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Mitchell’s NJPW Summer Struggle Nagoya Report! (7/24/21)

Nagoya says GO ACE!



NJPW Summer Struggle Nagoya

NJPW keeps the Summer Struggle going in Nagoya!

Before going up to bat at Wrestle Grand Slam Tokyo, NJPW visits Nagoya! Stone Pitbull steps up to King of Darkness and The Ace takes on Fang Revived!

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • Tomohiro Ishii VS EVIL w/ Dick Togo; Evil wins.
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi VS KENTA; wins.


Tomohiro Ishii VS EVIL w/ Dick Togo!

Chaos knows Bullet Club wants the NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag titles, but that isn’t just going to happen! Will the Stone Pitbull take a bite out of the King of Darkness? Or will Nagoya learn Everything is Evil?

But the second Ishii gets in the ring, he DECKS Evil and chases him out of the ring! The bell rings to get this on the record as Ishii stomps away on Evil and whips him hard into railing! Fans fire up as Ishii drags Evil up to whip him hard into more railing! The ref wants this in the ring, Ishii just whips Evil even harder into railing! Dick attacks Ishii but Ishii doesn’t flinch! Ishii ROCKS Dick, puts him in the ring, and the ref wants Ishii to hold off but Ishii shoves him down! Ishii grabs Dick around the throat to then DECK him! Fans fire up and Ishii throws his shirt off to drag Dick up, put him in the corner, and clothesline him down!

Dick flops down but Ishii ain’t done with him yet! Evil is getting up on the outside as Ishii gets Dick up. Evil saves Dick from the bomb and stomps Ishii down. Evil whips Ishii to a corner but Ishii comes back to run him over! Ishii chases Evil outside the ring again, but Ishii takes a page from Evil’s playbook by getting a chair from under the ring. Fans rally for “I-SHI-I!” but the ref wants Ishii to stand down. Ishii refuses, shoves past the ref and TOSSES the chair! Evil gets out of the way and the chair hits railing! Ishii pursues Evil around the corner and Evil wants mercy. Ishii instead kicks Evil up the ramp, and brings him up to SMACK off railing!

Ishii pulls railing apart to SMACK Evil with the piece he took! Fans cheer the ferocity as Ishii looms over Evil. The ref reprimands and wants this to get in the ring for once, but fans rally as Ishii drags Evil up. Ishii reels Evil in but Dick saves Evil form a brainbuster to the floor! Ishii glares at Dick and Dick runs away, egging Ishii on. They go in the ring, Evil gets in and CLOBBERS Ishii! Evil looms over Ishii as fans still rally. Evil drags Ishii up, throws him out, and whips him hard into railing! The ref reprimands but Evil wants to cash the rest of his receipts! Evil gets two chairs, drags Ishii up and puts his head through one chair. Evil gets the other, to HOME RUN!

Some fans do cheer, but the ref continues to reprimand. Fans rally back up for “I-SHI-I!” as Evil goes into the ring. Dick taunts Ishii but the ref keeps his eyes on him. The ring count begins and Ishii stirs at 7 of 20. Ishii sits up at 10 of 20, stands at 12, and drags himself in at 15! Evil is fine with that and he walks over to drag Ishii to a cover, ONE! Evil is annoyed with the count but the fans cheer. Evil gets Ishii up, then throws him out again! The ref has had about enough of this, but Evil RAMS Ishii into the railing! Timekeeper Abe-san goes down! Will Evil ever stop bullying him? And Dick undoes the blue corner pad while the ref is busy with Ishii and Abe!

Evil and Dick Too Sweet and then Evil gets in the ring. Ishii stirs and Abe gets his timekeeper table back up. Fans rally for Ishii even harder now as Evil waits. The ring count starts again, Ishii staggers about at 4 of 20, clutches his back and heads over at 8 of 20, and gets in before 10. Evil drags Ishii back up, and whips him into the bare corner! The ref only now realizes what Bullet Club did as Evil drags Ishii to a HALF CRAB! Dick taunts Ishii at the ropes, Evil drags Ishii away and has the Half Crab even deeper! Ishii fights to turn as fans rally up but Evil fights it. Ishii reaches, Evil sits on the hold even deeper, but Ishii gets the ropebreak! The ref counts, Evil finally lets go at 4.

Evil paces while Ishii is getting mad. Fans still rally as Evil kicks at Ishii mockingly. Ishii eggs Evil on, Evil kicks him more and more, but Ishii gets up. Ishii throws hands and chops but they don’t do enough. Evil CHOPS Ishii and Ishii staggers back. Evil taunts Ishii, CHOPS him again, and Ishii grits his teeth as he stays standing! Evil taunts and CHOPS Ishii again! Ishii stays up by supporting himself with his hands. Ishii stands up, Evil DOUBLE CHOPS! Ishii stays up and shocks Evil with a CHOP in return! It was a high one and Evil falls right over as he gasps and sputters! Ishii gets up, fans rally behind him, and he gets Evil up to whip him. Evil reverses to send Ishii into the bare buckles!

But Ishii fires up and RUNS Evil over! Fans fire up as both men are down. Ishii rises while Evil gets to a corner. Ishii heads over, CHOPS and forearms on repeat! Fans rally with each shot, Evil falls down and the ref wants Ishii to let off! But Ishii shoves the ref and stands Evil up to fire off more forearms and CHOPS! Ishii finally lets off and Dick checks on Evil. Ishii comes back to get Evil up but Evil SLAPS him! Ishii stands Evil up to fire off more HIGH CHOPS! The ref reprimands, he’s getting Evil real close to the throat! Evil falls over and gasps for air. Ishii shows no mercy and gets Evil up. Evil fights the back suplex by thumbing Ishii in the eyes!

The ref reprimands but both men are down again. Fans rally up while Evil slowly sits up. Evil still coughs and sputters but he gets Ishii up. Evil throws Ishii out and argues with the ref, DICK whips Ishii into railing! Dick puts Ishii back in, Evil covers, TWO! Evil kicks at Ishii, toying with him. Ishii gets up but Evil pokes him in the eyes again! Evil throws Ishii back out for Dick to cheap shot! Dick whips, Ishii reverses and Dick hits railing! Dick is down, Evil rushes out but Ishii throws him over the railing, onto the timekeeper’s table! Abe gets back as Ishii hops the railing, and he SMACKS Evil off the table! And again!

Ishii makes Evil take a seat, then drags Dick up to RAM into the railing! Now Evil knows how he makes Abe-san feel as he goes flying back! Fans cheer but Abe isn’t really sure what to do now. Fans rally as “I-SHI-I!” goes around the railing to get Evil out from under the table. Ishii puts Evil in, drags him up, and reels him in to suplex! Cover, TWO! Ishii keeps his cool as he gets back up. Ishii dares Evil to sit up, and then runs, but Evil dodges the lariat to waistlock. Ishii switches but Evil RAMS him into the bare buckles! FISHERMAN BUSTER! Both men are down again and fans rally up. Ishii and Evil slowly stir, Ishii goes to a corner. Evil stands, runs in, and clotheslines!

Evil reels Ishii in to hoist Ishii up top. Evil climbs up, gets Ishii up on the very top, and hits a SUPERPLEX! Ishii writhes and Evil covers, TWO!! Ishii survives and fans are fired up again! Evil slowly gets to his feet, gets Ishii’s legs, and steps through! Ishii blocks the Scorpion Deathlock to punch Evil away! Evil comes back, gets Ishii up, but Ishii blocks the fireman’s carry. Ishii throws elbows, but Evil blocks a kick to rake eyes! Evil throws the kick into the ref, then gets Ishii up! Dick helps out in the MAGIC KILLER! Cover, TWO!! Fans fire up as Ishii survives! But Evil gets Ishii up again, fireman’s carries, but Ishii fights free!

Evil elbows and whips Ishii but Ishii reverses! Evil hits bare buckles and staggers into a BACK SUPLEX! Both men are down again and fans rally back up! Ishii and Evil stir, rise, and Evil gets to a corner. Ishii runs in and clotheslines! Ishii hoists Evil up top now, climbs up and gets Evil up for a STALLING SUPERPLEX!! Fans are thunderous as Ishii covers, TWO!! Evil survives and Ishii is getting mad! Fans rally hard as ever as Ishii roars and rises to his feet. Ishii wants Evil to get up again, and Ishii runs, but Evil blocks the lariat, to get a DISCUS LEFT! Ishii gets Evil back up, reels him in, but Dick distracts! So Ishii RAMS Evil into Dick! Then GERMAN SUPLEXES Evil!

Ishii isn’t done, he sits Evil up and SLIDING LARIATS! Cover, TWO!!! Evil survives again but Ishii’s anger builds! Ishii gets Evil up again as fans return to a thunderous rally. Ishii reels Evil in but Evil wrenches and reels Ishii! Ishii avoids the STO to HEADBUTT! Ishii runs but is put on the apron. Ishii ROCKS Evil, steps in but Evil kicks the ropes! The rope gets Ishii in his stone pitbull! Fans rally up as both men are down. Evil gets up first and hobbles over to get Ishii up. Ishii is dead weight and Evil wants the ref to check on Ishii. The ref does check but Ishii is still conscious, so Evil gets him to his feet. Fireman’s carry, DARKNESS FALLS!! Cover, TWO!!?

Fans are still fired up as Ishii survives and both men are down again. Evil slashes his throat as he vows to end this! Evil stands Ishii up, spins him around, but no STO as Ishii elbows back. So Evil chokes Ishii and shoves him into bare buckles! Evil runs but Ishi blocks lariat with lariat! Evil tries again, Ishii ducks and waistlocks but Evil elbows free to LARIAT after all! Cover, TWO!!! Ishii barely kicks out in time but Evil vows to end him! EVERYTHING- NO! Ishii spins and HEADBUTTS! Both men fall over again! We’re in the last few minutes of the time limit and fans are thunderous! Dick throws a chair in! Evil gets it, the ref stops him, but that distracts from Dick sliding into the ring!

Dick goes after Ishii with the SPOILER CHOKER! Ishii powers up and pries free?! And HEADBUTTS then LARIATS Dick! But EVERYTHING- NO! Ishii shoves Evil at the ref, but Evil stops himself. Evil tries to low blow but Ishii blocks it, and ENZIGURIS! Fans are thunderous yet again as Ishii slaps himself to fire up! Ishii powers up, runs, and LARIATS!! Evil gets turned inside out! Ishii covers, TWO!?!? Evil survives and shocks everyone! Ishii gets up, slashes his throat because he vows to end this! Ishii drags Evil up, suplexes, and Evil fights free! Evil RAMS Ishii into the ref! They’re all down in the corner but YUJIRO TAKAHASHI appears!

Tokyo Pimp is aiming with his pimp cane, but Ishii ROCKS him with a forearm first! Ishii grabs the cane to toss it aside, but Evil LOW BLOWS from behind! Yujiro gives Ishii PIMP JUICE! The basement DDT takes Ishii down and Evil gets back up. Fans rally hard as ever for “I-SHI-I!” but Evil drags him up. EVERYTHING IS EVIL!! Cover, Evil wins!!

Winner: Evil, by pinfall

Ishii has fallen! But considering it took the entire trio of #EvilDickPimps to break the Stone Pitbull, what chance to they have against the entire trio of Ishii, Hashi & Goto?


Hiroshi Tanahashi VS KENTA!

The Ace and Fang Revived have had beef before in the NEVER Openweight Championship race, and it seems that beef will continue in Nagoya! Can Kenta be a good guard dog for current champion, Jay White? Or will the Once in a Century Talent get through the knight to get at #KingSwitch?

Tanahashi takes off his jacket to show off the muscles and fans cheer. The bell rings and the fans rally, “LET’S GO ACE! LET’S GO ACE!” as Tanahashi and Kenta stare down. Kenta and Tanahashi circle, approach, and Kenta bails out to use a very Jay White tactic. But the fans still rally for The Ace so Kenta mocks the clapping. Kenta paces around, sees Shibata on commentary, and then slowly gets back in the ring. Fans cheer as Kenta and Tanahashi circle again. They tie up, Tanahashi puts Kenta on the ropes and Red Shoes calls for the break. Tanahashi lets off and Kenta bails out. Kenta walks around again as the fans continue to clap, “LET’S GO ACE!”

The ring count starts, Kenta goes to the apron at 3 of 20 but he wants Tanahashi to stay back. Kenta claps, the fans follow along, and Tanahashi easily turns that back into “LET’S GO ACE!” Kenta returns, circles with Tanahashi again, and they tie up. Tanahashi throws Kenta down, then gets him up to throw forearms. Tanahashi whips Kenta to a corner, Kenta reverses, but Tanahashi back elbows from the corner. Tanahashi goes up and CROSSBODIES! Fans fire up and Tanahashi adds as BACK SENTON! Tanahashi air guitars, Kenta bails out, but Tanahashi goes out and fetches Kenta back into the ring. Fans fire up as Tanahashi goes back in and runs, but Kenta sends Tanahashi out!

Tanahashi skins the cat but Kenta catches him to shove him down! Then Kenta is on the apron and he DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS Tanahashi on the floor! Kenta gets Tanahashi up to whip Tanahashi hard into railing! Fans rally for Tanahashi but Kenta gets him up to whip him hard the other way! Tanahashi slumps down and Red Shoes reprimands but Kenta gets in Shibata’s face. Kenta dares Shibata to do something and Shibata stands up! Shibata still isn’t cleared to compete but that doesn’t mean he won’t fight Kenta. Kenta goes back to Tanahashi, throws hands, but Tanahashi grits his teeth as Kenta keeps hitting him.

Kenta gets Tanahashi up to POST him! Tanahashi falls back down and Red Shoes starts a ring count. Kenta gets Tanahashi up to put in the ring at 5 of 20, and he covers, TWO! Kenta stomps Tanahashi, then gets fans to clap for him, “KEN! TA! KEN! TA!” Then Kenta does his weird clapping just to troll the fans before he stomps Tanahashi down. Kenta acts like it’s the fans fault they can’t get it right. Kenta gets Tanahashi up, turns him, and NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO, but Kenta keeps Tanahashi down with a headlock. Fans rally up, “LET’S GO ACE!” as Tanahashi endures. Tanahashi fights up but Kenta throws him down by his hair!

Kenta paces, drops a knee on Tanahashi’s head, then another. Kenta brings the knee pad down, jumps, but just scuffs Tanahashi’s face. Kenta air guitars, probably the bass, and he stomps Tanahashi more. Kenta kicks at Tanahashi but Tanahashi gets mad. Kenta KICKS him right down! Fans still rally as Kenta takes his time getting the cover, ONE! Kenta wraps on a chinlock and grinds Tanahashi down again. Tanahashi endures and the fans rally again. Tanahashi fights back up, throws elbows and body shots and is free, only for Kenta to knee low! Kenta BOOTS Tanahashi, but Tanahashi only drops to a knee. Kenta throws hands but Tanahashi gets mad!

Kenta keeps throwing hands but Tanahashi eggs him on! Kenta kicks low, snapmares and KICKS Tanahashi! But Tanahashi gets right up to scowl at Kenta. Tanahashi fires off forearms, EuroUppers, and he whips Kenta to ropes. Kenta reverses but Tanahashi hits FLYING FOREARMS! Fans fire up with Tanahashi as Kenta gets to a corner. Tanahashi runs in but blocks Kenta’s boot to put the leg through ropes. Tanahashi gets the other leg, DRAPING DRAGON SCREW! Tanahashi drags Kenta back up by the bad leg to DRAGON SCREW it again! And then he has the leg for a GROUND DRAGON SCREW! Fans rally for Tanahashi while Kenta clutches his knee.

Tanahashi drags Kenta by both legs, ties the legs up, and has the TEXAS CLOVERLEAF! Kenta endures and crawls towards ropes and manages a ropebreak! Tanahashi lets go fast to stomp the bad leg. Tanahashi powers up, runs, but Kenta dodges slingblade to roll Tanahashi! With tights! TWO, and Kenta goes to a corner. Kenta boots Tanahashi away, and again, then hops up top. Kenta reels Tanahashi in but Tanahashi tosses Kenta off the tornado! Tanahashi runs but into a SPINNING POWERSLAM! Both men are down but fans rally back up. Kenta gets Tanahashi up for KICKS, then reels him in, FISHERMAN SUPLEX! Cover, TWO! Tanahashi is still in this but Kenta keeps focus.

Kenta goes to the apron, climbs up a corner and he waits as Tanahashi slowly stands. FLYING LARIAT! Cover, TWO! The Ace is tougher than that and Kenta grows annoyed. Fans still rally as Kenta KICKS Tanahashi in the back. And again! Kenta has Tanahashi through ropes but Tanahashi fights out to dump Kenta out! Kenta gets up and Tanahashi throws forearms! Kenta hits back, but Tanahashi gets the edge! Tanahashi swings but Kenta shoulders in and hotshots Tanahashi down! Kenta drags Tanahashi to the apron and out along it! DRAPING DDT to the floor! Both men are down after the #BrainKiller as fans rally up again!

Kenta leaves Tanahashi behind to get in the ring. The count begins, and reaches 10 of 20 as Tanahashi starts to rise. Tanahashi stands at 14 and staggers back at 15! He crashes into railing, flounders at 17, hurries up again and in at 19! Kenta aims from the corner as Tanahashi gets back up, and runs in to BOOT Tanahashi in the corner! Kenta keeps going, HESITATION DROPKICK! Kenta is definitely sending Shibata a message with that one! Kenta goes up top, DIVING DOUBLE STOMPS!! Cover, TWO!! Tanahashi survives the coup de grace but Kenta gets back up. Fans rally up as Tanahashi slowly rises. Kenta fireman’s carries but Tanahashi slips off!

Tanahashi swings a punch but Kenta gets Tanahashi again, but no GTS! DRAGON SCREW! Both men are down, the fans rally up with “LET’S GO ACE!” once again. Tanahashi and Kenta crawl towards each other, and Tanahashi throws a forearm! Kenta hits Tanahashi back, so Tanahashi hits Kenta again! Kenta forearms back, Tanahashi throws another forearm, repeat! They brawl their way back to their feet and fans fire up as they pick up speed! Tanahashi, Kenta, and back again, until Kenta pulls hair! Tanahashi pulls hair, Red Shoes wants them both to stop, but they both shove him down! Tanahashi and Kenta keep the forearms going and fans fire up again!

Kenta hits twice, Tanahashi hits twice! Kenta hits three times, Tanahashi hits three times! Both men stagger a moment, but Kenta comes back with four forearms! Tanahashi stays up and roars as he fires off four in return! Kenta wobbles, but he comes back with FIVE forearms! So Tanahashi comes back with five! Kenta falls over and fans fire up with Tanahashi! Tanahashi drags Kenta back up, but Kenta gets around and shoves Tanahashi at Red Shoes! Red Shoes gets out of the way, Tanahashi hits buckles, but Kenta reels Tanahashi back in. Kenta keeps aiming at Red Shoes! Red Shoes runs around, Kenta pushes Tanahashi along as they chase him! Red Shoes falls out of the ring!

Tanahashi steadies himself and dropkicks Kenta’s legs out! Red Shoes returns as fans rally up again. Tanahashi has Kenta in the corner and he throws down forearm after forearm! A dozen forearms in the corner as Kenta falls down! Tanahashi goes corner to corner, but Kenta uses Red Shoes as a shield to take the dropkick! Red Shoes sputters but Tanahashi goes after Kenta! LOW BLOW! Kenta copies Evil from earlier! Fans rally for Tanahashi but Kenta starts looking under the ring. What is the beat-up old IWGP US Championship contract briefcase doing under there?! Kenta can’t let go of the past as he brings that in and kisses it for luck.

Tanahashi stands, Kenta aims, BRIEFCASE SHOT!! Down goes Tanahashi! But Kenta wants more! Wait, Shibata got off commentary!? And into the ring?! Fans are thunderous as The Wrestler stands in Kenta’s way! Kenta looks at his briefcase, takes a swing, but Shibata BOOTS him down!! Fans cheer even louder as Shibata helps Red Shoes get in the ring. Shibata also makes sure Tanahashi is good to go. Tanahashi is, and he fires back up! Tanahashi powers up, runs at Kenta, but Kenta fireman’s carries! GO TO- NO! TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Tanahashi runs again, to SLINGBLADE! Kenta flounders back up in his own blind rage, but Tanahashi gets him for another SLING BLADE!

Kenta rises again as fans are electric! Tanahashi runs but into a PSYCHO KNEE!! Both men are down and fans rally back up! Kenta goes to a corner, demands Tanahashi get up, and then Kenta runs in, to PSYCHO KNEE AGAIN! Cover, TWO!?!? Tanahashi survives but Kenta slashes his throat as he vows to end it! Kenta brings his kneepad down, he fireman’s carries Tanahashi, but Tanahashi slips off and DRAGON SUPLEXES! Kenta ends up in a corner and Tanahashi runs corner to corner to HESITATION DROPKICK! Tanahashi gives credit to Shibata as he goes up top! Tanahashi aims, Kenta stands, HIGH FLY CROSSBODY!

But Tanahashi keeps going! He’s back up top, and he HIGH FLY FLOWS!! Cover, Tanahashi wins!!

Winner: Hiroshi Tanahashi, by pinfall

And that is why he is a Once in a Century Talent! Shibata returns to commentary to commend Tanahashi on this one. Tanahashi also goes over to thank Shibata for the assist, and both are optimistic for the day Shibata can finally get back in the ring for real.

Tanahashi takes a moment to rest in the ring and he gets the fans to clap, “LET’S GO ACE!” again to give him love and energy. Tanahashi then gets back up to get the mic so he may speak. “Hello, everyone. Right now, I’m going to be honest and humble with you. Thank you for being here.” Tanahashi bows as the fans cheer, and then he continues. “If we can draw enough power from one another, we can overcome anything, live through everything. I hope pro-wrestling is a source of power for you all.” Fans cheer, and Tanahashi gets the fans to rally with “HAI! HAI! HAI!”

Tanahashi continues to say that though he’s sweaty, he’s not tired, and his “tireless body and strong will” will lead NJPW into the future. He thanks the fans again and starts to take his leave, but the fans clap, “LET’S GO ACE!” and that convinces Tanahashi to give them an encore! Tanahashi gets his air guitar from Tsuji, and Tanahashi rocks out for Nagoya! And the fans rallying keeps him going for more! Tanahashi then asks fans hush as he “smashes” the air guitar! He can easily get another one, of course. Tanahashi gets one from a fan in the crowd! He thanks them for lending it to him, and he rocks out even more! “DOZO!” Tanahashi throws the guitar back to the crowd and they cheer.

But Tanahashi has one more thing to say! “Everyone, thank you for your time.” He hopes everyone stays safe and healthy as they come to watch wrestling. “And finally…!” Well, hold on. He wants to bring up the main event in tomorrow’s Wrestle Grand Slam special. He knows that Kota Ibushi’s health is still not quite 100%. So maybe, just maybe, he could ask a favor? “I’ll do this in a big way! If needed, I am readyyy~!! Nagoya, I love you~!” So then, if the Golden Star cannot compete, will The Ace get a chance to challenge The Dragon?!

My Thoughts:

A very good event just a day before the big Wrestle Grand Slam event. I feel like maybe I shouldn’t have skipped that opening Six Man, though. It was short, but the fact Robbie Eagles got a quick pin off El Desperado was really surprising. Of course, this dooms him just on the math to lose tomorrow, but I didn’t see Desperado losing anyway. But I skipped the others because they were other rehashes from the last few events. Ishii VS Evil was very good just on Ishii turning things around on Evil and giving him that timekeeper’s table spot. But I should’ve figured Bullet Club would cheat Ishii so Bullet Club could go strong into the eventual NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag title match.

Tanahashi VS Kenta was also very good, and what a great moment to see Shibata get involved. I feel like this could mean Shibata’s doing much better, but I still don’t know if we’re any closer to his return, this might just be NJPW keeping the hope fires burning. Tanahashi gets a great win, and him stepping up to be a substitute should Ibushi not be cleared tomorrow is a bold move. I would love to see Takagi VS Tanahashi, that is a great generational match-up in NJPW, fans in Japan might go even wilder over this than Takagi VS Ibushi.

And as I said before, Ibushi shouldn’t feel bad for missing Wrestle Grand Slam, his health is more important. Takagi VS Ibushi could even happen at another of these events they’re lining up before the G1, and maybe the loser will choose to use the G1 as their way back.

My Score: 9/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (9/21/21)

Is Kushida’s time up?



NXT Coverage 2021

The NXT Cruiserweight Championship takes center stage!

It may be a new era for NXT, but the Cruiserweight Championship still belongs to Kushida! Will Roderick Strong break the reign and take over the division?


  • NXT Cruiserweight Championship: KUSHIDA VS Roderick Strong w/ The Diamond Mine; Strong wins and becomes the new NXT Cruiserweight Champion.
  • Kay Lee Ray VS Amari Miller; KLR wins.
  • Dante Chen VS Trey Baxter; Chen wins.
  • Cameron Grimes VS Joe Gacy; Grimes wins.
  • Elektra Lopez w/ Legado del Fantasma VS Anna Scheer; Lopez wins.
  • 2v1 Handicap Match: Cary Millman & Darren Chiappetta VS Odyssey Jones; Jones wins.
  • Tommaso Ciampa & Bron Breakker VS Pete Dunne & Ridge Holland; win.


NXT opens with a lot of new stars in the ring.

Carmelo Hayes, Trick Williams, Odyssey Jones, Bron Breakker, Joe Gacy, Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen are waiting as the  NEW NXT Champion walks out! Tommaso Ciampa, Goldie in his arms, fires up the CWC and he joins these new guns in the ring. Fans are fired up for the champ and he says, “908 days, man, and on day 908, I reclaimed my spot at the top of the mountain and took back the title that I never lost in the first place! It has been a long, long journey,” and from neck surgery to tonight, “it was worth every damn second!” This moment here makes it worth it. Ciampa gets to say to each and every man in the ring, fan in the arena and fan at home that once again, Ciampa is YOUR NXT Champion!

Fans chant “Daddy’s Home!” but Ciampa hushes everyone. “I missed you, too.” Ciampa loves what’s going on with NXT 2.0! The energy is contagious, there are fresh faces, and fans like this, too. These young men and women are busting their asses day in and day out, ready to show the world just how damn good they are! Ciampa looks at Melo, “when Melo shoots, he don’t miss.” Odyssey Jones, Bron Breakker, the list goes on and on. Then there’s Ciampa, and we already know he is, was and always will be Mr. NXT! Now they can all give themselves a fresh coat of paint and put on “2.0” but one thing that hasn’t changed is the passion.

Ciampa looks around, Alicia is NXT, Barrett is NXT, and everyone in the ring is NXT! And of course, there’s the fans. They are the heartbeat and the soul of this place! The fans are the reason Ciampa gets to do what it is he does. Ciampa is so damn happy to have fans back and holding the title to represent this brand! With Ciampa holding the title, NXT 2.0 just became THE A-SHOW! So do Ciampa a solid: tell the world, and make them hear you and feel you, “WE ARE! N! X! T!” But here comes Cameron Grimes! “All this energy has got ol’ Cameron Grimes fired up!” And that fire will build with that championship, and he’ll go TO~ THE~ MOON~!

But Joe Gacy asks “Mr. Grimes” that as charitable that would be for Ciampa to give Grimes a shot- LA Knight interrupts. “Lemme talk to ya!” He’s looking at a heap of happy hot garbage when all the incels know they should be chanting “You Deserve It!” to Knight. But Odyssey tells Knight, “Last week, you lost twice in the same day! What’re you talking about, man? Shut up!” But here comes Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland! The Bruiserweight and Northern Grit storm right up to the ring, but they have Briggs & Jensen in their face. “So here we are, NXT 2.0. All these fresh new faces. SO let me give you all a piece of advice that I got: make a name for yourself.”

But Dunne says the problem is, he looks and sees “a bunch of geezers who are scared to throw the first punch.” Ciampa throws a forearm! And a brawl breaks out! Grimes stomps Gacy, Holland goes after Breakker, other superstars rush out to get them some! Hudson is after Trick, Grayson Waller and the Grizzled Young Veterans grab at who they can, and the ring clears aside from Breakker, Ciampa, Dunne and Holland. Ciampa ROCKS then TOSSES Dunne, Breakker does the same to Holland! The champion stands tall, as does the brightest of the new wave. Will they be the ones to give Dunne & Holland the fight they want?

Meanwhile, the women’s division is heating up backstage!

Elektra Lopez and B-Fab are jawing, but Amari Miller isn’t backing down from Kay Lee Ray! The shoving begins and turns to scrapping! Security hurries to break this up before it gets any worse, but the brawling continues in the ring, too! Breaker and Ciampa again DECK and eject Dunne & Holland, but then Breakker asks, “Where ya going?” The fans want to see this fight continue, so how about the two bitches grow balls and face Breakker & Ciampa TONIGHT?! Fans like the sound of that! Will NXT General Manager, William Regal, make it happen?


NXT Cruiserweight Championship: KUSHIDA VS Roderick Strong w/ The Diamond Mine!

The Time Splitter and the Savior of the Backbreaker have waited for this long enough, so they’re going to keep the energy of the night going by opening the card! Will the Super Junior still be champion? Or will the Diamond Mine finally strike gold?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who cracks under the pressure!

Strong rushes in but Kushida avoids the knee. Kushida drops down to throw kicks but Strong stays just out of reach. Kushida stands back up, they tie up, fight for control, Strong blocks a takedown to get a takedown, but Kushida fights the lateral press. Strong facelocks, gator rolls, but Kushida gets a toehold. Strong fights back with a chinlock but Kushida fights free of that. Strong wants an arm but Kushida gets away and fans cheer as the two reset. They tie up with knuckle locks and have a test of strength, but Kushida gets a takedown. Strong fights the press so Kushida throws down hands. Kushida still goes in but Strong turns it around with a clinch.

They fight up, Strong headlocks and shifts, but Kushida powers up and out, only for Strong to run him over. Things speed up, Kushida hip tosses to an ARMBAR! Strong fights to get up and make it a cover, ONE! Kushida has a short arm scissor and turns it into an ARM TWIST! Kushida keeps the omoplata, gets the other arm and falls back to SNAP! Strong bails out and is furious as NXT goes to break.

NXT returns and the two clinch again. Strong knees low and puts Kushida in a corner, but Kushida kicks back. Kushida runs in after an arm but Strong turns that to an OLYMPIC- NO! Kushida arm-drags Strong away! Strong comes back but Kushida WRINGS out the arm! Strong gets to his feet, Kushida dodges him to SHOTEI! And SHOTEI! Atomic drop and a whip to a hip toss! Cartwheel basement dropkick! Fans fire up and Kushida winds up, FASTBALL! Strong is down, but he dodges the Penalty Kick to CHOP back! Kushida ends up in a corner, Strong hurries over and puts Kushida up top. Strong climbs but Kushida gets the arm for a KIMURA! FALLING ARMBAR DDT!

Fans are fired up as Kushida and Strong slowly rise. Kushida aims from the corner, PENALTY KICK to the bad arm! Strong staggers about, but he BOOTS back from the ropes! Strong hurries to bring Kushida in, BACKBREAKER, to the OLYMPIC SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Kushida is still in this and Strong grows frustrated. The Diamond Mine coaches him up, fans are rallying and dueling, Strong runs to give forearm after forearm. But the bad arm makes things worse! Kushida kicks, Strong fires off CHOP after CHOP, then another forearm! Back suplex, but Kushida arm-drags out of the slam to get the KIMURA! Not quite the Hoverboard as Strong moves around to change leverage!

But Kushida throws Strong over! Strong keeps moving, he gets up, but Kushida gets the body scissors! HOVERBOARD!! Strong is down, Bivens helps him get the ropebreak!! The ref sees it, he calls it and Kushida lets off. Kushida already suspects Bivens! The ref is busy with Bivens as Kushida runs, but the Creed Brothers drag him out! And Ivy Niles hits a SUPERWOMAN PUNCH! The brothers put Kushida back in for Strong’s KNEE! END OF HEARTACHE!! Cover, Strong wins!

Winner: Roderick Strong, by pinfall (NEW NXT Cruiserweight Champion)

The Diamond Mine might as well have all their names on that belt with all the assists Strong just got! But now that they have a taste of gold, how long until Julius, Brutus and Ivy all get something for themselves?

But wait, here comes Grayson Waller! “Hey, chill, chill. Let’s hear it for the new champ, yeah?” Waller says after what happened to his boy, Drake Maverick, he’s starting to realize that NXT 2.0 is a jungle. But if anyone was built to survive in the jungle, it was Grayson Waller. So instead of just sitting in the back and waiting, Waller’s here to take one. So what does Strong say to a match with him for the title next week? Bivens says, “How dare you interrupt the champion’s celebration?” If we’re talking next week… Oh, gotta check in with daddy first? Bivens mocks Waller’s taunt, then talks with Strong.

Decision made! Next week, Diamond Mine shows Waller why they run NXT! Will Waller be baller and make it a slam dunk on his first try?


NXT hears from Tony D’Angelo.

He talks about the years spent on the docks, watching his uncles make some handshake deals. Some “business arrangements,” if you will. The family made many investments up and down the Atlantic, and his Uncle Paulie always told Tony, “There’s two things we take seriously: business, and family.” When it comes to sports, they were dead serious. Add a new item to that list: Tony’s success in the WWE. D’Angelo is on his way, will any wise guys try to start something with him?


NXT hears from Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen.

Big bad Briggs first met Brooks at Johnathan’s Pub the same night Briggs lost in the Breakout Tournament. Briggs was just trying to blow off some steam. He got three deep when some idiot, aka Brooks, bumps into him and so they start swinging. They got black eyes, loose teeth, and there’s still some blood somewhere on the bar. Brooks’ hands are like bricks, so Briggs learned to respect him. Brooks says if you can knock him onto a pool table and beat him down off it, you’ve got his respect, too. From where these boys are from, you throw hands, shake hands, and become friends. They love to fight and love to drink.

In the 2.0 era, it doesn’t matter if it’s a street fight, bar fight or dog fight, you fight these two, you’re in for a bad night. If you start something, Briggs & Jensen are going to end it! Will they fight until they end up contending for the tag titles?


Kay Lee Ray VS Amari Miller!

The Scary Queen of Scots isn’t letting that confrontation with the new girl go, and now it’s going down in the ring! Will KLR show Amari and everyone else in the NXT Women’s Division why she was NXT UK Women’s Champion for so long?

NXT returns and Amari makes her entrance. The all star athlete from KC, MO is all smiles now, feeling the vibe, but will she learn why KLR is a killer? The bell rings, Miller dodges KLR then eggs her on as she fires forearms. KLR shoves Miller away but Miller elbows back. Miller reels KLR in for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Miller gets KLR up and whips, but KLR reverses and ROCKS Miller with a forearm! KLR whips, dropkicks Miller down, then stomps Miller around. KLR covers, ONE! KLR drags Miller up, CLUBS her down, then gets her up again for a GOURD BUSTER! KLR scowls as she kicks Miller to a corner.

KLR eggs Miller on now, drags her up to CLUB her down again, and fans rally up. Miller throws body shots, KLR CLUBS her again. KLR brings Miller around, but Miller jawbreakers free! KLR blocks the heel kick to the Gory Especial, GORY BOMB! Cover, KLR wins!

Winner: Kay Lee Ray, by pinfall

And that is why KLR is here in NXT prime! Will she keep climbing the ranks until she’s the one facing Raquel Gonzalez for the title?


Backstage interview with Bron Breakker.

McKenzie asks Bron about his huge tag team match alongside Ciampa. How is he feeling? Oh, tonight’s huge! He’s getting in the ring with the top three guys in the world! Bron heard what Ciampa said, and those words hold a lot of weight. Ciampa walks over to say it’s sink or swim. Ready to get in the deep end, big fish? Hell yeah! Bron’s ready to kick some ass! And who better to do it with than the champ? Bron gives Ciampa a smack on the shoulder, but will he watch where his eyes drift in regards to Goldie?


Xyon Quinn walks into the CWC.

He talks with a few female superstars about their training, and they ask him the next time he’ll be in the ring. He’s hoping very soon. They note how good he looks in the ring and he thanks them. He gets the door as a gentleman, but someone tries to cut them off. Quinn has the guy wait, ladies first. Chivalry’s dead, bro. Yeah? Quinn SMASHES the guy into the door! Quinn is a gentleman but also a warrior, will this be a lesson to everyone else?


Dante Chen VS Trey Baxter!

The first Singapore superstar in the WWE makes his debut as the 2.0 era ushers in more new names! But will #AllHeart rain on the parade as he still tries to make a name for himself?

The bell rings and Chen ties up with Trey. They go around, Chen powers Trey to a corner and fans duel. Chen lets off, Trey BOOTS him and then gets around to a BACKBREAKER to HALF ‘N’ HALF! Trey hurries to a corner and up top, but Chen anchors a foot. Trey kicks at Chen but Chen holds on. Trey gets Chen to let go but has to leap over him. Chen turns around into a cradle, TWO! Chen dead lifts Trey for a SIT-OUT CRADLE DDT! Cover, Chen wins!

Winner: Dante Chen, by pinfall

Trey may be all heart but Chen won in the blink of an eye! Will this young star take NXT by storm?


NXT has a message from “Chase University.”

Andre Chase welcomes students to day one of a place of higher learning. They’ve chosen his course to get ahead in the careers. The first lesson is on Odyssey Jones and how he failed to get ahead by losing the finals of the Breakout Tournament. Roll film. Chase didn’t take kindly to Jones embarrassing him at the #InDex Wedding, but look at how embarrassing this weak cover was. Carmelo Hayes easily rolled Jones up, and there is the face of a loser. Chase teaches the fundamentals: a lateral press with all the weight on the shoulders. Lights, please, there’s a question. Didn’t Jones beat Chase in the first round?

What’s your name again? Steve. Well, Steve, who did you ever beat?! WHO THE F DID YOU EVER BEAT!? Get the F out of here! Don’t you disrespect him! Chase throws chairs around, is class going to be canceled?


NXT has a medical update on Kyle O’Reilly.

His ribs are reinjured and he will be week to week on whether or not he can compete.


NXT also has an update on Triple H!

The Game tweeted himself that he has been “blown away by the outreach and support from so many people.” HHH is recovering, doing well and so very grateful for all the love in his life, especially from the NXT crew. Also, Steph and the girls loved the snacks they sent. HHH hopes to see us soon, and we hope to see him again, too.


NXT returns and Joe Gacy is in the ring.

“Tonight, this ring is a safe space. NXT 2.0 is full of conflict, from the smallest microaggression to the most heinous grudges. This is a place where we settle our differences.” Gacy comes to us tonight with a mindset of conflict resolution, where he doesn’t need to use “male privilege” to get what he wants. Gacy understands that life isn’t fair. But he believes we can achieve unity and tolerance for us all. Gacy can be the man that will show us we can achieve peace in this safe space. That starts tonight!

Cameron Grimes VS Joe Gacy!

The Carolina Cash Money Caveman is ready to take 2.0 #ToTheMoon, but will he have to resolve this conflict he started with Gacy? Or will Gacy’s old wild man antics find their way back to the surface?

The bell rings, the two circle and grapple. Grimes gets a leg, Gacy facelocks but Grimes wrenches and has a wristlock. Gacy powers Grimes to ropes, lets off with the ropebreak, but Grimes ducks the sucker punch! Pacifist, huh? Grimes arm-drags Gacy down, grinds the armlock, and wrangles Gacy down. Gacy headscissors, Grimes kips free and says #KissMahGrits! Gacy laughs that off, but then swings on Grimes again. Grimes waistlocks but Gacy bucks the O’Conner Roll, only to run into a BOOT! Fans fire up as Grimes runs in but into a boot from Gacy! Gacy whips Grimes in, corner splashes to a BIG Urenage! Gacy works to keep his cool but fans rally for Grimes.

Gacy wraps on a chinlock, grinds Grimes down, but fans rally up behind Grimes. Grimes fights up, throws body shots, then powers out. Gacy runs in but only gets buckles, Grimes runs to rally with forearm smashes! Grimes eggs Gacy on but Gacy dodges, handsprings and LARIATS! Cover, TWO! Grimes survives and Gacy is surprised. Gacy fires up, gets Grimes up but Grimes evades the powerbomb to ROUNDHOUSE! Gacy comes back to BOOT! Grimes stays up so Gacy runs to forearm smash! Gacy keeps moving, but runs right into a CAVE-IN! Cover, Grimes wins!

Winner: Cameron Grimes, by pinfall

Gacy didn’t find peace or victory tonight and Grimes has the momentum he wants! But then Gacy stands up, and offers a handshake. Grimes says no thanks, so Gacy hugs him! Gacy leaves it at that, is he going to keep preaching conflict resolution while Grimes goes for the gold?


NXT hears from Von Wagner.

“Last week didn’t go my way. You can either bitch ‘n’ moan, or you can put in the work.” He’s an unconventional man with unconventional methods. His journey in NXT has only just begun, will this towering man find his way back up to the top of the mountain?


Elektra Lopez w/ Legado del Fantasma VS Anna Scheer!

Santos Escobar, Joaquin Wilde & Raul Mendoza accompany Elektra to the ring. Despite the scuffle with B-Fab in the back, that beef’s being put on the back burner for now. Will Anna be the one paying the price for the fire B-Fab’s lit inside Lopez?

The bell rings and Lopez takes her time with her jacket. She circles with Scheer, then kicks hard and CLUBS her down! Lopez CLUBS Scheer, runs and runs her over, then runs to do it again! Lopez drags Scheer up, throws her by her pigtails, then tells her, “You are nobody!” Lopez throws Scheer down by her hair, then looms over her. Lopez scoops and SLAMS Scheer, but Scheer throws forearms back! Scheer runs and leaps, but into Lopez’s arms! SWINGING SIDE SLAM! Lopez hauls Scheer back up to snap suplex! Roll through, wrench and BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, Lopez wins!

Winner: Elektra Lopez, by pinfall

Scheer felt the sheer dominance of Lopez, but Escobar gets a mic to speak. “Class. Elegance. Sophistication. Fuego! And raw power to command silence and respect. And all of this under the umbrella of one word: familia!” Escobar tells Lopez that she completes Legado del Fantasma. Lopez takes the mic to speak now, saying, “What I did here tonight was just a little taste of what the First Lady of Legado del Fantasma, Elektra Lopez, La Madrina, is going to unleash on B-Fab and NXT 2.0.” Fans like the sound of that! Lopez tells B-Fab that she can keep talking, “but we all know that that’s all it is.” And if B-Fab doesn’t like, then she can get her skinny ass out to the ring!

But speaking of Hit Row, here they come! But B-Fab isn’t with the boys. She rushes in from the crowd to scrap with Lopez! Lopez turns things around but B-Fab comes back! Hit Row and Legado separate the two but fans want to “Let Them Fight!” B-Fab says it’s cool, but then she fires off on Lopez again! Hit Row and Legado get B-Fab and Lopez to back down, but this has to explode some time! When will these two finally get to have it out in the ring?


Cora Jade checks in on Trey Baxter.

She gives him a big hug and asks what’s wrong. What, she didn’t see? Well how long have they been together? He knows she still loves him. Chen came in looking like a superhero but whatever. Chin up, Trey. Then she gives him a big kiss to cheer him up. Trey does have a reason to smile, and then thinks on “superhero.” Will #AllHeart show he can be super in the 2.0 Era?


The Franky Monet Brand walks backstage.

Franky and Jessi want Rob Stone to stop jabbering as they head for Mr. Regal’s office. As they round the corner, Raquel Gonzalez is in their way. The NXT Women’s Champion says she already took care of this. They finally get their match next week. Aw, well, in that case, enjoy your last week, Chingona. La Wera Loca is ready, but then someone new walks by. She congratulates Franky on her big title match, but it won’t be as big as her talk show’s debut! Lashing Out with Lash Legend begins next week, and that is something to talk about. Wait, who and what now? Will #BougieBad feel like lashing out against Ms. Legend?


2v1 Handicap Match: Cary Millman & Darren Chiappetta VS Odyssey Jones!

Sound the alarm! Though he called out the Million Dollar Megastar, and though Andre Chase has been barking at him, Jones is more than ready to step up his game against two young and hungry opponents. Will it be a two-for-one special on squash tonight?

The bell rings, Jones is fired up and fans are fired up with him. Cary & Darren flank Jones, get an arm each, but he blocks the double whip to double shoulder tackle them! Darren & Cary regroup, coordinate, and circle with Jones again. Cary gets a leg, Darren gets a headlock, but Jones TOSSES Darren away, then drags and throws Cary! BACK SPLASH for Cary, FRONT SPLASH for Darren! Fans fire up but Chase walks out and talks trash. Jones says he’ll break Chase soon enough, but he gets Darren up first. Cary CLUBS Jones and Darren goes after the leg! They mug Jones but Jones shoves them both away! Darren & Cary come back, Jones breaks the clothesline to DOUBLE CROSSBODY!

Jones is feeling it and the fans are fired up, too! Jones gets Darren up, scoops him, and gives him a SHOUDLER BREAKER! Darren ends up in a corner but Cary jumps on for a sleeper! Jones just RAMS Cary into Darren! Jones has them both stacked on the mat, and Jones goes to the corner to climb up! DOUBLE FROG SPLASH! Cover, Jones wins!

Winner: Odyssey Jones, by pinfall

Chase may have to rethink his classes, because we just saw one be greater than two! Chase gets in with a chair, but Jones blocks it and the chair falls apart! Jones steps and Chase bails out! Will Chase’s big brain tell him that he can’t take on all that power?


Grayson Waller talks with other superstars backstage.

Baller Waller is feeling good about his chances against Strong, and they tell him these chances don’t come along very often as it is. But then Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams walk in, and Melo says he would congratulate Waller, but he wouldn’t mean it. His Breakout Tournament contract guarantees that even if Waller won the title next week, he could lose it in the same night to ya boi, Melo. So we’ll just wait and see. Right, Trick? Yeah, keeping the options open! Waller says Melo can go ahead and do that. Waller heads out, will he be ready to pull a double header just in case?

As for Melo and Trick, the #ToxicAttraction of Mandy Rose, Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne walk by to say hey. Well, damn! They fine! And…

Toxic Attraction goes to the ring!

Mandy leads the way, we’ll hear from this newest trio in the NXT Women’s Division after the break.


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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (9/21/21)

Never was a cloudy day~!



AEW Dark 2

Universal Studio stays Dark!

Ba-dee-ya~! September gets Dark but there are plenty of stars ready to shine! Who builds momentum going into AEW’s Grand Slam week?


  • Santana & Ortiz VS Chaos Project; win(s).
  • Joey Janela w/ Kayla Rossi VS Dillon McQueen; wins.
  • Lee Johnson & Brock Anderson VS Luke Curtis & Cameron Stewart; win.
  • Tay Conti VS Marina Tucker; wins.
  • Ryan Nemeth & Peter Avalon w/ The Wingmen VS John Silver & Alex Reynolds w/ The Dark Order; win.
  • Colt Cabana w/ The Dark Order VS JD Drake w/ The Wingmen; wins.
  • Wardlow VS JDX; wins.
  • Daniel Garcia w/ 2point0 VS Alan Angels w/ The Dark Order; wins.
  • Lance Archer VS Marcus Kross; wins.
  • The Bunny w/ Penelope Ford VS Xtina Kay; wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Factory VS Darian Bengston, Cole Karter & Sean Maluta; win(s).
  • Eddie Kingston VS Bear Bronson; wins.
  • Big Swole VS Allie Katch; wins.
  • FTR w/ Tully Blanchard VS Stallion Rogers & Anthony Greene; win(s).


AEW is pumping up Dark again, but this is a pretty big week for them being in New York for Dynamite and Rampage and paving the way towards the anniversary and the start of “season three.” Great to see a lot of fresh match-ups just within the established roster, such as the various Dark Order matches. Garcia VS Angels is probably going to be a show stealer in and of itself. Kingston VS Bear Bronson sounds like another great one, and I like that former WWE Cruiserweights are showing up somewhere. Curt Stallion & August Grey deserved better chances than WWE’s Prick Khan gave them, so maybe Tony Khan can at least find them a place to be within the various partnerships, even if it’s with Impact or NWA.


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