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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (7/7/21)

Are you ready for a Road Rager?!



AEW Dynamite Road Rager

AEW kicks off one hot July with a major rager!

The time has finally come! AEW is back on the road and it will be dynamite! And strap in for this one, because Cody Rhodes and QT Marshall are having a STRAP MATCH!


  • South Beach Strap Match: Cody Rhodes w/ Arn Anderson VS QT Marshall w/ The Factory; Cody wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Inner Circle w/ Konnan VS The Pinnacle w/ Tully Blanchard; The Pinnacle wins.
  • Andrade El Idolo w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Matt Sydal; Andrade wins.
  • Mixed Tag: Orange Cassidy & Kris Statlander VS The Bunny & The Blade; Cassidy & Statlander win.
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships Street Fight: The Young Bucks VS Eddie Kingston & Penta El Zero M; The Young Bucks win and retain the titles.


South Beach Strap Match: Cody Rhodes w/ Arn Anderson VS QT Marshall w/ The Factory!

The Road Rager opens with the American Nightmare once again facing his newest arch nemesis in the ring! But God’s Gift to Wrestling doesn’t want just any grudge match, he wants to literally whip Cody’s ass! Will QT be able to do that and touch all four corners of the ring? Or will Cody leave his mark on Miami and Marshall?

QT asked for this match but now he is telling Cody to shove it. But Cody DIVES out and goes after him! Cody puts QT in, gets the strap on his wrist and then the other end on QT’s, and now the match begins! QT and Cody tug o’ war, Cody kicks QT first and hits the Rhodes Uppercut! Cody throws hands, whips QT to ropes, then uses the strap to get him for a sleeper! QT throws elbows to get free, throws Cody out to the ramp, but Cody uses the strap to yank QT into a hotshot! Cody gets back in, but QT throat chops him! QT bumps Cody off buckles then runs in, but Cody goes up and over! Cody reels QT in for a POWERSLAM!

Miami fires up with Cody as he gathers up some slack, and SMACKS QT on the back! Fans want more but QT hits low! Cody denies the Diamond Cutter but QT mule kicks! QT goes up and Quebradas, into a strap SMACK! Cody SMACKS away on QT and fans fire up! Cody tags a corner, then another! Solow distracts Cody and then attacks him! No Disqualifications and the streak is stopped, but here comes Dustin Rhodes! The Natural ROCKS Solow with uppercuts! And throws him out over the barriers! Comoroto chases them down and those three brawl up to the bleachers! But QT uses the straps to LOW BLOW Cody! And YANK him over!

Cody crawls, QT gathers up some strap and SMACKS Cody on the back! And again! QT chokes Cody with the strap, then drags him around as he tags his first corner! Cody tags, too, but QT tags the second. Cody gets the second, as well, and then they’re on to the third. QT reaches for the fourth but Cody leaps on him! QT back suplexes, Cody lands on his feet, the strap wraps them up, and Cody reaches! QT hits a BIG German Suplex! The streak is over, they’re both starting from scratch! QT gets up, soaks up the heat, but Cody goes out of the ring. QT tags the corner, but he sees Cody outside. QT goes out to reel Cody in! Cody blocks running into the post, to YANK QT into the post!

Fans fire up as Cody high-fives the front row! Arn coaches Cody up and Cody gets back in the ring. QT is busted open but he still gets in the ring. Cody tags a corner, then another. But wait, the lights go out?! And they come back up pretty quickly, but Cody tags the third. Maybe that’s just from the bad weather. But QT reels Cody in for the Lethal Combination! QT stops the streak, and then wraps his fist before he punches Cody in the head! QT gets more slack to SMACK Cody, then he chokes him as he brings him to a corner! QT has Cody but Cody uses the slack to SMACK QT! Cody goes out to climb the ropes, and CHOKE QT in return!

Cody stands over QT as he uses the strap to constrict him! Cody then lets go to SUPER- POWERBOMB!! QT turns Cody’s steiner into his own attack, and both men are down! Fans rally up for Cody but QT stands first. QT tags a corner, hobbles over, and tags another. That’s two out of four but Cody blocks QT’s path to the third. QT throws forearms and wraps Cody up like a mummy! QT hauls Cody up to the top rope, and then drags him out for a DRAPING DIAMOND CUTTER!! QT grins and gets back up. QT has to start again, but he tags one, then two, then three corners! QT could just complete the lap, but Cody anchors him from the fourth!

Cody reels QT in but QT kicks low! QT SMACKS Cody again! Cody gets pissed and fans fire up! QT SMACKS Cody, but Cody just eggs him on! SMACK! SMACK! Cody hulks out and rallies with forearms and a BOOT! Cody haymakers and chops then TOSSES QT across the ring! Cody runs in to headscissor! Cody SMACKS QT back now, and again, and fans fire up more! Cody runs, goes up and up and springboards, SUPER CODY CUTTER!! Cody says he’s gonna end this, and he tags a corner. Another corner, but QT hurries after him! Cody elbows QT, tags the third, and then mule kick LOW BLOWS QT! Cody almost has the fourth, but QT is the anchor now!

QT stands up and glares at Cody as he SPITS on him! Cody shoves QT to then get him for a dragon sleeper, CFROSS RHODES! And then another! And then a THIRD CROSS RHODES! Tag to one corner, then two, then three, then four! Cody wins!

Winner: Cody Rhodes

A hat trick and a victory lap, the American Nightmare kicks the Road Rager off with a bang! Has Cody finally let QT behind to head for something more? Or will he run into The Factory again further down the road?


Shawn Spears speaks.

“Sammy! Quite possibly the second greatest chair shot I’ve laid out in AEW last week. But the question on everybody’s lips is, ‘Why?'” C’mon, look at Spears, and then look at Sammy. Sammy’s ego has been his greatest hindrance, thinking he’s always one step ahead when he’s really two steps behind. Spears told Sammy he would- BANG! A chair flies in and hits Spears in the head! Sammy is here! And he takes a seat as he says, “Gotcha, bitch! This is far, far from over!” Will the Spanish God take down the Chair Man once and for all somewhere along the way in this Summer of Violence and Pain?


AEW returns with Tony Schiavone in the ring.

Road Rager continues in Miami and Schiavone says it is time for a special introduction: The one and only AEW World Champion, as well as Don Callis, it’s Kenny Omega! Omega struts out in Zubaz and with Callis behind him, and Schiavone asks about- Callis cuts him off and says he doesn’t have to say anything. Just go in the corner as the geriatric male model you want to be. Callis says it seems like a great time for a history lesson! Kenny and Callis these last several months have made history! Fans taunt Callis with, “You Got Fired!” in regards to Impact Wrestling terminating him. Callis says real men don’t quit, they get fired!

But as he was saying, Kenny “The God of Wrestling, the greatest wrestler ever” has defeated Jon Moxley, Rey Fenix, Jungle Boy, and has won so many titles worldwide, he had to get an entourage just to transport them! So all you “Insect” fans are in the presence of true greatness! You are in the shadow of a wrestling god! Callis was away for a week and realized there’s a big problem here. The problem is that they’ve beaten EVERYONE! No one is left for him to beat! But fans chant, “Cowboy Sh*t! Cowboy Sh*t!” in reference to Hangman Page. Callis ignores that and says Fight for the Fallen is coming, and yet there’s no challenger! Omega’s pinned them all!

This is a desperate situation! Fans chant, “We Want Hangman!” to make it more clear to Callis. Callis says he’ll tell them what they want! But here comes The Dark Order! And Evil Uno opens with, “Well, well, well…” Alex Reynolds holds Uno’s jacket for him, as it is very hot here in Miami. Now, Uno has spent the last few minutes listening to Kenny’s weird uncle talk, and Uno has some questions for “Mr. Omega.” If Callis could step aside, the men are going to talk. Uno wants to know why Omega is ignoring the fans! Why is Omega ignoring the NUMBER ONE RANKED WRESTLER in AEW!? And most of all, why is Omega afraid of Uno’s friend?!

Uno sure has a lot of questions, doesn’t he? A lot of questions for a “non-sport playing numbnut.” But the fans are thunderous for “Cowboy Sh*t! Cowboy Sh*t!” Omega says going back to live crowds is weird, it’s hard to make out what’s being said. But Omega has a question for Uno, and Uno seems pretty smart. A smarter person than he is a good wrestler. But here’s the question: what happens to be the capital of Thailand? Is this a game of trivia? Obviously it is- LOW BLOW! “It’s Bangkok, baby!” And then The Good Brothers jump the Dark Order from behind! They get Alan Angels, Alex Reynolds, Preston Vance, John Silver and even Colt Cabana, but Stu Grayson gets after Omega!

Stu rams into Omega again and again, but Omega knees him back! Nakazawa even helps knock Dark Order members over, then he and the Good Brothers get in as Omega kicks Stu out. The Elite surrounds Uno, gets him up, but here comes Hangman! Hangman rushes the ring, Nakazawa is fed to him as a pawn! Hangman DECKS Nakazawa and he bumps into Omega! Hangman fires off on the Good Brothers and the fans are thunderous again! BOOT for Anderson, forearm for Gallows! Anderson dodges Hangman but gets dumped out! Hangman clotheslines Gallows and himself out! But then Hangman aims, stares Omega down, but Hangman doesn’t slingshot, he steps back in the ring!

Hangman stares down Omega, and Omega tells Hangman he’ snot ready for this 1v1! But Anderson gets up, Hangman DECKS him, and Omega gets away! The Best Bout Machine Belt Collector may not be able to ignore Hangman for much longer, but will this go down at Fight for the Fallen?


Jim Ross has a sit-down interview with Ethan Page and Darby Allin.

JR says this is a very challenging interview to do. He has to say, in all his years of doing this, he is a bit disgusted and uneasy. They each want to end the other’s career and that’s rather sad. Ethan says it isn’t that sad. No, someone losing their livelihood is rather sad to JR. Well maybe Darby deserves it. What makes Ethan say that? What has happened between them for this animosity to be here? Darby stops Ethan to speak up. Darby’s first year in wrestling was Ethan’s 12th. And the fact that Darby got to where Ethan was in that one year eats Ethan alive. So that’s what this is about.

Darby has no walls of complacency. Darby’s been homeless, living out of his car, but where was Ethan? It isn’t Darby’s fault that Ethan got married, never left his hometown, had kids, and let that get in the way. Darby dropped everything to make it somewhere like AEW. Ethan is complacent. Ethan was the big fish in the little pond. And the fact Darby made it to AEW first, Ethan couldn’t stand it. That much, Ethan will agree with. Darby didn’t say a single lie, but he skipped the line! If not for Ethan, Darby would still be living out of his car. Darby would still be doing those same shows, with no money in his pockets.

Ethan plucked Darby from obscurity! Ethan brought Darby in and up in the pro-wrestling world! Those checks Darby cashes are from what he learned by sharing the ring with someone who had 12 more years of experience! Do you know how much it drives Ethan insane that the fact every day since Ethan was born, people told him he’d be a star making money, and then “some runt kid like this, painting his face up to hide the shame from the fact of knowing that without me, you’d be nothing in professional wrestling without me, Darby!” Ethan brought Darby into the business. And next week, in the Coffin Match, Ethan takes him out!

So then, it is official! Next week, Fyter Fest Night 1 in Austin, Texas, AEW’s first Coffin Match! Ethan VS Darby, and JR has no easy feeling about this. Good, because you shouldn’t. Will this intensity only tear the house down in Austin?


Six Man Tag: The Inner Circle w/ Konnan VS The Pinnacle w/ Tully Blanchard!

Jake Hager joins Santana & Ortiz in settling things with Wardlow and FTR! #RockHard won the MMA cage fight, MJF won the singles match with Sammy, but who breaks the tie in this best of series between these feuding factions?

The trios sort out, Dax Harwood starts with Santana, and Santana tackles Dax at the bell! Santana rains down furious forearms, but Dax turns it around to do the same! Santana turns it back around to fire hands, then they get up! Santana DECKS Dax again and again, whips him to a corner, but Dax reverses. Santana comes back to SHOTGUN dropkick! But Dax is back up to LARIAT! Dax dodges the boot, Santana blocks the clothesline, Santana snap suplexes! Uno amigo, fans fire up as he hits dos! Santana gets up again, wrenches and waistlocks, GERMAN SUPLEX for the third! Fans are fired up with Santana and he runs in to elbow Dax!

Tag to Ortiz, Proud ‘n’ Powerful double whip and Ortiz calf kicks Dax down! Santana uses Ortiz as a step for the STANDING MOONSAULT! Ortiz gets Dax up for a NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Ortiz keeps his cool, but Dax CHOPS him down! Tag to Cash Wheeler, and things speed up! Ortiz jumps into a POWERSLAM! Cover, ONE!! Cash gets Ortiz up to ROCK him with an uppercut! Tag to Wardlow, Cash CHOPS Ortiz then Wardlow gut wrench POWERBOMBS! Cover, TWO! Wardlow throws hands, puts Ortiz in the corner and tags in Dax. Wardlow RAMS Ortiz, Dax brings Ortiz out to ROCK him with a right!

Dax suplexes and rebounds Ortiz, but Ortiz slips out to get around! Waistlock, but Dax bucks the O’Conner Roll, only to run into an STO! Ortiz rolls Dax to get him up, POWERBOMB! Then he sits Dax up for Santana to KNEE Dax back down! Hager tags in and he runs right in to BLAST Wardlow off the corner! Then he goes corner to corner, HAGER BOMB! Cash runs in but gets an OVERHEAD Belly2Belly! Hager clotheslines Cash out fast, then does the same to Dax! Fans fire up as AEW goes picture in picture!

Hager roars and stomps around as the Pinnacle regroups. Tully coaches them up, Dax really got rocked but he manages to get up and in at 7 of 10. Dax calls Santana out, Santana tags in, and they reset. Santana knees low, brings Dax over, tag to Ortiz. PNP double suplex Dax then Ortiz covers, TWO! Ortiz gets Dax up, wrenches, tags Santana back in and Santana clubs Dax’s arm. Santana CHOPS Dax to ropes, then whips him. Dax ducks and dodges to FLAPJACK HOTSHOT! The Pinnacle cheers as Dax crawls over and tags Wardlow. Wardlow stomps Santana at the ropes, brings him up and suplex TOSSES him! Wardlow keeps going, another suplex TOSS!

Wardlow gets Santana up, tags Dax in, and Dax bumps Santana off buckles. Dax CHOPS Santana, tags Cash, and then FTR double whip corner to corner. Cash whips Dax in but Santana goes up and over, Dax POSTS himself! Santana gets around Cash for an O’Conner Roll, but he lets go so he can spring up and CUTTER! AEW returns to single picture as fans fire up and both men are down! Cash and Santana crawl, hot tag to Ortiz! Ortiz rallies on Cash, enziguris Wardlow, but Cash kicks low! Cash gets Ortiz up, whips him to a corner, but Ortiz goes up and over. Hager runs in to SPLASH! Ortiz dropkicks, then becomes a step for Santana’s CANNONBALL IN MOTION!

PNP gets Cash up, and feed him to Hager’s SPINEBUSTER! Cover, Wardlow breaks it! Wardlow stomps Ortiz, goes back to the corner, but Ortiz keeps on Cash. Cash powers Ortiz back, Santana tags in, and FTR speeds things up as Cash hurdles. Dax ROCKS, Cash CLUBS, then Dax BOMBS Ortiz! Feed to Cash’s DRAGON SUPLEX, Dax jackknife covers, TWO!! Ortiz survives and fans rally up behind the Inner Circle! Dax gets Ortiz back up, Ortiz blocks the suplex and hits a BRAIN BUSTER! Hot tag to Hager! Hager rallies on The Pinnacle, especially FTR! Hager goes up and hits a HAGER- No, he sees boots coming, and gets an ANKLE LOCK!

Dax CLOBBERS Hager from behind, then reels him in for a whip. Hager revers. Dax dodges and bumps Santana, but Hager BOOTS Dax down! Hager dares Wardlow to get in, and he lets Dax make the tag! Fans are thunderous again as Hager and Wardlow get to go another round! Hager dodges to throw hands, but Wardlow throws them all back! Hager hits back, Wardlow does, too! They fire off fast and furious! Wardlow back drops, Hager sunset flips through to get the ANKLE LOCK! Dax returns but Hager gets him first with a two hand grip! Cash gets in, Hager ROCKS him, but Wardlow CLUBS Hager into the BIG RIG! And Tully distracts the ref, too! Cover, the Pinnacle wins!!

Winners: The Pinnacle, by pinfall

Tully helped FTR sneak that one in, and now the Inner Circle is behind in the series! But Konnan uses a MAD BALL on Wardlow! He barely flinches?! And then Tully CHOP BLOCKS Konnan’s bad leg! PNP get in but The Pinnacle gets away! Will the Inner Circle be able to get back at the Pinnacle down the road?


AEW previews the coming IWGP United States Championship match.

Karl Anderson says, “For the last year, the Good Brothers have changed the landscape of professional wrestling. But we’ve got a problem.” That problem is JON MOXLEY! Omega was the very first IWGP US Champion, and the big problem is that the belt is on Moxley. One of the biggest returns in pro-wrestling that has ever been made a bomb like this is the return of The Machine Gun to NJPW! That was where the Bullet Club was born and where it all began. But Moxley, the fact he has that belt makes them SICK. Moxley, are you ready to defend that title next week, LIVE on night one of Fyter Fest?

When Anderson takes that title, there will be one thing that fans remember: The Good Brothers got to do their favorite thing, #BeatUpJonMoxley! Will it be unscripted violence when Machine Gun welcomes Mox back to the ring?


MJF makes his way to the ring.

The Pinnacle’s leader wishes to give Chris Jericho his list of demands before they have their 1v1 grudge match. We’ll learn what he has planned, after the break.

AEW returns and Chris Jericho makes his entrance. Miami finally gets to sing Judas for him and he revels in it as he joins MJF at a business table that’s been set in the ring. MJF gets upset, then some crazy idiot jumps the rail only to get knocked down. MJF dares another “fat, White trash hicks” to try that so he can beat their ass! But this isn’t about the fans, this is about MJF and Jericho. MJF has beaten Jericho twice, and Jericho is groveling and begging him for another match. “It’s freakin’ sad.” But MJF doesn’t blame Jericho. Everyone wants the #MJFRub. Everyone wants a piece of the KING of AEW! That’s why Jericho is sitting here, waiting for the stipulations.

Jericho wants everyone to hold on with the “Y2J” chants. That died a long time ago, alright? Jericho says he should’ve let that fat guy beat MJF’s ass after all. But we know Jericho! “I’m not gonna back down from you, I’ll accept any stipulation that you lay in front of me.” He’ll stand in front of a Mack truck, swim in a lake infested with piranhas, and even have sex with MJF’s mom. MJF is furious as fans chant, “F His Mom! F His Mom!” And then Jericho adds, “AGAIN!” MJF is furious but he says no, he won’t be rattled. Fans want him to be upset, but he won’t give them what they want!

MJF says it is a shame it’s come to this, because he used to look up to Jericho. MJF followed Jericho every step of his career. Fans taunt MJF, “Who’s Your Daddy?” and he tells them to shut up. MJF knows Jericho’s career, and his favorite part was when Jericho was at odds with Moxley. Remember that one? Jericho VS Moxley in AEW? Does Jericho remember what he put Moxley through in order to get a match with him? Jericho made Moxley wrestle every single person in the Inner Circle first. And while that was heartless, it was oh so inspiring. Karma sucks, doesn’t it? MJF will take what Jericho did and do what MJF does best: make things better.

MJF has a twist here. MJF grew up loving Greek mythology, which is interesting since “Demo God” is like “Demigod,” which is funny because Jericho’s no longer in the key demo. Jericho’s still Jericho, so take it easy on him, guys. But MJF’s favorite myth is the Labors of Hercules. Jericho will have five labors. The first four are opponents of MJF’s choosing, all with different stipulations on top of them, and Jericho must win back-to-back-to-back-to-back. The fifth and final, which will only be if Jericho gets through the first four, which he won’t, will be MJF. Jericho gets one more match with MJF, and when MJF wins for a third time, maybe Jericho gets it that MJF is better than you, and you know it!

So what does “Hercules” say? MJF has a contract, all Jericho has to do is sign on the dotted line. Jericho will say this. If Jericho can’t withstand the “Labors of Jericho,” and if he can’t defeat MJF, maybe Jericho doesn’t deserve to wrestle anymore anyways. But if MJF wants to talk Greek mythology, Jericho’s your guy! Jericho accepts the labors because he is the God of Battle, of Thunder, of War, and he will beat MJF! Fans are fired up as Jericho says he’ll ruin MJF’s life the way MJF tried to ruin his! And that ain’t a myth! Jericho signs, throws the contract back at MJF, but MJF tells him to hold on!

Before Jericho leaves, MJF wants us to know he doesn’t come “from a dumpster fire like Miami, Florida.” MJF comes from the greatest place in the world: Plainview, Long Island, New York! And in Plainview, the deal isn’t done until you shake hands. MJF offers a handshake, and demands Jericho shakes it or the deal is off! Jericho takes it because he has no choice, but then he keeps hold of MJF to reel him in! JUDAS EFFECT! MJF is down in a daze, will Jericho get the better of his challenge like he did right here?


Tony Schiavone interviews Britt Baker & Rebel.

The AEW Women’s World Champion definitely wants to talk about last week and how they were forced to take part in a match no one wanted to see. The champion had to tag with her assistant against known conspirator and danger to society, Nyla Rose, and her senior citizen manager, Vickie Guerrero. The only positive to come out of that was another win for The Doctor, but look at the cost! Poor Reba again has to walk with a crutch! She got in the ring with an unsafe work environment, and she is the one to get hurt. Tony Khan should feel awful! Britt makes and draws him millions! But who’s counting? Not them.

And all for what? To thank Vickie for bringing Khan El Idolo? That’s why this happened. Well Rebel’s knee exploded in a clearly calculated attack, and Britt almost died in that powerbomb through a table! But hey, AEW has El Idolo. But enjoy the blood money. Maybe next week, Dynamite can be live from Saudi Arabia! And as for Nyla, if that was her attempt at softening Britt up for the title match, the only thing soft here is Nyla, the former champion, who will never get it back again! When Britt wins at Fyter Fest Night 2, she won’t just send Nyla to the back of the line, but all the way back to obscurity.

And Britt looked this up, Dallas is “the Big D.” Well, when Britt walks out of there still AEW Women’s World Champion, they’ll turn it into the Big DMD. A lot of words from the Dentist, but will she be made to eat them all in two weeks?


Andrade El Idolo w/ Vickie Guerrero VS Matt Sydal!

The self-proclaimed Face of Latinos has certainly made his presence known, and that includes trying to interject his announcement into one of Matt Sydal’s matches. But will whatever Andrade’s news be come in second to his in-ring debut? Or will Sydal make sure to ruin the moment for him?

The bell rings and Sydal circles with Andrade. They tie up, Andrade puts Sydal in a corner but Sydal pushes back. Andrade wrenches, Sydal wrenches through to wristlock, and then hammerlock. Andrade gets Sydal up but Sydal tilt-o-whirls around to roll Andrade up! TWO, and Andrade gets Sydal up for a SWINGING SUPLEX! Andrade goes to a corner, climbs up, but Sydal gets up to CLUB him down first! Sydal climbs up, Andrade elbows Sydal back, then fans fire up as Andrade MOONSAULTS! Sydal moves, but Andrade MOONSAULTS again! Cover, TWO! Sydal survives but Andrade is amused. Andrade runs in but Sydal deflects boot to trip him up, and MARIPOSA!

Sydal fire sup and KICKS away on Andrade’s leg! Sydal whips, Andrade reverses but Sydal sunset flips. Andrade stays up, rolls to sunset back, TWO! Sydal gets a leg for a spinning toehold! Vickie is furious but Sydal KICKS Andrade again! Andrade CHOPS, Sydal SOBATS! Andrade is down, Sydal goes up, but Andrade DECKS him! Sydal hits the floor and Andrade revels in it as AEW goes picture in picture.

Andrade goes out and drops an ax handle on Sydal. Vickie cheers and so do fans, and Andrade gets Sydal up to snake eyes him off the apron! Andrade gets in the ring while Sydal is down, and the ring count begins. Sydal gets up and gets in at 5 but Andrade dropkicks him back out! Andrade goes out to fetch Sydal, and puts him on the apron for a slingshot dropkick! Sydal falls back to the floor and Andrade grins as he swaggers about. Sydal snarls but Andrade goes back out after him. Andrade puts Sydal in, Vickie rallies the fans, and Andrade snap suplexes! Uno amigo, and Andrade holds on for dos amigos! Andrade gets up again, fans fire up, THREE AMIGOS!

Sydal writhes, Andrade goes to the corner, and fans fire up more, only for Andrade to go back to Sydal. Andrade isn’t give fans everything they want, and he back suplexes, only for Sydal to CROSSBODY out of it! Both men are down as AEW returns to single picture. Sydal gets up, Andrade follows, Sydal KICKS but Andrade forearms! Sydal fires off more strikes, Andrade knees low! Andrade whips Sydal to the corner, runs corner to corner, but Sydal dodges! The knee hits buckles, Sydal keeps moving, WHEEL KICK! Sydal grits his teeth and fires up, fans rally, and Sydal KICKS Andrade! Andrade CHOPS, Sydal KICKS and KICKS then whips!

Andrade holds ropes, Sydal KICKS a leg, but Andrade fires forearms! Andrade shoves, Sydal KICKS back! Sydal fakes Andrade out to ROUNDHOUSE! Sydal rolls Andrade to a ghost pin, TWO!! Andrade escapes and Sydal grows frustrated. Andrade storms over but Sydal JUMP KNEES! Sydal runs but Andrade dodges to come back and LARIAT Sydal inside-out! Andrade puts Sydal in the drop zone, climbs up and shouts out Latino Heat! Andrade climbs, but Sydal gets up after him! Andrade trips Sydal up, aims, but Sydal avoids the Woe Stomps! Sydal gets up, adjusts, and METEORAS! Cover, TWO! Andrade survives but Sydal runs in, only for Andrade to hip toss him into buckles!

Andrade rallies the fans, runs corner to corner, CIEN SHADOWS! Sydal is back down, Andrade says this is HIs moment. Andrade gets Sydal up, hammerlock COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, Andrade wins!

Winners: Andrade El Idolo, by pinfall

El Idolo hits “El Idolo,” and he wins against the number five ranked wrestler! But he isn’t done, he uses his own belt to tie up Sydal’s arms in a DOUBLE ARMBAR!! The ref reprimands Andrade as he makes Sydal suffer! Andrade lets go, scares the ref off, and then leaves with Vickie. Will Andrade not only be the Face of Latinos, but the face of AEW, by any means necessary?


AEW looks closer at Christian Cage VS Matt Hardy.

Captain Charisma says, “Whenever the lights were brightest, whenever it was the biggest stage, I was always on the side that won.” And Big Money Matt can’t stand it. But Hardy tells Christian, “I have known you for 23 years. And whenever I do something, you do it. Every time I go somewhere, you go there.” Hardy is still convinced that at Double or Nothing, in the Casino Battle Royal, they made a pact. They shook hands, and considering that 23 year span of being frenemies, Christian might’ve honored that pact. But no, he didn’t, and he eliminated Hardy. Christian’s always gone by the rule of “Never trust a rich man with an ill-fitting suit and bad haircut.”

Hardy says he has had enough of this. This is a match 23 years in the making. Christian didn’t come back to be Hardy’s friend, but to cement his legacy. If that bothers Hardy, then they can take care of this. And so, at Fyter Fest Night 1, Big Money Matt VS Christian Cage, 1v1! Christian accepts the challenge, and Hardy vows to end Christian once and for all! But Christian’s challenge back is that Hardy either get on his level, or just get out of the way. Will Hardy put his money where his mouth is? Or will Christian prove he really can #OutWorkEveryone?


Schiavone is in the ring with Arn Anderson.

Schiavone has done this a lot with Coach Arn, but tonight, after Cody’s win, and then Brock Anderson’s win a couple weeks ago, life must be good for Arn. Arn says, “Good God almighty, is it great to be in Miami tonight!” And yes, life is good! They’ve missed the fans! But to get right to it- Wait, the lights go out again! Is this another incident because of the weather? No, this one seems to be because of something more. The lights come back up, and WAIT A MINUTE! Is that Aleister Bl- er uh, Tommy End?! And he hits Arn with the FADE TO BLACK!! The heel kick takes Arn down in one shot! Cody rushes back out there and fans are going nuts!

Cody and Aleister/Tommy stare down! But then Tommy backs off, saying Cody can help Arn. But then FADE TO BLACK!!! Cody goes down in one shot, too, and the man formerly known as Tommy, and formerly known as Aleister, is now MALACHAI BLACK! He has KO’d the Enforcer and the American Nightmare, is he going to bring about the end of the Nightmare Family in AEW?


AEW shares footage from before the broadcast.

Ricky Starks went to the ring and held it hostage, and the rest of Team Taz came out to try and understand what he was doing. Starks explained that his security detail, the Starks Special Security, was here for his protection. The reason he has them is because he is still not medically cleared, and he can’t trust Brian Cage not to go after an injured man. Taz himself came out and asked Starks, “What the hell are you doing right now? This is embarrassing!” They discussed this before! Starks doesn’t need security!

Starks stops Taz there and says what’s really embarrassing is the guy in the back, Brian Cage, who doesn’t know the meaning of the word, “Teammate.” Starks has to do what he has to do, and if that means protecting himself before the FTW Championship match next week, then he will. And after Starks whoops up on Cage and gets that title, Starks is going to party like an FTW Champion. Where Starks is from, the W stands for “Wife,” and in this case, he means Cage’s wife! Taz can’t believe Starks went there, but then here comes Cage! Cage storms the ring and CLOBBERS Starks’ body guards! Cage is more than ready, but will it be an absolute bloodbath at Fyter Fest?


Mixed Tag: Orange Cassidy & Kris Statlander VS The Bunny & The Blade!

Freshly Squeezed and the Galaxy’s Greatest Alien want to settle things with the Hardy Family Office’s devious duo in the worst way possible! So in Dynamite’s first-ever Mixed Tag Match, we see if Cassidy & Statlander can thumbs up and boop their way to victory, or if they get cut up and taken Down the Rabbit Hole.

The teams sort out and the ref checks Blade. The brass knuckles have been found and confiscated! Bunny talks trash on Cassidy as a loser, complete with finger and thumb in an L. Cassidy holds his hands up, and puts them in his pockets! Wait, is this going from Mixed to Co-Ed? Cassidy unleashes the shin kicks on Bunny! Oh the humanity! But Bunny just leaves and Blade takes her place. The match actually starts now, Cassidy loads up the kick, but has to dodge Blade’s clothesline first! Cassidy dropkicks then kips up, all no hands! Fans cheer as Blade flounders up, and Cassidy gets him up in Alabama position! Blade fights free, and CHOPS Cassidy!

Blade whips, Cassidy tilt-o-whirls on the return, but no DDT here! Blade swings Cassidy around to POWERSLAM! Blade fires up and fans boo, but he’s amused by that. Blade brings Cassidy up and reels him in, but the suplex becomes STUN-DOG MILLIONAIRE! Tag to Bunny and Statlander gets in, the forearms fly! Fans fire up, Bunny dodges the clothesline to mule kick! Bunny runs and knees Statlander down! Bunny roars and runs, but into a POWERSLAM from Statlander! Thumbs up and Statlander gets Bunny up for haymakers. Statlander CHOPS Bunny, keeps her in a corner, and CHOPS her again! Statlander gets Bunny up and suplexes, to hold her!

Statlander keeps Bunny up for a count of 10, and then 15 before she SLAMS Bunny down! Statlander somersaults but Bunny dodges the senton! Statlander gets up, runs at Bunny, but Bunny dodges and Blade trips Statlander up! The ref reprimands but Statlander swings on Blade. Bunny blindsides Statlander! Cassidy protests but Bunny drags Statlander up, and POSTS her just as AEW goes picture in picture.

Bunny frolics around the ring, then goes corner to corner to SLIDING FOREARM! Bunny laughs and covers, TWO! Statlander toughs it out but Bunny kicks her around. Bunny drags Statlander and stomps the hand! Bunny taunts Cassidy, the ref has him stay back, and Bunny boots Statlander down! Statlande throws hands back, whips, but Bunny reverses to reel Statlander in for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Bunny CLUBS Statlander and grits her teeth. Bunny looms over Statlander, slaps her around, but Statlander hits back! Statlander fires forearms, runs, but Bunny CLOBBERS her! Cover, TWO! Statlander grits her teeth but Bunny is furious!

Bunny gets Statlander with a chinlock and grinds her down as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and Statlander hits a fisherman FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO!! Bunny survives but Statlander gets her to a drop zone. Statlander climbs, fans fire up, but Blade goes around to trip Cassidy up! And throw him into railing! Statlander is distracted by that, and Bunny goes up to SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX! Both women are down, Blade hurries back and gets the tag! Blade tells Statlander to get out, but she refuses! Cassidy gets up slowly as Statlander eggs Blade on! Blade swings, misses, and Cassidy returns with a BIG CROSSBODY! Cassidy ducks, dodges, and tilt-o-whirl DDT’s! Cover, TWO!

Cassidy keeps going, climbs up a corner, and calls for the 450, only for Bunny to shove him down! But Statlander bumps Bunny off buckles! Bunny flops to the floor, Statlander aims to 450 SPLASH Blade!! The Area 451!! Cassidy gets in to cover, but Bunny drags him out! The ref reprimands but Cassidy can’t do anything to Bunny. Blade gets the knuckles back?! Cassidy takes off his arm band, gets in, but gets a BRASS PUNCH!! Bunny hides the knuckles for Blade, but Statlander manages to tag Cassidy!? The ref tries to tell Blade that as he goes for his cocky cover! Bunny doesn’t understand, either, but Statlander shoves her into Blade! BIG BANG THEORY!! Cover, Statlander & Cassidy win!!

Winners: Kris Statlander & Orange Cassidy, by pinfall

Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat! But can these two regroup with their Best Friends to take the fight to the Hardy Family Office once and for all?


AEW commemorates Jungle Boy’s historic 50th win!

They give young Jack Perry a special trophy, and he has a photoshoot with it to celebrate. The first wrestler to hit 50 wins in AEW, will he get another 50 on his way to the top?


Schiavone interviews American Top Team at ringside.

But before Schiavone can say much, Dan Lambert takes over! “When AEW decided to come to Miami, the home of American Top Team, Tony Khan called and asked if the BMF Champion, Jorge Masvidal, and the two-division UFC Champion and greatest female fighter of all time, Amanda Nunes, would make an appearance, nobody said anything about doing an interview or endorsing this show!”

In fact, Lambert storms his way to the ring and as an old school fan, he was skeptical of coming here in the first place. Not because he’s a busy guy running the largest and most successful MMA gym in the history of the planet, or because he’s got better things to do like go to Vegas and see Dustin Poirier knock out Conor McGregor again. No, it is much simpler than that. Lambert was skeptical because of one reason and one reason only: AEW SUCKS!! Lambert thanked Khan for the offer, but said if he wanted to enjoy an evening of pro-wrestling, he’d break out the old VHS, put in some tapes of Florida Championship Wrestling from the 70’s and 80’s, and then sit back and watch some real wrestlers!

That’s right, Lambert wants some Johnny Valentine! Dusty Rhodes, Terry Funk, Harley Race, Jack Briscoe, they’d tear it up! Lambert would probably get to the Barry Windham and Rick Roode eras, but by then, he’d turn it off because the sad truth is, pro-wrestling’s gone nowhere but down since the late 90’s! This product is unwatchable! Tony Khan said Lambert was wrong, that AEW’s doing it the “right way.” AEW has a locker room full of men and women representing every genre of pro-wrestling, from Lucha Libre to Japanese Strong Style. AEW has a mix of veterans like Christian and Jericho, as well as the greatest up-and-coming talent like Sammy Guevara and Darby Allin.

Lambert says Tony Khan got a big smile on his face after that and said, “Best of all, man, is our fanbase! It’s like a giant family of hardcores coming together to celebrate a new era of professional wrestling.” Khan said they gotta come and see the fans chant “A E W.” The fans chant “A E DUB! A E DUB!” Lambert says that argument sounded good to him, and maybe he was wrong. Here he is, 90 minutes in, and the lesson learned is always trust your instincts! But then Lance Archer storms out to the ring! Lambert tells the “big fella” to hold on. But instead, Archer DECKS Lambert! And then gets him up to the top rope! Inverted crucifix, BLACK OUT BOMB!!

Fans are fired up for the Murderhawk Monster, and American Top Team is definitely shocked! Will Lambert wake up with some newfound respect for AEW?


AEW World Tag Team Championships Street Fight: The Young Bucks VS Eddie Kingston & Penta El Zero M w/ Alex Abrahantes!

Matt & Nick Jackson can’t stand the fact they lost last week, especially since they used every trick they knew against the Mad King and the man with no fear! But now, the kid gloves are off, and just about anything can happen in this one! Will #CeroMiedo make it so that the Bucks have cero oro? Or will there be some new tricks up the Elite’s proverbial sleeves?

AEW returns once more and the Bucks make their entrance, accompanied by Callis and Brandon Cutler. The introductions are made, the titles are raised, and this is going to be a wild end to the Road Rager!

Callis joins commentary at the bell, and Kingston throws a trash can at Matt’s head! Penta goes after Nick with haymakers, then Kingston helps out. The streamers are still in the ring so they’re getting all tangled up in them, and they drag the streamers along as they spill out of the ring. Kingston and Penta mug Nick against railing, but Matt runs in to WRECK the challengers with a dropkick! Nick whips Kingston into railing, Nakazawa is there already to help out, and Matt sends Penta in. Nakazawa sets Kingston and Penta up, but they get away, the DOUBLE SUPERKICKS hit Nakazawa!

Penta KICKS Matt, Kingston CLUBS Nick, and then Kingston POSTS Nick while Penta RAMS Matt into barriers! Fans fire up as Kingston chases Brandon Cutler! Cutler has his cold spray but he is cornered! The Bucks return, Matt CLUBS Penta and Nick JABS Kingston with a chair! Penta hits back but Nick JABS Penta! And then JABS Kingston! Matt ROCKS Penta with a right. Nick stands on top of the chair to soak up the heat. Nick brings Kingston around but Kingston hits back with haymakers! Penta ROCKS Matt, the challengers whip the Bucks, and Penta drop toeholds Matt onto the chair! Kingston drop toeholds Nick into the other side of the chair, and then they get a SUPERKICK DROPKICK SANDWICH!

Fans fire up with Penta and Kingston as Kingston sets the chair up between Nick’s legs! Penta climbs and says QUE PASO~! Nick gets steel to groin!! Fans fire up as Kingston and Penta go outside. They look under the ring, and Kingston brings out a TABLE! Penta also brings out a TABLE! Fans are fired up for one table being put in the ring while Penta sets up the other on the outside. Nick hobbles over to Penta while Kingston sets up his table. Actually, Kingston deconstructs it by ribbing off the frame and tearing up a leg. Penta KICKS Nick, gets the fans to chant, “CERO! MIEDO!” but Nick blocks the table bump to bump Penta instead!

Matt is on the corner and Kingston climbs up after him. Kingston gets Matt up but Nick goes after Kingston! Nick gets under Kingston for a POWERBONB onto the flat table! The fact it’s upside-down means the wood doesn’t break and is just a hard surface to land on! But then Penta has Matt on the apron for a DESTROYER THROUGH THE TABLE!!! Miami loses its mind as those two are down in the wreckage! Penta gets up and crawls around to find another trash can! Cutler checks on Matt as Nick realizes what happened. Nick is on the apron and he PENALTY KICKS the trash can into Penta! Nick mockingly says the kick is good as AEW goes picture in picture.

Penta stirs, Nick goes back to Kingston and stomps him down. Nick puts Kingston’s table in a corner and stands it up. Nick also has the trash can and SMACKS Kingston on the back! Nick kicks at Kingston but he just gets pissed! Kingston gets up, CHOPS and CHOPS and CHOPS Nick, but Nick BOOTS back! Kingston wobbles and Nick stomps him down! Cutler is spraying Matt down while Nick goes after Kingston more. Nick then goes out to SMACK Penta with the trash can! Cutler helps bring out a third table! They set this one up right where they found it, then Nick goes up to hip thrust and mock the fans. Nick gets Kingston up, wants to suplex, but Kingston fights back!

Kingston CHOPS Nick, but Nick hits back! Nick springboards, into an EXPLODER! Nick hobbles back up, Kingston runs in, but Nick dodges and Kingston goes through the table!! Kingston writhes and gets out from the wreckage, but Nick rains down rights! Nick soaks up the heat as he paces around, and then he BLASTS Penta off the apron! Nick aims at Kingston and stomps him against the ropes! Kingston fights up in the corner, Nick runs in, SHINING WIZARD! GAMANGIRI! FOREARM and BULLDOG! AEW returns to single picture as Nick SMACKS Kingston with the trash can over and over!

Nick presses the can in, goes up top and aims, FULL METAL SWANTON BOMB! Cover, TWO!?! Nick is furious with the ref but the count is fair. Penta slithers in and rolls Nick up! Nick rolls through but Penta SUPERKICKS! Nick wobbles, Penta hits a SLINGBLADE! Matt returns but gets a SLINGBLADE! Penta keeps moving, CODE BREAKER BACK SENTON COMBO! Two Bucks for the price of one, and Penta whips Nick. Nick reverses, Penta goes up and over, and he mule kicks Matt! Victory roll and leap, but Matt NORTHERN LIGHTS Penta away! Kingston gets back up to swing on Matt, but Matt ducks the Uraken to feed Kingston to an ENZIGURI!

Kingston is down, Matt runs in, CANNONBALL ENZIGURI combo! Nick climbs up and Matt gets Kingston with haymakers. Kingston puts up his dukes but Matt still throws hands. Matt fireman’s carries but Penta trips Nick! Kingston shoves Matt at Penta and Penta pops Matt up. Nick helps Matt handstand, but that only gets him a SUPERKICK to HALF ‘N’ HALF! Matt staggers, Penta uses Kingston for a step into the TORNADO DDT! Matt writhes, Kingston gets him up, REAR NAKED CHOKE!! Matt flails but Nick adjusts, to 450 SPLASH THE REF?!?! Nick didn’t want to hurt his brother so he takes out the official, just as Matt taps out!!

Nick rakes Kingston’s eyes and fans boo as the Bucks find a way to screw their challengers over after all! And then Nick waves the Good Brothers out! Anderson & Gallows swagger to the ring and they have a baggy with them! Penta sends Nick out but he and Kingston brawl with the Good Brothers! Anderson throws Kingston out, Penta throws Gallows out. The Good Brothers mug Kingston but Penta builds speed to FLY! Direct hit into the railing!! Fans fire up for “A E DUB! A E DUB!” as Penta gets Matt up! Cero Miedo, but no Fear Factor! Matt SPEARS Kingston, spins Penta, and Cutler thinks it’s better not to spray this time since he screwed up last time.

Matt tells Cutler to spray but Penta switches! Definitely not the time to spray! But Matt switches back, maybe spray? Cutler tries but Penta bobs ‘n’ weaves around! Penta elbows free, and FRANKIE KAZARIAN gets Cutler off the apron! Kaz aims and POWERBOMBS Cutler through the table!! The Elite Hunter takes down a target and the fans are thunderous! Penta and Kingston regroup, the ref is coming to, FEAR FACTOR to URAKEN!!! Cover but where’s the ref?!? This would’ve been over three seconds ago! A new ref rushes out, gets down to count, but Nick drags him out!! This is like Revolution and THE world title all over again!

But Kaz CLOBBERS Nick! Kaz feeds Nick to the challengers but the Good Brothers clobber Kaz! They give Ka MAGIC KILLER to the floor! Kingston has the baggy the Good Brothers brought, and he pours out THUMBTACKS!! Callis hypocritically says this is too much, when it was his guys that brought the bag! Matt hurries as Kingston reels Nick in, and Matt throws a handful of tacks at Kingston’s FACE!! Matt gets Kingston up, but Penta SMACKS Matt with the trash can! Nick is in a corner, Penta runs in, but Nick puts him on the apron. Nick goes out but Penta ENZIGURIS him down! Penta goes up, drags Nick up to join him, but Nick ROCKS Penta back!

They brawl up top, Nick gets the edge and stands up, SUPER STEINER onto the tacks!! Cover, Matt intercepts Kingston but Kingston shoves him over into Nick! The match continues and Matt got at least one tack on his back! Fans are loving this as Kingston fights both Bucks with CHOPS! But he runs into DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Penta gets up, Nick throws tacks at his face! SUPERKICK for Penta, then Nick shoves tacks into Kingston’s mouth! Matt SUPERKICKS the tacks out!! Double cover, the Bucks win!!

Winners: The Young Bucks, by pinfall (still AEW World Tag Team Champions)

Matt & Nick survive by the seats of their very short cut-off jeans! But considering the stacked deck they have every time they play, does anyone stand a chance of every dethroning them?

My Thoughts:

What a great night here! A great return to a full crowd, return to being on the road and kicking off this month of special episodes. And oddly enough, they get one of the weaker points out of the way with the open. The South Beach Strap Match had the four corners stipulation which I do not like because it frames the finish from the get-go. They were at least smart to tease the “sudden switcheroo” there, where Cody almost tagged the fourth corner, but it was smart to not do that. Still not sure Cody just destroying QT and then tagging all corners unimpeded as better but it wasn’t such forced drama. Maybe now The Factory can feud with other people, add new people, something good for them.

We got a good promo bit from Spears and Sammy setting up their grudge match, a good promo from Christian and Hardy to set up their grudge match, a good promo from Karl Anderson to let us know about him and Moxley for the IWGP US Championship. I don’t see Anderson winning that, it is Moxley’s return to action and his return to being in front of a full crowd. I think someone bigger in NJPW should take the belt and at a NJPW event. NJPW has Resurgence in California in August, maybe someone takes it from Moxley there and then the title is featured on NJPW Strong? It’d make for a bigger card since the NEVER Openweight title is on the line, Jay White VS David Finlay.

We also got great stuff with other promo segments. Callis, Omega and Uno were great, and I saw the “Bangkok” pun coming miles away. Hangman showing up was the right move because he has to show he isn’t afraid, but I feel bad if this ends up Fight for the Fallen’s match. It needs to be for All Out, and maybe Hangman comes out next week to tell us he’s not going for the belt at FFTF, and wants to wait for All Out. Omega can rest up, Hangman can train and tune up, we’ll get them at 100% (certainly in kayfabe) and the best possible match out of them in Chicago. I wouldn’t be surprised if Stu Grayson got the FFTF match since he took the fight to Omega first.

JR sitting with Darby and Ethan was a really good segment, too, both guys were solid in their promos. The Coffin Match could go either way, I have no idea who should win and what that’d mean for their story, but it’ll be one insane match. Seeing Jungle Boy get a legit trophy for his 50th win is cool, it shows AEW wants to be loyal to the “wins and losses matter” kayfabe, and this is really a physical representation of the investment they’re putting in JB and how they see him as the future. MJF and Jericho had quite the wild moment with that rando trying to get in the ring like a dumbass, but they were still able to give us a great face to face. Sad to hear Jericho say “Y2J” is dead, though…

I like the idea that MJF wants Jericho to take on four mystery opponents with mystery stipulations, and I can’t wait to see who and what he chooses. The Six Man of Inner Circle VS Pinnacle was really good, and I should’ve figured the Pinnacle would win to put the pressure on Sammy and Jericho to turn things around and win the unofficial series. Spears VS Sammy should be a chairs match, by the way. Then, Britt’s promo to rant about last week was pretty good. I’m still confident that Britt wins but Nyla is going to get really close. I also liked the classic use of reverse psychology going on with Dan Lambert. Get someone to talk down to fans and the company, he gets Heel Heat, fans show their AEW pride, and they get to cheer Archer as the guy who shut Lambert up. No idea if there’s a plan here but it was good.

Andrade had a very good debut match with Matt Sydal, but of course he was going to have that. His brutality after winning is a good touch, he looks ready to do that to just about anyone put in front of him. Schiavone interviewing Arn turning into that shocking debut was awesome! Aleister doesn’t default back to Tommy, he is trying to redeem the character that was Mr. Black by going by Malachai Black, and him laying out a legend in Arn and the face of AEW in Cody was awesome stuff! This clearly is Cody’s next phase after QT, just look at how he returned in a white suit against Malachai’s black suit in classic light VS darkness trope! But I really hope Aleister wins in the end, Cody can give up something to put over a legit talent like him.

The Mixed Tag was a lot of fun, so much great character work from all four. Statlander hitting a 450 is impressive stuff, and her coming out with the win is great stuff for her as well as the Best Friends faction. Christian VS Hardy may be happening next week but I still hope we get a huge match so all of the HFO members (Private Party, The Hybrid2 and Blade) can take on five others (Cassidy, Chuck Taylor and Jurassic Express while Trent is still out?) in something big. Blood & Guts shouldn’t just be for the biggest factions, give it to this feud to really let those guys cut loose. Jungle Boy and Orange Cassidy on the same team? That’s money right there!

The main event, that tag title Street Fight, that was PPV quality! It was clear there was going to be “overbooking” with Cutler, Nakazawa, the Good Brothers and Kazarian showing up, but they all really enhanced things. It felt like it really could’ve gone the way of Kingston & Penta, and that much was enough to really take things up a notch. The Bucks get such Heel Heat for the interference, but they really did up the brutality to finish it off. Omega VS Hangman with Hangman possibly winning is clear, I really am not sure who takes these from the Bucks. Can the Dark Order get going to parallel Hangman so that they can all reign together?

My Score: 9.4/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (7/5/22)

A BIG 8 Man main event!



AEW Dark 2

Universal Studios is still Dark!

AEW Dark has eight matches for Universal Studios, and tops it off with an 8 Man Tag! Will the Dark Order outshine The Wingmen in Orlando?


  • Aaron Solo VS Fuego Del Sol; wins.
  • Bear Country VS Adrian Alanis & Liam Gray; win(s).
  • Jay Lethal & Satnam Singh w/ Sonjay Dutt VS Dariana Bengston & Gus de la Vega; win.
  • Josh Woods VS Barrett Brown; wins.
  • A.Q.A VS Avery Breaux; wins.
  • Lee Moriarty VS Leon Ruffin; wins.
  • Sonny Kiss VS Lamar Diggs; wins.
  • 8 Man Tag: The Dark Order VS The Wingmen’s Ryan Nemeth, Peter Avalon, JD Drake and Cezar Bononi


Great to see Sonny Kiss in action again, it has been some time since they’ve been anywhere in AEW. Lee Moriarty VS Leon Ruffin is going to be a really fun match but I would think Moriarty wins. The Dark Order VS The Wingmen really is full faction against full faction. Evil Uno, Preston Vance, John Silver & Alex Reynolds are pretty much the only members left, with Stu Grayson and Alan Angels leaving AEW, and Colt Cabana avoiding AEW in favor of ROH, given his falling out with CM Punk.

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (7/4/22)

Detroit gets Elevated!



AEW Elevation Coverage

Spend the Fourth of July with Best Friends!

AEW brings some fireworks to Motor City with half a dozen matches for Dark: Elevation! Will you be celebrating with Best Friends for the Fourth?


  • Anna Jay w/ Negative One VS Megan Myers; Jay wins.
  • Best Friends VS Isaiah Broner & GPA; Best Friends wins.
  • Jay Lethal & Satnam Singh w/ Sonjay Dutt VS Ryan Jones & Cage Alexander; Lethal & Singh win.
  • Anthony Ogogo VS Project MONIX; Ogogo wins.
  • Yuka Sakazaki & Hikaru Shida VS Laynie Luck & Heather Reckless; Sakazaki & Shida win.
  • Six Man Tag: The Dark Order (Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds & 10) VS The Factory; The Dark Order wins.


A fun line-up but with the usual obvious outcomes. Obviously with Chuck Taylor sticking around, he and Trent Beretta are back at it as Best Friends. They’ll get a good win here, but who knows if they’ll get back up towards tag titles or not. Good to see Shida is back, she and Sakazaki will also get a good win. While both the AEW Women’s World Championship and TBS Championship both have stories, this match could still help Shida get going again towards a title story of her own. And the Dark Order’s Uno, Reynolds & Vance will surely beat QT, Solo & Comoroto.

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