, but Britt blocks the Northern Lights and CLUBS Riho. Snap suplex into buckles! Britt drags Riho up, Alabama lift but Riho slips out to full nelson and DRAGON SUPLEX! Fans fire up as Riho crawls after Britt. Cover, TWO! Britt is still in this but Riho goes up the corner. Diving stomps but Britt dodges! Britt comes back, spins Riho and ROCKS her with a forearm! Alabama, AIR RAID CRASH! Cover, TWO!! Riho survives but Britt slaps her down. Britt runs, Riho dodges the stomp to kick and NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO!

Riho goes up, DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS!! Cover, TWO!! Britt survives but Riho keeps her focus. Riho run sin but Britt ducks the knees! Riho runs into buckles, but she avoids the swinging fisherman! Rolling cradle, RIHO WINS!!!

Winner: Riho, by pinfall (earns an AEW Women’s World Championship match)

Britt is FURIOUS! Riho snatches victory from the jaws of defeat,



El Idolo wasn’t done with Cody Rhodes after Dynamite went off the air! A bare concrete Hammerlock DDT may have downed the American Nightmare, but now Cody and Andrade will go 1v1 in an ATLANTA STREET FIGHT! Plus, after the confrontation on Dynamite, Gunn Club’s Colten & Billy Gunn take on Sting & Darby for a grudge match of two undefeated teams!


Mark Henry interviews our main eventers!

He starts with Daniel Garcia & 2point0, and how they’ve been attacking whoever, throwing coffee in people’s faces, and are generally out of control. Matt Lee says that’s right, they’re outta control! Eddie Kingston, hopefully you didn’t fill up on turkey, because tonight, you get a taste of Red Death on Black Friday! Great line. Jeff Parker adds that those interruptions weren’t on accident. They know Kingston and he reacted exactly how they thought he would! Garcia adds it’s Black Friday, another sold out arena for another Daniel Garcia main event. He vows to embarrass Kingston, and then Kingston will be the one giving Garcia thanks.

Kingston laughs at these three. He apologizes, but he can’t believe they’re serious. They throw coffee, attack him, say this and that, and Garcia’s acting all big and tough. He’s too light in the ass to mess with Kingston. Kingston will show Garcia what’s what in the ring. And as for his homeboys, they need to do Kingston a favor and shut up. Talk is cheap, partner. Then we’ve had enough talk. It’s time for the main event! Will Red Death be the one lucky to survive the Mad King?

Eddie Kingston VS Daniel Garcia w/ 2point0!

The bell rings and the two circle. They test things out, Garcia shoots in to get a leg but Kingston pushes him down to throw hands. Kingston has the arms, puts Garcia in a corner, the ref counts. Kingston won’t let off so the ref brings him back. Garcia shoots in but Kingston smothers him into the mat! Kinston clinches, they end up on the ropes, the ref counts. Kingston CLUBS Garcia before he lets off and fans fire up behind him. Garcia hangs back to get pointers from 2point0 before he approaches Kingston again. Garcia circles but then just bails out. Kingston is annoyed, but he’s ready when Garcia slides back in.

They tie up, Garcia throws a forearm, but Kingston fires off fast palm strikes! Then body strikes in the corner! Kingston stomps away on Garcia but 2point0 gets Garcia out of there! Kingston goes out to throw Matt Lee into railing! And then he SPINEBUSTERS Jeff Parker! Garcia gets in the ring, Kingston goes in but Garcia kicks him! And uppercuts! Garcia throws EuroUppers in the corner, then stomps away. Garcia digs his boots in, the ref counts, Garcia lets off at 4. Garcia paces, drags Kingston up and throws forearms. Garcia whips but Kingston holds ropes to Garcia forearms! Kingston headbutts! Garcia BOOTS, then whips, but Kingston blocks again.

Garcia keeps trying, Kingston CLUBS him down! Kingston CHOPS Garcia to a corner, CHOPS him again, and fires off the MACHINE GUN CHOPS, but Garcia dodges to fire off forearms! Kingston pokes Garcia in the eye! The ref reprimands but fans cheer. Garcia crawls to a corner, Kingston runs in but Garcia dodge. Garcia runs in but into an elbow. Kingston goes up, FLYING KNEE! Garcia is down but Kingston gets his legs to loosen up. Garcia goes to ropes but Kingston CHOPS him on the side! Kingston taunts Garcia then CHOPS him. Garcia throat chops back! Garcia CLUBS Kingston, stalks him around the ring and kicks the bad leg!

Garcia EuroUppers, Kingston BITES Garcia’s ear! The ref reprimands, Kingston lets off to stomp Garcia down. Kingston hobbles, drags Garcia up and suplexes for a GOURD BUSTER! Fans rally behind Kingston as he walks off the bad leg. Garcia crawls to a corner as AEW goes picture in picture.

Garcia shoulders into Kingston, throws hands but Kingston CHOPS him down! Kingston drags Garcia up, suplexes but Garcia blocks. Garcia pries free, knees low, and again, and again! Then he snap suplexes Kingston down! Cover, ONE! Garcia goes after an arm but Kingston rolls, only to end up in a triangle hold. Kinston fights free to rain down hammer fists! Garcia kicks back at Kingston but Kingston stands to drag Garcia up. Kingston CHOPS, Garcia staggers back and asks for mercy. Kingston runs in but into an elbow! Garcia pulls on Kingston’s ear and CLUBS it! The ref reprimands but 2point0 talk a lot of trash at the apron.

Garcia straddle attacks Kingston at the ropes! 2point0 is right in Kingston’s face, but then Garcia goes out to CLUB Kingston on the apron. And again! Kingston gets in the ring but Garcia is right after that ear! So Kingston BITES the hand! Garcia knees and CLUBS Kingston, but Kingston staggers around. Kingston almost hits the ref with that haymaker! Garcia whips Kingston but Kingston can barely run, so Garcia CHOP BLOCKS the leg! Cover, ONE!! Another, TWO! Kingston has Garcia by his hear so he can club away on Garcia’s head! Garcia gets loose to stomp Kingston down! Garcia has the bad leg and YANKS back on it!

Kingston crawls, Garcia is on him with a double wristlock. Kingston clasps hands so Garcia clubs the grip. The two struggle, AEW returns to single picture, Garcia uses his knee for leverage. Kingston clubs Garcia but Garcia stomps him down! Garcia sits Kingston up, boots him, but fans rally up. Kingston grits his teeth but Garcia stomps away on him! Garcia drags Kingston up, whips him to the corner but again Kingston can barely run. The ref checks with Kingston but he says he’s not quitting. Garcia runs in, but into an EXPLODER! Garcia rolls to ropes, 2point0 is there to coach him. A standing count climbs, Kingston is up at 4 of 10!

Kingston hobbles over to Garcia, but Garcia headlocks to block the saido! Garcia clubs away on Kingston’s head, then rolls him to a HEEL HOOK! Kingston endures, gets the ROPEBREAK! Garcia lets go at 4, fans are thunderous! Garcia gets the leg again for a standing toehold! Then he digs his heel into Kingston’s gut, stomps the bad legs, jackknife! TWO as Kingston rolls and gets Garcia up, POWERBOMB!! Both men are down and fans are fired up! A standing count climbs, 2point0 coaches Garcia up. Fans rally, Kingston drags himself up the ropes and hobbles over to Garcia. He brings Garcia up and CHOPS him o the back!

Garcia blocks the half nelson suplex, switches, but Kingston blocks the German Suplex. Garcia drags Kingston down to the HEEL HOOK! Kingston still gest the ROPEBREK, but Garcia drags him away! Kingston kicks with his free leg but Garcia LCOBBERS Kingston and fires off hammering hands! Fans boo but Garcia soaks up the heat. Garcia drags Kingston up, CHOPS him, but Kingston stays up. Garcia powers up and runs, but into a HALF ‘N’ HALF!! Both men are down and fans fire up for Kingston. Garcia flounders at ropes as 2point0 coaches him up again. Garcia crawls over to Kingston, they both stand up and Kingston throws a body shot.

Kingston fire smore body shots, Garcia gives back palm strikes, the fans fire up for the fast hand brawling! Garcia fires off palm strike after palm strike, but Garcia ENZIGURIS! Garcia comes back to LARIAT!! Garcia can’t cover as he catches his breath, but fans are thunderous again. Garcia hobbles up, gets Kingston by the ear, reels him in, but Kingston blocks the lift! So Garcia drops a knee! Kingston SLAPS Garcia! Garcia throat chops, but Kingston SLAPS Garcia again! Garcia fires off BOOTS, then gets Kingston up, only for Kingston to wrench and SAIDO!! Garcia flounders, ducks the Uraken but the URAKEN RETURNS!! Cover, Kingston wins

Winner: Eddie Kingston, by pinfall

But 2point0 pounce on Kingston! Fans boo as they mug the Mad King, but JERICHO gets off commentary to go to the ring! Jericho CLOBBERS Matt Lee, CLOTHESLINES Jeff Parker, and fans are thunderous for Le Champion! Kingston is still victorious, but will he and Jericho make sure 2point0 and Garcia watch who they pick a fight with from now on?

My Thoughts:

A great Rampage, and honestly really surprising. I didn’t think Riho was going to win here, but that was a great match and a great win. They’re going to have a great title match, probably at Battle of the Belts, but I am thinking Britt wins there. Cassidy & Yuta had a great showing, but Cole taking out Cassidy so that Yuta would take the loss makes sense. The Not Disputed Era lost to Jurassic Express, but they win here because they gotta stay afloat. I hope Trent Baretta is okay, he’s been gone for what feels like a really longtime.

Nese had a decent promo before Sammy got there, and then things got good. His line about not being available is a great nod to WWE letting him and a tone of their people go, but it would be more legit if one of those other guys said it. Nese will give Sammy a great match but Sammy’s totally winning. Then Kingston VS Garcia was an awesome main event, probably Garcia’s best match in AEW. I figured Kingston would win, but then 2point0 going after him to prompt Jericho to get involved was a nice way to end. Kingston and Jericho teaming up would be pretty cool to see.

My Score: 8.5/10

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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (11/26/21)

The Island of Relevancy awaits.



Coverage SmackDown 2021

Who will earn their shot at Roman Reigns?

The WWE Universal Champion was SmackDown’s shining Survivor Series win, but it’s back to business. Who wins a battle royal to become #1 contender?


  • Drew McIntyre & Jeff Hardy VS “Happy” Corbin & “Mad Cap” Moss; McIntyre & Hardy win.
  • Ridge Holland w/ Sheamus VS Cesaro; Cesaro wins.
  • Thanksgiving Leftovers Throwdown: Rick Boogs w/ Shinsuke Nakamura VS Angel Garza w/ Humbert Carrillo; Garza wins.
  • Sasha Banks & Naomi VS Shayna Baszler & Natalya; Sasha & Naomi win.
  • WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender’s Battle Royal: Sami Zayn wins and will challenge Roman Reigns for the title.


Kayla Braxton is in the ring!

She welcomes us to this post-Thanksgiving edition of Friday Night SmackDown, and says rumors continue to heat up that Brock Lesnar’s indefinite suspension- Roman Reigns interrupts! The Head of the Table, Paul Heyman carrying the Universal Championship for him, stands on stage, then is handed the belt for the pyro. Roman then continues down to the ring, Heyman holing the title up as a banner. And then Roman holds the title up in the ring for more pyro. Heyman allows Kayla to step forward, but has her hand over the mic. “Rumorssss? Rumors about Brrrock. Lesnarrr. That’s the best you got? Rumors? We don’t do rumorsss on the Island of Relevancy.”

That’s Kayla’s problem! She parades around here like she’s a journalist with breaking news about Lesnar’s suspension when she knows it’s personal to Roman and Heyman, but she just wants the spotlight for herself. Heyman tells fans not to boo her, they can’t judge any of them in the ring. Heyman defended Kayla because she’s a coworker but he’s disappointed in her. She needs confirmation, denial, or facts! That’s what Roman deals in. Heyman used to like Kayla because people said she’s pretty. But Kayla is living her life through an Instagram filter. But there is no filter that makes you a legit journalist. Until she is one, this is her cue to leave Roman’s ring. Thank you for your time, good night.

Kayla storms off, but fans chant, “We Want Brock!” Roman gets the mic and asks Heyman, “Do you want to know the problem with rumors? Rumors give loses false hope. And compared to me, everyone’s a loser around here.” Roman’s beaten them all! And Lesnar is the number one loser around here. Roman beat him and it wasn’t even in ideal conditions. Roman flew all around the world and smashed Lesnar. Roman doesn’t care about rumors and that’s the facts. Y’know who else is a loser? Big E, the WWE Champion, is a loser cuz he got smashed at Survivor Series. But they’re just part of a long list! Roman’s beat them all. Roman’s running laps, it’s getting embarrassing!

What did management do? What’s that thing for tonight? A Black Friday Battle Royal to determine a #1 contender for the Head of the Table? C’mon…! Battle royal, elimination match, gauntlet, three way, four way, five way, it don’t matter. Just let three or four of them win and he’ll smash ’em all! Roman can do that because he’s the best of the best, the Universal Champion, the Head of the Table, YOUR Tribal Chief, and the Greatest of All Time. When Roman’s days are down, which could be sooner than later, the whole world will acknowledge him. Roman doesn’t care who wins tonight, but will he take that winner seriously when it’s time to take that person on?


Drew McIntyre & Jeff Hardy VS “Happy” Corbin & “Mad Cap” Moss!

The Scottish Warrior watched the Charismatic Enigma’s back before Survivor Series, and now has his back here against the hyenas. Will Hardy Country also become Claymore Country here in Greensboro? Or will Corbin & Moss become insufferable with a win here tonight?

SmackDown returns as Corbin & Moss make their entrance. The teams sort out but Corbin attacks Hardy from behind! Corbin stomps Hardy, gloats then drags Hardy up to whip him to a corner. Hardy dodges then atomic drops and trips Corbin up for the leg splitting leg drop! Basement dropkick, then a wrench. Corbin clubs and ROCKS Hardy, then tags in Moss. Moss mugs Hardy with knees, then runs and runs to run Hardy over! Moss keeps moving, Hardy hip tosses him down! Cover, ONE! Hardy tags McIntyre in and fans fire up as they double whip Moss to double elbow and fist drop splash combo! Cover, TWO!

McIntyre keeps on Moss and CHOPS him in the corner. Fans fire up, but Moss throat chops McIntyre. Moss whips, McIntyre comes back and CLOBBERS him! McIntyre drags Moss up, wrenches and tags in Hardy. Hardy hops up, double ax handles to Moss’ arm! Hardy wrenches Moss, grinds the shoulder, but Moss powers out. Hardy sends Moss out and wrecks him with a dropkick! Hardy ducks Corbin’s clothesline to hotshot him down! Hardy goes to the apron to FLYING LARIAT Corbin down! But Moss CLOBBERS Hardy into the timekeeper’s area! Moss laughs it up while SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Corbin fires off body shots on Hardy in a corner. The ref counts, Corbin lets off and whips Hardy corner to corner. Corbin runs, Hardy dodges, but Corbin slides out then slides in to DECK McIntyre! Corbin puts Hardy in the corner, Moss mugs him while Corbin taunts McIntyre and the ref is busy with him. Moss tags in, but Hardy kicks back! Moss slips out of the Twist, DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES bring both men down! Fans fire up, Moss and Hardy crawl, hot tags to Corbin and McIntyre! McIntyre rallies with big lariats, then a whip to an elbow! McIntyre gets Corbin in a corner, OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Moss runs in but into a NECKBREAKER!

McIntyre dodges Corbin, Corbin slides out and in but McIntyre dodges to NECKBREAKER! And kip up! Fans fire up with McIntyre as he calls for the countdown! The fans count it down but McIntyre has to hit Moss first! Corbin gets McIntyre for a DEEP SIX! Cover, TWO! Corbin is furious but he drags McIntyre over to tag in Moss. They mug McIntyre, Moss scoops and Corbin goes up. Hardy saves McIntyre and then McIntyre ROCKS Moss! McIntyre dodges Corbin, Corbin jumps into Hardy’s kick! Corbin blocks the Twist and shoves Hardy out! McIntyre clotheslines Corbin out! Moss forearms but McIntyre HEADBUTTS! McIntyre then dodges to CLAYMORE Moss down!

Fans are thunderous and McIntyre tags in Hardy! Hardy throws off the shirt, climbs up top, SWANTON BOMB! Cover, Hardy & McIntyre win!

Winners: Drew McIntyre & Jeff Hardy, by pinfall

Greensboro is red hot for their hometown hero and the Scottish Warrior! But will this be the last either of them has heard from the chuckle headed Corbin and Moss?


Aliyah talks with Kayla backstage.

She wants to know as much as anyone about the rumors, but then Heyman walks over. Aliyah hurries off and Heyman asks Kayla if she got any updates on the rumors. See, this is what Kayla needs to do. She needs to get a confirmation or a denial. But the thing is, there are no rumors about Lesnar, because he got himself suspended. He put his hands on Adam Pearce not once but twice to leave the WWE no options. But Lesnar is hiding behind the suspension because he fears Roman Reigns. Think that’s a rumor? Call Lesnar. Oh, wait, Heyman doesn’t have his new number, and neither does Kayla.

And that’s another problem. If Kayla doesn’t have a confirmation or denial by the end of tonight, Kayla’s GONE. Or at least, that’s what Heyman’s pushing for. Or maybe it’s just a rumor. Heyman walks off, but what will Kayla do about his not so veiled threat?


Ridge Holland w/ Sheamus VS Cesaro!

Northern Grit made quite the impression on his hero, The Celtic Warrior, in helping Sheamus get the win last week to join Team SmackDown at Survivor Series. Now Holland looks to make an even bigger impression taking the Swiss Cyborg on himself! Will the Fella love what he sees from his brand new protégé?

SmackDown returns and Cesaro makes his entrance. The bell rings and the two tie up. Cesaro puts Holland in a corner, lets off as the ref counts, but then he counter punches Holland, fires off body shots and EuroUppers, then whips him corner to corner. Cesaro runs in to EuroUpper, then climbs up to rain down fists! Sheamus distracts Cesaro and that allows Holland to trip Cesaro up! Holland runs and POUNCES him! Then he puts Cesaro in the corner, fires off EuroUppers and body shots of his own. Holland reels Cesaro in to CLOBBER him! Cover, TWO! Holland keeps on Cesaro with a seated cobra twist and he thrashes Cesaro all around.

Fans boo, then rally up for Cesaro. Cesaro stands up, Holland ripcords him but Cesaro fires off hands! Holland traps the arms to headbutt then OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Cover, TWO! Holland sits Cesaro up to CLUB him, then clamps on a chinlock. Holland grinds Cesaro down but Cesaro fights up and throws body shots. Holland reverses the whip and tilt-o-whirl POWERSLAMS! Cover, ONE, so Holland rains down forearms and knees, and then drops elbows! Holland gets complimented by Sheamus and Holland pie faces Cesaro. Cesaro drags Holland down into a lateral press, Cesaro wins!!

Winner: Cesaro, by pinfall

Holland’s ego was being fed a little too much and that cost him.


Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce are visited by Drew McIntyre.

Sonya asks, “Can we help you?” McIntyre says he doesn’t want to be presumptuous, but considering the stakes, he wants to make sure he’s in that “Black Friday Invitational Battle Royal.” Well they don’t have the final list of competitors yet, but when they do, they’ll let him know. Well like he said, he expects an invitation. Pearce would if he were McIntyre, too. McIntyre heads out, but will he be in that contender’s match later tonight?


Rick Boogs is here!

And he of course introduces the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Shinsuke NakamurAAAAA~! The King of Strong Style rocks with Boogs, as does Pat McAfee and the fans. However, it won’t be Nakamura that goes to battle, it’s BOOGS! Will he get his fill against Los Lotharios?

Thanksgiving Leftovers Throwdown: Rick Boogs w/ Shinsuke Nakamura VS Angel Garza w/ Humbert Carrillo!

SmackDown returns and Los Lotharios are already in the ring. Garza takes off his pants, throws them at Boogs and dropkicks him down, the same tactic he used against Nakamura! Garza mugs Boogs at the ropes, then drags him out to aim at the table. Boogs blocks, throws elbows and then lifts Garza! Garza gets to the apron and dropkicks Boogs down! Garza puts Boogs in the ring, clamps on a chinlock and grinds him down with a straitjacket stretch. Fans rally up, Boogs endures, and Boogs powers up, only for Garza to throw him down! Garza stomps Boogs down and wraps the straitjacket back on. Fans chant, “We Want Tables!” while Boogs yells and arm-drags out!

Boogs scoops Garza for a spinning toss! Then he gut wrenches Garza for the shakedown! And then gut wrench suplex! Carrillo gets up but Boogs DECKS him! Garza kicks, Boogs blocks and gut wrenches Garza all around! POWERBOMB! Cover, TWO! Boogs fires up and gets Garza back up for an abdominal stretch! But Carrillo starts playing Boogs’ guitar! Boogs tells Carrillo to stop, but Nakamura sweeps Carrillo’s legs, and Carrillo falls through the table! All the cranberry sauce and corn gets on him, but Garza SUPERKICKS Boogs, to the WING CLIPPER! Cover, Garza wins!

Winner: Angel Garza, by pinfall

While one Lothario is feeling left out like the leftovers, the other gets a win to get even with Nakamura & Boogs. What will it take for these four to settle the score?


Adam Pearce looks over the roster.

Kayla Braxton asks if he can reveal who will be in the invitational battle royal. He says that as soon as he gets approval, he’ll post it right outside the door. Then can he also comment on the rumors of the possible reinstatement of Brock Lesnar? She is sure he recalls the events around the suspension… Pearce takes a moment, and he says he hasn’t heard anything about the changes to the indefinite suspension. But stranger things have happened. But when you consider the damage, not just the property damage or the medical bills or the… therapy sessions… “Brock Lesnar is a menace. And I personally would be shocked if that suspension were to be lifted any time soon.” Pearce excuses himself to handle business, is that denial enough to satisfy Heyman?


Charlotte Flair heads to the ring!

She may not have defeated Big Time Becks, but the Queen is still the SmackDown Women’s Champion, and North Carolina is still Flair Country! But how will she move on from Survivor Series? We’ll see, after the break.

SmackDown returns and Michael Cole joins Charlotte in the ring. He says Charlotte must be very disappointed about her loss to Becky Lynch. Disappointed? No. The only thing she’s disappointed in is the poor officiating in that match. We all saw how Becky won. The only way she could win was by blatantly cheating. But congrats to her, she’s as underhanded as Charlotte knew she was. Becky has a shallow victory. She’s not stronger, just lucky. All that proved is that Becky is everything Charlotte’s said she was. Deep down, they both know Charlotte’s the better woman. Charlotte is the reason for Becky’s success.

Then the question would be, is what is next for Charlotte Flair? Becky can pretend to be big time on Raw and fantasy land, but in reality, Charlotte is still the most dominant woman in sports entertainment. But here comes Toni Storm! Wow, wow, wow. Toni knew Becky got in Charlotte’s head, but this is something. The obsessions with Becky made Charlotte vulnerable, and just as Toni predicted, Becky won. So what happens next? Charlotte goes after Toni for standing up to the high and mighty Charlotte Flair! Toni figured she’d make this easier for Charlotte and come right here to her. Aw, how cute, Toni. You think Charlotte was going after her? Charlotte barely knew Toni existed.

There is a reason Charlotte wipes her boots on the apron before getting in the ring. There are levels to this, and Charlotte is on a different one. So how would Toni like to be embarrassed tonight? Beaten to a pulp? Or more like this? But Toni dodges the sucker punch then throws Charlotte out! Toni then goes out, but gets a PIE to the FACE! That one had a lot of whipped cream on it! Charlotte licks her fingers, but Toni gets back up. Charlotte dares her to bring it, and then just PIES Toni again! Charlotte walks off and leaving Toni steaming. Will Toni get even with the Queen for the holidays?


Sonya Deville talks on the phone.

Sasha walks over and interrupts. At Survivor Series, Sasha was the captain, but Sonya sabotaged her with a team full of traitors. Everyone saw what Natty, Shayna and Shotzi did: they screwed her over. This was Sonya’s team, so Sasha blames her. As captain, Sasha should’ve been able to choose her own team. And if Naomi was on the team, they would’ve won. What’s Sonya’s problem with Naomi to begin with? Sonya laughs that off and tells Sasha to watch her tone. Second, this isn’t how things work. You can’t rewrite history. The captain lost and that’s on her. Also, there is no issue with Naomi. Oh is that so? Because Sonya’s voice changes when she lies.

Is Sonya jealous of Naomi? Is it because Naomi is more athletic? More popular? Has a bigger following? Is it because Naomi’s a two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion while Sonya’s been downgraded to a suit? Damn right Sonya’s wearing a suit, because she’s the boss. But if Sasha loves Naomi so much, team up with her against Natalya & Shayna. Sonya takes her leave, but will the Boss & The Glow take care of business against the Queen of Harts & Queen of Spades?


SmackDown shares another chapter of Xia Li’s story.

“I still remember his deep breath echoing in the empty school hallway. His mouth scrunched into a growl. He has picked on my older brother for weeks. A relentless assault. My pacifist brother. My quiet, kind brother who is too good for this violent world. I hate vultures. Their confidence grows like mold on dirty dishes. If you let it, they will suffocate your spirit. I hate vultures.” Xia Li is The Protector! She sees the wicked and fights them. Who will be first for Xia to battle when she arrives?


Sasha Banks & Naomi VS Shayna Baszler & Natalya!

SmackDown returns as the Queen and Queen are already in the ring. But the Boss makes her entrance to join Naomi. The teams sort out while Sonya defends there was no rigged ref last week. Shayna and Sasha start, fans rally up for The Boss but Shayna pie faces her. Sasha SLAPS back! Sasha then gets Shayna to the ropes, shoulders in from the apron and steps in to tilt-o-whirl. Shayna resists the takedown, trips Sasha, turns her and has the ANKLE LOCK! Sasha fights up, but Shayna reels her into the KIRAFUDA KLUTCH! Sasha backs Shayna up, Naomi tags in, Sasha snapmares free and Naomi wrenches Shayna to a crucifix takedown.

TWO, but Naomi reels Shayna in for a sunset flip! Shayna stays up and has an arm! Shayna tortures Naomi’s wrist, but Naomi fights up. Shayna bends the elbow, tags Natty, and Natty stomps Naomi. Natty headlocks, hits the takeover, and grinds Naomi down. Naomi headscissors, Natty kips free but Naomi kips up, too! Natty SLAPS Naomi, whips her to a corner but Naomi goes up and over then baits Natty into a dropkick! And another! Natty bails out but Naomi storms over. Shayna gets in the way but Naomi DECKS her! Naomi baseball slides but Natty ducks to get the atomic sit-down! Tag to Shayna and she PENALTY KICKS Naomi down!

Shayna puts Naomi in the ring, then wraps on the KIRAFUDA KLUTCH! Sasha baits Natty, dodges her, then gives Shayna a BACKSTABBER! The Boss helps out Naomi and fans fire up as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again and Natty has Naomi in a cobra twist, but Naomi hip tosses free! Hot tag to Shayna and she DECKS Sasha before Naomi can get there! Shayna taunts Naomi, CLUBS her, gets a leg and bends it at the knee. Naomi endures the toehold, Natty taunts the fans, but Naomi kicks Shayna with the free leg! Shayna turns Naomi over to STOMP the ankle! Shayna tags Naomi, they drag Naomi up and double snap suplex! Cover, ONE! Naomi is still in this but Natty keeps her down with a chinlock. Natty grabs Naomi’s arm that reaches for Sasha and brings her away. Fans rally up, Naomi throws elbows but Natty throws her down by her hair!

Natty tags Shayna, they both throw Naomi down by her hair! Cover, TWO! Shayna has a standing toehold, Naomi endures, and she stomps at Shayna’s leg! Shayna tags Natty but Naomi fights them both off! DOUBLE BULLDOG! Fans fire up and Naomi hurries over, but Shayna trips Sasha off the apron! Sasha ROCKS Shayna, but gets tripped up again! Shayna whips but Sasha reverses and Shayna hits barriers! METEORA! Naomi dodges Natty, rolls her up, TWO! Natty rolls Naomi, TWO! DISCUS LARIAT! Natty covers again, TWO! Naomi is still in this and she goes to the apron. Natty grabs her legs and drags her back, then drags her up to scoop and MICHINOKU DRIVER! Cover, TWO!!

Naomi survives and Sonya is amused. Natty seethes while Naomi crawls to the apron.  Natty drags Naomi up but Naomi ROUNDHOUSES her down! Sunset flip, high stack, Naomi & Sasha win!

Winners: Sasha Banks & Naomi, by pinfall

Sonya applauds the win, but it could just be for appearances. Naomi hops down to stare Sonya down, but is it only a matter of time before Sonya has a new way to mess with The Glow?


The list has been posted!

Jeff Hardy, Ricochet, Sheamus, Ridge Holland, Rick Boogs, Happy Corbin, Mansoor, Mad Cap Moss, Sami Zayn, Cesaro, Jinder Mahal, Shanky, both Viking Raiders, Drew Gulak, both of Los Lotharios and even MACE are in, but now Drew McIntyre? Well that might not sit well with him. Sheamus tries to tell him, but McIntyre didn’t make the cut. Sheamus then laughs his way out, and McIntyre is seething. Will this snub go unpunished for Adam Pearce?

Black Friday Invitational WWE Universal Championship #1 Contender’s Battle Royal!

The Great Liberator heads out first, followed by Erik & Ivar. In the end, it will be every man for himself, but will the Viking Raiders be able to raid all the way until the end?

SmackDown returns and Ricochet makes his entrance. Everyone else is in the ring already, the match introduction is made, and wait, here comes McIntyre! He doesn’t seem to care that he got left off the lift, he’s getting in on this! And everyone else clears out as he starts swinging Angela the Claymore!! He dares anyone to get back in the ring but then Pearce runs out and shouts at McIntyre. McIntyre says this is on Pearce, and dares them to make him leave! This madness sorts out while SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again and the battle royal is on, minus McIntyre. Sheamus fights Los Lotharios, Sami works to be the odd man out in the gaps, but Ivar finds him! Ivar goes after Sami in a corner, Roman and the Bloodline watch backstage. Pearce stays ringside to make sure McIntyre doesn’t return. Hardy and Cesaro ELIMINATE Mahal! Gulak and Sami work together but Cesaro holds on! So Gulak betrays Sami! Cesaro gets in, EuroUpppers Gulak, throws him out but Gulak holds on. Sami runs to HELLUVA KICK and ELIMINATE Gulak! But then Cesaro goes after Sami! Sami fights Cesaro off and bumps him off buckles.

Mansoor jump son Sheamus as a sleeper hold backpack but Holland CLUBS him down! Sheamus and Holland throw Mansoor out but Mansoor skins the cat! But he gets DOUBLE KNEES from Holland & Sheamus, the ELIMINATE him! Happy Corbin is after Ricochet, Mace gets Madcap with both hands! But Moss punches free and fireman’s carries to throw Mace out and ELIMINATE him! Sheamus digs boots into Hardy, Shanky CLUBS Moss! Moss throws body shots then throat chops Shanky back! Sheamus saves Holland from Ivar, Moss dumps Shanky out and ELIMINATES him! But then Cesaro gets Moss up! Sheamus and Holland go after Cesaro!

Boogs helps Cesaro against Sheamus and Holland! Cesaro dumps Holland out and ELIMINATES him! Moss dumps Cesaro and ELIMINATES him! Corbin and Moss high-five, and then Moss goes after Corbin! Just kidding! Moss’ sense of humor pays off, but then Corbin throws Moss out and ELIMINATES him! Corbin says it’s nothing personal, and Moss is able to laugh it off. But will these two be celebrating later? The field is still competitive as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns once more and Hardy works on Sheamus, Ivar brawls with Ricochet, Boogs is after Corbin but Los Lotharios goes after Boogs. Sami hangs back while Corbin and Ivar work on Ricochet. Ricochet fights free, then throws hands and CHOPS in return! Sheamus spots Sami but Sami says they should work together on Hardy. Sheamus seems to agree, but then he kicks and CLUBS away on Sami! Corbin whips Ricochet to a corner, runs in and clobbers Ricochet! Erik and Ivar work together to mug Corbin. Boogs kicks Garza, Humberto kicks him. Humberto springboard ROUNDHOUSES! Garza clotheslines Boogs up and out, they ELIMINATE Boogs!

Los Lotharios go after Erik but Ivar saves him from the double suplex. Ivar throws and ELIMINATES Garza, then the Vikings work together to TOSS Humberto out onto him! The Vikings ELIMINATE Los Lotharios! They give Sami KNEE after KNEE, but Sami flops out under the top rope! Ivar SPLASHES Ricochet in the corner, Erik uses Ivar as a weapon, HIP ATTACK in the corner! The Viking Raiders fight Sheamus, knock him down, then drag him up to aim for ropes! Sheamus fights free, clotheslines Erik out and ELIMINATES him! Ivar runs in but Sheamus dumps him out Sheamus ELIMINATES the Viking Raiders! The final four are Sheamus, Ricochet, Hardy and Corbin!

Ricochet goes after Sheamus, Hardy saves himself against Corbin, Sheamus whips but Ricochet ducks and dodges and springboards to crossbody! Fans fire up as Hardy runs in but Ricochet boot shim away. Somersault SHOTGUN! Ricochet gets up but Corbin CLOBBERS him! Corbin drags Ricochet up, knees low, then takes a moment to stalk Ricochet. Ricochet fires off haymakers, runs but into a choke grip, CHOKE SLAM BACKBREAKER! Corbin whips, Ricochet goes up but can’t get over! Corbin puts him on the apron but Ricochet shoulders in then springboard missile dropkicks! Ricochet gets Corbin up and to the ropes but Corbin rakes eyes!

Corbin blocks a kick but Ricochet ENZIGURIS! Sheamus BROGUES Ricochet down! Sheamus tosses and ELIMINATES Ricochet! Sheamus fires hands but Corbin fires back! They brawl but Hardy stays a safe distance away. Sheamus throws Corbin at ropes but Corbin holds on! Sheamus throws knees, Corbin elbows back. Hardy runs in and attack sin the corner! Then he hits Corbin in the other corner! Hardy rams his shoulder into Sheamus again and again, then runs, but into a LARIAT! Sheamus drags Hardy up, whips him to a corner, but Hardy elbows back. Hardy goes up the corner, WHISPER IN THE WIND! Down goes Sheamus!

But Corbin gets Hardy up to whip, but Hardy reverses! Corbin is on the ropes, TWIST OF FATE sends him staggering! Sheamus storms over to stomp Hardy down! Corbin shoves Sheamus, Sheamus shoves Corbin, but they agree to go after Hardy. Fans rally for Hardy as he holds on to the ropes! Hardy elbows them away, so Corbin tosses Sheamus out and ELIMINATES him! Hardy tosses Corbin out and- Wait! Sami wasn’t eliminated! He throws Hardy out!! SAMI WINS!!

Winner: Sami Zayn (NEW #1 Contender to the WWE Universal Championship)

Kayla interviews Sami and congratulates him. Sami says it is finally happening, but Kayla is suddenly getting word from the back. BREAKING NEWS! The suspension has been lifted! Brock Lesnar will be on SmackDown NEXT WEEK! Is this true? What does this mean for Sami, Roman and the Universal title?!

My Thoughts:

Not the best SmackDown for after a PPV, but decent stuff to build off what we had both last week and from Survivor Series. I knew McIntyre & Hardy would be in this tag match tonight, and that they’d win. I didn’t expect there to be a battle royal to choose Roman’s next challenger but I suppose it worked within story since, as Roman said in his promo, he’s beaten the best of them. I was hoping that with McIntyre kept out but Hardy put it, Hardy would get his chance. But no, WWE actively makes it so hometown heroes lose instead. I’m a bit surprised it’s Sami who won, then, but with the revelation that Lesnar’s reinstated, maybe Sami’s going to be fed to both Lesnar and Roman in this title match build.

I didn’t put it here but surprise surprise, Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo have lost their last names. Also the themed street fight tonight was lame, not because it was themed but because it was so damn short and barely did anything with the food promos. The only good thing was that the stuff didn’t go to waste. The pies were used in the promo between Charlotte Flair and Toni Storm. That match is definitely happening but I guess this was a clear indication Charlotte ain’t losing if she got to pie Toni twice. Sasha seems to be joining Naomi in this fight against Sonya’s power abuse, I wouldn’t be surprised if Aliyah and Shotzi were thrown in for a Six Woman Tag.

My Score: 8.2/10

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