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Mitchell’s NJPW Summer Struggle Report! (7/17/21)

Summer Struggle in Korakuen!



NJPW Summer Struggle 2021

Will Summer Struggle be Too Sweet?

NJPW brings the heat as Summer Struggle passes through Tokyo! Will Korakuen Hall be red hot with the Bullet Club’s “cutest tag team” in separate matches?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • Six Man Tag: Robbie Eagles & Roppongi 3K VS Suzuki-Gun; Eagles & RPG3K win.
  • Ryusuke Taguchi VS Taiji Ishimori; Taguchi wins.
  • Rocky Romero VS El Phantasmo; Time Limit Draw.


Six Man Tag: Robbie Eagles & Roppongi 3K VS Suzuki-Gun!

The Sniper of the Sky wants to take the gold from El Desperado, and he’ll team with Sho & Yoh to get the Rogue Luchador in his sights! But can Desperado, Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Douki evade Eagles and shock RPG3K?

The teams sort out and Eagles starts with Desperado as a sampler of their potential title match! Fans rally up for Eagles as he and Desperado circle. They tie up, Desperado waistlocks but Eagles switches. Desperado spins through but Eagles wrenches. Desperado rolls, wrenches and wristlocks, but Eagles rolls, spins and drop toeholds! Eagles floats to get an arm. Desperado fights up, Eagles hammerlocks, but Desperado goes through the ropes and then back again to wrap Eagles arm up! The ref reprimands, Desperado lets off at 4, and he whips. Eagles holds ropes to block, so Desperado rakes Eagles’ eyes! Desperado whips, Eagles reverses, goes up and around and arm-drags!

Things speed up, Eagles ducks and dodges to RANA Desperado away! Fans fire up as Eagles KICKS Desperado! And again! Desperado blocks the third, CLUBS the leg, then runs, but into Eagles’ WHEEL KICK! Eagles kips up, tags to Yoh, and Yoh gets Desperado up for EuroUppers. Yoh whips Desperado corner to corner, runs in and back elbows! Yoh then reels Desperado in for a neckbreaker! Cover, TWO! Fans rally as Yoh stomps Desperado, but Desperado hits back. Yoh ROCKS Desperado, whips to ropes, but Desperado reverses, and Kanemaru trips Yoh up! Kanemaru drags Yoh out to whip him into railing! And Douki and Desperado are after Sho and Eagles!

Desperado whips Eagles into railing as Kanemaru snap suplexes Yoh! Kanemaru stomps Yoh, the ref reprimands Suzuki-Gun but Desperado grabs the ring hammer. Desperado JAMS the hammer into Eagles’ eye! Eagles writhes, Desperado gets back in the ring, and fans rally as Kanemaru RAMS Yoh into railing. Kanemaru puts Yoh back in the ring for Desperado, Desperado drags Yoh up for a BIG back suplex! Cover, TWO! Tag to Douki, Douki stomps Yoh, and Douki drags Yoh up to suplex high and hard! Cover, TWO! Fans rally as Douki stomps Yoh. Douki stands Yoh up, bumps him off buckles, then tags Kanemaru. Douki stomps away and Kanemaru BOOTS Yoh down!

Kanemaru scoops and SLAMS Yoh, then pushes him to the apron. Kanemaru gets the legs for a Boston Crabs in the ropes! The ref reprimands then counts, Kanemaru lets go at 3. Kanemaru stomps Yoh and kicks at him. Yoh gets up and throws forearms! Kanemaru rakes Yoh’s eyes! Yoh falls over, Kanemaru stomps him again. Kanemaru gets Yoh up as fans rally, and he whips him hard into a corner! Kanemaru drags Yoh back up, suplexes, but Yoh slips out to jump over Kanemaru! Kanemaru boots from the corner, runs, but into Yoh’s dropkick! Fans rally up as both men are down, but Suzuki-Gun attacks Yoh!

Douki and Desperado double whip but Yoh shoves Douki into Desperado! Double dropkick! Fans fire up and Yoh heads for the corner, tag to Sho! Sho rallies on Kanemaru, kicks and whips Douki but Douki reverses. Sho holds ropes to stop himself, but Douki runs in. Sho puts Douki on the apron and runs to dropkick Douki off! Kanemaru hits Sho but he stays up! Kanemaru boots, Sho blocks and ROCKS Kanemaru back! Sho runs to run Kanemaru over with a shoulder! Fans fire up with Sho as he stomps around. Sho powers up the High Voltage for a KICK! Cover, TWO! Sho keeps focus as he stalks up behind Kanemaru. Sho waistlock dead lifts but Kanemaru elbows free.

Sho forearms Kanemaru back, runs, but into Kanemaru’s dropkick! Both men are down and fans fire up again. Kanemaru and Sho slowly rise, Kanemaru gets Sho up, scoops and dragon sleeper, British Fall! Cover, TWO! The reverse DDT isn’t enough but Kanemaru drags Sho back up. Kanemaru goes to suplex but Sho blocks! Sho powers up to suplex Kanemaru, but Kanemaru grabs the ref’s shirt! Kanemaru gets free, boots and ENZIGURIS Sho, but Sho stays up to rebound and SPEAR! Fans fire up as both men are down again! Sho and Kanemaru crawl to their corners, hot tags to Desperado and Eagles!

Eagles dodges Desperado to fire a forearm but Desperado gives it aback! They go back and forth, fans fire up, and Desperado staggers, but he comes back to ROCK Eagles. Desperado talks trash, Eagles CHOPS back. Eagles eggs Desperado on, Desperado CHOPS back! Eagles CHOPS, Desperado rakes his eyes! The ref reprimands but Desperado whips corner to corner. Eagles reverses, runs in but is put on the apron. Eagles counter punches, springboards and dropkicks the leg out! Eagles gets the leg, Desperado kicks him away but Eagles comes back. Desperado ducks the Penalty Kick, rolls Eagles then spins him around to GUITARA-

No, Eagles slips out to waistlock! Desperado switches, Eagles resists the lift and elbows free. Eagles runs, gets around, roll up with bridge, TWO! Desperado gets up but Eagles blocks his kick to bring him in, but Desperado refuses to be a backpack! Desperado clubs Eagles, gets him up, but Eagles lands on his feet! Eagles hits a rolling chop block! Fans fire up with Eagles as he runs, but into a SPINEBUSTER! Desperado and Eagles are down, Desperado clutching a leg. Desperado tags Douki and Douki runs at Eagles to clothesline in the corner! Douki scoops, swings and suplexes Eagles! Bridging cover, TWO! Eagles escapes but Douki stays fired up!

Douki aims from the apron, slingshots in, DAYBREAKER! Cover, TWO, to the ITALIAN STRETCH 32! Suzuki-Gun attacks RPG3K to keep them away! Eagles endures, Yoh whips Kanemaru away and Sho fights off Desperado. Yoh gets in to stomp Douki down! Kanemaru gets in but Yoh feeds him to Sho’s KNEE! RPG3K sees Desperado and they double mule kick him out! Yoh PLANCHAS Desperado, Sho KICKS Kanemaru down! Eagles kicks but Douki blocks to ENZIGURI! Douki hurries to wheelbarrow, but Eagles victory rolls it! TWO, and Douki UPPERCUTS! Douki runs but into a BOOT, ROUNDHOUSE, SUPERKICK and PELE!! What a kick combo!

Eagles rolls Douki back to his feet, TURBO BACKPACK! And then roll to the leg lock, RON MILLER SPECIAL!! Douki taps, Chaos wins!

Winners: Robbie Eagles & RPG3K, by submission

Eagles lets Douki go to stare down Desperado. Desperado wags his finger, saying it is NOT going to happen that way with them. Desperado gets his belt but Eagles draws the proverbial line in the sand. Eagles waits, but Desperado leaves with Suzuki-Gun. How long will Eagles be left waiting for his shot at the Rogue Luchador?


Ryusuke Taguchi VS Taiji Ishimori!

The Mega Coaches want to take the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships from the Bone Soldier and Headbanger, but also want to take the title of “cutest tag team” while they’re at it. Will the Funky Weapon take down Taiji in step one of that plan?

The bell rings and fans rally as Taguchi and Taiji stare down. The two circle, approach, and Taguchi goes for a leg. Taiji blocks, gets around to a waistlock, but Taguchi switches. Taiji switches, Taguchi switches, Taiji scrambles and gets away. Fans cheer the stand off, and the two go again. They feel out the knuckle locks, Taguchi wrenches to bring Taiji down but Taiji trips Taguchi up. Taiji headlocks, Taguchi fights him, gets a headscissor and pushes up for leverage. Taiji endures, moves around, and headstands to pop free. Fans cheer as Taiji grins. Taguchi rolls back to his feet and fans cheer his athleticism!

Fans rally up as the two circle again. They tie up, Taguchi headlocks and grinds Taiji down. Taiji fights up, throws body shots and powers out. Taguchi runs Taiji over! Things speed up and Taiji hurdles but Taguchi leaps. Taguchi side steps to dropkick Taiji out of the ring! Taguchi runs and fakes Taiji out, then rolls back to swivel those hips! Taiji keeps his cool as fans rally up, “TA-GU-CHI!” Taiji wants Taguchi to come get him but Taguchi tells Taiji to get back in. Taiji goes in but backs off as Taguchi rushes him. It’s a bit of a stand-off, but Taguchi rushes out and slides! Taiji slides back in! Taiji turns the tables and asks Taguchi to get in.

Taguchi steps up to the apron but Taiji shoves Red Shoes away so he doesn’t see Taiji kick the ropes, and the ropes get Taguchi in the groin! Taguchi falls and Taiji grins again. Taiji goes out to fetch Taguchi, gets him up and whips him into railing! Taguchi falls over again and Taiji goes back to the ring. Fans rally up for “TA-GU-CHI!” as a ring count begins. The count gets to 10 of 20 before Taguchi starts to rise. Taguchi gets up at 13 and in at 14! Fans cheer but Taiji drags Taguchi up to throw haymakers. Taiji cravats to neck wrench but Taguchi endures. Taguchi throws body shots but Taiji cranks the neck more. Taiji throws in shoulders, snapmares and NECK TWISTS!

Taguchi writhes but fans rally up. Taiji drags Taguchi up, scoops and puts Taguchi in a Tree of Woe! Taiji digs his knee into Taguchi’s chest, but lets off to go corner to corner. Fans rally as Taiji says BANG and runs back in, to then stomp and stand on Taguchi’s groin! Red Shoes reprimands and counts, Taiji lets off and Taguchi falls out of the Tree. Taiji gets Taguchi back up but Taguchi throws more body shots. Taiji CLUBS Taguchi, throws haymakers, then runs, only to fake out Taguchi’s dropkick! Taiji runs again, but into the FUNKY WEAPON! Taguchi and Taiji are both down as fans fire up again! Taiji writhes but Taguchi rises!

Taguchi gets going, HIP ATTACK at the ropes! And again! And then slide to an APRON HIP ATTACK! Taguchi has the hat trick, covers, TWO! Fans stay fired up for Taguchi as he gets Taiji back up. Taguchi snap suplexes, uno amigo. Another snap suplex, dos amigos! Taiji slips out of tres but Taguchi switches. Taiji elbows free, runs, but Taguchi follows to HIP- ATOMIC DROP! Taiji counters the Funky Weapon and gets Taguchi in a waistlock. Taguchi elbows free, runs in place to fake Taiji out! Taiji follows no one, and runs into the HIP ATTACK! Taiji falls out of the ring, Taguchi goes to the corner to TRIANGLE PLANCHA! Direct hit and the fans fire up even more!

Taguchi gets up and gets Taiji up to put him in the ring. Taguchi aims, springboards, and FLYING HIP ATTACKS! Taiji flounders, Taguchi covers, TWO! Taguchi goes to a corner and calls upon the powers of the King of Strong Style! “ORAYO!” Taguchi runs in, but into a roll up! TWO!! Taiji kicks low, whips Taguchi but Taguchi reverses, only for Taiji to NEURALIZER! Direct hit with the flying enziguri, and both men are down again. Fans rally up, both men go to opposite corners, and Taiji runs in, but blocks boots! He puts Taguchi in the ropes, ENZIGURI, and then he runs side to side to SLIDING GERMAN! Fans cheer that athleticism as Taiji covers, TWO!

Taiji grows annoyed but he gets Taguchi up. Taiji turns Taguchi, BACKBREAKER, then a roll to omoplata! YES LOCK! Taguchi endures, fans rally up, and Taguchi reaches out with legs. Taguchi gets a ropebreak with a foot! Taiji lets off and growls as he gets back up. Taiji stands Taguchi up, gut wrenches, but Taguchi turns that to OH MY GAH ANKLE! Taguchi leans on the ankle lock but Taiji reaches out! Taguchi drags Taiji from ropes but Taiji drags Taguchi back down! YES LOCK!! Taguchi endures again, can see ropes but can’t reach ropes! Taguchi moves around, gets free but Taiji rolls him from ropes, only to get caught in OH MY GAH ANKLE!!

Taguchi drags Taiji from ropes, then DROPS on the knee! Taiji endures, crawls, reaches, but he gets the ropebreak! Taguchi holds on until Red Shoes counts, then he stomps the bad leg. Taguchi gets Taiji up, has the leg, and hits a SHIN BREAKER! Then runs to dropkick the leg! Cover, TWO! To OH MY GAH ANKLE!! Taiji endures again, Taguchi twists and leans on the leg as hard as he can, but Taiji keeps crawling! Taguchi drags Taiji back into chicken wings, but Taiji slips out to facelock! Taguchi fights that off but Taiji reels him in. Taguchi ducks the clothesline to get around to chicken wing! DODON- Taiji victory rolls!

But Taguchi sits on it! TWO, and Taiji has the cover! WITH TIGHTS! TWO, and Taguchi has the cover back!! TAGUCHI WINS!!

Winner: Ryusuke Taguchi, by pinfall

Best of the Super Juniors 27 revisited, and avenged! Taiji used Taguchi’s tights to win then, Taguchi turns it around on him here! And then he rubs those cheeks into Taiji’s face to add insult to injury!! Taiji is humiliated AND disgusted, but El Phantasmo attacks Taguchi! Bullet Club makes Taguchi pay for his cheeky attitude by mugging him! But Rocky Romero rushes out to get them back! He throws Taiji out, then ELP! Rocky builds speed to FLY! Direct hit and all three crash into railing! And since they’re all here, the bell rings on the main event!!

Rocky Romero VS El Phantasmo!

Rocky gets up, Taguchi coaches him and stomps Taiji down. Taguchi and Rocky coordinate as they get Bullet Club up and bring them around. Rocky bumps ELP off apron, Taguchi headlocks Taiji and drags him away. Taguchi opens the gate and takes Taiji back out the entry way! Fans cheer as Rocky gets ELP 1v1! Rocky stomps ELP to a corner, stomps him in the corner, and pulls his shirt over his head! ELP is blind as Rocky CHOPS him! ELP staggers about, paws at his shirt, but Rocky CHOPS him again! Rocky gets ELP up, rips his shirt off him and stomps him to ropes. Rocky throws hands, whips to ropes, and elbows ELP down!

Fans cheer as Rocky dares ELP to get up. Rocky slaps ELP, ELP SLAPS Rocky! Rocky kicks ELP, ELP CHOPS! ELP gets up but Rocky CHOPS him back down! ELP gets to a corner, Rocky gives a thumbs up to fans. Rocky gets ELP up to whip corner to corner, then waits for ELP to come back, for the back drop! Rocky then runs and RANAS ELP away! The fans fire up more as Rocky sees ELP leave. ELP goes through the gate, is he giving up? ELP catches his breath as Rocky gets fans to rally up again. ELP decides to see this through and gets on the apron. He has Rocky give him space and then goes in, only to go right back out. ELP says he’s smarter than us, but Rocky slides out after him.

ELP gets back in and Rocky chuckles. Rocky slides in as ELP lounges, and ELP applauds like Rocky was doing him a favor. They circle, tie up with knuckle locks, but ELP kick slow. ELP CLUBS Rocky, pulls on his ear, then ROCKS him with a forearm. ELP ROCKS Rocky again, whips to ropes, but Rocky reverses. ELP sunset flips but Rocky stays up to get an arm, ARMBAR! ELP scrambles and rolls and gets away, and he gets mad at production crew in his way. Rocky waits on ELP but ELP mocks the fans rallying. ELP slides in to bait Rocky but slides out, much like Taiji with Taguchi. And again, as Rocky slides out, ELP slides in. ELP does a few jumping jacks to mock Rocky.

Rocky keeps his cool, gets back in, but ELP slides back out, only for Rocky to be faking him out! ELP is surprised and Rocky kicks him low! Rocky CHOPS ELP and brings him around the way to bump off the apron. Rocky brings ELP back around to call his shot, “BRAINBUSTER!” But ELP blocks the suplex! Rocky throws body shots and gets the snap suplex to the floor! Fans fire up while ELP twitches. Rocky refreshes the ring count and gets ELP back up. Rocky brings ELP around, and YANKS him into the post! Fans cheer while Red Shoes reprimands. Rocky apologizes, puts ELP in, and fans cheer. But ELP ROCKS Rocky at the apron!

ELP gets Rocky up to CLUB him, and then brings him to the corner. ELP tries to Jeff Cobb this, but Rocky won’t allow the dead lift superplex! Rocky wrenches and HOTSHOTS ELP’s arm! Fans fire up for Rocky as he climbs up, drags ELP up to join him, and hits an ELBOW BREAKER! And another! Red Shoes reprimands but ELP CLAWS Rocky’s back! ELP scoops Rocky for a CORNER BACKBREAKER! Rocky falls to the apron while ELP is down on the mat catching his breath. ELP drags Rocky in, drops knee after knee into the back, then drops both knees! Cover, TWO! Rocky is still tough as nails and ELP is annoyed.

ELP gets Rocky up, wrenches and whips corner to corner hard, and Rocky bounces off buckles. ELP dusts off his hands, handsprings just to show off, and he covers. TWO, and fans cheer Rocky’s resilience. ELP jams his knee into Rocky’s back then clamps on a chinlock. ELP JAMS his elbow into Rocky’s face and Red Shoes reprimands. Rocky gets to ropes, ELP kicks him in the back over and over, toying with Rocky. Rocky gets mad, sits up, but ELP kicks him more. Fans rally, Rocky gets up but ELP kicks him hard in the ribs! ELP CLAWS Rocky’s back and Red Shoes reprimands again. But ELP does it again the corner! And again!

ELP knees Rocky in the head, whips him hard corner to corner, and Rocky again bounces off buckles. Fans rally for Rocky but ELP stands him up. ELP scoops to hit a BACKBREAKER, and makes it a backbreaker stretch! Rocky endures as he’s bent back across ELP’s knee, and fights out with knees of his own! Fans rally, Rocky hobbles but runs, only to run into a tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Rocky barely kicks out but fans rally up hard as ever for him. Rocky gets to a corner while ELP sneers. ELP gets Rocky up again, throws haymakers, making a point of having one finger out. ELP then palm strikes Rocky before he whips. Rocky reverses and sends ELP tumbling out of the ring!

Fans fire up as Rocky gets to the apron. Rocky aims at ELP, and hits a FLYING KNEE! Down goes ELP but Rocky also crashes and burns! Fans fire up more as Rocky gets ELP up. Rocky brings ELP around and through the gate, to scoop and LAWN DART ELP into the post! ELP writhes and clutches his shoulder as fans rally hard as ever. Rocky gets ELP up and in, then gets ELP up. ELP pushes him away but Rocky slaps and stomps him down. ELP spits on Rocky, so Rocky stomps him harder! Rocky gets ELP up, throws forearms but ELP gives them back. Rocky KICKS ELP in the arm and ELP falls! Rocky throws ELP through ropes, hooks him up and KICKS him again!

Rocky rallies the fans up, goes to the second rope, leaps, and then just lands to CLAW ELP’s back! Talk about a receipt! ELP flips Rocky off but Rocky grabs that arm to KICK and KICK and KICK ELP! Rocky goes back to the corner to second rope missile dropkick for real this time! ELP falls to the floor, fans rally up and Rocky paces as he waits. The ring count climbs, ELP gets up at 5 of 20 but Rocky goes out after him. ELP RAMS Rocky into the apron! ELP pushes Rocky, gets him up and RAMS him into the post! Rocky falls in a heap now and ELP goes back to the ring. Red Shoes checks on Rocky but he’s okay to continue. The ring count starts again but ELP goes out after Rocky.

ELP TOSSES Rocky over railing! Red Shoes reprimands but ELP just wants him to count again! The count restarts, Rocky crawls at 5 of 20, gets back to ringside at 10 but stumbles. Rocky stands at 15 as ELP gloats, and Rocky flounders into the ring at 18! ELP is annoyed and he goes up the corner. ELP dares Rocky to stand, and he does, FLYING CLAWS! ELP stomps Rocky down, and again. ELP digs his boot in, pulls Rocky back and has a partial camel clutch. Rocky endures, and BITES one of ELP’s hands! Red Shoes reprimands, Rocky stops biting but ELP digs fingers into Rocky’s eyes! Red Shoes reprimands again but ELP stalks Rocky.

ELP slaps Rocky around but Rocky throws a forearm! ELP hits back, they go back and forth, and Rocky fires up! Fans fire up with him as he fires off forearm after forearm! ELP swings, Rocky dodges, comes back, tilt-o-whirl DDT! Fans fire up again as Rocky and ELP are both down. Rocky gets up first, drags ELP up, and CHOPS him! Rocky whips ELP corner to corner, runs in and corner clotheslines! Rocky keeps going, and he starts up the Forever Lariats! But ELP dodges, spins Rocky with a half straitjacket to torture rack, but Rocky slips off! Rocky drags ELP down for an ARMBAR! ELP clasps hands, fans rally, but ELP rolls back to get an ANKLE LOCK!

ELP has a unique grip as he twists Rocky’s arm, but Rocky reaches. ELP drags Rocky away, leans on the ankle, but Rocky fights up to kick. ELP ducks the enziguri but not the mule kick! Cover, TWO! Rocky gets ELP up, puts him in a corner and gets him up top. Rocky throws forearms, climbs up to join ELP, and fans rally as he stands ELP up. ELP resists, Rocky CLUBS him, but ELP throws body shots. ELP CLUBS Rocky back, CLAWS him again, then adjusts. ELP double underhooks, but Rocky fights back! Rocky headbutts and headbutts again! ELP wobbles, Rocky gets him back up, and SUPER STEINERS!! Fans fire up as Rocky aims from the corner! Rocky runs, SLICE ROCKY!! Cover, TWO!!

ELP survives but Rocky is too tired to be frustrated. Fans rally up, Rocky fires up and gets ELP up. ELP SLAPS Rocky again, but Rocky laughs. ELP SLAPS Rocky again but still Rocky laughs! ELP SLAPS Rocky, Rocky SLAPS back! And fires off fast hands, and a back kick! ELP doubles over but Rocky gets him back up to cravat. SLICED- No! ELP turns that into a gut wrench, for CIPHER UTAKI!! ELP borrows a move from Taiji and covers, TWO!?! Rocky survives but ELP aims from a corner. Rocky sputters as ELP climbs up top. ELP aims, leaps, but Rocky moves! Thunder Kiss FLOPS, and Rocky powers up! BUM-AYE?! Rocky borrows from Taguchi!

But Rocky won’t end it here, he gets ELP back up! Rocky hooks the chicken wings, DODON- NO, the back gives up! ELP gets Rocky around, reels him in, but Rocky Alabama lifts! Shout out to Trent with a CRUNCHY!! Cover, TWO!?! ELP survives the power of Roppongi Vice Best Friends! Rocky keeps his focus as fans fire up again. Rocky grits his teeth, fires himself up, and aims at ELP in the corner. Rocky runs in to clothesline! And he goes again for another! But ELP follows to clothesline! ELP runs, Rocky dodges and LARIATS ELP inside out! Cover, ONE?!! Rocky just fires up more, runs again, to LARIAT again! Cover, TWO!?!? ELP barely survives and fans are thunderous now!

Rocky gets ELP up, reels him in for a cravat, but ELP puts Rocky on the top rope! ELP CLUBS Rocky, climbs up behind him, but Rocky elbows him. ELP CLUBS then rakes Rocky’s eyes! Rocky still fights ELP, cravats, but ELP gives Rocky a PURPLE NURPLE! And then CLAWS his back again! ELP half straitjackets, torture racks, and spins for the NECKBREAKER! ELP crawls to the cover, TWO!! Rocky survives and fans fire up again! According to the ring announcer, they’re running out of time! They’re at 25 minutes of the 30 minute limit! ELP aims from a corner, but Rocky ducks Sudden Death! Rocky rolls ELP, cover, TWO!! Rocky cradles ELP, TWO!!

ELP gets up, swings into Rocky’s backslide, TWO?!? ELP barely escapes in time but Rocky goes after him, EuroUpper! ELP BOOTS Rocky, runs, but into a KNEE! Rocky ROCKS ELP with an uppercut, then cravats for SLICED BREAD!!! Cover, TWO?!?! ELP survives but fans are thunderous again as Rocky gets him back up. Rocky reels ELP in, but ELP stomps a foot! ELP loads up, hard mule kick! Rocky doubles over, ELP seethes and gets him up to underhook the arms. But Rocky tries to rana free, only to end up in a STYLES CLASH!! Cover, TWO!?!? Rocky survives because ELP is not phenomenal! ELP gives Rocky some Danielson stomps and then goes to a corner.

Fans rally up for Rocky as we enter the two minute warning! ELP aims, but Taguchi is back! Taguchi coaches Rocky but distracts ELP. ELP stomps, we’re at the final minute! Taguchi wants to throw in the towel, but ELP snatches it out of the air to throw it away! ELP BOOTS Rocky down then covers, TWO!! TIME’S UP!??! It’s a DRAW?!

Time Limit Draw

ELP can’t believe it! He didn’t lose, but he didn’t win! But he still wants to finish this off! Taguchi blocks Sudden Death to get OH MY GAH ANKLE!! ELP is tapping but it doesn’t matter now! Taiji returns but Taguchi gets him with the HIP ATTACK! ELP bails out and Taiji flounders away, Bullet Club regroups as fans rally up for “TA-GU-CHI!” The Funky Weapon defends his fellow player-coach, but is Rocky in any shape for a tag title match down the line? Taguchi gets a mic to say, “Oi! Ishimori! Phantasmo! My good men. I’ve reason to believe not all is what it seems. Phantasmo, sir, I daresay something is afoot. Something very peculiar indeed.”

If something wasn’t suspicious about ELP’s boot, then why would Rocky be feeling so bad? ELP and Taiji start to leave as Taguchi says he has “a good mind to expose what’s in that right foot of yours at the Tokyo Dome!” He wants them to heed those words. He vows those two “will be vanquished at the Dome,” and the Mega Coaches will hold those titles. Also Taguchi is talking very formally, it’s hard to understand what he’s up to. “One moment, my good people.” Taguchi checks on Rocky, and wait, is ELP taking something out of his boot? Is he hiding the very thing Taguchi suspects is inside?!

Taguchi apologizes, Rocky is “indisposed,” so he can’t share his thoughts. Taguchi will “soldier on alone,” and apologizes for “not having anything wittier to say. But rest assured, my good man Rocky and I will rescue those belts at the Dome. And we’ll reveal what that dastardly Phantasmo is hiding in that boot of his.” He hopes the fans will support the KING of Coaches forever, and says they love everyone very much! Seems Taguchi gave himself and Rocky field promotions. But will these players become kings, coaches and champions at Wrestle Grand Slam in Tokyo?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good event for generic Summer Struggle 2021, and I know I skipped a lot this week as well as this event. But as usual, there were Young Lions to take the loss as Bullet Club builds towards the NEVER Openweight Six Man titles, and then Bushi takes a loss for LIJ so Suzuki-Gun’s Dangerous Tekkers build back towards the coming IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships rematch. The Six Man I did cover was really good, and Douki takes the loss for Suzuki-Gun here so Eagles can be strong going into the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship. Then we got some great stuff out of Taguchi VS Taiji, especially them revisiting their BOSJ 27 match with that finish.

We got a great transition from Taguchi VS Taiji to the main event, and Rocky VS ELP was an awesome match. Especially with how they pushed it to a time limit draw. The irony is that ELP could’ve let Taguchi throw in the towel and ELP would’ve won so “the cutest tag team” and the Mega Coaches could’ve been tied, 1-1. But now, Mega Coaches lead the series at 1-0-1 and despite the champs not saying a thing, NJPW’s own site shows they’re getting a tag title match for Wrestle Grand Slam Tokyo on 7/25. That card is stacked now with the KOPW New Japan Ranbo that is also like a kickoff match, all the Junior Heavyweight gold, the Heavyweight Tag, THE world title and even Okada VS Cobb in a grudge match of sorts.

My Score: 8.4/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (10/3/22)

An extreme go-home!



WWE Raw 2022

Raw gets ready for Extreme Rules!

With Extreme Rules this Saturday, Bianca Belair and Bayley sign the contract for their Raw Women’s Championship Ladder match! But will The EST keep DMG CTRL under control?


  • Rey Mysterio & AJ Styles VS The Judgement Day; The Judgement Day wins.
  • Bobby Lashley VS Mustafa Ali; Lashley wins.
  • Candice LeRae VS Dakota Kai w/ Damage Control; Dakota wins.
  • Johnny Gargano VS Otis w/ Chad Gable & Austin Theory; Otis wins.
  • Braun Strowman VS Chad Gable w/ Otis & Austin Theory; Braun wins.
  • Angelo Dawkins w/ Montez Ford VS Solo Sikoa w/ The Bloodline; Solo wins.
  • Alexa Bliss w/ Bianca Belair VS Iyo Sky w/ Damage Control; Iyo wins.


Rey Mysterio & AJ Styles VS The Judgement Day!

The King of Lucha has so far failed to reach his son, Dominik. And the Phenomenal One has so far refused to give in despite his former friend, Finn Balor, reaching out to him. With an I Quit match between Finn and Edge this Saturday at Extreme Rules, will the Prince and the Punisher make Rey give up on Dom and Styles give up on his pride? Or will Rey & Styles get their pound of flesh before the Rated R Superstar gets his?

Before the match, the Judgement Day get mics as fans in St. Paul boo. Finn says, “Eleven years ago, Edge was medically forced to quit.” Rhea adds a sarcastic, “Aww.” Finn says against all the odds, Edge fought back with strength and determination, and he overcame and returned to doing what he loves most, and that is performing in the ring for all the fans. Priest says, “Let’s hear it for Edge, huh?” Finn says, “But as with most things in life, you can only outrun fate for so long. Judgement catches up to all of us. And at Extreme Rules, I am gonna act as the cruel hand of fate that reminds Edge he doesn’t belong anywhere near a ring that I’m standing in!”

Rhea laughs but fans boo. Finn says he’s doing Edge a favor cuz he’s a nice guy. Finn will beat Edge so bad that he’ll be down and out and he’ll be forced to utter the words, “I QUIT!” Priest tells Finn that he has to say, Priest is so excited to witness firsthand a beating so bad that Edge does have to say “I Quit.” And let that serve as notice to anyone that wants to step to The Judgement Day! They will always rise. And that goes especially for their opponents tonight, AJ Styles & Rey Mysterio. Fans chant, “Who’s Your Daddy?” at Dom but Rhea whispers something to him. Dom says, “I’ll tell you exactly who my daddy is, and it’s not Rey Mysterio.”

Dom tells “Jefe, I hate you. I hate you so much. You lied to me my entire life. And I have a new family now, thanks to the Judgement Day.” Finn says speaking of family, his old friend, AJ Styles! Styles, Finn could’ve ended you last night- No, not last night! Last week! He’s so mad at Styles he’s messing up! But Finn could’ve ended Styles but he chose not to. And do you know why? Because Styles is Finn’s friend. The offer is still extended. But trust Finn, he’s not a bad guy, so don’t make him do bad things! Or else the Judgement Day will start by opening up- Wait! Here comes Styles! The Phenomenal One and the King of Lucha make their entrances, and this battle begins!

Rey and Styles don’t wait for a bell, they brawl with Priest and Finn already! Styles whips Finn but Dom and Rhea get Finn outta there. Only for Rey to RANA him! Styles clotheslines Priest out of the ring to the SLINGSHOT FOREARM! Fans fire up as #REYJ stand tall already. Finn is seething as he glares at Rey but Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and the match is officially underway as Finn whips Rey to a corner. Finn snarls, runs in but into an elbow! Rey runs and RANAS Finn again! Rey then runs at the corner but is put on the apron. Rey GAMANGIRIS back, goes up top and SEATED SENTONS! Rey keeps moving, ducks ‘n’ dodges and then tilt-o-whirl RANAS! Finn staggers to the corner and Priest tags in. Rey dares Priest to bring it, then goes after Priest at the ropes! Priest shoves Rey away, Rey ducks ‘n’ dodges but Priest avoids the crossbody! Rey flops, stands up, and Priest BOOTS him down! Cover, TWO! Rhea coaches Priest and he whips Rey into the corner.

Priest runs to back elbow! Tag to Finn, they mug Rey, and Finn snap suplexes Rey for Uno Amigo! And then another for Dos Amigos! Fans boo as Finn gives us Latino Heat, and he finishes THREE AMIGOS! Cover, TWO! Finn is annoyed but fans rally up as Rey stays in this. Finn drags Rey up, puts him against ropes, but Rey holds ropes to block the whip. Finn gets Rey loose to whip and slide him out of the ring! Rey hits the floor and Rhea is there to taunt him. The ref starts a ring count but Priest drags Rey up to scoop him. Priest fakes a Snake Eyes on the desk to SNAKE EYES off the apron!

Fans boo but Priest tags Finn back in. Finn waits on Rey as he crawls in. Finn stomps away at the ropes, then lets off as the ref counts. Rey crawls but Finn drags him up to snapmare and chinlock. Finn grinds Rey, leans on the hold, and fans rally up. Rey fights, throws elbows, and JAWBREAKERS free! Rey reaches out but Finn keeps him from Styles! Finn knees low, whips Rey to ropes, but Rey wheelbarrows and BULLDOGS! Fans fire up but Rhea freaks out as both men are down! Finn and Rey crawl, hot tags to Priest and Styles Styles fires off the Phenomenal Blitz! Then the SLIDING FOREARM! Priest flounders but fans fire up!

Styles clotheslines in the corner, fireman’s carries Priest, but he drops Priest as Finn gets in. Styles DECKS Finn, goes back to CHOP Priest, then he PELES Priest! Styles reels Priest in, but Priest shoves Styles and Finn holds the ropes open! Styles tumbles to the floor and the Judgement Day is back in control as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns again and Finn tags Priest. Finn scoops Styles, BACKBREAKER LEG DROP COMBO! Cover, TWO! Rhea is frustrated but the count was fair. Priest clamps on a leg crucifix full nelson! Styles endures, pushes to a cover, TWO! Styles hooks Priest’s leg and rolls him, but Priest rolls through to DECK Styles! Priest stands Styles up, springboards, but into an ATOMIC DROP! And then Styles PELES again! Fans fire up and both men crawl again, but Rhea is lurking! Finn distracts and Rhea trips Rey off the apron! Fans boo but Priest drags Styles away to then LARIAT! Tag to Finn, he and Priest whip Styles, but Styles blocks a kick!

Styles sends Priest’s kick into Finn’s stomach, and then reels them both in for a DOUBLE DDT! Fans fire up as Styles, Finn and Priest are all down, but Rhea eggs Rey on. Then Dom stands in the way and eggs Rey on! Dom kneels and dares Rey to hit him! Rey says this is not the time. But then Rhea CLOBBERS Rey while the ref is checking Priest! Rhea dusts herself off and Styles sees what happened. But then Finn SHOTGUNS Styles down! Finn goes up top, COUP DE GRACE!! Cover, Judgement Day wins!

Winners: The Judgement Day, by pinfall

Rey can’t keep focus with Dom in his head, and that costs the team! Styles is upset and Rey apologizes, but then Styles shoves Rey down! Dom may be in Rey’s head, but is Finn getting in Styles’? Wait, then Finn CLOBBERS Styles! He, Priest, Dom and Rhea all stomp away on Styles, and Finn keeps saying, “I’m your friend! I’m your only friend! Why don’t you listen to me?!” Fans boo but Finn drags Styles up, to feed him to Priest’s SOUTH OF HEAVEN CHOKE SLAM!! If this is how Finn treats a longtime friend, just how far will he go to end an enemy?


Backstage interview with Bobby Lashley.

Kevin Patrick finds The All Mighty as he’s making his way into the arena, and congratulates him on his three month reign. A dominant US Championship reign, but what’s next? Has it been three months already? Well, Lashley’s legacy is solidified but he will not become complacent. He said it once and he’ll say it again: It isn’t the title that makes the man, it is the man that makes the title. So three days, three months, three years, his mentality won’t change. Lashley knew what it takes to get here. He’s been pushed by the industry’s best and he’s beaten them all. McIntyre, Reigns, Lesnar, and Rollins.

So what’s next? Lashley wants someone who had the same hustle and desire that he had to get here. Someone with that mentality is what Lashley is after. Well, then, Mustafa Ali has plenty of desire. But for some reason, he’s still at the back of the line, waiting to be called. But he is done waiting. Ali is done! He is stepping up to the front of the line, and he wants an opportunity now. Right now! Okay, Lashley sees the hustle, the grind. Just keep it up and Lashley will make sure Ali gets that opportunity. NO! Ali isn’t asking! He’s demanding an opportunity! Lashley says people are getting too comfortable disrespecting him. If Ali wants his opportunity, he’s got it!

Will the Beacon regret getting the All Mighty’s attention? Or is he going to make the most of this opportunity he made for himself?


Sami Zayn and Jimmy Uso are backstage!

And they’re cracking up about something. Something about the couch and the chair being on fire but Sami didn’t see it so he was still dancing. Solo Sikoa is there and doesn’t seem quite as amused as Jimmy by this story. Sami’s friend runs in with a fire extinguisher, asks where his dog went, and Sami says, “I’m right here.” HA! Jimmy wishes he was there, that sounded like a good time. But then Jey storms in and Jimmy clams up. Sami says hey, Jey. What’s so funny? Sami says it’s not that important. Right, y’all’re here having a good time when they’re supposed to be handling business! Jimmy says relax, they’re just joking.

Sami says no, Jey is right. This is business. The Bloodline has to let everyone know that next week, the Tribal Chief is coming as part of the Raw season premiere. Right! Sami says the Honorary Uce can lead by example. Let’s put some fools on notice! YEET! Let’s go! Oh hey, look here. Sami addresses the Street Profits and lets them and all of Raw know. Next week, the Bloodline will be here with the Tribal Chief, so prepare to acknowledge him. Montez Ford tells Angelo Dawkins, “Look who it is! It’s the Honorary Uce! The hype man of the century, Sami Zayn! Along with the Bloodline, walking around Monday Night Raw like they own the arena.”

You don’t own anything, Sami! In fact, there’s only two things the Bloodline needs to acknowledge, and that’s DEEZ- No, whoa, hold on. Don’t do ’em like that, fam. Jimmy says no, finish it. Deez what? Say something disrespectful and get two matching boots, Tez. He of course means the bad leg the Profits gave Ford the last time they faced off. Dawkins says Jey’s got a lot of bass in his voice. How about Dawks breaks off a boot in Jey’s ass? Solo has everyone step back. The Street Champion dares Dawkins to try that on him. Then say less, fam, Dawks will see you out there!

Sami says that’s good, see you out there, fam. The Bloodline’s Enforcer is ready, will he tear into Dawkins like he did Ricochet and Moss last Friday?


Bobby Lashley VS Mustafa Ali!

The Rocky Mountain Machine has reigned for three months, and looks to keep going and going and going. But he won’t stand for those thinking he’s some big pushover. Will he turn out the lights on The Beacon? Or will Ali catch Bobby off guard here tonight?

The bell rings and Ali rushes to dropkick, but Lashley dodges! Ali crashes, Lashley fires off on him, then OVERHEAD Belly2Belly suplexes him! Lashley aims and runs in to RAM Ali into a corner! And again and again! Then he turns Ali for a NECKBREAKER! Lashley then drags Ali up to suplex and hold him! Fans fire up for the SLAM! Ali grits his teeth but Lashley aims again. Lashley runs corner to corner but into a KNEE! Ali aims to CHOP! And ROCK! And whip, but Lashley blocks! Lashley whips but Ali goes up, only to get caught! Ali slips off and ducks to then SUPERKICK! Lashley wobbles, Ali goes up and up and leaps, FLYING DDT!

Lashley bails out and fans fire up as Ali builds speed, to DIVE! Direct hit, Lashley hits desk, but stays up. Ali brings Lashley back but Lashley blocks to toss Ali in first. Ali KICKS Lashley back out! But Lashley drags Ali out to join him and LARIAT! Ali gets turned inside out and fans fire up as Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Lashley drags Ali back up. Lashley elbows him in the corner over and over, then whips him corner to corner hard! Ali bounces off the buckles and hits the mat, and Lashley looms over him. Lashley drags Ali up to put him in a corner for more elbows. Lashley CLUBS Ali, whips him corner to corner again, and Ali bounces off buckles into the COMPLETE SHOT! Cover, TWO! Ali survives but Lashley keeps focus. Ali says, “I’m not staying down.” Lashley drags Ali up and bumps him off buckles. Lashley puts Ali up top, climbs up after him, and then brings Ali up. Ali fires off body shots and forearms and headbutts! Lashley falls!

Ali aims, and he 450 SPLASHES Lashley’s ARM!! Lashley writhes, Ali drags him up and CLUBS the bad arm! But Lashley shoves him away with the good arm. Ali SHOTGUNS Lashley into a corner, fires off on the bad arum, and runs, into a MILE HIGH SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!? Ali survives and shocks Lashley on that one. Lashley drag Ali up and gut wrenches him for the CLIFFHANGER! Cover, TWO?!? Lashley is growing frustrated with Ali, but Ali crawls and drags himself up. Lashley tells Ali to stay down, “You don’t want this.” Ali SLAPS Lashley! Lashley’s pissed now! Lashley TOSSES Ali out!

Lashley goes out, drags Ali up, and fireman’s carries to POST him! Ali flies away but Lashley refreshes the count. Lashley hauls him up again, and POSTS Ali again! Lashley refreshes the count again, hauls Ali up for a third time, and TOSSES him into the timekeeper’s area! Lashley goes into the ring to let the count handle Ali. Ali crawls, the count is 5 of 10, but Ali flounders. We’re at 8, then 9, but Ali is in at 9.999!! Lashley is more confused than anything! What is Ali thinking? Lashley aims from the corner, runs in, and SPEARS Ali!! But that’s not all! Lashley is going to teach Ali a lesson with the HURT LOCK!! Ali refuses to give up, but he fades out! Lashley wins!

Winner: Bobby Lashley, by submission

Lashley has a mighty body, but Ali shows he has a mighty heart. Ali still lost, but did he at least win Lashley’s respect? Lashley goes back to Ali as he sputters around. Lashley drags Ali up, but SETH ROLLINS attacks! And CURB STOMPS Lashley!! The Visionary laughs as he drags Lashley up and CURB STOMPS him onto the belt!! The Visionary gets revenge for not becoming WWE United States Champion. And then just because he can, CURB STOMP for Ali to the floor! Rollins is going to hang around because he has a face-to-face with Matt Riddle, but there is a No Physicality Agreement in effect. Will the Visionary and the Bro stick to that agreement?


Raw returns with Rollins in the ring.

Last week, after Raw went off the air, Rollins instigated another brawl with Matt Riddle, which is why there’s the No Physicality Agreement, and why Daniel Cormier will be the Fight Pit’s special guest referee! But Rollins is all smiles as he says, “Well now that we have cleared Bobby Trashley from the ring, HAHAHAHA, we can get on with this evening’s festivities. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Rollins! And I am your host for this evening. I am a visionary. I am a revolutionary. I am Seth…” “FREAKIN’ ROLLINS!” “And this Saturday, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I go one on one with the Original Bro… Matt Riddle.”

It’ll be in a match that is soon to become synonymous with Rollins. “Ladies and gentlemen, behold: The Fight Pit.” The narrator of this video package says, “As animosity reaches its peak and hatred goes beyond extreme, the endurance of one’s will is put to the test in one of the most barbaric structures in WWE History. No ring ropes, only steal. No doors, no pinfalls, no escape. The only way to win is by submission or knockout. A blank canvas built for torment, painted only by destruction and devastation. Where your only weapons are your skills and your ability to absorb pain. Toughness is showcased. Careers are altered. But in the end only one will have their hand raised in victory. But neither will ever be the same again.”

Rollins says, “Oooh~! The things I’m gonna do to Riddle inside the Fight Pit. I’m gonna show him what I just showed Bobby Lashley, what I showed Cody Rhodes, what the entire world already knows, and that is I am the most dangerous man in the history of this industry. But that’s Saturday, and we’re here in St. Paul tonight. And I’m scheduled to go face to face with Matt Riddle, so let’s not waste anymore time, Riddle! I know you’re back there scootering around, so why don’t you scoot you annoying face out here so it can piss me off in person.” Fans boo Rollins but “Bro…” Here comes Riddle!

Riddle has a mic to say, “Bro, bro, bro.” Rollins says there he is! No scooter? Aww. Well there’s the guy whose face Rollins will smash this Saturday. Come and pay your respects to the King of the Fight Pit! Riddle asks Rollins what he’s even talking about. Riddle needs to remind Rollins that he’s never BEEN in a Fight Pit before. Riddle has! Well Rollins reminds Riddle that tonight, there is the No Physicality Agreement. Fans boo and Rollins says he knows they want to see them fight, but if Riddle so much as lays a finger on Rollins, the match will be off. Riddle says don’t worry, he won’t put much stitches in that pretty little forehead.

Riddle is actually going to give Rollins an educational lesson on the Fight Pit. Because Riddle won’t just hurt Rollins, he won’t just beat Rollins, Riddle is gonna kill Rollins on Saturday. When Riddle beats Rollins’ lifeless body with elbows and fists and Daniel Cormier has to pull Riddle away and raise his hand in victory, the fans won’t be singing Rollins’ song, it’ll be “BRO~ OHHH~ OHHHHH~!” Riddle gets in Rollins’ face about it but Rollins laughs it off. Until the fans echo it! Rollins says Riddle has it twisted! Even though Riddle and Cormier come from the same place, Cormier isn’t on Riddle’s side. Cormier is a fan of Rollins!

But Rollins has to admit, “Bro,” Riddle has a nice signing voice. Does he sing his kids to sleep at night? “Oh… That’s right. You’re not allowed to see your kids anymore, are you?” Rollins laughs and dares Riddle to take a shot. Wait! He can’t! Because they have their big money match and Riddle needs all the cash he can get. Cuz let’s face it, child support can get expensive. Rollins laughs in Riddle’s face but Riddle tells him his breath is KICKING. But here’s a question for Rollins: When was the last time he held a title? Oh, right! Last time he even fought for one, it was against his boy, Roman, and he choked Rollins out.

Or remember when Rollins last main-evented Mania? Oh wait, he hasn’t. But his wife, Becky, sure has! And there’s a trend here. Seems Rollins comes up second to Roman, to Becky, and this Saturday, he’ll be second to Riddle! Fans fire up for that one but Rollins is fired up. They each dare the other to throw hands but Cormier pops in via the titantron! Cormier says enough. We’ve watched you two whine, argue and complain for months. Enough! This behavior has been insane, we’re all tired of it. The parking lot, the arena, all around the world! For all the people wondering, yes, this is Daniel Cormier. He is one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time, he is THE Double Champ.

Matt, listen, bro. They go way back as UFC fighters. Rollins, Cormier has admired him from afar, ever since he won that first world title. But as the whole world is fed up, so is Cormier. Someone told them they’re in a Fight Pit, and Cormier’s down for that. He lives in the cage, he loves the cage. But there has to be a third man. Can’t be any ol’ ref, so WWE called ya boi, DC, and he will lay down the law to make sure only one of them makes it out of the pit and we put an end to this. That’s what Cormier plans to do. So no more yapping, go train hard and train smart, and we’ll see you both in Philly. Fans fire up for that, but Rollins flicks Riddle’s hat away. Who survives when it’s TIIIIIME?!


Candice LeRae comes across Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss & Asuka.

They all say hey and wish Candice luck against Dakota Kai. Bianca wants Candice to make sure she shows Damage Control what the Poison Pixie is made of. Candice thanks Bianca and vows to do just that. She heads to gorilla, will she take control against DMG CTRL?


The Miz is on the phone with Maryse.

The Hollywood A-Lister tries to get his “beautiful, gorgeous, sexy wife” to hear him out. It is being handled. This B List horror film ends tonight. This lowlife has broken into their home, attacked Miz while wearing a hockey uniform, and cost both Miz and Ciampa the US Championship. Where even IS Ciampa?! But Miz is not leaving until he gets assurances that something is being done about “you know who.” Nothing, and Miz means nothing, will ruin his birthday next week. Maryse presents: The Miz’s Birthday Bash, Live in Brooklyn! And there will be no unwanted surprise appearances from “He Who Shall Not Be Named.”

But speaking of, Dexter Lumis is creeping in from the back door! Someone calls to Miz and he storms over, narrowly avoiding Lumis’ grasp! Miz tells the staffer to shoo, he’s on the phone with his wife. Miz gets gushy with Maryse about saying bye, but Lumis is still lurking. Will the Tortured Artist ruin things despite all of Miz’s preparations?


Candice LeRae VS Dakota Kai w/ Damage Control!

Mrs. Wrestling, the Poison Pixie, came back with a strong win over the Almost SuperHero, and now she takes on one half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions! Will Candice take Dakota for a Wild Ride? Or will #CobraKai be immune to sting Candice first?

The bell rings and Candice circles with Dakota. They tie up, Dakota gets around and she shoves Candice. Dakota taunts Candice then uses ropes as a defense. Candice backs off, but Dakota rushes in to waistlock. Candice switches, Dakota hooks a leg to trip her, and runs. Candice ducks the boot, rolls Dakota up, TWO! Dakota swings, into a backslide! TWO, and Candice arm-drags Dakota down! Candice has an armlock and she grinds Dakota. Dakota endures, fights up, but Candice arm-drags her again. Dakota is frustrated but Candice keeps on the arm. Bayley & Iyo coach Dakota and she fights up.

Dakota powers Candice into a corner, goes side to side, but Candice dodges the boot to bump Dakota off buckles! Candice snapmares and NECK SNAPS to then jackknife! TWO but Candice DROPKICKS Dakota down! Dakota goes to the apron, fans rally but Dakota avoids the shoulder. Candice avoids the boot to smack Dakota off the corner! Dakota falls to the floor and crawls to the ramp. Candice builds speed, but Dakota hurries out of the way. Candice frowns but she WRECKS Dakota with a dropkick! Bayley protests but Candice springboards to CROSSBODY! Direct hit and Dakota is down while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Dakota has Candice in a motorcycle stretch. Candice fights up and turns around to arm-drag Dakota away! Dakota staggers up, Candice RAMS into her, then elbows her! Dakota runs back in to BOOT Candice down! Cover, TWO! Dakota is frustrated but she slaps Candice around. She sits Candice up for Kawada Kicks! Fans boo but Bayley cheers. Dakota dusts her boots off to then scuff Candice around. Bayley taunts Candice that she’s gonna call Baby Wrestling, little Quill Gargano, and tell her mom’s gonna be late getting home. Candice gets mad and pie faces Dakota, but Dakota SCORPION KICKS!

Dakota puts Candice in a corner, runs Around the World, but Candice BOOTS first! Fans fire up while both women are down! Dakota flails and checks her nose while fans rally. Candice stands, she ROCKS Dakota with a forearm! And again! And then CHOPS! And ROCKS! And CHOPS again! Candice backs Dakota down with fast hands! The ref counts and Candice lets off in the corner, but fans fire up! Candice runs in to back body block! And snapmare to a step-up SENTON! Cover, TWO! Bayley and Iyo keep cool as they coach Dakota. Dakota shoves Candice, Candice tilt-o-whirls into an IRON OCTOPUS!

Dakota endures and DMG CTRL freaks out! Dakota fights to a corner and she RAMS Candice into buckles! Dakota kicks Candice, then runs in, but into another BOOT! Candice climbs up but Dakota BOOTS her! Dakota climbs up, CLUBS away on Candice, then stands Candice up. Candice fights the superplex, fights back and slips under, but Dakota holds off the bomb! So Candice YANKS Dakota into the buckles! And then hits a HIGH ANGLE GERMAN! Fans fire up while DMG CTRL freaks out! Candice crawls after Dakota, fans rally behind her, but Iyo distracts the ref. Candice goes up but Bayley trips her up! Roll up from Dakota, Dakota wins!

Winner: Dakota Kai, by pinfall

DMG CTRL snags one away from Candice and Bayley is all fired up! But will Bayley be able to maintain control of the situation with her contract signing later tonight?


Johnny Gargano walks to gorilla.

Wait, is that Lumis sitting on a trunk, petting an unconscious Miz? Gargano looks back, and Lumis is gone! Gargano pokes Miz and it startles Miz awake. Miz has a picture of Lumis and Miz at a birthday party. Gargano knows that’s not good. Miz runs away and Gargano just chuckles, “Oh, Dexter.” Gargano continues to gorilla, will he have the last laugh against the tree trunk known as Otis?


DMG CTRL celebrates backstage.

Bayley says tag team champion or not, Dakota’s gonna give- Wait, Sarah walks in to congratulate Dakota. Obviously, this is why Bayley wants Kai & Sky in her corner for the Extreme Rules Ladder match. And speaking of, the Raw Women’s Championship match- Bayley stops Sarah there. It took her that long to realize why Bayley wants “weapons” like Dakota & Iyo on her side? Sarah’s just as dumb as Bianca! Bianca only just realized the importance of allies. But this won’t ruin Bayley’s mood, because she’s gonna do Bianca a favor tonight. It’ll just be her and Bianca, but for the contract signing only.

Bayley addresses Bianca by looking right at the camera. Tonight, it will just be the two of them. “But remember: you asked for this.” The Role Model is going to play fair and square for now, but is she just going to turn up the heat at Extreme Rules?


Johnny Gargano VS Otis w/ Chad Gable & Austin Theory!

Johnny Wrestling helped Kevin Owens and Drew McIntyre fight the Alpha Academy and the Youngest Mr. Money in the Bank Ever on SmackDown, and now things are 1v1! Will Master Gable’s Number One Guy crush Gargano’s Rebel Heart? Or will Otis have to take one #ForTheAcademy?

Theory joins commentary to talk down on Gargano but Gargano says he’s got his eyes on him. Gargano and Otis circle, Otis rushes in but Gargano gets around. Gargano throws hands, wrenches an arm, then drop toeholds, but Otis is way too stocky for that! Otis drags Gargano up, TOSSES him to a corner, but Gargano dodges to fire off more hands. The ref counts, Gargano climbs up and rains down fists. But Otis carries Gargano corner to corner to RAM him into the corner! Then he CLUBS Gargano down! Fans boo but Otis shouts, “For the Academy!” Gargano fires off hands but Otis shoves him. Gargano ducks ‘n’ dodges and RAMS Otis!

Otis stays up and comes back with the WRECKER ELBOW! “Who’s the man?!” Theory cheers Otis on and Otis goes back for Gargano. Otis drags Gargano up, bumps him off buckles, and CLUBS him over and over. Otis taunts Gargano, CHOKES Gargano on the ropes, and Theory says he loves it. Otis drags Gargano up, scoops him, and SLAMS him! Fans rally for Gargano but Otis looms over him. Otis drags Gargano up, gut wrenches him to a Canadian rack, and makes it a backbreaker rack! Gable and Theory high five, but Gargano endures and throws hands! Gargano gets free, goes to a corner, Otis runs in but into a BOOT!

Gargano elbows Otis away, then dodges! Otis POSTS himself! Gargano runs to LARIAT! Otis stays up, Gargano runs and LARIATS again! Nope, Otis is still up. Otis choke grips but Gargano ROLLING ELBOWS! Otis scoops Gargano but Gargano slips off to ENZIGURI! Otis staggers to a corner, Gargano runs in to back body block! Gargano runs again, but into a clinch! EXPLODER! Gargano is dazed and Gable says, “That’s my guy!” Otis drags Gargano to a drop zone and climbs up the corner, VADER FLOP!! Gargano gets up to BUZZSAW! And BUZZSAW! And SUPER- LARIAT from Otis! Theory says that is when you run into reality!

Otis trophy lifts, but Gargano fights free, DDT!! Gargano wants Otis to get up, and Otis sits up into the SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!?!? Otis survives and Theory is upset. Otis bails out of the ring but Gargano builds speed to DIVE! Direct hit and Otis hits the desk! Theory is upset, Gargano LEAPS the desk to CLOBBER Theory! Gargano fires off hands on Theory and fans are loving it! Gargano hurries up to the apron to TORNADO DDT Otis to the floor! Fans fire up but Otis is getting up! Gable distracts the ref, Theory SMACKS Gargano with the briefcase! Otis hauls Gargano up for the WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM! Cover, Otis wins!

Winner: Otis, by pinfall

Theory screwed Gargano over, but he goes after Gargano more! So do Gable and Otis! But here comes BRAUN!! The Monster of All Monsters CLOBBERS Otis at the ramp! Then he runs into the ring, but both Theory and Gable bail out! Braun slides out and he catches Gable, to TOSS him into the ring! Gable’s been taking credit for Braun’s career, will Braun take all the credit for ending Gable’s?

Braun Strowman VS Chad Gable w/ Otis & Austin Theory!

The bell rings, Braun sees Otis on the outside, and he TOSSES Gable onto Otis!! Fans are fired up with Braun and Raw goes to break!

Raw returns and Gable is in the ring, Braun dragging himself up from commentary. That was of course the doing of Otis during commercial, but that got Otis EJECTED! Gable goes out and stalks Braun. Braun stands up, Gable rushes in and KNEES Braun into the POST! Gable gets back in the ring, he lets the ring count climb, but Braun is stirring. Braun drags himself up at the barriers, staggers over, and he stumbles into the ring at 8 of 10. Gable CLUBS and KNEES away on Braun! The fans boo but Gable says, “A THANK YEW~!” Gable throws more hands, runs the ropes, but runs into a scoop! Gable kicks free, shoves and GERMAN SUPLEXES Braun!? Bridging cover, TWO!

Gable is shocked but we’re all shocked he pulled that off! Gable tells Braun to look at him. Gable runs this ring! He CLUBS Braun, talks more trash about it doesn’t matter how big Braun is, but Braun doesn’t embarrass him in his hometown. Gable SLAPS Braun down, and we see Omos and MVP watching this backstage. Gable talks more trash, but Braun choke grips! Braun has both hands now and he puts Gable right up top! But Gable gets a HANGING ARMBAR! Braun powers up to deadlift Gable. But Gable pokes eyes! Gable runs, ducks ‘n’ dodges and dropkicks a leg out! Gable climbs up a corner, he leaps at Braun and MISSILE DROPKICKS!

Braun is down, Gable goes back up, and he MOONSAULTS, but has to land out as Braun moves! Braun BOOTS Gable down! The shirt comes off, the fans fire up, and Braun glares at Gable. Braun reels Gable in, lifts him up, MONSTER BOMB!! Cover, Braun wins!

Winner: Braun Strowman, by pinfall

The Monster of All Monsters puts away the Alpha Academy headmaster! But with the Nigerian Giant watching backstage, will Braun have to soon defend that title of alpha titan in the WWE?


Bobby Lashley finishes up with the trainer.

Lashley is mad but Kevin Patrick asks him about that blindside attack from Rollins. How is Lashley doing? Lashley is going to crush Rollins’ throat so we never have to hear that cackle again. And then, after Riddle beats Rollins in the Fight Pit, Lashley will finish Rollins off! Lashley will get Rollins next week on the season premiere, for the US Championship! No backing out, no excuses, no running away! Lashley gets Rollins in the ring to bounce him around like a pinball, then he’ll put Rollins in the Hurt Lock until he screams for mercy! Then Lashley will make Rollins pass out in the middle of the ring. That’s how Lashley feels. What will even be left of Rollins after this next week?


Corey Graves is in the ring.

He welcomes us all to this “historic moment.” There are ladders in the ring, but also chairs and the table for this contract signing. “It is the first-ever Ladder match for a women’s championship in WWE history.” So first, the challenger, Bayley. The Role Model makes her entrance solo, as promised. Then the Raw Women’s Champion, Bianca Belair. She is also solo, because she doesn’t need back-up to take on Bayley. Bianca and Bayley sit at the table and Corey says let’s not wait any longer. Let’s make this official with the contract. Bayley tells Bianca it’s just them, just like she asked. Is she okay? Does she feel safe?

Bayley feels great, really, despite not having her girls with her. But Bayley feels really good since DMG CTRL has done everything Bayley has said to a T. Her plan has been going really good and that clearly shakes Bianca’s confidence. But don’t worry about that, Bayley is doing this favor for her since Bianca’s dumb enough to accept a Ladder match for the title. But that’s fine, Bayley’s got her. Bayley signs her part of the contract and says, “Bianca, Bianca, Bianca. Look what your ego has gotten you into! I mean, I bet your ego makes you think that Bayley chose a ladder match because you KOD’d me on top of a ladder at Hell in a Cell.”

Or maybe Bianca thinks that Bayley has half the ego as Bianca and she wants to make history again by winning the first-ever women’s title ladder match. “But uh, ding dong, hello, here’s something for all you guys. It’s much bigger than that, okay? I think big picture here. The ladder is symbolic for my entire WWE career since the day I walked in. Unlike you, I’ve had to literally climb and climb and climb… *fake panting* And climb and climb and climb and try to the top. And in that process, I was you. Yeah, I was you, ponytail and all! You guys remember that, huh? Colorful sequins. And you see those little girls out there? That little girl I walked by on the ramp with the EST shirt, a Bianca Belair sign.

“You know what those signs use to say? Those signs used to say BAYLEY. They used to have headbands on. They used to put their ponytails to the side. But you know what happened, Bianca? Those signs changed. The T-shirts changed. And the cheers started to fade. They gave up on me, Bianca, and they stopped caring. And when they stopped caring, my whole career started spiraling. I started to fall further and further and further, and I had to do something to climb my way back to the top-” Bianca tells Bayley to shut up. Bianca signs her part, and it’s official. Corey thanks them both and wishes them both luck.

Bianca tells Bayley she just runs her mouth over and over again. Girl, UH-UH! Bayley has this chip on her shoulder that has absolutely nothing to do with Bianca. It might be really hard to see someone have everything you want, but comparison is the thief of joy. Bayley should never compare herself to Bianca, because she will never be Bianca, do it like Bianca or do it better than Bianca. Fans cheer that. Bianca says everything Bayley did didn’t work because Bayley was pretending to be someone she wasn’t. This is the real, authentic Bianca and that is why fans connect with her. Bayley didn’t “evolve,” she just became the real Bayley. And now she’s here showing us her real colors.

As far as her little plan, congrats, it took you a whole year to come up with a plan. But Bianca doesn’t need a plan, because she stays ready so she doesn’t have to get ready. Plus, does Bayley think she’s the only one that tried to surprise her at SummerSlam? You see how that worked out, right? But since Bayley likes plans, she can plan on still calling Bianca the Raw Women’s Champion after Extreme Rules. Well, we’ll see about that on Saturday, because DMG CTRL will disagree with that since they’ll be right by Bayley’s side. Actually, what’re they doing right now? What time is it? Because they were supposed to go get something to eat.

Oh no! Kai & Sky are attacking Alexa & Asuka! They already did something to Asuka’s leg and now they’re mugging Alexa! And then Bayley YANKS Bianca by her hair over the desk and she hammers away! Then she TOSSES Bianca back over the desk, to go after her more! Bianca bails out but can’t get away! Bayley whips but Bianca reverses and Bayley hits LED apron! Bianca bolts to the back, but Bayley laughs. Bianca finds Asuka and Alexa but the damage is done! The Empress of Tomorrow clutches her knee, will Bianca be down an ally at Extreme Rules? Alexa glares at the camera and tells DMG CTRL this is NOT over! Alexa VS Iyo, TONIGHT!!


Angelo Dawkins w/ Montez Ford VS Solo Sikoa w/ The Bloodline!

The Profits may be out of the tag team running while Ford’s foot heals, but can Dawkins unleash the Curse of Greatness? Or will the Street Champion of the Island sharpen his edge as he also prepares for Ricochet this Friday?

The bell rings and the two tie up. They go around in a deadlock but Dawkins powers Solo back. Solo turns things around to put Dawkins in the corner, but he lets off as the ref counts. Dawkins ROCKS Solo with uppercuts and haymakers but Solo ROCKS him back! Solo CHOPS Dawkins in the corner, ROCKS him again, then whips corner to corner. Dawkins goes up and over and keeps moving but Solo RAMS him! Dawkins RAMS Solo back, then hurdles over. Solo shoves, Dawkins handsprings and DROPKICKS Solo down! Ford fires up, Solo bails out and is furious! Sami tries to cool Solo off but Solo rushes in, but Dawkins DECKS him!

Solo gets up in a fury and he grabs a chair! This is just like SmackDown! Sami slows Solo and says not to give Dawkins a win like this. Jey tells Sami to back of, Solo’s his brother. Jey says Solo’s good, he’s got this. The Bloodline lets cooler heads prevail while Raw goes to break.

Raw returns and Solo has Dawkins down with a neck wrench. Dawkins fights up so Solo rains down HEADBUTTS! Solo clamps on the shoulder claw but Dawkins still endures. Fans rally and Dawkins fights up. Dawkins pries free of the hold to throw big body shots and forearms! Dawkins whips, Solo reverses and then SAMOAN DROPS on the rebound! The Bloodline holds up the fingers, #WeTheOnes, and Solo snarls as he stares at Dawkins. Fans rally for Dawkins but Solo throws haymakers! Dawkins wobbles on spaghetti legs, but Solo whips him for another SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO! Dawkins survives and Solo is annoyed.

Sami and the Usos argue the count but Ford defends that was two. Solo taunts Dawkins, “This is it? This is who you’ve got for me?” Solo steps to Dawkins in the corner, gets in Dawkins’ face, and says, “They call me the Enforcer!” Solo whips Dawkins hard into the corner! Dawkins falls to the mat and writhes. The Bloodline loves this as Solo looms over Dawkins. Solo drags Dawkins up to clamp that claw on again! Dawkins still endures, fans rally up again, and Dawkins fights against the claw. Dawkins throws elbows but Solo throws a knee! Then clinches for a BELLY2BELLY! Solo soaks up the heat as his brothers hold up the fingers.

Sami coaches Solo to keep on Dawkins, to show no mercy. Dawkins gets to a corner and Solo aims from the other. Solo powers up, “UCE! OH! UCE! OH!” HIP ATTACK!! Dawkins is dazed and Solo looks at him flounder. Ford coaches Dawkins to dig deep and fight, but Solo aims again. “UCE! OH! UCE! OH!” HIP- ENZIGURI from Dawkins!! Ford and St. Paul are thunderous as Solo and Dawkins are both down! Dawkins and Solo rise, Dawkins stands first, and he LARIATS Solo! And again! Solo HEADBUTTS! Solo whips, Dawkins hurdles and FLYING UPPERCUTS! Fans fire up and Solo goes to a corner, CYCLONE SPLASH and ENZIGURI from Dawkins!

Dawkins reels Solo in, for the SILENCER! Cover, TWO!! Sami gets on the apron, but then Jey tells him to get down? Jey says Solo can handle this, Uce! This all distracts Dawkins either way, Solo SUPERKICKS! But now the ref doesn’t see the cover! The ref hurries, TWO!! Solo is mad at Sami and Jey! They get down, Dawkins rolls Solo! TWO!! Dawkins dodges, and he POUNCES Solo out! Sami hurries to Solo’s side to check him and coach him, but Jey pulls Sami off Solo. Jey has his brother, but then Jimmy wants everyone to just cool off. Jey and Sami argue, Dawkins FLIES! Down go the Usos! Dawkins puts Solo in, Sami yells at him about the Usos!

Dawkins DECKS Sami! But Dawkins gets in for Solo to WHEEL KCIK! And then SPINNING SOLO!! Cover, Solo wins!

Winner: Solo Sikoa, by pinfall

In the end, the Bloodline made it work! Solo gets the win and winning fixes everything. At least, it should. Are the problems between Sami and Jey going to persist? Will it end up costing the Bloodline big time down the line?


Theory talks with Otis backstage.

Theory is proud of Otis for doing exactly what he was supposed to in that ring. Wait, where’s Gable? Otis says hold on. He drags Gable up. Gable says he almost had Braun. Theory says Gable did good. But hey, they’re not done with Gargano. Next week, on the season premiere of Raw, Theory himself will take on Gargano, and Theory vows to put Gargano down. A-Town Down! Will the Youngest Mr. MITB Ever finally have his way and be rid of Johnny Wrestling?


Edge speaks!

“This version of Edge that you’ve seen since I’ve come back is pretty much Adam. More or less, the veil of character has been dropped, and I’ve been pretty transparent since I’ve come back. At 37 years old, I was told that I had to retire, forced to retire, I had no choice. Until I decided to make it a choice. Because I can’t quit. The lousy part is, by the time that choice became a reality, I was 46, and it was difficult. And it’s progressively become more and more difficult. Now I’m not looking for sympathy. It’s my choice. This is my freakin’ dream gig, I love this.

“But what’s become… harder… is the fact that it’s not just taking a toll on me now. It’s taking a toll on my entire family. And I didn’t have this family before. It’s harder to hide it from the girls when they can hear me coming down the stairs like a symphony of bones cracking in the morning. But maybe even more difficult is seeing the… doubt… Or maybe even the fear in Beth’s eyes. Because she wants her husband to come out of this whole, and I think she’s afraid that ship has already sailed. And maybe I’m… insane? Maybe I’m too selfish? Maybe I’m too damn stubborn, but those are all things that you need in order to succeed at the level that I’ve succeeded at this business. I can’t apologize for that.

“But that brings me to Judgement Day. I gotta give ’em credit. They’ve made it more difficult. No matter how many times I beat ’em, they always come back. They always pick me apart, knock me down, and it’s harder and harder to put the pieces back together to come back. But I do. And I understand that Rey wants to distance himself from this because of Dominik, I get it. And it’s my fault the Judgement Day even exists. So I know what I have to do, and my back’s against the wall. You can ask Foley, you can ask Taker, you can ask Cena, you can ask Orton, I come out swinging or headbutting or whatever the hell else I have to do to be a one man gang!

“So Finn, in an I Quit Match at Extreme Rules, you are facing something, someone that you’ve never faced before and you can’t hurt me enough. All four of can’t hurt me enough to make me say, ‘I Quit.’ You cannot physically hurt me enough to make me say, ‘I Quit.’ I hope you’re all ready for a war, because I damn sure am.” The Rated R Superstar has given his ultimatum, will the Judgement Day be the ones facing their judgement day?


Alexa Bliss w/ Bianca Belair VS Iyo Sky w/ Damage Control!

The Five Foot Fury is furious over what Bayley’s buddies did to the Empress of Tomorrow. Alexa’s been trying to find that spark to return to her old self, will this be just the thing she needs? Or will the Evil Genius have the same trick up her proverbial sleeve as Dakota did earlier tonight?

Raw returns and DMG CTRL make their entrance. The bell rings and the two rush in! Iyo DROPKICKS Alexa, fires off hands and knees, then whips. Alexa blocks, fires off forearm after forearm on Iyo, but Iyo shoves back. Alexa runs Iyo over, and again! And then hits a THESZ PRESS! Alexa rains down hands, then hits another THESZ PRESS! More fast hands, and then Alexa drags Iyo up. Alexa bumps Iyo off buckles, stomps a mudhole, then lets off. Iyo dodges the return, holds a leg and avoids the slaps to DRAGON SCREW! Alexa clutches her leg but Iyo stomps away on it! Iyo drops knees on the knee!

Kai & Bayley cheer and Iyo CHOPS Alexa. Alexa blocks the punch to ROCK, ROCK and SHOTGUN Iyo! Fans fire up and Alexa stands on Iyo at the ropes for a SKATEBOARD STOMP! The ref counts, Alexa lets off but runs in to KNEE Iyo against the ropes! Alexa then YANKS the ropes to bring Iyo down, and she drops INSULT2INJURY! Cover, TWO! Iyo is showing the toughness of a decorated champion, but Alexa snap suplexes! Cover, TWO! Alexa drags Iyo up, dodges the Shotei, but Iyo uses the waistlock to HOTSHOT Alexa! Then a DRIVE- NO, Alexa avoids the dropkick! But Iyo avoids a wrecking ball dropkick to SHOTGUN Alexa again!

DMG CTRL are fired up and Alexa is down while Raw goes to break!

Raw returns once again and Alexa JAWBREAKERS then CLOBBERS Iyo! And again! Then mule kicks, but Iyo wrenches out of the DDT. Alexa reverses that to hit an STO! Alexa KNEES Iyo down, covers, TWO! Bayley & Kai coach Iyo but Alexa drags her up. Alexa whips but Iyo holds ropes to BOOT back! Iyo then spins Alexa around, underhooks, TIGER BACKBREAKER! Alexa goes to a corner but Iyo runs in, SHINKANSEN! Iyo then steps on Alexa to go up top and OVER THE MOON- FLOP! Alexa shows her resilience as a decorated champion, and she hits a DDT! Alexa drags Iyo into a drop zone and now she goes to the corner!

Fans fire up as Alexa climbs up, for TWISTED BLISS! But Bayley distracts the ref! Bianca yanks Bayley out to fire off! But Dakota joins in, Bianca gets 2v1! And sent into steel steps! But Alexa CANNONBALLS them both down! Alexa hurries back and climbs up again! But a SHOTEI stops her! Iyo then tucks Alexa for an AIR RAID CRASH! Iyo goes back up fast, for OVER THE MOONSAULT! Cover, Iyo wins!

Winner: Iyo Sky, by pinfall

DMG CTRL with another assist! They sweep the night, working together as a well-oiled machine. But then they mug Alexa! Asuka can’t help with her busted leg, and Kai & Sky fetch a ladder! Bayley beats down on Alexa, but Bianca gets in to fire off on Bayley! Kai & Sky RAM Bianca down with the ladder! And then Iyo keeps Alexa down, but wait! Asuka is still hobbling out here? On one good leg, she has a kendo stick to SMACK Dakota! But Iyo WRECKS Asuka with the ladder! Then Kai & Sky SLAM the ladder on Asuka! They keep it on top of her, and then bring it around to open it up. Bayley drags Alexa over to put her inside the ladder!

Bayley tried doing this to Shotzi on Friday, Kai & Sky DOUBLE BOOT the ladder to crush Alexa!! Fans boo as Bayley tells Asuka to stay out of her business. Kai & Sky stand the ladder up for her, and Bayley soaks up the heat as she says DMG CTRL are going to take over! Bayley drags Bianca up, stands her in the corner, and Dakota runs Around the World to BOOT Bianca down! Bayley drags Bianca back up by her ponytail and then hooks her up, ROSE PLANT! Bayley drags Alexa up, ROSE PLANT! Kai & Sky stand the ladder over Bianca and Bayley brings the Raw Women’s Championship belt up with her to the top.

Fans boo as DMG CTRL stands over their enemies, but will they be on top of the WWE after this Saturday? Or can Bianca prove she’s the toughEST and bounce back from this beating to beat Bayley back?

My Thoughts:

This was a great Raw, especially for a go-home. Great opener with The Judgement Day getting that heat in their promo, and a great match with Rey & AJ. It makes sense The Judgement Day would win, Finn needs that momentum against Edge. Also a good detail of Styles being upset with Rey. Edge also had a great promo to frame what he’s even acknowledged as his last year as a wrestler. He and Finn are going to have one hell of a match, I would think Styles helps Edge fight off the rest of Judgement Day so that it stays Edge VS Finn, but who knows how it goes. Edge saying there’s nothing they can do to him, I feel that triggers Rhea Ripley dragging Beth Phoenix from somewhere and using her against Edge, a la Roman VS Jey and Roman going after Jimmy.

I like that we’re getting integrated storytelling with Lashley and the Rollins VS Riddle feud. Lashley VS Ali was great stuff, and Ali got to look very tough even in that loss. Lashley was definitely going to show Ali respect before Rollins ambushed him, and now Lashley wants to tear into Rollins just as bad as Riddle. Riddle and Rollins had a great promo segment together, even though they were taking shots they’ve taken before. Though, I suppose those shots still hurt even a second time. Cormier had a good promo to introduce himself to the WWE fans, but this is one of those moments that affect my disbelief. How did WWE set up a camera for Cormier when this is supposed to come off as Cormier having had enough and he’s barging into the argument? Fight Pit’s still gonna be awesome, though, and could go either way if Rollins is also going into a US Championship match.

Great bit with The Miz talking on the phone with Maryse and Lumis getting him. Gargano seeing Miz and Lumis and just laughing it off was great, too. Gargano VS Otis was a great match, and we got a great transition into Braun VS Gable. The Alpha Academy splits the night but Theory stepping up to face Gargano now is a bit of a surprise. That’ll be a great match either way, I’m just not sure which way it’ll go. But Omos & MVP watching Braun’s match is another indicator that we’ll get Omos VS Braun soon. As I said last week, I feel like Braun is going to win that as Omos just feels stuck after how Vince booked him.

Great stuff out of The Bloodline tonight, both the backstage stuff where only Jey is against Sami’s stories, and then them all picking a fight with The Profits. Dawkins VS Solo was great stuff, but with all that back-up, of course Solo wins. Solo is also going to have a great match with Ricochet this Friday. If Sami costing the Bloodline some titles isn’t the make-or-break, I bet it’ll be Sami being skipped over to go after the Intercontinental Championship. Solo is getting all this momentum, it makes sense the family would want him getting the midcard gold, not the Honorary Uce. And again I’ll say, the real endgame is Sami and Kevin Owens teaming together to take the tag titles off the Usos. Kevin’s story is starting to feel like he needs his old pal to break through again.

And great stuff from the women’s division. Candice VS Dakota was great stuff, but of course DMG CTRL helps Dakota win. Great promo from Bayley backstage, great stuff for the contract signing, including the attack on Asuka & Alexa backstage. Great match from Alexa and Iyo, and during that beatdown, I honestly thought that Candice was going to rush out instead of Asuka. But Asuka shows us awesome resilience by dragging that bad leg and fighting DMG CTRL. Of course, DMG CTRL stands tall here, this gives Bayley big momentum going into the match. However, with that, I feel like Bianca is going to win. Candice should definitely go out to help her with Alexa and Asuka beat down tonight. Then Candice can team with Alexa to go after Kai & Sky and the tag titles.

My Score: 8.9/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (10/3/22)

Philly gets Elevated!



AEW Elevation Coverage

The Peacock and his Boys defends their gold!

AEW Dark: Elevation features the ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champions! But will Dalton Castle & The Tate Twins still reign in Philadelphia?


  • Skye Blue VS Trish Adora; wins.
  • Lance Archer VS Cheeseburger; wins.
  • Abadon VS Abby Jane; wins.
  • ROH Six Man Tag Team Championships: Dalton Castle & The Boys VS Primal Fear; win(s) and
  • Mixed Tag: Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford VS Gia Scott & Leon St. Giovanni; win.
  • Brian Cage w/ Prince Nana VS Tracy Williams; wins.
  • The Lucha Brothers w/Alex Abrahantes VS Tony Deppen & Dante Martin; win.
  • 8 Man Tag: Best Friends VS The Factory; win(s).


A really good line-up here, with the big attraction being Dalton & The Boys taking on Adrien Soriano, Matthew Omen, & Gabriel Hodder, aka Primal Fear. That’ll be a solid match that I will cover, but I don’t see the champions losing the titles. Good to see Cheeseburger but he’s gonna get eaten alive by Archer. And I like that we’re getting a full faction showdown of Best Friends VS The Factory. That’ll be a big win for Best Friends and they’ll have momentum going after Death Triangle for that feud.



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