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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (9/15/21)

It’s Dynamite, BAYBAY!



AEW Dynamite Coverage 2

Adam Cole is ready to prove he IS All Elite!

Who’s ready for the first AEW match of Adam Cole, Baybay? Will the prodigal son make sure “Elite Hunter” Frankie Kazarian’s hunt stops here?


  • Adam Cole VS Frankie Kazarian; Cole wins.
  • FTR w/ Tully Blanchard VS Dante Martin & Matt Sydal; FTR wins.
  • Jade Cargill w/ Mark Sterling VS Leyla Hirsch; Cargill wins.
  • Darby Allin w/ Sting VS Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard; Allin wins.
  • Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston VS 2point0 w/ Daniel Garcia; Moxley & Kingston win.


CM Punk is here!

New Jersey loves the Best in the World, and he’ll be here all night on commentary! But first, he crowd dives! Fans love that even more! Punk continues on to high five and even get a photo op with the Dusty Rhodes cosplayer. Punk then joins Schiavone, Jim Ross and Excalibur at the announce desk.


Adam Cole VS Frankie Kazarian!

The first AEW match for the Elite’s prodigal son is here! But will Jersey be all about the boom? Or will the Elite Hunter check off the newest name on his hitlist?

The bell rings and fans are fired up already. Cole and Kaz circle, then Cole rushes in! Kaz avoids the boot, arm-drags Cole away, then headlocks for a takeover. Cole headscissors but Kaz kips out to hit another headlock takeover. Cole fights up, powers out but Kaz runs him over! Things speed up, Kaz blocks a hip toss but so does Cole, so Kaz drop toeholds to float to the headlock. Kaz grinds Cole down as fans cheer the technical exchange. Cole fights up, powers Kaz to ropes, then back suplexes Kaz up and out! Kaz checks his face, Cole goes out after him. Cole brings Kaz up to whip him into the apron! Cole soaks up the cheers and the jeers before he puts Kaz back in.

Cole takes a bow and fans cheer. Cole goes to Kaz, but Kaz swings a haymaker! Cole avoids it and thrusts a shoulder, only for Kaz to hit the guillotine leg drop! Kaz says, “This is still my house!” Kaz aims, slingshots and sunset flips, but Cole rolls through to BOOT Kaz down! Fans fire up as Cole rains down rights! Cole then drags Kaz up into a chinlock and he grinds Kaz back down. Kaz endures, fans rally up, and Kaz throws body shots. Cole clinches but Kaz CHOPS! And CHOPS! Kaz whips, Cole reverses but Kaz rolls off Cole’s back to waistlock. Cole switches, Kaz victory rolls it, TWO! Kaz keeps a leg hooked up to drag Cole into a very unique triangle hold!

Fans rally as Cole endures, kicks with his free foot over and over and finally gets free! Kaz staggers, Cole fireman’s carries for USHIGOROSHI! Cover, TWO! Cole is annoyed but he goes to a corner. Fans cheer as he tunes up the band! Cole thinks he’s the Heartbreak Kid but Kaz blocks the kick! Kaz waistlocks, O’Conner Rolls to CHAOS THEORY! Cover, TWO! Cole survives but Kaz fires himself up! Cole goes to a corner, Kaz runs in and DOUBLE KNEES Cole in the back! Then chicken wing, but Cole fights that off! Cole goes up the corner and pushes back to roll Kaz up, TWO! Kaz gets to the corner, runs out but into a SUPERKICK! Cover, TWO!!

Cole can’t believe Kaz survives but fans are fired up again! Cole aims from the corner and climbs up now. Cole leaps but Kaz blocks Panama Sunrise to ALABAMA SLAM! Springboard leg drop! Cover, TWO!! Kaz and Cole are both down but fans are fired up all over again! Kaz and Cole throw forearms as they’re on the mat and go back and forth. They stand, Cole throws a forearm but Kaz gives it back. The forearms keep going, Kaz gets the edge, then mule kicks and knee lifts, into Cole’s BOOT! Kaz comes back to LARIAT! Kaz hurries to get Cole up but Cole hits a LAST SHOT! Cover, TWO!! Kaz survives again, that wasn’t the last shot!

Both men stir as fans declare, “This is Awesome!” Kaz gets to a corner, drags himself up, and Cole runs in but is put on the apron. Kaz and Cole each dodge a haymaker but Cole is ready for the leg drop this time! Cole dodges and Kaz lands on his ass, then Cole hurries up top. Cole leaps, PANAMA SUNRISE!! But Cole doesn’t stop there, he takes his knee pad down and… BLINDSIDE SHINING WIZARD! Cover, Cole wins!

Winner: Adam Cole, by pinfall

Call that one the BOOM, because that’s what it’s all about! Kaz is denied vengeance again, and Cole gets a mic to ask, “Who’s ready for story time with Adam Cole, baybay~? Hope. Hope is a dangerous, dangerous thing. And that locker room hopes it can keep up with the Elite. Well guess what? It ain’t gonna happen! I’ve only been here for a short time and there are three times who have really gotten under my skin: Christian Cage; Luchasaurus; and Jungle Boy!” Fans cheer for all three of those, but if those three are so tough, then how about next week’s AEW Rampage Grand Slam, those three VS Cole & The Bucks in a Six Man Tag?

“The Super Kliq is back, baybay. And there’s not a damn thing anybody can do to stop us!” Literal mic drop as the gauntlet has been cast! Will Captain Charisma lead Jurassic Express into battle against Cole and the former tag team champions?


AEW hears from The Lucha Brothers and the HFO’s mercenaries.

Rey Fenix calls out The Butcher & The Blade. They used to be a family, but it seems they’ve forgotten that. The brothers have the gold, and Butcher himself says “What you’re looking at are two of the baddest, meanest mother-” Blade has Butcher stop there. Blade himself says this is a new reality, a darker reality. Alexa Abrahantes translates for Penta as he says that this Friday, 9/17, AEW Rampage, “if you want the gold, you’ll have to sweat, you’ll have to cry and you’re gonna bleed!” What happens when these two ruthless duos do battle for the belts?


Tony Schiavone interviews Fuego Del Sol & Sammy Guevara.

Schiavone brings up that Fuego may have lost to Miro but he still got the contract, and now he’s got a brand new car! Fuego says this all new Hyundai is incredible. As much as he loves it, he’d trade it all away to be TNT Champion. Sammy asks if that’s a challenge. Y’know what? It is! Car VS Title for the TNT Championship on Rampage! The challenge has been made, will Miro accept it? And will Miro soon be the owner of a new Hyundai?


MJF heads to the ring!

Maxwell Jacob Friedman, Wardlow following behind, tells the production team to cut his music. Jersey boos really hard but MJF just smirks. “Last week, you guys were oh so sympathetic for Cryin’ Brian. But you should be sympathetic for me! Because right now, I am standing in the armpit of America known as New Jersey!” Fans call MJF an A-Hole but MJF asks Jersey what Bruce Springsteen, Taylor Ham and Jersey’s #MID hockey team have in common? “They all suck as hard as your Jersey Shore skanks!!” But MJF isn’t here to talk to the fans. He wants to have a conversation with the viewers at home.

See, MJF was “smartened up” about his comments last week possibly offending some of us fans. Fans tell MJF to STFU and he tells them nope. As for our feelings, he doesn’t care! But as we all know, MJF is Salt of the Earth and religious, so right now he wants to take a moment to have a conversation with the late, great Loose Cannon, Brian Pillman Sr. MJF looks to Heaven and asks Mr. Pillman- Oh wait! He looks down and shouts, “Hey, Pillman! We need to talk!” Fans boo harder as MJF just laughs at his tasteless joke. MJF continues to say that he’s a huge fan of the legend. But unfortunately, his widow #Methanie created the “worst excuse for a second generation wrestler in Brian Pillman Jr.”

So the reason MJF is “talking” to Pillman Sr. is to give him fair warning. “Tell your son if he shows up in that awful town known as Queens, that I am going to massacre him!” The people can chant the stupid last name, “Pillman! Pillman!” The fans actually do chant that. Chant as long as you want, because in the end it’ll be oh too obvious that MJF is better than- Here comes BPJ! MJF sends Wardlow to intercept but BPJ isn’t coming from the ramp side! He’s from the crowd side and with a chair! MJF panics but Wardlow returns to snatch the chair. BPJ SLAPS Wardlow, then dares him to bring it! Wardlow seethes and rushes in but BPJ dumps him to the apron!

BPJ gets the chair back and he swings! Wardlow gets away, he and MJF regroup and stand down! BPJ is ready to swing for the fences at Dynamite Grand Slam, but will MJF even step up to the plate?


AEW shares Jim Ross’ interview with BPJ from earlier today.

Good ol’ JR can remember so clearly, his phone rings and it was Pillman Sr. He told JR about his son being born, and how excited he was to say he was going to be “Little Brian.” Then in Cincinnati, JR just had this sick feeling of being embarrassed on behalf of the Pillman family. MJF humiliated BPJ but now BPJ can redeem himself. JR wants to tell BPJ that for the family’s sake, MJF needs to get his ass kicked. Is that what BPJ is planning on doing? Cuz that’s what it’ll take. BPJ says that JR knows his family’s history better than anybody. And he knows how important it is to BPJ to fulfill the legacy. Last week in Cincy, BPJ feels he let his father down.

But MJF! While you were waking up every day to Egyptian cotton and being fed from a silver spoon, BPJ was fighting for his life. The people know his story, they know where BPJ comes from, he and MJF are not the same. MJF will find out that he’s never been in a ring with someone like BPJ. BPJ might be clean and well put together right now, and he got through college and graduated, but where he’s from, the upbringing was FERAL. MJF doesn’t know what BPJ has lost or what he’s been through. But on 9/22 at Arthur Ashe Stadium, MJF isn’t stepping into the ring with any man. He’s stepping in the ring with a PILLMAN.


Backstage interview with Christian Cage & Jurassic Express.

Jungle Boy cuts Marvez off to say there’s been “a lot of fuss about Adam Cole and The Elite.” JB doesn’t get it, though. Because quite frankly, JB has better friends, better hair, and- Christian apologizes for cutting JB off here, but he’s thinking. Cole does have pretty good friends, actually. Yeah, the #SuperElite using their EVP status to throw Cole a lifeline and drag him out of “developmental.” But here’s the thing: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! And since Cole is already used to losing Wednesday night wars, maybe he should add Fridays to that, too. JB wraps up with, “See you at the Grand Slam, baybay,” and Luchasaurus growls. Will this trio be able to strike out the Super Kliq?


FTR w/ Tully Blanchard VS Dante Martin & Matt Sydal!

Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood may have lost to Santana & Ortiz, but they can still make a run at the AEW World Tag Team Championships. Will they run through Angel Dorado and the high flying veteran? Or will the young stud and the old cat be able to jump them in line?

The teams sort out and Dax starts with Sydal. The bell rings, FTR gives a quick hug but Sydal O’Conner Rolls! TWO, Sydal drags Dax to a cradle, TWO! Arm-drag after arm-drag, but Dax gets Sydal up! Sydal headscissors Dax to the corner then tags in Dante. Sydal whips Dax, they both leap frog and double dropkicks! Cover, ONE! Dante drags Dax up to wrench the arm and he keeps Dax from Cash. Dax pulls hair and puts Dante in a corner then digs his fingers into Dante’s face. Dax lets off to CHOP and stomp and CHOP again! Dax whips Dante corner to corner but Dante goes up and out and hits back with haymakers! Elbow for Cash, but Cash kicks Dante’s springboard out of whack!

Dax grins as Cash gets away with that one. Fans rally up for Dante as he drags himself up, but Dax tags Cash. Cash goes after Cash with uppercuts! Cash CHOPS Dante against the apron, but Dante hits back with body shots. Cash CHOPS again, then POSTS him! Dante sits up in a daze but Cash puts him in. Cash dropkicks Dante down before he can get to Sydal. Cash brings Dante up to HEADBUTT, then he throws another HEADBUTT to put him in a corner. Cash snapmares and wraps on a thrashing chinlock. Dax talks trash as Dante endures the grind. Fans rally and Dante fights up. Dante reaches, throws body shots then a JAWBREAKER!

Cash tags Dax, FTR keeps Dante from Sydal with a double whip. Dante holds ropes, BOOTS Cash then goes to boot Dax. Dax blocks it, Dante elbows him then goes up and over and around to hot tag Sydal! Sydal rallies on FTR with big kicks! JUMP KNEE sends Cash out of the ring! Fans fire up as Sydal aims, PLANCHA feint! Dante runs over and gets a boost for a DOUBLE CROSSBODY! Sydal and Dante take FTR out together and fans are fired up! FTR regroups, Sydal and Dante goes back to the ring as AEW goes picture in picture.

Tully coaches FTR up and Sydal drags Dax in. Sydal gets the arm to wrench but Dax pulls hair. Th eref reprimands but Dax whips. Sydal goes up and over but Dax CLOBBERS him with an elbow! Dax tags Cash then goes after SYlda in the corner. FTR DOUBLE GUILLOTINES Sydal into the buckle! Cash applauds himself and blows a kiss to the crowd. Sydal drags himself up, Cash chokes him on the ropes! Cash lets off as the ref counts, but Tully gets his shots in! Tully gets away with it and Cash goes back to Sydal for a cobra twist. Sydal endures but then Tully distracts the ref. The ref doesn’t see FTR fake a tag and have Dax come in! But Sydal counters with a cradle!

The ref sees that and counts, TWO!! Dax CLOBBERS Sydal for foiling the plan! Tag to Cash, Cash stomps Sydal down. Tag to Dax, he drags Sydal up to whip and catch Sydal to the cobra twist! Sydal endures again but Dax pushes his head down. FTR forms a chain for leverage! Sydal endures, FTR lets off, but then Dax reaches out a hand. Cash takes it and the chain is back on! FTR gets away with it again as the ref looks, but Sydal powers his way around to arm-drag free! Hot tag to Cash and he intercepts Sydal! FTR double whip, Sydal dodges and Dante tags in! FTR catches Sydal’s crossbody but Dante springboard missile dropkicks them all down!

Dante rallies with forearms and dropkicks, then blocks a kick to dropkick again! Dante dodges Cash to go up and RANA! Fans fire up as Dante STALLING SENTONS Dax! Cash rolls Dante up with trunks held, TWO! Modified Euro Clutch, TWO!! Dante gets a jackknife, TWO as Cash bridges! Cash spins Dante around, wants the backslide but Dante resists. Dax tags in but Dante fights out of the Gory Especial mugging! Cash shoves Dante but Dante leaps over BOTH FTR members to sunset flip Dax! Cash helps save Dax but Sydal gets in to RANA Cash! Double pinfall, TWO!!! FTR narrowly escapes but fans say, “This is Awesome!”

Dante chases Dax into the ring but Cash tags in. Dante ROCKS Dax, Cash grabs at Dante but he elbows Cash down. Dax whips, Dante goes up and over and around again but his superkick is blocked and flipped! BIG RIG!! Cover, FTR wins!

Winners: FTR, by pinfall

Cash & Dax reestablish themselves and are ready to climb those rankings! Will FTR #FindTheirRedemption on the road into the Fall?


CM Punk talks the Suzuki Incident.

“This is a very delicate subject. This is something we take very, very seriously in All Elite Wrestling. Minoru Suzuki is a pioneer in not only professional wrestling but in mixed martial arts. He is a Carl Gotch trained professional wrestler, he’s the King of Pancrase, and he felt slighted that his entrance music was cut off.” That’s the gist of it. Suzuki feels insulted and he wants his full entrance song.

Lance Archer speaks on the “incident.”

“Moxley! You wanted Suzuki in AEW, to come to the United States of America and face you. But you wanted to do it in Cincinnati, Ohio of all places. If that’s not the definition of unfair, I dunno what the hell is.” Moxley had the refs on his side, the people on his side, and everything in his favor. Guess what? That changes in New York. Archer and Suzuki have been a team for a long time, and now Moxley and Kingston are going to learn, “Once Suzuki-Gun, always Suzuki-Gun.” And at the Grand Slam, Suzuki and the Murderhawk Monster will show us what Strong Style is all about in a way you never wanted to know. Suzuki-Gun ICHIBAN!


The lights go out!

And when they turn back on, we see it’s MALAKAI BLACK! The dark father goes to the ring, making the Jersey Devil proud with that mask. Malakai gets a mic and paces around as the fans cheer. Malakai has them hush and calls for the members of the House of Black to please rise. “For we have an enemy in our midst.” He looks right at… Rosario Dawson?! One of Cody Rhodes’ cohosts from The Go Big Show is in the front row, and Malakai is upset she is wearing the Nightmare Family tracksuit. Malakai goes out but she hops the railing to meet him! Malakai warns her not to do something foolish, but then from the crowd, here comes CODY RHODES himself!

Fans are going nuts as Cody is storming down the steps, but Rosario jumps on Malakai’s back! Fans are losing it as Cody gets in to DECK Malakai! Cody fires hands, Malakai forearms back! Malakai BOOTS but Cody comes right back to TOSS Malakai over the railing! They brawl right among the crowd and security does its best to keep up! Fans lose their minds as the brawl continues up the steps! Cody bumps Malakai off chairs and Rosario flexes for Team Cody. Malakai throws hands, the fight keeps going up, and Cody SMACKS Malakai with someone’s drink! Cody fires up and he drags Malakai along the way. Malakai hits back, they’re still going up and up!

Cody smacks Malakai off the railing! Malakai uses the railing to choke Cody! Cody gets free and SMACKS Malakai with another drink! Malakai hits back again, they go back up the stairs and a THIRD drink is used! Cody fires off hands, Malakai hits the bad leg! Malakai kicks the leg, Cody hobbles up the steps and Malakai borrows an idea from Cody! DRINK SMASH! AEW goes to break as this chaos continues!


AEW hears from The Bunny.

Allie says, “The Queenslayer, Anna Jay is back. And we’re all very excited.” But she wouldn’t have attacked her if she would just stay out of the way. But Anna can’t help herself, can she? Bunny says Anna should be careful. She wouldn’t want to get dragged down the rabbit hole, would she?


Backstage interview with Anna Jay and the Dark Order.

Alex Marvez notes this will be the Rampage debut of Anna as she takes on The Bunny. This is a big deal, and then Evil Uno speaks up. He promises to lead the way and- Alex Reynolds interrupts now, sarcastically saying Uno’s a great leader with him cutting off Anna when this was her interview. Looks like nothing’s change. Oh, good to see you back, Alex, after you left their group a few weeks ago! Uno has no idea what this is. No, Reynolds left Uno’s dumb ass and is back for Anna’s sake. Alan Angels speaks up now, saying that while Reynolds was gone, UNO has been going on a power trip! Anna shouts over them all! If they can’t get this together, she doesn’t want anyone ringside.

John Silver asks if he’s still allowed. No, no one gets to be ringside but Tay Conti. The ladies leave the boys to bicker, will the Dark Order get things… in order?


Dan Lambert, America Top Team and the Men of the Year are in the ring.

Lambert says, “When I was younger, if you wanted to know which wrestlers were popular, you’d go out to the merchandise stand and see what was selling. But do that at an AEW show and you learn more about its fanbase than you do about tis wrestlers, because every single t-shirt is sold out. In men’s small and women’s large!” If the truth hurts, then cover up your fragile little ears and then they’ll return to the “regularly scheduled” programming where you can watch some “5’8”, 149 pound dork throw 11 Superkicks, climb up three levels to the highest balcony of the building, do a backflip all the way to the floor, crashing through six tables, landing on his lifeless opponent, who will kick out at the count of two, and you morons will go crazy.”

Fans tell Lambert to STFU but here comes CHRIS JERICHO! Fans sing Judas as Le Champion AND Jake Hager walk out. Lambert tells production to turn off the music! The fans don’t really know the song, they’re googling the lyrics on their phones right now! “TURN THAT S*IT OFF!” But the fans sing Judas because they DO know it! Jericho just shrugs as he enjoys it. Jericho then says that sounds like there’s 15 THOUSAND people here who LOVE that song! And they could sing along to Lambert’s song, but no one knows the words to “I’m a Fat Faced Dipsh*t, Yeah Yeah Yeah.” Wait, here it is! Jericho sings it for us!

Lambert says that’s really funny. He admits to see Jericho out here defending this company, but it makes sense. Tony Conman isn’t the master manipulator, it’s JERICHO. Jericho will do and say whatever to get the fans to spend their allowances that their parents give them on Jericho’s stupid book o’ the month club and his Fozzy records! Wait, you guys get an allowance? And what is Lambert’s problem? He stands there, screaming like a grumpy old man at the AEW clouds, surrounded by American Top Team. Seeing all these meatheads here, Jericho has one question: Who’s on top? Fans chant, “WHO’S ON TOP?”

Jericho says Lambert’s got nothing! All the power’s in his fist cuz he relies on scare tactics, but he can’t scare Big Jake! Jake is undefeated in MMA! And Jericho’s been getting into skirmishes with MMA tough guys his whole career! The Beast a few years ago, and even before that he had a shoot fight with the Raging Bill. They didn’t kill Jericho, Lambert’s team can’t, either. But like our friend and honorary Inner Circle member, Mike Tyson, once said, “Everybody’s got a plan until they get punched in the face.” So maybe Hager and Jericho go to the ring and knock those chipmunk buck teeth of Lambert’s right down his friggin’ throat?!

Ethan Page, Scorpio Sky and all of Lambert’s people dare Jericho and Hager to do this. Lambert says he has to give them credit, the quicker they get to it is the quicker they get through it. But if this is to go down, and if the fans really want to see the American Top Team fueled Men of the Year take down the Inner Circle Jerks, it’ll have to be in a REAL city, not a s*ithole like Jersey! It’ll be the biggest city of them all, in the Big Apple! In that case, if Ethan & Scorpio are too much of pussies to face them here, it’ll happen next week! And there’ll be no escape from New York for them! The Grand Slam just got that much bigger! Will Hager & Jericho hit the Men of the Year out of the park?


The Gunn Club speaks.

Papa Billy says, “So we’re here to talk about disrespect. And no one has been more disrespected in AEW than the Gunn Club. Why did we do what we did to Paul Wight?” It was to get their point across. Wins and losses matter? Well let’s see… Billy & Colten as a team? Undefeated! Billy & Austin as a team? Undefeated! Austin & Colten as a team? UNDEFEATED! Trios? UN-DE-FEAT-ED! Now respect will be earned one way or another. And if anyone has a problem with that, just say when. The Gunn Club is locked and loaded, who will they shoot down on their way to respect and titles?


Jade Cargill w/ Mark Sterling VS Leyla Hirsch!

The storm has come to Jersey, but this is the city #LEGIT calls home! Will Jade be in for the toughest match of her young career? Will she be in for her first LOSS, at that?

The bell rings, Leyla gets face to, well, chest with Jade, but she goes right for a leg! Jade CLUBS Leyla then fireman’s carries, but Leyla slips off to get the takedown! Leyla throws down hands but Jade kicks her away. Jade bails out to regroup with Sterling but Leyla DIVES! Sterling takes the tope and Jade stomps Leyla down! Jade whips Leyla into the ring, gets in but Leyla gets around to waistlock. Jade backs Leyla into buckles, throws elbows then forearms. Jade whips corner to corner, Leyla reverses and runs in to forearm smash! Leyla sweeps the legs, runs corner to corner and METEORAS! Then SWINGING DROPKICKS! Cover, TWO! But Leyla has the ARMBAR!!

Jade clasps hands, fights up and dead lifts Leyla to POWERBOMB her! Jade stands up, scowls as she paces around, and AEW goes picture in picture as she stomps away on Leyla.

Jade drags Leyla up, whips her to ropes and Leyla tumbles out of the ring! Jade goes out after Leyla to stomp her back down. Jade whips Leyla hard into railing! Leyla falls over in a heap but Jade drags her back up for a snap suplex! Jade kips up and fires up, as does Sterling. Jade stomps Leyla more, the ref has her let off to check on Leyla and Jade goes to the ring. Jade’s willing to let the ring count settle this as Leyla stirs. The count is 5 of 10 before Leyla stands back up. Leyla gets in at 7, Jade stomps her to the ropes then kicks her around to a corner. Jade CLUBS Leyla against the ropes, brings her up but Leyla ROCKS Jade with a forearm!

Leyla throws more forearms but Jade CLUBS her back down. Jade drags Leyla back up but Leyla fires forearms back. Leyla swings but into a pump handle POWERSLAM! Jade drags Leyla back up, CLUBS her back down, but Leyla throws body shots. Jade CLUBS, stomps and drags Leyla around to another fireman’s carry. Leyla squirrels around to a SLEEPER HOLD! Leyla holds on tight as Jade tries to fight free! Jade throws Leyla on the second try, Leyla goes to a corner. Jade runs but Leyla dodges the boot! Leyla waistlocks, Jade throws elbows but can’t get free! Jade keeps throwing elbows and she’s free now, but Leyla comes back to whip and GERMAN SUPLEX! Bridging cover, TWO!!

Jade survives and gets to the apron but Leyla runs and DIVES! Direct hit and Jade hits railing! Leyla puts Jade in, fans fire up and Leyla runs to KNEE Jade down! Cover, TWO!! Jade survives again and Sterling is panicking! Leyla puts Jade in a drop zone and goes up top, for a LEGIT MOONSAULT FLOP! Jade evades and comes back with the BOOT!! Jade isn’t done, she drags Leyla up for the chicken wings and JADED!! Cover, Jade wins!

Winner: Jade Cargill, by pinfall

That was Jade’s toughest match yet, but she comes out looking legit in her own right! Will this undefeated streak continue until the #JadeBrand is fighting for gold?


Andrade El Idolo speaks.

“If you lie to me, it’s because you don’t respect me. I’m always one step ahead. This is why I have my assistant, Jose.” Andrade swears he never gave the order to have them interrupt his match. So why the hell did Jose get on the apron?! He wants Jose to tell him why, and Jose says it was Chavo’s order. Chavo isn’t the boss! ANDRADE is the boss! He is the KINGPIN of AEW. He can beat PAC, or anyone he wants, when he wants. Will El Idolo prove he IS the face of Latino wrestlers when he wins one on his own?


Taz storms over to commentary.

He’s claiming CM Punk is taking his job now! But the rest of commentary defends Punk is just doing what he was asked. Punk stands up and Taz backs off. Taz’s son, Hook, stares Punk down but Punk asks Taz if he’s really letting his son get this close to things. Punk stares Hook down in return, but HOBBS attacks from behind! Powerhouse Hobbs punks out Punk and Taz says it’s clobbering time! Punk hits back on Hobbs but Hook gets a DRAGON SLEEPER! Team Taz mugs Punk, then they tell commentary to clear out. Schiavone, JR and Excalibur don’t have much choice as Hook starts pushing computer screens off the desk.

Hobbs drags Punk up and gives him an URENAGE onto the table! The table doesn’t break and Punk bounces off it! Team Taz leaves as security rushes in and fans boo. Will Punk be in any shape to get even with Taz and his actual punks?


AEW hears from Shawn Spears.

The Chairman sits with the chair he painted up for Darby Allin while calling him out. “I’m generic? I’m the piece of s*it? Correct, on all fronts. That’s why I was the guy to hand you your first loss here in AEW. That’s why history’s gonna repeat itself on Dynamite.” Allin can’t call down the rain without getting some mud! Spears didn’t invent rainy days, but for the past 20 years, he’s had the best damn umbrella! The Chairman cometh, but will he be leaving here clean and dry?

Darby Allin w/ Sting VS Shawn Spears w/ Tully Blanchard!

The Relentless One and the Icon may have gotten tricked by the very tactical Tully, but this is about proving Tully’s words are as wrong as the legend’s ever been. Will Spears be the one stinging from this rematch?

The bell rings and fans are fired up for Darby as he stares down Spears. But then Tully creeps closer, and Spears KNEES Darby down in the corner! Spears stomps a mudhole, then hangs Darby out to dry on the ropes! Darby falls to the floor, Spears goes out to high-five Tully, but now Sting creeps closer. The ref has Sting and Tully stay back, Spears drags Darby along with a headlock to get right in Sting’s face. Spears whips Darby into the steel steps! Spears then positions the steps by the ramp and brings Darby back over. Darby throws body shots but Spears CLUBS him and smacks him off the steps! Spears puts Darby against the steps to KNEE him into them!

The ref has Spears stop but Spears eggs Sting on with a middle finger! Spears then drops a knee pad and runs at Darby, but Darby dodges! Spears only hits steel! Spears hobbles and Tully is concerned as he checks on his protégé. Darby gets in the ring, fans rally up behind him as he builds speed, but Tully is Spears’ shield. Darby snarls at the legend, but Sting comes around the way. Tully can’t win that fight so he backs off. Darby drags Spears up but Spears sweeps the legs! Darby flips, falls and hits hard off the apron! Spears gets Darby up and into the ring, hobbles around to get a bottle of water. Spears wets a towel and goes to the ring to wipe off Darby’s face paint!

Fans boo as Spears smears towel in Darby’s face then elbows him back down! AEW goes picture in picture as Spears teases throwing the towel into the crowd, only to drop it outside the ring. Spears puts his kneepad back up as he stalks Darby to a corner. Spears drags Darby up to CLUB him on the back, then CLUBS him again. Spears brings Darby around to scoop and BACKBREAKER! Darby writhes, Spears makes sure his bad knee is okay, and then Spears walks it off as he stalks Darby. Darby kicks the bad leg but Spears brings him up for a back suplex. Darby lands on his feet to CHOP BLOCK! Darby rains down furious fists but Spears pushes him away.

Darby gets up at the ropes and goes to a corner. Darby comes back but into a BIG back suplex! Spears rains down fists on Darby now as AEW goes to break.

AEW returns and Spears has Darby in a SHARPSHOOTER! Spears is definitely sending a message to Sting but Darby endures! Darby drags himself over and gets the ROPEBREAK! Spears holds on until 4, then argues with the ref about things. Darby gets to a corner, Spears runs in but Darby BOOTS them away! Darby hobbles, Spears chases him but gets more boots! Darby dodges, comes back and dropkicks Spears’ bad leg! CODE RED!! Cover, TWO!! Spears survives but Sting coaches Darby up. Darby gets to the corner, climbs up top, but Spears stops him with a CHOP! Spears throws hands, climbs up to join Darby, but Darby trips him up!

Darby puts Spears in a Tree of Woe and exposes the bad knee! Darby CLUBS away on the knee, but Spears grabs Darby’s chain necklace to YANK him down! Fans fire up as Spears gets up on the apron. Spears drags Darby to the apron and aims at the steps! Fireman’s carry but Darby fights free! THROWBACK STUNNER HOTSHOT COMBO! Spears flops to the steps, Darby runs and DIVES!! Direct hit off the steps! Darby puts Spears in, climbs up top, COFFIN DROP to Spears’ back! Cover, Darby wins!

Winner: Darby Allin, by pinfall

Darby gets even with the Chair Man! But now FTR jumps in the ring! Sting and Darby throw hands with Cash & Dax! Sting stomps Cash, Dax mugs Darby! Tully gets the chair and gets in the ring to SMACK Sting! It didn’t do a thing! Sting kicks the chair away then pushes Tully to a corner! FTR goes after Sting to save their mentor! They stomp Sting down, rain down fists, but Darby crawls over. Darby attacks but Cash GERMAN SUPLEXES him down! FTR mugs Darby now, then they stand Sting up. Tully wants in on this as FTR hits the MIND BREAKER!! Tully has a towel of his own, and just as Spears wiped away Darby’s paint, Tully is wiping away Sting’s paint!

Fans boo as Tully leaves Darby and Steve down on the mat but the fans cuss them out. The Pinnacle doesn’t care, they’ll do this until they’re truly on top of AEW!


AEW hears from Bryan Danielson.

“The way The Elite acts and dresses, sound to me like people who are insecure.” Bryan isn’t exactly going after all of them, just one member. Bryan’s heard how great Omega is, and seen how great Omega is. Bryan is mostly just excited to get in the ring and wrestler Kenny Omega. But the reality is, if Omega doesn’t want to step up, then someone else will be Bryan’s first opponent. What Bryan loves about AEW is that everyone is hungry here. Everyone wants to go in and prove themselves. Bryan is here, he’s game, who’s ready to go?


Tony Schiavone is in the ring!

He’s excited to be here in New Jersey, and he loves wrestling because of BRYAN DANIELSON! The American Dragon heads to the ring, Jersey chants “YES! YES! YES!” for him as he joins Schiavone in the ring. Schiavone notes what Bryan’s said about Kenny Omega and The Elite, and we’d all love to see Bryan get in the ring with Omega. But before Bryan can speak, Don Callis interrupts, with Omega following behind. Callis says we’ve already heard enough from Bryan, because he’s been listening to it all week. It’s sickening, really. “The Hippie Millionaire,” the hero of the fans. “What a sanctimonious son of a bitch you are.”

It must’ve been so~ hard~ to make the decision to sign such a big contract and come to the number one wrestling company in the world, built on the back of Kenny Omega! “But wait, there’s more! The piece de resistance was, you made this final decision to come here, thinking of what was best for the entire wrestling business and everyone in it! And people call me a carny piece of s*it.” Fans do chant that at him, though. But Callis will take that back, because Omega corrected him. This is really how Bryan thinks. So in that case, Callis was wrong. Bryan isn’t a carny POS, he’s just a MARK like the fans! BTW, who does Bryan think he is, dictating who gets what?! Callis & Omega run AEW!

SHUT UP, DON! Bryan is here to talk to Omega. “Some day, this will be about the title. But right now, it’s just about who’s better. Let’s give the people what they want. Kenny Omega VS Bryan Danielson, what do you say?!?” Callis says NO! Fans say “YES! YES! YES!” Callis again says no, but Bryan tells him, “SHUT UP, YOU PIECE O’ S*IT!” Bryan is here to talk to Kenny Omega. But maybe he shouldn’t have. Bryan came to AEW to fight the Best Bout Machine, the GOD OF PRO-WRESTLING~! But since he’s been here, Bryan’s only ever seen a guy who hangs out with goofy stooges, and lets the POS talk for him. Fans still chant that.

Bryan heard the rumors that maybe Omega’s lost his confidence or lost a step. Bryan doesn’t think that’s true. He just thinks Omega’s lost his BALLS. So what does Omega say? Yes or no? Fans chant, “YES! YES! YES!” Callis says no, but Omega is given the mic to answer for himself. “So you say you want the Best Bout Machine? You say you want the God of Pro-Wrestling? My answer… is YES.” Callis isn’t happy about that! But it seems Omega agrees, this is about the people, and their pride as pro-wrestlers! Will Omega show everyone that he is still the best?


Miro speaks.

“Fuego. Every man I have redeemed has moved on to a better career. And after I had forgiven them, they’d all been smart enough not to stick around. So why are you calling me out?! They say, ‘Don’t put your hand on the stove that already burned you,’ but you are putting your throat on a blade that already spared you.” And now Fuego is challenging God’s Favorite Champion with a car on the line? Miro will bash Fuego’s brain, then bash the car, and the Fuego family will be grateful! Will the Redeemer keep his word and keep the TNT Championship? Or will Fuego be the one baptizing Miro with fire to forge his own golden legacy?


Matt Hardy speaks.

“Orange Cassidy, you broke my nose! Nobody breaks Big Money Matt Hardy’s nose!” Cassidy owes a debt and Hardy always collects! Freshly Squeezed has made a mockery of Hardy’s business, the pro-wrestling business, for far too long! Hardy is sick and tired of the antics, so he will take away everything that is “cool” about Cassidy, and that starts with his hair. Hardy vows to shave Cassidy’s head and make Orange Cassidy into an egghead! When and where will this Hair VS Hair match go down?


Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston VS 2point0 w/ Daniel Garcia!

The Maniac and Mad King know Suzuki-Gun’s coming for their necks, but they’ve still got some beef to squash with Matt Lee & Jeff Parker. Will 2point0 find out they don’t rule after all?

But again, 2point0 and Daniel Garcia jump Moxley and Kingston from behind! But Moxley and Kingston are better prepared for this one and they hit back! Kingston gets mugged 2v1 while Moxley has Parker, but Kingston throws Lee into railing and fires off on Garcia! Moxley sits Parker down and BITES his forehead! The ref tries to get this in the ring as Lee attacks Kingston. Moxley puts Parker in the ring and we have a match! Parker fires hands back on Moxley, runs, but Moxley tanks the shoulder. Kingston DDT’s Lee, Moxley ROCKS Parker to then X PLEX! Parker flounders, Moxley has him in a corner and CHOPS him!

Moxley CHOPS Parker again, and then fakes Parker out to SLAP him on the back! Moxley scoops but Parker slips out to rake eyes! Tag to Lee and he runs in, but into a drop step and SNAP SAIDO! Moxley drags Lee up with a neck wrench then fish hooks AND BITES Lee’s face! Moxley lets off as the ref reprimands, and he whips Lee to ropes. Lee holds ropes and bails out but Moxley pursues. Lee gets to the ramp but Garcia rushes Moxley! Moxley throws Garcia into steel steps, only for Parker to dropkick Moxley down! Lee returns now that he has back-up and 2point0 mugs Moxley! They set Moxley up and hit a DOUBLE APRON FLAPJACK as AEW goes picture in picture!

Moxley is down, Lee gets in the ring only to refresh the count, then he takes his time bringing Moxley back up. Lee puts Moxley in the ring, Moxley flounders around and Lee stomps him down. Lee stomps Moxley at ropes, lets off as the ref counts, but Garcia talks trash. Tag to Parker as Moxley crawls to the apron and Parker drops ax handles! Garcia mockingly applauds as Parker paces in the ring. Parker drags Moxley to hit a spinning toehold! Moxley endures as Parker twists the foot, but Lee tags in to drop ax handles. Cover, TWO! Kingston is up and pissed but the ref keeps him in his corner while Lee has a chinlock on Moxley.

Lee puts Moxley in a corner and throws hands, then pushes Moxley to the corner. Tag to Parker, 2point0 mugs Moxley, then Parker snapmares. Parker wraps on a chinlock nice and tight and he grinds Moxley down. Moxley endures and Jersey rallies up. But Parker claws Moxley’s face then drops elbows! Parker wraps the chinlock back on as the ref reprimands, but Moxley starts fighting up to his feet. Moxley powers up, throws body shots and gets free to run, into a calf kick! Cover, TWO! Parker drags Moxley over, tags Lee, and 2point0 mugs Moxley again. Lee throws in elbows right to the top of Moxley’s head, then slaps him around.

Lee whips Moxley to a corner, tags Parker and then Parker runs in to forearm smash! Parker CHOPS Moxley but Moxley CHOPS back! Parker rakes Moxley’s eyes, tags Lee, and AEW returns to single picture. 2point0 botches their whip combo and Moxley BOOTS Lee! Moxley ROCKS Parker, then he staggers around. Parker gets up, Moxley fires off forearms! Moxley runs but Parker forearms him in the corner! Feed to Lee’s drop toehold, BOOYAH ELBOW DROP! Cover, TWO! Lee tags Parker, throws more elbows onto Moxley, then Parker sucker punches Kingston! Moxley back drops Parker! Lee tags in and runs, but Moxley LARIATS Lee right down!

Fans fire up, hot tag to Kingston! Kingston rallies with BIG haymakers, then he whips Lee into Parker at the corner! Kingston runs in to SPLASH SANDWICH! Kingston unleashes the MACHINE GUN CHOPS! EXPLODER for Lee but Garcia gets up on the apron. Kingston DECKS Garcia, but Parker rolls Kingston up! TWO, and Kingston URAKENS Parker right down! Lee shoves Kingston, Kingston knees low and hits a DDT! Tag back to Moxley and fans fire up again! Maniac and Mad King fire themselves up, they get Parker up, THE VIOLENT CROWN!! Cover, Moxley & Kingston win!

Winners: Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston, by pinfall

Moxley tells Suzuki right in the camera, if they want some, they can come get it! But wait! Here comes Suzuki after all!! The song begins, will we get to hear it all? He walks out slowly onto the stage and Moxley stares him down. Suzuki still smiles despite the black eye and stiches are clear on his face. Suzuki goes down the ramp to the ring, Moxley and Kingston hold their ground, and fans get ready for the moment…! KA ZE NI NA REEEE~! And then Archer appears from the crowd side! Archer drags Kingston out of the ring and throws him into railing! Suzuki and Moxley brawl, they spill out of the ring and Moxley throws Suzuki into railing!

Archer drags Kingston into the crowd and fans are going nuts as Kingston fires off headbutts! Suzuki POSTS Moxley, Kingston stalks Archer now. Archer kicks low and bumps Kingston off railing while Suzuki and Moxley fight towards the timekeeper’s area! Suzuki blocks, Moxley blocks, Moxley bumps Suzuki off the table. They climb onto the table, they brawl with more haymakers, but Suzuki manages to power Moxley into the Gotch hold! Moxley powers out and SMACKS Suzuki with a mic! Moxley drags Suzuki around the way and has him take a seat to rain down fists! Moxley BITES Suzuki to try and reopen those stitches!

Kingston and Archer make their way back to ringside, right as Moxley and Suzuki bust through railing to fight in the crowd! Jersey is thunderous as the chaos continues all the way to Dynamite signing off! If this is how the fight starts, how will it end in New York?

My Thoughts:

Another great episode for Dynamite and this worked as a great go-home to what is apparently AEW Grand Slam week now. Even this week’s Rampage is awesome with all the set-up from tonight. Punk gets jumped by Team Taz and is going to fight Hobbs for his first TV match, and that’s going to be great stuff. Fuego is pretty gutsy for putting up his new car for the title, but I feel like Miro is just going to win again and then use Fuego’s body to beat up the car. And what great continuity for Lucha Brothers to fight Butcher & Blade and have the titles on the line. Pretty sure Lucha Brothers retain and this gets their first defense out of the way before having an extended feud with other teams.

Cole VS Kaz was a great opener, Cole had a great promo to call out Christian & Jurassic Express, and that Six Man Tag is going to be a great part of Rampage Grand Slam. The promo response from Christian and Jungle Boy was pretty good, but boy Christian took some shots at WWE and NXT. Pretty sure Super Kliq is the one winning that match. MJF had another great Heel promo, and BPJ had another great moment in running him and Wardlow off. He also had a very good interview promo with JR, though I feel like he could’ve just said that live for the crowd right there. But I can’t be too harsh on AEW, they made sure to arrange matching content, like Spears’ promo before his match with Darby.

Pinnacle overall broke even tonight. Spears VS Allin was a great match but Pinnacle got to stand tall with FTR coming back to attack and set up a tag match for next week. FTR in their own match of course won against Sydal and Dante teaming up while their usual tag partners are out of action. Meanwhile, I am actually really happy to see that after shifting Archer away from Lambert, Jericho and Hager are going after him now. Lambert continues to make me groan with his use of being toxic old fan in this reverse psychology role, but Jericho & Hager taking on Ethan Page & Scorpio Sky is going to be a lot of fun.

Gunn Club’s explanation for their Heel Turn is actually pretty logical, because they really should be up higher in the ranks when they’re undefeated in tag team and trios matches. By AEW’s own rules, these guys should’ve been in the tag title stories way sooner, but they ironically still might have to wait a bit. Andrade had a good promo to better frame his reason for ditching Chavo, and then it also implies a rematch of him and Pac that’ll be even bigger. Cargill VS Hirsch was very good but I was still hoping for a bit more. I can’t be sure who gives Cargill her first loss, but it’s probably someone closer to the women’s title.

There was good progress in the Dark Order dysfunction, and I do think the ladies should take charge and become the new leaders of the group with Uno’s ego being in question. They replayed Bryan’s promo from Rampage to set up his segment here tonight, and it was a great segment because of how heated he got with Callis and Omega. Omega VS Bryan in even just a non-title match is amazing, and it could go either way. On one hand, Bryan could win and basically earn himself a title match that way. On the other, Callis can find a way to cheat Bryan, but perhaps that upsets Omega and things get tense within The Elite for just a moment.

Moxley & Kingston had a great main event with 2point0 and Garcia, and of course Moxley & Kingston win to head for the match with Suzuki-Gun. That brawl was an awesome way to close out the night, and I can’t wait to see how brutal Moxley, Kingston, Archer and Suzuki can get, even in a standard tag match.

My Score: 9.1/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Rampage Results & Report! (3/17/23)

Will Hobbs is on a Rampage!



Will Rey Fenix rewrite the Book of Hobbs?

“Powerhouse” Hobbs is the AEW TNT Champion with help from QT Marshall, but can he keep it on his own against Rey Fenix?


  • AEW TNT Championship: “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs w/ QT Marshall VS Rey Fenix w/ Alex Abrahantes; Hobbs wins and retains the title.
  • Taya Valkyrie VS Ava Lawless; Taya wins.
  • Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker VS The Bollywood Boyz; Menard & Parker win.
  • Daniel Garcia w/ Chris Jericho VS Brody King w/ Julia Hart; Garcia wins.


AEW TNT Championship: “Powerhouse” Will Hobbs w/ QTV VS Rey Fenix w/ Alex Abrahantes!

The Book of Hobbs says he had Aaron Solo steal the belt before QT helped him steal the title! But will karma come back to bite him? Or will Hobbs power through the Firebird?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and it’s time to for a Rampage!

Fans rally as Hobbs talks some smack on Fenix. Fenix and Hobbs step to each other and Fenix goes head to chest. But Hobbs shoves Fenix down! Fenix kips up, runs in, but gets run over! QT & Solo are amused while Hobbs eggs Fenix on. Hobbs then drags Fenix up with both hands, but Fenix breaks free to get around. Fenix waistlocks but Hobbs breaks free. Hobbs whips, Fenix handsprings over the sweep and fans fire up! Hobbs runs in, Fenix dodges again, and springboards, but he just bounces off Hobbs’ body! Fans boo but Hobbs runs, only for Fenix to dump him out! Fenix then DIVES! Direct hit but Hobbs stays up!

Fenix gets back in the ring, DIVES again, but Hobbs is still up! So Fenix aims, slingshots and QUEBRADAS! Down goes Hobbs! Hobbs gets up and hurries into the ring, but Fenix pursues. Fenix leaps, but into Hobbs’ arms! Hobbs pops Fenix up, and he POWERSLAMS Fenix down! Cover, TWO! Fenix is tougher than that but Solo & QT are still amused. Hobbs goes out after Fenix and he RAMS him into barriers! Hobbs talks trash on the fans but the fans boo back. Hobbs drags Fenix around, stomps him, then drags Fenix up again. Hobbs RAMS Fenix into more barriers! Fans rally for Fenix but Hobbs goes into the ring.

Hobbs kneels to soak up the heat, and he smirks while Alex checks on Fenix. Hobbs goes out after Fenix, CLUBS him, then throws Fenix into the ring. Hobbs says, “Who’s the champ!?” Solo says, “You the champ!” Hobbs hauls Fenix up, whips him hard into the corner, and Fenix bounces off buckles to hit the mat. Hobbs looms over Fenix, stands on him, and the ref reprimands and counts. Hobbs steps off, whips Fenix hard the other way, and Fenix again bounces off buckles. Fans chant “QT SUCKS!” but QT says to ignore that. Hobbs grins as he watches Fenix writhe. Hobbs looms over Fenix, and CHOPS him in the shoulder!

Hobbs then clamps a big claw into the shoulder! Fenix endures, kicks around, but Hobbs lets off to bring Fenix up. Hobbs suplexes, holds Fenix up, Harley Cameron gets a pic, and Hobbs SLAMS Fenix down! Cover, TWO! Hobbs clamps onto Fenix with the shoulder claw again as Rampage goes picture in picture.

Fenix endures, fights up, but Hobbs throws down elbows! Hobbs digs his hand into the shoulder again but Fenix still endures. Hobbs adds on a chinbar, then he CLUBS Fenix down. Fenix goes to the apron, and Hobbs stands on his head! The ref reprimands and counts, Hobbs steps off and Fenix flops to the floor. Hobbs argues with the ref, and QT sucker punches Fenix! Alex protests but the ref missed it all. Hobbs goes out after Fenix, high-fives Harley, and he storms up on Fenix to throw knees. Hobbs POSTS Fenix, and Fenix goes tumbling away! Rampage returns to single picture as Solo laughs at Fenix’s pain.

Hobbs grabs Fenix’s face and shouts at him that this is what he gets for answering the Open Challenge. The ref reprimands, Hobbs lets off and goes into the ring. Fenix drags himself up but Hobbs brings him into the ring. Fenix flops over and Hobbs toys with him. Fans boo but Hobbs taunts Fenix, “You wanna be champ?!” Fans rally for Fenix but Hobbs HIP DROPS him down! Hobbs clamps onto the shoulder again, but Fenix fights up. Fenix throws elbows and gets free! Hobbs grabs Fenix but Fenix PELES! And kips up to BOOT, mule kick, and SCREW HIGH KICK! Fenix knuckle locks, CHOPS, and goes up and up!

Fenix jumps around, but Hobbs trips him up! Hobbs YANKS Fenix off the ropes to POWERSLAM! Cover, TWO!! Fenix survives and QT is surprised, but Hobbs digs his forearms in for another cover. TWO, and Fenix crawls to a corner. Hobbs kicks Fenix, talks smack, and paces around to soak up the heat. Fans rally and Fenix CHOPS! Hobbs snarls, but he runs into a BOOT! Fenix then dodges to JUMP SOBAT! Fans fire up and Fenix feeds off that. But Hobbs stops the whips, swings, but Fenix waistlocks! Hobbs is too big to lift, and Hobbs elbows free. Hobbs snarls, whisp Fenix, but Fenix goes up and over! GERMAN SUPLEX!!

Fans are thunderous but QT is freaking out! Fenix covers, TWO!! Hobbs tosses Fenix away with that kick-out, but he staggers up. Into the SOMERSAULT CUTTER!! Cover, TWO!! Hobbs is still in this but Fenix crawls his way to a corner. Fans rally, Hobbs rises, and Fenix climbs up! TIGHTROPE PENALTY KICK! Hobbs wobbles and fans fire up more! Fenix shakes out the cobwebs, goes up the corner again, and leaps over Hobbs! Hobbs runs back in to POUNCE Fenix into a corner!! Then DEADLIFT SPINEBUSTER!! Cover, TWO!?!? Fenix survives and no one can believe it! Hobbs is furious, and he hauls Fenix up again.

Hobbs whips, Fenix tiger feints to HEEL KICK! But Hobbs DECKS Fenix! Fenix kips up to SUPERKICK!! Both men are down and fans are thunderous! Fenix drags Hobbs to a drop zone, he goes up the corner, and he FROG SPLASHES!! Cover, TWO!!! Hobbs is still in this but Fenix doesn’t lose focus. Fenix waits on Hobbs to sit up, and he SUPERKICKS! And then SUPERKICKS! Hobbs wobbles, runs in, but Fenix dodges to SUPERKICK again! Hobbs drops to a knee, Fenix runs in, SOMERSAULT- SPINEBUSTER!! Hobbs rolls Fenix through to get him in the torture rack! TOWN BUSINESS!! Cover, Hobbs wins!

Winner: “Powerhouse” Hobbs, by pinfall (still AEW TNT Champion)

Alex checks on Fenix, but Hobbs storms up to him. Hobbs brings down the straps, but he says it’s okay. QT turns Alex around for a DIAMOND CUTTER! Fans boo as QT raises Hobbs’ hand in victory. Will QTV help make the Book of Hobbs the story of the year?


Adam Cole speaks.

“March 29th will go down as the most important day in my entire life. Not only will March 29th be the debut of AEW All Access, but even more importantly to me, after nine months, I make my return to AEW. And I know that my opponent is going to give me the fight of my life. And that’s good, because I am looking for a fighter. I’m looking for a technician. I’m looking for someone to push me and remind me who the hell I am. So on March 29th, I show the world how damn good Adam Cole Baybay is, and nobody is gonna stop me.”


Stu Grayson speaks.

“Jon Moxley, up until our match tonight on Dynamite, everybody was asking me the same thing. ‘Stu, are you back? Are you back with AEW?’ And I just didn’t know what to answer. I just didn’t. Until now. Now that I am in the hospital because you and BCC gave a concussion to my brother, Evil Uno. So now I’m thinking, Mox, now I’m thinking, ‘Yeah, now I am back.’ You wanted Stu Grayson, you got him! Next week, I want you, Mox. I want you in a one on one match. And I swear to god, I will break you.” The BCC are #ForgedByCombat, but will the Maniac be ready for someone born and bred for combat?


Taya Valkyrie VS Ava Lawless!

La Wera Loca is now All Elite! She wants after #ThatBitch, Jade Cargill, but will her first match in AEW be ruined by “The Hellion?”

The bell rings, the two approach, and Taya gets around to waistlock and SLAM Ava down. Ava scrambles to a corner, Taya runs in to ELBOW her! And then LARIAT! Fans fire up with Taya as she sits Ava down. Taya goes corner to corner, slaps her thighs then her head, and comes back to METEORA! Taya says that’s why she’s La Wera Loca! Taya CHOPS Ava against the ropes, then CHOPS again! Taya whips, Ava reverses and dodges, but the SPEAR hits all the same! Taya drags Ava up, chicken wings, looks like Jaded but this is THE ROAD TO VALHALLA!! Cover, Taya wins!

Winner: Taya Valkyrie, by pinfall

Speaking of Jade, she, Leila Grey and Mark Sterling are on the stage. Sterling is taking notes, maybe drafting up a lawsuit. Will Jade have no choice but to take on one crazy Canadian?


Stokely Hathaway is in training.

Matt Hardy tells Stokely that he, Isiah Kassidy & Ethan Page are gonna get him ready for Hook. Hook’s a wrestling machine, a killing machine. He could break Stokely’s arms, legs, back, and neck. Hook could snuff out your life! Does Stokely want that? No! Then they’re gonna get him ready. Just trust them. The montage shows Stokely is off to a rough start, and a rough middle. And his technique to escape a half nelson is to tickle Isiah. But he seems to take scoop slams well. Hardy thinks they need about four or five more, to really toughen Stokely up. Hook is also a suplex machine. Wait, why’re they doing scoops then!?

Stokely runs up the bleachers, and he gets a cookie for his reward! That’s a good-ass cookie. But will any of this help Stokely against the Cold-Hearted Handsome Devil?


Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker VS The Bollywood Boyz!

Don’t touch that dial and stay on ’em! It’s a battle of Canadians as the duo formerly known as 2Point0 take on some old frenemies from back in the day. Will Daddy Magic & Cool Hand Ange prove they’re still great sports… enner-tay-ners? Or will there be lights, camera and Bollywood action in Winnipeg?

The teams sort out and Parker starts against Harv Sihra. The two circle, feel things out, but Menard takes a swipe. Harv is distracted and that allows Parker to clobber him from behind! The JAS mug Harv, Gurv runs in but he gets beat down, too! Parker KNEES Gurv out of the ring, then Menard UPPERCUTS Harv. The JAS double whip Harv to ropes, but Harv holds ropes to stop himself. Menard runs in but into an UPPERCUT! Parker runs in but into a LARIAT! Harv UPPERCUTS again, tags Gurv, and the brothers set Parker up for a FLYING UPPERCUT SPINEBUSTER! Parker bails out and fans boo.

Parker is flustered but the fans rally for “BOLLYWOOD! BOLLYWOOD!” Gurv runs and slides out, but Parker slides in! Gurv grabs Parker’s legs, but Parker BOOTS Gurv away. Parker tags Menard before Gurv slides back in, and Parker dodges to set Gurv up for Menard’s LARIAT! Menard soaks up the cheers and jeers, then he drags Gurv. Menard bumps Gurv off buckles, CHOPS, but Gurv CHOPS back! Menard ROCKS Gurv, bumps him off buckles and tags in Parker. The JAS mugs Gurv and then Parker brings Gurv up. Parker snap suplexes, stomps, then mockingly applauds at Harv while Rampage goes picture in picture.

Parker “kicks dirt” at Gurv while staring down Harv. Parker drags Gurv up, tags Menard, and the JAS mug Gurv again. Menard throws Gurv out hard, then he taunts Harv. The ref reprimands Menard but Parker stomps away on Gurv! Menard then goes out to bring Gurv up and throw him into barriers! Menard soaks up the cheers and jeers before he puts Gurv back in. Menard drags Gurv back, tags in Parker, and they stomp away on Gurv. Then they split the wishbone! Gurv writhes, but Parker keeps him from Harv. Parker stands Gurv up, whips him to ropes, but Gurv kicks back! And LARIATS!

Both men down, the fans rally up, but Parker anchors Gurv with a toehold! Tag to Menard and he drops an elbow! Cover, ONE!! Gurv hangs tough but Menard covers again, TWO! Menard SLAPS Gurv around, CHOKES him in the ropes, but lets off as the ref counts. Menard mockingly kisses Gurv’s forehead before he tags Parker. The JAS mugs Gurv more, drag him up, but Gurv shoulders into Parker! Slingshot sunset flip! TWO! LAIRAT from Gurv! Both men are down again and fans rally up again! Parker tags Menard, the JAS drags Gurv up, and double suplexes! The JAS is in control as Rampage goes to break.

Rampage returns as Gurv turns things around on the JAS! Hot tag to Harv! Harv rallies on the JAS, big elbows and clotheslines all around! RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP for Menard, then an atomic drop for Parker! WHEEL KICK takes down Parker! The JAS end up in opposite corners, Harv CHOPS Parker then whips him. Parker reverses, Menard drop toeholds, and they bring back the BOOYAH ELBOW! Gurv returns, but he runs into TWO FOR THE SHOW! The double flapjack onto buckles wipes Gurv out! Menard tags Parker, they drag Harv up, DOUBLE IMPALER DDT!! Cover, the JAS wins!

Winners: Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker, by pinfall

Menard & Parker win the long-awaited sequel from their Cruiserweight days, and they SCISSOR FINGER to call out The Acclaimed! Will Max Caster, Anthony Bowens & Billy Gunn have something to say on Dynamite next Wednesday?


AEW shares footage from earlier this week.

Don Callis has a camera crew and a taiko drummer to greet Konosuke Takeshita. Konosuke asks what’s going on while he’s given a bouquet of flowers. Callis says, “Look at the pageantry!” Konosuke says that was pretty cool. Callis says this is what Konosuke gets in Winnipeg and everywhere else, when he’s associated with Don Calls. They shake, and then Callis brings Konosuke in for a hug. This is great, right? Welcome to Winnipeg! Fans applaud, and Konosuke is admittedly flattered. But will all this special treatment convince the Future of Wrestling to join Callis’ stable?


BREAKING NEWS for Dynamite!

It is a crossover dream match as Kenny Omega takes on AAA’s El Hijo del Vikingo! The current AAA Mega Champion is an incredible high-flyer and is certainly leading the way of a new generation in lucha libre. But will he make an impression when he takes on the Best Bout Machine?

Plus, on top of Moxley VS Grayson and the No Disqualification match of Hook VS Stokely, Skye Blue is coming after The Outcasts! She takes on Toni Storm 1v1, but will Saraya & Ruby Soho make sure the “entitled rookie” doesn’t make it out of Dynamite in one piece?


The Gunns speak.

Colten Gunn welcomes us to “crappy Winnipeg, but guess what? You get to see The Gunns check into our suite because we are the champs, of course.” Austin is all fired up, but then he tells Top Flight to carry their things. Oh, oops, sorry! They aren’t valets! This is the second best brother tag team in AEW. Colten says Austin’s right! Darius & Dante say okay, that’s funny. Fans of the Young Bucks, right? What? N-No, that’s not what they meant. Oh, then the Lucha Brothers? Uh, no, not them, either. So the Hardy Boyz? NO! The number one brother team is THEM! The Gunns! Oh, really? That’s funny.

Just like them leaving their bags here with Top Flight, but not the belts. Because that’s because they know if the Gunns ever took on Top Flight, Top Flight would “valet” those belts, too. Oh, yeah? Top Flight thinks they’d win? Then how about this? Next week on Dynamite, they put the AEW World Tag Team Championships on the line! Then you can try to “valet” them. Top B*TCHES! The Gunns head out, but uh, they still left their bags. Dante & Darius take those away, but will they soon take away the gold?


BREAKING NEWS for Rampage next week!

Rampage will be on a different night next week, so mark your calendars for March 25th, 10 PM Eastern!


Excalibur hypes up the main event.

“Three teams in the main event, intent on leaving Winnipeg the AEW World Trios Champions. It was an exciting, brutal match, but it was a match that saw the House of Black retain their titles. In the midst of the melee that occurred after the bell, a war continued to rage between the Jericho Appreciation Society and the House of Black. And as a result, our main event, Daniel Garcia goes one on one with Brody King.” Mark Henry adds it’s time for the main event! But will the Dragonslayer be able to bring down the House of Black’s tattooed titan?

Daniel Garcia w/ Chris Jericho VS Brody King w/ Julia Hart!

The bell rings and then Garcia bails out. Fans boo but Garcia and Jericho soak up the heat. They hug, and Jericho shows off his custom Winnipeg Jets jersey, but then Brody storms out after Garcia. Garcia hurries away, slides into the ring, and Brody gets in the ring. Garcia just bails right back out! Fans boo and Brody paces around, but Jericho applauds the strategy. Brody waits on Garcia, but then storms out after him again. Garcia keeps up the cat ‘n’ mouse game, slides back into the ring, and Brody slides in. Garcia dropkicks the legs out! Garcia fires off fast hands but Brody TOSSES Garcia into a corner! And then SPLASHES!

Brody whips corner to corner, runs in but Garcia dodges. Garcia fires off hands, but Brody DECKS him! Fans rally up, Brody drags Garcia up and CHOPS! Fans rally while Garcia bails out again. Jericho checks Garcia, that chop already made his chest red. Garcia hurries away, but then Julia is there! She stares Garcia down, but Garcia tries to put on the charm with a little dance. Brody storms up behind Garcia, turns him around and CHOPS him again! Garcia falls at Julia’s feet and she smiles. Brody drags Garcia up to RAM him into barriers! Fans rally up, Brody stands Garcia up and CHOPS him again!

Garcia staggers away, face wincing with pain, but Brody throws him into more barriers! Brody confiscates the chair from security, makes Garcia take a seat, and Winnipeg hoots and barks with Brody. Brody runs to CROSSBODY Garcia into the barriers! Fans lose their minds and the ref checks Garcia. Somehow, Garcia is still in this, and Brody drags him up to CHOP again! Garcia staggers away and Brody keeps after him, to RAM him into the steel steps! Fans rally, Brody runs back in, but Garcia drop toeholds Brody into the steps! Brody bounces off the steel and Garcia manages to put his dukes up, as Rampage goes picture in picture.

The ref checks Brody, and he’s somehow okay to continue. Garcia crawls into the ring to let the count handle this. Jericho coaches Garcia while Julia checks Brody. Brody shakes out the cobwebs, Garcia wants the count to go faster, but Brody is in before 10. Garcia stomps away on Brody at the ropes and he fires up now! Garcia drags Brody up, fires off forearms, then digs his knee in. The ref counts, Garcia lets off at 4, then stands on Brody to hyper stomp away! Garcia hops off as the ref counts again, and Garcia high-fives Jericho. Garcia goes back to Brody, but Brody CHOPS! And CHOPS! But Garcia BOOTS him down!

Garcia digs his boot in again, lets off as the ref counts, and Garcia does his dance. Garcia runs side to side to BOOT WASH Brody! Garcia says that’s it! He’s beat Brody! But Garcia still has to drag Brody out, only for Brody to kick at him from below! Garcia holds onto a foot until Brody BOOTS him in the face! Garcia staggers to ropes, Brody runs in, but into a drop toehold! Brody hits ropes, and Garcia CHOKES him! Garcia even claws Brody’s face! The ref reprimands, Garcia lets off, and he steps on Brody’s back. And then steps on him again! Brody just gets annoyed as Garcia keeps stepping on him.

Garcia does his dance, turns to step on Brody again, but Brody sits up! Garcia can’t push Brody down, so he KNEES away on his side! Brody just gets mad! Garcia throws haymakers, but those only give Brody power! Rampage returns to single picture, Garcia keeps throwing hands, but Brody roars! Garcia runs, into the BLACK HOLE SLAM! Cover, TWO!! Garcia survives but Brody drags him up! PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO?! Garcia survives and fans fire up, but Brody snarls. Brody puts Garcia in a corner, CHOPS, and Garcia seems ready to cry. Brody stands Garcia up to CHOP him again! Even Jericho felt that one.

Fans hoot and bark with Brody again, and he goes corner to corner to CANNONBALL! Brody drags Garcia to the cover, ROPEBREAK! Brody miscalculated and Garcia survives! Brody drags Garcia back to center, but Garcia fights the lift! Fans rally, Garcia CLUBS the legs and he drags Brody down. Garcia fires off knees on the calves and ankles! Then he clamps on a SLEEPER! Brody fights up, but he starts fading! Brody keeps fighting, he has Garcia as a backpack and he RAMS him into buckles! But Garcia holds on! Brody RAMS Garcia again, but Garcia still has the sleeper! So Brody THROWS Garcia off him!

Brody sputters as he goes back to the corner and fans rally behind him. Garcia stands, into the DISCUS LARIAT from Brody!! Brody says this is the end and Julia has an evil little smile. Brody drags Garcia up, crucifix rack, but Garcia fights free! Garcia dodges in the corner, rolls Brody up, TWO!! Brody escapes, but Garcia has the legs! Garcia manages to turn Brody for the WALLS OF JERICHO!! Jericho and Winnipeg cheer him on, but Brody endures! Brody fights around, crawls his way over, but Garcia sits deep! Brody still fights, and makes his way to the ROPEBREAK! The ref counts, Garcia lets off at 4.

The ref argues with Garcia, and Jericho CLOBBERS Brody with Floyd the Baseball Bat! Garcia then clamps on a RINGS OF SATURN!! Brody’s arm drops once! Then twice! Then three times! GARCIA WINS!!

Winner: Daniel Garcia, by submission

JAS should stand for “Jericho Always Steals (the victory!” Because that’s what Jericho just did for Garcia! The ref questions Jericho, but Jericho defends his innocence. Will the House of Black make sure the sports entertainers pay for these transgressions?

My Thoughts:

A really good Rampage here, even though we had to wait for basketball to finish up before it. Great opener out of the TNT Championship match, and naturally Hobbs retains in his first defense. And of course QT cheats to help Hobbs, even though he shouldn’t even need that. Hobbs’ story is still connected to Wardlow’s, so it won’t be until those two have a rematch that Hobbs loses this title. They’re gonna boost his win-loss record through the “House Rules” house show tour, it seems, as he’s defending this title against Christopher Daniels, despite Daniels needing to also be strong because of his ROH run.

Of course Taya wins her AEW in-ring debut, and of course Jade and Sterling show up to watch in person. I can already predict Sterling is going to draw up a frivolous lawsuit saying Taya can’t use her chicken wing facebuster, Road to Valhalla, because it is exactly the same move as Jade’s chicken wing facebuster, The Jaded. I bet Taya beats Leila in a tune-up that also counts as fighting the lawsuit, and so it’ll come down to who can hit the chicken wing facebuster first to win the TBS Championship. And after 54 wins over her two year career, Jade can lose to someone as well-known and established as Taya without being hurt, and Jade can finally move on to the women’s world title.

Good revisit of Ever-Rise VS Bollywood Boys, and I figured Menard & Parker would win to then also call out The Acclaimed. I bet Caster is working on his diss track for Menard & Parker right now to throw it at them the next time they meet. Decent segment with Callis and Konosuke, and of course Callis pours on the Japanese culture. Konosuke’s choice can still work either way, but fans really like Konosuke so I would think he stays a Face by rejecting the invitation to join up. And while such a story is beneath Omega, I wouldn’t mind if he had a small moment in this story since he was the one who brought Konosuke into AEW to begin with.

Speaking of Omega, great match coming up for him and El Hijo del Vikingo, that is gonna be awesome. Good promo from Gunns and Top Flight, especially with how Top Flight rightfully had three brother teams easily better than Austin & Colten. But Austin & Colten are totally going to cheat to beat Top Flight and retain the titles since their story is with FTR. Great promo from Grayson to call out Moxley, and it sounded very John Wick with that whole, “I’m thinking I’m back!” Moxley VS Grayson is going to be awesome, and will give Hangman a reason to come out and confront Moxley again since there’s still a lot going on there.

The one point of disappointment is that Mark Henry’s role is reduced even further. He didn’t get to welcome us back from break, and his line was trimmed down to just the latter half. But good vignette with narration from Excalibur to make up for it. And great main event, where I should’ve known Jericho would cheat to help Garcia win. Oddly enough, The House of Black will end up the Faces in this story since the JAS will be doing all the Heel tactics, and they could have quite the feud going towards Double or Nothing.

My Score: 8.6/10

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AEW Coverage

Mitchell’s AEW Dynamite Results & Report! (3/15/23)

O, Canada!



AEW Coverage Lasers

The True North, strong and free!

AEW Dynamite is going big in Canada! The TBS title, World Trios titles, and the newly renamed International title, who wins in Winnipeg?


  • Six Man Tag: Hangman Page, Evil Uno & Stu Grayson VS The Blackpool Combat Club; The BCC wins.
  • AEW TBS Championship Canadian Open Challenge: Jade Cargill w/ Leila Grey VS Nicole Matthews; Jade wins and retains the title.
  • AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy w/ Danhausen VS Jeff Jarrett w/ Team Triple J; Cassidy wins and retains the title.
  • AEW World Trios Championships Triple Threat: The House of Black VS The Elite VS The Jericho Appreciation Society; The House of Black wins and retains the titles.


It’s time for MJF’s “Re-Bar Mitzvah!”

Justin Roberts begins by saying, “In the tradition of his forefathers, but better, please welcome the Bar Mitzvah Man, the AEW World Champion, MJF.” Fans boo as the Devil of AEW’s music hits and four young ladies accompany him out to the ring. MJF has them each kiss him on the cheek, but then gets a big kiss on the lips from the fourth one. MJF then gets in the ring, the ladies are dismissed and the blue and white streamers fly. MJF gets the music and has them cut his music. Fans are torn, many boo but many also still cheer him on. MJF says, “Now I know you Canadians aren’t very bright. I mean, for crying out loud, you folks used to think Bret Hart was actually entertaining.”

All the fans boo that, but MJF says, “No offense but I think we all know Shawn was much better.” But allow him to remind us why we’re here. We’re here to celebrate the most important day in recorded human history: MJF’s birthday. And in his religion, which is the only religion that matters, Judaism–boo all you want but they’re the chosen people, it’s just a fact–but under the eyes of his Lord, when a boy turns into a man, he hits 13 and that is when he is Bar Mitzvah’d. Now, MJF already had a Bar Mitzvah, the theme was “Maximania” and he lost his “V-card,” “It was sick, dude.”

But here’s why they’re having a Re-Mitzvah. When MJF tapped out “your boy,” Bryan Danielson, to become the undisputed best pro-wrestler in the world, to go on to retain the most important title in all of pro-wrestling, The Triple B, MJF is no longer merely a man. Now, he is IRONMAN! And to celebrate, hit the music! The Hava Nagila! Fans clap along and a chair is brought out! They dance around, MJF sits, and the chair is lifted up! But wait! Here comes Jungle Boy! Fans fire up as Jack Perry makes his way out, and the dancing stops. JB sees MJF’s Shazam cake then gets in the ring.

Fans fire up for “Jungle Boy! Jungle Boy!” as he gets the mic. But then Sammy Guevara makes his way out! The Spanish God walks down the ramp while MJF puts on a fuzzy Burberry patterned bucket hat. Sammy looks at the cake, too, but MJF shouts, “Don’t you touch that!” Sammy soaks up the heat from Winnipeg before he gets in the ring. Sammy has his own mic, and he tells “Max, oh, Max.” But wait! DARBY ALLIN makes his way out! Fans fire up even more, we’ve got all four Young Pillars of AEW are in the ring at the same time! MJF gets pissed and shouts to cut the music! But Winnipeg is thunderous for “DARBY! DARBY!”

MJF tells them no no no no no! They are RUINING his Re-Mitzvah! What the hell do they want? They all say, “I want a title match!” Fans fire up for that! MJF laughs and says that was cute and all, but let’s get real. JB says, “Shut up, Max.” The last time they went 1v1 was Double or Nothing 2020, the very first Pandemic Era PPV, no fans in the crowd. JB and MJF went back and forth for almost 20 minutes in that Florida heat. Until eventually, MJF cheated, as always, and then won. Fans boo MJF but MJF just shrugs. After that, their lives went in very different directions. MJF was handed every opportunity in the book. As for JB, he wrestled on Dark.

MJF has never had a match on Dark, huh? The others have. MJF has never been on Elevation, or even on Rampage! He just gets to walk around and do whatever the hell he wants. And it’s crazy to JB because there is an entire locker room, men AND women, who bust their asses every week! And they maybe get to get sixty seconds on Dynamite,  maybe. But they all have to sit back there and watch MJF take 20 minutes to do the same “hokey bullsh*t” he’s been doing the past four YEARS! Fans cheer that and JB says this entire place revolves around MJF. And the first step in changing that is taking that world title!

Fans chant “HOKEY BULLSH*T!” But MJF says, “You wanna know the truth? This company does revolve around me, because unlike you, you and you, and all those boys in the back, I’m actually a star!” But now Sammy tells MJF to shut up! “You shut the hell up before I turn this Re-Bar Mitzvah into a re-circumcision!” MJF is stunned hearing that. Sammy says MJF talks too much, and has done that his whole life, his whole career. He literally talked his way into the door here. He kissed ass, lied and cheated to get where he is. But you know what Sammy had to do to get here? He had to grind on the indies for 10 PLUS YEARS!

Sammy had to work at Whataburger, and at Subway, every odd job, you name it, he did it! Fans cheer that! Sammy says that even then, “You look at me, you SOB,” when Sammy finally did get here, he was told he was only supposed to be the Inner Circle’s jobber. He was only supposed to be the bump guy for Jericho. But he overcame every obstacle that “they” put on me and he became a champion, THREE TIMES OVER! See, Max, Sammy isn’t like you. He’s never had “the machine” pushing him, and he never needed it! He had himself. Sammy got Sammy here, and he’ll get Sammy to the world title.

So whether MJF likes it or not, or whether these “dumbass Canadians” like it or not, Sammy Guevara is gonna be a world champion. Because he’s the Best Ever, and MJF knows it! MJF says that was cute, Sammy copying his catchphrase and all. MJF appreciates the fact Sammy took all this time out of his busy schedule getting into brawls in the back with people to do this. But now Darby tells MJF to shut up! His turn! “Hold your applause until after I’m done, please.” Darby says in 2013, he was going to film school and he turned in this movie. His teacher told him he was gonna have to change everything in it. The school does not accept this kind of movie.

Darby looked at her and said, “I’d rather just drop out of school then change a single thing.” So that day, he DID drop out of school. That was a blessing in disguise because it gave him the balls to do something he never thought was possible, and that was become a pro-wrestler. Fans cheer that, and Darby says it was his first day at the Buddy Wayne Academy and he remembers walking in and saying to himself, “You’re gonna make it as Darby Allin, or you’re gonna fail as Darby Allin, but you ain’t gonna change a single thing.” Fans cheer that, too.

Darby says fast forward all these years later, he’s in Tony Khan’s office, and he tells Tony, “Maybe I am the worst businessman in this whole entire place, because there will never be a bidding war for Darby Allin. Because AEW gives me something no amount of money can afford me, and that is the opportunity to just let me be me. The biggest problem, listen to this. The biggest problem I have with this whole entire company is you got grown ass wrestlers in the back going on Twitter, ‘I’m not happy! I’m upset! I wanna out of my contract if I don’t get what I want~!’ And that includes YOU, our world champion, with his own bidding war of 2024 crap!

“See Max, AEW means a whole lot more to me than it ever did you. That is exactly why I should be world champion. And you know what I’m gonna do if you don’t give me a championship match, right? You know what I’m gonna do. I’m just gonna go complain about it on Twitter. No, seriously, I’m gonna beat your face in with my skateboard, and I’m gonna give you a headlock takeover!” MJF is really mad now! He has had enough of all of this! Do they understand him! MJF takes off the sunglasses, and we see the black bags under his eyes and red spot in one! Darby says MJF looks like sh*t! Put the glasses back on.

MJF says fine, we’ve got “Jungle Jabroni, Dangerous Darb the Incel Skateboarding Mime, and Sammy ‘in about seven months, I’m gonna propose to a new girl’ Guevara!” Even JB thought that was a good one. Sammy tells MJF that’s funny, since uh, didn’t his fiancé leave him? Oh, so we’re making burns at MJF’s Re-Mitzvah? Y’all got MJF mashookenah up in this B! Okay! Hey, hey, Jungle had Christian. Sammy has Jericho. Darby has Sting. But y’know who MJF has? NOBODY! Because guess what? He didn’t need to be enrolled into AEW Daddy Daycare! MJF has been ready since day ONE!

And that is precisely why, as sick as it makes him now, these four ARE the Pillars of AEW! MJF is not afraid to admit that they are the past, present and future of pro-wrestling. However, MJF is the only pillar who can keep this place up, and that’s a fact. He has beaten every single one of them in singles competition, and they think they deserve a shot at the world title? No. They don’t even deserve to sniff the Triple B. So they are gonna leave since none of them were invited, and then MJF is gonna eat his cake, because he deserves it. “Thank you, screw you, bye.” He SLAPS JB! So JB CLOBBERS MJF! But Sammy KNEES JB!

Darby and Sammy fire off on each other! MJF stands up on the apron, but Darby and Sammy knock him off and onto the cake!! MJF, the cake and the table go falling over! That suit is ruined, and so is the party! Fans chant “You Deserve It!” but MJF is furious as he gets up and storms away. Will the other three pillars bring MJF down so that someone else can stand atop AEW?


Six Man Tag: Hangman Page, Evil Uno & Stu Grayson VS The Blackpool Combat Club!

The Cowboy was willing to let it all be over, but Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta just had to beat down on John Silver & Alex Reynolds after the bell last week. Now, Hangman rides with the Dark Order OG, will they rip apart the Maniac, the Swiss Superman & The Decoder?

Dynamite is picture in picture as the BCC makes their entrance from the crowd. Claudio runs the ropes to warm up, and the ROH title belts are put aside. Dynamite returns to single picture as Hangman makes his entrance, followed by Uno & Stu. Fans fire up to see Stu back in action alongside his friends and in his home territory. The trios sort out, Uno starts and BOOTS Yuta down! Uno glares at Moxley, drags Yuta up and bumps him off buckles. Uno CHOPS Yuta but Yuta CHOPS back! Uno CHOPS again, but Yuta ROCKS t hen CHOPS! Uno fires off forearms in return and then CHOPS again!

Uno snap suplexes Yuta, but Yuta powers him to the BCC corner! Tag to Moxley and the BCC mugs Uno. Moxley fires off forearms, then brings Uno up to CHOKE him with his own vest! The fans boo, the ref counts, and Moxley lets off to snapmare. Tag to Claudio, Moxley shits Uno up for Claudio’s basement dropkick! Cover, ONE!! Claudio glares at Hangman while Yuta gets a cheap shot on Uno! The ref reprimands Yuta but Claudio UPPERCUTS Uno! Claudio then puts Uno up top, then he SUPER-MARES Uno right down! Cover, TWO! Tag to Yuta, he and Claudio mug Uno. Yuta storms up on Uno in the open corner to fire off hands and elbows!

The fans rally for Stu but Yuta snapmares Uno to drop a knee! Cover, TWO! Uno CHOPS, Yuta CHOPS then Yuta puts Uno in the corner. Tag to Moxley and Moxley puts one of Uno’s legs through the ropes. Moxley stomps away on the leg but the ref counts. Moxley lets off, then DROPKICKS the leg! Moxley drags Uno up, tags Yuta, and they mug Uno some more. Yuta CHOPS, Uno ROCKS, the forearms fly back and forth! Yuta runs to sucker punch Hangman! Fans boo but Uno back drops Yuta! Hot tags to Stu and Claudio! Fans fire up as Stu dodges Claudio to then triangle jump and APRON DDT Yuta!!

Claudio hurries over but Stu PELES him away! Stu then goes up the corner and METEORAS! Moxley runs in and fires off forearms! Fans boo, but Stu clinches Moxley for an URENAGE! Claudio BOOTS Stu, whips him, but Stu springboards to TORNADO DDT! Stu hurries and runs, LION-SENTON! Cover, TWO! Fans fire up and Stu feeds off that energy! Stu drags Claudio up, torture racks, but Claudio claws eyes! Claudio uppercuts but Stu hooks arms! Claudio fights the backslide, spins Stu around, pie faces him and Yuta holds ropes open! Stu falls out to the floor, Claudio goes out to CLOBBER him!

Claudio throws Stu into the apron, into barriers, then gets help from Moxley and Yuta, SPIKE PILEDRIVER to the floor!! Fans are losing their minds as Dynamite goes picture in picture!

Hangman scowls while Claudio looms over Stu. Claudio drags Stu up, puts him in the ring, then drops an elbow! Cover, TWO! Stu hangs tough but Claudio looms over him again. Claudio drags Stu up but Stu throws body shots! Stu goes to fireman’s carry but Claudio blocks to scoop and SLAM! Tag to Moxley and he swaggers around. Moxley stomps Stu, drags him up and SAIDOS! Stu flounders, Moxley covers, TWO! Moxley stays on Stu by going after the legs. Moxley ties the legs up, and has a TEXAS CLOVERLEAF! Stu endures as Moxley sits deep. Fans rally as Stu fights, but Moxley shifts to an STF!

Stu still fights forward, reaches out, and grabs the ROPEBREAK! Moxley keeps the legs hooked as he tags Claudio, and Claudio stomps Stu down. Claudio pushes Stu to a corner, UPPERCUTS, then bumps him off buckles. Tag to Yuta, the BCC stomp away on Stu, but let off as the ref counts. Yuta smirks as he brings Stu up and FISHERMAN SUPLEXES! Bridging cover, TWO! Not quite perfect, but Yuta has the leg for a HALF CRAB! Stu endures, Yuta sits deep, but Hangman and Uno coach Stu. Stu fights, but Yuta tags in Moxley. Moxley gest the other leg, to hand off the HALF CRAB!

Dynamite returns to single picture as Moxley now tags Claudio. Claudio stomps Stu down, then kicks at him tauntingly. Claudio mocks the Dark Order claw, then ROCKS Stu with a forearm. Stu JAWBREAKERS! Stu runs, but into an UPPERCUT! Cover, TWO! Stu is still in this but Claudio tags Moxley. The BCC mug Stu more, and Moxley reels Stu in. Moxley lifts Stu for a PILEDRIVER!! Cover, TWO!?! Stu survives and Moxley is frustrated. Moxley CHOPS Stu in the corner, CHOPS again, but the fans rally up. Stu CHOPS, Moxley fires off forearms! Moxley runs and clotheslines! Moxley keeps going, but Stu follows to JUMP KNEE!!

Both men fall and fans are thunderous! Moxley and Stu crawl, hot tags to Yuta and HANGMAN! Fans fire up as the Cowboy rallies on the BCC! BOOT for Yuta, triangle jump LARIAT for Claudio! Yuta runs in, Hangman dodges to scoop and FALL AWAY SLAM! Kip up and a PLANCHA for Claudio! Hangman hurries back in to run, Yuta blocks the lariat but the DISCUS SOUTHPAW hits! Fans are thunderous again and Hangman brings Yuta up. Yuta slips free of the bomb to CHOP and ROCK! Yuta runs, Hangman follows, Uno sneaks a tag! POP-UP POWERBOMB! Uno is up top, SWANTON BOMB!!

But Claudio UPPERCUTS Uno! Hangman ROLLING ELBOWS Claudio! Stu runs in to clothesline Claudio and himself out to the floor! Hangman drags Yuta up, Alabama Lifts, but Yuta slips free! Hot tag to Moxley! Fans are thunderous as we revisit Texas Death! The forearms start flying back and forth, but then Moxley KICKS! Moxley runs, into a LARIAT! Hangman goes to the apron, Moxley distracts the ref, Yuta CLOBBERS Hangman with the ring bell!! Fans boo but Yuta gets away with it! Uno and Stu check Hangman and the fans boo the ref. Uno and Stu go after Claudio and Moxley!

Fans fire up as the Dark Order has the advantage, until Yuta CHOP BLOCKS Uno! Claudio knees Stu, bumps him off buckles, and coordinates with Yuta. They double whip Stu corner to corner, then Yuta sends Claudio in. Stu POSTS Claudio! Stu dodges Yuta, runs and FLIES out onto Claudio!! Uno gets Moxley for a PARADIGM SHIFT!!! Stu goes up, Uno runs in, WOMBO COMBO!! Cover, TWO?!! Moxley survives but the Dark Order regroups. Tag to Stu, and Uno hooks Moxley up! Stu goes up, FATALITY!! Cover, but Yuta breaks it!! Fans are thunderous as everyone is down around the ring! Stu PELES Moxley!

Moxley staggers, Claudio tags in, “This is Awesome!” as Claudio whips Stu to POP-UP- RANA!! Stu has the cover, TWO!! Yuta trips Uno off the corner to deny the tag! Moxley clotheslines Stu, and feeds him to the POP-UP UPPERCUT!!! And then the REAR NAKED CHOKE!! Moxley has Stu trapped and he is OUT! The BCC wins!

Winners: The Blackpool Combat Club, by submission

Moxley holds on to shifts to the BULLY CHOKE!! Fans boo more but Uno gets back in! Uno fights but that’s 3v1! The BCC mugs Uno, then set him up for the UPPERCUT! But here comes Silver & Reynolds! The rest of the Numbers are here and the BCC leaves. The Maniac, the Swiss Superman and the Decoder got the better of the Cowboy and his posse, what will it take for Hangman to finish this with Moxley once and for all?



Sunday, June 25th, AEW and NJPW will converge again in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, for Forbidden Door 2! Tickets on sale March 24th, 10 AM Eastern, be ready to see all the stars of both worlds collide again!


Juice Robinson speaks.

“Everybody wants to know why I laid out Ricky Starks with the Left Hand, and then planted his head into the mat. Instead of, ‘Why, Juice, why? How could you do that to the beloved Ricky Starks?’ It should be, ‘What’re you gonna do about Juice Robinson walking down to the ring, knocking the taste outta your mouth and then planting your surgically repaired neck–Oh yeah, I remember–into the mat?'” Juice knows what Ricky’s gonna do: JACK DIDDLY SQUAT!! The Booster fired the first shot, but will the Absolute have the last laugh?


AEW TBS Championship Canadian Open Challenge: Jade Cargill w/ Leila Grey VS ???

Undefeated at 53-0, the champion feels she’s beaten everyone there is to beat in the United States of America. But now that AEW is in Canada, she wants the best the True North has to offer! Will #ThatBitch stay undefeated? Or will this be the night her streak ends?

So who stepped up? It’s Nicole Matthews, a four-time Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling (ECCW) Women’s Champion! She’s elite, but is she all elite? The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see if Canada’s best is good enough!

The bell rings and Jade dares Nicole to take a shot. Nicole isn’t taking that seriously, but then Jade pie faces her! Jade eggs Nicole on so Nicole fires off forearms! Nicole whips, Jade reverses and kicks low! Jade whips, then BOOTS Nicole down! “This is my competition!?” Jade chicken wings to hit Nicole with JADED!! Cover, Jade wins!

Winner: Jade Cargill, by pinfall (still AEW TBS Champion)

54-0 as easy as that, and now Renee Paquette steps into the ring to interview Jade. She’s still undefeated, she issued an Open Challenge to all of Canada, and she ran through Nicole Matthews. What level of competition is Jade looking for at this point? Isn’t Renee from Canada? Jade corners Renee but Renee says she’s just a reporter! Fans boo but Jade snatches the mic. “Is that it? Is that all you have to offer, Canada?” Fans boo but Jade smiles. Wait. Is that…? TAYA VALKYRIE!? Impact’s Wera Loca is now here in AEW! And Winnipeg fires up to see the Crazy Canadian make her way to the ring.

Taya steps to Jade, the two stare down and talk some trash, and fans are loving this! Leila wants to get in the way but Jade moves her aside. Jade holds up the belt, Taya nods, and Jade leaves. Leila sucker punches, but Taya ROCKS Leila! Taya chicken wings Leila to give her JADED!! Jade is pissed but Mark Sterling rushes out to stop her from going after Taya now. The collision is happening down the line, will Taya finally be the one to make Jade the former TBS Champion?


Backstage interview with Ricky Starks.

Tony Schiavone is with The Absolute to get his response to Juice’s comments and actions. “It’s real easy to attack a guy from behind, isn’t it, Juice? And I heard what you had to say. You’re jealous because I’m getting the so-called attention. Wow. Good. I deserve it. What the hell have you done here? You’re part of the Bullet Club. That was relevant back in 2015. But this is 2023, alright? Maybe you should stand on your own two feet and do something  for yourself.” Starks says, “You’d think I would learn by now, dealing with these groups and getting myself entangled in all this mess. But same ol’ Ricky, different day.”

So if Juice has an issue with Starks, then come and bring it. It is an issue if Juice wants to drag Bullet Club into, then go and bring it. Any time, any place. Will the Booster face the wrath of Ricky Starks soon enough?


AEW presents: QTV.

First, the disclaimer: “The views and opinions expressed in this program are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect the views or positions of any entities they represent.” And of course, this is a TMZ parody… QT tells his team that they are to keep their journalistic integrity and only give the fans the pure facts. No biases or attempts to ruin people’s careers. So what do we have today? Harley Cameron says Wardlow’s had a rough week, right? Someone broke into his car, stole all of his belongings, and no one knows who did it! They all have a laugh, and now we have footage of that person breaking into the SUV!

This person used a crowbar to break the window, then they unlocked the door themselves and snatched the belt. Wait! It was AARON SOLO?! And now they’re all laughing at how they got away with that! QT says Wardlow really shouldn’t be surprised. Last year, MJF stole all of his momentum! OH~! And Solo says with that haircut, Wardlow would make a great Spike TV Champion! HAH! RUTHLESS! AGGRESSION! But in all seriousness, what is next for Wardlow? Whatever is next for Batista, just not as good! HAHAHA! Nothing’s next for Wardlow, because he also left his passport in the car!

What does Hobbs say? “Wardlow, welcome to WILL’S World, b*tch!!” The Book of Hobbs’ next chapter is full of jokes, but will he have the last laugh? But speaking of the TNT title…

BREAKING NEWS for Rampage!

As part of this year’s St. Patrick’s Day Slam event, Hobbs has issued an OPEN CHALLENGE! Who will step up to Hobbs to get dunked on? Rampage will begin immediately following NCAA Tournament coverage this Friday, no earlier than 11:30 PM Eastern, keep your eyes open!


AEW International Championship: Orange Cassidy VS Jeff Jarrett w/ Team Triple J!

Just as life brings changes and growth, so must this title change and grow! All-Atlantic wasn’t enough, this is now the AEW International Championship! But even with this new name, the same grudge has to be settled! Will Freshly Squeezed finally get past Double J and his cronies? Or will the Last Outlaw be the first new champion?

The introductions are made, the belt is raised, and we see who levels up!

The bell rings and fans rally up for Cassidy. Jarrett and Cassidy circle, tie up, and Jarrett shoves Cassidy to ropes. Jarrett then hip tosses Cassidy down, and he struts! Fans boo but Jarrett just soaks it up. Cassidy shakes out the leg Jarrett smashed with the guitar last week, ties up with Jarrett again, and Jarrett arm-drags Cassidy away. Sonjay mocks the bad leg, and Jarrett struts again. Jarrett then lounges on the ropes while Cassidy shakes out the leg. Cassidy and Jarrett reset and circle again. ORANGE- NO, Jarrett avoids the sudden Orange Punch, then scoops. Cassidy slips off, shoves, but Jarrett holds ropes to stop himself.

Jarrett taunts Cassidy, but Cassidy puts his hands in his pockets! Jarrett panics, rushes in, but Cassidy dodges to SHOTGUN, only for Jarrett to catch the legs! Jarrett steps through but Cassidy boots him away. Things speed up, Cassidy hurdles, but the leg jabs! Jarrett scoops and SLAMS Cassidy, then he struts! Fans boo more but Jarrett mocks putting hands in pockets. Jarrett scoots up to Cassidy and “unleashes” the kicks! Fans “OH!” along as Jarrett kicks, and he laughs. Cassidy gets up to CHOP! And CHOP! And CHOP! Cassidy fires off haymakers, he backs Jarrett down but Jarrett pushes him away.

Cassidy runs in, Jarrett dodges then whips Cassidy corner to corner. Cassidy goes up and over, bumps Jarrett off buckles, then bumps him off more buckles! And then again and again and again! Fans count along, Cassidy gets TEN! Jarrett staggers away and distracts the ref, and Sonjay anchors Cassidy’s foot! Cassidy bops Sonjay in the face! But Jarrett BLASTS Cassidy off the apron! Sonjay says that’s what Cassidy gets, and Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Jarrett drags Cassidy up and brings him around the way, to whip over the timekeeper’s table! Cassidy crashes into barriers, and then Jarrett storms after him. They go behind the timekeeper’s area to brawl in front of the bleachers! Jarrett bumps Cassidy off railing, ROCKS him with haymakers, and then stalks him along the way. Jarrett JABS Cassidy, JABS again, and then smacks him off a trash can! Then he CHUCKS the trash can at Cassidy! Jarrett brings Cassidy around to the other side of the stands and SNAKE EYES him off more railing! Cassidy sits down as he clutches ribs, but Jarrett brings him along.

Jarrett brings Cassidy up the steps but Cassidy fights back with haymakers! Jarrett staggers back down and fans fire up as they high five Cassidy. Cassidy CLUBS Jarrett on the back! They keep moving through the crowd, Cassidy ROCKS and CHOPS Jarrett! Jarrett whips Cassidy at barriers! Cassidy tumbles into ringside and Jarrett storms after him. Jarrett rains down fists, Sonjay cheers him on, but the ref reprimands and says to get this in the ring. Jarrett still rains down fists, then he soaks up the heat. Jarrett tells Justin Roberts and the timekeeper to move. Jarrett grabs the mic, and while Sonjay distracts the ref, Jarrett CLOBBERS Cassidy with it!

Dynamite returns to single picture, fans boo, but Cassidy writhes. Jarrett gets in the ring, argues with the ref, and Satnam Singh deadlifts and TOSSES Cassidy back in the ring! Fans foo, but Jarrett stomps the bad leg! Jarrett KICKS the leg out, and he calls for the leglock! Jarrett gets the leg, steps through, but then shakes his head. Not THAT hold, this hold! THE SHARPSHOOTER!! Fans boo that Jarrett is mocking the Hitman while torturing Cassidy! But Cassidy fights up! Jarrett is shocked as Cassidy overpowers him, into the SHARPSHOOTER! The Freshly Squeezed Hitman makes Jarrett suffer now!

Jarrett endures, crawls, and Sonjay pushes the ropes closer to Jarrett for the ROPEBREAK! Fans boo but the ref suspects something. Sonjay plays innocent, and Jarrett stomps Cassidy’s leg. Jarrett whips, Cassidy reverses but Jarrett gets around to a SLEEPER! Cassidy flails, reaches out, and fans rally up, but Cassidy is fading! The ref checks, and the hand drops once! The hand drops twice! But then Cassidy gets a second wind! Cassidy stands up, and puts his hands in his pockets! Then he sits to JAWBREAKER! Jarrett staggers, and Cassidy puts on a SLEEPER!! Sonjay distracts, and Satnam HOTSHOTS Cassidy!

Fans boo as Jarrett gets the leg, for a SHIN BREAKER! And then the step through, for the FIGURE FOUR! Cassidy endures, fights the hold, but Jarrett holds on tight! Cassidy crawls, reaches out, but his shoulders are down! TWO as Cassidy sits up! Cassidy rests, the ref counts, TWO! Cassidy rests again, TWO! Cassidy fires up and he fires off fists on Jarrett! Jarrett lets go of the hold, the haymakers go back and forth! Cassidy ROCKS Jarrett, but Jarrett rebounds to ROCK him in return! Cassidy rebounds to ROCK Jarrett! Jarrett rebounds to ROCK Cassidy! Cassidy rebounds, but Jarrett kicks! Cassidy blocks, spins him, but Jarrett dodges the Orange Punch!

Jarrett shoves Cassidy into the ref! Down goes the ref and Sonjay gets Jarrett’s guitar! Jarrett grins as he could give an encore from last week. But here comes AUBREY EDWARDS! She will NOT stand for this, and she snatches the guitar away! Jarrett is furious but the fans love it! Cassidy rolls Jarrett, TWO!! Jarrett sweeps the bad leg! The ref reprimands but Jarrett has to hold back his temper! You don’t hit a ref and you don’t hit a lady, and Aubrey is both! But Cassidy has the guitar!! Fans fire up, but then Satnam snatches the guitar! Cassidy says okay, fine. So he tells Aubrey! Aubrey sees Satnam and Cassidy plays hurt!

Satnam and Sonjay defend their innocence, Jarrett does, too, but Aubrey EJECTS them!! Ref Bryce Young is back up so Aubrey escorts Sonjay and Satnam away. Cassidy runs in, tilt-o-whirl DDT! Kip up on ONE leg!! Fans are thunderous as the elbow pad comes off! Cassidy locks ‘n’ loads, Jarrett wants the ref to check something. JAY LETHAL slides in!! And he CLOBBERS Cassidy with the Golden Globe!! Lethal was the ace in the hole!! Jarrett covers, Bryce counts, TWO!?!? Cassidy survives and fans are thunderous! Lethal is furious, but he gets the guitar! The ref asks where Lethal came from, but Trent Beretta SPEARS Lethal!!

Trent ROCKS Lethal, they brawl away, and Jarrett hurries to run. Cassidy dodges, but the bad leg gives out! Jarrett hooks Cassidy up, but no Stroke! Cassidy shoves and ORANGE PUNCHES!!! Cover, Cassidy wins!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy, by pinfall (still AEW International Champion)

New name, same action, and same champion holding it up! Has this finally ended things between Best Friends and Triple J?


AEW hears from tonight’s main eventers.

Malakai Black says, “So this is what it feels like to be popular, to have people fighting over you. And all it took for the world to notice were these.” Chris Jericho says this is the biggest wrestling match in Winnipeg history! JAS VS The Elite VS The House of Black! Also, Jericho and Omega face to face for the first time in two years, “two Winnipeg natives beating the crap out of each other in the city that knows how to fight.” Malakai says, “There is a sickness in this company. We are here to cut it out. Start by wiping off the dirt, the blood, the sweat of people who do not deserve to hold these titles.” The Elite, however, are silent. Will their actions speak for them tonight?


The Acclaimed debut a new music video!

“The Acclaimed, doing everything they can do. Platinum, Anthony and Billy rolling with the fans, too. I just wanna hear the siren, I’ve been waiting all night. Put the double scissors up, it’s Acclaimed 4 Life. No, we never roll down. Once again, we uncrowned. Coming from the Dark days, coming from the underground. You know we self made, trying to find a little bit of heaven in this hellscape, suddenly it felt great. Acclaimed across America, the barrier, we cause hysteria, and give it back to the game. Up early, autographing name, taking pics cuz everybody loves The Acclaimed, hey!

“Critics saying we should get a different motto. But we never slipping, no, we not Mitch McConnell. It’s like we hit the lotto, I know, we moving you. We can’t stop, we got something to prove to you. Never enough, the good guys, the bad influence, the People’s Choice, they never have us losing. We ya voice, and you’re saying we should bring it back home. We three kings been stealing that gold for you.” The Acclaimed know they owe it to the fans, but will they be able to take the AEW World Tag Team Championships back from the Gunns?


The Outcasts are here!

The outsiders, the famous-before-AEW, former-WWE-ers, Saraya, Toni Storm & Ruby Soho, head to the ring, soaking up the heat and flipping off the fans. They get the mics, and Saraya tells Winnipeg to shut up! Ruby says, “Let me tell you all a story. Once upon a time, the grass was greener here at AEW. Until a couple of dogs, well, let’s be real here, a couple of b*tches, came along and pissed all over that grass.” Saraya, what do they do with b*tches that aren’t housebroken? Saraya says, “We show them that AEW is OUR house!” Saraya says the fans should kiss the ground they walk out, because without them, there wouldn’t be a division!

“You can boo all you want, but you are lucky we are here! I AM A MIRACLE! I don’t expect anything less from a bunch of neckbeard, stinky twats!” Fans boo more but Saraya says she’s too mad, Storm has to take it from here. Storm tells all the “fat people” to listen up. Storm became a champion here in AEW- Oh, sorry. When she became interim champion here, not a real champion, she wore it with a smile, and none of them appreciated her. But their current champion, Jamie Hayter, cheated to beat Storm, and the fans LOVED it!! And so Storm realized, “None of you people know what you want. None of you!”

So they’re here to give us what they NEED, and that is change in the AEW Women’s Division. They are the Outcasts, but they ain’t going anywhere! They’re having too much fun going from one entitled rookie to the next. It started with Skye Blue, then Willow Nightingale, and Riho, and Dr. Britt Baker, DMD. And of course, the favorite, the champion, Jamie Hayter. But speak her name and here she comes! Hayter, followed by Britt, rush the ring and take it to the Outcasts! And in matching denim! Britt takes off her belt and she aims at Ruby. But Storm snatches the belt to CHOKE her with it!

Saraya CLOBBERS Hayter, Soho and Storm mug Britt! DESTINATION UNKNOWN! Storm hits Hayter with STORM ZERO! But here comes RIHO! AND Skye, and Willow! Riho has a big stick, too! Riho, Skye and Willow run The Outcasts off! Fans fire up, will the Pillar & the Killer see they have allies after all?


Matthew Menard & Angelo Parker speak.

Daddy Magic says he and Cool Hand Ange saw that great new music video from The Acclaimed, “UN-BELIEVABLE!” Menard will say right now that the video made his nipples hard. The JAS loves rap music! Love it! Parker says it was entertaining! A Tony Award winning video! Great job! Congrats! But that’s where the praise ends. Last week, two times the Acclaimed were given an invitation, and they spit in the JAS’s face! But Parker says it is okay, that’s just The Acclaimed playing hard to get.

Maybe they need a reminder of why they should put some respect on the JAS. So do them a favor, Acclaimed and Ass Man, tune into Rampage and see why the JAS is the epitome of sports… enner-tay-ners! This Friday on Rampage, Menard & Parker take on the Bollywood Boyz! Will Caster & Bowens be watching St. Patrick’s Day Slam?


Rey Fenix speaks.

He and Alex Abrahantes are here, and Alex knows that the Lucha Brothers came from nothing. Fenix sold candies, T-shirts, put up the ring and wrestled for free for a very long time, just to get where he is today. Alex reminds us that the Lucha Brothers have been AEW World Tag Team Champions, AEW World Trios Champions, but this Friday, Fenix looks to become AEW TNT Champion! “Will Hobbs, challenge accepted! ANIMO!” The Book of Hobbs has his next challenger, but will it be his last?


AEW World Trios Championships Triple Threat: The House of Black VS The Elite VS The Jericho Appreciation Society!

Malakai Black, Brody King & Buddy Matthews shocked many when they dethroned Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks at Revolution. And then Chris Jericho, Daniel Garcia & Sammy Guevara claimed they were the new #1 contenders before The Elite got a rematch. The House decided not to waste anyone’s time, and accepted BOTH challenges at once! Will the House still be standing after stacking the odds against themselves? Or will their reign be torn down after only ten days?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and no matter what, this historic night will have a historic finish!

Fans are already losing their minds and chanting “This is Awesome!” seeing all this star power. In this kind of Triple Threat, only two teams are legal at one time, so Sammy steps up to start against big bad Brody King. They circle, approach, and Sammy dodges to dropkick! Sammy kips up, soaks up the cheers and jeers, but Brody CHOPS him down! Sammy scrambles away to hug Garcia, then tags him in. Red Death steps up and CHOPS, but Brody doesn’t budge! Brody CHOPS Garcia down! Garcia hurries to his corner, but Sammy AND Jericho are gone! Garcia hurries all the way to the other side, but The Elite leave him alone, too!

Garcia looks around confused, Jericho returns and Garcia talks some smack to Brody. Brody BOOTS Garcia down! Jericho tags in and Winnipeg erupts! Jericho and Brody circle, but then Malakai tags in. Fans are going nuts as The Wizard and the Dark Father circle. But then Omega sneaks a tag off Malakai! Fans are even louder somehow as the Winnipeg boys stare down! But then the House BLASTS them both! And their teams! Fans boo but Dynamite goes picture in picture.

Brody TOSSES Sammy over barriers, Buddy does the same to Omega! Malakai KICKS Garcia, then he and Brody mug Jericho! The Elite fight off Buddy while Jericho is sent into railing! Malakai stomps and kicks Garcia and Sammy, Buddy dribbles Matt’s head off steel steps, but Omega goes after Buddy while Brody sends Garcia into barriers! Buddy ROCKS Omega, but he has to fight off the Bucks. Brody stands Sammy up to fire off hands while Malakai fires off on Jericho! Malakai then runs to BOOT Omega! Buddy keeps on Garcia, Brody storms around the way but glares at fans talking trash.

Malakai KICKS Omega, BOOTS Omega, then storms off to find someone else. Brody RAMS Omega into barriers! Buddy ROCKS Nick Jackson, then DUMPS him down. Brody tags in off Omega, stomps Jericho down, and Buddy KNEES Nick! Brody CHOPS Jericho to a corner, fires forearms, then CHOPS again! Malakai elbows Omega in the head! Brody CHOPS again! Malakai TOSSES Omega into barriers! Brody ROCKS Jericho, CHOPS him against ropes, but Jericho fights back! Malakai BOOTS Omega, Brody CHOPS Jericho! Jericho CHOPS Brody, CHOPS again, but Brody CHOPS Jericho down!

Brody roars and soaks up the heat from Winnipeg. Malakai drags Nick up, then KICKS him into barriers! Brody wrenches Jericho’s neck, digs an elbow in, then pulls back on the chinlock. Jericho endures, fights up as fans rally, but Brody throws body shots. Jericho fires forearms but so does Brody! They go back and forth, Dynamite returns to single picture, and Brody tags in Malakai. The House mugs Jericho, then Malakai wrenches an arm to a double wristlock. Jericho fires forearms and then CHOPS! And CHOPS! And CHOPS! Jericho whips Malakai into his corner, runs in, but Malakai avoids the Judas Effect! Jericho ducks the Black Mass!

Malakai swings but into a spin and underhooks, TIGER BACKBREAKER! Cover, TWO! Jericho drags Malakai up, tags Sammy, and Sammy tags Garcia. Le Sex Gods double whip Malakai, double shoulder him down, and then they pose! Garcia poses with them and fans cheer. Garcia then kicks Malakai, brings him up, and facelocks. Malakai endures the grind, but Sammy tags in. The JAS mug Malakai, but Malakai drops to KNEEBAR Garcia! Sammy stomps Malakai! Sammy and Garcia double whip Malakai to the one open corner, but Malakai BOOTS Garcia away! Sammy runs in, he blocks a boot, but not the KNEE!

Malakai waistlocks Garcia but Sammy CLUBS Malakai! Malakai waistlocks Sammy but now Garcia CLUBS Malakai! PELE from Sammy! Malakai staggers away and Nick tags in! Nick knuckle locks and CHOPS Sammy, he hurdles Garcia and goes up, up and “LUCHA LIBRE~!” to ARM-DRAG HEADSCISSOR COMBO on Sammy and Garcia! Fans fire up with Nick but Malakai tags off Sammy. Nick runs in, Sammy puts him on the apron, and now Nick has to fight off the House! Nick ROCKS Brody, shoulders into Malakai and SUPERKICKS Buddy! Nick slingshots to FACEBUSTER Malakai and QUEBRADA-

NO, Buddy catches Nick! To LAWN DART into a KNEE from Malakai! Malakai stomps away on Nick, drags him back up and wrenches to tag in Buddy. Buddy goes up to DOUBLE STOMP Malakai’s arm as Nick pulls him in! Nick then leaps for his corner, only for Buddy to catch him again! Buddy RAMS Nick into the House’s corner! But Nick BOOTS back! Nick ROCKS Brody but Buddy waistlocks! Buddy keeps Nick away, but Nick ENZIGURIS! Hot tag to Omega! Fans fire up as Omega goes up the corner and CROSSBODIES Buddy! The JAS rush in, Omega CLOBBERS Garcia then he CLOBBERS Sammy!

Malakai runs in, Omega swings but misses! Malakai fires off strikes but Omega dodges to SNAP DRAGON! Brody runs in, Omega gets around, SNAP DRAGON! Buddy kicks Omega, whips, but Omega reverses to fireman’s carry! “YOU! CAN’T! ESCAPE!” ROLLING SENTON and MOONSAULT! Cover, TWO! Buddy hangs tough but Omega keeps his cool as the fans fire up. Omega full nelsons but Buddy fights it! Buddy elbows free, runs in, but Omega goes up and over and runs in to RANA! Buddy flounders, Jericho tags in! Fans are thunderous again as we finally get the Winnipeggers! Yes, that’s how you refer to them.

But Malakai runs in! Jericho DECKS him! But Buddy returns! Omega CLOBBERS him! Brody runs in, they both dodge and double clothesline Brody out! Fans fire up again as the two throw hands with each other! A true hockey fight right here, except for the ice! Jericho ROCKS Omega, runs, but into a V-TRIGGER! Garcia returns to BUSAIKU KNEE Omega! Brody LARIATS Garcia! Sammy FLYING CUTTERS Brody!! Malakai SPINNING KNEES Sammy! The Bucks SUPERKICK Malakai, and hit the ASSISTED SLICED BREAD to a SHINING WIZARD! Buddy’s up top, he METEORAS Matt, then whips Nick out!

Nick shoulders in but into Buddy’s underhooks! Buddy drags Nick out onto the ropes but Omega drags Buddy into a SNAP DRAGON!! Buddy is on the ropes, fans fire up as Omega takes aim! BANG and V- Jericho TACKLES Omega! WALLS OF JERICHO!! Fans are electric, but the DOUBLE SUPERKICKS take out Jericho! DOUBLE SUPERKICKS DOUBLE SUPERKICKS for Garcia! DOUBLE SUPERKICKS for Malakai! DOUBLE SUPERKICKS for Buddy! Sammy springboards in, into DOUBLE SUPERKICKS!! Brody returns, but into DOUBLE SUPERKICKS!! But he still DOUBLE LARIATS on the rebound!! ALL NINE MEN ARE DOWN and fans are electric!

Dynamite goes picture in picture as the ref tries to sort out who is what. Fans chant for “A E DUB!” as the teams regroup outside the ring. Julia Hart paces around as she watches Garcia and Sammy writhe. Omega and Jericho stay in the ring, crawl towards each other, and Jericho throws a forearm! Omega nods, and he gives it back! Jericho throws another forearm, so Omega gives it back! They go back and forth on their knees, faster and faster, and then stand up! Jericho gets the edge, but we’re back to the hockey fight! Jericho ROCKS Omega, Omega rebounds, and they DOUBLE LARIAT! Both men are down again and fans fire back up!

Omega and Jericho stir, and Omega crawls after Jericho. They sit up again, then stand, and Jericho CHOPS! Omega CHOPS in return! Jericho CHOPS again, so Omega CHOPS back! Dynamite returns to single picture as the CHOPS go back and forth! Both men roar, Jericho fires off forearms, and Omega falls to the apron! Jericho triangle jumps but Omega ducks and Jericho goes falling to the floor! Fans fire up and the Terminator Drums begin. Omega rises, builds speed, and he FLIES! Direct hit on Jericho and they hit the barrier! Fans are loving this as Omega drags Jericho back up and into the ring.

But the House mugs Omega! So Nick FLIES to take them out! Fans are thunderous as Nick goes up the corner, and Matt does the same! But Garcia and Sammy go after them! Fans boo but Sammy and Garcia climb up to join the Bucks. SUPERPLEX from Garcia to Nick! SUPER SPANISH FLY from Sammy to Matt! The JAS drag the Bucks out, Omega and Jericho rise but Brody gets involved! Brody goes up the corner?! But Omega CLUBS him first! Omega fires off elbows on the hamstrings but Brody hits back. Omega CHOPS Brody, climbs up after him, and fans fire up! Brody fires body shots, shoves Omega away, but Jericho goes after Brody!

Jericho climbs up, CLUBS Brody, but Brody throws more shots. Brody shoves Jericho down, but Omega V-TRIGGERS Brody!! Brody wobbles up top, and Omega climbs up after him! Jericho joins in, the Winnipeggers work together to DOUBLE SUPERPLEX Brody!! Fans lose their minds and Omega goes to a corner. Jericho staggers up, but he CODE BREAKERS!! Cover, TWO?!? Omega survives and Jericho is shocked! Wait, we get some picture in picture of The Dark Order and Hangman brawling with the BCC! How long have they been at it? But focusing on the ring, Jericho and Omega just resume brawling!

Omega ROCKS Jericho, runs, but into a throat chop! Jericho LIONSAULTS onto knees!! Omega hurries over to his corner, but so does Jericho! Hot tags to Matt and Garcia! NORTHERN LIGHTS! Matt is staring up his Polar Express in the True North! Again, and again, and then Sammy joins in, DOUBLE NORTHERN LIGHTS! Fans are thunderous and Matt is all fired up! Nick coordinates with Matt, and Matt drags Garcia up! Matt scoops, Nick springboards, but Jericho CODE BREAKERS Nick outta the sky!! Garcia slips free, clinches Matt, URENAGE! Sammy goes up top, Garcia shouts for him to finish it, SHOOTING STAR PRESS!! Garcia covers, but Brody breaks it!

Brody drags Matt over to the House’s corner, tags in off Matt, and then runs in to SPLASH Sammy! The fans hoot and bark with Brody and he roars! But Garcia jumps on for a SLEEPER! Brody RAMS Garcia into buckles! Then Brody runs corner to corner, and Malakai joins in, CANNONBALL BOOT WASH COMBO for Sammy!! Then the other way, Buddy adds on, CANNONBALL KNEE COMBO for Garcia!! And then a SENTON for Sammy! Brody drags Sammy up, and feeds him to Jericho?! Brody dares Jericho to tag in, so Jericho does. Jericho stands in front of the House of Black and he fights them all!

Fans are thunderous but this is 3v1! The Wizard gets mugged, and then fed to DANTE’S INFERNO!! Cover, but Omega breaks it!! Fans are thunderous as Omega rallies Jericho! Fans chant for “WINNIPEG!” as Brody storms up on Jericho. Sammy distracts, Jericho JAMS Brody with Floyd the Baseball Bat! Brody goes down and Sammy goes up, to SHOOTING STAR PRESS the Elite!! Jericho covers Brody, TWO!?!? Brody survives the homer to the head, but Jericho wants Brody to stand again! Only for Malakai to get in, BLACK MASS!!! Jericho falls out of the ring, Brody tags Buddy! Garcia runs in, into a pop-up KNEE! ROUNDHOUSE! DANTE’S INFERNO!! Cover, House of Black wins!!!

Winners: The House of Black, by pinfall (still AEW World Trios Champions)

Winnipeg is upset neither man of theirs won, but here comes Hager! Hager fights the House but he gets mugged! The rest of the JAS hurry to help Hager against the House, but then the brawl of BCC and Dark Order spills onto the stage! Hangman bowls Yuta down the ramp! Claudio and Moxley take out Silver and Reynolds, NEUTRALIZER and PARADIGM SHIFT! But Hangman is after Yuta all the way to ringside! There’s chaos all over the place! Hangman throws Yuta into the ring but Yuta bails out as Hangman slides in. The House and JAS keep brawling, too, but now Hangman dares the BCC to come get him.

Moxley storms into the ring, Claudio right behind him, but THE ELITE STAND WITH HANGMAN! Fans are thunderous but Hangman isn’t even aware of what’s going on! The BCC considers their options, and decide to back off since this is 4v3. Hangman asks what’s up, but then he turns around to see his old friends. Dynamite is going off the air, is The Cowboy going to rejoin The Elite?

My Thoughts:

An awesome Dynamite here, AEW really did go big for being in Canada, and after Revolution’s builds were a bit lacking, they are really ramping things up going into the Spring and Summer. I will groan real quick about Rampage having to worry about NCAA basketball getting in the way, but at least Rampage is looking great, too. Great new video from Caster of The Acclaimed giving love back to the fans, good response from Menard & Parker, and I like that we’re getting 2Point0 VS Bollywood Boyz to bring things back from WWE 205 Live. Menard & Parker will win, sure, but The Acclaimed definitely need to respond with a diss track.

Great stuff for AEW Women’s Division Civil War, with The Outcasts getting what was coming from essentially Team Homegrown. Hayter, Britt, Riho, Skye and Willow standing tall was good stuff, though I almost thought Riho was gonna hit Hayter with that pipe. But that wouldn’t be very in character for Riho, and she wouldn’t work as a Heel. Chances are, Marina and Nyla join the Outcasts, but I would really hope Shida gets back in this story. She was shocked by the Outcasts behaving this way at the start of things, she needs to tip the scales in one side’s favor for this to come full circle.

I’m a bit disappointed that Jade squashes someone in her TBS Championship match rather than facing a strong opponent. But maybe this is so Taya Valkyrie beats Jade before she gets to 55-0. That’d be big stuff for Taya to start her AEW run, and then Jade can finally move up to the top title. Good promos from Starks and Juice to hype up their coming match, but I hope him egging on the rest of Bullet Club doesn’t come back to bite him. While this is a feud to bide Starks’ time, we don’t need a copy and paste of Starks VS JAS where Starks has to get through like, Ace Austin and Chris Bey who are stateside, to finally get at Juice.

Great stuff out of the International Championship match but sometimes, AEW needs to remember that if they’re to be the better pro-wrestling company than WWE, they need to be better about pro-wrestling tropes. They ban Satnam & Sonjay from ringside last time, but forget to do it this time? I get that it was all to keep us watching them and then “surprise,” Lethal shows up to attack. But it’s not like any of that cheating helped Jarrett win, so I feel like they got things backwards. Jarrett should’ve tried all the cheating last week, and then Lethal takes Cassidy on in a clean match here that he still loses.

I should’ve known QTV was just going to be a TMZ ripoff. It was delivered well, poked fun at WWE because duh, that’s what AEW does anyway, and just as bad as actual TMZ. But of course someone under QT’s orders stole the belt, that was clear when Hobbs had the belt in his promo on Rampage. I do appreciate Aaron Solo is sticking with QT, and nice way to give Harley Cameron a role on TV. But obviously Wardlow will come after Hobbs after he deals with Fenix on Rampage. Wardlow and Hobbs will feud through to Double or Nothing, but it still feels like AEW’s booked itself into a corner with this feud, where both big men are fan favorites, but one push just hurts the other.

Great opening segment with MJF and his “Re-Bar Mitzvah.” MJF’s golden lightning bolts outfit looked awesome, I’m surprised Seth Rollins didn’t come up with something like that first. At the same time, I feel like none of those four ladies walking with him to the ring wanted to do that. But it was great to have the “Four Pillars of AEW” all together, each of them taking turns digging at MJF and MJF digging at them, and they even obeyed the wrestling rule of destroying the cake. I don’t think we’re getting a Fatal 4 Way at Double or Nothing, as epic as that would be. I think we should see MJF essentially run the gauntlet. He said he beat each of them in the past, he has to see if he can do it again.

Great stuff out of BCC VS Hangman & Dark Order, and I love that they blended it into the Trios Championship story and the Hangman VS Moxley story as a whole. Sucks for Stu to lose in his hometown, but the Heels were going to stand tall to put the pressure on Hangman. That Trios Triple Threat main event was chaotic in the good way, and it was just so awesome! As much as Winnipeg wanted a hometown hero win, the House of Black holding onto the belts makes sense as they’ve only just started. They can break off into a feud with just the JAS now that goes to Double or Nothing. And with The Elite backing up Hangman, fans still got to have an awesome closing moment, and I really like where this is going. If the women get Blood & Guts, why not have the men do a big 4v4 or something match for Double or Nothing to follow what is basically tradition now.

My Score: 9/10

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