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Cook’s Top 5: Seattle Seahawks Quarterbacks

From To The Moon to Let Russ Cook, Steve Cook has your Top 5 Seattle Seahawks QBs of all time!



Russell Wilson NFL Seattle Seahawks QB

From To The Moon to Let Russ Cook, Steve Cook has your Top 5 Seattle Seahawks QBs of all time!

The Seattle Seahawks are one of a number of franchises whose trajectory has changed during my life as an NFL football fan. When I was a kid, they were mired in the bottom half of the AFC West, occasionally contending for a division title but never really doing much. As I matured, the Seahawks matured as well, becoming a consistent presence in the playoffs. Now, they’re always expected to make the playoffs and are frequently considered contenders to win the whole thing.

Largely due to the quarterback at the end of this list. Don’t worry, we’ve got four other ones to talk about first! Here are the Top 5 Seattle Seahawks quarterbacks.

5. Warren Moon

You might recall Warren appearing in the Vikings Top 5 based off of some work he did in Minnesota at ages 38-40. After a highly productive career in Edmonton & Houston, Moon thought he still had some more in the tank. After three seasons in Minnesota, Moon still thought he had more in the tank. The Vikings disagreed, wanting him to be Brad Johnson’s backup & take a paycut. So he went to Seattle and became their QB1 at the age of 41. Turns out he had a little more in the tank, with 3,678 passing yards, 25 touchdowns and another trip to the Pro Bowl, where he was the game MVP.

It was pretty much Moon’s last hurrah, he started ten games for Seattle at age 42 with less inspiring results, then retired after two years in Kansas City as a backup. A heck of a run, and we’re not done talking about it yet.

4. Jim Zorn

Zorn was undrafted and didn’t quite make it into the league in 1975, but the newly founded Seahawks picked him up for their first season in 1976. After winning the AFC Rookie of the Year award, he became the main starting QB for the first seven seasons of the Seahawks. While there weren’t any playoff appearances, the Seahawks did manage to have two nine-win seasons early on with Zorn and their first Hall of Famer, wide receiver Steve Largent. He was named second team All-Pro in 1978, with his best statistical season coming in 1979 with 3,661 passing yards & 20 touchdown passes.

After retiring, Zorn went into coaching, with two stints in Seattle as an assistant. He was the second member of the Seahawks’ Ring of Honor, and is one of two quarterbacks currently in that group.

3. Matt Hasselbeck

Hasselbeck was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 1998 and served as Brett Favre’s backup. He was traded to Seattle in 2001, where Mike Holmgren was serving as coach/general manager. Holmgren had been the Packers’ head coach when Hasselbeck was drafted, and he saw some potential there. Hasselbeck split time with Trent Dilfer early on, but would become the Seahawks’ QB1 for most of the 2000s. He led the Seahawks to five straight playoff appearances, equaling the number Seattle had made in the previous twenty-seven seasons. This included Seattle’s first trip to the Super Bowl, which some would tell you they would have won if not for incompetent officiating.

Hasselbeck was selected to three Pro Bowls during his time in Seattle. He never led the league in any relevant passing categories, but finished in the top ten a few times & was very good at limiting his mistakes. He might not have led your team to a championship, but you weren’t going to lose one because of something he did. Unfortunately, he was pretty injury prone & the Seahawks were never really able to find a great backup.

2. Dave Krieg

Krieg was one of those guys that came out of nowhere. Milton College in Wisconsin, to be exact. It was an NAIA school that closed just a couple of years after Krieg left. He didn’t get drafted, of course, but he did try out with the Seahawks and got a gig out of it. He found himself in the lineup in 1981 when Jim Zorn got hurt, and after a couple of switches ended up as the Seahawks’ QB1 in 1983. He wound up leading the Seahawks to their first playoff berth and an appearance in the AFC Championship Game.

Krieg’s best season was in 1984, when top running back Curt Warner got hurt & coach Chuck Knox switched from a run-first offense to pass-first. Krieg had career highs in passing yards & touchdowns that season, and was selected to his first Pro Bowl. Krieg would go to three Pro Bowls during his time in Seattle, while leading the Seahawks to their first four playoff appearances. He held the franchise record for touchdowns until recently. Oh, and apparently he was also known as “Mudbone”, which I didn’t know until right this moment but is a pretty great nickname.

1. Russell Wilson

Wilson was drafted in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft, and was expected to back up Matt Flynn after the longtime Packer backup signed a large contract with Seattle. Wilson ended up taking the position during the preseason, and has started every Seahawks game since the beginning of the 2012 season. He’s been selected to the Pro Bowl seven out of his nine seasons in the NFL. He’s yet to throw under 3,118 yards in a season or for fewer than twenty touchdowns. His career high for interceptions came in 2020 with thirteen, but he also had a career high for touchdowns with forty, and was eight yards short of having a career high passing yards total.

Wilson hasn’t led the NFL in passing yards, and he’s only led the league in touchdown passes once. He’s been in the top ten for passing yards four times, and seven times for touchdown passes. Wilson’s Seahawks teams have only missed the playoffs once, and have never had fewer than nine wins in a season. The franchise won its first Super Bowl and went to another.

Tough to argue with that resume.

Thanks for reading! Join us next time when we take a look at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!

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Cook’s 2021 NFL Gambling Picks: Week 2

Cook brings the rest of the Week 2 Gambling picks! Have you been making out better than he has with picks?



Hi, hello & welcome to Week 2 of the National Football League! Hopefully you read the TNF column on Thursday and got some good money out of it. Now we’re running through the rest of the games! Odds provided by Vegas Insider. (We use the consensus line on the far right.)

Sunday, September 19

New Orleans (-3) vs. Carolina

The most impressive showing of Week 1 had to be that of the Saints, who made Aaron Rodgers look like an old QB that wasn’t exactly focused on football during his off-season. Jameis Winston was very effective, pretty much everything went right for the Saints in their temporary home of Jacksonville. This week they visit the other 1995 expansion team, who took care of business against the Jets but weren’t quite as impressive in the process. A win is a win though, and the Panthers have a chance to start the Sam Darnold Era 2-0.

Unfortunately for the Saints, they lost some key pieces this week in Marshon Lattimore, Marcus Davenport & Erik McCoy. They also have some illness issues regarding the coaching staff, with seven coaches in total out this week due to virus. I can see the Saints overcoming the issues and winning, but the Panthers should be able to keep things close.

Houston vs. Cleveland (-13)

The Texans got an easy win over a Jaguars team that might somehow be worse than people expected, while the Browns came up just a bit short against a Chiefs team that seems destined for another Super Bowl run. While the way the Browns lost had to be a bitter pill to swallow, they should feel good about their future prospects. They’ll win this game, the question is if they can cover the spread here.

I don’t think they do. Tyrod Taylor might not be the sexiest QB choice out there, but he doesn’t make mistakes and can keep the Texans close in games like this one where they’re out-manned.

Cincinnati vs. Chicago (-2.5)

The most encouraging development from the Bengals’ Week 1 victory over the Vikings? Ja’Marr Chase catching the football. It seemed like that was going to be an issue during an unimpressive training camp & preseason for the rookie, and he admitted to having problems seeing the football. He didn’t last Sunday. While it took overtime to get the job done, Cincinnati actually finishing a job is a good sign. The less said about Chicago’s Week 1, the better. I told you about Prime Time Andy Dalton, and the Bears laying an egg in the evening certainly wasn’t anything new.

Things will be better this week. The Bears will be back home, Dalton will be in a more friendly setting, and the Bears defense should be able to get to Joe Burrow more often than they got to Matthew Stafford. We know good things don’t last for the Bengals, & I think they lose by at least one field goal.

Las Vegas vs. Pittsburgh (-6.5)

You gotta love it when football players remember history, right? Derek Carr knows that the Steelers have always been favored by NFL management, while the Raiders are typically on the wrong end of league decisions. Indeed, that “Immaculate Reception” was actually an incomplete pass. People outside of Pittsburgh know this. People inside Pittsburgh, well they’re not very happy when the truth gets pointed out.

Unfortunately, the Raiders/Steelers rivalry from back in the day hasn’t been too active recently. They haven’t met in the playoffs since 1984. The Steelers have certainly been in the playoffs more often recently, and a win on the road in Buffalo has given their fans hope. They’ll need to win games like this one, which I do see happening this week. However, I’ll take the six points and count on the Raiders keeping things close. They’ll be feeling good after that win over Baltimore on Monday night.

Buffalo (-3) vs. Miami

These teams also faced off in Week 2 last season. If this season’s game is anything like that one was, we’ll be in for a treat. The Bills won 31-28, with Josh Allen throwing for 415 yards & 4 touchdowns in a performance that was a sign of things to come. Stefon Diggs had 153 yards and a touchdown. As for Miami, Ryan Fitzpatrick had a FitzMagic kind of day & Mike Gesicki put up 130 yards and a touchdown.

The Dolphins were looking forward to Will Fuller debuting this week, but that won’t happen due to a “personal issue”. That’s rarely good. They got a narrow win over the Patriots last week, I see them narrowly losing to the Bills this week. Feels like a three-point game, so keep an eye on that spread.

LA Rams (-3.5) vs. Indianapolis

Here’s a secret that might affect your opinion of my NFL fandom & expertise: I really don’t care about Hard Knocks except when my favorite team is on it. In-season might make things different, but the fact it’s the Colts…eh. They don’t seem like the most interesting bunch, but maybe they’ll surprise us. Carson Wentz might be fun, we don’t really know.

What we think we know? The Rams will win this game by a decent margin. They’re got the better roster by a wide margin at most areas of the ball.

San Francisco (-3) vs. Philadelphia

I’m not sure what Bart Scott’s issue with Philadelphia is. Could be he just knows how over-sensitive & easily riled up Eagles fans can be, and trolling them is a good way to generate interest. The Eagles looked pretty good in Week 1, so I wouldn’t feel as confident about the 49ers as Bart obviously does.

In fact, I’ll take the Eagles here. Waiting to see that Super Bowl contender people tell me that San Francisco is.

Denver (-6) vs. Jacksonville

Denver’s had their first two games on the road, which would normally be tough except they’re visiting some of the worst teams in football. Can you believe the Jags were favored on the road last week? I still don’t get that one. The most interesting thing in Jacksonville this season will be when Urban Meyer decides to pull a Bobby Petrino and get outta there.

Am I going to take Teddy Bridgewater on the road two weeks in a row? You know I am! Broncos will take care of business here.

New England (-6) vs. NY Jets

It feels like these Patriots/Jets games are always closer than one thinks they will be, so it’s tempting to just take the Jets and the points. Then you think about Zach Wilson against a Bill Belichick defense, and you wonder if the Jets will score six points. It’s a good question, but I’ll stick with my initial feeling on the matter. Wilson will at least get a few moments to shine.

As long as he doesn’t run into a lineman’s butt, things should be ok.

Minnesota vs. Arizona (-3.5)

Games that Gus Johnson calls seem to lend themselves to excitement. This has been proven time & again through the years, so it’s a good thing that Fox has him calling a number of NFL games this season. He’ll be joined by Aqib Talib, who people either think is very entertaining or can’t understand. Doesn’t seem to be much of a middle ground there.

The Cardinals looked much better in Week 1 than the Vikings did, but this game needs to be close since that’s when Gus is at his best. So hopefully the Vikings at least keep it close.

Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay (-12.5)

We got bit by the Bucs and a high point spread in Week 1. Are we going to do it again? Of course we are, we don’t bet against Tom Brady. Also, the Falcons looked dreadful against the Eagles, and I’m going to need to see something of value from them to pick them here.

Tennessee vs. Seattle (-6.5)

The Titans were probably the biggest disappointment of Week 1, getting owned by the Cardinals in Nashville and not looking like the playoff contender we thought/think they were/are. I don’t think the Titans are as bad as they looked in Week 1, but it’s not going to get any easier for them in Week 2.

That being said, I like the number for the Titans. We know the Seahawks are all about those games are closer than you think they should be. Also, as the maps show, not many people will actually see this game, so there’s no reason for Russell Wilson to get too excited.

Dallas vs. LA Chargers (-3.5)

The Cowboys have themselves a pretty tough opening schedule, following up Week 1 in Tampa with a trip to LA to take on the Chargers. There should be plenty of Cowboy fans at the new stadium, so that’s nice. Dallas’s performance against Tampa was pretty nice as well, and gives on some hope for their chances in the NFC East.

It’s just too bad they’ll be starting off 0-2. Justin Herbert should be able to have a big game against the Cowboys secondary, and I’m pretty sure all his receivers are healthy. There’s a bonus. Chargers take this one.

Kansas City (-4) vs. Baltimore

It absolutely is about Patrick Mahomes vs. Lamar Jackson. Not like that’s different from pretty much any other NFL game. Things are always about the quarterbacks, and when you have two of the best in the game in the same game, that’s where our minds are going to wander to. However, since Lamar wants us to talk about the rest of his team, it’s worth pointing out that the rest of his team has issues. We got every washed running back in the league lining up to get carries for this team. You saw how they fell apart late against the Raiders. That defense doesn’t look like a typical Ravens defense.

The Chiefs took awhile to get going against the Browns, but you knew they’d get it done eventually. They’ll get it done here too.

Monday, September 20

Detroit vs. Green Bay (-11.5)

R-E-L-A-X. We remember Aaron Rodgers telling everybody to do just that after fans got uneasy over some Green Bay early season struggles. Sure enough, the Packers righted the ship. I have no doubt they’ll do just that here against a Lions team that historically has had problems winning in Lambeau Field and looked pretty abysmal for most of their Week 1 meeting with the 49ers.

That being said, I can easily see Detroit doing the same darn thing they did last week, making things close late & getting within that 11.5 number. Maybe another one of those backdoor covers will be in line for us on a Monday night. That would be fun for everybody, especially if you take my advice and put yo money on the Lions.

  • Week 1 Record: 7-8-1
  • Overall Record: 8-8-1

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Cook’s TNF Week 2 Gambling Pick

Thursday Night Football kicks off Week 2 of the 2021 NFL season! Steve Cook’s got the gambling line, I wonder if there’s a conditional bet involving Daniel Jones and getting tackled by the turf monster?



Hey friends! I was wondering last week when I did the first picks column if I should just do a Thursday pick column and then do the rest of the picks later. For Week 1, I felt good doing them all at once, and it ended up working out if you bet on the 49ers & Lions on Thursday based off of what I said. At the time I told you the 49ers would cover, the spread was 7.5. It got up to 9 on Sunday, and everybody told me how the Lions made an incredible cover. They did, for slackers that waited until 12:59 on Sunday.

As it turns out, I needed to do a lot of wrestling reviews this week since people that wrestling readers actually care about weren’t available. So my time ended up occupied, and the best thing I can do right now is give you my Thursday pick.

Thursday, September 16

NY Giants vs. Washington (-3)

So this is the one season I don’t have Sterling Shepard in any fantasy leagues. That pretty much guarantees it will be his breakout season, right? As breakout a season as one could have on a Giants team that is going absolutely nowhere. Some people possibly thought that they would show some fight against the Broncos in their home opener. Those people were disappointed. The only reason the Giants even have a snowball’s chance in Stamford of winning this Thursday night doohickey is because of their opposition.

The Football Team has Taylor Heinicke quarterbacking them now that Ryan Fitzpatrick fell down and broke his hip. A common ailment for old folks, sad to say. This is why I don’t understand the current trend of NFL teams not investing in backup quarterbacks, or quarterbacks in general in the case of this Football Team. Y’all had Ryan Fitzpatrick running your offense, which was cute because we all love FitzMagic. But when he goes down, this is what you’re running out there and telling us it’s ok? Jeez Louise.

I want nothing to do with either of these teams going forward. I’ll take the Giants just because they’re getting 3 points. Just two messes right here that we’ll watch because there’s only Impact Wrestling on otherwise.

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back before Sunday with the rest of the Week 2 picks!

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