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Mitchell’s NJPW Wrestle Grand Slam Tokyo Report! (7/25/21)

Summer in the Tokyo Dome!



NJPW Wrestle Grand Slam Tokyo

Who steps up to the plate and hits it out of the park?

NJPW returns to the Tokyo Dome for a true summer slugfest! IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, Shingo Takagi, defends against THE ACE!


  • Kickoff – KOPW 2021 New Japan Ranbo with Handcuffs: Chase Owens wins and becomes the new provisional Mr. KOPW 2021.
  • IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: El Phantasmo & Taiji Ishimori VS Mega Coaches; ELP & Ishimori win and retain the titles.
  • IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship: El Desperado VS Robbie Eagles; Eagles wins and becomes the new IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion.
  • Kazuchika Okada VS Jeff Cobb; Okada wins.
  • IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Tetsuya Naito & SANADA VS Dangerous Tekkers; Dangerous Tekkers win and become the new IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions.
  • IWGP World Heavyweight Championship: Shingo Takagi VS Hiroshi Tanahashi; Takagi wins and retains the title.


KOPW 2021 New Japan Ranbo with Handcuffs!

It’s just as the name says! This is a 22-man battle royal for Toru Yano’s KOPW trophy, but eliminations don’t have to only be by pin, submission or going over the top! If you get cuffed to the ropes or any other part of the ringside area, you’re done! Will #YTR be able to avoid his own wacky way of losing? Or will someone capture the Clown Prince and take his prized possession?

First out is Bullet Club’s Crown Jewel, Chase Owens! He’s still Texas Heavyweight Champion, will he look to add another prize to his collection? Second out is the United Empire’s Dominator, the Great-O-Khan! Will he win this prize for the glory of Will Ospreay? The bell rings and Chase BOOTS Khan right down, stomps him, and chokes him! The ref reprimands and Chase lets off, to try and throw Khan out! Khan holds onto the ropes, pulls Chase’s ear, and gets back in to CLUB the ear! Fans cheer as Khan gets Chase down for a modified kneebar! Chase kicks at Khan but Khan gets that leg. Chase holds off the Boston Crab by pulling Khan’s beard!

The ref reprimands, Chase knocks Khan down, and the countdown is here! The third entrant is… Tomoaki Honma! The Kokeshi is here as Chase digs his boots into Khan’s neck! Chase lets off to stomp Khan at the ropes and then choke him on the ropes. The ref reprimands again and Chase lets off. Chase watches Honma closely as he heads up the ramp. Honma gets in and Chase fires off hands! Honma fires up and fires forearms back! Chase knees low, CHOPS Honma, then whips. Honma holds ropes, boots Chase back, then runs to run Chase over! Fans fire up with Honma and Honma runs, FALLING HEADBUTT!

Khan gets up but Honma knocks him down! Honma runs but Khan avoids the falling headbutt! And now entry number four is here! It’s… Togi Makabe! The Uncaged Gorilla is headed out as Khan has a claw clamped into Honma’s shoulder. Chase and Khan mug Honma but Makabe evens things up! Makabe throws hands on both Khan and Chase, then goes to shove Khan out. Khan holds ropes, Chase clubs Makabe but Honma clubs Chase. Chase rakes Honma’s eyes, kicks Makabe low, then he and Khan double whip. Makabe breaks through the clothesline to double clothesline them! Makabe and Honma coordinate to DOUBLE LARIAT SANDWICH Khan!

The countdown is done again and entry five is DOUKI! El Japones del Mal takes his time as Makabe and Honma stomp down Chase and Khan. Khan gets Honma’s leg for a HEEL HOOK, but Honma gets the ropebreak! Makabe gets Douki as soon as he gets in, and chokes him! The ref reprimands, Makabe lets off, and Makabe drags Douki up to ROCK him with a forearm! Khan CLUBS Makabe, Chase CLUBS Makabe, and then they double whip Makabe. Makabe again breaks the line but runs into double kicks! Khan and Chase throw Makabe over and out and ELIMINATE him! But now entry number six is here, and it’s TIGER MASK!

Chase throws up a Too Sweet to Khan, but Khan ROCKS Chase with an uppercut! Honma goes after Douki but gets dragged into the ITALIAN STRETCH #32! Honma scrambles around, gets Douki under the ropes for a ropebreak, and Khan drags Chase over to the ropes! Khan wants to cuff Chase, but Chase holds it off! Khan stomps Chase down and Chase is spared. The ref finally notices what’s going on with Honma and Douki, and Douki has CUFFED Honma!! Douki ELIMINATES Honma!! Honma himself can’t believe it, and finally Tiger Mask is ringside. Douki claws Khan’s eyes to throw him down and then stomps him in a corner.

Khan resists, the ref counts the ropebreak and Douki lets off. Tiger Mask sobats, whips and tilt-o-whirl BACKBREAKERS! Chase gets payback on Khan in the corner, but Khan gets away before he can be cuffed. Chase drags him back, stomps him down, and tries again. Khan kicks the cuffs then drags Chase into a HEEL HOOK! Tiger Mask shoves Douki onto the ropes but Douki fights! Yoshinobu Kanemaru is entry seven and he’ll surely reinforce Douki as fellow Suzuki-Gun members. Khan MONGOLIAN CHOPS Tiger Mask and tries to shove him over! Tiger Mask fights Khan off, Chase goes to throw Douki out! Douki holds on and Kanemaru gets in to kick Tiger Mask!

Kanemaru stomps Tiger down, leaving Chase to drag Douki around. Douki resists but Chase isolates an arm! Chase digs fingers into Douki’s face but Douki gets away. Tiger tries to shove Kanemaru out, the countdown begins again, and entry eight is MINORU SUZUKI! Now Suzuki-Gun is three strong as Kanemaru stomps Tiger mask and Douki goes after Khan. Chase goes after Kanemaru with a headlock punch! Then Chase chokes Tiger Mask! The ref reprimands all the choking around and they stop. Tiger Mask CHOPS Chase, Chase throat chops Tiger Mask! Douki and Khan fight in the ropes but the ref calls for the ropebreak.

Khan and Chase make up for their little spat earlier and watch closely as Suzuki finally hits ringside. Fans clap along with Kaze Ni Nare as Suzuki fires off on Chase! Tiger Mask goes after Kanemaru, Khan gives Douki more Mongolian Chops! Suzuki wants Chase’s arm for the cuffs but Chase holds onto ropes to resist. Khan chokes Douki, Suzuki has Chase in an ankle lock and Tiger Mask headbutts Kanemaru. The ref reprimands Suzuki, he’s in the ropes with Chase. Entry nine is here and it is SHO! High Voltage makes his way out as Suzuki and Khan brawl. Khan Mongolian Chops but Suzuki eggs him on! Then Suzuki uppercuts, throws body shots and has Khan on the ropes.

Sho gets Kanemaru up and goes to get him out. Kanemaru fights back, Suzuki helps him out and they mug Sho. Kanemaru then stomps Chase in a corner, another countdown begins and entry 10 is YOH! Roppongi 3K will be at full force but Suzuki is looking to cuff Sho! Yoh hurries as Sho resists, and he gets in to fire off on Suzuki! Suzuki eggs Yoh on so Yoh keeps throwing forearms! Douki attacks Yoh to help Suzuki, Khan has Chase in a heel hook but Chase has Khan in his own heel hook! Yoh throws forearms, Suzuki slaps Yoh around, then DECKS Yoh with a forearm! Suzuki DECKS Sho, too! Khan and Chase stop fighting with heel hooks, and Suzuki scoops Yoh!

Sho saves Yoh from Suzuki, Kanemaru CLUBS Tiger Mask, and entry 11, the halfway point is… YUJI NAGATA! Blue Justice is here as Suzuki throws hands on Sho. Chase leaves Khan alone to go after Tiger Mask, Douki and Suzuki go after Sho at the ropes. Kanemaru throws Yoh but Yoh holds ropes! Nagata gets in and starts this ageless rivalry with Suzuki! They brawl with forearms back and forth and this feels a lot like the last time these two men in a Ranbo. Suzuki snapmares Nagata and runs to PENALTY KICK! Nagata sits up, into another PENALTY KICK! Nagata sits up again, Suzuki goes to kick but Nagata blocks! Nagata gets up but Suzuki holds off the back suplex!

Entry 12 is SATOSHI KOJIMA! The King of Cozy Style and #ThirdGen teammate of Nagata is here, but Nagata is about to dump Suzuki out! Suzuki holds on, gets on the apron, and looks to drag Nagata out with him! They’re both on the apron and they’re firing off forearms! Kojima goes after Douki then Khan. Suzuki and Nagata are in a SLAP fight, but Suzuki gets Nagata with a sleeper! Kojima fires off machine gun CHOPS on Khan! RPG3K coordinate, aim, and DOUBLE SUPERKICK Suzuki off the apron! RPG3K ELIMINATE Suzuki!! What a shock! Nagata gets back in while Kanemaru goes after Sho!

Khan whips, Kojima reverses and then forearm smashes Khan down! Entry 13 is HIROYOSHI TENZAN! Third Gen is now at full power as Ikari no Mogyu arrives! Kanemaru throws Yoh but Yoh holds onto ropes! Kojima fires off machine gun CHOPS on Chase, Tiger Mask stomps Douki. Yoh drags Kanemaru out to join him but Sho helps Yoh hold on! Khan gets Sho and dumps him out to the apron, and with Sho goes Yoh and Kanemaru, Khan ELIMINATES three at once!! The Dominator feels even more powerful now, but Tenzan goes right at him with haymakers and headbutts! Khan Mongolian Chops but Tenzan gives them back! It’s a Mongolian Chop fight!

Tenzan gets the edge but then they clash with DOUBLE MONGOLIAN CHOPS! And again! Tenzan headbutts Khan down! Nagata stomps Khan, Kojima joins in, and Third Gen mugs Khan! Entry 14 is Bushi! Los Ingobernables de Japon is present on all levels of the card. Third Gen double whips Khan but Khan fights out of the TenCozy combo! Khan shoves Tenzan into Kojima then DECKS Nagata! Khan fires off more Mongolian Chops, then he scoops Tenzan and carries him to ropes! Tenzan gets on the apron and throws hands with Khan! Tenzan headbutts then sets Khan up, Kojima runs in, but Khan slips away! Kojima clotheslines Tenzan and accidentally ELIMINATES him!!

Kojima is in shock and he turns around into forearms from Khan. Kojima fires off on Khan, kicks and KOJI CUTTERS! Off comes the armband and Kojima runs but Khan ducks the lariat! Atomic drop lift puts Kojima on the ropes but Kojima fights back! But Khan BOOTS and ELIMINATES Kojima! Khan has five eliminations all to himself! Nagata fires off on Khan as payback, and has Tiger Mask helping, too. But here comes entry 15, Master Wato! Nagata drags Khan out under the bottom rope to whip him into railing! And BOOT him! Nagata takes advantage of the rules, but Douki has Tiger Mask in a surfboard stretch!

Wato fires off kicks on Bushi, but Bushi throws Wato as Tiger Mask throws Douki. Douki and Wato fall through the middle ropes, they’re still in this. But Bushi and Tiger Mask are alone in the ring right now. They double DIVE to take out Douki and Wato! Chase returns from hiding to SUPERKICK Bushi! Chase has cuffs and drags Bushi over to railing. Khan does the same to Tiger Mask! Khan CUFFS and ELIMINATES Tiger Mask while Chase CUFFS and ELIMINATES Bushi!! And now, entry number 16 is EVIL! The King of Darkness is here as Chase, Khan and Nagata return to the ring. Wait, that’s not Evil, that’s DICK TOGO! Is Dick subbing in for Evil?

Nagata fires off on Chase, has him up on the ropes, but Chase fights back! Douki gets back at Tiger Mask while getting back in the ring. Wato drags himself in, Chase and Dick Low Sweet as Bullet Club now has two members. Khan clamps claws onto Wato and Douki for DOUBLE DOMINATOR SLAMS! Double covers, Khan ELIMINATES Wato and Douki!! Khan has EIGHT eliminations all to himself! That has to be a record! Nagata drags Khan up to throw hands, and here comes entry 17, Tomohiro Ishii! The Stone Pitbull will surely want payback on Dick for what went down in Nagoya. Nagata and Khan spill out of the ring under the bottom rope to brawl!

Dick sees Ishii rushing in, so he bails out! They’re playing cat ‘n’ mouse as they go around the way. Khan fires up to CHOP Nagata. The ref is trying to restore some semblance of order as Ishii gets in to BOOT Chase! Ishii dares Dick to help his friend as he stomps Chase down. Dick baits Ishii into going after him instead, and then rakes his eyes! Entry 18 is YUJIRO TAKAHASHI, so Bullet Club has even more members! Ishii whips Dick hard into railing then goes for cuffs! Dick resists, Tokyo Pimp hustles, and Yujiro clubs Ishii! Dick and Yujiro mug Ishii, stomp him down, and then feed him into the ring where Chase waits. Bullet Club mugs Ishii with stomps!

Khan and Nagata keep brawling on the outside as another countdown begins. Nagata scoops and SLAMS Khan, and entry 19 is YOSHI-HASHI! Ishii’s fellow NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Campion is here! Ishii fights off Bullet Club, throws Dick up and out but Dick holds on! Chase and Yujiro hurry to help Dick while we can see Khan and Nagata trying to cuff each other. The Headhunter hurries to help Ishii as Yujiro stomps Ishii at the apron. Hashi fires off on Yujiro, whips him to ropes, but Yujiro reverses. Hashi dropkicks the legs out! Dick kicks Hashi and rakes his eyes! Dick and Ishii brawl on the apron, and Ishii ROCKS Dick!

Yujiro trips Ishii from the outside and ELIMINATES him! Dick gloats but Hashi knocks him down and ELIMINATES him! At least now they’re even. But Chase goes after Hashi with Yujiro as another countdown begins. Entry 20 is HIROOKI GOTO! The third NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag champ is a little late to help Ishii but he’s just in time to help Hashi! Chase and Yujiro hurry to try and get Hashi up and out but the Fierce Warrior runs in to save Hashi! Goto throws hands and stomps Bullet Club while Ishii chases Dick away with a chair! Khan and Nagata still brawl on the outside as Hashi and Goto leap frog stomp combo! Then Penalty Kick to mule kick! Goto drags Chase up, Hashi has Yujiro, and they buckle bump both men before firing off stomps.

Entry 21 is here, and it is KENTA! Fang Revived lost in Nagoya but he wants to redeem himself in Tokyo! Also, Khan has taken off a corner pad to add a little something to this match. Hashi tries to cuff Yujiro but Yujiro resists. Yujiro kicks but Hashi blocks to club the leg. Khan has Nagata in a standing head ‘n’ arm triangle, against a post! Hashi sees Kenta get in and kicks him first! Hashi CLUBS Kenta, Goto helps out and they double whip, only for Kenta to DECK Hashi! Goto fireman’s carries and puts Kenta on the apron, Hashi runs in, but Kenta ROCKS Hashi with a forearm first! Goto runs in but Kenta dumps him out and ELIMINATES him!

Khan fires off Mongolian Chops and uppercuts on Nagata as Bullet Club regroups. Kenta and Yujiro stomp Hashi but entry 22 is TORU YANO! The provisional Mr. KOPW 2021 is of course the last one out! Meanwhile, Khan CUFFS and ELIMINATES Nagata! That’s NINE just from Khan! Bullet Club mugs Hashi and Chase is ready for Yano, but Yano uses his red chair to JAM Khan in the back! Yano gets Khan’s hands and a pair of cuffs! YANO CUFFS AND ELIMINATES KHAN!! Yano takes down the most dominant man in this year’s Ranbo with ease! Chase goes out to brawl with Yano but Yano POSTS Chase!

Yano gets in to pull Yujiro and Kenta back from Hashi! Hashi mule kicks Kenta and tries to cuff him! Chase CLUBS Yano just as Hashi CUFFS and ELIMINATES Kenta! Hashi CHOPS Chase, gets Yujiro up and whips Yujiro into a corner. Hashi runs in to CHOP Yujiro, then whips him to CHOP! Hashi turns Yujiro, Chase kicks Hashi, and Yujiro BITES Hashi’s hand! Chase and Yujiro mug Hashi in a corner then get his hand! Yano attacks Chase but Yujiro CUFFS and ELIMINATES Hashi! Bullet Club mugs Yano, as it is only Chase, Yujiro and Yano left! Everyone has to watch ringside as Bullet Club double whips Yano to ropes. Yano holds ropes to taunt them!

But Kenta can kick Yano from there! Yujiro runs in, but Yano pulls ropes down to dump Yujiro out and ELIMINATES him! Chase runs in but Yano fights him off! Chase whips, Yano reverses, and Yano goes to undo a buckle pad! Kenta attacks Yano from ropes and holds him in the corner! Chase runs in, Yano gets away and Chase hits buckles! Yano rolls Chase up to cover but Kenta kicks it apart! The ref reprimands but Kenta says it’s fair. Yano kicks Chase, runs but Chase SHOTGUN KNEES first! Cover, Hashi is there and he kicks it apart! Hashi says it’s only fair! Yano rolls Chase up, he’s out of reach, but what happened to the ref?! Who tripped him up?!

Yujiro is back and has the pimp cane! Yano turns around, CANE SHOT! POCKET SAND from Chase! Hammerlock, LARIAT!! Cover, TWO!!! Yano survives but Chase fires up, JEWEL TRIGGER! And then the underhooks, PACKAGE DRIVER!! Cover, Chase wins?!!?

Winner: Chase Owens, by pinfall (NEW Provisional Mr. KOPW 2021)

The trickster got tricked by the tricky Bullet Club! And now Chase adds the trophy to his accolades! Bullet Club taunts Hashi as they keep him cuffed. Chase isn’t done with Yano, either, as he puts him in the modified STF! Young Lions grab at them but Bullet Club knocks them down! Chase lets go when he’s satisfied, and he has his hand raised in victory. But how will Chase choose to redesign Yano’s precious trophy so that it becomes the crown jewel of his collection?


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: El Phantasmo & Taiji Ishimori VS Mega Coaches!

The “cutest tag team” in Bullet Club look more like a couple of suspicious hooligans to Ryusuke Taguchi & Rocky Romero! Not only do they want to take these titles from the Headbanger and Bone Soldier Reborn, but they want to expose what is in ELP’s right boot! Will they at least do one of those things before this is over?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and we see if coaches can be champions!

The teams sort out and the ref checks ELP’s boot. There’s nothing he can find suspicious about it, and the Bullet Club Low Sweets. Taguchi and Rocky huddle up and break, and fans rally already, “TA-GU-CHI!” Taguchi and Taiji start, circle, and Taguchi shows his fancy foot work. Taiji avoids the spinning hip attack but Taguchi catches him to a headlock! Taiji fights up and powers out and things speed up. Taguchi runs and runs and runs and HIP ATTACKS! Taiji scrambles, ELP gets in and attacks from behind! ELP whips, Taguchi runs and runs then dropkicks ELP’s dropdown! Tag to Rocky, the Coaches fire off on Bullet Club with haymakers and CHOPS!

The Coaches whip, Bullet Club reverse, but the Coaches hold ropes. ELP & Taiji run in but into BOOTS! The Coaches fake Bullet Club out, to then DOUBLE HIP ATTACK! Fans fire up as Taguchi keeps ELP from running away! Taguchi and Rocky try to take off the boots but Taiji drags ELP out! The Headbanger’s secret, if there is one, stays safe but Taguchi and Rocky dares ELP to get back in. ELP SUPERKICKS a Young Lion out of frustration! Taguchi and Rocky rush out to go after Bullet Club! Rocky throws hands on ELP, Taguchi is after Taiji, and they put both men back in the ring. Fans cheer as this continues, and Taguchi gives Taiji some stink face!

Taguchi and Rocky coordinate with hand signals, and they go corner to corner. Rocky hits a clothesline as Taguchi hits a hip attack, and then they go corner to corner the other way to hit it again! Are they starting up Endless Clotheslines and Endless Hip Attacks?! But Taiji dodges Rocky as ELP dumps Taguchi out! ELP corner clotheslines Rocky, then Taiji hits a back elbow! Taiji sets up as a step, but Rocky uses him to FLYING RANA ELP! Rocky swings on Taiji, Taiji dodges and Taiji CLOBBERS Rocky! Fans cheer that showing of strength and rally up as Taiji brings Rocky up. Taiji cravats to neck wrench Rocky and throw in shoulders. Taiji snapmares and NECK TWISTS!

Tag to ELP, ELP drags Rocky up and scoops to hit a BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! ELP goes up the corner and drops an elbow! Cover, TWO! ELP BITES Rocky’s hand! Tag to Taiji, ELP reels Rocky in and Taiji CLAWS Rocky’s back! Tag back to ELP and he climbs up again, mocking the hand signs and dancing that Taguchi does, to jump and CLAW Rocky! Taiji goes up the corner now, ELP has him, and Taiji mocks the dancing, to jump and CLAW! Taguchi gets in to show Taiji how the dance moves are done, but Taiji DECKS him! ELP throws the “stupid idiot” out of the ring. Taiji stands on Rocky’s foot, tags in ELP, and ELP drags Rocky up for a snap suplex. Uno amigo!

ELP gets Rocky up, Dos Amigos! ELP gets Rocky again, but Rocky slips out to CLAW ELP! Rocky duck sunder ELP but ELP tackles him down! ELP drags Rocky away but Rocky ENZIGURIS! But Taiji runs in to KICK Rocky down! Taiji drags Rocky away, ducks the enziguri but the HEEL KICK gets him! Fans fire up as Rocky crawls for his corner, but ELP trips Taguchi before the tag can be made! ELP gets in and CLAWS Rocky’s back! ELP brings Rocky around, tags in Taiji, and they mug Rocky. Fans rally as ELP aims, spins, but Rocky switches to shove Taiji into ELP! The champs dodge Rocky to double back suplex, but Rocky lands on his feet! Rocky DOUBLE RANAS Bullet Club!

Fans fire up as Taguchi returns! Rocky crawls over, hot tag to Taguchi! Taguchi fires up, HIP ATTACK for Taiji! HIP ATTACK for ELP! Repeat! Baseball slide and apron HIP ATTACK for Taiji! Taguchi springboards, FLYING HIP ATTACK! Cover, TWO! Taiji is still in this and so is Bullet Club, but Taguchi gets Taiji up. Taiji slips out of the suplex, Taguchi standing switches, but Taiji elbows free. Taiji runs, Taguchi follows, but Taiji is ready this time, he catches the Hip Attack to an ATOMIC DROP! Taiji spins Taguchi around but Taguchi fights free with body shots. Taguchi runs, fakes Taiji out and HIP ATTACKS! Fans fire up with Taguchi, “YO YO YO!”

Taguchi goes to a corner, calls upon the powers of Strong Style, “ORAYO!” But Taiji rolls his Bum-a-ye up to a cover! TWO, Taiji mule kicks and whips. Taguchi reverses but Taiji handsprings, wheelbarrows and victory rolls! ONE and Taguchi has the cover, ONE! Taiji pulls the tights as he has the victory roll back, TWO! Taguchi gets up to HIP ATTACK Taiji down! Fans fire up again, Rocky is back and Taguchi tags him in. Rocky runs at Taiji, SLICE ROCKY! Cover, TWO!! Taiji survives, Rocky dropkicks ELP away! Taguchi gets Taiji in the ropes as Rocky goes to the corner, missile dropkick! Taguchi hits a GOURD BUSTER, Rocky covers, ELP breaks it in time!

Taguchi throws ELP out hard, the Coaches regroup as fans rally up. Rocky gets Taiji up, cravats, but Taiji blocks Slice Rocky this time! Rocky slips out, kicks low, whips, but Taiji handsprings to NEURALIZER! Both men are down and fans fire up again. ELP tags in, springboards but Rocky dodges. ELP DECKS Taguchi, goes up and over Rocky and springboards to CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! ELP DIVES Out to take out Taguchi, and possibly a cameraman! ELP gets back up to springboard SWANTON, then LIONSAULT! Cover, TWO!! Rocky survives the onslaught and ELP can’t believe it! Fans rally up as ELP drags Rocky up and reels him in.

ELP tucks the arms but Rocky RANAS! Cover, TWO!! ELP drags Rocky back up, to a STYLES CLASH!! Cover, TWO?!? Rocky survives and ELP is frustrated. ELP takes aim, BANG, and runs in, V-TRIGGER! ELP reels Rocky in, Electric Chair lifts, but Rocky victory rolls out of it to an ARMBAR! Taguchi intercepts Taiji with a HIP ATTACK! ELP resists but Taguchi has Taiji in OH MY GARANKLE! Taiji scrambles to keep ELP from tapping out!! Taiji rolls to throw Taguchi onto Rocky and break the hold! All four men are down and fans rally back up. Rocky slowly rises, ELP follows, and Rocky throws a forearm! ELP forearms back, but Rocky stays up to KICK the bad arm!

ELP throws off his armbands to ROCK Rocky with a right. Rocky roars and fires up, as do the fans! Rocky fires off forearms, ELP SLAPS him! And SLAPS him! ELP pumps up but Rocky JUMP KNEES! Rocky runs into a mule kick! Taguchi tags in and springboard missile dropkicks! Taiji tags in to springboard FLYING KNEE! Taiji and ELP hurry to get Taguchi back up. They double whip, Taiji runs in to DOUBLE KNEE! ELP gives Taiji a boost, but Rocky springboards back in, DOOMSDAY DEVICE POISON-RANA!! Taiji takes his own partner out and Taguchi covers Taiji, TWO!! Taiji survives but the Coaches coordinate!

Taguchi goes up a corner, says his prayers, and Rocky whips Taiji into the Funky Weapon! Then Rocky uses the Funky Weapon to help with the TORNADO DDT! Taguchi powers up, “ORAYO~!” BUM-A-YE!! Cover, TWO!?! Taiji survives the butt attack but Rocky rolls Taiji into Taguchi’s wheelbarrow! Rocky runs, BLACK HOLE VACATION!! Cover, ROPEBREAK?!! Taguchi miscalculated where the ropes where, but Rocky calls for Strong Zero! Taguchi gets Taiji up in the Alabama, and Rocky goes up top. But ELP shoves Rocky down! Taiji hits a CODE RED! Both Taiji and Taguchi are down as fans rally up. Taguchi bails out to regroup with Rocky, but Taiji hits a GOLDEN TRIANGLE?!

Fans fire up as Taiji hits Kota Ibushi’s form of Quebrada, and then Taiji sets up the Coaches. ELP climbs up, he wants Taiji to send them out further!? Taiji throws ELP and Rocky over the railings into the no man’s land between ringside and the front row! ELP takes aim, walks the tightrope, and SUPER ARIHARA MOONSAULTS!!! Direct hit but it was a rough landing for ELP, too, as he clutches his foot! ELP says his heel and ankle are hurting. Taiji hurries to get Taguchi up and around to ringside while ELP hobbles after. ELP tags in, hobbles over to Taguchi and drags him up. ELP reels Taguchi in with the straitjacket torture rack.

Taiji springboard flying knees Taguchi, for the SPINNING NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!?! Taguchi survives and fans fire up again. Taiji gut wrenches Taguchi for CIPHER UTAKI! ELP is up top, THUNDER KISS 86! Cover, Rocky breaks it!? Rocky returns to save his team and the match, and he fires off haymakers on Bullet Club! Rocky DECKS Taiji, fires up, but turns around into SUDDEN DEATH! ELP’s superkick takes Rocky down! Taiji gets Taguchi up, sets him up, ELP gets his foot working, but Taguchi blocks Sudden Death to send the kick into Taiji! Taguchi rolls ELP up, TWO!! ELP hurries, but swings into a BLUE THUNDER BOMB! Cover, TWO!?

OH MY GARANKLE!! Taguchi keeps ELP back, drops an elbow on the leg, then pulls at the boot! He wants to reveal the secret! ELP drags himself and Taguchi over to gets the ROPEBREAK! Taguchi gets the boot off! What’s inside it?!? The ref checks, but Taiji grabs at the shoe! Taguchi turns around into ELP’s THROAT PUNCH! Underhooks, CR2!! Cover, Bullet Club wins!!

Winners: El Phantasmo & Taiji Ishimori, by pinfall (still IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions)

But what about the shoe?! Taguchi was distracted by exposing the mystery and that allowed the champions to retain! Taiji even checks to make sure “it” didn’t spill out. But shouldn’t NJPW still look into what ELP keeps hidden in that heel?


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship: El Desperado VS Robbie Eagles!

The Rogue Luchador was so close to becoming the Junior Heavyweight Double Champion again, but he just missed the mark. The Sniper of the Sky promises to hit the target now that he’s back in NJPW! But will Eagles be outdrawn by Despy in the Dome?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and it feels like high noon in the Dome!

Fans rally and Eagles encourages them to get louder. They circle, tie up, and Desperado gets a leg. Eagles gets up but Desperado facelocks as they end up in ropes. The ref calls for the break and the two let off cleanly. They reset, feel out a knuckle lock, but Desperado wrenches Eagles’ bad arm and throws him down. Desperado has a back mount, then floats to get a leg! Eagles gets the ropes and the ref calls for the break again. Desperado lets off at 4, but YANKS the leg then drops a SPLASH on it! Eagles winces and gets to ropes as Desperado mockingly asks if he’s alright. Desperado slaps Eagles around at the ropes, brings him up for a headlock then hits a takeover.

Eagles endures, headscissors back, and pushes up to put on pressure. Desperado rolls to tie Eagles up into a deathlock. Fans cheer the technical exchange as Desperado then floats to a facelock. Eagles fights up to wrench an arm and wristlock. Desperado rolls, wrenches, wristlocks in return, but Eagles rolls and rolls and handsprings to wrench back! Desperado gets in the ropes, steps back in and has Eagles’ arm wrapped in the ropes! Fans cheer the savvy and Desperado kicks the ropes to jam the arm. Desperado whips but Eagles holds ropes. Desperado rakes Eagles’ eyes! The ref reprimands, Desperado whips Eagles but Eagles reverses to go up and around to arm-drag!

Eagles dodges, but his leg jams a bit coming off the ropes. Desperado slaps Eagles around some more then runs, but Eagles gets a rolling takedown to a basement dropkick! Desperado goes to the apron and then out to railing. Fans rally up as Eagles takes aim and builds speed. Eagles fakes Desperado out and jumps back, but he winces as he lands on his feet again. Eagles still eggs Desperado on and draws a line in the sand. Desperado runs in but Eagles kicks low! Eagles CHOPS hard and Desperado goes to a corner. Eagles throws forearms, kicks at Desperado, but lets off to then dig his knee in. The ref counts, Eagles lets off to drag Desperado up.

Eagles whips corner to corner, Desperado reverses and runs in. Desperado blocks the boot, puts the leg on ropes, then dropkicks the bad leg! And then DRAGON SCREWS Eagles out of the corner! Eagles crawls away, the ref checks the leg, but Eagles doesn’t want to quit. Desperado stands on Eagles at the ropes, then stands on the leg! The ref counts, Desperado lets off at 4, and he comes back to get Eagles up for a SHIN BREAKER! And then adds a GROUND DRAGON SCREW! Eagles writhes, Desperado drags him away from ropes and covers, TWO! Desperado gets annoyed but fans rally up for Eagles. Desperado wags his finger and gets Eagles up.

Eagles throws body shots but Desperado rakes his eyes! Desperado runs, but into a knee! Eagles KICKS Desperado down! Eagles fires up to KICK Desperado more! And more! Desperado blocks a kick to kick out the bad leg! Desperado drops a leg on the leg then ties Eagles up with the BUTTERFLY DEATHLOCK! Eagles endures but writhes as Desperado puts pressure on the knees! Fans rally as Desperado moves around and puts more pressure, but Eagles drags himself and Desperado back. Desperado grabs Eagles by the hair but Eagles throws body shots! Desperado falls back to put pressure! Eagles endures to get the ROPEBREAK!

The ref works on undoing the leg lock and Eagles is free, but Desperado drops knees on the bad knee! The ref checks again but Eagles refuses to quit here. Desperado gets Eagles up, whips him corner to corner, but Eagles falls! Eagles can’t run on the bad leg and Desperado is annoyed. Fans rally for Eagles but Desperado drags Eagles up. Desperado CHOPS Eagles to a corner, runs corner to corner but Eagles dodges! Eagles runs in but Desperado puts him on the apron! Eagles’ leg jams again and Desperado knocks him off to the floor! Eagles clutches his knee and Desperado goes out after him. Desperado gets Eagles up to smack off the apron!

The ref reprimands, Desperado taunts the fans, and Desperado gets Eagles up to whip, but Eagles reverses to send Desperado into the apron! Eagles uses the apron to tiger feint kick Desperado, and Desperado tumbles over the railing! Both men are down on the outside and a ring count begins. It’s already 10 of 20 before Desperado gets back up. Eagles stands at 11 and hops in at 12, but Desperado gets back to ringside at 15. Desperado slides in at 17, only for Eagles to springboard and missile dropkick a leg out! Eagles drags Desperado around, ties him up, RON MILLER SPECIAL!! Desperado roars as he endures the pain! Eagles digs in as much as he can as Desperado reaches out!

Eagles thrashes, Desperado flails and crawls, Desperado gets the ROPEBREAK! Eagles lets off but comes back to drop a knee on the knee! Some payback from earlier as Eagles steps through to get a spinning toehold. Eagles then gets an arm and traps it in an omoplata, to then figure four and STOMP the legs! Fans rally up as Eagles covers, TWO! Eagles drags Desperado up, reels him in, but Desperado rakes eyes to avoid the backpack! Eagles elbows Desperado, goes to run, but Desperado reels him in for a back suplex! Both men are down but the fans fire up! Both men slowly sit up, and Eagles shakes out the bad leg.

Desperado crawls over to throw a forearm, and Eagles hits back with one. Desperado forearms Eagles again, but Eagles comes back with another. The two talk trash, “Is that it, Champion?” “Yes, I’m Champion!” The forearms keep flying and both men stand up. Fans fire up as the forearms go faster, but then Desperado kicks Eagles’ bad leg! Eagles stays up and kicks Desperado’s bad leg! Desperado kicks Eagles’ bad leg, Eagles KICKS Desperado’s bad leg! Desperado KICKS Eagles’ bad leg, then drags Eagles up. Eagles KNEES out of the shin breaker! And then ROUNDHOUSES, SUPERKICKS and EN- NO! Desperado ducks enziguri to DECK Eagles!

Fans fire up as Desperado fires up and he gets Eagles in GUITA- No! Eagles fights free, cravats, but Desperado blocks the sliced bread and kicks a leg out! Desperado gets Eagles up for GUITARRA DEL ANGEL! Cover, TWO!! Desperado roars with frustration as Eagles survives! Fans rally up, Desperado hobbles up and gets Eagles in the double underhooks! PINCH- RANA! Eagles has a cover, TWO! Eagles wants the leg lock but Desperado boots him into a corner! Eagles hobbles back, into a SPINEBUSTER! And STRETCH MUFFLER! Desperado thrashes the leg, Eagles reaches out, fans rally, and Desperado drags Eagles away for NUMERO DOS!! Eagles endures but he’s caught!

Eagles fights with one free arm, but Desperado rolls him away! But Eagles fights up to sunset flip, TWO!! Eagles trips Desperado, Desperado cradles, TWO!! Eagles school boy bridges, TWO!!! Desperado narrowly escapes, but Eagles dropkicks his leg out! Fans fire up more as both men are down! Eagles rises first and heads and aims his finger gun. Eagles gets Desperado up, cravat, but no sliced bread! ES EL CULERO! TWO!?! Eagles narrowly escapes, avoids Desperado’s dropkick, but Desperado avoids the buzzsaw! Eagles drops to a knee as his bad leg is his support leg, but he blocks Desperado’s kick! Mule kick, but still no sliced bread!

Desperado shoves Eagles at the ref, Eagles stops himself, LOCO MONO and ROUNDHOUSE! Both shots take both men down!! Fans are thunderous as the ref checks on both men. Eagles sits up first and feeds off the rally. Eagles drags himself over to ropes and fires up as he sees Desperado stirring. Eagles aims, SUPERKICK! But he’s not done there, he gets Desperado up, TURBO BACKPACK!! Cover, TWO!?!? Desperado survives again and Eagles grows desperate. Eagles goes up top, fans rally up as he gets his bad leg moving, and Eagles 450 SPLASHES the leg!! RON MILLER SPECIAL!! Desperado roars as he endures the pain!

Desperado drags himself over but Eagles drags him away! Desperado tries again, claws his way over, but Eagles lets go to fire off knees into the bad leg! Eagles drops back down, RON MILLER 2.0!! DESPERADO TAPS?!? EAGLES WINS!!!

Winner: Robbie Eagles, by submission (NEW IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion)

Everyone is shocked to see this incredible upset! The Sniper of the Sky had a target, hit the mark, and now has the title! The first Australian to hold this title, and the 90th reign, and the 41st champion ever! Will all these numbers add up to Eagles having the most incredible first reign ever?


Kazuchika Okada VS Jeff Cobb w/ Great-O-Khan!

The Rainmaker may not have a title, but a 1v1 win over him is a prize in itself! The United Empire’s Hawaiian Hulk has been building momentum pinning the rest of Chaos, will he finally topple the man at the top? Or will the Tour of the Islands be called on account of rain?

The bell rings and fans rally up already for “O-KA-DA! O-KA-DA!” Cobb and Okada stare down, circle, and tie up. Cobb powers Okada towards ropes but the ref calls for the break. Cobb lets off, fakes a punch and then aims at Okada with the hang loose. Okada shrugs that off as he and Cobb circle again. They tie up, Cobb powers Okada back to ropes but Okada turns it around. The ref calls for the break again, Okada lets off, and fakes Cobb out to pat him on the shoulders. But Cobb kicks and throws forearms! Cobb whips, Okada reverses and boots, to snapmare and run to basement dropkick! Fans cheer while Okada brings Cobb back up.

Okada turns Cobb for a NECKBREAKER! Cover, ONE! Okada clamps onto Cobb with a chinlock, grinds him down, but Cobb fights up. Okada knees Cobb in the back, brings him around and bumps him off buckles. Okada wrenches, whips corner to corner, runs in but Cobb dodges to RAM into Okada! Cobb hoists Okada up top, climbs up to join him, but Okada resists and throws forearms. Cobb hops down, but dropkicks Okada down! That’s usually an Okada move! Cobb goes out to fetch Okada, and ROCKS him with a right! Okada staggers away but Cobb brings him up to bearhug and SLAM onto the apron! Okada falls as he clutches his back, and Cobb refreshes the count.

Cobb stands on Okada to use him like a surfboard! The ref reprimands, Cobb hops off, and then Cobb goes to the ring to let the count begin. Okada is still down as the count reaches 8 of 20, but he drags himself at 12. Cobb is annoyed and he storms right up to Okada to stomp him! Cobb drags Okada up, scoops him, and KNEES him in the side! And again! And then he TOSSES Okada away! Cobb drags Okada back up, puts him in the corner, and CHOPS and LARIATS, all in one motion! And again! And again! Okada falls over, Cobb covers, TWO! Cobb is annoyed again but he drags Okada back up. Okada throws a forearm but Cobb doesn’t flinch. Cobb ROCKS Okada in return!

Okada shakes that off to come back with another forearm, but Cobb ROCKS him again! Okada comes right back to fire off forearms, only for Cobb to DECK him with one! Cobb dead lift suplexes! But Okada slips out to waistlock! Cobb elbows Okada away and runs, into a FLAPJACK! Both men are down and fans fire up. Cobb gets up but Okada follows, and Okada fires off forearms. Okada whips, Cobb reverses but Okada ducks and dodges to back elbow! Okada fires up and so do the fans! Cobb gets up, Okada whips him to a corner and runs in to back elbow. Okada kicks and DDT’s! Cover, TWO! Okada keeps his focus as fans rally up again.

Cobb slowly rises, Okada stalks behind him, but Cobb blocks the Alabama lift. Cobb CLUBS Okada, scoops him, runs, but Okada slips off! Cobb ends up in a corner, Okada runs in but Cobb boots him away! Cobb hops up, but Okada dropkicks Cobb down! The receipt has been paid! Khan checks on Cobb while Okada rests in the ring. Fans rally up, Khan fans Cobb with the United Empire towel. Okada goes out to fetch Cobb, and whip him hard into railing. And then BOOT him over the railing! Khan protests and the ref wants Okada to get back to the ring. Okada drags Cobb up to have him draped on the railing, DRAPING DDT! The Rainmaker invokes the Viper here!

A ring count starts as Okada leaves Cobb behind. Okada hobbles and comes back at 8, gets in at 10 of 20, and lets Cobb crawl around a moment before going back out. Okada gets Cobb up and into the ring and fans cheer the sportsmanship. Okada rallies fans with clap-clap-clap-stomp, and then Cobb stands. Okada Alabama lifts but Cobb is big! Cobb slips off, swings a clothesline, but into the MONEY CLIP! Cobb flails around, pries at the hold, but he starts to fade! Okada squeezes tight but Cobb RAMS Okada into a corner! Okada lets go and Cobb runs back in to CORNER CROSSBODY! Cobb lands on the apron as Okada falls over, and Cobb climbs up.

Cobb gets Okada up the ropes!? Okada resists but Cobb CLUBS him! Cobb still wants the superplex but Okada resists! Okada fires off haymakers, Cobb swings but Okada dodges to uppercut! Cobb tumbles down, fans fire up as Okada aims, Okada PLANCHAS but is caught! Cobb pops Okada up to a STALLING, RUNNING SUPLEX! Fans fire up after seeing such strength on display! Khan fans off Cobb as the ring count starts again. Cobb stirs at 5 of 20, rises at 7, Okada stirs at 8. Cobb is in at 10 of 20, Okada rises at 12, but his leg is holding him back! Okada crawls at 15, stands at 17, hobbles at 18, but gets in at 19! Fans fire up as Okada beats the count literally at the last second!

Cobb stands, gets Okada back up, scoops him and RAMS him into a corner! Then OKLAHOMA STAMPEDE! Cover, TWO! Okada survives but the GACHIMUCHI MOONSAULT hits! Cover, TWO!! Okada survives again as Cobb shows his reserves run deep! Khan coaches Cobb up as fans rally for “O-KA-DA!” Okada is in a corner, Cobb runs in but blocks a boot. Cobb reels Okada in for an ATHLETIC PLEX! Cover, TWO!! Okada survives yet again! Khan argues the count on behalf of Cobb but Cobb gets up and hobbles over. Cobb drags Okada up, whips him to ropes, but Okada holds ropes. Okada boots back, runs in but Cobb side steps to GERMAN SUPLEX!

Cobb gets Okada up, whips, but Okada SHOTGUN DROPKICKS! Cobb staggers up and fires off forearms and CHOPS! Cobb runs but into another dropkick! The fans are thunderous as Okada roars and gets Cobb up. Okada scoops Cobb but Cobb is too big for that! Okada spins to backslide, Cobb rolls off, LARIAT! Okada holds onto the arm, drags Cobb back up and reels him in, another LARIAT! Okada fires himself up and fans are rallying as he gets Cobb up. Okada wristlocks and ripcords, but Cobb dodges! Cobb scoops Okada to a gut wrench, but Okada fights free to DIS- COBB LARIATS!! Cobb intercepts Okada’s clothesline with one of his own and both men are down again!

Fans return to the thunderous rallying as Okada and Cobb stir. Okada sits up but Cobb follows, and the two stare down. They go forehead to forehead before going forearm for forearm! Okada hits, Cobb hits, and then Cobb slaps Okada on the head. They stand, Okada forearms but Cobb forearms back. Cobb eggs Okada on so the forearms go faster and faster! Fans rally up as the shots keep coming, and Okada gets the edge. Okada EuroUppers, talks some trash, and walks into a CHOP from Cobb! Cobb BLINDSIDE LARIATS! Cobb gut wrenches for the DOCTOR BOMB! Cover, TWO!?! Okada survives and Cobb can’t believe it! Cobb gets Okada up, whips, TOUR OF THE-

NO! Okada slips out and wants to gut wrench! Cobb fights free and SUPERKICKS! Okada staggers, fires up, but runs into a HEADBUTT! Cobb whips again, TOUR OF THE- Wait, Okada slips out again! Okada wristlocks, ripcords, but Cobb ducks to ripcord for a COBB MAKE- NO! Okada Alabama lifts but Cobb sunset flips, only for Okada to sit on it! Cover, OKADA WINS!!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada, by pinfall

If you blinked, you probably missed it! Cobb himself is stunned by how Okada just snatched away that victory! Okada says that’s just the different levels they’re on. Will Okada keep reminding us of his worth and make his way back to the top of NJPW? Will Cobb remember all this and pay Okada back next time?


IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: Tetsuya Naito & SANADA VS Dangerous Tekkers w/ Miho Abe!

Though Los Ingobernables de Japon’s Uncontrollable Charisma and Cold Skull won these titles in Sapporo just two weeks ago, Taichi and Zack Sabre Jr. are back to take them away! Will LIJ pitch a perfect game in Tokyo? Or will the Sliest Wrestler and the Submission Master manage to hit it out of the park?

The introductions are made, Naito is very particular about how the belts are given to Red Shoes, and the belts are raised. Taichi calls out Sanada but Sanada calls out ZSJ and ZSJ tells him he’ll regret it. The elaborate entrance gear is put away, LIJ fist bump, and these two teams slug it out in a seventh inning stretch!

Wait, the teams are sorting out the starting line-ups. Taichi still wants Sanada, Sanada still wants ZSJ and ZSJ wants after Naito. Naito doesn’t mind, and so he and ZSJ start in a rematch from Osaka. Fans rally as the two circle and feel out the grapple. ZSJ wrenches the knuckle lock to a wristlock but Naito rolls and trips ZSJ up. ZSJ shifts to a cradle, ONE, and the two stand off. Fans cheer again as the two go again. ZSJ and Naito knuckle lock, ZSJ drops to get a leg and trip Naito up. ZSJ has a toehold but Naito fights back, so ZSJ shifts to a standing toehold. Naito rolls, trips ZSJ, and he has the toehold now. ZSJ uses his leg to pry Naito off but Naito goes after that leg!

ZSJ goes after Naito’s leg but Naito goes for a cover, but ZSJ headscissors him. Naito kicks but ZSJ pushes up for leverage. Naito bridges, turns around, pops free and rolls ZSJ up into a snapmare then chinlock. ZSJ slips out the back, Naito rolls, wrenches, but ZSJ rolls. Naito avoids the kick and the two stand off again as fans cheer. ZSJ and Naito circle, Naito bows, and then tags out to Sanada. ZSJ asks what the what but he tags out to Taichi. Taichi wants to avenge his loss in Osaka and fans rally up as Sanada shows off the dancing pecs. Taichi isn’t going to fall into that again, but Sanada goes up a corner to show off. Sanada insists Taichi take a turn, and fans seem to cheer that idea.

Taichi again refuses, having done that enough in Osaka. He and Sanada tie up, Sanada wrenches but Taichi gets ropes. Red Shoes calls for the break, Sanada lets off, and Taichi applauds along with the fans. Sanada and Taichi go again, and Sanada wrenches to a hammerlock. Taichi gets to ropes again, and Sanada lets off clean. Fans cheer, Taichi and Sanada circle. They feel out the grapple but Taichi kicks low! Taichi wrenches but Sanada wrenches back! Sanada keeps Taichi from ropes this time, so Taichi rolls, trips Sanada, and CHOKES him! Not even bothering to hide it! Taichi gets Sanada up into the corner and ZSJ tags in.

ZSJ DECKS Naito, Taichi throws Sanada out, and the Tekkers go out after LIJ. ZSJ has a chinlock on Naito, but also a fish hook to the nose! Taichi whips Sanada hard into railing, ZSJ straitjacket stretches Naito and stomps him down. Taichi uses camera cables to choke Sanada! Red Shoes reprimands, counts, but Taichi lets go with only one hand. Taichi puts Sanada back in the ring for ZSJ, and ZSJ gets Sanada up to cravat. ZSJ brings Sanada over to the corner, Taichi tags back in, and Taichi swipes at Naito. ZSJ snapmares Sanada for Taichi to choke him! Red Shoes counts, Taichi lets off, but then chokes him again! Red Shoes counts again and Taichi stops, to TWO HAND CHOKE!

Red Shoes counts, Taichi finally stops choking Sanada, and Taichi stands on Sanada’s neck. Sanada pushes Taichi’s foot away but Taichi gets him up to bump off buckles. Tag to ZSJ, Taichi stomps Sanada and ZSJ drags Sanada out by a leg. ZSJ leg hooks an arm, then shifts to a normal hammerlock. Sanada fights up, ZSJ spins him around and wrenches the arm, but Sanada rolls, handsprings and cartwheels to WRING ZSJ! ZSJ spins, wrenches and wrangles Sanada but Sanada kips up, wrenches, hammerlocks, headlocks, hammerlocks and headlocks to a takeover! ZSJ headscissors, Sanada kips free but ZSJ headbutts low to headlock back.

Sanada powers out then dropkicks ZSJ’s legs out! Taichi runs in but Sanada kicks low and Naito runs in to RANA Taichi down! Taichi bails out, Naito chases after and brings Taichi up to CLUB him down. Fans fire up as Sanada gets ZSJ up to throw him out. Naito whips Taichi into railing, then Sanada gets ZSJ up to put the bad leg around railing. ZSJ fights back with fish hooks but Sanada wrenches the leg! Red Shoes reprimands but Sanada BOOTS the railing to jam ZSJ’s leg! ZSJ falls over, Sanada drags him up and into the ring and drags him to the LIJ corner. Naito tags in, stomps ZSJ’s bad leg, then drags him up to put the bad leg on ropes.

ZSJ fights back but Naito wrenches the leg! ZSJ tries a wristlock but Naito just pulls on the leg! Naito almost has ZSJ falling out of the ring! Red Shoes counts, Naito lets off and ZSJ falls back. Naito gets ZSJ up to kick the leg. Naito whips ZSJ corner to corner, runs in to rocket kick and sweep, and just like Osaka, he feints ZSJ out to dropkick the bad leg! Naito drags ZSJ to a cover, TWO! Naito gets ZSJ up, has the bad leg and tags in Sanada. Fans rally as Sanada hops up to drop an ax handle on the knee! Sanada stands ZSJ up, ZSJ steps over but Sanada still trips him. Sanada steps through, ZSJ boots him away, but Sanada cartwheels around the monkey flip to dropkick ZSJ’s leg out!

Sanada drags ZSJ over to ropes, and Naito helps him keep the leg on the ropes. Sanada springboards to drop down on the leg! Taichi protests but Red Shoes keeps him back. Sanada tags Naito and Naito drags ZSJ around to hook up the legs in the modified Figure Four! Sanada plays defense as ZSJ endures and fans rally up! ZSJ pries at the hold but Naito puts more pressure on. ZSJ gets the ropebreak, Naito lets off, and ZSJ crawls as fast as he can! Naito drags ZSJ up first, has the leg, and hits a SHIN BREAKER! Red Shoes checks on ZSJ but he refuses to quit. Fans rally up as Naito taunts ZSJ and stomps the leg.

Naito gets ZSJ up again but ZSJ headlocks to block. Naito powers through and SHIN BREAKERS again! Naito keeps hold of the leg, taunts ZSJ, but ducks the enziguri. ZSJ reels Naito in to get Naito down for a NECK TWIST! Naito flounders and writhes while fans fire up. ZSJ crawls and tags in Taichi! Taichi runs in to clothesline Naito, whip him and clothesline again, then snapmare and KICK him! Sanada runs in, Taichi dodges to waistlock but Sanada switches. Taichi resists the lift to PELE! Sanada is down but Naito returns to kick and whip. Taichi reverses to wrench and HOOK KICK! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up while Taichi keeps his cool.

Taichi powers up as Naito rises, and Taichi runs, but Naito blocks Ax Bomber, ducks Ax Bomber, and hits an atomic drop to NECKBREAKER! Both men are down and fans fire up again. Naito and Taichi stir, Naito tags Sanada in. Sanada gets Taichi up, throws forearms then whips him to the corner. Sanada runs in but Taichi dodges, and Sanada tumbles up and out. Sanada springboards in, Taichi dodges, but Sanada dodges the Ax Bomber to atomic drop! Taichi falls over, and Sanada gets the legs! Fans fire up as Sanada ties Taichi up in Paradise! Sanada encourages the fans to get louder, and louder, and louder. Sanada dropkicks Taichi out of Paradise!

Sanada goes to a corner, climbs up and waits for Taichi to stand. CROSSBODY! Cover, TWO! Sanada grabs at Taichi but Taichi kicks him away. Taichi gets up but Sanada comes back, only for Taichi to choke him again! Sanada chokes back! Sanada puts Taichi in a corner, Red Shoes counts, but Taichi powers up to push Sanada back. Taichi choke grips but Sanada choke grips back! Sanada breaks Taichi’s grip but Taichi KICKS a leg! Sanada throws a forearm, Taichi KICKS a leg again! Sanada ROCKS Taichi, eggs him on, and the KICKS and forearms keep going! Fans fire up as they go faster and faster, and Sanada gets the edge! But Taichi KICKS once more!

Both men stay up and catch their breath. Sanada comes back to EuroUpper! Taichi KICKS! Fans cheer as Taichi eggs Sanada on. Sanada EuroUppers but Taichi comes back to KICK! Sanada drops to his knees and fans fire up more! Taichi dares Sanada to get up as fans rally. When he doesn’t get up, Taichi sits Sanada up, but Sanada blocks the buzzsaw! Sanada fires off forearms, spins, but Taichi ENZIGURIS! ZSJ runs in to BLAST Naito off the apron! Taichi gets Sanada up, but Sanada ranas the bomb away! ROLLING ELBOW, to TIGER DRIVER! Cover, TWO! Taichi survives but Sanada keeps his focus as fans fire up.

Sanada goes up top, ROUNDING BODY- No, Taichi moves and Sanada lands on his feet! ZSJ runs in to EuroUpper Sanada down! Naito returns to CLOBBER ZSJ, then basement dropkick! Taichi back kicks Naito, Sanada dropkicks Taichi’s legs out! ZSJ gets around Sanada to spin him, WRING his arm out, but Naito dropkicks ZSJ down! Naito runs at Taichi in the corner but Taichi dodges to GAMANGIRI! Taichi runs at Sanada, Sanada dodges to dropkick Taichi! Taichi rebounds to AX BOMBER!! All four men are down and the fans are thunderous again! Fans rally up as Taichi slowly rises. Taichi fires himself up, and OFF COME THE PANTS!

Taichi aims from the corner as Sanada rises. Sanada sobats first! Taichi fights off the Northern Lights but Sanada fireman’s carries and throws Taichi into the dragon sleeper! SKULL- NO! Taichi rolls out to ROUNDHOUSE Sanada down! Fans fire up again as both men are back down! Taichi rolls and crawls to his corner and ZSJ tags in. ZSJ hobbles around to aim from a corner, and he runs to BOOT Sanada! And he BOOTS Naito just because! ZSJ runs in but Sanada elbow shim away. Sanada Quebrada but ZSJ gets under, but Sanada dropkicks the leg out! LA MAGISTROL but ZSJ blocks! ONE, Sanada has a ghost pin, TWO! ZSJ brings Sanada around to a ghost pin, TWO!!

ZSJ and Sanada get up, ZSJ EuroUppers but Sanada gives it back! ZSJ EuroUppers again, then catches Sanda’s to a backslide, then jackknife! TWO, Sanada dodges to O’Conner Bridge, but ZSJ blocks to a double chicken wing bridge! But Sanada copies ZSJ’s pushdown for a double cover!! TWO!!! Tokyo almost had the flipside to Osaka but Sanada fireman’s carries! ZSJ fights out to get the cobra twist! Sanada endures, hip tosses free, but ZSJ bridges up, only for Sanada to DRAGON SCREW! Both men are down again as fans fire up! ZSJ calls to Taichi as he crawls over. Naito tags in first, though, and he stomps ZSJ’s bad leg.

Naito stomps ZSJ into a neutral corner but lets off as Red Shoes counts. Naito gets ZSJ up, whips, but ZSJ falls over! ZSJ clutches the bad knee but Taichi runs in. Naito kicks Taichi back out, then mockingly asks ZSJ if he’s alright. Fans rally up as ZSJ grits his teeth and stands up. Naito blocks a boot, shoves ZSJ to a corner and blocks the boot again. Naito puts ZSJ in the ropes for a DRAPING BACKBREAKER! Naito gets ZSJ up to NECKBREAKER! Cover, TWO!! ZSJ survives but Naito keeps cool. Naito gets ZSJ up but ZSJ hobbles on the bad leg. Naito forces ZSJ to stand, just to kick the bad leg! Fans rally, Naito stomps the bad leg, and ZSJ fights up to his feet.

Naito hammerlocks but ZSJ blocks Gloria by squatting. Naito kicks the bad leg, whips again, but ZSJ reverses. ZSJ catches the flying forearms into an IRON OCTOPUS! ZSJ pulls back on the arm, Naito fights free and CLUBS the bad leg. Naito kicks at the leg, uses the ropes, but ZSJ denies the tornado to PELE the arm! Taichi clotheslines Naito in the corner and ZSJ BOOTS Sanada. Taichi sets Naito up for ZSJ to run in and TORNADO DDT! Cover, TWO!! Taichi coaches ZSJ and they set Naito up. Scoop, but Naito fights out, but Taichi BLINDSIDE AX BOMBERS! ZSJ EuroUppers Naito into Taichi’s Alabama lift, but Sanada saves Naito from the combo move!

Sanada whips Taichi out of the ring but ZSJ EuroUppers Sanada. ZSJ BOOTS Sanada in a corner, hobbles and comes back to EuroUpper. ZSJ runs at Naito but he dodges, Sanada runs in to back elbow ZSJ. Sanada feeds ZSJ to Naito’s back elbow, then dropkicks ZSJ into the enziguri! BIG back suplex, rolling jackknife cover, TWO!! ZSJ survives the onslaught and fans fire up again! LIJ gets ZSJ’s legs to DOUBLE KNEE SMASH! Naito wrenches the leg to the SHORT LEG SCISSOR! Taichi runs in but Sanada intercepts, to the FIGURE FOUR! LIJ has dual submissions on the Tekkers! ZSJ endures, Taichi pries at Sanada’s, but Naito thrashes ZSJ’s leg around!

ZSJ fights, scrambles, flails, crawls, and gets the ROPEBREAK! Naito lets go fast, but Sanada keeps Taichi suffering. Red Shoes reprimands, Sanada lets Taichi go, and those two get out of the ring. Naito gets ZSJ to the LIJ corner, stomps ZSJ around, then drags him up the corner. Taichi hurries around the outside to attack! Naito rakes Taichi’s eyes! Sanada dropkicks Taichi off the apron! And PLANCHAS! Those two are down, and Naito gives ZSJ ESPERANZA!! Cover, TWO!?! ZSJ survives but Naito won’t stop there! Naito gets ZSJ up and in another corner. Naito stomps ZSJ while egging him on. Fans rally up as Naito hoists ZSJ up top.

Naito CLUBS the bad leg, climbs up top, and SUPER STEINERS, but ZSJ sunset flips it! Naito slips out but ZSJ gets him in the TRIANGLE HOLD! Naito flails, ZSJ squeezes tight, but Sanada gets back in to stomp ZSJ. ZSJ eggs Sanada on while he holds tight on Naito! Sanada keeps stomping, but Taichi gets in to drag Sanada into SEITEIJYUJIRYOU!! Now Tekkers have LIJ in dual submissions! Naito fights to get up and reach around but ZSJ squeezes as tight as he can! Taichi twists and stretches Sanada, fans are thunderous, and Sanada powers out, only for Taichi to choke grip! CHOKE- NO! Sanada dropkicks Taichi away!

Sanada goes up, ROUNDING BODY PRESS on ZSJ!! Naito is free but Taichi Alabama lifts Sanada for BLACK MEPHISTO! Naito hits Taichi with CORRIENDOSHIKI!! Naito fires up with the fans and he gets ZSJ up! Wrench, but ZSJ scoops to hit ZACK DRIVER!! But ZSJ can’t cover from the bad leg bothering him! Fans rally up as Miho goes nuts! ZSJ stirs but realizes he’s in the wrong corner. A standing count begins on ZSJ and Naito, and is already at 5! ZSJ springs up to stop Red Shoes at 7! ZSJ drags himself over to get Naito. ZSJ gives Naito slaps, but Naito clubs the bad leg! ZSJ kicks at Naito, and kicks, and kicks. Naito gets up to stomp the bad leg again!

ZSJ dares Naito to keep going so Naito stomps it again. ZSJ kicks at Naito with the good leg, then hobbles up to egg Naito on. ZSJ throws a EuroUpper! Naito throws a forearm! ZSJ throws another EuroUpper, so Naito throws another forearm. EuroUpper, forearm, repeat! ZSJ gets the edge but Naito CHOPS! ZSJ EuroUppers again but Naito kicks the bad leg! Taichi runs in to BOOT Naito! Sanada runs in to BOOT Taichi! Taichi goes to boot but Sanada blocks to EuroUpper! Taichi fires up and dodges Sanada to DANGEROUS SAIDO! Naito gets Taichi for back elbow after back elbow! Taichi hits his three point stance, to SUMO FOREARM!! Everyone is down but Taichi fires up!

Taichi shouts to ZSJ and Miho rallies the fans up again. The Tekkers coordinate from opposite ends of the ring and they get themselves up at the corners. ZSJ runs to PENALTY KICK Naito! Cover, TWO!! Taichi gets up and fires up with ZSJ. Taichi staggers up into a corner and roars as ZSJ gets Naito up. But Sanada tackles Taichi while Naito scoops ZSJ for VALENTIA! Sanada smothers Taichi while Naito gets ZSJ up! Wrench, tilt-o-whirl, DEST- NO! ZSJ drags Naito down to the EURO CLUTCH!! TEKKERS WIN!!!

Winners: Dangerous Tekkers, by pinfall (NEW IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Champions)

The Tekkers are back on top after only a couple weeks!! Taichi & ZSJ are now THREE-TIME tag team champions, and Naito is furious that he got caught! But with how quick the turnaround was from winning to losing these belts, can Naito and Sanada get another shot soon?

But wait! Yoshi-Hashi and Hirooki Goto appear! They are still NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Champions, but are they planning on cutting in? LIJ and Tekkers don’t want Goto-Hashi to get ahead of themselves, this match just ended. What will NJPW management decide to do about Chaos wanting their shot?


IWGP World Heavyweight Championship: Shingo Takagi VS Hiroshi Tanahashi!

Firstly, we here at the Chairshot wish Kota Ibushi a speedy recovery, but also know that he should make sure he is 100% before returning. However, the show must go on! The Dragon wants to be a fighting champion, and The Ace wants to fight and become champion! It’s an epic rematch from their NEVER Openweight Championship match earlier this year, which Tanahashi won! Will Takagi strike out against Tanahashi again? Or will he prove that this time, he’s ready for the Once in a Century Talent?

The introductions are made, Takagi has a new, fiercer mask, and the belt is raised as we see if Takagi can live up to that new standard!

Fans rally up, “LET’S GO ACE!” “TA-KA-GI!” as Tanahashi and Takagi circle. They approach, tie up, and are in a deadlock. Takagi gets a point of leverage but Tanahashi pushes back harder. Takagi gets Tanahashi on ropes but Tanahashi turns it around. Tanahashi lets off cleanly and fans cheer. Takagi and Tanahashi circle again, feel out the grapple this time, and knuckle lock for a test of strength! Tanahashi digs in his heels and powers up, but Takagi kicks low to wrench and wristlock. Tanahashi slips in to get a takedown and he ties up Takagi’s legs. Tanahashi floats to a headlock as fans rally, and Takagi fights up to pry the hold.

Takagi hammerlocks, headlocks and hits a takeover, but Tanahashi headscissors. Takagi slips free and fans cheer the stand off. The fans rally again, “LET’S GO ACE!” “TA-KA-GI!” Takagi and Tanahashi go again, Takagi headlocks, but Tanahashi pries at the hold. Takagi holds on tight but Tanahashi throws body shots. Tanahashi whips Takagi, drop toeholds him down and gets a headlock. Takagi endures, fights up, powers up but Tanahashi holds tight. Tanahashi grinds Takagi down, Takagi fights up but again Tanahashi holds tight! Takagi tries again, throws body shots and powers out, but Tanahashi rams shoulders. Takagi rebounds to run Tanahashi over!

Takagi steps on Tanahashi, drops an elbow, then another elbow. Tanahashi avoids the back senton to drop an elbow of his own! Fans fire up as Tanahashi air guitars. Takagi gets to a corner but Tanahashi heads over. Tanahashi throws body shots, whips Takagi corner to corner, but Takagi reverses. Takagi runs in but Tanahashi elbows him away. Tanahashi jumps up to CROSSBODY, but Takagi catches him! Takagi fireman’s carries to a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Fans fire up as Tanahashi staggers. Takagi runs in to clothesline Tanahashi out! Fans cheer as Takagi goes out to fetch Tanahashi, and he encourages them to keep rallying, “TA-KA-GI!” “LET’S GO ACE!”

Takagi stomps Tanahashi, stands on him, but lets off to kick and stomp him at the railing! Takagi paces while Red Shoes says to get this in the ring. Takagi brings Tanahashi around to bump off the apron, and says, “Mada mada mada,” he’s not done yet. Takagi bumps Tanahashi off the apron again, then fireman’s carries to SNAKE EYES off the apron! Tanahashi falls down as fans fire up. Takagi gets back in the ring, the ring count begins, and Tanahashi slowly rises. Tanahashi stands at 6 of 20, staggers over, and gets in at 10 of 20. Takagi stands on and DOUBLE STOMPS Tanahashi at the ropes!

Takagi gets Tanahashi up to whip to ropes and KNEE! Then he runs to RAM Tanahashi against ropes! Takagi gets Tanahashi with a BIG suplex, then covers, TWO! Takagi keeps Tanahashi down with a chinlock. Tanahashi endures as fans rally up. Tanahashi fights up, throws body shots, and fires off fast hands! Tanahashi runs but into the elbow! YUKON LARIAT! Takagi skips his jab to throw Tanahashi off on that one. Takagi gets Tanahashi back up, SNAP SAIDO! Cover, TWO! Takagi keeps after Tanahashi with headlock, trapping an arm at the same time. Tanahashi endures, fans rally up, and Tanahashi scoots around to get the ropebreak! Takagi lets go as Red Shoes counts.

Takagi dares Tanahashi to get up. Tanahashi stands, fires off forearms, but Takagi DECKS him with one! Takagi flexes the muscles then drags Tanahashi back up. Takagi hooks the arms but Tanahashi resists the Gory Especial! Tanahashi fires elbows, but Takagi spins him to DDT him down! Takagi sits Tanahashi up to throw elbows into the shoulder, then he runs, only for Tanahashi to dodge the sliding lariat! Tanahashi dropkicks Takagi’s leg but Takagi stays up and rebounds to kick. Tanahashi blocks to DRAGON SCREW! Takagi crawls to a corner and fans rally back up. Tanahashi rises, hobbles after Takagi and fires off forearms and stomps in the corner.

Tanahashi whips corner to corner but Takagi reverses. Tanahashi comes back for FLYING FOREARMS! Fans fire up with Tanahashi as he gets Takagi back up. Tanahashi scoops and SLAMS Takagi, then goes to a corner to hop up. SUNSET SENTON! Cover, TWO! Takagi scrambles away but Tanahashi powers up. Tanahashi runs and dropkicks Takagi’s leg out! Takagi gets to ropes but Tanahashi is after his legs. Takagi gets the ropebreak and Tanahashi abandons the cloverleaf for now. Tanahashi runs at Takagi in the corner, but Takagi dodges! Takagi runs in but Tanahashi boots. Takagi blocks that to LARIAT! But Tanahashi comes back to fire forearms!

Takagi ROCKS Tanahashi with forearm after forearm, then JABS and CHOPS on repeat! JAB, JAB, CHOP! Takagi runs corner to corner but Tanahashi follows, to SHOTGUN dropkick Takagi out of the ring! Fans fire up as Tanahashi gets back up. Tanahashi goes up top for ACES HIGH FLY FLOW!! Direct hit and down goes Takagi! Fans are thunderous now as Red Shoes checks on both of them. Tanahashi and Takagi are able to continue so a ring count begins. The count is 10 of 20 as Tanahashi stands, and he puts Takagi in at 15. Takagi gets to a corner but Tanahashi storms over to fire off forearm after forearm after forearm!

Tanahashi gives Takagi a dozen, then goes corner to corner to dropkick! Fans fire up more, and Tanahashi stands back up. Tanahashi grits his teeth as he drags Takagi up and reels him in. Takagi blocks the suplex and throws body shots! Takagi suplexes but Tanahashi resists, to TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Tanahashi gets Takagi back up, another TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! And then a third TWIST ‘N’ SHOUT! Fans are thunderous after that hat trick, and Tanahashi wants Takagi to rise. Takagi flounders up, Tanahashi runs, but Takagi catches slingblade into the Gory Especial, and NOSHIGAMI! Both men are down again and fans rally back up!

Takagi rises, gets Tanahashi in a wheelbarrow, for a WHEELBARROW GERMAN SUPLEX! Takagi gets up again, sits Tanahashi up, SLIDING LARIAT! Cover, TWO!! Takagi says there’s still more to come, and he gives Tanahashi toying kicks. Tanahashi gets mad and sits up but Takagi keeps kicking. Tanahashi blocks to dropkick a leg out! Takagi comes back to fireman’s carry, but Tanahashi lands out of the gutbuster drop to GROUND DRAGON SCREW! Fans are electric as Takagi gets to a corner. Tanahashi runs in, but he blocks Takagi’s boot, to DRAGON SCREW again! Tanahashi hoists Takagi up top, SUPER DRAGON SCREW!!! Takagi writhes as fans rally up!

Tanahashi gets the legs for the TEXAS CLOVERLEAF! Takagi is caught as Tanahashi sits deep! But Takagi powers, reaches out, but Tanahashi drags him away and sits even deeper! Takagi powers up, Tanahashi falls over from his own legs tiring out, but Tanahashi stands back up! Tanahashi sits as deep as he can, but Takagi is right there, and he gets the ROPEBREAK! Fans are thunderous again as Tanahashi lets go! Tanahashi stomps Takagi on the apron! Tanahashi stands Takagi up, goes for the leg, but Takagi clubs at Tanahashi. Takagi gets Tanahashi’s leg in the rope, clubs and DRAGON SCREWS Tanahashi back! The Dragon’s Dragon Screw evens things up!

Takagi drags Tanahashi to the apron for an elbow breaker to the leg! Is this another form of knee breaker? And then Takagi CLUBS the leg against the apron! Tanahashi flops to the floor and Takagi hobbles about. Takagi stands on Tanahashi’s leg at the railing but he lets off as Red Shoes reprimands. Takagi wants media to move aside as he gets Tanahashi up. Takagi whips Tanahashi but Tanahashi reverses! Takagi avoids the slingblade and he lifts Tanahashi up! Takagi has Tanahashi draped out backwards, for a TAKAGI GTR!! Fans are thunderous again as both men are down! Red Shoes checks on Tanahashi but he refuses to quit now.

Another ring count begins and Takagi drags himself into the ring at 10 of 20. Tanahashi is still down, and we reach 15! Tanahashi starts to get up at 16, fans rally as he wobbles at 17, and he springs in at 19, into a SLIDING LARIAT! Takagi roars, drags Tanahashi up, pump handle to MADE IN JAPAN!! Cover, TWO!?! Tanahashi survives and fans are thunderous once again! Takagi gets Tanahashi up at the ropes, then runs for PUMPING BOMBER!! Cover, TWO!?!? Takagi keeps focus as Tanahashi survives again. Fans clap along with “OI! OI! OI!” and Takagi stands. Takagi hobbles back over to Tanahashi, drags him back up, and pump handles for the rack!

Tanahashi resists with elbows to the back! Takagi POINT-BLANK PUMPING BOMBERS! And then boxing elbows! Fans fire up with every shot and Takagi gives Tanahashi a good 20 of ’em! Tanahashi fires up, but Takagi HEADBUTTS him down! Takagi drags Tanahashi back up, pump handles and torture racks, SLINGBLADE?!?! Tanahashi counters and both men are down as the fans keep the thunder rolling! Tanahashi fires up, runs, but Takagi follows to clothesline at the ropes! Takagi runs but Tanahashi gets around! Takagi breaks the full nelson, Tanahashi STRAITJACKET GERMANS! Bridging cover, TWO!! Takagi escapes but Tanahashi fires up again!

Tanahashi runs, to SLINGBLADE! Cover, TWO!!! Tanahashi knows he’s close and fans fire up with him as he climbs! Takagi stands, Tanahashi CROSSBODIES! Tanahashi fires up but Takagi grabs a leg. Tanahashi CLUBS Takagi but Takagi holds on, so Tanahashi CLUBS him more! Tanahashi is free, fans rally up and Tanahashi stands Takagi up. Shout out to Kota Ibushi with KAMI-GOYE!!!! Tanahashi goes to the top rope, for HIGH FLY FLOW!!!! Cover, TWO!?!?!? HOW?!?!? HOW?!?!?! The Tokyo Dome is volcanic as Tanahashi rises again. Tanahashi drags Takagi up, full nelsons, but Takagi gets to the ropes! Takagi holds on, Tanahashi pulls him away, but Takagi still resists!

Tanahashi wants the straitjacket again but Takagi knows it, and pump handles to LAST OF THE DRAGON!!!! But Takagi can’t make a cover, he’s so exhausted! Fans build back up to that electric level as Takagi and Tanahashi stir. Takagi slaps himself to get back into this. He even punches himself and headbutts the mat! Takagi throws a forearm, Tanahashi gives it back. Takagi forearms, Tanahashi forearms, repeat as they stand up! Takagi staggers but comes back with another forearm. Tanahashi gets the edge but Takagi hits back. The forearms keep going back and forth, faster and faster, but Takagi gets the edge with about five. Tanahashi uses boxing elbows just like Takagi!

Takagi and Tanahashi roar, TANAHASHI HEADBUTTS!! Tanahashi was paying tribute to Shibata yesterday, was that another one?! But Takagi still gets back up! Tanahashi runs, into an elbow! JAB! YUKON- NO! DRAGON SUPLEX! But Takagi is right back up?! PUMP- NO! ANOTHER DRAGON SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!!?!! Takagi escapes at the last nanosecond and the fans get back to the volcanic levels! Tanahashi drags himself to the apron, to the corner, and to the top rope. Takagi rises up to join him! Tanahashi throws clubbing hands but Takagi headbutts from below! Takagi finishes climbing, but they start brawling up top!

Tanahashi gets the edge but Takagi holds on to headbutt again and again and again! And AGAIN! Takagi turns around and drags Tanahashi to a top rope fireman’s carry! Tanahashi fights, but Takagi pump handles that arm! SUPER STAY DREAM!!!!! Cover, TWO?!?!?! HOW DID TANAHASHI SURVIVE!?! Is there something stronger than a volcano? Because the fans are getting to some new level! Takagi gets Tanahashi up but Tanahashi SHOTEIS! Tanahashi wants another but Takagi ducks to SHOTEI back! Both men wobble, Tanahashi SHOTEIS again! But Takagi ROLLING PUMPING BOMBERS! Both men are down and fans keep that more than volcanic level!

Takagi gets Tanahashi up, pump handle and racks, LAST OF THE DRAGONS!!! Cover, Takagi finally wins!!

Winner: Shingo Takagi, by pinfall (still IWGP World Heavyweight Champion)

The third-ever world champion in NJPW stays the third-ever world champion! He’s no one-and-done, he’s a Grand Slam Dragon! Red Shoes raises his hand and hands the belt to him. Tanahashi is helped out of the ring and is very emotional over this loss. Will The Ace be back to try again some day?

Takagi manages to stay standing, and he gets the mic to speak. “Tanahashi Hiroshi. You really are amazing, aren’t you? Your nickname, ‘The Ace,’ is for real. In a way, you probably won tonight. Now we are 1-1, so we have to do this again.” But that doesn’t mean Takagi is skipping Ibushi. Takagi knows it was a tough decision for Ibushi to make. Ibushi can’t wrestle right now, but he surely wanted to, and Takagi appreciates that. But Takagi is “even more certain of one thing. Until Ibushi returns, I can’t lose this title! OI, TOKYO DOME! OI!” Fans get loud as Takagi takes a breath.

Takagi admits he’s a bit bummed. It is what it is because the pandemic isn’t over. They gotta keep practicing social distancing and such. He knows the fans are dealing with it even more than the wrestlers. But don’t forget to remain vigilant and careful. The fans could’ve easily stayed home and watched the Olympics, but they all chose pro-wrestling! Takagi appreciates that choice, and bows to show his respect. Takagi is turning 39 this year, so he’s getting up there, but HIS generation will lead the pro-wrestling world! “So with this IWGP World Heavyweight Championship as my ticket… As the best in NJPW, the best in ALL of pro sports right now… This Dragon will soar to the top of the sports world!” Fans cheer Takagi’s mission, but can he become the best of the best of the BEST?

Wait, why did the lights drop down?! EVIL and Dick are on the titantron! “I wonder which of those punks won. Togo, who do you think won?” Were they not watching…? Dick wags his finger because it doesn’t matter who won. Those good-for-nothings just tarnish the value of the belt. Evil says he’s up next! The King of Darkness has spoken, but then he appears in the ring! That video was all a trick! Evil reels Takagi in for EVERYTHING IS EVIL!! Dick presents Evil with the title as if he’s already won it! Evil stands over Takagi as he holds up the belt! Will Darkness Fall and Evil reign? Or can the Dragon finally get his own revenge on the one who betrayed LIJ?

My Thoughts:

What an awesome event for NJPW to top off the streak from Osaka and Nagoya! The New Japan Ranbo with cuffs was a lot of fun, and Great-O-Khan was doing so well, I almost thought he was going to win. It was hilarious that Yano just handcuffs him like it was nothing. But I could not have seen Yano losing. At the same time, there has been something building between him and Chase Owens, I would love if Yano finds a way to force Chase to put that Texas Heavyweight Championship on the line. The Junior Heavyweight Tag title match was great stuff, but I should’ve known Taguchi would go too hard on solving the mystery and lose the title match. Maybe we get a rematch where we finally see the thing in the shoe revealed.

The Junior Heavyweight Championship was another awesome match, but what a shock that Eagles won! I didn’t think he’d win here, it was his first big thing since coming back and Desperado was on such an awesome roll. But maybe that’s all the reason NJPW needed to do this. Eagles shocks Desperado and could bring this title to other companies. Eagles speaks English so that would make it easier for him to show up and start feuds in Impact or AEW as these companies start to work together. Okada VS Cobb was great, and Okada winning with just a quick pin makes me think these two meet again 1v1, maybe during the G1 Climax at a pivotal moment in their respective runs.

The Heavyweight Tag title match was also awesome, and with Tekkers getting a rematch so soon because a lot of other heavyweight division teams being busy or just out of the country should’ve made it obvious they’d win. Goto & Hashi wanting a turn is really intriguing. LIJ doesn’t want to be snubbed just for losing, maybe we get a contender’s match between these teams, winners face Tekkers at Wrestle Grand Slam MetLife in a few weeks. And then, what a masterpiece we got out of Takagi VS Tanahashi! Higher level title, higher level match, so that makes sense, but when Tanahashi hit Kami-Goye, I almost thought Tanahashi was winning!

Takagi wins, though, because as he says in his promo, he has to face Ibushi first. But Evil making a challenge, clearly NJPW is planning on using this to give Ibushi more time to recover. Evil is a great choice given LIJ hasn’t exactly gotten over him betraying them, and Takagi is definitely going to beat Evil while beating up Dick Togo at the same time.

My Score: 9.5/10

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Mitchell’s WWE NXT Results & Report! (9/21/21)

Is Kushida’s time up?



NXT Coverage 2021

The NXT Cruiserweight Championship takes center stage!

It may be a new era for NXT, but the Cruiserweight Championship still belongs to Kushida! Will Roderick Strong break the reign and take over the division?


  • NXT Cruiserweight Championship: KUSHIDA VS Roderick Strong w/ The Diamond Mine; wins and
  • Tommaso Ciampa & Bron Breakker VS Pete Dunne & Ridge Holland; win.


NXT opens with a lot of new stars in the ring.

Carmelo Hayes, Trick Williams, Odyssey Jones, Bron Breakker, Joe Gacy, Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen are waiting as the  NEW NXT Champion walks out! Tommaso Ciampa, Goldie in his arms, fires up the CWC and he joins these new guns in the ring. Fans are fired up for the champ and he says, “908 days, man, and on day 908, I reclaimed my spot at the top of the mountain and took back the title that I never lost in the first place! It has been a long, long journey,” and from neck surgery to tonight, “it was worth every damn second!” This moment here makes it worth it. Ciampa gets to say to each and every man in the ring, fan in the arena and fan at home that once again, Ciampa is YOUR NXT Champion!

Fans chant “Daddy’s Home!” but Ciampa hushes everyone. “I missed you, too.” Ciampa loves what’s going on with NXT 2.0! The energy is contagious, there are fresh faces, and fans like this, too. These young men and women are busting their asses day in and day out, ready to show the world just how damn good they are! Ciampa looks at Melo, “when Melo shoots, he don’t miss.” Odyssey Jones, Bron Breakker, the list goes on and on. Then there’s Ciampa, and we already know he is, was and always will be Mr. NXT! Now they can all give themselves a fresh coat of paint and put on “2.0” but one thing that hasn’t changed is the passion.

Ciampa looks around, Alicia is NXT, Barrett is NXT, and everyone in the ring is NXT! And of course, there’s the fans. They are the heartbeat and the soul of this place! The fans are the reason Ciampa gets to do what it is he does. Ciampa is so damn happy to have fans back and holding the title to represent this brand! With Ciampa holding the title, NXT 2.0 just became THE A-SHOW! So do Ciampa a solid: tell the world, and make them hear you and feel you, “WE ARE! N! X! T!” But here comes Cameron Grimes! “All this energy has got ol’ Cameron Grimes fired up!” And that fire will build with that championship, and he’ll go TO~ THE~ MOON~!

But Joe Gacy asks “Mr. Grimes” that as charitable that would be for Ciampa to give Grimes a shot- LA Knight interrupts. “Lemme talk to ya!” He’s looking at a heap of happy hot garbage when all the incels know they should be chanting “You Deserve It!” to Knight. But Odyssey tells Knight, “Last week, you lost twice in the same day! What’re you talking about, man? Shut up!” But here comes Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland! The Bruiserweight and Northern Grit storm right up to the ring, but they have Briggs & Jensen in their face. “So here we are, NXT 2.0. All these fresh new faces. SO let me give you all a piece of advice that I got: make a name for yourself.”

But Dunne says the problem is, he looks and sees “a bunch of geezers who are scared to throw the first punch.” Ciampa throws a forearm! And a brawl breaks out! Grimes stomps Gacy, Holland goes after Breakker, other superstars rush out to get them some! Hudson is after Trick, Grayson Waller and the Grizzled Young Veterans grab at who they can, and the ring clears aside from Breakker, Ciampa, Dunne and Holland. Ciampa ROCKS then TOSSES Dunne, Breakker does the same to Holland! The champion stands tall, as does the brightest of the new wave. Will they be the ones to give Dunne & Holland the fight they want?

Meanwhile, the women’s division is heating up backstage!

Elektra Lopez and B-Fab are jawing, but Amari Miller isn’t backing down from Kay Lee Ray! The shoving begins and turns to scrapping! Security hurries to break this up before it gets any worse, but the brawling continues in the ring, too! Breaker and Ciampa again DECK and eject Dunne & Holland, but then Breakker asks, “Where ya going?” The fans want to see this fight continue, so how about the two bitches grow balls and face Breakker & Ciampa TONIGHT?! Fans like the sound of that! Will NXT General Manager, William Regal, make it happen?


NXT Cruiserweight Championship: KUSHIDA VS Roderick Strong w/ The Diamond Mine!

The Time Splitter and the Savior of the Backbreaker have waited for this long enough, so they’re going to keep the energy of the night going by opening the card! Will the Super Junior still be champion? Or will the Diamond Mine finally strike gold?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who cracks under the pressure!

Strong rushes in but Kushida avoids the knee. Kushida drops down to throw kicks but Strong stays just out of reach. Kushida stands back up, they tie up, fight for control, Strong blocks a takedown to get a takedown, but Kushida fights the lateral press. Strong facelocks, gator rolls, but Kushida gets a toehold. Strong fights back with a chinlock but Kushida fights free of that. Strong wants an arm but Kushida gets away and fans cheer as the two reset. They tie up with knuckle locks and have a test of strength, but Kushida gets a takedown. Strong fights the press so Kushida throws down hands. Kushida still goes in but Strong turns it around with a clinch.

They fight up, Strong headlocks and shifts, but Kushida powers up and out, only for Strong to run him over. Things speed up, Kushida hip tosses to an ARMBAR! Strong fights to get up and make it a cover, ONE! Kushida has a short arm scissor and turns it into an ARM TWIST! Kushida keeps the omoplata, gets the other arm and falls back to SNAP! Strong bails out and is furious as NXT goes to break.


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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark Results & Report! (9/21/21)

Never was a cloudy day~!



AEW Dark 2

Universal Studio stays Dark!

Ba-dee-ya~! September gets Dark but there are plenty of stars ready to shine! Who builds momentum going into AEW’s Grand Slam week?


  • Santana & Ortiz VS Chaos Project; win(s).
  • Joey Janela w/ Kayla Rossi VS Dillon McQueen; wins.
  • Lee Johnson & Brock Anderson VS Luke Curtis & Cameron Stewart; win.
  • Tay Conti VS Marina Tucker; wins.
  • Ryan Nemeth & Peter Avalon w/ The Wingmen VS John Silver & Alex Reynolds w/ The Dark Order; win.
  • Colt Cabana w/ The Dark Order VS JD Drake w/ The Wingmen; wins.
  • Wardlow VS JDX; wins.
  • Daniel Garcia w/ 2point0 VS Alan Angels w/ The Dark Order; wins.
  • Lance Archer VS Marcus Kross; wins.
  • The Bunny w/ Penelope Ford VS Xtina Kay; wins.
  • Six Man Tag: The Factory VS Darian Bengston, Cole Karter & Sean Maluta; win(s).
  • Eddie Kingston VS Bear Bronson; wins.
  • Big Swole VS Allie Katch; wins.
  • FTR w/ Tully Blanchard VS Stallion Rogers & Anthony Greene; win(s).


AEW is pumping up Dark again, but this is a pretty big week for them being in New York for Dynamite and Rampage and paving the way towards the anniversary and the start of “season three.” Great to see a lot of fresh match-ups just within the established roster, such as the various Dark Order matches. Garcia VS Angels is probably going to be a show stealer in and of itself. Kingston VS Bear Bronson sounds like another great one, and I like that former WWE Cruiserweights are showing up somewhere. Curt Stallion & August Grey deserved better chances than WWE’s Prick Khan gave them, so maybe Tony Khan can at least find them a place to be within the various partnerships, even if it’s with Impact or NWA.


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