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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (7/20/21)

It’s Dark between Fyter Fest!



AEW Dark 2

Dark is darkest when the Dark Order is here!

Daily’s Place stays dark as Abadon, the Hardy Family Office and the Dark Order are among those sticking around AEW home base!


  • The Blade w/ The Bunny VS Ryan Mantell; Blade wins.
  • Thunder Rosa VS KiLynn King; Rosa wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: The Dark Order & Varsity Blonds w/ Julia Hart VS The Acclaimed & Private Party; The Acclaimed & Private Party win.
  • Abadon VS Promise Braxton; Abadon wins.
  • The Bunny w/ The Blade VS Big Swole; The Bunny wins.
  • Wardlow VS Chad Lennex w/ Dustin Rhodes; Wardlow wins.
  • Dustin Rhodes VS Aaron Solow w/ The Factory; Dustin wins.


Dustin Rhodes speaks.

“Aaron Solow. I have been in this industry for five decades. And you, jumping people from behind all the time. There comes a time in every man’s life, as yourself, when you have to choose sides. Unfortunately, you chose the wrong side. QT’s not it. Comoroto’s not it. The Factory’s not it.” Solow hit Dustin from behind with a chair, Dustin didn’t forget. But now, Solow, you step into DUSTIN’S backyard, the home of the Natural, the home of the Texas Longhorns and the home of Dustin kicking your ass!! Tonight, Solow, strap up, look Dustin dead in the eyes and know that Dustin’s taking you out! “Tonight, you’re going to school, son! You better be ready.”


The Blade w/ The Bunny VS Ryan Mantell!

Big Money Matt Hardy’s meanest, sliest, most dangerous mercenary is ready to crush Freshly Squeezed at Fyter Fest Night Two, but he’ll gladly sharpen his edge against Austin’s own Mantell! Will Blade be razor sharp and laser focused going into his rematch with Orange Cassidy?

The bell rings and Blade circles with Mantell as fans fire up. The two approach, Blade kicks low and bumps Mantell off buckles. Blade throws hands, scrapes Mantell’s face on ropes, then CHOPS him in the other corner. Blade bumps Mantell off more buckles, gives him more CHOPS, then whips corner to corner. Blade runs in to CHOP, then soaks up the heat as Mantell sits down. Blade storms over to stomp a mudhole into Mantell like a certain other Austin! The ref counts, Blade lets off, and Bunny chokes Mantell! Then CLAWS him! Bunny gets away with it, Blade whips and CLOBBERS Mantell! Fans boo but he just soaks it up again.

Blade gets Mantell up, reel shim in, gut wrench and DOCTOR BOMB! Cover, Blade wins!

Winner: The Blade, by pinfall

Bunny laughs at Mantell’s pain, and Blade is ready for Freshly Squeezed! Will Blade change Cassidy’s nickname to Freshly Sliced tomorrow night?


Thunder Rosa VS KiLynn King!

La Mera Mera is steadily staying strong in the top five rankings of the AEW Women’s Division, but the Queen of Crazy still wants in! Will Rosa keep the thunder rolling, or will King put her in checkmate?

The bell rings, King and Rosa circle and they tie up. Rosa waistlocks, King switches and Rosa arm-drags King around. Fans rally behind Rosa but King arm-drags her in return. King stays focused but can’t believe so few are cheering her. Rosa drop toeholds King onto ropes! Rosa chokes King, runs and dropkicks her in the back! Fans fire up for Rosa but King gets her in a cradle, TWO! Rosa kicks low, CHOPS King then whips, but King reverses to reel her in for shoulders! King steps over, omoplata and then an armlock, but Rosa rolls through to get the PERUVIAN- No, King slips out of the “Peruvian Necktie” to get a chinlock. Rosa endures, fights up, and jawbreakers free!

King staggers, fans rally as Rosa CHOPS her again. Rosa swings but King choke grips. Rosa turns slam into wheelbarrow and KNEE! Rosa runs corner to corner to DOUBLE KNEE King down! Then Rosa rolls, runs corner to corner again, basement dropkick! Fans fire up more as Rosa underhooks for the BUTTERFLY SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! King survives a rough landing but Rosa gets her up. King ROCKS Rosa, Rosa comes back but King boots and GERMAN SUPLEXES her! Rosa sits up in a daze and King fires up! King gets Rosa up, back suplex but Rosa lands on her feet! BACKSTABBER! PERUVIAN NECKTIE! King taps, Rosa wins!

Winner: Thunder Rosa, by submission

No one likes wearing neckties that tight, King had to fold! Will Rosa build towards the top and take on whoever has the AEW Women’s Championship after Fyter Fest?


8 Man Tag: The Dark Order & Varsity Blonds w/ Julia Hart VS The Acclaimed & Private Party!

Alan Angels and Preston Vance, the nickel ‘n’ dime duo, team up with Brian Pillman Jr. and Griff Garrison to see if they can blitz Max Caster, Anthony Bowens, Marq Quen & Isiah Kassidy. But Platinum Max starts us off with another diss rap! “The Acclaimed, we’re always in harmony. Yo, Ten, tell Five stop calling me. Yo Blonds, I think you need to talk to me. How y’all adults yet you still on varsity? Yo, Texas, y’all haters. I wanna bounce like your Democrat lawmakers! Yo, wait a second. Julia, The Acclaimed got you a present!” Caster brings out something long and floppy, but it looks to just be a baguette. Austin, The Acclaimed has arrived, but will they get sacked?

The teams sort out, Kassidy starts with Vance and they circle. Fans rally up as they tie up, Kassidy headlocks but Vance powers out to run him over! Fans cheer but Kassidy gets up. Kassidy and Vance reset, Kassidy waistlocks but Vance bucks him off. Vance runs but things speed up. Vance gets around, Kassidy elbows free of the waistlock, but Vance runs to run Kassidy over again! Kassidy keeps going but Vance catches him to a stalling suplex! Quen saves Kassidy but Vance dodges them for Angels to FLY in! Direct hit on Private Party, Angels gets Quen out! Vance runs, Griff tags in and Vance BOOTS Kassidy in a corner!

Griff tags BPJ in, Vance feeds Kassidy to their DROPKICK SPINEBUSTER! Kassidy hurries but the Acclaimed leave him hanging?! Maybe he can use the bread? BPJ arm-drags Kassidy down and has an armlock. Fans rally for Pillman as he YANKS Kassidy’s arm. Kassidy gets to ropes, BPJ lets off, but Kassidy sucker punches him! BPJ CHOPS back! And CHOPS again! And whips, but Kassidy reverses, and Quen trips BPJ up! Kassidy runs in, BPJ back drops, SILLY STRING hits him down! Fans boo and Kassidy soaks it all up. Tag to Caster and he CLUBS BPJ down! Caster taunts Griff, bumps BPJ off buckles, then tags Bowens. The Acclaimed stomp a mudhole into BPJ then let off as the ref counts.

Tag to Quen, he drops ax handles on BPJ. Quen KNEES BPJ against the ropes, and again, then tags in Kassidy. Private Party double whip, double elbow and shout out the Hardy Boys with the fist drop moonsault combo! Cover, TWO! Kassidy RAMS BPJ into a corner, tags Quen, and then Private Party double whips him corner to corner. Quen runs in but BPJ BOOTS him down! Kassidy tries Party in Motion but gets caught! And SLAMMED onto Quen! Fans fire up with BPJ as he hot tags Griff! Griff rallies on The Acclaimed, BOOTS Caster then BOOTS him again! Griff dodges Bowens to back drop high and hard! Fans are thunderous as Griff tags Vance.

Griff Ivy League SPLASHES Bowens then feeds him to Vance’s SPINEBUSTER! Tag to Angels and he goes up to MOONSAULT! Cover, Quen breaks it! Fans boo but Vance clotheslines Quen out! Vance runs but into Kassidy’s ENZIGURI! But Griff gets Kassidy with tat ROLLING ELBOW! Caster dropkicks Griff, dodges BPJ, but BPJ SUPERKICKS! Bowens is in, fires off a strike fest, and a FIVE TOOL BRAINBUSTER!! But speaking of, Five runs in, DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES take them down! The crowd is thunderous as everyone is down! A standing count climbs, Angels gets up but Bowens throws him into buckles!

Bowens crawls, gets his boombox, but Julia sees that! She grabs the boombox from Bowens and Angels rolls Bowens up! TWO!! Bowens staggers up, Angels sidesteps to STANDING SPANISH FLY!! Cover, TWO!! Bowens survives and Angels can’t believe it! Angels hurries up top again as fans rally up, but Caster anchors him! Angles fights Caster, but ends up getting GIN & JUICE!! Caster hits the MIC DROP!! Cover, Acclaimed & Private Party win!

Winners: The Acclaimed & The Private Party, by pinfall

Angels could only do so much on his own, but now Bowens gets a mic to say last week, Bowens said things about “poor innocent Julia and her trip to Paris,” and he feels bad about it now. So from the bottom of The Acclaimed’s heart, that THEY DON’T GIVE A SH*T!! The Acclaimed is tired of playing second fiddle to a team who’s strongest member is the cheerleader who loves to be tag teamed! The Acclaimed will make the Blonds’ lives hell until the Acclaimed get what they want: an AEW Tag Team title match! Now that’s a mic drop! Fans boo the vulgarity and disrespect, but will Griff & Brian make sure Caster & Bowens learn when to shut up?


Abadon VS Promise Braxton!

The Living Dead Girl finally gets to leave Daily’s Place and haunt the live crowds! Will Abadon break a Promise tonight and haunt all our dreams?

The bell rings and Promise is very wary of Abadon and for good reason. They approach, but then Promise avoids the tie up. Abadon is already annoyed, they tie up after all and Abadon throws Promise down! Promise gets to a corner, dodges Abadon and CHOPS, but Abadon doesn’t flinch! Promise throws forearms, whips Abadon but Abadon reverses to send Promise into buckles! And CLOBBERS her from behind! Abadon dribbles Promise off the mat! The ref counts, Abadon lets off and then drags Promise up. Promise throws body shots, runs, but Abdon hits a POP-UP POWERBOMB! Abadon doesn’t end it there, she sits Promise up for the leg wrap DDT! Cover, Abadon wins!

Winner: Abadon, by pinfall

And the nightmare continues! Will Abadon be creeping up in the shadow of Fyter Fest’s AEW Women’s Championship match to challenge the winner?


The Bunny w/ The Blade VS Big Swole!

While Blade sharpened his edge earlier against Mantell, we see if this rabid rabbit can sink her teeth into Swole! But Swole is pumping up to crack Diamante, will she use Bunny as a heavy bag to tune up?

The bell rings and the two circle. They tie up, are in a deadlock, but Swole gets a point of leverage. She powers Bunny back to a corner and lets off clean, but Bunny pie faces! Swole fires off on her and Bunny screams for the ropebreak. The ref backs Swole off, Swole ducks the sucker punch to fire off on Bunny again! Sowle whips corner to corner, Bunny reverses but Swole goes up and over and keeps moving. Bunny chases, dodges, rolls Swole, ONE! Swole runs back in but Bunny runs her over! Things keep moving, Swole trips Bunny up and runs to EuroUpper from behind! Swole flexes and fans fire up, but Diamante talks trash from the stage!

Diamante gets Swole’s attention and asks if maybe we should call Swole “Big Mouth.” Bunny CHOP BLOCKS Swole! Diamante says Swole looks busy, maybe she’ll pull up a chair ringside. Bunny bumps Swole off buckles, stomps her, then digs her boot in. The ref counts, Bunny lets off, and then Bunny frolics around the ring. Bunny runs in to SLIDING FOREARM! Bunny rolls Swole to a cover, TWO! Swole survives, Diamante talks some trash from the timekeeper’s area, but Swole fights Bunny back with body shots. Swole throat chops then knocks her down! Swole runs and rallies with forearms. Bunny ducks one kick, jumps another, but the HEADBUTT hits!

Swole staggers, gets Bunny up, and whips her to a corner. Swole runs in to corner clothesline! Bunny fights but Swole stomps away! Swole YANKS Bunny, but Blade distracts! Swole was going for her cloverleaf but Bunny boots her away! Bunny dodges, Swole runs into buckles, and Diamante gets a cheap shot in! Bunny rolls Swole, and with tights held! Bunny wins!

Winner: Bunny, by pinfall

Diamante laughs at Swole and Bunny benefits from the help. Swole realizes what happened, and needless to say, is NOT happy about it. Will Swole prove you can break diamonds when she finally gets her hands on Diamante?


Wardlow VS Chad Lennex w/ Dustin Rhodes!

The Pinnacle’s Mr. Mayhem is looking to stay sharp should MJF call upon him in the “Labours of Jericho.” For now, he looks to take on one of The Natural’s students. Will Wardlow’s brutality be even bigger here in Texas?

The bell rings and Chad fires himself up, only to run into a SPINEBUSTER! Wardlow drags Chad right back up, puts him on the corner, and gives him a thumbs down! CASUALTY OF WAR!! The ref hurries in, this is done!

Winner: Wardlow, by knockout

Wardlow doesn’t show mercy but he did make this a quick one! Will Wardlow get to do the same to Jericho soon enough?


Big Swole speaks.

“Diamante, let me cut to the nitty gritty. I don’t like people messing with my money. I don’t like people messing with my winning streak.” And Diamante went and did that! Diamante sure seems to be an attention seeker. Did mama not give Diamante enough attention growing up? Because she has all of Swole’s now. This match that Diamante desperately wants can be any place, any time. It’s on Diamante now. When and where will this finally go down?


Dustin Rhodes VS Aaron Solow w/ The Factory!

The Natural said his piece, and now it is time for action! Will the Extra Talented Solow regret ever choosing QT Marshall over the Nightmare Family?

But QT gets on the mic during the entrance. “Well, well, Austin, Texas.” Why are they booing themselves? They’re dumber than he thought! Obviously, QT is spinning that, they’re booing him. But yeah, yeah, Austin is the hometown of The Natural. But what people don’t realize is that for a few years, it was also the home of Aaron Solow. And this is the level of respect they showed him, which is why he left and went to Atlanta. Now he is part of the Factory and enjoy the “uptick” as they say in the business. Because unlike the Nightmare Family, QT is not a glory hog, so he gives the mic to Solow so he can speak to Austin.

“Y’know, guys, this is a big night for me. I don’t know if you guys understand that. I’m wrestling a living legend in Dustin Rhodes! Right here in his hometown of Austin, Texas, and I’ve never wrestled on a stage as big as this.” Just the crappy bars downtown and the stupid cinemas here. But forget about him for a second, this is Dustin’s night. So go ahead and give him a big round of applause, because Solow is in his prime while Dustin’s been around for five decades. Who knows how much gas Dustin has left. This might be the last time they see him here! Dustin does make his entrance and the fans do get loud, will Dustin show he has plenty left in the tank to take care of Solow?

But as Dustin is up on the corner to pose for the crowd, Solow attacks! The bell rings to get this on record as Solow fires off on Dustin all around the ring. Solow shoves but Dustin dodges to clothesline Solow out! Dustin goes out after him, throws uppercuts, and he bumps Solow off the timekeeper’s table. Dustin CHOPS Solow against railing, CHOPS him again, then stalks him around the way., The Factory has to back off as Dustin CLUBS Solow then puts him in the ring. Dustin sees QT creep up, and Solow attacks! Solow whips Dustin into the POST! Dustin falls to the floor, Solow backs off but goes out to fetch Dustin.

Fans boo, Solow soaks up the heat and he stomps Dustin at the railing. Solow ROCKS Dustin, CHOPS him, and CHOPS again! Solow puts Dustin in, but Dustin throws body shots! Dustin runs but Solow kitchen sink knees him! Cover, TWO! Dustin is still in this and The Factory is annoyed. Solow kicks Dustin around, throws forearms, but the ref backs him off. Solow argues with the ref so that QT can get a cheap shot in! Fans boo as QT gets away with it, and then Solow mocks the “hook ’em horns” hand sign. Solow runs corner to corner and BRONCO BUSTERS! Solow adds on like ol’ Goldie used to, and then he covers, TWO!

Dustin gets away and fans fire up. Solow drags Dustin up, Dustin ROCKS him with uppercuts and haymakers Solow knees low, runs, but into Dustin’s atomic drop! Dustin ROCKS Solow with more uppercuts, then gets him in a corner for- No! Solow denies the Bulldog, shoves Dustin to a corner, but Dustin bounces off and heads collide! Both men are down, a standing count begins, and the Factory rallies for Solow while Austin rallies for Dustin. Solow crawls over, Dustin sits up, and both men are up at 7 of 10. Solow swings but Dustin dodges, ducks and rallies with lariats! Dustin whips, Solow reverses, but Dustin says not today! UPPERCUT!

Dustin gets Solow for a POWERSLAM! Solow scrambles to a corner as fans fire up! Dustin whips, Solow reverses but Dustin kicks Solow to then hop on, CODE RED! Cover, TWO!! Solow survives and shocks everyone! Dustin fires up, the fans fire up with him, and he gets Solow back up. Dustin suplexes but Solow slips out to SUPERKICK! Dustin rebounds to BOOT! Solow rebounds to KNEE! Dustin rebounds but Solow gets around, GERMAN SUPLEX! Dustin slowly rises, Solow takes aim, SCREW HIGH KICK!! Cover, TWO!?! Dustin survives and The Factory is furious! Solow gets Dustin up and reels him in to underhook.

Dustin trips him to CATAPULT him into buckles! But Solow goes up to come back with a DOUBLE STOMP! Cover, TWO!! Dustin still lives but Solow throws hands! Dustin stays up and rebounds off ropes again and again. Dustin slips around, shoves, comes back but no bulldog, but Dustin comes back! NOW BULLDOG! Cover, Dustin wins!

Winner: Dustin Rhodes, by pinfall

It may’ve taken him a few shots to hit the target, but The Natural still takes Solow down! Austin celebrates with Dustin, will this make The Factory reconsider feuding with the family?

My Thoughts:

That’s right, everybody! Because Dark was just seven matches and just 47 minutes, I’m willing to do PBP again! And this time, Dark is on location! That does work since a lot of the wrestlers made the trip to Texas. I will say again as I did last night, why not just put Blade and Bunny on the Elevation card since they made an appearance to threaten Cassidy? Blade gets a fast but strong win over Mantell, but why not just have Bunny VS Swole next? Bunny made her entrance with Blade, let Swole make her entrance, match time. Bunny VS Swole was still very good, even with the “overbooking” of Diamante getting involved, and it does benefit both sides for Swole to lose to cheating. Swole VS Diamante is going to be a great one, could even main event Dark or Elevation.

Rosa VS King was also a very good match, and I like this switch from using the driver to using the submission in Rosa’s finisher game. Rosa VS Britt has to be happening come All Out, but considering the two have already done an amazing Unsanctioned match, I feel like the only way to step it up is to have a Submission Match or something closely related so those two can torment each other for however long. Then we got a truly big time 8 Man Tag, Caster still brings the heat with his raps, and I do like that The Acclaimed and Varsity Blonds are building their own feud within these group tag matches.

Abadon is back, I’m still scared, she wins, I’m convinced Britt is stuck between her and settling things with Rosa. I really do need to see Britt and Rebel scared out of their minds by Abadon, maybe they save that story for October. And between Dustin’s very good promo to open and his great main event with Solow to close, this was definitely The Natural’s episode. I still personally hope for Dustin VS QT in the grudge match we never really got, maybe that happens the closer we get to All Out. Bunkhouse Match 2, QT, Solow & Comoroto VS Dustin, Lee Johnson & Brock Anderson, should be the one true blow-off of The Factory VS Nightmare Family.

My Score: 8.3/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (8/16/22)

Powerhouse gets Dark!



AEW Dark 2

It’s a baker’s dozen for Universal Studios!

AEW Dark continues in Universal Studios, and “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs looks to send a message to Ricky Starks through his opponent tonight!


  • Ari Daivari VS Fuego Del Sol; Daivari wins.
  • Willow Nightingale VS Robyn Renegade w/ Charlette Renegade; Willow wins.
  • Serpentico w/ Luther VS Brock Anderson w/ Arn Anderson; Brock wins.
  • Abadon VS Mafiosa; Abadon wins.
  • Angelico VS Baliyan Akki; Angelico wins.
  • Emi Sakura VS Renee Michelle; Sakura wins.
  • Josh Woods VS Cobra; Cobra wins.
  • Skye Blue VS Charlette Renegade w/ Robyn Renegade; Skye wins.
  • Bear Country VS Axel Rico & Victor Iniestra; Bear Country wins.
  • Kayla Rossi w/ Diamond Sheik VS Avery Breaux; Rossi wins.
  • Cezar Bononi w/ The Wingmen VS Marcus Kross; Bononi wins.
  • Rohit Raju VS Invictus Khash; Raju wins.
  • “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs VS Blake Christian; Hobbs wins.


Great to see Abadon back in action, though I’m pretty sure she’s gotten even scarier since she’s been away… A lot of singles match-ups, a lot of easily called match-ups, but that’s par for the course on Dark. A bit surprised they didn’t just team up the Renegade Sisters against Willow & Skye, but maybe those matches are still connected. And while All Heart will lose to Powerhouse, you can beat Blake Christian will get to shine against the bigger Will Hobbs.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (8/15/22)

Minneapolis gets Elevated!



AEW Elevation Coverage

It’s a Superbad return!

Penelope Ford returns to action in AEW as Dark: Elevation serves the leftovers from Dynamite’s Quake by the Lake!


  • Tony Nese & Josh Woods w/ Mark Sterling VS Travis Titan & Arik Cannon; Nese & Woods win.
  • 8 Man Tag: The Dark Order VS T.U.G Cooper, Drew System, Rylie Jackson & Adam Grace; The Dark Order wins.
  • Serena Deeb VS Sierra; Deeb wins.
  • Konosuke Takeshita VS Cezar Bononi; Konosuke wins.
  • Julia Hart VS Free-Range Kara; Julia wins.
  • Private Party VS JAH-C & JDX; Private Party wins.
  • Penelope Ford VS Heather Reckless; Ford wins.
  • The Acclaimed VS Justin Fowler & JT Energy; The Acclaimed win.
  • Six Woman Tag: Hikaru Shida & ThunderStorm VS Emi Sakura, Marina Shafir & Nyla Rose w/ Vickie Guerrero; Shida & ThunderStorm win.


Great to see Penelope Ford is back in action. I wonder if Kip Sabian will make his in-ring return soon. Unless he wants to keep stalking Pac a little longer as the box man… Private Party is going to get a win as the warm-up for their AEW World Tag Team Championship match this Wednesday, and pretty much the entirety of The Dark Order is in action in that 8 Man Tag. Konosuke VS Bononi is going to be really good. Bononi is certainly the biggest opponent physically speaking for Konosuke to take on, so we’ll get to see how Konosuke handles that situation.

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