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Mitchell’s NJPW Summer Struggle Report! (7/30/21)

Summer Struggle returns to Korakuen!



NJPW Summer Struggle 2021

Who will be the last team standing?

As Evil pursues the top prize in NJPW, he and Bullet Club takes on Los Ingobernables de Japon in full in an 8 Man ELIMINATION TAG! Will Darkness Fall in Korakuen?

NOTE: NJPW no longer wants to feed AXS TV now that it is with Anthem and Impact Wrestling. But never fear, I will cover NJPW in the spirit of AXS in providing the most important matches of the show.


  • 8 Man Tag: Chaos VS Suzuki-Gun; Chaos wins.
  • 8 Man Elimination Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Bullet Club; LIJ wins.


8 Man Tag: Chaos VS Suzuki-Gun!

Robbie Eagles is the NEW IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, while Tomohiro Ishii, Hirooki Goto & Yoshi-Hashi are still NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Champions. But that doesn’t mean Chaos is satisfied with these belts! Can the Fierce Warrior & Head Hunter gain some ground towards the Dangerous Tekkers’ IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team titles? Or will someone #JustTapOut?

The teams sort out as Taichi compares his IWGP Heavyweight Tag title to Hashi’s NEVER Openweight Six Man title. Goto is ready, Taichi shows off the dancing pecs, and the bell rings. Fans rally as Goto and Taichi circle. They tie up and Goto gets Taichi on ropes, then lets off cleanly. Goto and Taichi reset, circle, and tie up again. Again, Tiachi doesn’t try that hard and Goto puts him on the ropes again. Goto eggs Taichi on, they circle, and Goto blocks a kick. Taichi blocks a kick in return, and then chokes Goto! The ref reprimands, Goto throws body shots and shoves Taichi. Taichi holds ropes, boots Goto away, runs, but Goto runs Taichi over!

Goto stomps Taichi, CLUBS him, then whips him corner to corner. Goto runs in but Taichi dodges. ZSJ runs in but Godo dodges! Hashi runs in but ZSJ dodges! Taichi comes back but Hashi dodges. Goto and ZSJ dodge each other’s strikes, as do Hashi and Taichi! The teams stand off and fans cheer. The ref reprimands ZSJ and Hashi, they’re not legal so they need to exit. ZSJ and Hashi talk trash but Ishii tags in. Ishii dares Suzuki himself to get in, so Suzuki tags. Ishii rushes Suzuki, Suzuki shoves him but Ishii eggs him on. Suzuki throws forearms, Ishii gives them back, and now Suzuki eggs Ishii on. They go back and forth and fans rally up as they pick up speed!

Suzuki eggs Ishii on, Ishii throws more forearms, then Suzuki ROCKS Ishii! Suzuki whips Ishii to a corner, BOOTS him, then fires off more forearms! The ref reprimands and counts, Suzuki keeps going, but Ishii turns it around to fire off forearms back! Now the ref counts on Ishii, but Suzuki gets up to ROCK Ishii again! Ishii staggers, Suzuki ROCKS him again, and again! And again! Ishii wobbles, Suzuki runs and BOOTS! But Ishii fires up to elbow back! Ishii runs, gets through Suzuki’s boot, but Douki gets a cheap shot in! Eagles runs in to go after Douki, whips but Douki reverses, only for Eagles to come back with a RANA!

Fans fire up as Eagles wheel kicks Douki down then kips up! Eagles fires off on Suzuki with forearms but Suzuki eggs him on! Eagles throws more forearms but Suzuki throws a hard body shot! Suzuki reels back but Eagles ducks the forearm to dropkick! Ishii runs back in to run Suzuki over! Hashi and Goto get in to knock the rest of Suzuki-Gun off the apron! Fans rally as Ishii stomps Suzuki at ropes. Suzuki gets to the apron, Ishii runs in but Suzuki catches him for a HANGING ARMBAR! The ref counts, Suzuki lets go at 4, and his team has turned things around on Chaos! Taichi chokes Hashi against railing, and Suzuki whips Ishii into railing!

Taichi clubs Hashi, Suzuki brings Ishii around to CHOP! Suzuki puts Ishii back in the ring but has an ankle lock on the apron! The ref reprimands and counts as Ishii has the ropes, and Suzuki lets off. Taichi whips Hashi hard into railing, and Suzuki-Gun regroups at the corner. Suzuki has a HALF CRAB but Ishii has ropes! The ref counts, Suzuki lets go and tags in Douki. Suzuki and Douki stand on Ishii, then ZSJ and Taichi add on! The ref reprimands and counts, and Suzuki-Gun lets off. Douki gets Ishii up against ropes, then wraps a leg around ropes to pull it! The ref counts, Douki runs to dropkick the leg! Ishii falls, Douki covers, TWO!

Taichi tags in, he stands on Ishii at the ropes, then ZSJ gets in to wrench Ishii’s leg! Suzuki and Douki add on from the apron and the ref reprimands them all again! Suzuki-Gun lets go at 4, Taichi drags Ishii around to CHOKE! The ref reprimands, Taichi lets off, but then chokes Ishii again! The ref reprimands, Taichi lets off again, and then chokes Ishii with both hands! The ref counts, Taichi lets off at 4, then shoves the ref away to drag Ishii over. ZSJ tags in, ZSJ stands on the leg. Ishii hits back but ZSJ gets a standing toehold! Ishii grabs ropes, ZSJ stomps the leg! ZSJ runs to BOOT Goto off the apron, then he gets Ishii up for EuroUppers!

Suzuki tags in, he and ZSJ stomp and dig their boots in, as does Douki. The ref reprimands again, Suzuki lets off to slap Ishii around. Fans rally up and Ishii gets up to hit back. Suzuki eggs him on, Ishii keeps trying, and Ishii throws low headbutts. Ishii throws forearms but Suzuki ROCKS him! Ishii throws another forearm, Suzuki ROCKS him again! Ishii falls over! Suzuki gets Ishii back up but Ishii suplexes! Suzuki fights that, goes for a sleeper, but Ishii counters with a back suplex! Both men are down and fans fire up! Chaos rallies the fans, Ishii kicks Suzuki while crawling away, hot tags to Hashi and ZSJ!

ZSJ runs in but into a CHOP! Hashi whips ZSJ to a corner, ZSJ comes back but into another CHOP! Hashi mule kicks, turns ZSJ but ZSJ wrenches free. Hashi CHOPS ZSJ again! Hashi gets ZSJ up, suplex to HEADBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Hashi DECKS Taichi off the apron as fans rally up. Hashi whips ZSJ to a corner, runs in but ZSJ blocks the CHOP! ZSJ wrenches and wrangles Hashi to hammerlock STOMP the arm! Fans rally while both men are down. ZSJ digs his heels into Hashi’s arm but Hashi pushes him away. Hashi sits up, ZSJ kicks at the arm. Hashi fires up to CHOP ZSJ again! ZSJ eggs Hashi on so Hashi CHOPS him again! And again!

ZSJ headbutts low, wrenches the bad arm for a double wristlock, but Hashi waistlocks! ZSJ fights the lift, wrenches and BOOTS the arm, then runs. Goto gets in to fireman’s carry! ZSJ slips off but Hashi SUPERKICKS him! Goto fireman’s carries ZSJ again but Taichi gets in to AX BOMBER Hashi down! ZSJ slips off, Taichi mule kicks Goto then runs, but Goto fireman’s carries for USHIGOROSHI! Fans fire up with Goto as he gets ZSJ back up. Dragon sleeper, but ZSJ snapmares and NECK TWISTS! Hashi runs but ZSJ roundhouses and EuroUppers! ZSJ runs but Hashi LARIATS him down! Fans fire up as those four are all down.

Eagles is on the corner, he reaches out! Hashi crawls over and tags Eagles in! Eagles KICKS ZSJ again and again, then runs to GAMANGIRI him down! Fans fire up as Eagles aims from a corner. Eagles runs corner to corner to DOUBLE KNEE! And then another DOUBLE KNEE! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up as Eagles climbs! 450 but Eagles has to bail out as ZSJ moves! ZSJ EuroUppers, runs, but leaps into a Gory Especial! Eagles makes it a backslide, TWO! Eagles gets up, blocks a kick, but ZSJ denies the backpack with a sleeper! Eagles elbows free, runs and RANAS, only for ZSJ to block to an ANKLE LOCK! Douki tags in and he stomps Eagles down!

Douki gets Eagles up, Eagles back kicks. Eagles cravats for standing Sliced Bread but Douki slips out of that. Eagles waistlocks, Douki switches, Eagles switches. Douki resists the lift, throws elbows, goes to run but Eagles reels him in. Douki breaks free, mule kicks and ENZIGURIS! Douki then scoops Eagles and swings him for the NORTHERN LIGHTS! Bridging cover, TWO! Suzuki runs in to BOOT Ishii off the apron! Suzuki and Douki whip Eagles corner to corner, Douki back elbows and Suzuki BOOTS! Eagles swings back but Suzuki puts him in a sleeper! Suzuki lets go for Douki to slingshot and DAYBREAKER! Cover, TWO, but into ITALIAN STRETCH 32!

Eagles endures while Suzuki goes after Ishii again. Suzuki puts Ishii in a SLEEPER! Taichi and ZSJ get in to intercept Goto and Hashi! KIMURA and SEITEIJYUJIRYOU!! Suzuki-Gun has QUADRUPLE SUBMISSIONS! Fans rally as Chaos endures! Eagles gets the ropebreak and the ref counts. Douki lets go at 4 and the rest of Suzuki-Gun drags the others out of the ring. Douki calls for the end, he reels Eagles into a wheelbarrow, but Eagles victory rolls to go for the legs! Douki kicks Eagles away then gets him in a cradle on the return! Cover, TWO! Douki uppercuts and runs, but Eagles spins to a fireman’s carry, TURBO BACKPACK! Eagles mule kicks Douki then goes to a corner.

Eagles climbs, leaps, 450 SPLASHES! Now Chaos keeps Suzuki-Gun out as Eagles gets the RON MILLER SPECIAL!! Douki taps, Chaos wins!!

Winners: Chaos, by submission

But Ishii doesn’t let off on Suzuki! The Young Lions try to get the Stone Pitbull to let off, but now Suzuki goes after Ishii! Ishii and Suzuki start a slap fight! Meanwhile, Hashi and ZSJ talk trash on each other while Goto and Taichi start choking each other! Taichi shoves Goto down, Ishii and Suzuki keep brawling! Chaos won in more ways than one because this is chaos! But with this win, has Chaos earned an IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team title match from the Dangerous Tekkers?

Uh oh, Suzuki has a chair! A Young Lion restrains him so he can’t go after Ishii but Suzuki just knocks the Young Lion down then SMACKS him with the chair! The Tekkers again compare titles with Goto and Hashi. Will the Tekkers look to snatch the NEVER Openweight belts away before giving Chaos their opportunity?


8 Man Elimination Tag: Los Ingobernables de Japon VS Bullet Club!

The Dragon trumped The Ace, but the rest of LIJ fell short at Wrestle Grand Slam Tokyo. However, Shingo Takagi is now the target of Evil! Will the King of Darkness, Tokyo Pimp and “the cutest tag team” bring down every single one of the ungovernable? Or will everything be tranquilo in Tokyo?

Bullet Club Low Sweets, LIJ fist bump, and Evil steps up to face Takagi. Fans rally up as the two stare down. Takagi runs the ropes a bit as he and Evil circle, and their teammates all stay back. Takagi runs, and Dick swipes at him! Evil attacks Takagi from behind as Red Shoes reprimands Dick. Evil rakes Takagi’s eyes, Red Shoes counts, and Evil lets off. Evil whips Takagi to ropes, Takagi dodges Evil to then run him over! Fans fire up with Takagi as he sits Evil up. Takagi throws elbows over and over in to the shoulder. Takagi runs but Evil bails out to avoid the sliding lariat. Takagi eggs Evil on but El Phantasmo fans Evil off. Takagi gets impatient but Bullet Club tells him to stay back.

Evil returns, but then he tags out to Tokyo Pimp. Yujiro grins as he calls out Naito. Fans rally up for “NA-I-TO!” so Takagi obliges with a tag. Naito and Yujiro circle, approach and Yujiro kicks low. Yujiro throws forearms, whips Naito to ropes, but Naito holds ropes and boots back. Naito runs in, whips Yujiro then arm-drags him! And then atomic drop, Sanada gets in to stomp Yujiro down! Naito and Sanada double whip, hip toss and Naito messes with Yujiro’s hair. Naito throws elbows, Evil protests but Sanada bails out. Bushi tags in, he CLUBS Yujiro on the back, then takes off his shirt to CHOKE Yujiro with it! Bullet Club protests but Bushi throws the shirt away.

Bushi gets Yujiro up to bump off buckles and stomp a mudhole in. Tag to Sanada and he wrenches Yujiro’s arm to CLUB it. And again! Sanada wrenches again, tags in Takagi, and Takagi climbs up as fans rally. Takagi drops ax handles on Yujiro’s arm! Takagi dares Bullet Club to do something, then he goes back to Yujiro. Takagi suplexes high and hard! Cover, TWO! Takagi clamps onto an arm, Yujiro fights up but Takagi YANKS the arm. Takagi wrenches to a hammerlock, Naito tags in and Naito clubs Yujiro on the back. Bullet Club protests as Sanada gets in again, and LIJ double whips and double elbows Yujiro down, then Naito adds a basement dropkick! Cover, TWO!

Naito wrenches Yujiro’s arm more, Bushi tags in and Bushi clubs Yujiro’s arm. Bushi brings Yujiro around for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up as Bushi gets Yujiro up, but Yujiro BITES Bushi’s hand to deny the Fisherman Screw! Yujiro blocks Bushi’s kick, throws him down, then basement dropkicks! Evil runs in to knock Takagi and Naito off the apron, and the rest of Bullet Club goes after LIJ on the outside! Yujiro goes after Bushi and kicks him out of the ring. ELP rakes Naitoi’s eyes, Taiji Ishimori chokes Sanada, and Evil RAMS Takagi into railing by the timekeeper’s area! Poor Abe-san!

Yujiro gets his pimp cane while Evil chokes Takagi with camera cables! ELP plays dumb while Dick stomps Bushi. Yujiro goes back into the ring, ELP stomps Takagi, and Evil undoes the blue corner buckle pad. Taiji puts Bushi in for Yujiro and Yujiro drags Bushi up. Evil prepares chairs for later while Yujiro whips Bushi into bare buckles! Taiji tags in, hops up and Yujiro stands Bushi up for Taiji to leap, and CLAW Bushi’s back! Taiji tags ELP, Taiji stands Bushi up and ELP leaps to CLAW Bushi! ELP also insults the fans’ clapping ability. Cover, TWO, but ELP drags Bushi over to tag in Evil. Evil CLAWS Bushi, too!

Evil sucker punches Sanada off the apron, and Sanada hit railing in front of the timekeeper’s area! Abe-san goes down again! Evil gets Bushi up and throws him out. Evil distracts Red Shoes so that Yujiro can get Bushi up, and Dick can JAM Bushi with a chair! Naito hurries over to go after Yujiro for it! But Yujiro hits low and RAMS Naito into railing! Naito slumps over railing as Yujiro feeds Bushi into the ring. Evil covers, TWO! Another try, TWO! A third cover, TWO!! Evil and Bullet Club are frustrated but fans rally up. Evil tags Yujiro and he drags Bushi up. Yujiro snapmares Bushi and runs to BOOT him down. Cover, TWO!

Fans rally up for Bushi again but Yujiro stomps him. Yujiro pushes Bushi around, gets him back up, but Bushi throws body shots and forearms! Yujiro knees low, whips Bushi to a corner, then BOOTS him! Yujiro gets Bushi up as fans rally for “LIJ! LIJ!” Yujiro fisherman’s but Bushi fights off the buster! Bushi gets around to BACKSTABBER Yujiro down! Fans fire up as Takagi is on the corner! Bushi crawls over, hot tag to Takagi! Takagi runs in, blocks a boot and clotheslines Yujiro! Takagi fires off forearm after forearm, but ELP and Taiji get in! They mug Takagi, whip him to ropes, but Takagi holds ropes!

Takagi comes back, CLOBBERS ELP, scoop SLAMS Taiji, and shoves Yujiro into ELP! DOUBLE LARIATS! Fans fire up with Takagi as he dares Evil to do something. Evil stays away so Takagi waits on Yujiro to get up. Takagi swipes at Evil, but Yujiro dragon sleepers for a REVERSE DDT! Yujiro staggers up, fisherman BUSTER on Takagi! Cover, TWO! Takagi stays in this and fans rally up. Yujiro gets Takagi back up, throws forearms, but Takagi eggs him on. Takagi blocks the lariat, spins Yujiro around, but Yujiro BITES Takagi’s hand! Yujiro whips, Takagi reverses, back elbow, JAB, YUKON LARIAT! Fans fire up as Takagi catches his breath.

Takagi drags Yujiro back up, scoops and SLAMS him, then goes to a corner. Dick distracts and Yujiro CLUBS Takagi off the corner! Yujiro wants to use the over-the-top-rope rule in NJPW elimination matches! Takagi holds on, Yujiro rakes eyes and runs in, but Takagi holds the ropes down! Yujiro tumbles out onto the apron but holds on! Takagi gets Yujiro up but Yujiro rakes eyes! Yujiro mule kicks, reels Takagi in but Takagi shoves him away! Yujiro rushes back in but into a fireman’s carry! Takagi turns around, for an APRON DEATH VALLEY!! Yujiro falls to the floor, Takagi ELIMINATES Yujiro! But now Evil gets in and has a chair! Red Shoes stops him but Dick grabs at Takagi!

Takagi kicks Dick away but Evil BLASTS Takagi off the apron! Takagi hits the floor, Evil ELIMINATES Takagi!! Sanada rushes in but Evil tags out to Taiji. Taiji runs and kicks Sanada, whips, but Sanada reverses. Taiji handsprings, Sanada catches him and GERMAN SUPLEXES! But Taiji lands on his feet! Taiji baits Sanada in, goes for a leg takedown but Sanada sits for a cover, TWO! Taiji finishes the sunset flip, TWO! Taiji runs and sunset flips again, but Sanada rolls through to get Taiji in Paradise! Fans fire up and Sanada encourages them to get louder. But ELP gets in to CLAW Sanada’s back! ELP trips Sanada, but he can’t figure out how Paradise works!

ELP asks Milano Collection how to Paradise Lock, but Sanada trips ELP up to put him in Paradise! Fans cheer as Sanada has ELP and Taiji next to each other. Sanada runs to double dropkick them both out of Paradise! Sanada covers Taiji, TWO! Fans rally for “SA-NA-DA!” as he gets Taiji up to a fireman’s carry. Taiji rakes eyes to get free! Taiji whips Sanada to a corner. Sanada goes up and out and springboards in. Taiji dodges, runs in to double knee! ELP SPLASHES, then Taiji sucker punches Naito off the apron. ELP gives Taiji a boost in the Electric Chair and tosses him at Sanada! Sanada catches Taiji and tosses him up and out!

Taiji lands on the apron, ELP runs in but Sanada intercepts with a headlock punch. Sanada turns around but Taiji shoulders in! Taiji tries to suplex but Sanada holds on! Sanada tries to suplex Taiji, but Taiji resists. Taiji drags Sanada out to the apron and they start brawling! Taiji runs, Sanada scoops! Dragon sleeper, and Sanada throws Taiji off the apron! Sanada ELIMINATES Taiji! But ELP swings on Sanada, throws big haymakers, and BOOTS! Sanada holds on with a hand, ELP hits that hand but Sanada grabs on with the other! ELP stomps Sanada’s foot! Sanada holds that foot with both hands, and ELP CLAWS Sanada’s back! Sanada falls off, ELP ELIMINATES Sanada!

ELP gloats but Naito sneaks in to CLAW ELP! Fans cheer as Naito whips ELP up and out! ELP holds onto ropes but Naito fires off forearms! HOTSHOT! Taiji keeps ELP on the apron! Red Shoes reprimands but Sanada CLAWS Taiji! Naito sweeps ELP’s legs and ELP lands on the apron! Naito uses the swinging kick to knock ELP off! Naito ELIMINATES ELP! But Evil is back and he runs at Naito! Naito blocks the haymaker to ROCK Evil! Naito gets in but Evil KICKS the rope to get Naito low! Red Shoes reprimands but Evil stomps at Naito. Naito holds on, and his feet hook the ropes to keep him in! Evil argues with Red Shoes and Dick gets cheap shots in!

Evil kicks Naito’s feet out from the ropes, Naito hits the floor! Evil ELIMINATES Naito! Bushi runs in as LIJ’s last man against Bullet Club’s last man. Evil kicks low, whips, but Bushi swing kicks back! Bushi goes up top and leaps to missile dropkick! Bushirooni! Fans fire up and Bushi gets Evil up. Bushi fisherman’s but no screw! Evil kicks low, fisherman’s but no buster! FISHERMAN SCREW! Cover, TWO! Fans rally as Bushi gets up and aims from a corner. Evil stands, Bushi runs, but no code breaker! Bushi dodges Evil to ENZIGURI! Fans fire up, Bushi gets Evil up and runs, but Dick is there to stand in his way! Red Shoes reprimands but Evil kicks and whips!

Bushi dodges to DIVE! Direct hit into Dick, and Bushi’s safe cuz that was through the second rope! Bushi gets in, spins Evil around and DDT’s! Cover, TWO!! Evil survives but fans rally behind Bushi more. Bushi gets Evil up, wrenches but Evil pokes his eye! Evil whips Bushi into the bare buckles, then FISHERMAN BUSTERS! Cover, but Evil lets off?! Evil wants to make LIJ feel the pain. Fireman’s carry, DARKNESS FALLS! Cover, TWO!! Bushi survives because of Evil’s ego! Fans rally up but Evil slashes the throat. Evil drags Bushi up, spins him around, but Bushi denies Everything! Bushi rolls Evil up, TWO!!

Evil staggers up, blocks a kick and ducks enziguri but not the HEEL KICK! Bushi runs to CODE BREAKER! Cover, but Dick distracts Red Shoes! Red Shoes reprimands Dick but Dick threatens Red Shoes. Bushi gets mad, but Evil LOW BLOWS! Takagi gets Dick in a fireman’s carry and Evil is pissed! Evil tells Takagi to let Dick down, but Bushi knocks Evil over the ropes! Evil hits the floor, LIJ wins!!

Winners: Los Ingobernables de Japon, by ring-out; Bushi is sole survivor

Not a single pin or submission fall in this match, but Bushi is clutch with that top rope elimination! Evil is furious but that’s what he gets for betraying LIJ in the first place! Takagi gets a mic to say, “Oi, Evil! SERVES YOU RIGHT!” Same goes for Dick. He and Evil are disrespecting Takagi and where he stands. Takagi already said he could easily crush Evil before the MetLife Dome, but it’s only right to repay the Tokyo Dome debt is in another dome! So Takagi will look to humiliate Evil on September 5th, Wrestle Grand Slam in the MetLife Dome! It’s official!! Evil gets his shot at the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, but will he be struck out by The Dragon?

My Thoughts:

A pretty fun event for NJPW and it was an all tag match night. Kojima, Nagata & Tiger Mask won because the other team had two Young Lions. Tenzan, Wato and Taguchi surprisingly get a win over RPG3K and Kazuchika Okada, but it was Yoh taking the pin to Taguchi’s Five Star Clutch Gaesino. Tanahashi and Yano win because Chase Owens had Gedo as his partner, but apparently Chase has begun his remodel of the KOPW trophy. The 8 Man Tags were very good. Eagles getting the win on Douki of course keeps the math clean between the different tag team champions so those title matches could go either way.

I didn’t know that NJPW did Elimination Tags with over-the-top-rope rules but if felt like maybe this was the first time they’ve ever done one. Which is why all eliminations were over the top rope. In wrestling, if it’s pointed out as a special way to win, then that’s how it happens. But they certainly booked the first eliminations and the last eliminations perfectly, and it was a great win for LIJ. Naturally, Takagi and Evil are going to have their match for the next big event, Wrestle Grand Slam MetLife in Saitama, which is already looking like a big weekend event since Super Junior Tag League is also happening as part of Summer Struggle.

My Score: 8.9/10

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Lucha Libre

Lucha Central Weekly: WWE Releases, AAA TripleMania Regia, and Matanza Is Back In MLW (episode escaped from the vault!)

Miranda, Dusty, and Brendan bring you the latest in Lucha Libre as if it totally wasn’t over a week old!



Lucha Central Weekly (1)

Miranda, Dusty, and Brendan bring you the latest in Lucha Libre as if it totally wasn’t over a week old!

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In an episode that just escaped from the vault, Miranda, Dusty, and Brendan bring you another action packed edition of Lucha Central Weekly, just in time (not really) for the holiday weekend! Listen in as your favorite lucha trio discusses the most recent WWE releases AS IF IT JUST HAPPENED! Plus, the (not so) latest news around AAA TripleMania Regia, and relive Matanza’s shocking return at MLW War Chamber as if it had just happened yesterday! All this and so much more on the latest edition (that part is true) of Lucha Central Weekly!

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Mitchell’s NJPW WTL x BOSJ Results & Report! (11/27/21)

BOSJ, Round 6!




It’s Sniper of the Skies VS Rogue Luchador!

NJPW Power Struggle’s Junior Heavyweight title match is revisited as Robbie Eagles and El Desperado meet in the Best of the Super Juniors, Round 6!


  • Best of the Super Juniors 28: Ryusuke Taguchi VS Yoshinobu Kanemaru; Taguchi wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 28: Douki VS SHO; Sho wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 28: Master Wato VS YOH; Yoh wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 28: BUSHI VS El Phantasmo; Bushi wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 28: Robbie Eagles VS El Desperado; Eagles wins.
  • Best of the Super Juniors 28: Hiromu Takahashi VS Taiji Ishimori; Ishimori wins.


Here are the current BOSJ 28 standings!

Yoshinobu Kanemaru: 4-1, 8 points
SHO: 4-1, 8 points
Hiromu Takahashi: 3-1-1, 7 points
Taiji Ishimori: 3-2, 6 points
El Desperado: 2-2-1, 5 points
Master Wato: 2-3, 4 points
Ryusuke Taguchi: 2-3, 4 points
El Phantasmo: 2-3, 4 points
Robbie Eagles: 2-3, 4 points
Douki: 2-3, 4 points
Bushi: 2-3, 4 points
YOH: 1-4, 2 points


Best of the Super Juniors 28: Ryusuke Taguchi VS Yoshinobu Kanemaru!

The Funky Weapon is on a roller coaster ride in this BOSJ, but now he’s meeting the Heel Master, who is the top of the block! Will Taguchi be able to even out? Or will Kanemaru continue to lead the way?

Wait, Kanemaru attacks Taguchi while he’s posing! Kanemaru stomps away at the ropes, the bell rings to get this on record, and then Kanemaru keeps stomping. He takes Taguchi’s shirt off and continues stomping him. Taguchi gets up, Kanemaru kicks low but Taguchi CHOPS back. And CHOPS! But Kanemaru rakes eyes! Kanemaru runs, Taguchi goes the other way and the two run the ropes. Kanemaru stops himself but Taguchi keeps going as fans rally. Taguchi eggs Kanemaru on to join him, but Kanemaru just lets him keep going. Then he pushes him to keep him going! Taguchi is getting tired, Kanemaru dropkicks the legs out!

Taguchi clutches his leg, Kanemaru drags him back and SMASHES the knee into the mat. Taguchi writhes but Kanemaru stomps the leg. Kanemaru drags Taguchi up, has the leg, for a SHIN BREAKER! Taguchi writhes even more and gets to ropes. Kanemaru puts the leg on the ropes to stand on it! The ref counts, Kanemaru lets off at 4. Kanemaru drags Taguchi back to drop an elbow and clamp on a toehold. Taguchi fights back with a chinlock but Kanemaru wrenches the leg. Kanemaru then lets off to drop knees on the knee, then pulls on the toehold again. Taguchi gets the ropebreak, Kanemaru lets go at 3.

Kanemaru drags Taguchi away from the ropes to YANK the leg. Fans rally for Taguchi but Kanemaru has the leg for a HALF CRAB! Taguchi endures, crawls forward and gets the ropebreak! Kanemaru lets go at 4, then stomps Taguchi’s bad leg. Kanemaru starts kicking Taguchi in the butt! Taguchi goes to the corner but Kanemaru keeps kicking. Taguchi hits back but Kanemaru rakes eyes! The ref reprimands, Kanemaru stomps the bad leg again. Kanemaru whips corner to corner, runs in but Taguchi boots him back! Taguchi gets the bad leg moving, but runs into an atomic drop! Kanemaru runs, but into the HIP ATTACK! Fans fire up as Taguchi gets his bad leg moving.

Taguchi runs at Kanemaru to hip attack at the ropes! And again! And then baseball slide to the apron GAMANGIRI! Fans fire up as Taguchi aims from the apron and springboards, MISSILE HIP! Cover, TWO! Taguchi drags Kanemaru up and suplexes, Uno Amigo! Taguchi suplexes again, Dos Amigos! Then THREE AMIGOS! Cover, TWO! Taguchi keeps focus as fans rally up. Taguchi brings Kanemaru up to chicken wing, but Kanemaru blocks, and then mule kicks the bad leg! He kicks the leg again, but Taguchi gives Kanemaru a point blank hip attack! Kanemaru kicks the bad leg again but Taguchi gives another point blank hip.

Kanemaru kicks the leg again but Taguchi fires off point blank hip attacks! Taguchi runs, but into another dropkick to the legs! Kanemaru gets the leg for a FIGURE FOUR! Taguchi blocks the leg lock from being completed! Kanemaru puts as much pressure as he can even with that much, and Taguchi can’t hold it back! Kanemaru has the Figure Four in and Taguchi reaches out for ropes. Fans rally up, Taguchi drags himself over, ROPEBREAK! Kanemaru holds on until 4, then drags Taguchi back up. Scoop and BRITISH FALL! Cover, TWO! Kanemaru drags Taguchi to a drop zone, goes up top, MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO!

Fans rally as Taguchi is still in this, but Kanemaru goes up again. Kanemaru waits on Taguchi to rise, but Taguchi’s bad leg is really wobbly. Taguchi stands, Kanemaru waits for him to be stable but Taguchi falls over! Kanemaru hops down to get at Taguchi, but Taguchi was suckering him in! Victory roll, TWO!! Kanemaru kicks the bad leg, steps through, but Taguchi kicks him down! OH MY GARFUNKEL! Kanemaru endures the ankle lock, reaches out, and fans rally up. Taguchi twists the ankle, puts as much weight as he can on the hold, but Kanemaru still fights forward to the ROPEBREAK! Taguchi lets go, and he calls upon the powers of Strong Style!

Taguchi aims from the corner, “OHYA~!” BUM- NO, roll up! TWO!! ENZIGURI from Taguchi, Kanemaru staggers around, Taguchi gets the arms! Kanemaru fights the Dodon Buster so Taguchi TIGER SUPLEXES! Bridge, TWO!! Kanemaru narrowly escapes but Taguchi fires up! Fans fire up with him, and he drags Kanemaru up. Chicken wings, but Kanemaru grabs the ref and pushes him down! Taguchi avoids the low blow to get the chicken wings, DODON LOW BLOW! Taguchi shoves Kanemaru to ropes then rolls him up, Taguchi wins!

Winner: Ryusuke Taguchi, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Kanemaru earns 0)

The Funky Weapon shoots down the top of the block! But Taguchi still has a way to go if he wants to be the Best of the Super Juniors, can he keep going on this upward trajectory? Or will Kanemaru be able to shrug this off and stay ahead of the pack?


Best of the Super Juniors 28: Douki VS SHO!

Japones Del Mal couldn’t beat his Suzuki-Gun teammates, but Kanemaru exposed the Murder Machine’s weaknesses last round. Will Douki and his pipe be able to thwart Sho and his wrench?

Sho wants the ref to check Douki thoroughly, and so the ref does, only for Sho to then push the ref aside and attack Douki! The bell rings, Sho runs but Douki hurdles, drops and rolls to headscissor! Sho gets up and Douki dropkicks him down! Fans cheer and Douki stomps Sho down. Douki drags Sho up to CLUB him, then drags him up, only for Sho to rake eyes! The ref reprimands, Sho puts Douki on the ropes, and the ref counts. Sho stops at 4, whips Douki to ropes, but holds the ropes to stop himself. Sho runs in but Douki does the splits and Sho tumbles out to the floor! Douki aims and slingshots to PLANCHA, but Sho uses a Young Lion as a shield!

Douki is down, Sho drags him up and whips him into railing! Sho steps on the Young Lion on his way to stomping Douki. Sho then has the ref check on the Young Lion, so he can get away with whipping Douki into more railing! Sho drags Douki up to torture the fingers! The ref starts the ring count, Sho slides into the ring and the count passes 10 of 20. Douki gets up at 15 and in at 16. Sho walks over to drag Douki up, but Douki throws body shots and forearms. So Sho rakes his eyes again! The ref counts, Sho stops at 4, to dig his boots in at the corner! The ref counts again, Sho stops at 4. Sho drags Douki up to scoop and SLAM! Cover, TWO!

Sho argues the count but the ref says it was far. Sho claws Douki’s eyes again! The ref counts, Sho lets off and argues with the ref again. Sho then toys with Douki, but Douki chops. And chops! Sho eggs him on so Douki CHOPS again. Sho DECKS Douki with a forearm! Sho drags Douki up, suplexes, but Douki slips out to waistlock. Sho switches, Douki resists the lift and elbows free. Sho reels Douki in but Douki breaks free to mule kick and ENZIGURI! Both men are down but Sho gets to a corner. Douki runsin to clothesline, then he runs, only for Sho to duck. Douki wheelbarrow arm-drags him, to then dodge and springboard, TRUST FALL! Direct hit and Sho bails out!

Douki aims but Sho wants to use the Young Lion again! Douki fakes Sho out, mule kicks him then ASAI MOONSAULTS! Direct hit again! Fans fire up with Douki but he’s still down to catch his breath. Douki crawls over to Sho, drags him up, and puts him in the ring. Springboard DOUBLE STOMPS! Cover, TWO! Douki drags Sho back up, hooks him up, but Sho blocks the Gory Especial. Douki knees Sho low, runs in at the corner, and blocks boots to pop Sho up into the Gory Especial! But Sho pulls the fingers! The ref reprimands, Sho CLUBS the bad hand, but Douki ducks the punch to mule kick! Douki runs, but the ref is a shield now! Sho then SPEARS Douki down!

Fans rally up while both men are on the mat. Sho gets up at the ropes, drags Douki up and wrenches the arm, and brings Douki down to kick, KICK and SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Sho aims his bow and drags Douki up to reel him in. Double pump handles, but Douki slips out to get ITALIAN STRETCH #32! Sho stays on his feet, reaches out, but Douki drags him from ropes to put him back in the stretch! Sho endures, Douki pulls harder on the hold and brings Sho down! Sho sputters, but he refuses to give up! Sho moves around, Douki keeps pulling, Sho turns and… ROPEBREAK! Douki lets go and Sho is dazed!

Douki hurries to the apron as Sho sputters and rises. Fans rally up, DAYBREAK!! Cover, TWO!! Sho survives but Douki calls for the finish! Douki drags Sho into the wheelbarrow, full nelson, but Sho fights free! Switch and a shove into the ref, then a clothesline in the corner that sandwiches them both! Everyone’s done, and Sho crawls to his corner! Sho brings out the wrench! But Douki’s going to his corner, and he has his pipe! Douki blocks the wrench with the pipe to PIPE SHOT Sho down! Douki gets the ref moving, drags Sho around and wheelbarrows, but Sho grabs the ref! Sho shoves the ref into Douki, then LOW BLOWS Douki from behind!

Sho gets his wrench! WRENCH SHOT!! Sho then gets the ref up and brings him over. Sho drags Douki up, for the SNAKE BITE!! Douki’s already out, Sho wins!

Winner: Sho, by submission (gains 2 points; Douki earns 0)

The Murder Machine gets away with another one! He’s back on top of the block, will he be able to stay there from now on?


Best of the Super Juniors 28: Master Wato VS YOH!

The Way of the Grandmaster surprised Ryusuke Taguchi while Direct Drive shocked the Sniper of the Skies! But will Wato stop Yoh’s momentum before it even starts?

The bell rings and fans rally up as the two circle. They feel out the grapple, Wato shoots in to waistlock but Yoh wrenches out to a wristlock. Wato spins, wrenches and wristlocks back. Yoh rolls, trips Wato and has a toehold but Wato uses a leg to bring Yoh down. Yoh clasps hands and sits up out of the armbar. Yoh has a top mount but Wato slips out. Fans cheer the standoff as the two reset. They knuckle lock, Wato wrenches to a hammerlock, but Yoh goes to elbow. Wato stops that with a headlock. Yoh pries the hold but Wato holds tighter. Yoh drop toeholds and flats to the headlock but Wato slips out again to get a chinlock and an arm. Wato then floats to have the legs tied up.

Yoh crawls and gets the ropebreak. Wato lets off, and the two reset. They feel things out then Wato KICKS a leg, then KICKS Yoh in the chest. Wato KICKS Yoh to the corner then fires off forearms. Wato whips corner to corner but Yoh goes up and over, only for Wato to kick low. Things speed up, Yoh drops and sidesteps to drop toehold. Wato avoids the basement dropkick to back elbow, uppercut and rolling sobat! Fans fire up as Wato KICKS Yoh from all sides! Cover, TWO! Wato stomps Yoh, drags him up, whips to ropes but Yoh reverses to dropkick Wato down! Wato bails out, Yoh PLANCHAS out onto him! Fans fire up with Yoh while Wato is down.

Yoh stomps Wato, drags him up, and puts him in the ring. Yoh drags Wato up, turns him and NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Yoh drags Wato up, CLUBS him on the neck, then CLUBS him again. Yoh brings Wato around to ROCK with a forearm, then whips Wato corner to corner for a back elbow! Yoh wrenches and DECKS Wato, cover, TWO! Yoh keeps on Wato with a headscissor necklock! Wato endures as Yoh puts on the pressure. Wato crawls, reaches out, and gets a ropebreak with a foot. Yoh lets go but stomps Wato down. Yoh drags Wato up but Wato throws body shots. Wato throws forearms, Yoh kicks low.

Yoh whips Wato to a corner, runs in, but Wato boots him! Yoh comes back and gets more boots, then Wato RANAS Yoh out! Wato builds speed to TORNILLO! Direct hit at the ramp and both men are down! The ref starts a count, Wato sits up at 11 and drags Yoh up and puts him in at 16. Wato then aims from the apron, springboards and FLYING UPPERCUTS! Fans fire up, Wato waits on Yoh to rise to fire off kicks! SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO! Wato keeps his focus as he drags Yoh up and wrenches to reel him in. Yoh elbows free of the Mouse Trap but Wato knees low. Wato QUESTION MARK KICKS Yoh down! You gets up, but blocks the screw high kick to a DRAGON SCREW!

Wato writhes, Yoh gets him for a CALF KILLER! Wato endures, crawls, drags himself and Yoh over, but Yoh throws elbows down! Yoh pulls back harder but Wato still gets the ROPEBREAK! Yoh stalks Wato and dropkicks the leg out! Yoh drags Wato from the ropes, to suplex, but Wato slips out. Wato’s bad leg jams, Yoh gets him again, FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Fans rally up and Yoh drags Wato back up to waistlock. Wato fights with elbows but Yoh still holds on. Wato goes to ropes, Yoh CLUBS him then full nelsons. Wato breaks free, victory rolls, TWO! Yoh gets up but Wato cradles, TWO! Wato kicks but Yoh blocks, DRAGON- NO, Wato makes it a sit-down, TWO!!

Wato gets up but Yoh uppercuts! Yoh runs but into Wato’s CALF KICK! Both men are down again and fans rally up! Wato crawls over to Yoh, drags him up, and throws a forearm! Yoh forearms back, so Wato forearms again. Yoh throws another forearm, so Wato keeps going. Wato gets the edge, knocking Yoh down. Wato drags Yoh up but Yoh fires boxing elbows! Yoh kicks a leg, then spins, but Wato blocks! Yoh ducks the roundhouse, Wato ducks the heel kick, Wato sobats but Yoh goes Matrix to avoid the roundhouse! ROLLING ELBOW and GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO! Yoh fires up and so do the fans!

Yoh drags Wato up, underhooks, but no Direct Drive! Wato spins out to ROUNDHOUSE! Both men are down and fans rally up again. Wato rises slowly, goes to ropes and waits on Yoh to rise. Wato spins, SCREW HIGH KICK! Wato gets Yoh back up, wrenches and hooks him up, MOUSE TRAP DRIVER! Cover, TWO!! Yoh escapes but Wato drags him to a drop zone. Wato climbs the corner, but oh stops him with a forearm! Yoh climbs, CLUBS Wato on the back, but Wato throws body shots. Yoh stumbles down, Wato gets up but Yoh GAMANGIRIS first! Yoh goes back up, brings Wato up for the SUPERPLEX! Roll through, and- Wato sips out to shove Yoh to a corner!

Wato runs in, Yoh puts him on the apron, but Wato GAMANGIRIS! Yoh staggers and flops, Wato aims again. Wato springboards, into a SUPERKICK!! Fans fire up and Yoh gets Wato right back up! Suplex to GHOSTBUSTER! And then, DIRECT DRIVE!! Cover, YOH WINS!

Winner: Yoh, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Wato earns 0)

The momentum keeps going for Yoh! He may still be at the back, but can he power his way right to the front?


Best of the Super Juniors 28: BUSHI VS El Phantasmo!

Black Mask lost to Hiromu-chan and the Headbanga lost to the Bone Soldier in last round’s battle of teammates. Now that things are back to facing enemies, who gets back up to break even?

Judging from how bad ELP’s foot feels from his backflip entrance, he hasn’t healed up from Taiji pulling one over on him by taking “that” and putting it in his boot. The bell rings and fans rally up as the two stare down. ELP and Bushi approach, but then ELP backs up to encourage the fans to get louder. He and Bushi approach again, but again ELP backs off to encourage the fans. The fans get louder, ELP and Bushi tie up. ELP puts Bushi on ropes but Bushi turns it around. Bushi lets off cleanly, and he gives ELP space. ELP gets fans to clap, “E! L P!” and then ties up with Bushi. ELP pulls on the mask, gets a headlock, but Bushi powers out, only for ELP to run him over.

ELP flexes, struts, runs, but Bushi drops. ELP stops to step on Bushi and strut some more. Bushi kicks and whips but ELP reverses. Bushi rolls off ELP’s back, dodges and RANAS, but ELP handsprings through! Fans cheer and ELP struts again. ELP even shows off with a backflip, but his foot hurts again! Bushi dropkicks ELP down! ELP bails out, Bushi builds speed, but ELP moves so Bushi rolls back to mock ELP’s rocker hands. ELP says no, don’t do that. ELP gets in, Bushi dodges again, then RANAS again! ELP tumbles out, Bushi runs and DIVES! Direct hit and ELP hits railing! Fans cheer as Bushi stomps ELP down.

Bushi drags ELP up, whips him into railing, then brings him up to put him into the ring. Bushi takes off his shirt to use it to choke ELP! The ref counts, Bushi lets go with one hand. The ref counts more, Bushi lets go completely. Bushi CLUBS ELP, turns him and NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Bushi keeps cool, brings ELP up and suplexes, but ELP slips out. Bushi elbows him away but ELP mule kicks! Bushi falls over and writhes on the mat! “It” IS back in ELP’s boot! ELP drags Bushi up, whips him corner to corner, and Bushi hits hard off the buckles! Cover, TWO! ELP tries again, TWO! Another try, TWO! ELP grabs for an ear but he instead has to grab the mask.

ELP stands Bushi up, brings him in and has the cobra twist! Bushi endures, ELP reaches for ropes but the ref watches him closely. Bushi throws body shots and hip tosses ELP down! Fans rally up while both men are down. ELP crawls over to Bushi and drags him up but Bushi fires off forearms! ELP stomps Bushi’s foot! “It” might’ve crushed Bushi’s toes! ELP then isolates a hand, and he STOMPS it! Bushi clutches the fingers but ELP bends them back! The ref reprimands but ELP BITES The hand! The ref counts, Bushi stops at 4. ELP twists the wrist, gets Bushi up and knucklelocks to HOP! ELP goes up and up and tightrope walks, then kicks Bushi to keep going.

ELP struts as he tightrope walks, kicks Bushi again, and keeps going. Bushi trips ELP up and ELP ends up getting a hotshot on the way down! ELP gasps and sputters, Bushi takes aim and SLINGSHOT RANAS! Both men go down and fans fire up! Bushi gets up first and fans fire up with him. Bushi brings ELP up and into the ring, then fans rally as Bushi CHOPS and whips ELP corner to corner. ELP reverses, runs in corner to corner but Bushi swing kicks him away! Bushi goes up and leaps, missile dropkick! BUSHIROONI! Bushi then runs in at the corner to back elbow! Bushi reels ELP in, but ELP slips out and dodges to springboard CROSSBODY! Handspring LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO!

Both men are down again but fans rally up. ELP kips up and brings Bushi up for an atomic drop! Then a scoop and SLAM! ELP goes to the corner, hops up, takes aim, DIVING AX HANDLE! Fans rally as ELP tunes up the band! Bushi slowly rises, ELP adjusts his boot, but Bushi blocks the kick to put the leg on the ropes! DRAPING CODE BREAKER! Both men are down again and fans rally back up. Bushi drags ELP up, catches ELP’s punch and spins him for a DDT! Bushi gets ELP back up, FISHERMAN SCREW! Cover, TWO! ELP is still in this but Bushi goes to the corner. Fans rally up as Bushi aims, M- NO! ELP pops Bushi up but Bushi sunset flips!

ELP rolls through, high stacks, TWO, but ELP drags Bushi up and hooks the arms, STYLES CLASH!! Cover, TWO!! Bushi survives, ELP isn’t phenomenal! ELP hobbles up, drags Bushi back up, reels him back in and tucks the arms. Bushi slips out to cradle! TWO!! ELP BUZZSAW! ELP goes back to a corner, gets the boot going again, Bushi stands and ELP hesitates?! ELP runs to V-TRIGGER instead! And then he Electric Chair Lifts, but Bushi fights free, to BACKSTABBER! Bushi drags ELP up and wrenches him into TERRIBLE! Cover, TWO! ELP survives but Bushi goes to the corner! Bushi goes up the ropes, ELP hobbles around, MX!! Cover, Bushi wins!

Winner: Bushi, by pinfall (gains 2 points; ELP earns 0)

The Headbanga’s hesitation may have cost him! Will he worry less about copying Bullet Club’s best and just win as himself? As for Bushi, he evens out, but will he be able to make a play for the top?


Best of the Super Juniors 28: Robbie Eagles VS El Desperado!

These two only faced off earlier this month, but the irony of Eagles losing the title is that neither has had the best run in this tournament. Will the Sniper of the Skies redeem himself from Power Struggle? Or will the Rogue Luchador give a repeat performance from Osaka?

The bell rings and fans rally up already as the two stare down. Eagles and Desperado circle and Eagles gets the fans to rally harder. They tie up, Eagles waistlocks but Desperado breaks free to wrench and wristlock. Eagles spins, breaks the wristlock, wrenches and wristlocks back. Desperado rolls, breaks and wrenches back on Eagles. Eagles rolls, handsprings and wrenches to a hammerlock. Desperado stands on Eagles’ foot, gets a headlock and the takeover. Eagles rolls it to a cover, ONE, and Desperado keeps on the headlock. Eagles headscissors and squeezes tight but Desperado endures. Desperado bridges, moves around, and gets free to have the butterfly deathlock!

Eagles is down, Desperado floats to a headlock. Desperado grinds Eagles but Eagles fights up to his feet. Eagles tries to pry free but Desperado grinds harder. Eagles still tries to pry, and he gets the hold around, to then drop and trip Desperado to a leglock. Eagles floats to a headlock, pushes off ropes but Desperado rolls to a cover. ONE, and Eagles keeps the headlock. Desperado pulls hair to get up and pop out of the headlock. The ref reprimands and counts, Desperado shifts to a headlock. Desperado grinds the hold, Eagles puts Desperado on ropes. The ref calls for the break, Eagles lets off, but he does a step to make sure Desperado stays on his guard.

Desperado applauds along with the fans as he and Eagles reset. They circle, Desperado claws Eagles’ eyes! Desperado headlocks, Eagles powers out but Desperado runs him over! Things speed up, Eagles hurdles, Desperado leads, but Eagles comes back. Eagles blocks the hip toss and rolls to drag Desperado down and basement dropkick! Fans cheer while Eagles stalks Desperado, but Desperado rakes Eagles’ eyes again! The ref reprimands, Desperado lets off and he drags Eagles up. Eagles holds ropes to stop the whip, Desperado kicks the leg! Desperado whips, Eagles reverses to go up and around but Desperado blocks the arm-drag to SLAP Eagles down!

Desperado runs, flying arm-drags Eagles away, then runs in. Eagles dodges, goes up and around to flying arm-drag back! Desperado bails out, Eagles runs but he fakes Desperado out with the backflip, and then he DIVES! Direct hit and Desperado hits railing, and it’s enough to knock Milano Collection AT out of his seat! Eagles checks on Milano, but he’s alright. Eagles flexes because that’s how strong he is! Eagles then gets Desperado up to CHOP against the apron! Desperado hobbles away, stinging, but Eagles keeps on him. Eagles puts Desperado in the ring, stops him from crawling away, and stomps the leg!

Eagles paces, drags Desperado up and snapmares for a RUNNING KICK! Cover, TWO! Eagles stomps Desperado, Desperado CHOPS back! And again! Eagles eggs him on so Desperado keeps going, but Eagles knees low and CHOPS Desperado down! Fans cheer that one, it was strong. Eagles gives Desperado space at the ropes to come back, but then he goes out to drag Desperado to the apron. Eagles SLAMS the leg on the apron! Desperado flops to the floor and flounders to the ramp. Eagles goes to the ramp and Desperado gets up. Desperado CHOPS but again Eagles eggs him on. Desperado chops again but Eagles CHOPS Desperado back down!

Eagles drags Desperado up, puts him in the ring, covers, TWO! Eagles drops a knee on Desperado’s chest! Cover, TWO! Eagles stomps Desperado at the ropes, brings him around to hook the arm, and then he gets the fans to rally up as he pulls on the legs! Deathlock STOMP! Desperado writhes, Eagles covers, TWO! Another try, TWO! Eagles is frustrated but he waits on Desperado to sit up. Eagles KICKS him, and KICKS him, and KICKS again! Eagles runs, but Desperado blocks the kick! Eagles sobats, but runs into a SPINE- NO! Eagles fights out and whips Desperado to a corner. Eagles runs in but is put on the apron.

Desperado punches, Eagles blocks and GAMANGIRIS Desperado away! Eagles springboards but Desperado gets clear to come back and SPEAR! Both men are down again but Desperado gets up at the ropes. Desperado hobbles over, brings Eagles up, suplexes high and hard! Cover, TWO! Desperado has the leg for the GROUND DRAGON SCREW! Desperado gets the leg again to drop knees on the knee! Eagles writhes but Desperado gets the STRETCH MUFFLER! Eagles endures as Desperado thrashes, and Eagles fights his way over. Desperado keeps him back, but Eagles keeps fighting, ROPEBREAK! Desperado lets go and fans rally up.

Desperado drags Eagles up, reels him in, but Eagles fights the shinbreaker. Desperado kicks the leg! Desperado then brings Eagles back up, but Eagles knees free! Wheelbarrow to victory roll, to RON MILLER SPECIAL!! Now Desperado endures the leg lock, crawls forward, but Eagles puts as much pressure as he can! Desperado refuses to give up, and he powers his way to the ROPEBREAK! Eagles lets go and Desperado clutches the leg. Eagles drags Desperado back, stomps away on the leg then KICKS it! Eagles steps over, Desperado kicks Eagles away, but Eagles comes back with a PENALTY KICK! Cover, TWO!

Eagles keeps cool while fans rally up. He gets his bad leg moving, drags Desperado back up, but Desperado dropkicks the bad leg out! Desperado gets up, hobbles over, but Eagles dropkicks him in the bad leg now! Desperado drags himself up in the corner, Eagles runs in to DOUBLE KNEE! Eagles rolls back, his leg holds him back a bit, and runs in but into a boot! Eagles comes back to Tiger Feint the leg out! Eagles then comes back with METEORA! Desperado flops down, Eagles covers, TWO! Eagles drags Desperado to a drop zone, but his own bad leg slows his climb. Eagles 450, but he catches Desperado’s knees! Eagles turns Desperado to drop knees on the knee!

Eagles gets the leg, steps through but Desperado roll shim up! TWO, to the STRETCH MUFFLER! But Eagles power sit to a cradle, TWO! ROUNDHOUSE! SUPER- NO! Desperado blocks, reels Eagles in, but Eagles fights the Guitarra to slip around and cravat, SHIRANUI but Desperado blocks that! Desperado spins Eagles around, GUITARRA- NO! Eagles slips out and ROLLING KICKS the leg out! Eagles runs, but Desperado ducks the blindside! Both men get their bad legs moving, Eagles ducks the haymaker to SUPERKICK, then SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!! Desperado survives and Eagles can’t believe it!

Eagles grits his teeth while fans rally up. Eagles aims his finger gun, rolls Desperado up but Desperado fights out to SPINEBUSTER! And then a roll, float over, GUITARRA DEL ANGEL! Cover, TWO!! Eagles survives and fans fire up! Desperado drags Eagles up, underhooks the arms, but Eagles RANAS out but Desperado sunset flips! TWO, Eagles sits on it, TWO! Desperado runs into a schoolboy with bridge, TWO!! BIG elbow shot, but Eagles PELES back! Both men are down but Eagles fires up! Eagles drags Desperado up, cravat to SHIRANUI! Then dragon sleeper and a spin, but Desperado slips out to EL ES CULERO! DESPERADO WINS!!

Winner: El Desperado, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Eagles earns 0)

Eagles can’t believe it! Desperado didn’t even need his best shots to win! But with this, will Desperado also look to take back the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships in the near future?


Best of the Super Juniors 28: Hiromu Takahashi VS Taiji Ishimori!

The Ticking Timebomb and Bone Soldier Reborn were the winning halves of their tag teams last round, and now they close out this round! Will one side sweep the night? Or will we see a 1-1 split?

Hiromu hands over the guide book to Milano, and he seems to be calling Taiji a “Muscular chihuahua.” The bell rings and they ram each other! Then they start throwing forearms! Taiji gets the edge, whips but Hiromu reverses to then follow and RANA, but Taiji blocks! Taiji brings Hiromu up but Hiromu slips out, only for Taiji to get around and waistlock. Hiromu switches but Taiji elbows him away. Taiji whips, Hiromu reveres but Taiji handsprings, into a waistlock! Taiji switches again, shoves Hiromu into a corner, then blocks the boots to ENZIGURI. But Hiromu gets out of the ropes to elbow! Hiromu keeps going and he runs Taiji over!

Fans fire up while Hiromu catches his breath. Hiromu drags Taiji up, CHPOS him, then CHOPS him again! Hiromu brings Taiji around to CHOP again and Taiji leans on ropes. Hiromu whips, Taiji reverse to shoulder and WRING the arm out, then WRING it again! Hiromu bails out and clutches the arm. Red Shoes checks on him but Hiromu says he can still continue. Taiji goes out as Hiromu goes around the way. Taiji stalks Hiromu, then BOOTS him into railing! Taiji wraps the arm around railing and pulls! Hiromu grabs at Taiji’s hair but Taiji kicks the railing to jam the arm. Taiji drags Hiromu up, fans rally, and Taiji wernches to hammerlock and POST the bad arm!

Taiji puts Hiromu in, pulls on the arm and SLAMS it against the post! Then Taiji brings out a chair! Taiji SLAMS the bad arm into the post, then snatches a chair from the timekeeper’s area. Red Shoes confiscates that chair, but doesn’t see Taiji get the chair from under the ring and SMACKS Hiromu’s arm! Hiromu goes running as he clutches the bad arm, but fans rally behind him. The ring count starts, Taiji drags Hiromu up by the bad arm and puts him in the ring at 8 of 20. Cover, TWO! Taiji is annoyed but he drags Hiromu by the bad arm again. Taiji wrenches to an ELBOW BREAKER! And then snapmares to drop a leg on the bad arm, and trap it for an arm scissors.

Hiromu endures, moves around, but Taiji drops a knee on the bad arm, then drops a fist! Cover, TWO! Hiromu gets himself to a corner, Taiji goes over to CHOP him down! Taiji drags Hiromu up but Hiromu CHOPS, so Taiji kicks the bad arm, and gives it an ARM CODE BREAKER! Cover, TWO! Taiji keeps on Hiromu, locking up the good arm to then pull on the bad arm. Taiji moves the arm around and around then YANKS it back! Hiromu crawls to the corner and fans rally up. Taiji paces, then drags Hiromu up but Hiromu CHOPS back! And CHOPS again! And again! Taiji CLUBS Hiromu down, but Hiromu gets up to CHOP!

Taiji eggs Hiromu on, Hiromu throws forearms but Taiji BOOTS the bad arm! Taiji runs but Hiromu follows and RANAS Taiji down! Fans rally up as Hiromu drags himself up the ropes. Taiji runs in but Hiromu boots him! Hiromu then hops up to HANGING HEADSCISSOR! Red Shoes counts, Hiromu lets go at 4. Hiromu gets in to whip Taiji to the corner and clothesline! Then he snapmares and runs to basement dropkick! Taiji bails out and fans rally up! Hiromu goes to the apron for the FLYING SHOTGUN DROPKICK! Taiji hits railing and Hiromu fires up! Hiromu gets his bad arm moving, then drags Taiji up to put him in the ring.

Hiromu drags Taiji up, FALCON ARROW! Cover, TWO! Hiromu drags Taiji up, fireman’s carries, but Taiji slips off to send Hiromu into the corner. Taiji runs in, blocks boots, ENZIGURI! Taiji runs to SLIDING GERMAN! Fans rally up while Hiromu is down. Taiji drags Hiromu out, underhooks, but Hiromu fights off the Bloody Cross! Taiji knees low and fireman’s carries to SNAKE EYES Hiromu on the railing! Hiromu writhes, Taiji gets in the ring and the ring count starts. Fans rally up but Hiromu stirs. Hiromu rises at 12, stands at 14, and gets in at 15, only for Taiji to basement dropkick the bad arm! Taiji steps over, YES LOCK!

Hiromu endures, moves around, reaches out and fans rally up. Taiji pulls back, but Hiromu keeps crawling over! Ropebreak! Red Shoes counts, Taiji lets go. Red Shoes checks on Hiromu but Taiji unties the blue buckle pad! The Bullet Club favorite! Taiji goes back to Hiromu, drags him up, gut wrenches, but Hiromu fights to gut wrench Taiji! But Taiji headscissors free, but swings into a hook, spin and RANA, that Hiromu makes into D!! Taiji is stuck in the triangle hold, but he fights up to deadlift, but Hiromu RANAS him back down! Hiromu holds tight to the triangle hold but Taiji endures. Fans rally, Hiromu has Taiji down on the mat, but Taiji powers up again!

Taiji manages a deadlift and BUCKLE BOMB! It was still a padded corner so Hiromu got lucky there. Hiromu falls out of the ring but fans rally up. Taiji stays in the ring as the count climbs, but Hiromu gets up. So Taiji goes to the corner and jumps up! Hiromu stops Taiji and has a waistlock! Taiji resists, but Hiromu shifts to a bomb position! Taiji fights free of that but Hiromu SUPERKICKS him! Hiromu drags Taiji up, fireman’s carries, APRON DEATH VALLEY! Both men fall to the floor as fans fire up! Red Shoes checks, they’re both okay to continue. Fans rally up and the ring count starts while both men stir.

Hiromu stands at 11, staggers about and goes to Taiji at 15. Hiromu puts Taiji in at 17, and fans cheer as he fireman’s carries again. Taiji fights free, but Hiromu suplexes. Taiji fights that, wrenches and ducks but Hiromu mule kicks and front kicks. Fireman’s carry, but Taiji shoves Hiromu to a corner. Taiji runs back in, but he leaps over the overhead Belly2Belly! Hiromu waistlocks Taiji up top, drags Taiji down, but Taiji switches. Hiromu switches, Taiji elbows free and slides under, to then double pump handle and flip Hiromu into position, CIPHER UTAKI! Both men are down and fans rally up!

Hiromu clutches his bad arm, Taiji crawls his way over. Hiromu throws a forearm, Taiji throws it back. Hiromu forearms again, they stand and Taiji throws another. Hiromu forearms, Taiji forearms, Taiji ROCKS Hiromu and gets the edge! Hiromu keeps coming back, even as Taiji throws more forearms! Taiji ROCKS Hiromu again and again but Hiromu just fires up again and again! Hiromu finally staggers back and fans cheer. But then Hiromu SHOTGUN dropkicks Taiji into a corner! Both men are down, fans rally up. Hiromu drags himself up, Taiji fires up and runs, into the OVERHEAD Belly2Belly into buckles!

Fans rally up again as Hiromu stands up. Hiromu goes over and brings Taiji up. Hiromu suplexes but Taiji fights out to get the arm! Hiromu fights his way over but Taiji rolls him away, to then drag Hiromu up and POST him! That’s why he took away the pad: to open the way to the corner post! Taiji hammerlocks the arm and scoops, to then SHOULDER BREAKER! Fans rally up while Hiromu and Taiji are both down. Taiji aims, Hiromu slowly stands, Taiji runs in to tilt-o-whirl, but Hiromu blocks and spins for DYNAMITE PLUNGER! Hiromu roars and fans fire up as he drags Taiji back up. Hiromu suplexes but Taiji knees free, but Hiromu SUPERKICKS!

Hiromu runs into a BOOT! Hiromu roars and runs in, to a JUMP KNEE! Down goes Hiromu and Taiji roars! Taiji aims, bang! He drags Hiromu up, BLOODY- NO! Hiromu slips out, spins Taiji around, VICTORIA! Hiromu crawls to the cover, TWO! Hiromu slowly rises, fans rally up, and Hiromu drags Taiji up in the dragon sleeper. Hiromu inverted suplexes but Taiji slips out and spins around to drag Hiromu down for the over-the-shoulder, only for Hiromu to roll him up! TWO!! Taiji runs in but Hiromu scoops, dragon sleepers, but Taiji snapmares free to dragon sleeper back! But Hiromu arm-drags free, rolls to a fireman’s carry, and CORNER DEATH VALLEY!

Hiromu fires up and fans are with him! Hiromu drags Taiji up, fireman’s carries, spins and Taiji pops out! DOUBLE LARIATS collide and both men drop to their knees! Hiromu drags Taiji up, fires up and runs, HIROMU-CHAN BOMBER!! Taiji is dazed but Hiromu fires up again! Hiromu dragon sleepers for the inverted suplex but Taiji slips out, tilt-o-whirl takedown! BONE LOCK!! Hiromu scrambles, reaches out, but Taiji rolls him away! Taiji pulls way back, HIROMU TAPS! TAIJI WINS!!

Winner: Taiji Ishimori, by pinfall (gains 2 points; Hiromu earns 0)

The Bone Soldier defuses the Timebomb and has a huge win under his belt! Can Hiromu recover and still have a chance at going back-to-back? As for Taiji, he takes a moment to rest before he gets the mic. “Hiromu. You really are something. I hate to admit it, but damn!” Fans applaud this odd showing of respect Taiji is giving as Hiromu takes his leave. Taiji says he can’t go on some “energetic rant like Hiromu,” but he’ll just say, “The NJPW Junior Division isn’t all about El Desperado and Hiromu Takahashi! I said this before, but once again. Look at me! I will show you strength and greatness! It’s Reborn!” Will Taiji prove this division doesn’t belong to anyone but him?


Here are the NEW BOSJ 28 standings!

SHO: 5-1, 10 points
Yoshinobu Kanemaru: 4-2, 8 points
Taiji Ishimori: 4-2, 8 points
Hiromu Takahashi: 3-2-1, 7 points
El Desperado: 3-2-1, 7 points
Ryusuke Taguchi: 3-3, 6 points
Bushi: 3-3, 6 points
YOH: 2-4, 4 points
Master Wato: 2-4, 4 points
El Phantasmo: 2-4, 4 points
Robbie Eagles: 2-4, 4 points
Douki: 2-4, 4 points

My Thoughts:

A great round for the BOSJ, some real great surprises in the results. I thought for sure Kanemaru would keep going but Taguchi gets a win off him in a real good match. Douki using his pipe to fight off the wrench was great, but I had a feeling Sho would still win. Yoh getting another win is great, I still hope they make a big deal out of Yoh VS Sho when we get it. Bushi VS Phantasmo was good, and I like that ELP was playing it up that he got “it” back in his boot. But I find it interesting that he hesitated to use Sudden Death just to try and use Kenny Omega’s moves. I wonder if that was just to keep ELP from winning and keep him near the bottom.

I wasn’t surprised by Desperado winning, just in how he won. I didn’t think he’d win with just his signature pin, but that was quite the shocker. And then Taiji VS Hiromu was awesome stuff, and I didn’t think Taiji would get the win here. That’s big stuff for Taiji and the tournament. Taiji’s in the top three, he could make a run for the top. Desperado VS Kanemaru is next round, too, that will be a very interesting one.

My Score: 8.9/10

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