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Mitchell’s WWE NXT UK Results & Report! (7/15/21)

Will the French Hope survive the Final Boss?



Coverage NXT UK 2021

Both the NXT UK Heritage Cup AND the Women’s Championship are on the line!

One night, two titles! Tyler Bate defends against Mark Coffey while Meiko Satomura defends against Amale! Will the Big Strong Boy and Final Boss both retain?


  • Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter VS Teoman & Rohan Raja; Teoman & Raja win.
  • NXT UK Women’s Championship: Meiko Satomura VS Amale; Satomura wins and retains the title.
  • NXT UK Heritage Cup: Tyler Bate VS Mark Coffey; Bate wins and retains the cup.


WWE and NXT UK mourn the loss of “Mr. Wonderful,” Paul Orndorff.


Triple H speaks.

“On October 29th, 2020, NXT UK brought you a match that the WWE Universe still speaks about. A match that was so intense, that it defined a brand, and it redefined brutality. Next week, we will finally see the long awaited rematch between NXT UK Champion, Walter, and Ilja Dragunov.” Walter is THE longest reigning champion in modern WWE, and has dominated the brand for over 800 days, defending the title both in the UK and the US. “Dragunov is an enigma, one of the most dedicated to ever enter the squared circle. Next week, the world will be watching NXT UK. And we are proud to bring you Walter Dragunov II!”


Sid Scala is already in the ring with Walter and Dragunov.

The Assistant GM welcomes us to BT Sports Studios, and as HHH said, the main event next week will be what is without question the most anticipated rematch in NXT UK history. Dragunov will once again challenge Walter for the NXT UK Championship. Scala reminds both men that there will be no physicality here tonight. At this time, Scala will have the press ask questions. Alex McCarthy of TalkSport leads off with a question for Walter. “Over 800 days, you’ve been NXT UK Champion. Do you believe that your historic championship reign is under threat?”

Walter says no, he does not believe his mission is under threat. Because the difference between him and Ilja is that Walter is in this for “the greater good.” Walter is in this for the reputation and tradition of this great sport. And every time he steps in the ring, it is an honor for him to represent pro-wrestling the way he and Imperium think it should be done. Ilja is a fantastic athlete, unlike anyone Walter has ever seen. “But he does not have the mental ability to step up to my level.” Walter will have to prove that again when they face off.

Next is BBC 1Xtra’s Ace, and he asks Dragunov about what he learned from that defeat in last October. “I’m not gonna lie, there’ve been some very, very dark days for me. Quite a rough time. If you step as a fighter into some matches, you lose and with the lesson learned, you get better. But failures like this… They just don’t hurt you like a strike or whatever. They keep something, like they hurt your mind. You can’t forget, you feel the pain and the memories haunt you.” Ilja has felt haunted, and he lost control. But he found himself again and he admits, Walter was right, he wasn’t ready to be on that level. He needed this time to prepare, and now he’s ready.

Alistair McGeorge for asks both men, with how highly the first match is still spoken of, what can we expect in this rematch? Ilja says that undoubtedly, you can expect brutality, violence, intensity. Everything like Ilja promised, and it has been that the first match “redefined violence.” But this rematch… People will forget what “violence” means because Walter VS Dragunov II will replace that word. The outcome will be different. Walter shouldn’t be arrogant, he should get over his god complex. Walter asks what Ilja said. Arrogant? Is Ilja calling Walter arrogant? What is Ilja talking about, redefining violence?

Every time Walter steps into the ring, he redefines this sport! And Ilja was just lucky enough to be part of it. Walter’s seen enough of Ilja being sad for himself. Ilja is a fraud! All show! Last time, Ilja realized he isn’t man enough. He is fantastic, but he is not on Walter’s level. And all this intensity, motivation, all of it, his character problems, it’s just a show. Ilja wants the attention to get into this position. That’s what Ilja does! Ilja gets emotional now as Walter demands he look at him. Walter warns Ilja that he isn’t taking this seriously. NXT UK is for superstars, not fakers! Ilja says he thought it was enough. He thought it was enough last time, he really did.

All his will, all his strength, all his stamina, it wasn’t enough. Ilja had respect for Walter, because every time they fought, Ilja got better. But all that respect, after what Walter did to Ilja with purpose, the respect is gone. All that is left is hate. Ilja hates Walter. Ilja gets up, says he hates Walter for making Ilja the way he is. For breaking something inside him. But Ilja promises to break Walter and walk out with the NXT UK Championship, or not at all. Walter and Ilja stare down as Scala backs off. They get face to face, Ilja keeps his cool while Walter is getting heated. Will this be an explosion of fire and fury when the bell rings?


Subculture speaks.

Mark Andrews says it’s weird, he has like deja vu. Flash Morgan Webster agrees, because only a couple years ago, Andrews was fighting for a chance at the NXT UK Tag Team Championships in a singles match, and what happened? He won! Dani Luna is fired up, too, as it happened all over again. And next week, when Subculture is 2v2 with Pretty Deadly, history will repeat itself again. But the difference is this time is that they will be the first ever TWO TIME NXT UK Tag Team Champions! Dani makes sure to spray paint “2X” over the Subculture logo to make a point. Will Andrews & Webster score and get the gold back?


Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter VS Teoman & Rohan Raja!

The Prestige and the Predator Hunter are finally reunited, and they’re after the man questioning their bond. The Babo surprisingly converted the British Born, Australian Raised and Canadian Trained Young Prince and added him to “the family.” Will the brothers in arms be #ReadyAndForward #AlwaysForward against Teoman’s Evil Eye?

The teams sort out and Carter wants Raja right away! Teoman steps up and so Smith goes right after him! Smith runs him over, fires off hands, and CLUBS Teoman around the ring! Teoman kicks low, throws forearms back and forth with Smith, but Smith ROCKS him with an uppercut! Smith whips, and JUMP KNEES Teoman down! Teoman gets to a corner but Smith fires off body shots! Smith shoves Teoman to ropes and ROCKS him with a forearm to the body! Smith gets Teoman up to whip but Teoman reverses. Smith blocks, Teoman kicks and tries again but Smith still blocks! Smith reels Teoman in for a pop-up and suplex! Teoman scrambles away to tag Raja!

Carter wants in and Raja dares him to tag. Smith tags Carter, and Carter fires off on Raja with body shots and clubbing forearms! Raja hits back, shoves, but Carter LEG LARIATS! Cover, Teoman breaks it! Carter runs Teoman off, but turns around into Raja’s SCRAPBUSTER! Cover, TWO! Raja gets Carter up, CLUBS him, tags in Teoman, and they mug Carter in the corner. Teoman throws kicks, stomps Carter down, but lets off as the ref counts. Teoman gets Carter up, snapmares and KICKS him in the back! Carter gets up to throw hands, but Teoman wrenches. Carter CLUBS away but Teoman body shots hard and low! And then KICKS an arm!

Teoman shoves Carter to the corner, tags in Raja, and they mug Carter more. Raja scrapes his laces off Carter’s face, then throws hands. Carter his back, Raja knees low! Teoman brings Carter up and suplexes for a BIG slam! Cover, TWO! Raja clamps onto Carter with a grounded cobra twist, CLUBS away on Carter’s ribs, but Carter fights up. Carter throws body shots, Raja CLUBS him right back down! Tag to Teoman, they stomp away on Carter together, but Raja exits as the ref counts. Teoman wrenches Carter’s arm, gets a hammerlock, then drops a knee on the shoulder! Tag to Raja and he stomps the bad arm! Raja gets Carter up to YANK the arm!

Tag back to Teoman, they stomp away on Carter again! Carter fires off body shots! He DECKS Teoman and DECKS Raja, then hurries for his corner! But Teoman CLOBBERS Carter before he can reach Smith! Teoman shoves Smith and eggs him on, then clamps onto Carter! He has the arm but Carter flails and moves around to resist the crossface! Teoman isolates the bad arm to STOMP it! Teoman shoves Carter away from Smith and tags Raja. Raja gets Carter up, fireman’s carries, but Carter fights free to EDDY GORDO! Tag to Teoman and he gets in to swin gon Smith! Smith avoids it, Carter gets around, hot tag! Smtih rallies on Teoman and Raja!

Smith fires fast hands on Teoman, then reels him in for a shoulder and a LARIAT! Raja runs in but is sent into buckles, and gets a LARIAT! Smith gets Teoman right up to a fireman’s carry and DEATH VALLEY BOMB! Cover, TWO!! Smith is still fired up as he stomps Teoman and gets him up. Teoman shoulders Smith, Smith fires off on him in a corner, but Teoman gets a BUCKLE SHOT! Raja tags in, Teoman baits Smith, Raja BACKSTABBERS! Teoman ENZIGURIS Smith into Raja’s POP-UP SPINEBUSTER! Cover, TWO!! Smith survives and Carter calls to him! Raja gets up first and he gets Smith up. Smith back drops out of the suplex, hot tag to Carter!

Carter rallies on Raja, gets around but Raja standing switches. Carter elbows free, Raja shoves him but Carter slips out of the scrapbuster to waistlock and GERMAN SUPLEX! And SUPERKICK!! Cover, TWO!! Raja survives but Carter tags Smith in. Smith gets Raja up in the Electric Chair, Carter springboards in, DOOMSDAY CUTTER!! But Teoman drags Raja out before anyone can cover! Carter tags back in, Smith builds speed and FLIES! Direct hit and down go Teoman and Raja! Carter helps get Raja up and into the ring. Carter hurries to SCISSOR KICK! Smith grabs at Teoman but they get in! The ref reprimands but Teoman gets out, so Smith is caught.

Carter runs, but Teoman trips up his lionsault! Raja hurries to DECK Smith off the apron! Raja gets Carter for PAYDIRT! Teoman tags in, for the CROSSFACE! Carter taps, Teoman’s “family” wins!

Winners: Rohan Raja & Teoman, by submission

Carter & Smith could not see the sly tricks coming, but the Evil Eye is always watching! Will Raja and Teoman win for the glory of their newfound family?


NXT UK Media interviews Sid Scala.

Is there any word on the condition of A-Kid’s leg injury? None as of yet, but fingers crossed. A-Kid walks out of the medic’s office with a heavily wrapped leg. Scala asks AK his injury update, and AK says he’s sick and tired of Jordan Devlin, that’s the update. He wants Scala to talk with Johnny Saint to arrange a rematch as soon as AK is medically cleared. Scala says he and Saint will take it into consideration and AK gets angry. AK doesn’t want that, he needs to teach Devlin a lesson. AK needs thirty minutes to punish Devlin. AK wants an IRONMAN MATCH with Jordan Devlin! Scala promises he will take care of it. How long will we have to wait for this certified barn burner rematch?


Aoife Valkyrie speaks.

“I’ve learned all I need to learn about you, Jinny. You saw me lose to Meiko Satomura. Something you might never understand is that the best have short memories when it comes to failure.” Aoife will be the best, so to get to the time, she’s prepared to climb. But Jinny doesn’t seem like she is ready to even take off her high heels. Jinny only ever picks a fight when she thinks the odds are already in her favor. This time, Jinny’s declared war on the wrong person. Will Aoife cause a change in fortunes for the Spoiled Princess?


Side plate check~!

Pretty Deadly make sure we get a good look, and then Sam Stoker brings up how Lewis Howley took on Mark Andrews and “had it in the bag.” Subculture’s a bunch of weirdos! They attack Stoker, they distract Howley, that’s daylight robbery! Taking Andrews lightly was on Howley, but Mark getting his “reject pals” involved was Mark’s mistake! Pretty Deadly runs the tag division, the best team ever, everyone loves to see them! There’s no one like them! Subculture was the past for a reason. Now, this is Pretty Deadly! Howley likes Stoker’s fire, but will these two be put out when they take on the Modfather and the high-fiving, stage-diving, skateboarding, no-quit rockstar?


NXT UK Women’s Championship: Meiko Satomura VS Amale!

The Final Boss, the Best in the World, finally has a title in the WWE! And ironically, it is all because the French Hope took Xia Brookside out of the running! Amale wants to prove she should’ve been in Meiko’s position all along, but is that even possible? Or is she going to learn firsthand why Meiko IS a living legend?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if there’s any hope for the French Hope!

Amale and Meiko circle, tie up, and Meiko puts Amale against ropes. The ref counts the ropebreak as Amale shouts, but Meiko lets off to get a leg. Meiko KICKS Amale then circles with her again. They tie up, Meiko headlocks to the takeover, but Amale makes it a cover. ONE, and Meiko grinds the headlock. Amale fights up, Meiko shifts to a drop toehold then floats to a chinlock. Meiko grabs a leg for a bit of Bow ‘n’ Arrow, but then focuses on the leg into a figure four deathlock. Amale reaches, crawls, but can’t get to ropes, so she grabs Meiko’s hair! The ref reprimands as Amale thrashes Meiko around and gets free. Amale CLUBS then bumps Meiko off buckles, then snapmares to an armlock.

The ref counts as Amale is still holding hair! Amale lets go at 4, goes to bump Meiko off more buckles but Meiko blocks to elbow back! Meiko headlocks again, but Amale powers out. Meiko leaps for a FLYING SHOULDER! Cover, TWO! Meiko gets Amale up, snapmares her back down, then wraps on a chinbar. Meiko shifts through to a seated cobra twist! Amale endures so Meiko makes it a ghost pin, TWO! Meiko gets Amale up to bump her off buckles now. Meiko fires off forearms, whips but Amale reverses to then drop toehold Meiko into buckles! Amale stomps a mudhole, the ref stops her, and Amale gets mad. Amale SHOTGUN dropkicks Meiko down!

Amale drags Meiko to a cover, ONE!! Meiko is tough and Amale gets frustrated. Amale whips but Meiko reverses and reels Amale in for uppercuts! Meiko blocks Amale’s clothesline to wrench and KICK away, then wrench and SWEEP! Headstand knee drop! Cover, TWO! Meiko dares Amale to get up, and then she KICKS away on her! And throws forearms! Meiko whips Amale to ropes, runs and CLOBBERS her with a forearm! BT Sports Studio fires up as Meiko waits for Amale. Amale sits up and Meiko KICKS her down! And again! Amale grits her teeth as she takes these KICKS again and again! Meiko still KICKS her down! Cover, TWO!!

Meiko keeps cool as Amale is showing her own toughness. Meiko KICKS Amale’s leg, Amale blocks and KNEES back! Meiko ends up in a corner, Amale runs around the world to BOOT WASH! Amale drags Meiko up, fisherman SCREW! Cover, TWO!! Meiko survives and Amale is losing her cool! Amale gets Meiko up but Meiko fires off forearms! Amale fires them all back! Amale whips, Meiko reverses direction to PELE! Meiko fires up and gets Amale up for a fireman’s carry. Amale fights free to BOOT Meiko down! Amale shouts, “STAY! DOWN!” Amale runs, into a ROUNDHOUSE! Cover, TWO!! Amale survives again but Meiko looks to finish this!

Meiko gets Amale up for forearm after forearm! Amale ducks one but Meiko denies the Complete Shot! Meiko knees, into a fisherman! HEARTBREAKER!! High stack, TWO!?! Meiko survives and Amale is furiously shocked! Meiko ROCKS her, Amale ROCKS Meiko! Meiko mule kicks and DECKS Amale! Meiko gets Amale up again, for a DDT! Then she runs to HANDSPRING KICK! Meiko still isn’t done, she wants to make sure Amale understands respect! Meiko gives her a KICK, then SCORPIO RISING!! Cover, Meiko wins!

Winner: Meiko Satomura, by pinfall (still NXT UK Women’s Champion)

Amale proved she’s top tier, but THE top superstar is still Meiko Satomura! Who will be next to challenge the Final Boss for her golden prize?



After the heated confrontation in the ring during the press conference, there was a physical altercation between Walter and Dragunov! Details are still coming in but it is confirmed that the NXT UK Champion has suffered a sever injury to the hand! The complication means that Walter VS Dragunov II will NOT be happening next week! NXT UK will keep everyone updated on this developing story.

However, what will be happening is an all new Supernova Sessions, with special guests, Jinny and Joseph Conners! Will the Spoiled Princess and her Righteous Knight have a response to Aoife Valkyrie calling her out?


NXT UK Heritage Cup: Tyler Bate w/ Trent Seven VS Mark Coffey w/ Wolfgang!

The Big Strong Boy knows Gallus likes to poke a lot of fun and play around, so Markus’ little jab to the cheek was shrugged off with a grin. But now things get serious, Bate is even willing to put up the cup for this one! Will Coffey earn big points in his friendly rivalry with Wolfie by taking out the first Triple Crown Champion to have held the NXT Tag Team Championships, NXT UK Championship and NXT UK Heritage Cup?

The introductions are made, the cup is raised, and we see if Markus can go the distance with Bate!

Round one begins, Bate and Mark circle, and they feel things out. They tie up, Coffey puts Bate on the ropes but lets off cleanly. They go again, another tie up, and Coffey wrenches and YANKS the arm. Coffey twists the wrist, Bate spins through to arm-drag, but Coffey blocks. Bate kips up and arm-drags after all, but Coffey holds onto the wristlock. Coffey cranks the arm, Bate rolls but Coffey keeps him down. Bate spins through to get up and knuckle lock. Bate wrenches Coffey’s arm now, but Coffey rolls, drops, and gets the legs. Bate tries to stay up but the toehold takes over. Bate gets the ropebreak, Coffey lets off cleanly again.

The two reset with just over a minute left, and the two tie up with knuckle locks. Coffey wrenches, has a wristlock, and he wrangles Bate down. Bate works his way up, goes up and over Coffey to get free, but Coffey goes to whip. Bate headlocks, Coffey powers out and the two ram shoulders. Bate keeps moving, leaps but into Coffey’s arms! Bate slips out of the toss, waistlocks, but Coffey switches. Bate arm-drags free, but Coffey reels him into headscissors. Bate kips free but Coffey arm-drags him now, only for Bate to make it a headlock! Last ten seconds as Coffey fights up, and he powers up to put Bate on the apron. Bate is saved by the bell as the round ends.

Bate: 0; Coffey: 0

Coffey lets off clean but does pat Bate on the cheek. Coffey goes to his corner and Wolfie helps him refresh. Bate keeps his cool off the little taunting, and he gets back in for round two.

Bate and Coffey tie up, Coffey wrenches to a hammerlock but Bate works on his exit. Bate slips through the hammerlock to put it on Coffey, but Coffey turns it back around on Bate. Coffey brings Bate to his knees, but Bate reaches back and gets up. Bate uses his leg to pry free, then wrenches Coffey to the hammerlock. But Coffey slips out to put it right back on Bate again! Bate moves around, Coffey wrangles him down, but Bate sits up. Bate reaches back, stands again, gets moving around, then flings Coffey off and out! Coffey comes back but into a dropkick! Coffey slides in but gets another dropkick! Bate eggs Coffey on, Coffey returns but Bate side steps to roll up, TWO!

Bate runs but Coffey catches the legs, only for Bate to use that for a body scissors takedown! Cover, Bate gets the first fall!!

Bate: 1; Coffey: 0

Coffey is a bit frustrated but Wolfgang keeps him calm as the second round is already over. Bate is also ready, and we’re on to round three!

The two tie up, Coffey waistlocks and SLAMS Bate! Coffey headlocks, Bate fights up, but Coffey holds on tight. Bate throws body shots, powers out, but Coffey runs him over! Things keep moving, Bate RAMS into Coffey’s stomach! Bate whips, Coffey whips Bate away, Bate rebounds but into Coffey’s BACK DROP! Coffey drags Bate up to DECK him with a forearm! Coffey gets Bate up again, wrenches and RUSSIAN LEG SWEEPS! Cover, TWO, but Coffey still has an arm. Coffey reels Bate in to back suplex, but Bate lands on his feet! Bate boots from a corner but Coffey blocks it, only for Bate to reel him in for a KNEE! And a HARD right! Bate springboards, into an ENZIGURI!

Coffey runs to SLIDING UPPERCUT! Cover, Coffey scores a fall!

Bate: 1; Coffey: 1

An even faster third and now we’re tied up at one apiece! The next fall wins it, will it end in round four?

Bate and Coffey go again, going around the ring, but Coffey corners Bate! Coffey fires off hands but Bate returns them! Bate uppercuts, headbutts low, then double knees! Roll up, TWO! Bate ROCKS Coffey with more EuroUppers, but Coffey deflects one to waistlock. Bate bucks the roll-up but Coffey boots the clothesline! Coffey reels Bate in for a back suplex to SIDE EFFECT! Cover, TWO! Wolfgang coaches Coffey and Coffey gets Bate up to half nelson. Bate resists, swings around, and gets a CRUCIFIX TAKEDOWN! TWO, Bate leap frogs to go up and under in the corner, and he catches Coffey for an EXPLODER! Coffey and Bate are both down but Bate kips up!

STANDING SHOOTING STAR! Cover, TWO!! Bate stays focused as he watches Coffey get up. Bate fireman’s carries, and gets the airplane spin going as we reach a minute left! Bate gets about a dozen rotations, maybe more like 20, but Coffey elbows free! Coffey staggers, half nelsons and SLAMS Bate down! But both men are down as we’re not at 30 seconds! Bate gets to a corner, Coffey runs in and clotheslines! Coffey goes up the corner and leaps, but Bate ducks the flying bulldog! BIG KNEE! Bate whips, Coffey reverses, Bate goes back up, but they COLLIDE head to head! Last 10 seconds tick away, both men are down as the round end!

Bate: 1; Coffey: 1

Wolfie wants Markus to get back up, and Coffey is even dizzier now than before. He and Bate do make it to their corners but this recovery period might not be enough. Bate and Coffey still say they’re ready, and we enter round five!

Bate trips Coffey, Coffey boots him away! Bate comes back but Coffey CLUBS him and POSTS him! Roll up, TWO!! Bate escapes but Coffey whips him to ropes, only for Bate to duck the gamangiri! Bop up, BANG!! Bate underhooks but Coffey powers out with a back drop! But Bate lands on his feet! Bate comes back, dodges, rebounds to LARIAT! Bate aims from a corner, ROLLING LIGER KICK! Bate gets Coffey up fast, underhooks to TYLER DRIVER 98!! Cover, Bate wins!!

Winner: Tyler Bate, by pinfall (still NXT UK Heritage Cup Champion)

The Big Strong Boy finds a way to finish it, with just over 2 minutes left in the fifth! Seven brings the cup over to Bate so he can celebrate, and Moustache Mountain keeps it civil with Gallus. Bate offers a handshake, Coffey takes it. Who’s next for Bate and the Heritage Cup? What will Wolfgang and Coffey look to do next in their own friendly back and forth?

My Thoughts:

A very good NXT UK, but the news we got was a little disappointing. After a great press conference style promo, the NXT UK Championship match was feeling even better than it already was. But then, with a kayfabe report about a fight backstage, we find that we’re not getting that match yet. That’s a big bummer given how big it would’ve made next week because of the tag titles also being on the line. We got good promos from Subculture and Pretty Deadly, but I feel like Dani’s spray paint can was running low. She didn’t really get a good 2 or X out of it, so I wonder if they used it to also do the huge Subculture reverse stencil style logo. That aside, the tag title match could go either way and it’ll be a great one.

We got a good promo from Aoife to further her match with Jinny. Maybe their match happens next week now without Walter VS Dragunov next week. We got a good promo from A-Kid about his injury. I love that he wants a 30 minute Ironman match with Devlin, but I feel like he needs to learn how to deliver anger better. He got mad enough to throw the crutch but his voice didn’t really change. If anything, he got quieter, like he was trying not to make a scene. But either way, Devlin VS AK in an Ironman is going to be badass. We got a very good tag match out of Smith & Carter VS Teoman & Raja, but it makes a lot of sense that the Heels win here to keep this story going.

I was a little surprised the women’s title went first, but turns out it was so the Heritage Cup could have some more time at the end. The women’s title was a great match and Amale definitely had her best match of NXT UK. Meiko retains, of course, she’s going to have a very strong, very long reign, but Amale is definitely going to be a solid upper midcard talent. The Heritage Cup match was great, too, and it was very creative with how they got to the falls, and even that double head collision to end the fourth was great. Bate retains, of course, giving Mark his first loss in this friendly with Wolfgang, I almost thought Wolfgang was going to ask for his chance. That could still happen, and I’m still curious as to where Moustache Mountain and Symbiosis are going, since we didn’t see even a hint of Eddie Dennis.

My Score: 8.3/10

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Mitchell’s WWE Raw Results & Report! (3/20/23)

Monday is ImPAULsive!



The Road to WrestleMania gets even bigger!

On the same night Roman Reigns returns to Raw, Logan Paul hosts a special edition of his talk show, with The Miz as special guest!


  • Austin Theory VS Montez Ford; wins.


Kevin Owens is here!

The fans fire up as the Prizefighter heads to the ring, but it turns out, he’s not alone! SAMI ZAYN is here, too! The best frenemies reunited on SmackDown, so they’re rolling together here on Raw! Fans sing Sami’s song and then cheer for “SAMI! SAMI!” Kevin says, “I think they like you.” Fans then chant for “KO! KO!” Sami says, “Sounds like they like you, too, pal.” Kevin appreciates them cheering, and Sami says it feels really, really, really good to come out here on the same page with Kevin again. And he didn’t get a chance to say this last week, but Sami says he gets it.

After Elimination Chamber, for weeks Sami came up to Kevin, talking about not being friends and working together, he had it wrong. He thought of it as a business transaction, and that’s not how they’ve done this. They’ve needed each other their whole careers, whether as friends or enemies, they’ve always used each other to get to the next level, and they did it as brothers. Kevin says Sami is right about that, but here’s something Sami might not understand. For 20 years, Kevin’s been Sami’s biggest fan. Whether fighting each other or fighting alongside each other, Kevin’s been Sami’s biggest fan. Whenever he would be asked who is the best wrestler he’s been in the ring with, he’d say Sami Zayn.

So for the last six months, it was frustrating to see Sami in the Bloodline, being held under Roman’ Reigns’ thumb, when the truth is, Sami is better than all of them! He outgrew the Bloodline right away! Kevin knew it, the Bloodline knew it, and the FANS knew it! Kevin couldn’t take seeing Sami stay under Roman. But Sami got through to Kevin, and Kevin realized it was time to get over that and take down the Bloodline together. Sami says they both know what comes next. They look to the WrestleMania sign! And here come the Usos! Jimmy & Jey glare right at Sami & Kevin, and they have mics of their own to speak their minds.

Fans boo but Jey says, “Look at ’em! You see what I see?” Jimmy sees ’em, Uce. That right there is a backstabber! Sami, what you whispering about? Kevin’s Sami’s biggest fan, they like you, too! You two are just gonna backstab each other! They’re the kind of family that cuts at each other’s throats! Sami says they’re gonna talk about family with cutthroats and backstabbers, we all know it is Jey’s dream to get back at Roman Reigns! Jimmy says Sami’s the only one dreaming! Wake up! The two of them staring at the Mania sign like something’s gonna happen there. Nothing’s gonna happen there. NOTHING!

Kevin says let’s just cut to the chase. We all know where this is going, what they’re thinking. And by the sound of it, the fans are thinking the same thing! There’s only one way to settle this, and only one place to do it: The Grandest Stage of Them All! Jimmy & Jey as brothers VS these brothers, Kevin & Sami, for the Undisputed Tag Team titles at WrestleMania! Fans chant “YES! YES! YES!” Jimmy says the Usos are the greatest team in the world! Kevin & Sami don’t deserve anything! They’ve been on the same page for three minutes. The Usos have been down since day one! There won’t be a title match at WrestleMania!

Jey says, “To be honest, though… This might be our one shot to put this, uh, Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens problem in the dirt. So yeah! Brother VS Brother at WrestleMania! WE ACCEPT!” In fact, why wait? The Usos rush the ring and the brawl is on! Kevin has Jimmy. Jey has Sami, but Jimmy POSTS Kevin and Sami TOSSES Jey! Jimmy then runs in to TOSS Sami! Sami throws hands, the Usos mug Sami, but Kevin CLOBBERS Jimmy into the timekeeper’s area! Now the Canadians mug Jey! They put Jey in the ring, Jey runs, into a SUPERKICK! And then Sami sets up, HELLUVA- NO, Jimmy bails Jey out!

Fans boo but the Usos regroup and grab chairs! But refs rush out, and a SUV pulls up backstage. The rest of the Bloodline arrives! Solo Sikoa & Paul Heyman get the door for the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns! Kevin & Sami dare the Usos to do something, but the Usos retreat to regroup with the Bloodline. But the match is made all the same! Will the Bloodline stand or crumble in Hollywood?


Austin Theory VS Montez Ford!

The Now United States Champion didn’t like all the jokes made at his expense, and he took it out on Angelo Dawkins. But will he be able to do the same to the other half of the Profits? Or will A-Town go down this close to WrestleMania?

Raw returns and Ford makes his entrance. Dawkins sees him out to the ramp then falls back, as Ford did for Dawkins last week. The bell rings and Theory circles with Ford. Fans chant, “We Want The Smoke!” Ford and Theory tie up, Theory headlocks, but Ford powers up. Theory holds on tight, but Ford tries again. Ford gets free, but Theory runs him over! Theory does the running man then says, “All Day.” Fans boo but Theory talks trash on Ford. Ford ties up with Theory, headlocks back, but Theory powers out. Ford leaps over Theory, then CLOBBERS him! Fans fire up while Theory is dazed. Ford says, “You Can’t See Me!”

Ford stalks Theory, but Theory throws body shots and haymakers! Theory CHOKES Ford on the ropes! The ref counts, Theory lets off, but Theory storms up to bump Ford off buckles. Theory stomps away on Ford, the ref counts, but Theory lets off at 4. Fans boo but Theory soaks it all up. Theory then brings Ford up, but Ford turns things around and gives all those stomps back! Theory dodges the haymaker to kick and whip, but Ford reverses and follows to LARIAT! Theory stands, Ford clotheslines Theory up and out! Fans fire up, and Ford TOSSES Theory over the barriers! Fans fire up more as Ford celebrates with them and Raw goes to break!


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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dark: Elevation Results & Report! (3/20/23)

Winnipeg gets Elevated!



The Naturally Limitless ride again!

Dustin Rhodes & Keith Lee continue as a duo in AEW! Will they be rolling through the tag division on Elevation? And what of Swerve’s warning to Keith?


  • Tony Nese & Ari Daivari w/ Mark Sterling VS Alex Reynolds & John Silver; win.
  • ROH Women’s World Championship Proving Grounds Match: Athena VS Taylor Rising; wins and
  • Brandon Cutler VS Jason Geiger; wins.
  • Dustin Rhodes & Keith Lee VS Levi Night & Jessie V; win.
  • Emi Sakura VS Zoe Sager; wins.
  • Jake Hager VS Adam Knight; wins.
  • Six Man Tag: Matt Hardy, Isiah Kassidy & Ethan Page VS Massive Damage, Mo Jabari & Sebastian Wolfe; win.
  • Skye Blue VS TFA (Taryn From Accounting); wins.
  • Top Flight VS Michael Allen Richard Clark & Shaun Moore; win(s).


A great line-up, namely in some literally great names showing up. “Massive Damage,” “Taryn From Accounting,”  and of course, Michael Allen Richard Clark. M A R C, he’s a MARK! I almost hope some of these names stick around through ROH.

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