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Mitchell’s WWE SmackDown Results & Report! (5/28/21)

The Usos are back in action together!



Coverage SmackDown 2021

SmackDown pits two of the best tag teams ever against each other!

While Rey & Dominik Mysterio defend their SmackDown Tag Team Championships against The Dirty Dawgs, the Usos return to tag action against The Street Profits! Are Fridays about to be back in the Uso Penitentiary?


  • The Usos VS The Street Profits; The Usos win.
  • Natalya & Tamina VS The Riott Squad; Natalya & Tamina win.
  • Bianca Belair VS Carmella; Belair wins.
  • Kevin Owens VS Apollo Crews w/ Commander Azeez; Kevin wins, by disqualification.
  • Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Rick Boogz VS Chad Gable w/ Otis; Nakamura wins.
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championships: Rey & Dominik Mysterio VS The Dirty Dawgs; The Mysterios win and retain the titles.


The Usos fire up backstage!

365+ days away, and now they’re ready! Jimmy can’t wait, he has goosebumps! But Roman Reigns walks over, with Paul Heyman. Heyman starts to speak but Roman’s look as him stop. Roman asks if they’re ready. They feel good? Oh yeah. They look it. Jimmy’s been waiting, Uce. Then Roman wants to get something correct. He wants to know the game plan and the intentions. What’s the end game? The end game is to win, go get the gold, the whole family will have the gold and make the family proud! Their titles, his title, they’ll be rocking! Jimmy can’t wait! Sounds like he’s got it figured out, then. Roman’s happy for him. Roman wishes them luck.

Jimmy is even more fired up, and heads out. Roman tells Jey, “You’re gonna need it.” Roman asks what’s wrong. Is Jimmy talking for him now? Jey thinks a moment, and says he might be with Jimmy tonight, he’s still with Roman. Then make sure to tell Jimmy. Is the Tribal Chief sewing seeds of distrust between his own family?


The Usos VS The Street Profits!

Jimmy & Jey are back together, but with a year away and Roman manipulating things, will even one of the greatest tag teams in WWE history be able to bring it? Or will Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins show that time has passed the Usos by?

Before the match, the Profits get to the mics and they’re fired up. Ford says it is Friday night in the ThunderDome, but if Dawks hasn’t noticed, Ford’s had a pep in his step all week! Because tonight is a night unlike any other! This is the CLASH OF THE TITANS! The Street Profits VS The Usos! #UsoCrazy! But last week, Ford admits they had some fun at the Usos’ expense, saying they’re weepy, moving sleepy, but the Profits be creeping. Jokes aside, when they heard this match with the Usos, the SIX TIME tag team champions, was happening, the Profits felt flattered. Of all the teams in the world, they chose the Profits.

But to be real, the Profits have been done since Day One! Remember when the Usos did the glow paint and the Haka? Dawkins ain’t gonna lie, that still goes hard. It does. But to think of it, those aren’t the Usos they’re getting tonight. It has been one entire calendar year since Jimmy was injured. And to be real, Jey Uso, Roman’s living in his head rent free. And Dawkins thinks Roman’s starting to do the same with Jimmy. But the Usos make their entrance and they’re fired back up kicking through the red Solo cups. The Profits like this energy, but the Usos get the mics to respond!

Ford asks his brother from another mother if his eyes deceive him. It’s the Usos! Jimmy asks Jey if he hears this. Jey does. These boys got jokes. Mario, Luigi, Jimmy’s bad knee, the truth is this, Uce! Jimmy could be on the shelf one year, or ten, the truth is that the best damn tag team is back! YESSIR. Jimmy will remind them that this is the definition of a TRUE tag team! SIX TIME champions! Back to back Tag Team of the Year, soon to be SEVEN TIME W, W, E, Tag Team Champions! Jimmy & Jey, the UUUUUSOOOOOS~! And if you say another word about Roman, Uce, Jey will drop you where you stand! This right here is family business! What you did was stick your noses in it! Now, they got’s to get you!

Profits are all on social media, saying this a dream match? Welcome to a NIGHTMARE! And after tonight, the Usos are just one step closer to those tag titles, Uce! Ooooh, really? You think they’re just stepping stones? Dawks gives them credit. They used to run this. But news flash, fam: the Profits run this division now. Well Mario & Luigi about to drop bricks on ’em tonight to get their coins! You want the smoke? It’s lit now! Welcome to the Uso Penitentiary!! Everyone’s fired up now as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns, and Dawkins starts against Jimmy. The bell rings, the two circle while still jawing, and they tie up. Dawks puts Jimmy in a corner but Jimmy turns it around, only for Dawkins to turn it around and headlock. Jimmy powers out, Dawkins runs him over, but things keep moving. Dawkins hurdles and runs Jimmy over again! Tag to Ford, and the Profits combine for a back suplex SPLASH! Cover, ONE! Jimmy gets back to the Uso corner, Dawkins is fired up for Ford on the apron, but Jey tags in. Jey and Ford circle, Jey kicks low then throws haymakers. Ford gets to a corner, Jey brings him up and ROCKS him with an uppercut!

Jey dares Ford to do something, grinds his face into the corner, but lets off as the ref counts. Jey brings Ford up, whips him corner to corner, but Ford goes up and over and handsprings to show off! Ford then arm-drags Jey down, makes fun of the Uso chant, but Jey fights his way up. Ford wrenches, tags Dawkins, and the Profits double back suplex! Cover, TWO! Dawkins keeps on Jey with an armlock, Jey endures and fights around, and gets up to power Dawkins to the Uso corner. Jimmy tags in, slides and runs to ROCK Dawkins! Jimmy CHOPS Dawkins, covers, ONE! Jimmy stays close on Dawkins to drop a headbutt!

Dawkins gets to a corner, Jimmy CHOPS him again, and then wrenches an arm, only for Dawkins to kick low! Jimmy CHOPS again, but runs into an arm-drag! Dawkins has an armlock, Jimmy fights up, powers Dawkins back, and even holds the jersey! Jey tags in, ROCKS Dawkins, then headbutts him down! Jey stomps, tags Jimmy, gets Dawkins up and they mug Dawkins. Jimmy headlocks, Dawkins powers out and arm-drags again! Jimmy gets up, Ford tags in, the Profits whip and dropkick Jimmy down! Jey gets in but he gets a dropkick, too! The Profits unite to DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE the Usos out! The Profits pursue, get Jey up and TOSS him into the timekeeper’s area!

Jimmy stagger sup but the Profits toss him over the desk! The Profits are fired up and they want the smoke, as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again and Dawkins grinds Jimmy’s arm while talking trash. Jimmy fights up but Dawkins drags him over to tag Ford. Ford climbs to drop ax handles! Ford again mocks the Uso chant, but Jimmy headlocks! Ford powers out, Jey tags in, things speed up and Jey trips Ford up to drag him out and RAM him into barriers! The ref counts, Jey dares Ford to talk trash now! Jey goes into the ring to let Ford crawl, but then returns to fetch Ford, and RAM him into barriers again! Jey and Jimmy both talk trash on Ford now, and then Jey puts Ford in the ring. Jey waistlocks and back suplexes Ford high and hard!

Jey paces as he looms over Ford. Jey stomps Ford, tags Jimmy, and Jimmy climbs for a BACKBREAKER AX HANDLE COMBO! Roman is watching backstage as Jimmy covers, TWO! Jimmy keeps on Ford with a chinlock and squeezes tight. Ford endures, Dawkins coaches him up and fans rally on their ThunderDome screens. Ford powers his way over as Jimmy facelocks, and Jimmy CLUBS him down! Jimmy snap suplexes Ford from Dawkins, covers, TWO! Tag to Jey, the Usos split Ford’s wishbone! Jey stares down with Dawkins, then goes back to Ford. Ford throws body shots! Jey CLUBS Ford back down, then drags him back up to run and slide into the chinlock!

Ford flails and reaches but Jey grinds him down. Jey thrashes Ford, Ford fades, but Ford gets a second wind! Ford stands but Jey ROCKS him with an uppercut! Tag to Jimmy, Ford fights the Usos with big haymakers! Ford fires off on Jey and kicks, but Jey blocks to flip him! Ford lands on his feet to ENZIGURI Jey away! Dawkins is fired up but Jimmy drags Ford away! Ford flips to his feet, dodges Jimmy’s haymaker to ENZIGURI! Ford hurries, but Jey trips Dawkins and denies the tag! That’s the veteran instincts of six-time tag team champions! Ford turns around into a POP-UP SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO! Ford survives and SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns yet again, and Jey has Ford up top! Ford resists a superplex and throws body shots and clubbing forearms! Jey hops down but ROCKS Ford with an uppercut! Ford flops to the apron, Jey heads over and drags him back up. Ford GAMANGIRIS back! Jey staggers, Ford climbs up, and Ford leaps but Jey dodges! Both men run, DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES take both men down! Their partners return to the corners and the two crawl. Jey tries to anchor Ford at the same time, but Ford fights free to hot tag Dawkins! Dawkins rallies, DECKS Jimmy but Jey mule kicks!

Tag to Jimmy but Jey turns into a FLAPJACK! Jimmy runs but Dawkins dodges to FLYING ELBOW! Dawkins FLAPJACKS Jimmy, covers, TWO! Dawkins gets Jimmy up, scoops, but Jimmy fights to the apron! Jimmy GAMANGIRIS Dawkins! Dawkins staggers, Jimmy climbs, but Dawkins ROCKS him with a right! Ford runs in to FLY over the corner and take out Jey!! Dawkins drags Jimmy into the underhooks but Jimmy wrenches free! Jimmy dodges and SUPERKICKS Dawkins down! Cover, TWO!! Dawkins barely survives and everyone is down all over the place! The ThunderDome screens are fired up as Jimmy goes to a corner.

Jimmy aims as Dawkins goes to the other corner. Jimmy shouts, “UCE! UCE!” but he runs into a BIG shoulder tackle! Dawkins gets Jimmy up, THE CASH OUT! Cover, TWO!! Jimmy survives and Dawkins is shocked! Dawkins shakes his head and says the Profits run this! Dawkins underhooks again, gets Jimmy up, but Jimmy fights out! The superkick is blocked, Dawkins ducks the dragon whip, and Ford tags in before Dawkins gives Jimmy the ANOINTING SPINEBUSTER! Then Ford FROM THE HEAVENS FLOPS as Jey saves Jimmy!! The Usos are still united but Dawkins CLOBBERS Jey!

Jimmy keeps focus on Ford as Ford slowly rises. Jimmy SUPERKICKS!! Cover, The Usos win!!

Winners: The Usos, by pinfall

Don’t call it a comeback! The Usos have been here for years, and they’re getting it back in gear! Will they rise right back up to the top and get lucky number seven?


Backstage interview with the Dirty Dawgs.

Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode lost at #WrestleManiaBacklash to the Mysterios, even when Dominik was beat up, so why do they think it’ll be different tonight? Good questions, really. Penetrating, insightful, but also rude. But at Backlash, their strategy was flawed. They dumped a couch on Baby Dom so of course Rey’s paternal instincts ignited. Like those stories of a grandma who lifts a car to save a grandchild. Rey saw his baby boy struggling to breath and become as strong as three men. They’ve never seen something like that before. It was like they were in the handicap match!

But tonight will be different because they are pros, they are aces, they are Dirty Dawgs who do what they want, when they want, and they WILL once again be SmackDown Tag Team Champions! Will the Glorious Show-Offs show us what they can do against a healthy Dominik & Rey?


Natalya & Tamina VS The Riott Squad!

The Queen of Harts & Daughter of Superfly have put the Queen of Spades & Irresistible Force in their rear view mirrors, but that means moving on to new rivals! Will Liv Morgan & Ruby Riott achieve their #SquadGoals and get a step closer to those WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships?

SmackDown returns and the match has already started! Ruby headlocks, Natty throws body shots but Ruby throws her into ropes! Tag to Liv, Ruby chokes Natty on ropes and Liv dropkicks Natty in the back! Natty goes to the corner, Liv mocks Natyt’s pain, then runs in to back body blcok! Tag to Ruby, the Squad combines for a wheelbarrow RAM! Ruby brings Natty out but Natty DECKS her! Natty swings on Liv but misses and Ruby RAMS Natty again! Liv tags in, Ruby feeds Natty to Liv’s waistlock. Liv has the arms, WING SNAPPER to DEADLY NIGHTSHADE! Cover, TWO!! Natty survives and Liv grows frustrated.

Natty crawls but Tamina’s apparently been taken out during commercial. Ruby tags in and mule kicks Natty down, then wraps on a chinlock. Natty endures, fights up, and she throws Ruby off, but Ruby elbows her down! Cover, TWO! Ruby is annoyed, but she drags Natty up and over to bump Natty off buckles. Tag to Liv, Liv runs and jumps up to STMOP, but Natty moves! Natty trips Liv, Ruby tags in but Natty trips her, too! DOUBLE- NO! The Squad denies that submission stack, Tamina rushes in and Ruby STO’s Natty! Liv intercepts Tamina but Tamina SHOVES her onto the cover! Natty crawls, and tags in Tamina!

Tamina swings on Ruby, she dodges but tilt-o-whirls into Tamina’s arms! Ruby has a cording hold and fires off forearms! Tamina stops that, CLUBS Ruby into the ropes, and then drags her to a drop zone! Tamina climbs a corner, Liv barks at her but Natty trips Liv up! Ruby goes up but the super arm-drag is blocked! Tamina drags Ruby up to HEADBUTT her down! Ruby’s back in a drop zone, Liv gives Natty the CODE BREAKER! Tamina hits the SUPERFLY!! Cover, Tamina & Natty win!

Winners: Tamina & Natalya, by pinfall

Liv was seconds from saving Ruby, but that was seconds too late! Natty & Tamina survive the Riott, but will their reign live long at this rate?


The Usos visit Adam Pearce.

They ask if he saw them out their get that big W. They beat the Profits, showed the doubters, they’re great! Pearce says it is hard to doubt them. Pearce can see the future! Just like they can see themselves becoming seven-time champs! The Usos want the winners of tonight’s tag title match next week! Consider it done. Alright! Thanks, Uce! Jimmy is fired up but Jey seems stressed. Does winning not fix things as easily as they say?


Bianca Belair VS Carmella!

The EST is the SmackDown Women’s Champion, among many things, but only Carmella is #UNTOUCHABLE. At least, that’s what Carmella says. Will Bianca show Mella just how untouchable she really is tonight?

SmackDown returns as Carmella finishes preparations, aka puts on her lip gloss. Kayla Braxton asks her about facing the champion, but Mella mocks the “original” idea. She “loves” that olive green, by the way. But Mella agrees with Bayley that Bianca won in a shady way. Yay for Bianca, but enough about her. More about Mella. She won a WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal. She is a two-time Ms. Money in the Bank. And she is a former SmackDown Women’s Champion. Bianca’s career might read like a fairy tale, but Mella is going to end this happily ever after right now! Mella makes her entrance, but will she have to put her money where her mouth is?

But then DING DONG HELLO~! Bayley invades commentary and demands a chair! A chair is given and Bayley “allows” things to continue. The bell rings, Bianca RAMS Mella into a corner and then lets off, but Mella pie faces her! Bianca RAMS Mella into the corner again and again, but lets off as the ref counts. Mella goes to the apron, Bianca drags her up but Mella hotshots her away! Mella runs in, dodges, and tilt-o-whirls for a MELLA-GO-ROUND! Bianca flops out of the ring, Bayley talks trash on “the cheater herself,” and Mella goes out after her. Mella runs in around the way, only for Bianca to run her over! Bianca gets Mella up in a trophy lift to TOSS her into the ring!

Bianca stalks Mella to ropes, gets a leg, but Mella scrambles for the apron again. The ref calls for the ropebreak, pulls Bianca back, but Melal pokes Bianca in the eye! Mella drags Bianca out to an APRON FACEBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Bianca survives, Bayley says Michael Cole is fickle, but Mella puts Bianca in a corner. Mella climbs up to grind a hand into Bianca’s face while talking trash. Mella then hops down to throw elbow after elbow! The ref counts, Mella lets off to swagger about, but Bianca hits back. Mella CLUBS Bianca, covers, TWO! Mella keeps on Bianca with a chinlock and squeezes tight. Bianca endures, Bayley brags about herself, and Bianca fights up to throw body shots!

Bianca scoops Mella for a BACKBREAKER! Mella and Bianca slowly rise up, Bianca rallies on Mella! Bianca RAMS Mella into a corner, then bumps her off buckles! And more buckles! Mella blocks to throw elbows back! Mella goes up the corner, leaps, but Bianca rolls through the crossbody to get Mella up, for a FALL AWAY SLAM! Bianca kips up, fires up, and handsprings to MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Mella survives and Bayley mockingly suggests Bianca is going to use her hair as a weapon. Bianca runs in, Mella dodges and Bianca POSTS herself! Now Bayley is enjoying things as Mella goes up for a HANGING NECKLOCK! The ref counts, Mella lets off at 4, and SLAPS Bianca down!

Mella hammers away on Bianca’s back on the apron and Bayley applauds. Mella then hits a FABULOUS KICK to Bianca’s head! Cover, TWO!! Bianca survives Mella tries again, TWO! Mella is losing her cool, but Bianca rolls her up and jackknifes, ONE! CODE OF- No, Bianca gets free! Mella mule kicks, gets Bianca up but Bianca whips to reel Mella in, torture rack to KISS OF DEATH! Cover, Bianca wins!

Winner: Bianca Belair, by pinfall

Bayley is furious, especially because Cole gets the name wrong as “Belanca.” Bayley laughs at Bianca holding onto the title, and says she could beat Mella with her eyes closed! Bayley says Bianca ain’t nothing, but will Bianca get the last laugh with the “Role Model?”


Backstage interview with The Mysterios.

Rey & Dom, the first-ever father and son tag team champion ever, know about this “new game plan” from the Dirty Dawgs. They were the ones saying Rey had the ferocity of three men and had never seen anything like it. The Mysterios have a plan, too. It’s different when you’re teaming with family. When Dom gets hurt, Rey hurts, and vice-versa. Their motivation is incomparable. When one hurts, they both hurt. But when they both won, it was euphoria! They’ll never lose, because there’s no team in the world that can top what they have! Will the King and Prince of Lucha Libre prove all of that when they revisit #WrestleManiaBacklash?


Seth Rollins heads to the ring!

The Architect, the Savior of SmackDown, and #SethDrippinRollins is here in a new suit, but he has the same bad attitude. What will Rollins have to say about reigniting things with the Swiss Superman last week?

SmackDown returns and Rollins has a mic to say he’s not here to talk, but to fight! “So Cesaro, drag yourself down to this ring and let’s finish this right now!” Rollins paces and demands Cesaro show up because he doesn’t have all night, Rollins’ people have a big party planned so they need to settle this! But then Rollins laughs as he “remembers” that Cesaro isn’t here tonight to swing Rollins and disrespect him or look past him! Cesaro’s not here to ruin “the greatest day of the year, MY BIRTHDAAAAAY~!” So wherever Cesaro may be today, Rollins wants to remind him and the WWE Universe why he isn’t here. Roll footage.

The footage Rollins shows is his blindside attack of Cesaro as Cesaro challenged Roman to a rematch for the Universal Championship. Rollins attacked Cesaro all around ringside, shouting “When are you gonna learn?!” and glaring at him with a deranged look. Back in the present, Rollins knows what we saw is a bit difficult to watch, but that wasn’t even the worst of it. Rollins’ team has obtained exclusive audio from Cesaro’s hospital room. This has to stay between all of us. Please, understand, this is our little secret. The audio is the heart monitor? And then Cesaro groaning? Rollins laughs really hard at his own stupid joke. Rollins thinks Cole and McAfee enjoyed it, too.

Rollins gets serious and says that what happened last week was unfortunate. Cesaro pushed Rollins to a point where the anger got the better of him, he blacked out and isn’t sure what happened, but he was looking at Cesaro and blaming him for what happened. That is entirely fair, Cesaro absolutely deserves the blame for putting himself in such a situation, “life’s not black and white.” Rollins is a man of integrity and responsibility. The truth is, Rollins has to place some of the blame… on the fans. The fans are to blame because they’re the ones who brainwashed Cesaro into thinking he could disrespect Rollins! That he could look through him! That he deserves opportunities he did not earn!

So if Cesaro never steps foot in the ring again, that’s on Cesaro and the fans. Rollins’ hands are clean, but our hands are the dirty, filthy, guilty ones. Happy birthday to Rollins! Rollins sings Happy Birthday to himself then laughs his way out. Will the Swiss Superman be able to come back and finally make Rollins face the consequences for his actions?


Kevin Owens VS Apollo Crews w/ Commander Azeez!

The Prizefighter didn’t win the Fatal 4 Way for the WWE Intercontinental Championship, but he wasn’t the one to lose it, either. And while the Pride of Nigeria still has title and bodyguard, will Kevin avoid the Nigerian Nail to punch a new golden ticket?

The bell rings, Kevin rushes and clotheslines Apollo in a corner! Kevin hammers him down then runs to CANNONBALL! Azeez is worried as Kevin goes up top fast! SWANTON BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Apollo survives and bails out but Kevin rushes over. Kevin gets Apollo up but Apollo resists the suplex. Apollo throws body shots and hotshots Kevin down! Apollo goes up, checks his face, but Kevin ROCKS him! Apollo hits back, adjusts, and jumps over Kevin. Kevin SUPERKICKS Apollo, then whips him for a POP-UP- NO! Apollo slips out but runs into a STUNNER! Cover, Azeez attacks!!

Winner: Kevin Owens, by disqualification

Kevin gets the win but the Nigerian Nail did the damage! Kevin gasps and sputters as Apollo and Azeez get away with the gold. Officials and other referees rush out to check on Kevin. Will Apollo face the consequences for what Azeez has done? Or will there be no way for anyone to take the title from Apollo with the back-up he has?


Paul Heyman talks with Roman Reigns.

At his behest, the Right Hand Man has returned. Jey sits with Roman, and Roman says the Usos have a match for next week. That’s what Jey wants? Why not tell him, then? Why did Jey say he was with Roman? What happened to them being the team? Roman wants Jey to think: everything they’ve been through these past few months, all Roman’s wanted is the best for Jey. That’s what matters to Roman. They could figure things out for Jimmy, but he’s #MainEventJeyUso now! When they go to Roman’s plan, what happens? Jey closes SmackDown! As soon as Jimmy shows up, what happens? They’re relegated to an opening match.

Roman sighs, and says he just doesn’t want Jey to go back to a place where people look at him and go, “Which one are you again?” Jey says he didn’t think about it like that. Maybe he should. Because Jimmy isn’t. Roman continues to drive a wedge between the Usos! Is this going to ruin their chances of taking those championships?


Rick Boogz rocks out on stage!

Boogz says he came to ROCK with the King of Strong Style, Shinsuke Nakamura! And much to McAfee’s delight, Boogz plays Nakamura’s theme again! Nakamura makes his entrance, crown still on his head, and is ready to take on The Alpha Academy’s professor of pro-wrestling! But will Nakamura be able to rock Chad Gable to the core and roll on towards the Summer? Or will he learn something from the Olympic Silver Medalist?

Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Rick Boogz VS Chad Gable w/ Otis!

SmackDown returns as the Alpha Academy makes their entrance. Gable starts things with Nakamura but Otis hits a POWERSLAM! Nakamura writhes but this isn’t a DQ cuz the bell hasn’t rung. NOW the bell rings, Gable hits a Belly2Belly! He holds on for a second Belly2Belly and covers, TWO! Gable gets Nakamura up for another clinch but Nakamura elbows free! Nakamura dodges, runs and DYNAMIC DROPKICKS! Otis coaches Gable but Nakamura fires off a strike fest! And KICKS! Gable falls over, Otis gets up but Nakamura BOOTS him down! Gable boots back, hops up, but Nakamura runs in. Gable gets him for a HANGING ARMBAR!

Gable lets off at 4, Otis shouts, “FOR THE ACADEMY!” But Gable runs into a sleeper! Gable elbow breakers free, throws Nakamura into buckles, then climbs up top! Gable MOONSAULTS but has to land as Nakamura moves! Gable ducks one kick but not the WHEEL KICK! Corbin shows up and snatches his crown back! Nakamura runs at Gable, Gable dodges the Kinshasa for CHAOS- NO! Nakamura victory rolls! TWO, KINSHASA! Cover, Nakamura wins!

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura, by pinfall

But he just realizes now that the Wolf King took the crown back! Corbin says no one else is allowed to take the crown that he earned! Nakamura can’t do anything! Corbin puts the crown on his head but Boogz CLOBBERS him! Nakamura picks up the crown, and puts it back on his own head! Boogz makes great back-up, and shreds on his guitar again! When and where will the King of Strong Style settle things with Corbin once and for all?


Kevin Owens still sputters in the medic’s room.

He manages to tell Pearce to give him Apollo for the title, with Azeez banned from ringside. Pearce says he’ll get it! Kevin is still gasping but he feels better now. Will he feel even better when he takes the title from Apollo?


Rey prays backstage.

Dom lets him know it’s almost time for the main event, and Rey says he needs another moment. Dom lets Rey finish his prayer, but will the Dirty Dawgs make it all for naught?


SmackDown returns and Rey is down!

Dom apologizes for leaving his side, but it’s pretty clear who did this. Rey says his ribs are hurting, and he can’t even get up. Dom isn’t sure what to do, but what about the tag match?


SmackDown Tag Team Championships: Rey & Dominik Mysterio VS The Dirty Dawgs!

Ziggler & Roode pretend to be surprised and concerned about what they just saw, and they get mics to say we shouldn’t look at them. This is the main event of SmackDown, they wanted to fight the Mysterios fair and square! But if the champions don’t come down here, that is a forfeit, right? The titles go back to them, right? Ziggler tells the ref to count and do whatever. The ref says they have to give the Mysterios a chance. Right, okay. Rey got hurt, and that’s heartbreaking. But that’s still not on the Dirty Dawgs. Dom won’t come down here and do what Rey did, right? Ziggler wouldn’t. So this is still a win by forfeit, right?

Speaking of which, Dom tells Adam Pearce and the other officials that Rey stepped up at Backlash, he’ll step up now! So Rey Mysterio Junior Junior is going to fight them? Just count to 10! Too late, as Dominik makes his entrance! The Dawgs don’t want it this way, or so they say, but it’s happening after the break!

SmackDown returns once more, Dom is ready and Ziggler starts for the Dawgs. The bell rings and Dom rushes the Dawgs! He DECKS Roode, ROCKS Ziggler, hammers away on Roode, but turns into Ziggler’s dropkick! Cover, TWO! Ziggler is furious already as he gets Dom up. Ziggler headlocks, tags in Roode, and the Dawgs mug Dom. Roode gets Dom around for a suplex, high and hard! Cover, TWO! Roode stalks Dom to a corner, stomps a mudhole in, but lets off as the ref counts. Roode digs his boots in, lets off again, and then stalks Dom to ropes. Roode bumps Dom off buckles, tags Ziggler, and the Dawgs mug Dom more.

Ziggler throws hands but Dom hits back! Ziggler kicks a leg out! Dom writhes, Ziggler mockingly dares Dom to tag, then jackknifes, ONE!! Dom managed to get his shoulders up but Ziggler stomps his hands! Ziggler looms over Dom, scrapes his laces off Dom’s face, then mockingly asks, “Where’d your dad go?” Ziggler drags Dom up and around and back to the corner. Tag to Roode, the Dawgs mug Dom more, and Dom flounders to the Mysterio corner. Roode pie faces Dom down, gets him up and CHOPS him, then looms over him. Roode gives toying kicks and taunts Dom, then drags Dom up to whip to ropes. Dom kicks back! Dom runs, but Roode CLOBBERS him!

Roode stalks Dom, drags him up, scoops and SLAMS him, then runs to drop a knee, but misses! Dom reaches for his corner out of instinct but there’s still no one there! Ziggler tags in to CLOBBER Dom! Ziggler mockingly holds the tag rope to reach out to Dom, then stomps Dom down. Ziggler scrapes Dom’s face on the rope, then hits a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Ziggler still talks trash, gets Dom up and puts him in the corner, and Roode talks trash as Ziggler scrapes forearms in Dom’s face. Dom fights back again! He DECKS Roode, fires off on Ziggler, but Ziggler reverses the whip! Dom WRECKS Roode with a dropkick and dumps Ziggler out!

Dom aims and PLANCHAS to take out both Dirty Dawgs! Dom gets Ziggler up and in at 5 of 10, hurries to a corner and climbs up top. Ziggler stands, Dom leaps but Ziggler gets under. Dom rolls, drop toeholds Ziggler to ropes, and dials it up! But Roode is there to trip Dom up! Dom WRECKS Roode again, but Ziggler baits Dom in! Dom still wheelbarrows through to put Ziggler back on ropes! 619 misses and Ziggler hits a FAMOUSER! Cover, TWO!? Dom survives again and Ziggler can’t believe it! Tag to Roode, the Dawgs get Dom up, and they double whip Dom for a double hip toss to POWEBOMB NECKBREAKER COMBO! Cover, TWO!! Dom has that Mysterio heart!

Roode gets Dom up, Electric Chair, but here comes Rey!? Rey just distracts long enough for Dom to victory roll! The Mysterios win!!

Winners: The Mysterios, by pinfall (still SmackDown Tag Team Champions)

But here come the Usos! Jimmy & Jey want their shot, and Roman is watching backstage as they confront the father-son champions! Jimmy is fired up, Jey is stone faced serious, but which bloodline will carry the gold after next week?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode, but I feel like there could’ve been just a bit more in everything. I will say, with how the Usos VS Profits match went, it felt like the WWE is realizing how they’ve let the RawDown Tag Divisions stagnate. That was definitely worthy of a contenders match, even though it wasn’t official. They’re doing a great job tying this in with the Roman Reigns story. This can be another way to make or break Jey’s bond with one over the other. The main event could’ve had a bit more, if it wasn’t just a switch-up from Backlash. I will say that Rey coming out to just be a distraction was clever, but I would’ve preferred a match where we saw Rey and Dom really show their stuff. I suppose that’ll be next week, and we’ll see if Roman accepts his cousins being champions alongside him.

Natty & Tamina VS The Riott Squad was good once cameras came back, but it seems like bad timing for us not to see the Squad go after Tamina. It does make the Squad more aggressive, and this can help the Women’s Tag Division overall as now SmackDown’s side is stepping up. But I literally can’t think of any other women’s teams on SmackDown, so that is definitely a problem. This is why WWE should’ve held onto the IIconics, but they’ll probably just bring over a team from NXT, like The Robert Stone Brand or Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter. To be fair, KC Squared could really liven things up with their acrobatic style, and the fans will like that once WWE is touring again.

Bianca VS Mella was a good match, and Bayley was properly annoying on commentary. Bayley talking just as much trash on Mella as she was on Bianca makes me think we will see Bayley VS Mella before the obvious rematch of Bianca VS Bayley at Hell in a Cell. At the same time, there should come a time when Mella gets a title match with Bianca, and maybe another move from NXT freshens things up. Io Shirai comes to mind, but depending how things go, maybe it’s time for #ToniTime on SmackDown. It’s been a long time since we got Shirai VS Bianca and Storm VS Bianca, doing it again on SmackDown and on the road could really carry things through the summer.

Rollins had another great suit and another great promo, but of course he pulls the usual Heel “it’s the FANS’ fault!” Rollins claiming he blacks out is an interesting detail, I wonder if there comes a time when (in kayfabe) it’s all true and he really does go into a blind rage. Kevin VS Apollo was great for “being cut short” by Azeez, but that just shows Kevin has become a legitimate threat, maybe even more so than Big E. I am a little surprised we didn’t get anything from Big E responding to Aleister’s attack, or anything from Aleister on the reason for the attack. Also surprised we got no Sami Zayn. Maybe we get all of that next week since Kevin is getting his title match, especially in the case of Sami. Sami still claims that’s his belt, he still has his grudge against Kevin, something’s bound to rile him up.

Rick Boogz being back to rock out for Nakamura was great, especially with McAfee getting pumped up by it. I do appreciate that Nakamura beat Gable without Boogz helping out, and then it works that Boogz would keep Corbin from taking back the crown. I am curious as to whether Boogz will ever wrestle on SmackDown. Bugenhagen had barely a handful of matches on NXT, disappeared, resurfaced as “Joseph Average” for the Night Panther Old Spice saga of the 24/7 Championship, but clearly that has stopped for Boogz to be over here on SmackDown.

The obvious move is for Boogz to be Nakamura’s tag partner in a match with Corbin and perhaps Gable or Otis. Perhaps while Nakamura fights Corbin for the crown, maybe Boogz starts something on his own with The Alpha Academy. There’s a lot of great potential but also a lot of confusion here, only time will tell.

My Score: 8.3/10

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Mitchell’s NXT WarGames Results & Report! (12/5/21)

Wait, it’s not a TakeOver?



NXT WarGames 2021

It’s Old School VS New School!

NXT Champion, Tommaso Ciampa, leads a team against North American Champion, Carmelo Hayes, and the new kids on the block, in WARGAMES!!


  • NXT Tag Team Championships: Imperium VS Kyle O’Reilly & Von Wagner; win(s) and
  • Hair VS Hair: Cameron Grimes VS Duke Hudson; wins and
  • NXT Cruiserweight Championship: Roderick Strong w/ Diamond Mine VS Joe Gacy w/ Harland; wins and
  • Women’s WarGames: Io Shirai, Raquel Gonzalez, Kay Lee Ray & Cora Jade VS Dakota Kai & Toxic Attraction; win.
  • Men’s WarGames: Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Pete Dunne & LA Knight VS Carmelo Hayes, Bron Breakker, Tony D’Angelo & Grayson Waller; win.


[Due to scheduling conflicts, coverage of NXT WarGames will begin later tonight]

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Mitchell’s NJPW WTL x BOSJ Results & Report! (12/5/21)

BOSJ, Round 9!




Will the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion finally take over?

We’re entering the Best of the Super Juniors homestretch, but El Desperado still isn’t in the lead! Will he get closer to that with a win over Bushi?


  • Best of the Super Juniors 28: DOUKI VS Taiji Ishimori; Ishimori wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 28: YOH VS Yoshinobu Kanemaru; Yoh wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 28: Ryusuke Taguchi VS El Phantasmo; ELP wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 28: Robbie Eagles VS SHO; Eagles wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 28: Hiromu Takahashi VS Master Wato; Hiromu wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 28: BUSHI VS El Desperado; Desperado wins.


Here are the current BOSJ 28 standings!

SHO: 6-2, 12 points
El Desperado: 4-3-1, 9 points
Hiromu Takahashi: 4-3-1, 9 points
Yoshinobu Kanemaru: 4-4, 8 points
Ryusuke Taguchi: 4-4, 8 points
Robbie Eagles: 4-4, 8 points
El Phantasmo: 4-4, 8 points
Bushi: 4-4, 8 points
Taiji Ishimori: 4-4, 8 points
YOH: 4-4, 8 points
Master Wato: 3-5, 6 points
Douki: 2-6, 4 points [ELIMINATED]


Best of the Super Juniors 28: DOUKI VS Taiji Ishimori!

Japones Del Mal is not in the running, but he can be a spoiler for everyone he faces next! Will Bone Soldier Reborn be the first run Douki ruins?

The bell rings and Taiji goes right at Douki with a low kick! Taiji whips, Douki reverses, Douki hurdles and rolls back but Taiji throws him down, only for Douki kip up and arm-drag Taiji away. Douki blocks the haymaker to knuckle lock, CHOP, go up and up and FLYING ARM-DRAG! Taiji bails out, Douki slingshots to the apron but Taiji disrupts the asai moonsault! Fans cheer the exchange, and Taiji drags Douki up to whip him into railing. Taiji wraps Douki’s arm around railing and pulls! The ref reprimands, Taiji hammerlocks the arm to POST Douki’s shoulder! While the ref checks on Douki, Taiji goes to the blue corner and unties the buckle pad. The Bullet Club special comes into play!

A ring count starts, Douki slowly gets up and stands at 10 of 20. Douki gets in at 11 but Taiji is right on him. Taiji wrenches the arm, hammerlocks, and RAMS Douki into the bare buckles! Douki writhes, the ref reprimands, but Taiji covers, ONE! Fans cheer but Taiji traps an arm to pull on the other. Douki endures as Taiji moves the arm around, then Taiji SNAPS it back! Douki writhes and clutches his shoulder but Taiji looms over him. Taiji slaps Douki around, brings him up, but Douki throws body shots and CHOPS! Taiji CLUBS Douki, drags him up and scoops, but Douki slips off to roll-up! TWO and Taiji BOOTS Douki! Taiji runs but into a dropkick!

Both men are down and fans rally up. Taiji goes to a corner, Douki goes to the other. Douki runs in to clothesline, then he runs, only for Taiji to dodge. Douki wheelbarrows and arm-drags, then dodges to springboard back elbow! Fans fire up as Douki runs and he DOUBLE STOMPS Taiji down! Cover, TWO! Douki drags Taiji up, hooks him up, but Taiji resists the Gory Especial. Douki spins Taiji around, knees him low then whips, but Taiji handsprings to NEURALIZER! Both men are down again and fans rally back up. Taiji and Douki go to opposite corners again, and this time Taiji runs corner to corner.

Taiji blocks boots, puts Douki in the ropes to ENZIGURI and SLIDING GERMAN! Cover, TWO! Taiji drags Douki up, and POSTS him in the bare corner! Taiji then drags Douki back to wrench the bad arm, ELBOW BREAKER! Taiji runs, but Douki blocks the boot to hook Taiji up! Gory Especial, DOTON NO JUTSU! Cover, TWO! Taiji rushes in but into the ITALIAN STRETCH #32! Taiji endures, fans rally up, and Taiji reaches out to ropebreak! Douki lets go, goes to the apron, and takes aim. Slingshot, but no Daybreak! Taiji powers Douki up and around to CIPHER- NO! Douki turns that into a wheelbarrow! But Taiji fights the full nelson and switches, but Douki elbows him away.

Douki goes to run but Taiji reels him in. Douki breaks free, mule kicks and ENZIGURIS! Both men are down again and fans rally back up. Douki goes back to the apron, slingshot, DAYBREAK! Cover, TWO! Taiji survives but Douki fires up! Fans rally up more and Douki brings Taiji into the wheelbarrow. Taiji arm-drags then FUJIWARA! BONE LOCK!! Douki endures, crawls, but Taiji rolls Douki away from ropes! Taiji facelocks but Douki slips out and rolls him up, TWO! ITALIAN STRETCH #32! Taiji fights up but Douki pulls harder on the hold! Fans rally, Taiji starts to fade, but he fights back up. Douki rolls him from ropes but Taiji drags Douki up!

Douki fights Bloody Cross to torture rack, but Taiji slips out of the swinging slam! Taiji tilt-o-whirls for the takedown! BONE LOCK!! Douki crawls, Taiji rolls him from ropes and pulls way back! Douki taps, Taiji wins!

Winner: Taiji Ishimori, by submission (gains 2 points; Douki earns 0)

The Bone Solder is still alive in the BOSJ! Will he still have a chance to reach the finals this year?


Best of the Super Juniors 28: YOH VS Yoshinobu Kanemaru!

Direct Drive broke even by getting a huge win over the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion! But will the Heel Master get revenge on El Desperado’s behalf? Or will Yoh continue this incredible comeback run?

Yoh makes his entrance and Kanemaru attacks! Kanemaru kicks and CLUBS Yoh against the railing, the ref reprimands but Kanemaru whips Yoh into railing! The bell rings to get this on record as Kanemaru stomps Yoh down. Kanemaru drags Yoh up to CLUB him on the neck, then whips him towards more railing. But Yoh grabs the post to swing himself into the ring! Kanemaru hurries to the apron, Yoh dropkicks him down! Yoh then PLANCHAS! Direct hit and fans fire up with Yoh! Yoh stomps Kanemaru now, then drags him up to put in the ring. Fans cheer as Yoh continues to stomp Kanemaru. Yoh drags Kanemaru up to forearm, whip, pass and drop toehold!

Yoh adds the basement dropkick, covers, TWO! Yoh drags Kanemaru back up, CLUBS him on the neck now, and fans rally up. Yoh snapmares to chinlock but Kanemaru endures. Kanemaru fights up, pries at the hold, but Yoh squeezes tighter. Kanemaru powers up but can’t power out as Yoh holds tight! Yoh grinds the hold, Kanemaru fights up and throws body shots. Kanemaru gets the leg for a SHINBREAKER! He holds on to CLUB the leg, then dropkick it out! Yoh writhes but Kanemaru stomps Yoh. Kanemaru gets the leg, drags Yoh around and YANKS the leg. Kanemaru gets the leg again to drop elbows on the knee and then trap it in a toehold.

Yoh endures, fights back with a chinlock but Kanemaru twists the foot. The fans rally, Yoh drives elbowsinto Kanemaru but Kanemaru pulls on the foot more. Yoh drags himself and Kanemaru over to the ropebreak! Kanemaru lets go at 4, then stomps the leg. Yoh goes to the apron but Kanemaru still drops a knee on the bad knee! Kanemaru baseball slide dropkicks Yoh to the floor! Fans rally up while Kanemaru watches Yoh. The ring count starts but Kanemaru goes out to CLUB Yoh’s leg! Kanemaru wraps the leg around railing and BOOTS the railing to jam the leg! Yoh falls over but Kanemaru just SMASHES the knee into the floor!

Yoh clutches his knee and Kanemaru leaves him behind as the ring count starts again. The count is 10 of 20 before Yoh gets up. Yoh hobbles in at 12, Kanemaru has the leg to trip Yoh and turn him for a HALF CRAB! Yoh endures, powers out, reaches out, crawls his way over, and gets the ROPEBREAK! Kanemaru lets go in frustration, and he stomps Yoh’s leg again. Kanemaru kicks Yoh, then stomps the leg. Yoh CHOPS back, but Kanemaru kicks the leg out! Yoh writhes, Kanemaru kicks at Yoh again. Kanemaru throws a haymaker but Yoh comes back with a forearm. Kanemaru kicks the leg again, runs, but Yoh blocks the boot! Kanemaru rakes the eyes!

Kanemaru whips but Yoh FLYING FOREARMS back! Both men are down and fans rally up. Kanemaru rolls to a corner, Yoh drags himself up. Yoh runs in and back elbows, then wrenches an arm, only for Kanemaru to duck the clothesline. Kanemaru waistlocks, Yoh switches, but Kanemaru elbows free. Kanemaru runs, but Yoh handsprings to dodge! But the bad leg slows him down! Yoh still dodges the clothesline to NECKBREAKER! Yoh gets Kanemaru back up, FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up, Yoh stands and brings Kanemaru around. Yoh full nelsons but Kanemaru breaks free, only to end up in a waistlock.

Kanemaru holds off the lift, mule kicks the leg, but Yoh EuroUppers. Yoh runs, Kanemaru dodges and runs, tilt-o-whirl, but Yoh shoves Kanemaru away. Kanemaru ducks the superkick and dropkicks Yoh’s leg out again! Fans rally but Kanemaru gets the FIGURE FOUR! Yoh endures as Kanemaru puts as much pressure as he can on the hold! Fans rally as Yoh reaches out. Yoh pries at the hold but Kanemaru applies more pressure. Yoh moves around, crawls over, but Kanemaru drags him away from ropes! Kanemaru pulls on Yoh’s foot but Yoh keeps reaching and crawling! ROPEBREAK! Kanemaru lets go at 4, drags Yoh back up, and scoops for BRITISH FALL! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally up but Kanemaru drags Yoh around to crotch lift for a FACEBUSTER! High stack, TWO! Yoh is still in this but Kanemaru goes up the corner! Kanemaru waits for Yoh to stand, DEEP- NO! Yoh gets around, but Kanemaru denies the O’Conner Roll. Tilt-o-whirl DDT! Yoh staggers, dodges, and SUPERKICKS! Both men are down and fans fire up! Fans rally as both men stir. Yoh gets up and fires himself up! Yoh drags Kanemaru up, underhooks the arms, but Kanemaru blocks and slips out to victory roll! TWO and Yoh sits on the cover, TWO! Kanemaru has the victory roll back, TWO! Dropkick to the leg!

Kanemaru gets the legs and steps through, but Yoh rolls him back into the FIVE STAR CLUTCH! YOH WINS!!

Winner: Yoh, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Kanemaru earns 0)

Another shocker for Direct Drive! Is Yoh going to propel himself to the top with this momentum?


Best of the Super Juniors 28: Ryusuke Taguchi VS El Phantasmo!

The Funky Weapon lost to the Ticking Timebomb while The Headbanga asserted Bullet Club dominance over the Murder Machine. But now, Taguchi and ELP meet again after their IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship rivalry. Will Taguchi win and expose “that” in ELP’s boot? Or will his pursuit of the truth cost him the match?

Taguchi does a jump off the corner and then holds his right foot. ELP already knows he’s just mocking his “not” loaded boot. ELP holds his sunglasses out to a fan, but then makes him reach. ELP says too bad, and then gives the glasses to Milano Collection AT. ELP then says this is a clean match, there’s nothing in his boot. The bell rings, fans rally and the two dance around to the clapping. They get the fans to rally a bit more, and it’s starting to look like a 2D fighter with how these two are approaching. They tie up, are in a deadlock, but ELP gets around to waistlock. Taguchi pries the hold open and wrenches to wristlock. ELP rolls, kips up and wrenches back.

Taguchi rolls, kips but falls. Taguchi keeps trying but he can’t quite get up. The ref helps Taguchi kip up and Taguchi wrenches! ELP gets away and tells the ref he can’t help Taguchi! “No! No! Bad referee.” ELP is saying Taguchi is cheating but Taguchi gives the ref a thumbs up. ELP and Taguchi reset, fans rally up, and ELP gets them on the “E! L P!” rhythm. ELP gets around to waistlock then headlock Taguchi. Taguchi powers out, things speed up, Taguchi keeps ELP moving, but then ELP whips Taguchi to turn the tables. ELP keeps Taguchi moving with the bypass and drop down but Taguchi seems to be slowing down. Fans rally and they keep going!

Taguchi trips over ELP and ELP covers, TWO! ELP shows off with jumping jacks and fans rally back up. ELP drags Taguchi up, ROCKS him with a right, then another. Taguchi ends up in a corner, ELP whips but Taguchi reverses. ELP goes up and over, rolls back, and cartwheels to show off more. ELP even handstands and jumps out of the ring to strut about. ELP then slingshots back into the ring to do drop steps and a Quebrada! ELP poses and fans applaud. ELP takes a bow, then he dares Taguchi to show his athleticism. ELP whips Taguchi corner to corner, Taguchi goes up and over and rolls and cartwheels, then shows off his dance moves.

Taguchi then rolls out to dance around ringside as fans rally, then Taguchi gets back in to hop up, but then hop down. Fans cheer as Taguchi strikes a pose. ELP asks, “You guys think that’s good? Sugoi, huh? BOO!” ELP shoves Taguchi so Taguchi shoves back. ELP pushes a shoulder, so Taguchi pushes back. ELP pats Taguchi on the face and Taguchi pretends like it hurt. Taguchi gives ELP a bit of a pec check, so ELP “kicks” Taguchi in the shins. Not quite Freshly Squeezed but Taguchi says something and ELP asks for a translation. Taguchi is simply saying ELP kicked him. ELP returns the pec check, and some slaps.

Taguchi wants to purple nurple but ELP slaps the hands away and stomps the foot! Taguchi clutches his foot, surely “that” is in ELP’s boot after all! Taguchi has wobbly legs, but ELP BITES Taguchi’s hand! Knuckle lock, CHOP, and ELP goes up and up and jumps around to then leap and PURPLE NURPLE! Then DOUBLE! The ref reprimands, ELP lets off and argues with the ref. ELP swings but Taguchi blocks the chop! Taguchi knuckle locks, he goes up and up, then tightrope walks! Fans rally as he goes slowly and carefully, but ELP says he’s got him. Fans rally up more, Taguchi tries the jump trick but ends up crotching himself!

ELP shoves Taguchi down and out, and Taguchi is stiff as a board! ELP goes out to fetch Taguchi but he isn’t even sure if Taguchi is okay. ELP drags Taguchi up and into the ring, then struts around on the apron as fans rally up. ELP has them change to the “E! L P!” rhythm again before he slingshots, only for Taguchi to slowly roll away. So ELP handstands and walks for the SENTON! Cover, TWO! ELP drags Taguchi up, wrenches and wristlocks, then shouts for Taguchi to tap out. Taguchi fights up, throws body shots, then runs, ducks and dodges, but ELP avoids the hip attack! Taguchi crashes and burns! ELP drags Taguchi back up, wrenches and wristlocks again, then hammerlocks.

Taguchi steps through the ropes, then back in to have ELP’s arm wrapped around ropes! Taguchi hip attacks the arm! Taguchi runs, into an atomic drop! But ELP holds that foot, “that” is a bit double-edged. Taguchi HIP ATTACKS ELP down! Fans fire up as Taguchi hip attacks ELP against the ropes, then again! Then slide for the APRON HIP! Taguchi aims as fans rally up, and Taguchi springboards for the MISSILE HIP! Cover, TWO! Taguchi drags ELP up, snap suplexes, Uno Amigo! Then Dos Amigos! THREE AMIGOS! Cover, TWO! Taguchi calls upon the powers of Strong Style! “OHYA~!” Taguchi runs in, but ELP rolls him up! TWO! ELP rakes Taguchi’s eyes!

ELP tunes up the band, but Taguchi blocks and rolls ELP! TWO, Taguchi backslides! TWO! Taguchi small packages, TWO and ELP has the package! TWO and it’s back to Taguchi! ROLLING PACKAGE! They end up breaking, and both men stagger around dizzily. ELP wants a timeout! Taguchi says no, but his enziguri whiffs! ELP drags Taguchi up, straitjacket torture rack, SWINGING- No, wait, that just makes ELP dizzier. ELP falls out of the ring, Taguchi gets in the ropes to stay in. ELP gets back and Taguchi is stuck? ELP tunes up, but Taguchi drops to avoid Sudden Death! ELP crotches himself on ropes and Taguchi covers! TWO, and ELP low blows as he kicks out!

ELP drags himself to the apron and dry heaves from getting hit low. ELP claims he needs to clean up but Taguchi grabs him. The ref is looking to see if ELP actually barfed, and ELP fakes Taguchi out to mule kick low! ELP wrenches the wristlock, Taguchi taps!! ELP WINS!

Winner: El Phantasmo, by submission (gains 2 points; Taguchi earns 0)

ELP used trickery, but the record book is going to show that Taguchi tapped out to a simple wristlock! Will this ensure the Headbanga is the Best of the Super Juniors?


Best of the Super Juniors 28: Robbie Eagles VS SHO!

All of Chaos was betrayed when High Voltage joined the House of Torture. Will the Sniper of the Skies get his own revenge on the Murder Machine? Or will he be just another victim of Sho’s dark side?

The bell rings and Sho offers “Robbie-chan” a handshake. Robbie isn’t trusting that at all, so Sho tries a Too Sweet. Eagles kicks that, so Sho goes to ropes. The ref has Eagles stay back, but Eagles chases Sho around the ring. Sho stays near the ropes so Eagles has to stay back. Eagles dodges the sucker punch! Eagles wrenches Sho to a wristlock but Sho wrenches back, only for Eagles to roll and wrench Sho. Sho drops, trips Eagles and has the leg to then get the arm. Sho wrenches, Eagles uses ropes to flip through and wrench back! Eagles hammerlocks and fans cheer, but Sho hammerlocks back. Eagles reaches back to headlock and hit the takeover. Sho pulls hair, the ref reprimands.

Sho kicks around, gets the headscissor, but Eagles moves around to headstand and pop free. Eagles steps through but Sho kicks him away. Sho goes to ropes again but Eagles storms over. Sho rakes Eagles’ eyes! The ref counts, Sho stops at 4, and Eagles drops back. Sho stands on Eagles against the ropes, the ref counts, and Sho stops at 4. Sho brings Eagles up but Eagles blocks the whip. Sho rakes eyes! Sho whips, Eagles reverses to go up and around but Sho blocks the arm-drag. Sho whips, Eagles ducks and dodges but Sho blocks the rana! Sho brings Eagles up but Eagles pops off to back elbow. Eagles goes up to FLYING RANA! Sho gets up, into a WHEEL KICK!

Eagles kips up and Sho scrambles! Fans rally as Eagles builds speed, but Eagles fakes Sho out. Eagles runs and DIVES, but Sho makes a Young Lion take the hit! Sho then kicks Eagles and whips him into railing! Sho laughs at the Young Lion’s pain while he gets Eagles up and chokes him with his own bandana! Eagles throws elbows but can’t get free. The ref sees this and counts, Sho lets go at 4. Sho drags Eagles up, puts him in the ring, and stomps Eagles down. Sho brings Eagles up, bumps him off buckle then stomps away. Sho digs his boots in, the ref reprimands and counts, but Sho lets off at 4. Eagles CHOPS Sho, and chops again, and again!

Eagles throws forearms and ROCKS Sho, but Sho rakes Eagles’ eyes! Sho shoves Eagles down then storms around. Eagles flounders, Sho gets the wrist and twists! Sho even bends the fingers! The ref counts, Sho lets go to bring Eagles up and around. Sho suplexes but Eagles blocks. Eagles suplexes but Sho blocks to bend the fingers! The ref counts, Sho CLUBS Eagles’ hand, then brings Eagles up for a suplex. Eagles slips out to rolling kick the leg, and BLINDSIDE CLOTHESLINE! Sho bails out, fans fire up and Eagles builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit and they both crash into railing! Eagles checks on Milano Collection and he’s okay, so Eagles fires up.

Sho drags himself away but Eagles follows. Sho wants mercy but Eagles CHOPS him instead. The ring count climbs, Eagles drags Sho up and into the ring. Fans fire up as Eagles aims, springboards, and dropkicks the legs out! Eagles runs to PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up with Eagles and he runs corner to corner to DOUBLE KNEE! Sho BOOTS back but Eagles 619’s the legs out! Eagles then goes corner to corner again, METEORA! Cover, TWO! Eagles drags Sho by a leg, Sho wants mercy and Eagles says this IS mercy. But Sho grabs Eagles’ bandana! Eagles gives Sho a spinning toehold! Eagles rolls Sho, hooks him up, but Sho pushes Eagles at the ref!

Sho runs in, Eagles saves the ref to ROUNDHOUSE, SUPERKICK and PELE Sho down! Fans fire up, Eagles drags Sho around, cravat but Sho shoves him away. Eagles goes to the apron, springboards in, but Sho again shoves the ref at him! Eagles pushes the ref aside, but Sho SPEARS him down! Sho drags Eagles up, reels him in and double pump handles, but Eagles slips out of Shock Arrow! So Sho drags him down to SNAKE BITE! Eagles stays on his feet as fans rally, and he moves around to the ROPEBREAK! Sho lets go at 4 and Eagles flops down. Fans fire up as Eagles sputters but Sho twists the wrist again. Sho wrenches, kicks, kicks and KICKS away on Eagles’ chest!

Eagles falls over but Sho shakes his head. Sho drags Eagles up to kick, KICK and SUPER- NO! Eagles blocks to CHOP and hook, TURBO BACKPACK! Cover, TWO!! Eagles rolls to SUPERKICK Sho back down! Eagles goes up top and 450 FLOPS! Sho avoids the splash just in time and fans rally up as Eagles stirs. Sho runs in to PENALTY KICK the arm! Sho then has the arm for a KIMURA! Eagles moves around, waistlocks, but Sho switches. Eagles mule kicks the leg, cravats, SHIRA- NO! Sho shoves Eagles into the ref! Then GERMAN SUPLEXES Eagles down! Sho crawls his way to his corner, and he gets the wrench! Fans rally up as Eagles rises, but Sho takes aim.

Eagles ducks the wrench to dropkick Sho’s legs out! Fans fire up and Eagles has the wrench! The ref sees the wrench and wants Eagles to drop it. Eagles wants to use it but the ref stops him! So Sho reels Eagles in! Eagles blocks the low blow to SHIRA- NO, Sho slips out and elbows. Sho waistlocks but Eagles victory rolls! TWO, but Eagles schoolboys with bridge, TWO! Step through, RON MILLER SPECIAL!! Sho endures, flails, reaches out, but Eagles drags him away! Fans fire up as Eagles puts more pressure! Sho taps, Eagles wins!!

Winner: Robbie Eagles, by submission (gains 2 points; Sho earns 0)

Now that is a shocker! The Murder Machine’s lead is slipping, will he end up not making it to the finals? As for Eagles, is this win going to help him fly higher than ever?


Best of the Super Juniors 28: Hiromu Takahashi VS Master Wato!

Both Ticking Timebomb and Way of the Grandmaster won last round, but while one is so close to the top, the other is on the bubble. Will Hiromu pop that bubble for Wato? Or will his plans for the back-to-back tournament finals blow up in his face?

Hiromu’s page for Wato in his guide book reminds Wato of his brutal loss to Sho and his failed World Tag League run with Hiroyoshi Tenzan. The bell rings and fans rally as the two circle. They approach, Wato tests the waters with a kick but Hiromu avoids it. They tie up, Hiromu powers Wato to ropes and the ref calls for the break. Hiromu lets off slowly, but Wato avoids the chop to kick Hiromu! Wato CHOPS Hiromu, KICKS him agains tropes, then whips Hiromu to ropes. Hiromu reverses. hurdles, Wato leaps, and things keep moving. Hiromu follows Wato to RANA, but Wato handsprings through. Hiromu avoids the Penalty Kick, waistlocks, but Wato switches.

Hiromu elbows free, whips and corner clotheslines, then runs, but into the back elbow, uppercut and sobat! Fans cheer Wato and rally up as Wato stalks Hiromu. Hiromu sits up, Wato KICKS him! And KICKS! And KICKS! Hiromu eggs him on so Wato KICKS again! Wato runs but into a boot! Hiromu hops up to HANGING HEADSCISSOR! The ref counts, Hiromu lets go at 4 to drag Wato out and RAM him into railing! Hiromu brings Wato around and whips him at the post! Wato swings around the post to get in the ring! Hiromu gets on the apron, Wato dropkicks him down! Fans fire up as Wato aims, PLANCHA but Hiromu gets clear! Hiromu then whips Wato into railing!

Wato falls on the floor, Hiromu drags Wato up and brings him around to snap suplex to the floor! A ring count starts, Hiromu drags Wato up at 6 of 20 and puts him on the apron at 8. Hiromu hooks Wato’s arm sin the ropes and fans rally up. Hiromu gets space to run in and DRIVE-BY DROPKICK! Hiromu drags Wato around, has the legs, for a ROPE GUILLOTINE! Wato clutches his throat, Hiromu drags him to a cover, TWO! Wato is still in this and fans rally up. Hiromu drags Wato up, but Wato CHOPS! Wato forearms, Hiromu DECKS him! Hiromu drags Wato up to scoop and SLAM! Hiromu gets the legs again, ties them up, and hits a Texas Cloverleaf LEG DDT!

Wato writhes, Hiromu gets the leg for a toehold, then a modified ARMBAR! Wato endures this unique submission, he reaches out for ropes, but Hiromu pulls him back in! Wato still fights so Hiromu rolls him to a cover, TWO! Fans cheer and rally up as Hiromu drags Wato up. Hiromu CHOPS Wato, CHOPS again, then whips. Wato blocks by holding ropes, so Hiromu CHOPS him again. Hiromu whips, Wato holds ropes and boots back. Wato BOOTS again, then runs in to RANA Hiromu down! Hiromu bails out, fans rally up and Wato builds speed to TORNILLO! Direct hit and fans fire up while both men are down on the outside.

The ring count starts, Wato crawls over to Hiromu at 5 of 20, drags him up at 10, and then puts him in at 12. Fans rally as Wato aims from the apron. Wato springboards for the FLYING UPPERCUT! Wato fiers up and fans rally as he waits on Hiromu. Hiromu rises, Wato KICKS him from all sides! SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Wato drags Hiromu up, wrenches, hooks Hiromu up, but Hiromu fights the Mouse Trap, so Wato makes it an OCTOPUS! Hiromu endures, Wato brings him from ropes, MOUSE- NO! Hiromu fireman’s carries, but Wato slips out. Wato runs in but Hiromu dodges to corner clothesline! Snapmare and basement dropkick!

Fans rally up, Hiromu gets up and drags Wato up. Hiromu fireman’s carries but Wato fights. Hiromu throws Wato, Wato lands on his feet to knee low. Hiromu catches Wato’s clothesline to swing him around and jump, D! Wato is caught in the triangle hold and Hiromu squeezes tight! Fans rally as Wato endures, moves around, rolls, but Hiromu rolls Wato away from ropes! Wato high stacks, dead lifts, but Hiromu lets go to ROLLING ELBOW! Hiromu runs but Wato BOOTS! Wato runs but Hiromu LARIATS! Hiromu runs but Wato boots the lariat away to ROUNDHOUSE! Hiromu goes down and fans fire up with Wato!

Wato drags Hiromu up, wrenches and hooks him up, MOUSE TRAP DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Hiromu escapes but Wato goes to the corner. Wato climbs, but Hiromu rolls away. So Wato goes for the COUP DE GRACE instead!! Cover, TWO!! Hiromu ends up in another drop zone, Wato goes up top! R P P FLOPS!! Hiromu and Wato are both down and fans rally back up. They are in opposite corners, but Hiromu drags himself up. Wato also rises, runs in, but avoids the overhead suplex! Wato goes up but Hiromu drags him down with a waistlock but Wato switches. Wato avoids the elbow to kick, kick, sobat and KICK!

Hiromu mule kicks, front kicks, but Wato ducks the superkick to SUPERKICK! Hiromu HIGH ANGLE GERMAN! Bridging cover, TWO!! Hiromu survives but fans fire up again! Wato gets up, and he waints on Hiromu to get up. Hiromu guards but Wato kicks him in the back! Hiromu catches the kick to the front, but Wato ducks the clothesline. Hiromu SUPERKICKS! Hiromu roars, runs, but Wato slips around to tilt-o-whirl, only for Hiromu to block! DYNAMITE PLUNGER! Fans fire up while both men are down. Hiromu sits up, grits his teeth, and he drags Wato back up. Wato fights the suplex, wrenches, SCREW HIGH- NO, HIROMU-CHAN BOMBER!

But Wato roars and rises! Hiromu ducks a kick to GERMAN SUPLEX! Hiromu roars, fans fire up and Wato flounders. Hiromu runs, but into a snap cradle! TWO!! Hiromu escapes, Wato CHOPS! Hiromu staggers into a SLAP! And then another! Hiromu SLAPS back! Wato kicks but misses, Hiromu suplexes, VICTORY ROYALE! Cover, TWO! Wato survives, fans fire up, and Hiromu slaps himself to get back up. Hiromu drags Wato up, dragon sleeper, but Wato slips out of the suplex to tilt-o-whirl roll-up. Hiromu rolls through, HIROMU-CHAN BOMBER!! Hiromu fires up and fans are thunderous as he gets Wato up. Dragon sleeper, inverted suplex, TIMEBOMB II!! Cover, Hiromu wins!

Winner: Hiromu Takahashi, by pinfall (gains 2 points, Wato earns 0)

The bubble has burst and Wato’s run is done! But will Hiromu be able to stay afloat until the end?


Best of the Super Juniors 28: BUSHI VS El Desperado!

The Black Mask has built back up to break even at 4-4, and he’s just behind the Rogue Luchador. Will Bushi get a huge win over the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion? Or will Desperado start establishing that he IS the Best of the Super Juniors?

Bushi attacks during Desperado’s introduction! He stomps away, the bell rings, and Bushi kicks Desperado around. Desperado gets up, they start throwing forearms back and forth! Fans fire up as they go faster, then Bushi ROCKS Desperado. Bushi talks trash but Desperado rakes the eyes! Desperado whips, Bushi RANAS! Desperado bails out, Bushi runs but Desperado ducks the baseball slide to RAM Bushi into railing! Desperado then DECKS Bushi as payback for how this started. Desperado stomps Bushi, also as payback. Desperado looks around and brings out some chairs from under the ring! Desperado brings one over but Red Shoes stops him.

Desperado pushes Red Shoes aside but Bushi dropkicks the chair into Desperado! Desperado clutches his ribs, Bushi stomps him down. Bushi drags Desperado up and whips him into railing! Desperado falls back, Bushi brings him around to CLUB him on the neck. Bushi RAMS Desperado into the apron, then stalks him as Desperado goes around the way. Bushi stomps Desperado, puts him in the ring, stomps him over and over, then takes off his shirt to CHOKE him! The ref counts, Bushi lets go to then cravat and NECKBREAKER! Cover, ONE!! Bushi keeps cool while fans rally up. Bushi drags Desperado up, brings him around, hangs him out to dry on the ropes then CLUBS him.

Bushi goes to the corner to dropkick Desperado down! Fans rally up, Bushi drags Desperado through the ropes, but Desperado denies the DDT and shoves Bushi down! Desperado then runs and DIVES! Direct hit and they both hit railing! Both men are down and fans fire up! Desperado rises as fans rally, and he goes back to where he left the chairs. Desperado puts one chair on Bushi’s leg, then has the other chair. CON-CHAIR-TO to Bushi’s leg! Red Shoes reprimands but the damage is already done! Desperado drags Bushi up and puts him in the ring. Desperado kicks railing in frustration while he talks some trash on Bushi.

Desperado then gets in the ring, taunts Bushi, then gets the leg to YANK it! Desperado stands on the knee, Bushi pulls at Desprado’s mask but Desperado RAKES his eye! Desperado SPLASHES the leg! Cover, TWO! Bushi rolls away, Desperado drags him into a chinlock. Bushi endures, fans rally up, and Bushi fights up. Desperado squeezes as tight as he can and even twists on the chinlock! Bushi keeps fighting, reaches out, but Desperado rakes eyes! Bushi still gets the ropebreak! Red Shoes counts, Desperado lets off but STRADDLE ATTACKS the leg! Fans rally as Bushi writhes and clutches his knee. Desperado tells them to hush, then he drags Bushi up.

Bushi CHOPS, and CHOPS, and CHOPS! Desperado kicks the bad leg out! Bushi writhes again but Desperado gets the legs tied up for a BUTTERFLY DEATHLOCK! Bushi endures as Desperado moves around and applies pressure. Bushi sits up to dig his head into Desperado’s chest, but Desperado puts even more pressure on the stretch! Bushi throws forearms in return! Desperado “falls” to apply pressure, then he shifts to a traditional Deathlock so he can taunt Bushi while reclining. Bushi endures, reaches, crawls, but he CHOPS Desperado. So Desperado sits up for the Butterfly! Bushi crawls, ROPEBREAK! Desperado lets go, and “Oops!” drops knees on Bushi’s knee.

Desperado drags Bushi up, whips him corner to corner, but Bushi can’t even run on the bad leg! Desperado taunts Bushi but fans rally up. Bushi drags himself up in the corner, Desperado runs in but Bushi puts him on the apron. Desperado kicks Bushi’s bad leg through the ropes! Desperado drags Bushi to the apron but Bushi BOOTS Desperado into the railing! Fans fire up as Bushi aims and slingshots, FLYING RANA! Fans fire up as both men are down, and Bushi fires up as he stands! Bushi gets in the ring, manages to build speed and DIVES! Direct hit and Desperado hits railing! Both men are down again and fans rally back up.

The ring count starts and Bushi sits up at 10 of 20. Bushi stands at 12, hobbles over at 14 and brings Desperado up to put him in at 17! Fans fire up as Bushi climbs the corner. Missile dropkick! But no Bushirooni, his knee hurts too much. Bushi drags Desperado up, blocks the elbow and spins him for a DDT! Cover, TWO! Bushi drags Desperado up, reels him in, but his bad leg stops him from using the Destroyer! Desperado shoves Bushi away, rolls him up, STRETCH MUFFLER! Bushi scrambles, ROPEBREAK! Desperado thrashes the leg but lets go at 4. Desperado stomps the knee! Bushi writhes an clutches his leg again, but Desperado drags him back up.

Desperado has the leg, but Bushi CLUBS away to stop the shinbreaker. Desperado keeps Bushi from running, SHIN BREAKER, to GROUND DRAGON SCREW! STRETCH MUFFLER! Bushi endures, fans rally up, Desperado thrashes the leg more! Bushi crawls, reaches out, but Desperado drags him away! Desperado gets an arm, NUMERO DOS!! Bushi endures, reaches and crawls with his one free arm, but Desperado pulls back harder! Bushi refuses to give up here, and he gets the ROPEBREAK! Desperado lets go in frustration, but then drags Bushi away from ropes. Desperado goes up top for a FROG SPLASH! Cover, TWO!! Fans rally up, Desperado gets up, then gets Bushi.

Bushi fights Guitarra, Desperado ducks the enziguri and prevents the heel kick with a STRETCH MUFFLER! Bushi rolls to make it a cradle! TWO, Bushi dodges the clothesline to shove Desperado. Desperado holds ropes but Bushi blocks the boot! Bushi puts the leg in the rope, dropkick to the leg, then DRAPING BACKSTABBER! Desperado is down but fans fire up as Bushi goes to the apron. Bushi drags Desperado up and through the ropes, APRON DDT! Desperado is stuck in the ropes but Bushi gets in to pull him into a cover, TWO! Fans fire up again while both men are down. Bushi drags himself to a corner and climbs up. Desperado stands, Bushi leaps, but Desperado gets under!

Bushi’s leg jams, Desperado dropkicks the leg out! Fans still rally as both men are still down. Desperado stands and drags Bushi up. Bushi fires a forearm! Desperado forearms back! Bushi forearms, Desperado forearms back. Fans rally as they go back and forth, faster and faster! Bushi ROCKS Desperado, but Desperado PALM STRIKES! Desperado then spins Bushi around, GUITARRA- NO, Bushi slips out! Desperado elbows Bushi, runs but Bushi boots! Bushi runs, Desperado elbows him! Desperado fakes Bushi out and SPINE- NO! Bushi fights that off, spins Desperado around, FISHER- NO, Desperado slips out to kick the bad leg!

Despereado says too bad, but he runs into a DROPKICK! Both men are down and fans fire up again! Bushi gets up and roars! Bushi gets Desperado up, CANADIAN DESTROYER! Cover, TWO!! Desperado survives and both men are down again. Fans rally up as Bushi rolls his way to a corner. Desperado goes to the other, Bushi runs in, but Desperado blocks the Code Breaker to a SPINEBUSTER! Roll and gut wrench, GUITARRA DEL ANGEL! Cover, TWO!! Bushi survives and Desperado is furious! Desperado gets Bushi up, underhooks, but no Pinche! Bushi wrenches out, enziguri misses but the heel kick hits! Backslide, Desperado rolls through to LOCO MONO!!

Desperado reels Bush in, PINCHE LOCO!! Cover, Desperado wins!

Winner: El Desperado, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Bushi earns 0)

The Black Mask falls to the Rogue Luchador! Is Bushi now on the outside looking in on the finals? Desperado doesn’t wait long to get the mic, either, saying, “”I said before the Best of the Super Juniors, I would go into every match with a main event title match approach. But if my opponent doesn’t feel that strongly about it, I can’t carry it all on my own. Thanks for the effort, Bushi. With that, I was pushed to win this main event.”

Desperado continues to say that there’s a lot of talk, but no one is running away with this tournament. Who knows who’ll be in the finals. But Desperado knows he will show hat it means to be Junior Heavyweight Champion. “I will be in the final, and I will win it.” Desperado leaves it at that, but will he be the one determining his own future?


Here are the NEW BOSJ 28 standings!

SHO: 6-3, 12 points
El Desperado: 5-3-1, 11 points
Hiromu Takahashi: 5-3-1, 11 points
El Phantasmo: 5-4, 10 points
Robbie Eagles: 5-4, 10 points
Taiji Ishimori: 5-4, 10 points
YOH: 5-4, 10 points
Bushi: 4-5, 8 points
Ryusuke Taguchi: 4-5, 8 points
Yoshinobu Kanemaru: 4-5, 8 points
Master Wato: 3-6, 6 points [ELIMINATED]
Douki: 2-7, 4 points [ELIMINATED]

My Thoughts:

Another great round for BOSJ, and honestly, we could probably consider the 4-5 block as eliminated, too. Yoh getting the win over Kanemaru was a great shocker, and Taguchi VS ELP was very funny stuff. Eagles winning over Sho was another surprise, but again, Sho had a loss to give because he’s that far ahead. Wato had another great match against Hiromu, but not quite on the level of the match he had with Desperado. Hiromu and Desperado staying tied makes me want to see the Triple Threat finals happen, just as I said last round.

My Score: 8.9/10

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