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Mitchell’s WWE Talking Smack Report! (7/31/21)

BOOYAKA! BOOYAKA! Talking Smack!



WWE Talking Smack

Are you ready to rock with the King of Strong Style?

The Mysterios, Zelina Vega and KING Shinsuke Nakamura are all gonna be Talking Smack on what we witnessed in Minneapolis!


Matt Camp and Peter Rosenberg welcome us back to the show!

The Summer of Cena continues, and John Cena made his intentions very clear. But he had to acknowledge that Finn Balor was the one Roman Reigns was allowing to sign the contract with him. Of course, it didn’t happen that way. Matt & Peter are back in the Global Headquarters and Matt asks if Peter’s ever signed a contract his name wasn’t on. Peter has not, but he didn’t think Cena would find a way into SummerSlam, and he did it in a way that truly surprised us all. Cena’s a busy man but he apparently studied up on law to find a loophole. Even though Finn’s name was on the paper, Cena’s signature got on it! We’ll see Roman VS Cena for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam in Las Vegas! Cena gets his wish, more on that in a moment.

There was also a big Six Man Tag with the six men we saw get into it last week, and it was Shinsuke Nakamura getting the pin for his team with Cesaro and Big E. We’ll hear from the King of Strong Styles in a moment, too. But that main event, the SmackDown Women’s Champion and the returning Sasha Banks took on Carmella and Zelina Vega. Things didn’t really go Bianca Belair’s way after winning, though. Peter agrees, Sasha got Bianca with a Bank Statement to make a statement, and we’ll hear Zelina Vega’s thoughts on that tonight. Then there was Rey Mysterio getting a big revenge victory over Jimmy Uso, using some veteran savvy like he taught Dominik.

Now, the Mysterios and Usos have been going back and forth a lot lately. Matt notes the Usos stole the SmackDown Tag Team Championships at Money in the Bank, but the Mysterios learned from those losses and flipped the tables. Peter agrees, and knows the Mysterios are learning a valuable lesson: if you make the same mistakes, you’ll be doomed to the same results. But the Mysterios made a change and it paid off. Matt says if you’re the Mysterios, you fight fire with fire. The Usos don’t care how they win, they just want to remain champs and keep the Head of the Table happy. Matt isn’t sure if Roman is that happy about the loss but he had more to handle on his plate. But standing by with the Mysterios is Kayla Braxton.

Kayla thanks the guys and sits with the Mysterios while Rey eats up a small dinner. It’s a protein donut. No better way to go. And he apologizes for talking with his mouth full. Kayla says it’s fine, and she talks about the win over Jimmy Uso. They have to be making their way back towards those tag titles, right? Rey isn’t sure if people noticed near the start of the match, but he was talking with Dom to step his game up. Dom’s on 11 months in the ring. You make mistakes, that’s normal, but today, Dom proved he could step up. They needed this win tonight to get back towards getting those titles back.

Kayla brings up that obviously, kids don’t always listen to their parents, but Dom’s dad being a legend, what is it like receiving that advice tonight? Dom says whenever Rey talks to him, Dom is all ears. Dom listens best as he can, and Rey is a legend, so Dom just listens. Dom admits he was making those rookie mistakes, but after tonight, they’re back on track. Kayla notes that just before this, Rey let her in on a little something: SummerSlam 2021 will mark exactly one year since Dom started his in-ring career. What a way to celebrate that if they can win back the tag titles.

Rey says they gotta get that opportunity first, but today was the beginning of the Usos wanting another match with the Mysterios. The Mysterios are ready for that to happen at SummerSlam. Any last words they have for the Usos? “Watch your backs. Because the Mysterios are coming.” Kayla thanks them for their time and we go back to the studio.

Matt says the Mysterios are clearly dead set on getting the titles back, but does Peter feel they’re deserving? Peter does, and knows they will. He also gives kudos to Kayla for getting that personal moment with the Mysterios. Peter says Rey is reinvigorated because he has Dom with him. And we finally saw the learning tree in effect. Dom picked up tricks from his dad and they got the win. We’ll see if that’s what happens for SummerSlam, but after the break, we hear from La Muneca!


Talking Smack returns to talk the SmackDown Women’s Division.

Just as Carmella and Zelina Vega were mugging Bianca Belair, THE BOSS returned! Sasha Banks fought off Mella and Vega, then surprisingly hugged Bianca. For the first time since Night One of WrestleMania 37, Sasha was back in the WWE, and Minneapolis went crazy! Then we’d see Sasha and Belair tag in the main event. Peter says it was all good just a week ago as Bianca beat Mella again, but a rough couple of weeks for Mella. Mella wants another title shot, Vega wants hers, but they didn’t see Sasha returning. Sasha got the win in that match, but before getting to the post-match moment, we throw it over to Kayla.

Kayla is with Zelina Vega and notes that she and Mella weren’t victorious. Yeah, because Mella tapped out! Vega didn’t lose, get that right. And if there’s anything to remember from tonight other than Vega not losing that match, it’s that she stood right up to Bianca and challenged her for the title and Bianca accepted. That is the most important thing. Kayla brings up Sasha’s return but Vega doesn’t care about Sasha. You know why Sasha calls herself “The Conversation” is because the conversation circles around how everyone hates Sasha! Vega won’t call Sasha “The Boss,” she ain’t the boss of Vega!

Vega says right now that if someone mentions Sasha in Vega’s presence gets smacked in the face. Starting now. Kayla thanks Vega for her time and sends it back to the studio.

Peter loves Kayla’s work but she should’ve known better than to mention Sasha around Vega. Matt agrees, you gotta be smart. But Kayla is smart, so she’ll surely be more careful. But every woman is lining up behind the champion, from Vega to Mella, but after that main event, Sasha made things crystal clear! It was a big celebration for the successful in-ring return after Sasha’s been gone since WrestleMania, but what happened at Mania? Sasha lost the title, so she wants it back! Sasha waited and waited until she could have a moment like this.

Bianca got bit by her inexperience, in Peter’s opinion. A little naïve about this situation, too. They were having their little dance-off, all that fun, but Peter was thinking, “This isn’t Sasha Banks.” Sasha Banks is too much of a competitor, you know she’s still angry about WrestleMania. Sasha lost at Mania, but Bianca’s at 111 days as champion. At the ESPY’s, they shared the moment and the spotlight of winning that award. But that moment was a loss for Sasha so there was no chance Sasha was gonna share the spotlight any longer. Sasha says SmackDown is her show, that title is hers, so Matt likes this Sasha coming back.

Peter says this is Sasha. Sasha knows what she’s doing. She’ll play nice at the media opportunities, show there’s unity in WWE, but she’s a competitor, an all-time great, and you knew she was just biding her time. Sasha’s back, Matt feels Bianca just got a wake-up call. Bianca’s beaten some good contenders, but Sasha’s jumping to the head of the line. We’ll see if they do WrestleMania all over again soon. And after the break, KING Nakamura!


Talking Smack returns to talk the Six Man Tag.

The origins of that match was last week in Cleveland, but it was this week where we saw King Nakamura, Big E & Cesaro face Robert Roode, Dolph Ziggler & the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Apollo Crews. However, Peter, Rick Boogs did get involved in his own way. Yes, him and Azeez! Watch out for Apollo’s commander! That was full-contact Gong Show right there. Cesaro attacked Azeez back, apparently a fan of rock, and then things fell apart on the outside. Things didn’t fall apart on the inside because Nakamura hits Kinshasa for the win. Talk about Rey being rejuvenated, it’s a lot like that for Nakamura. He might be on one of the best rolls in a long time, and Matt wants to hear from The King himself! Kayla has Nakamura and Boogs!

Kayla thanks the guys and is excited to be here with the King of Strong Style and Boogs. She congratulates Nakamura on his win and notes it was on Apollo. Is there a chance that he wants after the title? Nakamura says he is the king, and the king will look great in gold. Boogs agrees with that. Kayla knows Boogs plays Nakamura on and off stage every time, so does he have any advice for The King if he goes after the title? Boogs says firstly, he’s licking his wounds from Azeez assaulting him! Azeez damaged the bridge of his guitar and the bridge of his nose! And he has a fat lip, too!

So Boogs’ advice is for Nakamura to keep his eyes on Apollo, and let Boogs get Azeez. Ricky B is gonna take Azeez on a bruise cruise! Just worry about the gold, the crown and the Intercontinental Championship. Then they can get some jewels afterward. Nakamura wants Boogs to play them out, and Kayla says that’s a good way to celebrate. How does Nakamura rate Boogs’ musical ability? It’s tight! Nice! Kayla again congratulates them and sends it back to the studio.

Peter likes that acoustic version of the theme right there. Matt says there’s definitely something to Nakamura, the King, wanting the Intercontinental title back. Last time, Nakamura had it for 201 days, but Matt wanted to see more of Kayla jamming out with Boogs.

But speaking of other disappointments, Heyman was clearly disappointed in what name ended up on the contract for the Universal Championship match. He was most upset with management, Sonya Deville & Adam Pearce. Talking Smack replays Heyman finding them backstage and congratulating them for “great television.” But while he questioned the validity of Cena’s name on a contract meant for Finn Balor, Pearce and Sonya went with the signatures on the paper. Roman will face Cena with the title on the line, and that is that.

Matt didn’t think this would happen, with the way Roman was ducking Cena. Peter doesn’t see it as “ducking,” but this all happened in an interesting way. Balor gets intercepted by Baron Corbin, Cena stops Corbin, but while Heyman is a brilliant man, why is he not filing an injunction? Peter wouldn’t accept that! Cena can’t just sign the contract and have the match. Matt says they can get Clarence Mason on the phone and ask him about this. But bottom-line, this is what we know: management said it is official, it is happening, so let’s just focus on that. There are no more mind games, no more Balor, this is going down at SummerSlam. Can Peter make a pick now or is he going to wait to see the next few weeks?

Peter says it is too early to call it, but Peter also disagrees, the mind games aren’t done. They’re just beginning. There’s still time before SummerSlam, but who wins the  mind games? Cena had some cutting things to say about Roman, and though the phrase “it just got personal” is used a lot, it’s very true right here between Cena and Roman. Matt is pretty sure the smiling and laughing is all over now, those two will be at SummerSlam for THE Universal Championship. We are rolling into Las Vegas, and that’s all for Talking Smack! Matt and Peter sign off and wish us a good weekend.

My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode but as I said for Raw Talk and last week’s Talking Smack, these just aren’t as fun when it was the guests sitting down to talk with the cohosts. Rey & Dom didn’t have much in the way of sensational stuff to say, because their story direction is obvious: title rematch with the Usos. Vega was a touch better as she throws Mella under the bus, a classic Heel tactic. Vega wants her shot but she might have to face Sasha to get it. Nakamura and Boogs had a great segment, I kinda hope we get a tag match so that Boogs can get at Azeez in the ring and finally show the SmackDown audience what he can do. He had a short time in NXT but he’s a big, strong guy, he could take the fight to Azeez for a time.

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News From Cook’s Corner 12.6.21: The Kids Are All Right

Cook’s news has a grab bag of interesting topics! New faces in weird places, an NXT major event and more!



Hi, hello & welcome to News From Cook’s Corner! I’m Steve Cook, and I can’t believe we’re approaching the end of 2021. It just seems like yesterday we were talking about how 2020 was the worst year ever and were excited to see it coming to an end. I haven’t seen that sentiment as much about 2021, but I think that’s because time moves so quickly that we don’t have the opportunity to take these things into account.

Has 2021 been good or bad? I have no idea! It’s been a year, as far as I can tell.

As for this past week in the world of wrestling…it was a week! Just glancing over the week’s news gives me the feeling that nothing happens when people aren’t getting released. Uncle Dave spent most of his time talking about who should make his hall of fame. Heck, the main thing to rock Wrestling Twitter last week was a casting decision for the NXT WarGames pre-show panel. I had no idea people still watched those things, especially on an NFL Sunday where there were a number of exciting finishes. I did catch the last bit of it though, and from what I saw I don’t think we have to worry about the future of wrestling journalism being corrupted.

I’m trying to work up some kind of take on the whole thing, because I know people love it when I go off on other Internet wrestling journalists/personalities for perceived grievances or for being hypocritical sycophants. Unfortunately, I don’t really know any of these people, and as far as I know they haven’t said any shit about me or my friends. So I’ve got nothing, other than my opinion that Denise Salcedo is more visually appealing than David Bixenspan. I know! It’s a hot take, but I went there!

Let’s look at what happened at NXT WarGames, a show I was interested in more than Broncos vs. Chiefs. Looks like I was right on that one.

Raquel Gonzalez, Io Shirai, Cora Jade & Kay Lee Ray beat Toxic Attraction & Dakota Kai in the Women’s War Games Match

First of all, credit to all the women involved, because they put it all out there and did the best they could. The only issue was a little bit of booking getting in the way. There’s a reason why War Games is almost always worked with the heels having the advantage. Unless Toxic Attraction & Dakota Kai aren’t heels, which I thought they were, but the match layout had the effect of having them get sympathy for most of it. Also some awkward moments where the heels got the advantage even whilst outnumbered. However, there was more than enough to make up for the weird psychology. Lots of weapons, Cora Jade losing her mind and doing a swanton off the top of a cage through a table, good times.

And I’ll probably get some crap for it, but I still don’t like the whole “pinfalls in WarGames” thing. I know it’s been a thing here in NXT, but give me “Submit or Surrender” any day of the week. In any event, it was nice to see the young girls do a good job here and shove it in the face of those that didn’t think they could pull off a WarGames match. Give the kids a chance, I say.

Imperium defended the NXT Tag Team Championship against Kyle O’Reilly & Von Wagner

Fabian Aichner likes to jump around, doesn’t he? I thought this was a pretty solid match, which did one thing much better than most of the NXT Tag Team Championship matches I’ve seen over the years. Imperium eventually hit their finisher after everybody did a bunch of stuff. One finisher ended it. Didn’t need to do five Imperial Bombs to get it done on one of these shows. I can dig that.

Then in a shocking surprise, KOR actually got the better of Von in the attempted post-match beatdown. We expected Wagner to drum the poor boy out, but that’ll have to wait for another day. O’Reilly also threw up some Undisputed Era sign language, just the thing to get people talking.

Cameron Grimes beat Duke Hudson in a hair vs. hair match

NXT’s crowds certainly have their rough moments, but I do appreciate their knowledge of mid-90s WWF Superstars leading to a “Duke the Dumpster” chant. The more I noticed the tell-tale signs of male pattern baldness on Hudson, I had a feeling where this was going. He got the ol’ weedwhacker haircut too, which is much worse than the clean shave. Match was ok, just killing time until the haircut.

Roderick Strong retained the Cruiserweight Championship against Joe Gacy

Roderick did the best he could with this one. Frankly, I would have been ok with Gacy becoming an All Inclusive champion, but that would have been a division-killing move more than anything else. 205 Live does seem to still be a thing for some reason, so that doesn’t seem imminent. I’m sure Gacy will find something to do, as we liberal scum always have some hopeless cause to fight for.

Kyle challenged Von to a cage match on Tuesday, because cage matches are the thing in WWE these days. Big E vs. Kevin Owens on Monday, this on Tuesday, all kinds of house show ones apparently. Not sure what the deal is there.

Team 2.0 defeated Team Black & Gold in the Men’s War Games Match

The young boys pretty much had to win this one in order to be taken seriously, and that’s exactly what they did. Proper WarGames psychology with the heels continually getting the advantage. You got Gargano & Ciampa doing their old tag team spots one last time. LA Knight showed more fire than usual. The youngsters were fine, but Bron Breakker easily stood out amongst the pack. We thought that Bron might get the win over Gargano, but Bron getting the win over Ciampa was the smarter move, to further set up the eventual title change. Lots of crazy spots, weapons randomly brought into the ring. I’d say it stood up well against previous iterations of the WarGames match.

I know that my general opinions on NXT fly in the face of most folks’ on the Internet. They’re upset that the super indy is no more. At some point, however, one must move on. Or at least try to give the new thing a chance. I will say that the wrestlers on this particular show put on a good effort, and I was especially impressed with the folks that people told me weren’t ready for a WarGames match.

The one downside of NXT 2.0 that I can’t deny? You’ll get some dumb shit like this:

Fortunately I was in the bathroom when this happened live. So my best advice to you would be to drink a lot of water so you’ll be in the restroom during commercials.

Who Was Where?

With all these companies releasing people lately, it’s only natural to expect names to show up different places than you might expect. When possible, I’ll try to update you on these matters so you know who to expect in what places.

AEW: Matt Taven & Jonathan Gresham were backstage at the AEW tapings in Duluth, GA this week. Both men are under ROH contract until the end of the year and currently have other things going on, but it wouldn’t be shocking if Tony Khan was interested in bringing either in based off of their working ability. Gresham is from the Atlanta area, while Taven was in town for the NWA’s Hard Times 2 event, which featured some other interesting names in a different place than usual.

NWA: The aforementioned Hard Times 2 saw a couple of interesting debuts for the company. Dirty Dango, formerly known as Fandango, appeared after the tag team championship match, forming a team with none other than JTG. Seems like an awfully random teaming, but I’m sure they worked together at some point during their tenure with WWE. It seemed like they were both there forever.

Matt Cardona also made his debut with the company, he’ll be targeting the NWA World Championship. I said the other night that Impact Wrestling should put their title on Cardona to try & make themselves more relevant, and the same definitely holds true for the NWA. Cardona easily has more buzz than anybody else working NWA shows right now. Heck, his positive buzz might cancel out some of the negative buzz surrounding other people on that roster.

AAA: A couple of familiar names returned to AAA at their TripleMania Regia event, neither coming as much of a surprise. Taya Valkyrie sent in a video declaring her intention to challenge Deonna Purrazzo, current holder of the Reina de Reinas Championship. Makes sense, as Deonna was the last woman to wrestle Taya before her ill-fated stint with WWE NXT. Taya has spent most of her career working for AAA and didn’t leave on bad terms, so her return was always just a matter of time.

A name less familiar to most of you but one I remember from back in the day also returned, as Cibernetico made his first appearance with AAA since 2015. He was one of the company’s top stars during the 1990s & 2000s, and has had several stints with the company. He usually seems to leave due to some sort of an issue with Konnan, and has returned to re-establish his issue with Konnan. Lots of people have issues with Konnan, what can I say? If you’re old like me, you might remember Cibernetico’s brief stint with the WWF as part of an AAA invasion deal that helped fill out the card for the 1997 Royal Rumble in San Antonio.

Jeff Hardy Sent Home

PWInsider reported that Jeff Hardy was sent home by WWE after Saturday’s live event in Edinburg, TX. He was working a six-man tag team match with Drew McIntyre & Xavier Woods against The Bloodline. Apparently Hardy spent most of the match selling in a more sluggish way than usual, and after tagging out he went into the crowd, not returning for the post-match celebration.

Naturally, given Jeff’s history people are going to be alarmed whenever reports like this come out. Hopefully things will end up all right.

AEW Had A Release

I almost forgot, we had another AEW release made public this week. Big Swole’s contract expired at the end of November, and she asked not to renew it. Swole hadn’t wrestled for AEW since a Dark taping on September 11, and hadn’t been on TNT since October 14, 2020. Her highest-profile feud was with Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D, and Swole even defeated Dr. Baker in the infamous Tooth & Nail match.

Swole is married to Cedric Alexander, who’s still under WWE contract. That used to be a pretty good way to get hired over there, but not so much these days.

Welp, that’s all we have time for this week! Thanks for reading, and until next time, keep your stick on the ice.

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More From Japan


With the hype of Budokan and the NJPW crossover show…someone will be coming back to NOAH before the 8th of January!




With the hype of Budokan and the NJPW crossover show…someone will be coming back to NOAH before the 8th of January!


KENTA comes home

NOAH announced that the Nippon Budokan announcement that they would be making on the 28th November in Yoyogi would be “the biggest in history”. Fans were all wondering what it would be, but I don’t think anyone foresaw this. NOAH ran a video which started with a familiar looking figure walking to where the old site of Differ Ariake used to be. He reminisced about how he had left seven years ago, and when he had no luck in America, he returned but he couldn’t go in…there was only one person who it could be. KENTA was coming home for the Nippon Budokan. Not as he was the last time when he came back for “FLIGHT”, but as himself. He would remain a freelancer of course and continue appearing in New Japan, but as now New Japan and NOAH have mended their bridges, it was going to be easier. People wept in the arena, and they wept at home. KENTA even trended on Twitter.

No opponent has been announced for KENTA as of yet, and fans are hoping that as Kenoh has always wanted to face him in a singles match and that title needs to be challenged for, he and Kenoh will face off at The Budokan. Don’t get too much of your hopes up though, Kaito Kiyomiya has hinted that he may challenge.

Nakajima retains, Go Shiozaki returns

Kenoh’s dream of entering the Nippon Budokan on his birthday as double champion (GHC National and GHC Heavyweight, and therefore being the first in history to have held the two belts at the same time), ended in the same way his first attempt did; a time out draw. After the grueling sixty minute match where they both beat the living hell out of each other, an exhausted Katsuhiko Nakajima got on the microphone and said, “Kenoh…” only for the lights to go off, the arena light up green and music that no one had heard since March start playing. With blonde hair and looking what Naomichi Marufuji described as (or can perhaps best be translated as) trim, Go Shiozaki came to the ring.

Kenoh (who would later complain that Shiozaki stole all the glory) left immediately, meaning that Nakajima was having to confront alone the person he hadn’t spoken about, changed the subject regarding or else completely ignored anything to do with. After screaming “I am NOAH! Has returned!” Shiozaki turned to Nakajima and said that the belt didn’t suit him, and he was challenging him for it. Nakajima dragged himself to his feet and holding the belt up to Shiozaki accepted his challenge, finishing with “I AM NOAH!”

Title match will take place on the 1st January at The Nippon Budokan, with Go Shiozaki making his return at NOAH’s next event on Sunday December 5th in Nagoya when their first pre match starts. Nakajima has vowed that he will destroy Shiozaki.

STINGER regain the GHC Junior Tag Belts, two challengers come forward

In a suitably chaotic tag title match, STINGER succeeded in taking back the championship from NOSAWA Rongai and Eita. Yoshinari Ogawa played them at their own game and got Eita counted out when he had him hung up on the ropes. Afterwards two teams appeared almost immediately (and at the same time) to make their bid to be challengers; Perros Del Mal De Japon’s Kotaro Suzuki and YO-HEY, and Momo No Seishun (Daisuke Harada and Atsushi Kotoge). After some shoving, finger pointing and then STINGER leaving the ring for them to fight it out between them, Daisuke Harada suggested a number one contenders match. This will be held on the 25th December in Yokohama. Backstage, Ogawa said he didn’t think either team were worthy; Kotoge’s current situation of losing didn’t inspire confidence in him as a challenger, and he thought that Momo had other issues which didn’t make them a cohesive team. Kotaro Ogawa called a “lackey” as he was forever walking behind Eita and NOSAWA. Ogawa had nothing to say about YO-HEY, only that he would prefer Eita as his partner, and not Kotaro. Personally, I think Momo no Seishun are probably the team that Ogawa and HAYATA would prefer, as they don’t come with the emotions that YO-HEY and Kotaro do. Despite his feud with Ogawa, Kotaro did have a hard time watching while Ogawa had water dumped on him by Eita, and we all saw how YO-HEY came very close to doing an old tandem move with HAYATA…

Masato Tanaka challenges Takashi Sugiura for the ZERO1 World Heavyweight

With his defeat in a tag match over Takashi Sugiura in Yoyogi, Masato Tanaka challenged for the ZERO1 World Heavyweight title. Tanaka said that he wanted it to be at ZERO1’s first show of the year (1st January 2022), he understood that it would be the day when NOAH was at The Budokan but this is a special date for them, as much as Fire Festival later in the year is. The match will take place in ZERO1 at Korakuen Hall.

Daisuke Harada and Atsushi Kotoge announce the launch of a new NOAH Junior brand, “N Innovation”

At the press conference on the 26th November, a new NOAH Junior brand was launched. The ideal of the event will be to showcase the NOAH Juniors (and other juniors from outside promotions who wish to take part and some heavyweights if they want to join in) in different innovative ways. It will also serve to showcase the younger wrestlers who are having dojo matches. Harada says there is room for it to grow and change as it goes along, but he would like for it to happen three times a month with the first shows taking place in late December when he and Kotoge take on Perros Del Mal De Japon in a number one contenders match for the junior tag titles. Yoshinari Ogawa probably won’t take part as he objects to anything Harada does, and Tadasuke says it’s of no interest to anyone except the boring NOAH Junior regulars.


Premium Prelude 2021 (Tuesday 23rd November, Niigata/Bandaijima Multipurpose Plaza Large Kama)

Event recap Post match interviews

LEC CLEANUP! Presents NOAH The Best 2021 (Sunday November 28th,  Yoyogi National Stadium Second Gymnasium)

Event recap Post match interviews


– YO-HEY is becoming stronger and developing a nasty streak, not on sadistic HAYATA levels, but a more malicious one than he had before.

– The strongman gym that Yoshiki Inamura attends hinted that they want to see him compete in strong man contests as well as wrestling.

– Mohammed Yone hinted that Funky Express may be challenging for the GHC Heavyweight Tag Titles. Akitoshi Saito said it didn’t matter what team they used, but make a custom belt to go round his waist.

– Naomichi Marufuji fought fountains in a variety show on TBS. One fan parodied it by putting a figure of Marufuji on top of a shower, which Marufuji thought was very funny.

– Most people would flick a bug off of a banana they were eating. Yoshiki Inamura photographed it.

– HAYATA didn’t turn up to the GHC Junior match signing (or for that matter the GHC Junior Heavyweight tag title signing which NO ONE turned up for). Tadasuke said they should just have got a blonde haired mannequin.

– Yasutaka Yano pinned NOSAWA for the second time during a handicap match. After the match, Yoshinari Ogawa was held back by Perros Del Mal as NOSAWA cut chunks out of Yano’s hair. He was eventually chased off by HAYATA who was wielding a chair. Yano (with a new Sugiura type hairstyle) has challenged NOSAWA to a singles match. NOSAWA is yet to respond.

– The winning team of Daiki Inaba, Kaito Kiyomiya, Yoshiki Inamura and Masa Kitamiya were presented with a bale of rice from the heartland of Japan’s rice production, Niigata, after winning the main event there. Yoshiki Inamura hoisted it on to his shoulders and walked around the ring with it, and then walked with it effortlessly to the back.


  • GHC Heavyweight Champion: Katsuhiko Nakajima
    Challenger: Go Shiozaki – ABEMA presents NOAH “THE NEW YEAR” 2022 (Nippon Budokan, Saturday January 1st)
  • GHC Junior Champion: HAYATA
    Challenger: Tadasuke – THE WARROAD 2021 in NAGOYA, Aichi / Nagoya Congress Center Event Hall, Sunday, December 5th 2021
  • GHC Heavyweight Tag Champions: The M’s alliance (Naomichi Marufuji and Keiji Mutoh)
    Challengers: TBA
  • GHC Junior Tag Champions: STINGER (HAYATA and Yoshinari Ogawa)
    Challengers: A number one contenders match between Perros Del Mal De Japon (YO-HEY and Kotaro Suzuki) and Momo No Seishun (Atsushi Kotoge and Daisuke Harada) will be held on December 25th at Yokohama Radiant Halls.
  • GHC National Champion: Kenoh
    Challenger: TBA


(Full December schedule)


Sunday December 5th 2021 – Nagoya Congress Centre Event Hall, Aichi

Start time: 3pm JST

Broadcast: WrestleUniverseABEMA

Tuesday December 7th: Kinya Okada debut anniversary (3 years)

NOAH’s event on the 5th December will have English commentary on WrestlesUniverse, but you must be a subscriber to view. If you sign up now you will get December free and not be charged until January 2022. You should be able to watch the event through ABEMA, but please note the commentary will be in Japanese only. You will also not be able to watch any replays. I would strongly advise anyone outside of Japan to not sign up to ABEMA due to the issues with a working VPN, a subscription to WrestleUniverse is the far better option.


Kenoh’s advance notice of “The Best Kick Fight In The Universe”, Nakajima speaks of commitment to “New Years Day Budokan”

Tadasuke declares “Fight with instincts” to defeat HAYATA, “N Innovation” and advance notice of taking the leading role (GHC Junior Match signing ceremony)

“Didn’t you get kicked out?” Naomichi Marufuji, heading towards the rivalry with New Japan, provoked by Yuji Nagata on Twitter

“New Japan, Eat Shit” Naomichi Marufuji interview

GIF taken from WrestleUniverse and NOAH Official Twitter

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